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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, May 13, 1904, Image 11

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iV . "
" "" "WW. IX) IDC ItmnMfc
LADY partner with small eanitii77"
shra-r?i, "- ------oo.5? Call'
shop. Ta-nra ave. and CUTion rrali
tloc? riii?ni,V5. rfr Cm-claes propose
hoc (.all room s. Asbestos Hotel.
nenVege- .,Ist'me Exposition employ"-
sIMnEoF1 . res raw
in. iSpublia"030 to l0Od worktoC partner. FO
S25.00 REWARD.
..--v-- - -" n-me 01 nis employer h'
will I receive reward of 325.
Itoora iaj Missouri Trust building, or King's
highway and Frisco Railroad.
i-HSAP-A s"1 work -n-e
L24 Elliot.
For Sale.
L-oUBLE get of surrey harness; silver-mounted:
la Erst-class condition. 2w7 Arstnsd.
DRAFT. driving and general purpose horses,
wagons, harness: cash or payments; everything
guaranteed as represented. 4472 Clayton ave.
EXPRESS wagon. In good condition;
'ell quick: bargain. Call 2S23 Elliot.
KINK ut cl onc nones. --aorord. Til J.
TTere-a Phone rcu
"LNE rubber-Ured drivuu wagon. AJoend ii
Murphy. H05 K. Broadway.
FINE laundry wagon: one surrey and one
rubber-tired trap. Jin; ArsenaL
FINE family horse, s vears old. 16 hands
high: sound and gentle. G&l Julian are.
FINE blade mare, nhntif K .-ear. .rj'v
ound; fine driver: afraid of nothing. ZSA
..VE-l EAR-OLD colt: also cut-under surrey,
3(0: leaving city. 1113 Dickson ft.
iiuusrcituLD coous.
ALL kin Is of furniture bought: carpets, pi
anos, feathers: contests cf Asia and dwellings.
Wolf. 1233 a. Broadway: phone Cl!!.
ALL kinds of household roods wanted; lerge
and small lots; furniture taken In exchange for
Sieving. Kin. D no. Brasch. 2122 Franklin.
FEATHLR beds wanted: pay 314 to 35 each;
send postal. T J. Ryan. West End Station.
FEATHERS Very hiahest prices paid: honest
weight: postal. Globe pillow Co.. feo Finney.
WE pay leanest cash prices for household
furniture, pianos, etc: also buy entire contents
of Cats or residences; call cr send postal. Leo
norl Auction Co.. 1219-21 Olive st.
DO you want to retire from bulness? Any
store, stock of merchandise or machinery oocgni
at once for spot cash: must be below cos:. 11.
H. Harrison. w!5 Locust at.
LKY roods, notion and ladles' outfitter.
N. G.msori.
ctflco and stand outfit. 31 N.
FLAT: 3 large rooms: 112 rent: 375 cash, bal
ance easy: easy reach "World's Fair.' World's
Fair Brokerase Co.. SOS Chestnut st.
FIRST-CLASS bakery: SM dally; smaU ex
pense: only store trade. TY 33. Repnbllc
FIRST-CLASS barber shop. In heart of East
cr. ijouis. 111. bee ueorge. on Ketfll wagon.
noons FOR HEW.
AILANTHUS. HMA-Fcrnlshed rooms, one.
two. three or four nersons- tl to 32 per day:
breakfast; near Fair (rounds; Eastcn are. and
lace ave cars.
-LL petns wishing rooms, arply Central
Room Ag-ny. II N. Fourth st.. room 3-
ALLEN. : NlceH furnished rooms for ren
tlemen or couples; all conveniences: reasonable.
ANNA. 7255 (Mapiewoodi One room. In prt
,vate family, .Suburban home, for World's. Fair
ARCO. IMS Furnished rooms bv the week:
lo minutes' ride to Fslr grounds.
AUBERT laa-rretty
Fair: conveniences
room; private; near
Far Sale.
ri inriansO 1 JisrisT.sriist
ALMOST new parlor set: must sett, SOOS Side-son.
..Cl fc'i'v:73 filter. 15c: we manufacture all
E.yles of filters and retail for less than dealers
Pay. I-eake Filter Co.. 703 Pin" """era
ALL kinds of Welsbxch lights and supplies-
KS2 mi2-"i. 10Z .eaca: s rcr 3Zs- a' Condon
lirog.. Has Market st.
BEST California fruit extracts. 75c pint: fruit
colors. 50e pint: fruit add for syrupsT 50c pint.
Fpicure, Cater Co.. 1C3 S. LeffinBwell ""'-
I leslsten bought, sold and exchansed.
Dcgv 116 N Ninth: Klnloch A S!3.
COMPLETE restaurant cotnt can be bought
?lshes?b&10Uv?.- UhUa- '" &.
COKDUROY coat and vest:
Twrntr-third st.
sire, 4S. S17 N.
KLECANT Brunswick pool and billiard tables:
"II or rent: reasonable. J. L. FowIr. 1213 Cass.
FANS Two Emerson altercaUnc electrlo cell
1rg fans, mi aierchant.
FINE oak show cases. 10 feet high. 10 to tl
feet long: big bargain If sold at once. Stuadta
&. Rueckholdt. 113 Sonlard at.
FISHING Tackle Brerythlng from a fish
loox to a camping outfit, standard Tool Co..
g .. auui sx.. nest 10 lillts's.
Fpi'R-YEAR-OLD Shetland pon: out of lm
Ptatgd stock: bargain. 3135 Washington.
FOUR mules and four bones, vtltn or with
out cradinr outfit. Rich Construction Co.. 510
FURNITURE, ton and open cellery wagons,
new and secondhand. Young & Co.. U35 N.
GENTLE horse, runabout and harness; also
buggy or delivery mare. 1S1I Morgan.
GOOD wacon for peddler or express. HIS S.
..P"D delivery horse,
1633 Franklin ave.
city broke; Grocery,
GOOD, gentle horse, suitable for any use;
aso good runabout. 3M5 Easton.
GOOD horse, burrv and harness;, good as
newt 111 cheap. 4C3S Le ae.
GOOD driving horse, sound: lady can drive;
als.i low-cut surrey. Forest 69 A.
GOOD onc-horee express wagon and harness;
will eell at a bargain. (I Easton.
GOOD double carriage harness; worth
will sell at your own price. 1111 Wash.
GOOD work horse, brass-mounted harness and
ash wagon. &: two farm tnarcsv delivery horse.
team rnulee Its Franklin, rear.
GOOD work mare: true puller; price 355: also
fast pacing .pony: harness and rubbr-tlred run.
about, call at butcher shop, SJoi X. Twentieth.
GLASS case, suitable for exnltitor: must bo
sold for best offer, ya Burlington building.
GOOD chance to speculate: C0 pairs ladles
nhoes: will job 37HC 515 Q-FaUoji St.
, HAY. com and oats: damaged by fire.
31am Sacger. 3317 N Broadway.
JOB lot 51 -airs ladles shoes at 37". Call
at 515 OTallon st- to-day.
NICE refriceratcr; cabinet attached. 17M N.
OUR National cash register; worth 5350: In
perfect condition; for only J150; double counter;
"new ie." 933 Olive.
PAINTS This Is the place to buy your paints
from Great Western Paint . Color Co.. S14-&18
rdanchester ave.. 3CC3 Easton ave.. 1311 Park.
POOL tab'es bar fixtures", new. secondhand;
nil kinds supplies. A. T Moore. 1113 Case.
POPCORN crisp or fritter machine; complete;
stove, kettle: a money-maker. Popcorn 8tand,
Flxth st Union Market.
PRIVATE party has --. diamond tins for
sale, cheap. 17J7 Market.
SACRIFICE sale: CXI pairs ladles shoes, ran
r.ing In value a high as 33.3S per pair, at
ISV.C. call at 515 OTallon st. to-day.
cases, chairs. Pharmacy. 1237 Park
STEKEOPTICON Ufe-sixe picture machine and
pictures: good condition; cheap. 1733B N. Elev
enth st.
GOOD horse, suitable rcr buggy or light de
livery; also park wagon. --.1th top and two
sesfi: w-Il sell cheap. Inquire at Sis Madison.
''ARNEbS; finest assortment all kinds. fr-m
15.0 1 up. largt stock Job sadd ery: also sfconl
hnd harness A. Tuckett. 1533 N. Btoidway.
HIGH-SPIRITED. 7-ycar-old bay: well
tralned and stylish: call Klnlcca A 152.
.i0?-3-3-B-"r "SeBvcr-r or buggy horse; gentle.
lZZi lark.
CARPETS: fifty carpets from Southern Hotel
will be sold at auction at 10-30 this (Friday)
morning: also large line of all kinds of fur
niture. Leonorl. 1319 Olive.
EXTENSION table and three chairs;
rockers: 37: new. W7 N. Compton.
FINE combination wardrobe, folding bed; bis
bargain. 313S X. Spring ave.
FURNITURE of six rooms; all or part;
cheap: leaving city. 3S5 Eaatcn.
FURNITURE of a elx-room house: be"-- la
use only c months; consisting cf carpets, ruji,
etc Apply at 3313 Harper.
CAS range, with water
3T N. King's highway.
back: almost new.
GAS range, chandelier and Ice box. 3C30
Franklin: no dealers.
OAK mantel folding bed;
V. complete. 1310
OAK. sideboards. 35: chiffoniers. 37; ward
robes, from 35 up- bedroom suits. 35: exten
slon tables, from 150 up. 153J S. Broadway.
ONE couch. leatl-erette: cne refrigerator, two
dressers, three Iron beds, sprints and mat
tresses; also gasoline lamps, etc 1339 S. Broadway.
SEVERAL dining-room chairs; call at ones;
no dealer- 313: Pine.
MCTOR steel range: with hot water connec
tion: Singer sewing machine; child's iron bed;
cheap. 533SA Minerva ae.
Extraordinary Furniture Values
A large assortment of Furniture. Iren Beds,
Carpets. Rug-.. Refrigerators. Pianos. Linoleum.
Matting. Portieres and all kinds of new and
euthtly csed household goods at extraordicatlly
low prices: our location means a big saving to
you. Langan Storage Co.. salesroom 1001 Mor
gan st.
FIRST-CLAS3 bar and res-aurant, complete:
good location. Inquire Sll Locust sL. between
13 and 3 o. m.
FIRST-CLASS and rood-paying saloon for
sale: cbject In selling, other business; party
wanting saloon will find a bargain. In rear of
711 OIHe at.
FURNISHED four-room fiat; rent 330: Income
333.50 Dr week: price 355-1. 3315A Ohio su
GOOD meat market.
FF 135. Republic.
GOOD manufacturing business: established 1
rears: wish to retire. 3117 N. Ninth.
GROCERY: cash trade: splendid location:
bargain if takn at once. 1624 Wash.
GROCERY and meat market: full stock;
cheap rent; no agents. 4311 Norfcrk.
GROCERY and saloon; two barrtls of beer
dally: rent 355; lease to 13CJ; owner sick. FG 6.
llshed trade;
723 High st.
and meat market: good, estab
cheap. Inquire at 30QS OUve or
GROCERY store: splendid location: Uvinc
rooms In the rear: rent only 315; a bargain at
335. Armstronr, 1014 Chestnut.
GROCERY and saloon; one of the best
paylcg stands: will Invoice from 32.300 to 33.
(o. Gast Brew'ng Co.. 913 N Sixth.
MEAT and vegetable" market. F. Hubbard.
1K4 Morgan st.
MILLINERY: old-establlsbed: nice trade;
llvins-rooms: low rent: bear all Investigation;
must sell; sickness; small capital required. FO
13. Republic.
MU-3T sacrifice: 3350 will Luy grocery, con
fectionery and living-rooms; rent 315; seeing is
relieving 32 Easton.
1 1 E. wagon and harness. 315; a big bar-
. . mc nwucj. iiu x-ine.
IIORSB and popcorn wagon; cheap; call be
tweoo 7 and 13 n. m. 711 Lafayette.
IIORSEL harness and runabout: good mule
from country: sell separate. 1553 3. Broadaay.
HORSE, runabout and harness; also rood de
Jlfery or surrey horse: must sell, store, 2J39
LARGE; stylish bay surrey horse; been
Crtvea by lady: city-broke; price 3150; also my
-rubber-tired storm buggy; been used a few
times; horse and harness: owner chancing po
sition: must sell at once. Inquire rear 3550
Llndell boulevard.
MEDIUM-SIZED, fine-looking buck horse;
rood traveler and worker; not afraid cf any
thing: 3W. Call after 6 p. m. J. Stewart, J58S
Easton ave.
NEW robber-tired trap; a fine looker and a
bargain. Inquire 3400 N. Jefferson.
TABLF1 knives, railroad wrecked, very cheap.
Standard Tool CO- 523 N. Sixth, next door to
TEXAS JASMINE' BUDS, most beautiful and
fragrant flower that blooms; lovsry for wed
dings, parties, etc: packed to arrive In perfect
rendition; evergr-en foliage. 31.50 per 100; S3.S0
per 20G. express prepaid: special rates by the
thousand: season closes June 10: send postal or
express order. The Pudor Jasmine Company,
Bar 197. Houston. Tex.
TRY call at 70S N. Seventh at.: i-Declal sap
villes In Greenwood china for hotels and res
taurants: everything at special prices.
TWO S-fcot, tucxel-plaled show cases;
5704 Dayton st.
5.000 feet 9. 12 and 15 Inch sewer
as new. Rich Construction Co-
r pipe:
aS Pii
as good
50o on the dollar; too pairs cf ladles' shos at
to per cent sacrifice. 515 OTallon st-; to-day.
300 7xS army tents; win make special prices
on large lots. St. Louis Belong and Supply
Co.. 539 S. Fourth st.
n o o w
for Sale.
8-mdhid lumber. Apply 701 Kos
s Duiioinr.
'EWhand-made. rubber-tired, storm buggy;
. -. - .-a. 11 iwyuwut.
NEW two-horsa rorlr vMn nn. ntthl .
of new heavy harness. 3S45 Easton.
HEW peddler wagon, two park wagons, two
top burgles, two runabouts. 213 N. Ninth st.
NICE surrey, six top delivery wagons, eight
storm boggles. 3110 Pine.
NICE, stylish saddle and harness horse;
la hands; ery cheap. 1713 Morgan.
NICE driving horse, runabout and harness;
w... wwtiwjB sjai io iro s. liSITISOn.
NICE drlvlne horse. S veirs nlri- mitah. n
storm buggy or delivery, til n! Nineteenth.
NICE gentle driving mare: fine rubber-tired
runabout and harness; must sell. 3101 Law-ton.
"oO lmn beds. 31.25: 150 oak dressers. SS.S0;
150 wash-tands. 31.45: 50 dozen chairs. each:
1J pair feather pillows, lie pair. We will have
for the next ten days a special sale en articles
suitabl for hotel purposes and solicit large
or small orders. Furnishing bouses a specialty.
3214 to 3319 Wash st.
Room Rugs and Carpets.
W hire torn extraonllcary values thl -week
In all rrades off BruxMl. Axmlcsters. VelTls
and InjraJns. Ttnm-tlzf Rsrs and Carpets fcr
larceor strall rooms; also Matting and Lino
leum; biintr dimension of ycur rooms. luian
Storare Co.. talesroora 1001 iloriraa st.
Special This Week.
Kitchen Cabinets at J52.0O each.
Iron Foldlnc Loan-res at 93.S0 encli.
Cotton-Top Mattresses at l-SO encli.
New 30-1 b. All-Wool Mattress, 3J3.00.
1S33 AaIiInjrton arc.
MODERN seven-room house with lease; filled
with good-paying roomer-- will rell cheap: sick
ness compels sale K6 N Leonard.
ALBERT. 721 Choice rooms; private family:
permsnenu or transients: cafe close: near Fair.
AUBERT. 7WA Desirable rooms: convenient
to Fair; talf blocs Olive. Delmar or Suburban
AUDERT, 740 Two rooms, first floor, for
gentlemen; near OUve. Delmar and suburban
AUHERT FUc-. A (Southeast Corner Euclid
and Suburban Tracks) Furnished front rooms
for gtntlernen.
ALBERT. 773 Two nice rooms for World's
Fair visitors: private home; Ollte. Delrnsr and
suburban cars: In walking distance to Fair.
UACON. 3913 Large, nicely furnished rooms:
private family; hot bath and gas; reasonable
BACON. 3763 Two d'slrable hou:keeplnc
'": suuineru exposure; Lain, gas range; near
DELMAR Boulevard. 3943 Nicely furnished
front parlor: also other rooms: convenient to
DELMAR Boulevard. U4-Deslrsbls rooms
for Exposition people: Kin. phec Llndell
37JR: hot bath.
DELMAR. 3331 Large rooms, flnelv fur
nished: beautifully located: private family:
permanent: 330 monthly.
DELMAR. 5719 Furnished rooms; private
home; two squares to main entrance World's
Fair; guests day or week.
DELMAR. 44MA Hanrsornely rurnlshed front
rooms; convenient to World's Fair; private;
reasonable: all conveniences.
DELMAR Boulevard. 4214 Newly furnished
rooms; southern exposure: private family: ref
erences. Phone. Llndell 15S9M.
DELMAR. t-DA Beautiful rooms: single or
en suite: for World's Fslr: permanent, or tran
sients: through Olive. Delmar. Suburban cars;
ten minutes walk Fair.
DICKSON, 23 Furnished rooms; private
family; southern exposure: bath; near five car
HORTON Place. C024 Two large connecting
rooms; hot bath and toilet: -1vate family; near
Fair one block north Hamilton HoteL
gentlemen or ladles.
S. Furnished rooms for
JEFFER&ON, 15U3 s. Front parlor, furnished
complete- gas. hath, hall room.
JEFFERSON and Howard Large, nicely fur.
nlshed front parlor: four windows; fcr two re
spectable gentlemen; hot bath and gas: xcei
leot location
JULLV. K3 Nicely furnished room for gea-
tlemen: home conveniences, reasonable.
KENNERLY. SSG3 Two south-front connect
ing and one back room furnished, for llcht
housekeeping: gas. bath: private famllv.
KENNETT Place. 1511 Large, pleasant front
room: two gentlemen; reasonable: east Lafay
ette Park.
KENSINGTON. 5100 Gentlemen only: corner;
new; every convenience: five ntnutes to Fair on
Delmar. OUve or Suburban lines; telephone Del-'
mar 14O-
niCKSON. S003A Furnished rooms; modern:
suite or single: private family; (clrect line to
DICKSON. 2940 Rooms, for World's Fair
visitors; private family: bath: every conveni
ence: take Eighteenth street car from depot,
transfer on Spring to Garrison ae.; 50c to 51
per day.
BACON. 2410 Nicely furnished room, suit
able for two. In private firmly; convenient to
thre car lines: reasonable.
BAILLi. Ijo Large front room, first floor:
nicely furnished; private family; very desirable;
BARRETT. 3513A-Large front parlor;
nlabed or unfurnished: desirable location;
roanent or by week.
HARTMERi ICO Desirable rooms la private
residence; near World's Fair; phone IMrest
liARTMER. 5359 Modern rooms for permanent
and transients: beautiful location; cafe close:
near Fair.
BARTTJER. (415 Two nicely furnished front
roons; southern exposure: single or en suite;
fifteen minutes' walk from Fair.
NICELY furnished S-room roornlng-hous":
full good-paying roomers: leaving city. 1321
OLD-ESTABLISHED confectionery and no
tions; living-room; cheap; suitable for lady. 3044
cheap. 70S High sL
lunch-room for sale:
RESTAURANT: doing good business- irt
nerchlp troubles, cause for selling. 3333 Frank
lin ave.
RESTAURANT: downtown location; doing
good business; reason far selling, leaving Uty.
FO If. Republic
RESTAURANT Olive: rent 315; price 3'o;
ceme quick for snap: electric fans, etc Fish &
Co.. 7u9 N. Ewlng. suite 13.
RESTAURANT: good location; nice, cletn
place: doing good business; have to leave city
at once. Call III N. Fifteenth.
IvESTAURANT; well located and established:
good trade; three living-rooms; low rent: bear
all lLTtstlgauon; will sacrifice. 155S N. Broadway.
RESTAURANT: splendid location; two llvlnt
rooms: 330 rent, fine trade: pell on account of
sickness; 3275 cr Invoice. Armstrong, 1014 Chestnut.
BARTMER. 6J37 For Exposition visitors; ele
gant rooms; private; reasonable; Bell phone;
four car lines direct to Exposition or 1j mln
utes walk: correspond or call. Mrs. MehL
BATErf. 435 NIcelv furnished
han.1v to World's Fair esrs.
front room:
BAYARD. 913 Nicely furnished rooms; single
or en suite: 31 per day and up.
BAYARD. 733 Large, airy rooms; single or
en suite; prhate family; 31 per day; transients.
BELt 3530 Single room: southern exposure;
modern conveniences; good location.
BELL 2312 Nicely furnished room; privato
family: to permanent parties; references exchanged.
DILLON and La Salle (Northwest ccrnrr)
Furnished rocm.
DILLON. 1314 Nicely furnished room: one cr
ttvo gentlemen: eas. bath: private family.
DOLMAN. I7 Nicely furnished front room
for one or two gentlemen: gas: reasonable
EAST PARK Place, 1533 (just Off Bartm'r)
Rooms; private family; ten minutes walk to
EAST PARK Place. 1030 Three very choice
rooms; private family; reasonable; close to
EASTON. 3507 Furnished front parlor; first
and second Coor: gentlemen or couple
EASTON. S1I3A Two nicely furnished front
rooms; gentlemen only; gas; bath: reasonable
EASTON. 5620 Nicely furnished, large, cool
front room, for two or three gentlemen; reasonable.
EASTON. 453JA Newly furnished room": rea
sonable rates to permanent roomers: Easton
and Taylor car.
EASTON. 3005 Homelike accommodations:
refined Southern family, for World's Fair vis
itors: direct line.
EASTON. 5992 Newly furnished rooms; ten
minutes to World's Fair; all modern conven
iences: reasonable.
EASTON. 431mA Nicely rurnlshed front and
back parlor: private family; gas; bath; con
venient: restaurant.
KING'S HIGHWAY. 919 N. Two beautiful
rooms for gentlemen: permanent or transient;
walking distance Fair.
KING'S HIGHWAY. 934 N Thirty choice fur
nished rooms for World's Fair visitors: tran
sients and permanent-.; fifteen minutes walic
to Fair: Suburban cars.
LA SALLE. 1 110 Large f urn'si-ed front rocm.
with or without light housekeeping.
LA SALLE. I414- Neatly furnished iron:
room: with or without light housekeeping.
LA SALLE. 143: Neatly furnisetd rooms:
ore front, for gentlemen: private family.
LABADIE. 3C5A Nicely
with board: private family.
furnished room.
LACLEDE. 4373 For rent or sale, three fur
nished rooms.
LACLEDE. 3519 Front and other rooms: di
rect line from Union Station and World's Fair.
LACLEDE. 43) Newly furnished rooms;
hath, gas; southern exposure; World's Fair vis
itors entertained.
LACLEDE. 3433 Front rooms, furnished:
housekeeping: ras. bath, phone; transient; rates
for World's Fair people.
LACLEDE. 3505 Elegant, bright, clean rooms
In modern private house; both phones; 15 min
utes' walk to World'- Fslr grounds; direct line
fmrn Union station anj Fair; World's Fair vis
itors accommcdatetL
LAFAYETTE. 73l-N!cely furnished front
room: fcr four gentlemen; private family; reasonable.
LAWTON. 3013 Neatly furnished rooms, with
gas and bath.
LAWTON. 3007 Two connectlns attic rooms;
very reasonable.
BELL. 3033 Beautifully rurnlshed rooms; ev
ery convenience; reasonable terms; near cars;
Klnloeh C 1303.
BELL. 3040 Nicely furnished rooms; ientle
men: all conveniences; huburban and Transit
cars: reasonable.
BELL. 3137 (Ne.r Grandl-Beautlfully fur
nished rooms: orUate family; every conven-
lence: gentlemen proferred.
BERNARD. 3737 Large front room, for four
young men: southern exposure.
AMERICAN Storage and Moving Co- 3315
Olive Packu-s. shlrplng: all stora-e In sep
arate rooms. Both phones. W. H. tdnsdale.
BONDED nan-house; Henry C. V. Wlehe
Storage and Moving Co., 1512-15 Franklin ae.;
money advanced when desired. Klnloeh C Wl
LOUISIANA Storare Co. Geo. Jokerst. Mgr.
Moving packing: both phones; 2 warehouses.
NICE H-fcaad 3-jrear-old bay drlvinc horse;
fiSJ-Ji--? for Btna ougy ex delivery vflgca.
1S19 3. Jefferson.
NEW YORK Storage Co.. Twenty-second and
1 vtasn: move. pack, ship cr store furniture In
I separate rooms: estimates given: work guarnr.
,?I? -?0"1. "-"-ft ho3- x- one good plur.
1533 s. Ninth.
. ONE new hand-made storm
improvements; a bargain. 3309 St.
hugry; latest
Louis ave.
PEDDLING wagon, harness and license; good
as new: cheap. 43C9 Koseuth.
Wrought Iron Range Co.,
XOth tuid Wtaahlxiirtota Ave.
T 1 1'E W U4.TERS.
For Salts.
REMINGTON and Smith typewriters. J2S;
Olivers. 340: new Underwoods. $50: rentals.
two mentis, 33. St- LotrU Typewriter Ex
change: all telephones
YOUR selection of the largest stock of slight
ly used and secondhand typew-iters in the
country, standard makes guaranteed for one
ean sold and rented everywhere; send for
bargain and rental rate card. The Typewriter
Exchanga. 203 N. Eighth st.. St. Louis. Mo.
Br Ordering
From Us.
All Slakes Writing Machines
For Rent or Sale
On Easy Payment or Liberal Dis
count for Casb.
SOS '. Ninth SL
RECEIVED, one carload of horses: driving
norsej, delivery horsee, farm mares, large draft
horses; will sell under guarantee, aw Cass ave.
RUBBER-TIRED runabout; new. U. Dockers.
Twentieth and Blssell.
. RUBBER-TIRED runabout: a barraln.
leers-Isaacs, bet K. Lefflng-rell.
RUBBER-TIRE cut-under surrey, 3110; steel
tlre storm buggy 355. VOH Olive.
RUBBER-TIRED, cut-under surrey.
steel-tired storm boggy. 355. 309Uj o:iv
RUBBER.T1RED driving wagon, for sale.
Budsrwleden St Dnnkman. 1900 St. Louts.
SEVERAL horses and teams: also one storm
buggy and tc- buggy. Call and sea William
P. Manner. 69 S. Fourth st-
gHETLAND pony, suitable for children to
ride or drive: four good mares, young and
sound; nice family horse; three cheap horses,
horse, runabout and harness; cheap. 1S07 L0cu.1t.
SOUTH Side Storage and Moving Co, 1901-1-5
Kidney su Bell Mdn-v 2L5; Klnlccx Victor col.
F. II. PORTMANN Storage and Moving Co.
Separate room-: low prices on reliable moving
and storage. 3501 Cass ave.: phene D 1247.
' wncm b warehouse. Grand and Laclede,
for safekeeping of furniture, pianos, trunks,
valuables, boxes, etc.: strictly first-lass moving
packing, shipping, etc. Our fire Insurance the
lowest. Money advanced. Ship goods our care.
Estimates free. Get our rates. Botn phones. 13!.
31 OUve. R. u. Leonorl Auction & Storage Co.
RESTAURANT: downtown: 3150 down, bal
ance (3350). during 'Fair: 35) rent; no raise;
the very beat opportunity ever offered. C33 N.
RESTAURANT nice location: splendid busi
ness: rent onlv 311: splendid trade: bear In
vestigation: bargain at U&. Armstrong, 1911
RESTAURANT and boarding-house; three
living-rooms: well located: low rent; bargain
on account cf little boy; Investigate. 1423 N.
RESTAURANT and saloon: center of down
town location: bar: high-class trade: restau
rant seats 300 reople; as swell fitted no in -iv
high-class restaurant in city: lease; prfce 3L2 aj;
terms. See my agents for particulars. Morgan
Renineer. S09 Chestnut.
ROOMING-HOUSt: neatly furnished:
rooms: rent 330. call 3S33Xaston.
ROOMINO-HOUSB: six rooms; new
tnre; sickness: must eel!: half price. 1917
ROOMING-HOUSE: 11 rooms: good localltr;
completed for business: low rent; sacrifice. 3)3
ROOMING-HOUSE: 13 rooms; west: rent 350:
nleo 10 rooms; rent II): leases. Fish A Co.,
709 N. Rwlng: suite 13.
URANTNER Hace. 3150-Family of two:
nice clean rooms; gas. bath, closets; one-half
Mock from Grand and Easton.
31 p-r -ay.
107 N. Excellent rooms. 50s to
BROADWAY. 913 N. Nicely famished rooms
for transients: terms reasonable.
BROADWAY. 707 S. Nicely furnished room:
gentlemen or couple: 33 per week.
BROADWAY. 1S31 8. Front and back par
lors; sleeping and light housekeeping rooms.
. BROADWAY. CIS N Rooms. 21c. 35c end
3V: 31.50 per week up: baths free to pstrons.
BROADWAY. 3430 S. Nicely furnished third
story front rooms; also two partitioned rooms;
light honeekeeplng.
CABANNE. 5301-One furnished room: e!ec
trlc light, bath, telephone: private family.
CABANNE. 5073 World's Fair visiters will
find pleasant rooms at Tbe Cahanne" for 31
per dav each sues.
EASTON. 596U-83 Newly furnished rooms;
World's Fair eeonle: LOa to 31 each nerscn: :o
car lines direct to Fair.
EASTON. 4144A Nicely furnished front
room private family; conveniences: rent rea
sonble: gentlemen nreferred-
EASTON. 594-NlcelT furnished first-class
rooms; gas and baths: 75c a day; five minutes
direct car line to World's Fair.
EIGHTEENTH. 1127 N. Nicely furnished front
for two or three a.ntlemen.
EIGHTEENTH. 1121 N. Nicely furnished front
room: quiet family: good neighborhood
EIGHTEENTH. 1123 N. Nicely furnished
front mom: quiet family: good neighborhood.
third-floor front room:
keeping: 34 week up.
N. Handsome, large
gentlemen or hcuse-
ELEVENTH. 1(10 a Nicely furnished rooms
for gentlemen and housekeeping: reasonable.
ELEVENTH. 1730 N. Nicely furnished front
room for sleeping, for gents; convenient; very
ELLA. C233 Rooms, for light housekeeping;
34 per sreek.
ELM. 313
Newly furnished rooms.
ETZEL. C15SA Best of rooms In private fam
Ur; permanent cr transient: close to Fair.
ETZEI C15J Choice rooms for permanent or
transient: Suburban cars: walking distance
I.AWTON. 301 Fine corner: cool front: fur
nlshed room: 33.50.
LAV. ION. 345S Two light, outside basement
nxns: for white people only.
LAWTON. 33u0 large. Haht front parlor;
newly furnished; all conveniences.
LA WTO. I30S Front room on first floor:
back parlor on second floor, cheap.
LAWTON. 3l(Oce large room for
gentlemen or ladles: all conveniences.
LAWTON. 3319 Rooms, suitable for two or
more gentlemen or ladles: reasonable.
LAWTON. 2923 Furnished rooms: day
week: all conveniences: gentlemen only.
LAWTON. 3314 Double parlors, for couple
or gentlemen: first flor: all conveniences.
LAWTON. 2731 Large front arior: southern
exposure: hot bath: gae; terms reasonable.
LAWTON. 2CG Large rooms for parties;,
visitors rates: 50c a person: ether rooms.
LAWTON. 1431 Elegantly furnished rooms.
vlth breakfast: 31 a day. Telephone D 77L
LAWTON. 353G-Elegant!y furnished, coot
roome. with modern conveniences: strictly pr1
vat family.
LEE. 4324 Nicely rurnlshed front room; for
cne or two gentlemen: private family.
LEONARD. 1013 N. Furnished rooms; back
and front: roomers: rent reasonable.
LEONARD. 912 N. Two connecting rooms for
light housekeeping; all convenlencea.
LINCOLN. 3S04 Nicely furnished front room
for ttto gentlemen; private family; also hall
ITTZEK C174A Plersant rooms: private fam
ily five minutes" ride to Exposition; 34 week
and up.
CALIFORNIA. 1931 Nicely furnished rooms;
all accommodations.
CARDINAL. 313 N. Front and back rooms;
gentlemen or houkeeplrg.
CARDINAU 1032 N. Large front, eonnectlrsj.
rocms: suitable for five or six gentlemen: hot
tatii and gas; telephone Beaumont C45M.
rxn PET-CLEAS 1.1 G.
- --... - . - - - . ... . - -,- -,- ii,-, ,-, ma
ACMD stram carpet cleaning, 3c yard. 4000
Easton: phone. Delmar 1703.
CHICAGO Steam Carpet Cleaning Co.: W. J.
McCourtney. manager: carpets renovated; look
lite new. Lin. 2S30: Kin. Dtl. 2431. Ita Finney.
EMPIRE Steam Carpet Cleaning Co, W.
Waterman, Mg. Carpets renovated, look Ilka
pew 2131 Lucas. Tel. Beaumont 230: Kin. C XC
SMALT, chunky mule: also
cheap. 3706 Randolph et.
strong buggy;
STEEL-TIRED surrey; In
Mrs. Harles. 1713 Morgan.
fair shape, 543.
nifRLICH BROS, paper rooms, 33 each: work
guaranteed: painting reasonable. 4060 Easton.
WALL paper cleaned on short notice; work
guarantied. Short Notlca aeanlnc Co, 2X5
STORM bugry: one in good condition and a
good looker. 1122 S. Fourth St.
STORM buggies, grocer, baker, butcher, laun
dry, milk, peddler, express, whltener, caterer,
florist wagons. John Toblnka. 144 N. Seventh.
TEAM mules, dirt wagon and harness: also
two good delivery or work horses; very cheap;
must sell: peed room. 104 S. Jefierson,
(4-1-orse-power horizontal automobile erzlse;
lltghtly used; bargain. 1330 S. Fourteenth.
DYNAMOS and motors, all styles and volt
ares, for sale or rent: we buy electrical ma
chinery. Rosslter-MacGovem Elecrical Co,
Tel. 414C Main. SW Missouri Trust building.
TV ENTY-HORSB-POWER gasoline engine)
also a Fowalth engine lathe. 17-lnrh. swing. 8t
Louls Corset Co.. 19CO Morgan.
Gasolineand Steam Engines
boilers, .taa-n pumps, steam, .as and waur
supplies, sanmlu machinery, belting, hose, eta.
FAIRBANKS. MORSE &. CO, 8t- Louis.
ae. .i.ir.i-Wi--.-..i.i- -,-,--. I-------- ---!-. ..
B7G lot of secondhand wheels, frames and
tires: In rood condition: at your own price. 213
TC. Twenty-first: C 17g.
COLUMBIA. Pierce and Caesar bicycles, Co
lumbia rnotorcjclts: repairing and renting. Bell
I414A. Morgan A Harding. 356 Olive.
LADY'S wheel; good repair; cheap. Call morn
ing. 3010 Locust-
ADAMS, the stamp man. 214 N. Sixth sL. St.
-Ocmls. Mo.: rubber sumps, s-als. stencils, eta;
goodT cheap, quick. Write for new ll.t.
EXCELSIOR 8tendl Works 311 pure, for
teel stamos. stencils, burning brands, rubber
type, seals, brass and aluminum eneexs.
THREE top buggies, two traps, one park
wagon, one coupe, one extra heavy top wagon.
C tt-liawacker. 4J4-K-1S S. muTd at.
THREE good, sound work horses; two bugry
horses: four runabout harnesse-: heavy dirt
wagon: can be bought cheap. 3140 Park.
TWO express wagons. 339.
4547 Easton (rear).
big horses, two mares, harness and
309 Soulard,
TWO-HORSE stake wagon:
3108 Pennsylvania ave.
good condition.
TWO black work horses; 2400 lbs.; la good
condition. 2S3S S. Seventh.
TWO fine drlvinr horses: lady-broke; 5 years
old and sound. 4513 Easton.
TWO dump carts and harness, cheap-wtll
trade for horse. 2306 S. Seventh. 1 -.
TWO mares and one mule: good delivery horse
and exprees wsgon. It's Wash: rear.
TWO good mares: two large horses; two
small horses: runabout and harness. 2024 Carr.
TWO top stanhopes. 4 open driving wsgons.
s cut-under traps. 4 top park wagons. 1 2-horse
open truck wagon. 3 ruwer-tired surreys. Wm.
Dlschert C. & W. Co, 1830-23 Morgan.
WINDOW-CLEANING: -inert rieaners of
wall paper; rooms. 60c up. 1330 N. Nineteenth.
COMPLETE lob printing plant In best town
in Southwest: invoice about 33,000. What have
you to orrerf Rents for 133 per month. FO IS,
FURNITURE wacon for vegetable
Pastermsck. 1S20 Franklin ave.
TO Exchange small, clean staple stock of
dry goods; well located; cheap rent: will take
land or town propertv and some cash to pay
obligations. Address Box 503. Kansas city. Mo.
ROOMINO-HOUSB: Olive St.: 14 moms: rent
337: must sell: colnr to Oklahoma; price 3L5C0.
See Morris & Co.. 1323 Olive.
ROOMING-HOUSE: Olive st-: 319) west: five
rooms: chesn rent- well furnished: Larcaln. at
14CO. Armstronr. 1C14 Chestnut.
ROOMING-HOUSE: eight rooms: rent 0;
lease; total nrice S(r0; sc-v cash down; snap.
Call to-day. Mnrr-a t Co.. 1C3 Olive.
noOMING-H-VUSE: rnrn'sted; 3 rooms; al
ways full rowl-paylnc roome-a: money-maker;
must sell: bargsln. Call 1344 Chouteau ave.
ROOMING-HOUSE: 17 newly furnished rooms:
S"o rent: lease: 3CO month Income; price 31.550.
World's Fair Brokerage Co, Is"" Chestnut et.
ROOMING-HOUSE: 3477 Pine St.: fine de
tached house; southern exposure; 11 nicely fur
nlshed rooms: low rent; no raise: easy terms.
ROOMING-HOUSE: 5300 block locust; ele
gantly furnished: S rooms: rent 345; no rtlee;
price 3750: terms. Morgan-Reninger. va Chestnut.
ROOMING-HOUSE: West End: C rooms; ele
gantly furnished: 2ne neighborhood; rent only
335: a rare bargain; 5400. Armstrong. 1014 Chestnut.
ROOMING-HOUSE: IiOO block Delmar: 11
rooms: something swell; rent S1: lease: no
reasonable offer refused. Morgan-Renlnger. 909
CAROLINE. 2X13 Nicely
furnished rooms;
CARR. U07 Neatly rum!-hod front room for
gentlemen cr couole
CAROLINE. 3325 Nicely furnished front
room: hayd to street cats to World's Fair.
CAROLINE. 1429 Nicely furnished room
for rent: reasonable; World's Fair visitors or
permanent parties.
CAROLINE. 3331 (Cor. Compton) Ttto. nicely
furnished rooms; southeast front; rent reason
able: no raise In rent; 3LM per week; conveni
ent to each car lice.
CAbS. 3S11 Large, nicely furnished room, for
gentlemen or young married couple.
CAKS. 1959 Nicely furnished room: private
family; all conveniences: quiet heme: reasonable.
CASS. I52r Nicely furnished front rocm for
Ilsht housekeeping or two gentlemen; reasonable.
CATES. 5501 (Comer Belt) Beautiful rooms;
nicely furnished: southern ex-eure: for two.
four cr eight: gentlemen only; cafe: near Fair.
CHAMBERLAIN. 5003 Elegantly furnished
rooms; strictly modern: In detached house:
large yard; corner lot: 15 minutes walk to Fair
grounds: Page car line two blocks rorth. Sub
uilaa two blocks south: Klnloeh phone. Delmar
2S75L. George Ormcrod.
EVA?3. 4371 Two lovely, furnished rooms;
all conveniences- for gentlemen.
EVANS. 4369 Nicely furnished rooms; con
veniences; near cars; reasonable; private family.
EVANS. 4U3-Fumlshed rooms; Fair visitors
accommodated: gas. bath, screens: southern ex
posure: private: reasonable.
EVANS. 3507 Front room: southern expos
ure: bath; for three or four; 32.50 week each;
hall room 33-50: near two car lines.
EWINO. 303 N. Nicely furnished rooms, for
rent, reasonable.
EW1NG. 314 N- Nicely furnished second-ttoor
rcm; gas. hot bath.
KWlXOv TO N. (flat No. 15) Room for
housekeeping; gas. hot bath.
KWING. 7v9 N. (Between Ijjcas and Morgan)
Rooms, first floor: Kin, phone C 999.
EWINO. 709 N. (Flat No. 1( Nicely fur
nished front and other rooms: Christian home:
FAIRMOUNT. 5051 Nice rooms for World's
Fair visitors: prices reasonable.
FAIRMOUNT. 6219A-Southernexpcsed new
ly furnished rooms. 31 per day ana up; near
LINCOLN, 4057 Nicely furnished rooms; pri
vate family; bath. gas. breakfast served: prices
LINDKLL Boulevard. 3555 Nicelr furnished
rooms for Worla's Fair visitors: 31 day up..
LOCUST. Sll Nicely furnished rooms; gen
tlemen only.
LOCUST. 3315 Large room for gentlemen; Bin-.
gle beds: 3L35 per week.
LOCUST. 301 Two rooms on first, three on
second and two on third floor.
LOCUST. 3310 Furnished rooms;
clean: all conveniences; reasonable.
new and
LOCUST. 3703 Neatly furnished rooms for
Ilaht housekeeping: very reasonable-
LOCUST. 1C1S Nicely furnished
World's Fair visitors accommodated.
LS'CL'ST. 2319 Elegantly furnished rooms;
modern conveniences: private family.
LOCU3T. 2312 Front rarlor. second-story
back rocms. with gas and bath: 50c a day.
LOCUST. 2735 Large, airy rooms, in nice prtV
vate home: large lawn: every convenience. '
LOCUST. 23C3 Newly furnished. Isrge and
small rooms; visitors to Fair accommodated. .
LOCUST. 3004 Nice, pleasant front rooms:
also pallor and single rocm: well furnished,
FALL. 3525A Nicely furnished front room;
trlvate family: 31 week for two gentlemen.
FIFTEENTH, 19 8. Neatly famished rooms,
single or en suite.
FIFTEENTH. HIS N. Room for light house
keeplrg: water in room-
floor front:
4110 Ldrge, well-furnished second
suitable for two or more.
ROOMING-HOUSE: Lawtcn near Grand: s
rooms; elegantly famished rent 360: something
swell: want offer: le-ivlng city. Mor-an-Renlnr-er
SC9 Che,t-m
P.OOMING-HOUSE: Locnst: benutlful cor
ner: W rooms; elegantlr furnished: rent ItM;
World's Fair lease: price JI.S00. Morgan-Ren-Inrer.
J9 Chestnut.
" ssl as ssl ------.- -.-.! ,,---------yj
Down, balance (S330) during "Fa!-": 33) rent:
location downtown wholesale district; owner
going Europe: be quick. Glascock. 902 Chestnut.
BOARDING-HOUSE: west of Vandeventer:
18 well-furnished rooms: low rent: Income S3vW
month: 3500 handles. Glascock. C-01 Chestnut.
BOARDING-HOUSE: Ea.it St. L:uls- Income
3350 month: 7 well-furnished rooms; 340 rent:
best reasons; $300 handles. U la-cock, K3 chestnut.
CIGAR store: beet Olive St. location; 335
rent; 3 room.: owner has offer of fine position:
price 3700. Glascock. 902 Chestnut.
CONFIOCTIONBRY, cigars, neighborhood sup
plies; Iark ave.; 2 rooms; reasonable rent:
good income; price 3300; sacrifice. Glascock. 903
L500-pound young dapple-grav draft borv.
true puller: two big; cheap work horses: good
stout de'ivery horse. 3100; spotted pony, har
ness. 3790 Morgan.
TWO Weber A Damme 4-Inch wagons: good
as new; can be seen st Fowler's Transfer
stables. Twentieth and Chestnut.
TWO carriage, team and harness: three fur
niture cars: park wagon; covered wagon; must
sell on account of death. 137 N. Twentieth.
WAGONS Coffee, tea. advertising, carpenter,
truck, spring stake wagons. John Toblnka. 1403
N. Seventh.
355 buys fine new steel-tired road wagon: 310
buys fine light ladles phaeton. 3105 S. Broadway.
RUBBER stamps, rubber type, signs, mark
ers bras and aluminum checks at lowest
prices Kasper Stamp and Seal Co, 31C Locust
, i,. ee.ee)l . e.-.
IIORSD: 1.100 lo 1.3M pounds; must be cheap
tor cash. 1723 Singleton.
NICE surroT boree for lady to drive; phone.
Victor 1359. Ulch. 2710 Lafayette.
WANTED It known that at 3710 1 Lafayette
jardlna horses 513 month. Meter 1SS9: Ulch.
For Sale.
t A BARGAIN : rubber-tired storm bogey; bbjh
fU5&. nign Wrt: KWU U uc. w wv.t.
v IK HANDSOME sra-ei ueuyery -"': v
.'St.. A-. w- n - r"inn', llverv stable. S14
i, " W VA .. I.f. -... .
. i.Kttnvi Tinrab-r of draft, driving and ex-
viress horses, wagons, harness, etc.: fcr cash cr
Jntirne payments: everything as xepresented;
iee us before buying. Standard Credit Co,
-COS S. Tweinn su
---- "-CJ P2S s
09 Cass Ave.
Complete Line Delivery Wagons.
Anything you wanL
2O0-2C3 S. Eighth. Between Walnut and Clark.
FLAT: Hamilton ave.; 8 rooms: good fur
nishings; rent 345: convenient 2 car lines to
W orld's Fair; $50- handleu. Glascock. 943 Chesu
way; $50 rent; 5150 down;
rooms; near Broad
terms. Glascock. SOS
ROOMING-HOUSE: lo rooms; near Union sta
tion; 350 rent: 3150, balanoe as made; full
noa; paying: hurry. Glascock. S02 Chestnut.
ROOMING-HOUSE; 12 rooms; good furnish
ings; Income 3337 month: this house has al
ways mads money; $550 handles. Glascock. 912
ROOMING-HOUSE- 27 r-iod room.! near Jia
Pine: lease to December: 3110 rent: here's where
you'll make fortune this year. See World's
Fair Brokerage Co.. n 1407. ! Chestnut st.
ROOMINO-HOUSB: 440 block West Belle: 10
rooms: furniture something swell: rent 350; no
raise: III health: must change climate: no rea
sonable offer refused. Morgan-Renlnger. HO
ROOMTNG-HOUSE: Washington boulevard,
west of Vandeventer: 8 light rooms: only 3(0
rent: Illness rompe-) rale: 3S50; exceptlonallv
e-od value. World's Fair Brokerage Co, pos
Chestnut st.
ROOMING-HOUSE: 1C large, light room-:
42 west: with verv large restaurant room:
"Fair" lease; 33 rent: partly furnished; SfJJ
handles. World's Fair Brokerage Co, 3C
Chestnut sL
ROOMING-HOUdE: 1 large, llrht rooms:
42.v west: with xtry large restaurant room:
"'Fair' lease: JCS rert: partly furnished: 3350
handles. World's Fair Brokerage Co, 505
Chestnut sL
CHESTNUT Boulevard. 113: Colorado Hotel
and Missouri Hotel. 1411 Chestnut Boulevard
European: modern: furnished rooms Oc up:
weekly rates: reasonable.
CHOUTEAU. ""J Ttvo connecting
neatly furnished: for housekeeping.
CHOUTUAU. 153 Nice, large rooms, for gen.
tlemen: all newly furnished; bath; all convenience".
CHOUTEAU. 533 Furnished rooms for
World's Fatr visitors; -rood, clean beds; rea
sonable rate.
CLARK. 3723-Brlrht. cool room; private
family: cars direct to Fair and Union Station.
CLARK. 2735 Newly rurnlshed front room;
second floor: southern exposure: private family.
COMPTON. 907 N. Nicely furnished room for
two etntlereen.
COMPTON. 1115 N. Two pleasant front
rooms: all conveniences.
COMPTON. IC N. Elegantly furnished rooms
for gentlemen: $2 and up.
COMPTON. 913 N. Nicely furnished hall
room: prlvatefamlly; gas. bath.
COMPTON. 484J s. Nicely furnished front
rom for gentlemen: handy to cars.
COMPTON. 1021 N. Nicely furnished rooms;
convenient for visitors near all car lines.
SAI.OO: Al corner.
Co.. 919 N. Sixth.
Inquire Oast Brewing
SALOON: nice nelghbrrhpod: rent 325: bar
rain: East SL. lyiuls. FP 44. Republic.
SALOON: comer; rood location: 7 rooms;
rent 310 per month. Call 2711 N. Jefferso.
SALOON: downtown: fit-class location:
plendld trade- rent only $2CJ bargain at 3SCS.
Armstrong 1014 Chestnut.
SALOON" on World's Fa'r car line: se'endid
locatlcn: rent nnlv 335: license raid tn Aurrnst
3: barraln at 335. Armstronr. 10J4 ChestnuL
ROOMING-HOUSE and restaurant: half
block from Union Station; 10 rooms Income
SL.O00 month; good lease; price 3900. Glascock.
M2 Chestnut.
ROOMING-HOUSE; 8 well-furnished nSc-rsi;
335 rent; convenient car lines to "Fair: chance
to clear big money; 3500 handles. Glascock,
902 Chestnut.
Man ufacturera
ot 'Wagonettes,
Tallyhos, Hotel
and Depot
Coaches, Trsjj
fer and all
kinds o! Busi
ness Wagons.
us-a Norm xaxaarray.
ROOMING-HOUSE: rooms: downtown; di
rect line World's Fair; good Income: 31. 5 down,
balance monthly secures this, leaas Includtd.
Glascock. 93 Chestnut.
HALOON: direct line World's Fair: Income S2j
day: 343 rent: lease: owner has two places;
pnes 3550. Gascock. 933 Chestnut.
bALOON and rooming-house; East St- Louis;
saloon eales 335 day; rent IV: G furnished rooms :
stock liquors; $; price $1,100. Glascock. S02
BARBER shop: good stand.
East St. Louis. 111.
2 St. Clair ave.
BARBER sLop: seven chairs; downtown:
lease: money-maker; investigate. FO 55. Republic.
BARKER shoo: West End; rent $:; les'
establlsh-d 3 years; 'averages 343 week: elckne-s:
must sell. Morris &. Co.. 1933 O ive.
SALOON: dosmtown: besut'ful corner: dallv
business 340: rent S11S: subrent 3(2: prlc- S14;
will Invoice nriee asked: no reasonable effer re-
nis-n. iiorT-an-i;eninger. so -jnesmut.
SHOE shop: doing a good business: rood
established trade: will sell with er without
tools: reasons for sel'tng. quitting the trade;
Investigate. 15C3 Arlington.
SIX-ROOM fiat: near Washlne-on Hoo:l r
sonable. easy terms If desired. FO 5. Republic.
THE Memphis Paoer Box Ca Is an eld. well
established, fine-paying business: will sell the
bcelnee- for what It Invoices: pro-rietor Is old
and health fetble. Address Jack W. James. 31
Msd'son st. Memphis. Tenn.
COMPTON. 1134 N. Nicely furnished large
room for gentlemen or housekeeping; bath and
4 (S3 Handsomely furnished rooms:
Worlds Fair cars at door; tree
FINNEY. 433-Lcvely. clean, airy room for
two world's Fair people; 35 each: direct line
to Fair.
FOR World's Fair visiters; nicely furnished
rooms for the special accommodation of gen.
tlemen. Call 1401 N. Grand.
FOUNTAIN. 433 Furnlsre-1 rooms: aHmod
rn conveniences: first-class, for transients.
FOUNTAIN. 4502 Choice furnished rooms for
gentlemen: 35 per week: Suburban cars; sear
FOUNTAIN. 4S77 Two beautiful newly dec
orated rooms; single or en suite; permanents
or transients.
FOURTEENTH. 121C S. Neatly fumlsUed
front rooms: downstairs: reasonable.
LOCUST. 2212 Clean, bright second-floor room,
suitable for two gentlemen: porcelain bath. gas.
LOCUST. 214 Nicely furnished room on sec
ond floor: visitors accommodated: gas, hot bath.
LOCUST. 3150 Nicely furnished rooms: dean.
brent and airy; every convenience: reasonable
LOCUST. 2S13-3C1S Nicely furnished front
room: first floor: also front hall room: Klnloeh
J144. -
LOCUST. 1431 Nicely furnished room;
World's Fair visitors accommodated ; reasonable.
LOCUST. 3303 Elegant first-floor front; 37
weekly: Fair visitors accommodated; 50c a day
and up.
LOCUST. 5H Large, well-fornlshed front and
connecting room-: other nice rooms: every convenience.
LOCUST. 1C0 Nicely furnished rooms;
World's lair visitors accommodated; modern
LUCAS. 3413
Nice, clean, new rooms.
LUCAS, sn-Comfortable rooms;
cooking- splendid surroundlngSi
good hems
LUCAS. 3SJ9 Beautifully furnished suite of
front rooms on first floor: conveniences.
FOURTEENTH. 118 S. Furnished room for
gentlemen or housekeeping: bath, gas.
FRANKLIN. 1730. Rear Front room for four
gentlemen 31 each per week.
FRANKLIN. SMS Neatly furnished front room
for two gentlemen: new flat: all conveniences.
FRANhLIN. 1711-Nlcely furnished rooms;
suitable for three or four gentlemen; rear, sec
ond floor.
FRANKLIN. 2341 Nice, large rooms, first
floor: complete for housekeeping: respectable
people only.
COMPTON. 21 N. Nicely furnished front
room for two or four gentlemen; also other
Furnished front rocm.
COOK. 4305 Nicely furnished rooms for gen
tiemtn: southern exposure.
COOK. SH7 Lane front room, second floor:
south-rn exrtcsure: for four gentlemen.
COOK. 433 One or two well-furnished sec-ocd-story
rooms: gentlemen or Fair visitors.
COOK. 4303 Nicely furnished large rooms for
gentlemen: either Fair visitors or permanent.
COOK. 4215 Three rooms, second floor, newly
fomlshed: single or en suite: also other rooms.
COOK. 23-59 Accommodation :
men: la modem private home;
cr four gentl.
best references
COTE BRILLIANTE. 450 Elegantly fur
n'.hed room: gas and bath: no other roomers:
330 per month.
COTE BRILLIANTE. 45CI-Two connecting
xront rooms; euaer coodiq or single; rent rea
sonable; private family; Easton and Taylor
I-RACLJN. 910 Nice front roorn: sultsbls
for two or four gentlemen; 3L3S, 3L50 per man;
all conrenlencea
OAMBLE. 363 Furnished rooms for light
housekeeping: bath; all conveniences: southern
GARRISON. 1321 N. Furnished
light housekeeping: gas and bath.
GARRISON. 6IIA N. Nicely furnished front
room for two or four gentlemen; bath.
GARRISON. 12SS N. Fine parlor: convenient
for four gentlemen; also other rooms; reasonable.
GARRI80N 718 N. Handsomely furnished
front room: hot bath: awnings; every convenience.
LUCAS. 2322 Nleelv furnished single rooms:
conveniences; desirable location: reasonable.
LUCAS. SOU Nlcejy furnished front rooms.
with board: all conveniences. Including phone.
LUCAS. 2737 Newly furnished front rooms:
southern exposure; etner nice rooms: gas, bath.
LUCAS. 3S0A Large front rooms, connect
ing; reasonable; for World's Fair season; direct
LUCAS. 2704 Newlr furnished front and oth
er desirable rooms for three or more gentlemen.
LUCAS. 303C Nicely furnished rooms: all
modern conveniences: open all hours; prices
LUCAS. 2036 Choice rooms to visitors In nice
home- very reasonable: convenient location:
ga-. bath.
LUCAS. 103 Pleasant front room: southern
exposure: first floor; very reasonable: Fair vis
itors aceomnodated.
LUCAS. "CIS-Newly 'furnished front rooms;
southern exposure; other nice rooms; modern
conveniences: reasonable.
LUCKT. 4421 Furnished or
rooms; one block north of Easton.
LUCKY. 405C Nicely furnished front room!
private family; for two gentlemen: convenient
to carrc
GARRISON. ISO N. Nicely furnished large
front room: bath and gss; four car lines; reasonable.
GARRISON. 1335 N. Large room, furnlsked
for gentlemen: all conveniences; with southern
GARRISON. 720 N. NIcelv famished front
room for housekeeping; no children: visitors accommodated-
TIURTY-FOUR-ROOM hotel: up to date;
money-maker. TY 94. Republic.
THREE-CHAIR barber shop; cheap If taken
at once: good reason fT selling. Address Wm.
L. Hayes. Hlllshcm. Ill
TWO-CHAIR barber shop.
132 a Broadway.
BEAUTTFI'LLT furnished six-room Bat:
ci-ean rent. 3029A Frank'ln ave.
"always on hand, draft, envlng. gensral-
curnoae borses. new wagons. Buggies ana nar-Mesi-you
try horses before buying: cash or oa
raJmeiuT ff. L House. 1515 K Broadway.
i-ir ri-nn eisresa. harness, horses: -rounrr:
souna : mm, ryei.. -."- "'
AT a sacrifice. If taken at once, ruooer-urea
runabout: good as new. 3319 Laclede.
BARGAIN Very nice three-quarter top bugry
od ridlm: saddle: good as new. : N. Tenth.
and riding
omoirvs-N'rs storm buggies, park wag-
n-rsTsuTTeys, staks and delivery wagons; flrst-
fjasa worm. .. -... ... .
u or- x t.-x RiiHinejia wagons: an. kinds: two
7T. - wA-iftr- trm-rilatfbrm eroress: alas
Srernl buggies. Uhlenhaui Bros, 1323 Merchant.
BAY horse, for any use:
S0O8 oave.
small mare. Rear
IAY horse; IS nands: -copa ror any purpose;
BnTdeUvery horse. US N. Twenty-first.
HAY mare: W nanus; ciix-oro; nne.
.Tush driver: suitable for OVuramer or lignt
SSirery 1443 Old Manche-ter.
BIG torse: welgnr. -; eneap; oiaot ceuv
mt horse, $35: closing business. lilO N. Jetfer-
Genuine Columbus Storm Busies.
Special drive on tin tine Columbc storm bur.
.- -tv 4jc ivuui i-a ""iinr eujcjc. we
will close out these Jobs at greatly reduced
prices. Be sure and e these.
flo-stO 3L Elrhth. Between Walnot and Clark.
Fine line pony vehicles and harness: will
guarantee to fit any ponr.
C0-1 S. Eighth. Between walnot and dark.
Rubber-Tired Driving Wagons S60.
One jeara guarantee. 7uee are barnlna
g-iUtia S Elrtth, Betwern Walnot and Clara
-,-r,-.iTicfs-iTART- nonr. ten aDee-dlor waxtm
aBdSrt ira-tca- -Fa !--- Mermec aTtw J
l.siMss and rieasere Vehliles.
Most complete Una in the city, lnclodlnr
pour ootflta, baneac iap robes, wnlpa, etc.
315-817 I. Irtw.w.y.
BARHCIt shop; downtown: sell outricht or
partner; lioo down, balance terms: four chairs;
chsnee of lifetime: come early. IS S Ninth.
ISUAUTIFULLY furnished twelve-room house:
price 3LI00: have other business. 2344 Pine.
BUST retail sioieiy store In town;
Invoice. UOl S. Seventh.
CHIXAWARE and stationery: two Ilvlng
roems: on acccant HI health. "024 Franklin.
CIQAR store. Uundrv branch; one of the best
In town; 111 health. I it. Ninth.
COMPLETE furniture store: or will sell
lease: call at orce. 211 X. Twelfth.
COMPLETE .woodworking plant for sale
cheap: In good condition. Box 132. D-epwater.
COMPLETE manufacturer's outat. consisting
of elthteea sewing machlnea, two tuckers. is
buttonhole, one hemstitch, one motor, cuttln
Ublea, etc; retiring from business. 723 2". Elev
enth st.
CX5NFECTIONERY: four rooms: I?.S rent:
330: terms; Worth It too; sell to-day. IS21
CONTECTIONTr3T. candy and cigars: llvlng
Toorns: rent ,313; Cne location for restaurant.
ZTS4 3ancnesier. V
COMPITTELY furnished four-rcem flat, with
lath. 4473 Delmar.
COMPLETELY furnished ten-rocm house;
Klnra highway, between Page and Suburban.
TP122. Republic
FLAT; rocma and bath: well furnished; rent
only 31": 2SOJ west: a real bargain at t3. Ann.
strong. 1011 Chestnut.
FUICflTURE of three-room flat, cheap; 5,.
'or rent- 14S7A Hbdlamont ave.
NICELY furnished three-room flat: excellent
location; going away bargain. 243 St- Louts.
t ILL sell my handsomely furnished six-room
flat: have lease for 337.80: everything rood as
new- Immediate possession. fiXU Kensington.
CDTrAQE. 4CJJ Furnished rooms: privilege
of lleht hoisekeenlnr- Snaldtnr cars.
COTTAGE. 4727 (Near Fair) Nice rooms: prl
vate home: reaaonabU: two car lines to Fair.
COTTAGE. 34 Two furnished front rooms:
tangle or en suite; southern exposure; Spring
COTTAGE. 4774 Two unfurnished or three
furnls-ied rooms: housekeeping privilege: reasonable.
COTTAGE: 4713 Furnished connecting rooms:
bath: car convenient to Fair; 10c each person;
private family.
COZENS. SU Nicely rurnlshed. large room:
gentlemen or housekeeping; private family; 33
DAYTON. 2S13A-One hall room;
room, nicely furnished.
one large
DAYTON. 2S37A Elegant furnished rooms by
dar or week- small charge.
DAYTON. 2754 Two nicely furnished front
rooms; single cr en suite; suitable for gentlemen.
GARRISON. 1207 N Beautifully furnished
connecting parlors; every convenience; private;
direct line to Fair.
GARRISON. CM N. Large thlrd-stery room
for two cenuemen: respectable only; reason
ah'e. 14(7A Klnloeh.
GIBSON. 4333A Neatly furnished room
"Cforld's Fair period: on direct car line.
GIBSON'. 44"-Two front rooms. furnUhed;
bath and gas; second floor: private family
GIBSON, 43S3 Furnished front room: one
block liarket at. car; within two blocks Forest
GLASGOW. 220 Three large furnished rooms
for gentlemen; bath; four car lines; reasonable
MADIHON. -SCO Nicely furnished front roorn
for one or two gentlemen: reasonable.
SIADIFO.N. 2S-6 Nicely furnished room fe
two gentlemen: good location; convenient tc
car line.
MAFFITT. 4041 Nicely furnished front roomer
private .family: gas and bath: breakfast served.
MAPLE. 0SS Choice, newly furnished rooms,
near Fair; cafe in connection.
MAPLE. 3312 We win rent a few very choice,
modern rooms: for permsnents.
MAPLE: (300 Twelve fuml-bed rooms for
fentiemen; five minutes' walk Fair; reasona-le.
MAPLE. (173 Furnished rooms: walking dis
tance of Fair: on several car lints; meals
near by.
McPHERSON. 4:57 Elegantly furnished front
roorn; also other rooms.
McPHERSON. 4240 Nicely furnished
for World's Fslr visitors.
McPHERSON. 4-JO World's Fair visitors ac
commodated: 31 per day; large rooms; lawn and
OLASGOW Place. 33-Furnished rooms;
vate family: large lawn; homelike: convenient
tor fair visitors.
aitAND and Washington Rooms for 23 per
week and pp. month rats.
ORAND. 1700 Nv Large front roorn. second
floor, and meals: poena oooklns-.
DAYTON. "333 Nicely furnished front room:
southern exposure, for two gentlemen: 11.U
week each.
FAIR concession: lady or gentleman can buy
half tnterect In completely stocked and elegant
ly fltted up. concession at Fair: services and
SL2OT required- references exchanged. Writs to
B. FrankeL 231S Olive st. "
LEARN the Real Estate Business; Be Tom
Own Boss We give a complete practical course
cf instruction, furnish large list of salable
property: make yoa our special representative.
co-operate with and assist you to earn frcm
to Ji.ooo annually; writ, tar free tllus-
33.0u6 tn
(rated booklet,
block. Chicago.
IL W. Cross ft Co, lit Otis
CONFECTIONERY, etc.: Vandeventer; chclee
location: good business; rent 334; subrent 310:
353): terms: extra nice. Jlonaa-Ren.n-.tr, 309
COUPLE .rood restaurants and Irrnctroom.
Inquire, for --anlcslan. Tie Lucas. Call atones.
WANTE""" Contractors en men's vests. Ilsr
rls Bros Clothing Co- 1123 Washington ave.
WOMAN A shrewd woman to invest from
3L0C to 33 000 In new enterprise -that will prove
exceedingly profitable: must have best of cre
dentials:. uiswer. with references as to financial
standing, as well as character, re 40. Bepufr-
DELMAR. 4106 Nicely furnished rooms: south
ern -xpesnre: arpomtments nrst-clsss.
DELMAR. X Large, bright, cool rooms;
reasonable: convenient to World's Fair.
DELMAR. Boulevard. CM Two front rooms:
slnrlt or en suite: World's 'Fair people; sear
DELMAR. 1713 Private horns: two squares
main entrance World's Fair; guests day. or
DELMAR Boulevard. (143 Two nlc.ty fur
nished rooms, connecting: ba-i; private home:
sear Fair.
DELMAR. 4SUA Two neatly famished
rooms: all modern conveniences; an world's
Fslr cars.
DELMAR. C201 Elegant private borne, over
looking Fair grounds; sice rooms; large lawn:
also tents.
ORAND. 1113A N. Nlcly furnished room;
private family; hot bath; gentlemen only; rea
sonable renL
HICKORY. 1314 Furnished rooms;
private family: three car lines.
gas. hath;
HICKORY. 1M1 Three rooms for light house
keeplng. to couple or three adults.
HICKORY. 1323 Nicely furnished rooms; con
venient tn -rood table board and cars.
HICKORY. T23A Nicely furnished room. suit-,
able tor two gentlemen; gas, bath: excellent.
HCDIAMONT. lM5-Ts-o choice front rooms:
nrtvate family- 310 per week each: near Fair.
front room
HODIAMONT. 10T1A One lane
for four -reatltmen; Suburban, olive cars; near
McPHERSON. 4147 Elegant second-floor
room: southern, exposure; all conveniences. In
cluding phone: for gentleman.
McPHERSON Private family have two ad
joining rooms, second floor: southern exposure;
will rent to parties wishing superior accomax
datlons; convenient to all Olive cars. FO 37.
McPHERSON. Bet. King's Highway and Lais
Ave. One front room, wltn southern and east
ern exposures: exceptional advantages and location-
to a refined gentleman: strictly privsts
famlly: within snort walklnr distance of the
Fair: near Washington and U-ona hotels;. Bell
telephone. Ferest 71A. FP S3. Republic
nectlng parlors.
1721 Neatly furnished con-
MISSISSIPPI. 14JO Small hall room and
front room: for two gentlemen: all c-cven-lences.
MISSOURI. 1403 Two well-fumlshed rooms;
board; four gentlemen; all conveniences; opoo-,
site Lafayette Park. -;
HODIAMONT. J1S-Double parlor; other
rooms: newly furnished, modern: sear World's
HORTON Place. "04 Rooms of ths best
ouaUty for permanent people; reasonable: near
DELMAR Boulevard. 492a, Near Sarah Lore,
ly large, airy rooms; beautiful location; sob
urban cars.
DELMAR Boulevard. 6232 Front room: PTi-
vaie sarauy; two suuesnas; waiaia
World's Fate.
HORTON Place, m-Dealrabl. rooms
worlds fair
of locations
HUNT.'4ta Two nicely furnished rooms st
reasonable prices,
jErriRaoN. m nsui-ssj oc niritstii
MITCHELL, 7040-Three nicely furnished or
nnfurnlshed rooms.
MORGAN, 3017 First-class
for visiters.
J1 1
"! :
J" "V J
A?'-y"S. "g''
L-iv .
'&-''& J

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