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Yestsrday's bank clearings were $S,6S7,
714; balances. 51,021,513. Local discount
rates were between V& and 6 per .cent.
Domestic exchange was quoted as follows:
New York. -Wc premium bid. Kc premium
asked; Chicago, 10c premium bid, 20c pre
mium asked; Cincinnati, Louisville and
New Orleans 10c discount bid, par asked.
. Wheat closed lower at S2HSS2HC July;
S1.C3 No. 2 red. (Corn closed lower at
Cc: 4TQ18c No. 2 mixed. Oats closed
at 37Uc asked July; 4242e No. 2 mixed.
Spot cotton was c lower In the 'local
The latest Russian estimate of their dead
In the battle of Vafangow la 1,000 men and
twenty officers.
An eje witness to the battle says that the
Tassa RH er flows red with blood, and that
he whole valley was -coered by -the
bodies of the dead. ,
Scores of Japanese, Including the highest
officers on the ship, committed suicide on
-(he Hitachi and Sado rather than be-, cap
tured by the Russians. The Japanese
claim that the Russians, after promising
forty minutes truce to take aboard non
combatants, suddenly violated the agree
ment and torpedoed the Sado. Nearly
every one on board the Hitachi was an
nihilated. Hector Fuller, a war correspondent from
Indianapolis, who was reported to have
disappeared, was arrested by Russians and
Imprisoned at Port Arthur.
The commission appointed to investigate
the killing of Louis Etzel reports that he
was fired upon by f he.. Chinese without
Friends of Akfns say that Dickey has
the gubernatorial bee in his bonnet.
Dyer appears to be growing in favor.
William Jennings Bryan called on Pres
ident Francis at the World's Fair.
Ludwig Relnhardt sued E. llalllnckrodt
for damages alleged to have been re
ceived In automobile accident.
Hawes wants a notary to take deposi
tions in contest cases, but Folk's .friends
A resolution was adopted at last night's
session of the House of Delegates asking
for the Investigation of the Building Com
missioner's office.
Two yoang women graduates of the
Central High School find Inspiration for
commencement essays In foreign exhibits
at the World's Fair.
More than 1.000 delegates arrived In St.
Louis yesterday to attend the triennial
contention of the United Workingmen's
Singing Societies of the United States.
Tour policemen were dismissed and
many others heavily fined by "the Board
of Police Commissioners at Its meeting
National Eclectics Medical Association
scored city officials on manner which they
treat pneumonia at session yesterday.
Conventional -ray trousers and black
coat hat been abandoned at World.'s Fair
functions, and men appeared yesterday In
coo! summer attire.
Louis Gregory, who killed a Kansas
City, Kas., 'whjte High School pupil, has
been found guilty of murder In the first
Senator Cockrell end friends of the
World's Fair at Washington, gratified at
prompt payment of first Installment of
big loan, and predict great success.
American Minister to the Balkan States
says outlook for peace between Turkey
and Bulgaria. Is bright.
Santos-Dumont arrives ' at New York
with airship No. 7 to contest for World's
Fair COO.000 prize.
Portland MInlngj Company, ojColorado
files' & damage"sult of J100",609 against Gov
ernor Peabody and General Bell for clos
ing down the plant.
The Republican National Committee
seats the, delegates at large from Wiscon
sin who are headed by "Senator Epooner.
Trade conditions are keeping pace with
crop Improvement.
W. H. Mays, president of the bank at
Elk City, Ok., attempts suicide In, a Dal
las, Tex;,. Jail.
The James Gordon Bennet Automobile
Cup Is regained .by France.
The rescue of bodies from ths wreck of
the General Slocum In Long Island Sound
continues. Three Investigations of the ac
cident will be made. '
Illinois Supreme Court denies motion to
disbar Attorney Coleman without further
Governor General Bobrikoff of Finland
dies of wound Inflicted by assassin.
Frank O'Nell of San Francisco knocked
out Harry Forbes in three rounds at Chi
cago In a contest for the bantam-weight
The American Derby will be run at
Washington Park, Chicago, to-day.
Testerday was "Black Friday" at the
Fair Grounds, with hard-luck stories the
order of the day. The winners were:
Wolfram, Foxy Kane, Gasllghter, Dlsha
bile, Velos and Monogram.
Hermis. and Irish Lad may be here for
the World's Fair Stake.
Gold Heels and Six Shooter go through
fast work at Fair Grounds.
Eitcher McFarland was struck in the
bead with s. pitched ball at Pittsburg
yesterday, and his condition is considered
Cardinals were defeated by Pittsburg by
score of 6 to S.
Winners at Union yesterday were: Cay,
Trespasser, Cursus, Pipe, Planet and
Bernays should win the Club Members'
Handicap at the Fair Grounds, and Ke
nova. should capture Union Handicap.
Marine Intelligence.
New York, June IS. Arrived: La Savole,
Havre; Pannonla, Trieste; Flme and Pa
lermo. Genoa, June IS. Arrived: Prinr , Oskar,
New York via Naples.
Hamburg, June 16. Arrived: Deutchland,
New York via Plymouth and Cherbourg
June 17, Pretoria, New York via Ply
mouth and Cherbourg. ,
Moville, June lT.-3aIled: Furnessia, New
Quecnstown, June" 17. Sailed: Cretld
Bremen, June 17. Arrived.: Princess
Alice, New York via Plymouth and Cher
bourg. . .
Boulogne, June 77. Arrived: Statendam,
New York for Rotterdam.
Queenstown. June 17. Arrived: Republic,
Ne.w York for Liverpool.
Copenhagen, June 15. Arrived: United
States, New York.
Fluem. June 17. Arrived:, Ultonla, few
York via Trieste, - "
Southampton, June 17. Sailed: Moltke,
New York via Cherbonrgr
Rotterdam. June U.-Arrivedr, Staten
dam, New York via- Boulogne.
Chemists Use Poison to Make
Specific for Khenmatisni.
nerrnsuc special
San Antonio, Tex., June ITA-the apiaries
of this region nave been flooded recently
with orders for bee stings. At Beevilio
- opa keeper received an. order for 6,000
The orders are coming from Philadelphia
chemists, -who are utilizing! the add in.
the sac at the base of the sting In the
manufactura of a specific for rheumatism.
Divers Yet at Work About the
Hulk of the General
, Slocum.
Secretary Cortelyou, the District
Attorney and the Coroner All
to Make Thorough In
vestigations. New York. June 17 Despite the untiring
work of divers and grapplers, and the
watchfulness of scores of men wh6 havo
given themselves ocr to the task of
searching for the "missing," few bodies of
thoso who perished in the Slocum disaster
were recovered to-day.
It was said by dherc who went down
into the -nrcck at dawn that therj were
many bodies under the entanglement of
timbers and paddle wheels, and that it
would be necessary to dynamite the hulk,
or raise it before they could be reached.
To this end, city officers communicated
with a wrecking company, and an an
nouncement was made that the company
would undertake the work of bringing f he
wreck to the surface. Laier, however, a
conference between the marine insurance
companies and the wrecking company end
ed in a disagreement, with the result that,
for the present at least, the matter is in
At this conference it was announced
that the Knickerbocker Steamboat Com
pany, which owns the General Slocum,
had resigned all claim to the boat on
the agreement that it should receive $70,
,000, the amount for which the boat was
Insured. The insurance companies and
the wrecking company failed to agree on
terms, and if the boat Is raised at all the
cost probably wjll come out of the City
Secretary Corteljou of the Department
of Commerce and Labor will personally
undertake the Investigation Into the dis
aster on behalf of the Got eminent. Dis
trict Attorney Jerome's assistants are
working energetically on the case, and of
ficers of the Coroner's office have made
considerable progress in the gathering of
evidence to be presented on Monday, when
the Coroner's inquiry will begin.
There is in the Coroner's possession a
standplpe taken at his direction by a diver
irum ine Buumergca wrecK. u.ne valve Of.
the pipe is closed tight, hinting that nd
use was made of this pipe in fighting the
flames on the Slocum. -a
Statements were made to the Coroner
to-day by several of the steamboat em
ployes, who will appear as witnesses at
the inquest, that the Captain of the Slo
cum sailed his boat between three and
four miles after the fire broke out before
beaching her. Several watches showed
that more than half an hour elapsed from
the breaking out of the fire until the boat
was run ashore. All the watches taken
from bodies ol the drowned stopped be
tween lOaO and 10.20 in the morning.
Estimates as to the number of dead
still vary greatly. This may be accounted
for by reason of the failure to report to
the proper authorities on the part of
many, who, although officially registered
as missing, were, In reality, saved.
Already ES3 bodies have been recovered,
of which about fifty remain unidentified.
These Include 273 children, 243 women and
twenty-three men. Thirteen officers of
the St. Mark's Church are among the
dead, one of them being a woman.
Tho first .funeral from among the victims
was held to-day. It was that of a young
girl, who is believed to have died of fright.
No signs of death from burning or drown
ing were found. Her funeral was fol
lowed by a score of others which were at
tended by thousands of persons from the
East Side, whero most of the dead had
To-morrow there will be 300 or more fun
erals, and thirty-two unrecognizable
bodies will be placed, each in a separate
coffin, and in a separate hearse, and laid
away in the Lutheran Cemetery at Middle
Village, L. L The city has arranged, for
their burial. All the unidentified dead will
be placed there Bide by side.
Many thousands of dollars have been
subscribed to the relief fund.
Pine Dlnff In 121-2 Hours.
Leaves-4.52p. m., arrives early nexta.ni.
Cotton Belt Route. Low rates June a.
Continued From Page One.
large number of delegates until the con
vention adjourns.
The objection to Secretary Cortelyou
for chairman of the National Committee
has not abated. The members of the old
National Committee, who will be on the
new committee, want to hear in detail
from the President Just what his wishes
ore in the matter, and why he Insists on
having Mr. Cortelyou for ohalrmaa In
preference to any other man.
The Fifth Missouri District contest was
also decided. A. C. Klnnead, J. A. Mc
Lane, A. W. Love and J H. Harris were
seated, each being allowed a half vote.
The seats of the four delegates a Marge
of the State of Texas Cecil A. Lyon. B.
B. Hawley, C M. Ferguson and M. Rogers
were contested by George W. Burkett,
A. J. McCauley, R. Freedman and J. W.
McKinney, the ground for the protest be
ing an irregularity In the manner of their
election. The committee decided In favor
of the Lyon, faction.
In tho Second Texas District, J. H.
Kurth and B. F. Wallace were seated
bver C. A. Porter and A. J. Huston. In
the Seventh District A. J. Rosenthal and
H. L. Price were seated over Edward Mc
Carthy and T. W? Ellis. In both these,
districts the decision was in favor of"1h's
regular nominee, and the protest was
-based on methods of irregularity In the
'lne committee affirmed the report of
the subcommittee on- the selection of
temporary officers for the convention.
These will be CharlesW. Johnson of Mln-v
neapolis, secretary; John P. Ma Hoy of
Ohio, first assistant secretary; Elihu Root,
temporary chairman; William a Stone,
sergeant-at-arms; David C. Owen, ilil
waukee, first assistant sergeant-at-arms.
The committee then adjourned until 10
o'clock Monday morning, all the contests
before It .having been settled.' r.
Dallas in 25 3-4 Hours. ' ,
Three dally trains via Cotton Belt Route.
Cheap round-trip ratca June 2L
TarlE Concerts -to Beg;ln, Tuesday.
Awards of band concerts In the' St. Louis
parks' were announced yesterday by ilaror
ells and Park Commissioner AnlU.tfie follow
ing bandmasters having received me contracts:
Q. ogeI, William Maddem. Charles Sam.
John Boehman, Edward Bloeier, F E. Q. Ba
funno and C. O. p. Seymour. A schedule cf
concert la now being made tip In the .Parle
Commissioner's office. All parks, it Is said
will have the same number ot concerts, coo
certs may becln next Tuesday.
Tou never tasted
.Whiskey like
Sold by all good dealers.
Bottled only by Wm. H. Leo c Co.
Inventory of Farrls Estate.
An inventory of tho estate of Charles A
Faxris, filed In probate yesterday, sets
forth stocks. $13,500: bonds, 19,5W; pledged
securities, Xr cash, C93U4; matured
coupons, Jl&SO- stocks of nominal value.
SWUO; stork said to be worthless. SMr
notes of doubtful value. J3. and bonds not
appraised. In an application by Marie
Clemence B. Farris tor letter of adminis
tration on the- cstato some davs aim th
value of the property was given as 5170,009. 1
s) ! ii i it i hi 4 ' ' !' ' i ' sy B
Mm&f&S-Kl&ESs&FZ "lisasasasasasiiasiaBsaVsasasasasssasasl 1
f $3H'vl' ' -f- Mir sasasasasassssssasasasasasasasasasB
rS? Vi t ,.' ;23Be3!S ? V HsVsasasasasasssasasaMsl S
fel vv ''pPN! ' pr'liC'WHsBsBssslsBsi S
SlIX ;? " Mpyf- 'CiiPfLsasassasasssassasaH ' 1
ilpn iff jflP V fHsssssssM S
iSi aKlkl-V' '! '-SflSsssBsBsBsBBsBsH I
i&s- . f sKlv f H. 1, r-1!? WbbsshiBbsSbssWsH 3
l&S" C?i$ ssMsr w" v f fL ' ' jffillffisWlllsMsssssB B
hfiiftS " .'-' .4'Bi? v!4t' k IOjaBBsaraBsssflsBBasasasI w
SfBypM?rW 4ii-JffiffisMcssKsBsBsH I
A'Aj&,--'.4SP7J''4.i Jf--K ' .r;"JsiSsHBsBSisBsssssssssss1 9
$t?iMt&$$fot iV '"V ,n?N- -f jM&l kliiisssssaaOBsEsHssssssasasB I
svf x3sSlBsis3isssmS JlfsSHST'' t v" 4lB)flRBBt3&sissssssssa Iff
JTSJ it -STA VrSSli! ,y,V"? ? ,- S. $&&. isaflKsIs&tHiBsslslsHslssllslslsasasasaB Bsf
sasasassasasasasasasssaMsBswtw1 l "' ssssBHsasasasasasasasssssaBSBSsssasH f ft
fr sJsi . . ! If! Il lg sf.. H l. ,f ll .... . Hi a h
Of St Louis, candidate for Secretary of State. Mr. McGrath was Secretary of State
for fourteen years, subsequently served a term as State Senator. Has filled by
appointment and election several positions in St. Louis. His competency, efficiency,
honesty or democracy have never been questioned.
Guests of Honor Include Presi
dent and Mrs. Francis and
Lady Managers.
Confederate Veterans Will Ob
serve Special Day Monday
Kansas Will Celebrate
September 29.
-- "'iir erf
i. reTtet
Texas was at her-best at the reception
given by Mrs. O. T. Holt of Houston to
President and Mrs. Francis, Mrs. Daniel
Manning, the National Commission and
the Board of Lady Managers at the Texas
Duiming yesterday. jftjrnoon. Mrs. Holt
was asslted in receiving more than 3,000
guests by President and Mrs. Francis,
Mrs. Manning and a bevy of Texas society-
women. '
The affair was one of the notable events
of the Exposition social season and at
tracted the leading Fair officials and the
State and foreign representatives, with
many army men. St. Louis society was
well represented. The refreshments were
conserved Texas figs served with ice
cream, and the souvenirs were boxes of
fruit and Japanese hats.
To-day Texans generally will be re
ceived by Mrs. Holt and her party be
tween 3 and S o'clock, and in case they
arrive a carload of Watermelons, sent by
the Southern Pacific Railway, will be
serveo. on tne lawns.
The oil portraits of Senator Penrose,
uoTtnwr jrcanypacKcr ana Attorney lien-
eral Knox, which have been hanging In
the Pennsylvania building, were sent to
(,-mcago yeateraay, ana win De used in
decorating the headquarters of the Penn
sylvania delegation to the Republican Na
tional Convention at the Auditorium An
nex. The Indiana detention of nnvsfolnns
who are attending various medical con
ventions In St. Louis, was entertained at
tne j.naiana Duuaing yesterday afternoon.
Thirty-five of the Indiana doctors were
President Francis, Secretary Stevens and
Director of "Works Taylor wIU be guests
at a luncheon given by the Executive
Commissioners' Association at the New
Tork building Monday.
Kansas Day will be, September 29. Tho
Commissioners met yesterday and selected
the data end made up a tentative pro
gramme, which includes a reception to
Governor Bailey and his staff. H. J. Allen
winbe.tha orator of the day, and Eugene
F. Ware will read an original poem.
A reunion of tho descendants of Captain
James Estill, the pioneer Kentucklon, was
held in the Kentucky building- yesterday
afternoon. About twenty members of the
family from various parts of the country
were present, among them was Mrs. Laura
Estill Francis, a great granddaughter of
tho famous Kentuckian. Pictures of ths
Estill monument in 'Richmond Ky., a me
morial to the founder of .the. Villa. Estill,
near .Richmond, Ky., were shown, and the
group., of descendants were .photographed
on the 'steps, of the bonding- The pro
gramme consisted of the reading of his
torical papers concerning Captain Estill,
followed by, a social gathering.
Captain James Estill was a'son of Mary
Ann Campbell of Scotland. He was killed
in 1ST2 by a Wyandotte Indian. The fam
ily held a- reunion In 18S2, and have not
been together since .until this year.
Monday will
Day at the Exposition. It is expected that
z,w of those who ore now meeting in
Nashville, Tenn., will visit the Exposition
that day. The local branch of the organ-
'ii.1 . ?var5?.nEln.aJn.?c.tlnS.ln the State
Hall of the Missouri building Monday aft
ernoon at 3 o'clock, and in the evening
from 6 until 4 a reception will be given
for the visitors in the some place.
A pleasing feature of the visit of the
veterans will be a tour of Inspection of
the buildings erected by the Southern
States. The men will go in a body, and
Informal receptions will be held at each
of the buildings. It s expected that the
tour will be arranged so that it may be
made between 4 and 6 o'clock in the after
noon. The Board of Directors of the World's
Fair Fraternal Building Association ap
pointed a committee to arrange for a. ser
is oi receptions and entertainments nt the
Temple of Fraternity. It is proposed
during the season to tender a reception to
every society having a headquarters at
the temple and Intersperse these pro
grammes with music and literary features.
An orange grove of thirty trees in full
bloom lsa feature of the World's Fair this
"lv,,,?7"8 trees, covered witb Kossoms
and filling the air with fragrance, are
found in front and at each end of Cali
fornia's building.
The phenomenon of their being In
bloom at this reason is accounted for by
the fact that they should have bloomed
In- December and January, but the plants
were "shocked" in transplanting and the
blooming delayed.
The sunshine and recent Missouri show
ers have stimulated ntvta ltf anrt Mmn
in the trees and have caused them to bring
'"" " """ i ra oiQsaims, i
George, Roedlng, superintendent of Cal-1
ivm u uiuiuvuuu ok sweex Diossoms.
Photograph by Robertson.
lfomla horticulture, ' says that the trees
will bear fruit ir duo course of time.
Guide Contains Complete List of All
Officers and Committees.
The new official directory of the Louis
iana Purchase Exposition, revised to June
1S04, has Just come from press, and is the
most perfect roster of all the officials
connected with the Exposition which has
yet been issued.
This directory contains 101 pages. In
which is a complete record of the officers
and committees of the Board of Directors,
officers and members of the National
Commission and of the Board of Lady
Managers. United States Government
Board, Philippine Exposition Board, for
eign. State and territorial commissions,
and official staffs of tho executlss divi
sions and departments of the Exposition.
Colonel Edwards Will Make Address
Speechen and SJustc Will Follow
Parade To-Day.
The Philippine concession at the World's
Fair will be formally opened to-day.
A prominent feature of the day will be
the parade this morning, which will take
place at 10.30 o'clock, and which will be
reviewed from a stand on the Constabu
lary parade ground.
At the opening exercises, which will
immediately follow the parade, addresses
will be made by Colonel Clarence R. Ed
wards, Chief of the Bureau of Insular
Affairs of the War Department; Doctor
W. P. Wilson, chairman of the Philippine
Exposition Board; President Francis and
Senator Carter, president of the National
Commission. The programme will be In
terspersed with music At the close of
the exercises the Scouts' Battery will fire
a salute of twenty-one guns.
The Vlsayar, Igorrote and Samal Moro
villages will be opened at noon.
The order of the parade will be as fol
Platoon Philippine Guards, Edmund A. Fel
der. executive officer: M&Tor Andrew O. Hsm
mond. Chief of Staff, assistant commandant.
Jefferson Guards; Lawrence H. Grahame. as.
slstant secretary 'National Commission; W V.
Cox. secretary for the United States Govern
ment Board tor the Exposition: Philippine Scouts
Band: battalion, of Philippine Scouts: Philip
pine Constabulary Band; battalion of Philip
pine Constabulary.
Captain M. C. Butler.. U. S A., Director of
the Department of -Supplies, marshal; band of
nexrttos, the most primitive race ot the Phil
ippines; band ot Mang-ulanes. a primitive island
race one trade above nrrrttos. marching In
family groups; group ot Bontoo Irorrotes, dog
eaters and head hunters. Suyoi. Isorrotu.
miners and metal workers; band of Tlnqulan
nes. the primitive agricultural race of the Phil
ippines; bscd. of cannibalistic Land Morjs;
group of tree-dwelllnr Moras from Mindanao
island: band of Stwial Moras, the original, sea
pirates ot theMlndanao coast.
Don Francisco de Souza Coutlnho, the
famous Portugese barytone, captivated 2,
COO persons who' assembled in 'Festival Hall
yesterday afternoon- to hear the Exposi
tion Orchestra concert.'
The Portugese, virtuoso lias a. wonderful
voice, adapted to tragic or, emotional se
lections. For Ms first selection De Souza sang the
prologue of "I Pagliaccl," by Leoncavallo.
The audience was to delighted with his
singing that he.wascpropejled to respond.
When he returned to the front of the
stage the orchestra, struck up the opening
bars of "Toreador?' from "Carmen." Do
Souza, sang 'the. well-known Carmen se
lection with so much feeling that the au
dience applauded enthusiastically;
For his second number, De souza sang
"Parisiamo," from Verdi's "R,Igoletto."
This solo taxes" the art of the singer In
bringing out the conflicting emotions. The
audience again lnsls.ted on an encore, and
De Souza responded with "The Palms."
In the chorus Do Souza -displayed his
marvelous powers ln.ful' measure.
The opening orchestro number- was the
overture from "William Tell."i The or
chestra so rendered the selection as to
bring to the minds of the listeners the
varying features ot the legend that has
been immortalized by Schiller.
Conductor Alfred Ernst selected Bee
thoven's Seventh Symphony for the sec
ond orchestral number. Critics have been
unable to agree as to the inner meaning
of the romantic classic, some saying that
It represents a rural wedding, others a.
masked ball, and a third, Wagner, de
claring It to be "the apotheosis of the
dance?' The rendition of this remark
able symphony yesterday afternoon was
characterized by a. Joyousness and a mirth
that never fall to win an audience. The
closing number was Arthur Footo's suite
in D minor.
The soloist at the concert next Friday
axiernoon wiu ire iur. uvrjiyui. auics.
Portland, Ore., Next Place of Meeting
for the Association.
Ths closing session of the National Co
operative Association was held in. Congress
Hall yesterday afternoon. A paper en
. titled "The Co-operative Press"was read
by C. T. Boon, managing editor of the
Co-operatlvo Journal, published in Oak
land, Cal.
A committee .was appointed to select
tho Ume and place of the next congress,
with instructions in favor of Portland.
Ore. N. O. "Nelson of St. Louis was se
lected to represent the association at the
International Co-operative Congress at
Buda-Fcsth. Hungary, next September.
The mes: Important business transacted
was- the adoption of the Bochial irstem
of Co-operation as tho policy of the as
datlon. The Rochdale system originated
in England In 18(1. and. tho system now
has a r&embersliTa'ln England alone-of i-
liu.vw, representing moro man 10.000.C
consumers, with a. capital of 'JlM.Ooiooo.
12O.C0O, representing moro than 10.000,000
This company announces the inauguration on June 19, 1904, of
extensive train service four trains a day in each -direction over
the Burlington's newer and shorter line between St. Louis and
Kansas City.
Lv. ST. LOUIS . . .
EQUIPMENT Day trains are equipped with modern coaches,
dining cars, observation parlor cars. Night trains are equipped
with modern chair cars (seats free) and standard electric-lighted
A share of the patronage of the traveling public is respectfully
solicited for this new line, which is an additional and direct new
through route of travei for the West from the growing gateway of
St. Louis. ,., .;.--
This new train service between St. Louis and Kansas City is altogether independent of
the Burlington's present train service over the Hannibal and St. Joseph road across Missouri,
between St. Louis, St. Joseph, Nebraska, Colorado, Montana and beyond.
City Passenger Agent.
Broadway ana Olive St., ST. IX5UIS.
Recital by R. II. Woodman-11(39.
(a) Fugue in O minor J B. Bach
(b) Theme and Variations rrom Frst
Concerto O. F Handel
(c) Marche ReUgleusa Alex Gullmaat
(a) Sunshine and 8nadow Dudley Buck
(Dedicated to Mr. Woodman.)
(b) Processional A. L. Barnes
(c) aavatle Moderne E. H. Lemare
(a Allegro Cantablle.
(b) Tocoata. from Symphony V C M. Wider
2i30 to Ci30 Turners' Exhibition,
March Uncle Sammy Holzmann
Overture Dlcbter und Bauer. Euppe
Exercise, first group .
March Nlbelungen Wagner
Exercise, second group.
March Cosmopolitan American Butler
Exercise, third group.
March Margery Daniel
Exercise, fourth group.
March Satisfied Bennett
Exercise, fifth group.
March Prlncf of the Plains .....SaJbey
Exercise, slxtb group.
March-Tumerlust Well
Exercise. so enth group. ,
March-Missouri WlUlsma
Exercise, eighth group.
Finale The Stars and btrlpes Forever.. ..Sousa
13 M. to S I. M, Plosa. St. Louis.
Overture Msgie Flute Moiart
Excerpts from Carmen BUet
Waltber's Prlio Song Wagner
cocoanut Dance Herman
Fantasia on Dlxl .....Longer
La Barcarolle Waitt Waldtenfel
A Comical Contest Godfrey
Evening Star, from Tannhauser tWa1,er
Onward, Christian Soldier SulUran
s to io p. ai.
Overture Orpheus Offenbach
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 Llsit
Musical Scenes From Spain .Langty
.Excerpts from Ths Serenade Herbert
Valse Suite .Jaxone
Pilgrim's Chorus, from Tannhauser.. ..Wagner
Polish Dance No. 1 Scharwenka
Ali ot All Nations....... RoUlnson
11 a. m. Government .Building;.
March Sammr. from Wizard of Ox. .Hutchison
Overture Le Diadems Herman
Song Jerusalem Uounod
Selection The Tenderfoot Hertz
Waltz-Kroll'a Boll Klange Lumbre
Popular Alr-Au In a Bunch i.DeWltt
4 ISO P. 91.
March Our Director Blgalotr
Overture Lustsplel Keler Bela
Excerpts from Clarlndy..... Marlon
"Walti-nsueno Seductor ..Rosas
(a) Chanty humq
(b) Belle of ths Boulevard Fulton
Selection II Pollnto Donizetti
Star-spangled Banner.
3l30 to 4i30 P. ,31. Mnchinery Gardens
Introduction Hall Columbia Faxhs
MarctvCentennla! Bvacuatlon.Luclano Conterno
Overture Poet and Peasant Suppe
Waltz O Schoner Mai Strauss
Quartet II Rlcoletto Verdi
Messrs. Stengler. Bode. Zettelmann and Cuc
chlara. Grand Selection Meflstofele Boito
Overture Fldello Beethoven
(a) Intermezzo Kissing ..Doctor O. E. Conterno
(b) Intermezzo Fascinatlon.Dr. G. Ji Conterno
Selection The Yankee Consul Itobyn
Polish Dance Scharwenka
Finale Uncle Saxjmy Holzmann
7i30 to 0:30 P. H. Machinery Gardens
Introduction The Star-Spangled Banner.. .Key
Orand March Le Propheto....t... Meyerbeer
Overture Marltana Wallace
Hochzettzug. from Ballet Fsramora.. Rubinstein
Clarinet Solo EI Rlgoletto Verdi
Mr. A. P. stengler.
Reminiscences from the Operas of Ros
sini Arranged by Godfrey
Grand Prelude Columbus..Dr. G. 15 conterno
Mslodle 8prlnr Song- Mendelssohn
Cornet Obllgata by Mr. Albert Bode.
Grand Selection Nanon ., Massenet
Invitation a la Valse Weber
Finale Home Again Luciano Conterno
4 P. 31.
March Han Columbia Hall to the Spirit
of Liberty , Sousa
Overture William Tell Ror-slni
Caprice (Italian) .Tschalkowsky
Valse Brune ou Blonde., Waldteufel
Danza (Mexlcana) Fellpa, Lorando
Selection Bohemian Girl Baits
Star-Spangled Banner.
rittsbnrjr Bank Cleric Trespasses- In
Eagerness to See the Fair.
A man chase through the Terrace of
States at the Exposition grounds broke
the monotony for at least one Jefferson
Guard jestcrday morning, and gave vis
itors an exciting quarter of an hour. Lee
T. Phllpot member of the famous Ken
tucky family of that name and former
Rough Rider, was the guard who did the
chasing, and Harry Freer, who says he Is
a bank clerk of Pittsburg, was the chased.
Freer had- come Into the Fair grounds
"over the fence," It is said, and was
caught In the act by Phllpot, who gave
chase. Freer was a good snrinter and led
him a merry run before he was captured
in front of the police station. The euard
drew his revolver and called on his man to
halt, at the same time threatening to
Freers desire to see the .Fair was above
all fears of bullets, however; and be con
tinued to run, defying the guard to shoot
Freer was finally locked up.
' World'H Fair Notes
A. 8t Andre -de Llgnereux. the famous
French new art binder, will deliver this morn
ing at 5 JO a lecture In the French section of
the Palsce of Education. The subject ot the
lecture Is "Modern Bookbinding."
In addition to the varloui companies of
cadets wfco will be, on the Fair Grounds next
week there will afro be a body of Ullnols
Naval Reserves. The Naval Reserves an
scheduled to arrive on Monday.
An evidence of the fact that the Exposi
tion Is wtll advertised throughout the, country,
ana also showing the great Interest taksn In
the 'Fair. Ir found la the etatment ot Calvin
B. Brown. In. charge of the exhibit of the
Stockton Chamber of Commerce. In the Call-1
lomla section of the Palace ot Agriculture,
who said this morning that sines the Exposi
tion opened not a single cay passed without
some visitor from Stockton, CaL, I COO miles
distant., registering in the California, section.
In the American photographic section of the
TRAIN No. 17
TRAIN No. 21
9:06 a. m.
6:00 p. m.
12:40 Noon
9:20 p. m.
Concentrated Heat.
If you could concentrate all the heat
in your kitchen these Summer days into
one small spot two things would result
That spot would become intensely hot
which would cook things quicker; and
the surrounding air would become cooler
which would add tq, your comfort.
Right here is the overwhelming ad
vantage of Gas. You can control the'
heat you can concentrate it No need
to lieat the whole house to cook a meal.
GAS is concentrated heat and cook
ing with Gas these' Summer- days is
Concentrated Wisdom.
h Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo now reached In
WrnrouT CHANGE, over three different lines west of Kansas City
vlst TTEW ROUTE, stToidlnsf bridge nd tunnel at St. JxmiM.
n.Af?ilSl22Ph .BleeP'? cars, from St Louis to El Paso Texas.
Indian Territory! P ,n kWm- okIahom- New Meld '.nd
TICKET OFFICES-Slxth and Olive Sts. and TJiUob Station.
PHONES: Bell. Main MM: Klnloch. A 177S.
Write for information to
D. BOWES, A G.P,A, C. & A. Ry., st- Louis. Mo
9 i
Palace of Liberal Arts are four frames of
pictures that reflect ths atmosphere of the
scenes which they portray In a peculiarly real
Istlo manner. The photographs represent differ
ent phases of tits In Italy; an olive grove at
harvest time, a palm garden with Its luxurious
vegetation, a courtyard, a village sarins and
many other scenes of everyday lire In that
country, and the charm of all of them lies In
tha fact that one who looks at them feels as If
he were transported to the country where they
were taken and was actually viewing tha scones
which are pictured.
A party of cadets from Decatur, 111 , tinder
the command of Jessie M. Cowan, will arrive
Monday and remain at the Exposition grounds
till June 25. Adjutant Charles Record and
Chaplain J. W. XcDonald -will accompany the
Word has been received at the 'World's
Fair that 150 cadets from Citadel. S. C Colonel
Asbciy Coward In command. Kill visit ths Ex
position In the near future.
Ths Warfleld strawberries which have lust
been received In ths Minnesota section of tha
Palsce of Horticulture from La Crescent. Minn i
come from the farthest point north cc anv
strawberrles yet received. The berries are very
large. Sixteen plates are on exhibition.
California's Display
Is the feature of the Agriculture bulldlnr.
Do not miss seeing it
IrlolUia sttttsssssteA I "the bargain!
ILa.TB0fTO,(ftMC0g. 3M901IrtSt..S.ldJ I HUNTERS" I
TRAIN No. 23
TRAIN No. 31
9:10 p. m,
6:50 a. m.
11:02 p. m.
7:45 a. m.
Asst. General Passenger Agent.
Ot Pine St, St. Louis.
iuu.uu I
Given away next week. Watch for ths I

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