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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, June 26, 1904, Part IV, Image 37

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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&r$w r T? irFTT!rTjTP'' i
HORSE ana storm buggy, for keeping, or -will
buy on monthly paymenm. GP si Republic.
WANTED To buy one-horse furniture wagon
cr light express wagon cheap 332 Easton
WANTED 100 teams, to work grading elec
tric line between Alton and St. Louis, we pay
forty (40) cents per hour for team, ills scraper
and driver. Apply to J G Whits & Co.. J31
Alton Banking and Truit bide . Alton, 111.
For Sale.
A GOOD gentle. Towns- mar? tnrm Vmf-v
for family Coyne Bros., 4973 IZaston
A BEAUTIFUL Jet-black Shetland pony, mb-ber-tlred
trap. swell tan harness :720 Virginia.
A BARGAIN, good dirt or brick wagon,
double harneai: surrey and harness, 2543 Madl
TCi. A BEAUTIFUL black mars, fine style, good
CiCver, not city-broke. JIM but worth raor.
Andreas Doctor Hatcher. 322 Lafayette, phone.
Victor 1344.
A VERT nice peny. extra good saddler:
afraid of nothing 4560 Page ave
ALL. kinds of draft, driving and express
horses: wagons, harness; buggies, etc . for cash
or on small payments: good storm buggy, hcrse
and harness for 1140 on time: Jlrst-class work
team cheap: good express outfit for 115. - us
before buying. Standard Credit Co . IMG s.
Twelfth st.
ALMOST new. hand-made, high-grade run
aboct: brass harness 3140 Park ave.
ALWAYS on hand, draft, driving, general
purpose horses, new wagons, buggies and har
ness: you try horses before huylor. cash or on
payments. E. L. House 1515 N. Broadway.
AMBER i-rocerv waeon. JS. Tobtnka hand
made butcher Macn. IS. storm busx 120 .Mn
top butFT. $15: two almost new hlsb-rrade up-to-date
runabouts, one yellow sear $5 black
gear J65; one handsome rubber-tired caaopv
top surrey. JIM, ixmerful detlvry horse, J43.
well-bred pony. J3S. fine driving horse 1S5,
good chance to secure great bargain, failed in
business. 50C9 Ridge
AT a bargain: rubber-tired storm buggy
Rich dash, high back H319 Laclede
HALL-BEARING runabout, cost JIM. sell re
gardless of price. Store. J42 Elddle.
BARGAIN; horse; 16 hands high; pony and
buggy; cheap Sll Lynch.
BARGAIN, verj nice three-ouaxter too
bcirgy; cooi as nw; cheap 1314 N Tenth wt.
BARGAIN Small hop. J17 50; larg hor.
J26- express -napon. J13; stake wiecn, CO;
rtorrn huggr. SS, surrey, go. 2110 Pine.
BAY mare gentle and city-broke : fine for
famllv ue 1S3 EucHd
BAT horse. u It able fT delivery; don't call
after 1 o'clock to-day. 21C3 O Fallon.
BAY mare. 13.$ high, welcht 1.300. smmd.
fast. true. 8 tots old; suitable for drummer,
grocer, laundry cr city delivery; no traders. 1435
BIO fat mare suitable for dray or delivery
wacon. 811 N. Nlneteenth.
BIG mule S40:wcrk mare. $18: delivery horse.
St. Louis Mineral Water, S-12 N Seenteenth.
BIG. fat work mare. 1.400 lbs . J60- nice driv
ing horse; runabout and harness 3101 Lawton.
BLACK raddle and driving horse, young,
sound ani eon tie: good stepper. C"21 Washing
ton ave.
shape 4534 Delmar.
stanhope. In first-class
BURRO Thirty for sale to-morrow at Ku
lage's Park. Anderson and Fair ave.
CAB; sts two; In good condition; bargain.
!CS-3 Wash at.
CHESTNUT cob. HV4 hands; very deslrablo
to ride and drive; sound and kind In every
way. bay mare, jsh hands: 6 j-ears old. thor
oughly city-broke; for lady to ride or drive.
J4SS LIndeU.
CLOSING out lot of secondhand wagons and
burirles of all descriptions. 2110 Pine
COLT, 34 years old. sound and s-entle. Put
ting's Stable. Sixteenth and Carroll.
COrTTi tea. advertising, carpenter, truck,
spring, stake wagons. 1404 N. Seventh.
CXT-UNDER surrey 115, also double set ef
harness. $10: big bargain. BOO Dlck-on.
COWS Large number cf fine milch cows, on
small weekly caym.nts: guaranteed to b freso.
gentle and big milkers: you can see cows
snllked befora buying: no cash down required;
half milk will make payments: see us at one.
Etsndard Credit Cn. IKS S. Twelfth.
HSl Run-ell.
DIRT wagon.
SCC1 Madison st.
DRAFT, driving and general-purpose horses,
wagons, harness: cash or payments; everything
guaranteed as represented. 4473 Clayton ave.
ELEGANT, open-too. rubber-tired stanhope:
In rood condition: "Wright Jfc Suns make. OP
73. Republlo.
ELEGANT large horse, suitable for family:
fins traveler; gentle: price J1S6. also fine trap
and harness. S333 Bartmer ave.
EXPRESS -wagon; one top express wagon:
made to order: party paid money on It; cost
3HS: sell for 3140. ZOl Market.
KAMILT mar, fine driver; good surrey and
harnws. r7. 3SO0 California.
FARM mare; horse J17M, pair mules: driving
pony: delivery norse- namess ana wacii; icu
fng out. 1C1 Franklin, rear
FIFTEEN epotted Shetland ponies; cell cheap.
Call 4041 Cottage ave.
FINS small
mars; cheap, 272S Nebraska,
FINE light rubber-tired trap; cheap.
3S09 S.
FINE rubber-tire cut-under surrey; cheap. 1444
Tark ave
FINE, big, rat bay delivery horse; K. K31
Vernon ave.
FINE bay horse: sound;
Franklin ave. In rear.
e years old. 1111
FINE lop delivery wagon; never used; at a
bargain. 3611 Laclede ave.
FINEST dapple-gray horse .1 city; C years
old: 16 hands hleh: also splendll fr-jrear-old
drivlmr horse. Call Snnday, 2524 Page ave.
FTNB carriage, rubber-tired; also secondhand
carriage: two fine carriage horses, one white
and one black: two fumitur cars: oil wagon;
cheap: must sell quick. 1627 N Twentieth.
FIRST-CLASS pneumatic-tired surrey; also
good secondhand two-horse top wagon. Fred
Butler. 22C Cass ave.
nRM going out of bustnes: will sen my
delivery horse, also tny two buggy horses. 311
2C. Twenty-second st
FIRST-CLASS stick-seat cut-under surrey;
fine condition: will sell cheap. 3007 Arsenal.
FINE buerv horse and trap. In good condi
tion. 1457 ColIg.
FINE, light road wagon; good condition; at a
sacrifice. $XT7 ATBenal.
FINE black pacing horse; one of the nicest
drivers In the city 4972 Delmar.
FINB team, harness, buggios; other flrst-class
young horses. 1371 Plymouth ave., near Ply
mouth. FINB P. J. Cooney surrey; special make: no
better In the city: rubber tires. 1309 Washington-
FINE black horse. 16t hands. 1.200 pounds:
ultable for surrey or delivery. Progress Press
Brick Ca. King's highway and Arsenal.
FINE pair large draft horses; three large
draft mares: three email horses; three stake
wagons: large; LWO-pound mare and mule colt;
moving wagons, two spring wagons; new plat
form truck wagon; ten sets double harness;
three seta single harness; also milch enw; -two
roats; mut be void at once, at the Farmers'
Yard. 920 N. Broadway.
FINEST new rubber-tired runabout In cltv:
whipcord trimming; reasonable price: call and
see it; you will like It- 31C5 S. Broadway.
FIRST-CLASS driving mare for doctor or
drummer; storm buggy and harness. 4141 N.
FIVE mares, two In foal: pony; sell regard
less of price: widow, lea-rink city. 2417 Blddle.
FIVE horses. S30 to JC0: taken fcr feed ac
count. Stoddard Feed Co.. 2S"9 Lucas.
FOR Sale or Exchange
horse. St- Louis.
-Draft horse for buggy
FnUR-SDAT trap and runabout. OP 144. Re
public. FURNITURE, tcp and open delivery wagons;
new and secondhand. Young a Co . 14S N.
GOOD macadam cr brick wagon: cheap. 333
North Market st-
GOOD delivery horse.
358 S Jefferson.
GOOD, lsrge horse: very cheap Is sold to
day. 1711 'Wash st.
GOOD delivery horse, buggy horse, wagons;
must sell at once. 1311 Morgan.
GOOD hcrse and peddler wagon, with com
plete outfit and license 3K9 S. Second st
GOOD bay mare, sound: fine driver, open
Iraggy. good order, and harness; will sell cheap.
4345 Arco are. .
GOOD driving mare. 5 years old: storm buggy
or runabout and harness; also good mare for
delivery wagen: bargain. IS Montgomery.
OR KM tuter. idler and 'ight rteliveiv
wagens. new and secondhand: also two-horse
y. B. Co. wagon: cheap. 16TJ-M Wash.
HANDSOME bay pony, together with har
ness and runabout; pony has considerable speed
and any lady or child can drive her Can be
seen at Watfclns'p stable. 1024 Pendletcn
HARNESS: the b-st lln or buggy surrey, ex
press and team harness In the city: also large
stock rif riding nadles. A. Tackett. 1HJ N.
HEAVY set of single harness: almost new;
will sell for 3T7.&): worth double; ccst new
ISO. 233! Madisc
HEAVY draTt team; two good work or deliv
ery horses: must sell; need room. E. F. David.
contractor. 104 S. Jefferson
HORSE. years old, suitable for all pur
pose. and for family use. 39JA Rusell ave.
JUST what you want; new. rubber-tired hlgn
rack. stylish storm toggles, at a very low dos-Ing-ont
price. 1SS-3 Wash at.
LARGE work horse.
UH Pine. 0
LARGE team work horses, or will trade for
mules, steble; Purity Ice Cream Co. 1301
IHVTranklln. LIGHT open exprees wagon, srasll horse, good
set harness. S3). 2KT Natural Bridge read.
LIGHT top wagen; flrit-cUss condition: for
tea cr laondrv: will sacrlflc-. WIT Arscn.iL
MARKS ana ncrsea. good workers: also one
ntle Farmers" Waroa Yard, Hlsh and O'Fel
lcn sts.
117 beaatlful c-year-oM pcuni. Jet b!ac Ken
tucky combination mare, lady-brclce to ride cr
fiijeeao. be boorht .at a barsatn. OP 11 R-
.5y hand-made express wagon; also second
hsnd trap, chtap for cash 2S23 Elliot.
JS,?i 1(!Tk truck, capacity 6,500 and 7.1)
Pounds; win .ii bargain P. J Coonev.
Ninth and Cass.
NICE standing-top pony phaeton, also scc
ondhand rubber-tired spider 1615-23 Wash st-
MCE dapple-brown horse. T -.ears old found.
city-broke 16 hands high, nice for doctor or
lady; Jli. harpers and runabout, including li
cense, bargain Wm Carr. 14".2 Wright st
ONE good delivery horse. 163. must sell. 2413
Fall a e
ONE draft horse, works any place.
ONE big work horse. 1206 Kansas ate . East
St. Louis. I1L
ONE sound, fat horse; larfe two-horse stake
wagon 1517S N Ninth st.
ONE mare, in foal, one horte. ash wagon and
harness, cheap 311 plum
ONE work horse, dirt wagon and doublo set
of harness 3101 Caroline st
ONE tine cut-under surrey; fine condition,
will sell at a bargain 3JT Arsenal.
ONE d&uble-deck soda water wagon, cheap.
Apply Monday morning. 2324 Washington.
ONE heavy draft team, also three driving
horses, cheap. Phone Del. 1901. or 1)50 Evan
ONE Uack family horse, lal can drive,
first-class condition. James ilcDaniel, 5310
North Market.
ONE two-horse dirt wagon. J10. one first
class huckster wagon, one double set harness.
cheap if sold at once, ono mule, its, S1Z Helen.
ONE new storm buggy leather curtain, rub
ber tires, own make, one secondhand laundry
wagon. P J. Ooooey, Sw Cass.
ONE and two horse furniture and dellery
wagons, surreys, from JlS. buggies, ti up. al?o
oat fine lunch wagon, will trade. 1410 Cht
nut. PAIR small delliery horws; J125; mare, har
ass and rubber-tired runabout, VI. ltZ$ S.
PARK wagc-n, ona top park wagon, with tall
gate, -very suitable wagon for any purpose.
cheap 2612 Market.
PARK wagon, nearly new, secondhand storm
beggy. bargain; two ets light harness; one
new one secondhand. 2313 St Louis.
PEDDLER wagon.
3319 Lucki.
IOLICE patrol; one secondhand wagon;
and curtain P J. Cooney. ) Cas.
PHAETON. 140, runabout. J20. open park
wagon. $18, surrey verycheap SUO&H Olive
RAIT A MOELLER rubber-tired buggy; In
perfect condition; also harness, good as new.
bargain Call 433 S Jefferson ave
ROAN mar 6 years cl3. city-broke and
round fiCM Delmar.
RUBBER-TIRED surrey: used about a dozen
times, at a bargain 202 Market st.
RUBBER-TIRED runabout, good a new,
whip-cord finish, must sell. 3)07 Arsenal.
RUBBER-TIRED torm buggy and top park
wagon; in first-class condition. 2S22 Sheridan
RUBBER-TIRED cut-under stanhope. J.
suitable for doctor or pleasure, must sell at
ence; a bargain. 333) Lawton ave.
RUBBER-TIRED cut-under urry. nickel
mounted harness and gentle hor-e: any lady can
drive him; this is a first-class outfit and has not
had much u. 1611 Burd ave.
SINGLE: and double set cf harness; both goal
as new; at a sacrifice If sold at once. 3TC
Lawton ave.
SMALL horse; family-broke; for ladles
children 333. 7903 Vermont ae-
SMALL three-spring delivery wagens. good as
new; sell cheap. 1113 North Market
SfORRKL mare, runabout and harness at a
special bargain. Can be seen Sunday morning
at 3910 Sullivan ave.
SOUND, gentle, family, delivery or storm
buggy horse; all business; cheap 3309 S. Sev
enth st.
KEVEN-YEAR-OLD delivery mare, 350, bar
gain. 3S3J LindelL
STAHlIOrE phaeton, by Kimball, in fine
order, with handmade harness, by Martin &
Martin of New York: In ane order: property
of a ladr. 34JS LIndeU.
STEEL-TIRED runabout. In flrst-class condi
tion, at a sacrifice, must sell. 3007 Arsenal.
STORM buggr. surrey, milk wagon, baker-,
laundry and butcher wagons, at bargains. S13
STORM buggy; rubber tired; Crst-class condi
tion. 360- worth 0. must sell at once; need
stable. 303) Lawton ave
SOUND plu? horse, 3C5 and two-horse wagon.
2635 Chouteau ave
TWO sound, gentle work horses; ono light
and ofie heavy, cheap. 614 Ana ave. (
STORM buggies, grocer, baker, butcher,
laundry, milk. neddUr. exprew., whltener. ca
terer, florist wagons John Toblnka. 1405 N. 7th.
Qimnvrv its
"SlS S Thirteenth
srRRET: one six-nassenzer Vlsavls surrey.
never been used; at a big reduction. 2611 La
clede. SURREYS, traps, runabouts, stcrm and top
buggies, phaetons, barouches, jump-seat park
and business wagons, new and secondhand. 2017
TEAM work mules: one younz. sound driv
ing man. wacon 3929 Oarneld.
TEAM big. fat mules, work horses and mares;
furniture wagons: double harness. 2204 Blddle.
TEAM big work horses; team driving mares;
horse, suitable for runabout: wtth single har
ness, mule 317 50 1315 Carr. rear.
THREE horses, spring wagon and harness.
cheap, must sell. 7017 Pennsylvania ave.
THREE good, sound work hores; cheap: go
ing out of buslnes. must sell. 1323 ArsenaL
THREE sood work horses: cne mule: also
driving horse; cheap. 4233A North Market.
THREE horses, one double set harness, one
single 93t harnea, one cart, one two-horse dirt
wagon. 3420 Salciuu
THREE sets of double harne roc wagon,
carriace and spring wagon- also one single
harness, lot of collars I229A Chouteau ave.
TOP wagon, good as new
tSti Eastcn.
TOP buggy, newly painted, 315. a bargain.
4007 N. Eleventh.
TOP stake wagon; rood as new: made by
Prafer: for one or two horses. 2933 Msdlscn.
TRAP, one fine trap; rubber tired, never
used: big bargain. 2C11 Laclede
TWO cut-under surreys: also 60-foot lot: very
cheap 3000s; Olive.
TWO horses, express wagon and harness;
also cheap pony. 2945 Madison st.
TWO delivery horses; two large draft horses:
two farm mares, farm wagon: sell under guar
antee 3101 Cass ave (grocery stores.
TWO horses one $70.
sen .it 1431 N Eighth
the other SU: can be
TWO-SEATKD four-wheel trsp, new rubber
Ures. S1I0: Victoria. 0. GP. 1U. Republic.
TWO (Brewster make) victorias, the lightest
made: both good as new; will clcse out at a
sacrlflce. 17 Morgan.
TWO old surreys, one new grocer or butcner
top wagon, one new vestibule-front milk wag
on, one park wagon. 3103 S. Broadway.
VERT stylish horse and open stanhope and
harness: all In Orst-class condition: lady can
drive: can be seen at Walkings UveryOwJOM
Pendleton. ' T
WELIBCILT horse, 1.400 lbs.,
given. 143 X. Twenty-fourth.
JS0: trial
WORK horses, mules brick wagon and har
ness, stake wagon HJ7 College.
TOtNO more
Twelfth st.
and mule celt. 1626 N
TOUR storm buggies to cell on commission.
See us. Boramer Bros., 1M1 Alleru
YOUNG horse; must sell at once,
133 N.
JfS buys fine grocery wagon: slightly used;
good condition. Call at once 4700 Xebraska.
SS5 bus good black mare: sounl, good worker.
3S04 RuirelL
S3S buys high-back storm buggy: Orst-class
condition. 3S39 8. Broadway (rear).
J173 buys a fine stylish horse: gentle and
good stepper; $150 buys fine rubber-tired spider.
Wlln nne nsmtw- af miu'M W"'-" """
tis tiuvs stylish surrey home, S years old.
3S50 Linden boulevard (rsar).
$75 buys sound, gentle horse; 3135 buys rubber-tired
storm buggy, harness. 3650 LIndeU
boulevard (rear)
Homemade Vehicles
Tallybna and Wagonette. Two,
Three and Four Seat Surrey
VI.--Vl, Station 'Wasrona,
Traps. Spider, and Stanhopes;
rtunnbonti) Storm Dnjrirlea.
Embree-McLean Carriage Co.
Factory and Repositories:
1813 to 1823 Olive Street,
One Secondhand Rnbber-tlred
Depot Waaon ?4O0.UU
One Secondhand Ten-paenser
Brake at - -0.00
One Secondhand nnbber-tlred
Victoria at OO.uu
One Secondhand Single
Ilroturhnm at "i." V V?
2020 Locust at.
Let me give you a price on your le
Mcle if it Deeds repairs or painting.
2612 Market St.
TVe nave an Immense variety, taken In ex
cnanre. ' mest be disposed or at great bar
gain. vTrlatrfa, Wasnlnttoa ave-. corner Nlne-
For Sale.
Builders or htli-grade a'orta buggies guaran
tee satisfaction !awt style .arg- iitock always
cn hand. Kin t 5r 2017 Morgan st.
Now is the time to set bargains in vehicle
of all kinds, and homes We have a com
plete line fall and see us Western Carriage
Co. 13 S Broadvvai
Even thing In the hore-ehicle line. 913 N.
A k.t.hini'fCrn anil r
xiur t covers, sneeis ana nv nets
Storm Buggies.&ftTOSI
WRIGHT'S, Washington Are., Cor. I9!h.
AUTOMOBIt-E and molorcvcle reDairs omrnnl'
attended ta Automobile and Motorcycle K
palr Ca 3S0Z Iace
AUTOMOBILBS urholstered. iialnted and
canopy tops, with or without vestibule, reason
able Prices. Han ey CSirrlaf e and Waeon Co .
W1! Pine at
NELVItLY new gasoline Old-mobile runabout
with top and extra seat, for two or four per
sons. iery good runner. JJOO U4t Victor st.
ONE Cadillac automobile, in good condition,
fFi .,J fceajnt at once. Ganey & Hulbert, 3I1T-
19 Undell ae
OI-ISMOHILE runabout In good condition,
? Call Sunday ZOO Madison st
OUJSMOUILE. bought July 1S03. artillery
wheels. llncher tires, lamps horn, Al conci
tion and a fine machine 6I2j Ridge
TWO automobiles, tinest electric stanhope in
citj . also White stam stanhore. perfect con
dition Dr J (i Ehrhardt. Grand and Bell.
FINE Spanish Malts milk gcat and kid.
cheap. Phone Victor lSOlL.
FIIESH family fow, 117 'Ji. bargain. 1U7 Col
lege FllESH Jerfey cow. JIS, gentle, fine mtlKer
4a Kennerl.
FRESH cow and calf. 2 weeks old.
mon. Oray ave . Webster Groves.
FRESH milch cow. half Jer-ey. rich milk.
sell oheap. fiill vm Crtlage ave
GOOD family cow, giving three gallons cf
milk a day. call at once, must sell 6933 Old
Manchester road.
JERSEY milch cows and calves: also Pekln
ducks and eggs 3M1 Magnolia are
ABSOLUTE care given, m vlng. packing,
storing furniture, pianos Eureka btorage Co
Lon.. 3014 Chouteau. Victor 347. Grand 3S3M
BONDED warehouse. Henry C W Wlehe
storage and Moving Co. 1513-14 Franklin ave .
monv advanced when desired Klnloch C 9-53.
BONDED warehouse, furniture, pianos, valu
ables, any variety, stored chap. Insurance es
tlmatea given Lyons. 3332 Oilv; Kin. U27D
F. It PORTMANN Storage and Moving
Co Separate rooms, low prices cn reliable
moving and storage. 2901 Cass ave. phone D 1247
LOUISIANA Storage Co . Geo Jokerst. Mgr.
-Moving, packing, bath phones. 3 warehouses
PRIVATE rooms for safe keeping furniture,
planes, trunks, etc , careful moving, packing
and ahlppine at lowest rates, established 1379,
both phones. L. B Langan & Co , 1001 to 1015
Morgan st.
SOUTH Side storsg. and Moving Co-, ucn-l-j
Sidney st Sell Sldn-v 335 K'nlcch Victor 60J.
New warehouse. 1333 Washington ave.. S00 pri
vate rooms for storage, mothproof carpet-room;
cheapest Insurance in the cltj . vou have access
to your room at any time all moving, pack
ing and shlrplng guaranteed, money advanced:
estab. 1590 Ming up C 741 or Main : and get
our rates We have no branches
31 UnnQC warehouse. Grand id Laclede,
for rafekeeoIniT it furniture, nlino. trunVs.
valuables, boxes, etc . ctiictl tint-class moving
packing, shipping;, etc. Our Are Insurance ths
lowest. Money advanced. Ship goods our car.
Estimates free. Get our rates. Botn phones. 1313
21 Olive R U Leonorl Auction A. Storage Co.
House for furniture, etc.; new and clean; low
est Insurance, careful moving, packlcy and
skipping- U03-10-12 Chouteau LlcensM by tna
State acd guaranteed by Mississippi Valley
Trust Co. for S".cot).
SIS Olive St. Packing, shipping, storage; sep
arate room. Phones: Main till, D 1OT4 V. IS.
Langdale. President Estimates free.
Moving to and from East St Louis and SL
Louis Office 133 X. Third st. East St- Louis.
111. Both phones.
" i J "n '"if-. rri s-i-W.r-,i mii r-y-v-v-WSSKSn
DR. HAHTIIANN. dentist: examination free:
crown. U; plates (best teeth). J4 to 17: first
class work guaranteed, easy payments to work
ing people Ballv or Sunday: n. w. cor. Elev
enth and Franklin.
DR. SHAUI. S03 Pine; crtmn and brides
work a specialty: gold crowns. j, plates, U to
V. gold fillings, tl, consultation free; hrs. t to e.
Save the Natural Teeth by fill
ing or crowning. Restore the miss
ing ones-by Bridges or Plates.
8. E. Cor Steth and Locmt Sts . St Louis.
Lcndlnsr Dentists. Established for iZ yeu.
.. w . or. .Broadway ana
Ollra. Entrance 309 Olive it.
Extract me FREE when teeih
are ordered. Larrest and eld
est dental establishment la the
city- We employ the roost
skillful men In the profession.
All work rua ihteed. CornuiU
tlon FREE. Do net look tot
cheap den tints, but ccrae to tr
and ic.t reliable work at low
est prices Open dally from t
a. m. to 6 p. m.. and Sunday
from 8:20 to 1 xl ca.
DR. A. E. M0SER,
Dentist Crown and bridge work a ppeclalty.
Examination free. 10 Franklin avenue, entire
second floor
PI4ATINO and repalrlnc sllverw-arc, told
plate, watches. Jewelry; cash for old eold. sil
ver, platinum. Downim: & Ca. platers. 208 X.
Seven th.
UMNO old cold, watches. Jewelry, silver
ware, etc.: s;et cash. Downing & Ca. platers.
IDS V. Seventh.
Bought, any karat kind or cuantttv Mound
City Dental Co.. 806 Olive, room 412, St. Louis.
Platinc In all its branches; repslrlnr of solid
silverware a specialty, clocks, watcbes. oxera
glasses and chandeliers cold plated. Gustar II.
Krause. 617 Pine, second floor.
' "ti- asisi'riirrJ
OIL paJntlns; and drawing lesions; H. Relch
ard, artift, 603-S04 Itallway xcbance bide.,
cor Fourth and Chestnut sti.; terms rtssonable.
TAKE a. course In St. Louis Va ten making
School. 616 East on ave. and become a first
clafts Jeweler: 'nd for circular.
RIDINO and drivlnc lessons to ladles and
gentlemen, professional saddjehorse high-school
train Inr br Prof. Boehm. Berlin, Germany,
31 Eads.
SPECIAL course In optics, positions guaran
teed A. L. Hood College of Opthatmology.
Equitable building
ST LOUIS College Suggestion, Doctor Llnd
sey. demonstrator; free Wednesday night. 2(20
N Grand ave.
In all languages made at Latin-American CTub.
110 N. Fourth.
Odecn. Grand ave.; city branch. Century bl3g.
Reduced rates during summer.
MHI. .."'.'M-.-
AAA1 T.Ooo cards. 75o: billheads, ncteheads.
enveiopes. tl.23. McOIll a Co.. 131 N Eleventh.
CRESCENT Printing Co 307 N. Fourth Sl
Fine work: fair prices: send for sample.
BUSINESS cords, 50c per 1.C0O; noteheads. 31
per 1.000: envelopes. ixx. SI per 1.0OO: other
printing very cheap: country orders solicited.
New Home Printing Co.. (00 S. Second t-i St.
Louis. Mo.
E1ERMANN BROS. Printers. 223 Pine, to
Ildt your business and guarantee satisfaction;
line commercial "work a specialty. Kin. 1430A
EUKS.KA PRINTING CO., 321 N. Third St.
Low rates cn your printing thl -week.
PRINTING Everything frcm a postal card to
poster; engraved cards and stationery de
signing. St. Louis Art and Printing Co.. Stt N.
second ft.
ALL cersons wlshlne- ractna. with err vith.
out board, apply Central Room Arency, II N
Fourth t.. room 3. second floor
ALL. p4rons desiring- superfine accommoda
tions for Fair and ccnentln, call 19 N. Grand
avy. Mia Haes of Washing ten, D. C
ALLEN. il34 A.-Nicely furnished front room,
quiet neighborhood, private family, convenient
to several car lines, suitable for one couolc
Phone- In house.
ARCO. 434S Cool, clean, comfortable rooms,
ten minutes to Fair; j.150 week; free bath
ARMSTRONG. 1317-One first and two second
floor rooms, opposite Lafayette rark. reason
able. AUBEltT. T71-One or two fumUhed rooms
ani bath
ACBE31T 7!4A Pleatnt front room for W
F visitors. ery reasonable
AUBEltT. 770A Rooms for Fair visitors; all
conenlenci-s: walking distance Fair
AVUERT TMA In private family, nice toorn.
three car lin"i and caf near reasonable
ATBERT. JO: Cool rooms, single or en suite;
bath. Fair visitors- Suburban cars to Fair
.U'BERT C-Cool rooms brick bouse bath;
Fair visitors, reasonable; cars direct to Fair
Al'BERT Place. A Front room for gentle
men southeast corner Euclid and Suburban
A.VBERT. 773 (On. Block Eat of King".
Hlrhwa Rooms. Jac and II day: three car
Uni to Fair: cafe. near, nrtvate residence.
BARRETT. Ull-rnur d-srlable rooms ; hand
somely fumtahed; southern expoeuro; single or
en suite; all conveniences, family two adults,
block east of Orand.
BIURET, ait-Three or four pleasant room,
secrnd fl'vsr. southm exposure, nicely fur
nished, single or en suite, all conveniences,
terms reasonable, one block east of Grand.
BARTMER. ea Furnished and unfurnished
rooms; Fair visitors accommodated: reasosabls
BARTMER. C145 nd K37-Rcoms for Talr
visitors; reasonable rates; fifteen minutes walk
BARTMER 341 Accommodations: Fair vis
itors' rates for parties; five minutes' walk;
phone Forest 1E21A.
BARTMER, 65 Furnished rooms, southern
exposure, hot and cold bath, five minutes 10
Fair, call momlnci and evenings.
BATAP.D. 7!6-Nlcely furnished
three ladies, all contenlences
HAYARI) 817 Three newly furnished rooms,
near World's Fair, reasonable.
BAYARD. 1213 On aecend-story front room
e'th bath World's Fair Msitors.
DAIARD. 740 Newly fuml-hed rooms for
transients 31 per day per person.
BAY.Rr, 70 One front room; couple or gn
tlemen. Delmar. Ollie carp, reasonable.
BAYARD. 740 Newly furnished rooms for
transients. 31 day per person. 15 minutes' walk
II YARD. 131JA Two nicely furnlshd rooms,
housekeeping permitted, will rent separate; all
IIVYARI). 1243 SmslI private family has rocl
nicely furnished front room for World's trair
visitors: three direct car line, very convenlnt
BAYARD. 1319 Housekeeping, use kitchen;
or permanent roomers, large furnished rcom.
modern 135. Page cars fifteen minutes to Fair.
cafe near.
BEAUMONT. 233 8. Room, with bath, tor
cne or two gentlemen: very leasonable.
BEAUMONT. 81S N Elegant furnliolng.
Fplenild ventilation, prices reaonabIe. central
ly located. S3 per week.
BELT, 1929-VlsItors. two front
and 34 week. Easton cars to Fair
HELL. 3157 Coot pleasant furnished front
rooms, private family, every convenience: per
manent or transients
BELL. 2032 Beautifully furnished rooms: spe
cial accommodations; cars ccnrenlent; reason
able. Klnloch C 1202.
BELT, lttf A Furnished rooms, walking dis
tance from Fair, family of tno
BEXTOX. 1131 Nicely furnished front room.
reasonable; gentlemen preferred; Eellefontalnv
or Broadway cars.
BERNARD. 27TT Nicely furnished room for
Fair visitors; all conveniences, rates moderate
RIDDLE. 2417 One nlcelr furnished front
room for pentlemen or couple. 32 30 week each.
BLACKSTOXE, 132XHae two or three fur
nished rooms to rent, will rent separately or to
gether take Page ave. cars.
BOYLE 1300 9 Three furnished rooms for
Worlds Fair Msitors. 31 per day
BOYLE. 1310 S.-One furnished
World's Fair HHtorw; 31 per das'.
roGm. for
BROADWAY. 171i X -light
-Furnished room for
BROADWAY. 213 X Furnished rooms for
light housekeeping
It ROADWAY, 319 X Nicely furnished rooms,
ras and bath, reasonable
room over rtaurant- reasonable.
BROADWAY. 107 N. Fln& room, service, WO
to 11 rer day. Parties of S to 30 Invited.
IlKOADWAY, ITS X Elecantlr furnished
rcoma for jtntleraen, no World's Fair prices.
nilOADWAY. IT5: S. Neatly furnished front,
Jmt like home, kh and hath; Broadway car
BROADWAY. iM3 R Furnished front room;
algp one furnished for thrie or four gentlemen
BROADWAY. 63 a Two rooms for Fair xls
ltorj; all conveniences, price' 35c. Soc. Tic per
BROADWAY. 1703 3 Nicely furnished front
room for two centlsmen. private houe; ra
fonable term
BROADWAY. 623 S Nicely furnlshM front
parlcr. for two gentlemen, with use of piano.
private family.
BROADWAY 3C13 N Furnished rooms for
housekeeping, also front and back parlor, prl
vatf family.
BROADWAY, ttu s rinelv furnished rooms:
half block from Southern Hotel- JIM to SS
weekly, free bath. Apply Mrs. Walker or HalL
BROOKLYN WIS Neatly furnished room tor
one or two nerons: rearonable
CALIFORNIA. 1331 Accommodations fur
World's Fair visitors, three nicely furnished
rooms; bath and gas, reasonable
CALIFORNIA. 3iJ7 Desirable, Urge, front
room or smaller room; bath and all comforts;
per day or permanent: private family
CARDINAL. 812 N. Front room, suitable for
three gentlemen or housekeeping
CARDINAL. 1419 S- Nlclv furnished front
room cne-haif block from Park ave carp.
CARPENTER Place, 71t Good room and
bmtrd If dr'red: gas bath: convenient to car
CAROLINE. 3A Two furnished front
rooms, bath and raw Grand and Caroline.
CAROLINE; 3JC9 Two basement rooms, un
furnished n-w ly papered . sink, bath, gas;
Caroline and Grand
CAROUNE. "A Nlc rooms: bath,
fixtures, laundrv. newly papered. Call
Caroline nt. L Wheelock.
r.lRH. H23A Elejrantly furnished front room
for rentlemn or rcjnle: private family
CARR. S12S Furnished room for Ilsht bouse
kplng or sleeping;: conveniences; reasonable.
CARR. 19A Two connecting room: com
plete for housekeeping: bath and cooking gas.
CARR. 3035 Fumihed front o-oom for gentle
men: southern exposure; convenient to all car
CARR. 1737 Large, neatly furnished rooms
for housekeeping, all conveniences; rent rea
sonable. CASS. 2711 Nice front room for couple or two
gentlemen, bath.
CASS. 30SI Furnished front room; permanent
or transients- private family gas. bath.
CASS. 2511 Front room: southern exposure;
all conveniences: private family; two car lines:
CASS. 394 Two nicely famished rooms In
private family second floor; suitable for small
family or gentlemen.
CASS, 2252 Large, airy front room: first
floor: neatlr- furnished; ladles or gentlemen;
private family: on car line: very reasonable
CASTLEMAN. 4210A-Hall room. In frst-Class
flat, reascnable rent and beautiful locality.
CATEB. 59)1 (Comer Belt) Cottsre home;
beautiful rooms: phone: cafe: near Fair; rea
sonable CATES HOJ Nicely furnished rooms, with
board: WotM's Fair visitors; seven blocks
main entranc.
CHAMBERS. 1137 Nicely furnished rooms for
World's Fair people; reasonable; all conveni
ences. CHESTNUT. 1121 (The Colorado) Nlcly fur
nished cool rooms; SI week up; bath. gas.
CHESTNUT. 121S Furnished rooms for light
housekeeping or gentlemen
CHESTNUT. 1111 Desirable furnished rooms
In large rooming-house: reading-room; S1.M
week up.
CHOUTEAU. 1221 Neatlr
gas and bath.
furnished room;
CHOUTEAU. 1217 Nicely furnished
room: gas: bath. German family.
CHOUTEAU. 1233 Furnished rooms for l!e;ht
housekeeping or gentlemen: cheap.
CHOUTEAU. 1211 Nicely fnmlshed rooms for
World's Fair visitors: nice hall room.
CHOUTEAU. 4234A Nicely furnished rooms
In private family: ten minutes to Fair.
CHOUTEAU. Ills Nicely furnished rooms;
for gentlemen or housekeeping: bath: gas.
CHOUTEAU. 1750 Newly furnished nice cool
location; t"c per night; call or write. Kuhn's.
CHOUTEAU. 1301 Nlcelr fumlihed second
floor front: for housekeeplnx: also third-floor
CHOUTEAU. 221J Two nicely furnished
rooms: cool and pleasant: terms very reason
able. CHOUTEAU, 1013 Rooms for light housekeep
ing: furnished. "11.50 up; unfurnished. SI up;
phon D Ti.
CHOUTEAU. 2C4 Well-furnished front and
back room; gentlemen cr couple; modern conve
niences: reasonable.
CHOUTEAU. 3517 First-das accommoda
tions for visitors: Jl dally: Grand and Chouteau:
twenty minutes to Fair.
CLARA. 1345 Front room, with bath, for
two gentlemen; convenient to Fair grounds;
StOO west.
Hall room; cheap.
CLARK. 2334
Nicely famished room?.
CLARK. 3310 Connecting rooms and fur
nished rooms for gentlemen or light housekeep
m i " i ir-iritrriJij-J'srLi'
CLEMENS. 5S30 Rooms; cool and quiet, four
blocks to Fair. Bell phone Forest t,M.
CLEMENS. STZV-Elcgant rooms for Fair vls
Itcrs Qve minutes walk from Fair. $1 day.
CLEMENS, 304A Rooms;prlvate home Fair
lsltors five minutes' walk Fair. U day each.
LUMEXb, 3sNIcely furnished front room;
private family; four blocks from Fairgrounds,
gtntlen-tn only.
CLEMENS. S723The best location for World".
Fair visitors In St Louis, only tle minutes1
walk frcm main entrance, rates from SI up.
CtXKRILL. 1343 -Two nicely furnished con
necting front rooms, -nth ptiiate family. IS
week Take Suburban I-ark car. get oft on
nha ave
COLLINSV1LLE. 103 (East St. Louis) Nicely
furnished rooms, transients accommodated; rea
sonable tXtMITON. It N. Nicely furnished rooms all
COMITON". 101J N FurnlshM rooms special
rats for parties cf three fcr more people
r-OMlTON. lKJ N. Large, cool front room,
suitable for two or three; permanents or vis
itor" COMMON. 1532 S Two lovlv furnished
rooms, gai and bath, take Eellefontalna cars
to door
COMPTON. ICT N. Aio front rooms, per
manent or transients; convenient to World's
Pair cars, reasonable.
COMPTON. 719 N. Nicely furnished front
room, first floor, also other front room for par
tv . "c each, bath; convenient to meals.
OOTTAOI1, 3911 Two connecting front base
ment room, unfurnished, very Healthy; rent
37, for housekeeping.
COOK 4302 Neatly rurn!hed rooms; perma
nent or visitors.
COOK, 47j9 Newly tarnished front room; all
conveniences: reasonable.
COOK 31 Large room, to accommodate four
gentlemen . rlsltom preferred.
COOK, 3947 First-class accommodations;
and 75c per night: call or write
COOK. 3747 Finely furnished front room; cne
or two gentlemen, rent reasonable.
COOK. 3712 Visitors accommodated In nicety
furnished rooms, direct lino to Fair.
COOK. 3730 Rooms for two World's Fair vis
itors: 31.50 day. direct cars: hot bath.
Nicely furnished rooms:
term reasonable.
COOK 4215 (Comer Pendleton) Furnished
rooms for permanent or World's Fair people.
COOK. 4C22 Hrst-class accommodations. Fair
visitors, special rates, parties of six. 75c up
COOK, 3726 Visitors to conventions can se
cure select accommodations, private family;
75c and 31.
COOK. 37'iO Large, cool, newly furnished
rooms, for World's Fair visitors, modern con
veniences COOK. 401$ Teachers or others wanting
rooms, call Ltndell phone. 093A. can accom
modate a large number. 75c to 31 each. Inves
tigate Alice M. Jones. -Teacher
COTE BRILLIANTS. 5717 Visiters or perma
nent roomers; nicely furnished first-floor frnnt
rrom southern exposure. 313 menth. S3 week:
50c day.
DAYTON. 2620 Two nicely furnished rooms;
gas and bat1: . all conveniences, priv ate family
DELMAR 393 Nicely furnished rooms; ref
erences exchanged.
DELMAR. W75 Furnished rooms; bath; tare,
direct car lines to Fair
DELMAR. 3350 First-Class
for World's Fair visitors
DELMAR. 4022
Room. for one or two men.
DELMAR 339 Two large front connectlnr
rooms- World's Fair people.
DELMAR, 5213 (Near the Talr) Newly fur
nlshed front room, flxst Coor.
DELMAR, SS14 Nicely furnished rooms; per
mannt or transient, all conveniences.
DELMAR. AiZZ Large, sfcondstory
room hot bath eUht minutes to Fair.
DELMAR. 4MG Ccn nee tins; front rooms; sin
gle or en suite, all World's Fair cars.
DELMAR, -me Rooms, by day. week
month, all conveniences, rates reasonable.
DELMAR. SS17A- Rooms for housekeeping;
bath laundry, five minutes' walk to Fair.
DELMAR. C201 Elegant rooms in private
home, also furnished tents two blocks Fair
DELMAR. 4069 Rooms for World's Fair vls
Uors. hot and cold bath, telephone Delmar 2329.
DELMAR 1735 Choice rouir. SI cay. raft;
reserve them now: five mlnutts' wafjc to Fair.
DELMAR. &X49 Nloely furnished rooms con
nctin&. bath; private; near Fair, phone. Forest
DELMAR. -CCA Nicely furnished front
room, southern exposure, all cars convenient to
DELMAR. 461$A Two nicely furnished rocrrs,
single cr en suite, modern convonltnces; mod
erate. DELMAR Boulevard. 4103 Furnished rooms;
special rates for perties of thre cr mora
DELMAR, 6131 (Three Blocks From Fair En
trance Accommodallo as for guests; prtvats
DELMAR. 44SCA Handsomelv furnl-rhed front
MOtr.i, near car lines and Fair; prlvatt family;
DELMAR. 3MI Cool, pleasant: suitable for
one, six. hath; phone, all conveniences; mod
erate prices
DELMAR. OtO Nlcelr furnished rooms;
World's Fair visitors accommodated; conven
ient to direct car
DELMAR. 1Z14 Keitlr furnished rooms;
outhem exposure; private family;, references,
phone Undell HS31I.
DELMAR. C081A Handsomely fumlihed
rooms, permanent or transient; gas. bath; Del
mar and olive cars.
DELMAR. an Newly furnished rooms;
southern exposure; private family; reference
Thi-ne Unwell 1SM
DELMAR. SItl Select rooms; shady grounds:
cool, comfortable: all new, private family; lira
minutes from Fair. 11 up.
DELMAR Boulevard. (HJA-Elcrmtlr fur
nished front room: modem conveniences; with,
private family. Delmar. . Olive cars.
DELMAR, 5U Flrst-class private rooms fcr
visitors, hot bath: near Fair: cars; restaurants;
slncle. SI. couples. 1LS0. rroup rates: write.
DELMAR Boulevard. MIS Two lovely spar
rooms, newly furnished; In private famllv:
home comforts, meals optional; convenient to
rive car llniM
DELMAR. 1121 Handsome cool front room:
curtained alcove and connecting rooms; can
accommodate, at least ten visitors; fifteen min
utes to Fair; cafe convenient: private family.
DICKSON. VOi One front parlor; ona room
for Hyht housekeeping
DICKSON. 1708 Nicely furnished room for
two. private family: all conveniences, reason
able -
DICKSON. MM COOL pleasant well-furnished
rooms: private family- every convenience: rea
sonable. Call Monday.
DICKSON 310 Two nicely furnished con
necting rooms, private home; single or en
suite World's Fair visitors.
DICKSON. 3S31 Handsomely furnished front,
connecting rooms; southern exposure; every
conveniences: privelege of housekeeping.
DICKSON. 2J24 Furnished room for couple;
also rocm for two or four gentlemen; also for
light housekeeping, bath, gas; convenient to
DILLON, 1103 Nice front rooms for gentle
men or couple: bath, gas; rent reasonable.
DIVISION. 2033 Furnished or unfurnished
cond-fioor front room: cheap.
DOLMAN. 1025 S.lnglo or double parlor to
right parties
DOLMAN. 1717 One Urge room. In prlvat
family, for two or four.
DOLMAN. 1709 Nicely furnished front room,
one or two gentlemen; gas; private family; rea
sonable EAST PARK Place, 103J (Comer Bartmer)
Choice rooms; He day each person; close to
EASTON. 2S3S One or two rooms for light
EASTON JS09A Nicely furnished rooms;
southern exposure.
Two furnished room.
EASTON. 4580
Furnished front room.
EASTON S10S Large clean second-floor front
room, for World's Fair visitors.
EASTON. 14A Large, cool room;
family: newly furnished; moderate.
EASTON. 3201 Nlcelr furnished front room;
on car line direct to World' Talr.
EASTON 3549B One or two furnished con
necting front rooms: all conveniences.
EASTON. 531S Visitors; elegant room; Jl;
Ennton cars; ten minute to Fair: restaurant
EASTON. 4204 One large room: all conven
iences, furnished for light housekeeping if de
sired EASTON. 2W Nicely furnished rooms; light
housekeeping; reasonable; bath, gas; prlvat
EASTON. 135 Visitors: three nicely fur
nished rooms: cheap; Easton can; ten minutes
to Fair
EASTON. 3100 Furnished front rooms; pri
vate family; permanent or transients; xar rea
sonable. EASTON. 2319 Two connecting rooms; light
housekeeping second floor; water In kitchen;
EASTON. 3023 Accommodations for World's
Fair visitors: every convenience; direct cars;
very reasonable.
EASTON. 41S3 Neatly furnished first and
second floor front rooms: soothers exposure;
two lines to Fair.
EASTON. 2S03A Furnished second-floor front
and connecting rooms: private family; every
convenience: reasonable.
EASTON. 44KA Two furnished rooms, ground
floor, for light housekeeping: also front room,
with use of basement for cooking.
EASTON. 5575 Visitors: elegantly furnished,
first-class modem rooms: nTT convenience:
SI per day: Easton cars. 10 minute to Fair.
EASTON. 4 CSA Visitors : second floor: nlctly
furnished front room: modem; 13 week: good
restaurant near: Easton can: fifteen minute
to Fair.
EASTON, 5944 Visitors; elegantly furnished:
flrst-class. modem rooms: very convtnlene:
?Sn ner dsr: Easton av. can: five mlnutea to
World's Fair.
EIGHTEENTH. 71 N. Nicely furalined small
rooms: S3 per week sad atv
KASTON. 4C5 Workins; elrU' nicely fur
nished frcnt rotra; modern; il-7i each person.
Easton and Taylor cars. Inquire In Blue Rib
bon Shoe Store.
EIGHTEENTH. KM N Clean, cool beds. Jl
weelc up; also ntstly furnished rooms, with
EIGHTEENTH, Hit NVXlctlr furnished
front room, first floor, in prKate family, gen
tlemen only.
EIQirrEENTH. Til N. Nicely furnished
rooms; World's Fair visitors sccommodated.
rates 50c and n day.
EIGHTEENTH. U5 N. Handsomely fur
nished second-jtcry front room; bath, for gn
tlemen or coapl. reasonable: near all car lines
EIGHTH. IM, S Xlcly furnished rooms for
one or two. ess and bath.
EIGHTH. 1033 3 Nicely furnished back par
lor rooms; also one unfurnished.
EIGHTH. 1W2A S. Two lanta rooms, with
uie of bath; water In back room.
EIGHTH. IZXt S Three furnished rooms to
World's Fair visitors. Inquire downstairs
EIGHTH. 313 S.. East St. LouisNicely fur
nished rooms, all conveniences reasonable
.ELEVENTH. 3000 S Two nicely furnished
rooms at reasonable price.
ELEVENTH, 911 N- Nicely furnished front
and other rooms, reasonable rent.
ELEVENTH. 3719 X -Cool newly furnished
front room In private family 33 rr wek.
ELEVENTH. 1414 a-NIcely furnished front
rooms; rentUmen and housekeeping, reasonable.
ELLIOT, 2113 Two rooms and store, rent rea
sonable ELU01T. 1353 (Near Cass) Nicely furnished
rooms for ilcht housekeeping, cheap rent.
ELLIOTT. 13S1 (Near Cass) FurnUhe frcnt
room, private family, rtntlemen or light house
keeping cheap
ELLIOT. 1214 Nicely furnished fo?nt and
other rooms light housekeeping; all conven
iences: 52 week.
ELLLIOX, 121S (Near Dayton) Nicely fur
nished room; private family, all conveniences
for two. 31 I each.
ETZEL, CltU Choice furnished rooms, rates
reasonable, near Fair grounds.
ETZEL S130 Clean, cool rooms, private fam
ily EUCLID. 1K3A Nicely furnished front room;
private family no other roomer
EUCLID. 1215 Coo!, pleasant rooms
World's Fslr visitors. Jl day each person.
EUCLID 743 Furnished rooms for Fair vis
itors, three lines of car and walking distance
EUCLID. HIS Neatly furnished front rccm.
private famllv: permanent or transient, rent
EUCLID. ?S0 Furnished parlors, with hot
and cold bath . walking: dlstanc to Fair
grounds. 31 a day per person.
EUCLID 7S2 Beautifully furnished room,
dressing:-room off; fcur large creened windows;
private family; gentlemen only: three car lines
to Fair
EUGENIA. 2312 Two connecting-, well-fur-nlshed
rootn; all conveniences; reasonable
EVANS. 3C16 Xeat hall room. 33.W per wee.
E apton cars direct to World's Fair.
EA'ANSl 4371 Lmeir furrlfbed rooms.
conveniences, reasonable. prlate family
EVANS. 4U5 Fnrnlihad rooms, transients or
permanent: ffas. hath: screens: reasonable
EVANS. ;14A-NIce. cool front hall rcom;
bsth; ras: Eafitoa and Grand cars, reasonable
EVANS. 4030 One neatly furnished back par
lor, bath and gas; for two gentlemen, very rea
sonable. EVANS. 3507 Two Tarnished front rooms:
southern exposure.: bath, caa: cars direct to
EVANS. 4:35 K Nicely furnished rooms for
World's Fair visitors, bath, gas; cars conveni
ent. EVANS. 463 Furnished rooms fr gentlemen
or ladles Urg front and connecting: southern
exposure. S3 each.
EA-(NO, 112 N. Nicely furnished second-floor
room for gentlemen; tath and phone.
EWING. 33 N Furnished or unfurnished
rooms by day. week or month, near cars.
FAIRFAX. 4l7t Nicely furnl-hed room, per
manent or World's Fair visitors.
FURMOUNT. 5034 One elegant room.
Joining parlor; private family.
FIFTEENTH. Ill N. -Large furnished room
for lUht housekeeping;
FIFTEENTH, ?? X Two nice front rooms
for aentlemen or ccuple.
FINNEY. 4112 Nicely furnished rooms: con
venlant to .hTe car ltnas.
FINNEY. 261 Flrst-class accommodations
for World's Fair visitors: Jl per day
FINNEY. 4147 Nice, cool rcom for eight or
ten gentlemen; bath; direct car line
FINNEY. 4143 Lovelv furnished front rooms;
first and second floor, by day or week
FINNEY, 4110 Large second-floor front, suit
able for two or more, all conveniences.
FINNEY 447TA Nicely furnished front room,
all conveniences, couple or gentlemxn. World's
Fair cars.
FINNEY. 3W7 Pleasant rooms; good bds;
best attention private family, reasonable ; con
vcnlect to Fair.
FINNEY, 4133 Newly furnished rooms; second-floor
front: single or en suite; southern ex
posure; all conveniences; reasonable.
FINNEY. S9M Cool second-story front bath.
gas; direct lint to Fair; suitable for four gen
tlemen, ladle or couple; for housekeeping.
FINNBY, MM Newly furnished rooms: with
or without meals, free bath and phone; cars
pass door to Fair; short distance to Fair
grounds; write for particulars: at oncew
FIRST-CLASS sleeping apartments: eight
gentlemen or eight ladles: fine neighborhood:
four car lines; direct to World's Fair; fifteen
minutes; butler's attendance: electric fans: Ice
water; private family. Phone LIndeU 3)S4A.
FLAD. 4011 Elegantly furnished rooms for
gentlemen: good board; low rates.
FLAD. 04 Nicely furnished room, second
story front: southern exposure, with or without
board; terms reasonable.
FOLSOM. 360 Two rooms; private: meals it
desired: gentlemen or couple.
ZINK c CO.. Agents. 1 N. Seventh st
FOREST PARK. J5;j Deulrabls
back rooms: terms reasonable.
front and
FOURTEENTH. Kt a Furnished rooms for
light houseketplng: SI. SO week and up.
FOURTEENTH. US S. Front and back par
lors, will furnish for light housekeeping.
FOURTH. 100-703 N. (Comer- Lucas) Elegant
furnished rooms. 75o up: modern convenience.
FOUNTAIN. 4T77 Large, cool rooms; cholc
location; Fair visitors; bath, gas; Tic to Si a
FRANKUN. rm Nicely furnished rooms for
FRANKLIN", ISM Visitor can find lodging
SLU up.
13 Nicely furnished rooms;
FRANKLIN. 34JS Furnished rooms; 50c ta SI
day: gaa and batlu
FRANKLIN. 2S17 Two nlctly furnished room
for light housekeeping.
FRANKLIN. 3307 Nicely famished rooms;
bath, gas: private family.
FRANKLIN. IDNlcelv furnished cool. n!es
ant rooms: terms reasonable.
FRANKLIN. 134 Clean, cool rooms. 3Se day
up: SI 50 week up. St. Louis. Ma
FRANKLIN. 1200-Rooma: men only: 2Sc a
night: single rooms SI.25 week pp.
FRANKLIN. 1323 Nicely furnished
room, suitable for light housekeeping.
FRANKLIN. 1730 Nicely furnished room for
two gentlemta. ll.SO each: call In rear.
FRANKLTN. 3030 Two nicely furnished rooms
on first and second floors; bath, gas; reasonable.
FRANKLIN. 1I Plainly furnished room for
two gentlemen. SL35 per week each: respectable.
FRANKLIN. 1427 Nicely furnished rooms;
one for three gentlemen; reasonable. See bar
ber. FRANKLIN. 101 Large front room; southern
exposure: hall room, lodging for men; third
FRANKLIN, 2703 Bxtra large seoond-floor
front room, suitable for four gentlemen; bath,
FRANKLIN. 2701 Desirable rooms: furnished
for housekeeping or sleeping rooms; bath and
FRANKLIN and Orand (Fidelity Building)
Furnished second-story front; gaa. bath; ladles
FRANKLIN, til Rooms for Fair visitors;
suitable for three gentlemen: 50c day each; re
spectable. FRANKLIN. 1411A Furnished front room, for
gentlemen: transient, 60c day; bath: southern
FRANKLIN. I02S Newly furnished room:
private family; all convenience. Suburban car;
FRANKLIN. 3031A Two Urge furnished
rooms for small family or couple; gas. bath;
FREE trunk storage until vou find a room
Popular Price Express Company, three door
north ct- Ollvt on Tenth at. If I den't haul
rUf trunks we both io money Both phone.
FURNISHED parlcr with piano and connect
ing alcove bedrocm and bath; IS minutes to
World Fair; SS per week; private family. TT
O. Republic
GAMBLE. 2623 Furnished room for light
housekeeping: comer bouse: all light rooms.
GANST Place Olar.ley Read and Pag Ave.)
Three furnished rooms; take Crcve Coeur
Lake ea-
GARFIELD. 5T75 Nicely furnished room; hot
and cold bath.
GARFIELD. 4583 Vl!tor or permanent poo
!e; tletant: first floor: front parlor: modem;
l day or 14 week: Taylor can to Fair.
OARFD2LD. "951 Nicely furnished room;
bath hot and cold water; fine location; five
minutes to Fair; Easton and Suburban can;
35 per week .
GARRISON. 1014 N. Furnished front parlor;
will rent reasonable.
OARRISON, OSA N. Nice, cod rooms; tath;
can to Fair: permanent or transients.
GARRISON. 'OtA N. Nice, cool room; bath;
cars to Fair: permanent or transients.
GARRISON 1211 Jl. Nicely furnished rooms
for World's Fair visitor- Soc each per day.
GARRISON. 133S J. Large frcnt room for
two gentlemen or housekeeping: reasonable.
OARRISON. 73 N Elegantly furnished sec
ond floor front: raxsonable to World' Fair Tls-Stora.
Fair visitors:
717 X. Large, airy rooms Tor
with bath, terms reasonabl.
GARRISON 913 N Cool, pleasant room: prl
rate family everr convenimc; very reasonable.
GARRISON. 717 X Nicely furnished room
for Fair visitors; or permanent roomers; free-
GARRISON 1711 X Second-story furnish!
room and others, six persons: conveniences;
GARRISON. 143 X. Pleasant rooms, private
family; World's Fair visitors, direct car line;.
GARRISON. 1349 N Pleasant, clean, well
fumlshed rooms, private faml y every con
venience, especially lou rate If permanent;.
Fair visltata, 5c each nUhtlr
OEYER. rS3-XlceI furnished front room for
couple cr two gentlemen.
GIBSON. 4t01 Room. $3 per week and op;
Mark ft st. car. ' fare
GLASGOW. 1433 Three fumlsced rooms for
rent MMdleton
GLASGOW Place. 303 Cool, p'easant rooms;
private family. World's Fair visitors, reason
able terms.
GOODFELLOW Face -.3- X'ce front rocm;
first floor, furnished private family.
GORE Ave . IK (Webster Groves) Partly fur
nished rooms, for lljffct housekeeping, call at
1-3 X Eleventh it. at Louis. i(a
GltAXD. 1T: X Rooms vacated to-day; Fair
visitors de-red. 30c per day
GRAND. 25l N. Two adjoining south room
tor Fair visitor, private fvtn.Ur-
ORAND, KC4 Perfect front room, t or vU
itors or transients, terms moderate.
GRAXP. 2 X. (Comer Laclede) D-lrablO
light rooms- direct curs to Fair- reasonable.
GRAXD 4 N (Near Lacled Lax, elegant
front room, for three gentlemen, private
GRATIOT 21 One furnished room, suitable
for elderly lady Jl 23
GRATTAN l'lXlce rewlr furnished rooms:
In fln neighborhood. 33 50 wrefcly
GRATIOT. T'j Furnished room for light
housekierinj 31 5- per week up. hall room 3L
HA MILTON. 113 (3-de Entrance Owl
room?; five minutes walk two car linea to
Fair HAMILTON S24A Nicely furnished rooms;
southern expeeure. near cafe, 1 minutes to Ex
position IIAMMETT Place. 4744-Nicely furnished, de
sirable cuiet. cool room
HKBERT rtS Four elegant rooms; corner
houie. upstairs, for cou!e without children;
cheap rent to right party
HENRIETTA. 27C2-XIcly furnl-hed front
room, suitable for two. all convenience.
HICKORY. 12C3A Xeetly furnished rooms;
Bis an! bath, private family reasonable.
HICKORY. 1314 Seccnd-Soor front and ad
Jolning rooms: cas. bath, family of adults.
HICKORT. ISOS-One furnl-hed front room,
suitable tor two gentlemen, batb. reasonable.
HICKORY. 1CW Front and back parlors for
World'j Fair visitors or permanents; reasonable)
HICKORY. 1S2 Nicely furnished rooms. Why
pay hih prices when you can get cool rooms
reasonable' Park av cars south.
Three unfurnished rooms.
HORTON Place. "l Clean, cool rooms; Fair
vlttors: 50c 75c 21 day clofle to Fair.
HOKTON Place. 6051 Choice, cool rooms: Fair
visitors. He, 75c 11 day, close to Fair.
HORTON Pace. HOT Jasper county rooming
house, first-class accommodations fcr Fair vis
itors. HORTON Place. SVJS-CooL furnished rooms:
SI day; fifteen minutes' walk, five mlnutea
ride to Fair.
HOWARD. Z71I Furnished room; first floor;
for two gentlemen.
HOWARD. 37A Two nicely furnished room
In widow's home, will rent cheap.
HUNT. iS3-N!cely furnlshM rooms; private,
family, 50c to SI day.
HUNT. 4Nlcely furnished front room;
aita three or for, S2.5H week; private family.
HUNT. di-Nlcely .furnished rooms In pri
vate family. Mo to 11 day; ten minutes to fair.
HUNT. M1J Nlctly furnished front room,
suitable for two or three; S2.U week; private
HUNT. eo Nicely furnished front rooctV
suitable for two or three; S2.S0 week: ten min
utes to Falr
JEKFERSON. 1MJ 8. Nicely furnished rooms
with hot bath and all conveniences.
JEFFERSON. Z7 s. One well-furnished
front room, private family: terms reasoaahia.
JEFKERSON, 1511 S. Well-furnVhed front
and hall rooms, all modern conveniences1; rea
sonable JEFFERSON, 16M N. Large front room: also
small room; neatly furnished; on car Use; rea
sonable. JEFFERSON 1W s. One or two nleely fur
nished front rooms, near Lafayette Parkr mil
conveniences: very reasonable.
7is v Large front room; also
hall room, neatly furnished, lady or gentle
nan, private family; rates reasonable; on car
JULIAN. 592 Choic rooms, in private fam
ily; modem conveniences, walking distance est
Fair grounds; convenient to hotel, cafe and car
lines, one of the best locations In the city.
KENSINGTON. BM Two nicely furnished
front room: excellent location; five minute
from Fair Grounds; private family; terms mod
erate. KENNETT. 183 Nicely
rooms: private- family; gas;
furnished front,
bath: reasonable.
KING'S HIGHWAT. SZi N. Newly furnished
room, close to Fair grounds; very cool; Tt per
KING'S HIOHWAY. 1814 S- Nicely furnished,
rooms; ten minutes to Fair: SOc up: restaurant
in connection: music by Huncarlan bandV
KING'S HIGHWAY. lU4-NI-eIv furnished
rooms, ten minutes' walk to Fair: QOe a person;
restaurant in connection, music by th Hunga
rian Band.
KOSSUTH. J4U (Nsar Grand! Nlcsrr fnr
nlahed. clean, airy front rooms; S3 to Ss week.
LA SALLE. 131 Two neatly furnished rooms
for gentlemen, wtth board.
LA SALLE, m Two front rooms for gentle
men or housekeeping: water In the rooms: bath.
LABAD2S. 4007 Good room for World' Fair
LACLEDB. stij Neatly furnished room; di
rect line to Fair; S0o and SI per day.
LACLEDE. 3922 Furnished sleeping-room for
gentlemen: with bath: 11.35 week each.
LACLEDE 3509 Rooms for visiters; JSc and
31 day: on direct line to depot and Fair.
LACLEDE. 3113 Nice room, with or without
board, for gentlemen visiting Fair: cheap.
LACLDiw Jjj7 Front room for visitors: not
bath, gas; 60c per night: southern txposura.
LACLEDE. 3S93A Nicely rurolsked front
rooms: direct line to Fair; reasonable rates..
LACLEDE. 3030-Handsomely rurnlshed bug,
parlcr: accommodate two or three: 50c each-
LACLEDE. 3Q7A Nlctly furnished front
room: bate gas: private family; reasonahl
LACLEDE. 34SSB Furniilwl room in prlvat
family suitable for two gentlemen: npgtatnv
LACLEDE, 3S1IB Nicely fumlihed room,
suitable for three or four gentlemen: S3 weeln
LACLEDE. 33U Clean furnished rooms: ail
conveniences: 60c dry: Laclede car pass door.
LACLEDE. 2343 Neatly furnished room, suit
able tor two or four; all conveniences; rtaaos
able. LACLEDE. S Furnished front room;
special accommodations for ladles. In Christian
LACLEDE: 3306A Nicely furnished rootar
southern exposure; no other roomers, 32.50 per
LACLEDE. 3631 Nicely rurnli&ed second-floor
front room: southern exposure; private family!
suitable for couple.
LACLEDE. 3(23 Large, cool room, tarolrhvd
for housekeeping; gas; bath: phone: direct Ma
from station to Fair.
LACLEDE. 3304-Three adlolnlng unfurnished
rooms: large hall, bath and Janitor servtcew
Call Sunday before H a. m
LACLEDE. 3455 Large second-floor front ard
other rooms; southern exposure; for Fair vlsll-cn-:
direct line to Fair and depot.
LACLEDE. 3506 Elegant cool rooms: modern
conveniences, for Fair visitors only; ale btwn-;
on direct line to World's Fair and depot. " .
LACLKDE. 3S12 Cool rooms reserved for
Fair visitors; on direct line to depot; rate 31
day, with breakfast: correspondence aollcltsvt.
LAFAYETTE. 2C0-Nlcely furnished room
for housekeeping: phone Victor 137aL.
LAFAYETTE. 2C0 Flrst-clas rooms, hot
bath: visitors, 50c. 7Sc: cars pae door.
LAFAYETTE, 333 (Nice, cool room; SI per
day or 35 per wek: no extra charge for two
persons. Compton cars.
LAFAYETTE. Furnished connecting,
rooms: together or rtparate; gentlemen .r
couple; phone Vlcto- 137CL.
LAFAYETTE. 1727 Nicely furnished front
room for two voung men. one block from Lit
fayette Park, bath; all conveniences.
LAWTON. 3140 Furnished room, ulthl for
one or two: SI week.
LAWTON. SaosNlcelr fur-iisl.ed parlor, foe
two gentlemen or coupla.
LAWTON. 2731 Nicely furolhed hall roomi
ras and bath- reasonable
LAWTON. 3023 Third-floor room for two or
three gentlemen: also back parlor.
LAWTON. 3140 Extra large furnished rooms,
suitable for four or five; COc each.
LAWTON. M1J Neatly furnished room
light housekeeping; all conveniences.
LAWTON. 3030 Large, very nicely furnished
room for Fair vlflton: gas; bath, etc
' LAWTON. 3411 Nicely furnished larg roomr
a'so small room: gas, bath: for visitors.
LAWTON. 3740 Largs front room, for foor
gentlemen: four beds: also otter room.
LAWTON. 3314 First and second nooi front
rooms: World's Fair visiters: 50c. 73c dar
LAWTON. 3007 Large, nicely furnished front J
taA - ArwfisM-tlnir ffsrvrt-m fWi f his"A flfarrl t
""" -" -"-- - --a - iji
LAWTON. 33C3 Large, rlc-vjj furnished treat. jl
room; touthero exposure; all convenience; -up- J
LAWTON. 2S38 Second-story front, with, gaa.
and bath: no children: reasonable rent; prlvat
LAWTON, 3225 Large, elegant. lecond-Soer
front room: southern exposure, for pennants
T-r. 'pay. .. ras-Mtfflai-rfntttftaafcJWM

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