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These Two Women were Cured
H .H
Vy7firST7(nB!iuuvLL till
Judge Withheld Names of Ap
pointees Prom Public, but
Says He Named Them
in Time.
Judge John E. Hillskotter of Edwards
vllle yesterday, for tho first time, made
public the names of the appointive mem
bers of the Madison County Board of As
sessment Review. John Elble of Alton, by
virtue of bein? chairman of the Hoard of
Supervisors, becomes presiding officer of
the Board of Review. The other members
named aro John O. Klein of Bethalto nnd
William Champion of Granite City.
-Mr. Elble being ill, the board will meet
si his home in .Alton to-day to organize.
If Mr. Elble's condition permits, tho board
wllli commence work Monday, ns It Is re
quired to begin by the second Monday In
A question hai been raised by some as
to whether tho board Is regular. The stat
ute require that the board be appointed
on. or before tho 1st of Juno. County
Clerk Edward Fcutz Wednesday, in re
sponse to Inquiries, declared that ho had
no record of nny appointments, and his
chief clerk. William Daech. alter an ox
, animation of tho records, made the same
In reply to this contention Judge Hllls
Itotter states that the board was appoint
ed on May 16 and sworn In nt that time,
but that he kept the names Bccrct because
be found that In past years as soon as tho
board was announced tho members were
approached by persons who wished their
taxes altered. To prevent this, ho says,
he kept tho names from tho public as long
The legal status of the board Is n. sub
ject of considerable debate nt the county
In Neither Cnae Co old n Theory nt
Assault Be Proven.
Deputy Coroner llosklns held an Inquest
at Edwardsvllle yesterday on tho death
of James M. Gilbert, an Englishman who
was found beside the L. & M. tracks In
Edwardsvllle. Before ho died Gilbert said
that he had been robbed of K2, but he
became unconscious before he could say
how or where. For this reason the exam
ination was conducted along those lines,
but no testimony to show assault could
be discovered, and a verdict of accident
was returned.
Deputy Coroner Schtldman of Venice
held an Inquest over the body of James
McCauley, a section employe on the
Wabash, at Nameokl. McCauIey's body
was found between the- double tracks
south' of Mitchell. A cut. across the face
which appeared to have been made by a
knife and a wound In tho skull wero the
causes of death. In this case, as In the
other, death appeared to bo due either
to assault or accident, the fact of thero
having been a picnic In tho neighborhood
the night before lending color to the for
mer theory. Jo direct testimony was ob
tainable. ISnt Side Ileal tr Transfer!.
Heal entate transfer filed fcr record in Dene
.llla jezlerday were:
It. A'. Claris to iniza Burmelater. warranty
l'iJ, lot 5. block 2. Alta Slta. Height": J43.TU.
. W. A. ItuUedce, trustee, to W, V. Reynolds,
n arrant? deed. loU 3 to ". block S. i:ast
Bourne Terrace; S10.UD.
Thomas TA Fckte to Percy D Irfcke. war-
The childish confidence which this
Illustration portrays shows exactly tho
confidtnc of dVery one wno has ever
Dr. Caldwell's
fca medicine ever put on the market
has met with such phenomenal cures
and the output of our laboratory has
Increased steadily 500 per cent every
.year. This speaks volumes for Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, which is pos:-
tively nnnntoed to cure dyspepsia. Indigestion, constipation, malaria
i 4UldlCrfonblettariaing from:the stomach (excepting cancer), and if you
will parehaso a 50-cent or $1.00 bottle from your druggist it will be a
complete revelation to you. Heads oS biliousness, induces sound and
refxeshlsg sleep, cures nervousness, and is praised by women in all
parts of the country.
Wo wu! bs clad to send yon a tamplo bottls and a llttls -,
etstfen stomach troubles It you will tend us a postal. -
lfo?:?v?1iiH35rsr&Bn -vft'. ?--fe ei-Vvyj-a--
fc - - KMvi 1
there is no medicine so good for sick women as your Vegetable Compound, and
my lady friends in need of medical help." Mrs. B. A. Bischabd, 3 Broad St.,
The wonderful power of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound over the diseases of womankind is not because it is a stimulant, not because it is a palliative, bufc simply
because it is the most wonderful tonic and reconstructor ever discovered to act directly upon the uterine system, positively CURING disease and restoring health and vigor.
Marvellous cures aro reported from all parts of the country by women who have been cured, trained nurses who have witnessed cures, and physicians who have recognized the
virtnn in r.rdia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and aro fair enough to give credit where it is due.
If phvsicjans dared to bo frank and open, Hundreds 01 them would acknowledge tnat tney constantly prescribe Iijdia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound in severe cases oi
female ills, as they know by experience that it can be relied upon to effect a cure.
omen wno are troumea wnn painiui or irregular mensi.ruaT.ion, uacKacKe, Dioaung vor uaiuience;, icucorrnoea, railing, inflammation or ulceration oi toe uierua,
ovarian troubles, that "bearing-down" feeling, dizziness, faintness, indigestion, nervous prostration or the blues, should take immediate action to ward off tho
Kpnnns consnufnpis. and bn restored to Tierfect health and strength bv takintr Lvclia E. Pinkham's Vetretnbln Cnmnnimil. and f hrn write to Mrs. Pinkham.
"J "t
nrty deed, lot 4, block :. rekele plac No I.
Georee C ReLbsn. trustee, to Hy Voit. Ite
corder's deed, lot i. block 3. Tarpon Heltht, SI.
Geortre C ttebban to .. M. Hecltwlth. war
ranty ded, lot 74. block t: lot 75. block .. and
lot X. block 8. Rebban place. Jl.
State Savings and Loan AMOclatlon to Jerry
Donovan. Recorder'a ded. S3.000: northeast one
half lot SI. b'ocl: So. Illinois Cliv
Mate Saines and lxan AFoclatlon to Jerry
Donovan Recorder's Ued. J3.000: southwest one
half lot fl. block K. Illlnoli City
II. J. Ersrmann, trustee, to Tuncred r. Kgr
mann. Recorder's deed. J1.500. tot 19. block 43.
IUst Ft. Louis , ,
A SI Beckwlth to O I Sienk, warranty
deed, lot 93, block t, Rebhaa place; J4W.
21. D. Baker to P. nannery, quitclaim deed,
undivided one-half let IJ. block 4. ?:dgar Ames
addition: S300 ,
T V. KVcrnann to E J. Moier. warranty
deed, lot 13. block 43. Town Eat St. I.ouls;
$3 200
A. M. P-eckwlth to O I Mesk. warranty
deed, lot S3, block S. Rebhand place; Jtfl.
nellevlllc wn Xotea.
Mrs K. Mueller ot New Tork Is rliltlnc
her mother, JIrs r lopold-
Mrs. M. w Borders of Chlcato 1 In Belle
ville Msltlng friend v
Becker Post. O. A. R.. will enjoy a rlenlo
at New Athens. July 17.
Mrs J. K. Conroy and Mrs. A. M Mace
will entrtaln the Blyslan Club at tha home of
Mrs. Conror this afternoon.
Mr. and l"r. E. W. Hazen and Mrs. Dyson
rf Vlroqua. Wis., wero the ruetta yesterday of
Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Evans of East rirst
Aldrman Georsa Therms of tha Fifth Ward
Is a-tlne: Mayor of PellevlIlA duriner th absenco
of Major Pred .1. Kern, n ho Is a delegate to
the National Democratic Convention at St.
The ladles" s-ctlon of ths Turvereln will
meet tills evening
Doctor and Mrs. R D. Wcelk have re
turned from their honejmoon and have taken
up their resldenc on Doufflas avenua.
Jeraeyvlllo ?Tnte.
The report of the Carn'rte Library for Jun
shows a total of 1.4S2 visiters, with J.4-5S voi
ume in the llbrarj, eicluslvo of Government
Mrs O. C. Todd and dauirhtr. Miss nna
Todd, have returned to Corsicana, Tex, after
vlsltlns Jersyvill friends.
Mrs. Charles r Rowe of Chlcato is a vMtor
In Jerseyvllle
II. H. Montsromery has returned to Chi
cago after vlslUnr Jerseyvllle relatives.
John Jennings ha gone to East St, Louis.
Sijner En aid of St. Louis is th gu'st cf
friends. '
Mr. and Mrs. Joeereh Shortal of St. Louis
are visitors In Jerbeyvllte.
Allen Atchison of Upper Alton Is the guest
of Jerseyvlllo relatives.
Charles Warrbn of Warren. Ark.. Is a vis
itor here
E A llellknap of arennell. 111.. Is the
guest of relatives.
Attorney Charles Strong of New Tork City
is tt"e cuet of telatives in Jersyvine.
Mrs. John Dunphy has returned from Okaw
vllle borings.
William Cork ras returned to St. Louis
alter visiting in JergevvlllA.
Mr and Mrs. r A. Itatcltffe have returned
to Et. Louis after vifltlng In Jer"vllle
Clarence Plltford of Rockbridge, HI . Is a
visitor In Jerseyville.
James n. ItnUer. Jr.,
Formerly manager for John W. Slnlcy.
603 and S03 Bcnolst buTldlnc. has opened
quartern at 60S and 603 Missouri Trust
Stove an mi Incobntor.
A quantity of quail eggs vvore hatched
by tho heat of the kitchen "toe at the
homo of Louis Ilerr, a farmer living near
Bellcvllfe. Ho secured nineteen quail an
a result of his hlrange incubating meth
ods. Ho will attempt to tamo them, and If
ho Is successful win htart a quail farm.
Ei ana-Jones Wcildlnir.
Charles A. I2v.ans and Mips Bessio Jones
of Bast St. Ixiuls were married yesterday
afternoon at the residence of the bride's
parents, N'o. 2T16 State street. Mr. Kvans
was formerly connected with the Blward
West Tea and Coffeo Company of St.
Iouls. Mr. and Mrs. i:vans departed for
Vandalla, 111., where they will live.
S8nBsviT sV3Cssft(s(lsllslllllllllllllll
" Dear Mrs. Pikximm : Gratitude compels me
to acknowledge the great merit of your Vegetable
Compound. I hare suffered for four years with
irregular and painful menstruation, also dizziness,
pains in the back and lower limbs, and fitful sleep.
I dreaded the time to come which would only mean
suffering to me.
" Better health was all I wanted, and cure if pos
sible. Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegetable Com
pound brought me health and happiness in a few
short months. I feel like another person now.
My aches and pains have left me. Life seems new
and sweet to me, and everything seems pleasant
and easy.
" Six "bottles brought me health, and was worth
more than months under the doctor's care, which
really did not benefit me at all. I am satisfied
AfoQO fnr fllrfnAW fnftft nrlvip Wft Hvinc TVs renn Vtttfl hrul trtrt Tvirtiiflr nf n
''A"' ".' wv ... .. .
ills, fcne nas guided tnousanas to neaitn. iwery sunenng woman snouid
St. Olair County Organization
Modifies Stringent Rule .and
Admits Two "Irregulars"
to Membership.
11k -trict construction placed on the
ethical bars to membership In tha St.
Clair County Medical Society was loosened
yesterday and two traduates of a home
opathlo college of medicine, termed an
Irregular school by the allopaths, who
call themselves regular, were made mem
bers. The society has for several years refused
to admit "irregular" praotltloners who be
long to tha eclectic and homeopathlo
schools, but several of the restrictions
have been withdrawn and the members
who were admitted yesterday had the in
dorsement of several of the most prom
inent practitioners in the society.
Tho meeting wa presided over by Doc
tor IV. E. TViatt of Bast St. Loula.- the
vice president. Doctors Ifc-CFlalrbrother
and C W. Ulllo of East St. Louis deliv
ered addresses. '
East St. Iula Items.
Tlie Misses Arty cf riora. 111., are the
ruestj of Mrs C. B. Miner.
Miss Mauds Williams is vtsltlca- In Itar
riscnvllie. III.
.Mr. and Mrs. Henry Adams of Hillsbcro.
III., are vleltlni; In Daat Bt. louis. III.
Ml-s eneviv Hamlin is vlsltlne friends
la Jacksonville, m.
Ml"s Leila McCIellan of Brtfbton lilacs lias
returned from Jacksonville, III.
Miss Beulah Brldfts la vlitllnr In ra
dlanarclls, Ind.
Mrs. William Ortrra Is visitlnr friends In
Mascoutah. 111.
Miss Gracs Pry has retnrned from a visit
In Qulncy. 111.
. Mrs. II. a Bnghara departed yesterday for
Marlon, O.
Ml-ss Margaret Bender has returned from
Mrs F. 8trohm has returned from Trsn
tcn. 111.
Master Edsrln 6. Daniel. Jr.. and sister.
Irene, of No. 1TJ Clevelsnd avenuw. hare gortm
to Nashville. Tenn , to spend tha Bummer with
th'lr trandparents, Mr. and Mrs. w. n. Dan
iel. Verdict of Solclde Found.
Tho inquest over the body of Mrs. Fer
guson, wife of Postmaster C. J. Ferguson
of Eist Alton, by Deputy Coroner C. N.
Streeptr of Upper Alton resulted in a ver
dict that 5Irn. Ferguson had Jumped Into
the cistern and drowned herself while tem
porarily lnane. The funeral will take
riace this afternoon at 2 o'clock from tho
family homo In East Alton. The hurial
will be in OaK Wood Cemetery, in Upper
Negro Charged With Larceny.
James Hill, a negro, was bound over to
tho Grand Jury nt Alton yesterday by Po
lice Magistrate AV. B. Roso on tho charge
of larceny and vras taken to Madison
County Jail at Edwnrdsvllle to await trial
at the September term of court. When
taken into custody Hill had in his posses
sion gold watches which are said to have
been taken from the residence of Max
Trubo and City Clerk Georgo Gray. A
w.itcli belonging to Mrs. David Spiers of
Hunker Hill was also found In Hill's pos
session Alton Notes and Personals.
The Uarbers' Union of Alton ravs Its first
annual dance last evening at nock SprhiEs
Thomas Collins sailed yesterday from Liv
erpool. Unglund. fcr his home in Alton.
Mr. and Mrs. n i: Bassett have returned
to Chicago after visiting relatives.
Mr. and Mrs James .Mook of Tampa, Fla.,
are the guests of friends.
The Reverend Doctor K. Bates of Inde
pendence. Mo . Is a visitor in Upper Alton.
David I-arner of Chlcaeo Is the guest of
Upper Alton relatives.
Benjamin Legs cf Upper Alton has re-turn-d
from Pan Francisco, Cal
Mr. and Mrs. .Tames English of Upper Al
ton have cono to Scranton. Pa.
rrank Keiningrr of Upper Alton has gene
to Brooklyn, N. 1
V dancing rartr II1 be given this evening
at the home of Charles Turner, by the Godfrey
Social Club.
The Iteverend Father Lachanco of Quebec,
Canada, is the guest of his brother, Joseph C
912.70 Hound Trip to Hot Srrlngs,
Ticket's on salo July 9. 10 and 11. Good
lor return within twenty-one days from
dite of fale. Thl is an Ideal time for
visiting this famous health and pleasure
resort. Days always pleasant; nights cool.
For further information see City Ticket
Agent, southeast corner Sixth and Olive
Transit Company Said to Have
.Control of St. L., St. C. & W.
Following the resignation of J. D.
Houseman, general manager of the Et.
Louis, St. Charles and Western road,
which was announced In yesterday's Re
public, it is reported that tho St. Louis
Transit Company has gained control of
that company.
At a meeting of the Board of Directors
of the county line Wednesday. Joseph
Dickson was elected a member of the
board, and It. W. Gray w'as chosen to
succeed Mr. Houseman. Mr. Dickson is
the representative of those who recently
bought the holdings of J. B. C. Lucas,
which amounts to five-twelfths of the
capital stock. J. J. Broderlck and House
man still retUn seven-twelfths of tho
stock. Houseman will give his timo in
tho future to the welfare of other busi
ness interests.
nxv l,ht--r.ffi;f:
-?y-s.. j r
"Dear Mns. Pokiiau: I wish to express my
gratitude for the restored health and happiness
Ijydia E. I'inlcham's Vegetable Compound
has brought into my life.
"I had suffered" for three years with terrible
pains at the time of menstruation, and did not
know what the troublo was until the doctor pro
nounced it inflammation of the ovaries, end
proposed an operation.
"I felt so weak and sick that I felt sure that I
could not survive the ordeal, and so I told him that
I would not undergo it. The following week I
read an advertisement in the paper of your Vege
table Compound in such an emergency, and so I
decided to try it. Great was my joy to find that
I actually improved after taking two bottles, so I
kept taking it for ten weeks, and at the end of that
I advocate it to
Nashville, Tenn.
time I was cured. I had
"You surely deserve
uonievani, Atlanta, ua.
ApAAA FORFEIT If wo esnnot forthwith prodn-.thorl(1-nllllll
nxTletters and llgnlturu of aboT. lettlmoaUls, which
filUUU V will pror. their absolute tonnlnenesf.
lydla IS. yinkbam Medicine Co.. I.ynn.Irrass.
.J, .-.,.... . w - W u.... v. ..
St. Louis Man Secures Option on
Structure by Making the
First Payment.
Mne-Year-Old Girl Pianist At
tracts Attention by Her Play
ing at the Missouri
The first step in the purchase, of tho
Rhode Island building at tho World's Fair,
negotiations for which have been pending
for some time, was taken jesterday when
tho prospective owner of Little Rhoay's
Pavilion mado a. payment of a sura
amounting to several hundred dollars as
an evidence of good faith. The Rhode
Island Commission has insured the pur-
Of Tjler, who gave a eong recital at tho
Texas building J'csterdaytaf ternoon.
chaser against any loss.,if for some reason
beyond its control It Is unable to turn
over the building to him at tho end of the
George N Kingsbury, the Executive
Commissioner for Rhode Island, declined
to divulge tha name of the purchaser of
tho building or any of the details con
cerning the sale. "I prefer that the per
son to whom we have sold tho building
should give this information himself."
said Mr. Kingsbury. The purchase price
is in four figures, and besides the build
ing all of the draperies and portieres,
stained and leaded glass, and all of the
plumbing not In sight In fact, everything
except the furniture, rugs, bathroom fix
tures and chandeliers are included in the
"Negotiations for the purchase of the
building were begun in November last."
contiuued Mrj Kingsbury, "when the man
called upon the commission at Provi
dence and expressed a desire to buy the
Rhode Island State building at the close
of the Exposition. He stated that his ob
ject was to remove It to his country
place, some tight or nine miles from St.
MssBEisaBsssssssssIs"'' JsshbVbsssssssssssss
sssssasLsssssssssssssH? ?'jHH9LaLsssssl
lsWTPBSsaBpy'f'. iiS!issssssl
fejssf V iBssssRiVV sVsssssssVwHPHsI
LsT43 LsBLHLBLLLLLsssssssssssk''
I sLLLK!LLR'(tsLLLLLLLsssssssl
trained eighteen pounds and was in excellent health, and am now.
great success, and you have my very
xrirlni OTTWrionno in fri.,finr famala
...Ml. S..UAV,..,.U A.A UbtttlUg AlUMMW
ask tor and ioilow her advice.
Louis. While the building and its fur
nishings cost $2S,0iO, we feel that we have
mado a good trade, as. aside from a mone
tary consideration It is gratifying to
know that the building will remain In Its
present state, nnd not. like an old horse,
go to the boneyurd.' "
The Rhode Island building is one of the
most admired of all In the Plateau of
States. It it a replica of an old country
home which was erected In U14 at Lin
coln by an old bachelor named Smith.
Tho band of the Twenty-slvth Infantry,
stationed at Fort Sam Houston, San An
tonio, Tev., will give a concert at the
Tcxa3 building this afternoon between
3.3) and 5 o'clock. This band Is said to
bo one of tho llnest of music organiza
tions, In the army. Mrs. Dixie Crooks Pot
ter of Gainesville. Tex., will give several
vocal selections.
Mrs. L. L. Jester of Tjler gave a song
recital at tho Tcvat building yesterday
afternoon, at which he was assisted by
Wilbur MacDonald. pianist; Mrs. Theresa
Smith Robb, reader, and Alfred G. Ro
bn, accompanist. Mrs Jester bang "I
Ari". I'Yom Dreams of Thee" and "A
Widow Bird Sat Mourning." by Lldgev;
"May Dny," by Walthew: "EVngs My
Mother Taught Mo" and "Gj ! Song. '
bv Dvorak, selections which displayed her
soprano voice to best advantage. She was
well received by the &W persons present,
responding to several encores
Martha Armstrong, a 9-year-old St. Louis
girl, delighted and surprised a large num
ber of persons by her piano plajing nt her
recital at the Missouri building at 2 o'clock
3 esterday nf ternoon Llttl" Miss, Arm
strong has a retentive racranrj , for nil of
the nine numbers she rendered, including
four encores, were plncil without music,
nnd Included In the programme such diffi
cult compositions as ' Sonnta O Mnjor."
Beethoven, anil "Ilnale" (from svinphone
in E fiat major), and "Perpetual Motion,"
by Hajdn. Critics declare her technique
Is line, and her evprc-slon something re
markable when It l.s considered that s.lio
cannot even tuuch th pedals ut tho
Colonel J. C. Carpenter, Executive Com
missioner of the Kansas Commlslon, lias
been selected bj the Executive Commis
sioner!,' Association to present the griev
ances of sfme of the'membera to Norrls
B Gregg, Director of Com.ess.lons nnd Ad
missions. Iho relations nf the Commis
sioners with the Exposition authorities
have been rather plvaoant, and all is
serene with the exception of tho com.
Elalnts that have been mad" ngnlnst tho
arkcrs of some of tho concessions.
For Instance. Indiana objects, nnd
rather strcnuouslv , nguinst two strong
lunged persons who stand in front of the
Stuto building and pioelalm aloud the In
teresting sights to Iju teen in tho mining
gulch, some distance iiv.ay. and advls
the patriotic Americans that thev should
not fall to tecure a Uberty Bell badge.
Virginia's Con-missioner rlalnit that tnc
megaphone t-pleler of "The Old Virginia
Homestead." a concession just opposite
the pavilion of tho "Old Dominion," is
endeavoring to create the impress-ion that
it It the A'irglnla building.
At tho meeting Wednesday the griev
ances of tho Commissioners wero nlred
One man is so sacrilegious as to object to
the two-man band at Jerusalem. Another
Commissioner objects to tho beer wagons
stepping in front of hit State building for
several hours every night, until their
drivers can settle their arguments.
The David S Rose Marching Club of
Milwaukee, eighty strong, accompanied
by the I'ir-t Regiment Band of V bconsln,
c tiled at the Wisconsin building ester
ddy afternoon and serenaded Secretary'
Thomas of the commission, and Mrs.
Walsh, tho hostess Captain Fred Kaiser
ami O. J. Koerner nnd Hal A. Smith heid
eil tho club, while among other prominent
Democrats in the part wele Cltv Attor
ney I! S. Witte. Aldermen Koerner and
McCoy Asscmbljinan J M. Crowley and
Judge Hnrt
Former I'nlteil States Senator Lee Mjn
tlo ol Butte, the president of the Mon
tana Commission to the World's, ltlr. is
attending the Exposition. "I am very
much impressed with tho Fair." said Sen
tor Mantle "It Is a magnillcent Exposi
tion, and the only fault I can possibly
find l its, size: It is so immense that I
cannot get over it. Tho Montant Com
missioners nre very much pleased with
the showing our State lias made with the
funds at our command, ami especially
proud arc wo with the exhibit in the
Mines aifd Metallurgy building. The Mon
tani building is homelike In its appear
ance, and the )eopic of Montana, who
have visited the Exposition, express them
selves a. being delighted with our State
The formal dedication of the Virginln
building will not take place to-morrow,
but has been postponed until some time
next week. Tho delay has been occasioned
by the nonarrival of all of tho famous
art collection of the University of Vir
ginia, which the commission will dis
play in tho building. This includes a
statue of Thomas Jefferson and life-sized
i, NOURISHES the Infant:
SUSTAINS the Aged.
my;- &tm
beBt wishes." MusAucb Bailkt, 50
paintings of that statesman bv Sully, and
other prominent Virginians The pavilion
olreadv- contains; several Jefferson relics,
including a clock used by him, Notwith
standing the fact that nil of the fur
nishings have not yet arrived, there 1
alvvavs a crush, and thousands of persons
vWt'the building every day.
Following Is tho dally programme of the
free exhibition of moving pictures of ag
ricultural scenes at tho Nebraska Pavil
ion of the Agricultural Palace: 10 a in.,
seeding com planting nnd cultivating,
harvesting: 11 n m , hav ing, orcharding,
corn picking. 1 p. m , dairy herds, milk
ing, separating cream, butter making: -p.
m.. feeding and shipping nttle. stock
ynrd scenes. Aksarlien harvest home fes
tivities. President McKinley at the Trans
misstssippl Exposition: 3 p. m.. feeding
chicken", fat hogs for market, -beep feed
ing; 4 p. m.. roundup of cattle on range,
branding, riding unbroken hore: 5 P. m..
panoramic trip through 20 1 miles of Ne
braska farming country by train.
The Neelcv Zouaves of Memphis will
give an exhibition drill at 2 30 o'clock this
afternoon In front of the Tennesree build
ing, and in front of the Agricultural Pal
ace at 4 o'clock Captain 1 'tiffy Is, in com
mand of tho zouaves.
Commissioners George T. I.ake of Fav
ettcville J C Rembert of Helena and
George R. 'Beldlng of Liltlo Rock, of the
Arkansas Commission, have returned to
their homes.
Macklyn Arbuckle. the ttar of "The
County Chairman." nnd his wife and
mother called at the Teyas building j et
terdav afternoon. Mr Arbuckle is a native
of tho I-ono Stnr State, and nt one tlmo
was a Justice of the Pence at TcxarkaiiJ.
leaving this position to go on the Mage.
S. W. Russell, president of the South
Dakota Commission, who departed yester
day for Deadwood, S. D. will return in
two weeks to assist in tho formal open
ing of tho Black Hills gold-reduction plant
exhibit in the Mining Gulch The exhibit
Is a live-stamp mill, phowing the amal
gam and cyanide process-is of gold reduc
tion. It lias a capacity of eight tons of
ore a dav A feature of tho formal open
ing will be th crushing of ore, not only
from South Dnkota. but also from all
other gold-producing Statts.
She was from the countrv. and as she
entered the grounds through the gate near
theh Inside Inn. she thought Mie would
see the State bulldlnct first. Entering the
Missouri building, her first impression of
the fountain that plijs there was ex
pressed thus. "Well, t lien's, tho cascades."
Every one smiled, nnd rhe was blissful in
her Ignorance of the caue. until s-he saw
the real cascades an hour later.
'This K Edgar Allan Poe. the man that
wrote 'Mv Count 'Tis of Thte.' is tho
way a knowing visitor to the Miirjland
building described a portiall of Francis
s-cott Kcv, the author of "The Star
fe'pangled Banner" which hangs in the
Mankind building.
nroino wai raits siiuke.
Members of Inlon YVnlk Oat on Be
nin ml for Higher Wiikcs.
Many union waiters emploed in tho
restaurants and cafes at the World's
Fair grounds esterday went on a trike.
The strike was tho result of a demand
for larger pay. to which the umpiojers
til I .not ui-ccde.
kTUo demands of the waiters were for
an increase of 10 per cent for those wait
ers. cmploed on a percentage basis and
an increase from fj a month to xi; a
week for those emplou! on ;i stated sal
ary. Soma bartenders and musicians also
went out on u sympathy strike.
Tho restaurants most seriously affected
bv- tho walkout weru tho Inside Inn, Irish
Milage. Administration. Tyrolean Alps.
Paris Cafe. Blatz Pavilion. I'alstuff Inn
and Roastbeef Sandwich restaurant. At
the Inside inn waitresses were mpl0eil
to take the places of the strikers. At
the Crystal Cafo but three men went out
on tho call of tho business agent, the rest
refusing to do so unles the agent .se
cured them positions to take tho plactH of
those abandoned. The other restaurants
employed men to take tho strikers' places
and it was said by the managers that
thev had no diillculty in obtaining men.
nnd were not greatly Inconvenienced by
the strike.
Saltan' Exhibit to Uc Formally
Opened. To-Morrow.
Morocco's exhibit will be formally
opened to-morrow, nnd on that day 'ad
mission will be free. About twenty-llvo
Moors will take part in the performances.
They departed from Tanglert six weeks
ago, and during that time would not eat
a mnuthfti! of me.lt On their arrival ltnn.
tho company furnished them with a live
7 ir
sheep, which was taken to a packing
house. , . ,u.
Thero a circle was formed around tr.
sheep, the knife was blessed, and the
throat of the animal cut. After one or.
the- Moors had gone outside and looked
toward Mecca, the bheep was pronounceit
rtadv- to Fkln. Hero camo a surprise l
tho butchers at the packing-house. A sliL
was cut in tho left hind leg of tho sheep,
and a strong-lunged Moor proceeded v
blow up the spaco between the hide any.
tho flesh, after which removing the nldo
was a simple process ,
A Moorish harem, fitted out in Oriental
luxury with six girls from the sacred citv
of rtz. will ! a feature of the Morocco
exhibit. The girls range in age from lo to
"I vear. The harem will be fitted out in
eve'rv detail in order tot give y'itor" .
true" Idea of Morocco home life. The
voung women are already in Bt. Louis anl
were" taken out to the site of the Morocco
exhibit this afternoon. The harem will
be open for ir.Fpectlon by the public in
about ten days , .
About twentv-flv blooded stalllonF nt
the Barbarv breed are in the exhioiu
These aie the first horses from the XAest
ern Snh lru district ever brought to they
Fnltrd State-. They were 'elected v erv-oarefullv-
and will be kept in the United
States for breeding.
The Moonh men are all very e.arK ami
spare A part nt them are mountaineers
sevm of them being. It is said, from tho
bar-d of Raisuli. the bandit. Tlm.Ioor. who
oec-iples the highest position of those Ra
tioned at the Fair grounds. Is Shuree,
Rashld Mi'aiw. a desctndent of tho
Prophet, it Is said
I'or.thf Kxrcullv"- Commissioners"
vmncintlon of tht- World's Fnlr.
Of tho elaborate insignia of office which
havo been made for World's Fair officials,
noi.u excecd'ln beauty of design those Just
completed bv the Hess & Culbertson Jcw-e-lrv
Compony. eorner Sixth and Locust
streets, for the llxecutlvo Commissioners
Assoilation The contract for tbeso
badges was one of the largest and most
important let by tho World's Fair, and
was ejgerly sought by the leading jevvel
tis of this city, as weU as Boston. Chica
go and Milwaukee. Tho awarding of tho
eontraet to the Hes & Culbertson Jew
elry Comranv was a decldeil triumph.
The complete,'! badges reflect tho high
est skill of the jewelers' art. They urn,
niailo of solid gold. The Iwir nt tho to:
liars the name of the State of the Executive-
Commissioner Suspended fnaii
this bv a white ri'.k ribbon is the coat,
of arms of tho Fntted States, enamele-l
in colors, and surrounded by a gold circle,
on which appear the words '! nlversal
Exposition, .-t Louis, 1KH." Tastefull"
caught In tin eagle's beak is n gold
stnanier with the words "Executive Com
misfiomr" This i- only one of the rnanv
contracts for special design in fine jew
Irv that have recently been awarded to
t.ic" Hess & Culbertson Jewelry Compan.
Ylonld Sell Morton Securities.
Mrs Jeannettc F. Morton, widow of
Isaac W. Morton, and the St. Louis Union
Trust Company, who havo chargo of Mr.
Morton's estiite. applied to tho Probato
Court fsterday for leave to sell propertv
to pay incumbnuices on the estate. Tho
application states one parcel of real estato
is incumbered for J1W.0OO. that certain per
sonal property is li pothecated for XM1.S7D.
and that it is for the best interest of tho
estate that the debts bS paid. The estato
comprises, besides real estate, a. personal
estate- of Jl.265.376 69.
Caputine. our short stop for Headache.
Antt-Monopolv Drug Co.. Agents for tho
United States. 600 Market.
Two Tie-Vet Stilts.
The Cleveland. Cincinnati. Chicago and
St. Louis Railway Company filed suit In
the Circuit Court estcrday to restrain
John M.ixcy, F Harry. Hugh and Setli
Tcstard and Georgo H. Johnson from deal
ing in special-rate tickets. The Chicago,
Burlington and Qulncy Railway Compiinv
sued David Grimes esterday to restrain
him from dealing m tickets of a like na
ture. Caputine. our short stop for Headache.
Anti-Monopoly Drug Co.. Agents for tho
Unlte-d States. 6u0 Market.
Rainstorm nt Fnlr Grounds.
The World's Fair grounds was visited by
a rain nnd wind storm about 10 o'clock
last night, and within thirty minutes there
after the lights were all out and the Piko
and tho Cascades were entirely deserted.
ueii mo ram canm up mere was a.
general ncramble for cars upon the part of
the thousands of visitors. No property
damage resulted.
sTs I V ssl
s y
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