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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, July 10, 1904, PART I, Image 11

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"Clearance" Sale !n
In Separaie Pieces and in Sets.
Two big specials in Towels for
Monday s selling Ji-st enough
for one day s business no more
after tha
1-ot 1 Extra large henv-v Huck
Towol v itli rej borders Mie
:.'t value r.e each in.
Clearance Price each 't-
lt I Extra lino and hrnvy
Linen Hu. k 'Ion els plain
white nnl colored border-' a'-o
!iir.a-k veacs-thcy arc .Kc
and 3(V values n
Clearance Trice each . . '"C
Clearance Sale
Tray Cloths,
Values 40c. 15c and 50c.
at 25c each.
Thev are double r n.n .1 imi
and extra tine Belgian climask
ruin him and h mlltilu.l
nnt one north k- than 4rti ,
the nwt of them 3V. v ilue.
thev are In all the new dpsgns
rleararre l'ri. e --
ruh -0C
S1.50 Linen Scts98c
l'" I inen Frit gel Cloths .n boi.
deis of rel and hit c with half
d. zen Dovlies to mil. h Th.
ire in. ely boxed and worth
iKiiiHrv ji ,,ii tursp 100 sets
win te oid o.mor-ow
at ht
Muslin Underwear
Six of tlif vorv min surpns
lug Item, for to inorrov. in thi-
litieresting deiuitment
Extra lint- I ambru Gowr-'ow
round mck I ice -irmim.tl hack
ard front elbow -, rtl edej
with lace mij full 7--
width and lfnMh '"
Fin- Nainsook G.iwni-siip.ner
suit trimmed with damtv
mbrol.ler. d handkerchief ni
tit rs .'IIkiv. sleeves inmin. 1
with aleniltnne-, :,.( jm.I
in. tion ciearamt? Oi -t-
fcale Price $1.13
Cambric Petticoats -let p flncuce
trimmed with ioivs of
tl.ihuv Inc. s jnd Injiu linen
fold- bt tween tlnM.cl with
tmbrlt loot ruffle- 07 no
Clearance ale i'rm- ll
rimbtic I't ltuoats-il.,), Rouiic
iiimmid with mhroi.lcr i
movt r-racual skin to be vv i.i
with the jiojnil ii shirt wab-t
-uif CWr.ii.tc ci in
Ladies' and Children's
Shoe Clearance.
(Cast Entrance )
Here ar footwra- values with
out an equal for mone-aii;j
lr. vici kid and genuln patent
rftltskln. good sob s, sues i to
Missus1 $1 yy low shoes in
vlrf kid and patent on'tskln
tine, nice tilting qualitv , sizes
II to 2 Clearance iir.
Sale Trice . "3s.
PERS in tan blnck. blue and
iei jold and sjver embrold-ei-ed
Clearance Sale 1(1-
Tnce . JVC
In natent kid let 1.-M t.n.e .-..i
vici a'l sizes and widths-
Clearance talt
Trice . .
misses and children. ca
walklug Shoes for tender foet,
in white, black and brow-n
ic".c.e..f.a!?.. . . 50c
OUIU i-riee
Cambric Drawers titnbr-da tur
tle trim-red with tucks ami
emuroint r Clear
ance Sal. Trice
Caml ric Ct.rset Cov. rs f ill
blousi fiont tniiim.I witu
lacs or fnbroid- :rv
erie all sizps i""
"Clearancc" Sale Offeripj; in
35c Imported Mercerized
Printed Voiles
A t.i.e has ben the T.iMicular
f.nc of ter wt.tl-drt srd
woman for one of her Sjii
tner cowrr-t The. are of a
net we.-e. wth merctr
izttl sttin stnps ibout eer
two inchts nrlntrd in the new
1M of th. roral effects of th-won-al-o
dai'iti ilesibiK in
small denied eff . s Im luill it.
lot- This fili.i wa- bnjrtel
to sf', .it 3,lt !r,j The t ill
bt -h .w i. In our immense ba ( -me
it sale-rooiii tr
at jard lul-
"Clearance" Sale Offerings in
White Goods.
39cSnoftflake oile 25c ard.
Tin are tte newest n whi'e
fabrics shonn this si.ison a
beal.tlful ojien weae w.tll
nub effe. t-. in a high mere nr
i7d arn Clearance )Zr
Tike jard ,l
sflc Butcher Linen 29c ard.
Ju-t II pieces of tin- falrfc and
It Is the most wnrMe.1 t' !-
season-3 Inch Jlut hi r 1. nm
ilue ui will be suid Qr
to-morrow at ard -"'-
Clearance Sale in
Silks by the Mile.
1 lie ri.ttt-t .ih:c's- m hi,;!,
krr.ii!c .silks St. I..111 s L.iso i
inotlttil by Tli'iusjinK til
j..nls of tlio spavins in m 1
lilettiP-t tl -i;'t s .Hid im s
p on f.)le Jloinkij .it d t s
neti le-s thin tlioiust i the
ltiw -ilk. Ker. oiltl iiiie.
win short Itntli, u.trtlli s
or Its tost, or v.lietlier It
Ii.it liocu .1 wlvI. ir.i imuilli in
ilio storo. is iiieludcd in this
u.U iktiuni i
AV' have tlhilnl those into
lluei lot-. :is follous
LOT No 1 .Ul-silk corded
Ilabutii-t'ie durablhtj f this
tlotn Is well known it w -hes
wt.il. It 'ooks brisbt and fresh
iou .M1 finJ them hrc in
a'l puru white or in fanc
striped eomblintion- Th'i
coods tll at the lowest point
for :3c.. and some prades for
i-c and Mc a laid f will
plac-e this entire In in
one of our . enter I rrsfu
-icaie- ior inur
choosinc; ct the
low j rice of.
jti anl
I.tn I conta r.s thousands of
1'ini" or t! ..i, , s 'i W.I--U-
tbl; stript H butal llnehts
a lue, also all pure silk wosli
ible Ja; silk T I icheo wide
all pure silk washable Pop
lins, -, ircr.es w'de. oil puro
suit raturai co orecl Toncees
J" 1 'ch s iviie -er ard of
the aboe ar. of the ten best
cu.ilili. s and icrfett a d are
cu-rauteed to i. nsh an.l laun-
dr U-ev sell iixulirly t JOc
to :6c a i.nrd the ,
will be on sab for tin
our choosintr .Mun- r, l.
dai at MT
IXiT ."! eontnlns ibout 2.VA ards
of all pur iilk bitin Poulards
ard S ttln I.ilte i es all pure
silk fanc dre- - Taffetas these
are n all the nsoi s ne.e-t
stle- ard combinations and
I .t -oltl rcsnlarli ur to $
a ard to make n clean sweep
or inis ior Moncn
we hie marked thim
f.r our selection
Our First Clearance Sale Continues
To scatter broadcast high grade, trustworthy mer
chandise, at prices without precedent or parallel in
the entire Southwest. The clearance will be abso
lute the goods will be sold we have determined,
planned and priced things so as to insure its success.
With such reductions, saving and values as we
quote here, we are entitled to the biggest business
to-morrow ever done on a bus' Monday in all
St. Louis. We mean ever) word we say we mean
to make your visit here pay you as never before.
More "First Clearance" Offerings in
"Clearance" Offerings in
v&wtj ffu23wnKK&
"Hrst Clearance" Offerlnrs
Three Ribbon Bargain.
No 1 b) pieces (,f fanej warp
print and woen Mriped and
floral deii;ns a dozn eombi
iiatlonM of tolor. Cs. to
CUl!ItiCfc "T-
i HI t ipn i jl
N" "-Pfp.r. SJI.K YAIIN
... v j t.hitf iimlk lignt
Hue, pink. red. nile cream
mats na blown hell., or
ange an J l'sc, tlni'hi.d with
hirjh lusi reirulnr rc IQr
quallti I'CR YARD "
Xoa 1 Vt and 2. l-ard
pieces. reRuIar price Cic 75c
arid 9V rlparflnce Trice 7nr
TOit 10-AT.D TIDCC ""
Jewelry Clearance.
WAIST SETS-Ti" fancv mtal
Waist fct 3 and 4 pins to a
s-t 2 tualltles near- Irt.
ance Trice per set ,ut
IlINCS 1 f'rt (-old Shell RinK
ruarantetd for 3 ieir set
with white and colored Ftons
also ort two and three par
ets 5fc to tl '" OUlli- 7ZC
ties Clearance Trice -v.
EllOOCHIS-Tn desrs 30 d
filled, set with b-.l!lant wblie
nones 7Jc , i (, 1-
quallties Clearance Trice ''L
Nations Clearance.
fiRBAT TIN SALIC-Thousinds
of boxes ,md papers of hi ick
(.lass-head nid i.teel pins, reg
ular Cc yuilltirs Clear- lr
ance Trice, CHOICE '
DRIiSS fHIUI.D S-Seamles
Stockiret three sijts, i(w-Qualities
Clearance Trice r
TER TAIR .. 3-
SHOE HCEP-Mohilr tubular
4-4 jd 4. Clearance .
Trice PER DO EN .v-
TEAT.L. BUTTONS Ture v hue
tour ?izes two dozen on a
r-inl ltV to lie qualities. r
Clearance Trice IH CAI'.D oc
Leather Ba? Clearance.
with double strip handles tan
brow n and -black $1 Onr
(jualltv at . . '"
samtij: link of bags c
samples of genuine leather
Kaps onl one and two of a.
stle all thU season's new-
hipes. jt co to tj tf n:
Bags Cl-arin? Price ? 7ti
W RIST BAGS-;Blaek Walrus.
iiitrutuut -tit-. t. tjuj- ItC
Toilet Article Clearance.
TOIEITT SOP-nn perfLm-'
3 eaka in .1 fin.v tKx
Htl.UiI. Clerramv T-it e !")(
nor box '-
TOILET WATER - Krarftri 1
lolt. lU-ounce bottlts, Uc. z..
quallt . Clearance Trke "
t lea ranee -
IH1 with ln
In the bandit ,
! t iraiit.
ltj . Clearing Price
rem tize
Itlals cared
" qualiti'-
Tree .."-
Clt;iancj talc in
Men's Furnishings.
Men 2. ira-tlc rb fcd-pn 1-
baiileii mohiir pnd lo 1
tit ; in fifd nnd t'rair t-jp-iHirtfrsnraiarr'
r-tce IJL
Men r hsl-Thrcad anj (In
i otton Half Hn1 I i fan.
Mrlpf s r-t b'atK TnJ m
hroIi!tri I a I rejralar miue
nliil hrN a'd tO" IT
1 yi U rers'blp 1 our-ri-Hards
now frli rIKht rU
ilk In hg)it medium and dirk
cokf" mad jjclall fni this
fdle-n)t on is v orlli less than
"A? and off"'I at the lC
Clparant.e Trlco of --
72 d02n Mn's Ualbriscai fchirt
and Drawe hits lonp nr
-hort rers, Irawrs regular
and tOJt pMrl buttons ,ind
doilblr CUS"t5 -i2fS 3) to 4t
s genuine "V rtlue nOf
tld plcrt of thnp liandsom
'lored V.opn Madias Nt-qli-xfr-
hirt for Mondi, !'
mK Eatzh Hrand a out
Mjualh divided h .een 1 23
and SI y) aiu' Oir
(hit and color guaranteed
Ladies' Umbrellas.
2y pur ilk I mbrlla fir Ii
dt w bluo hlnrK Rrf-fn r d
nd brown all with tin hi r
dr h i d! if boxwood
fir pp.trl rithT cfud oi tf
r ipp d Paraxon fram
iIK (a? ind ta-l S to
J? ",'y alui nade ope.ia for
th's -ale C7 :ri
Moniaj 3U
"Clearance" Offerings in
Rugs and Alattings
The balinep of or limh
crade lapanes straw- trtton
warp Matties all In beautiful
carpet designs, regular price
Ic a ard Clearing 7nr
Sal Price -
JI TS Tra.elers dimples of
tine-t quallt of Axmlnster and
Wilton Velvet Carpets frlrsed
at end nakn? useful and
prettv mats, ciiarlne f.Zr
bale Trice "dv-
r.rX)M RIGS-Tipestn- Brus
sels Room Kucssizf xl.,feet,
preat arietJ of patterns reg
ular alue J13J0. ?lfl OS
Clearing Sale Trice .3IU.V0
Upholstery Clearance.
Jlcndij we will close out ter.
odd :nlr of I-ice Cuitiins als.
e- er odd I ce Bed bet in our
entire tOtk at Just half our
riRUlar low prkes
RI KTLED SW IS-S -int h tlr?
nualltj hite Scotch Drapery
Swiss in doti-, wreaths bow
knots ard f!-ur-de lis designs,
a'so pi itn orB.indit with reil
Hitttnber lace edses .mil u -irtlwi
-uitabl" for sash ind
fuil-bnctth window curtains
rsu ar alu up to 5j-
.. at per ard .,uw
reversible Madras Torti-re
with rich fancj-coloTd s-rlpf s
finished with tatel f rinse
suitable for door arches ar 1
v-'ndov tlrarerifs regular val
ue 52 So er pel Cj Jft
LAi-K CI RTA INS- Rial ft-ni.iswdnt.-
Iice Curtains ma.'e
of rrtit.h Cabk Net with
hamlmat'e late edcs and io
srtir n legular vaiue CI 7
J3v-at rer pair Cl-lo
TORTIERES I renth a d nn
nt.il Tatestrv. m k hnivh r
murn and Dam i-k Tortie-es in
1 anflfiir cei?ns an.l . ,. -in?-
-ome have htavv taisel
ffirpe at top. and bott. -n efi
rs frlnp d all arourtl an"1 sUit
nblo for Couch Covers mm
pai-s match -egular va ' e up
to lid a ralr-
per t.artain
LACE CL RTMNS-Tme qja itv
thrf e-plv Fre"c Cat It Nt
i"d Ilobbinet Ice t ui tain
I, vaids lone and M In. lies
w .' in a crand line of Cos
i-ctons m-west and binrisom
est dtslcns ie rrosf scrv iee-
ablo of ill Uir irtalns res
u ar value $5a and
f.ft-at pr pair
TABLE CO ERS Reversibi"
si k-timsh tapest'v Table t ov
er in rich i..i". iiks flnisbe!
vi-n tassfi fnnpe rtsular tlln-
lrpta,t sjyc lalue Osr
-at eat h
"Clearance" Offerings in
Beds and Bedding.
COTS Von w rp Cots tronj;
mapl frames nd rlo-t:l tvo
n fbri reu t ar jiipo Jl S3
Mearim, ,al. QQ
IRON BEDS-Sinsle and th-e-cjuarter
t zs onl , enameled
It olive creen regular price
j. t.t-ciea-ini,- CI (.Q
Sale Tiice . . I-U
IRON prD Ml our Js.71 $70
and $T t sample Iron Ids in
virions t oio-ed enamels and
fu'l sue tnlv will le offered
in Clearance C( o:
Sal. at 03
jrATTT.E5ESSurerlor quahty
elastic fpR Mattrsss war
ranted not to park are cov
ered in hitrh-gradf tlckins and
will list a Ufftime regular
rrire $7 :-CIearins CS (IS
Sale Price . . . .v '
'oinen's fine iiual.ty pnuzo Cotton
Hose, nil tlio new .shades of inn
are well worth "toe; po to-motrow
at. per pair
t place on .salo
0" tlo7en fino
Z. - mnlitj f.ui7t !an lisliv tliroail " 1
ZiilC' "os... .i iiti.iiit tint hells cz C
"uv Iarl: j' oOc. pan CI. ir.mee I'rirv WUV
Vn)pn's low nev'k.
cotton Vests, silk
neck and arms
a regular 20c vest,
now at
Women's Knit Underwear.
We are closing out our earlier hats and materials at
unusually low prices our lines are well assorted and it
is easy to iind what you want, which is seldom the case
in anv clearing- sale.
Hats made for the Derb, handsome and of the
liijrhebt grade materials.
A broken assortment of sizes, including W. B., J. B., Flcxi
bone. R. & G. and American Lady Corsets worth up to
$3.00 Clearance Sale Price
LJUleV ctt.l good i)inlitv
white IMe tbre.id ests sjik
npod ueik and .inns pimt
m faiiev jokes these
vots soil rctilarlv .it
:!." now so at
Ladies' eiln tire white lisle
tlirt.id I nmn Milts, nm-
loell i or tiu-ht kme
lliev are regular
S.t. Miiti now go at
S25 00 Dress Hats just from our
worLroo tutor
First "Clearance" Sale in
f 15 00 Nattv Shirt - Waist and
Dress Hats all new matcrtal-
m stock only a
lew days.
$10.03 Trimmed Hats the kind
toj would order made for
this time of
the rear . .
.... $5.00
Free Corset Demonstration. Figures Developed
by Madame Dran, Expert Corsetiere,
In Our Corset Section Second Floor.
La Vida Cnr-.-t ate eTactlr the same as custom-mide Corsets ever number made ntirlj hv hand
nnd has a si-are for everv flr-tre Everv pair is full-sored and Was cut it is the logical corset tl
popular v.oret Ask to see some of the various stile
86 00 IIat, mirked down to
sell quickly
La Vidas,
- $4.00 to $15.00
Laces, Handkerchiefs, Neckwear.
lO.fWMl yards of ."c and 10( Laces See the Haipani Scpi.ire of l.ues. Point de Iin
anil Ya.IeuUcnu.LS I-uus .tnd Insertions to nutrli. itom : to 7 nu lies worth loc to
i"" a yard, now 10c a janl. Tore'ion and Mcdiu Late.. alo
cream and two-tonul b.iuds.at a jard ...
Handkerchiefs Ladies' Neckwear
I,OiV dozen I-ndics' Hemstitched Initial mm 100 dnze-i RuMor Drown Coll it, reu j
Handkercliief. ies"Iar 10c kind. .Tf lnr price l.Tc e..'h. to-morrow, &
i r rln.... i-.... ....l. M.
Items from Our Inexp;nsivc Section.
?5 00 Hats with as
sorted trimmings
Clearance I'nce, each.
Clearance Pn e, eaili.
We have put togeth-- all those
Hats which are aot '.n quite as
;ood condition and marked
them from 33 05 and
55.00 to
1 here arc still a few of our
$1 00 straw jhapes for
Braids worth Se, 10c and 12c per
jard, desirable JT
colors, for. t)L
The newest stvlesin strong white
n; wireframes. Urge crowns, 1C
. uC different stjle brims, for. JuC
Silver Table Sets at Half Regular Price.
An etra fine '-'Tpiete set of Silverware in an elaborate
f.tnev liu d leatherette case
This bet is of this reasons new pattern, with a fancy
embossed rose desicn on front and bick of handles.
1 hese goods are made of extra silver plate- on
nieUel with a hard metal ba:e.
The set consists of six knives sK forkp fix tablespoor".
si teaspoons, a butter knife, a su-ar shell, a plckld fork
A Genuine J6ft3 outfit now selling at
(Basement )
Cngiisli Jlilans. witii flanse brim and in the
latest ranatn.1 shapes; regular 'l 50 Hats;
Krencb P.tlm, in all popular shapes and roll
bnm; $2.50 Hats; tu.morrow- at
EuRlish Splits, a becoming and popular Hat, in
stylish shapes; also J2 50 value
Wk J," V SV r tX
Clearance Sale of
Lawn Alowers, Settees, Hammocks, Go-Carts.
$J50 easj-runmng Linn Mowers Clearance Price $1.75
SI 00 Lawn Settee, painted led Clearance Price 65c
SI L'" t!oe woveu II.imn.ocks assorted olors-Clearance Price 98c
POUCH SLATS Made of straw Clearance I'riie 5c
GO-CARTS 50 casy-runnin;. well-built Go-Carts. as-'ynflt
sorted styles, high-grade makes; at special reduction of'"
ea ranee
Sale of
7e Screen Door
Clearance Price .
Jl 15 Screen Door
Clearance Price ..
Jl 30 fcereen Door
Clearance Price
Jl $S Screen Door
Clearance Price
43.- W Incloiv Pereen
Clearance Price .
Me W Indow screen
Clearance Price .
53c Vv Indow Screer.
Clearance Price
(Basement )
S-inch hlfth
30-inch high
K-!nch hlch
. 59c
.. slJc
tOc 'Window Screen,
Clearance Price..
Ce Window Screen.
Clearance Price .
70c Window Screen.
Clearance Price .
75c Window t-creen.
Clearance Price .
So.- W Indow Screen
Cleannee Price
f3c AV Indow Screen.
Clearance Price
31-Inch h!sh
36-inch Ugh
3S-Inch high
40-lnch hish
4Mnch hish
4i-lnch hish
Unique Summer Resort, With Its Great Park of "0,000 Acres Is
nn Exclusive Place of Assemblage for Many Piomiiieiu Mem
bcrs of Nobility.
New Tork. July fl Far away In the
Hd of New Jersey, where the rippling
broo'-cs mlnjtle their music with the sons
of the murmuring pines. Is Chatsworth.
hom of the only titled colony in the
United States. This unique resort Is nn
exclusive place of assemblage for many
prominent members or nobility. Loth here
and abroad, and for the ultra-fashionable
of New York and Philadelphia.
Chatsworth. v ith Is great park domain
of more than 30,0) acres and beautiful
lake skirted by forest of olneland Is fie
ancestral, estate of the Marquis do Tallei-rand-Perisord
and her sister the. Dowager
Prince. PoRKio-Buasa. Ruspoll, two Amer
icans, the daughters of Jlr Joseph Curtis
Beer 1 ho Bt el s family settled at Cniti
worth In Colonial dais and the estate Js
an Inheritance through a lone line the
testator belns a nreat-srandfafit.r of the
llarqul-e ard Princess.
Chatsworth with Its wealth of plnelasl.
came into their possession some years
BO. Prince Ruspoll. Hon of the Prince de
PogKio-Suasa by his first marriise. came
to America as an attache of the Italian
Kmbassy at Washington In the early nine
ties. Desirous of learning something of tn
estate which his at.nt had Inherited he
Mslted Chatsworth and became delight' l
with Its charms, the climate. scnery and
many drives through tho vast forest of
The place was not far distant from
Waihlneton. and for a time the IVince
nnd Princess tarried at the White Horse
Inn Then they built a cottage near the
lake, and for three winters lived st Chats
worth. Members of the various diplomatic
circles from Washington were their guests
each week, and In these narties were the
Marquis de Tallev rand-Perigord. her
daughter. Princess RupoII; the Astors.
Pots and Schermerhorns. About eight
3 ears ago tho Prince was recalled to Italv.
With the Princess he reluctantly left his
country home among; the pines
Society also regretted that the merry
house parties at the home of Ruspoll had
ended. Then Intimate frjends of the Mar
quise, who had cnlocrt th hospitality nf
the Prince and Princess In the p?sj. sug
gested that a clubhouse he formed to af
ford a home for the titled band and their
AmArCtin frfttntfc ttr th hmt.A tartls
couW be continued and a eolonv cstab- I
luted, tfargulae de Tallerrand-Periford
t.is delighted with the Idea Her ronsent
v,as obtaipttl nnd the rlub wis forp-ed
First perhaps, of the titled fom v,ho
make Chatsworth their winter home
the Marquise etc Tallev rand-Pt ngord She
Is of distingue appearance, tall nnd stitc
ij in bearing and is widely fomed for l.c r
Mwrkllng wit ana clever gut or linalit
repartee She is tinmlstnkililv patrii-iin
and a brilliant convcrsitloiuiut Her
gonns are nlwajy marvels of eood taate
Neit among the fntltimters of t'lnts
worth is her -iter the Do'vager Princss
Pogglo-Su isa Hnspoll npd her dT ighter
Donna Victoria Huspoli In appearance
Princess Ruspoll is tall and queenlv Sli"
Is of the blond tje Htr hiir is llgli
and her eves blue Her bearing quite be
comes .i Princess, while ner dtmeinor Is
courtlv and her conversational towers
charming The Princess, is an intimate
friend of Queen Margherlla of Italj
Rtron ami Baronet-; Itijm.jnd tl S, II
llere of Newport nml the Rue Constantlne
Paris, whoso daughter. Miss Constance
Uvermore. recently married M le Comte
Odon do I.ntersac are prominent titled
members of Clntsworth and 'requt ntly
visit this exclusive retreat in the plne
Other titled folk arc Prince nml Princess
Brancactl) and Don Giovanni del Drngo
The Princess Bransaccio was a Mics
Field, daughter of the I ite Illckson Field
of New York nnd Rome Fur more than
tnfntj-flve ears she has been a ladv in
waiting to Qjoen Marght-rita AnoUier
member of prominence is the Countess .l"
I.aucler-Vlllars Tho Countess is a( Airer-
ican birth, and is the daughter of Johns-ton-L.lvlng'atou
Don and Donna Enrico Ruspoll of Rome
arc also members of the colony at Cliatu
vv orth
Miss Ann'e Learv- of New York who
vas made a Countess bv conrtes of Pop
Leo XIII mav bo considered a member cf
th titled bind In New J-rse
Tile scions of Italy are well represrnted
here. A-norg the prominent Italinns is
Marchese di Rudinl. on of the Premier of
Italv- ard an Intimate firend of Prince
Giovanni del Drago of Itplj. A recent visi
tor at the club was Countess ce Monte
sauivin. who was the guest there of Mrs.
William Post of New- York
Countess Boni de Castcllane Is alwavs-i
visitor to the club when In America. Mr.
and Mrs George Jay Gould and Mr and
Mr-. Blwir Gould are also among its
members Another Italian of note In til'
rankp is Don Gclasln Caetanl of Italy, u
son of the Dulce 1! Scrmonefn. of now.
His mother Is a close friend of the Prin
cess Pocgio-Suasa RuspoU.
tWtitHauiKwMMH(iMnMaaHM i
Bruce MacRae Demonstrates Ilis
Ability as a Horseman in
Denver Stock Yards.
The Kansas CIt Casino occupjin -
prominent position at the north erd of
the Weld's Fair Model street, is one of
the moat attractive building on the
street The Missouri c om-nission ap
propriated JW1 an.l a similar amount
wai pledged hy the Kansas Cit commit
tee, composccf of nlcirbers of the four
civic organizations of the clt the Manu
facturers' Association, the Commercial
Club, the Real Estate Exchange and the
Live Stock Exchange. The rorth win; of
tha Casino is used as a general assembly
room A large map of the United States
occupies a prominent position on the south
wall of this room, showing the geographi
cal location of Kansas City and the vnri
oiw centers of agriculture and mineral
pioducts of the eountr.
On this map are presented statistics of
the cltv, showing the acreage cf parks,
the number of schools, bank clearings and
deposits, population and the natural re
sources of tne Kansas City territorj.
The south wins; U devoted to public
comfort rooms The Kanas Cit commif
tec includes F D. Crabb, chairman, K
F Swinncv. treasure'r. Edwa-d O Wild,
executive oncer, James Donahue, secre
tary. Franklin Hudson. J. c McCov. F
M. Howe. C. J. ''chmelzer. W. b Dl'ckev.
A. A. Whipple. D J. Dean, E. l Allen.
H C. McDougal, K. L. Winter and J. H.
Younp Placer Once ''Roughed It''
on a Wjoniing Ranch. Where
lie Learned to Manage
Wild Hor&e.
Denv er. Colo . Ju v 5 A disgusted cow
puncher dismounted from a whirling
broncho the other dav, and with a Jerk of
the lines and much strong talk, snld
"That's the meanest critter I ever strad
dled. I guera I would rather wall. "
A dozen men and women leaned on the
ferce at tbc stockjards ami watched the
efforts of the cowboj
"I sa. that's not a bad horse He Is a
grod horse Bucks a little mijbe. but
jon irani riue mm ngnt no jou think
A tall, well-built oung man. with hands
a white as a woman asked the question
' May lie jou know more about tills horse
nd hores than I do Ma be ou would
like to ride him"' said the cowbo
"I would like nothing better In fact,
that's whj 1 came here to-tlaj. to prove
to my frierds that it is -i.sj to ride and
incldentlv select some riding horse? for
them " went on the quiet oung man
With a bound he whf over the fence,
pnd with a seco-d bound was astride the
horse A snort of rage, a lowering of the
had and the broncho was dancing a mer
ry game on theduMv ground Around and
around tne hore whirled, bucking this
way one second, turning to the rhrht the
next. With a Ftnile and a firm grasp en
the rein? the young man held hLs place.
At last the bucking bron"bo grew weary'
of his efforts to ciisl.ttjge tne rider and
walked raceklv around npd around
"I take it all back, pardner. iou are
some on bucking horses." said tho cow
bo v-
Kruce MncRae vaulted from the saddle,
patted the weiry- horse and walked out
of the yard, flickinff the dust from hU
It Is not often thnt an artlt ami an
actor is a broncho bust. r. hut such Is
Bruce MacRae As a boy Mr MncRae wan
a draftsmin in Ballina Pilot. N. ?.
W Here it was that he first became an
artist and a derigner of theafr pro
grammes Mr Mediae came to the United States
later and took up ranch lifo In Wyoming.
As a mmager for the Howard Wy-ndham
ranch, on the upper Big Laramie, he mas
tered the art of riding bronchoa. In
cldentallv be mastered the art of handling
men, and he says that was even harder
than rldlnsr hors.
Chnrles Wyndham. an Engllrh actor, ta
an uncle of Mr. MacRae, as Is Bronson
Howard, tho play right.
Roth !old and Diamond Mines
Are Xow Reing Worked.
Phil itlelphia. July- 9 -J I". Cadigan of
Pretoria has arrived here to pee the city
and confer with eevcral Philadelphia man
ufacturer? Mr. Cacllgan Is a member of
a party of tourists In this country. There
were eight In the party.
Mr Cadlgan is a builder In Pretoria,
and was accompanied by- his partner. F.
A Turner.
Both are young men, and they are mak
ing their trip to this country to get new
lt.tis and to come in touch wnh several
manufacturers of building material with,
whom they deal.
Most of the.se firms are In tbis city, but
both visltori. declined to say with whom
thev were in conference, explaining that
they prt ferred Fetch Information to come
from tho manufacturers In the party
with Mr Cadigan and Mr. Turner were
Mr and Mrs. J K Cross of Manchester,
England. Mr and Mrs i Suntos of Lis
bon. Portugal, Franz Dlrnhofer and Gajus
Schroeger of Austrii
lie- gold mines. Mr. Cadlgan said, are
running full time, ard the diamond mines
art- belrg worked almost to their full ca
pacity. The latter Industry could be closed
down for two years and not affect the
diamond market, at-a large supply li I
reatly been produced. He said American
skilled l-ibor 1' at a oremlum, and the
Americans already in South Africa aro
receiving the highest salaries. They are
valued highly for their intelligent man
ner of work. f
His lncntlrih Itencne. -J
New York Julv 5 Seven-year-old Wil
liam Koplnsky of No. St North First
street. Wllllamrburg. fell from tho NoHh
First street dock anl was carried under
Hie pier. Joseph Johnson, attached to the
public bathhouse at that point, dived un
der the dock and dragged the boy.out.
This makes Johnson s twentieth resnie.

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