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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, July 28, 1904, Image 10

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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ZZJt53 jttnirt t
"t ."I?y?''f!.nw-
nccoitn ok hihtiis.
Gustav and Joharna I"udcr. 3"J North Elev
enth, girl
Peter and Martha Van Zclc. SI Miami.
Frederick and Pauline Zllm. 91 Josephine,
Sellg and Either S'cgcl. 1121 North Eleventh.
William and Bertha I.otimn, ii Glasgow,
.lohn and L.d O'Brien. 229 Tmnklin. rov
!t i" and M Padberg. rX South li-oiduay.
;.:n and Minnie Roenberg, ITOi South r-ev-epia;
Joseph and nnle Roddj. 61 Uutger. bnv
V J and Kate McGtlllrudlv. Delmar.
J. H and Kate Overman. 2212 North Mar
ket . loy
"Mor!tz and Role Mueller, s South Second.
-Jlr and Mr. JU!It. 3032 Bell, girl
R. and Com Mattlnsl. 1310 .Madison: bov.
n f anl "ida I.5.U 423 Page. ho.
Harry and KatL Ktcl.er. 4113 North Now
ftrad. girl
William and Lottie Jacgir 2I1 North Thir
teenth, cm
r and M Caraffa. 1125 North sixth, bov.
Jacob and Lea Botiiuvi, 1017 North Ttnth.
Harrv und Minnie Iat-rori t"J41'- YVo'l-.. girl.
John and Marv Blenner 2115 llhkurv. girl
J apd Helen Bauer. 2297 North Nnth bov
4nlel and Mir-. Hull SI1S Idnhi. bov
W K. and M V r.-n. JO "suria c nmt n.
nu!ti:i: I.ICI:SI:.
"red W. Fucndlinij.
I'oarlotta l:. Wtttmann
uttu!t Martin
I?irotfa JhilllnR
riard O'Ncll
"athM-Irp Burke
Kdward If Wltt
.Ifnnfe IX Care
rhoma( O WvVj
ilenrlann Millar
Itnjamtn Heller
Jcariett Waterscn
tack G Raphael
Jewel Wohlgemuth . ..
Crant Purni
Mamie Daniel . ...
?Zft 1 hej-nSii e
:sn outh JtlTtrnn
Pilot Knob Mo
tZ lialnl
41 lfton
iAf KhfIoii
MID Ultlinell
T603 South Secnth
Alexandrli. Ia
AlxandrU, It
1' South Trudfau
1"4 outh TrudrAu
W"s, r.iitl-min
- 4Cis Caftltinaii
1127 North Tulnl
1I-T ortll Third
. 1TM North Vand enter
2iT Sheridan
31S3 Caroline
3133 li Sail
Pprinsnelil. Ill
Springfield. Ill
Waterloo, la
Waterloo la
2SI7 Thomas
S10 Ntith Ninth
Mi nusii
t:i Clark ;
Ceorjre W Wackman
Ajtnei Ueapan
Jchn M Oallacher
Mamie Gcble
.! Sh(ple
Mildred M HusRln ,
J B K'amm
Mr Jllnnle Fexton
Ionato Tour-e
JCiIe DIsi ,
Ixuls W. Uarsa
nna E Haterkimp
William O'Neil
IVlla Harn
harlea H. Slppe, Jr ,
Uetelle t; Scliaeter
Jame Constantlne
Mrs. Lula lclr5
"scree Tarker. ....
Arthreen Uilllams ,
565tf Cote Ilrllinnte
. .. . lilt CUra
... . . not voj
... 1101 Madison
. . 1131 Market
.. .H-13 Market
341 et I.elle
3341 West licUe
AVeddinr ninsa (Solid Gold).
Finest qualities, $3 to JJ). Menuod &
Jaccard'8, Broadivay and Locusu
.JSV"1..1.11111- 1S years 3IajfleW amliariura.
John Ilalle. . jtar. Jlls-ourl I'aciflc IIo
lttal. accident
uiohR PnlnXP- "5 Sears. -lc!an Brothers
Hospital. tenlllt
Jacob Melter. ear isa Jleramec. ne
f Lntta
Michael rraher, St jcar. 219 Madison, hear;
Jennl. Drake, il jeara, 1)33 South Klcienth.
heart dlfease.
Jame Harney. 47 jears, I'oorhouae. blod
(."Btson Calhoun, 3 sears. Quarantine: Fnull
1 ox
Jacob Graul. 70 jcars. 2?-jl Cherokee
. itarry HoMll, CS jear., !o:
JtrlEht'n disease.
Feidlnand 1. Larkln. S3 scars. 2)13 lllddle.
nose auuitan. 73 sears, noa Hebert:
Eva Kuhnel. f sears. 2333 South
Tenth, Llllle Cobb, 17 jcar-, 1511 Sublett
heart dN-
Ullzabelh Grobr.
0 seurs. 4'i31 Etar;.. rrri-
Mrs. J. Peuerb.rh. n7 n 11. i TV...K t,AAP.
disease. . . -
Laenla Ednards. 52 sear. Proxldent llot
Mtal; aiioplexy.
William hmlth. 30 sears Kmergency Hospital,
Uybrum Wagner, 1 sear, ti7 niddle: dlar-
Herald U DaUKhty. 1 star, 1130 Malison;
Cornelia Bakes ell, s sears, S83 West Tine,
paralysis. '
Millard C Lee, 3 months 1.132 Dolman, can
t ulslons.
Edna Kreuger. 11 months. 1703 North Tcath.
The Equitable Zinc and Iead Mills Coin
janj: John Morton. Buckingham ciun. 'yi.ti0
htiares; FranK Mcrton. Xo raua South light
tenth; William fa. Mcintosh. X'o. a3l Morgan,
Monro C. Focn. ihe. Esmond and I'rank
A. timlth. Xo. 434? Garfield, luO s-hares each.
to do a general xinc and lead mining and milt
ing business. Capital stock, full paid. &0o,(.
CUendet Hay and Grain Company, tugere A.
Cuendet, flft Fhares; Ixmls Cutndtf. fort
iilne shares; -MINle A. Cucndct. one share, to
eal In ha, irraln and agricultural products,
capital Mock, lull paid, $;.w!.
The Mercantile Co-oiHratie ABBocIation;
Zoelstlne Frei. Bcrrat Schtbus. V r. Single
ton. Andrew Barts-ch, Joseph Oberbolier t-tx-teen
fharca each: to carrj on a gcnnal mer
chandise business. Capital stock, half paid,
JeTerson City. JIo.. Julv 37. The following
ecmpaniea received certificates of Incorporation
Wuresday In the office of the Secretary ot
,Abernathy Realty (Company of Kansas Citv;
capital $50,000, all paid. Incorporators Harry
T. Abemathv. Mary S. Abemath. William J.
DoLgherty and others'.
The Can- Manufacturing Company of Kanras
Mt; capital J50.I-99. three-fifths iaid. Incor-
orators Horace Carr, Jr.. Joseph H. Ear will,
William Mann.
Ionia Improvement Company of Windsor;
capital JIOOOO. all paid. Incorporator James
1. Allen. B. L. Hart, J. F. Wall. J. 9 Calfcc
Williams Interment Company of Pleasant
Fall; capital $10.XK; all paid Incorporatorn
Ji M Williams. Ancle E. William?. H.,A. Wll
llHins and others.
Windsor Manufacturing Company of Windsor;
capital J10.O00. all paid. lncorpoatorp-u
Thompson. Walter Thompson and (fuy WTtber?.
Rank of WRtenten:: capital Jl),ouo. hilf paid
Incorporators Joseph S. Muellei, John E, Iot
tees, Joseph G. Welmhold and other.
. im...,.
XOTICP1 tn PredCnrsKnl!.. 1. ti.rAK. ,-lir.n
'bat 1 -Bill, as Special Mater In Chancery. In
obedience to certain decretal order of the
Lawrence Chancery Court, for Its Eastern Dis
trict, rendered on the 13th day of Julv. 1M4.
at niv office In the ton of Walnut Rklce. Jrk .
en August S. 1U04. at 10 o"clock a. m.. beitin
to receive cjalms. notes and accounts against
the Cuher Lumber and Manufacturlnc Com
pany. The hearing will be continued from time
to time ar the occasion may require.
All cr;dltcr who do not present their claims
against said company to said master at said
time, and no cerson or creditor eball be entitled
to participate in the general assets of said com
pany who shall not present and establ'sh their
claims a. provided In said decree.
Please take notice and nie j'our claims at
"tee. H. I PONDER.
Special Master In Chancery.
.. . . ,. .. .ltiSi 1 M j-u-jxjxjxj
ROOK Loct. pocket diary memorandum book:
tjrown leather cover; name on Inside of cover.
Liberal reward. O. W. Crawford, G10 cjarleton
bul ding.
RROOCH-Lost, near Festival Hall, pearl and
Uarncnd brooch. Reward for return to S137
roCNi- Harris's new stole
oest slmes In St. lxmht for $4.
wnere they sell
407 N. Sixth it..
HAt a P'W aF eold feet' Not If he wears
Harris's polar Calf Shoes. 407 N. Sixth et.
1J.?I'oet ncfi of ls. between Eighth
and Olive and 1331 X. Broadway. Return to C.
Block. 1331 X. Broadway, and receive reward.
MUSIC Lost, roll of music, on W ashington
K?twTn Tenth ftn5 Broadway, lleturn to S23
Washington, Asher & Furth.
1'ACKAQC Lost. Wednesdaj, about noon,
package containing lady's white llrcn shirt
ralst, at Scruers's store or on McPhenson ae.
car. Suitable reward. 4816 Wcrherson ave.
. PIN-Lost, nik pin, with diamond between
bonis: return and be rewarded. 91S Washing
ton ae.
POCKETIXJOK I,06t. World's Fair groundr.
Wednesday. July . pocketbook. containing a
icck on a bank of Joplln, Ma; amount SJ;
also return ticket to Joplln. Mo , Frisco Ilail-i-roil.
Reward at 2318 Washin-rton.
PLRSE Lost, email sliver purse, near gen
eral Post Office. OlUe St.; J2 reward. Weln
schonck. World'. Fair P. O . Box 1.
TICKET Lost. World's Fair season ticket,
CT9. Rctom to 4601 Maryland ave . for reward.
UMBRELLA Lost, on Page or eighteenth st.
car. July 23. umbrella; gold handle; name on
handle. Return to 1308 Blackstone ae.: rc-
viH "
UMBRELLA Lost Will ladv whose narucl
Wa exchange for umbrella, Wednesday after
nocn at Nagent'a communlcabMrlth Mrs. Trav
is. 3011 Park ave. T
WATCH. ETC. Lost, gold watch and pin:
AJ. on case. Will the liberal reward If re
turned to 3020 Lucas.
WATCH Lost, lady's gold watch. Sunday.
July, 24, on L. t- N. train or at Okawvlllc. 111.
mitral reward.-HK 80. Republic
"-- - -- - -,- -tw-.mu-ririimj-inn-
"Ituatjo-n s w tcij ran ale.
Im ium 10 rahtcr
ilcAircs respectable
1U ,'UIHJt.
. AMtlEH-Situation by ouig I-oly nj cntji
It .in le Iwnd ami icfMcmes 211 a
iv venth st.
llAMIiERMAIIi Situation hv nung colored
girl to tl chamber work C S i.Vj X Eoui
tf tuth
t lLWIRERMAlO Situation bv joung colored
gul to d chamber work Mittte Adams, TOT
N I(iurtc nth
1 HMKMtMHI - Nat.
hnufcirl rwc I,ma
tntrlllRpnt co ord
s ihftmlicrmVd
iVM!NION youni; lad dflri fiiuattim ai
cMiuiiion. with or'OMunU to t-tudj music.
!IIv ll-Luhilc.
iOK Mtuatfon t socd took, colored. fr.m
KntUiKj Addi"H ZiQZ Delmrr
0 K Wtiut'on to Cook or wait on dik rfr
5on. iVuupnt, 1 tin -stiond ard Moroni
I'OOlv filiation as rook and houework in
piiHt famiu l jui.n widow with Miiall
habj 132j ;iao'3
CUOK Mtuatlon by Idrl
In piivat Taint h or snall
2U2 rrai.klin nar room It
woman as 100k
HOti:t'iIUl-MtuatfOM b liirl at Rpnial
licu-enork no washinn 1001 Chtrokcf Ft
HOI KOIIill'lace to
woik af hone?clrI,
will v ork tor Si h r ik fall to inonor af:-
moon. 3 30 .an I airfix ae
IllH i:KI:i:I1.I: oum; v.hlow with a child
wants Muutlo'i as luii;teeier, call or write
Mr S 1& UahinKion
IIOI Ki:r:ij;R - situation a- housekcp-T
b widow with UUU girl 10 earr old, for uie
or two rtntlemon. 2111 Curbing pt
MOI rKri;ri.R t.tuallbn -i
woikiii; hoiteekVir, gotnl cook
tike iiirKe t , N Leonard
mat a sin 5 oi
HOri:Ki:i:ri:n Situation b neit, Inn
bouekeop t for Indoor work. Write or call be
tween 3 and 5pm 43o6 North Market
to chlM i eft rent tn
-L-lnhi work; nu objection
IlK 40. Republic
HOt SKKKEVKIl-ltuatUm by Intelligent
German Iad ns housekeeper In large famllv or
for widwcr no objection to golnff Into coun
try 1H3 Illinois ae
HOlM:OJLN Situation in board tng-hou-e
or imali huttl for housework or pecond oou
Mrs A Cook. TU3 Morgan
KITCHKN M ORK Situation liv woman to
.i.!tt In kitchen and peel cetable Call at
oncnt, Twent 's.cond and Morgan
1. M'Xr-Rl.S German
ills' to take home 17-4 i
woman wants nli
! llroaow j .
l.1 NUJCKc UeiMi to go out. warning b
the di li G . 715 N fourteenth
L,UNI)KIs-MtuatIon u
taini', fciintr work home. St
wah lace ur
lfs Republic
lAVMJllK- Situation bj competent liun
dr to go onl b. the da Alllo Gixjdln, 14 G
XI IlsIJ-sltiiito , b experienced nure fr
confinements r other lcknt- Mrs I- l
MU X. rifticnth eond Hour
Si l..0(;r.Al'Hi:l: Mitt Menogniher wants
work part time, ov n nnchlne. nrompt. act j
Lite rea.onatile 1IU 11.. ltepublic
OFlK Mtuatlon l St. LnuH nldon. K"0 1
cool, reliable houke ptr: no .launan relet
ences muMclan UJresi .Mrs. H . 103 Morgan
M"i:.o;lt Al'HKH ivrman'nt jjltion bj
competent and eterenced laiij sienographer
ltell phone. Llndell S03A
alllVTIUS 'A'i-l1-1 ' V?:-
A "Ol XG man, emnlocd will work for
boird ?nd room. ecninm and Saturday after
noon "xrH-iienccd bo.kkeepe- and hotel Hrrk
an! net ifrald ot work UK 3 Republic
nRI!i:i:-situation b Iirt-cla German
baiber 3Sw Manchtr
"f icfcr net Addrecs G
cnth t
a barkeeper, host
n. :i x nf-
BOOKK!;EPI:r OR CASHIER Age 34. quick
and accurate at flgtire good penman, un
nufstloriHe refcionca UK 97. Republic
CASHIER Eirerlened cashier, borkkeeper
and stenographer, gtd referent es or bon 1 fur
nished UK 7 Republic
CHEF situation h tlrt-cla."s chef, mam
far's" exinrience tit or cojr.tr UK MS,
CHEF 1-rench. with leu of references,
.'ishs petition n a hrst-clas hone; city cr
ounm iilv 3. Renubll'1.
COOK Situation b experienced cook HK 9-.
COOK Situation b operleneed
reference HK ? Republic
took, citv
COOK Situation ly coo cd ccok. exprlenced,
pornl rcferentep Crll I J 363S Morgan.
COOK Situation b tlrt-tlipi icon 1 cook,
gord all-iound, stead, tober man 3317 Frank
lin ae
COOK Japanep. firrt-c.a cxk long e
p.i1rnce; In priate famllj Fhlmisu, 62M Ma
ple n?.
COOK Situation o do plain cooking, best
references modente wage?, city or countrj
HK 110 Renublic.
COOK situation b firt-clas? colored hotel
and restaurant rool-, can cle l t cly refer
ences. Ad'reS G P 23 )V St. Charles
IXAItOW ARI3 CEERK Exp-Iencd hardware
elerk wishes position tn retail store. G9 72,
HOSTEER Competent colorl mm to attend
hordes or woik abut artl 3S13 Euns
v. N ltP0t!cn Iia first-clas hou
anl dining-room man. boret ard obliging, can
rook- Brown, 35".2 falrfax
JANITOR Situation bj rHible colored man
n Unftor or coachman or do prlate house
work. Addree 2i P ne
MANAGER -Hamper cr head waiter In lnr"
restaurant In World's Fair, experience from
other fairr UK 1 Republic
vi r-t Nurtii and bodr masseur wantp ro-
sitlon as mft"a,ce in inltarlum or rwtl'nts
ireaieu at ineir own Tioiirp o skmuu w-l-atnr.
Gccrgc I)uff, 2124 N. Eleventh
OTF1CE MAN rung man, 22 jear. expe
rienced office assL-tant and unlter.-Uy grad
uatc. desire position. 'Iting at home; bet ref
ernces. HK 93 Jtepubllc
PAINTER Situation bv an experienced
painter paper hanger and carpenter, HK 70,
R public
PAINTER AR-ifimd pa'nrer, paper hanger
and hardwood finisher wants situation; non
union G W Renublic.
CMNTIZR House painter want employment:
arnlsnimr door minting, d-ccratlng; will -work
chenp HK 22. Republic. N
PAPER HANGER Want work; can furnish
exervthing renuirerl HK 17 Republic
PORTER Situatlen os porter or ehamberman;
good reference Call F J . 2628 Morgan
PORTER PR nation bv bo to work in store
as porter for doctor or putcher Call in person,
27n Tranklin
STENOGRAPHER Ftpert: can handle ub
stitute's enulcvru.it in evening nnd Surdiy.
adequate ccninen'aticn, ran u private office
centraliv locdte.1 new Rem'n-trn; las ndniis
slon ticket ro WTld' Fair HK 105. Republic.
STFVOGRAPHER ThoioU-hlv competrnt
stenociarhei vill accept eenln" anl Sundav
employment ha Wl', Tn'r tleuef ri ne
private "ie cnttnlh t oca ted. with new Rem
tnrtcn HK 104 Republic
TCNOGRAPHER Mat" stenographer desire
rituation nsst.stajit, experienced; age 2: ref
erences firt-rli; salary ren-onable s!mith.
Oliver Fnderw"onr" orerat"r. Address J If, M..
M3 Frpnklln. Litchfield. Ill
WAITER wnrtf- PC-itton of trust; best of ref
ereneet HK 112. Republic
WORK Sltu-Oon f omc kind will teseh
Germin. Englih, French. Russian Itillin.
Ilomin: one week In this countr HK 114, Re
WORK Ycung man. 22. with buins experi
eice wants position wlb chire f r ndvanee
ment wlllln; worker; highest chancier. R T..
3W$ Chouteau
iirn.i- w.iMnn-n:MA!,c.
tnONHPi? Tloni Irorr bt wnre In citv.
Monarch Lrctindn 2719 Franklin ae.
LAVXlinUSS Come prepared for work.
-asli Troman by the day. 15W
LVitNPItr? Ijcd 'aundrcs at once.
Delmar liouletnrd
lton. f3"3 Morgan t
to wash and
LAl"NDltFi Ti do family Tra.h'nc and lle
In nltplv linlFh -d I a.enert. "1 Dlrnr.
LAt'Nl)nKS rir-t-clai laurrtress wint
naihlnc tn lake heme Vrlte to Mr. Waller.
S12 K KlEhth rt
assoiter: mjt le
Co. lfco VIrter t.
. I'lre .ela markers and
A 1 ApWy Victor Laundrj
aiUHT IHOVEns Ten .rc'hrt Ireners on new
work Apoly Fersuson-MeK Inner ?hlrt Factors.
1039 Lucan ae, or 3i X Thirt'enth st.
STARCHER Experienced; tan make $1.25 pel
da ; com- redv for work Anchor steam
Laundry Co . 2019 Lucas ave
SEAMSTRESSES Ten first-clas seamtress-
s; gool pav; steady work 13 Washington.
SH1RT-W AlbT MAKERS Highest price In
rlt: steadv woik alwas; eas system. Ollon
Bros . 717 "Lucas.
SHIRTMAKEBS Twenty-five shlrtmakers en
all parts of snlrts; also two button-hole ma
chine operators and one button machine opera
tor. Ferguson -Mc Kinney Shirt Factor), 1323
N. Thirteenth.
SKIRTMAKERS Atno pressers;
good pay. Progress Mfg. Co.. 717-'
steaCv work;
'13 Lucas ave.
NURSEGIRt Yrung cirl to take --are of chil
dren and nssirt with housework. 3761 Laclede.
at 123i X. Tenth.
NURSE To take confinement case home.
Call at once. 1433 Chouteau.
Good wage. 3033 Kenslrdon
NURSEGIRL Yourc eirl to mir one child
-and do light housework in suburbs. HK S4, Re-
HOUSEKEEPER-IntelHgent. reliable, work
ing housekeeper; good wages. 6283 Vernon.
HOUSEKEEPER WTdox with child: no ln
rumbrane: for widower; elegant home. HK
93. ICepUDHC.
JIKI.l- AVI III) FBM LK. j iljjl.l- U
scnf-ral housowotK
n.OA Ann vo
::n v Tentr-
for Ktnernl hojsewoik
IIOl'MTIIll, - ;iri
"d?A Whlttlcrst
for cene-nl housewmk
V,x peneral housev.ork
l'orsKGIIIL, Olt
2?ZZ a-rirtiui
V. OMAN For hoj"-.work
IMiLM JIRl German plrl for Rneral hou-
147 Columbia ae
for snral houwurk
Ani.l 1Q-3 orattan
for general hou!ev orU
iiot fci-tilRl- A pnod Kirl for senral hcu-e-mrK
at ;! ntor -1
llorM.tlim.-GIrl f r
fi 1 14 'I vtrlal.V ae
rcnrnl houitwork.
lTdl'M GlillGlrl fi.
ia Old Mnni henr real
Good hoocplil 771 Alibi
ceneral lioaiewurk.
HOI IA OMAN Reliable woman f-r geneial
imuFPwoik Dfi Flnne an
HOI M-G11U -Girl for
gooil nflRfi 42K Cook tue
;eneral housework,
J.GIUL.Vouns elrl
rl: J017 Rutrer st
iipIt w!;h
I housrw
in lor gLii ral housework.
4216 Weil IMle
good wace
1.HJ Gin foi gent rai iiotie in
if thirc 3S44 1 intar
mirSK(,ini.-;itl ftr general houoevork,
good l.ajfit 423 RU'soll ti
HOCSEGIRI-WMte Kill for general
work, vrnall familv 312 rirk
HOLM.GIRL White alrl for gen-ral house
work: Hinall fi-tl 318 Iark
HOlStSiIRI- Girl for general housework and
assist In laundr 3-14 Washington
In email family
13t4 fl.rkrnt t
1IOL"M.UIKI-Goud girl for gnral hou
work. nitill fjmll 4134 MclMierron
HOV'SEGIRI-Genmn girl to .iclt with
huii e work: no wjghlng 1M9 Can
IIOISWSIRL. l'lrkt-cla-s girl for geneial
htyework And 37J3 lndor plac
waflilnc. Rood waces ;
cncral hiuewo:k.
ill Cat-s a .e
HOlTSEGIRLr Girl for general housework In
.miil famllj . good wages 33t" Cook
HOlhGIHLr- gord girl for l.ouework,
wa!i rg or tionlug 4111 K Pine ht
HOI sEGllliV-Y'unir Rirl fo- light
wVrk. small fa mil S 17. Republl
HOUSEGIKI,-EMriemed trlil for hou--wnk
1 ine itidv to work l.w m-1i
HOLSEMAlI A. houtmald for nubuiban
pla'o api li murnlng ijIM Vesi P.ne
HOPhEGIRI Girl for
in mali famtl of adult"
cenera I hou"w ork
4A. Cok aie
llOlTsKGIRI-GcHMl Birl fo
wcik. cotn.1 wiiEes. at on e
re: ral lnaii
Hnl J-lrGtRE Girl
miuM fam'l . so-d was
general liouewcik
-711 Rla-5ell avc
EOCfaEGIREGood girl for geneial hoiib
work. no washing, rckhI wages r.2ij Maple
HOrsECiIRE Girl for Ktneral houwework In
famltv of two, cood home lJS Qeer ae.
HOLSEGIRE Good slrl to do general hou
work. no waiihing. gootl wages j3o Chouteau.
HOUSEGlRI-GIrl for general housework in
sni id family , no tlilldren 1Z31A Arlington ae
IIOL'sEGIRE German girl for general house
work, family of two, good nan'es 36S Maflltt
HOrSEGIRI-Whlto girl for general liou"
w ork upper Mat, three adults 516g V l"aIrmouat
HOL'SEaiRIy Good girl for general houe-70-k.
gt-r-d hom and good wages 61 Iclede
HOFrfl.GlRE Goofl girl for general house
work, good born and pood wages 4319 Mcltea
IIOUSEGIULr-A Ctrl for general housework,
no washing, ircning or co-3king. 117 X SiMh
lOCSEGlRI-GIrl for ceneral housewoik.
good wages, no launJr work 431J Westminster
lat e
lit. 1 bElIRI Gool
worV small famll .
Ian I
jjrl for geneial housj
i;oxl wages 4122 ilar-
tii .-r.GIRI Goo J clrl for general houce
vo:k, small famllj 3v& Shaw aie . Park ate
HOI .-KGIRI Girl for general housework,
two In famll; no outride work 4i7 Wah
Inton HOCSEGllfl Girl for general housework,
thrc In family: rite-room lower fiat. 57S2 M 1
ple ate
HOESEGIRIj Neat colored girl to do down
t-tjirs work, no washing, small fatnilj 5175
IIOLS31RI Gctid girl for general hou?
work. no washing, smalt famllj, good wage
5Th fincn, , ,
01 ttiiii-Glrl for general houiework,
femilv of three adults, references required 41U
HOU&EGIRL oung girl about 17 to do light
housework: no washing or Ironing Mairn-r,
llli FrinHjIln '
HOUhEGIRIy Etxperienced
housework, small famil.
Lafaette ate
girl tor general
10 was hint 2SI3
HOUsEGIRL Girl to assist with g.nral
houework: Grmen preferred, l?ep at heme.
ttA X Xlnth
HOUSEGIRL Girl for gentral housev.ork in
small piitatn famll; no washing, $3 5" week
C43 P.usell ate.
HOUSEGIRL A widow v.ith daughter or a
srcrg girl for general housework, good wag1
24 V Lafajrtte ae
HOUSEGIRL Good houseglrl, German pre.
feird 3435 Longfello.v boulevard, one Hoc,
nrth ot Shenandoah.
HOUM;WOMN-Good. ccmpetvnt woman for
general hcusewoik. German preferred, imme
dlatclv 3?4 Delma-
IIOUSEGIRIy At once, girl to do housework;
no washlrg or laundering, good home; tood
wages. U2T. Cora place
HOUSEGIRL Girl to di general housework;
family cf two; no washing or outside work,
good wage 524SA McPhcrson.
HOUSEGIRL At one, girl fcr general
houework: good home; not much work; good
wages :ai7 Cote Brilliante.
HOUSEGIRL Girl for general housework:
wages $15 1351 Granville place. Take rage
car to Belt; Inquire at drug store
HOUSEGIRL Girl for general housework In
small family, fum rrown people, pe.rcanent
ptace; good wageq. 061 Minerva ave
TJt traarft.
BINDERY Bir.LS-Experlenced bindery girls
Buchart Bro , 1M6 Iocust
Olive st
finisher for tailor 4314
To mpke knep naas
GIRL Experlencd girl for numberlrir ma
chine Bixton c SMnner Stationery Co., Fourth
and Olive sts
LCEMAKERS Fiftv wemen. hand with
reedte on Rattenbcrg; take work home Ste n
lierB. 1437 Riddle
bet jay in clt Mac Dona Id Mfg
cust. second floor
skirt makers,
Co. 1124 Lo-
SKIRTMKER Experienced sMrtmaker,
steadv work: rood pa , power michlne Ap
ply Mecis .V Goesng 717 X. Eleventh
SKIRTMAKERS Experienced sklrtlnakers,
firft-clas work yiar nround, light machines:
good pa. Applv Kurlander Bros. & Co , 823
WchIngton, sixth floor
VAMPERirst -class vamper on ladtes fine
shoe Werthclmer-Swarti Shoe Co
WAISTMAKERS ETC7Walstmakers. s'eeve.
makers, tuckets, finishers, etc : good pa ;
-teady work. George Woolf, Jr. 617 X". Eighth,
between Washlnetcn and Iicas
STENOGRAPHERS Competent oung lady
Etcnogrnpher. mfg. 523 $23. wholesale, jjn,
special. $12, imp , lift Leigh Bros , 10J3 Century
TPEWRITER. I3TC Female tpewrller.
llller and stenographer, drug, $4'). $I,. I-cigh
Bio. 10-jT Centur building
wmmi g
ST. LOUIS. 4"or Ttnth and Ollte: Kansas Citv
Fort Scott, Uttle Rock.v, Incorporated. $30.tHw.
Indorsed by business men. Draughon's diploma
represents in business circles what Yale and
Harvard's represent tin literary circles May
pay tuition out of sijlarv after graduation and
secure position Sehool in It State. DAY and
NIGHT. Call cr send fcr catalogu-
months. $23; one month. $10 Night $S per mo
rant. 103 Olive st
fened. The Maine Restaurant. 2319 Olive.
WAlTRESSEa pantrv elrls. chambermaids.
$i to $10 American, 91? Olive t
WAITRESSES Two waltreses: $4 week; ex
ptrierce not necesao. 1216 Washington ave.
WAITRESSES Four waitresses. Apply
ready for work, 603 Missouri ave.. East St.
Iv-uis. III.
Clerka and Saleswomen.
SALESLADY At Schwerdtmann's Toy Store.
514 Lcust st.
SALESLADY Experlerced saleslady for dry
goods store; must speak German. 242U S Broad-
STENOGRAPHERS cashiers and orf.ee as
sistants. $6 to $13 week American 919 Olive.
4ft SALCSL.DIES-For all departments; S
4 Broadway and Franklin avAk
V4SSss 4 g
" 1 -ii-i n 11 n n 1 1
Ax'JtENTiCE For millinery, at one. Ro
enheinV4t, 815 Locust it. " M
HOrsEGIRI Yjiing sir for housework im t ook- Good took tolnred or white. I4IC S
J'lauklm Comnt"i av.
n?i:d foiali:.
OOK liri n- noHii to c W, It Mjburbs; on
cr line UK S3. TjfrptH. lie
rtMJK FTC lliiil rnt.lt Inriv or ioii.. a.Sfl
I uilmatliei owsi PHriMr nw
cihik irrc.
Inft-rrwim Klrl
i lorrd took and upstairs din
2:1 W est nil ilcr
onion to do cooking
14Z5 IVImar
Goml ok
cixtil wnE gtlft Wet i:ele
COUK-i;,rjtrl"ie 1
"an tAi p r -.irntn
:sl thre in famtlv
51 : Wa-hincton
OOK Good conk anl ioufKlil
of three, will pa Kod ases 115 N
in fanilj
Nf stead
COOK AI!-irom d colored rum in
board! ns-hnur rta ai rlffht. -nl!
0OK Girl to c
wi'ik cooil wacrs,
v I i ' - M
t and as-i"t
mall fumiU
with house
no washing
I'otiiv jirtd cj- ir s-j-rban i I.tc no ob
J t'aa to r n t d ife -v iiv be ween 'J and
1 ltf " n -N i"r,l
I COOK-i . np.
tnt cl'rd yok
w?p,i ? ?t i ei week,
. e-imli "te-
In private
come i cad
i oiiainK-iioiiFi
for work 4.1W
Ctj :. i. ,
nnll tnij
kf and pene.al li'tjielrl.
f e and v.lll le well
. ?n3laid ae
cook Girl for cw-k or mineral IiOiieWir,
pna e tanill i o outride work co-Jd w ii,c
Tpfr-fTfi teiiulrd 4wl" Weiimingir f-T p
AI-I girls looi g
Eat 3" Kinrc'i :
Mt0U"l ae Jat
r wik to phona Rell
Cla'r t12. ot app'j C-Jj
ljul'. Ill
r ". i -tmbiina!d
HAIRUKMir- V qocd tolored
" y,T" X Eighth -t
CH MRi:RMMI-Mjrr'ed couple a chatn
bennald in hotel 2M N. I.roadwa
MIVMREIIM H) Girl for thstnbrr wcrk
"ome pitpered To work l'22 Wanliutcn
CASHIER for revtatirunt. cood an refer
rpep leouketl laali" il-pnrtinent Annilean
"P inUt
t to 2131 Locust kU
gttl fur iMnlns-
OINIXG-ROUM GIRI-Xight r d work
Coir !t-'d for work 1331 Qll
St t nth t
Worn m dlEhwaher
lnttr ave
-Ed dihvah.r 3S Van-
ll". JefftKOII,
IMSIIW MirR-to.nred Kirl to wa-li di-he-in
ie"taiitant ,47 N Jt lYerton
GENTI EM X. 33, wanta to tin 1 h.m"t Ud.
uiuici J3 In p t as lompnniott to daughter n
I tine H I il) tlien tiael SjiiUi during
winur UK St J:ipuilU
X Sttoiid
1'aper lo o
"rr 14 ean to piek nut 5lS
oer M ears old St Ijouls
Twenty -first antl Randoli h
IIRI-Glrl oer 14 to woik in pip.r-box fie
alii experienced girl. 3C . Comnurclil M
GIRIj '.ours eirl 13 or lb eir- old, to
heln ladv of the no'-se: priate fanill ZlS
GiRI oung girl to anslM wltn children
and make hrr-elf generallj useful 433A Ia
cMde ae
GIRIS To learn trimmed -hat hueln": nald
while learning Jo F Koon- 4 N Third
t third fliKir
EVOIES frr psthlc demonstration
CoMrge of ucgetion. 2'JJ N Grand
JRrEMlI - Firt-cless ious-nis:id. good
wages to the right parl Lucerne Hotl, Giand
and Pine
Mcrprland laundry. SQuT Olive
to SlTwekl 7
work lom transferring 55
OtUt. room 4JI
LAOlE's- Iteiiable home work stamping V:
$15 week!; Holland bide, near Ollte room 4r)
and prettt
to I p m
riftt oung ladle. mus-be oung
ppl Odfon Theater. Tbursda, M
PANTRY WOMAN. ETC Pantrv woman,
alH woman to work in kitchen Whites Rs
taurtnt. 711 Locust Pt.
WOMAN For houe tleanlng Call 1724 Wash
ington ave . fr-cond Moor
WOMN Settled women to hdo in kitchen
Call at bnscment. 27C5 Lucis
WOMAN To wash. Iron and aialt with
houework. govl .age3 4234 Maryland
W VX1 ED Ladles to icarn halrdreslrg.
xanicurinff, facial massage or elcctroljsl ire
moving hair ty electricity); positions wnltlng
xriduates $12 to $21 weeklv, tools given, diplo
mas granted few weeks completes, can nearly
earn expensts before finishing Call or write,
Moler College, 1110 Pine st
The Trmlen.
BAKEIt A bakft'steadj work. Fre und'a
Bake-v sl3 Soulsid .
ond st
-Good,' steady bather 419 F tfec
KRh R Union man,
Twelfth st
$12 guaranteed IS X
BATUlElt-Good barber,
Seventh st
steady work. 912 X
RARRER FIrt-cla3 barber, stead j work
2j01 Petalozzl
BA1CBF.R Hrst-rlas barber
te. &017 Delmar
McDonald Ho-
BARBER With ons or two jears experlenco.
HK 8, Republic.
212" Broadwnv
RARBLR for second chair, eome lead for
work Aiply Natloral Hotel. East St. Louis
BARBER For fcaturdav and Sundaj , good
hustler, $5 guaranteed 1743 N Ninth st. A J
W right
BARBER First-cla steadt workman. muH
be. a hustlr; guarantee $13. thair good for $16,
Kca man preferred 312 Market st
BMtBER A good barbr, at ome.
vork, will guarantee $11 per week
John II Faust. Jfirron Citv. Mo,
BLACKSMlTHS--Iour blacksmiths. must
I now how to shariCii tools, top wage. oi8
Lotust. upstairs
BOILERMAKERS Hand riveters; highest
wage John O'Brien Boiler Works. St. Louis
BARBER icung bniber. Address F J. Tuhr
rran. 12 S. Hign. Belillc, 111
BOILERMAKERS. bollermakers' helpers
sheet-iron worker. ?tay pwav from St. Iut$,
strike on .IAS C-VLLAHAN. Pre'ldent.
M Casev Secrets r.
BRIEF PRINTERS Central Ijiw Journal, P13
Olive, room 17.
ItrilllLllS, ETC Butchers and mnt cut
ter. $3 to $ rer da, board and rcom; steady
emploment n fef charged. Appl 120 l'ine
st. uiistalrs
INTERS, inc. Ca Hunters and
Applv 200 l)e Kalb SL
car re-
CARPE.MERh. ETC. Carpenters and car re-oaireri-
.pnlv Lefrlgerator Repair Department.
foo of 7 tah st
CXRPENTERS J carpenters, nonunion, out
of town, good wage, long engagement llJ
Jxciist. upstairs.
X Second
Btckeihnup Bros , printers.
once Typewritten Letter Rep. Co, third floor,
2os Olive st.
JIan cook
COOK White man. in private famllj,
horn and wages. JK 02. Republic.
COOK Aistant coolc In retaurant: Ger
min. $20 month. Gold Meddl Restaurant. 711
Wash st.
MEAT cutter at once
2S30 Kiston ave
MEN" nnd bov
Coyne Bros Co.'s
ing. 4373-3 Ens ton
to learn plumbing trade
School of Practical Plumb
Send for catalogue.
PLUMBERS Nonunion: steady
troulde Coyne Bro. 41.3 Eastnn.
work, no
I'RES-ER At once, steadv work
rev ave
PREbS FBEDER-Pony feeder
Ginnls Ar Co. 320 8 Third st
J. D Mc-
PRESS FEEDERS Extrlenced Job-rress
leeorrs. tiarioni co . ti4 i-ocusi
PRESS FEEDERS Job-press feeders and
itnnv-pdess feeders; steady c.itlocs. Hk 24,
SEWING machine operator 011 saddle work,
steadv emnlovment the vear round to n rood
hand P Bum Saddlery Co . 713 and 715 Lu
cis ave
SHOEMAKER Flrt-c!as shoemaker on
pair work 2307 Marcu.
SHOCM KKHi Gocd operators on Goodyear
maehlne, to work on ladles welt work Fried
man Brcs. Shoe Co. 3417 Tocut st.
SIGN PAINTER First -class commercial man
Wetern Sign Work's. 17 E Sixth st . Karuas
city. Mo.
SOLDERERS SOLculs Metal Trades
elation. 31S Chemical bldg.
SOLE LAYER ApDly to R., J. . R. ShO
Co . Mullanphy street factory.
hoe repairing.
Third t
-Experienced oung man for
Wc-t-rn leather Co, 520 N.
STONEMASOX5-Ftt e stonemasons. Take
Suburban tine. Manchester ave.. to Ma pie wood.
STONEMASONS Ten stonemasons; gocd
wages. Sutton and Manchester avep. Maple
Call C. Schmltz. 414; Morgan st.
TAILORS. ETC. Good tailors: also n-nchlne
hand en cutom coats. 4133A Natural Br! Ue
UNDI7R PRESSERS. ETC, Under pressers
and fellinc hand. 13T-" Blddle. second floo-.
Elect rl ian4 accustomed to packlnjr-hmiKe work,
to go oat cf city for laiare minufacturlng con
cern .pp 07 Markt st.
nATED-Hnlcber tor cl sinrt
hip oat or city. Cull or adlrr w.
XV. Kny. 1fB!T Clirmlcul nalldlmr.
Nonunion locomotUe. machinists and helper,
bollermakers and helpers and pipe filters: no
fe-charged; Apply room J, 113 IJ. Sixth at.
i;t;i.i v a vu:n male.
ANY" lntelll:nt rrcun inns e.irn rood Inon u
re rr-pondlnc tor iiew spapem. experience un
rHr): nend for particulars I'ress Sindl
tate. Jutlir.frt. N V
H GGAiiKMUN, KTC Baggagemen,
handltr". theckif. truckers and other,
WdgM paid &j) rine. npctalr?
lHOICKI.KtER, 171 C -Bookkeeper. $!". col
lector Jt4 fipnral office work J1-, permanent
pisltl0. ? Afl'll Sii I'nie Kt
iu gg uamii;r
ni. jrrei5tn
( i:
MIC II.CANEU H Ballancf. 4740 Ejsttn
strert Reference AfPl 143 Carroll
ii:i bi
he'peri- JI '
GTt Drncrj), SUi to J7i. wagon
to $ da Acme KS Market st
UP.tVLIM, 515 wHgcn helpers $1J. steady
worK thnice to advance. Apply ?is Ixcus
l ,-,kIng cinuloirnt, call in th lirffet
ornv ilntct orated) ejni.loment bureau in S
ri.oolt.MI s iTt'l rioormen. hoMler. hug
gi wa rer. an I g neral stdble lulp work guir-ant-.M
j-,;3 Market
holSGMW Man to do
work IS W Indt mere place
lnuse and aril
1IOI sl.M N-Wh te nnn t
r-oiufwork Vfldx 2233 1'ok 11
JANITOR M"i inonih. af-hTian, flrin.in,
ojir general factor h Ip Ainerkaii. 3W Ollie
'i:-n Pi'-nu-
i-tin ne
MANAGER large iattl ranch $2 ear,
foTii.in " month American '.'!& OII.c.
MXGI:r tike .hargc rifctric plant. 5I.e
cnr, oltaiit ' OrO American. 513 OlUe
MAX to hnnj out rm
N it(i
fjvtl's R-taurant
M N for liwn M(p and window t-.
Jolt m; 102. Republic
MAX YoLie m tt. palar for hotel runner
Call at one IWd Pine
MX Ajii:.g nan at enc to care f.r horse
and cleun up s'orc 16J2 Ollte
M X-
T veok In trocerj
MAN out n in in f
meat market SCA'- Si
deiherv In gToce
EouU ae
T-Tper! need In ore of hor and i It
Call at fwt" r. Tenth and Mullanpln
MAN with JJ'ri to tend bar and rt inage down
town saloon or tak h ilf IntP sK 113. lte
public M X-tinng 011rg man gixrn "mall wages.
ato bii'.inesH ttltnatlon and board f i r nrlr,
put time College, 174 Wivhintii
:i x--c
t Ke' ii
Ml.- ami
mpetent rmn to break J 11 n h-iis
d to automobiles, -taf time it will
. Iwirge- HE 1 Republic
MAN You nr man 2t eais of nge for ile
Iiter vaj;oi nnd talorator work ht Tul
!un Milk CnmnIlon KJC X thirteenth -I
MAN tout join g nun from 3t to Is jeirs
of age to work In dining loopi ii hH4t hot
ppl National Hotel National sibtk Yan'
Eat St Ioiils
ixth st
ny Earns 3 frj Fhes 07
MEN Young mn to run on pi"engT tritn
$12 to JK week .S) Pine si
?IFX A few more nien, white nnJ colored
gr-d appearance 13C Ea-ton
MJ-X Three wn for warhoiie flour mtlltr?
toeiuaiu tU wek cm, FJ3 Market
MEN Two loiUi? men for himotlo Ftihlecis
St lyinN Cp.tcge of Suggestion 220 X" Granl
MLV Iift roloied men to work in Omaha
and Kansas Cft factories $1 7i o $.125 dai
and b ard free pas ship to-dnt Xatloral
VrnpUvtrnf nt k'm in N Sixth st
MEN To work on jnpenger trains and sell
gfjois bet of nav dilring Fair, good runs
open for gotnl relinble men eiperl-nee unnec
tssar.- Apott to Jlr Jordan, ntllm.ni nws of
flco No 20"9 Wilnut st n-ar Union Station
MEX To leirn tiarbe- trade; nw and prac
tical intlicd. free wcrk. careful intiuctIo-i.
few week completes; can nearl earn expense
befc-e finlshliig. inltlons waiting graduate?
Call or writ Moler Barber College. 1110 Pine st
HUkorv st
Clark ave
-Colore,! porter in btrber snop lis
Good iMrter. tome read 1ft
$J weekly loom and board
t-PFCIM. free shlnmnt to Omaha Neb to
dat $t 7 to $2 2-" da, and hoard: butchers from
1 to $r dav and Uurd National Employment
Co 113 X Sixth t
RESPONSIBLE parties to act as agents for
?Ioaulte-Proof the greatest boon to sufferers
from mosquito and fl pests It prevents them
from biting rub on exposed pirt. no flv dope
is in the inie clasp is tu effectiveness.- re
sides it is harmless. pVasant and wltl not
tain the skin few hou work a day at
summer resort will pav our vacation ex
pens- No replies tonlderel unless jou can
rurnlsh reference Acker Mfg Co, Cleve
land. O
YOUNG man to I-?rn bartending 513. board
Hardv man. -itore. $:5. $30. board and room.
Be1tbos. World's Fair ard citv hotel
13 farm hands. 30 hanet hands. Si &) dav. bd
.) handv factorv labor'r? $10. $12 w.k
Roller flicmen $) $it nsjstint enclneers
Batrrrn and fioormen 54) $4". hostlers
Hotel storeroom men anl checker eadv
4 wnjron helper' 51 dav. teadv work
Man to care for horse and carrlane. 530. b-1
colored porters, housemen and drivers, steady
lf laborers, teameter Colo. R R West
lt Deople out of work, call on the o'de-u and
largest emplovment companv In t Ijottl
National Emnlovment Co 113 N Sixth.
tiLAitRYMEN Eat St Louis Stone Co
nuarrj- Falling Springs, 111 citv office, 4) Mis
souri ave, Fast St Loui. Ill
at camp Cottage and Cora ates. M. J Sul
liv in
rut cilred
with linnrtl
Mnrkct st.
faftnry men, 91.7?
ami mom, Acme?,
1 52.1
' 711 men, Innlile fart or j tTork: Knt
St. I.onln. !1.75 nntl ffU ln anil hoard
o oilier fee. viiie. tX'J'.l Market st.
street -To feed job pres. 10s N Twelfth
BOY bout 16. to work at the Fair
perl, 1612 Washington
Bl 3S BOY National
Yard Eat St Louh
Hotel. National Stock
BOY Strorg Ikv for cloak stock work. Singer
Bros . N tilth and Lucas ave.
OFFICE BOY Aged 13. to answer telephone
and run errands CVCS Olive st.
BOY Good, strong bov. to work around gro
cery and saloon i2l Kastnn ave
LOYS Aged 14 to 13. for light work in fac
tor Tenth and Mullanphv t
BOitv-To fted Gordon printing pre-,
earl). CInvton and Manchester ates
BOY Colored bov to run passenger elevator,
must be neat I2i Washington ave.
PORTER Good voung colored bov a porter
In Inrber shep. Applv ?2 N Eighth t
BOY To work around house, must be :
liable and not afraid of work. 2 N. Grand.
BOi A boy lo talc care of horv and ow
and work In hou; wages $13 per month Ap
Plv 3942 Park
BOY about IB )car to work on peddler
wagon $13 month, with board and room. I21
X Twentieth st
BELLBOY Must have references and expe
rience Appl between 4 and C p m. at Na
tional Hotel East St Louts
GREEKS. ETC Twentv-five Greeks or Ital
ians reick quarry work in Illinois 013 Mis
souri ave. Eat St Loui, HI.
4102 Olive St
Applv foot Utah st
$1.73 and board: no fee
nnd shipping
$23 Pine st
LABORERS Twentv laliorers for brick vard
white or colored steadv wiork. 206 Watnw right
URORERS-Steady work; no strikes La
etrile Fir Brick Mfe. Co , Manchester and Sul
phur aves
LABORERS Fortv laborers Eat St Louis
stone Co quarry. Falling Snrlngs. Ill , citv of
flee. 40 Missouri ave . East SL Loui. 111.
QUARRYMEX ETC. Quarrvmen and labor
er at Graften. HI Grafton Quarry Co.
13 brldce carnenters. tl ner .i
camp flunky and camp black m.th
2"i latKirrs near clt)
. 214 Walnut st
Wanted, at orce. 300 able-bodied colored laborer-:
goud wagc: stead wcrk: boird and
lodglnr furnished free Applj Immediately at
1104 Che-tnut t
BOOKKEEPER and cashier mu.f he..,. 1.-
experience in grocery and market: with Vood
references, answer by mall only. R. t. Hill
4SSI Earton.
BOOKKEEPKR-First-clas- genTril Z
keeper: must have good recommendations and
be neat and aober: -alary $125 per month. ADPly
by letter to executive officer Philippine Go-ernm-nt
Board. Philippine R ratlOT.
-e-i- --i ., ,.,-. . , -,-! ,-,,,, ,-,.
?T?.?0GRArHE:n-MaIe stenographers. J60.
,6oi' 'im!S' " ,M: machinery. JfO; whole-Sl5J!r0baJidiSS,,n,,y-
,C- ,;0)- Lclsh Bro'-
.STEOORAl'llER Voung man stenographer:
railroad poltlon: salary so per month. HK 101
Clerk, and Cnllt-cturs.
ASSISTANT bookkeeper. 173; hotel clerks. S0
month, board, room. American. 919 Olive
COOKK EEPKR-Young man of neat apnear
ance. quick at figures, nome knowledge of book
keeping; must b exceptionally good nenman
Call at Hapgoods. 915 Chemical building, h,
Louis, Mi
CASHIER for country bank; $1,500 yearr rcf-
erence reaulred. American.
319 oiivc
CASHIER or business manager; thorough
business man. with best of references and calh
CletftM aad Ccillrclura.
IIxprlenccd pint cry
erence 344;
I. KICK lnluktrious grocery clerk, come
readv for work 1?12 Market
tLKKK -Night c.erk for hotel. J4 pr month
and board A pl C Fine -t. upstalif
CJ.FRK-An experienced night c er for small
flrt-Ctns hotel, one who can room out. famlh
cood refe--ence, n.a 1 nalarj, HJ 33 Repuollc
t VJ1I.M TOR doling man to (Ollxt. mu
hjo had excellence Merchant' Hpres Co
( OM.KCTOR and n roll nnn for large d
paitmcnt Mote. Sst incnth American, 313 O'ie
er elerM. I' I
1 lerU, $16. clgir c!rk, JI5. sro
Anierlcan. 319 Otlip
JI'VIOIt OKI G r 1. BRK-Chouteau and Jef
ferso j aie
C e-if- i (ethnical and pal-mn. patn? S !.'.
to k. irn) ear ronimunlcitlon ptrlctlv tonR
d Oiiv
MAX utiiift nun in wholesale grccerj houe,
tlJ per nek Apph S2J line st
ree h Ins
an Oile
mer mfg comppnj IIV. hipping5
bill fieri f, Jl to ?JS Am-r.taii.
OITICK Hsslftants. jun men; e;ctua
Sift. J.V whole-ate, JT). arittapt iirplrp Hi
tolle"tor tV. !. gh Bro" . 4"ntiirv hnlldlnu
PAILROI and enre.
ir nili .Hid tip Xrieru&n
office epra
l if Er. xrenen.--d ;rc-c-r clerks for te
tail tft'9 0 to 5k" wrek 0I Eoeut Up
board pn 1 nom
J75. hot! stor-revm.1 man $o
XmT'can l O'iie
rWO voting men ait In wholale crocert
513 week adt ane e-j.nt when r.ananted 'H
TWO ourcr men run on 1 awnr tram"
$1 m $j week ihrotih AVorld s Fa!r rms
nor opn SI lviist urnir
')! M
- office altint" 513 to
31? Olhe
A HI NG men hlopir.g and parking depart
inens iroo l u.tgpe American 31 1 Olle
Ol XG man
" unth and b a
sta.rs elerk m hn- tto-eroemi, SI)
d Xpplj at 9I Locust. u,-
W NiED Rcruit fo- the i; 3 Marn
f,ru able bcdl'd iinmnrrled men. bet w -en
21 ard SS, iroot1 enarar'er must speak read
and write Furl"! marln serve tit ee en
men of r .r all pirt or 1e wn-11 en ziut
.n cur Ic,aml rci?ssons nnd at nav a satton
lnFrltedSt.it- App Rcrjlllng Offlc- Past
Offite irdg : ,-hih and Oiive j-t. St Iu!
u;i:m ami ji.esmkx.
Acre l.
A4JENTS to hannU the math tndo- anl
(gar cutter I tist out teriltert rs ype
Room 1. Iefrr on bul dt g JtfTetLn and Oliv-
'l for MeKerai.-
PALE-MAN-Min fami'Ur with gas fixtures
ond gas ma td ne vvltli .i -rerln pn
If ied t sll 1 high grade mNntl to -vboV
ral trad" -oo.t . ontraet to right rn in Ca'l
at Hiipcooils 'i6 t henilri building St liTUle
PIDGEEi WLKER CO. whclesals tailor,
lyjj'-v tile I.v mv orenlngs for seteral
traveling sal-nKn. applicants to describe ex
jerrience. aIo names of re'ererce
W-ber. 111 ejllte
13 to 5"'3 wekl
rMlCkt JKltll
Third st
card prlr-
for World Tair
reai onable 3IC S
SVLFMANMan acnuiintd with citv drug
trade. rrcprle;nrv m'utclre. per I time etc.
ir erfencd man nl. good cppottunlt for the
-icht mm Call at llnpgool 515 Chemical
building, st I.oui. Mo
SALESMEN Experienced tratedng t.tthlng
sal"-inrn to represent u In th- hiates cf O'lio,
Indiana Illinois, Arkanra Louisiana, Alaltaria
anl ili-! spp cnl those with eTp-rlence und
who i in lomminl trade AppI witli leftr
rcr to M II Ijuthheimer A t-on Balti
more Mil
At om e. male olocitor
1 all nt 122 Morgan st
Cum nstsera.
CNVSERi Good canvaweis fr wagon
routes Athletic Tea Co 313 Franklin ave
C NVAt-.;ER Demonstiatlng Iad canvasser,
eit nnd ccuntrv work good salarj paid Gray
3S"v2Iaifnvette ave
L.VDY agents and canvassTs; household arl
cl. giwd paj free sample- 70 Bur'Ington b d
3iisrr.Li.Anots wants.
HIGHEST price pale1 for gentlemen's cast-of
rlothlnc-, shoe and feathra; send postal; will
call II Yitk-man !S High st
MATTRESS making. leather renovating;
wtvMc and retail dealers feathers. 3539 Finney
MEN'S oil clothing, pnv twice as much ftl
otheis. postal Kin A lCg Hllberg. 14is Carr
XEW anl old clothlnc
other, petal Kintoch
pa twice ns much a
A ! Hllbert, 1410
STAMPS, new anl ued. coin, curio, auto
graphs. Canadian monev bought and mid. St.
I-ul Stamp and Coin Co.. 113 N. Eleventh.
OnflPFRACF Secondhand of all kinds.
UUUrr.nHir. bought and sold all the year
round. George Bruerkmann. Main and Valentin
Brass and copper platlnr pollshtrir. taauerlns
and reiairlnr of all kinds. Kintcch II 22.
B. S. SAVILLE. UL N. Seventh it.
ROOM and boani for one permanent boarder;
not ov er $4 HK 107. Republic
BORD for three In private familv. perma
nent, must be reaonabl- and West End, HK
60. Republic
FLATS and houses, for cash: customers call
quick Missouri. Kana and Oklahoma Com
pany. .i)l Chestnut st
OXE room, good locality. Addre B. E
Planters Hoiel
ON South Side, room for single gentlemsn; ne
rbjctlon to roommate; state price; no World
Fair rate, permanent. HK a3. Republic
PERMXNENTLY. unfurnished, three or four
room, central location, reasonable rent. Ad
dress 306 N Eighteenth
TWO furnished room, for light housekeep
ing, privilege of bath preferred. b young
tonple without children, permanent, price net
to exceed V0 pr month. HK SI, Republic
lO rent. firt-cins flat of five or six room,
second floor, northern, central or western dis
trict; will take a lase for one or two ear
Applv Down-draft Boiler Co., Tent)-thlnl and
Papln st
- iarte:rs wAirmn.
ri - i -i- - i"iiifiitri-iJM tt-if-ii"in
PMtTNDR with $3t) for outside luneh and
bootblack tand Inquire store. 1707 Market
PARTNER with small capital for established
business out of cit call Burt, 2710 Locust.
PARTXER to take charge of office; small
c.ip'tal requlied, business tstablihed. HK S7,
PARTNER with experience jn good-pa)tns:
booth, on v $300 required Call on Mr Weigh?
letween lo and 12 at booth Walled City, Philip
pine grounds. World's Fair.
wantj:d for business purpose.
TO rent restaurant in World's Fair grounls
Address Joef Roger. 5600 Cates ave
IF 5011 lnv a Iioue or stpre to wire, let me I
hid. or we both Ise moitev tirt tw-
Grove ave
, called
for and d-lleie IC19 X. Tenth
Tin the
American cave; home cook'ng. 339
UPHOLSTERING, furniture repairing at
residence or shop; mattresses rcnoated 73c
jarlcr suits. $"; couches, $:. Sodeski, h3 v"
Garrisen ...
WANTKD-carrlage factory: must be good
PropoHtlon. at eiceptlonal bargain. HK IK
UNPARAl.l.KL,ED choice suiting. J5- SJ
trous-rs to order. M.50. London Tailoring.' 931
N. Itrondway. ,
BATEftlTColitalnea. lilcilor. . f.m..n
r CR I Jt HoWuns. Patsnt hm i-i-
clusHely. Httcn.. MJi-7-n- Mo J-uat bide
' ,r-1i'-siV'tirli tetrv--tfjfjj
CEMLEMAN roommate wanted at 4554 D-d-mar.
ROOtATr-t'"rot ro"m: southern exposure
M per week. 2119 S. Jefferson ave.
ROOM and board bv young couple; private
famlv. permanent. SE 16. Republic.
ROOMMATE for gentleman;
week: private family. 233 S.
hot bath: K
ROOMMATK Young man clerk; second-floor
room: two beds: J1.50 each. 61! Franklin.
ROOMMATK bv congenial young lady: nice
room: best board; all conveniences. 3130 Mor-
r.OOlfSIATK for gentleman: rtv,m and bca d
reaxonable; references required. 4X8 Page boule-
GENTLEMAN roommate; nlcelv furnishTt I
;;:;, - ..iaui:. a, aev.
i.iKaUOOD Twi. pleasant rooms lath
pleasant yard and surroundings; near tiali
street cars. XI R 7. Republic '
B.R?Lhl-,hy,'ldy- w,tnln "" of
t1 WW shade and milk: stata mice am? n.r
Uculam. HK 8!. Republic: P par"
RAKERY and confectlon"ry
cood location;
324 North Market st.
tIAltlibK Mhoii, three tnaird,
earth or time. lilO Salisbury.
BARBER hup, establtbed eighteen ear,
com- and inxestigate 04 X Klgnth st.
BARBER shop, four chairs, bargain. inuit
ei Imm-diiteij . plckress leading cit. 2"7 X.
BARBER hrp, two hairs, established tnen
t jnr: gwd let at ten, gwlng out of bunii -.
Ilk 111. Ifputlh.
six chairs. djin
othr business, a
3iJ irr
w"K. Muif into
Ilt. 1. Uepublb
1.0ARDIX4;.HOLSi; 14 rooms. 4 baths, ren;
fumlshed. t holer st location In titv $ ) tah.
balance nionlhtt l-ae to Dttmb,r i.Jl Eu-
a ar.
CANOY Ice-i rara and oia vater butns
it a baigaln this wtt-lc. 1J7 t-rjnklin
1 IG Mi otore. aith lau.tdrv fcranth. cne if
the hept legations in ciu j;n Olne
CIGAR store and laundry branth, good ttand,
reason. Ill a!th tar2aln. fi N N.Ptl1
IGAKs, tenia, fountain, bt-t lcatlen in tit;.
$? dot.n. balance fmis. HJ0 Market
CIGAR. tcnfecioni, noi-n. brant.t laun
dr. with two lltlrg-room- 3515 Olfte st
iAR -tu. 'cund-j ofhtc g d ct4bll
stai'.l- ohec bulnes. 308 N Tv.eirih cf
u; i:
Ice cream on1 fru't t!nd; r-ac.
good 10 ation. cheap. 502 S. Fourtth
' 0.rl.( lloNEirr and i'
IV n ton st
creirn ar orj iI3
ONFI 1 J10I.R three r. tih no 1 omj -tftltn
5!' co.n, baUnt .as -cli na.f ire.
- j I'jiJieau
( (iXKfe. "IKINER be cream sdJtinC
rt-iner nun ht AIiktvhc r'nt i. 1 (e
517". e trms :"5 ote Brillfnnte ae
OXPI t IItNiR, bt lo ati n m .
heap rent good lit iog-rroni n" H-ipz rerc
and save hii'iMiid -inrj. n 1 anii j,?-eo-
k '''-' ' Ptnit
CONFI'ITIONERY. ctgar. bkeiv, liunl-y
bran I nmhborht-sJ notion fin c.et n . -r
rer 3IJ rent MIrg-rocr:: 510 nh, small ra'
ame pi'd fr ra profits WorId s Fair ItrrkTac
. fn cn-tnut
iiiittui sniooo rooms aote good location
f ail Elliot and Wash
DRl G tore loeafd on hm corrr W et
End, fresh I-an ec k doini: a butni r f
i to $ Ialtv lew rein !ir a grat var
gnln rrtec tl ? half ih
.02 i ntur oiiild. 1
EIGHT-ROOM r onilng-hon- v.HI fu-.i l,
a'wj, full tplj 3J1 X" Xin-fenth
1 -I'AHM-
rvv t-llins
Eaioii eve
HEI hue euitaui
fT 52 1 on a nil
-t of ?
gouc- toie t a hdr-in.
Zl galena '
REIT. ioraCii and cand store Jl .
nut th-tp
kip ta-li rctrv, exill'iit Ioati .
' I'Qitualtv f r rlaht pirt 'fcCO-22 S r.
G(OD-Pl"IM 'esnuran:
lusines- 34 X. Third
owner nas o-v-
GROCI.R tor'- with liv rt inorrs
tain leaving tltv .-Zii S U oadwa.
at a lar-
t;RO(ER and market
mnh totk $1 3"0. will sll
1 ale. $io-i
:i,Vi HK 11,
1 r
GROCER an-I salom, oil North St Loul
stand. g od stock anl nit-ir- rerr J-i. thr-
Iitrg-noms. t-et reasons prie $1 "w ;ia
eot,k ty'l 4"hetnut
GROCF ItY and ea.con. en of he oer , m
fdatadi. will invoire from $2.-0 to $rj &) Gat
Riewini: 's Hi1- X hixtn
HALF interest In th Iargt downtown rv
tiurant ton- much tuin s for m to hanil.
I am a first-cla cock: want a partv for tah
lr. etc a snap; Investigate ii Wahnztcn.
HOTEL, fifteen room, for sale. furr.L.hd;
Miourl town ,t .'V); trade etablih'1d: two
iaIlioad J Ik Buit. KlrksvIUe. Mo
LFNCH tand, soda fountain and Ice-cream
tarlor fine locution 1312 Market.
LFXtHROOM; Ice-cream parlrr, with soria
fountain. leaving it 4419 EUston ave
LFXCH wagon, full -ej'Jlried kitchn out
fit cos $300; In excellent ti ndition; $.a han
dle, eill and e it Glarcock, 932 Chestnut
.MET market, rent $J. come at once and
lu hurs and wagon lfg Aike.
.MflDEItN furnished six-room house suitable
lot ation for joom-rs, cbap Call ?0S N Ivon
Call 1238 Baard ave
for tash or on time.
BESTAFEAXT and roomirg-houe; se th's.
before buIng anything elrt. 1220 Pine
RESTAURANT, splendid location; doing geod
buinR. must sell account sle'enes. gui QHve.
RESTAUR NT ind toarding-hous-, roe-i
bulne. fcuv street, ten tables, ten rrcms.
G Republic
RESTAURANT, central factory dltrict. sell
half cost; JDi down balance frm. snap PS
RESTAURANT; en rranklln ae.. doing $3.
dally biuslne: leae 52. price $3.V, terms to
suiL D. Monran. 90 Chestnut.
RESTAURANT: $100 cash, bilanc 41135) ean :
fine corner, direct line to Fair; alwavs rood
hulnes herer lease; snap. Glascock, $92 Chest
nut RESTat'RANTr fine location; hsp renti .
bargain: $150; call to-dav; other buias 17w f
ROOMING-HOUSE: near Grand; 11 raom;
forced sale: this week $3W. HK -9. Republic.
ROOMING-HOUSE. Wash'ngton; 12 rooms;
la-e; $41 sacrinee. no agents; owner. HK S,
ROOMING-HOUSE- ten well-furnihed room--:
piendid location; full paying- recple. GG l.il.
POOMING-HOUSE; nine morr; all filled:
food location; cheap If std at once. 344t
S rlan. light rooms;
teau ate.
$123 down, balance easy,
clearing $A 1J21 Chou-
KOOMING-HOUSE: ten well-furnlhed rooms.
best location; bargain; buy of owner. 270
ROOMING-HOUSE: IS lsrc room, rlchlv
$70: direct car line from Union Station; $l)
cah. balance asv. 390 Park.
ROOMING-HOFSB; $200 cah. balance month
lv; newly painted and papered: 9 rooms; direct
line from Union Station to Fair; good fumlfh
ings. 3317 Laclede ave.
ROOMING-HOUSE: te rooms; full of room
ers; lease: low rent; Investigate this brr
galn. 213 N. Twent) -first.
ROOMING-HOUSE; Lucas and Garrison; rent
$75 $250 Income house filled all time; price
Js-,0; bargain. P. Morgan. $09 Chestnut.
ROOMING-HOUSE, with 12 room, nlcelv fur
nlehcd all furniture In firt-ctass condition;
full of roomers: income $110 month. 1C40 s.
Eighth .
ROOMING-HOUSE: corner; outside room;
brand new; exceptional bargain; nin rooms;
lease; $230, balance ea : fine proposition;
hurry. Sis X. Ewlng.
ROOMING-HOUSE: 10 room; opposite the
park; $0 rent; convenient three car lines for
downtown: price $400; we alwajs gt snap.
World's Fair Brokerage Co . 105 Chestnut.
ROOMING-HOIsf;: 14 room; Wahinrion
ave., downtown: $.00 month Income: need heln:
sell bilf Interest $700; soon clear this; pay to
investigate World's Fair Brokerage Co , y-6
Che-tnut .
ROOMING-HOUSE: downtown; 16 rooms: rnt
$4". est 1 jenr; big Income; owner leaving;
terms. Glascock. 02 Chestnut.
ROOMING-HOUSE: Olive st.. near Union
f-titlon: 11 rooms; rent ICO; Income $230 month:
all Bruels carpt. Glascock. 2 Chestnut.
ROOMING-HOUSE; elizht room- lease; rea
sonable rent; full of roomers; splendid loca
tion; bargain If sold at ence. See owrcr, 2165
ROOMING-HOUSES; will exchange clear land
cr 1st) and some cah for gtod rooming-house
See mv agents, Edwards Brokerage Co., W7
Chestnut st.
ROOMIN4.-HOUSE: 14 rooms; enly lx Wockn
from World's Fair grounds; newly and beauti
fully furnished throughout: all modern conven
ience: always full at high prices; eiwnr slk
nnd mut sell at a great sacrifice; rheap rent;
Ieae. price $1 OoO: worth double se
302 Century building.
SAIXWX: Al corner.
Co.. 919 N. FUth.
Inquire Gas Jlreweing
SAliOON. In manufacturing dl-trlct: T IHIng-room-:
will Invoice: bargain. 11:0 S. Third.
SAI.OON". restaurant and nomlng-house: on
account death HOOP- worth reono 1400 Clark.
SAIXJON. stock and future-. Including boarding-house;
45 rooms, all furnished: cheap: com
pelled to e-ll on account of slcknc-s; all fac
tory trade. fVTO N. Broadway.
J-ALOON: best location In city: now doing ex
cellent bu!n---: reasomble rent: good reasons
selling; pTIc. rea-onable. Glascock. ?02 chestnut
SAI.OON: Olive street
stock: leas-: license paid;
:vll Olive.
location: fixtures,
S40O. balance t'rms.
SALOON: south of Market rt : good location;
opno-itc large factorv emplovlng over 3.ono;
sellirr account leaving citv- 05 43. Republic.
SALOON: t3.M0 buys saloon: d.llf receipts
SIOO: ll.-Ai handles It. See Edward. Brokerage.
Co. So7 CIistnut t.
SALOON: located at main entrance to wor'd'
Fair grounds: doing a big business; owner has
other large Interests and cannot manage both;
will sell at a great bargain: for terms se
. 302 Century building.
SOUVENIR stand; rine-t location In the city:
Investigate this bargain. 1110 Olive st.
SIX nicely furnlhed rooms;
riist sell on account of sickness.
all occupied;
1732 Carr.
STORE: laundry, news branch and 14 fur
nished room: cheap rent; fine location: Income
S.175 month: bargain. Armstrong. 1801 Plnc
1326 Franklin ave.
and furniture: must sell.
THE furniture of a five-room flat, nt a song,
and sing It vourself. Missouri. Kansas and
Oklahoma Company. Sol Chestnut.
3c and 10c store; two Ilvlng-moms; nt $2?
$300 stock; $123 soda fountain: $30 fixtures; will
take $4V. See tM at once. 3110 Easton,
TWO-CHAIR barber shop: twelve miles
from citv. Apply A. J. Fisher. Fergu-on MO-
TWO-CIIAIR barber shop nr wtll exchang
fcr on. in country town: cheap rent, go'a
hurlness. HK 73. Republic.
For Sal.
mivjiui-e ijargains to reduce our stocg
prior to removal, we will sell our wheels cheap.
Morgan a Harding. 3S5S Ollvs C
z&t;h4iKJV.;iAv vc- r
S&in,-' v
Sj"3 ----a.-'.J' f
tt' -.- .v -sit.
-jAfef-AaKeS- -. -"--.

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