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d il
The sharp snappv soothinjj
beverage. A taWespoonful
to a glas of water, -with or
Tnthout sugar. At oda foun
tains or at drug and grocery
store, in bottles containing
enough to make 50 glasses.
L. Ht & Co. Ltd.. Line lines Merchants
ls4s, Illk Wl Isilsa.
MS. P. SMITH a CO . Sol cenU.
MS a. 4th St.. St. Legit.
nte Villi Br ItetTrecn M. I. C. Triple
A. MinOonrr State and Central
1. M. C. A.
The championship and handicap" of
the Western Association of the A. A V..
which will be held In the World Fair
Stadium Friday and Saturday, will bring
nut all of the boot local athletes, as ne!I
as those of other cities.
The Kansas Clt Athletic Club has en
tered a strong team, and Is said to hae
a good chance of winning the point ban
ner offered for the club scoring the great
est number of points.
The Missouri Athletic Club and the
Triple A "quad will nlso hac their -n
In the matter, a" both these associations
nave strong teams at the present time.
Doctor A. J. Kennedy of the Central T.
M (.. A. hopes foi great things from the
athleteH of lhat institution. H Im
worked liard with them for some time and
hopes that his efforts will count for tome
thing. The hundred-yard dash will br.ng to
st ther Turner of the A. A. A . llcckwolf
of the M. A. C. Moulton of the Kansas
City Club. Seay of the Y. M. C. A and
J C. Darling of the University of Okla
homa, y.ho arrived yesterday and will
Compete in the short wnrlnta and hurdles
-jtiMi u-o-ia jump
Ivj The hundred should Drove an Intel ost
II Ji,sr con'est hh all the men are good.
1 Turner ard Heckwolf are about on an
equal. while Stav is .1 fast man. Moulton,
", (Men 111 rorm, should win the event, but
r the Oklahoma man is said to be very fast
I and has done the century in ten flat on
an inferior track.
Huff and Lcaton will also compete in
the hundred under the colors of the Y.
J. C. A The weight events will probably
So to the M. A. C . although Kansas
mlht secure them.
Sonth Texan Lragrae.
At Galveston Galveston t Fin Antonio 2.
M Beaumont Beaumont-Houston pme post
poned; rain.
lovra State I.rngne.
At Fort Dodge rYrt Dope t Kokuk 0
At Bo'ne Boone 4 Hurhngton 2.
At Waterloo Waterloo 1". Ottunma
At Marsballtown Osl.alccta 4, Marsha'l
losrn L
Cotton Mates I.rajtae.
Vt Natchez Mcksburg 5, Natetier 0
t Monro Monroe e Greenville 2 -
At rina Bluft-I'lne Blurt 4. Baton Rouge 2.
Central Lenanf.
AtTerre ITaule Terre Haute 6, VAheeMni; r
M frouth Bend outh llenrt 11 reorla 4
t arand Itapldi Grand Itaplds 4. Tort
Wavne 1
Off day for the Kvansvllle and Dayton teams
win lave the dyspeptic from many
days of misery, and enable him to eat
whatever he ishes. They pre ent
cause the food to assimilate and nour
ish the body, give keen appetite.
and solid muscle. Elegantly su-ar
i ii lit r rT i
Take No Substitute.
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
Tj6cd by people of refinement
for over a quarter of a century
Caidinal Contci Nip l'hate at
Plate iu Ninth Inning ami
IM events Tjing Tall.
Allows Only One Hit Until the
Eighth, When He Is Winded
b ltunniiig Out Sec
ond Triple.
ST.n,-vG or hie cLtn".
vntinnnl 1 ensue.
iinh i w i.ri , riuh p w. i. iv
N V ork 1 hfl 2T 73 i Tcrrilnjl. VI lh 27 . .1
Ct.rairn U a. tilr I F rcoklvn 11 :. 7 3'7
ii cm ii tj 0i ; &,oino.ion s: ?i n
Illt?burc w j Sj US I l'HIU . ;i n i,
liere 1 her Plav 'lo-rifi-v.
C(.i(ilnal at llt'sbirit I Cinr'niuti at Chlcara
I'hl adeiphu t li'ston Inroc'a .1 at N lift
A eMenlnY's Rraulta.
tnrdlnsl 5 Pitt,
burs 4
I Uolon J rhlUlJfl.
I rhia I
ritt'burj. luh rT Snioot heautiful
throw from deep center Held to the plite
in the ninth mnins cut Itltchev down and
saved the Rirre fo- St IouH thl after
noon J to It wti one of the most nar
iow quenl een for some time. anJ
though t'ittburc blamel Jlmmv UurKc
for ret tins in Uitchev vtav it third.
Hob Ets'Iic "aid he na there to umpire
and not to lsid and the man was dccla-cd
out It nai Jut a trFfle too elose for
the tomfort of St I.OU."
Two handi wpre sone and Ritchev on
cecond when Carlch hit safe to mi'Jdl
lield Smoot took the ball on the flm
bound and made the throw O Neil!
pitched wonderful bill but one lilt brlns
made off him up until the eichth imirg,
when he was winded by running out hH
second liiplc.
Throuch the wlldne of I. nch St. louis
scored one 111 th fl-it inniiiK. WHh two
Eone Reeklej rinclfd nnd Smoot did the
Fame. Ilraln pot a ba-v on bill filling
Ihe harc Rare!a wilted and wilkel
forcitiK llecklcv in F.urke struck out and
inado a fearful kick backed b.v Sh. ard
Miav was sent from the grojiids bj
A lipntninjr double play bv Shannon
and Heehkv ietirintr Scbrinp ind Rllchej
in th reconl Inning, stopped whit seemed
a sool rtart bv I'lttsburc.
tn Pt tortus.- hull nf the eenn.1 innlnc"
Grndv plaved vcrv poor lwebnll He
vvts on flrt when O'Neil dumped the
ball I.vnch made a wide throw, which
W ainicr cot with 011" nanrt but was
pu'led off the lnie ind ttradv overrun
tl.c ba-e. but made no enort to cei dick
while acner was much ovcrhaNneed
asncr came back anil touched him out,
to the dep d!KUst of other St IouH
nlavers v. ho piled at Clradv. The Citch-
er claimed he timuKhl Enille had called
lilm out tnc first time.
Ir the fifth Innins '"Spike ' Shannon did
omc fiet footwork, scoring from flrt on
a Millie He had a Ioik lead olt first
when Recklev made his third single to
rirfit middle Sebrlnc made a neat pick
up and rclaved to Kitchc, who atood too
near record for Hecklev to tako the
chance on :cond The plaj to the plate
was without Haw, but Shannon beat It
In the Mxth Innine St. I.oulr put the
blocks to Mi. I'Vnch properlj. Burke
sinsiea. stole arconu ana took tnira on
Carlsh't wild throw. Grad singled, scot
Inif Burke. O Nell hit to the pennant
pole for three baes, scoring Gradv.
In the elshth InnlnK. w-ith Rurke on
baso, O'Neil hit for another triple, and
mat made trouDie tor hi ioois. as lie
went in the box very shortlv after and
was banged all over the lot by the Pitts
burg, who scored four run. Buik.es
error and two hits tilled the acks and
Otto Kruger then lilt to the penant polo
for three bases and scored himself later
on Wagner's out. How near Pittsburs
came to 15 lng tne score in tnc ninth in
ning has been told.
The score:
AB R 1( O K T.
Beaumont, center field... 3 1 1 (1 A 0
Kruser. third bas 111:10
Uasner. jhort'ton 10 0 4 10
Branafleld. n-at base.... 4 0 0 , t
bebrlnc. right Held 3 0 0 3 0 0
Rltchej, aecond bae . 4 o 1 5 1 j
Srnltn. left H'ld 4 1 ; 0 0
Cfcrtsche. catcher 4 2 1 1 1
Lynch, pitcher 3 1 1 2 2 0
Totals 31 4 :7 10 7
AB R H O s E
Farrell. aecond bate 5 n 1 S 0
bhannon, rieht Held . . . 1 0 I 0 0
I.eckley. flrt baee E 1 3 13 0 i
hmoot, cnler field 4 11 1 0 1 o
Uraln. shortstop 3 0 0:40
Barclay left fltld 4 11 3 0 0
Burke, third bate 4 1 2 0 3 1
Gradv. catcher 1 1 1 0 0
O Neill, pitcher 4 0 2 0 3 0
Total J3 "S 19 27 JS "l
Pittfburr 0O000004 04!
St. Louli 10 0 0 10:1 0-5)
Tliree-base hits Kruser 1. O'Neill I Sacrifice
hlte Kruger 1. Smoot 1. Gradv 1 stolen l,ai
Brain 1. Burke 1 Doub n play-FarreI! and
Beckl-j I. Bae on lalla Oft I.jneh 6 oft
O Nelll 3 Struck out Bv Lvrich 1, b O N'lll
) Time One hour and fortv-flve mlnutea.
Umpire Hnislie.
Boston 8, Philadelphia 5.
Boston. Julv 5 Hard and tlmelj batting-,
coupled with Philadelphia a errore. (rave Boston
a victory to-dav. Attendance 250 S-ore:
Geier. cf .. o 3 3 I) 0
AB H O 4. E
Themae, ef 4 0 i 0 0
Gleaton. 2b e 1 4 1 0
VVohton.Sb 4:030
Magec, rf 4 ,1 m i 0
Donohue lb 4 1 9 0 0
Tltui If. . 3 0 10 1
Hulwltt, e 4 1 ; X 1
Roth c. .31(31
Spark p . 3 4 1 0 0
Fraer, p . 0 0 00 0
Duffy . .. 1 o v 0 0
Total . 35 a :4 11 1
Tennv lb.. 4 2 13 o n
Abtat o s
Coolev. If 4
Del'h tj.3b 4
Banner 3I 4
t ame. rf. 4
Neediam,c 1
Ullhelm. pS
1 11
1 3
Totals 80 IS 2' 3 1
Batt'd for Spark In elshth
Boston .. 3no A ill. s
Philadelphia 0 0 0 : 0 3 0 1 C-3
Teo bare hit Mage 1 Three base hits
Abbatiehlo 1. Carnej 1. Magee 1 Stolen bases
Vvolverlon 1 Ucletrty 1 Double rial
Cleasnn and Roth 1 Flirt base on bailaoff
Vllh-lm : off l-rarer 1 Hit bj pitehM ball
By Wllhelm TltLs Struck out By IVIIhelm
3 h feparki 4 Hits Ot fcparks'll. In teven
Inntres, off Traser : In one Innlnc Time of
same One horn and fortj-flve minutes UmpireCarpenter.
"vesr tlorU 11. Brooklyn 2.
New Tork. Julv 17 New York won handily
bv a score of 11 to 3. Mtcndarce 8552 Score:
Brooklvn New Tork
nobos. ef. 4 3 1 0 1 Mcrk cf . s 3 1 o n
Dillon, lb . 3 0 9 11 0 Browne rf. 3 n 11 0 0
I.umlev. if. 4 13 3 0 Ma-shall rf 11 0 0
Sec'ard If 4 1 1 fl 0 Djnn. 3b 5 3 : : n
Mran. 2b. 4 1 1 2 1 McGann, lb 1 0 j l 0
Babb. f.... 3 3 4 11 ilertes. If. 4 1 0 1 11
liersen. r.. 4 1 1 4 Oahlen. . S 3 a 2 1
.loltlan Sb 2 0 3 3 1 Gilbert, Jli 2 1 2 4 n
. ole. n . 1 0 o i 0 v arner. e. 4 .'12 : 0
Jone, v 3 0 0 0 l 'Alllee, p . 4 1 0 1
Total- .32 : 13 1 Tctal . 3S l: -7 11 1
L.loo!.lyli .. . . 0 11 : 0 11 (1 0 0 0 2
New lork 00012103 ..11
TMee-hase hitn-Lumlev 1 Oacrlflco hits
Broene I, Merte 1. unbert 1. Dillon 1 Stolen
tares Dunn Ilertes 1 Shcckard 1. Sftranj 1
nabb Ij Hltr Off Poole l in : Innlnss off
Jones, 11 In 6 Innings. Left on bases New York
7, E-ooklirx C First base on balls Off IMltse
1. off Poole 1. off Jones 1 1 irst base oa errors
New Yor"t J Broonlvn 1 Hit bj pitched balls
B WIIte t, bv Poole 1. bj Joiea 3. Struck
out By VVlltae. . by Poole 1. bj Jones 2. Time
of came Ore hour and flft-llve minutes Um
pire Ztrnroer.
Farrell Denies Report That He
tlcnta to Replace Grimth.
Fnnk farrell. owner of the New Tork
Americans, denies that he Is seeking a
new manager for the Invade!?. Spcakinj
of the matter, he saldt .
"To begin with, I consider Clarke Grif-
4 .
. ..-.-.. .
A foimer Senator.' who is making cod In tne ii'fi'ld '(it tne St lxuls American
Iscue tern
flth the bet ba'ball manager In the
country I do not even bar MGi w.
Ilaiilon. Selee or am of the other" I
im not after Scicc of the Ch.cago N'.
tional; ' Some time aso '"clec canie to me and
a--ked me to grt hlni a position as man
ager of some of the "imcrican I.etgue
clubs. 1 told him I would tee v hat I
could do At the time I had the Ielroit
club in mind Selee was mide no offer
bv mo nor had I inv int-ntion of get
tin; him to manage the New "iork Amer
icans "What he did do was to try and get
me to mike him an offer o that he
could go to Hart and oemand more moncj
or threaten to quit XtJ promise to c
vhat I v-onld do was apparcntlj enough
for him as be went to Hart and held
1 lm up for more moncj '
Who wouldn't lv a ball plaver partlo
ularlv on a winning teitn The Giants
,ir going to tour l.uropo at the end of
the -ca"on. and McGravv Is to meet King
Rllly Hamilton Is bitting at V) clip in
th N'er England league.
Clarence Eugene "right. tlie former
Brownie, pissed through Pt I.ouis vh
tcrdav lie told Mike Donovsn that he
is booked to flni-h the season with At
lanta Fred Ruelotv the former Detroit catcl.
er. Ls now one of Armour 1 Blue Itlnls.
1 h- Teuton should strengthen I.ijole s
catchins department. ".
Tat Dougherty may be a d-ad one from
a Boston standpoint, but he nan proven
himself vfrv much alive since he joined
New York. Kip Selbich, who succeeded
Dougherty, is miking an error nearl
even dav. Doughert) is battlrg moic
than SO) and Selbach around rjo.
Mike Donlin wa.s the goods in a uni
fnrm but was riamaced bv water-on-the-
lde when he got into nls collar ands
Rube W'addell of the Athletics has
eloped with three rt.ijs advance pav.
Walter Clarkson gets $(000 a jear.
Two straight from Pittsburg Isn't a bid
starter. If tho Cardinals keep up their
good work they will make the local fans
lorgct that the fifty-seven varieties were
ever called b the same name.
Lou Drill, the former W'athlngton catch
er, is now a Tiger, the sturdy little Pa
cific Coaster having been signed by De
troit recently.
Ned Hanlon, manager of the Brookljns,
sajs that Pittsburg Is the strongest club
In the world But then Ned Is begin
ning to show signs of being a has-been
and probably Judges others by himself,
which ls sometimes h bad business
Missouri Valley l.eane.
At Sprlnetleld.
Sprlnifie'd 0 o ; 0 3 0 0 0 3 10 3
nttsbure .. iS000001 14 ID 4
Batteries Ho-ton Crairr and Schmidt. Sim
son. Bacrwald. anl Seabaugh Umpire Collins
Time of kame One hour ai d thlitj minutes
Fprlnrfield .2 o n o n i 0 0 o 4 :
ntlburr 2 0 13 0 0 0 7 11 I
Batteries. Towers and Schmidt. Torrlc anl
Seabaurh Umpire rollln" rime of game
One hour and thlrtv-flvc minutes
At Jopbn:
Joplln . 3010:000 2-S s 4
Iola .... .20100000 1-3 6 4
Batterle Morris and Vanderhlll Milton and
Selgc. UmrUe 0ens Time of came one
hour and thlrtj-nve minutes
Sonthern I rnsrne.
Little Rock Nashville 19
Memphis 1 Atlanta 10
Blrmlngham-Shrevepoit no name, rain
K. T. T. I.cMKne.
At Cairo Cairo I Pnducah 2
At Oarksvlile llender'on (, Clarksvllle "
(eleven Innings
At Ilopkinsville Vincenncs C. Hopkinavllle
Texas Iattue.
At Fort Worlh-Fcrt Worth 2, Dallsj. .1
At Corsicana Corricana-Parls frame peat
poned. rain
Minor Games. s
Brookllelil Mo. luly 27 Prookrield croseed
bats with Chillieothe In this cll lo daj result
ing In a score of 9 to 8 In favor of Brovktleld
Aeronaut Tliomllnson and a Jeffer
son Gnard JlnLe First Trip.
The first ascension of the larger of the
two captive balloons was made at 11.C0
o'clock vestcrday morning The trip was
made from the platform in the southeast
corner of the aerodrome, and the car wa?
occupied bv the Jefferson Guard on dutv
at the aeronautic concourse and George
Thomllnon of Svracufe, N. T.
The balloon is capable of earning thiee
passengers, and the fine quality of the
nydrogen secured b the watei process
tan lift eventj pounds to the ROOO cubic
feet. Regular trips for carrjlng pas-n-gets
will be made. The view of tho
grounds at 101 feet l like a birds-eve
map. and the sensation Is one of freedom
and cxliilaietloii
T. C Eenbaw. the Montana aeionaut.
who will compe'e foi the airship prize of
fered bv the Exposition, will take his
motor and baPoon to the aerodrome from
De'mar Garden this morning, and witn the
advantage of the fine quality of gas turned
out bv the pi..nt, expects to make a suc
cessful flight within a short time.
The lAorlil on 'Wheels Satarday.
Two moRfter parades: 100 i. m and t
p.m. Something doing every minute Grand
Carnival of "Nations on the Lasoon The
fight of a lifetime. (A battl ro4I of
i VBlw "''' "X.
it s,DIu; OF THE CLUB.
American Leagne.
I ( lub P TV. U Pet I Club p W I, Pi t
B.len V r,2 31 -- Pblla . 11 41 .531
thlcasi -: .il 3 nrcwn . H !4 43 .H7
S ork 10 47 3 iSS Detroit ?0 S.1 47 4H
(.level.! "s ii 31 070 1 Wash 7 17 3 :!
1hrie They Play To-Day.
Pro-1 ns at "sew tork
1 eslerdar's Rcaulta.
Boston 2 Chlcaeo .
Detroit 0. I'hlladel i
I Cleveland 3-7. Wa-h-I
lnaton 3
Boston , Cltlenvo I.
Bo-on I.il 27 Ro-ton defentd Chltaro
2 10 l In an excellent tn Innlnc ream to dav.
rMeaco -
m ii . a 1;
elh-fh If 1 2 4
1 OlJo-es cf 4
Collins :b 3 0 0
H!S ll c! 4 10
KTfe-ran rf 4 1 0
Parent s 4 J 4
Ijiehte tb 4 0 12
FeiTl" .b 4 1 1
(licer c J l
"t ouni- p 4 10
4 0;Grrn if 4 1
o n
0 1
0 c
3 0
t 0
Callahan It 4 1
D1.1I" e 4 0
Ih-mliue tb 4 0
Dindcn lb 4 1
'Un hill el4 0
JleParl .1 c 4 1
cmlui p . 3 0
:4 J3.1-: 1
7-s l" :
One ejt vhen -vlnnlrg ma -isr; scor1-)
Bjicn 11 0 11 11 11 11 'i a 1 Ia
Ullruco OOOOOOOIO 01
"polaeo hits Dundon 1 Thre bese hit?
Paren 1 tto'en lases Ccllirs 1 1 ounff 1
liniMe tlai Davis ard Ilone'iue 1. smith,
Dari ml v. oln e 1 Vtcl'lrind and Pavl 1
I irsl r-e on babe off -rltl 3 sirUoV; cul
llv hmlih ; bs Yourg 7 Tltn of game on
hoii- and (srentv-flve mlnule Lmu're Con
noll Attendance 7 811
Phllnilelphla. fl. Delrolt (I.
Phllai'e.phia Julv 27 vraddell stout out De
tro t w'th case to gay Mlendance 1 Out Score
rrxr.ael If .t t 1 it a
llrnl -f
Mclmvle.lf I 1
Cnrr lb 1 0
( raw f d rf 4 0
lu e 2 i 4 0
(trem ger.3b 4 0
Wood c . 1 a
Drill, c . ft 0
stoval. p 2 0
o Lcarv. s 3 3
ii ( Pick ing ct 4 : . o o
1 0 Davis lb . 4 0 0 0
( 0 I lVosa.ab 4 1 o 1 ii
4 0 Sejbold, rf 4 2 1 o 0
i Muiprv. ib 4 2 l 3 1
1 0 . M (.ro's. a 4 0 0 3
li 0 Schreck c 4 1 13 1 o
2 li v add'll. p43010
Tai.I. ff". it iyr r ,
Totals 31 124 S Ol "" " "
Detroit .. ooonoooo 00
Pnlla lclphi.1 . ... 10004000 ..5
Tv o base hits Murphj 2 Shreck 1, Plekerlng
1 Vaddell 1 Three baso hits Hansel I. Left
on ls$ Detroit Philadelphia s. struck out
111 Wnddell li. bj htovall J Bases on balls
Off Waddeli 2. off Stovail ; Time of gam-
One hour and forty minutes. Umpires
O louhlln and King
Washington 3 O, Clerelnnd 2 7.
Washington. Julv 27 Honors were even to
dav In the double-header between Washington
and Cleveland the locals winning the first,
3 to 2. while the second went to the visitors.
7 to 0 Attendince 4 300 Score:
W ashinrcton i
Coughlin,3b 4 13 2
Hill rf 4 o ii J
(.aid s 4 il J J
stahl ib . 4 7 1
O Neill . r 3 1 il 0
Flick, rf
n 1
0 1
Hej. if.. .4
lindlej 3I 4
Lajoie. 2b.. 4
lltckman.lb 4
Turnei. b . 4
Ha. cf .. 3
Bcmls c .. 3
Dcnohue. p 3
1 1
1 3
S 1
4 S
JIc k 3) 3 1 1
Huelsm r If : 1 3
o 0
o o
( lark c 3 1 11
Patten, p 10 0
S 0 0
0 2 0
Totals 30 7 27 t 21 Tctals 32 4 24 13 1
WnrhlnKton 10030000 . 3
Cleveland . . ..O00JUO0O 03
Inolase lnt Coughlln 1 i-tahl I, Hickman
1 ttole-i baw O elll 1, Bradley 1 tfacrili, o
tills Ilea 1 First base on balls Donohue 1
struck nut Bv Pstten R. bv Donohue Left
on bases Washington 3 CleT-land 3 Time of
game-One hour and thl-ly minutes Umpire
AHHO( 17
coughlln 3b l 12
Flick, rf
Hill rf . .. a 1 1
Casfld s . 4 3 l
Mahl lb .4 1 11
O .Neill. cf . 3 1 3
MiCl 2b 4 11
llurlriii iv.tf 1 0 t
Klttredgec 4 0 o
Tow nsend p 3 1 li
Donovan 1 0 0
0 (l
Hess If., s
Hiad.ej. 3b 4
.sjnle. 2b 1
Hickman lb n
Ti.mer. a . 4
av. cf. .. 4
AnooU e.. 4
liernhard p 3
Totals .!
3 I
1 a
0 0
il 0
0 0
3 0
Tctals . 34 J 27 1) 1
Batted for Townsend
Wa'hlngtcn . .. .,10000000 00
Clevelanl . . 0 0 U 0 1 l) 1 S 07
Tnn bsse hils-lllckmati I ".ajoie 1. o Neill
I CouKltlln 1 toln baees Casidv 1 McCor
muk 2. 'llek 1 Ta- .' havnflve hltr-o relll 1
furnvr 1 Double piavs Townsend Caseldy and
stahl 1 First laee on balls By Tovrnsena 3.
h Brrnliarrt 3 Struck out Bv lowneend 4. bv
Bernl anl 3 Ieft on lae- Wl'hlnKton
ClevelanI 7 W dd pilches losnf end 1 Tiire
of name One hour anl fo't-flve mlnut-j Urn
p.tc Uwjcr.
Judge HInies AI Ins HasTthorne Feat
nrr In a Common Canter.
Chicago. Julv 27. Judge Htmes finally
found a track made to order for him in
the third race, the feature at Hawthorne
to-dav. and he made a show of his Held,
winning in a canter by three lengths.
Bragg, the hcavilv backed favorite, was
recoiid. four lengths In front ot Huzzah.
W eatber v et; track mudd) .
I list xace. six furlonKS Freesias 112 Mr
BriT) 2 to 2 won Bernlee. 107 llle'geiien). Vt
to 2 second M Gem 112 lOicgarl. 4 to 1.
mini lime, i 17 .Mice Comnorer ven
Oak (incra t , Ninnan Fair Alien Dod n
clerscn frdwer. Ladj ptlair, Maud Mau.r
Artltice and cna W. also isn
becsnd iar hteepiecnase "hort couise arrt
Jan. 130 IJ ("ai:rl, 14 to 5. won. Weird in
(Penibeitonl S to 1, second- Goldn ilij, 15)
iillivanl. 3 to I thlid Time. 2 oS 2-5 D-n
mi also ran Alleglarue fell. Alma Girl re
fused Third laie one mile and an eighth Jjdxe
Htniei 111 illenrj). s to 3 von. D( IH
(I'elge-en). 6 tv b second: Huizah, 103 (Moln
tr) ) to 2, tliltd. Time. 1 55 Jevrj Lsnct
also tan
1 ourth rate, four furlongs Mum 1C4 (Helge
sen). 3 to 1, wen. Price B'utus. 107 (Olipnan ).
3 to 1. second. Useful Ladv. 104 (Llvlnnaton), 10
to 1 thl-d Time, .43 John Smulskl. Wi,.
trookfield Doc Wallace. Li Otros. Uroaaway
Girl W'atchjuard and Husied also ran.
rifth race, one m'lc and a sixteenth Glorlosa.
S lOliphant). 4 to 6 won vtaud Miller. 14 (Mc
Brlde). 4 to I scond, 0ltagen. 103 (Hall). 7
to 1. third Time 1:4s. Een Cnance, Langmore,
Mitena and Rabunta also ran
Sixth uie, nv and a half f urlongt lbert
Fir. 113 (Morrisor). 8 to 3. iron: Tennvburn 1CJ
W. hnappi. 4 to 1. s'cord: Capitanao, 10S (Belli.
3 to 1. tfird Time III!) The H!e Ao
Tmmpcr. Fiacrs Dillon. Gleenum ana Tleet
wooa also no.
St. Loiim Ciows Hau ton; .Swim
but Hc.tcIi Slioie in
i.'lidinpion Expects lo Retain
Titlo, N'liile Oppoueut Feels
tsJiiie Qiiincy and Avgo
11a uts Arrhe To Dai.
While practicing on ricve Cocur Ike
veo'erda. tho St Lom four-oarcd view
itruclt a snag with the shell aid the re
sult was that the boat was punctured and
the men bar) to swim ashoie
Too accident happened in the iriddle of
the lake when th men were going at a
livclv pace With full force thf c-helt
f truck a. 1 Icce of wood that could not be
teen from the vater
the boat was overturned but as the
men cr .1!' good swimmers thej
reached the shore safelv Although the
boat wis damaged, it will not hinder the
crew from competing to-morrow and Sat-urua-.
Afte- this accident the like was again
drugged, and it .s now ossuied that there
ara no more snaga in the coura'
All tbc irev.3 .ue in town now, bit the
Qulncv. HI. and the Argonauts of To
ronto. Camdi Thev wete heard from
ciU.rda atd will arrive this meming
The Ptnsacola crews arrived jesterdaj
and were out at the lake with the other
Tho single tcull events shou'd prove the
be&t of all the races. Many crack oara
men are to compete ard .ill being In fine
form and confident .1 1 ec and nick nn
Ish should be tne result
L'rank l.r.-cr, tnc rrcsent chimpion. was
at the lnke, and 10 td several mile? In
pracuc He went verv fast on the course,
but when out of it was a little snj, as the
result of his accident Uucsdav. Greer
"I am confident of retaining my title,
although 1 realiri t!mt I have several goos
men lo go i(.uinst I am In gool condi
tion, altuojgn not as well as; wncn I de
feated Tltu. t the Iat regatta, when I
won the cl amrlcnhlr'
Titus, who will probably be Greer s fast
est opponent said.
"1 am In bcttei condition thin I was
last jsjr. and the onlv handicap lhat tne
other oarsmen will have over inc Is that
1 jn a little older '
When a'-lteri it he expected to win lost
laurel". Titus said. ' ut course thcie will
V- manv gool men In this race. Including
V'cslej, Juvenal Dufneld and Ten Evck.
and although a dark horse might win 1
hirdtv riti-tA that I will do m bet, and
If I no not ivln II will not be nis fault."
Clirence Johnson of the Arlington D0.1t
Club of Arlington, Jlai-, is i ipectcd to
make a uood showing in the anyy-tatton
singles Lluvil, also of the same club,
will be 1 stiong competitor in the Intel
mediate ecull'-
A i-H-o thai will be of probably moro In
tel est to local rowing cntnus.uhts will be
the senior four oared. In which three local
crews are enter n.
The centurv crew, which won ths Har
lem Cup ra-e on tne river reccntls, will
probably be the favorite In this nice, al
though th" Westerns are also entered, and
they give to thr Centurjs a hot race on
tho river. Tie Mound Cltls have a. strong
crew and will llkclv win
The senior elght-oared rare will be be
tvecn the Argonauts of Toronto and the
Vesper eight of Philadelphia- Tnis should
be a hotl.v contested event, as practically
the same oarmen that are wltn tlia Ves
pers now went to Paris last ear and won
the championship ot tne world Tho Ar
gonauts are the champions of Canada, as
well as of the United antes, and the out
come of this race will b watched with in
1 rots Mile In Si04 at Detroit Grand
Circuit Meet.
Detroit, Mich , Jul 27. Italn threatened
seriously to Interfere withithe third da '3
Grand Circuit racing at the Groosc Poltite
track to-dnv. The first event was delajed
halt an hour and then the programme
was started with a drizzling rain falling.
The vveath"r cleared, however, and the
S.iw persons In attendance saw three fa
vorites nnlsh first and Lou Dillon breuk
the track record of " (5 by one second. Lou
Dillon made the first quarter In J0i4. the
half In 1 01. and the three-quarters In
LJitj Millard Sanders drove in place of
Lou Dillon's owner, C. K. G. Billings.
2 09 class, pacing, purse S2 000. tiro In three
Jchn M . blk g , b Paris Laura (Spear) .1 1
Xlris; Ulrect, dik n lueerM . .
Gadagher. b B (James)
Albcck. blk. h (Sanders) . ..
RedBlrd b h (Michael) ..
.2 3
,1 t
Tlmc-2.17. 3W
2 14 class, trottlns, purse ji 30ft. three In five
faweet Marie, b m , bv McKlnn'j Carrs
Mamb C-mltn)
Anctoli ch m ( mes
..1 1 1
Wild Wilton br. a iCap"") 2 .".
Dlreet Clew. br. h (D- itjder) 6
loimakei. b li ((leers) 4 4
llRlfrv h e (Foote) s
.Sella Ja. ro rn (MeKe) . ..
Goldbug li c (Steviatt) .. ..
.... S ds
Time z iu. - i'J'4. - ii"
2 10 class, trotting, purse 11 oM, two In three
heals. .
Doctor Strong sr g . bv Strong Boj
Viola S (Gahaaan) . 2 t I
ludse Green, b K (De Rvderl 13 6
Th Homan b g (bnow) 4 2 J
Norrle b c IB -"hank) s 2
John Ta lor gr K (Wilson) .. -. ; 4
ladv eiall Hamilton, iniv 111 iiiuumi i,. w
Bobe-t Mae. o g lorer-i
Ouen W likes, b in (pear) .
Ton'j. b m lllaw.l
Time-2.0' SCI'. 2 10'.
s 8
.7 7dr
2 25 cla-s, pacing pur- tl.SCO, three In five
Kudo blk m bv Wlltor (:now) 1 1 t
MiRlirie, ro g. Ulcers) 4 2 2
Joe Gratton ch h (B Shank) J V 1
Monanh Chime- blk h (fare) o .. 1
WPIlamM.b g CWeCarthv) s t. 4
starch, br ll 11 uote) 1 4 ds
Winnie Ivlng ch 111 (Wilson) ds
Time-2 W. i,12' 2.12'v
-vatlonnl Commission Mrards Player
Claimed bs the Rohlsons lo Pa-
tiHc Coast Club.
Cincinnati. Julv JT. The Natioml BjsC
ball Commission to-da hinded down a de
cision that plaver John Thlclrmn, nowi
with Portland, In the Pacific Coast
League, belongs to that club.
The St. Louis National League club had
protested ao-alnst Thlelmm's plavlng with
Portland, asserting tliat he signed a con
tract with St. Louis, but the commission
decided that he signed a contract with
Pertland prior to his "ignlng with St.
Pressmen Plaj Ball.
Tr-e Republic p-emen defeated the GIob
Democrat Presmen jestrda morning bv the
score of J7 to 7 The -econd i.aine rf the ierls
of three bels-n these teams wilt be pla.'d
next fut'da- at Kulage Paik.
UistikL Attoiney Ssays State (Of
ficials Can Stop River Uaiiibling.
Thomas MeGrath. of the city detective
force, called on United States District At
torney Dcr cterda. to obtain his ad
vice in regard to tho Tedcral authorities
proceeding against owners of excursion
boats upon which gambling Is permitted.
The district attorney Informed the detec
tive that his only recourse was through
the State courts, as the Federal laws con
tain no provision for legal procecdur" in
such case. The district attorne cud that
the State laws held oven boat leaving this
port to be under the jurisdiction of Its
courts till it ouched anotber port.
Carries Excursion Sleepers
Cool, Comfortable and One
Half the Standard Sleeper Rate.
Also Dining Cars, Sievndtvrd
Sleepers, Chair Cars. A Fine
Fast Tra.in for the Southwest.
909 Olive.
Neutralizes Acidity of Stomach and Cures a Headache Quickly
jsrsr tvtaiij 25c.
Sixth and Market, St. Louis.
Houtk Kntiy Came Uome Easily
iu Foatuie t'omt'st on tlie Card
Ant ke Fell at the Haif-
-Mile l'ole.
After nt.te hid turned a omersauit it
the lnlf-mlle pole in the Tatr Grounds
feature voterdiv just whn she se-mid
to bi a dangerous factor 111 the lare. rallt
Iand came alonr and won the chief event
on tho card in handj fashion from Bvrcn
Ttoe and Orient
AncKe ?as"J"rond choice In th" btting.
and was running rather a creditable taivi
when hhe crossed her legs and fell Tt-e
accident occurred as the field n eared tho
half-mile pole, and Just at a time hen the
Abel mare had moved up and was run
ning neck and neck with Falkland.
Orient and Uvton Ito"e had shown the
way to that point, and were lapped as
they neared the rot Half a length back
came Anckc and Falkland In trvlng to
get his mount pa3t the leaders Llndsey
pulled her a trirte to one fide, and the
m ire croe,i hrsclt and fell licavliv,
alighting 0.1 her head and neck
She es.aped 'villi a bid "haklng up. as
did her rider Sambo was trailing the field
and bad to I. pulled to one sj,ic to nvold
his fallen competitor Falkland then came
along and won hat all enough from the
manner In which he -hook his fleld clear
in the stretch, it reemed likelv- tiat he
would have won regardless cf Anckes
The surprise of the daj came tn the
.second race hen A'lcna beat Arch Old
ham. The Psrke lolt was thought to be
v sure winner, and vas held at prohibi
tive odds In the betting. Arlena caught
the gate In motion, however, and opened
up a gap of three lengths before Arch O d
ham was fnlilv In his stride
'I he Southern colt made up his ground,
seemed to have his race won at the
stretch head, and then gave up the strug
gle. The absence of his usual lead In the
eirlv stages apparently discouraged hlni
and he quit to nothing He was Iuckv to
get second money, as Fav Tcnipleton was
coming with .1 rush at the close.
Darthula, another oungstcr held at
short odds, was the winner of the open
ing race. She gaJlorcd all the way and
was never in trouble. Dave Stahl and
Ills Worship were next In order. Tho
latter ran a nice race and seems a good
sort of gelding
Metlakatla, the filly with the unpro
nounceable name, managed to cross the
line first In th; second event. She won
from Oudon and Tristan Shanuy. alter tne
latter had falrlj burned up the track In
his efforts to tiptoe his held. Kilo and
Mohave got off a bit slowly and will bear
watching hereafter in similar going and
Doctor Kler proved a better mud runner
than his former stable mate. Gasllghter,
at one mllo and twentj ards, when the
two tied up In the fifth race Kler made
evcrj post a winning one and came home
ahead of Ray and Gasllghter.
Harfang won rather a creditable race In
the last. a he commenced tdowlv and had
to stand a terrific drive to get first
Chris Schawackrr bet quite heavllv on his
filly Atlas In this race, and had the dis
appointment of seeing Harfang nose her
out In the Ii-t stride. King Kose was
the hard-luck entrj ot th race. He was
In a commanding position a sixteenth from
home when Cocolo permitted him to
swerve abruptlv. But for this he might
hav been a factor ,
Luclen. the 3- ear-old colt formerly
owned bv Lon Johnson, was sold jester
day to D. I.. Hens for 1 S(. and will be
taken to the New York tracks. Tlie colt
made a good record here, and performed
creditably at the Delmar meeting.
Shelbv- Oliver, one of the best-known
bookmakers at the course1. Is now serv ins
as blockman for the Green Ttiver Club,
in which he owns nn interest. Mr. Oliver
alo retains his Interest In the former book
he operated in the ring.
sirramec Illfflilnnds Inn ami Cnttnsres
Offer special Aug rates, Jl dav upwards.
Pally Programme Given In I'ast
Prnmlnntle of Festival Hnll.
A enes of ftec concerts, including o
val ard instrumental numbcis. Is being
given d-iilj In the official music studio In
the east promenade of Festival Hall Tho
regular programme consists of the plav
ing and singing of the ofilclal World s
Fair -nusir. Miss Ithoda Mae JlacFtr
land is the planofoite pcrrormei. and
plajs "Along the Plaza." the official waltz
of the Exposition, and "l.oulslana," the
official march.
The soprano soloists are Miss lilna Mac
Donald of St. Louis and Mrs. A. R. Llnga-
Mk MMMK aaPfc mWmM aW tftP nothing compares with
M MWMmJ M iPsfar MW vthe pain and horror of
WM VrasVaT child-birth. The thought
of the suffering and danger in.store for her, robs the expectant mother
of all pleasant anticipations ofhe coming event, and casts over her m
shadow of gloom which cannot be shaken off. Thousands of women
have found that the use of Mother's Friend during pregnancy rob
confinement of all pain and danger, and insuro safety to life of mother
and child. This scientific liniment is a god-send to all women at the
fime of their most critical trial. Not only docs Mother's Friend
carry women safely through the perils of child-birth, but its use
j;ently prepares the system for the coming event, prevents "morning
6ickness, and other dis
comforts of tt's period.
Sold by all druggists at
Si. 00 par bottle. Book
containing valuable, information free.
Th BrarftteM Rtitattrto.,AtImt,C.
Si. Louis Daily,
4:52 P. M.
Vnion Station.
IIIIIV Headache
Of tout visit to this great city
and the greatest of all exposi
tions may be selected from
our tine compreheiinive col
lection of
all of thoroughly dependable
quality, attractive in them
seletj and very attractively
priced. u .
Make a Note
of the address and accept our
cordial invitation to call.
felt of Chicago Among the regular vocal
features are the official hvmn of the Ex
position. "H.vmn of the West." the words
of which were written bv Edmund ClHr
ence Stedman. and ' The Holy City." Miss
MacFarland is the piano accompanist. A
speclil children's programme will be giv
en next Tuesday afternoon.
"North Michigan Sleeper,
Via Vandalia-Pennsjlvania-G. It. & I.
lines, l!ii p. m. dilly.
Mr. Folk, and Sam B. Conk State That
Jleetlnc Was ot
With the arrival of Sam B. Cook in St.
Lou'.s last night, credence was given the
report that a conference had been ar
ranged for last night in which the partici
pants' were to be Mr. Folk. Senator Cock
rcll. Senator Stone. Governor Dockcry and
Mr. Cook. Tbc object of the meeting ot
thete leaders, it was sild. was to flnallv
unltc all elements of Missouri Democracy
and plan for the approaching campaign.
From Mr. Folk came a most emphatic
denial thit there vere any plans or ar
rangements for any such conference. Mtt
Folk said last night: "There i absolutely
no truth In the statement. No proposition
looking toward such a meeting have been
made or received, and as far as I am
concfrned no consultation was held to
night." Mr Cook arrived at the Planters last
evening and spent the earlier portion of
the evening awav from the hotel. Upon
his return he 'aid: "This Is the flrt I
have heard of such a meeting. I came tn
St. I.ouis on private busbies, and no one
knew that I was epecled. If there had
been nm such conference In view I
doubtless would have learned of it. T be
lieve that Senator Stone Is expected 111
the citv to-nlsht or In the morning. Gov
ernor Dockcrv Is iu Jefferson City. am'. I
suppose Senator Cockrel s at his home."
r Mpo
Minister Rava Selects Men to Award
Prizes at tt orlu'i Fair.
Rome. July "7. Minister of Commerce
Rava to-dav appointed a jurv to award
Ihe prizes In th Italian section of th:
5t. LJouls World s Fair, composed of Slgno
Appolloni. th" sculptor, a member of the
Rojal Commi-slon to the Exposition; Slg
por Paladmi. a sculptor of New York, and
SIgnor Pantaleoni. an engineer or St.
IduI. as well as representatives of the.
Chambers of Commerce cf Bologna, Milan
and Florence.
la aa ordeal which afi
women approach with
indescribable fear, for
; - I
"ifltofew. -. ,-'. -svV.i(-JI&JSaKie't!.(U-f 4.IsstJtv' i t-JtrilWA- n1K,rla-,'

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