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' -U1
Funeral of Statesman Maikcd 1.
Same Simplicity Whieli Char
acterized Ceremonies ai
Prominent Men of Missouri Can
tin Coffin ami K-cnrl (he
Venerable Senator's I!od
i's SeMiii'' Place.
Jlarkrd hj the jif sweet simpln-ltv
which was characteristic of the funeral
"ervice at the Sweet Springs cottage, .h
coffin of G"jr,;o Graham Vc-t was low-
red bcnc.itli ho .soil of I! llefonlain
Cemetery jistciday morning, and one of
Missouri's best-loved and must distin
guished statesmen xs buried
Gathered mound the bc.iutlful s; -t
which hail been selected as the Inst "-cst-Ing
placa of Senator Vest was a most dis
tinguished body of JlW-iouri h representa
tive cit'sens. nnd as thev. with howiM
beads, silently wept In common with tm
family of tie departed statesman the trlb
ute tlicy paid was bui.h as was worth of
linn vhom the mourned
The friend cf thirty-five years' standing,
tho Itevcrcnd .John C. Shackleford. spoke
tho last words over the bod, and In the
beautiful language of the burlil service of
the Methodist Hpiscopul Chmch. South.
he committed the "Dust to duct and ashes
to ashes "
Tlie funeral party was not at the grave
side more than twenty minutes, but In
that brief .lmo it fitting close had come to
11 nublo career.
Tho fun'.-lal party arrived from Svi"cl
Springs In the private ear of ice IT').
leut Allen of the -M., K &. T The enr
had Men attached to tin iesul.ir train of
the 1L. K. & T. at Scdaha. leaving tlir
at 10 o'clock p. m. The tun to St 1 iuis
was rnado vvliheut incident und tho t.ain
srrfved at tho Union S'alion at 7 o'clock
jestcrday morning On the car vvcio
Alexander Vest, Jlr. and Mrs George 1"
H Jackson, ilrs. J Tnompson, I o
Montgomery. I. I... LVwe-e. Jlhs Jllldr-d
lewecse. C. !. Jackson, tho Kevcrend J.
C K'lackleford and JIi'- Shaek'i lord.
Th party took breakfast at I'nlon Sta
tion and hen re turned to the car
At 8 o'clock a squad of police arrived
under command of Lieutenant McKcnna,
Drilltnn.ster Koemer and S'ergcinls Itay
nnd Drisscll. Probably Ssnj erons were
In the nudway when the rcmmlttee of cltl-
rens appointed ny Governor LHickeiy ar
ilvcd. with Senator Cocktell as hairm.i.l.
An tho honorary pallbearer and tho old
friends of Senator Vest reached the sta
tion they were, taken o'i hoard the eat In
fmall groups, nnd an opportunity was
given tt.cm to look for the last time uion
the faco of the dead benator.
It was just y o clock when the coflln was
I'moivl from its. letting place ami trans
ferred to u funeral tnick. Accompanied
by tho pallbearers the truck was wheiled
to tho gates .uid out to the wj.t ntnmce
of tho t.itlou through the lines lormed
by the committee.
Ilcidlli!,- one of tnc lines v.as Senator
'otkrcll and on the othei va ? narot
Stone Ainon those at tho Mation wire
t;trnor DoclaTV Major lloll.i ' 11".
ITcsidcnt 1). It 1-TancN. Joph W. I oik.
C l WalbrldRe, "olor.el Jlo'is Wetmor ,
l)aM A. Liall of I-jul'-ianc, Harvey I'lon
ltn; of ltansas City Jam s Vlwarda of
St, Cliailes. Avdstaiit Uoorkuptr of the
Vnltcd Ktatca Senate, .ludgo Samuel 1
vi of Sallno Count. Congressman H!ch
niij llnrtholdt. Chief of l'o.icu .Maun w
Jvlely. Major Henry Newman of ltanUolph
County, Major Nerf of Kan-vis city, Reu
ben Oiesby of Warrensburg. W II. Ha
tt of Jetterson City. II. T. Davis, prtsl
dmt of tho MIoun World's I'alr 'om
inl'on. JudEo James l). Vox, Juccu
James II. Gantt, Stcrctcrj of Stite Sam
II. Cook. State Auditor A!tert O. Allen.
Stale TieaKurer It I William", .Indsi.
Amos 21 Thayer, Judge II 21. l'jlesl,
WelN Blodijett and James Scullln
In Tv.entietli street a platoon of mount
ed police were under the command of Cap
tain George T. 2IcNamee, v.lth Scrseanta
Grilleld, EaUKhcrty and Dcmpsty. as the
casltet cmerKed from the dpot the squad
presented sabers. The funer.il party at
onco took carrLigCF. and. h(adol by the
mounted police, started for UelltfoutMne
Tho cmotery was reached at 10.?). and
whlls tlio mount'-d officers naln came to
ii prcrnt the collln was removes Horn
tho hcarso and plaosl over the j;iav.
'Jlie artlv pnlllHM.rers wen-. I. l V
Cookiv, C C Jackson, J C. Thomson.
Jr., John R. Ljwl.". Campljell Cummlns.
Waller Edwards of St. Iouis. Iye Mont
jromery of Sudalla. i. 1 Dowttrc ot
Followlrur tho coffin were tho lionor.tr
ruUlboaxers, a.s follows: Givn Ccmsbollt
Junes Bannerman. S. W. Pordyce, l. p
lyrr. A. O. Cochran, Wells Hloilsf't.
Martin K Clardy. Georce V. Iancaaler.
JiulKn Warwick Hjouch. Doctor Wllllatn
21. MoPlioeters of fit. ly.uid. Jaires IZ'I
wards, Korest Doll, Hiniy W. Salmon of
Ollnlon. Judco Jolm I" I'hllllss of Kan
sas City, T. T. Crittenden of Kansas 'liy.
Judge J. II Gantt of Jefferson Cit. Judg
W. M. Wlllamti of Hoonvlllc. Washing
ton Adams of Kansas City anil Doctor J
W. 21cCluro of sla!I.L. Hehlnd thim
wcro Uui me3iI.T of th imtwdliti fami
ly of Senator Vest, with the txccptlon of
tJm widow, who was unable to leave
Sweet Springs. Tho negro valet ami cook
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pr 3 fffmfMKMSSBtSKSir 5BsWisB J.1IIH
Penatn- Vest's bodv being taVen from the
hear-e to the grave 1'iidertaker In front,
followed by the Reverend Shackelford
and lialltearers carrvlng the loilln.
who have long been In the employ of the
family also accomrun.ed the mourners.
mpitEssivi: seiivick
As the totlln was lowered the Kevcrrnd
John " Shackleford of Sweet Springs be
gan tcad'ng the burial service and fre
(liieutly his oiii broke ns he eommltted
to earth the body of his old friend and
2Iot impressive was the brief service.
At Interval" the Itevtrend 21' Shackle
ford inti riwilated the words, "Our Sena
tor ,'i'd btlovfd finnd' in tin praver,
anu th tlTict was most touching. Willi
the Lord s Pr.uir. the liriif eerciscs
closi.d and the tunend party rt turned at
onie to the cltv
Afttr tli earth had been mounded over,
a blanket of tvergrcen covered it, upon
which tested th tloral temembrancc sen;
bv the citlzi'ns of weet Springs and Mime
handsome designs . nt bv St. loufs resi
dent. The grave Is in the jMtithwcstrrn por
tion of the eemelerv near tne tirt g.ite
The lot l t!o joint propertj of Senator
Vist'y famllj .mil of the famllv of George
P. II Jack-am. occupies high ground upon
one of tho hlllldei anil overlooks one of
the most beautiful "ictions of the ceme
tery The Hoard of Directors of the Iuslana
Purcha.'o Extiosltion was represented at
the services by President D. It Tranuis,
St cretarv Walter 11. Stums. Itoll i Well'-,
Charles W Knapp. c P. WnllirldKc. D.
M Ilouser. Prerklnndge Jom s. Nathan
Priink. P W. Uhmnn. P E 2IarshalI. N.
21 Hell and John Schroers
Of the 211-oun Commission of the I2x
po'ltlon there were prent: Pre-sident 21.
T Davis. Judce Hawthorne, 1. F. I'arker
and X H Gentry
All of the di partmrnts at .Teffersin City
wen represented, and during the services
mo'-t of the public buildings of the city
were closed The United States District
Court wa-s n presented by Judge John II.
Rogers and United States 2Iarhal W. I.
Tho City Hall was closed, and represent
atives from most of the department", with
members of the House of Delegates and
of ttV City Council, were pnsent
All of the Circuit Judges of the city were
In atti nd.mcc, nnd the St. Louis Court
house was closed.
In the morning flags over buildings
throughout the city were hung at hilf-tras-t.
and at the World's Pair grounds
tl, colors at the 21lssourl bjlldlng were
Thr Ilnrtninn Company Rn? I.nro;
Mtuiienimlls Retull l-lalillMlinirnt.
One of the largest deals made recently
was consummated n few dis ago In 211n
neapolls, 21lnn . when the ilnitmin Fur
niture and Carpet Company whose St.
Loul-t addre I- os noi-llCC Olive street,
bought out tt" complete stock of the
Tov.ni Market lurnlture ("omponv of that
City Th- Town .Market Furnituie Com
pan carr'! h heavy slock, invoicing
about Jf).tJ The lirm of the salo wero
IV) ce.iis on the $1 of invoice price. Tho
Hantaan Coinpanv will condurt a retail
bu.iness in the cii irteis occupied bv tho
Town Market Fur nit urn Company, and In
ope-ilng at .Minneapolis thev add another
link to tbeir ilimdv great chain of retail
storei- This chilli of stcires now numoers
twenlv, and Is the tliinl new store opened
t. the Hnitmj.i people this vear Such
prov. tl snd p-ogres naturallj attract
the attention of the I u-dncss world.
Among the cities In which the Hnrtmnn
stores are locatid ..re Chicago. 111. isev-
cral r!ore.i), St. I-ouis. .Milwnukee. Wis.;
St Joseph. Jli.., Louisville. Kv ; Peoria.
Ill . rtaltlmore Mil . Rochester. N Y ;
Waililnclon. 1) C , Indianapolis, Ind.;
Fort Wuvne. Ind : Trre ll-vule. Ind .
South Ucnd. Ind , Joliet. Ill Ti!s company
l' the largest tarpet and furniture eom
pajiv in the United States and their out
put is casllv the greatest of any store or
combination of stores In the country The
goods tie. del for nil th stores are lought
at ore lim the orders concentrated and
Rtc.it economy effected. In addition to
these dvsntisrs thev operate two fac
tories theras'!"es and save the middle
man's proht
Attempt to Oim Two Members
From Auxiliary I5Time They
Are I'rintprs Defeated by
V talk which brought tesrs to the eyes
or some or the .J. legates of the WomaaV
iixiliirv to the Intcrnatiouil Tynecraph-
lesil Urlon il'smls'ed what pruml-o d to b'
'i healed debate over a resolution asking
the wiilidrivvjl of two memlrs from the
org n hut ion
The tc miirbera in eii"tilin are tho
onlv pnnuni "tv nrofesion" repres-nted
in the .-.uxliiary. The authors of the reso
lution felt they were establishing a wrong
prneduil In tenanting women printers In
the-ir a -oelition. and suggested that it
was a violatli :i of th -ir n.les and by-lawT-.
uldtli .tate that only r latives "of the
members of the genral union shall be
come members or the auxiliary
The resolution had bct'n premted and
hid provoked a lively argument, when
2Irs. Frank A Kcnnely or Omaha, presi
dent or the auxlllarj. arose to prcrent her
views en the subject
She talked rcr on.y a rcw minutes, but
her words were convincing and went to
t.ic bart of every wo-nan present. The
strength of her words lay In her womanly
argument that the two mmbrs in uues
lion are very dear to m". and I should Ills
v-ry nuch to have them retained as meni-b(-
ol the auxiliary."
21rr. Kennedys talk mastered the slttia
llcti -Motion was made that the resolution
be vcled down, and this was dono unan
imouslj The opposing factions voted for an ad
journment of the afternoon psson follow
ing th" settlement of the eiuestlon, and
the iksagrecab.e subject wa cast aside
and lorgotte.i and the members adjourned
In .1 beniy to the Plk..
Hnth o' jcsierdaj's "-esslons were held
at the li.sidc Inn. 2Iemtcrs of the auxil
iary and th- in iln booy were the guests
of the St. I.oul loeals Ia?t n'ght at the
Ucer War exhloit.
Ilnrclnra Chloroform l'nmll.
Ri:ri'ltl.K SPK'IAL.
Norrls City. 111.. Aug. Jl.-!!arglan en
tered the residence of Po3lnvt!ter Wake
ford in this elt last night, chloroformed
the family and ransacked the house, bur
secured no bootv. Several shots were fired
at them by Mrs. Wakeford when she
aw eke. but they bad no affect.
Senators Cockrell and Stone rede togetl.er in the procession hich followed Sn
ator Vest's icrralris from Union Statu", to the n-mtteij.
Wonlv War Jleiween Mr. Lynch and Mr. firei-ne of Indianapolis Is
Quieted by Fellow-Members Convention Trans-acts Much
liiiMne:-s and Complete? Keport of the Committee on Laws
Toronto Next Convention J 'lace.
. .. t, i t it -.- t . m ' '
T fmmmm " VvwMiaHMMBaanaaBaaiiaMMK f
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r-wC, " " ' -' "... -" '
' ' ksk' 0T kHkHkHkHkHkHkHkHBHkHkHkHBkVulBkHkkHkHkHkHk
v Jip(r .kkkHkHkHkHkHkHkHkHkHkHaklHflBkPtkHkHkHkHkHBkl
1 ' HT r .kkHRsftkHlkkHkHkHkHHkkHkT BwflPr kkkHkHkHkHlkl
likHkHkHkHkHkHkHkHkVHOk: .lAkHkHkHkHHH
'.kHkHkHkHkkHkHkMkHklHlkHkK!r tMH
,kkHkHkHkHkHkHkHkHkHkHkHkHkHH&A.kH lkHkHkHkHkHkl
1 ' M.kHkHkHkHkHkHkHkHkHkHkHkHkkkHkHkHkitftkHHkHkHkHI
- t T f -t .mA.
President of the International Tvpo
graplilcal Union.
War seemed imminent jesterday when
thcTjpiigniphii-.il Union tpok up the dis
ciiMlnn o." the o.uestlfri of forbidding a
member of the organizatio-i hindering cir
obstri.etir.g -i e: ndliHt" for office In 4
campaign. Tlie incident eame up in the
report of the Committee on Laws, and
President I.jncl. put the question Dele
gate Green of Indianapolis said that be
fore the list election he had been induced
by President I.vneh to write i letter,
which P-esldent Lynch hnd later made
public, in direct violation of agrc-me-it
and breach or f:illli
The president. In leplj-. s-iid that th
ftatement v.as a falsehood To avoid im
mediate strife nnolhT delegate secured
i' cognition and read a letter which was
tnt during th" eampnlen of two jears
ago. The thrcitenl-ig cloud blew over and
the report or the romrcittee was .idonted.
but. nerordin'- to the opposition or th"
p-esrnt admli'btr-itinn. tlie tight vill be
renewed be for" th eloe nf tl conven
tion ,,..,. ..... I
iilie .!! ! wan- M li uoilM an aiiemri
was made to take th" eonvc ntlou Into ev
ecutive ffsion but tins was defeated by a
l.ircn majority
HfRardlesT of the strenuous da preced
ing, the members of the convention trans
acted more bus.ni ss at the meeting jes.
tcrdaj than at sn p-cvedlnK daj's s-ssion.
One of the Important tranzactlcns was to
select Toronto, farads, as the meeting
p ace of the next convention Th" contest
narrewfd down to Toronto and r"o!i.xnhti.
and the former won by a vote of 157 to C4
The f'anndians wore ver.v mucli elated,
ar.d promlsd a reception serond onlv to
the one idven by St. lajuN. The vote 'wan
P'cced'd bv much campaisnlns on the
part of the bacner cf th rival cities, aad
the mmbers of the Woman's An.liinrv
did not forbear to take an active hand in
in" won..
At the mornlne 'csslon I'rerblem l.vneb
opened thu meeting by annoiinelnK the
names of jdaces on the sround" where
unlon-mide cigars could be obtained. The
convert'on tlitn procfeded to the con'ld-
eration o. tne iep0ri or the Co-nmltte on
This committee n(j c-onsldered more
man 1 amenc:meni whlen had been '- I
lered n?' ueiica'cs from all narts of tii
jurlydletion. and a report war ready o-i
nearly !. of them. On a few the commit
tee; had deemed in defer action and on
theje there was no report.
The t( nort of the i-nnimitir. im ...in
curred ill until the question of forbrddiui;
the ue of union labels In oncnnn shops
was reached. liy a vote of 'lie convention
It was decided to let the present law stand.
Thin rule leaves the option to the local
union. .
A t SaXl occurred on u ujuoa of
Secretarj-Tnasurer of the International
Tvpographicil Union.
numittinT forcm"n to conventions as. dele
"'"',' all' rnat". A discussion f Con
slderable length and spirit resulted in the
irlroduetlein of the qtip-atlon by the com
mittee's rcpurt. O le of the principal rpeak-e-s
was a for-mmi Ander.-on or Maco
Oh ch-iirman or tl' t;onimlttee on Laws
i his motion brought up the Ugh; .,n the
prevailing- ndminlstratlon or th union
Prcr'neut I.jnch spoke in opoosltion to
til" ammdment. snd It was debated in
the vol'
pap.tv 21ovi:.mi;nt.
What v-.i... beli-ved to he. a movem-nt of
the pa-l opposed to the re-election or the
present officers was an ammdment which
'oitld prevent them .ictlng on the Iturn-
ixi.'io oi ine eineuons. During the rils.
Ue'Jiln of this oltenlfrin rr,Dla... t 1.
rllncullicil tlie ch lir to Vice President
c Th" rerort or th corumltte.. v.as
h',bo7rd"n'1 Uw ""''"" n,n remain on
Ai amendment i-.lnir ill salaries or the
?irvi V '"" .'Fr"'---v -treasurer frum
"",' J,1r '" '-"') "" offereJ Several
?iTH !".,""'yl fvon.mv on tne iir...ol
lion slating that the supreme officers of
othei trad, union-, received larger amount"
..I.- liuisiion must Pe ciccliicii
ny i.ir-
I '.,." " Vils -ld. and th-
tes T'lls
V . -.'Ol liv li III Illll
-iuiii 111 lennrl or th
''ommlttee on
A retire sor.t if i-3 ni th c..-.. .. .
Ki-aphtrn' J nlon anrared arc! s-'A" in
tavor of th.. amor.dnnnt to appoin n
cirrmittce to confer with the eniml"'""
.rora tne te'crarher res-jrdlns the trin;
cimatlon of the unions. The motion v.v
reforreii to a committee.
The rcpo-t of the Committee m OPleers'
neports was well received. Its rinrc.'na'
rcafirc vas the Ftatem-nt of President
I.ynch that the rtrikei nt Ilo-tni, at!(t
I.ia,f,viilc were bv:un without tle eon
Jnt or appro.-al of the nxeeutive I!J?td
and that further support was r'uifi
them because the sfike was iorc'ci"lv
In the evening the members of the ?so
clatlon went to a ncci!.' nerforuarc- trlv-e-i
I v the Roer War exhibits. t0 ciieh
they had ben invited. The rfior.ioir's's-.
s'ci l-Mf i he 'i'llct sttcrrtaiic of ar'
rr"tlng durlns the convc.itlen. The work
will Le lcsumad at U y clo '. this morn
Th" Jr.t'.-r.aio-n. .St'rotr:r(i
amI !
i--ifctrot;-cr. nho :rc i ovontion at
thr rn'f'l r tlc? Hotel l-ld tro 3C
tton1 tt;rd3y, lcoIi,: most tt th
fine to rout!n bu-Incra. crral co-u-nlttccs
reported, lmosr thrtm b?: th"
Committe on Uns and itcolutlon-.
n tlie cvcninif thr d-lffate" wrr enter
tained nt a banquet nt Iltpe' rotaurant,
Elfn hy the local u!o-?. The i!t"'S
ladies er pntrtaln-'d at h theater partv.
Thc comention nV I.oM two esion
to-day ard lo-morrov, adjourning to
raornro' afternooa
'AUGUST 12. 1904
i Wis-h to Force Difflculrv Witn
Packers Into Federal
IiVtail Jliitcher.'j See Owners and
Ajrree That Jt Would He I'se
le-s to Further Agitate
the Matter.
Chicago. Ill Aug. ll.-Tr.c stock yards
strike to-night seems no nearer a settle
ment than it did tlie dav the struggle be
gan Efforts of a committee. composd of
retail butchers and grocer., to bring about
a conference between th- packers and the
strike leaders were- of no avill to-da
The retail. rs- committee was m , on'er
ence with Edwin Tlldn. John K. Mauer.
Thomas Wilson end Tliomas J Connor",
representing the packers. for three hours
!' " ""'"'" At the end or the meeting
he follow s statement a, . out bj.
the committee of business men
"We weic courteously recelvi ln a c0:n.
nformed that, considering all iat haiI
passed, and present conditions no KOoJ
with th strikers would be ben.nni "
No .tatement wss Issu-d by the peckers
regarding the conduce and thev al "!
lo'clflr "';,CUSS the mn"'r '"'- "'
ntermetT t,,''.'tatf C OJ, by tbe
Intermediary Committee.
jy,hfn, ,',e S.,rlk!' ,cad'r' re Informed
y .c ueierminetlon of the en
fuse tp enter Into f,,r,h.rpa
Cnri tit a
Jlirthr enifofn.irtao
witn the unionists,
Plans to force . .h.-,.:",E'R',n . form
partment o ,t, ,:". :?, "' lr" '"ai
lis.. .it, i jins mnvr t.io n-rti,T.i .
legal adviser, ,.;:. "".'':'"" upon by
hnd r.,:;. "-..""'' ner
retCMn i;;.::.-' ". nev con dern!
. l. ' " i iv l-ietuetlt Ftrce-
The plan, in effect. In :hl:
-.. vm,n ur neit IIHV Or, .!,...
Ktnrtrrf In .1 r.j .' "l--1"!
nam"' .Vi"" I .'", 'n the
Tha.r,'',.",:'1-r'' "r" 'UffTln- loss C
Th is, u J, expected by the strike lead-rs
will Induce ProsM..,. rfi. .,. . ."UTS'.
the. fight and force thepackeVa produce"
their books, contract? and agreements lti
open court. Such a step. It Is bellivei hv
the mrlker-. will brie'i ,V .r. V.
racker.s to
lerma and end tbt ntmi
rZT?C',U "' ,n5 larUct Wagm Drlv
fn tV"1.0," haVe OTi"- a vote to li- a
ken bv- tl? union on Sundav on th ques
tion of a strike of thee men
'There vil be a meeting tne ; rifi .ro
eery and market wagon drivers Sundn"
ar crnoon. said Buslne.su Agent Kelly of
this uniop. "and If peace Is not secured
by that time or Fomethinc definite don
between the retailers and the packers our
men will undoubtedly decide to join the
other unions nlready on strike Should
such a decision be reached at thn meeting
the meat 3upp!v of the city will be cut off
2Ionday morning
Coronrr Will Hold Inqneat In Case or
Girl Who l.earx-il Ont Waldorf-
Aitorla Jul) 0.
Xew- A'ork. Aug 11 -It has ben decided
by Coroner Scholer to held an Irquest Fri
day into the caue of the death of 2Ilss
Uertlia Marine Dolbier, from San Francis
co, who was M'.led Julv 9. by a. fall from
the ninth floo- of thu Waldorf-Astoria
Hotel, and who's will bequeathed her en
tire estate, valued at J1,OOP,0, to 211"
E. 21 Warren
A Coroner's ph:-sician who performed an
autopsy on the tody called the case a sui
cide. 2Iis Warren, hole witness of the
tragedy and a lifelong friend and conMant
companion of .Miss Doltler, Is In Califor
nia, and her testimony In the form of an
affidavit will be read to the Jurv.
A struggle Is on In the courts for the
possession of her mono .
Victor. Colo., Preacher Refuses to
Leave District.
Cripple Cr-ek. Colo.. Aug. II. The ncv
crend Thomas S I.eland. pastor of the
Victor 2Iethodist Episcopal Church, who
was warned last night by masked men to
leave the Ci.pple Creek district, declared
to-daj that he Intended to remain und
would resKt any mob that attacked him.
"K I am forced to defend mjself I wll.
not appeal to the fchcrirf for assistance "
h" saw.
2fr I.eland is known thtoughout the
West as "the cowboy preacher.' He had
taken no part In the Ir dustrlal struggle
her up to ln't month. Then he became
eiiit'poken In his pulpit against lawless,
ne-s. and was unsparing In his condemna
tion of the brutal deportation system.
Ilnrnt IVec Drllvrrj.
ncrunuc tTUcx u
V.'ashirston. .ur II Uural ft lt!li.'r
s"rc la lf-n cstabil'h'd to l2ln .iMemlr
Aikana MarII, T'hllllpa Cointj nnte "
Un;in oi rout". 24 in I . population erx'-ri.'
Z ioitj: I . p. .funt; ruutru z hi i "
ln;th or ruiu-?, ns miic. pcpulxtlon MieJ,'
lllin'si ilniCti. ITiiTir,l rvttnt .. -
Unxti ft fo-f .1 rrl!" popjJaticn --ril.
?, lfi(lale. WdbjFh '-uunii . route J rc! i
of rujw, -. s, mil"". pjrulatlm zTii ' 4 j-t-itj,
fia. toiiV, iout- o. l"n;tli o( i".utv -
mtUr, ij.ulilt,n Frvtd, 5l Ormhj f?atUm
.cuM. luiitt- i 1.11J . !n-ln tf iJ;t 4i
nlm. fpLlatln ivti. t
M.hsotm- !.' r'ic ftnam Counts- i-out
nth ti rout J. int;. population Ve-vi i-
leza- lli,pvm umirCount; roui- 1 an!
i-rw.i. ") IPjtih.rd. Hill uintr iP 5
ler.5111 of rJte Jl4 ir.Il-s; populntlja rrtd.'
i:u-al carrier appointed.
t'liiKC cjrvtit- VVra. T l:-uc- carrT
Chari-s S L.I-. substlttit
Kanras. Cayioi J cdar'a B llartn:i rir.
r"r R. V lUrtrell. nutmltu:.. L-tancn Vus
tin awnrror. carrier. Henry Johcisoa. 3Jbtltet
lillr"I: I anbury (. i . .Ma.j, Carrlr IT'ii
C Conn, sut-sdliil- avsnre J p. platrc-n
br:i, carrier. James H I'lattcnbers"-. lut.l -
Mmsourl: Pilot Oro-.e O. O Dav ea-rlr- c
R Num. "-.Sstltu ' c'r:- '-
Ol.lali'ra: Allro Ficv I.ie. c.r-er I VV
I-c. cutftitul-. Ame C. J. Fmlth' ca'rrlr '
f liruMicer. suostltul'. Altua FJ K. Wrod ii I
s. . "v. s. .,,-.., w-uric lijrfit and p.n
j-..z C Cm. . wbst.r.t -vir?rcn c-. t vie
.v-ol-. ca-il": a II covlnst-n .ubttltut.. itu
una-R -. iK.Ne.1:. car-er: V. McNeil y
sjbltut. r.r.c.-i-) .. ntei'y. ta-rt i:
Nc:r-an rT y. sjbrtttutt.
Te-is: Rtih-im R It. iiurn.v- j, rj c;nt..r
end J. It Ta-.or. . nirl'rs; Vm t. I.'m n
Prr.- rcaracr ano Tho-nn Ta'lcr. nibfitut'
Eo-'ic TTcrras 1'. tun-, E. D Aid c.I an'
y.rn O Lajtcn. cinlvs. Thcma. leans'
J... Wia. II. Bu.-n'tt ar.d Htn; V.'o.J. ti.b.
Siatlnnnl UnuL srir.
nni-t r;u.- rnctAU
Wj.'ilr.r'.o-i. An; H. Tie Ccrrvtrcll-r
tn? (Iirrerri. to-,Iaj- I p'ovel tie ileslr.atIon
cf tie fal.os.i-i;. banks as reerve rsntj
I.DUestal Hank of i;mrair. Kanaa. "i;::v
frr ii- CStiihrle Nctlcnal Itjnk, Gutr.r- OMa
and tfco Flft National Hank, Itamcna I T
1 oo'.I-L-rr.r: NHtloral Bsn'c .ira.rh ' rc
tic KIr-t National Hank. U111-- :.h
To Ererl Older at Pnraoii.
RKPfni.ic spnmAU
Waahtngto-. Auj. 3t.-T rov'.ma.t r lien-
:,if.,.w?c5l-, tr Pl',1l"c1cf Mt Ann'"
V. Smith fj artct buildlnr for the u.: or
11 jiflBB
failed. ffl& w- Wm$m!M
BmmBH f ''-iBfB
WWWaW' c rH
HA prominent club woman, Mrs. Dan- w
prominent chid
forth, of St. Joseph, Mich., tells how she
was cured of fallincr of the womb and
its accompanying pains and misery by
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
"Dkak Mks. Pixkiiam: Life looks dark indeed when a woman
feels that her strength is fading away and ahe has no hopes of ever
being restored. .Such wat my feeliiijf a few months ago -when I was
advised that my poor health wa caused by prolapsus or falling of the
womb. The words sounded like a knell to me, I felt that, my sun had
set; but JLydia K. PinUham's Vegetable Compound came to me as
an elixir of life; it restored the lose forces and built me up until my
good health returned to me. For four months I took the medicine
daily and each dose added health and strenRth. I am so thankful for
tho help I obtained through its use." Mrs. Flokexce Dasforth,
1007 Miles Ave., St. Joseph, Mich.
A medicine that has restored so many women to health and
can produce proof of the fact must be regarded with respect. This
la tho record of JLydia E. Pinkham'ss Vegetable Compound, -which
cannot be equalled by any other medicine the world has erer pro
duced. Here is another case :
m w
. WS'SHr
not seem
JLydia H.
three of
Center St,
pxvxBxy f
"Women would savo timo and much (sickness If they would1
writ to Hrs.Pinkham for advice as soon as any distressing symp
toms appear. It is free, and has put thousands of women on th
right road to recovery.
Mrs. Plnkham never violates tho confidence thus entrusted to
her, and although she publishes thousands of testimonials from
women who have been benefited by her advice and medicine,
never In all her experience has she published such a letter without
the full consent, and often by special request of the writer.
A.aai FORFEIT!' c-''-:: forthwith prodeee tt orbrbul letter and sigutuw tt
V ft I II 1 1 1 Ikt tattimoualf, which will prove tbelr toItrt gtnnlneneu.
WWUUU U-l K. rtmhhmmi Mwtlf ! C . IgM. Mm, )
Mo tana Train Robber. After
Breaking Jail. Kills Himself,
Rather Than Be Recaptured.
Isaar firavollo. Xotoriniis in Dy
namite U'lockinp; fditra-ics.
C'(st Northern Pacific SriO,
000 fur His Capture.
Helena. -Mont . An; II Is.iae Oravelle.
on trial for robbhur a powder-bou" near
He era last September of slant piwder.
vvl 'ch w is used in wrecking Xo'thern ra
tine trains. es(aped from tlie Lewis and
Clark Cotirtv jail this afternoon afte
Iirobably fitil! shootins Deputy Sheriff
Tony Koninc k.
Tin ued bv dep'itles who were armed.
Giavlle to' 1: refuge in an alley lxJidp the
residence of Gov error .losph K. Toole,
wheie a pistol clue! took p ice. After an
cchanse of sh.it-e. flrnvelle ran Into the
basemnt of the Uoverreir's house where
h" f-hot and killed ltmsef !! had beu
wounded by bullets from th- cuns of Irs
Tl; escape t"ok p!a-.. at ' o'e liu-I, as
Gravel was al out to be l.-d bj liep-itj
Ko'lze'K from the jail to the courtroom n
the c,ount huildtnc; across the street Sad
dcnly Gravel!" pull.d a revolver and tired
twice at the deput.v. his bulb ts taking ef
fect In IsortzeK s breast a few Inches troni
his heart. Jaiv- Jones was nejt armed and
threw- up Ills hands After taking Kori
7ek's revover. crav.li" ordered the Jailer
to open the door, which he did.
Grave-Ik tli u ran one bl ick eastward,
v here he tried to mount x horse. II" wa j
Inn tieiltv rri.secl. however, ami continue.!
hi rilcht A mo-ne-nt liter Gravel!" took
refi'se I'l the alley besi,e Governor T-Mde's i
liou"3". from v beie le einpl.ed the two re i
.i. . 1. 1. ........ -.- '
IJlil at lit i u.u l -.
There Gri.ellc,. v.oupdeti. ran into lb"
basement of th Governor's house, vvlietc
he bl . out h!- bralt -
Giavell" v.y convicted fic months o
of fncllntr tureatemm; letter" to nlfbials
of the Xorteern raclfic. of v h'nn be i
rranded J.7).'V. It Is ti'ovevl tint lie Ind
dvn.imitei! Xerthetn IMe'fie trains and
pronrtv- in an 'ffort to blackmail thee-om- '
pany He was captur-d after a Ion? emm
psiirii that cost the Xo-tIirn IVicIti" :i!m.u
Sh'Hff ft Cornell tlces not hnow I, iw
Graveile pet Ins gun. bu' beli"V"s it v. as
I.r.iI3Sieci i.i ' mill t.j ii irusiy or.l visitor
To Cbunste Cejnrl eliednle-.
Colt-mbin. Vo . Aus. II. Circuit Ju lc
A. II. WallT of the .Ninth Judicial Ii
trict. i-omprisins .he counties cf llnone
Howard, Randolph and callawas, will In
truducr n bill In the t.eg.atur ut the
next ssioi to change the datea for hcld
tag court in thnre countl-.?. Under Judce
" Deat: ZV'ns. PrNKnAM : For years I was
troubled with falling of the nomb. irregular
and painful menstruation, leucorrhcea. bearing
down paias, backache, headache, dizzy and
fainting spelis, and stomacn trouble.
"I doctored for about five years but did
to imrjrove. I began the use of your
and have taken seven bottles of
TMnkham's Vegetable Compound,
Llood Purifier, and also used the
Vash and Liver Pills, and am now
good health, and have gained in flesh.
I tuanK you very mucn ior wnac you
have done for me, and heartily recom
mend your medicine to all suffering
women." Miss Emma Sxtdeb, 218 Ease
Marion, Ohio. J
WaJIer"" plan, the terms of conrt sm alt
be held ln the winter and early sprhur and
none during the summer months'. At pres
ent the Circuit Court Is held In Cohnnbla
In June. October and February. Under the
new arrangement the terms will com ta
May. September and January. Judge Wal
ler has conferred with the attorneys ln
the district, and all seem favorable to
ward the new plan, end will indorse the
Xo trouble to secure Bocxl housernalsbj it
you advertise In The Itepubllc. Fourteen,
words or less 10a All drugg1.sU take ads
for The Republic
Developments Indicate That Many;
Bodies Will NeTer Be Re
covered. .i.W
Tueblo. Colo.. Aug-. 11. Careful revision
of the lists of dead and missing confirms
the original estlmato that not less than
lives were lost in tho flood which wrecked
th" fust train on tho Denver and Itln
Grande Jlailroaa near Eden Sunday night,
h'eventy-nine; bodies have been recovered.
iiir.e.ti-e-n passengers on tho wrecked train
are- missing .ind ten other persons are re -ported
missing who uro not positively
known to hrtve been on tho train.
One corpse is still classed as unidenti
fied, although i-tveral persons have recog
nired it. as .MrR. Jennie Sharpless. a wel'
kpown Womin's Christian Tcmpcrani
v orker. of Houth Bend, Ind.
I'urther shipment or bodies to polrt
outside this Slate have been mad'.- as fol
lows: tenrs" A. IIck, to Princeton. Ind : Carta
J-Vnnk Hoilnan. to FrT.nc. Mans ; Miss Curn
' Kiel i;i to Hurtforil. Conn.: Alfred B. lire
t.i illr'on. III.: Robert V. O'Hannon to I.i
n nt ito : Elale Ito.'and. to I.lndsborir. K..s .
vlr I. A Stevens, to Northampton. Ma .
Mls little ffyp t( port Wa.. jn,I.: Mrs
t.iir Welch. t' Chicago, and Mr-. A. II
v acta to Luna. III.
Developments indicate that the bodies
the mis-ing victims have been sucked Int.
tb" mil' ksand and will never be recover"'!.
Cramps and Dysentery
DL'-rrhor.i. chol'r.t morbus, storaaehach.
cimK' tfon. Minti-okr. heart failure,
f ilntlnjr. upak stomach, malaria, rhllfj".
f-vor--. prostration and the hundred mid
i on- ill- of summer can bi cured and pre
vntt-d o takinp
It kilLs the disease- germs and lnvlcorate-1
nnd strrmitheiis every organ and part of
th" human body. Absolutely pure) and eon
tiiltiM r.o rune oil. rifty yers reputation.
M all drugBlttx and grocra or direct. XL
a botlle. .Medical booklet free. Duffy Halt
Whiskey Co., Kicheiter JJ. T.
I Zr XQflb
4y - j$m y&
. B&I
; Luffy'sPureMaltWfiJskey

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