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dent of the society, nnd at the close of the
exirclecs luncheon wan scried bj the la
dles In one of the native houses adjoining
the main building
Final Arnuifrempnts Being Made
for Celebration on
Aujiust '20.
''oops at .TolTerHon Il.irrnckH
I'robahly Will Participate
JtecepMon to fJovernor
Ponnj packer in K von in jr.
I'ennFjliniila Day at the World' Fair
August 5) -Is the next big event on the
Pin (mil of Htaten, and flmil nrrarigcmcjits
are now being made for the celebration
The Commission at Philadelphia nnd
Thomas II. (! iriln and tht Kxpositlnn au
thorities at St. Louis are now working out
the detail) of tho celebration, which urn
'julle elaborate.
flovcrnor Pennypneker and parly, 150 In
number, will arrivo In St. Louis In a spe-
clal trjJn the day broro tho celebration.
In tho party will bo Governor .mil Mrs.
Perm-packer, the Governor's staff. Includ
ing; tho head- of the various depirtmcnts
fit Harrlsburg: tho famous First Troop,
rhlladelpbla Cavalry, commanded by Cap
tain John lroome, considered the rnoit
exc.uslio military organization In the
roihitry; Majors of the larger cities of
reiinsjlinnla, nnd nil of tho members of
the Commission.
The date selected is the anniversary of
the baltlo of Fallen Timt rs, when Ocner
ul "Mad" Anthony Wajne, n Pennsjlva
nlan, then Commander In Chief of the
United States Army, achieved a print vic
tory over the Indians in tho We it. and a
military parade will bo one of the fea
tures of the celebration In addition to all
the mlll'lu then in camp at the World s
Fair, tho trrwjia at Jefferson I! irrncks will
Ukily participate. It is expected that tho
E. trade will form at tho Administration
ulldlrig and then proceed to tho 1'e.nnsjl
aanlu Pavilion Hero addrercs will bo
made. Tho day will closu with a recep
tion at tho building to the Governor and
jura. pcnnjpucKer
Mrs. James II. Wells of Brownsville, -who
Is In charge of the historical exhibit In
the Texas building. Is to receive an addi
tion to her collection from Mrs. E. P.
Turner of Dallas. Mrs Turner's fnthcr,
Judgo T. A. Pntllla of Marshall, came to
Texan in 1M-I and rved during the Wir
of.Indepndiice. and In the collection are
embraced valuable documents, such as
communications from General Sam Hous
ton and Andrew Jackson,
The unneecsiarj alann among th con
tributors by tho IIouo of IIoo-IIoo Are,
causing a rcc.ill of a part of the exhibits
by MiriOMi owners, was the chief reason
of Mrs. Wells's decision to take th ex
hibit bark to Texas. The exhibit has never
been without proper survelll ince. Miss
Croln qf Cucro gencroui-ly lent her aid, and
remained a month at her own expense. In
order to assist In the proper placing and
eustody of tho exhibit. The fact Is. there
has never been a time when Wiling serv
ice could not have teen secured, and more
than one patriotic Texas woman has of
fered to caro for It.
Tho members of Camp Carleton of the
Philippine Veterans of St. Paul wjll be en
tertained Iiy Executive Commissioner C. S.
Mitchell at n dinner at the Minnesota
Btate building this evening In the party
are C. 8. Colledge. II :v. Kline, V. K
Krembs, C. W. Alhrvcht, Fred WIdman,
Henri Jacobs. Herman Ahlbcrc, II. H.
Daniel and .Mrs. 1 K Krembs. who Is
the head of tho only woman's relief corpH
of this organization Tho camp was named
in honor of a Sergeant who was killed b
one of his own comrades through mistake.
Carleton nearly lost his arm because of
vaccination while on his way to the Phil
ippines. Ills regiment went Into action im
mediately upon arrival, and Carleton, who
was lust recovering, was Injured. Tho first
night after lie was (Uncharged from the
hospital he was on picket duty and was
killed by accident. 7
"Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dallam of Hen
derson are tho guests of Commissioner
Clarence Dallam, of Louisville at the Ken
tucky building.
Even with two registers In service all
the- time, the constant stream of visitors
at the Missouri bulling could not be ac
commodated as expeditiously as Captain
J. M. CVSheu, the custodian of the build
ing desired, and still another book has
been placed at the desk for the use of
those who desire to register. For several
weeks the dally registration has averaged
LWO persons, w hUe on Wednesday It went
as htgh as LSSO.
The following ilsltors registered at the
Bute buildings yesterday:
Mtn Nellie Lanr. Miss Faullno Lang. Kmi'.i
Clt: D A Hull. Mrs I A Hull. Htella Hall.
Joneshurg. Mrs IV. A Holder, llarlonvlile.
Hannah Johnson. Mary John.cn. Prank (Tub
man. Jr. Kama City. Mrs Iona Park. Mr
3. 11 Mars-hull. .Vet lltworth. Ht Jos'ph,
l.harle Hoffman Alma lfoITman, rjarl Hoff
man Jefiron I3tj . Mrs J p Kraus. tirorL
J.nn Hi. us Kuieka. Mite e"hip"l Ilruwri.
ATmiA, Kullle Irurlei, Harry Ilouljin. Hugh
Mile. Mr llctoruwin Mrs Victor C"rlln. Mrs
v ',." "'olln Jr. Mr Vlr 11 Ojlln Jr Mi.
ter Oraydon Uilln monvlll Mrs Jtnttle Ui.
"Imi. Ml" Anna Trrntinin. 11Arilnjitiri.
.T Jwphlr' Ilolilmeyer Glldrhoue-. 1II
l."u Tniitmon. Umhlncton. Will A. Mars.
I inn OlrarJoau, Um Mais. J.rferMi city. 1
' '""J" "son i.itrty. UJla II cheek. .1 r
flieek. ifolc. Thos Olliner. Ul.anon. Ieiia
A'ifiismlller Ida M Attinnnlller. Sedilla.
Anna M Hall anfsillln, O. lata Tajlor,
IJIIa Coin II Marshall l (J IIr,nrmHLer.
Mlsa AIni.1 llMfrinehtrr, ,M Iora Otrmlllr,
Jnrmsni. Mm, ic Ilyan. Marsle Ityin. Hater.
Oeniire ij. I'otter, Mm Jt K TownsenJ.
laiiea A l'lomlng, '.t Joseph. Hidln K Im
nelly, Mrr W M Kinney, Do Hoti). Taulln
J'ayne. si rlnefieM, John Oreenstre. t. George
Orrenslreet. .Vt Ha.cn I. M Ma lain e! ..
i- i iiiiamsion j
uap;. llrnlI A Hall
Ml i-flli Ijal
Mis V
man, Atnte, Mrs Klrbj Hmlth, t'eter Hrr
Iiesioee, i-oiijan CrlndHaff. II Vi Grinds
'"ItT", Mrs Carmon (.uhdm I'thanj . :
At tho Texas building this afternoon
Miss Evelyn Currier of St, Louis, reader;
Mian Katherins Van Hook of Marshal,
whistler, am) Miss Iaella. Scales of Paris,
plan In, will furnish the afternoon's en
v tcrtalnmont.
Several hundred Tcxans and others
heard tho piano and song recital given
yesterday afternoon by H. T. Huffmaster,
formerly of Galveston, but now of Bos
ton, Iiarytone, and Wilbur 1. MacDonald
of Dallas, pianist.
Quite a party of Virginia teachers called
upon Mrs. W. N. Strother, the hostess at
Montlccllo yesterday. The teachers ore
making a ten days' visit to the Fair. The
party la in cliarco of Professor Willis
Jenkins and Mlrs Marcia J one-. J. two of
the most prominent educators of tho Old
Governor Jefferson Davis of Little Hock
wanja visitor at tho Arkansas bulldlnr
yesterday, as was former Governor J. P.
Miss Julia May of Terra Haute, the
winner In a popularity contest, was u visi
tor at the Indiana building iistercay.
Miss May is a teacher, and 7.000 votes
were cast for her In a contest conducted
by tho Hoot Dry Goods Company of Terra
Haute. Bhe led the next highest by lO.luu
In tho parlor of the president's suite of
the Iowa building, which Is occupied bv
former Gotcrcor William Larabee, the
president of the Iowa Commission, Is the
famous Thorp portrait of Ginerol U. 8
Grant. Tho painting is from life, and Is
declared to be ono of Thorp's best efforts.
The portrait was painted In le72, and the
likeness is said to be admirable. Other
paintings by Thorp which adorn the
room; are of Lincoln, Sherman and Sher
idan, and have been greatly admired by
all who hcive seen them.
Tho suite consists of three rooms, sitting-room,
bedroom and bath, and Is fur
nished In an elegant, though slmp'e tnan
i.er, thoroughly characteristic of Gover
nor Larahec. In the sitting-room the
chalni and lounges are of mahognny rat-
ian, upnoisierca wan itainer. ins cur
tilns arc of fine lace, and there are no
other ornaments In the room, other than
tho four pictures named.
Mrs. Clero fijmms and Mrs. Walton
Lawrence of Nashville, Tcnn , the daugh
ters of Mrs. Kachel Jackson lawrcnce,
the hostiss of the Tennessee building, are
at the World's Fair for a few days.
The lily pond that forms a portion of
the gronnds or the New York State build
In now presents a rarled assortment of
water lilies. The landscape ctfeota pro
duced by the Improvement of this large
plot of ground extending from tho New
York Stato building to tho Government
bird cast) Is one of the attractive spot of
the Exposition. The land Inclines toward
a gulch, and from the lake a stream of
water Sows over a rocky course through
the beds of varl-colored flowers.
Fully 00 persons attended the Alaskan
trxerelaeji nf fhe Trehvterlen urieein..
fa Society yesterday morning. The assocla-
Mtii unieueu lu uJuri'&iHPH oy Airs. MRry E.
Hurt, finsfeaa nf the htilMlne. r Tirol...
J Boyle and Healy Wolf, an educated native
or ixnnr. narrow, vine meeting was pre
,i aided over by Mrs, Hubert Kankln, preel-
W San.. Mrs J W
Citlurnltla. Mavtne Miv-
Mlta ft A MmflxM Al
ii IMndall. Mn W 11. H.ml.ill.
Itanlall. .Nevada, Mrs !. C. t!orl-
11 FN f urm.i.1 (.rulun. I'.lhnm If.b
II L! DlCkaril T.Aeli1lfl. It- Inh. Yrm r.h
Galnrs, Graver W G lines, 'hxctirlor bprlnica.
n-inde hhepard riera: Mlnnls A Kyrr,
Grajie Cri-k Susie Cameron Hoejeon, Mm
,.'," St'mh'lmer. lytnburc. Mrs Chrtst Caueli.
IlellevlUe j,i,n I ward Alta I U arrt. i-hel
M-vllh .Nettle Mj. Haxali I ly. John A Hi.
Mlkanda Mali I" Chtltn. Winchester Mrs Vv
II Mctartnej. VvrbMir Ornves. Mo . Mlas Iluth
thannin. Ilotk Island. ;Jm Helen I.owrle
Slerllng. Marie Therese t-.rari. rrteport.
I)alv Harnirs Mn ("arlock Atlanta: Am'lia
;.... ''ecpri. .Mima, .vrniaircn? .vira
Marr itritHrtii, Mctropolla. North Kerrehl, Car
terville KANSAS
Mr and Mrs. J p p.o's Clair Center: Mrs.
C II and lole Ro-er yetmnre. J U rtoss
iJ?mU i01."1 " E "'In-r Alchl-on: James
JT?"" .J'anliattan Grace and Kran Ilvan.
A ,W.h'l: i,r. "Tl1 " J- " fnllbr. Htaf
C?'d.Mo' .X u Hcott K"ITora ih- Iteverend
!t Hmllh. tViffrvvlIle Gretta htarr. UldVe
oo.I Carrlo C Hhultv. Vtlrhlta I mest Vi al
"onri.Ni o Hfnith. fcr Ulchlta J B
htroLl Iljwnrl Hteniu-t. Iluti lilnson. John
.Si-harffir Caldwell J sterns Hiawatha: K.
jVi'1vnr..."ur?lcJ 1Ir John hchaeflcr and
famllv-. Caldvr.ll Mr and Mrs J Hrolth.
Mound Cltv Vi w. Smith Araentlne. Mauds
k "W'ston. Marv and Cli-ii IJltlck.
Kansas Cltv Mr nnd Mrs V O Love. Iilrb
Ita. Fred H Luntren tllna A J am re
tell" Iveti Chenvvalo Jhn T Lam., sa
iiSi. tJ iI""17,n riillliosburir K 11.
i ?. ' AIle"!,' ,: ' Mors. Abilene. Doctor
'it Ti.l"e!ll -1"1 ainw allna.
i. "V! i,rr " Mors Lilnooln. Mclvlne and
rior-jllorrls. Holton Marj and laiibeth Mll
Jr lerrnllllon, Florence and Maria Mottle
Leavenworth. Illchunl nnd Arthur Meier. Itl
,V..J t- and i'annle Mitchell. Halina, 01tv
McNajrhton. Anthonj ; Clark K. i-ool. ik Ma
rys llorton l'orter IMtiMir;c w B Itos
Utockttin. U A and Amej l.odxera. AblletiH
t-esra and Mary Oten Dmlae city, ilannah
an Hllli Aaronson. oldst.urg. z A Ashton.
Holton, Pasrhal Adams. Drtaieon. Mr anl Mrs
v i irroona. Inrmrla. Dtor IV J. rsone
mal, Kainii city, Florence and K1K Hrad
show, Atoon: (e-orre IV. Hurt. Tojteka. laiw
rtnes and 1 mma lSerrv. Orguae. 3ara O
Ilrljtgs Olrard. Kllsabeth and lavura Bean, ba
llna. Ilolet and Lisy lilaekliurn Kansas
City. Oeorgs anl Hill llancrott. Kureka C.
It nriinn-id. Inlerendeno. B G Hurke,
Palina Mr and Mrs R M Carroll. a Cjirne,
1 u Charles. Harrord. Ornce Conrad, Hurden.
Mr and Mrs Albert Crane. Kml!h Center. J
II. Corbett. ballra
Mayme, Mcfullnni. Mr anI Mrs D n Mc
Cullam. Hertha llesa Jobson. (u J turner
Jeanne Turner. L f. Turner. Oklahoma. Ot) ,
1Ir J I) Ilallard. Mrs iltnry Atkinson.
1athcrford. Mr anl Mrs A T Trlppet.
Altus. I J McGlnnls. II II McGlrnlrT LI
Hum Mis J II Kvan, Oklahoma City. Erne
Armstruns Norman. Mrs It V Calloway,
Liwton. fclba A CIrcke, Mulliall; Frances
Hag. man. Horente CMIa Hhtte Laele. Mrs
l.ltle ItllCkelt Mllthn!! fhlia (e.nan fikl..
hnnia Cltj . August ?altch Minna fiallch.
bhawnee. Guy N liohaman. Mm : W Boha
man. Mrs Allle llolverton. Mrs Mamie Ital
ian! 11athertord. Miss Almarene Atkinson.
Ims. i: i: LHiley. Alva. Mr and Mrs Jt C.
Herry ani son. Norman
Gertrude Gates, Little Itock. Lulu Hinns,
Arattita. Mrs A Hanna, Argenta. O Goo-1-wln.
l,noke. Flward II Overton, Llttlo Itock;
Sue Ooodwln. Lonoke. Fannie Ivood. Favctle
Jllle; fc H Overton. Llltls Itock, Dave Mc
Kenn. I)e yueeri. Fox Hood, tort Hmltti: Alice
1 Jackson. I'ayettovllle, Mattla Taylor, l"ay
tttevllle, A. J. Htevrart, 1'lne UlutT; O. Betsy,
la-iroiild T. K Fox. Little Itock. Georga
lanlels Fort rtnlth. Umma Hitwt, Irrest
Ity. i barlei Halker, Colunibua, Mary II
t'rwetl. McCrorj M If lte.d. Ftirt Pmlth:
relna Hamilton ITorl Smith. Mrs. Iln Hamil
ton, I ort Smith, V-a Hamilton. Fort Smith:
O Hiade III Dorado. B II Oalbralth. El
litimdo. J. s. 11iWn. Hone: K. D 1'ope. Arka-depi-ia;
Farrle Brewer, loxaraana. Julia Lile.
Magnolia .e,R Hutcheson Maxnclla: Maude
faring. Magnolia: Mrs C W. Hew-ett. Little
ifJS r- Spring, Mena. It. L Davta, Fine
IIluH. Thcma. Davis. Pin Blurt, A. Kol wage.
Forest Clt.
Winnie B. Harnett Clarksvllle. Sister Mar
farei Marv Kr.ba glater Marr Francis Troy,
Krths Sarah R Drake South McAtester: L
Keelnsk). Atoka: H Mayor. Halleyvllle.
M J Mayer Fort Gibson; Enid Washington
I?.?e.wi,'.,,S.u, 3. c Blrnpson, Eufaula:
Ituoh IVllard. TUhomlngo; A. if Montgomery;
cneeoiah: Leslie Hhearer. Tlshomlnxo. Ltjuu
wall. Blue jacket: Mrs u. Peuanate. cnuc
kasha; Mr. and Mrs W. G Van Hovsr. Paul a
J,".1.'..- H'reket. Mulhall: Mrs. c Blrcket.
Mulhall: Ida 8Ur. C'iaremora: Etta Loalman.
Celestlne; Harry Sehwarta. Purcell- R. D Me
Connell Bartlervllle: Mary La-e Emaraon.
Chlckaafaa- C. A Sajiders Pauls VaJIei vv. 1
a Valley: Anna Orron Muakogee;
PARTY OF 1,500
Califoniiu to Furnish the Largest
Days Arrivals Since the
Exposition Opened.
From lJt Angeles, Cal , jeiterdiy
the largest number of visitor vet to ome
to the World's Kalr from any State on
one day Martcd to M. Iouls The- party
numbered 1,5W, and is traveling b vva of
the Stitithern 1'acIIlc and Santa. I'e. The
party Is due to arrive In ht Ixuls Mon
day, and will spend two we. ks at the Fair.
Contddcring ita great dint nice from Hu
Loulr, Callfornli h is funilshesl quite .1
groat man of the visitors to the Louisi
ana I'urchase Kxposltlon. and during one
week there- weto more thou l.Jin cltiz'ns
of the Golden htate here Doctor Walt, r
Llndliy, a prominent physic! in of Is
Angiles. who Has .i visitor at tlm Califor
nia, building and his State's exhll.lt at the
I'olaco of Agriculture vesterday, stated
that the Califurnl ins v lin h.ive attendid
have trought Kick onlj llattt ring nimrts
of tho Fair and of their tieiitrneiit hr(.
and.is i result iriuth IritTest In tin-I.x po
sition prevails -,ptelall la (till the e.is
In boutnern I'allfornla. and IJoctor Undlev
feels confident that lull Oi.Ow cltUuw of
thit Sit Hull of the S.l.ile will I,i in Hi
l-ouls between now ami the time the l'alr
L101-I H,
'I he imrtv to arrive here Monday Is from
Southern Cillforril i, and centerfd at Los
Angi It s. 1 he railroads made a s(.tel il rate
of JC7SO for tho round trip 'I he expendi
ture of such nn amount for railroad far.'
alone chows an e.imert desire to see the
talnment of the California contingent dur
ing the World's Fair. Excursions by boat
and train to points of Interest within a
radius of 100 miles of St. Louis form a part
of the plnn
Collrrilnn at Pnlillrllilons
I.lhrrnl Arts I'alnee.
Cuba has a colli ctlon of newspapers and
other publications In Its exhibit In the
Liberal Arts building, representative of
the roconstructon period of Cubin his
tory, which was rn-irked hy the ii.t revo
lution against Sp mlsh rule, .and the Pp m-ili-Amriati
War which folloAed immi -dlatelj
upon the blowing up of the Uni
ted Mates luttleshin Maine
Included In this tllsplav lire many Cu
ban publlcatloni v.hlrh have had an Im
portant hiiiring upon Cuban evmt"
Among th'ie is a wreklv piiblltatlt.n
'Cub i and Armrlca." a wll-lllustrate.l
publication In the Spanish language Th's
was started hv lumunilo t'abrri, a
wealthy Invrvcr of Havana, who founded
the m iga7lne for patlrne and h is since
made It on.- of the most Influential Jour
n lis on the Is'arid It compares favor
nblv with the best Amerie in publications
of the eame cln
.llnreellna MeGsiry Arrives With I I-
car-Shnnetl lllrlKllle llnlltiiiu Vluy
Make Teal Tt.-MorrtitT.
. The tenth onhes'tra! sjmphony concert
by the Exposition Orchestra will take
place to-day In Festival Hall at 430 p m
Alfred Hrnst is the conductor, and the
soloist of the day Is Miss I'nuline Wolt-
m.uin. Following In the programme;
I'relule-llarsel and Oretel II Humperdlnck
Contralto solo Ilelutrahlender T.ig from
Odysseiia Max Ilruch
Tho Kls" of Jo (founded upon The Lay
or Sklrner. from the Elder LVlda.. .
. t Hulnt-l-aena
Contralto sol Mj Heart at Thv sweet
lolce, from Mimson and Delllali
. . ( faint Siena
Symphony No 8 In II minor I'athetloue
OP .4 . . . I' Terr alkowelcy
(a) Adagio, rillfi.it) non trojfo ll.l Alltgro con
grasln rcl AllegTo rnolto vivace tdi Adagio
Tho eleventh orch&stral concert will
consist entirely of rompoitlim by Itlch
ard Wagner, and w-i'l takti place on week
from to-day In Festival Hall at p. m.
Japanese Mnnlfeat Interest In Mating
rletllre lllnatrutlons for Lectures.
Several Ircturts In the theater In the
Nebraska exhibit In the Agriculture build
ing nt the World's Talr are to be given
on subjects of Interest to the exhibitors
and persons engaged In agricultural pur
suits R N" Ohoshl, Commissioner of Agricul
ture and Hnrtf"itltiiro from I ipan will de
liver the first of the series tif lectures to
morrow nfternooii nt 1 o'clock His sub
ject will be "Set nes in Japan" and his lec
ture will be Illustrated v ith moving pic
tures The Japanese have shown much Interest
In the moving-picture pi m of Illustrations
nnd recently one of the Commissioners
obtained much data to bo sent to his (nun
try It Is proposed to prepare films of
farming scn"s ir the Mlkndo'" country
nnd stnd them back to St Louis for dis
play nt the Worlds Fair. In eonnc-ctlon
with many nf the country's exhibits
Frederic W. Taj lor. Chief of the Agri
cultural Department, will lecture next
week on his experiences at the Omaha and
Huflnlo expositions where he nlso was the
chief of the agricultural exhibits He also
will Illustrate with the movlng-plcture machine.
potnsiEi m.w rEroit.Tioq.
uioson. aul a Valley: Anna Orron Muskogee
j lejtiK. lusaoaee. u c vvaiKsr. ivvan
o;tte: c. F Cronlnaer Vlnlta- A. Oration.
Muskogee: pa .Nichols, rishornlruro a
llallcnbeck. a lshomlnsdh Fred Klein Iluskogoe
F. M. Cook. Vlnlu: Frances Davis. Cnlckasha.'
A. c. Sri"Jpard, Dallas; Harry Bibbs, Hal
nut Springs. II. W. 1-lummer. fails, Air. aid
Mrs. J. L. Morris, Alvord: Henry Petri, jr..
Austin; F. 11 Lterling. tort Worth; Arthur
Ouenther. B-neat Ouenther. Rudolf Oroos Ban
Antonio, J F. Itoblnson, Houston; Doctor and
Mrs 11. II. Davis. Arlington; Louis Price. J
L. Price. l!rgtto.n, A eieorge McKee, It It.
Mpence. Max Maaa, Jr , Julius Maaa, (Jalveston.
John a ltyan. Palestine, Will Oregg, Denton.
'j. iv. u-nton. vvaco. E. J. Broo.1. urownwood;
Harrj Jompkins. Pilot point. 11. L. Annatesll,
iW'.ilr,Ju,1.MJ7 l- G Callan. Ltrady, Mr
i.nU H'.3-,?1- ". Oarnett, McKlnney; itr. and
.T" '.'. w- CTiUus. Helen Clillds Xlallu, J.
iwTl ,,.'1uuln; Alelt- Kalm- Vvlchlta Falls,
ttnil Ilahn. faeguln. Clem II Potta. Oalnavlll,
J II Hood, (.forge IV. dray. 1'arls. W. D.
PT.,',,,,"" Dell. Dallas; 11. J. Walsh.
J M IValsh. Hound Itock. 11 IV. Manelll.Cisco,
B H Col. UhlteBrtgnt. J. N. Henderson.
Llrvan; J. Thurston Henderson, llriu, Mrs A.
Lt harborough. lionham; Anna Webster. Merl-
,i"1V,M1'..,it.Du,Tlu' Dallnii; Mrs Endrea
Chandler. Kathleen chandler. Dallas. Logan
Vcl'herson Abilene; Mr and Mrs Halter L
J lemlog. Dallas. U U lUrdcaatl-. Lexington.
JJr- I04-11 J1- S Kofclnson, Hempstead, Mlsa
-""- n.uie.ii.ii, jonnajn; Jllss Dannie Belle
MadJrey, lionham. (jen Oooch. Waco. Mr. and
i, i, ..in....... r...:.i.. .-
.- v,iui,li:ju
Famous Anstrlan flnndntnaler
Ierad Exposition Orchestra.
Knrl Komnk, the famous Austrian
bandmaster, who will .appear at the
World's Fair next week ns leader of the
Exposition Orchestra, has been the recip
ient of many decorations of honor from
nearly all the Governments of Europe, In
cluding the following:
The Austrian Gold Medal for tho Arts
ami Sciences, the Order of the Gold Cross
and Crown, the Jubilee Memorial Medal,
Officer of the Academy. Knight of Span
ish Isabella Order. Knight of the Order of
the Crown of Roumanla. Knight of the
Haden Lion Order. Knight of the Wurtem
beig Ordr of Frederick, the Bavarian
Military Service Cross, the Servlsn Takova
Order, the Snxcny Albrechts Order, the
Ottoman Medschldge Order, the Persian
Son and Lion Order, the Cross of the Mon
tenegro Danllo Order, the Gold Medal of
the Perpetual Albruchts Order
Mr. Komnk will remain until the close
of the Exposition.
nite.id Trtintevln. T a t ....
faj1". liarrey Morton Macaulav,' Dallas. Mr'
...- ,.. i tw.Kiu. rcri wcnn; John c
vvr..'e J?'"alJ., I .""ltb, San Antonio.
Walter fvott. Marshall: Mr. J. IV. wall. La
V?nllJ: r11" 'rtl Anderson. Ladonla: Ituth
McOlnnls Minnie H. Hey. Mrs d c. Smith
riin'je"' ', M Ed'smlth Msion; Aug'
ft, ' lne Chas iv. Abbott. KegulS;
Eon Antonio. I M Cain, Athena. James M.
Dannie. Fort Worth; w T. Carroll. Athena
Fannie Nathan I j. Nithan Martin'
J'r and Mr, Qeorge IL HtanSr' KdHr A.
Holland Orange; S A. McCollum. Maaon. Krnli
Llpper. Houston. Mr and Mrs . d. j"iHSs
Ilryan. J II Davidson. T.mpl Mr. a S
A Morton. Miss nertha llorton. IMna Mr
P M.nn?i5n,ti,5'Vrn1,,n.' Reverend Thomsa
F. IJaufleid. Hiurtcn. F J Itaw-lln Weather,
ford. Mrs M Dore.' ciarkivllTe "Vc B
Crwell Mra W IV btewart. irr.ll will
Oregg. Denton. M'ss E MIcholi, Lullng
W. 1IcCas"tty, Jr.T. C Roberts, II H Iloyd.
Silas Linton. U. U Mathews. Mrs E B
Mathews. Mr. and Mrs J r. Wolfe. F M
ganders Mrs Charles Simpson. Mrs M u
Yy r.-,r.J' SlV"' J",- i. Kennlgman,
airy Or.rainlsatlons.
Drills by Crack Infantry and Car
Many special military events have been
arranged at the World's Fair for the lat
ter part of this week and next. To-morrow,
In addition to the Philippine Day
parade, there will be a dress parade at
B.4S p m.. on the Plaza of St. Louis by
the Fifth Infantry, Ohio National Guard
The regiment will remain at the Fhlr but
three dajs. and this parade will be their
only appearance on the Plaza of St. Loulr.
, F""2 August 15 to 20 there will be dalli
drills by the Culver N'aial Cadets on the
Grand Basin. There are 130 bojs In the
company, and their drills will Include oar
and sail drills, boat races, sham battles
and landing drills. They will also appear
In regular navy cutters. This will be
the only appearance ot a naval school at
the Exposition.
August 18 to 20 a crack troop of cayalrv
from Philadelphia will be here as escort
to Governor Pcnnypacker. August 10 !
Newsboys' Day. and there will he special
military attractions. There will also be
special drills on various parts of the
grounds from August 15 to.18.
August 3) to 22 will bring 2.000 of the
Uniform Rank. Knights or Pvthlas. who
will take part In tbo prize drills arranged
by the Exposition. The Uniform Rank.
Knights ot Maccabees, 2,000 strong, will
arrive August 22 for a week's stay. This
will alio be Missouri week.
Many Employes to HaTe Holiday
St. I.oala Day.
East St Louis business men are plan
ning to participate In the celebration of
St. Louis Day at the World's Pair, Sep
tember 15.
Secretary Stevens has received a letter
from Whitney Layton of the Layton Pure
Food Company stating that his tompany
Is 'o Interested In seeing the attendance
on St. Louis Day exceed that of nny other
day nt the Fair that a full holiday will
be given all the cmplojes on that day,
and In addition the compiny will furnish
them admission to the Fair and pay their
car faro to the grounds.
In his letter Mr. Ieiyton suggests that
other firms In St. Louis and East SL Louis
take up the Idea and co-operate to make
St, Louis Day a record-breaker for attendance.
Tn imvAY rv motiox.
Forms an Interesting Feature In Mla
annrt'a Mineral Section.
The mine tramway, which forms an In
teresting feature of the Missouri display
In the Palace of Mines and Metallurgy,
was yesterday tet In motion and contin
uously before the visitors congregated
passed car after carload of the many val
uable mlncial products of the State
The runway is built on a slight Incline
at an angle that suggests the shaft of a
mine. The cars are carried by a cable to
tho apex of the ascent, and at this point
It passes In direct view of the spectator.
It then commences to descend and disap
pears In the dark confines of tho earth
The exhibit is instructive, for the six
teen ears that are continually passing
contain manv varieties of valuable ores
that catch the attention of those who
watch this exhibit of an actual mining
Matrellus McGtrv of Memphis, Mo, ar
rived with Ills airship nt the Atronautic
Concottr jestcrday Mr McGnry In
tends to tn for the neron tittle prlres an J
will mike Ids trial flight .as soon ns pos
sible He slid to-day that he expected
.to make his first attempt Monddj. and
perhaps ns arly as to-morrnw
Tho machine with which Mr. McGary
hopes to win some of the rich aeronautic
prizes hung up by the Imposition man
agement Is or the dirigible I.illonn va
riety, nnd consists of a bag, clgir-shaped,
and tv. Tit j -one feet long, which ho'd
10'W cubic ftet of gas This bag will b
relied upon for the lifting power The
motive power will le furnished by a set
of vlns which are ribbed, and are so
constructed as to expand and contract
The principle of their operation is coplel
after a fly
Tho motive power is furnished bv the
operator of the balloon, who manipulate
the wings In dice of mm power there
Is an arrangement whereby a three or
flvo hors" power motor may be attached
to tho wings
One of the wings was "llghtlv 'injured
vesterdav evening while the machine was
being brought through the c-itts of the
yveronnunc concourse, hut Mr. McGary
saja that the Injurj Is slight and can be
repaired within a short time. The hvdrogen
plant nf tin concourse raim more In
on. ration, nnd the bag of the nrw air
ship will be Inflated ns soon as possible.
Knnsns Clly Business llnnses Will
Close October IS.
Knna City citizens promise to make
Kansaw Cltv Daj. October 15. one to be
long remembered b the visitors to the
Exposition. I'nusual efforts .are being made
to exploit the day In Kansas City, and
an exodUH of Kansas City to tho Exposi
tion Is promised.
An ordinance has been passed by the
Alderrmn and upper house of Kansas City
prod liming a public holiday on th it date,
and the business men of the cuv have
pledged themselves to clnnj up all busi
ness houses for the day. The Commercial
Uub is endeavoring to unite all the civic
btidhs of the cltv In one great body and to
charter a special triin for the trip
C O Wild, the executive officer of the
Kaunas Cltv Cns'no. 1 In charge of the
arrangements for the spec! il features of
the day's programme. The Major anil civ
ic officials hive secured a spe-lal train
and will be present In force, arriving Oc
tober H Colonel Cecil I.eckman. In com
mand of the Third M'ssourl Regiment TOO
atrong. which Is largely drawn from Kan
sas City and vlcinitj. Is expected to be
The Exposition management will be pe
titioned to authorize the Issue of a special
souvenir admission ticket for the occasion
This ticket will bo of the coupon style, the
coupon being torn ofrUon ndmNslon to the
grounds and the ticket bein.: retained b
the holder as a souvenir. Manv tpeclal
features are being planned which assure
an extraordinary attendance for the day.
Scotch Mnalr and Costumes Attract
Large Audiences.
The Klltls Rand closes Its engagement
at the Fair this week. Their Scotch music
and costumes, supplemented with such
popular features as the Highland dancers,
bagpipe soloist. Kilties choir and irxal so
loists, have delighted exposition audiences.
It Is the first band to be assigned to give
regular concerts in Festival Hall.
One of the popular features of the Kil
ties Is their Scotch costumes. Their uni
form Is the original Gordon "tartan." nlc-
turesque and historic. Including kilts, plaid,
plumes, purses and sash
Perhaps no other feature of the Kilties'
programmes has attracted as much admi
ration at the Clan Johnstone troupe of
dancers, executing the Highland fling, the
Scotch reels, the Irish jig and other tvpi
cal dances. J. Coates Lockhart. tenor.
sings rjcoicn songs.
Meet Prosifli'iit IfooscvHt and
Visit Hie .Mint and Navy Yard
Are .Much Iinprt-h'-c'd.
Governor T K Hunt of the Ignrrnto
vlllige .mil ritdzriLk Iwis of the Mon
village who escorted the Igorrote chief
tain' nnd Hatto Facundo to Washington
to pay their n-jects to Prsldnt Roose
velt, r turned to the World's Fair yes
terd iv rooming
All day Antonio and Itiicn-mn. the two
I-orrotn chlftaln were busy telling their
p. ople of the cordial reception they had
rccdvd and of the wondirful sights they
saw In Washington ard on the trip
in risponse to questions as to what they
theught of the PreIdrnt. Antonio, the
Intcrprr ter for the Igorroto, rplld- "Wo
nil think he bi a very nice and good man;
vi rv kind "
The li-lt to the Mint and the Navy Yard
was tho most Intcrt sting to them. In the
Treasury building, standing on a chair.
Antero sang "My Country. TIs of Thee,"
in English, before an audience of nearly
ii) and wa hcartllv appl itided
Iiatto Facundo of the Muro village. In
the Interview with the Pre sltlent, offered
to go back at once to the iI..ri.ls ami se
cure, the head of Datto All. the Moro
hief who b at prent giving General
lleiod wi much trouble I'rednt Roone
ve It thanked Fneundo ve ry cordially for his
loyalty and kind offer, stating hi did not
think It would be niee-ssary The Datto
replied very calmly through an interpreter.
ii.ui-'miiuK quite ireeiy, tolil the
Tear an AUcock'sPorovs
Plaster in two length
wise, and apply on soles
of feet; renew the plaster
every time the feet are
bathed. You will be sur
prised how it will relieve
rheumatism in the feet or
For tired or lame feet relief
is afforded at once.
AH-ocV's Plalrfs are tbe o'iRina! iv grnuiie po'ou planters rd have never
been eq ia)'-J a a paia curer. 'Ae U2mote Ihem to contain no belladonna opum
or any ponon whatever AbwolvTely sate, wontlrrfuily curat I7e
Never Accept a Substitute.
President. "Very well, ns you nlear-e.
At the N ivy lard the Datto declared
that thei MoroK "were foolish to fight
against the United Statui." ar they had
more guns In the navy than there were
Moro warriors In the Islind of Mindanao.
During their iimt the party talted very
little, losing all their time in looking at the
The natives declare that when they re
turn to the Philippines, -hey will Impress
upon the minds of tho natives the friend
liness of tho United State Government.
614-616-618 FRANKLIN AVE., AND 822 N. 7th STREET.
PHIsbury Washburn Spring Wheat Flour,
98-lb sacks, psr sack
Chart Pliowinfr Deep Sea Kc-
KoaichfH and Writings Upon
Scientific Explorations
Shown at the Fair.
Another Kureipcan stato has Joined the
long list of foreign countries represented
at the World's I "air, the principality of
Monaco Paul Okcr tho European press
delegate of tho Louisiana Purchase Kxin
sltlon, has been Intrusted by Albert I.
Prince of Monico with a ery unique and
choice exhibit, which was recently opened
at the Palace- of Education It consists of
a verj large and high triple glays cae,
placed at the west main entrance of the
building and containing six !ar,e maps
and charta, phoning the various pcientlflc
and sea iovaf.es of the Prince, and also
twtnty-flx large illustrated volumes, pub
lished by him upon his deep-sea soundings
during these trips.
Tho Prince of Monaco has Just erected
a magnificent museum building on a high
rock at Monaco, In which the director of
oceanographlc, Uoctor IUchurd, Is storing
and classlfjing the most valuable collec
tions made hy the Prince, llut for this
installation going on at present, the- Prince
would have glarilv sent to bt. Louis this
Immense submarine exhibit.
The works and charts he has sent in lt
place furnish, however, a cnmnlete renorf
and description of all his explorations, af-
iviumK me win'-rican puDiic an oppcrtunl
tj of becoming acquainted with hlB won
derful scientific work. He has explored
the sea to a depth of ".do fet.
There Is also a perils of beautiful his
torical works upon the Interesting coun
trj of Monaco, published by Mr. Salge,
the archivist of the Prince. An Immense
flag of Monaco, red-white, decorated the
wall of tho section.
Wafer Sliced Chipped Uecf,
'i-pounil cans, per un
New S.nier Kraut,
per pound ,
I.nrire NViv Dill Pickles,
per doren
Good Cervelat Sausage,
per pound
Imported Swiss. Cheese,
per peiund
New York Cli-ddar Cheese,
full cream, per pound
"Tourist Hrand" .Mustard,
"-or. Jam. per Jar
Assorted Lemonade Sjrups,
pint bottlf. per bottle
Perfect Ice Cream Ponder
(assorted flaiors), per pk(?.
Tin Pniit Cans (full epiartfi).
per dozen
Scaling Wnx, red or unite,
2 pounds for
Taney Larce Virginia Peanut,
rr.tsted, per pound
Good Mlntd Tea for Iced Tea,
per pound
Choice Itoasttd Santos Coffee,
per pound
Genuine Imported Oil
Sardines. - o.uih
Epp's Breakfast Cocoa.
'a-pouml canri, ik.t can
Sweet Catawba Wine (refrular OE
price $1.00), per gallon 05s O
Snelis Prouden's Ginger AJe, QflfN
per dozen 5JVO
Gleason's Grape .Tulcc, pint
bottle, per bottle
Norton's) Virginia Seedling
Wine, per gallon VlVU
Old Maryland Hje,
per quart
Bob Pepper "Whiskey ( A f
ssba ww
jears old, per gallon...
Our New Price I.Kt Mailed FREE to any address.
Roeheatrr. 3f. Y., Mimlelnn Staled Un
der .'Voted Masters.
Herve Dwlght Wllkins. who will give an
organ recital at Festival Hall this morn
ing, was born In Italy, X. Y., and resides
at Rochester. N. Y. He studied solfeggio
with Harlli anil Courtney of New York,
o-gan and composition with Haupt of Ber
lin and piano vlth Doctor Theodore Kul
lak and A Ioeschhorn of IJerlln He Is
organist and choirmaster at St. Michael's
Protestant Episcopal Church. Geneeo He
Is past president of New York State Mu
sic Teachers' Association, a founder In the
American Oulld of Organists nnd director
of the Batavla Harmonic and Mendelssohn
Vocal societies. He Is composer of several
organ pieces, part "ongs and offertories
and editor of the Theta Delta Chi song
book, and Is the author of "Musical Think
ing and Doing" and "Choir Technique and
27 Will Re Celebrated
Style at the Fair.
Chllllcothe. Mo. Aug. 11 At a mass
meeting of citizens last night Chllllcothe
Day at the World's Fair, as set by the
Exposition authorities for August 27, was
formally accepted and an organization ef
fected to make the day a notable one for
Chllllcothe. President Francis and Gov
ernor Dockery will be asked to flellier ad
dresses of welcome, to be responded to by
Mayor Edgcrton.
A special representative from the Fair
will be here In a few dnjs and definite ar
rangements for the ceremonies will be
made. It Is exrected that the Chllllcothe
Cornet Band will accompany the excur
Sixteen Employes of the Department
Let Out on Retrenchment Campaign.
Tho ax has swung In the Department of
Admissions, with the result that sixteen
employes of that department nre now
without Jobs. The cutting down of the
forco there Is a continuation of the policy
of retrenchment Inaugurated several
weekB ago, when William Tuttle, the ex
pert accountant emplovcd by Director
Gregg and Chief White, began work there
Among thoe who resigned as n result of
the cutting down of the forco In the De
partment of Admissions Is Howard Bro
laskt, who had charge of the month.y term
passes. Mr. Ilrolaskl had been connected
with the department for some time, and
had given perfect satisfaction In his work,
but the necessity for retrenchment made
his retirement necessarv.
Mr. Decker, one of Mr. White's assist
ants, also resigned for tho same reason.
The others whose connection with the de
partment ceases are clerks and stenogra
phers. It Is said that still other reduc
tions In the force of the department are
to follow.
Unique Sport Arranged at Iloer lVar
Exhibit for Antomoblllata.
The Boer War management has ar
ranged for special performances for the
benefit of the automobile tourists now la
St. Louis
To-day has been designated as Automo
bile Day, and a special performance will
be given at the close of the au,tomob!lc
parade. The performance si ill start at
3.20 p m.
At the 8 V) performance & special race
has been arranged between a nine-horsepower
touring car of the St. Louis Auto-
i mohlle Company and a "Capo cart" driv
en uy ruur nores i ne distance wi'l ne
twice around the arena, about one mile.
The race will be for a purse of JIM. and
will give good opportunities to both chauf
feur and driver to test their skill.
Chances of success. It Is said. He with
the Cape cart, the driver of which Is
wen experience in taking the quick
curves, the hores. also, being ued to
racing eiery day.
This will be one of the most unique
races that have ever been presented to nu
tomoblllsts or visitors in general, and
should furnish i ier Interesting contest.
Sixth Illinois floys Appenr on Pike
With Orotesqne Eqlpment.
Thirty members of the Sixth Illinois,
now encamped at the World's I'alr, creat
ed considerable excitement jestcrday
evening shortly before T o'clock. Arrayed
In cray army blankets and earning
brooms; mop. rakes, poles and any other
Implement they could lay hands on. they
marched from their barracks, through
Administration quadrangle and down to
the Piko.
The motley crowd was led by a bass
drum improvised from a tin washtub
beaten with n club, and a banner In the
form of a soiled handkerchief tied on a
long clothes pole. After reaching the
PHce a "dress parade" was held.
Jndannenta ftrndereel Agnlnat
Hank, I.. . Jnekstin and
.Ineob ftflliel.
Three cao before Justice Frank M.
Kielber ngainst dellrquent subcrlbcn to
the World's Fair were won by the Louisi
ana Purch iso Exposition Company ester
day morning, making a total of flft -three
cases on delinquent subscriptions tried be
foro Ju-nlces of th Peace slnco August 1.
The defendants were II. Haak. L. A Jack
son and Jacob Gabel.
The attomejs representing the World's
Fair Companj, L L. Leonard and A. B
Chandlers, stated in the course of the pro
ceedings that Jl,71Hi0 had been paid In
car-h to date on the subscriptions, that
more than a third of the suits filed had
been paid up by the "ubscribers beforo a
hearing, and that all those tried so far had
been won by the Fair cornpon). It .i
stated that twcntj-flvc cases remain to
be tried before Justices of tho I'eace this1
month before the Exposition Company will
do any further suing on delinquent sub
scriptions. A demand for JJ0 against the estate of
James Galvln was filed jesterduj In the
Probate Court b the Exposition Com
panj. It 1b alleged that Galvln. who died
recently leaving an estate of about JlOdOO,
had subscribed for five shares of stock,
but bad not paid any part of the subscrip
tion. Letters of administration on his es
tate had Just been granted to the Missouri
Trust Company nnd a brother. Samuel
Galvln. when the demand was filed.
The case will be tried the first Thursday
In September, along with fourteen others
of the same sort. In which the Exposition
Company is suing the estates of deceased
Palace of Agriculture. The oil shoots upsrar't
trn feet Insll- a glajw case, a pleasing ef
fect, as tre oil clings to the glass in fallirc
bac to th- basin. Is caused by the rays of tr-
varteolortl electric lights As Georgia's ex
hibit 1 in the veo center ef the tig palace.
tb? fountain rjis p-oved one of the pleas.rar
The fllsrlay of fine needlework la the In
diana st-ellin. block: 2IA. of the I'alacs of
Manufactures. Is nvest complete and varld.
The feattif piece cf tho display is an elabont
chrjeanthemum caterT'ee. 54 inches ta diame
ter, bordered -Kith duchosa lace of a rare an-1
t.rluinal design, and executed with point Iho
"tltche Thl. centerpiece valued at ti0. wa.s
deelgnetl bj Mrs L. V. Wash of Tipton. Ind .
vho Is reccrnlzM em th ftnet designer of wcrk
nf th's klnl In the Unltetl States To comolft"
this Intricate design required the constant wcrk
of riln- months Two taM covers, designed bv
Miss Mary llllllamson of lTincton. Ind . of
old Persian s'ltch and d-slim. one of which
received the irold medal at the Chicago Exro
sltlon. ralueil at J30Q each, and six other center-plect-
of Intricate desigos. are also on thi
exhibit, earh one reiulrirg an arerage Unus
nf lx months for their execution The entires
dlplay forrcs part of ths H Oman's Wcr for
In liana, ard Is under th- charge of Mrs. IT.
I. Iirv-man. sup.rntendent of th 11 Oman's
llork for Indiana
An Irterest.'ng part of th mnalrtpal exhibit
of the San Krancl"co bulIJIns tn the Model
Street Is the large relief map of San Fraa-cl-co
cltv and its environs This map. a by M
f'et. is plaord on a raised platform and shows
cleetrlr tha marvelous advartaxes of San Fran
cisco as a seaport. It Is executed on a. scale of
two mile tj the inch and cjovera an area of
3.fXO -iuar m!Is Every railroad, every moun
tain chain, all th dlTerent lakes and rivers,
all the tnperraphlcal features of th city and
surrounding counties aro thrown Into bold r
I!f Th situation cf each school and university
l plalnlr marked, and the agricultural prodnetsi
of the surrounding country are nmrked out Tr-e
dlftrent steamship line- that make Ban Fran
cisco thlr terminus, thet- route and varying
distances to the great searorts. Manila. Hono
lulu. Ilnng Kong and others, are laid out. Tn
map cost : M.
Xavtlve of Golden State to See
Blanche Batea Monday Sight.
In honor of Blanche Bates, who is a Cal
ifornia girl, tfic State Commissioners and
their wives, accompanied by those con
nected with California's various exhibits
at the World's Fair, will attend the Mon
day night's performance of "The Darling
of the Gods." at the Imperial Theater.
A block of rcats has been reserved and
the Callfornians will attend In a body. A
committee composed of Roy Brooks. Lloyd
Chllds and Stanley Fish, connected with
the California exhibits In the Palace of
Agriculture, has 1 ecn appointed to arrange
a series of weekly affairs for the enter-
Commission Preparing; Elaborate
Programme for State Day.
The Illinois Commissioners will make a
tour of Inspection of all the Illinois State
exhibits next Tuesday, when Governor
Tates will be at the Fair. It Is probable
that a reception of some kind will be held
at the Illinois building in the evening.
At their regular meeting Tuesday the
Commissioners will hear the report of the
committee appointed to discuss arrange
ments for Illinois Day. which will be cele
brated at the Exposition September 22.
This will be one of the biggest days at
the Fair, as the Hllnolsans hope that the
attendance will be larger that day than
on Missouri Day. The ceremonies will be
among the most elaborate held on any
special day.
Concerts at Aurlcnltare Palace.
The Boston Band, yesterday afternoon,
from 2.30 to 430, gave a concert In the
Palace of Agriculture In the space set
aside by the Exposition Company as head
quarters for the National Grange. The
Exposition Company, at the request of the
Agriculture Department, has assigned a
hand to nlav In the Palace of Agriculture
three times a week. Well's Military Band I
Bat Little Ilnslness Transacted
West Virginia Building.
But little business was transacted at the
regular meeting of the Louisiana Purchase
Exposition Hostesses' Association at the
West Virginia building last night, the
members giving most of their attention to
the social side. After the business meet
ing they were entertained by Mrs Agnes
Brown, the hostess of the State pavilion
Scleral of the hostesses received their
official bidges.
A lote of thanks was given to the Del
mar Garden and Jerusalem management
for courtesies extended.
A solid Ivory gaicl. made by the far
Xorth Eskimo, from walrus tuks. beau
tifully engraved by native artists, was
presented by Mrs Mary B Hart, hostess
of the Alaska bulldlrg. for the use of the
association during the period of the
World's Fair.
Gatekeeper Instructed to Accept
Mexican and Canadian Coins.
AH money of the realm of America.
North and South. Is good for admittance
Into the World's Fair. By special ar
rangement, the automatic turnstiles at the
World's Fair entrances will receive such
coins in the proper denomination and open
the portals of the Exposition to the ilsit
ors depositing them.
The order from Director of Admissions
and Concessions Gregg directing gatemen
at the turnstiles to accept for. entrance
Mexican. Canadian and other half dollars
and quarters was Issued because hereto
fore the gatemen, in the absence of In
structions, had been refusing them.
Native Callfornians Comlnsr.
Trie Native Sons of the Golden West will
have charge of the California Day cele
bration at the World's Fair. September 9.
ThA Xaltve Sons will come to St. Louis In
and the Boston Band will alternate in glv- I a special train, and will bring with them
lng concerts at the band stand erected by I many of the prominent men and women of
Colorado and In the Grange headquarters. I California.
Five portraits made of different colored vege
table pickets attract the attention and Incite th
wonder of eTery v isitor to the 1 Irglnla ex
hibit In the Palace of Agriculture. Tho por
traits are In larre, smro-h clasa Jars and
were made by a dft weaving and placing of
the varicolored pickles manufactured jrom
vegetables that grow In Virginia The blenl
IrK of colors Is perfect and the figures in th
Pictures stand out as well as an made In oil.
Two of the pieces portray charnctere in Dick
ens, the ones chosen by the artist being Sarah
Gimp and llllklns MIcawber Th other tnree
represent the discovery of the MIs-Mippi bv
De Soto the rescu of Captain John Smith, by
Pocahontas, and the third tj-plll's. a 1 1rglnla
gentleman of th old school with his retinue
C. TV. Harper, an Grcr-ardl-t from 11 est
Virginia, wh with two frlnds. ha been tour
irg the country in search of hints on agri
culture available In Australia, has been the
guest sveral times during th list week off
a! II Winchester, txecutlv Cjmmlssioner
from West 1 1rxinla In epeaklnr of the fcne-
nt he had rained from an eight-day visit to
the Exposition Mr. Harpr said: "We were
looking for a localization of the distinctly
features of America and we have found it
The. happiest thought in th whol show was
the featuring not only of products but of pro
cesses I'eronaII 1 feel that I have galnd
more th lat week In M. Louis than 1 could
In a fiummeir's tour through th country.
There Is shown in the Mrntana exhibit in
the Palace e-f Mines and Metallurgy a repre
sentative collection of sapphires from the fa
mous Toco Gulch Mine of I'ergus County that
produce! last jcar more than jr 0W worth
of these precious stones More than .COexM
worth of the stones found their ultimate lest
Inr place In the watchs. where their stapl
quality Is necessary to tr1 torrect adjustment
of th delicate wheels that ko Into th making
of a high grad watch Th loco Gulch eup
phir are procured from their hard case cf
rock through th Intervention of nature without
whosej kind offices thej could never be pro
cured in sufficient quantities to make them of
commercial value.
Decorative leather work is ene of the new
forrrs cf art exhibited at the Lxposltion One
of the finest diiplaa along thl- lln Is the
exhibit of leather bookbindings of St. Andre de
Ltxnereaux In fie French section of the Palace
of Liberal Arts The principle which dominated
this nw school of bookbinding Is the orna
mentation of the binding of a book In harmony
with the sublecl rrattr lnclos! This is car
ried out bv inlaying leathers cf various colors
and bv chiseling and carving Fome beautiful
examples of this Inlaid and chiseled leather
work are snown in the Italian section of the
Literal Alt luildlng The exhibit Includes
bookbinding, photograph frames and a chest,
all elaborately decorated.
A " hot-air" silk reeling machine has ben
Installed In the exhibit of tbe 311k Farm from
the Bobbin to the Loom." In the Palace of
Agriculture. The cocoons are soaked for half
an hour in hot watr beforo being fed Into the
machine and the strands com forth drv and
readv for the spool. The machine saves the
laber of several rren The BiHc Industry In Cali
fornia is new, but It has been demonstrated
that tho State's climate Is adapted to It, as
pren crops of cocoons may be grown there to
two that are raised In other sctlons.
Wheat 7 ft 3 inch high, running sfxty-ty-lcht
bushels to the acre, and the straw
which Is so brilliant a golon that the emery Is
often made by vls'tors as to whether It Is
blearhed. Is ethlbitd in the Oregon section of
the Palace of Agriculture This spendld speci
men of wheat was grown on unlrrigated soil
and possesses a site and strength of stalk that
Insures agalnat lodging or breaking as the r
sult of wind and rr,ugh weather. The fiber Is
a'so of a oualltv that makes It valuable for the
manufacture of paper. The Oregon farmer, on
account of this quality. In addition to receiving
the revenue from the grain, secures J2 a ton
for the straw from the larre aDr mills lo
cated at Lebanon. Oats of an extraordinary
stand and producing 140 bushels to the acre also
forms Dart of the Oregon special exhibit of
small grains.
After blng out of repair for several davs.
the fountain which spouts several hundred gal
lons cf pure cotton-seed oil every minute was
started yesterday la Georgia's exhibit la the
Arrival of Weapon Delights Dwarfa
of Africa.
The pj gmy camp was the scene of great
rejoicing yesterday morning because of
tho arrival of their bows, arrows , spears.
javelins and w ar horns from New Orleans,
where they have been held In the custom
house since the arrival of the pygmies in
nut cuuniry.
When the boxes containing; these articles
were delivered at the camp, unpacked anil
distributed, the entire company Joined In
the first genuine war dance and songs they
have given since taking up their residence)
at tho World s Fair. Thev at once took
the bows and arrows and began to prac
tice for the events at the Stadium to-morrow-.
Two kinds of arrows are used, steel
tlpped and rush. Tho steel-tipped arrows
are useel in warfare, when they wish to
kill at once, and In hunting game. The
rush arrows are light, notched at the end
and poisoned. After being struck with one
of these arrows the victim dies a slow and
painful death.
The war horn. ued to encourage war
riors In battle, is made with a long bam
boo bell, an elephant tusk mnnthnieen ant!
covered with monkey skin. Archery, Jave
lin anil spear throwing contests will be
held hourly as soon as a suitable place can
oe erecicu.
To Celebrate Pacific Day.
Pacific, Mo, Aug 11 Several persons
m,ct at the City Hall last night to organ
ize for the purpose of m. iking a success of
PaTclilc Da at the World's Fair. Tuesday.
August 3 The following committee was
organizeel to confer with tho railroads on
transportation: Major Kopfltz. formir
Major Hrown. Merchant Saunders, the
Iltveren-1 Mr. Seftem and Mr. Brcnnan.
'they went In full committee to St. Louis
to-day In order to perfect arrangements
as soon as po"IbIe. The following Com
mittee on Arrangements was appointed:
Station Agent Brown of the Frisco. Drug
gist Ed Lesauinlcr .md Editor Calkins.
Examines Printing; Machines.
The Iteverend C. II. Harvej-. who repre
sents the Bapti-t Church of England, In
Its rnisslonarj' work In India. Is visiting
the Exposition. The Reverend Mr. Har
vey Is in charge of the Baptist Mission
Press, a printing plant from which many
religious publications are lsued, at Cal
cutta, and Is spending conIdernble time
In examining the cxhblts of American
printing machinery In the Palace of Lib
eral Arts, with a view of purchasing a
number of modern machines for use in
Cure for Asthma and Hay Fever
his remedy it an absolute cure for Asthma
nil Hay r ever.
....ri,"7 Zachery, Pleasant Hill, U,
says: I have found your Asthma Cure a
permanent cure for Asthma, for which I
?iieit7.yesrs ag0". J have never had the
slightest return of tho trouble since. I
have also found your remedy excellent lo
Bronchial affections." u
A Hay Fever sufferer writes: "I have
had Hay Fever for H years. I bought a
Aa,,b,Vr yo1r r8edy (Schiffmann'i
ulnSSSWhS ur.dru83lst and due to
IU use this is tho first summer thatl have
not been troubled." Mrs. Prank GuilfSlle!
tVdeJlvenue" Roboro. Philadelphia:
hold by drug?Its at 50e and 11.00.
RrTrnsVCsftat?p.tePr" S" Schiffmann,
Pie package!.' ' MiM-toT a Ue "-
?,-!.. --
i-- "
. -v IU

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