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jxium,mwm i-ar"wwiti vimrm ,f ..mJ. -M.irtirwawiwiar.i. 1TfTfrrBffar;t
piREMEN'S Parade at ihe World's Fair to Be &a Interesting Feature of To -Day J -J
Formal Opening J& J& Russian Art Galleries to Be Opened This Mhrnmg
Horse Show's
frcatly to the accommodation'? of th New
ork building, and will greallj increase
the room for victors to the building and
render ,i more detailed dltplav of the ex
hibits pof-sib'e.
The work of installing the ettra exhibits
in the new quarttrs will begin at once and
will be completed as yoon its pos Ible. Ex
tra attendants will take ch irge of the
new p-chiblti as soon as Instailol This
brings up the total appropriation of Xiw
York nty for Exposition illspHy to SX3.
(mo and renders thi New York display one
of th. most complete nnd varied of the
PARADEIN liGURAlES lilinkhsss
I IIIIIILfU III UUUIIII I LU rad(, ul b one f(f ,he most com,,iete
,ht dcller wagon oi
the Exiosltion has seen.
ell tvnibitsat the Exposition.
Chief Executive and Parly to I?e-
maiu Here After Celebration
of Louisiana Day, Sept. 11.
Comjianii From Many Cities
Will I!e in Lougl'io-
i eion.
Iiegistttred Hordes of
Uieeds. Participate
Great Display.
.ill ( lil-r of VIlouri mill Illln-.
Make dims to olKt-rv Wis iinlni'
With I illlim: Eim-Iot-a.
' sX.
She Will Give Series of Elaborate
Function.? Yates Guest of
Honor at Illinois
Colonol A. Perrilliat. ald-de-cnmp to tho
Governor of Louisiana, Is now in St. Louis
making arrangements for tho Goverror
cad his party, whllo they are at tlio
World's Fair to celebrate Louisiana Day,
Bptembor H. The Louislanians probably
Villi remain hero a week.
Governor Newton C. Blanchard of tho
Pelican Stats is expected to arrive tho
evening: of September 1) on a special train
from New Orleans. Fifty members of his
etaff will accompany the executive, and
other men and women in the party will
Increase tho number of visitors to 150
Tho Governor and the members of his
party will bo at tho Buckingham Club
and Monticello Hotel, which are on King's
highway, faoing Foreet Park.
The Governor -Kill be accompanied by
lira. Blanchard. whoso social accomplish
ments are so well remembered by the bo
cial circle of Washington, while her hus
band was a memter of the United States
Benato. Sins. Blanchard Intends to given
scries of elaborate receptions while in St.
Arrangemenu for tho celebration of
Louisiana Day uie progressing satlsfac
torily, and it promises to be one of the
most elaborate of the Stato dajs jet ob
served at tho Fair. Governors of four
teen States and Territories have been In
"rtjed to tako part in tho exercises, which
-a 111 include a icproduction of the transfer
of the Louisiana Purchaso terrttorj to the
United States.
Tho assembly hall of the Arkansas build
ing: was well filled with an appreciative
B-udienco jesteiday morning for tho regu
lar weekly recital. Sirs. Pratt B. Bacon
Cf Texarknr.a and Miss Blvthe Rives of
Boarcy, pianists; Miss Huth Vinson of Au
EUsta, reader, and Miss Cora .Mack of
vvarren. soprano, furnished tho pro
gramme. As souvenirs of the entertain
ment apples were distributed. Miss Slack
will give another recital to-morrow morn
ing. E. H, White, superintendent of tho Iowa'
live-stock exhibit. Is now in Des Sloincs
arranging for the live-stock exhibit from
that 8tate at the World's Fair. Thero
now in progress at Des Sloines the lowp.
mate Fair, tho principal future of which
Is tho exhibit of live stock, nnd tho pick
of these animals will be selected by Sir.
vvhito. The Iowa Commission set aside
W2.0U) for this exhibit. Eenator W. F. Har
rlman la tho Commissioner In charge.
Secretary Freeman It, Conawav of tho
Iowa Commission has received a bound
copy of tho volume of songs composed by
Ldward Cox Davis cf Des Moines. Includ
ed in tho collection Is the famous march
Played at tho funeral of Abraham Lin
coln, which was plajcd at the Iowa build
ing several weeks ago by the granddaugh
ter of tho composer.
Colonel J. C. Carpenter, president of the
Kansas Commission, has returned from a
visit to Colorado.
Miss Florence Eagar of San Antonio Is
expected to arrive at tho World's Fair to
day, to assume" her duties as custodian of
tho historical exhibit in the Texas build
ing. Sllss Eager was rejected by Sirs.
James B. Wells of Brownsville, through
Jrhose efforts is largely owing the collec
tion of the exhibit Sirs. Wells has pre
pared a catalogue of the exhibitB, which
will bo sold at a price sufflclont only to
pay for publication.
At the Texas building yesterday after
noon a. recital was given by Sirs. Margaret
Carter of Corxicana, soprano, and Miss
Julia Slay Colgate of Paris, pianist. There
Was a large attendance.
Slro, Julia Dill Sladdox of Fort Worth
soprano, and Theodora Sturkow, pianist.
"will give a recital this afternoon Wilbur
MacDonald of Dallas will bo tho accom
panist. Governor and Mrs Richard Yates of Il
linois were guests of honor at a reception
ftt tho State pavilion last night given by
Colonel J. Slack Tanner and other officers
of tbo Fourth Regiment of the Illinois
National Guard. Several hundred guests
were present at the reception and the
danoe that followed.
In tho receiving line were Governor and
Sirs. Yates, Colonel and Sirs. Tanner and
their guest, Mrs. Phillips of Galesburg,
Sir. and Mrs. Al. Campbell of Chicago
Sirs. W. L. Mounts of Carllnville. Mrs. J.
P, Mahoney of Chicago, Sllss Bennett of
Richfield and Senator J. N. C. Khumway of
Mrs Yates wore a lavender gown, ths
material of which was made In the Phil
ippines; Sirs Slounts's gown was black
net over white silk. Sirs. Campbell's 'was
black laco.
Colvln D. Brown, the superintendent of
tho Ban Joaquin County exhibit In tho
Palace of Agriculture, gave the first of a
series of lectures on California In the con
vention hall of the Stato Pavilion yester
day afternoon. "Stockton and San Joaquin
County" was tho subject of his talk, which
was" Illustrated with stereoptlcon views.
Tho lecturer this afternoon will be Will
lam M. Harris, superintendent of the
Kings County exhibit, in the Palace of
Agrfoulturo. The hour for tho lecture is
E o'clock.
Professor Charles V. Kent, who holds
tho chair of Englleh in tho University of
Virginia, was a visitor at Slontlcello. tho
Virginia State building, yesterday.
The first stereoptlcon and biograph ex
hibition, showing tho development, im
provement and best effects in natural
A Sin
Of poor blood circulation is shortness of
breath after walking, going upstairs,
sweeping, singing, excitement, anger,
fright, etc Poor blood circulation means
a elclc heart, and a sick heart is a result
of weak and Impoverished nerves.
Everyone know s the results of poor blood
circulation, but everybody does not know
that the quickest and safest treatment Is
Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure.
If you And these symptoms present, you
should not neglect them, but at once pro
cure a bottle of
Dr. Miles'
New Heart Cure
It will cure, and at a very little expense,
compared with doctors bills. We are bo
ure of It that If first bottle does not bene
fit, your druggist -will return jour money.
It -will do for you what It has done for
thousands In like condition.
"For two months I walked on the ede I
vi kua ivuiu iiuiu vtvtuw ucari poor oiooa
circulation .and nervous prostration. Dr
Miles New Heart Cure and Nervine rave
mo back my health."
REV. W.X BQBEra, Port Elxln OnW
IBL. ''' KV j4? K 7JM
il II $Kf2&E& x . ..r III I
f.- sSteAW - ill I
i .
Of Effingham, who Is assisting In receiving at the Illinois Pavilion at the World's
Fair Sllss Austin is ,i niece of Slr3 Al Camplwll of Chicago, one of the hostc .os
scenery of Alaska, was given In tho
Alaskan building jesterday. and was at
tended bv- a large number of visitors
These exhibitions aro free to everveno and
are glvui evtry afternoon from S to 5
Gnlcli Drill Strtkr Pare IVnlpr.
Upon analsls it has been found that
tho water produced by tho well of the
Keystone Drilling Company in the Gulch
Is almost absolutely pure, only lacking
.07 of attaining the maximum. The 'wa
ter is produced from two seams that
were encountered by the drill at the IK
and 315 foot marks. Tho volumo is not
very great, but it Is sufficient to supply
tho needs of all. those who apply for a
drink to quench their thirst. Tho well is
speedily being driven to the KX-foot
mark, where It Is expected that a largo
flow of water will be struck. The depti of
tho wcU Is now 320 feet.
Tike Tickets at Unlf Frier.
The complimentary tickets to Piko
shows which exhibitors In tho Palace of
Liberal Arts will glvo to visitors In that
building on Saturday Liberal Arts Day
are now being printed. Each ticket will
have attached coupons representing tho
principal attractions ou the like, and an)
person prcintlng the ticket to tho box
offices of these exhlbitioni will be en
titled to purchase a ticket for half the
regular price of admission, By this lib
eral arrangement of the Liberal Arts ex
hibitors a visitor to the Fair on August
27 may see tho best shows on the Pike
and save half tho money it would cost
on any other day.
Preparations aro now belnp made to eecun
fcjrogen k&s at th Aeronautic Concourse by
a new procesa 'Jfce irieunx. a lu ilace iton
turnings on tbe bottom of casks two-thirda
full of water and to uJd vitriol Hjrd"cgn
gas Is a produot of the resultant chemical ac
tion, and It U led oft through pipes placM at
tha top of the caeks This muhod of Bur
ing gas Is that usually followed In aeronauts
as a completely equipped pas plant 1 too ex
pensive. The gas secured b this process Is not
s aluabl as gas prodjeM in the pane, a
It lifts onlj sixty-two pounds to a Uiousan 1
cubic feet, against eeentj-two to the riant
fras. It can bo made moro easily and in
itirer quantities at the outset, howeer, which
somewhat counterbalances the difference in lift
ing: power
"The farmers of A laconsln and of th Tiho'e
Mlddlo et ned to realize more generally tho
value of the Exposition, tut I bllee that in
another month the fame of the Fair wbl bao
been spread abroad so well tnat autumn will
we more cf ths Inhabitants of the Ml-slfslppl
Valley at ht. Louis than hao ever left their
homes at ono time Mid Jonas II inch, .1
prominent citizen of IVatertawn, ls , es
terda, "I am enthusiastic about the educa
tion that awaits farmers here," slid Mr
Jltrsch. "There Is enough to be learned under
the roof of the Talace cf Agriculture air he t
lustifj any Intelligent and ambitious man in
borrowing the money to come here, pnnidtfd
be seriously studies exhibits."
One of the features of Liberal Arts Iay,
August 27. that hat bcn arranged ty one f
the exhibitors In the Palacu or Ilbtrral Arts
t111 be a modern perfecting printing press in
operation, printing newbrapers at th rate of
Wt.000 eight-page papers prr hour. The press
u. jhw wiuu v. ii nan uen ineianea in in
Graphic Arts section of the Uberal Arts build- I
Ing for seeral weeks, but has reldom been
setn running, and thousands cf persons whj
hae perhaps looked at the mammoth maWilnq
will be glad to Mew It when ce:y wheel Is In
motion turning out newspapers with a rarld- f
Ity never dreamed of a tvr jears ago. ,
A model of the dredge used in raising tho
grade at the harbor of Oahrstcn, Tex, is ex
hibited in the Palace of Libtnl Arts It s
one of the most improved types of seagoing
flrfcQeen. Helf-rror- - a t ., t., .
is so arranged that the load can be either plpd
ashore or dumped from the boat This dttdce
Is the only one of the kind la use in tne
united States and is an object of much inter
est to engineers Msltlng the Exposition.
.C. '"Un, .Qualities of redar wockI are
S0!11 Vw? old MCr cans which are exhibit
ed in the palace of Agriculture by a m.uiufac
turer of woodeixware The cann are the pron
Zly f & & FXtn r lter HI". Trnn. POrV
wa brought to the United states in 17&7 inl
haa been in con sunt ute The other is slxty
n e ears old h'eeral handlesae been worn
off the oldest can. but it still loids water and
seems good for manj more years' service.
Two organ recitals will be given to-day in
Festival Hal! At the regular hojr. 11 a
m. Charles Galloway, the official organist of
the Exposition, will perioral on the big conreit
organ, and at 4 50 d. m. i ush of Nw
London. Conn , will give a recital. Mr. Hush
Is a well-known organist, and this will be his
only appearance at the Exposition.
This afternoon the Mexican Band will plav
at the Mexican Pavilion from 4 to fi o'clock
complimentary to the Mexican Commission,
nell'a Band occupying the Machinery Garden
Stand In the afternoon. At night from 8 to it)
o clock the Mexican organization will appear
in Machinery Gardens To-morrow tbey will
rest, and on Friday they will play both after
noon and evening in MaclRnery Gardens.
, An interesting chart of the world is shown
in the exhibit of the h)drographical derail
ment of the British Admiralty in the British
section of the Liberal Arts building This chart
is peculiar in that it shows the depth of the
oceans according to the present state of our
knowledge. England hmi nlwnv tnirn a inrt
Jrg part In the exploration of the seap, and the
knowledge of ocean depths gathered by itritl'h
explorers has been collated with the informa
tion from other sources to produce a map of
the waters of the earth with the depth at every
point now known to man.
Secretary Shedd of the Nebraska Commis
sion has challenged tbe statement attributed
to Coram! splocer Barrett of Georgia that tr
bonthern State produces the rreitest lartctj of
grasses. "Mr Barrett Is Quoted as sajirg thpt
Georgia has eight) -six varieties cf grasses. If
that is true, we have nearly twice as many In
Nebraska," said Mr. S'ltdd "We ire showirg
right here in the Agriculture building samples
of 169 varieties '
The German Veterans Boclety of North
America, an organization with 1S,oO) members,
will hold a ETflnd reunion at the Lxnosltion in-
iday. Tho will be received at the entrance to
.the grounds at 10 a. m. by a recoiling party
'with an Expotitioin band and will move to
Congress Hall In precession. Here tby will
hold a convention and social reunion. At 2 p.
m. a meeting of the central "verband" of the
ocisty wlU bhld in, the Hall of Coocreases.
Paintings Iiy Fnmons Arlints
Czar'n Domain Are. IIii-ik
World's Pair Pnluce.
In the
Tho Russian g ilierlcs In the west pa
vilion of the Art Palaco will be infor
mally opened to visitors this morning The
choice pictures of the exhib't and the
largest sculpture pieces are installed "in
these two galleries, which occupy the ex
treme Routheast part of the bul ding.
In addition to tho largo paintings by
Russia's most eminent artists, many of
which nro conceded to rank among the
very best in the .entire Art Palace, a fea
Juro of the display in those two galleries
Is a large over-life-size statue of Court
Leo Tolstoi which stands near tho center
of the south gallery.
Among the most striking piptures which
v. Ill bo p.iced on exhibition to-morrow,
many of which have never been shown
outsldu of Russia, arc, "Awaiting the
Pasha" nnd "Satl-ilod With Life" by
Soukharofsky, the p-ilntor of "Nana";
' i Jineo anl Juliet" In thir death em
bi.ci "On Uie Morrow of the Battle,"
"Portrait of Czar Nicholas 11," bj Von
Llphart: "Fortune": 'The Ocean." by
Doubofskv : "Drunken Streets on the
Banks of the Voka." "Ivan the Terrible
and a Hermit," "Napoleon's Last Day in
SIoscow nnd the "Golden Cloud." by
The Russian pictures possess special In
terest because they represent historic mo
ments in Russian history, and there is an
Interesting story in connection with each
Singer in St. LouN churches who will give
a song rccltil at the Kansas City Casino
at the World's Fair at 3 o'clock to-morrow
afternoon. She is the sister of Mrs.
John Shannon of 4U37 McGee street, Kan
sas City.
African IMgnny Tries Ills Hand na
noadnmker nt the Fnlr.
La tuna, a Prince of rojal blood and one
of the pygmies now at tho Fair, liad an
experience new to him as the engineer of
one of the big road-imklng machines on
the Exposition grounds jesterday.
The engineer In charge, noting the in
terest of the little African in the machine,
invited his rojal guest to mount to the
seat and showed him Jiow to handle the
reverse lever and throttle. Standing be
side him so as to steer the roller, he told
Latuna to go abend Tho dukj- knight oi
the throttle grasped the lever, threw It
forward, then opened tho throttle little by
little until the roller stprted, when he ut
tered a shout of dclieht and clapped Ills
hands, andia broad senile of satisfaction
spread over) bis face.
After running the machine up and down
tho road several times, all the while
Ehouting to the bjstanders to keep out of
the road, he was requested to get down,
nnd he walked Into the camp with the
haughty air cf ono who had accomplished
a great feat.
Annex to Xcir York TinllilinK on
Model Street to lie Completed.
The work on the new- addition to the
New Tork building on the Model street Is
prcgresslnc rapidly, and'will bo comDleted
on Saturdaj-, August 27. This annex, which
haa been erected at a, cost of $37,500, adda
.-aV, .W' y-rs-i-i-. --. J. - v
Xa KtUs t I
V -$. v" v I
&' w w"ft4't?" - (TtTtTtTtTtTtl
-,;:;; : JHI
Red Jim's Day at the World s Fair w
be cekbrated on September 17. At a iref
lng of the Great Chiefs of the Ordtr, i
Slissourl and Illinois, at the Southern Hi
tel. on Slondav It was decided to obr
the daj with lltting exercises.
The Great Council of the United Stair
will meet at St. Juseph. -Mo, on Slonda
September 12, and will be In session unt
I'rldaj. A special train on the JUssou
Pacific will thm convey the members i
the Great Counc'l to St Louis, arriving ..
7,30 o'clock baturday morning Autoin
biles will be provided to convey the Gre
Chiefs from the Union Station to the Ten
p!e of Trat. rnlty at the World's Talr.
A Red Men's parade v. ill take plar
within the Fair Grounds. Btartin
from tho Parade Entrance at noon lij
proci s-lon will be irade up of Red .Men i
cosiumcs with numerous noats and band
Red Slen ar coming from all parts c
the United States; Mli-'ourl and Illlnoi
have promised to furnish 1AM membci
each The Red Slen of SIassachuett
Tnneee. Illinois and other blates ir
coming by sjieclal trains.
An.ong those who attended the meetin
were G SI Fennerty and William Light
holder of St I-ouls, Great Sachem an
Great Chief of Hi cords of SIlMbOiiri. C H
Wlnemnn of Auburn. Will II. Bluwiorn o
East St IvduIs. Great Sachem and Great
Chief of Records of Illinois; and F. C
Smith of East t Louis. Representative
to the Great Council of the United States
Emll Cotla of St. Louis, Deputy Gre
Sachem of Slissouri, was appointed Slar
sliall of the parade. Ked Slen not in cos
tume will wear the Red Slen's pin at
tacled to a minature Amerlcin flag, the
Red Slen being strictly an American
Eviiinirons to noon the fair.
Agricultural Annoclutlon in Send Clr
culiirn Telllntc of the Kxpinltlfin.
The Etpo'ltion Company is assured of
heart- co-operation and support from the
Exhibitors' Association, which fa com
posed of 140 exhibitors in the Palice of
Asriculture, In n. resolution which vias
unaiJmously adopted at a meeting jes
terday morning.
The resolution pledges tho members to
do all in their power to araist the Fair in
eery way and declares that tho Agricul
ture buildlnc contains the preatest expo
sition of forelim and domestic acricul-
lure. farm implements, pure food", dairy
products and dairy machinery Her dis
placed under one roof at any of tho great
exposition oi tho world.
Matt W liall of Missouri and James
Walsh of Nebraska spoke in faor of tho
rcKilutlon "The time has come." sold
Mr. Walsh, "for us to tell our peoplo to
come to this tho grcate-t of all exposi
tions. Itoweer, as thero Is considerable
misunderstanding and much misrepre
sentation as to tho rates at hotels and
rooming-house-". I would suggest that
Hits be sent out, so that the people may
know Juit what thee accommodations
are going to cot them when they arrUe
Mr. Hall referred to the courteous treat
ment afforded thn agricultural exhibitors
by the World's Fair management. "It is
now- time for us to assist the manage
ment, so that when its gates close those
who lmo lsltcd it will declare that it
was the greatest Exposition oer hild
und perhar3 the greatest the wur.d eer
will sec," declired Mr. Hall.
Tho Committee on Ventilation reported
that twentj lattice doors will bo put up
by the management and that all windows
which were made to open will beutillzed
to let In tho fresh air. The lattice doors
will be used at night.
A committeo was appointed to ee that
the Jefferson Guards, who are stationed
In tho bulldlnr compel thoso exhibitors
whose Dootns are near tne entrances to
keep the doors open from 6 o'clock In the
mominc; until night.
Ooiernor Bartlett of North Dakota,
chief of the commission from that State,
attended tha meeting.
Thunder Bird Gori to Recruit Dnnii
of Tnoroughbred nedU!ns.
Thurder Bird, son of Bull Bear, Sr., an
old-Ume chief of the original North Platte
Rlv er Cheyennes, known as the "Dog Sol
dier," who has been acting as interpreter
for tne Cheyenne Ind'ans at the Indian
School, departed jesterdaj- for Reno. Ok
commissioned bj- Doctor S. C. Simms of
the Department of Anthropolog-, to re
turn as soon as pos--ll)le with twonlj"
Chejennes" who can Intelllgentlj- depict the
life, arts and ceremonies of the ir tribe.
There will be medicine men. who are fa
miliar with all the ritualistic eongp. and
men who have achieved success H oattle.
The selection will lie made from Indians
who still cling to all the old customs of
the Indian life of former dav-s.. with their
Indian ponies and all the original harness
and trapp'nes), including buck-horn saddles
and deerskin bridles..
It la the desire of Doctor Simms to dem
onstrate with them Indians features of
Indian life never seen before on exposition
grounds. Thunder Bird was chosen to ex
ecute this commission on account of his
knowledge of every detail of Chejenne
life, and Is further Instructed not to re
turn with any Indian under 43 J ears of
age. except the papoose and "cradle-bom"
and such a." will show the tjpical costumes
which wll! bs noticeable on account ot the
entire absence of any of the white man's
Liberal Arts Dny to Witness Stnrt of
Ballo6n Trip to tVanhlntcton.
Most visitors to the Fair on Liberal Arts
Daj-, next Stturdav. will see the stnrt of
tho balloon trip to the Washington Monu
ment, which will be attempted by George
Tomlinson of Sj racuse, N. Y , In a 16.000
foot hydrogen balloon.
The general public puts all ballooning
under one head, which is erroneous. The
rscensions which aro usually made at
rountj- fairs tre made In hot-air balloons
and aro followed bj- parachute drops. The
danger of an ascension in a hot-nlr bal
loon and of a descent in a parachute can
not be overestimated A hot-air balloon
can remain aloft just so long as the air
which It contains Is hotter than the sur
rounding atmosphere, nnd therefore more
expanded nnd more volatile than the sur
rounding air, nnd consequently the dura
tion of such Hlrhts Is very short.
Parachute drops were long ago prohibit
ed in England and in 1S32 in the State of
New York, and there has been agitation in
other States to make it a punishable of
fene. The fatalities resulting from this
kind of exhibitions probably average close
to fifteen or twenty a jear, .and every per
son who makes a profession of hot-air-balloon
ascensions and parachute drops is al
most certain to meet a -violent death.
(frmna Educator to Lecture.
Doctor Bahro of the Realhule at
Kreuznach. Germany, which Is represent
ed In the German educational exhibit at
the World's Fair, will lecture at 3 o'clock
to-morrow afternoon In the auditorium of
the German educational exhibit, on
"Treatment of English and French Read
ers In the German Higher Schools." All
teachers and other persons Interested are
Invited to attend.
, Star the Fair In Eighth Wonder.
The Reverend Joseph T. Leonard, who
is visiting the Fair with his son. Profes
sor C. R. Leonard, of Cj-nthiana, Ky.,
and his daughter, Mrs. R. Leonard, of
Co'umbla, Mo . says that the Louisiana
Purchase Exposition is tbe eighth wonder
of the world.
Home Cooked Dinner or Supper, SOe.
Tark View Cottaee. World's Fair, onno-
'trite Texas State building.
- , - s - c - - j. ,-gH-.S.vj;.-rtJ
Exhibit of Fancy Animiils Uegins
To-Day at the Forum 'a
tioiial Veterinarians in
The world's best horses from every
rse-bredlng cojntry In the world took
it in the hois- parade, the opening fea
ire of the World's Fair Horse Show. rs
rday afternoon at 2 o'clock Hor?es of
ry type and doscript'on from the mm-
oth Belgian draft horse. Pirate, weigh
jf 2.4y) pounds, to the 2-pounJ Welsh
my Ilcgcnt, participated None but reg
ered animals of the twenty breeds rep
sented wereallowtu to nter the exclu
ive column, nnd it is estimated that the
ilue of the animals that made up the
llaxy of equine beauties was over J7W,-
The parade formed at the IJve-Stock
"ortim. At the head of tho column. In car-age-,
were President FrancK Colonel
harlea P. Mills, ch'ef of the IJie-Stock
'ep-irtment: the heads of other denart
nents and World's Fair officials. At the
oathwest corner of the Palace of Tran1
lortatlon the parade was reviewed by
'resident Francis. Colonel Mills and other
Jfflcials The parade required an hour to
pass a given point.
The World's Fair I.lo-Stock Show, the
jreatest exhibition of the kind eer ln
tugurated, begins this morning at 9 o'clock
uth the parade of ptandird-hrcd trotting
horses in the Lie-Stock Forum The on
irics approach 2.Cl. 1W per cent more than
thoe of tho Columbian Exposition at Chi
cago Tho prestige which awards at the
World's Fair Hors.- Show- will gle breed
ers has attracte-d tho bst In the world
The valuo of the cash prizes to be dis
tributed to the winners is oer JloO.iXK)
The IJve-Stock I'orum lias been packed
with rolled clnners nnit thf siirfnt of thl
has been covered with several carloids
ot tanoarK. ino show rine acr(irc!lnn-K
haa a giving quality that Is to the liking
of tho owners of aluihle horses. The
saddle, harness and roadster events for
tn-day present an attractive programme,
with some of the best-known and highest
bred anlmils in America as competitors.
The thirty-two hams on the live-stock
grounds are all ftlld. The majority of
them are attractlvelv decorated with the
colors of the stables that occupy them.
Prominent veterinarians from nearly all
sections of the United States attended the
first session of tho eighth annual meeting
of tho Interstate Association of Live Stock
Sanitary Boards at the Monticello Hotel
Tho address of welcome to the visitors
was delivered by Doctor D. r. Lucky,
State Veterinarian of Slissourl. to which
Doctor C. P. Lovejoj, State Veterinarian
of Illinois, responded.
Following the address of President J. C.
Norton, who is tho Territorial Veterina
rian of Arizona, and the reading of the
seeretarv'-treasurer's report, theso commit
tees were reponeei:
Resolutions in Regard to Tuberculosis
Doctors G. H. Glover. C. A. Carev,
Thomas Norton, L, J. Allen and R. R.
' Resolutions Colonel W. E. Bolton.
Doctors M. H. Rejnolds, A. W. Wallace
and F T. Eisman.
Tuberculosis Stat'stics Doctor D. F.
Kuckj- nnd Doctor W. A. Thomas.
Press Doctors C P. Lovejoj, and M.
E. Knowles.
Uniform Stato Laws Doctors H. M.
Hawkins, M. E. Knowles and S. II.
Following the appointment of tho com
mittees', several papers were read and
subjects of Interest to the delegates dis
cussed. Three paper were omitted on
account of unavoidable absence of tho
members who were to read them.
Palera were read and discussed on topics
at the afternoon session as follows:
Quarantine Conditions In Oklahoma,"
Thomas Morris, member Sanitary Board.
Oklahoma; "Federal Inspection as, a
Means of Controlling Scabbies in Cattle
and Other Range Stock." Doctor M. E.
Krowies, bi.ite veterinarian, Montana;
"Limo and Sulphur Dip as an Effectual
Cure ior Scabbies." Doctor W. A. Thomas,
State Veterinarian. Nebraska; "Some Ob
servations Upon the Suppression and Con
trol of Communicable Diseases Among Do
mestic Animals," Doctor Austin Peters,
Cattle Commissioner. Massachusetts. Read
by Doctor S. II. Ward, State Veterinarian,
Among the eminent veterinirians and
cattle experts present were: Doctors Ed
C. Beckett. Boston. Mas-e,; James Law of
Cornell University. Ithaca. N. Y.: C. A.
Carev. Auburn Ala.; William H. Law.
Paterson. N. J.; F. F. Elseman. State
Veterinarian. Louisville Kj.: L. C. Tlf-fanj-.
Assistant State Veterinarian. Spring
Held. Ill: C. P. Lovejov. Stete 'Veteri
narian. Princeton. Ill : William P. Smith,
chairman State Board of Live Stock San
ltarj Commission. Monticello. Ill ; S. H.
Ward State Veterinarian. Minnesota: D.
F Luckj-. State Veterinarian. Columbia,
Mo ; R. R. Dinwiddle. Experiment Sta
tion. Favctteville. Ark.; W. J. Moore, Cat
tle Commissioner. San Antonln. Tex.; M.
M. Hawklr.p. chairman State Cattle Com
mission Otnnah, Tex.; W. A. Knight,
State Veterinarian, Houston, Tex.; Thos.
Morris, chairman Cattle Commission,
Guthrie. Ok : W. A. Thomas. State Vet
erinarian, Lincoln. Neb ; M. Bl Knowles.
State Veterinarian. Helena. Mont.; Chas.
(1 Lamo biaie V eterinarnn Denver Colo ;
George H. Glover. Fort Collins, Colo: J.
C Norton. Territorial Veterinarian Ari
zona: L. J. Allen. Oklahoma CItj-. Ok : I
A. Klein. Fort Worth. Tex.; A. M. Wal
lace. Kansas CItj-. Federal Inspectors of
the bureau under Colonel Albert Dean of
Kansas City and Colonel W. E. Bolton of
Woodward. Tex.
The meetings will continue until to
morrow. The reports of standing commit
tees, the line nnd open season for next
j car to be fixed, tho election of officers
and the place of meeting for next jear
are the features of the unfinished pro
gramme. For the place of next year's meeting
Oklahoma City stands well to tMe front,
as It was partially decided upon at last
j ear's pession in Denver.
A parade of 1.0X business vehicles has
been added to the pleasure-vehicle parade
as a feature of Liberal Arts Day next
Tho Committee on Arrangements of the
beu-iness men's horse and vehicle parade
met In the office of the Committeo on
Ceremonies at tho Administration build
ing jesterday afternoon. This business
men's committee is composed of W. J.
Lcmp, chairman: Thomas Crouch, Otto
Stifel. S P. Kejes, Charles Stlx. Augustus
Busch. C. F. UlanXe and J. H. Temple.
Messra Lemp, Busch and Stifel represent
breweries. Mr. Crouch the packing-houses,
Mr. Kejes tho livery companies, Mr. Stir
the dry goods interests and Mr. Temple
the express companies
At this meeting definite arrangements
wcro made for tbe parade. Jt was orig
inally intended to hold the parade by Itself
at some future date, but by special request
of the Liberal Art3 exhibitors it will be
a part of the programme next Saturdaj-.
In it will be seen every variety of vehicle
from tho eight-horse box car of the sack-
, J' -'-5- .J&'
Who will appear as Dvoniius in "Da
mon and Pj thlas" at the Century build
ing this evening.
Murlllo rortralt.
For the benefit of the visiting Knights
of Pj thlas, many of whom have just ar
rived in St. Iouls from the Grand Conven
tion in Louisville, the plaj of "Damon and
Pjthias," portrajing the scenes on which
tho order is founded, will be given to
night at Hall No 1 In th Century build
ing, at Ninth and Olive streets.
The leading part, that of Dlonjsiu",
King of Syrncu-c, will be plivcd bv Jo
seph S Seelig of St. Iuis Mr. Srllg is
well known In amatear theatrical clrcl".
having appeared at the Olv mplc in 'The
Ted of I.vons" and "The Wife." and at
other local plav houses in virious roles
It is expected that the play will be re
peated at the Kimo pi ice a wet'k from to
nltht Later it probably will be produced
in Kansas "lty
The winning companies In the competi
tive drill of the Uniform Kink of Knichts
of Pjthias, which was held on the Plan
of St. Iuis Mondiy afternoon, were an
nounced jestenHy as follows: Flrt prize,
ChevalUr. No 6, of Sin Diego. Cal Cap
tain E E. Spileman: second prize. Mvstic
Company. No. 12. of Glrard. Kas . Captain
J. H. McCov; third prize. Chevalier. No.
1. of Seattle. Wash.. Captain Otto C.i.
The prizes were three handsome loving
cups, v alued at $M0.
Liberal rt Dar Expected to II Cul
mination of Fair' Greatest 'Week.
Entries) fur tho floral parade at the Ex
position on Saturday ot this week. Lib
eral Arts Day, are coming in to the De
partment of Liberal Arts bj- everj" mall,
and the letters which accompanj- the en
try blanks indicate that the owners of
pretentious vehicles in St. Louis are much
interested in the event.
Thero are about SCO automobiles in the
cltj. and tho owners of these were all In
xltml to participate, as well as the car
riage owners. Tho division of talljhos
nnd brakes will be especially attractive
and will act as an escort to the other
sections of the parade. The entries that
have alreadj been made for places In the
parade indicate that tho decorations of
mam of the vehicles will Ire entirelj- of
flowers, while others will be decorated
with flags and bunting.
Thero are no charges for entering tho
parade, and this, vlth the large number
of valuible prize- which nre offered,
makes the parade of interest to everj- ve
hicle owner. Music will also be a fea
ture of the programme and a Urge olat
form will ho erected in the center of the
Palace of IJberuI Arts, around tho model
of the lighthouse at South Pass. Louisi
ana, and band concerts will be given
there throughout the daj'. Three bands
will le Ftatloncd in and ubout the build
ing during the entire da. and the music
programme will be completed bj- recitals
upon the various orchestrions, pianos,
plpo organs, mechanical organs and other
instruments which are exhibited in the
The programme of Liberal Arts Daj
wlll be the culminating attraction of Mis
souri Week, and it Is confidently expect
ed that nil records for Exposition attend
ance will be broken.
Exposition Officials Will Attend Ixt
aUKliral Festivities To-Mo-row,
The UUck Hills gold-reduction plant In
the Mining Gulch at tho World's Fair will
bo formallj- opened nt 4 p. m. to-morrow.
It is located near station No. 13 on tho In
tramural Railroad. Among those who will
bo present at the opening and participate
in tho exercises will bo President Francis,
Exposition officials. Senator Thomas H.
Carter. Mrs. Daniel Manning and the
Board of Directors, Including S. W. Rus
sell of the South Dakota Commission. A
banel will furnish musie
The feature of this plant, which is one
of the most Important and interesting in
the Gulch, Is the cjanlde proce-ss of gold
reduction Actual ore brought from the
Black Hills district will be used to Illus
trate the process by which enterprising
citizens of South Dakota succeed in mak
ing a success of gold mining In a district
where tho precious metal does not appear
In sufficient quantitj- to justify mining op
erations under the ordinary" methods.
Flke Sbo-rrs.
Get coupons. Liberal Arts building, for
half rate to twenty-five of the Pike's best
The p'aro reclt il. at the Son Francl-ico
fcuild'nff. on the Model street, aro attracting
largo crowds These recital: are conducted by
0car A. ITeld. Jr.. of S?x Louis and form pan
of the retfjl-ir p-s-RT-amni' nt the fc-an Franclsf-i
Duutii-ic on iTjesaavp. inu-siaj- ana -snuraajs
from 1 30 lo 2 r m. Thes- aro f Mlowed bv Pic
ture talks on ban Francisco and its environs,
illustrated with bioirraph view, which are con.
ducted by I VV. Krwin. the resident Commis
sioner of the building
The two rooms aspiioied the Russians in the
west pavilion, not belnir lar-je enouc-h to ac
commodate the entire exiiiMt. Chief Ives of the
Art Pepartrrnt haa (-ranted them the use of
two studios on the second tloor ot the m-iln
building, ever the American section. The dI--plajs
in the-e rooms have not et been com
pletel Installed, and thej will not b open to
visitors next week
Tho Hta Theta Chapter of Marlon--"lrn-i
Dental e-icUej-e will act as hest to the delegatr)
of the r-i Omnia Dental K-nte-nlt. which will
be in corvention In the Missouri building u--rust
"5. M and 27 Friday. Aucust s. villi re
IVI Omegi Paj. The membership of this fra
ternity -vhlch Is one of the larest professional
fraternises In the ronntn. Is more than 3 1-.
it ha thlrts -lv e activ e chapters ard nine alum
ni chapter" The Committee of A-Tangerrents
in charge of the entertainment of the visitors
consists of the followlrg Doctor Henry V.
I'faff, chairman- Doctors VV". H. Plumpe. J. II.
I-ronn. T. W. lie's. E. B Strange and E. A.
Special Events for Pri.e. Kang
iug as Higit a S250 Will Be
Features of Wednes
day 's Programme.
"Tl-e men who run with the machines"
will parade this morning at tho World's
I'alr. and the daj- will be a gala ono for
the raanj- fire lighters in attendance at the
national convention this week. The parade
of "the bravest" will form this morning
at Administration avenue and University
Waj- at II o'clock, and proceed along the
following route:
West to front of the Administration
building, cast back to University Waj-,
south to Louisiana Waj-. east to the Plaza
of St. Anthony, north and east around the
Varied Industries building to the Plaza
St. Louis, around the Plaza St. Louis and
past the Louisiana Monument, north on
the east side of tho plaza, east on the
north side of the Manufactures building to
Plaza Orleans, south to the Sunken Gar
dens, routh and east around the Palace of
Mines to the Government bullillng, past
the Government building around the Lib
eral Arts building to Plaza. Orleans,
through the Model Citv- to the main tn
trance of the Pike, and theneo through
the Pike to starting point.
me roiiowirg oruer will Pe ODserveu;
Platoon of mounted polite, grand mar
shal and staff.
Cook's Band and Drum Corps of Den
ver: President Francis! and officers of
firemen'-- association in carriages; uni
formed platoon, St- Louis firemen; uni
formed platoon. St. Louis Car Companj
ilreran; uniformed platoon. Grand-Lead-r
firemen end band; uniformed platoon,
Pana, 111 . firemen; uniformed platoon.
Clinton, 111 , firemen; uniformed platoon,
Dixon, III., firemen.
Uniformed Volunteer companies with ap
paratus and hose reels, hook and ladder
trucks in order, named:
Bunker Hill. III., Fire Department and
Firemen's Band; Spencer hose team.
SallsbL.rj. N. a: White Stone (N. Y.
Fire Department: Bridgeport (O). Fire
Department; Neosho (Mo). Tire Depart
ment; McKee's Roeks (Pa.). Fire Depart
ment; Weir City (Kas.), Fire Department:
Cartersville (Mo.). Fire Department and
Firemen's Band; Morrison (III.), Fire De
partment; Edwardsville (III.). Ktre De
partment; Harvey (I1L), Fire Department;
andaha. (Ill ). Fire Department; Blue
Island (III). Fire Department: St. Charles
(Mo), Hre Department; Mount Olive (III ).
Fire Department: Areola (111), Fire
Department: Litchfield (III). Fire De
partment; Glrard (III.) Fire Department.
Indian Band; dlsplaj- of ancient and.
modern fire apparatus; old Torrent en
gine of Norwich. Conn . made In 1763;
modern fire engine and hose wagon,
manned bj- boys in uniform and tlrawn
bj- Shetland ponies; World's Fair Fire.
Department, as follows: Hose Companies
Nos. 1. 2. 3 and 4; tire engines No-. 1. 2. 3
and 32; hook and ladder truck with Fire
men's Band. Xo- 1 nn-1 It TtnlA !,
Fighting Department: nre engines Nos.
1 and 2; ho-e companies Nos. 1 and 2:
hook and ladder truck, with Firemen's
Band Fourth Illinois Band; representa
tion fro-n St Louis Fire Department, as
follows: Two hose companies; two engine
companies1; one hook and ladder company.
The parade will be reviewed bj- Presi
dent Francis from the steps of the Gov
ernment building.
At 1 o'clock the National riremen'-
Tournament will open in the Stadium and
continue through the week, beginning at
1 p. m. each day. To-morrow's events will
consist of the "dry-hose race." the
"stralghtawaj- hook and ladder race" and
the "horse hoe racp, dry," for -.rlzes of
$100. J."-) and $23 each, and the "ladder
climbing contest" for prizes of $33 and J13.
Hose and ladder tean-r from all parts of
the country will participate In these
events, including the Areola, III., hose v
team, which holds the State champion- y
ship of IlIlnoK
To-morrow am' Pridaj will be devoted to
the wet hose and hook and ladder races,
the couplers and hand engine contests,
and on Saturdaj- the championship drv
hose, wet hose, wet horse hose and hook
and ladder races for prizes of $230. $I7"
and $73 will be run off, also the consolation
drv- hose and hook and ladder races for
prizes of $100, $73 and $30.
James D. McNeill Is Chosen as Ilea
nt the Evenln-r Session in
Llbrnrj- Hall.
At the evening meeting of the National
Association of riremen of the United
States jesterday James D. McNeill, pres
ident of the North Carolina Firemen's As
sociation, was chosen president.
The meeting was then adjourned until
this morning at 9 o'clock in Library Hall,
Hall of Concres-scs.
President George C. Halt presided at
last night's meeting, and an address was
delivered bj- Frederico E. Morales of Ha
vana. Cuba, on "Fire-Departinent Condi
tions in Havana."
Resolurionsj of thanks were extended to
Chiefs Hale nnd Charles F- Swlncley.
after which the National went to Hale's
Fire Fighting exhibit, where thej wit-nes-sed
the perfoimance and enjojed an in
formal smoker.
Yesterdaj morning's meeting, which
was held in tho Hall of Congresses at
10.30 o'clock, was well attended.
A paper was read bj Peter B. McCarty,
secretary of the Southwestern Associa
tion of Firemen, on the "Federation."
Then the report of the Committee on
Laws to Govern Paid nnd Volunteer Fire
men was read by F. B Bolte of East St.
Louis, president of the Illinois State
Tire men's Association.
After papers were read bv James D.
McNeill on "Legislation nnd Organiza
tion," and by Adjutant Clarence McEl
roj. the meeting was adjourned.
Delegates then took an excursion down
the river on the harbor boat, returning at
6 o'clock. The firemen's tournament be
gins to-daj.
' UNO 10C1S IX, Or FIANCE. THE 0000 WHO.
This tnienHeent EqsntrUn Sttii by tie eel-brated
tulptor. I . II. Me ham. erected on Kaia St. Louli, tui bees
reproduced in Ait Bas-Itelle I by tit
Thousands of these beautiful souvenirs Kill be given
away to adult tlsltom oaLlberalArtsDay,
August 27th, frcm 10 00 to 1 2.00 s. m.
and from 2.00 to -t.00 p. m., at th
Woodward & Tfernan Art Printing Exhibit,
slock -a,-Mci-iina tNT-Mi-cc
TMi exq-ii-i. art -"jurrnir; If pl.ced on "-,1. la any m-t
store in tbe world, wonld readily brlas til. prlc. ot .dmti
ion to tba World 1 -Jr.
-ySeW. "J j-

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