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AUGUST 27. 1904.
Yettc-tlay's linn): clccrlngs frr I7.0K.
717: bilancn STSiftM. Local discount mton
nro between 44 an' 6 per cent. Domestic
I'Xchnnsc was quoted n" follows: New
Vorls, Ec discount liM, 25c discount asked;
I'hlcaRo. 10c discount bid, par asked; fin-t-lnmill.
Louisville end New Orleans. So
discount bid, par allied.
Whcit cIoad h'tfher ct SLOP Sept..
U.ViKUl llli No. 2 red. Corn closed high
it nt 52c asked Sept.. ."JUSU'.t'' N". 2
mixed Oat olo.'ed nt SZ'.rC nominal Sipi..
5jSl'ic No 2 mlxrd.
Spot cotton was unchanged In the local
w'.w. in Tin: pai: i:ast.
General Kurokl advances spoil the Itiw
1 i'i forces about L'no-Yenir from thrfe
directions. Indicating that the lonc-es-pected
battlv with Gencul Kuro.'Utkin is
near at hand.
Tii Japaneno continue to mount Kun
overlnokine Port Arthur and to prepire
for the final -isj.-iu'.t on tlie fortr"3"
Admiral Chadnlck lias not hern VtalTed
to watch the Ilusrlc.n cruiser SrcclenM:.
which has been s'.opp'rif; cteani'lilpi In
South African watcr.7.
Indiana Day. September 1. is to be the
next b!B event on th-i Plateau of States
at the World's Fair.
T.'nrevallduted pluses, from Nos. 1 10
PJ0, will not be honored by the satemen
at the Fair to-day.
While cleaning a wardrobe. Hddie I.
Krbe accidentally Rt Arc to the, uniform
of h! father, a policeman of the Fifth
Itobert Atkinson die, after n llnserln;r Ill
ness, from heart and pulmonary troubles.
Property owners brouKht suit 10 test the.
locality of the carriage-stand ordinance.
Fire caused (Z.Ort djinapc to the Amer
ican Wno Company'H plant.
Robbery. Instead of exfnrtlnn. Is Hie
charce upon which Robert Kollar. a bar
ber, was arrested jesterdny uion com
plaint of a customer.
The World's Fair Trafflc Department has
shipped posters to all ptrts of North
Sidney Le Bleur was brouKht here from
Salt I-ake City, chnrscd with using the
malls for purpose of fraud.
The Laclede Gas LiRht Company orders
tickets for Its 2.700 employes, to use on
St. Lou's Day at the World's Fair.
Saleswomen appealed to President Fran
cis to use ids Influence in cxtendlnic the
early Saturday clorlnir of Mores.
The son of the president of the Chicago
T'nlversity, and three other boys, sons of
prominent Hastcm men, who were ar
rested, charged with disturbing the peace
on the Pike, have been released.
The National Association of Master
Bakers agreed yesterday to recognize
union and nonunion labor.
Members of the Executive Commission
ers' Association, may summon F. C. Hub
bard before a mock court.
The body of a man supposed to hav
ben Joseph II. Vockln was found yester
day In a pond near Overland Park.
President Francis distributes the prizes
to the winners In Maccabec competitive
Phlllo Wclnselmer, president of the New
York liulldlng Trades Alliance. Is arrested
on a new Indictment charslnit extortion.
It Is alleged ho procured H00 from a con
tractor In 1501 not to call a strike.
Brighter crop prospects cause an Im
provement In the trade world.
Tho committee of Chicaco Aldermen ap
pointed by the City Council falls to make
any procrees toward settling the beef
Many persons of moderate means are
contributing to the Democratlo campaign
James H. Eckles, personal representa
tive of Parker In Illinois, states that a
strong- effort will lie made to carry tho
State's electoral vote.
It Is estimated that the cotton crop of
the Southern States will be 11.5W.000 bales.
George Money, son of United States Sen
ator Money of MisslralppI, Is nominated
by the Democrats of New Mexico for Del
egate to Congress over Jerry Simpson,
formerly of Kansas.
Doctor H. W. Loeli of St. Louis Is
elected president of tho American Acad
emy of Ophthamology and Ootolarynology.
Seven laborers are bumed to death In
a fire which sweeps the Hoboken oil field
near Antwerp, Belgium, and destroys thirty-eight
tanks containing millions of gal
lons of petroleum.
Cardinals defeat the Boston Nationals
in rapidly played game by a final score
of 6 to 2.
The Invaders again beat the Browns In
an eleven-Inning game by the Hcore of
Z to 2.
Taby Tosa may win from Bas d'Or to
day. Winners at the Fair Grounds yesterday
were: Angleta, Death, Fruit, Otto Stifel,
Nevemich and Sting.
Marine Intelligence.
New Tork, Aug. . Arrived: Perugia,
from Naples.
Liverpool, Aug. 25. Arrived: Trltonla,
St. John. New Brunswick, for Glasgow.
Qnetnitown, Aug. 26.-6alIed: Republic,
from Liverpool, for Boston.
Trieste, Aug. 20. Sailed: PannonJa, from
Neir Tork. for Flume.
UorlU. Aug. 2S.-Salld: Bavarian, from
Liverpool, for Montreal; Fufneesla. from
Glagxnr, for New Tork.
Plymouth. Aug. U. Arrived: Hamburg,
Ktm Tork, for Hamburg, via Cherbourg.
New Tork, Aug. 26. Sailed: Arabic, LIv
Baokere Division of Toledo Carries
OS First Honors With SerrJ,
Yorkers Second.
At the grand review of tho "Uniform
Rank, Knights of Maccabees, at 5:30 in
Plaza. St. Louis yesterday, prizes were
awarded br President Francis to the win
ners in the oompotltlve drills of Wednes
day. The first prize, a largo silver loving cup
and J500, went to Buckeyo Division, No. S.
Toledo, O.: second prize of S300 went to
United Division. No. 7, of Auburn. N. T.;
third prize of K went to Celery City Di
vision, No. IS. of Kalamazoo. Mich.
The prize, for the company. coming tho
longest dlstanoc, was won by Pasadena
Division. No. 6. of Pasadena, Cal. The
Erlze was fii. The first prize for the best
altulloit was won by tho First Battalion
of the Third Regiment of Cleveland, O.
'the nrlze was ITS.
Buckeye Division, No. 2. winner of the
first prize of JM0, won the risht to carrv
the colors of the Eleventh Regiment. The
Teall Division. No. 1, won the colors cf
the Third Regiment,
A reception at 8 o'clock last night com
pleted the programme of the week for tho
Maccabees. One thousand five hundreu
Knights, under command of Major Gen
eral George II. Scott, have been at tho
Fair for the last week. Chapters from
all over the United States were repre
sented. rike Connty Fair Closed.
Bowline Omo. Vo, Aug. 3s-The Plk Cbua-
imit udiw iai tFeauf. iTiv motl
tlnr rme ta-OAjr vtas tha 2:1K np. nnrM
net. It won by JUnpllfw Brook, owned by
William. L. Hsekler of Moberlr: Madison Otr.
Jr.. Meond; Mlmurl Boy. third. Tho auto
nobtls no w" won by B. J. Watson of Iu
luana, Ma. m slow lace m won by H.
CityWrlast Ashler: Mo.
tt-afa& .... -
Sewn Men Polish in Flames
Which Destroy Millions of
Millions of lVtrok'iiin.
Antv.erp. nudum. Auk. K Only two
out of forty oil tanks, coiil-ilnlri: Sj.r.'iVM
gallons of vtrolcun:, tsepped the fire,
which Mrept the Hoboken fields, thro"
mlliM from here, to-djy. "he loss is esti
mated t fi.;;a.u.
(c-.cn workmen perl-died In tho flame"
Troops v.rtc called cut to ,ist the fire
Tlie lire tnrleil at tin- Itus.'Ian rnm
rrny's larJ.'. throiiRh t'i Ignition of ci
(ai,u; r;:s. .tmt liie flames quickly spread
to th- m.. i.-.i-id 'I1 " im'i.-.-iWi tanks. A
lilch w.nd f annul tl.- lire.
"he S inw ltd Oil's nl'ie tank" contained
(0,'W lurrei of ll. Thij a:e a total los
but were lii'iir.-d fm S-2:i One ltussiaii
oil llrm lost l'JO0 birrels. Iti.itmd for
'rnli) 15. Auc DC -Te lilnest fife
In th hl-turv uf the Mii.imoth oil field
ii raRliiR. Ye.ttTd.-.v Morse well No 8
came in. a boiling cber. pourinir out a
volume o. nil rt the lale of 10.0M barrels
11 d.iv.
The fire causiil from a srark emanating
from friction nnd rapidly spread to other
-.vlIIi Four oil t.irl.s, acli of which had
.1 cap.icllv of 1.SW hjrrh. rauRht am!
burned. Twti were full o' oil and two
were muty. Four sttmlaid rlss. Hie
Koportj t tliH Morse Compauv. nlro wero
Diirine the afternoon the fire wa-s con
fln'l to the More w.-IK Nos. 7 and S.
Lirce lal:e; of nil. which hnd formed
'-'(n th- Mnrse No S came ill cauiiht
A mretinir of the employes of all the
well twis lield. the wells hut doun. and
the forces joined In tlghtlng the flames.
Etht line of teim pipes have been al
ready laid to the hunting well", and more
are blng prepartd
All work has been nbandnned bv order
of the companies, and every workman In
tho field is helping to make arranm-mrntn
to smothf r the firo with steam The first
effort nlll be made to-morrov.-. The nil
being burned Is worth $40 on hour, and
the los by Saturday morning will amount
to OM.flOo. The flro cannot spread further.
Continued From Pane One.
the ring for good. Before they can bring
up another man to fight him. who will bo
capable of making ome kind of showing
before 1dm, two or more years may pas:.
"Now, two years of Idleness will spoil
any man, and. In the event that Jeffries
has to wait that long. I khall advl'.e him
never to flsht attain. If he can get a
fijjht by next winter, as far as I am con
cerned, I shall he pleased to have him take
It up."
That tense air of suppressed excitement
which Is usually perceptible on the eve of
a great champlonrhlp battle was. If not
wholly lacking, considerably toned down.
Tho spectacle of long lines of eager ap
plicants standing for hours block deep In
anticipation cf tho opening of tho box
office was not witnessed. The San Fran
cisco sporting fraternity seemed to be Im
bued with the Idea that the outcome was
a foregone conclusion.
Not so with the out-of-town delegations,
however, who came Into the city onlevery
train. Tho great majority of these people
looked with favor on Munroe. In fact,
this clement made up nlmoot two-thirds of
tho house. Thry camo from the various
small towns and the cities of California,
but nearlv-evcry Faciflc and Western
plateau State was represented. Few sport
ing men east of the Rockies journeyed
across the continent to sec the fight. It
was estimated by the promotora that per
haps fifty would be an outside figure for
such as these.
For a couple of houra before the open
ing of the box office a long line of sports
men from the small Interior towns, to
gether with the host that was to con
stitute the gallery gods' brigade, awaited
the opening of the doors. These men
talked Munroe, but did not -eem willing
to hazard much on his chances to win.
In the afternoon the totting was 100 to
35 that Jeffries would win, and even money
that the champion would knock out Mun
roe In less than ten rounds.
There was an abundance of Jeffries
money In sight, but few takers were found
In the Munroe camp. They were holding
for a better proposition. Toward evening
tho odds dropped to 10 to 3. Most of tho
bets, however, were small, and In the
downtown poolrooms no large commis
sions were recorded. The great bulk of
the money wagered was on the proposition
of how long Munroe would last. A great
many knowing onee thousht It a good
hazard to place even money that the
champion would not knock out the big
miner within ten rounds.
They figured on Munroe's youth, great
strength, vigor and ambition. Not a few,
too, thought that the Instructions of Kid
McCoy would make the Butte man the
most formidable who ever tackled Jeffrier.
The fact that tho latter was reported to
have tipped the scales nt 125 pounds a few
hours before entering the ring rcado them
think that he would be much slower than
on the occasion when he fought Corbett.
Another elemont which helped along the
spoculatlvo Impulse was a knowledge cf
the rules under which the battle was to
be fought. These permitted the fighters
to rough It and protect themselves at all
times. In other words, the sporting men
realized thatferh'llo the contest would be
under Marquis of Queensberry rules, there
was some resemblance to the London prize
ring rules.
With two of the greatest giants who over
faced each other in the ring under these
conditions, a great fight was looked for.
In all of the other great heavy-weight
battles, notablj; those between Corbett and
Sullivan, Corbett and Fltzslmmona, and
Corbett and Jeffries, hitting In the clinches
was barred and they broke clean at the
order of "the referee. '
Shortly after 7 o'clock the doors to the
big pavilion were opened and the waiting
througs, which had been admirably handled
by the mounted police and a squad of pa
trolmen, poured In at the doors. The gal
leries were lulckly filled and the conserv
atives among the sporting men soon occu
pied most of the high-priced Ecats.
Compared to former championship
events, the house ranked about fifth In
point of size. The high-water mark was
reached when Corbett and Jeffries fought.
$63,000 being taken In at the door on that
The first preliminary was between the
"Saginaw Kid" and Jockey Burns. It
went four rounds and the Saginaw Kid
got the decision.
The second preliminary was between
Billy Means of Ban Francisco and Nelll
Sullivan of Portland.
At 9 o'clock tho pavilion rapidly filled
up and the sales to late comers greatly
augmented the number of spectators, and
It Is estimated the receipts will be larger
than at first announced. There are very
few. If any, vacant seats In the audito
rium. The principals for the main event were
scheduled to enter the ring at t o'clock, 1
and probably will appear within a few
Tht' arena is Infested with photogra
phers uwaltlng tliearrial of the big men.
Means wan glin the decision In the sec
ond preliminary at the end of the fourth
1 our.d
While the Intrre-t in the liKht for tho
heay-weli;ht championship of the world
between Jl.n Jeffries of !s Angelei an J
Jack M'mrce of Uutte. Mr.nt.. '.ir nut so
keen as that In fights of the chimrisii
with Fitz or Corbe't, the-e was cnoupli
attraction in the battle 10 draw a crowd
which neurlv filled Mechanic's lii!lon.
Tho gallery, as ihjjI. was filled with
shortendern, who had placid their money
on Munroe. al the line odds of S'i to 30.
Much of the betting among those In the
lower part of the house was on the ten
round proposition at evrn money, th same
gamble that found hundreds of tHkers In
JcfTs fight with Corbett.
Munroe did all his trainin? at Pheehan's
Tavern at Occ.ui Beach, mj that nearly
ocry sport In town had the opportunity
to see him In action. He lmproed so
much In speed and boxing 'kill during the
last two weeks under ?.IcCo's coaching
that he gained hundreds of friend fr-'o
many were willing to bet ccn momy that
JifT could not knock him out in ten
rounds. The Miner's modesty and good
nature also won him friends.
Joff, on the contrary, did nearly all his
tralnlrg at Harbin Springs, and only .1
few of his Intimate friends were allowed
to sec him In action. Some secrecy was
preserved" when'-he reached Oakland last
Saturday. Hence the public that backs
him Is doing Co on the reports of news
paper writers, opinion of his trainers anl
other pports.
James J. Jeffries, who Is well known to
many as a Callfornlan. is really an Ohioan
by birth, having been born In a little
town called Carroll. O., In 1S7S. When' tho
prer;nt champion wai 6 vears of age, his
father, the Reverend Alexis C. Jeffries,
left Ohio, and. with hl family, made hi
home In Los Angeles. Cal. Ills father is
an evangelical preacher and travels
through California preaching on street
The present heavy-weight champion of
the world began his career as a pugilist
July 2, 1836. when he fought Dan I.ong of
San Francisco and scored a knockout In
two rounds.' Several minor battles fol
lowed with success fai-orlng Jeffries. He
then became James J. Corbett's sparring
partner. Within throe years efter taking
the position with Corbett at Carson City
In 1837, Jeffries became the champion or
the world. When Jeffries Joined the Cor
bett camp, tho Tompadour pugilist wai
preparing for his battle with Bob Fltz
Jeffries first iratch with a fighter of
prominenco was with Gus Rublln in San
Francicco on July 17, 1S37. After twenty
rounds of slurglng the referee called the
fight a draw. Four months later Jeffries
fought Joo Choyrjikl a twcnty-i our.d draw
In San Francisco. Early In 1SD3 the young
bollcrmsker knocked out Jco Goddard In
four rounds at Los Angeles, and on March
22 of the same year he scored an outright
victory over Peter Jackson In three rounds
In San Francisco. One month later he put
Pete Evart to sleep In three rounds.
The next day Jeffries was matched to
fight Tom Sharkey. They fought twenty
rounds on March t, 1B33. and after twenty
rounds of rough-and-tumble work. JoffrIf
won the fight. Within two months after
his victory over Sharkey. Jeffries came
East, and met Bob Armstrong, whom he
undertook to stop In ten rounds. He got
tho decision over Armstrong on points,
but broke his left hand on tho colored
lad's head. In con;quence of till.' Injury
he was unable to meet Steve O'Donnoil,
whom he had agreed to fight In the rfajie
ring Immediately after beating Armstrong.
One year later at Coney Island Jeffries
fought Bob Fitzslmmons for the heavy
weight championship of the world, and
surprised tho nuglllstlc world by knocking
out lanky Bob In eleven rounds on June 3.
In November of the same year Jeffries
met Tom 8harkey. and, after a remarka
ble exhibition lasting twenty-five rounds,
the bollermaker was given the decision on
points. J
Soon after taking the scalp of the Sail
or. Jeffries accomplished a victory over
James J. Corbett. The former heavy
weight champion made a remarkably good
showing, end everybody thought ho would
last the twenty-five rounds out, and pos
sibly obtain the decision, until tho Cali
fornia giant landed a left poke on the
Jaw, and the cleverest of all heavy-weight
boxers fell, unconscious, to the floor, with
all prospect of regaining tho champion
ship gone.
Since his battle with Corbett. Jeffries
established precedents in the prize ring.
He fought men whom he had defeated
once again, a consideration that no other
champion had shown to a man he had
beaten. The men whom he fought moro
than once were Corbett, Fitzslmmons,
P.uhlin and Sharkey. He defeated them
all. and in each Instance performed the
feat in easier fauhlcn than in the original
I Jin ve Havre Yon f Seen the Fad
"Under and Over the Sea, on the Pike."
rajr' -"-': tJ'r "' ' -kU.a iy"Z
bbbbbbbsbbbbbbbV" 'Vr issVPT'rv fJFtSM rfv
IsssssssViSs Vm4Pmi A' , -f iV
rs BHV 11 SX I
Allrxr Drench nt Contract In That
nxltiinn of l.lttlf Ivnnnvsah
ltuilroiiil Whm Aliundfinrii.
Clarksburg. W. Va , Aug. 25. A --ult in
eijulty h:is oetn entered In i'alrmount by
JIhiricn.irt K. DimiK the late Wabash
Kjilroad contractors, against George J.
Could, principal nv.ner of Hie Waba-a:
Jo-ph Kamey. Ji.. of St. Louis, presl
dnt of the road: William n. Guy and
Mjron T. Herrick of Cleveland, and the
St. lyiuin Union 'fruH Company, trusted
of the Little Kanawha Itillrnad Compiny
Syndlcale. rat of the Wabash subsidiary
companies in this State and others.
The xiiit l to recover M.tj.0) by attach
ing more than 59.CO acres of coal land in
Marlon and Monogahela rountler. and Is
the result of an alkged breach of contract.
IMrehart & LennlH were th principal
contractors for tho extension of the Llttln
Kanawha Railroad to .1 connection with
thu Wot Virginia Central jste:n In the
easl'Tii so-tinn of the State, the Intention
two years ago being to build a through
Wabash trunk line across tho central sec
tion of tho State to Baltimore.
Suddenly the vrorg whs abandoned and
var.ous reasons were advanved. one ljfing
that Senator HTklns's associates had
plased a sharp game on the Wabash iv
ac'iuirlng miw of the nlual! co.il lands
lying along the route of the propoe2
road Tills Is Mid to have ben the prin
cipal reason actuating the Wabpyh people
in abandoning the Little Kanawha route.
Mayor of Indianapolis Urpes All
Persons to Attend Fair.
Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. X. Indianapolis
and Indiana have been granted an entire
week by the St. Louis Exposition manage
ment. "It chanoes," said Mr. McMoch"n, who
Is here as a Epeclal representative of the
Fair, "that during Indiana week some of
tho greatest events of the entire Expo;-l-tion
will take place. For Instance, during
that week enly will be held the Olympic
games. They will include the twen-ty-five-mile
cross-country run. In which
famous sprlntera from Greece. Italy, Ger
many, Bulgaria, France, England and Ire
land, with fifty American Indians, v. Ill
compete, and which will stoit and finish
in the Stadium.
"During Indiana Week, one day of which
Is to be Indianapolis Day. there will be
two grand pyrotechnic exhibitions-, In
which the portraits of prominent Indiana
men will bo shown In colorings of fire.
The music this week will Lo rendered by
the famous Guard" Republlcalne Hand of
Paris, the great British Grenadier Guards
Band and the National Band from the
City of Mexico. It will be one of the
splendid wks of the Exposition, and we
icel that Indiana people will assist in
making every day of the week 3. superb
puccess "
Because of this occrsion Mayor Holtz
iran has issued the following letter:
Inasmuch as the attention of the
Mayor has been officially directed by the
management of the World's Fair at St.
Louis to the designation of the weik be
ginning August 2 and ending September
i, as "Indiana Week." in honor of the
State's having one of the most notable
displays at the Exposition; and inas
much .is Indiana Djj- talis on Thursday
September 1, of that week, when Gov
ernor Durbln and United States Senators
Fairbanks and Ilevtridge are on the pro
gramme for addresses at tho Indiana
building; and inasmuch as somo of
the most important events of this greater
of universals expositions take place during
Indiana Week, especially th famous
Olympic games. Including the Marathon
cros-country rae; and inasmuch us
special transportation rates from lndis.ua
hae been secured for this week, there
fore, the citizens of Indianapolis are urged
to take advantage of this opportunity to
become acquainted with thi marvelous
demonstration of human progress at St.
Farmer Heavy-Wclcht Champion
WU1 Enter Saloon Ilualnens In C'lly.
John I Sullivan, once lieaty-welght
pugilistic champion of the world and
orobably the best known figh't- that ever
held the title, will soon be established In
this city as part proprietor of a local
Word received from Sulilvan yesterday
by J. W. Glilapy. v. ho Intends to enter
the business with the former pugilist, in
di;ates that John L.. should roach the
city either to-day or to-morrow. He ex
pects to remain here throughout the Fair
and to stay over In case h's buslncs turns
OUt 15 611.
Chicago. Aug. 3 Labor leaders
to-night announced that in ail prob-
s ability the butchers' strike would
be "settled peaceably" before next
s Wednesday. They declined to ex- s
plain the cause of their belief, but s
s trerc rosltlve in their statemants s
that the stride would not be called
s President Donnelly of the Butch- s
ers' Union bas called all the mem-
s ber of tho Butchers' Executive
Board to meet in Chicago next
jy-- j Jr .ar. , Ji,, wf S r,v-
Xational 'or.'ini'-Moii Approves
. Naiiifs i'i li"prc.-ciit Japan.
,gk 'iciiiiain, India. I'ortn.il
IT ami Aip-iiliiie.
! The jurois v !.. were uppioved jestT-
I da by llif N .1 onal Oimm'i-sinn f r the
'.Vrn-.an ni i" tatr.e., nn the Intni'i-
Uonal .lur jf Aw-rdf ni'i! .he names
of some of lit r.io-t pmnim m -s ientlst
and prnfi-i-.d.in..! men ef il-rnun. .
Among'tlu'M ..re: Iiretm Hi gr. mem
ber ff th '!. rial Giinin i.'.anl i.f
He?!th of B.-rlln; Kminr O.l.i Cuhuhelin,
;rnf-'iir Tiim-iitv of H'lf.-lliprg. ..cttr
j A. Harnnek ! the Knji.l Aeail(.ni r.f
i-c! nee at Jjtrim, ij,t.iln llebbiinnau
of Hie ii-rr.ij'i Naw at ..-hington.
'aptain Von Tiicliudi or the ISoS.il :'rus-
1 .-Ian .rm. ;;i r'in; 01 I'.uciiRrr. pro-
ustor I'liiieiMty of Munl.h, l.ctT L
WlttnacI:, 1 r- k -sor l.i .. rsiw of l!e-:ii:
J. C Nl' o.l. monitor 01 li. Amerlci.i
t Art Sucii.t... N. ,v York, ami A. T. VtinMiT.
I member of tt..- Aii.ern.ui ri Soct,
Lili h.'i. It i'oiiii., ha" li-en .i.pointeu for
Jury iut ir :!, Dtparuni m if Art. to
taki- the jlacs jf rr-icriek '. ' into'i
and Francis J r.cs. who wnl In u:iail- 10
The' tollowing ivrc aj proved esterdjy
by thu Naiieuii Comn-.i-. ion to Mrv on
th? Jap.im . jury:
Nrf. fc.l... ..?-t 1. lllr'tiil'.it Sauplo Tc rl.
luamuta, 1E...i Noma. I'.ij. o.,mu.i. Ma...
1.1 111 J-l.k.i, ill. i.iljjli. Mi., 1 -jji ii j
ii'aiu, :Urfmn! Arakl. Mass' ! r.. JIh-l
.Nlsllimura. ,.u,oUrj A'1.101 1 I-., Jfirfl'a
l-tiUtMllu.l .NilLtl. Jo ttll III ..i,v...Jl.... . U-
k'Mburu lioi. Kl'Hiilo H...L.. c 11, e.j: . u.f
lveim raKi -..1 -T 1, ..u... .. V'.-
llall '-:5UK, 1 1 IK., .N.IKH-l'U U. . t v.a'in-1-Uk
Yari.ljti.hl. Kin n.o lj. 1 uki-i itrhkv.a. 1
l-aji Ot lu. i..M.l'.ir. laai'tal. it,, it-iajilt lUn
ltilMro II. .iu. .-. pln t .iK.jj.it 1
Tho following Germans will represent
their e-junir;. on the' iiu-i iat;;r..il Jurj
Mlnt'l'Tlalrat'' rio'-tor l. i.-. !' r . fK.p-Djcto-
I...-i ilalaii. l.h .ti 1 mo j innitn.
I'rt'lfi'.sor Urn tor A Jln.ii.ifl:. I'-slor A
Krct. r.K-u.r -.l-iii Unl.r,t. I'rofeSfOr I)ic
tr Aluln own. ljrtor .i'ur ! .g, lcr
tur II w ti Wal.lejtr I'o tir a-ut ,,'a
-"mull, lie tor Ouo '.win . i. 1 ,.-! 1 orntiu
l-.milM.ri'-.sitrmi, iKst'n l.u. r. I.u-.l.Klr.4
l'rtttor Jlnr.s ion r.tffst.:. iijx s. 'ilrhtint.
HVt Muell". I-lrh lfir-.Fi. ! 11 '- i' in
fhln.h. lrif'-or U A Ito. s.-. run.
Tat si wr. It, 1 or.sul ...n liel-'i. Uoeti r
Yolkmanri. Ift-1nnr.11 Ktllt-e 1 or.sul Littler
l.lcl. IT. I.jetiir II Mutl.t-i.iis. l.ra Utlt-r-lH.lt.
Uatlzi-M. Mb Ti'Li. Ilirnass. Ccorgj
rraake. I'lofetior Dot tor Klf- Iilrrctor Pu
kali. i-uitollan Sthul-, Pr.ifnr Mil Cut-rt-It-r.
:-.--t.i- II lltr.lv. Aden Hlrl.ter. Dtnr
Ivithl.-. 1' Kruelldi. -fvtrr lernann. F:-luin-Is-ter
(lutlirCHl. Jlrttor ..trlnriHs. .iptaln Heb-l.un-.t.nu.
r-ii.lain on Tftrhyui l'-of- -ijr Ior.
t..r I. Ulttlnack. Trotn-io- 1'-. tor Uuchner. K.
M Vfin--r. Hlch rti-1. I'I -t tor f ijd-wls.
l'rt:ir I. L'.ltsrrn-.inn. .Ir L.- s'm.'hr. Itlrh
ICKtr. r itz tin I!jri1t-M. n. Ar ?--er Scht-cl..
-sesnr II All-rt I Ilufrctrm.l-te- il:nts.
l'rof.fcrcr 'Juiitr.iriirllrr. I), ctur l.itT l:iul
.ullni. AUKU"t Uwrrt-.. ls-tor 1 rii-T Vro
fwtor I-ter Dim-u, I Alter. 1-ia Uxte.lfncy.
l naeistrrter 01 Mat- Mtnon irlcr
India, will hat..- thr fol'iylnj Jurcrs: A K
Nle.ol.ia and J .7 Arilrhlr
Tl.f.t- who ulli p.r.e .n the jurv from 1'ortu
pal Mrt-. Malcel ri Hortt-loup. M A G.m--s
Him.'iIa'.H, Uerinano e -.urrt--;-. J ti- Sou-i IJ2t-t-inc
uit. A lUmo- l'lnt Vlfittl. d--- M--s-qulta.
A I'.mo I-'te aril carlo .--prut.
Arg-T,tln- will lime tir f.llowlng rt-pre'-'-tT
tlen on the Int-r-ittlor- il Jim-: l:itir'. f-'c"iiFf-fine.
Julian V.o any. Knriqti il Xelcm. Doctor
finr. Julian V.nn. Ktinuiit TIT vVInn. Jhm
I 00 OIHarr?, i;rnst& NM;on. G A. I'titfiite
ana Juan I Tonias
Clothing of Patrolman Krbe Ig
nited While Hon Is Cleaning
Wardrobe Leaves Po
liceman in Awkward
Whrn Patrolman George L. rbe of the
Fifth nistrict. Blm lrw-s at No. KO Sulli
van .iirnJc reports for duty this morning
It N possible that he will bo mistaken for
an amateur thowman, who has been try
ing to make up :us a "cor." and who has
not been very careful In his selection of
Patrolman Krbe, however, bos been as
cnreful as nossible in selectlns the uniform
he will wear to-day. In fact, lit h-i.s
chosen about all that remains of hi? for
mer handsome wardrobe.
The destruction of the policeman's ward
robe occurred jesterday while he was put
ting on the tini-hinfr toucots to the enjoy
ment of his two dajs' vacation. Accom
panied by his wife, he had pone to a down
tewn tallorini; c?tabilshme'ii to be meas
ured for a new dress coat, and had left
his two children. Hddle r.nd nora, to take
care of the house.
They were 'cleaning up" and Eddie
struck a match to see how to clean out
Ids fathers wardrobe, which was In a
dark, corner of the room. Hone of the
clothing became Ignited, and before the
boy realized what ho had done the whole
wardrobe was In a blazt. He and his sis
ter made unsuccessful efforts to put out
the lire, and finally an alarm was sent In.
In tho meantime some of the neighbors
came to the ehildren':, d.sslstane-e and tho
lire was extinguished before the bremeii
arrived, tut not before Urlio'i, wardrope
was ruined.
Colorado Sprins?, Colo.. .us- CT. Tho
State Convention of th Populist party to
dav nocilnatotl tlif follnwms ticket.
Geernrr. Judcc Trank V ORr, t-Vc
County, I!utcraiit Corrnor. I T. !ray: Sec
retary of Stale. Itoctcr J. A. JiMkir. t9t"
Trtasutrr. V A. Silli". btate Auditor, Mr?. Ha.
ml Ncrtt,n. Attorroy Onvrnl. If J. Hechlin,
iTtate Siirrintendrnt of IuMle Instruction, Mr.
ILitllda A JohnMcrc; Regent of the .utate TJnl
rMty. Ullen O, OtwMy; Cor.prcrsman at
Xatk" R. II. Northcott; CenprfHman, Firjt
District. J J. Brady; ?e;ond I)i-trict, Doctor
A. M. ColJinaii.
The platform declares for an eight-hour
law: for u law making tach county liable
for damage done by mob"; for a law mak
ing ach county that calls for the militia
liable for the expense incurred.
flnrr the I'ail, .n liir Fnd
"Under ?nd 0er the Sea, on tlie IMKe.
Chicago. Aug. 26. The Republican Na
tional Committee has araraged that nhen
Secretary Shaw compleleH his speech
making tour of the far West, he shall
enter upon a similar campaign in the Mis
sissippi Valley, beginning at St. Loui on
September IT. and continuing at least until
October 5, uhen h will tpeak in Inaian
apolH nt the proposed mieting of Re
publican League Clubs.
Rctwecn th to dates he will speak
In Illinois. Indiana, Onlo. Iohj., Wiscon
sin, lie will give his especial attention
to close congressional districts.
Charged 'With Distiirbiiirj Peace
sit Murphy Residence.
JuliU") Murphy, X years old. son of P. C.
Murphy, president of the Murphy Trunk
Company, was arrested last night on com
plaint of his father and locked up at the
Central District Police Station.
According to the police, the boj's father
stated that his son was Incorrigible and
had created a disturbance nt the Murphy
home. Xo. 3IC Wet Pin- boulevard.
At tho Four Courts young .Murphy re
fused In make a statement as to the cause
of the arrest.
..ry' ?.'. f-"
For Two Bays
Youn Man'j
nau'e, r.on:
C'icviot and
B fl.'!.iC-'3-'W
n W'U'l
i i f M
worth up to 555.0?? not a certain
number or prices, but ALL at " t&r
Qp3n All Day
and Until 10
l.,. VII
i -
The tax bills for the current jear have been placed in my hands for collection,
and may he paid at my office in the New City Kail on and after September 1st. WM
A rebate at the rate of eiitht per cnt per annum from th- date of jftyment to
the 31st day of December next will be allowed on City Taxes to all persons making
pajment of .said tax bills n or before tho 1st day of OctoLer next.
St I.ouls, August 23. 1M.
Collector of th9 Revenue.
To introduce thi Iiyeglass -jre will sell a limited
number in solid gold at
REGt'LAIl 5.fK V.dlT.
Call for our PeerI- Urnni ntf.on prrtiirlr.
ciks i:xa.iii.m:ii ksike dv
Tin. CHAS. nBH.I.Y. for ni.inj j.-:ir In rhnrge of the Onllrnl Ile
pnrtment of the E. Jnrrnnl .leivelry Conipiiny.
Police Board Designates Low
lions Where Hotel Kunucivs
(Jan Do Business Patrol
men Dismissed.
Tho Board of Police Commissioners at lt
meeting yesterday set aside locations near
"nlon riiaticn where hotel runners may
olIcIt business. Two patrolmen were dis
missed frcm the force.
Tho following locations were designated
for the hotel ninn-rs: Chestnut Mret.
between Sixteenth and Twentieth streets:
Jili.teenth utreet. between Market and
Chestnut Ftrect. and Secnteenth street,
between Market and chestnut streets.
tlmergeucy Special Wllllim Iloundy of
the Fourth District, charged with bing
absent from duty without leave and sleep
ing while on duty, was lined ES and repri
n arded. .
Patrolman Thomai Morris of the Fourth
District, c.rged nith deeping while, on
duty. w.i" flneil Jin and reprimanded.
Emergency t-pcclal William J. Ityan of
the Mounted District, charged with con
duct unbecoming an officer, wa. found
gulltv and disniissed from the fore.
Kmergcncy ypcciai I'rank F. Hschmann
of tho First Db-trict. rharged with Intox
ication, was: found guilty and d'snilssed.
A H-word ad In The Sundiy Ilepuhllr
will secure for you Ilrst-clas servants) of
all kinds. The cot 1 only 1C cents at any
drug store.
Hotel Ilunnern Atrnln ArreMec!.
A peconrl raid was made by the police
upon the hotel runners soliciting business
around t'nlor. Station last night. Ten
men were arrested. Those arrested gave
the nftme of John DeMoss, No. 1232 j'In
rtreet: George Poter, No. a'22 Eugenia
street: Albert Isley, No. HIT Chestirit
btrtet; Frank Hick. No. Ml Windsor
place: Kolomun Felix, No. 1128 Pine street;
F. P. Tinkham. No. 422 Easton avenue:
,f -i i -nt-lT
v C IL?C 54&ci
Freo and unreslr.cd choice of any Ma.n's or
Outing Suit ii the $i
cxcipiea. iiiciisiimi a
Homespun tr-innnt
The Greatest
Clothing S'ore
in the World
I.IM'.t TllAN-l V.".
introductory Sale!
Enllrsly Hew. Porfectlon Rimless Eye
glass. Ona Piece Kcunlinz. Ko Screws
to Work loose. Patent Hever-Silp
Smllary Suards.
. S2.50 3 pair
Jit, Money t Hi Cured
I IUUUI W PILES. Etc. Eiinnn.lloB Free, i
ID7S.TH0RST0.S& MINOR. 3e30llvSt.,Sl. torl.;
Frank Todd, No. F)4 locust street: O. A.
Munley. No. Z'SA Lawtun aenue. It. J.
Swigert. No. KA5 Cook aenue. and Ed
xard Ueddlng. No. 1?; Washington ave
RrunsTrlck. Mo . aur. 25. Th- boJr of Je
liartmann tvs? found n a well in his ta.c
yard th! nicrrint; ct 5 o'clock. H- a m!5t?1
from hn home 1: ih" nlchi. bcinr a last
abtiut 11 o'clotk. A Corcner' jury rtumed a
erdlct of accidental (!ath I! a 79 ar
old and tyjlt ntnlthj
Ki-itKu linoonnicK.
McCIur. IIU Auc. ?C -Elr.ier Hro-Wlck. C3
yrar old. d!M li-re lo-lay
J r. IOlDS.
I-!tchnM. 1)!.. .uc 25 .T. F. Do.M. father
of 1'rank DciUf of tht city. t dal at thr
f imily residence in nivrnn. He as CS years
old. The funeral will Ire Fun-Jay attern'Kjn.
Pin r.Iuff. Ark.. Auc 26 Mr- TV. 1J. Klrfiy,
2S j-ar rM. lteI at her hom- In Dougla
Lincoln County, last niht ?h- wa ni-trrirJ
only a few months nso Prlur to that tlnr
hf 1x19 a Eocitj belle of Iy)ul?vtll. K.
Qutner. 111.. Auc 2S. lU't-h Whray. -n of
Doctor Whrav of OoMn. ft! . Tras killed at
Wahazh Junction thl?? eninc while ittemptinc
t a.lcht pvm a ico.ir.c trnln. He wai a
train dispatcher.
Marshall. M-, jvmr C. Oaudo Iin.l. H
yeiri iM. died at hi horn- in tTii courtv
jestrilay from Moo! risonlnc. H? stumpM ht
tue a few dijs acj. but no notice was taken
of It until too late.
Qnnrrel IlrnnU In MaMtlnjc.
Daniel L. IJlock of No. T Water street
became lnvohed hi a quarrel with Joseph
Hopkins uf Xo. 311 Nacje street ldi
niht at tho corner of Broailway awl
Sherman street. Jt rMillrd in the tab
hlnK of HIfck. Hopkin?. accordinp- tt tho
poliee. iiltini'd a knife into Block's I-rt
lireafct. penetrating the Iuni; The wound
Cil man a taken to hU koxnt. IIoiikMa
was arrested.
Corkcd-Up Sunshine
from America's Most
Famous Vineyards.
Special Dry Brut.
GOLD SEAt. ii In evidence at every
fa-hloiable (unction nd at all flrst
clas hotels and cal? In St. Iuls and
on t!w iTijoition Grounds. See our
exhibit In Aisle B. In tho ARrlculture
Vrbnai. N. Y. Sole Makers.
gtfT -sgW1 ,-jiffy y r.r. JS : jrVf gSgSrS

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