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"Billy" Sunday, former baseball player
on tho Chicago team, and an all-round
athlete, nlll preach In Music Hall to-morrow
night for tho Presbyterian Uvangel
istla Committee.
Mr. Sunday la now a full-fiedijcd minis
ter, hail rig been recently ordained by the
Chicago Prcsbvtery He preachta as he
used to play ball, with' trcmimlous rn
thuslacm, and during the last jcars his
work has equaled that of any evangelist
In tho country.
Ten years ago "HlIIj" was known as the
crack center Holder of the diamond, plaj
lns In that capacity with tho' Chicago
team, which at tho time was of cham
pionship caliber.
Ho was particularly noted for his fleet
r.css of foot, and won many a prize in
darhln; contests. While ho was tllil in
his rrlme ho ban a PiO-jard das,h against
.Arlle Latham in old Sportsman's l'ark
nnd easily outdistanced his opponent
Ho was of irreproachable character,
neer engaging in any alt rcatlon1". not
etcn with tho umpire, and cien to this
day Is a geneial fatorlte among olJ-tirm;
baieball fans.
Plajing ball was for him. howcicr. a
nican to an tnd Mr Sunday aved his
money in order to obtain an educat'on
which would lit him for the ministrv, und
noon after ciwng up his career on the dia
mond lie engaged in mis-lonar) work,
though he was not ordained until a few
months ago
Ho has met with unusual success in the
Seeral of tho cities in which he held
meetings iloscd their bsincs houses in
order to giv their empioe, an "ippoi
tunlty to hear him during the dav
-Mr. Sundu will ul-o speak at tin- lns!2e
Inn at 4 o'clock to-morrow afternoon
The music will be !n charge of ProfefOr
M. :$. Weeden. both afternoon ami e?n
Jng. Mr Weeden returned trom Winona
Jike Conference for thw meeting The
Hancock Concert C'omun of IallT-.
Tex., will play at the Music Hall meeting,
mid ProfesFor Weeden will be assisted bv
Mrs. Graco Alexander Inland, pianist, and
J H Cummlne!. cornetist
Tent "Glad Tidings," which has been at
Ilnth and Carroll streets for nearly thrco
months, has been mocd to Madison
street, between Eleventh and Twelfth, and
meetings will begin at that point on to
morrow night, continuing for two weeks
During the tlrst week the Ke erend Doctor
David B. Greigc- of Chicago will speak and
tho Betertnd Ellward W. McCiuskv of this
city will hae charge of the music. The-e
men worked together very sueces-.fullj m
Chicago two jears ago in the series of
tent meetings conducted by tho Chicago
The tent, which has been at Lee avenue.
Iwtueen Prairie and Warne. will bo
S Itched on the corner of Lee avenue and
lenstcad for a two weeks' meeting, be
ginning on to-morrow evening. The Rev
erend T. H. Atkinson of Chicago and 5.
D. G-oodals will be in charge.
The third weeks' meeting will be begun
In the tent at ernon and Academy ave
nues to-morrow night, Charles N Hunt
delivering tho address. On Mondav ani
Tuesday nights tho Reverend Doctor
George B. Stewart, president of tho Au
burn Theological Seminary, will speak,
and during the remainder of tho week Mr
Hunt will have charge. This will be the
closing week at this point.
Mr. Charles F. Barrett will preach in
the Jail at 2 o'clock to-morrow and will
have chargo of the. gospel wagon during
the week.
oted Jewish Erangellat to Conduct
Services at Mis. Ion.
Special services of unusual interest will
bo conducted at tho Jewish Christian Mis
sion, No. 1433 Franklin avenue, next week
Tho services will be Inaugurated at S
o'clock to-morrow night, and will he con
tinued at the same hour throughout the
week. Ths Reverend Doctor Beniion of
London, England, who was converted
from Judaism to Christianity forty-twr
ears ago, will be one of the principal
speakers, assisted by ths Reverend Philip
Sldorsky of Philadelphia, and the superin
tendent of the mission, the Reverend A.
Llchtensteln Since his conversion. Doc
tor Benzlon has ben doing missionary
work In Palet.ne. Russia and England.
Arranger is are being made for a
bazaar for the benefit of the Goode Ave-
mi6 M. EL Church, which will open Thurs
day afternoon. Preliminary work will be
gin this afternoon, for which a specln
. programme has been arranced. The ded
ication of the large tent 'in which the
bazaar will be held will taj place Ft 4
o'clock, and special services will bo con
ducted bv the pastor, the Reverend
Charles MacCoard and the Reverend Doc
tor C. R. Carlos
The Reverend Luther Rees of 'Dallas.
Tex., associate pastor of tho Reverend
Doctor C. I. Scofleld. will ppeak at the
Central Branch, Toung Men's Christian
Association, Grand and Franklin avenues,
to-morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock, on the
subject, "A Burning Question.'" Concert
In the lobby from 3.J0 to 4 by Jacob's Or
chestra. A music and literary programme will be
one of the. special features at an enter
tainment to bo given at S o'clock this
evening at Grace Presbyterian Church,
Goodfellow, near Theodosla avenue. The
affair Is under the direction of the pas
tor, tho Reverend Doctor A- L C.ickett.
nd promises to bo qulta an event in
church socials.
Tho Reverend Doctor S H. Werleln of
'JLUBtln. Tex., former pastor of tho Lafay
tt Park Methodist Church, Is visiting
his old charge and will preach there to
morrow evening. The services to-morrow
moraine will bo conducted by the Rever
end. Doctor Seth Ward of Nashville. Tenn.
The Reverend Doctor W. R. Jh. Smith of
Richmond, Va., will preach to-morrow
mocrtlnr and evening at the Delmar Ave
nue Baptist Church. Doctor Smith was
formerly pastor of tho Third Baptist
Church. He will supply the pulpit at the
Delmar Avenue Church during the absence
of the pastor, the Reverend Doctor John
ston, who is spending a few weeks in
Colorado with his family
The Junior Blblo Class of tho Fountain
Park Congregational Church will give an
leo-cream social on the lawn of the church
Tuesday night. The class is under tho
direction of Charles Forse and U meeting
with more than ordinary success In Its
work. In addition to servinj? refreshments
a regular programme will bo a feature of
the evening Tuesday.
The regular weekly meeting of the St.
Louis Sunday-School Primary will be held
this afternoon at 2 o'clock In Room No.
J, .usjcicuu uuuuing.
Tho Reverend William Smith, pastor of
Memorial Congregatlonul Church, is ad
dressing the conventions of the Tenth Dis
trict IlllnolB Sundav -School Association, of
which he Is president. His pulpit to-morrow
evening will be suppllcl by George T.
Coxhead, general secretary of the St.
Louis Y. M. C. A.
Special services were conducted at Wel
fare Hall last night by the Reverend Mr.
Heath, associate pastor of the Second Bap
tist Church, it being the third anniversary
Of the conv ersion of Dav id Martin, leader
of the Star of Hopo Mission. Mr. Heath
was assisted by . o. bounders of the
Bpruco Street Mission. Besides his mis
sion work Mr. Martin conducts bcrvlces in
"Tom" Allen's baluon on Market street
between 13 and 1 o'clock every Sunday
The gospel tent adjoining tho Grand
Avenue Presbvterlan Church. Grand and
Washington avenues, will be moved this
morning to Compton and Bell avenues.
Phere menlngs will be conducted at 4 and
I o'clock every afternoon and evening. The
Reverend Doctor F. W. Troy will open
the meetings to-morrow afternoon.
Tho GIdeoi.s have arranged for tpeclal
jervlces to-morrow afternoon and evening
under the direction of L. C. Stumpf at the
Christian Endeavor Hotel Auditorium.
The Reverend Alvin M. Smith of Plaln
Beld. Vt.. State superintendent of the TJnl
rersallst Church. Is a guest of Doctor IX.
C. Blackmer, No. 67 Manchester road. Mr
smith is accompanied by his wife, and
together thej ar Munc the WorlcV
Pair will preach at the L'nivt.rtal!st
service in the Odeon to-moriow.
The Reverend Doctor W P. McMurry,
nator of Ctnttnart M. 13. Church. South,
has ictur-iod to the city, and will ajain
occupy his pulpit to-morrow.
The Reverend Doctor Rutherford of
Chicago villi jirturli to the mutts at Cen-ti-r
irv Church at 2 o clock to-morrow- ait
t.r:ioon The Rexerend Doctor C. R Carina, re
siding i:idr. will pnacli at th teoining
cf the ku:nler M 11 Church. SprlngfieM.
Ill , to-morrow Doctor Carlos served this
church before coming to St. Louis
Tho Reverend Doctor M L. Curl and
family nro making an extended trip along
the Pacific Coast.
The Reverend H
his parents in old"
C Ixxmard Is visiting
ciihisij - i:mii: wint topic.
n Cimraur for rvi ttorL." fr-ia.
ili, l ir.. wis S.XVUI. t.-;.)
One of the presidents of the London
Chair ber of Comment, a man of long
ard eminently successful business experi
ence, w.is once asked to write down the
principles that, in his Judgment, would
Insure suceess. Ho wrote a number or
sage mailins, but the first two are es
pecially worth heeding: "Have a dellille
aim. Go straight for it:"
If we are to accomplish anything what
ever in this new tar of church work upon
which wo are entering, it must be bj
means of a clear-cut purpose, coupled with
n determined will A vague desire to be
better and tlo more will profit nothing
The accomplishing Cn:I--tlan mu-t h-ci
the stirring words of Pmli.ps, Bro-fcj, wno
crlrd. "Come take tl.it task of vours
which vou have been hesitating befoie.
and shirking, and walking around, and
on this verj dav lift It up and do it "
Heaven will not help us even to do
heaven! work, until we Ilrst help ojr
relves Mat Muller, the great student of
Oriental languages, otite asked ,i certain
Hindu whether ItamkrUhna, the Hindu
teacher, knew Sanskrit "ie" was the
rep! "Ramkrishr.i was living in the
jungle, and .i biautiful woman, comtn?
uown from heivtn. taught him Sanskrit."
'Nonsense!' cried Muller, impoiitel, but
sensiblv. "The oitl w.v to leain tvins
krit is) to get a grammar and a dirtionurv
and go to work And that K the onli
way to learn the language of heaven uo
Goa's will
It mav not be a large work, this new
W'ir'v vou are to undertake fn- jour LipJ;
but sou can un Ii rtake ,t In a lardt spirit
I verv much admire that laborer who
stood outside Cologne c.itheiir.il and sud
to a trpvtler ira. it s a fine build ng.
and took us manv a ear to tinleh "
"Took vou'" evclaimtd the triveler.
"Whv, what did vou have to do with If"
The replv was sufficient and convincing.
I m x d the mortar, sir l.)w ii .s lines
are as true of work for Christ as of s-ee-ular
i mplovment
No man Is bo-n lrto the worM whoce work
Is not bom w.th hta there in alna8 wo-k
.Ard tools to Trnrk withal for those w 'io will.
And b.trsteU aro the horns hands of toil
Tie busy worM Fhoves ancriiy aslje
The Iran wio TacJs with arir.s akimto ret
tntll occasion tells him hal to do
And h who waits tT have hi task n:arke4 out
bhail die and leave lAa errand u".fu!n!eI
.vjid, tinally though vour work miy be
small, make it .us great as vou cin "The
real worker." declared Joseph Parker,
"never savs 'How little can I do v.it al
ways 'How much can I dotf" In the
Christian Eadeavor Socletv, in thu Sun
day school and in tho church thero an ,
even jet. sadly few ambitious souls It Is
better to speak convincingly the praises
of Jeus than to win caM s before a Jur
or carrv a bill through a Senate. It is bet
ter to discover new ways of reaching souls
with God's truth than to discover the
north pole It is better to win one, victory
over evil than to conquer the most bril
liant array ever mustered
to oiiskii'v i: rciST or sr. i.oris.
erv ices In Honor of f'ltj's Patron to
Take Place nt C'ntlietlral.
The feast of St Louis, p&trona! feast
of the cltj, will bo celebrated with great
clat at the old Cathedral. Walnut street
rxar Third street, to-morrow.
Services, which will begin at 10 "0
o'clock, will consist of a Eolemn high
mass by the Reverend rather II. J Taj
lor, assisted by the Reverend Fathers
William L. Shea and John Nugent as
deacon and subdeacon. respectiveiv The
Most Reverend John J. Glennon, Arch
bishop of St Louis, will be present In tho
sanctuary and will impart the papal ben
ediction at tho clos of the services
Ho will bo assisted at the throne by his
Vicars General, the ercy Reverend
Fathers Connellj and Hoog.
Tho Reverend rather Je'ph Casv will
act as master of c remon.es and the ser
mon will bt preached by the Reverend
Father F J. Jones. A special music pro
gramme has been prepared and will Le
rendered by an enlarged choir.
Th list cf sermon topic ani fecial services
for to-morron Is a follows:
DELMAR AVENUr. Delmar nnd I"enJ!ton
the Kevererd Doctor J T. II. John-ton nv
tor ilurnlnx and evening eerv.ee-.
GliAMJ AVLM L, tna It.-v.rend A W eTlax
ton. Pastor Morning, "Th- Moantaln To-
I'rajcr", S p. m . "ine Purpose ot Ills eTorn
Ing" MAII.rWCOD. the Reverend W I. Xh-h,
I'aMor i.otnirK and e ln c -M -
riLCO.S'D. Beaumont and Lcurt; the l:evexen4
iJe-U,r v v liOia, i in. i e .. , n-i
Jlr Htcth. Aasuciate Durlrff Abatnce it I'a
tor llornirff, "Tna New eTreature' S n in,.
The Great Salvation."
TU.IKi' V..M V- A BuiWIrB. the Reverend
V J Williamson. D. D, Iancr 3 i-l a. m
Sunday choo!. C.ei p m . Ii. Y. U . mini-
in? and evtnlng service b the lteerend
Doctor John l Jordan of t-avannah, Ga.
WAIEJt TOWKlt, Oiand and rioriranl- the
luiverend L II Williams ilomlng and evtn-
1ns; s-rvlees
TOWL1! GItOVK, No o;s Norfolk, the P.ever-
rnd Josei.h I" Jacob l'ator-9 3 a. m.
Sunday school, II a m. ftrMce. 7 p m.
II v i lijh I' m. service
P.J-SSEL.L AVENUE. No. 1J2 Rniell the
Reverend Frank Morton. Pastor 10.0 a m.
and 7:ii p. m , preaching, 3 p. m . buiday
FlHsTr GE11MAN". liauschenbach. Nar s;j
Loul"; the Reverend II Schulj. Pator
-w,niirc ana evenmB pervices
IMMANUEL, Cates ana Hamilton; the Rever
end Luls Ilovvtrman. Pat n vtornln S.20
tiunda rehool 11 a m, terrain. ' '
Wi;w PARK So cut Easton, th Reverend
Cecil V. Cook. Pastor Mornlnc and evenlnc
CAROMEI.ET. the Reveren T vv. Tatr ro
tor 9 (jam. hunday srhjol H a m.', ser
rnon. H v l u.. 7 p. m . "ermon c i m
Mr.RA.MLC MISMOX, S:17 Mramec: Oiarles
J rorward Sunda school. S a m J.nlor
Chrl'tlan Endeavor. 2.43 p. m . senior. 7 is
Kospel service. S p ra
COMMON HEIGHTS. Russell and Vandcven
ter: tho Reverend J. Percy Stuart. i'ator
11 a. m and 8 p m , eerv ices
Laclcd". the Reverend I M Page. I-astor
Mornlnn and evenlrp service.
BROADWAY Silt-hioK. 112 South Pourth
8 o m. song service: 7 pm, Christian En
deav or
Orrve Morning and evening: services
juh.,..ji j mi..- iiLii null rtt-iiivan trie iter-err-M
K. U Hill. 3ator-Mornine. GMeon
wrvlt", 8 p. m . evaneMstlc ser.c.3
urrLH avkntk. uuliij and ice the ni.
erend I A Rwln?, Ilator 11 a. :n aaJSn
in , ten Ice.
UM'AYCTTn PARK. th nercnd Sam Krark
Talnr cumla school J 2u a. m nnd 3pm
11 T P. t , p m ; iermon, n a m. onl
i p m. r
LOW KM, MISSIOX-Fundar school at jp m
VAIX: I'AItK the Heren.! A I' HowrlN
I'aFlor-fcervIces 11 a m nnd 8pm
TAlfE.r.2CACX..: CHURCH. Jefferson Aenue
ard pln street. th Jleverend J U cohrcn
Pastor Mornlnic and efn.n; services
SWnDISII MISSION. Ueuh.ers Hall Easton
and Taj lor Aitnue. C A Anderson. Pastor
faerUccs 11 a m. and S p m.
CATHEDRAI Walnut Between Second snd
Third; th Jtetrreml nugena COyle. Pdst..i-
-Ma at u, j and U.21 a, m.. e-rers at ZJb.
P m
ANNUNCIATION. Sixth and Ij Salle; the Rev
erend J J Head, Pastor Mais at 6. S:33 and
10.43 a- rn . vtsiers at 2 20 n m
AbM'MPTJON. SIdnev and Ninth; tna Rever
end Father Brne. Pastor Mass at TVj nd
10 a. m.
AED SAINTS, No C3 Maple; the Reverend J.
H Ing Pas tur Mass- 70 and 10) a m
IIOEY CROSS (German). Church Road, N-ar
Btttrer. the Reverend Peter WIggcr. Panor
Mass at 30 and 10.30 a. m ; espers at 2r
p ra.
IIOEJ GHOST IGe-Tnan). Tajlcr and Garfiell;
the Reverend II Tobc, Pastor Mass at S ana
10 0. m.
IIOEY INNOCENTS No E3CO R-ber place; tf
.Reverend Juhn White, Pastor Mass at S and
10 a m.
HOLV NAME OF JESUS. No- 2311 East Grad'
the Reverend Patrick M. Tallon. Pastor Mts
at a V 9 and 10 a. m.: vrspr at 7:3 p m.
SA'RED HEART. Unlcritr Near Tvertj
flfth: tie ReAerend James McCab-. I'astor
Mass at ZiZO. 7. S'30 and 10 a rru; vespers at
7.20 p m
VISITATION. Tailor nnd Eaton; the Rever
end E. J. Dempse. Panor Mas at 6, 7.30, 9
and lO-S" am: "vespers at 2:30 p. m
HOLT ANGEI bt. Ange und L.1 Salic th
Rtv trend Fath-r F. 21. KUIty, I'astor Mast
at 5, S:3J and 10 a, xa.; vupers at s:30 pw o-
IIOI.T 2'AMIL.Y. o 713 I!utrphrr. tbfs Ile
err nil John K Keulhtr Pastor-Masses at
C ra b nr 1 1) a m
IIOL.Y ICOSMU New stead and Marsran-ta,
tho llovcrnd I) L l-ivtrj, I'ator Mj-csta at
6 7 3) .tnd chidrrn jt, nnron
l-eUlen (MapIwtKid): iti Iteverend l'ath r
Clarke. Pastor Mufw 8 and 1J a m
Lm uy :O0t tOINrI-.U l,lfi nnd
Dcstrhan, Ihf leernl John A Tract;., Pis
top Mats, 7 and 10 J) a. in , tspei5, 7 30
l2V Or MOCNT (AKMi;t, Church niiJ
Hall n lerr Itoada th Iiertnd L S 1'lie
ln, Pator Mars. 7 Z) and Iv 2) a- m . s
Ir . CO p m
XAliY OK PKHPETTAI. ht'CCOU (Oerraanl.
Unton anil Tentltth the JteTtnd la.tn-r
Hk Pait.r Mu . O 3 and in b m
ST AGAT1I "I- t'ienan.). N" 333 wuth
N'Inth th" U-rr-iJ ihi.ry hrage, I'a-te.r-Ma.
C t a. 1 1 If a. in p-i 2 M p m
ST .Ui.M.S, Mdr"j and Salcna. th I5eer
i nd John J Tannratli, !'asttr M?ta. ts 7 U.
Zi and 10 13 a ni i rs. S v m
ST AIjOlSll.S M.isno'ia ani Jannarj . th
Ileercnd I i; Hilwtk pator Ma 7 If
Jt azul 10 a m vu r-. 2SJ i in
ST AM'UnNsi S S Ornd and Ook-Ma,
15. h, 7. S and a m . hlh ina5. 10 Zo a
in , imr". 7.30 p ni
ST ANN'S. Pac ani Whltller. th- Itrenl
O J McHjnall Pastor Mass. 6 7 3J, 0 ani
j.30 a m.. ( Ficrs 7.3 j m.
ST A.NTIIO.NY'.s (fiernmnt, Mran fnd
Conr.iton to Hetrenl Tlmoth Manlt-n
Past ir Mo53. fi. . 3j a in., fcsprrs. - 20
p n
ST AL'Gl'STINTS (German). U'ore -ind Ile
tert. th Iteierrnd II A HutknstHn lat--tor
Va 6 a.id 10 u m-.eaprs 'Z 30 p m
ST IJKRNAUD rf. Hunk and Urat.ot. th
Ileirrend Peter J Urm'i i Pas'or MatJ,
t Z' 7 30 and Dan Asp-rs, ip ni
ST IIONll'ACC.S (G-rmin. Mlchln a" 1
.hirrrer th Jlv erend II Niter- Pastor
Ma.'" i. and 10 a rt e;wr - C P in
ST ltUIlJ(;i;T. in-an.1 JHlnon ihf K
rrend IMward IVnlon. I aj.torMass. 7 . 3
and 10 " i m.
ST CAMMIR.S Klehth and M i'unph the
lteerend Ilapl.iel I X GmlIinki Pastor
Mass 6 S a"d 10 a. tn . Starter!! J p ni
&T iJlUMriK1M.'S Mirhipan and lai3.
th" P.e erend rrar.ris 1. Joi es Pastor Mass.
6. S nnd 10 u in . i"i ri i p m
ST Cui)NN IMvif and ri an it Re
ererd J T I'oI. Pastor Mar. 6. 70, S and
10 a m , c5pers, 3pm
ST nUUAKUS. Clara and Maffitt tl'e Hev
erei d KJ-vard J nr Paster Mass, 7 ani
10 a m . rspers 4pm
ST i:i.)W.TII (Colored). No SI3 North
rourtnth the ltfxerenl Mkhal V SpiecM,
1'a.itor Mas-, 7, h 30 and 3 a ni . epcr9. 3
p in
ST MirilriS. Uleenth nnd CUt.ton; tfc
rwni MlrlaM J M Oil Pastor Mass,
P 7 3" 3 ai d 1" 3-) a m . tsper 2 -0 p m
ST Mi"HOUS Gerrran N H-l Iica-s,
Ie Hex rend Joseph A Schaefer, Pastor
Mas 6. S in 1 10 a n
ST PATP.K K S Mth and Biddl- thi- Rv
erfnd Ttmoth Demjex Pastor Mass, C. . 30.
ar I 10 a ri err ' ? p tn
- I'KTMl AND PAt I- fleTnr.n, evnth
and Ai'en. the Reerm! G V olI'-r. las-H-r
Mas. Cam Fief-rs. 4 p ro-
SIV Ro-i:S. OioUrUoR and K'z-1. th- Kv
ernd J. J McGIjnn. Paster Mas, t.. 7.30.
S 3v ard Ifl Cam
ST STANI-1-AI . (I'oII-h). Twenl!"th fi-ia
CM-, the Itev.renl Uliban Stanow-Kt. pastor
Ma-". 7 Z ar J 3 30 a m , epers. 3 P "
T TCI!I.A', No 2411 North Grand, th-Uter-nd
J A Cmnill) I'a-t or Mas. & 1
C . and 9 13. Men nav 1 10 a. m . chil
dren's nn' nam tenedi-tion 3pm
ST THOMAS tip QlINS Iua and Osnff-.
the Rewr nJ John H Maa. i D. Visi r
Mas t. 7. and U a n : bunda school. 2 ;j
P ii
ST MNiTAT PP Pn;p (German and Tz
Hh Park nnd Ninth th- Reverend J U
Iowrlrp. C M . tho Uer-rdA II Anuh.
O M The Reverend 5 P Huer C M ,
Iactor Mii and Fermon 3 ' 6 SO v s 4j
and 11 13 i m , t"pers dntions ard b-ne-IUtrr
3.30 p ni . rerman. dotions a"d
l-Tidii t "n, 7 45 p m
S MH AND JOri!! J Mln-.e.riti en 1
Iron, the R--rend Mile- w. Tofcjn, Paster
Mass S ani 11 a m
ST W CN i:It"S,s aihem'a-i No 2034
orphan. tie R-e'nl John Nekua, Pa-t-
Mas. ard sermon. 7 "o i m hlsh mai ard
rrmon, 9 ZJ a m mnrmtlr-n 23 p in .
vper: and bie-l'ctl n 3 p rn
ST KEVINS Park an! ranllnal tt Ilet"-
"d Hd T Shea. I'astor Mas- 3 33. 7 S Zv,
P Zt nni Iti "J) a m
ST MAP.GniTr ReII and Van Scienter
th- U--nnd J J OB-ln. Pastor Mai"3
at 6, 7 9 an 1 10 r a. n
ST UNOEIJlERrS. Carter ntd Marcus th-
Rrend Art n Pauck Pater Ma-ses, 3
and 10 n, ri .net pers. 2 30 p n.
ST rRANCIvJl!D FAIS (German). Gravels
end Ohio Ma 3 30. 7-13 and 10 a. m.. es-
irs 2 30 p. m
ST PRAVC1S XWIHR'S. Grand rnd IJnd-11,
th Reernd Henr S Dronpst, h J
t, 6 7. S .T ard 10 30 a m . epers . sj
P m
T HKVRY " H'rkfr nn 1 Cil'f rnla th
Reverend J 'n A HoTnin Pato- Maa.
f- 30 7 -3 ir 1 V a. m eners 3pm
ST T MRS, Tan-n Op-oit Wade th- Rer-
eren ! R A "Vey Pasnr 7 3) & o,cI"k fr
children io iwh, 2.30 p m.. cat-cnism,
4pm Kiptl-m ,
INSIDK INN-Masi C 30 br the Rerrend T E
ST 'OHV! aiTtrnb nnl fT'-t',ttf it Rev
erend Father P Dolv. Iator Mi's 6. 7..e.
ani li "0 a m -ers s n m. . .
T JOHN OF NEPOHK tBhemlan). SralaM
ail Eleventh the Reer-nd Jo-n Hsojn.
Pa r- Mas S and 15 a e-ter n n
9T T'FPH s (Ofman Klp--h ani Riddle.
the Reverend J Fmnr! Vatazzu S J Ma.
f R ani 10 a m. Sunday . h-nl at 2 p ra .
iK-ndi-'tlon nt v m
ST I.lRi:S"CT O TOOI,r'S Fourteenth ani
O Fallon the Reer-n1 M R-enr in Pastor-
Mass 5, S 3 I". an! 10 '!0 n in . rosxrj,
rract and lKnetllcticn. 7 30 d m
ST IO'. Mullannhx -nd Tn-itj-tM'-d. th
Reveren 1 .Tame- T OoT.-y Pitor Maw. 5 30
7. S In Iovr chapel for ehlldr-n 10 33. with
sermon 7 30 ix m.. tnlce, consisting of ro
qirr pennon ani p.ndl,iJfv
ST. unORILfr'S (Germim. North Market and
Hniran. the ReereI G A Rel Iastor
Ma fi v ani 1" a n v'Tits 2 3-5 p m
ir Man'anJ the R-erend P T O'Relll..
Pastor Ma, e. 730. 9 tnd 10 30 a. m. . -ica-tn-
4 p m
ST MAL.CHY,.t nark and Ewlrc th- Rev
erend Charles ZIc!e- Pa.no- Mas 30 S 30
ani 10 30 a. m -.erpers 7 30 p n
m th Reverend IVter J O Rourke. Iastor
Ma C 7 SO. 9 and 10 3 a m and 3:)d ra.
ST MARY'S (German Third an! Gratiot th
lt. trend Father Pantor Mars, fi fc and
30 n- m . Sunday rchool at 2 p m
ST MATTHEWS, a.ah ani Whlttl-r Street,
th R erend J. T hlId Pastor. th Rev
erend Jos-ph R Halloa. Alatant Masses.
6 7 30 10 30 a m b 3J a m Tur children
NOIRE D1!E, WdLston Ii--er-nJ Father c
F O'larv Pastor Mases at 7 j) and 10 a,
rn sundav school 2 SO d m.
FIRST No 312C Locust the Reverend John I
Urardt, I'astcr bundaj a.huol. b.Z) a. m ;
prcacnlng, 11. Christian Enl-avor, t.43 p m
Mumlng, ' What Think of Christ?" even
ing, Home "
CAROND1.L.K.T, No ftoi Virginia, th- R-ver-end
G E Iieland. Pastor Momlcg and even
.ng serTiices.
TLA.EDO. fat. Louis County, J. a Bnn-tt,
3Ilnlsttr Mtrnir and ecninf, r i, 3
OED uRCHARD 'Village Hallj. Me.notte Mll
Ir. Minlstfr 1015 a m. Bib e Mhool, Has.
rreaciiit.g. .30 p m , evenU; service
SuUM)-l It-venilt ard 7yl-r, V Daviess
Pltrman, I'atjtor 13 a. m nd B p m . rv-
CENTRAL. Flnnr near Grand Services. H
a m.. tha Reverend I.. D Mar-ha 11 of Inde
pendence, Mo . no 'v-'nlng srvicen
roURTH. No 1301 Penrose, th- Rev -rend E
T Mcl-arland, I'astor Morning and evening
COMITON HEIGHTS. Ft. Vincent and Callfur
nla, th Rev Tend V N CaJvln, pastor
Morning and evening services
MOLNT CABANNE, King's Highwaj and Mor
gan, the R-v arena .1 M Phbputt. I'astor II
a in. and evening services, bv the Reverend
Doctor D It Danran Mum n. Temptation
of T-uu, ex-rirv. Eijah th Man'
IIAM3IETT I'l-A- IX Corner Marcus and Ham
mett. ih- Reverend fc B More. IMstcr
Mornlnr "The Church of th- Hrt "en
tuo . s p in.. "The Church of tho Twen
tieth Century "
HEENTII falREET MIcFION. No 3331 South
bver.th 9 15 a. in.. Bible school
MA1EEUOOD. G T. Hoitman. Pastor Mora-
mg tnd evening rtrvlces
HAMILTON AVPN'CE Hamilton tnd Ply
mouth tho Revei.nd F A MajhalL Pator
peachtnr Ham. and S d. m
COMPTON HILL. Comptcn and Lafajett-: th
Jtevertnd W v Ntvveu la& tor Murium,
and evenlrr ervice3 b the Reverend Gtorge
W Belsey or Tellur.d1. Culo
OLl,b BitANLH tho lteverend Philip Yar
row, Pastor Morning, C J. Forward; even
ing Ernst W Nale
n IMsT. Delmar. N ear Grand ; the Rei ei nd
Doctor Cornelius II. iatten. 1'aator Morning,
"citudj In the Wa ot tha Holy Spirit"; & p,
m . Following arlst.'
FOUNTAIN PaRIv. Aubert and I'ountaln
Morning ani evening services by th Rever
end W. Ining Carrdl of Dallas Tex. U a.
m, "The I Ami uf the Ons Hundred and
Nlnete-ntli J'suJra", 5 p. m , "Christ at tho
veil of bjchar "
MAPLEWOOD, the Reverend George E. Bat-s,
Pa-tor Mornlnsr and evening scrvlo-s
HYDE PAICK, Bitiotn and Biair, the Reverend
W II Jones, ph D . Pa slur Morning and
ev tnlrK -erv ices by the Revererd Jas a.
tjuarls of Lexlrglon, a,
IMMANUEU Hancock and Jamicson; th- Rev
erend Dtward N. Gorr, Pastor ilornicg and
evening sen ices.
PILGRIM. Washington and Ewlng; the Rev
erend Doctor M Burnham, I'astor Morning
tnd evening Ecrvlces bj the Reverend Philip
REDEEMER, Barrett and Thompson; Matthew
Mullen, Parlor 3 30 a. m., Bible data;
preaching 11 a m and 7:43 p m , morning
and evening services
REBER PLACE. MackHnd an! Old Manches
ter, the Reverend I rank Lonsdale, pastor
Muralr? and evening services.
WLBlLIt UROVEb Th- B-vercnd L. T.
Guild. D D.. ator U a. m., "Tho Mind ot
CnriBt"; evening. "The Tempest."
riRST GLRMAN, Garfield and Spring; th
ltev erend W. II. Darn, Pastor Morn in g serv
ice; Sunday school, 5.30, s-rvicea and sermon
at 10.4s
SAPPINGTON: the Reverend Charles Castalne,
Pa tor Morning service
SWEDISH. Armstrong and Hickory; tne Rev
erend Carl lrlcon. I'astor 11 a. m. and 8 p.
m , sermon and service.
UNION, No. 1433 North Tnth; the Reverend
Stanley M Humby, I'astor U 43 a. m. and
8pm services
BETHLEHE31. Thirteenth and Allen; the Rev
erend Mr. Vavrina 11 a m and 3 p. m. serv
ices. TRINITY. Lafay-tte tnd Eighth; the Rever
end Otto C Hanz-r. Pastor Services at 19 a.
tn. and 3 p. rn.
ZION. Benton and Twenty-firrt; the Reverend
C. F. Obermever, Pastor Services at lo a.
m. and 230 p rn.
MISSION FOR THE DHr. the R-verend Her
man Halleiiwerg. Pastor er ices at Zton
Church at 3 p m. in the t'gn language.
M'fcMOX CHAPEL tcond and Plum; the
Rtvciend F. Dreer, Factor English Sunday
n:hool at p. m ; German ecrvices at 3 p.
m.- English i-crmon at 7:20 p m.
MEMORIAL, W'aj Street and Sulphur Avenue:
tne Reverend William Smith, Paster No
mornlnr nrvice; 5 p. m . George T. Coxhead
cr Y. M C A.
OI-D ORCHARD; the Reverend George Gordon
Rcss, Pastor Morninc and evening ecrvlces.
MISSION Sunday school. I
CAU0NDEM7T (South). irslnla and Harrni
the Rcunnl A II Duccina IMator Mornlnf
and c tiling jwnnes
CARONDhI-h.T. No 7100 Virginia, th- Rever
end Cnarlt-a 1 Haiterman. I'aator Momtn
tnd e.ins eriits
CKNTENAltl Coulh. Utter nth and Pine, tho
KvvcrenJ Doctor , V MtMurrj Pastor
JU a m and 2 30 p ra un iy i nool,
morning wnke, 10 JO, "As Many as Eecl
Hun"; i p m, liiead Lpn tlw Waters,'
FIRST (South) Glasgow am Dajton the R--irtnd
1 E. Todd. Pator Morning and een-
IIJiT Ignites
L.KA"t K.1TK PRK (Soutt). I-aTayettt nl
Miaouii. t It. verend Doctor J E Mc
Donald, Putor MorTJn?. tho Ue erend Doc
tor :v:th U ird ot N?tiil!e. S p. m. Doctor
& II Wclein of Austin. Tx
MXlJLLh al.NLl Juh. i-il and Nnwstead
th R-trenl I 1 rtir-t r. llitor Mornirff
ani jtn.ng it.rMC'.s ! ih Jtetnei fc
hlmpein Ham DUino Transfer mat ion ,
S p in ' i,i! s aluailyn or Man
MW'U: ANKNLI I!el and Mapie. th Re-r-
nd D-M.fr V V Ite P.i-tur H a m.
1i-tst as thr son or i5wl". b r m.. "With.
Clirt at a cd !ln supper"
MKIN MEMOUIAI (houth) Sldn-y and
Twelfth th- K ojtnd Jorphu? stephan,
I'astcr Moitiin? and evening ftr-vit-ff
Mm NT a I. HI i:N toutr). North Market and
H ilamiiiit the Jlrvererd J S rillej. l'atur
Mi rim ana ovmnr ervices.
MElORIM. 1 German 1 JtftVrton and Acomac.
the R.vtrtrul William t-chulz. I'astor Morn
tn- ani evnlrs tcrvUes
CUUVNNi: (houth Iiartmer and Goodf-How,
the Revr-nd II R MrKKtcn. Pastor s-rv-Ues
at 11 .1 in and S p in
ST JOHN h t-outiii Ktrs s Highway ani
Wahlnrtjn the Reverend Doctor J W Le
I'astor Morninp. th Reverei 1 D or T E
-harn PrtdinsEll-r. vtn.rg th Rever
ted D-jct r V. D. Rradatld of Coo: Avenuj
ST L.U Kl. p'-tomar and T-xaj. th- Rever
nl D E. Manuard. Pastor MorrUrs and
-enlnir ervice-
ST PAl Ed isuuih). No 1323 St Loul the
Reverend C T Wcbdell. Pastor Morn'n;
nn-I evtnirc r.ices
TOWER Gltu t N 1117 KntucliT- the Rev
trni Ii Wake. eiJ, 1'aatcr Mernlrjt and
ev-ninz Fenir
BADEN, No slOS Hall's Terry Road, th- Rev
trend Doctor R 1 n.tti. Pas: r Mcrnlnff.
"Tn M 1 A! undant W" ', eienics,
'Dtpunoencj . Why. and the Cure '
SU AEMn (.- ui'i rfiaw end To've"
Grove, the Revcrerd W O lnan. Pastor
Momlnp and feninp t-rvics
UNION Ej'-s nd uu-ris n. th- Hevc-enl N
L.Lctxk. I -st r Mcinlrt Tnt Unas;
CTirist". S p in.. Tfc Gates of tho Kirs
Y i(NER I'lACTi (Souths. ti- Reverend
IXxtor J II loucc. Paster Morning and
evnin services
Flfi MtMitRlAU Cllftcn Helghti th- Rever
end Mart'n U Carl. Pa-'jr Mralrr. "p
'-ieinI Drtor A I Prltrhett, b p m.
Df-ctor Don W N1cio!h f Clnna
GlODE ENl'E l.rfle ani North Market;
t.i- Reverend ChiMea MacOord, Pastor
Morn, ne ani eeiiinjr tervice-.
ROU.'IAN. Twir.tleih and Otar, th- R-ver-d
ird W &lrj;swn. Pastor Mumirj:. the Re
ererd Ioctor Don W Nichols. S p in., the
Rcierrrd I E. t-Undard
TRINITY Tentn rd North MarL-t th- P.v
ererd Hnrj J ")te I'aftor l'j tj a, m.,
Hungt'inir ard Thirtins of the Kighieou-n-s
7 . '"nTiv? for i:-p.ntant- "
OAK IIILE. the i:- erend E J Rlnk-I, Iastor
Morninp nl evenirs 5 lces by the, i5tr.
KIRIvWuoD fl ath. tne Reverend It U Uw-s-I,
Panor Moinlrpr and cvenliiff F.-rv!ces
H REEM 1'1A E, Jam e -on and FIr. Pie
R-vennd II C Ionard. 1'astor 31ornIne
ani cverire tervlcfij bj the Rev ci end I kl
COOK AENLE. Cook and prlns. the RT
end Dot .or V 1 llradflell, INiStor Mtii
iny Rlghteuuan ss of icntes and Pnarl
eret S p ni , Doctor T C thaip. Presid
ing Elder
rilIHI3U&L:t"RY t- R-ver-nl William B Van
Valknjursr Iatt,r Morning "Ths lurractsd
Llcht -
IMM VNFEIj fSuuth), McCausland a-n" th
lit erend Arthur Matter, Pastor Morn ng
ard evening & rvic-s
SI"AN Ml'-blON. t-venth ard Hickory, W
M rsloar. superintendent of fcunday chool
p m . aundav c iwl, T M la.tterson,
la'-tor. 3 p m , preaching.
JENNIN ., the Reverend J B Rrer-Ingtoa.
Pastor Mominp ani evening irics
BI.EIO-FONTAJNI.. the Rcvc-end J. R. Eddle
mann. 1'astor Morning trfrvlce
MoL'NT ZION. Crevo Cue-r H a. m and 8 p
m erve
MAPEFWOuD. th- Revererd W Ece G7.
Past r cunday sch"V)I, 3 23 p rn.. sermun,
4 13 p m. both s-rvUs in Baptist Charch
trend John Score. Pastor llanehester rv
1c s. 11 a. m . Trinity service, 3 p ra. . Mount
Z n t-rvice, 7 1pm.
Tl I DO, the Re -r nd W R Valkenburp,
last ir Morr r. Tie Re,nant Etmaie ,
evening. L gut Aicr I. tr nes& '
X'reslij terlan.
COOK AVENUE. Cook ard Saiah
end J T v, v man Boj er, Pat tor
u. ni .
Th. m Is Th.ir IIr
CRANK MEMORIAL Srith) Aubert ll"d
1'age. th( Re-.erenJ Itictor B II Chari3,
I'astor Morning and evtrinc prvivs
CARONDLL17T. No 6S15 MUhlgan.ih R-."'
end J H Gauss, Pastor ilonilng ani un
Irg strv'cr,
"'TE BRILLINTE Matus and Liba '!. tv
Rvennd c M Rauch, Pastor M mlng ani
vf -1 nr prv'ces
CLRi.Y MEMORIAL Utih and T-xis tho P
er-nl Edward W McC uskx Past 1 MinrL..
sthois ) a. in.. 3 p w . cioininj und
evtntrg 5-rvlc-
CEN rn L. Garrison and Lu-us th- R- "ren
J La ten Mau:e. I'a-tur Marring and even
ing services by th- Rtverend John W Stagg
of Birmingham, Ala
C. mitonMornlrg. th Reverend C II Mc
Caslin, 3pm, fcunday school, S p m , sii
lees. GRACi:. Clara and Rldgo. th- R-vrrd
Cha-Vn J Chilfant, Pastor Morirg ard
vtring srvicH
WEBnTi '. GROVn?. the Revererd Dcctor D
M killirc. Pastor-bfIc p. H a 11
GRAND AVENLE iS-uth) Grand and Wash
!n?t n the Revertnd Dct. r J I" Cain- n
Pastor-ei vice. 11 a. in and S p. m. b tlie
Revererd Dvctor J S Lsot.b cf IniNvIIe
I IRT iR'finr-d) Mr-MUItn Near Tajlor. lh
Rewrei.d M M P-arce pator
rjRbT. UaVunxtin and rarb. th- R-vereI
lctor W J MoKIt;iik I'astur th R-ei-end
tJ W King AFsisiant Mum ng and
ening (ervire- bv th- Ifcreri Doctor J
B Men art of Auburn The-jlgiral S mitnr .
morning. Four pu traits uf th- bame Faew
ev.nirg Th- Te-t nf ExpeH-i c '
GRAND WENL'E LN.TED, Grand ani I wrest
Park Boulevard th-i Rever-nd J W si
wood, I'ustor II a m and 7 13 p m serv
LALJ AYI3TTE PARK AlWn and M W 'l. tbe
Reverend Dcctcr " Panur, lat r-11 a
in . 'Th- Glory of Jesus", if p m., Truublti
fcnl TrouMers'
LITO AVENUE. Pralrl- ard Ie; the R-veren2
Henry Gardner, I'astor Morning and evening
KING'S HIGHWAY (Cumberland), th- R-v-r-end
C I G'fHlson Pastor Morning Inter-dtp-nd-cc-
and ujiconscious Influence . es
trg. Anpl IsitR" . .
LI (.AS AENtK umb-rland Licas und
Channlnc th Ht erend Ictor B P rj
t n I'asto- Morrlrg Ob3ct of Dix me
Thougut ani Lac', evening. 'Prajer Ob-
M W 'IAND AVFNFE th- Rev-rerd J, N
Beill, Pastor Morning a?rlce. Htm, aun
div ciooi. 9 30 ft m .
Carr; th R-ertnJ Doctor It. MaclU. Pastor
-Monln and eveninir "'Sr.. ,,-..,-..
th- Reverenl II 11 Grr. B D. TaEtor
Morning ani evening pen Ice-
the Reerend John T I'aris. Pator Momlng
tniip 3 43 v n . Sunday fchfI . 4 p m
ten Ice mornfne scmoa vnlnc. tent Berv-le-
Ninth and Carroll streets
NORTH Keerth nnd Chamber, th- R-ver-end
Frank Foster I'astor Moral nz and even
tnz tenlces. . . .. .
MI MORIAL .-ulrhur and Way; the Reverend
William smith Pastor
riKivr cKlrlcnoodt. the Reverend P. Jen
ne Patnr 10 13 a m ani 8 d. m.. prvlces
NORTH CABANNE B-irtmcr Axerue. In Coun
tx th- Reverend Howard Smith Pator
Morning Gurss T. Coxhead. evening, L. C.
Brownell . .
OAK HILL Bent Rrd Humphrey, the Rever-nd
fa J Unl'iy. Pastor Morning. "The Prom
ised Inherltence "
SI COND Tavlor and Westminster th 11-ver-end
Doctor S J NI"Cols LI D Pitor the
Reverend R Calvin Dohon Aasltant-rj -i"es
at 11 a m bv tho Ret erend W. W.
Hamilton of Louisville. Ky.
TYLER I'L.CE Russell and Spring: the Rev
erend John I Bran It Pastor Morning. The
Ortlce of ths Holy Spirit "
CLIFTON HEIGHTfc. Clifton and Columbia:
the R- erend Doctor J N. BaIL Pator
Sjnday school. 9 3 a, m.: preaching. 8pm:
Y I 3 C E.. 7 n m
WAGONER PLACE (V IM: the Reverend A.
M Campbell. I'astor 11 a. tn. and 8 pm.
nlces ......
FERGUSON the Reverend M. . P. Teaman.
Pator Reeular yenlces.
ROCK HILL. St. IuH County th Reverend
A S Hucrey. Pastor Services murntng and
evrn'r.g ,
FIRST GERMAN Tenth and Rjtg-r. the Rev
erend J G K sler. Pas'or Moraine Ger
man en-l enln?- n- 's'h ftrnion
BADEN, tbe Rei erend W B Hovd. Pastor
WINNER GO IlURCH Inn-Men ani Ten
nessee th- Reve-cnd A Hllktrman. Pator
Ham. German aenlce: 7'3-J p. m . English
pt n Ice.
POPE AVENUE. No UU Penrose Morning
and ev-mng sen Ice by Reverend W. F. Van
der IJppe
North Grand Avenue, the Reverend Claude H
hbaxer Pastor II n m and 8pm. seniors
WELLS'! ON MISSION. Bridge and Evergreen
3pm. bunday t-choel. 4 p m.. hcrvices by
lector C. L. ChaUant
riRT V P.. Ne:cad anl Morgan; th Rev
erend h 13 Dubois. I'astor Morning and
evening Fen Ices h tbe Reverend P B. Lo
Lnn of Oxford. Pa,
GIBsON HEIGHTb U P). Arco and Taylor;
the Reverend J S Dague, I'astor Mornlrg
and evening enlces
JENNINGfa. the Reverend William B. Floyd.
WE.VT, Maple and ManUIle Morrirg and
evening b-rvlcos bv the Reverend J. H. Mal
colm, 1 I of Wart ingtrn. l"a.
EDEN CHAPEL. Easton Avenue Heights 3)
p. m,. faanday pctiool
and Licust the Reverf-ndC. it Bails, Dan
7 a. m ani b a m . holy communlcn, II a.
m morning prajer and address by the Dean.
S p rn . evening prajer and sermon by the
R-v-rni ji s Harper
GfodfeHovv. th- Reverend Doctor James It.
Winchester. Rector 7 a. m . holy communion;
11 a m. morning praje- and sermon, S p.
m , evening rraer and s-rmon.
Twenty-eighth and Washington; the Reverend
Charles F, BlalMell. Rector t a. m . ho'y
communion: 3.3"1 a. m . Bible? class, 11 a. m ,
rnon. mr nraver and Permon.
GRACE Eleventh and Warren: the Reverend
ucnjamin ti. iteea. urctur iu a. zn . serv
ice; m'dday communion first bunday of each
month: .3o a. m . communlcn third Sundav.
HOUNT CALVARY. Grand and Lafavette; tlie
Rovcrecd P. W. Faaatlercj, Rector 8.39 a.
p m
In the
"What it Costs to Elect a President"
An article by "one rrho knows," on the methods used by political mana
gers to collect and distribute the enormous campaign funds.
"The European Secret Service of
the Sultan of Turkey"
is the
in SunJav school 11 a no., morning prajer
a'-.J s-rmjn b p in . evening- prayer.
CHLRCH KJV Tilt: lr3DBt.il.R Services held
In lartsi House F-iclid ind Washington,
s rvlce. Hum. evt-nin. b. Sunday achuol.
S 30 a m
bT ANDREWS. No 1428 North Garrison; the
Reve .-mi J A loori. Rector & JO a in..
Sunday school 11 a ni . trvK and sermon.
7 tj p. m e-iiins 1'iajer and termon. ' 3u
a m . communion
bi Al Gl HTINE. Brur- and Blendcn. the
Revertnl il I B 3BIlr Rector H a m,
F"rlte and rmon. U Jua n.. Sunday sclwol
ST G)RGI3H fcnileton ard Olive, the Rew
ertnd It A Holland m r V . Rector ilorn
Inn. The II. p or Glorv
ST JAi:tSt Guo-I acl iot BrUIlante; the
Revtrvbd li"for K. fiuckworth. I'astor 7 3 J
a tn ho) cumrr.unt n, 11 a, m . morning
praer and hilv comman.on, 8 p. m.. eenlrtr
I raver end eiinon
BT MVRK'H I oit.tth and Washlrto-j; th
Revtrind J K Brennan Faitor llolv com
munion. 9 a in . srrnKii, 11 a, m., Kxposl
Litn Mud le. IIuaticn
fcT lvni:il LndII in I prlnp: the Rever
enl Wlllun Mi it. Ret. tur Holy communion
7 43 a m , mornlnic prajer and sernvsn at 11
bl l'HIIJ-ll"s. I niun and Maple, the Rever
end v.tlliam Elmer. Rector 7 3 a m.. holy
communion. II a- m morning prayer and ser
mon j p m , vesier service
ST HTKPHKVSi Sixth and Rut per. the Rev
erend llenrv Wat n Miznr. Rector Cele
bration cf the holv com m ani on at 7 and (.30
a. ra.
ST MATTHEWS Ull$nn. Near Frla Park;
th Reverifd C II CuIUns Rector 11 a. ra,
sermon and enlce
1S3S Salrna the Revererd B F Nwton.
Rectcr 10- a m . inomlns prayer and pr
mon, s 30 a m Sunday school, S p m.. sr
Ice r.MMANTEU Old Orchard the Reverend J.
courtntj Jones. Rector trv Ices 11 a. m. a"d
4 p m.
&T THOMAS'S MISalON (Derf-Mute). Bo
fl"S,r Memorial CTiapel, the Reverend J. II.
Cloud, Rcto- II a m, unices.
ST PAUL;-, itlchlpan and Malt, the Rever
end L. CIrk. Rector s a. m , holv com
munion, y 30 a ni.. Sunday echool, 11.30 a.
m., morning prajer. with sermon ty th1 Re
ernd Clauie IX RemtcK, S p. rn., evening
prajer. with sermon
HOU INNOCENT- Morcan Ford Rna 1 an I
Tolozan. the Rev trend W A Hatch. Rectcr
II m. nnd S p m Frnion and frvices
TRINITY. Channlnp and F-anXUn. th- Rever
end Father II C ht Clair Rector 7 a m.
matins, 7 30 a m low mass, later eervlces
omitted durlrff August
EPiniANV MlbION HOUSE. Northeast Cor
ner Bol and Glbsor Sunday school. 3.30 p
m ; evening prajer and wrmon. 3 3) p m
Minerva, the R-verend James R. Winchester.
D. D, R-ctor tMnday school. 9.45 a. m.; Iiy
rndlrc 11 a. m
Avenue 3 a. m , holy communion; 3 43 a. m .
Fund-vj' school, 10 " irajer an,t pennon by
th Reverend W Cochran. 7 p. m., YoJmr
People's Mission, S p. m. evening- prayer and
permnn by C Rnldc
ST JOHN'S CHURCH Hickory and Dolmin
Streets, th- Reverend Crosier G. Adams.
Rector Service. 7.30 a. m , holy eucharlst.
&.45 a. m.: Sunday school, U a, m.; morning
prayer ana eermon.
Cerronn Evangelical.
BCTHANIA, Twenty-third ani Wash; the Rev
erend Paul Brueckner. Pastor Service, 13
a. m
BETHEL EritIl9h), Nineteenth ard Wright,
;chuettes Halt; the R-v -nd Theodore L.
Mueller. Pastor Service, 10 30 a, m.
BETHLEHEM, Shaw and Htreforcl; the R-v-er-nd
Henrj C- GrabendlnKel. Pastor Serv
icer nt 10.30 a. m
CARONDELI3T. Michigan and Koeln; the R-v-erend
Edward I Bleltrue, Pastor fcen Ices
at ID a, m
CHRIST, Manchester an I Blendon: the Rever
end G Pan!. I'astor S-rvlc-s at 10.13 a. m
CHURCH OF JEM'S, Ictor ani Twelfth; th
Rev erend John J. Fink, Pastor Serv ices at
10 a m
DMMAl'S Chouteau and Tcwer Grove; the
Reverend Carl I'leger, Pastor Services at
10 3) a. m.
TRIEDENS Nlncfenth and Ne house the
R-verend Otto Bautzer, I'astor Services at 10
a m.
EDEN, Hamilton and Bartmer; the Reverend
Paul Pf-lfCer, Pator- w Zn a. m.; evening.
7 15. joung people' meeting, sermon bj- the
Reverend Paul Pres? of Mount Vernon, ind.
ST JAMEH Collec- and Blair; the Rev er
end John NolUu. Pastor Services at 10 a. m
and C 30 p m
ST JOHANNES'S. Fourtepnth and Madlon;
tl - Reverend Frede-Ick Klemm-, I'astor
herlcei at 10 a. m and 7:5 p m.
ST LUKI7H Srott and Jefferson; th- Revsr-
enl Henrv Walr. Pastor berrlc at 10 a. m
ST MAKK'i. Third and boulard; the neverend
13. II ElIW I'astor Services at 10 a. m.
ST MTTHEAVS. Jefferson ani Potomac, the
Reverend Henry Dreew, Pastor Servicer at
10.3i a m
ST PAUL' No 1S10 South Ninth; the Rev-
rend J. Irion. Pa tor Services at 1) a. ra
and h p m
TRINITV. Nrcidio and Michigan; the Rrvennd
F. W. Fsser, Pa tor S rvices at 10 a. m.
ZION. Twentj -fifth and Benton; th Reverend
John F Baltz-r. Pastor Service at 1& a. m.
and 743 p m
EBENEZER. No 3?il McNalr; th R-vereid
A. Fischer, raster 10 a m , services with
IMMANFEL Corner Euclid and Mapl- Ave-
rue; the R-vernd Gottfried Bode, Paster
Service II 15 a m
ST. PETER S. Fourteenth and Carroll; th- Rev
erend John Kllck, Pastor &ervlce. 10 a m.
SALEM. Marcus and Margaretta Avenues; the
R-verend A. Aalz, I'astor Service 10 a m
STEPHANI. Jla!l Ferry Road and GImtUn
Avnu-; the R-verend Karl Struckm-ier. Pas-
f nr Seti lfm. 1ft n. m.
ST ANDREAb'S, Comer California Avenue ard
jumaia rcreei; in- liverena iv. trainer. Fas-
ior "-ervic-s, ij.ua, jn.
NAZARETH, No, S0 Morgaa Ford Road; th. '
For September
first published article since his nomination for the Presidency is on
"Educated Men in Politics"
and appears exclusively in "Success" for September
Andrew Jackson Theodore Roosevelt"
The Old Hickory and the New
A remarkable comparison of two strikingly similar men.
fourth of Mr. Thompson's -wonderful series of
"Diplomatic Mysteries."
Reverend W 6cfcinMt. Pator Service m, 13
a. m
German K anffe?llenl Lutheran.
BETH ANI A, Natural Brtdg- Read and Clav,
the Rev ei end M Martens. I'astor tervlc-s
at 10 a m and i p m.
BETHLEHEM, btllbury and FIo-!saant, t
Reverend C L. Janzw, Pat r, the Revert
1 luerblngfr. islstant Services a; & A i
m and -.3w p m
OHRIT N 304 CaroIIn-. the Reverend 11 H.
T shurslr. Pastor Svrvlce at 10 a. m.
and 7 p. m
L. Buchhdmer. Pastor 10 30 a. m. and S 33
p rn , serv Ice
Ohio, the Reverend Charley C sx-hmidt, Pa
tor fn Ices at 1 a. m. and 3 pm.
CONCORDI . Old Mancnester Road Nar
Junctkn 1ith Mancheiiver Avenue; the IUv
rend Frdlnana f. Buigr. Pastor
E3I3IAIS. Jefferon and Armand, the Rever-nd
Richard T Kretwrhmar, I'astor aen-icea at
10 13 a. m . English services. 8 p. m . Erg.Ih
eenlce F-rond unday of eich month. S p. rn.
HOLY GHOsT Grand ani Pag-; the Rever-nd
Pedro 1 gen. Pa r ben ices at 19 30 a. m.
IMMNULU Fifteenth and Morgan, the Rev
erend G Warrlln. Pastor
ST JOHN4. -Morgan Fcrd R'd and Chlppe-a;
the Revertnd Herman Barte s. Pastor Serv
ices at 10 Ju m. and 7 p. m
ST LUKETS. Itaka and Compton; the Rever
end Frederick W King. Pastor Service at
ST PAUL'a Prairie and Von Phut; the R-v-ercrd
John T Keepering, Pastor Servlcf3
at 9 30 a m. and 2 30 p m.
ST PETFRS. Vista and Newtead. th- R-verend
Theodore churd-I. Pat tor S-r ices at
10.45 a m and 7 13 p ri
ST TRINITY Sixth and Ko-In. the Reverend
Jacob J Bernthal. Pator Services at 10 a.
m and 7pm ...
nia, th Reverend Carl J Renhard. Palter
Services a: ll a m and 7.43 p. ra., Sunday
chool at 10 a. m.
i;njrllh Lnthrran.
ST. MARK'S, Cardinal and B11: th R-ver-nd
Doctor M Rhodes. Pastor Morning service,
tit Hevennd W S. Frea. D D., of Balti
more. 3 p. n . Christian Etideavcr
MOUNT CALVARY, No 1ME Euclid, the Rev
erend IL Jesse. Paster Morning and -ventng
GltU'i:. t LouU and GaTioi; the R-v-rrrd
Martin Sommer Paf lor 10.30 a m., Char
ity", s p m eTvice
ST PAUL S. Chouteau and Taylor; George It.
Reen. Pastor Morning and evening ermon
by the pastor
p. m . Sundav school , 3 P. m,. preaching by
the R-verend T A. Winkler.
Oregon, L Buchhelmer, "Pastor 19 a, m. and
S p m , services
MPLE AVENUE. Maple ard Clar-ndin; thn
Reverend .1 C Horning. Pastor Morning and
evening servlr
SALEM (German), the Reverend W F Horst
meler. I'astor Morning ani afternoon serv-
Ileorffniiljetl Churrli of Jenna Christ.
SMN1S CHURCH. Glasgow and Dickon
Sunday school. 9.30 a. m.; preaching. 11 a
m.. by Elder W J. Fmlth: prayer meeting. $
p m,, preaching. 8 p. m., by Elder . J.
Smith . .
CHELTENHAM, No. 6731 Manchester sunday
Mhooi. iv a- m.; prEacnms. v- "-, t"
Rever-nd S A Burgess
OAK HILL MISSION. Humrhr-v and Morcan
Fo-d Road Sundav -vhool 9 30 a m. preach
ing, S p. ni , by lia Reverend C J. Reming
ton! Christian Science.
Klnc's hUhnar an! Westminster Service
Hall No 5723 OlUe S-nlces at 10.45 a. m.
Join W. Dav. Pator Mnrnlnc. 9:33 Sundav
i-rhool. 11 a. m . 'rmon by tve Reverend
Fred F Bawley of Chicago
Xerr Jcrnsnlein (STredenbnrcIan).
and Sprlnc 'he Reverend C. S. ITbj",
nrT GERM VN. Twelfth and Trier; th- Rev
erend Charlf A Nu-baum. Pator.
THIRD SOCIETY (Gertmn), corner St. Ionl
and Rauchenbach Avenuea. the liever-nd C
L. Carrlre. Iastor 11 a. m.. services as
Odeon th Reverend 121a E Barn-lt 11 a.
m . preaching by the Reverend A. M. Smith
of Plaintield. Vt.
TE3IPLE ISRAEL I ffingvell and Tine 10.43
a. m. Doctor Lton HarrIon.
ETI ICAL 50CXETT. Memorial Hall. Nine
teenth ani Locust Htreet 11 a. ra . lecture.
Ttmp.e. Odeon; the Iteerend F ivck.
P-tor 2:ii). corference and test. 7 43 d m.
the Reerend Thoma Grlmshaw, Paster L-c-
tire at 0:13 a. in and 745 p. m,
Lyncn anti jicair Avenue; tne Reverend K.
T Harv P'rldav. 3 30 p. nu; sundav. Jp m.
and Ars-njI Meptlng at 3 p. m.
ard Cas 3.33 p. m , lecture by Mrs Dor
Garrison Services at J JO and 7:3") p. m. by
th Ilever nd Jotle K. Tobiom anrl C W.
Stewart. Lecture and tests at each meeting.
XION, Nineteenth and Wright Street-!
&m.. lecture, followed by demonstration by
rn Jcnes.
Luca &toncej for materialisation, without
a cab'.n-t. each Sunday, Tuesday and Frl
dav evening at S o'clock, by Mrs. L. A. Rob
erts RKURRUCTION CHURCH. Eighteenth and
Chcuteaj. Sir. Gallo Lecturer S p. m.
,evv Thoncht.
V.E&T END CHURCH. No 3307 West Bella
Place Services 11 a. m.; the ReTerend John
D I'errin. Pastor
Filter CHURCH. Elehteenth and Pestalossl
treet (German) Services 11 a. m. and 3 p.
m Tho Rever-nd H. H. Schoed-r. pastor.
NORTH SIDE CHURCH. No. 31 North Four
teenth fatrt services 7 45 a. in. Edmund T.
Hunting. leader.
READING-ROOM. 715 Locust Street-Il a. m.,
the Revertnd V. R. Mc Dor aid. speaker.
Other Clinrches.
UNION MISSION. No. 1433 Franklin: the Rev
erend M B. Gctt. Fast or Preaching at ll a.
m ard S v rn. bv the pastor. Other services
as usual
nues 3 d m.
3 p m.. services.
CLEANER MIS-ION. No 10 North Tenth 2 p.
m, Sunday school; S p. m , services; Frances
M. Ruth, superintendent.
IrankIIn A enue 2.33 p. m., sundav school;
prwichlnz at T 30 a m.
OPEN-DOOR MlbSXON. Second and Carl:;
Mr and Mrt Gerhauer. Sup-rlntendent
Ofenlng sr vice at 7.30 p. m.
CHURCH" OF GOD, Ronton and Thirteenth;
the Reverend John Cheery. Pastor Servicer
at 4 p m.
seventh 7:45 p m.. gope-l services.
lin avenue; Adjutant T. J. Smith In cirgex
Eirhth ard Walnut str-ets Ensign H. C.
I-aacs In charn. No. 3633 Franklin avenue.
Captain William Larson In cnarg-; Nol 151
South Broadway. Erlgn ilaude Cl-ments In
charge. Provisional Headquarter", Eighth and
Walnut streets. Lieutenant Colonel Stephen
Marshall, commander. Meetings held at tha
above placet at 11 a. m . 3 and S p. m , ra
bundaj , week night- at S o'clock.
Vandeventer ani Bell avenues; n.45 a. m.
"Th"- Resurrection "
CENTRAL MISSION. No. 1 North El-venth;
tho Rev-rent C. II McCaslln. Minister 3 p.
m . Sundav school, Sp m . .-rvic-s.
Newstead; R. C Porter. Pastor Saturdaj,
11 a m , s-rvlcei; Sundav. Sp. tn. service.
EVANGEL M1&3ION. Third and Elm 11 a.
m. and 750 p. m , servlcs; p. m, Sunday
H07 Wash Services, 3 JO p. m : atldress by
Mark Lev.
Tetas Avenue 3 p
Eleventh and Locust
union meeting and Bible
streets 3.30 p. m
NEW THOUGHT meeting, 3.30 p. m , No. 813
OHv- strret.
Iin Atenue. Captain W. A. Vosburgh in com
mand tunday school. 10.30 a, m.: youne peo
ple's meeting. 6.39 p. m.; gospel service, t
p. m.
Diets Hall. Fourteenth and Benton; th
Reverend M. Hunter, Pastor Services, 19 a.
m. ana p. m.
Bremen Hull. No. 3507 North Rl-v-nth etreU
ervlc-s 3 p. m.; the Reverend M. Hunter,
Fas tor.
Hall. Twentieth and Blss-U Streets, North
i-unday school at 10 a. m ; preaching at It a,
m and 7:45 p. tn. Reverend George B.
VUItor .lll-lnf-: From Hotel.
The police have been a?ked to And C. II.
Cocprr of DanIIIe. Ky, ho has been
ml?inpp sine August Si. He was a guest
at tho Lacletle. but left the hotel Wednes
dav morninjr, and did not return. His
baggage 1 at the hotel.
The man who Insures his life la
wise for his family.
The man who Insures his health
Is wise both for his family and
You may insure health by guard,
ing it- It is worth guarding.
At the first attack of disease,
which generally approaches
through the LIVER and manN
tests itself in Innumerable ways
And save your healthy j
- j M -"i v

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