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for Infants and Children.
The Kind Yon Have Always Bought has borne the slgun
tnre of Chos. H. Fletcher, and has been made under his
jjersonal supervision for over 30 years. Allow no one
v.o deceive you in this. Counterfeits, Imitations and
- Just-as-good" are but Experiments, and endanger the
health of Children Experience against Experiment.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
1 Bears the
X f Jmrfel f & " r ''?"K9k:WttmWy'
HHBiclHIIF ibbm & jKf?i tBivkBAt 'W l 'rt f ty - ji . " j ' j f " j Ajiiy&tfr a fKSu
HunjadirJanos and Apenta 'BTitcrs aro not the only mineral waters native to Hui
carr. ThU country has received over a dozen prizes, of which two are grand prizes
and two are gold medaK f.r Its uJilbit of mineral and table ivaters. of which oer
lnettn A"ar:-t.''"3 r.r- 'iicsm in the illnes LUldln? .-t tl.c World's Fair. Free watrr
Is tliitributcj b no jtIjsp. an.l over 4.000 bottles havo been given away by Om-
iciLsloncr General do Szopr, Ciij,
Special. Commissioner "Wild Re-
-lurns From Successful Kx-
ploitation Trip.
I?.'n.-ri O. Wild. Soecial Oomir.lsiioner.
Berartmcnt o! Kinioiiatlon. Ixn!ilana
Piirchac Exposition, returned to this city
lat rJaht after a sdjcesfful iylt to Onw-ha-.
Sinni. City and tho Twin Cities In the
tntcrertn of itie Fair, i
In. JHnrfnapoIiH ami .Pt Paul Mr.iVild
was partlrSilarly successful. Tli- Cp.n
mcicirj dub In each of thwe cities Jias
appointed a ccnunlttee of th moH prom
inont of it menibern to join with another
committer selected by the 'Mayors of each
of the cities to make arrangements for the
objrvat'.ori rif "Twin Ci' 03" Day.
The committees will come to the Fair
In private trains, which will be plde
tracked within the Rrotmds during "ihelr
ay yhcre. Very low- excitrslon rates
have been promised by all or the roads
and Mr. Wild statesithat the press and
the pubilc-splrlted citizens of the locality
hae taken on the proposition with much
enthusiasm. November 18 was decided up
on as "Twin Cities" Day and It. promises
to oe one of the bright civic days of the
Cmaha and Soubc City wjll be assigned
ipcelal days this week.
While the department was organized
after the Fair had been in progress for
some time, the work was accomplished by
tho bureau under the direction of Charles
IL Beeves and HT. F. McQarvle and their
staff of special commissioner?, has been
decidedly beneficial.
The following visitors registered at "the
State buildings yesterday:
J. A. Payne. Palp: clay C Sullivan. Clarks
Jlllc: Hr. ana Mrs. s. r. Iimm. Uebanon;
31". N. J.JDjrer. Aullvtlle: Mn. C. W. Good.
LMIHcothe; ucnle McQule, n. K. McQuIe.
Walter MrQule. Montgomen" Mrs. M. D.
Mwker. Birch Tree: Mra. J. O. Schulxe. Wan
Incton: Mn. H. M. Red. Kansa.CSty; Mr.
Ijiwron. White. rreaT clcsburc: Mr. and Mrs.
1. A. Gault. Joplln; Mr. and Mrs. A.-eunnlns-ham,
Moonllle; UiUMa polanck, Seclalla;
Abe M. Prattli. outer; E. E. HroUier. iaberry;
Iou M. Garber. Nellie Garber. Reda la;
.4. Moberlr. Mary M. Martin. C-rrlc K Cos.
Kansas City: Mrs. Alcnro Hewitt. JacVion;
Kdaln MUlon. Saule MUIon. Cnter: Albert
Rutu Henry Peel, Drexcl: Mr. and Mrs. Martin
Wwtlale. Grn City: J. S. Miller. M. E.
Mllftr, R. V. Kennedy. Rmlly Kennedy, t-p'cl
arfl; H. narden. Elkland: M. J. Rellz.
O C. rite, T. T. Hartman. Kansas
City: J. Jk. Gelt, Henry Gall, Dalton:
T.lml- Ttrmer. Vurr Turner. ICahoka: James
P. Knrlicht.- Paclfir: C. W. Leopard. Gallatin;
Mlsn Grace Flint. Mre, L. A. Charabellln. De
Soto: May Tnomton. wanaaiaker: Geonrle Pat
rick. Kansas Cltr: Grace Rucker. Pleasant
Greenr Mrs. A. u. Endlcott. Wlndaor; fcallle
Harris, Mildred Armstroric. Mary Correll. Oecar
Pours. B. T. Tancey. Laurina Anderson. Perry:
J. I Pace, Erama E. Plnson. Anthony's Mill;
Ida Chattln. Mtf. lVn. Chattln. Glenwood: O.
P. Banks. Palmyra: Earl C. Abrams. Mils Let
tie Kennard. Olive Clinton Miss Alice Ken
iinrd. Van'Raren: Miss Minnie Meier. Zjam
Meier. Theodore Meier. Wcllsville: Cora A.
Otacln. Etta A. Hall. Ada Eaney. Lerna K.
Hyde. Mrs. G. W. Clark. Marr Clark. Appleton
aty: W. C. McCormacU Ellen S. McConnack.
Ernest Scott. R. w. Ncwlee. Montsumery City.
Mrs. F. P. Madison. Ed E. Mcpherson. Ollle
McPherson. Beaver-Bl a D. Wtlsrn. Ar lnrton;1
F N. Vates, Mrs. fe. N. Yates. Eleanore Clay.
PsTthutlca: Mrs. Alice GrUfltli. Alva: Doctor
W. A. Clark. Guthrie; Mr. and Mrs. J. B.
Ounn. Mrs. John Trtnder, Oklahoma Cltv: J.
V. Lacey, Luther. R. Rlchey. Kremlin: Chas.
Ii Both. Mrs. C E. Bush. 8'illwater: A. Ken
tr, O. W. Randerron. Jacob Wets. Alva: B.
R. Van Slyke. Tonkawa: Thomas Thlesen. EI
Reno: Clara Goodlore. Katie Go l'ov. Jlobart;
Jcseph I". JIilc. Klngflsher; C. Madson. Hulen;
S.-11I" Adam, St. James: Mr. and Mrs. II. O.
Hackney. Alva; R. F. Klrkpatriek, M. D. Bll
llnrs. James Turnbu L Woodward; W. 8. Cary
ara lamiir. ttonirt; J. ts. ueca. iiatce l5acs.
Harry Beck, Mrs. J.
ors. j. ii. liecK, uiacKweii; cnas.
1. lluckman.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Galloway, Okerna; Ottle
It. Winter, LehlKh: Daisy Ottlnr. Miami; B.
C Clark, purcell: Harry Jones. Purctll: J. E.
llammack. Strtnatown: c R. Madsen, Chlcka
aha: Mamie Madsen, Chlckasha: J. V. Miller,
rtilctseha: D. U Hopkins: J. P. Ellis, Chlcka-
sna: w. x. jieasier-, iaaiu: jsrn. ceasaey.
Maa!!l; Ruth Bsllari.TaMequali: Alice Sevltr;
faery Drop
Pure and Wholesome
Hand Made Sour Masb
Z s3ii nTsL
GEORGE A. DICKEL & CO., Distillers
Nashville, Term.
?. " EjSsmMHaaMaaMM
Signature of
Tahlcnns: Joe Lynth. Stlllvvell: Cal Hart, still
veil; Mrs. il icu Koos. cniLkasha: Harllc Tin
kle. Ahlca; Ri'e M. Clll. Vlnlta: li r. Ilart
tness. Romonn- P. J TThm and vire. Stlllvrcll;
Mrs. J. J. w-lis. Uarlryvlllr; iir. J. TV. G!!-,'-".,
Bofft.Mrs. Carl Hcclar.i Tahl'truac:
Maude Blair. T-Vcquah: pearl Blair, luhlr
naih; Mrs. A. W. Huffman rarcell; Elizabeth
P."": ,?urcll: ., J. n. Fahiitn-r. Checctah:
4tr.t M II. Joirt. Grcve: C M. Kowj. Mu
kcg! 1 KlI-i. Okfcs.te: Mav Rains. Murko
e: O. R. Reterr. Mllum: T. Mc&nr. Ccnlcate;
SK5 .V'i". J- W. Gilbert. RoC: c Maos-u.
V- B il'.?'0- Mair.I Maleen. n. I. HopkIn.
J. P. Blie. J H. JJHler, Chlc-aha: VTaKare
er, Woofi-ISle. .;. v.". Gross. M---!tcie-: D.
ii. Jchn'on, Aidmc-e: D. Joas. Uenrl:::
5ri,',lJ,v- P0"''. Mrs. A. B. Allen. Okenah;
U. Haidcafctir. Mrs. Hardcastle. w K. Robl
son. .rs nobinm. Carro'ltoa: J. W. Orr and
V'Si ' ? 0rr vttlu: P. J. Jtyror. MuskoTw;
A. P. roJjoro. ?Je;tco.
t iirfVT' P-,!- ,Momn- Mrs, J. W. Thomas.
Litchfield: J. K. fccctl. Louisville: Mrs. w R.
ft'a-,9S'"4V,v,,11n. Mre. ll!nn Wallen.
Morxane.e'd: E. Ii. Ko.-. Klrksev; yf. A. Hwlftl
V:niZ T"'.1- G"t!' "-1,:- Warmer: J D.'
PurcjllIyrJntt.n: -. v.". TS-omrwoti. Padjcah;'
Jarnee Oa;.j. liopklnsvllle; Miss Dentle I'hlpps.
JJnSSd:,''C"-M- 'I,tT- r- A- rreeman. G.
ni,W.e"2T'.i.Fu,.!,?n: K- M- MtCJjr-, Helen Mc-S.1"1-
WtJIhyvmeL A. . Ha.-lrlgy Mount
Sfrlhij; Mlnnel fa McMahon M. ilcMaaon,
Btdford: V. A. B'-nt W. a. Brent. I. A. Brent,
(.smpbellir.llle; p. E. .W- Utchneld; s. H
BliSop. Mrs. P. H. Rlshop. Fprinsfleld; "-lllam
Brjaj-.t. oors Unoot. b. I. Shlpman. Plas
ureville: W. r. CW)ome. Macrlll-.
J. A. Pjeroe Franklin: J. c. KttHeyt Miss
l?S J- Keathlev. Murfreetbwo: Mrs. C W.
Miles. Mrs. N. L. Alcrnnder, Urion Cty; Joe
P. Campbell. Na.hvllic: Sjc Watson Justice.
Mayn.ld. Ky.: John IL Mitchell. Mayillle:
Matter Geonro S. Mil's. Union Cltr; E. O
intp. Chattanoora: Reverend L. T. Beaty.
Nashville: .lake HeaUltrlrston. Bellalre. O.:
John Hlckson. OLIahcma: Vivian Mavo. Nash
ville; Mav Ledbettcr. Unden: -Km T. Mayo.
Mxrtln; M. T. Kraar.. Nashville; w. o. ifarrl
on. Dan R. Bovd, Knoxvllle: Oscar Stephens.
Isn Mnrnhy. Scott Hill: G. M. P-lcer. rklllne
Water: Mary a Blrn-lrcham. Fred K. B r
mlngham. Jcneriorouch; Sum-rcrs Lile. Jed
Ljle, Johnson City.
Cash for Ihe Cascades Ad.
The readerr. of The Bepublic will no
doubt remember a "problem advertise
ment" associating the Cascades at tho
Purchase Exposition with the well-known
proprietary medicine. CASCABET8. and
offering a prize of $23 to the person giving
the best reason for considering the adver
tisement a good one.
The publication of this interesting prop
osition in this paper Insured Its wide
spread publicity, and miTny hundreds of
people studied tho advertisement, an
swered it and submitted their opinions in
competition. The answers were turned
over to a committee of six professional
advertising men, who report that although
there were many queer replies. It was as
tonishing to note the general appreciation
of the essential qualities of an advertise
ment. Manv arswers were similar and it
was difficult to make a ."election. By a
process of. elimination the ten best ones
were picked out and each judge made a
separate and secret selection of the best
of the ten. The answer of W. C. Ungor.
No. 3712 Coolc avenue. St. Louis, received
tho most votes, and Mr. Unger was there
fore declared the winner of the tZ prize.
Tlie winning answer was as follows:
" 'Why Is this advertisement u good
"Because the picture Is suggestive of the
"World's Tair and therefore attracts im
mediate attention.
"Similarity of the names 'Cascades' and
Cascarats" elves It a humorous tinge and
holds attention and excites talk of Cas
carets. as well as of the Fair. It Is a good
advertisement for both.
"The Cascades form one of the crown
ing beauties of the Fair, and Cascarets
are just as valuable an asset to beauty,
health and contentment.
"Cascarets are a monument to the medi
cal science of the Twentieth Century, Just
as the Cascades testify to modern inge
nuity arid advancement."
Will Address Advertising Men at
Hamilton Hotel To-Nignt
Doctor Lewald, the Imperial German
Commissioner to the World's Fair, has
given the SL Louis Advertising Men's
League the assurance that he will be pres
ent and deliver an address at their dinner
at the Hamilton Hotel to-night This -will
bo In addition to the regular programme.
Other speakers are Joe Mitchell Chappie,
editor Of the National Magazine; John S.
Morrin, president of William H. Lee &. Co.,
SL Louis; E. H. Kastor. treasurer H. W.
Kastor & Sous Advertising Company, and
12. Sherman Danby, press representative
of the Boer War.
3 n
( .1 .. .
A young Edw.iidsvilie. HI..
Miss Julia Brink of rMwardsvill" pluj-
the part of Be-s Jack"on. the stuttering
Slrl. In "A Girl Trom DKie." vhlch comes
to tho Grjr.d nevt week.
Mis? Br'r.l; is a native of Elwunlsrvillc.
and comes of an old Southern Illinois
family, her crandfatlicr. Mather.- Gilles
pie, having been an crirocinte and j-articu-lar
frler.-l or Abraham LIncfln. Her fa
ther. Major AV. II. Brink, ruid hr mother
are bcth dead.
Miss Brink received a caiefu! musical
training and delighted many an audience
in her home town. She studied In St.
I-o-jts under Caronl. and became one of the
principals in the choir of St. PctcrV, Epis
copal Church, at LIndell and Sprirj:. after
wards! sinslng at the First Presbyterian.
It is. clearly evident that a burnt-cork
jubilee impends. St. Louis looks as If It
had been struck by a whole vanguard of
circuit men. among whom rivalry had run
riot In their determination to plaster tho
highlj-hucd lithographs of Lew Dockstad
er"s min.str'-Is over everything that would
stand long enough to be coered. DocV.
stader grtnn at one from tho fences, ob
serves one benignly from the upper stories
of buildlngn .In the course of demolition,
Etaraes steadfastly from barrels and big
pipes, and, in fact, catches the eye from
every conceivable point. The minstrel man
Is comlns to the Century Theater with ills
troupe of merry assistants. Dockstader
is now his own director. Carroll Johnson
and Neil O'Brien are the end men.
James II. Decker. Dockstader's former
manager, is organizing a new minstrel
company to lie headed by George Prim
rose. Real old-time minstrelsy is prom
ised. Among Mr. Primrose's assistants
will be William H. West, Jr.. and the fa
mous Foley Twins. The company Is to be
one of the largest on tour.
Blanche Bates will give her first lbvn
matinee at the Imperial November 17.
"Hedda. Gabler" is to be the bill. Later
she will be s en as Madam Butterfly and
In the one-act comedy. "My Aunt's Ad
vice." She Is to continue In "The Darling
of the Gods." The special performances
are to take place in the afternoon. Her
success In the Bc'.asco drama of old Japan
continues. Thre Is a demand for stand
ing room almost every night.
Tho all-star revival of "The Two Or
phans" -will begin at the Century Novem
ber 20. The first performance of this fa
mous old play occurred December 21, 1S71.
in New Tork. The cast at that time In
cluded diaries R. Thome, McKce Rankin,
r. F. Mackey. Stuart Robson, Rose 3Iy
tin7 an.l TCiit. rinTton. The company
selected by Mr. Palmer for the revival con
sists of James O Nell, Louis James. .1. &.
Dodson, Jameson Lee Finney. William
Beach. Clnrn Morris. Grace George. Mre.
LeMoyne. Ellta Proctor Otis, Birah Truax
and Bijou Fernandez. The play will be
given as it was thirty years aco. No new
stage "business" will be Introduced. The
scenery, while new. It a duplicate on a lar
srer scale of tho original production and
has been painted by the same artist
The stage of the - Olympic presents a
queer sight Just before the chariot race
begins In "Ben-Hur." The First and
Nineteenth centuries seem to be jostling
elbows. Up-to-date little stable boys
stand by the horses at the antique chari
ots. Men In the garb of Romans. Jws
and Asiatics move about among the s:age
Ben-Hur, in his white tunic, clambers
cautiously over the narrow boarding to his
perch In one of the race cars. Messala.
with red cloak flying, hurries across the
cradles and leaps into his chariot. That
red garment Is like the waited si,rnal to
the eight (.teeds. Their apathetic de
meanor vanishes in an Instant, their cars
are pricked forward for the word "go."
and, as the first rumble of the wheels
arises, their hoofs start flying over the
Viola Allen, who will appear at the
Olrmpic at the close of the "Ben-Hur"
engagement. Is said to be winning golden
opinions for her production of "The Win
ter's Talc" Miss Allen is plnylng in Phil
adelphia. In "The Winter's Tale" she en
acts the roles of Hermlone and Penllta.
The Odeon Theater stock company will
Inaugurate its season up at the Grand Av
enue playhouse December 6. Byron Doug
las has been engaged as leading man. Wal
ter Clark Bellows, who has produced
many of Henry W. Savage's attractions.
Is to be the chief stage director.
The Theatrical Woman's Parker Club
has been organized for the purpose of In
ducing actors to return home to vote Er
minle Earlc prima donna of "The Runa
ways," Is the society's secretary.
Orrent Playbills,
There will be but three more weeks of "Ben
ITur" at the Olympic, as Viola Allen Is an
nonnced to appear on November M. The last
performance of "Ben Hot" will take n'ace
Saturday evening. November 56. The pliy Is
drawing crowds to the Olympic, a condition
which la llkelr'to continue until th. wNtn,.
of the engagement A special matinee is an-s
nntmrert for KMilatr fifternnon ' I
Lew Dockstader' Minstrels will appear at
the Century next week. The principals of last
Km are sgala with Doctatad.tr, ami ta
a ' a-rs'W'-z? orwi- " v '.vm ,?"' w
who plnys Bess Jackson in '
Girl From Dixie.'
Sl-e continued het studies In vocal and in
strumcntFl music tinder Charles Galloway
and otl-.er St. Louii'ins, and was ho en
rraged when she received, last summer, an
offer fron "A Girl From Dixie" company
and Joined it in Ncv. York. She assumed
a leading role at the outset.
Her success v. .at Instantaneous and he:
friends have followed with pride the fav
orable comments of critics in cities where
tho company has appeared this fall. Ed
wardsville residents feel a deep pleasure
in her rapid advancement, and many thea
ter parties arae being organized to attend
the play next wck. The first will be a
trolley eictirsfon in a private car over tl'.e
Suburban electric line. Monday evening. In
which seven ty-flve society folk will par
ticipate. comedian himself is said to have orlplri&tod x
capital new special "Dar's a Dark Man Ccm
ln' Wlf a Bundle." Is his niv song hit. Nat
GeodAin In "The Usurper" U the current bill.
. - . .
"A Girl From Dixie" will ho revival at the
Grand next wtek, with the same erst and com
pany vhlch played here last rprine at the
Century. The book and music Iiave b?en en
hanced. It la said, by the addition of new
lines and musi-al numbers. Gnevle-.e I)jy
stl'.l interpret! the title rol. while D. L. DOT
continues In the leading comedy part. Charles
K. French. Clifford Leigh, Charles Sheffer.
Thomas Cecal-. Arthur Karn--t. Olga Ma7
and Helen French arc among thece who ap
peared here before.
While "Iiaiiriana" abcinds In nes songs,
the Music Hall production in dcmontratlng that
no music takes better than tho eld p!e-s. Two
of the b'gerst Tilts of the show are "My Old
Kentucky Hera." by Davy Crockett, and "The
atar-Spangled Banner," br Columbia. TT1I3 is
tho twenty-third weelc of "Louisiana."
v tt 9
Coming to thn Coljmbla rext feel: are Char
rr.lon. the cieat Thuirton. Campbell and John
son, the Empire Comedv four. Zlla and King.
Lavender and Tocson. Lvnn Welcher. the
Tanm.a.". Clurn. Ileis. Excela and Les Chartlers.
Lafayette Is civlnz th" r.rrrcnt ""how.
The. next dramatic offering of the Helnemann
Weib Pt'ick Compsrv will he Robert Beyerleln's
"Zaprensrrelch" (Taps), a work that bes caused
moro comment than any other German play of
the last decade.
'.Siberia." liirtley Campbell's iclebrated
drama, will le revirrd at Hcvlln's after "Mc
rudden's Flats." The play hss been brought
up to date, ont rom depleting a massacre of
the Jews at Kishlrfr. Several well-Vnown
names are In the east. Caj-1 Eckstrom Is to
play NlcolaJ: Felix Haney. Troldty; Fnmklyn
Roberts, JaracoS: fljlva Lrnden. tiara; Mar
garet Kcnmare. Marie: Elliott Dexter, Ivan,
and Danl;l Gllfeather, Sparta.
o o S
Selma Herman. In "Wedded. But No Wife,"
will succed "Sapho" at the Crawford Theater.
The plav ! new. Miss Herman Is to appear
as the bride heroine. Winnie Wlnfleld. The
plcco comes to St Louis aftT a successful run
in New Yorlc
a ft 4
The Cltv Sports Burlesquers return to the
Standard at the close of the Fay Foster Com-pans-"s
engagement. Prominent in tho organi
zation tils season arc the Barrett Brothers
Mllta and Batcher. All. Hunter and All, Ade
laide Marsden. Schaefrer. htlllwell and Kcha.fr.
and the Pan-Arierican Four. "Our New King "
tho featured bur!e:nu. will Introduce the en
tire company.
T!i Klraltv "Louisiana Purchase Spectacle"
Is attracting a large tiatronace to the Odeon.
The featured acts are Tenor Fred Boers's rone?
specialty, the pony ballet and the radium dance
Levi firauiter, After n Visit From Ilia
StrectlirHrt at City Hospital,
Desires to Live.
Levi Granger, the cavalryman, stationed
at Jefferson Barracks, who shot himself
yesterday morning- at 2 o'clock In front of
the home of Ms sweetheart. Miss Hen
rietta Wharton. No. 2C3T Benton street,
because she refused to marry lilm until
his enlistment term expired is ranidlv
recovering at the City Hospital.
Miss Wharton visited hfm at that in
stitution jeotcrtay afternoon, and while
she was thtre Granger, for the first time,
seemed to come out of the melancholy
mood he has been In since he found out
that his wound would not prove fatal
Lying on the bed with a bu:iet wound
In nls chest, which had only missed h.s
heart by the narrowest margin. Granger
seemed to be perfectly contented as long
as she was by his side, and would refer all
questioners to her, saying that she was
as well Informed of the circumstances as
Granger is a member of Troop II of
the Eighth Cavalry and hail met Miss
Wharton two years ago, when she visited
the Jefferson Barracks on a river excur
sion. His home Is In Vermont, but none of
his near relatives are living. He seemed
up until tho time of the visit paid him by
Miss Whartcu extremely nnx-ous to d.e,
but for some reason, which he declares
the public will never know, he now de
hlrcs to live. '
Three-Year-Old Boy Probably Fa
tally Injured.
Edward Laurant 3 years old. was tun
down by a wagon and probably fatally In
jured yesterday afternoon as he was play
ing In front of his home. No. 3417 Mag
nolia avenue. Robert Henne, of No. 3113
Giles avenue, the driver of the vehicle, was
The wagon Is owned by Charles Beyer, a
florist ot No. 3619 South Grand avenue.
It was being driven at a rapid rate when
the child ran directly in the path of the
The child was knocked down and iho
front wheel passed over his head, frac
turing the skull at the base or the brain.
Duvid SomintTS, a Republican,
Tells Why ihe Other Side
Is the Better.
Former Republican ami Attorney
for ihf School Boaid Says
Tlieiels No Doubt of a
Folk Victory.
If theie is any good clement of the
Democratic party in St. Louis which does
not intend to support the ticket thij fall
they have failed to come to the front
Tliat Iletubllcans are also cumin; to thn
bupport of tho Democratic llckot Is shown
fiom the attitude of the thousands who
will not Miiiport the Ilepubllcin ticket
Datld Somtn-n-, In ad of the firm of
D. Summers &. Co.. and vice president
of the Fo.irth National Bank. Is one Re
publican who nuke no .secret of h!3 at
titude toward the Democratic ticket. "I
am a Republican." he-'aid eterday, 'but
I propoie to veto for the mot ixipab.e
men on lither ticket, and I consider the
ticket put in the fleld by the Democrats
an unurtinlly :,ttong one. The judicial
nominations aie f-jpccijlly good, .ind In
decided contract with tho-e made by the
Republicans, and will recite the heart v
support of many who do not eare to see
the judieUry dragged through the mire of
faction3l iilit'cs."
Judfe Roderick K. Romb-uitr. attorney
for the School Board, nnd one cf the fore
most mt-mberft of the bar. formerly .t Re
publican, said Hint he could aee no reason
whatever for voters not supporting the
Democratic ticket. He said:
"I have known Joseph AV. Folk for about
eixht years, and had frequent official In
tel course with him during that time. I
havo alw ays .found him a thoroughly hon
orable, fearless and uncompromising man,
and while a healthy partisan, one who
alwayb subordinates party zeal to the wel
fare of the people. When clectpd Gov
ernor fsinco there is no if about it) ho
will Us a Governor of all the people, an.l
not of any section or part thereof. To
those who say that In prosecuting public
offenders he has done no more than his
duty, I reply that he is tho only local
Statu prosecutor who has done his full
duty In that regard during mv connection
with tho St. Louis bar, which extends
over a period of forty-six years.
"I have personally known Judge Wood
son, the Democratic nominee for the Su
preme Court, for a period of twelve vears
or more. He filled the position of Circuit
Judge of the Sixth Judicial Circuit for
many years very satisfactorily to the peo
plo of that county and Its bar. Some cor
rfspondenee which I had with him. while
mjseif on tho bench, involving compli
cated legal questions, convinced me that
he was a conscientious and industrious
Judge of exceptional ability.
"Tho records of Judge Uejburn. Judge
of th St LouK Court of Appeals, and
of Judges Sale. Klnealy and Bletlns of the
Circuit Court aro before the peop'.e. They
are gentlemen of character and learning
and performed their duties satisfactorily
wh'le on the bench.
"I have personally known Mr. Otto, tho
candidate for Circuit Attorney, for a
period of fifteen years or more. I can
vouch for his integrity, capacity and fear
lessness, and can pay him no higher com
pliment than by saying that I believe that
if elected he will bo a worthy successor
to Mr. Folk.
"I have confined my statement to those
of the nominees with whom I came In
contact In n profess'onal capacity, because
I am better qualified to speak of them
than of other", most of whom I know by
hearsay only. I may add. however, that
I know of no reason why any independent
voter should withhold his support from the
bull; of the Democratic candidates, always
exercising that discrimination which in
my opinion every conscientious c'tlzen,
whatever his nartv of filiations, should ex
erclso in casting his ballot"
Judge Henry W. Bond, formerly- on the
Court of Appeals bench, said:
"The mest important matter for the con
sideration of the community is the char
acter and standing of the Judges of its
courts. All the vast property interest of
the people, as well as other personal
rights and prKilcces. are primarily regu
lated by the decisions of the Judges of the
courts of general jurisdiction. Hence, the
necessity of filling these positions with
experienced, learned and upright men,
whose standards of conduct are a guar
antee of impartiality, and whose knowl
edge of the science of the law- fits and
qualifies them to become Its expositors.
I think tho Democratic City Convention
should be congratulated upon Its effort to
realize these ideals.
"Tho work of the convention, taken as
a whole, meets my unqualified approval.
Doubtless manv Republicans will feel Jus
tified In discriminating against som of
the nominees on their ticket and sub
stituting In their stead other names pre
fcented by the Democratic ticket, and that
they are only acting from an enlightened
sense of duty In so doing. Of course, there
can never be a real or lasting reform in
public service without a careful selection
on the part of the voters of resolute, capa
ble and honest officials, men who will
serve tho public with an eye single to Its
good, and who are not hankering after
public positions for personal ends."
Real Estate Transfers.
ANN 15 ft, s. s , bet Bev enth and
Ninth, city block 853; Barbara Feifer
llck, by executor, et al. to Josef Kad
lec and wife tr. d j tki
ARMENAL-100 ft. . s.: 125 ft., n. i.
Womlng. bet. Ninth and Thirteenth,
city block S30; Godfrledjv. Stapf et al.
to Anheuser-Busch Brewing Assn.
w. d 11.000
BELL (St. Louis and Suburban Railway
Co.'s rlgbt-of-waj ), s. s., being 4570
Bell, city block IT61S; Cora c Sneed
and husband to Thos. H. Smith w. d.. 1.2M
SROADWAT-tO ft . e. s.. n. e. cor.
Kraui; 10 ft., n. a. Krauss, east ot
Ilroadwaj. city block sool; Vlctorlne
Pourcely and husband to Eighth Street
Realty Co. (epeclal w. d. on i ft n.
s. Krauss) 1
BOTANICAL 13 ft- 4 In., I. ., w. of
King's highway, city bf--k 4S21A;
rharles Thompson and wifl-sto Flshor
. CO. R. E. Co w. d .S. J
CASTLEMAN-00 ft,, s. a., bet. Tuurman
and Klemm. city block 4339; so ft., s.
s. Castleman. bet. Law rence nnd Thtir
man. cltv block 4M2: Ernst F. Tlede
mann and wife to William G. Gllmore
w. d , 10
CHIPPEWA 75 ft,. . s.. bet. Pennsyl
vania and Minnesota: 73 ft. w. .
Pennsylvania, het. Chippewa and Keo
kuk, cltv block IS: 100 ft. e. n Penu
nlvanla. bet. Chippewa and Keokuk,
city block 16K: Louis F. Vemeutl to
Francis Lebeau et al.'s trustee ipl.
w. d M
CONNECTICUT 1M ft. s. ., bet. Gu
tlno and Russell place, city block 4ib7:
Russell it. E. & Inv. Co. to Gerard
Investment Co w. d 2,4jO
COZENS K ft. 7 in . n. s.. cast of
Prairie, cltv block 18S7S: Geo. K. Steln
lnger et al. to Edw. A. Stelnlnger
epl. w. d 1
EASTON 50 ft., s. ., being 471S an J 471R
Boston, city block 3777N: Henry Vobs
and wife to Sella E. Doherty w. d I.C00
KIOHTII S3 ft-, w. s.. bet. Carr and
Wash, city block K5; O'Fallon estate
to Valentine Vogel ct al w. d ,000
FINNET-30 ft. n. s.. bet. Pendleton
and Newstead. city block 4Z2S; Lazarus
bcharf et al. to Fred W. Bunta Jr.
and wife w. d 1.S0O
FOLSOM 70 ft, s, s... bet. Grand and
Spring, city block 324: Anna. Eble et
al. to Herman H. Thaler w. d 2.030
OREER-eO ft., n. s.. bet. Newstead and
Taylor, city block 3S': "Simon Van
Raalte and wife to Star Constructon
Co.-w. d 1.O01
HAWTHORNE-100 ft lOJi In,, u. .
west of Compton. city b'ock 1372;
Compton HI I Improvement Co. to WU
llam Maoch w. d. 5.7M
JEFFERSON 14 fu t In., e. s., being
1US North Jefferson, city block 963:
Pcttie S. Thompson to Thomas Han
Ion and wife w. d I,0CO
JEFFERSON 2S ft. 6 In., w. s.. bet.
Lynch and Pestalool. city block 1421:
William Buehler and wife to William
Hoerr w. d 4.SX)
JULIAN 30 ft. ! In., n. .. being 5S07
Julian, city block 333; Wllllim J. Mc
Donald to Anna Hollwltz w, d 2,Gij0
KINO'S HIGHWAY-JO ft., e. s . bet.
Euton and Page, city block 37S7; Os-
, car Buckman and wife to Arnold Bow-
' era and wife w. d jo
MAIDEN LANE-W ft, s, c, . e. cor.
Neutralizes Acidity of Stomach
b-s TvrAixi a so.
Sixth and Market, St. Louis.
1 lrj3&iw
Ticket Office, 903 Olive Street.
Jeffenron. city block 23J7: Afiolph Ro-entrete-
to MIchaotRoentreter w. d.
MAIN-M ft., w. r . Tierce-319 N. Main,
elty block : BTnard P. Bogy to
Wahlert Ountxter et al. w. d
McMII.LAN a ft., n. 3.. bet. Marcus
ar.J Wilton, city block 3032; Kvewood
Ualty Co. to John Weathers w. d....
McPHEBSON 50 ft., n. s, bet. F-oclId
and Waltrn. cltr block 2K3: Susan
A. .Norland to Gerhard Realty Co.
w. 1
MIoniOAN 23 ft. '; In., e. a. bet.
Bates and Caldwell, cltv block 2ES3:
Robt. M. Carter, by trustee, to Hen
rietta MIcr tr. d ttOtt
MICHIGAN M ft, w. s, bet Sidney
and hhenandoeh. city block 143: Wil
son Land and Lumber Co. to John R.
Detnller and wife w. d
MORGAN 13 ft., n. s . bet. Fourteenth
and Fifteenth, cltr block Q: Alfred
Mueller to Dlna Lubsn-r. d
MORGAN 471 ft 10J in., s. m . a. o. cor.
Clarendon, city Mock 4S4S: MR. s. a
Cabanne. bet. Clara and Goodfellow,
city block MM; 100 ft. n. s. Washing
ton, bet. Lake and TJnlon. cltr block
&130A: 133 ft. e. s. Union, n. e. cor.
Falrmount. cltr block 4343: 100 ft. 4
In. a. McPherson. a e. cor. Boyle,
city block 3913B: ISO ft. ; ln.f e. s.
Walton, bet Bell and Morgan, city
block 7S18: 171 ft. 4tt in. s. s. Mc
Pherson. bet. Sarah and Wblttler.
city block 4SI7A: Federal Investment
Ci to Royal Investment Co. ar d....
MUEDOCK ft. s. s.. bt. Brannnn
and Macillnd. cltv block 3177: A. W.
Syrett and wife to Wm. L. Rlnehart
and wife w. d... .- ......
NEBRASKA 25 ft. . s., being 3505 Ne
braska, city b'ock 1574: Ernest J. Hess
and wife to Helena Gruenlnger w. d..
PENNSYLVANIA 30 ft 9 in . e S-, n
e. cor. Juniata, city block 1471: Fridolin
Oelger and wife to Chas. Kluebescheidt
and wife w. d....
R-YMOND-2 ft,, n. s . bet. Academy
and Clar-ndon. city block E147; Leo A
Hackman to John Boyd w. d
RIDGEr. ft., s s.. bet King's high
way and Academy, city block 37wi;
25 ft. s. s. Olive, bet. Sarah and Whlt
tler. rlty block S311: 25 ft., n. s. Olive,
bet. harah and Whlttler, city block
4S74: Wm. B. Abbott to Fannie M. Ab
bott otc d
RUSSElJ-43 ft. 4 in.. . ., bet. Iaw
renca and Tburman. city block 4M1
Henry F. Luepks and wife to Maiy
J. Waldron w. d
RUPSELL 40 ft. s. sl. bet. Lawrenc"
and Thnrman. city bloek 4J41: Henry
F. Luepic and wife to Armand R. Mil
ler and wife w. d -
RUSSELL-2S ft . s. s., bet. Spring and
Vandeventer. city block 4847: Katie M-
Roedr to Hughine Fletcher w. d....
SEVENTH-S) ft. S tn.. w. s. bet.
Seventh and Eighth, city bloek 372:
AmIla Heyl to Rose Heyl et al. w. d
SIDNEY 50 ft., w, r. bet, Missouri an I
Indiana, city block 1803: Arthur J.
Cannlnghnm ct al. to James W. Fran
dscus w. d j.......
SIXTH 41 ft. 8 in . w. a. bet Poplar
and Oerro. cltv block 147; John B.
Holman and wife to Arthur Welgelt
w. d '
SirPNANDOAH-33 ft., s. s , bet Ne
bra'ka and Minnesota, city block 3)M:
Louise W C Ochsner to Albert
Sfhroeter and wife w. d
THFODOSIA 30 ft-, s. s.. bet, Ood
fellnw and Hamilton, rlty b'o-k W:
IVIlltatn Thomas McWaln to Atxi Gal
lon arl wife w, d
THKODOSIA-23 ft., s. a. her, tVvl
fellow and Warrlltcn. c'tl- b'ock 4SC0:
Henrv A. II Ch-shlr and wife to
nwres Sehued-ir vr. d -
TH'RTVRSTir-a f. S In . e. s . being
IJ2S-24-2C North Thirteenth, city Week
37: Ellen OnsTuve to Morris lven
thnl and wife w. d
VISTA 23 ft., n. s.. bet Bov' and T-w-er
Grove, city b'ock J978: Thomas W.
Martin and wife to Patrick F. Martin
2, CO
nnlldiasf Permits.
John Bldermann. two-stor double brick flats.
No. 4117-29 Linton arena-: J3.1W.
Morris F. Raleigh, two two-tcry brick dwell
ing. Nr-s. 343-47 McRea avenue; Xivoo.
Misa May Stumpf. alter and e.H'l to brick
dwel'Ing iio. 3115 Meimc street; W30.
George J. TUtr. two-tory brick Bat, No.
tSi7 Sullivan avenue: I3.SOO.
W. Schrenlanb. to-nory brick residence.
No. 433) Lee avenue; 32.S93.
Joseph Klrcboff. one and one-half-story frame
dwelling. No. "33 Hancock avenue; J1.200.
Joseph S. nesse. two two-storv brick flats,
Nfi". 13S9 Id Hamilton avenue: 13-800.
McConnack, Kllgen & Rule, four two-story
Irlck lat. Nos. 2317-45 Adelaile avenue;
Koynl Prince of Japan Xearing
the United States,
Honolulu, Nov. 2. The Pacific Mail
Steamship Company's steamer Manchuria
haa arrived here, having among her pas
sengers Prince Fushlml of Japan, who Is
en route to the United State?.
The landing of the Prince was the oc-J
caslon of a ble; demonstration. Several
Saaasr Ctafks sag CUi
I had a severs stmuaes
lamgs,aad I tried vartoas
Unit of casta remedies,
nans of waleh 41A ma soy
pod snttl I flaally tnei
esMwwca senira on say
notus or sr. wn
accept mythaaksfortats
uxiTsioaHa Eeraeay.
Very ress'y. Hour
Franks. 4M rnlaatl
IL, lira Ksdc, Ark.
Dr. Bell's Pine -Tar-Honey
W told daring tbsyiar IMC, oa as absolute guarantee. .OatoftbiiYaftmxmberof
alraeywMrefaBdIonoBly flTebotUss, maiinione dissatisfied customer oiii
cdTryo,ioo. ThUUthennpTecedectedrecordof tie most won-
aeTTul cocrs medlcloo oa the
carerxuiypreparea tronttxisparost sod bsst Ingredient.
E.TL knlfthBtlloiitlnBonlB.TEi j
fiiimisatyiyat t e. stTiHiijuw aotctw CO,
Short Stop
10 B
anil Cures a Headacfis Quickly
Union Pacific
is the
est Line and Makes Quickest Tims
If I Fiil to Curl In Sueir irTimor
x rreat oerorsn
NoKnlfe or Pain.
No pay until cured.
No X-Eay or other
Swindle. A PaciSo
Island plant makes
the cures. Anytu
roorJomp or sore oa
the lip, face or any
where six months
la nearly always
cancer. - .
UO-pambook often
tlranadals sent free.
Is nsarly always CAJ4CZK and If aecIeot
dwill always yalssa depeJaadlitttM
armpit and kill qnlekly.
201ud303lM2ih3L, StLoala,Ka
thousand Japnr.ese followed his carriage in
a street procession, which included a;
number of veterans of the war between
Japan and China.
To-day is being observed as a general
holiday by the Japanese) residents of
Allotment of Transit Company
Securities Is to Stand as
Originally Made.
Circuit Judge Fisher said yesterday that
to-day ho would enter an order In the
suit of Louis A. Cella. S. W. Adler and
A, Tllles vs. St Louis Transit Company
stockholder?, to prevent the handling by
the syndicate of the 17,000,000 of Transit
Company securities; that, upon the pay
ment by Cella. Adler and Tllles to the
National Bank of Commerce of St Louis
of XS7i.7H.. an order would issue, re
straining Brown Bros. & Co. of New York,
and others from allottinc; the Transit
Company securities which had been al
lotted to the plaintiffs to anyone else; and
from disposing of the securities enumer
ated in the allotment.
The order. Judge Fisher said, would
supersede the previous order In the care,
which cited the defendants to show cause
on November 11 why an Injunction should
not be issued, a restraining order to pre
vail In tho meantime.
The announcement was made at the
conclusion of the arguments in chambers
on the motion of the defendants to hae
tho original order modified.
Former Judge H. 8. Priest represented
Brown Bros! & Co. nnd others, and
former Judge H. W. Bond appeared for
Cclln, Adler and TIHts.
The Nat'onal Bank of Commerce, agtnt
for Brown Bros. & Co.. the svndicatc man
agers, and the Tran-Il and United Ral -wa,
comiianles. .ire defendants with
Brown. Bros. & Co. in the suit which
crew out of the reorganization of the:
Transit Company, by which It became
merged into the United Railways. Com
pany. Cella. Adler and Tillo-) claim that the;
proposition for the Transit Company's
stockholders to contribute J7.0QO.C00 for the
pajment of its d-bts did not involve the
holding of securities said to have been
given them for tlMir subscriptions In a
pool, as is claimed by the defendants, but
that the securities should be turned over
to the contributing stockholders. The 3371.
TTl.W is 84 pt cent of the amount which
Cella, Adler and Tllles were to contribute.
sca All Els
I. bad a
aad cold. I triad a great
many re
of taem
remedies bat nons
uy good, and at last
Qnm hriEtfat erf TW
tor Pto-Tmr.Honef
enss siv, LouUKUe, Xy.
marts t a aoestiflc preacrlptioa
, sg-.
,JiHHJOT&ttha3ii lsH,L. l ikferi 't',' set's ,? JCVLJ" "&

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