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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, November 09, 1904, Image 12

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Il-WWYvj-- i
STorKHOMinns Mnirrisns.
nr5ICK f the - Ural- Transfer lUIIwir
Conpan. t-ecurlt Rjildlr-;. rvuirth ana I-o-cuu
ttreets. M Lnubt. Mo., Oct 3, lyi-Nc-tlce
to the Moekho'den nf the fat. Lnuls Trans
fer Ralluav Oomnan: Th'nLtiiaI -meetlniT of
the stockholder or the St Louis Transfer R"-.U-av
Cor;an. -Mil le held at the office of -id
conrnan) In M. Louis Ma. on Wi5neJay. o
-.ember 9. A. D lrf beinc the Jim Wednesday
after the second Tuesday of said month, at 3
clock a. m . for the purpose of ctectinc m
director-, to wne during tl - enainc j ear. ana
the Iran- ct lot. of -uch other busine- as ma
be pre-cntrd Said meetlnc ulll bo contlnu-d
at lej.t thrcf hours unless the objects for
which It U ewlletf b- nrconpllFbe-1 ooner
W. K. KAVAN'AUCII. Irc"Idcnt-
J. H. Gathricht. Secretary.
OFFICE of the Unltj Realty Con-pinv. ---
curjty ilu.'dirc. Fourth end Locu-t btre--ti. 5
ImK MtFourU Octcbf nth, I" Notice to
thn yockrolder- of the Unity Riitv Cornrary:
Tl e imrual meeting of th -rtoekhc-Wers cf th
Unliv tea1tv Contimiiy Mil be held at tee nf
nc i1d companv ill M. LOJ.--. MIfsou-1. on
WedneMav. November 5th. A. D. 1-M beln-r
tne first Wcdneidav afier the cond Tu"Jay
nf said month, at s o'e'eck a, m , for the pur
poe vi Ifciirj; thre d'rctorp io rfnc Ourtn
th e3nilnc .ear. and the transaction of ruch
other hMsine.ti o- -nav be presented Said mt
irc vlll ; crr:inu-2 at 'can tLree hours, un--ns
iho objjcti for tva'ch. it la called be ac
an. nils red ocre-.
J. 5. qathrtght. becr-tary
LOST ATI) rnc.D.
COG Lost, white bull TerrlT Ccy. ears
rrcprco: Ttia:il 113 Pet it-
IOG Is!, larce St. Ik-marl dcr. collar vrltn
hr.---. button, liberal record -O-0 Lincoln ate
E.NTi:i)rR-o, envelop- containing trree
lv-2 bocks In aconn -It: North American
investment Co nextAJ rt-turn t Nonh
Arrerican Icatnent Co.. "rml i Jjccard
J-"OUND Thn tir : pt a EPOt! shoe fT
I2.S0 Harrtf .ho Co.. 'j7 X ilh na- lcut-
IIA a TuMr Har ol1 fcrt Net lf ii" wnrs
TUrrlN Polar Calf S" 4C7 N S iti S.
IIOrNU 1).
3112 lAcledc
larre blacX ard tan hourd.
1VATC2I Lcct. ladx' rli iratch. ulth tob.
rtlr KrouTfii; bftwftcn Plaza, and Jrtlcm.
Trnfr tML rarden a.rd 2aar. or Morocco,
!. G. on front. cWo Inle front cn. ?alucd
heenik: liberal r-T.-art 434 Ha.-.tf'n
?OTlCK hrretr cien lha; two Z) n:r
stcred b A. U Tliomifm. dated 5t Loi.
October 3T. JM4 oayable n'rety W) dav nTter
tb-I- date to the, order of A. O Hdcrards A
Pons' Srokerac- Comnanv. and by 1 1 In
dorsed. "Hch for the mn of fl " thou
sand dollars ($5,000 00k and bartni: latero-t rt
the rite 'I four and ore-half pr c-ntum A
per cent) ner annum from maturlti. to each
cf which when lost was Attached a collateral
creement ircuiinr lis pajn-ent. nre the pr4
erty of the underlcned. ard ae ralcanted
In the Unted States mall, and all persons atu
hereby cautioned acalrst deallnc In the -ame
in. ary manner. Washington Couatj Iiank. po
tcl. Mo.
L.nvs. Mo Ort. IS. Wl
I'OODI,E Strajed. from X913V Kujc1I ae.
Saturday afternoon, white Trench poodle, fe
male: named Curlr" Rcvard.
I'URSK Ixhu icen pur contalnlnjr thre
diamond riny. one fljntt rlntr. about $2 SO in
coin: In one rlnj? were the letter V J G to
I JC; on" diamond rinjr t with ruble Re
nrd cf JofJ If returned at once to Grim &. Gor
ly. 1510 Cara
HATCH bist, lad-s op?n-facd ET)Id watch,
ley winder; Tuedaj evening; on East Grand,
Florissant cr Collece ae? Return to drug
store. ISM Florivant ave, and recele reward.
WATCH Lot. ladj'H roM watch. Mondav
eenlnc. on Uayard avenue: monopam " K
OM." on front: rhlllpolne coin fob; liberal
rewnrd If returned to Tti Bayard ae
WIMi Iad who picked up pearl axd rold
hcndl"d umbrella between Ninth and Eighteenth
on Oil street cir tn Hedne-day return to
wlO OIKe and receive reward? A p-esent from
mi mother, who hag patted awas.
ny a cood irirU situation to do cookln?. rt
Icmsmorlc KE . Rtoubllc.
BY colore wom?n. .Ituatlcn tei do office
rlranlnc n C. T6 N rourtwnth
CHAMBBIOIA1DS-Htuatjon by two colorrd
clrls as chambermaid cr Rtneral hocscworfc
Call or wrllp. S2K Monran
CL.GRK. ETTC Situation aa elorfc rcani
rtntx or enograp!ir. MI Vllfcrd. iZZC
Franklin ave.
COOK Situation as cook by colored woman.
dti!v 21 IS Lucas.
COOK Situation by pood colored cook;
laundress 1(0 S Ionard
COOK Situation by nat colored elrl: Xo. 1
cook: position In Arizona. S51 nrn-y.
COOK Situation by cood rocl. in prl-ate
family; wages eipectcd. d. pd reference.
11(0 Baston.
COOK Situation by rosrectable colored clrl:
!i cood cook and washlmr and Ironlnc: In small
fxmllyj also sleeo on premise. Call or write.
Nettle Flrtier 1J11 N Garrison
HOU8ES.EEPEH Situation by yoimr nidoR
with one child: housekeeper for widower. :E0
P. Seventh.
HOUSEKEEPERS Situation by two German
elrl a housekeepers or to travel: call or write:
no triflers need apply. -&0 OUvc.
HOCSEKEErER Situation by rcllned wldcw
as housekeeper: cood manairEr fc- club or
widower, or roomlng-houe 1 . 1T0JA l'jrk.
HOUSEKEEPER Situation bv lady as work
ins housekeeper: competent of taklec lull
charge: references exchanged. Call TW .
Cwlng. flat No H.
"HOU8E1VORK Situation bv Catholic rlrl to
Jo housework: or upstairs work: no wartunjr or
outside wort: Traces Si CO week. VP 16. Re-r-ubllc
1ACNDRESS ttathlng to take. home.
Pine: enter on Garrison.
lAUNDREbS Situation b woman to take
home washing. 37 S. Croadwn.
lAUNDRESS lace curtains warted to do at
home: tie pr pair. aSSrath.
UVUNDKESS rirt-clas laundress wants to
brine home small bundles. 1613 Ijucas.
IJVUNDRES-Sltuation by Hm-class laun---s:
TVen End preferred. KE 43 Republic
tAtirsUREbb Colored ladv wants laundry to
brine home or iro cut by the day. Kl) Vista,
IAUNDRESS wants to brine bnme ladles' or
gentlemen's clothes; also rough dry. 1853 Mor
gan. IAUIsDRBSS-Sltcat!on b white lady to do
laundry wort.: taks home or go out. WP M.
J.AUNDRESS Situation by competent colored
lundress for Thursday; call or write, an
Tyicust. rear.
LAUNDRESS First-class laundress wants
lo ro out first to dais of week, norcnee Gil
bert. 15U Gav.
SITUATION by lady to address envelopes at
Tjc per thousand or clerical work at horn Ad
dress W. H.. lia B'- Ange.
SITUATION by young woman with girl 4
vears old la small private rarr.llj. Address
(3LA Coleman St.. or call Tnursday.
bITUATION b two sisters: cook and houe
rlrl: small family, without r-ash'.ng preferred;
'Icht housework. 4321 Sacra-ieiT nc
STKNOGRAPHER Jtiflr.ed vourr lady sto
noirrapher dwlres position with rcllale Srzn;
cnjierienced; refe-nces. Its L r.epLbl'x.
WANTED To represent reliable flrma In Cal
ifornia on commission bafla nftcr January 1;
If InlereKed addrees KD 57. Republic-
And rarrtSL Missouri latove Repair Conpaay,
li; N. nurhth. IClnloch A STD. Bell Main .333.
BAR BIT. Situation br German barber; just
from Gcrmanr. Simon Stein. 3701 Manchester-
RARTENDnR Position an bartender;
cUsfl In verv respect JI 2. Renubllc.
BART1STDCR situation by an honn b-r-terder;
German. Gcor. Voaderfceydt, 1011 Rut
err at.
COOKKElSPlt will reep account-booka for
business not rouIrlnj: permanent bookkUcTcr.
Bookkeeper 1414 Aubert.
BOOKKEEPKR Situation br competent malo
bookkeeper and stenographer: cood references:
rmlar moderate KD 152- Reoubllc
CARPENTER situation bv fim-c'a carpen
ter: day or Job. Leess, 9:3 SL Fourteenth,
CHEP Situation by all-around colored chef;
rood reference. GUeiO 1K3.V. Market.
CHEF Situation an chef or recond cook;
best of references: strictly sober and have
ablllt. O K. a. raiS Franklin ave.
KNGINBCR Situation by a llcenssd engineer;
n tlrst-claaa nn on repair work of all kinds.
KE 27. Republic
11 REMAN Experienced fireman wants situ
ation: understands dynamos and motors. KE C6,
GENTLEMAX of broad tunlne exp"rinc
nd able to irlvo rerr best references, now hold
1c? responsible position -with larce corporation.
has some leisure time and offers his services
for three dars of each week as accountant,
shlpplne clerk or collector: permanent encac
xnent ai satisfactory eonel deration will bo con
sidered. KG 39. Reoubllc,
HANDY man: experienced painter, carpenter;
prefer lnride work. 1LM La Salle.
MEAT CUTTER Situation by meat cutter and
butcher: 25 years experience: beit of refer
ence. Address Oscar Jones. 2C13 Unherslty.
MUSICIAN Situation as musician; small
drum end tympanum; In any kind of orchestra.
1VM S. R-publlc
lORTER Situation as porter, barber shop or
saloon: colored. Address 1509 Linden ft.
lORTnR Situation by a young man a3 por
ter or driilnc delivery wagon. Address C.
Thomas S712 lAwton ate.
POamojf to work evenings from C until 11.
Kiym. Republic
PMJMBER-Bltuatloa by first-class nonur.lor,
i.M.Mwt .-..m .m w., rm . a,cjuuiiu.
rRESSMAN Situation as lollndcr or Jcb
pressman; experienced on all classes and styles
.if work. KE 34. Republic
SITUATION by temperate young man in gro-
a ., .1, wuwith i i i 1 ii 1 1 r . m . i
llon to leaving city. KE 81. Republic.
STEADY young man, with references, de-sl-es
position in wholesale hcuie, SB 45, Rc
inMlc WORK: tend cow. ruma:e and general w.vk
en prlvnU plica: csn give rr'cmcev Si: r
MTi;viios vanti:d ma re
1ORK situation bv 1k H -eirs oil. In of
fce or bun31e v.nvr. Ail.l'-e 4114 :roc
ORK fcltustlon bj nlddl"-atol colored
man ounid- ork prrferred. HIS X. Tnrt-
iul.i nun iruoi iiajii wuu uuri'i tivii.
tlon tca-hirr rtench to joung members ft
good fjmlll-i: goud refennces gixen. Write
IO . jtllKUbUr UTmi' . qtf m
10U.n man. :i ca-s o'i warts stead 10
Itlon. trictiy temperate; Mllllrg to do im
thing: four jca-s cj:p;rience at electrical wor.t
KE 4i Republic
HOIVFGIRlr-S43 Ruswll ae
Hor-.F511tL Kamllv of three 3'- Delmar
Ttrd t
-Girl for houEenork nc) Ar-
G1UI. for upstairs work, must be neat
HOI i-EGlRIy-A girl for gereral hou'er crk.
iSIl Racon st
AT once, mall
lli R'ddle ft
gl-1 to help around hcuse.
HOLM.GIRL. Girl for general hou'v-ork.
Arrl at 141 Papln
IlOUSEGIlli-Germat girl for ger.eril boure
otK TE4 Gamble st.
HOl'hGIRI.-GlrI for
63 tt etmlnter j lace
gtneral boienork.
reference1. 41K
-Girl to do general houseorK
HOli-EaiRI. Girl for !iouseork. ro wa-h-l":g
cr Ironing 1912 Carr
lIOl."btGIlll-Tcunff elr! to aeslst in genctll
hot Hpwcrk Appij Skm Cites
lWStGIRI. G1 German girl for general
rr.uvuork r313 Ruvll ac
HfL"-h':iItI-GlrI for eene-.il houtework;
no n-ahlng C Kuyfell le
IIOCJ-EWOMAN V.man tor general
vork rod wai. 1CT3 Elliot.
HO blO'lAN Aonan for ino day eacn
wetk gicral wo-. Call Sri l)el"iar
HOL'tl-XlIItl. Girl for grr. -il !io-soor';.
must nae good rftxrees. "11. nil
HOUSEGIRI- I-lrl for gereral lict-worlc
in n --mall family 0" grennndoah ae
IIOUSEGIRLr-GIrl tr. ofsit Mlt'l lioj'enorl.,
email famil'. ro-.l wac.f M'. lMMn'ti-al
I!OU--,:Gini--ood K'rl for general
Ti-ork no washing, "oo! newWC?
HOl'?I.GlRlr-German houecrl. ccok wa?h
and Iron, upstairs work 4"CT. Manlanl at
laundo . wages
eha-rbcr work
W) 40a V."ctml'
ard small
rter pLlce
JIOl"-"EGIRU cool girl. 13 cr 15 icr to
ar"jt' In llcht housework- 2125 Sheridan ae
IlOUEGIRl--Go)d girl for genenl bouc
work irood wage sooi: home 511 I.ac!ede
liOVfeEW OMAN 4Sood t!led -nUte vi-min
for general hiu-e-ro-k. good vaces ai? 01le
HOUSEGIRI-Conipetent girl Tor genertl
houfcworl; nn.il! family rf adults 443 Cook.
IIOVaEWOMAN Elderlx ladj for c-nerai
houe'vcrk flat, vages li) month S42I V Ead
HOLEGIRI. Girl to si"l with genetat
houfO-ork age a t 2T. good pa 120 Ollj.
HOL"Sl"GIIU. ExperimceJ girl tor reneril
houewcrk. pri-atc family, four adulf ""21
HOU"-I"GIRI-Go"d girl for general
wcrk. no laundry work, good vagc Z
i: Ver-
HOUSEGIRIiGIrl for general hou'iewe'k:
nice home, good v.age to right girl 4'is Mor
rnn t
HOU&EGIRl. Girl for pc-nl houfewo-k:
good wages, no washing or ironing 4-32 Foun
tain at-
HOrfcEGIRI. A nat German houseglrl. pri
vate famll. bet wa;es. rcfcrentes required.
2421 Washington.
HOU-'EGIRU-GIrl for gereral housework,
small famll. 1722 Simpson place; south sile
of Lafayette Park
liOL-EGIRI-15tperIenceI nhtte girl fo
reneral houwo-k. retail family; good wage
ApT'l) 4624 JlcPhersonaxc
IIOUSEGIRI-Good girl or mlddle-ageii wom
an for gcroral houwork. no washing, good
horn- rood wogt 294d PIre
IIOU-;EGIRI-GI'I for general ho'j-work.
to go to countrr; no washing or Ironing, good
wage Apph at once 03 Morgan
HOUSEGlRI-Eiperlcnc-d girl for gereral
housework: smail famll. gc-I vagrs, laun
dre two tlaxs lu the week 3722 Delmar
IAUXDRESS Whito laundress at ence. ;:
Belle place
-Reference-" required. 4CI'ttet
UUNDRIS Come p-ipared to work,
llorton plaee
1.AUNDRESS Tod laundre's; come early to
work- 3A
L.U2URE-s GolI laundress, two dajs eA
er week. 2U) N. Talor axe.
LAUM'UEi-. for edneda ; muet tw nrs:
class. rtferencrs. 3707 uartmer.
1. iUN DREfcS rirst-cla's laund-ess.-to-dai
earlr 4378 Mary land axe.
L.VUXDRESS for tednesda: rauvt bo Hrst
clas; referenced w97 I:rtmer axe
I-VIINDRE!S? First-cla Genuan laundte-s
three days each week. Apply at once. 47 Port
land place.
LALMJKKJib liiperlfnced laundre-s Apnb"
ready for work: steady, references required 4JU
ready for work. 2S13
ASIi"EUVOMAN by the daj. Call at once.
121C N. 2xewstead are.
rllr Trsilei.
RITTONHOLE hands and finishers on vests;
good xvage. KB 2V. Elgnth. third Poor. left.
IfJAlJlAKURb rixe lady coatmakers on la
dles' work: also sklrtrnakers 11. J. Krlbs, 2323
COUPO-jITOR Girl typeetter or compvsl
tor. Arplv after 9 o'clock a. in . 123 Sprue- st.
EXPERIENCED machlrc operators to sv
on ladles garments; can earn from $3 to i
week. M. 11. IoewcnKteln. C17 N. Kighth
PREV-&I.R Imperial Embroioery Co., 411 N.
Eleventh, third floor
SHIRTMAKSRS 23 experienced shlrtmakers.
on all parts: also girls to lctrn. Apply to
Tefguson-llcKinney fcnlrt Kactor, WW Lucas
nx or 1320 N. Thirteenth ft
bXIRliiAKERS Kxperlcnced ; gocd wages,
raultiess Skirt Co. 703 Lucas axe.
SKIRTJIAKERS Experienced sklrtmaknrs;
steady wo-k; nlghe't pr.cei. I'lCgress Mfg. Co ,
717 Lucas axe.
WIRE FilAl!i:MAKERs Good wagei; steady
posit! n to good girls Jos Koomi, 40 . Third.
Dremuunkeri ul frainsirest:H.
DRESSliAICER wanu helpers on skirts and
wa'sts. aJso alrentlce. IL L. During, 2S3SA
OIRLS to sw buttons on ladles gannents.
M. U. Loewensleln. C17 Jf. Eighth.
SEA2d-TRESb First-class eteamsttus.
WinJsor olaeo
EEA11STRESS for plain sewing; not to ex
ceed Jl per day 4&43 Rotanical
SEAMSTRESSES rixe experienced seaxn
rteses at once. 2MS alarVct St.
bEVMSTRE2SnS Operators en Singer Jna
cr Ines to sw ox-ralls. Jumpeta and pants.
reri-yon-McICluney Oxerall Factor! , third
flcsr. Bx)adway and Illckorv s.
Ladles, have jour old furs repaired or re
modeled irto the latest style at moderate prices
bv Halmann. the rurrier. S2i) Trankiln ax e ,
second floor.
HOUSiaiEEPER nrst-clasa working hm.FC
keepcr for fine rooming-house, KE 25. Repub
lic HOUSEKEEPER First-class geneal houre
keepcr: no other n-cd apply. 1130 rmnklln
a, e . top ficor.
DINING-ROOM GIRL-riaaters Hotel. 1108 S
W AITRESS to week. 2525 Olive.
girl; dining-room:
V. Holier. Vall:
GIRL Neat, respectable
first-class. Suburban llctel.
N eve--t' rt.
dinner work. V5 Pine
arm xxaltress tLr
STENOOR.riIERS-Competent young lady
stenographers: mfg . 312: special. $12, machin
ery. IS, 119: beginner. J3: booklet free. Leigh
Rros . Century building
NIGHT SGHOOL-weHk. npfrhlmo ,-k
month free Drauahon Practical Rus Coll ,
l&th and Olive Booitkeeplrfr. penmanship, ehort
hard. typewriting and lngll&h branche!.
Beard of niucat'on bulWlnjr, Ninth and Locust
lntruct!on in bookkeeping, shorthand type
writing and tne Enallsh branches, established
23 ears; catalogue free.
SCHOOL) Day Threo roontlu. 123: one month,
310 Mght 35 por month; three month". 312.).
Business and Shorthard Co'lege. 213. S3). 221. 22j
Odd Ftllows' bui'olng. Indixldual instructlou
in IJborthand. Txpewriilng. Ucokkeeping. Arlth
rtietlc ana Penmanblp. Phon 75 day and nlabt.
Dolph EuIWIng. northeast correr Sexenth and
Locust sts. Ip all term, dax and night, now
cpda. Special prices for a limited time. Calk
telfpbone or write for particulars.
IH'INE-, hcuc las cp-rlnc for lf-de-rndeit
lady (of educatfen) not under rs :
lrkrc unnx-:irj. If other h-e qualinef',
pood n.-'j to suitable applicant. Call S2I Chest
nut tocm UC
DIMZW tHLR Klr-t-c'afcs dlshwaher cool
-ract: GUI Cafe Sv) Oliie st
DiHU MIEK-Gi- to nah dishes at
W or! 1 i Pair grounds 1IJ3 Uashtngtcn
UlMW bl!ER "White or colore! woman
dlih washer. 3 ef-k. 716 Olhe rt . upstairs
tOI.DElib re.v rapid folders and addrerers,
call I' a m to-di; .rbuckl-(oodt. Commis
sion Co, 2j OiKe
GIRLS McL,nd citj lrlntlrt: House, 11 S.
GIRL to work In board lnc-roue 42J) N
GIRL to pre.i ard fold. eoz, Rorlc "Ji Lucas,
fourth fi'-or
GIRLS for light work. Gandolfo Ghlo Mfc
Co JM - ITghtb rt
GIRLS to p-ct-. nut, rnut br o.er 11 eara
oM, .Isht rok, experienced ?irl make JS tu
5S icr wt-ck pplj 51S N Second st
GIRLS V-K'ut twent-me b1cht. Intelligent
r-r-s foi llg'it iacfcr work, cxicrlenced oper
ators can ea-Pj earn S3 a wetk none but itrls
or icsi clia -dieter nettl aprU . call betrri W
i ri Columbia lrcandec-nt Lamp Co 2121
1IOI -HJM VN Woman for housework;
n-e-p at hcrrc HOJ Mlissin 1 ave
KITCHEN OiIN At one Union RaKcrj
C. Wiuhlrgton and Jeffercon .
U-UIL. ttradj home work lI-s-jn hour.
$U -tekH fstnb firm Room 4tl T21 OlUe
l-AlME Td girv, hnc work. Jl . 5;, da
c- ..rlrrs- l-5iMnn!Inir lnct unnec'
san In-tn-ctin frcf 2il N r-ecnth. rooit -tOJ.
LUIE.t wantcnl e c rr.v her oopiinc letters
at :icn f .in"5 01 soa'O nine anu irimr
10 xv- kg i -a Wing cr (.anva-f'Ins, S3 iveeklj
imM initcrlal fr tr ! v'f-addr
cmeloiv fo" uarUk. liar1 Guirantpo Co. No
jZ M illi Ft lhlliJelpMiri
LDIEV to learn n'rdrt.'-slnc rnanicurlnc.
fan! u izan-vige chlii.D0.1 o- tlectroUMs. anj
of tlie- p-ofions tvu from $W to IS) tvei,.
L i-"W eej coTipl-'c-- twisItloi3 rl.n. Call
or mi Moler Cnllf-ce 1113 rin-
SKj;RAL rirl. about 1; jean old Winter
&, t'-antcl rng Co oil N Ixth st . third
TU EJ.TY rirl- for Hht, rlein work In nun-L-fncturtng
departrrrt st-ndj inpo-ment
jnLnii iApe 1 our'i-i Ttiein.i ana icut.
nv oung lidle- to karn flekrap'iing or.
orr lire. SIS to SIM monthb Lni-i electric
Telf-znph Co. VjZ X Thl'd. roo'-t Sftt
A AMCD-Tro hundred girl, not under 1
3 ears cf nt;--, to !tenrM.clncco, gxul lcjf jn.
scau w 01K I-Kett K 11 er-Drum -non d
Rwrch the nerkan Tobarco Co
WOMAN to vcn for her husbands board
1M5 N Grard ate
OL'NG Iad to do s-n-ral otnee. tiork and
afl.t In s.ore 1TM S Rrond-nraj
WOltnx to iw at lioat $ pr wtek. ma
te"lal srnt c oryn here free. en.dr work,
plain -sew nc only sen I nddr,-5i,-.l nelcp" for
full Drrticular W K C. . Dul'ont. rhlladel
tMa. la
?;". mnth iiklrg l'st of rames In -upare
time for particular; s-enl ?tamt to Minager.
M7 fontlrental Rank U illdlnc Pt LojI-
COOK Good coal best wage ts:i Lafajctt"
-TX)Olv Wcrran to ccok. tooil nage 103 N
G-anl .e
COOK for private boardlng-hou-se 131j llau-ch-'T
COOK Gocl olaln cook -willing to aI.t with
houuork ?24 N Newtead
COOK Ccm-3trt cook, no v.ahlig nor Iron
Ing 3SU etr.in,ter placo
COOK Cook, housc-drl an 1 dl'-'hwa'-.her. col
ored girl prcierred Cs2 Dtlrrar
COOK Colored cook: from the South pre
ferred good .azes 4W4 West Relle
COOK Wonn frv cook for lun-h stand: J10
per neck rlsht tvoik. 1326 Mnrket pt
COOK White vroTn for cocking and down-tair-i
work ro laundrv 4238 Maryland
COOK Exorienced cirl or iroTan cook prt-vat--
loardire-ou -p 1S11 Kfnn-tt nlace
COOPr Good competent cook, -nall family,
no washing or Ironing 230 W -stn.in't-T place
Clerlis find SalcsTonien.
GIRL to work in Zc and 10c tr'-e. good
w-agc-., s.cad jdac- Appij T2l rianklin ave
YIic 1 rntlCK.
A GS riTTi;R-2S22 lladlson t.
RAKCR Ml round baker, at once 3.7 N
RVRRRK 4343 Manchester. ;13 -cuanntecd.
HRBKRGoo4 barber. 13Q7 N Rroadway.
RARRI'R, good, steady man, call at once.
32) Y.alcut
IIARRPR for this afternoon and exenin?
ZCZZ Graiol5
U-VRBKIt-- Good barber, wages riuranteed.
13 . UrcailAay
RARRLR Good barber, good pay guaranteed
311 ;. Vardewnter
RAItLEK steadt Job. come with tools ard
l.cenye 3""3 Iranklin
IIARRRR Gowl barber, teady employment
IftTJ V ll'oadn-a goo. wages.
I1RU1R to help Wdnesda, aturda and
Sunda cr Meady Y2 Krarklln ae
RVRRRR Colored bnrber for good town In
rkantas Apply to M RIethmucllT, 4)S b
i VRDFR A gcoil. steady barber. 79 pe- cent;
55 20 guamnt'-cU . can mak mor-. ic "iae l
hair cut ir-rn App'j 5 X. Sixteenth st.. Kast
St. LouK Hi
OOKIUNI)HIIS-Mebr fi. Trus-ell llfg Co ,
4"'') Incleilf a
RRJCKLATi URS Nonunion tfvk-bMck lir.r.
"teady work. Sutton a Hnd Ml-"ourl Pacific
tr-LCkt Dickey JL Ilo'zworti
J-MICLi:.:; Klrt-las bu-h-lman at
oce M- OIle t.. second floor
CARRIAGE PA1NTER-1S22 locust St.
COATMAKKR and bushMman. S3 Century
COATMAKER Good coatmaker
tieac-t work 11 ? lvlng ae
CARI'KXj L"R Nonunion carpenters. 53 p-r
ay; elsht hours; lorg job T J Crabb, KT3
It-aHr p'ace
COOK for restaurant Planters Hotel. 1U6 S
COOK Man right cook In restaurant 717
COOK Goo J cook and dining room boy at
342D Ljcas
COOK for TjalI restaurant; wluto or colored
SO X Twor:)-rJrt.i sL
DRA1 rSal.:; rirst-cli6s mecnncal drafts
men: uur e-p?rfned n electrical inichl.iery
bfefe'erf. criy rct-clas mi,n n-d appli . state
etrx'---lerre nrd galirv fxr--"'. GR C5. Rcub lc
KNGRWFR K photo nnsraer, a 7lnc ctch-e-
and a half tone flnkher to go Kit. -Vpply
Wednfday. S to 3 413 IjocKt rt , room SOS
12VPERIEXCCD lx rlppt-is -and cutter
Pon;g i'lanlag Mill Zo . Trelfih ard -pru-v
riRhTCISS nrir.tcr 323 Lceu-t st.
GLAZirR ExperlnceJ glazier. Phoenix
1--10 u-c -j i -p. -iTeiitn anc pruce sts.
nriTi fM. t-.(i.. -ifA i - j- -i .
"--- .-tiuiici, Jiuiii Iftua .il.lllit(,c I.U,
vaiij unu icissc-CK.
1 1 ft- lf - T-.TTir.ltI "( U nrir-iT j-.p Cl.n. r
OK ViTurne.
JQH-Pi-rKs-S feeder. Apply 303 N. Main.
MACHIMST All around rnach'nlst. --hop
w-ork; t-tandard vages. American Hu-.nss. 319
MEN ard bos to learn plumbing trade.
Covne Rrw Co 's ?cl ocl of I'ractlcal Plumb
ln,r. 45,3-4at3 Easton ae Send for catalogue.
r'iTlT TOXT dtertAV4r--rl nvtrt IiIt.vam r4W1
..... u.iav.o E-.WS t . V4t 1IX laUU Vi. IvUV
Ravmond ;e
PRINTER E-rr-rlenced job print-r and com
positor to run Fmall office for wholesale hcue
KE Re, ubllc-
fclllPPERb pply CommanTrtalth fit-el Co.,
uranii,'- -iij. m
ojw.m-.- jiaun1? rte p'on- maoon Apmy
621 WclnwTleht buiIJIrg. II F. Gm-tzemacher
ii. Co
TAII.QR Gorxl JadKn tailor S317 rinnft.
,.T,In tn WOrk in store. .1. H. Macke. 5
X Eighteenth
TAII)RS At once, four first-clar-! ladies
""' -erry. tnner Tailor, zmil Cook.
Tll.. f j-btMM i - . . . a - .
'"-' -a "--" nnu .iiKun nowwcrAcri want-
- v ojur..iit;e o . tou ic. wa.
v,r,or,iiriTirtT 1 i" .. , -..,
ft Twelfth
FlrEt-clap- nonunion machlnlts and boiler
makers, accustomed to locomotlxe -xorlc: nrst
rlafs ray; no f;e charged. Apply room 5. 113
N Si-xth M.
ST. Louts Metal trades ass'n
-eslUoni Sacured or Hoial Workers. No chsreo
bcrexx-machlne hand. Mdcksmlth. and one
bpllermaker. Also man to taks charge of met-al-viorklng
plant. Must have credentials
j-TE.NoapArnnns-naiiroad, jco: supplies.
J6T., mts . js s;J; legal, "3; brokenge, 140;
hooklet free. Leigh Kros,, century building
1 alters.
ti'ijrpnc .i ... . .. . .
; , iA.i -i,iL .'T..""- - o-i'o.
m." . " "" -p
IIT"nTlV itm n
MAr.!r i,t. i . . ..7 7
v.;.-V.,rn.",iu,,?.u.,.cl0-1' -""-era
...-. .j. JU,j tiuur si.
ta Ttr-i i T-r a i- . . -,'
bJAlECIIKR-Esrerlerccd starcher, mangle
glllTncnSter.10 aierca' LaanffiK
totn. rpcclal inaclunerj- and UcM : hirtwaSL
J-OY-G M Kraus. C17 Pini
LHRAM) boy 42-, Market U. room '
HOUSBI.OV Colore! preferred 3033 Locust.
BO to delltcr package Apply 311 I-o-cUst
TWO b-Icht mescrger boys Call C3IJ Chest
nut XEAT boj, about 14 ear". Drug store, 2343
St Lou!
RO to karn the carriage painting trade
14-S N -Seventh
ROY to work nlRhts, call 3.3) p ri 233 Com
mercial building
L01:S fourteen years cJd. Mengel Box Co.
ro,.om ard Lanrenixe.
ROs Mut be 14 stirs o il Phoenix Plinin;
Mill Co. Twelfth and hpruce
I OOTHICK sm ill lo as Irootblick In
I arbor "rop zQI X Proauwaj
ROY Colored bc t run e'eator, 16 sears
oid, J3 per vce 415 X ?lnh
LiV-H to IC -i-ear old J3 to $4 per week,
Fneton 2S3) X riftet-th st
PO to milk cow. work around lioue and
jaid 44M J orft lark louIearil
IOi Goo1 boy pJl Mlojrl Dttrlct
Teegnph s. 7.3 Pin", -fi-cond oor.
LOS I our g'I buts to ''ell cundj Apply
1 n ri t,alier G rand Opra hoj'e
lt T-o boj for rl-c-t luatlng Down
Dnft Ioi' r Ci Tumt thirl end Papln
R(i ortice I-03 Adam It th Grccen Co,
northwest rorn---r S-niIi and PopLar t,
LO Gcsd bont lf In lunchroom ncpcrl
enco not rjulrd n'cht nork 37V) Fasten
UOS It or 13 icar oil to delUer package-
Call pt Th Model enth ind Wa-h'?iTton
IiFLLLO 15 -tear-, of ag xperlnce not
"It!--"--! AppH Natltnal Hot! Last ct Icu-
PO I Goil strong bo to dltxibuae elrcu
lir, aeadj psltlrn Appl at onte Room 111S
MIiourI fruat buIMirg
ROY Good stout hripht bo nNmt 17 ears
of asre miut lie v Ith pare: and , hytler
ApdU tn G-ln . Gorlv 1510 Cas
RRIttHT IntellfBcnt bo about 13 ear' oil,
for wholesale house, an-'J n own handvrltirg
JL M RepJhHc
PRtnc C-VURIKR5 Xorunlcn brick rnr-iers;
iron rut time T J Crabb. 3"55 Rebcr lace
CARl'ENTERb IlK:r rt at the Wm Itarr
Drj Gocds Co "tibles en Randolph Ft . b
trren Jeffercn end Twent; -third
LRORKF- Aw : Le Kalb
I-UOREUS Tnenty. brick jaM vhite cr
colore.! Fteacij voik VA W a In w right bldg
I.WOIlUtv-Twuit il-.- Iaborr LoaWma.
hlp to n'ght free ias Koc libor Agencj,
14 P Fourth
LARORERS IflO librers at onre. only tno--who
?iae e-iperlinc- 'n handling lumber n I
appn gc-d paj . -Bt'-aiU work. Call Ha rr, at
SIS Mnr-tet -t. room C
LI.ORLR ! hand men, Bteamboat, :'0
S) lab-v-cr--, Ozark Mt- athern Ark
frt laljorer1' Xorthrn lil'nols
VI stntionrr-n south 2iX i ard
stubbi- whlp.dng agrt Atnlran 913 O he
nrTY sewcr-iiisser-- -Kcply to Gel"ei Con
struction Co. Tli ljOU't s . cUj or on Tun-t)-nftli
and htit f , Hist st Loui III
LMSORKU 1(4 libcrrs, Jl 73 dij Oa-k
Mountain In Arkinai, a I winterg work
guarantped, gocd heitthj ceuntrj , free ra,
hip ilallj Downs Labo Aicercj 4 X Ninth
Mi;s for rTlIrond fnc-1 gnns work $1 73
day. "'-"adj Commercial, S Ptr"-
-1 extri gang rn'n, near O-tlnhcma Cltj
N eitn-cnrg men -ruthern Indian lerrltorj
23 cxtra-garg mn. " r-thrrn Knnap
t cruher men. Uestfin M1-ouri
M stenmboat hand1- Kl nnd bnirtl
23 teamsters " Inr-tcn Brr . Illinois
htf am-'ho-I and reck ri'-n fccutrern Mis
souri 1-actorv laborers city 110 to 512 TCek
Kxtra gang on M , K a. T . Western Mis
souri Fri--ro extn gars I T Ok ard Kan-is.
All jcM ii03'lel puarante-d h
Established 1S73
Want l.OW "nborers teamsters rheppf--. grub
Nrs, -r-tatlnrren. plle-dri.er and bridge men or
haw railroads in Louisiana. Misi& ppi, A'kan
is. Indian Terrltorj Tew, Knnsa-, MLsourl
and Illinois highest wai.e and work guaran
tted. free jiass to all al-j camp co-ks, walttr-,
b nc'tsmlth, farm hard-- ganltx-rs.
K jrJi want vnrk apply to tr olde-1. m--t r--lUbt.
and roponibIe labor ancj in nt. Ioui
C12 Walnut et
CIerk.it and Collecfora.
HILL clerk, $73 ord-r clerk, 570 welshir,
C-itf Mlf'isslrpl Vahe Co ill N Eighth
CIGR cierl-- J1S liardwar Urrk. 51,
gror, JI3 Mississippi alle, Co, 111 X
GUOCI1UT. CLERK Fixininced grocery
cierk at 1?2 Ijacl-Mlc te
CLERK Junior ilfiu clerk 2531 Gambl-
"LERK Experlen'-eil lodslng hoii clerk,
tn perate with titv referenc-04- CIS X liroid
wa Uul.in
CLERK AsM-tant snipping jnd Mil clrk for
who -sals drug houn- bright futures for oung
ricll) it start. Acme. 1323 Market
CLLRKS-ChfcXing b'liing shipping ar 3 re
citing clerks fur railroad and expras officer,
$-. 57v month, reference required Am-rican. 319
CLERKSA oung rren cierat--. comml-,--ion, J5.
wholesale, jt ji mfg . S, lumber J13, other
acancics. l-ooklct frt-e leigh Rros . Centurj
COLLECTOR, corporatinn, J1S vrpDk. manu
facturing. S20 wlioltaIo, $2- Mli,--Ipp! Val
le Co. Ill X LlRhth
HOTEL cl'ik fo- Mn ada Mo , JW and board,
fre ta-s Acm 123 Mar'cet
HOTEL clrk, 5C3 month, board and room.
Mlscl'flpil Valley Co. HI X Llghth
JUNIOR i-rug Ierk 32U1 Frankliru
M X-VGh R Office manager, manufaLturing
concern, $73 month . t bancs of ad anc-ement
Am-rican. ats Od-
SHIPPING clerk. $7.. -lock clerk, $63 &ala
man. 5S3 Ml-.is-ippl Vjlle Co 111 N Eighth
TIMEKITEPrit. ?-3 month receiving Ierk.
$73. checker, 570 MI!teippI Valley Co , ill X
TWO grocery clerk-, J12 ard $14 w-ek, per
manent pc it ions Commercial S-J Pine
IOUNG man mansR Innch office J73 anJ
eipenre allej (. Ill X I Ighih
jfOITNG man travel with 5aleman. J"0 anl
espcne A alley Co, 111 N. Eijhth
OUXG rnin for renl estate offce $16 week
Ml'-Ns-ppl Valley Co.. Ill N Eighth
"iOUNG man for -shipping and packing de
partment. $15 wek Applv 111 X dentil
IOUNG man manatee offle s.)uth) J75
month and txpenes Campbell t C). 01S Lo
cust Mlacellnneons.
A FOBER man to cae for ho anl hou-.
2411 Pine, reference- required
ALL-ROUND man In lunchroom. 124 Chs
AX exreri-nced tuggr-w'lper bchn-n acker
LHerv stable Co. 414 S Third st
BOOTBLACK Good wage-, take Bellefon
talne car 5101 Mrglnli.
BFTLER First-class Japanese butler. JL
97. Republic
COMMERCIAL Empoment Co ctiarante-
all work or monet refunded Commercial, $20
DISHWASHER Man night dlshr-aher. 717
DIHUW'AhHER Good man as dishwath-r.
Call 201--, N Eighth.
DRIVERS Three drler and two wagon help
er" $1 to $14 week; -tead. 318 Iyicust.
tOUR juung men to trrvel with engineer
corr- n apprentices Califcrnla: tranpo-tatlon
furnl-hed. $13, eipencs Amclcan, 319 Olive
HOSTLrR Good ho-tler 2612 Xebral a
HOUSEMAX A man for general housework,
no launur work 4211 Pine -t
JANITOR, $R3 month, watchmnn, 573, drivers,
$C0. porters Valley Co . Ill N. Eighth
IF jou want work. ve can place you, we
guamntee all po-HIon:: -vears of -rjcce'-s Is our
record Acme. 17)1 Market.
M-VX to help 'n kitchen 517S Easton ave
MAX and wife for general houeework. Apply
12U n Third Ft.
MAX to giie iwav business cards for re--tiurant
31S I-ocut- st
MAX anl hot to work la kindling srep,
-tfn'r work 2717 Cass ae
MAN tbrt nlll ftart with fmall wage, with
Drornect of Ircrfnfc 4235 rinnet
MAX take, charge of poultry to Xew York;
$4j month and expcnre3. SIS Locust.
MAX Steady wcrk all winter; snliry $13 a
week; mut imt Jll IC7 X Fifteenth st
MEN To tr Harris b $2 cO scces. - N.
Flxt.1 er.
MEX for factory work; $10 to 112 week;
stead). 820 Tine
MOTOPMEX Two experienced motonn-n,
two who ha-e worked on Suburban line pre
ifrrea jomni. ais i wrntyt eenna
tub -it'n nixiiuy i"tii ivi iwjuiiiiuj-'i , 11 u
dA, learn locomotive Tring. Acme, 3523 Mar
ket st.
MEX and bojs to sell goods on passenger
train", steady ill) light runs, good rav; $10 to
53 a week. Applv to Mr. Tordan. railroad news
office. JO Walnut, near Union btation.
ONE checker, $ month, and 10 truckers, $3
day. Campbell -R. Co. SIS Locust.
PORTER IS X Twelfth st
PORTERS, housemen, firemen and Janitors
for hotels, clubhouse?, private fa mi lie hospi
tals and Institutions, we guarantee ail posi
tions. Acme. 113 Mantet
SIXGI E man to work In vcterinarj hcypital.
UjS Laclede ave.
SPIELERS for restaurant. laC3 Ollre.
THREE men: steady wcm: $13 weekly; 313
cash required: all winter. 1321 S Broadway
THREE men: stcedy work; $15 weekly; J13
cash required: all winter 1321 S. Broadway.
THREE burners to sell magazines at Fair;
salary guaranteed. Call -30 a. m. IjOU Kotn
well Postal Xews Co , 1313 Oiliest.
TWO bright -young -men to atTlst in real es
tat oCCce; 112 week. SIS Locust,
iii:lis avanti:d iiaix.
TWO joung m-n fn- whoIeile houso; $12
week, chance to advanc-. 318 lvx-U't
TWO oung mn for rillroad evpr-3 rom
panj . Meady; cock! pa Co nmerciil. SJ) l'iii
TWO men to ban 115 bag-jago on nasenf,er
steamer, $43 month, board Commercial, J20
TWO sonng men for passenser train 'nice,
$16 1 week, runs to Denver ard Nev, Orleans
91S Locust
TWO vcung m"-n to lea-n te'epraphlng on
our line-, J73 tto $13f month h lnion Electric
T'-kgrnph Compan, 102 N Third, room 303
WANTED Men to leant bnrber trade, few
weeks completes, can nenrlv nrn eipere be
fore tmUhlng top wages pHli f,rndua:es Cal
or write. Moler Rarbf r College, 111) Pine st
WAXTI.D Recruits for the V s Mnrin
Corps , iible-boIIed unmarried men. I -tw ecn
21 and 23. pood rbaraeter mii't sp-"ak, read
nnd write rrlfsli mnnnes wrve it -sea on
mn-of-war in all partM of the world, en land
In our -lind posbf-wlons nnd it naval stations
in Urited Suites pply Recruiting Office Po't
Office Udg. Llplith and Olive ts . St I-nul
Fedenl building. Kan'is Citj M ort
bull ling St Joseph, Mo , and 20 Church it ,
XchMll", Tcnn
10UNG man pTsvenger service exi-rleiite
unnectssarv, $lj $IK rnerlcin 913 OIIv1
"Ot Ml m-i to wnrk in fnctorv with -wm -knowleii-i
o of soij I"nih- EIev--nh ard Tnrr
OFNG man to dia'r.but c'rt-iiler- st-i i
no.'tion. Apph t once Room HiS MasrLr
Trut bulldlr
"OtNG nun furjBlici, copv letter I ori-
cvenlncs, $ 3.1 nMt -i-nl adlre-s-el cne!-jp
for particular Manager l))t W 13, Bos
1411 l'hlliiic!ihn i
Am I tn rg-tlc hu 1 ing voumr man to
tikt e'-n-'-g- of n1e"m,n C3 uMeril bnild'ng
FM'LRIFN( LT -v -min ard buMne g-t-tp-
fo- 1 men hint tal'-r cKsant chanc fcr
gord rran KE 4T Repub'ic
sLEsMAN I -"siwrit-ntt I "-ale--nan good p-
sitlon rapltl prtm tlon rfererce niiii-, 201
OlUi st
bOP rtlni-n tuni $ tloiK Pt'k-fr Cliemi
cal Co , ZY1 N Xlnth rtoin ji7
t L1MAX Otj. sa-'Fmnn b-'gnt man,
grl nppcar--nc for pe"mnn-nt j.o-itinn rf-
rences HZZ Mennd -K. larrunt 1 'Idirg
sLEcMEN We wart tpTiercHi buir-3
nn to eli ojr new pi in of injrin---e. hustlers
rriko gcoil in3Tt Cantlr-ntai Cjuiliy Cc .
'i4 Cf-tur buii( ns
ftLI'-VVN f r c t to -"-11 our fit-it-tli-
adve-t'Ing rov-liles to .ccants a-d manu
fneturers prrmnnit wU- n ti t trm if
n!)Illt Commeicial Advtrtis uj Co 313 Poz
ami bulldirg citj
OLNG m-n for It t -al-m-t-n Sj montli.
ei'tenence not r--teiari Commercial 12"J
li lion.
SOLlclTOIt-Two or tire good Eoliclto-s.
rood roiiositi'nn 1723 f-le
htiLIClTOR-Go.il s tirito- for cream"-v corn
pan nn mik- good alar , Gtrm-an preferrM
1207 s Rroa .waj
sOL'C!T4JR l'niiig solicitor, trith estab-Il-hel
trice, rtcadv t--j-it'fn. with good salary,
for right man kl. J3. Rpabiic
Oliif t
-Installment Cono Bros ,
sOM' agents ea"l!i. -arn $" to $13 dall In
clt or coantr lntroftuing our Iox of ntghest
grad toilet "-aa,- fir J 11II end ta-k A-Ph
agert- vho ire da'ng tn s men in coun-ry with
ciews rnak $") dillv l'irkr Chemical to,
room 21-7 lcno!st bull ling 2f2 N N'lntiv.
Miftcl la neons.
LODGE ORG NIJ;i RS uur planq mak" the
vork eav goal vn to llv iron, call cr writ
210 I -J3to building hi Ixuis
Lrtl; -enti mid olluitnrs.
AGEVTS-Iidy agent J3 to $. -.ailv earni-d
'nf-Mjring cur $1 frtx of high gradf-- (oil-t cap
for 23c I'ark-T Chemical Co -02 N Xlnth,
room 2tf7 Reoin bi-lld-ng
SOLI "IDi RS Two tr tbre t&od llcItor',
j-frt-I proposition 1723 Olive e
uimi:um:ols ant.
R RG VIN. Et- r-l and -venng dr-'S", hlg1
et rrices fcr ladl-s' a-d -;ents CAt-n'Z cl ..h
tg. poal Mr Ml r frl" wa'nut Kin 213
DON'T pU old tl.tb. until uu s e 11
pa. Si to S.. fj- tiiitn jnl ov-o.ats Kirluch
A 16- GellM-tv 1419 Carr
MME DK WE- Eng Mi llistorj for the
iun-r- 4lt7 Wtmlnstr
TU I-wIH Lent I -nan HcW ta an Fran
cl-sco -tatf prlte an i pnrtlculir Sc liiston
IO bu ht.tel runrtt's liceus.. cheap KK .
TO bti J-Ict na---il'es In got-d condition. KK
6 Repabltc
TO purrlia- live f.tondluinj National al-i
registerb five condrand afes 11 I Vox,
care of 22i) Wr-hlnctoii
STAA s n-.v an I u-d. cuin ctifia-- -.uto-grai'i
Caradlin initv bought anl yold it
Lout" stamp and lotnO 11. X Fl-venth
WANTF1 VA 31ds llndt.u.u knives forks
anl tail- ilmn it one I21G W .u-hlnaton
WANTED Two ct-od -taule ir iciil Hne-J
to handle on conmls-Ion. with drawing ac
count bv partr acquainted with the trade In
Northw extern Mates and tiinida bet r
r'erence arI ecunti Add?? GR ii. R
publlc WANTFD Will pa it "ash fcr ecn.1 re
nndt ind National 4 a&h 2cgcr. -ft ill be In ctt
fev av" cnl IL 37 Republic
WILL iuiv ca-h fir a go.l twtsat-l boat
ddrei- t II r 1240 Riddl
mam Ana J-"-- 01 atl wi"
IffSfea -"-l for lrlce
ie -oa Ma-irt- lerti?i2r and
(Ti-'t. li3. St lyul- Mo
1'aiuni;hs uami:d,
LADY or gentleman t tike half interest In
ageno for Western State $1 0 rtqiiired. vrill
inest equal amount, earning UkO KE33, R
Tiutlfc PARTXrR In Hund buln-i have option
on laun-Irv in operation KE 42. Republic
Al freco practical desUn. for private
houses hotels, etc Aquadro, 2W ridelity bu'ld-
A. J. POLLOCIv watchmaker anl 1ewel-r
for the tradt tine line tliamonls nnl 1 olidav
present" 200 Benoist bldg. Ninth nr-i PI?-
REST plac- .0 lave that overcoat or -ult
tailored is Ticknor- 11 Eleventh, tillor-i
llir Llit lIiU U iu Juui v.
1117 V nnlntx 1rth-. a-nlbe T.hitv ImJ.
4c to Cc Grea. Wen-rn Paint and Color t"o
lt 3'nnci.ffter a . f-tiKii-i.
tiiriT! ainfA imr.tilnn wrt!on. if rea-'Onable
nnd pr-csperuu- ion tlrd ouick h buver The
Rujcrs and sell-rs Co. Ct. De Mcril bulllln
HATS clennel or djed latest stjle. goo-1 cllk
trlirinliiB tc wh tmy n-o-C
H Tt made larger or mill-r. nil kln-s
cleaned. ded blocked, K'hapd. Iatet atvles
tDeciaIt Pllk and Panama 3ZT1 Oilvg.
PARTIES having ---team fitting or electric re
niring to dc, addre- E Donnellev Coi-a Las
ton. ROOMIN'G-HOU-'E. about 10 rooms, walking
"ltince, $230 ca-h, balance monthlj. KE 3.
teadv business, will inve-Ulsatc reasonable
. ..i, n.4 n., iv. T.-r- IT Tfs.ru till !o
IJiT.Ce'f l)lll dim tJ tunt ' ---
t tt.t. titit rnh for rooming-house Ciil
Don't write McDonald. 1041 N Vandev enter.
UPHOLSTERING A. drunlnx. modern deigns.
Mohr. 4132 Hasten Toret 2C9 Delmar 774
d inq. cld ;p K1 ' '-T-'VK-.
LACE curtiln clconcl. bt work lo-ves-t
rrire- pitrw-nix Lie cieanirg o. i v-a's
. . i,,r.L ..i ...MlA.nA. ttitniv . jitip ari'H'r
L.HU11.-) U.IU -.iihiciiivh (it .its. ,... -
rrarment to the IH-i- Cleaning and Djcln,;
LnH"cnuni j'i n-iuiii
i.i.. ni l-.d --T- minrjnlBtil 1i-1 Pl!(
CliiH) . Iini-nu-n wu, i.n-1--..- m - - --.-
R OROEI1L t CO; cirpef cleaned -Jea.
renoated. Iidiea and -rent' carment cleaned,
dycl repaired Foth thonss. 2S23 Gravoi
AMERiaVN" Storase nrd Movinc Co. ZZZ
OHvv Movinrj. pacMr-r RhipFinz, nil 5torase In
separate rooms, both phone W. II. Lanpdalfr
1'ONDED -ttirehous-. Henrv f W iefi
Storace ard Mmlni-; Co. 1512 IR Tranklln ae;
monev novanced -when denired ICInTocn C &
OUTH Side Storace nnd limine Co, Iil-t
Sidney st Hell hi Iney 235. Klnloch Ictor 1)7.
aiUJiRQb new varthouse. Grind and La
cled. fo- nafekeepln-r of furniture, pianos,
trenk. valuaDie-t, boxee. etc.; strictly flrst-clasn
movlnc. packing, shipping, etc Our Are Insur
ance the ijwe.t. Money advanced. Ship goods
our care. Estln-ates fr-c. Get our rates Both
phones 1223 31 0m e. R. U. 1-fonorl Auction fi
htora-ce Co m
llous- for furnltu. -: new and clean: low
est Insur-uic: careful movlnjr. prcklnc and
uhlpplnir 1SCS-10 U Lbouleu Licensed hr tns
State and (.''ant-.ci by Ulvbslppl alley
Trust Co for C3.00O
I'tiitrtml On; nan., mflma f earh 4fi
Ekilcn DcL 1703: IJndell 16W
nnALTY Wall Papet anil falntlnj Co. ZK
njJton: pliore l) 150. don't be afraid to de ua
a trlnl we can surpnc9 vou: c.h or time.
ADMS. th .tamp man. 3H Jf. Slsth st.. St.
Lou'. Mo.: rubber stamps, seal-, stencils, etc :
cood. cheap nulck Write for new list.
EXCELSIOR btencll Works 31i o'ive. for
steel stKmpu. sterclls. burning brands ri-bber
tpe. seals brass and aluminum rheess
rtst it. ind Mock JL IJberal Arts building,
-ftorldt Fair: both rhonts.
BEFORE movlnr. sll furniture and feathers
don't vrant: yend p-stat A"hton. 1111 S Je.Tn.
RU (.-peonlhand furniture for coa, mist b
cheap and Rood, call earlj W W McCI iv Real
F-tate Co. 1I2S Chestnut -t ; Kinloch DM
FKVTHLR b-ddlng winted. pay vc to S3.S3
pound, postal T J Evan. We t End Station
rEVTHERs verv highest prices paid hon"t
wt-ignt i-o5ii iop" 1'iiiow to . jj-1 1 ting j
lULfiii--) ,, pii."s or corieniB 01 miru. swiu
lngboue, tit: teip-r tre qtialllr ana 'arEp"" W
ct.antlt. th- Ix-t'cr wt an- suite L SCI O lfe.
W NTKI rurntturp b the niece or car
load hlchst p-lc n.ild Mooie. 22tJ Wash nt
W K cav h'ghf i can cries tor hoj-eioH
furrtrnrt, p' in-"- "-tc.. al buv -ntlre contents
of flats or reI1tscfr. ra'I or senl postal. Ls
nnri Au.tlr- Cry. 121D 21 Ot've nt
For -j.iie.
AN'LIENT lrihoenny claw foot fumliur-:
French I hail clook tabic1 chairs. Id'2-boar-V
old Iirnb and nwter 3.STJ Ilnn-r
T a barcalu lm-1 oal heater. In fl-st-class
condition eber- 4 nil Ka?iin
T j is r.iii hat.rg 'tove. $130 up. lot
cook t-rv-'" $rf Lp 44"0 1-TPton
COMPI.irTE furnl-hins of 12 rc--ms. go-xl
ci -tne- ffr ciuntr. bmrr r rwondhand deal
irs (I'll at nnc 3in Luca- ave.
CTiOK to pnd Ai-rn i-e burr-r. call
at fD'i- birgnin r3 f v.m .r
lot R roll. h k -o h--itln -tovf and
Iron !! sfrln-r-- nt-jn 4i4 Mifhtt h
Tl RNirtRI. of 5 ron ilat new. sf"l rent
ing l-t-citlrfl a-9 Iw-Imji-
Fl UNIT-i RE Lrpet- ru- leath-r chal-.
to tib'c turtu'rs. evtrything chea -Ki
I T.ck -t
GAS rung $7 ffldtUMPl $ I'm bItea-I
T''ir-c aittrv . - wattr coo' - 3. SW
XMl'ItO. ED Nw Mod I rTtng maih'ne. like
n-w SI 1 teel rane ! sjw , (--pnt'-nth
LI RLE rood heatlrg ?tne, good as Deff
-"w; I1nne
LVPGE v-"d heating -jvr gtjJ as r.-w
y-fi Flrn nv-
IlorsriIOLl furniriiK- Larxim (ail -C13
V "; IJll olace I'l-n I'niT S7
1 01 K" I-i-v All kin is if furniture and
tov'' eoo-j a nw cn if Ml Fourth
MFDiL'I-sli; oak d'nn---m table at a
1-arzaln 133. V King ehwnv
W LNLT fo'dlrg te I cl-o d uLle bd 3130
GL lit m 1 fejther rtltws it ljtjj to
n-t al'o ot-ier ltldin 1 Olive
Furniture, Oarpats,
Room r-iz- bra t d iron 1 d- leathe
rnttii n n- wir-- fa-liine ami a full
line o n w f in tur ..n t and I uieLcI I
goo t- fi" bHlp p 1 if-- I a-. -Ja ng r on
an KnVn at rr -ntlv r l iu I Kr a rran 1
ppnrun!t fo tt e a t Jft I u e-etrping to
sav n 1
L-QGAN ST ilor ti ifrjl Morgan st
fevss and Ranges,
In-n-e- ocl. see our r-w hent -f'ove for
crowd! -pr-ora mil -- relther "mrk -"O- dirt,
ro etoi-cpioe a cr'kl can enrry 1 fi-cn 103m
to room $- up. n-w furnitur irpt5. etc.
fo-arIor brlrnom anI iinisc-r xm ircn beIi
at 312- Lp 'ah o- rr-JiU New tcrk Storas
Co. ZTil to 2n Wash
AOIF. Steam fnrwt (aanp Co.. 3c Pr
yirl vv Eaftcn a- both rrcne-"
AMFRICVN st"a-n i-cei Cleaning .o Car
pts e'e-red --nd rTioxat d made over and laid.
NhMf-n-h sil Pun l-u nrt MS D 7
CHICAGO S-3m Cirr-t CIaning Ci . W. X.
rieCourtnti Vamger Cape tenovatrd. tfotc
llc n"w Lin V2Q Kin. 1'el 2431 3S23 I iny
T LOl I- uam la-p-t (leaning Co. OU
I'ltrn phorr IVre- ." Ijelmar 774
FMI'IRF St n vanjt Clenninr Co.. W Wa
frrran Mannger arr--t- renovated loo II:
nw 2133 Ijicas. tt-I Leaumont 23). Kin C5-?8
Sctnoff Machlnr.
M-.L make-- ev 'nr mnchlne. S3 to $2. r
nairins 21 bargains DaN . Co., 713 V
SEW ING marline, automatic, good ordr
123 X n vrth b
AR?OLCTEIA heapest plac r"U-Ical intru
ment, vlodns si up. n-andolins $1 23 up gtnta-s
$2 up J F "mUh Mu-I Vo.r 9 h Rroadwav.
CAT !1L!.'J. larpaln-. Upright piarc.
FlnT, I-te-, Vof, Arlon Mendel-schn. B-n-edict
Brf 1K1 S J'-fef'or
("SH tiHi.l tn" utiTi-ht tilanos. corrf-t nltos
saxnnLon--. Lar ton, tuba, clarinft. -e-!":.
bas vloliis ftt lonr PHcht WL Olive
FIRST f'LAsS okitio n pairing of all Kir J u.
f ictor, , nrlt-- r phon t-r e-tlmit.tM Main
I MM T Bunn-en llano MTg C liOIivc
IIFAR the ju. of a KraL?u"-iia.ni!ng"
t It-ear it .. v buv ft. wId bv Din I G Hunker
F'uiro Co . huurteii h anil North Market
PI NO for sale ur icnt. sM'-buard Ire-r.
tcbl", Ft(vr rus" luldlog b-?d. toilet tar,
-te 1C7 Ter--
SILVER-PL TI"I Ph comet---, Higliam t-'O.
Corn t23 Courtoi- tilde tromb.jr- $2s alto cat
opnor- 5JL j i'larijt a. son 113 itroarwav
TO buv 1 plan la cr an Apul'o, Sicilian or any
Ifrctrii attaihimnt for piano Ham Trimp.
iiiz N 'anJ tei. uet iwi iingrii sji.
W TZ tiiti!-k it! 1 titnj with n-w antl rt-e-
onuliand ir-:rum'nts writ for catalogu- und
barpain" J Placht -v son 113 S Broadwaj
$14S buyn fine upright oiano. Pcbubert
Moiter. 2vJ2 Frinklln ave
J33 bus Cn Meinway piatw. co-t $.63. :!
anl cuvrr 1414 N -lv;nth
$23 to $73 bn- fin sjares. induJ'ng St-In-KLFEKAMp
5110 will buv D cker II-os up-I?ht piano, in
per'ect cnilltl n 32v3 s JciTmoit.
$. 3, $3.33 54 pe- mnnlh. lowest prices and
bfst a-orim-ntr rent allwel If piano U pur-Lhi-ed
F C Ftntth. mfr. I.HDUCTIY piano-.
1012 Olive st A K. Whltaker. :ugr
ffsm n-.Tn!?i $153 buvs fire new up-
OUB S?0!aL jsi' nmu-rts
fiE?3-,r? 1 njnircnts. th ii-i-
UI s" tC K . ufictur-t s nxme cist
"- &'-, In tt.- iron l.tuf. inl
Ftiarnnt1! fcr 10 yejr--. the bl50t nlt.o 13
the ctt KU:K!v.All HUUb 1'U.NO ru.
r; l"arlv av.
3? veirV cxifrlcnc- noth rhones
aal Piano Bargains,
LIUDBLR I-iano Warcrocm-. in Olive t :
I" G -mith. Mfr F Whltaker, Msr
All u- n w plan-js h"ivll. reittice.1 th.s week
to make mem r r hoI.da stxk special Ijw
pri'ts in all cur lln-s. ---ave mony bv tujing
vnur ptuno novk f-tn- nw piano", $173 ti $&.")
W ire munufacrUi . is uuu can alw ars --av i
jou -? to $100
Vime big lurgalns thl week
$273 medium size urright. good make $113
$3.t-j Hardm in upright in line condition . I4
VJi u.i.Ight as good as new . 1.-
23 line oak upright, nearlr new . .. 13
Other good bargains In ued riano. $r-0 to
Squares lmc"t civlng them awav $20. $23.
$3o. S-73 $l 30. upward, Llndeman, richer and
other nake"
O-gar- Closing them out-$20 $25. $3J. J
Klmbali rtev Ma-cn .t Hamlin, Camp and
ether makes. RKVDRL'UY Piano Uar-Ton-n--102
Olive et ; P G Smith. Mfr A E. Whlt
aker. Mgr
In secondhand Grand I-iano Webc
Grind. JiW' two Steinivtiv Grand", one
S2ST.. the oilier $2?3. Cltlckcrlns Grard
SHS. Will bp sold for c-f-h or ot pa-ment'-.
or v. HI rnt A tev. Rood square
pianos at cry low prlce
DO nu dance DarciiiR rverr nisht. Iftrrkc .
Temli and Oiive. in--true. ion free. Mart to-div
FCLipsE Daiicine Acadenjv. Cbrl-c - Cava
Hall. Washington and Jefferson, parties Wed
ne"dav and "j-aturdav evenlmr. SuDdr after
noon and eventnc: lefons Tuedar and Friday
evenings llarroonie Hnl'. Elelitcenth and Olive,
nartl-- Thumlav ard Saturday and Sunday
cvenincs le-on3 ilondav everln-r all lata
darce- anl new mu?Ic. Ahrent tL Alber-.
JOIN Professor De Hono- clis for ("sin
ners thl week. Acndem-.. iSn4 Olivs ?t. rine-t
in United fctate; no Mturdav nlcht or undav
danclnc cr saloon connected: thore wlhln-t to
Join a select s-hool. call at onre. cr -nd for
catalc-rue, Kinloch nhoriA 291 Delmar: elect
receptions even Thursday evening.
I WANT to buy law, medical ard other -pood
hook-i. Dan Linarir. book"ller. 521 Mirse.
OLD bocks and magazine- bought In any
qtanUty. Address Rcok Luyer, C N. Tenth.
TAKE a rour-c in the St. Iyul- Witcrrrak
Inc bchooi, 3SI3 Easton ave . nnd become a firt
class jev elcr: --u-nd for circular.
H VVK vour d-er-cs nnd shirt .alts embroll
ercd. hemstitched or stamped by Mra. Mur
naghan. COG Olive, room 211. reasonable prices.
II 'WATnr Manager, with caplln'. to S
8H take big-rest. Itest and most sitccesslnl w
Q orld s Ialr production en th road. M
K KK 5. nepubllc. 5
... ii.,. m'.I.MaI. Ilof-lfa UV-A (&UT)DlieS.
coot! mantles Ic each; three for Zc. Condon
lros 102: Mirket
........ .-...-.. nflHtDTVl IT! till"
oles anl heel- our .hoe. -. while vou wall
onen evenirg''. -- jiu-c-
.. . ....r-... ...... 4mm ai-w tn hIy rhalr-i.
HAIiiinifc nxiuirt. v"l 1 1-
cfceip tiranaview ii&ieii .
REST family coal. 12c bu . delivered. m it'i--1
Coal Co.. S13 S Fourtf-enth: nlion- f M
POOTISLACK, stand, truitahle for baior shop
21U Olive t. m
CAsll regime- for sale; la.2ton,1,, r
rt rondltlon coct $223i for lla. 1" Mullmr'
,... ... i vsiiiuiil p-ih rirttr
. .-" "-"--. --t;' ""..7'c .iii:"-
10'ai nnaer jrgrn iiaun. j-i - ...-. -j
Ihfr-1 Edvanl Dorr. 634 Mo-T-in Kin.
CU-J 'L.Kri .letm-citaninK uumk. -"-tinker
boiler extractor, steani board, etc - )
COUISi-K In Ir.trrcatlo-ial Corr-p-'rnlMic
Fchool conslsf.nir o drawlnir. sJ-ctchlnK aul
prt:tl.-. co-t :. will sIl for :: If Inter
stnl In art aildros 3L, 11 Kepuallc
DESK !tol!cr-tci aril tfj.ol.lnrf oit.i
cuilr alnost new nnl .' J17 11r.'
KI.CO NT :irt"i r.kcurf : doUMe stole.
Irches lone si" I u tnIN alnio1! rr
rtt -!i onI Si Ko a uepuoin;.
FIVE hun.jrHl tlisii iur -.ciui- "-
r-ln-.. ox. wolf ad n-arten. at manufacturer
wt. bur lliect irom the rranu'acturtr aiv;
sit- dennrtmt-nt-'torc orofit" Halman t.
mm'r l 1 ra'miiu gr r-w.... .-
ff ru- f--. r-n .-i..-! 1t hushett COO'l
no'Jeh for anybciij try bushe's. 0S N
FJch'etrl'i Kin. C IIS: feril rostiL
KIM)I.iNO wood oak i4 hi korv cut si
Ii-rrtli John M.er znM Ijicas. Kliioc't r .
I'EINTINO mati-Tial. cylinder prefrs. j
pre-sy folJ.r cnttir. tp U dar."t.
m OHe.
PIX1Y Iron bol ro-nolete: drffs-rs. toI."t
-ts louche cot. a-hol.- an ranzc. Fairbanks
Mor). 19-h -n rolin ersine and dynamo
fr-clal electric iroo.i- i ractlcallv nw. a: .1
barsaln. 1HH McCau-'aial avg
TAIIvCIt-lIAPI" nerceats and .Jits. hats,
anple "hoes, y on II. )b lots for countrr
nwrcfcantj che-p. tJo-Tion. SG Morgan.
ThN-Itl'IINKH rtaurar.t cas ninc. wit t
can p- top. dlsiwa3ier. hard-top tables. l-
TIIR CaIIfo-ni Commlf'Ion offr for sale at
a barea'i ) rare Ciiifornia trce ana plant..
lrdiKllcs V 1 ear-rt'rt crarse tree. all l
boxe- tor pric" and partctlar' call at th
t'ato huldi-s at th ttctV.'- Fair
1 HIU F rw rol.T-ti i-ks on ofnc ' fcjlr
th-?p 'k ri"l- a bireoln T Laftvttf
TV.O fi-cla-s tl kt to Je Tork Tla B
rcur X-vr r-k r'estral, 'ip're NoTmbcr 'J
l'ror- MtJ-i ItSj.
1" burr:'-- sas rnnpn with rot-Tafr heater
ard bollr cbn trore Hotel. Clara are. ana
Rinzbur- boj rar '
Ifare vou a I-nK- tm "nlnslp. felt or Iron
roof Corrr it wlt'i "Uanlc ItoCrc It Is trf-st
for old a 1 npi roof", and for YiJler-. cutter?
decks, balconies, etc lL.";Uc roof I"alnt ami
J'oonnjr cTtnt t-111 st p si-all leaks. Wri
for ampler and lafo-matin. Zatioaal Litlc
ItcoSn'r Co Chemical bid?.
Auctio-i als ccnduct-d In any part w
:Z sh cltr 58
L. I!Lt2IENKn XT. ,i CO,
Z1Z FrankUn ae. JO
vxwrxrsy.'wsr. .ip.-ftL-
Tor sale-.
r.EJIINGTON- ti h OUvc. Undrrac I
typ.v-itT V t 3T rit3lv fro nontns. J2.
i-t Louis Typtrcr ,er Ex ran-ie. 811 OHte St..
mil- fo-
SillTil J-ItEJIIUn No ;. nea-ly new; wtll
oil 'ia-1 KE 1 Kesubtlc
lOUl: Icttrr cf the largest tocs of slljat
Ir "-ed nm record'-sj-d typewriters In tn.
rountrv standard makts -araleed f'r en.
ytnr. "OM ana i-nted eterywh-Te; send for
bargain and rental rate card. The Tyr-'wrifr
Eictanse SiS X Xlnth st.. st- Lot-ls. ilo.
JT4CHI-4nnT --'OH SUE.
DTKAilO- and Mo'crs. nil ry;es ana vclt
" for a' or rent, we buy !ectrica! raa
cblnery H.wltr MicCnven Kl-ctrcal Co .
Grand IT1 irj Victor -3: conptcn ani Papl-.
VTtZ zr amavs i the rrar":-i fu" snr Kill
of nacfc!',r- or -- r ( ! In that 1 n
Pt Ixral- P-tn- --1 -t. iv ." rmts.
Save the Natural Tooth bv till
ing or crowuin;. Restore the iuias
injj ones bv P.ridges or Plat-3.
S E. Cor Siitp nnij Locust "! St Lou's.
rll Aa-thln?tiii Avenue.
LVtabUshed tn t ir in S Loui- and. ther
f r- I cannot afCa-iI lo rt v my reputation br
duln- jv- d-ntal -vcr "- are not corrpetlnff
with tn-a;. s.dvtrtb'In-s' dentists or fak- dental
coll-st---"; but do th bei.t dentistry at reasonable
TEirrn extracted without pain.
rltten -trnrantee with all tvoni; no student,
your v-or-v vvill be Icn b s-ntlernanly cperat-.r-.
cf mlddl-- ane
Open fcumlny and Lven.nss.
The Iirj"t Dental l:oom3 In S Loui'"
i-i:nio -il.
ic eneai srom itanxoipn county. Nortii
Caolina. vitl cive her addre-s-a h- will leirn
-w methinj to her advantace K.H2 S7. Reaubtic
A DIITECTIM: prlvatej coes snado-rlnr and
ln"j:icatlrc. -ef P. O Rox TTO. Ft. IxuIsl
DK MUV ARTHUR'S Gold-n Seal Fenaa'e
Regulator; price. $2. 2gl Wa-fclngton av-.
DR CAZn.UX. 2SV WaMnzton.treat-t Irr-c-untie-
and all female troubles; 23 year- evt
LROO TNtO l ruanmee-d to rellee up-p-rion
3J ho-c. D- Caioaux. 23-tJ WathlnTtPii
DR U.iw-,r de-ontr3t free. Hcnenan
Halt ThurMiy Sanday nlsht tuzsest'en
tii-sbt 2421 N Grand.
IfciJIf. rn -tttu.ntor nrer fAlIi-- co'nolet
tiT-xlrnen: fret- llr. C Starr. 2323 FranVIn
ID1LS" phys'c'Rn revive bfcr and -1-a-Ins
renin -"ment. If In trouble, cnil 2215 Olive.
MJDY irE I-,ereive dcMne; ccn : ladies in
trouble eali Infnnt3 adepi-d. 2Sa La fa y et te.
XI1 A -pCHPOEDER receive ronflnmrnt.
ladi--. cill. ZZtl Fran-Pin
AIRR RRIDGE lady doctor rla.-ed to met
her PBtipta at Sv Laclede: Kinloch ClSo-l.
MRS M. DIEHL. lcng N" JefCeron. receiver
connem---nt- and adoptinn; rart pav In T,trk
PRIVATE rcntter weaKnr5s. etr either x,
aul-klv cured 1 tratrnert fre- . IOTA X Ninth
DR. M&3Y AnTHURa-iK-ost-
liable Hanltartum for confinm-nt In thlt elti
perfect -ecTu.Ion nnd heme c mfMrtT trai-e
nu'sis: Imvp- Iffm! all fmala t-nTxt.. .1.111.
full treated urder ao'ute CTLarantee; kutles
when n-edirg a fpeciali-t. come or write.
ITIvate llcned hom for ladles befor ard
durlnj; confnement: oldest and most rel'abl
irstltut'on In t"te State, established orer fortv
years; home comforts, raotherlj care' Infants
adopted: irreenlarltles successfully treated: eat
isfactlot sua-a-ttel: ladles In troubl. call cr
writ-- S31 OUvc st - ra" rr
Mrs. Warrance and Madge Grayme.
lrh-ate home; confinements Slo: adoption If
de-lrtd: perfec seclusion: tralred nurses part
pav In wcrk: ladles In troublr. call cr write.
MAOTvt Phono 1S-7C.
Absolute -eclU5len before and 'Turin: conttne
ment. term nronpbV Roth pbone
Ladles won't resret calllrj:: satisfaction euar
jntccfl. turns lea.nrabl... ao medicine. 113 s.
ourtceith ,.: tel Kinloch C r3
.?: &-?.ceo,s.-wom" a
Fatlents rece!ci at nn time, before 0rrt
uurire conllnements. Infant, adopted. If jt.
- rel. trained nurses; home comforts: ladle in
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