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hava navtr known thla rent
adr to fall. Tou -win aaTa
time and fallnra by wrltlnc
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am acum
UJU no no nm, .-' "-A.ir w
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ft. Xoala RcpraMlo Baalaeaa Offlcc
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8a0f Edwin Kertrin revoked a rooent
ardor ot bla predeaessor, Jpdee Phillips,
ir "which the Utter reduced assessment
tt aromlnent looal eoacema. Jadse Ker
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WMm ifJMI pvt CUM CI
Witfiirifii sTMi gratfSi
s;.,. :-c
Ff Recllalnz Chair Cart t
Slnptn amd Dlalar Can.
Ticket Offices
lve and
Sixth, Union Station
World's Fair arounda,
Hnaala Receive Rooae-relt's lnrlta-
tloa for Second ConTentloa
at the Hacrne.
St. Petersburg Nor. 8. Forelsn Min
ister Lamsdorff has received through
Charge d Affaires Eddy, the American pro
posal for a Second Peace Conference at
The Hague to proceed with the work bo
sun In US9, especially relating; to the
rights and duties of neutrals and other
questions, like the bombardment of un
defended coast towns, left undecided by
the former conference. The note, it Is
understood, takes rains to avoid the ap
pearance of desiring; to wound the sus
ceptibilities of Russia, the action of the
United Stalea hAVlnir hm nrnmnl .-
the initiative of the BL Louis Peace Con-
10 response has ret been made, but
thero Is strong reason to believe that al
though Russia conuot show off enso at the
propoatnon from the United States at this
time, Inasmuch as the United States was
actually at war with Spain, when Emperor
Nicholas proposed the original conference,
Russia will decline to participate so Ions
as the war lasts.
At the Foreign Office the opinion has
been that a conference after the war
would be profitable, enabling the Powers
12 J60. ? many vexed problems, but
that it Is Impossible for Russia to par
ticipate drains: the war In a conference
whoso tendencies would be to limit the
activity ofthe belligerents, and In which
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(Teaoer of Chief Deimond'i Stall Re
atcni After Service of Sev
enteen Years.
Louis J. zlegler, after twenty-seven
years' service on the police forco, hand
ed In his resignation to Chief of Detec--tlves
Desmond yesterday to take effect
on Saturday.
Zlegler states that he will go Into the
mercantile business, but friends assert
that he has accepted the local manage
ment of a detective agency. Zlegler has
been a detective for seventeen, years and
was one of the original sixteen who
formed the, basis for the present force.
Of these. Chief of Detectives Desmond,
James Tracy. William' Tucker. Edward
Flynn, and' George Badger still remain in
the service, stationed at heodgnarters.
Zlegler Is known as one of the best
sleuths In the business. Ha has a keen
eye for crooks and a:face once seen by
blm Is not forgotten. He enjoys a na
tional reputation by reason of arrests he
has made while on detached duty.
. Sent to Join other detective forces
when thieves were feared at gatherings
like the Mardl Gras celebration and expo
sitions like the Pan-American, be has
covered himself with glory, tfia work
here has been so uniformly good that
Chief Desmond himself was unable to pick
out the 'beet., One bit of work In particu
lar was the solrinr of the Ross Furrier
robbery. Burglars got into the place and
made away, with furs valued at between
S5.000 and 110.000. Zlegler fastened the
crime on Lotus Bwavne. Louis Kemme
and John Williams, and recovered the
entire plunder.
vihi unur bnanuco
Commissioner Gray Will Require
Strong Evidence in Father
Aylward's Case.
James Degnan, One of the Men
Accused of Having Fraudulent
Naturalization Papers, Born
in Alton, 111..
If further evidence Is not produced
against the Reverend Father Aylward,
assistant priest of St. Patrick's Church,
who was arresed Monday, charged with
having registered under naturalization pa
pers that were fraudulent. United States
Commissioner Gray, before whom tho
priest will appear this morning, will dis
charge him and the case be dropped.
Two arrests of persons charged with
having In their possession fraudulent nat
uralization papers were yestarday made.
The men arrested are James Degnan of
No. 133 North Seventh street, and Patrick
Kirk Sr. of No. L90S Cote Brllllanto ave
nue. Nono'of these men had their naturaliza
tion papers with them whon taken by
United States Marshals before United
States Commissioner Gray. Degnan,
however, swore that he was a native of
tho United States. He paid ho was born
In Alton, 111., and that he was 10 ycara old.
Degnan was released on his own recog
nizance to appear again next Monday.
When charged with having rtglstarcd
falsely. Kirk stated that ho was lawfully
naturalized In the courts four years ago.
He said that ho had been a resident of the
United States for twenty-one ears, and
that ho wis bom In Ireland. Kirk stated
further that he has been for ninetn
years employed on tho Easton avenue car
line. Ho was released on a $500 bond,
signed by Patrick McGlil. a Deputy Cir-
cuii iieri.
Actlom of Independents Forcea Op
ponent to Offer Liquor at S1.23,
Despite Official Ruling;.
Peoria, 111., Nov. 8. The whisky market
Is demoralized as a result of the war be
tween the Independents and the trust.
Despite the action of the Independents
yesterday In declaring JL24 as the bedrock
basing price for finished goods, the trust
Is offering and selling thousands of bar
rels at 5L23.
The refusal of the Board of Trade
authorities to allow the trust to post the
price at SL23 forced thn trust tn tnke
ctlon to protect Itself, and 10,000 postal
uuua noro boul out. nouiying me traue
that the trust houses all over the United
States would fill all orders on a basis of
The action of tho Cincinnati Board of
Trade In refusing to allow JL23 to be post
ed was merely following out the lino of
action Inaugurated by tho Independents
In this city. The refusal of the Peoria
board has created somo feeling, but the
majority of the members are friendly to
the Independents.
From trust headquarters In this city this
morning the statement was authorized
that all orders, no matter how large,
would be filled at once at the low price.
The Influx of orders for tho past law
days has been Immense, and the reserve
stocks are being rapidly depleted. Lower
prices are predicted, by those on tho in
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Funeral Takes Place in Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Nov. 8. Funeral services for
Archbishop "William H. Elder were held
at St. Peter's Cathedral In thla city to
dajv From the beginning, when the long line
of clergy Archbishops, Bishops ana
I priests marching in solemn column from
uo cainearai residence around to the
front entrance of the vast auditorium, cn
tored, chanting tho laudes, to the final
act, when the five absolutions were given
to the dead, one absolution by the highest
authority of the church In America, not
a detail was overlooked, making it an
exceedingly Impressive funeral.
Many notables of the church were pres
ent. Long before pie time for the begin
ning of the services thousands had gath
ered In the vicinity of tho cathedral, but
only those having tickets wero admitted.
Krle Railroad to the Eaat.
Through Pullmans and coaches; lowest
rates. Information at 102 N. Fourth at.
Private Exhibition of Chrysan
themums in Building at Fair.
That Indian Territory clUzens have a
sense of the artistlo along horticultural
lines has been demonstrated by a private
exhibition of chrysanthemums In tho In
dian Territory building at the World's
Fair. F. a Hubbard. Executive Commis
sioner for tho Territory, yesterday re
ceived a varied assortment of chrysanthe
mums, and they now form an attractive
feature of the decorations In tho parlors
of the building.
The flowers are of creat sizes and beau
ty and wero grown by C. W. Moore of.
iuimi(CR air. ,-iioore nas made a spe
cialty of the cultivation and growth of
chrysanthemums, and has made a num
ber of Interesting experiments in grafting
and hybridization. Mr. Moore is not a
professional floriculturist.
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Folk's Manager Goes to Arkansas
to Investigate Gusher.
N. W. McLeod, the campaign manager
for Mr. Folk, received a telegram yester-
u7 uuu. on in large quantities nad been
struck In a, well on property owned by
the Greyson-AtcLeod Lumber Company
near Arkadelphla, Ark.
Mr. McLeod had already cast his vote
and he departed Immediately to look Into
his new find. A. long distance telephone
message said that oil was flowing ifrom
the well so strongly that It was feared
thowell was not ready to withstand the
Annuel Meeting and Smoker.
The. North St Louis Business Men's
Association will give their annual open
meeting and smoker on Thursday evening,
November 17. at Social Turner Wall Thii-.
Lteenth and Monroe streets.
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Mrs. Hose Lentz's Third Attempt
to End Her Life Was
a Success.
Despondent because of continued Ill
health. Mrs. Rose Lentz. wife of Doctor
N. Lentz, made the third and finally suc
cessful attempt at suicide at noon yester
day by drinkinc carbolic acid while alone
In her home at No. 1301 Carr street.
The three children were at school at
the time. Abraham, aged 13, being the
first to enter the house on their return
home at tho noon hour, found his mother
semiconscious and suffering; Intensely
from the poison. He Immediately notified
his father, who was but a few doors away
at his office. Doctor Lentz summoned
Doctor M. Friedman, whose office Is at
Fourteenth and Wash streets. They both
hastened to the home, where every effort
to save the life of the woman was made,
but without avail. Death came within a
fow moments after their arrival.
Twice last August ILrs. Lentz attempted
to end her life, but both efforts were
without Euccess.
The first attempt was while In the office
of her husband. She attempted to drink
carbolic acid, but was prevented by a
friend, J. 9. Mehlmann, who was present
and snatched the bottle from her hand as
she raised it
On another occasion, and within a few
days after tho flret attempt, she drank a
quantity of chloroform liniment, but this
attempt was also unsuccessful.
Immediately nfter the second attempt
her husband placed her In the Baptist
Hospital, where she was kept under treat
ment for several days, only belnp per
mitted to return home upon promises of
never again attempting- suicide.
Yesterday she appeared to be ereatly
improved In health and spirits and irave
no evidence of her Intention of s"lf-de-structlon.
Mrs. Lentz procured an unlabeled bottle
of carbolic add from some unknown
source and retiring to her bedroom drank
the most of It. The partly emptied bottle
was found lyinjf upon the table near her
X. D. Lausblln has resigned from the
management of tho Missouri Athletlo
Club and has purchased the popular
Schrapp's Restaurant at Seventh nnd Lo
cust streets, where, under the name of
tho Laughlln Catering; Company, excellent
servico and popular prices will bo main
tained. Hungarian orchestra every even
Secretary Ryan Says Operatives Ac
cepted Cot in Wasrca and Should
3fot Remain Idle. '
Springfield, ill., Nov. S. W. D. Ryan.,
secretary-treasurer of the United Mine
Workers of America, left this evening for
San Francisco, to attend the annual con
vention of the National Federation of La
bor. Before he left ho Issued a statement to
local unions of miners In the State re
garding the attitude of tbe miners In the
controversy between the operators and
the hoisting engineers.
He said that last spring the miners of
Illinois wero forced by. a majority vote of
the' organization to refrain from striking
to prevent a reduction of wages and that
the Executive Board of tho miners could
not consistently sit Idly by now and sec
members of the miners' union remain idle
and, to all purposes and Intents, practi
cally on strike to prevent the engineers
from receiving tho same reduction that
the miners had been compelled to accept.
Tho engineers, Mr. Ryan nays, have had
no standing In any other State than Illi
nois. Woman Ran Over by a Train.
Jennie Ituffln, a negro woman, living at
the foot of Krause street, was thrown
from a coal car at Krause street and
Iron Mountain tracks. The engine passed
over her leg, severing it from the body.
She was taken to the City Hospital, where
her condition was pronounced serious.
hi Mill. I6U nan yuwajs Dougm
St.-l -
and Locust St.
The World's
In Ave and six piece sets, J18. to 175.
in four-piece sets, 18. to 20.
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rKtt "" thousands of lllus-
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ry. Tableware, Art Goods, etc.
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cember 1st, a copy of which will be
mailed to each of the first 15.000
persons sending In requests.
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Commissioner General From Great
Britain Entertalsa In Honor of
Sir Mortimer Dnrand.
One of the most exclusive dinners of the
season was given by Colonel C. M. Wat
son, Commissioner General of Great Brit
ain to the World's Fair, in honor of Sir
Mortimer Durand, the British Ambassa
dor, at the Washington Hotel last even
ing. Twelve persons were present. Including
Colonel and Mrs. Watson, host and
hostess of the occasion; President and
Mrs. Francis. Sir Mortimer Durand. Di
rector of Exhibits Skiff and Mrs. Skiff.
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Dlas Albertlna and
others of equal prominence. The dinner
was Fervcd in a private aimng-room ana
the decorations were suirccstfve of the
season autumn. Autumn leaves predomi
nated, with chrysanthemums and other
flowers neatiy interwoven.
President Francis. Mayor Rolla Wells
and Mr. Albcrtlnl called upon Sir Morti
mer at his Hotel early yesuercay morning
and accornoanled him to the World's Fair
grounds, ."n informal reception was held
at the Administration building; by the Am
bassador, where he met the officials and
Directors of the World's Fair- He was
then driven about the grounds for a time,
and later, with President Francis and oth
ers, was the cutst of Colonel V.'atson at
luncheon at the British Pavilion. After
luncheon Sir Mortimer was again driven
about the srounds, returning to the hotel
about B o'clock.
This evening Sir Mortimer i:nd the offi
cers and Directors of tha World's Fair
will be guest of Colonel Watson at a din
ner at the Washington Hotel, at which
tlmo the Ambassador will meet many of
the prominent citizens of St. Louis as well
as the foreign Commissioners.
Sir Mortimer was much impressed with
the World's Fair, which he thinks is tha
greatest exposition the world has ever
seen or probably will ever sea. He was
particularly well pleased with the British
exhibit, which Is most comprehensive In
every detail.
Engraved, Calllns; Cards.
100 fine engraved cards, with copper
name plate (script lettering), for 11.50.
Samples on request. Mermod & Jac
card's. St Louis.
Many Friends Attend Services for
Weil-Known Merchant.
The funeral of Richard M. Murrell was
conducted at Christ Church Cathedral
Chapel by the Reverend Benjamin E.
Reed, rector of Grace Episcopal Church,
at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Burial
was in Bellefontalno Cemetery.
A large number of friends of Mr. Mur
rell attended the services. As a mark of
the esteem in which Mr. Murrell was held
by his associates In the store of the Wil
liam Barr Dry Goods Company, the heads
of eight departments were selected as'
the active pallbearers.
The funeral was a large one, nearly
every employe of Ban's attending, while
there were large delegaUons from the va
rious clubs and other organizations, of
which he was a member: The procession
formed at tlie Southern Hotel, and pro
ceeded to Christ's Church Cathedral
Chapel, where the funeral oration wa? de
livered by Doctor Reed, who was a warm
personal friend of Mr. Murrell.
The active pallbearers wero: W. L.
Shaw, J. P. Maynard, Samuel S. Kerr,
H. W. Warren. E. F. Beach, J. P. Downs,
C. A. Golfer and William Peck. The hon
orary pallbearers wero all close personal
friends of Mr. Murrell. They were C. A.
Thompson. H. C Lewis, W. C; Stelgers,
Richard Forrester, George M. Wright,
John H. McCluney, Rudolph Limberg, F.
R. Rldgelr. A. E. Faust Jr., Frand3
Krennlng and Adoiph Mcuvtlle.
Weddlns ninara (Solid Gold).
Finest qualities, $3 to CO. Mermod &
Jaccard's, Broadway and Locust.
Forest Park Elects Folk.
Forest Park University, by a class elec
tion last night, gave Joseph W. Folk S3
votes to' 27 for Walbridse. The students
also balloted on the national election,
electing Roosevelt bv a vote of E9 to 23
for Parker. For the last six years Forest
Park Unlversltv has voted on the election
and not onco has the choice of majority
been defeated In either the State or tha
national elections.
and Mock .
.! Fair: both
.s:..i- alizgP'".-S:--h.-?.
-.'ei ii gHg.--y.gTOTO --r..-
Grandest Jewelry Establishment.
Art Glass.
"""The demand for this
ware has more than
tripled in the last few
months; it is being pur-,
chased and is very desir
able for presents. It is
decorated with gold and
colors, the design is cut
and the gold and colors
laid in and then burned.
Kapples, ILK) and up.
Vases from liEO up.
Bottles. J2.C0 nnd up.
Bowls from 13.75 up.
Other Fancy Pieces
from 15. to ISO.
Gold Watches
(Like Illustration.)
Heavy solid 14-karat gold hunting
case, elegantly hand engraved,
new small size for ladies, fitted with
nickel movement.
Special $'
Other Solid Gold Watches, ladles' size, at
from 119. to MOO.
Gentlemen's Solid Gold Watches from
125. to SSG0.
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Flke Gatekeeper Arrested.
Jacob Adbela, an East Indian, employed
as a gateman at the Mysterious Asia, on
the Pike, was arrested yesterday on sus
picion of stealing YSR from Jamahl Kahn.
an East Indian. Kahn says that while
they were walking downtown yesterday,
he felt Adbela's hand In his pocket, and
that he later learned that the money was
gone. Adbela was arrested In the after
noon and no money was found on him.
A warrant will be applied for this morn
ing. J. H. HARMON.
Ctatralla. Mo.. Nov. a J. H. Harmon, ared
72 years, died here last night. He was en the
iirnt ar.d In apparent rood health no to a
bnrt tlmi bftr hH dfath.
Itching, Burning Palms.
Painful Finger Ends,
Shapeless Nails. .
Inflamed, Itching, Burning,
Sore, Tender and
Soak tie hands on retiring in a strong,
hot, creamy lather of Cuticura Soap.
Dry and anoint freely with Cuticnra
Ointment, the great skia core and purest
of emollients. Wear, daring tho night,
old, loose kid glove, or bandage lightly
in old, soft cotton or linen. For red,
rough tad chapped hands, dry. Assured,
itching, fererlah palms, with brittle,
ahapelsM natla and painful finger ends,
thla treatment is simply wonderful, fre
quently curias; la a alogla application.
Conplote local and constitaUonal
treatmaat for every bamoor of the
skin, scalp and Mood, with loan of hair,
may now 6 had for on dollar. Bathe
with hot water and CtrHeara Soap, to
cleaaae the errfaoe of Croats and scales,
and soften the thickened eotlcle. Dry,
without hard rubbing, and apply Cuti
cnra Ointment freely, to allay itching,
Irritation and Inflammation, and soothe
and heal, and lastly, take tha Cuticnra
Resolvent Pills to cool and cleanse the
blood. This treatment affords Instant
relief, permits rest and sleep in tha
severest forms of Eczema and other
itching, burning and scaly humours,
and points to a speedy, permanent and
economical cure of torturing, disfigur
ing humours, from pimples to scrofula,
.from Infancy" to age, when all other
remedies and the best physicians fail.
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mrm m ianao aq rma. Ba. prT!l za7).uu
MtMaaop.s. Pvpoti
t fcmaa.
27 CksrarfiM
H'l firta. J Xn da la ri
BaaM. 117 Cihialuill.
r unt m caw. ci
Cra aU KttHduL
arttaa tar - On u Can Sruy Baawai
'"M "' ,- , 'J ssmfr-
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