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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, November 23, 1904, Image 10

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John and Helen Krmienskl. 1128 North Twra
Ueth; bo7.
Will and Minnie Kreplln. SO North Spring;
Daniel and Nora Crimralne. 318 Laml; bor.
Mania and Mary Gettherx, IS Gejcr; boy.
Jatcb uid Charlotte Hall. IK2 South Third:
Joseph ana Margaret MIHt. 3778 Lucky: boy.
J. If, anil Eliza Mages. B1 Tapln; boy.
Matthew and M. Marshall. S291A Manchester;
John II. and Clara Nlemeler. 2S22 Caroline;
louls A. and Lena Pfundt. 26H North Elev
enth: boy.
X end E. VIehmann. 2357A Hebert; boy.
Robert and Kate Wles. I3 Papln: by
A. and G. Zlmmermann, 1012 Arsenal: boy.
Valentine and Martha Kolocbslcy. 14K North
Twelfth: boy.
William J and Ro Hemker. 2M4 Olhe: boy.
Thomas and Kate Roach. St. Louis; glrL
Oliver and LlzzZe Shoult. 2122 Courtclp: girl.
Walter and B. Fagorselskl. H27 North Twen-tl-th:
John and Anna Murry. &C sith Ewlng: girl.
Joseph and Josephine Knlchel. 422JA Chou
tau; (rin.
W. A. and Te.a KHiur. St. Louis, girl.
Mike and Anna Flcn'ng. 7W Bovl. girl.
friaries and Dora Cal-ln. 1143 Talmste: girl.
James V. and Jennie Conn ay. 21S Vine; girl.
Ulnarfi and Soura Darleria. St. Louis; girl
John and Roa Albert. SC33 South Broadncy;
James A. and Anna B. Harri. 2219 Franklin;
John and Amell Hennessr. 3IMA Ohio: girt.
William and Kato Housermeyer. 2SM North
Twenty-second: girl.
viarjes ana Katie west, 4741 Michigan; gtri.
Lo and Mary Marchelvska, 1421 North Thir
teenth; girl.
Henry Ouellcer ,
Mamie Felscher.
fTsrlas H. Wlly..
IJlllan V. Hall.....
Thomas Brodsrick....
Wlnnlfred McMahon..
raul M. Moore
Mamie Andehuler.....
Oora-e P. MueJ'er....
Ida M. Krausnlek....
.. KZS Botanical
.... S605 Columbia
..- 2301 Carter
27CC Caroline
U'i Llnde.ll
..t Westmoreland Place
2 North Tajlor
Warrenton. Mo
.2124 OtKar
2214 Chippewa
..1442 North Fourteenth
..1442 North rourtee-th
Jorph J. Kautxtnacn
;4oreua eoi
Gerard W. Helbllnt .
Annie Mary Blerbower.
Thomas McDonouih
Laura, Smyth
Joseph Dwyer.
Julia Roland
n. b. mhit.
Adelaide Crcft
Floy Iieuchan.
William S. Eoler.
Bertha E. Dcppe
Edward A. Jese
Ida M. Schroettner
Ausust C Knlerln
Florence Zajrrabekl
William Kollenbeok.
Pearl Sypher
Samuel Greenfield
Carrie Webber. ,
F. II. Soencer
221t Morgan
2229 Morean
, iy2 fTndeton
..1223 North Fifteenth
1705 HtdJl
i:o; Blddle
2127 Grarols
1201 Arsenal
Commerce. Mo
Commerce, Mo
OakvllI". Mi
Oakvllle. Mo
i 2541 KeoVuk
1113 McGurk
251J Soutb nchteenth
.254) Missouri
, Burilncton. la
Burlington la
.......New York Oty
Point Flearoct, N. J
ETIrabeth. N. J
2S03 South King's hlchway
S120 North Eleventh
14J5 Farrar
, oil! Lawton
....M 23 Soutb Compton
Beck, Mo
Maxwell. Mo
4335 MafSU
110$ South Ninth
Nola M. Boady.
.Antone Schroeder...
Sophia Kampemolt..
Frank Eemes
Mary A. Gendron...
TVlIHam C. Noil....,
Annie Grab
J. A. Taylor. ,
Anna Menken .
Guy Drummond
Cassle Clemens
.Plttrbura;. It
Rnshvllle. HI
Lawrence. W. Gentry. 2C26 Pine
Catherine Schmlederjana. St. Llbory. HI
Patrick E. Dixon PIttshnrir. Ta
Johanna Hayes 1224 Prairie
Crover B. Grad4y.. 143S North Market
Louise Leet. S2 Theodosla
Joseph H. 3okien 2T24 Cottae
CaJierine S. Costello... 2454 Bacon
Nathaniel Hall..-. S711 St. Louis
Jliry Williams 3709 St. Louis
amee A. Biadshaw. Beatrice, Neb
-M1..0 Buchanan Beatrice, Neb
William Bruer.
432 Grarols
4211 BlnEham,
.....107 South Ewlnc
272S Hickory
3136 Hickory
Millstadt, 111
V..1S23 North Market
MolIIe Baisch
William L. Kappock..
Mary E. Ryan
Ausust llolden
Ottilia Josiel
Vincent Massmazm....
Clara Nlsstatr
lsii Dealer
James T. Walker. Clarksville. Mo
Lilly Lambert.
..10 Hortense place
a W. Huirhes ....
Addle Aurlen.
W. W. Lllea
Mary Bawmur.k..
Joseph Rosselll 1....
Caroline Pumer. ..
Herman Wolff. ,....
ChrlrtUie Ellebracht
Fred J. Kramer. Jr
Alblna M. Crump
John M. Tomaszewski Jr.
Frances H. Knopp
4419 Labadle
4421 Labadle
.........2210 Randolph
1900 South Third
3337 Paxe
sn Paeo
..2912 North Eleventh
..390S North Eleventh
2344 Madison
....SU North Garrison
22S South Eichtecnth
..aiuwauxee. wis
Geonra i A. Klnxer. 1S27A Cass
Mary Stahlheber. IlSS HoS
Thomaa J. Hasan.. 238 Howard
Theresa Huelslck.
.2t3 aturaI Bridge road
Alfred J. LoulvloU
Frances Brugler...
James F. Bennett
Katie Bunyon
.519 Blddle
519 Blddle
1225 North Vandeventer
2S43 Garfield
"ViVA"73? Michigan
....C33 South Broadway
Dixon. Ill
Muskegon, Mich
215 East Sherman
2243 Montana
1221 North Grand
......... ......5554 Vernon
Charles A. Larson..
NelUe Hogan
Charles P. Wenger.
Sarah J. Miller.
Irank O. Mosblech
Adelheid Breeher.
E. Park Hewitt
Trances L. Cullen
Clyde V. Bowline
2614 Adams
.2709 Carter
Emlell A. Drakeschmidt...
Lbuls H. Springmeyer...H3S North Fourteenth
Pauline Agena 1309 Monroe
Thomas McGrati n;s Collins
Margaret Dolson. 1305 North Sixth
P.'.V? A-y.ose1",-; 4557 S" Francisco
Lillian Fitzgerald 5335 Lee
hn ' n,1?. Golden Eajtle. Ill
Ea El Russell 3337Kossnth
WII'.lam:httx -3J Ruswn
Annie Wclsel ms South Second
Emll Oppermann 4338 North Eleventh
Esther Cunningham 4310 North Second
John sJ. Crawler.
4225 Arco
4124 Cook
CU9 Oulda
U9 Oulda
...3723 North Ninth
2314 Salisbury
2333 Sheridan
atiA cook
..Nacogdoches. Tex
1051 Thomby
...4469 Westminster
.....SSI5 West Pine
.2713 Madison
.....2515 University
..Los Angeles, Cal
.911 Tyler
2443 Evans
....3643 Evans
Bllen A. Flynn..
Victor Dressier.
May Helbert
Harry Gans
Illrdle Mae Grinter....,
Peter H. McAndrcwa..
Llllie L. Donahue
Mansfield C Bay ,
Maude M. Hubbell
George A- Cram
pella 8. Martin
George A. Gase
Mamie Mellert
Wesley H. Kalde
Katie Emerson
Ernest Jenks
Mattla R. Roe
Wedding; Rings (Solid Gold).
Finest qualities, C to 123. ilermod A
Jaccard's. Broadway and I:usi.
MMM. -.-------i-i- --- ,-.-ii-,i-i-n.run.rx
-Joseph RotUer, 1 yeara, 5211 Michigan; pceo
monla. Jttarte Lambert. 2 rears, S910 North Ninth:
Earl Dudley Foss, 5 rears, C954 Bartmer:
Jda Brown, 1 year. 1915 Chouteau; diarrhoea.
Johanna RuedUnger, 1 years, 2451 Wisconsin;
Christ. Bursicrf. 57 yeans, JeSerson and Utah;
lu-vx dlscaie.
Jsmes Condon C5 years, 2914 Lucky; traernla.
r .Ilchael ilc-V.-.Con. R years, 2738 Rutcer:
John It. Ea licit. 61 years. Marine Hospital;
Emma Lewis, 23 rsars. 136 Sonlard: ocldent.
IMilsa Lang. 32 years. 2214 Carr; cocanimptlon.
JUl'a A Evens. 71 yeara, 729 Vernon; cancr.
Ceorse V-hroeder, 72 years, 2855 Page; ne-tJu-.tyr
Inii . Fields, M years, 726 Bayard: cancer.
Nellie Oanley. 26 years, 1518 cat's; fever.
James ,R. Trimble, S years, 2317 Maffitt;
IMullae Hatrig. 31 years, 220S South Third;
Samuel Chambers. C3 rears. 2534 Bernard;
Mary JenKlns. 25 years, 921 Carr; hemorrhage.
Wllflati a arris, S3 years, 1521 Locust; peri
tonitis. Anna V. Schmidt, to years, 1211 Morrison:
Michael Sullivan. 71 years, Poorhouee; pneu
monia. Valentine VeBar. 31 ream, 4030 North Broad
way; typhoid fever.
l.eah May Campbell. 22 rears, Cuba, III.:
peritonitis. t
Kate Maimer. 50 rears. 1449 North Seven
teenth: bemorrhags.
William Lloyd, 54 years, 4250A Brans; bron
chitis. Wl'Uan r. Eckstein. 52 yeara. 2725 dark:
John C Schmidt, C yean. Lntberan Hos
pital: plenrlsy.
Martin Gracrek. 35 years. Emergency Hos
pital; cossumutlcn.
JefTeraon City. Mo.. Kor. 25. Secretanr of
fitato Sam B. Cook to-ay issued certificates
of incorporation to the following companies:
Inulalana Purchase Trading Company of St,
Jula: capital stock. 32.030: directors. Georro
Mlltenbergcr. J. E. Davis and W. I). Schofield.
. American Adlnstment Company. Kan C3ty:
crnltal. JlOjOOO: C P. Allen. H. W. Allen. 8.
T. Porter. F. A. Campbell. E. P. Masl and M.
C Campbell.
The .Buckingham Investment Company of St,
Ivuis rued certificate of Increase 6f from 3500,-
too to-lsowwo-
Western "Lean Ooxpany: R. J. Rlgle- and B.
Jj Wlesner. 167 shares each: H. a Fisher. 1M
bares; to do a general loan business. Capital
atock. half paid, 33,0X1. w"
-Jlanseon, llardlng-and DowdsJI AnJuetnent
Company; Edward W. llangson. to shares;
Thomas M. Harding', SO shares; William O.
Dowdall. 49 shares: Thomas F. Mansion. 39
rhare.; to encase In and adjust all kinds ol
tin and other losses, to dsal In real estate,
lean money, etc Capital stock, half paid, 12,
000. The Eidson Publishing- Company: W. It. Eid
son. SCO shares; Charles V. Hatfield and W. A.
Eidson. luo shares each: to do a general print
ing and publishing- business. Capital stock,
fully paid. 10.J.
Corliss Chemlca! Company: Albert J. Meier,
2.9S0 shares; LsIlo V. and Wll'lam H. Curtis,
.) shares each; Charles H. Talbert and John
n. Iltshop, 10 shares each; to manufacture and
deal In chemical compounds, preparations,
drugs, fats, waxes, etc Capital slock, lull
paid, tso.soo.
riErunLic special.
Sorlngfleld. Ill Nor. 22 Certificates of In
contoratlon were tuid to-day by the Secretary
cf Mali an follows:
The olen EJlyn Water Comranr. Glen Lliyn:
capital. S6.C"): to operate a sj-tera o water
works Incorporator Edward II. Zander. C
L. Moulton and Charles J. Hui.on
Th Ehy li"cr Compan). Aurxri: capital.
320O": manufacturing and mercantile. Incor
porators J. M Eby. Charles C Loser and T
II Dav
Tlic Peoria Drill and Seeder CBmp-iny. Toorla:
capital 125 "00: manufacturing lirriciiltuMl ro
rlements Incorporators Samuel D. Weed,
George T. Pace and iJUtln K. Jt.hnson.
The ITalrficld Butter rac:riry. Fairfield: cap
ital. 31.7). manufacturing butter, cheese iind
Ire cream Incorporators J, H. Crew?, J. It.
Cable and.C C Turnur.
LOST A1T roc.iD.
IOA L-ist. at Worlds Ta!r. Norembr
n;!nk boa. nward. 5QS3 Vernon
tniET Lost, ft italr carpet; almost n5-;
checK-d; South Gcyer ae. Tutlay. btnn
10 and 12. Return to A. Esweln. Ninth and
TV) oinlr.g. Reward.
CHARM Lom, a gold thlrty-second-dcirree
Masonic charm, with diamond In center: lit
rial reward paid. Ednln Schlele iCo.SO.
Fourth sL
COLL.4.RETTE lxU Tuesday, at World's
Fair, sealtkln collarette. Liberal reward on
return to clerk Washington Hotel.
FOUND The rlaco to ret a good shoe FT
I2.W. Harris fehoe Co.. 437 N. 6th. nar Locg'!t.
H..S a Pular Bear cold feet? Not If he wears
Harris's Polar Calf Shoes. 437 N. Sixth at.
NOTlCt; Is hereby riven inat two 42) rotes
signed by A. B. Thomson, datxd St. Louis,
October 37. 1904. payable ninety 19-r) days after
fuel- date to the order of A. O Edwards ft
Pons' Brokerage Company, and by it In.
dcred. each for the eum cf fle thci
eand collars (15.030.00). ana bearing Interest at
the rate .. fcur and one-half per centum 4S
per cent) oer annum, from maturity, to each
cf which when lost was attached a collateral
agreement sorurinr Its payment, are the prop
erty of the undersigned, and have miscarried
In tr-e United States mall, and all persons t
herebr cautioned against dealing In the same
In any manner. Washington County Bank. Po-
tcel. Mo
ft U'l Mo. Oct. 2S. 194.
TIN Lost, black-enameled pin. with pearl.
Return to 435S Llndell and recel e reward.
PIN Lo-t. at Columbia Theater. Monday
evening. I. C. athletic pin. Return to 506 West
End place: reward.
TICKET Found, railroad ticket to Naahtllle.
Tenn. Apply 2247 Hickory at.
WATCH Lot. lady's rold watch Saturday.
Rerard. 1819 Rutger.
WATCH I will pav 110 reward for ths return
of watch, chain and locket lost on Suburban car
Monday evening. C Blschoff, care Carleton
D. G. Co.
WATCH AND CHAIN-Lost. ladv's gold
watch and chain: fob marked "S. K. II."; lost
Saturday afternoon either at ShaWs Garden or
on car returning to city; Vande enter line.
Return to Fidelity Building, cor. Grand and
Franklin aves.. and receive reward.
TTILI the gentleman who took by
mistake from Barr Cafe a cravmette
coat marked Parker & Bridget, Wash
ington, D. C. return same to Bureau
of Information. Wm. Barr D. G. Co.?
NOTICE Is hereby gien that I. the under
ngced, will, at the east front door of the Court
house, in the city of St. Louis. Missouri, on
Wednesday. December 7. 1904, between the hours
of S o'clock in the forenoon and 5 o'clock in the
afternoon of that day, sell, for cash, at public
vendue, to the highest bidder, the following de
scribed personal property:
240 shares of the capital stock of the Cumber
land Coal and Coke Company, a corporation.
21Si thares of the capital stock of the Cum
berland Construction Company, a corporation,
organized under the laws of the State of Mis
souri, of ths par valauo of 310 00 each: raid
securities having bten pledged by one T. C
Dorerrus. to secure the payment to the under
signed cf four promissory notes, as follows:
One promissory note dated May 6. ISM. pay
able on year after date, for 39.000.
One promissory note, dated June 6. 1901. pay
able on or before one year after date, for 52, 4v0.
One promissory note, dated July 21. 1902, pay
able three months after date, for 5400.
One promissory note, dated February 12. 1904,
payable thirty daye after date, for S3.U00.
And, whereas, all of said notes, together with
the Interest thereon, are now due and unpaid;
Now, therefore, in pursuance of the power
vested In me under the terms of said notes, I,
the undersigned, will sell said stock as above
set forth. ESTTILL McHENRV.
ARRANGEMENTS can be made so that your
money may produce 6 per cent annually, giving
a guarantee that It will not suffer any loss;
that It will not be used In daring speculations
cr loans to foreign governments.
For Information address.
3A de Zaragosa 34,
Mexico City. Mexico.
M-.--.--- i i-i-ii-i-.-,'-i-ii-.-M-M-M-w-wrm.i L.cs
BOOKKEEPER Situation by widow as book
keeper; experienced: expert correepondsnt, busi
ness exscutive. demonstrator: references. Mrs.
S.. 2S46 Franklin ave
BT young lady to do plain sawing or addreas
Ing envelopes at home. 1613 Glasgow.
CHAMRERMAID wants work in hotel
roomlng-hon-e. 823 N. Twenty-third.
CHAMBERMAID Situation by colored girl as
chambermaid. Mary Butler. 11M Franklin ave.
COOK White woman cook; private family or
boarding-house; city or country. Call 912 Wash.
HOUSEGIRL Situation by young girl to as
sist with housework or work In store and bakery.
C. J.. Iron and Grand.
COOK Situation by good cook: don't object
to washing or Ironing; small family. WR 14,
COOK-SltuaUon by excellent cook In family
or- boarding-house; sober, reliable white man;
highest city references: moderate wages for
right place. JM 42. Republic.
HOUSEGIRL Good girl wants place to do
general housework In private family without
eiM-umK Ur iiuiims: iroou cook: can give net
of references.-
r befor 12 a. m . 4454 Easton.
HOUSEKEEPER Situation by widow as
housekeeper. Call 1219 Chestnut st.
HOUSEKEEPER Situation as housekeeper
In well-to-do family. TO 13. Republic.
HOUSEWOMAN Situation wanted by neat
younc woman to asslct in house work or cham
ber work In small family. JM 25. Republic
HOUSEWORK Situation bv colored 'girl to
do general housework. 212 Center St.. down
stairs. HOUSEWORK Sltuauon by girl to do house,
work, or cook for small family. Call or write.
1430B Singleton st.
I.AUNDRES3 wants out by the day. A.
1724 Linden.
dress. 2605 Lucas.
by flrst-class laun.
LAUNDRESS wants out by the dap.
Williams. 720 N. Thirteoith.
LAUNDRESS First-class laundress wants to
go out by the day. Jessie. 1430 Linden.
LAUNDRESS Colored laundress wants
Wednesday-and Thursday. 2102 Morgan.
LAUNDRESS First-class laundreen wants to
bring home small bundles. 2203 Morgan, rear.
LAUNDRESS Colored laundress would like to
S cut by day or washing to take home. 3010
LAUNDRESS Situation by first-class laun
dress to go out by the day 1427 Franklin ave.
LAUNDRESS Situation by a reliable woman
to wash. Iron or do cleaning. 1613H Wash, up
stairs. In rear.
LAUNDRESS Colored laundress wants last
four days or hcuse cleaning by day. Stella
TodJ. 2014 Walnut st.
LAUNDRESS First-class laundress can take
home a few more washings. Call. or send Dost
aK Lulu. 214 N. Theresa.
LAUNDRESS Colored girl, best references,
wants several days' work; laundry work or
cleaning. 1514 Linden, upstairs.
MAID Situation by colored airl as maid or
laundress. Address "Lucille." 23 S. Fourteenth.
NURSE Situation by young girl as nurse;
speaks German and English. Miss Schueller,
2924 Vest ave.
NURSE Situation by woman to wait on In
valid ladr or. child: wlllinr to leave city. Ad
dress Sisters of Mercy. Twenty-second and Mor
gan SEAMSTRESS Toung seamstress wishes
sewing In private family; 31.50; permanent place
desired. 2S50 Clark
STENOGRAPHER Situation by young lady
as stenographer and office assistant; several
years' experience. JM 22. Republic
WASHERWOMAN Washing to bring home.
S. Hubbard. 2526A Easton ave
WORK Situation by young lady
charge of dining-room. Address A.
A. O. Br.AUER. 310-318 N. THIRD STREET
DrcMmakers ad femmstreues.
DKESSMAKER-Thortraghly experienced hand
for dressmaker. 4213A OUra.
TtATtTINnnTt Situation fav TtMrteny4 har
tender; can speak German and (Ira best of
reference JM 10. Republic.
COACHMAN, and to be itenerally useful;
Trench-German: ?8 years; re tabic; good bablts;
can civ references. GR 131. Republic
BARBER Sltuatlot In country by barber, ex
perienced, to finish trade; sober and reliable.
KO 113. Republic
CIRCUIAIt or copy work to do at horn on
typewriter. JM 15. Republic.
COl.lJ:CTOR Po;Itlon cf trust by mlddln
sced man: collector or cashier preferred: best
of teference and bend. KG 100. Republic
COrYIST Writlmr by a aood pnuian, oopy
lrr letters cr addreselnir envelopes at home.
KH 132. Republic
DECOHATOR-slti-atlon by a church deco
rator. A. Miller. 2S43 Texas ave.
ENGINEER-S'tuatlcn b licensed engineer;
sool facton' man. JM c Republic
K.vaiNEER-Sltuatlcn by Ice-machine enl
neer of experience In brtwery and Ice plants.
Addre.s F. J. Hlnre. J12SA Nebraska.
HOUSEMAN Situation as houftman by Jsp
snese In small family. KQ 94. Republic.
HOUSEMAN Situation bv youne colored msn
to do any kind of housework. John Porter. I19S
HOUSIJMAN situation by a colored man;
would like position as houseman cr porter.
Walter Lewis. 4228 Kennerly.
HOUSEMAN - Situation by colored man f
work arcund houo anrl tend furnace- willing; tc
tak care of horses or cows. Rolla 13!urton. Sli
Ijonard ae.
HOUSEWORK Situation by Japaneaa student
for houjsAork in small family. KO 92, Re
puUlc. JAPANESE bojs want positions in families,
hotel, store or office after Fair la over: they
hae all been college boya. Please write to
James Kato. C650 Dclmar ate.
MANAGER 9 tu.ltlon by married man as
manager of a large farm or range; I thorough
ly understand farming In all Its details; also
stock raising; am a thorough, up-to-date farm
er. KG 143. Republic.
MECHANIC, experienced In large building;
can make repairs; anything; reference. De
May. 1223 Franklin.
PAINTER Situation bv an experienced
painter, paper hanger and carpenter. JM 32,
PHARMACIST-Sltuatlon by registered phar
macist: reliable, competent: references. KO
105. Republic.
POUTER Neat colored man wants posttkin
1 first-class porter. Call or write. 2624 Mill.
POSITION as foreman or Does over laborers;
am thoroughly experienced in handling all
classes of fore.gn laborers. KO 157. Republic.
SALESMAN Position to travel and do adver
tising: b-i"t of references. Chas. Behr, Efcaw
neetown. 111.
SALESMAN "ltnatlon by young man; willing
to go from hcuse to hou-e and drum up hla
own trade for some good coffee and tea house.
KO 19. Republic
SITUATION by high-school pupil, age 17. for
afternoons after school and Saturday. KG 103,
SITUATION by a reliable married manj
must have work: can give the best of refer
ences. JM 12. Republic
SITUATION by middle-aged man; good milk
er, hostler and gardener- flnt-class carpenter
and iUnter; references. JM 24. Republic
SITUATION by young physician la drug iter
cr traveling; experienced. Address Medical,
care Boulevard IlcteL 105 N. Broadway.
SITUATION by mlddle-agsd man: good milk
er: understands care of horses: references. If
required. Address M. V. B , COt Market st.
WORK Situation by an intelligent German
boy. 19: honorable work of any kind; prefer
some wholesale position, with opportunities;
good vertical penman. JM 37. Republic
HOUSEGIRL in family cf three. Apply Z!Ul
3404 Fln.
for general housework.
5947 Maple.
for genenal housework.
5685 Vcmon.
.for general housework.
4740 Vera on.
for general housework.
HOUSEGIRL Girl to do general housework.
51S9 Ra mond.
1SC1 Kennett place.
for general housework.
HOUSEGIRL German girl for general houee
work. 2412 Washington.
HOUSEGIRL for general
washing. 1225 N. Tenth.
housework; no
HOUSEGIRL Girl for general housework:
no washing. 4345 Evans.
HOUSEGIRL German girl for general hou
work. Apply 4439 Morgan.
HOUSEOIRL Girl for general housework;
no washing. 4223 Page ave.
HOUSEGIRL Good girl for general house
work. 4028 N. Grand av&
HOUHEGIRL-Good German girl for general
housowork. 3500 S. Broadway.
HOUSEGIRL-GoM gtri for general house
work. Apply 1S14 Franklin ave.
HOUSEGIRL Experienced girl for
housework. 2130 S. Broadway.
HOUSEGIRL-GIrl for general
family cf four adults. 3631 Page.
HOUSEGIRL Good, young German girl
do general housework. 4263 Morgan
HOUSEGIRL Good girl for general house
work: good wages. 3233 Lawton ave.
HOUSEWOMAN Good woman to do fouse
work: German preferred. 2904 Morgan.
HOUSEGIRL Good white girl for general
housework: small family. 4063 MoTTan.
HOUSEGIRL Toung girl to do general
housework:" at once. Apply 1023 Hamilton.
HOUSEGIRL-Gln to do general housework;
small family; German preferred. B591 Vernon.
HOUSEGIRL Gin or young woman; general
housework: small family. 1003A Morrison art.
HOUSEGIRL Girl about IS to assist general
housework: good wages. S057A McPherson.
HOUSEGIRL Girt for general housework:
small family; good wages. 4321 West Belle.
HOUSEOIRL Experienced houseglrl:
of three adults: good wages. 2651 Oook
HOUSEOIRL-Good. steady, reliable girl or
woman for light housework. 1307 Washington.
HOUSEGIRL Good colored gin for general
housework: good home for winter. 2907 Morgan.
HOUSEGIRL Girl to assist with general
housework: good home and wages. 2923 Lawton.
HOUSEWOMAN Woman for light house
work; no washing: good pay. 1556 Tower Grove.
HOUSEWOMAN Good woman for general
housework; go home at night. 4294A McPher
son. HOUSEOIRI-airl for aeneral
good room; good price; call at once.
3431 Mor-
HOUSEOIRL Neat girl for general house
work; splendid home for good girl. 3523 N.
HOUSEGIRL Experienced houseglrl; two In
family: nice home and good wages. Call CCM
HOUSEGIRL Girl for general housework;
German preferred; small family. Mrs. Furdon,
''34 Cook.
HOUSEGIKL-A rood rlrl for general bouse-
Tork: come before ! o'clock at night- 2533 N.
Grand ave.
Hnus"GIKL oirl for general housework:
small family. 1722 Simpson place, south side
of Lafayette Paj-fc.
DINING-ROOM GIRL Good German girl for
dlnlrg-room and downstairs work; no washing;
references. 4600 Llndoll.
HOUSEGIRL White girl for general house
work in family of two adults and little girl;
good home: give references, age. and state sal
ary wanted. Address KQ 8C, Republic
Tbe Trade.
buttonhole operator on Standard Machine. Ster
Ilng Mfg. Co.. 1421 Olive St.
SKTRTMAKERS Experienced sMrtmakersj
steady work. W. A. Gerry, ladles' tailor, 2921
Cook ave.
SHIRTMAKERS-23 experienced shlrtraaktrs
en a:i parts: also girls to learn. Apply Ferguson.
McKlnnev Shirt Factory, 1009 Lucss ave., or
1520 N. Thirteenth.
salary 350. JM 23. Republic
young lady;
STENOGRAPHER Toung lady stenographer;
etate exorlence. references and salary expected.
JM 28. Republic
TOUNO lady stenographers: mfg.. 310; Ins.,
36; booklet free. Leigh Bros.. Century bldg.
Board of Education building. Ninth and Locust
Instruction In bookkeeping, shorthand, type
writing and tLe English branches: established
23 years: catalogue free.;
Four night per
uiuuuj. ii.4-, ijraugnon jrxmcucaj uus. coll.,
loth and Ollvft. Bookkeeping, penmatuhlp, hort
hatd, typewiltlnr and Kosluh braachea.
Day Three months, 323; one month, 810.
Night 35 per month; three months. 312.50.
Business and Shorthand College. 219. 220. 221. 39
otflLFeSow?' JnUlolng. Individual Instrnction
in Shorthand. Typewriting. Bookkeeping. Arlth
Bietie and Penmanship. Phone S75 day and night.
Dolph Building, northeast corner Seventh and
Locust sts. Fail term, day and night, now
cpen. Special prices for a limited time. Cal I,
telephone or write far particulars.
Hotel Restaurant.
107 N. Elanteenth.
EXPERIENCED itirls wanted to address en
Telopts en t-newrtter. American Circular Let
ter CO.. Ill N. BtUL
HFTEEN girls to fold clrca'ars In our ad
vertising department. Call betwren i:Jj and 9.
and 12 and 1 o'clock to-day at in! South llth
st. J. D. Skinner.
GIRL Family of three. IS20 Hartford.
OIRL wamd to sew on ekirts. Ull Olive st.
OIRL for boardlnr-houie work. 1311 N. Ninth.
GIRL for rooming bouse.
Washington ave.
Tlfft House, 1617
GIRL, to wrap candy; good pay. Modern Candy
Co . ?24 S. Mam.
GIRL to work In lunch counter at World's
Fair. Apply Mo9 Washington.
GIRL Experienced rjrl for bakery store: Ger
man Preferred. 2730 t.'foutegu.
U1RI.S to sew on power machines. Call at
oner. Baptlste Tent and Awning Co.. 612 N.
Third at
01117.6 Clean. l!ah: vert: good wages paid
and steady employment. T7. S. Incandescent
Lamp Co.. JefEsrsnn and Walnut.
OLRLtJ to pick nuts: must be over 14 years
old; light work; experienced glr's make (t to
33 per week. Apply S1J N. fcecend it
OLRLS for nice positions, to learn telegraph
ing on our lines: pay good; silar'es. Union
Electric TelegTaph cempanj. 102 N. td st.
KITCHEN tlrls: good
street entrance. Southern
LADT or Klrl to learn printing trade;
wages to begin. 1724 Waehington.
LADIES Steady home work leisure hours: 115
weekly: established firm. Room 421, 721 Olive.
LADIES and girla: home work: 31.50, IS day
or evening; fascinating; experience unnecee
sary; Instruction free. 211 N Seventh, rccra 409.
LADIES wanted even"where copjlag lette-a
at home, evenings or spare time, and return to
us; no mailing or canvassing, 39 weekly earned:
materials free; laclrse self-addreesed envelope
for particulars. Guarantee Co., No. W 153
Ninth St.. Philadelphia. Pa.
RELIABLE rlrl for cooktnir and housework.
In small family; good wages. No. t Jjaox
WOMAN for kitchen and laundry work. 2710
WANTED Ladles to learn halrdresslng, man
icuring, farlal massage, chiropody or electroly
sis (removing superfluous heir): few weeks
completes: rraduate1: earn 810 to 323 weekly;
position waltlnr. Call or write for cctalcgue.
Moler Collere. 1110 Pine st-
Ing-room girl. 3142 Locust.
experienced dln-
DINING-ROOM GIRL At once: rood room;
good price; must be first-class. 3421 Morgan.
S1XTFEN waitresses
at onoe. GERMAN
14 B. Fourth.
WAITRESS for restaurant. 2123 Market.
Ninth st-
at once. Restaurant, 208 N.
WAITRESS Dinner only.
Nineteenth st.
Apply at 215 N.
N Peverth t.
WAITRESS Experienced waltrecs. Et. Elmo
Cafe. 3210 Olive st.
WAITRESSES Trro young gtrl to learn to
wait on tables: 34 week. 1216 Washington ave.
WAITRESSES Experienced arm waitresses;
pons others need apply. GUI's Cafe. 8860 Olive.
COOK Good cook at once. 2927 Lucas
COOK Good woman, second cook. 905 Pine.
COOK Woman cook; dairy lunchroom. 217 N.
COCK Competent cook and houglrl.
West Pine.
COOK AND WAITRESS-Lady cook and tvalt
rers 319 N Jefferson.
COOK Girl to do cooking and general house
work. 5245 MapTe ave.
COOK Flret-claw cook, at once, at the Rich
mond: wages 325. 2025 Park ave. Colored pre
ferred. COOK Good oook: three adults: no washtng
or Ironing or outside work: references. 3636A
COOK Place for good girl that can do good,
plain cooking and not afraid of children; Ger
man preferred. Call 4416 West Belle place.
LAUNDRESS for four days In week.
LAUNDRESS this or Thursday morning.
Cabanne ave.
LAUNDRESS White woman for plain laun
drv work. 679 De Ballvlere.
LAUNDRESS Come prepared to work
Wednesday morning.' 5710 Vernon are.
LAUNDRESS Washing to take horn.: satis
faction given 2545 Pine: enter on Garrison.
LAUNDRESS Experienced laundress and
dlnlnr-room girl. Missouri School for the Blind.
lS27JJorran. L .
LAUNDRESS Experienced laurdrs by the
month: white: small family: good wages: ref
erences. Arply Wednesday morning. 223 N.
NURSE Competent nurse.
Page. cor. Hamilton.
Apply at 59C5
NURSE Good nurse at Baptist Orphans'
Home. 1906 Lafayette ave.
NURSEGIRL-Glrl to help take care of baby
and heln with llrht housework 37 jo Cook ave.
NURSEGIRL and assist with upstairs work;
references; 317 per month. 57 Washington ter
race. Clerks and Saleswomen.
Wii, s
CASHIER Ladv csshler for first-class, ten-
chair barber shop. JM 39. Republic
SALESLADST Experienced dry goods sales
lady. R. B. Bullock Dry Goods Co.. 23 Frank
lin ave.
Clerks and Collectors.
BILL clerk. 375 month; law clerk. 390. Valley
Co.. Ill N. Eighth.
BRIGHT young man. clerk and office assist
ant. 310. 315. American. 919 Olive.
BRIGHT young man learn real estate busl
ness: 312 week to start. 313 Locust, upstairs.
CAPABLE young men, clerks and office as
sistants: good penmen: electrical. 345: whole
sale. 340- mfg.. 343; machinery. 340; other va
cancl; Information booklet free, Leigh Brca.,
Century bldg.
CIGAR clerk. 316; hardware clerk,
grocery clerk. American. 919 Olive.
CIGAR clerk. 318; hsrdwaro, 313:
315: stationery. 314. Valley Co.. HI N.
CLERKS for railroad and express offices,
month and up. Valley Co.. HI N. Eighth.
COLLECTOR, wholesale house. 320; manu
facturlng company. 318 Valley Co.. Ul'N. 8th.
young man of thorough practical experience in
both and ambitious to get on In ltfe: good ref
erence and surety bond: splendid chanco for
advancement as soon as you show efficiency.
JM a. Republic
Hill Pharmacy, 5901
DRUG CLERK Registered drug clerk wants
relief work for Monday and Friday nvenlngs
and Sunday afternoon and evening: references.
R. O. Harris, 2G30 Dodler Bt.
EXPERIENCED Junior drug clerk; no col
lege privileges. 1301 Olive
RAILROAD CLERK General office, freight
department: state age anJ salary expected. JM
2 Renubllc
SHIPPINO clerk. 380 month: receiving clerk,
STS. Vailev Co . Ill N. Eighth.
SHIPPING clerks. 313: receiving, tli: billlrg.
314: wholesale house. 312. Anyrlcan. 929 OUvc
TIMEKEEPER. 385 month: commissary clerk,
375 and board. Valley Co . Ill N. Eighth.
TIMEKEEPER. 350: bookkaeper,
manager, 390; traveling salesmen.
919 Olive.
375: offies
YOUNG niuv travel with salesman, 370 and
expenses. Valley Co.. Ill N. Eighth.
YOUNG man for shipping department whole
hale house, 316 week. Valley Co.. Ill N. 3th.
YOUNG man assist In office manufacturing
company: 3C5 month; permanent. Apply 913 Lo
cust, upstairs.
ASSISTANT bookkeeper, 380 month: hotel
clerk. 360. Board Room Valley Co., ill N.
BOOKKEEPER: must have No. 1 references.
Apply De Hodlamont Planing Mill. Hodla
mont and Minerva.
BOOKKEEPER who Is active and expert
enced; young man, 25 to 30 years of age; mar
ried preferred: position permanent to right par
ty: St. Louis reference preerred. Apply to
wholesale fruit house. 900 N. Third.
BOOKKEEPERS': also executive and cleri
Ical men able to fill high-grade and responsible
positions; men who can show clean records
and who feel able to fill better positions than
they row hold; our service is confidential. Call
or write for our plan. Hapgoods (inc). 910
Chemical building.
WANTED Recruits for the U. 8. Marine'
Corps: able-bodied, unmarried men, between
21 and 2S; good character: must speak, read
and write English: marines serve at sea on
men-of-war In all parts of the world, en land
In our Island possessions, and at naval stations
In United States. Apply Recruiting Office, Peat
Offiee hiag..i Eighth and Olive sts., St. Louis;
Federal building. Kansas City, Mo.: Corby
building, fct. Joseph, Mo., and (29 Church st,
Nashville. Tenn.
WANTED Manager, with capital, to
take biggest, best and most successful
World' Fair production en the road.
KE E. Republic
GEO. E. BENZ . CO.. 310 OUra St.. make
cits, special xeacunerr ana ugct
The TrmUea,
BARBER 812 Lucas ave. .
BARBER lu N. Seventh.
BARbKR 12J2 Cbuutntu are.
BARB tut At once. 1043 N. Sarah it.
DaiuB lor suady sou, fr.6 Walnut.
BAKBHK 212 guaranteed. 5101 Virginia ave.
BARBBE 114 St. Claire ave.. East St. Louis.
BARBER 05 MlssvUri ave..
East St. Luuls,
way. -rirrt-claas barber. IS N. Brood-
BARBhat-A good, sttady barber. 2733 Man
chester. BARBER to take charge of shop. U19 Man
chester. liAJtBER A good iteady barter; at ence.
Pine t.
BAKiJai Good
Grand ae
barber. Apply at 2S47 H.
BAHBt-K .1. Good barber;
Duller st.
call early. 1400
UAKBEF-Good barber:
Eirhtetnth at.
steady work. 304 N.
RARBt.R Good barber, at once; U guaran
teed. 1C57 Whittler st.
BAKBER Ocod barber;
tools. 1613 Franklin.
good wages; bring
BARBCK A gjod barter; good wages :
toole. 1915 Franklin ave.
BARBER At once, nan bo
eteady man. Cll Chej:nut.
sober and
BARBER; must be good; 310 week, board and
room. 5804 N. i.lev enth et.
BARBER for Wedsssday evening, fAaturday
and bunday: ;t guaranteed. 23)5 Cars.
BARBER SecraJ noor Chemical building.
Etghth ana Olive tie, fioure. h a in. to 7 p m.
BARBER nrs:-clasa barber: ccme ready for
work VYedresdy momlug, good wages. 203
Missouri ave.. East St. Luuls.
BARBER FUst-clars barber in good country
town In Kentucky; nre-c2Alr chop In largo
hotel, can makit 3l5 per wee. Apply to Kern
Barber Supply Co., or writs A. F. Barber, Hotel
irfitham Hopklnavllle. K.
BLACKSMITH Carnage blacksmith. 1406 N.
Flnney. -Flrst'ClF'-ss bushelman. 917
BUTCHER-Goctl butcher at once. 725 Chou
teau ave.
CARPENTER A rood carpenter for Job work
and repairing 723 N. Twenty-third
3)3 Century building.
first-class coatmakrs.
COOK Firs;-cIJs cook; apply ready ror work
7 a. m. Union Bakery Co.. Su5 Waahlngton.
ENGINEER Experienced hotel engineer,
with city references. Grand Avenue Hotel,
Grand and Olive.
FINISHER tUit 143 do '-iril rf.Kung on
furniture. Kpply IlartBsn Furl-ue ai.e Car
pot Co.. 1111 O'l".
FOREMAN General foreman for tubular lan
tern ahop. must be familiar with selling dies.
Meyroe Lantern Co.. 731 S. Fourth st.
GRANITB CUTTE0H9 Five granite cutters.
H. F. Gruetzemacher Sz Co., Theresa ave. and
Rutger st
HORSESHOER 1932 O'Fallon.
good wages. ISffl &t.
HORSESHOER Good horseshoer
charge of shop. 3353A Lee ave.
IDEAL lasters and operator for the rapid
stitcher on ladles' fine welts. Hamilton & Brown
Shoe Co.. Twenty-first and Locust.
MEAT CUTTER Flrst-claes meat cutters
capable of running shop. WR 35. Repubtlc.
MEN and boys to learn plumbing trade.
Coyne Bros. Co.'a School of Practical Plumb
lr.b. 4973-4S75 Easton ave. Send for catalogue.
PAl'ERHANGER-Call 2S0O Gravols.
914 N. Grand ave
-At once. Granville Hotel,
PAPER HANGERS First-class paper hang
ers. I. Loire Wall-Paper and Frescoing Co..
4Sn Olive st.
I'LL MEER First -class plumber to take
charge of work in city. KG 144. Republic
POLISHER f'.-." 1.0M awl i.-.unaie. Hess &
Culbertson Jewelry L ctrncr tx:h aj-I Lo
cust. PRESS FEEDERS Cylinder and lob.
Printing Company. 1017 Morgan.
RIP eawjer. St. Louis Bex Factory. 721 and.
723 S Second st.
RIP sajvvers. Co.umbia Box Cc,
and North Market.
SIGNAL LAMP MAKERS iteady work for
good men at 2:2 N. Third st.
SIONE masons
Klnri highway.
on Westminster, west of
TAILOR to work on custom coats. 1617 Carr.
TINNER Steady work all winter.
Ida et
TINNERS A. Vojlcr Sheet Metal Co..
TINNERS Two good tinners. Apply at 1103
l"ins st
VAMPEKS on two-needle Singer: back-strappers
and foxing stitchers on men's fine shoes.
Werthelmer-Ssvarts Shoe Co.
VESTMAKERS at once, highest prices paid.
A. R. Dostal. 421 Olive, second floor.
WOODWORKER Carriase woodworker, or
boy. with some experience. Uhlenhaut Bros ,
1322 Merchant st.
cooks: cooks' cooks:
We are headquarters for cooks; both male
and female. We can use fifteen to-dav.
WANTED Cotters, tailoring;, expe
rienced on bloclc patterns; also
draftsmen; permanent positions;
goad aalnryi for out of city. Call at
room 301. Llndell Hotel.
Flrst-cla&d nonunion locomotive roachtniart
and bollermakers, accustomed to Iccc motive
work; flrit-clmee pay; no fee charged. Apply
room 3, 113 N. Sixth t.
400 competent skilled cutters accustomed to
handling block patterns to replace men now on
a strike; firrt-ciass wages and permanent post,
tlons assured to good men: forty-eight hours
per week: time and one-half for overtime: open
shop. National Wholesale Tailors' Association,
Melnah Temple. Chicago, 111.
BOTS Cash bovs at Wlssmath's.
1112 N.
ERRAND OY Apply to Robertson Prlntlna
Co.. 213 vine C-
BOT City errand boy;
ences. 4120 Eastcn.
12 years; with refer-
BOV to taks care of horses and deliver or
ders. 10rt Hamilton.
BOY 15 to IS years; box factory.
ave.. East St. Louis.
S3- Brady
BOTS I'ourt-en years old. Menrel Box Cc,
Folstm and !.arence.
EOYS of 15 for factory.
Fourteenth and Fonla-.
C Helna Stovo Co..
GOOD toy to work in drug store. Rose Hill
Pharmacy. 5301 Maple.
DRIVER Bov 15 to 13 years old
coal wagon. 211 Plum rt.
BOYS: 15 to IS vcars old. Moran Bolt and
Nut Mfg. Co, Main and Florida sts.
BOY. with one or two years' experience, to
assist In drug store. 155 Shenandoah.
BOY 3 lssenger bey. Apply rocm 403, 415 Lo
cust St.: Cnlon E'tctrlc LUht and Power Co.
BOY to deliver packages throughout the cltv.
Searle Mfg Co . 1123 Washington, fecond floor.
BOY Colored boy to do Janitor work in doe
tor's office; must be over 16 ears of age. 3959
Olive st.
BOYS Boy to feed heeler: also boy to set
tacks. Apply J- E. tsgan. Brown Shoe C&.,
Eighteenth, and Wash sts.
BOTO for nice roirftlcrs to I-arn telesraphlntr
on our lines: iay pood salssit- Union. ESectrIc
TM errarh Comtany. 1W ?C. Third ft.
COLORED bor to do Janitor work tn doctor's
office: must be IS rears of age, Applr 3C9
OMV st
WAGON BOTS 2.5i a iceek. Apply
Bureau of Information, Wm. Barr Dry
Gocls Co.
IsABOREKS TBrentT-flTe brick-yard laborprs.
SL Louis Prseed Brick Co.. Glen Carbon. III.
Take Edtrardsvllle street cars. East t?t. Loul;
also tk ritver Ienf or Illinois OntrnL
IABORTRS 100 laborers,' J1.T5 day: Orarfc
Mountains. In Arkannv; all winters work
jruaranteed: rood, r-ealthy country: free roes;
shlo dallT. Downs Iahor Acencv. 4 N. Klnth.
TVe -ehlr laborers to all rarts of the country
to all kinds of work. If you want work, stive
us a call. We an thoroughly reliable and re
sponsible. AH Job guaranteed by the Western
FrnDloTmnt Co- IS S. Nlnth.
Established 1ST5.
Want LOW laborers, teamsters chonnrst
rrutbera. station men. nlle drivers and bridro
men for new railroads In Louisiana. MIsMpsIdpI.
Arkansas, Indian Territory. Texas. Kansas.
Missouri and Illinois; highest waces and work
guaranteed: free pass to all: aLo amo cooks,
waiters, blacksmith?, farm hands, srardeners.
If vou want work, an ply to the oldest, most
reliable and responsible labor aseney is St.
KOE!NTG'9 LABOR AGENCT. 612 Watent tt.
MALE stenosrapbers; railroad. ITS, SS) O):
mfr.. $65: macblnery, $63. J5: wholesale. Jw;
stenographer and bookkeeper, $75. Leigh Bros-,
EXPERIENCED collar glris. Snlshe'S. ma
chine irtrla and marrers. Mcnarch Laundrr
Co.. mi Franklin.
Trfumrtry Co..
learn laundry- worlc
1310 Nonh-.Mariet.
STARCHERS and stria to learn. Excelsior
Laundry. 1013 N. Grand are.
w v
ANT Imelllgsnt person may earn good ln
conje eorrftixndlni; for newspapers; experience
nnnceai t ; send for particulars. Press Syn
dlcate. Lockpott. U. ST
BATH ATTENDANT A 3rit-clars bath at
tndant. Donapys, Hlxth acd OUve.
BOOTBLACK la barbst hoa. 732 Chomau.
BUTLER Referenr ro.utred;
K WaahlBaUn teTrace.
325 per rprnth-
Washing ton.
Bakry Co., 29
DlMHvVA3HEK9-Two men dlsSwashers; XSJM
a wek. 121C U aaalcgton ave.
DOCTOR, good comruunlry and country:
small tjwn; no ph7lc!an trjcr. bouse ard
bam for 10U; also a taji practice. V, rite Icc
tor Forney for particulars; fcllc Flatee, rr.
care A. O. Fomei-.
DI:l ER Laundry driver: highest wages to
right man. 411 S. Twenty-ecnd at.
DRIV1.K- on cne-hottt ccal wagen: call at
occe. Hyde Coal Co.. s.9 N. Elgbtetnth at.
DIPPEh Experienced cnocolate dipper; gwvl
wages and steady work. 223 N. Jefferson ave.
FIVE young men. railroad service: Montana.
Oregon, Uua, 375; esperiejte unaecezsarT;
permanent KxCticn. American. 9.3 Ollse.
FOR wholesale hcUMr. Inulllgent young raext.
between 17 and 2v eara of age. Apply, in own
handwriting. KH C2. Republic
corner Missouri.
man. 223Z Park ave.,
HOUSEMAN Man to attend to furnaee arvl
general work around place; referencta. JM 22.
JANITORS. W3tcitmen. truckers, checkers
and freight handler?, ;, 31s. American, 3D
Lli'E-SAVER. no damp or cold feet; a shoe
without superior fcr a perfectly waterproof
shoe, eheet cork from toe to heeU between oak
tan solee. 55 shoe for 3L9S to-day. 712 Wash
ington. MAN, with vagen. for oakery; also man with
baakst. 926 PtMbton.
MAN tfa haul aaaes with
shares. WR IS. Republic
my wagon, en
MAN on express wagon, on shares; good op
poruinlty. 303A B. LefficgwelL
MAN to ait on table and make himself use
ful about hcuse. 43c8 Oayton ave.
MAN AND WIFE Woman for general house
work, man to help in bouse and take cars of
cow and horse. R. S McCallen. 206 Olive st.
MAN to work, door and sash clamp; must be
experienced, bring references from last em
plojer. D Hodlamont Planing Mill Co . Hodla
mont and Minerva aves.
MAN to take Interest and work In saloon:
this will claar you 5153 a month: small amount
handles this; see us. Missouri, Kansas and
Oklahoma Co.. S01 Chestnut st.
MARKER For wholesale house, experienced
marker who understands marking boxes with
brush; ctate age and experience. JM 3. Re
public MEN TO
Sixth at.
try Harris's CSO ssoce. 620 N.
MEN In city; pay every night. Apply 6.30
p. rn.. Factcry. Kl Clark.
MEN Sven men to sail goods on passenger
trains; new runs to Toledo, Buffalo Detroit.
Louisville. Indianapolis. Chicago and Portland:
good opening for reliable men: experience not
necessary. Applr to Mr. Jordan. Railway News
Office. Srf W alnat st.. nar Union Station.
MOLER'3 Barber Collere. Denver, Cole, or
Dallas. Tex., teaches the barber trade In eight
weaVa am guarantees positions. Write nearest
brancn for soecial terms.
OLD men to sell papers on downtown street
corners; good money made and easy work.
Apply Chaa. Daly. Circulation Department, R
publfe. PENMAN Good penman for card writing.
Call at Missouri Athl'tlc Club.
PORTER First-class porter la barber shop.
2631 Franklin.
PORTER Colored porter:
Old Manchester road
barber shop. 1127
PORTER fcr saloon and to make himself
generally useful. 1221 Clayton ave
RELIABLE person, each locality, for busi
ness position: salary 220 weekly and expenses:
expense .money advanced: position permanent:
previous experience unnecessary; buslne-s es
tablleled. Address Mr. Coop-r. Como block,
RESPONSIBLE man to run cigar store for
us; salary 850 a month. Missouri, Kansas and
Oklahoma Co.. SCI Chestnut st.
SOLDIERS and cavalrymen for Cummlns's
Wild West. Applv at World's Fair grounds.
STICKER or molder hand with furniture
factory experience. 263) N. Fifteenth.
bTRONO joung men for firemen and brake
men. Missouri and other railroads: firemen. JM
monthly, beconv- engineers and average 3125:
brakemen. 3ti0, become conductors and average
3105: name position preferred: send for par
ticulars. Railway Aascciatlon. Room ST. 227
Monros at.. Erock-yn. N. T.
TEN bench hands. Carondelet Planing Mill
Co.. Virginia ave. ard Davis.
TWO young cr middle-aged men; steady work
and good pay. 5108 Easton.
TWO young men for passenger train service;
315 week: rune South. 913 Locust, up'talrs.
TWO young men; work In wholesale house?;
312 week; advancement. Apply 91S Locust, up
stairs. TWO men to drive etske wagons, acquainted
with St. Louis and East St. Lculs depots. 920
N. Broadway.
TWO young mn for engineer corps. Califor
nia and New Mexico, 360 month and expenses:
free pasr. Valley Co.. Ill N. Eighth.
WATCHMAN. 370 month: wholesale house;
janitor. Se5: checkers. 375. Valley Co., Ill N.
WINDOW CLEANERS Ten window cleaners
(white. Apply promptly at 7 o'clock to Enter
prle Cleanlrr Co.. Tenth and Locust sts.
lOUNG man to Iarn the dairy-lunch busi
ness. Applr rx 709 Pine st.
YOUNG man to rua on passenger train;
perlence unnecessary. American. 919 Olive.
YOUNG man of athletic build to assist enter
tain: state age and slxe. JM 11. Republic
YOUNO men everywhere, copy letters, home
evenings: 39 6) week; snd addressed envelope
for particulars. Manager Department W 153.
Box 1411. Philadelphia, Fa.
WORK Tcunr man of IS. willing and capable
of learning good business: 37.50 week to start;
work In factory. JM 2a. Republic
325 security secures position: 350 month and
expenses Room 1. 1525 Ollve
WANTED Men to learn barber trade: our
free catalogue explains how we teach It quick
ly bv steady practice and expert Instructions;
tools donated: graduates earn 315 weekly call
cr write. Moler Barber College. 1110 Pine St.
SOAP salrnen earn 33 dally. Farker Chem
ical CO.. 202 N. Ninth et.. room 207.
SALESMAN Energetic man cf good appear
ance can earn high salary. 419 Panama bldg-
SALESMEN Specialty salesmen; legitimate
buInes: others have made 150 per day. why
not veu? GR 129. Republic
ALEMAN Experienced salesman as field
manager; one who has had chargs of men;
references. Bmally. SM Oilve et.
TRAVELING SALESMAN Energetic trav-l-Icg
salesman: xneney-maklnK proposition: ccm
mlwion basis: references required. JM 21. Re
public. Anjents.
AGENTS-Conroy Bros. HIS Olive.
AOENTI In city and East St- Louis. Star
Portrait Co . 1507 Franklin ave.
SOAP agents easily earn $3 to SU dnilr In
city or country lntroauclntr our box of blgnet
;rade tcllt foaps for 2tc; cill and ta'k. with
ajrfnt3 tvco are doiiis this; men In countnr -with
creTrs makf J20 dailr- rarker ChemJcal 0,
room 207 Benclst Lnlldlnfc. 292 N. Xlnth.
CANVASSER Intelligent canvasser far new
article. Applr ill Marlon St.
SO L.ICTT0R5 First-lass solicitors: neTrspaper
tyrk. Apply room 7 Republic building;.
SOLICITOR Advertlslnc solicitor for cltv.
East St. Louis and small tosns. 101 Pine st.
WANTED Solicitors: two or thr more
neat-apparine and lire house-to-house men;
city wcrlc Call 11 to 13 a. rn.. 311 Chestnut.
Iady Asrents and Solicitors.
AGENTS Ladr ajtents; 33 tolS daily eamei
tntroduclnr our SI tox of high-grade toilet soap
(or tc Parker Chemical Co., ac N. Ninth,
room SJT Benolst bu!ldln.
A SECONDHAND babv carrlare: must be
substantlaL Z. Gullbault. in Pice st.
ABSOLUTELY double price for cast-off
clothes: send postal. M. Grossman. 3107 Monran.
BAROAINS; street snd evening dress's; high
est prices for ladles and a;entv cast-of! cloth
ing; postal. Mrs. Miller. 307 Walnut. Kin. A US.
CASH remitter: any make: In (rood order and
must be cheap: state price. 1313 Washtnirton.
DON'T sell old clothes until you sea ms;
Say 32 to 3S for suits, overcoats; Kin. A 1!S.
llberjr. 11U Carr St.
MALE Pomeranian poodle for breedlnr. Heck
er. 1031 Market st.
M. DAMSON buys I1 kinds xentlemen'a cast
off clothlxvr. shoes, hats, feathers, carpets and
furniture: send postal. 811 N. Eleventh.
FIVE-FOOT procelala-lln"d
price, eta. JM K. R-puhllc
bathtub: stats
MODERN lunenroem: restaurant or saloon
fixtures- and outfit; must he cheap. Address GR.
$3. Republic.
OLD clothlnir and
hos: we pay
prices for, call W. J. Turner, sos
15 Market.
RESTAURANT linen, knives, forks, spoons,
ras. cake griddle, hard-coal stove, etc- 1215
W'ashlngton ave
SHOTGUN Brownln? automatle. W. H.
Hauss. IS Co'llnsvllle are, E. St. Louis. I1L
TO buv diamond ring-;
KG 53. Republic.
one or two stones.
TWO secondhand National Cash Registers;
suitable for grocery and bar. KG C5. Republic
Scrap Iran
And Junk cf an kinds.
Send for Prices. .
Mayer teruuier ana
Junk Co., (Ot US). Et. Louis. Mo.
sess . - - -
A. J. POLLOCK, watchmaker asd Js
,,,. trVte? ane line diamonds and IioIIdSB
presents. 209 Benol.t bldg. Ninth aaa pine.
rvstt riacs to hare that trexecs. cr st
tailored at TIeknor's. 1M N. Beventa: aua
fcr the trade and paMic
GET for your girls. lor rJTvTr
or Ka Touch: over vxrd Iocs, -stiver. sav
UBhoIrtertmr. 13 9. Eighth.
SEVERAL thousand isaO balloons lst
order. Address, for particulars. JM .. Bepuacsy
SHOES, aalf soiert. 25c per jalr: eaOT7. Be
ateriST WlL-cn-a. 1JV X. Sixth st.
SPECIAL bonaJu in fine afitvg7
guaranteed: lnvexCgate. 204 Burlngton
tkixks. suit
ic: also rsralr'agl
cheap 2M2 Franklin.
St. UvU Trssa Co.
UPHOLSTERER. Crst-eJass- snd crjta
rnakrr: prtvate beczes and hefels- Jta
DKAPING ard nphclsterlnr werk
ilctr. 4K2 Eailoc D-bxar 774: Fer
Ferest 22.
WANTED Scrap Iron cf an siaJs: sheet trsa
a sreeialtr: write fcr pricec, M. Mayo- Ess,
tSS Crjorteac.
MAN with 325 to run heeiroots: ft) W i
trlgt. OZK S. la-mdway. .
RES7TACRANT: C23 N. Ninth: want Jcart"'
375: am nnrt-class restaurant man: need b&P
PARTNER In Eood-paylrg hmchroorn; ftaa
cTpcrtunlty: 375; capital. JM 2. EepobtSe.
EXCHANGE What nave ytra to escharxs for
gvl lady's blcycIeT Win sell cheap. 2Ii Lo
cust. WILL exebacg- 150 feet of vacant business
prorerry: alsu 3a0t business blcck In Toledo,
O. KO y. Republic
AnriRESS cr m--.. Bertella wanted bT
Albert Thorctoc Natcleon Bcnarerte Hotal-
IJvFORMATION aa to the adirera et AJcxoi
D. Wamrr. Address was St. Louis aboat 1SW,
and also Kane County, minoU. Ernal! recor
try can te made. Address Harvey. Spaldtaaf
& Sons. Washington. D. C.
FOUR or five room flat: furnished or partTJ
furnished; west of 2arab A. T. Orendcrtr. Ottra
rt. shed.
AB30LUTELT cheapest place; musical Jnetrn
ments. violins 31 cp- mandolins 3L25 do; eul tarsi
32 up J. F. Hunleth Music Co. 9 S. Rrosdway.
BAROAINS: comets K. tenors 37. altos 371
barytone 39. tuba 310. Conn snare drum 32X J
Placht A- Son. U2 S. Broadway.
FIRST-CLAE3 piano repalrlnB of alt kinds
at factory. Write or phone for estimates. Mara
1051. M. T. Bahnsen Piano Mfg. Ca, I5H
"HEAR the wwil
of a Krakauer piano atns73
to hesr It Is to bur It. Sold by Dan'l o. DnaXer
yiano Co-. Fonrteenth and North Market.
FINE upright piano. left from storage; perfesi
condition: will sell cheap ror cash. Langsal
ptorage .o.. iwi lorgsn si.
FIRST-CLASS nlano lessons bv
teacher, at home if wished. JM 13. RetTOhllOy
PIANIST Apply Music Department.
May Co.. Washington ave. and Sixth at.
SOUAKS Dlanoa at -raur nwn sirtre
. 2337 Park sts.
TEACHER Good music teacher: not partial,
to color: call at once. 1225 Chestnut st.
WE supply outside towns with new and
endhand Instruments; write for catalogue ad
bargains. J. Placht & Son. 112 B. Broadway.
315 buys fine upright piano: good as nssra
Schubert A Moxter. 2GC2 Franklin ave
875; parlor grand: prominent make: It took a
wealthy person to own this when new. Bejes'aj
Seventeenth and Locust.
81 Chlckeflng upright; mil 7-octavs; cost
3500; terms to suit: It's a veritable hlgh-grada
bargain. Beyer's. Seventeenth and Locust.
330; gocd square, fully irarranted. Why not
own a plana yourself t Give the little one's
chance. Beyer's. Seventeenth and Locust.
375: Knabe; fins condition: perfect piano ft
parlor or studio
nt zor proxessionai or arnavs
teur; at montniy.
Beyer's. Seventeenth and Lo-
325 buys fine Etelnwsy piano: good for a be
ginner: stool and cover. 1414 N. Olxteenth.
!50; Weber piano; full octave; beautifcl eamdl
case: will sell, 34 monthly: remember, we can
not duplicate this. Beyer's. Seventeenth and
I the eaua! to any J23 or $275 liauumect ere
offered elsewhere. We make a mn on theaa
roodj and defy anyon to ulTe better Talue: CO
Gowa and Si a month buyj one. F. Bejer 4k
Son. Se.ententh and Locust.
1012 OLI-E ST.
FO. Smith. Mfr. a. E. Whitaker. atgr.
we have received Instructions from our ras
torles to clcse out all our used plans at cost
prices, previous to taking stock December L
i.ery one goes at cost: nothing reserved. W
can mention only a few; we have a host ot
3 350 Tjirge-slze upright, new ........3125
3 3S0 Hantaan upnght. now ...3123
3 300 Rcsewood upr-ht. In fine condition.
now ...... .............................3140
3 250 Gabler upright, now 3148
5 375 Small BRADBCRT upright. In fine
. .S2n,110m -L- csl
8 400 Elegant mahogany upright, used three
months 32SI
3 859 (Catalogue price) mahogany upright,
with ail the latest Inrprovaments, fins
condition 3234
3 750 (Catalogue price) elegant oak upright,
used two months 33331
3L1CO (Catalogue price) One style of BRAD-
BCRr upright used three months.. ..3M
A nice small square. .....33t
Carved-Ug modern squares, in good condi
tion. 340. 350 338
3SC0 Lindeman square. In good condition.. ....998
Almost give thm awav.
3 75 Organs at .........
310) and 3125 organs at
31fO Ors-ans at
livery one warranted in gpoa condition, utcr
Kimball and other makes.
Special low price this week on cur entire stocM
of new pianos. One of the meat complete ane)
elegant assortments or piancs in tne vies:. w
are manufacturers and can save you 350 to 3200.
Try us and yon will be convlncM. BRADBUR's!
Piano Warerocms. 1012 O'lvo si. F. G. Salts.
Mfr. A. E. Whitaker. Mgr.
32.C0 per menth. -a
83.(0 j.er menth.
S3.S0 per month. '
34.00 per month.
Lowest prices in town and best arsortrncat.
Handsome stool and scarf free, and rent a)
lowed If piano Is purchased. BRADBURT Piano
Warerooms. 1012 Olive st. F. G. Smith, 2In
A. E. Whitaker. Mgr.
jawsajsss,., aeIaaBasj
ATl'iiNX) ThanksjfiTlnjr ccntlsaorj flancJnjjf
at Pro Franker Acadetnr, 1H1 Chouti3
afternoon and evening.
. ECLIPSE Daadne Acaoejnr. Uhrirs Cars
Hall. Washington and Jefferson: parries Wed
nesdav an4 Saturaav evenlruc Sunday atur
noon and evenlns: lersoss Tuesday and Friday
evenlncs- HanroivJe Hall. Eighteenth and Ollva.
parties Thi'r"dav ami Saturday and San:?
evenlnas: lessons Monday evcnlnr; all lata
dances an-1 netv mulc. Ahran. A Albsra.
JOIN Prof, de Honeys ci.isa for beainnsra
this -week: academy. SCS Cllre st.: finest S
Lnlted States: no Saturday nlxht cr Sunday
danclns; or saloon connected; those -wishlnir to
Join a select school: call at once, or send to
catalogue: KInloch phone ans Deltaar; select
receptions every Thursday evenings
TAKE a conre In tie sit. Ttrf. w.t.hM.v.
inr School. ES15 Easton ave.. and become a first.
class Jeweler: send Icr circular.
EHRLICH BROS . purer rooms 32 each. rx
Easton: Del. 173: Undell 1E63.
REALTY Wall Paper and Palntlnc Co.. na
Easton: phon- D 1W: don"t be afraid to srVe si
trial- -wre can surprise voo
cash or time.
WE paper rooms, ceiling- and wans, for SJ-te.
Including paper and apod work: send postal t
we call. Echultz. SZO Cravols. josiaii
ii.iii..'.i.iSS.W W.i'H
. wi-'rant your curtains to clean.
Lace Cleaning. X1& Cass ave.
LADIES and ajentleoen. brtnr your surras'
&,rtukhFrank5ka"nl,!ff " Dl"3'
WJaxrJ-iT-ri-s m m m m - s. - --). f f . f - - n nTasAWJl
PiiItM'2iI!,r- V2CC- "hlpplns; all storare la
separate rooms; both phones, w. H. Larjiale.
kSUSP70, ?.,r'.t,ou'i: neerr O W. Wlehs
5niT J', Mllr Co- UJM Frsnklln nrr.i
m rudvspei he destred Klnlorb C KJ
SOUTH Side Sioraae and Mnvlr-e Co . list-3-g
Blarey st- PeU Sidney 335; KInloch. victor K7.
i . 5W wsrabouse. Grand anS Ls-
filil- ZK. saffkeeptrg of furniture, pianos,
trunks, valuablea. toxea. etc.: strictly nrst-elass
moving, packing-, .hipping, etc Our Ore harar
ance the lowest. Money advaaced. Solo roods
looi to 1013 aiono.vw stbeet.
Separate compartments fcr stortng- ramlrnre.
".'SF8- traila. etc Cash advanced when di-
slred. Moving and packing
at lowest rates.
wine, u m man. vain sj.
HOCM for- fiirn f trr sf . wtsk .. .. . . .
7tt.,!tt.S&fjw- .
ZtL"-; 2Z&' TZS&.4

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