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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, December 08, 1904, Image 11

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f-i -' I'-a "
T-1 "
iics n veiii;mc9.
t.AJII Itnlfl ffir hnrw vnpnnt fi'irtinii tinil
"'" "f all klr.r!r- Miller ;i! f'lrjp rt
For 3air.
A FIRST-CLAS3 Kin. wagon and harness
Z. "1(- with ilii day Job, see uj at once.
10"; T-aflftii ft.
A good hoixe for sale, rrl"" IV
3314 h. Hrcadway. or M5 Pr.rk ave.
Inquire at
ALMOST new milk wagon; very cheap. 1033
P. Twelfth st.
ALL kinl, of fwriinlhind "vehicles. will bo
sold rfKardlp.. of rest: make offer 2110 Pin.
ALWAIS ') hand. draft. Cr1I-.ff. grneral
purpose norse. new wagors. Locales anj har
Ben: rj try hcrs.s lefor n-iiii.- ccsh or on
payments. V. I. Hc-Jc. Wf N llmndnar.
BARGAINS Illc draft horse. We farm mare.
l.i delivery lion. 1137 Franklin nle
BARGAIN. inw.1 delivery horse. nunc and
eounn: city-broke: .-..so. hurra. SI; N. Tuen-tv-.flrst
Buy Pianos Now
IIARGAIXti !" clif-ap horF. ware nnd
mu!i. from J25 to tCQ -nrh; flie Fluke -ajon
tM rot of humey sg. X. l.ronduav
TilG team of hors-. lTli rranklln
HIO tflim. three farm mares, two dellerv
nor-.es. broncho: rell at jour own price. Coal
tard lCM rranklln avf.
RLACK horse and barnes. $19. exnref waj:
ons. tIS up: four runabout chcaif SUP Pin
CI.EA1; cafe family tiorw; nam-- ami rub-wr-Urrd
Kurrry. or alii Bell separately, can be
.en at Kep.Marshall'c, 1022 X Yandei enter;
aW lor Charlc. Henry.
DRAFT. invUiu ana pnral-purpjM hors.
wajrcmR, harems: cash or payment, everythlmc
KvaranWfl a p'fmfd 44T2 Cloton ?
IIND Btono buxcy;
.Easton ac.
cheap. Call at 5W4A
rIXE drHimr bory. runabout and harns:
Twice $1C3. Apply at Wotkln's Stable. 301? I'en-dletnn
Bradbury Piano Ware
rooms' Annual Factory
Clearing" Sale.
$100 TO $208 SAVED
ox uinii-cmtDi: xkw ad used
irniGiiT riAXos.
1012 OLIVE ST.
F. G. SJIITII. Slfr.
A. E. WIUTAKE.lt, Mur.
.. , NEW pianos
V"-!?. t1'""0'- usually sold for S323. thin week.tro
s.-. ' ""-. uaua'iy soin ror 5i.o. this week II 0
J Pianos, usually .old for TOO. thli neek.jrs
K-IS! P'ano. unually fold for J1V. thli neek.lrj
jew planes, usually told for J). this wec't.Stre
ew planes, usuallr sold fn it n iii. o.r t-wvi
AM hut Ina- ud secondhand furniture a til
household rood. t' rlilp to Texas; ulII nay
rai-li JII no. Itenubllc.
of elKhi-room h'Jinie
ITj'nNITL'ICB of all kind'. Trarch. ZKZ Trank
lln Kin U UVi Hell lieaumonl 4VM
nKHIiST prices for confnts of hotels, room-!ns-ntLfes:
the Ix-tter the auailty and larnr tli
quantity, the belter e are sjltPd " ' '
:0011s roit IlENT.
I.Ai-O.V. SflQA Two n'celv 'iiml.hl hateJ
cm . hot btith. gas and ail conveniences.
I i-I.U Ma Nicely furnished ro:m; well
Jifs-ted. ntfxlrn hous; terms ery reisonab e
11KLU ZXZ Iteautlfully furnished rooms;
fleam heat, hot bath, peasant surroundings:
houFf ke ping
ac S. Best room for light
nitOADWAY. 107 N line room, eenlce. W)c
'ai: low neekiy rates.
Oil, paintings; hK-hest cash nice ujid jii
Ka ton
OLD feather bed., r-aj 10c to yc per pound.
postal ltu.ill. -jsVj S. Ilroarlway.
Ol.n feither beils. pay J3 to JI7; tend postal,
r. ItaL-nIa. II X Klnlh st
R pay highest cah prices for household
furniture, pianos, etc ; also buy entire contents
rr fiats or r'sWtncs; call or send postal. Lo
norl Acctlon Co.. ltli-21 oile st.
Tor Sale.
CONTENTS of nine-room houo. complot-.
hy piece or the whole lot. Includinc Iron Iwds,
toTe. etc ill nw Itfr. i:uarnla
IXEONT qu-irtered sideboard, alio dlnlns
chairs 411a Mown.
I'INR small Jlucl
drrem: reasonable
7") I'ine.
fitoe, two eik
FIXB st mahoaany furniture: wt JI00: les"
than half 47a Delmar l iulHaM
rinsT-CISS peddler ustra; Just as eood as
nenj will sell to good party on payments. 1605
S. Twelfth St.
runxiTCItn. ton and op-n delivery wacons.
nw und ftecondharul. Younir. 14IS X. Bropdwnv?
FOR Sale or Hire Donkey,
cheap JU 13i Itrnublle.
cart and harness;
GOOf delivery horse, harness and nacon. 2513
X. Sarah st
4JOOD farm mare and new double harness,
ery cheap. 1713 Morgan
GOOD horse for delivery, top nacon and
harness; dirt cheap. 1715 MorKan
(JOOD delivery or family hors, 130: don't
need him. Call Absoreno Co. 7 Tine.
1IA11XKSS set, bucgy set, -xpre3 eet. double
set, farm: hall price. 40(3 Xorth Market.
JIAIINEBS Lame stock team. slnj:i wagon
ana ducct harness: see my une 01 DianKexs ana
saddles. A. Tuckett, IIS .1. Hroa
HORSE: 7 jeirs eld: sound,
spring wacon. 1410 Clark ave.
and covered
HORSE. S jears old. suitable for delivery or
teaming. SU X. Xlneteenth st.
IjIOHT top -narpn. cood as new; suitable for
Eroccr: will bo sold at bargain. SJ07 Arsenal.
ONTJ cood work hcrse. cheap i"J4 S. Third st.
OXB work horse, one delivery horse;
Riven. J3 X. Xinth.
OND blr draft horse, two delivery horses,
farm mare. SU X. Seventeenth st.
OXB rood, his work horse. Apply at noth
rat corner Fourteenth and Wriaht sts
OXE-HORSB coil waaon. Rood slncle set of
hamfss. Coal vard. rear 1S2S Wash st.
I'BDDI.ER'S outat: will sell separate; cheap.
J1K l-anln st. ,
l'lUG mare, JI0, kooJ worker, barffain; big
liorse. $C0. 1SO0 Morcan
SIX cood work horses, from J?) up to 101
rr head: also team farm znares, 3100. At coal
-vard. 2lt Morcan st.
SMALL mare; good worker; SJ0; big team,
J3". Crocerv-. ISOO Monran
SMALL horse, desirable for bucjry or saddle;
sound and rentle: call any lime, zn Ba.ton
OUXD. srentle horse: suitable for bugcy or
llclit dellven-. 1233 (jravols.
OUND, dark-brown horse, weight 1.400. C
ears old: too heavj- for my business; Kinloch
b 71 33H Manchoater.
THREE hores. Call 1000 Morrison aye.
THREE good work horses: S10 up: also rood
storm buggy and harness. J6IS Kinney ave
Olhr 1irli In n1-nnn,ln. .. -.-.,. 1 1.. ,. .
i.S 2 jellable nRADBl'RT pianos with a rec
ord of J2 continuous .-rears" ie at th While
l.Zu": S1".0."1 Masco Hamlin. Webster and
ether reliable makes.
Ilatuti number of fine barralns In ued
upright, which wo will close out this week at
Ritcntshlngly low prices. We can mention only
a few:
Yi flickering- upright now tU5
JiJ ?tlc ro"?""! uprfcht Jin
v -r-w r-ngiana upngnt, in tine condi
tion ji;-,
1171 Hoeood upright. In fine condition... .Ji"o
Jifl (.abler upright. In fine condition J145
in Lar HltAJJBURY upright. In line
condition jia
J400 lnegant mahogany upright. usd three
months Jis;
JCM (Catalogue price) Mahogany upright
with all the latest Improvements, very
nne condition, used to menths; now.. JIM
JTW (Catalogue price) Elegant oak upright.
usM two months; now J235
J1.100 (Catalogue price) Tine stjle ef RRAD-
lH'ItT upright, used 3 months; now... J3to
I4VI Rosewood square In rood ord.r.
Jlv Pp'endld square. In good order..
$4V Flne-tcne square
Jtv Verj- nne Arlon square
JX0 FIrs'-class squaro
JIM Organs, now
JI10 BlEht-slop organs, now
JI15 Eight-stop organ, now
JIZ Eleven-stop Mason & Hamlin organ.
now j 3;
Manufacturer BRADBURY" PIANOS. IMS Olive.
A. E. WHITAKER. Manager.
J 75
, J 13
J 14
. .ia
Easton ave
of five largo roms; Jiro. 4C65
I'L'RNITLItB or Rat m bulk or by piece
cheap EliA Kensington ave
rrnxiTL'Ki:: rarlor set. two completo bedi
and two new spring co's M31 l'olrr.iount.
J-lRNITl'nB of ekgant four-room Hat; low
rent; modern conveniences; cheap; owner golnj
to leave cltv 4434 lijstrn ave.
H()MB COMFORT range. Apply at once. 3GT.
f.astleman ave.
UUO DWAY. 12, S.-
alf block froi nnt
"eokly. free paths AP.;y Mrs Walker or Hall.
Tlnj" fnrr((ViaL,t -..
half block Iron, fceuth-rn floicl: il.M tr. t-t
'"HAM IinitS. J3-Thrrc larco cnnrwctlrnr
nrnn. tm Hoor. Vi rwr month, large room J7.
twill;, IS-G Xlrely furnished rooms
IipcpIik If .tilred
tWItlt. nj-Nicely
roomy; tfafonabl.
furnlsheii houkeip.ns
CAIIU 176 rhrfp natlv furnjhea Trent
ronro. light bouwrkffolng: 2 V; eah.
W 271 1 a two tlrf roonfc. and kitchen In
rat, bath. U1 contnlenc9.
(WS-i. ao02 Xicc larj; front
furnWinl. ira.. bath. reaonabI
CIIITNIT 12!V-Kun.lhc.l roomi for licht
nrmfK'-eplng or pcjitlomen. ond several alngJ.
"IIESTKUT, :433-Nlcely furnl'hed rooms; SZ
w-k up: ctcam heat; ba-th. cas; cf3ce; ccn-
XIU09IS FOIt ltn.NT.
LKON'ARD. fill FurnlhM rooms f-r .Ight
hounkeeplnc: gentltmen prferrfd
LVWTO.V, 331 Thn-- nicely furnished, first
floor roor.n; all conienlences, gas range, alto
slnglo room for housekeeping
LEOXAHD. IIS N'. Parlar bedroom: piano,
bath. gas. airtight heater; houekettnc njma.
IIKDEIU 3501 I"urnlhl rcomi fo- house
keeping: gas. liathroom Inclulcil; gnt.nien
L.IXDKLU 3T.W Xf-ath furnlhfd from par
lor: alw two front rooms: gas. txtli. furnace
IX)CUHT. MI FurnJi'hed rooms; one suitable
for Bample-roon.
IjOCUST. Sf14 Nice. arn front parlor, neatly
furnliheifurn.h'd ra. bath
LOCUST, 3107 Large second-ftorj- front room
vlth aIco. suitable fcr four Iad't?
LOCUST, KI Irgi room: private bath;
lno rpntlemen; permanent: llrtt c'aj-3
I-OCUWT, 2SK Second -floor fnmt room ivlth
alcovr. for light housekeeping. othr ir-ima.
IXJUST" 1G15 Large front ro-fii, ivuiubl for
four gntlempn. and nthr momi, rayoniMf
" LOCUST. 300i Three front and bark con
necting parlors; gas, bath, furnace; rates to
LOCUST, 2214 Kl'gantly furnished front
room for four gentl'mcn; als.5 oth-r rooms.
CIIKMNUT, 14II-Desrabl furnished romi
for gentlemen mli . pleasant reading-room:
rooms $l Tek and up.
- cI!OITi;ai
703 Nicely furnished rooms;
nio hall mem
SOS Koonw fcr housek piping;
HorTIIAr. 1211-Nlcely Mrniahed
roomt ftr housekeeping. $3.C) neel:
CHOUTEAU llW-Nicely furnlihM roomji for
."nt'envn cr lifUfekeilng; reduce! prlcs.
HOMU COM POUT rane. Majetlc. ban
burner. atr-Ught and hot-bla-t. 4 13 !-a.ton
HOUSEHOLD furniture, also Homo Comfort
range, at great yacrincc U7 West Ilell
IKON teds, complete. J-!, wahtand, rtc;
gotKl 03 new. Call J309 Wet Tine boul'-vanl
MOQUKT carpet--, brass beN aiM other fur
niturejjour own price 3203A OUe pL
NO. 1S2 Kadlant Home hanl-coal Mov
with pipe and board 3515 S I.roadua.
Omen furnltur and flrturts for sale. 25
Mermo.1 . Jaccanl building
hlX-PIECB parlcr suit; in the vrai.
STOVi:: Kuck's Hadlant Xo. SO; good as new.
324 S. Third fu
STOVK; coal heater: pood size and condition;
price, take away. AZ-ZZA Iag
S3 per month.
J2.) per month.
J4 per morth.
Iowcst prices in town and best assortment
Handsome stool and scarf free, and rnt al
lowed If piano 1 purchased
1012 OHe st.
AUTOMATIC piano plajer. $55; Story &.
Kamp square piano. J40; bargains In new pi
anos. J Placht A Son, 113 S. Broadway.
BAROAINS la upright pianos; Haynes Bros.,
J100: Arlington manoganj, J125; Recca & Son
mahogany. J150. Tony Placht, 1002 Olive st.
KINK pianola and piano.
Kington ae.
cheap. il23A Kt.n-
"IIKAH the soul of a Krakauer piano elng";
to hear It 1 to buy it. Pold by Dan'l O. Dunker
Piano Co. Fourteenth and Xorth Market.
OXB slightly u?l Henry F. Miller uprlunt;
sou want to see this, before buying Kleekaiup
Bros Piano Co.. 2387 Park a
TWO lire beat In? stoip only J5 for both.
1203 Charnter4 ft
WAS II STANDI $1. 12-foot awnlnff, JI W,
coffeii urn 115. 311 X Planning n.r
vb m:niv 3ion..Y to i:i,i, at
nKT.ui, Tim i:.tiiii: i'licmsiiimss
of Tin: i.N-iiin: i.x, mi:uici.
ronnsT pakic ami FitTi:iN.i,
nmu: iiotkls at tiic aioT .i:-
Iron bed, ten stvles. J7.S0 to
Hut ILAL. 1112-Irge- room, complete for
hpu.rkeepirg lath and laundry; ili a week
also (onnec ting rooms.
r LARK. l.Mcei furnished rooms for light
hrusfkeeo n ti vi ..i .... "' .,.fc
Jl V week up
CLARK. M10 l-urnlshel rooms for E-ntle-men
or llflit houreke-p'ng. a.uue-
COMIT-ON- 3021 X I.i-ge front room, fur
nished for housekeeping: gas. hot bath: reasonable
(pMITo.N- l-iace, 473A Nice. large, fur-nl-hed
fro: t rom In Vest Bnd. rrliato family
re nahle to permanent
TOK a M"A Desirable front rooms, furnace
hi at -ill conveniences ti.ZTt per eek.
"(XIv. "'3Uoom and board for gentlemen;
rellno.1 fimilv- all conveniences and comfcrts.
4Cj5 Fine front rcom and others:
modem; J2.D0; pleasant sur-
. '-OOK
both, furnace;
IJDCUST. 2311 Slity rooms and fine raf -la
carte: steam heat, free baths and telephone,
now open to permanent people. Call anil Inspect
room: JZV) per week and up
TWENTIETH. 814 X.-Xeatly (urnlstrd lane
tingle room, light housekeeping: Ji
Tl'LER. I8 Double parlors, suitable for four
gentlemen or light housekeeping.
VANDKVBXTBR. 513A X. Neatly furnished
rooms, Mnt. Hoffman.
MORGAX. 3 Excellent rofen; mcslern conveniences-
convenient to rhrea en lln... irti-i.
! family; JJ.73.
VERNON. SOI One. furnished room: 13.50
per week, to gentleman or lady employed.
WALTER 1112 Two or thre rooms.
n!hed or unfurnished; housekeeping.
WAfiH. 2201-Rooms, ladles or gentlemen;
J1.2e to Jl Hi each: light housekeeping.
WAH. IKS Two neatlv furnished baiement
rooms, complete for housekeeping: J5 par week
WASHINGTON. 1J15 Large and small rooms;
WASHINGTON. 4S1 Large front room; la
dles preferred.
WXSHINOTON. IK7 Rooms for light house
keeping; also hall room
WASHINGTON. 311-Comforuble. well-heat-
d rriom for cer.tlemen.
WASHINGTON. 2112 Newly furnished rooms
ffr tntniints day or week.
-Sirs-';TO.v. 2Slt Two rear rooms; fur-
u oi unf:.rn!hed: cheap
V. SHINGON. rrra Neatly furnished rooms:
all ronveniences. 12 &) week ur.
WASHINGTON. KEJ-Nlcely furnished rooms;
al.3 hoi-ekfeplny rooms; gas, hath.
LUCAS. 2111 Warm rooms, furnace heat. Iio:
and cold hath
LUCAS. 2S3aNlcely furnished well-heated
rooms; also light housekeeping room.
LUCAS. 3031 Nice dlnlng-rocm and kitchen;
reasonable? call immedintelv
LUCAS. 27I rurnlshed exceptionally
reasonable rates to permanent pe pie
LUCAS. 34rJ3 Ivrge roms. furnished, south
ern exposure; for gentlemen: private family,
LUCAS. 3016 Klegnntly furnisb'd rooms,
steam heat; every convenience; modcrato rates,
tine neighborhood.
MARKET. 2C4:-rurnL"hed rooms
housekeeping, single or en suite.
MARKET. 2.H2 Well-furnished rooms, all
conveniences; J1.25 week up; permanent roomers.
MCPHERSON. 4jG Exccpllonally r.re front
bedroom; also large double rooms, everything
ilcIIIERSON. 33I3A-rurnlshed room, tio
beds, for two gentlemen: houMi modem: steam
DELMAI!. 4101-Niceir furnished rooms;
conven'encs. JJt and $10
DELM-r 3S2' Sceond-torv front room, with
alcove and a smaller room
DELMAI!. 2".C4-Fuinlshed room,..- furnace
heat, hot bath, all conveniences; telephone.
WOVCn-Wlro clmnnrl.l ir.rlnir.
E.egant dressers. 110 to '.'.'.I'..'."..'.
Cotton-top mattrespes
Thirty-pound wool mattreses
Elegant pine-nber mattnssea
Quartered oak parlor tables
lejuble cane-.eat chairs
line feither pillows
Supported cots with pad
" aslistands ..
l'illow slirs '".."'
tlood blankets, per pair.
.1 19
... 1 10
... 5.00
... 1 2",
.... i ro
.... 2.;o
... l.K
... .u
... 1.75
.. 1.0)
... .20
line Smvma rugs. J173 tn.
And an assortment of ether goo Is tio -lunieriiirt
to n-c-:tlof All practically new and at half
turn itiiti ditit
WEbTERX SALYAGK CO.. ..00. Morgan.
TWO laundry 'nagen; first-class condition;
cheap for quick sale. 4131 Olive
TWO work horses; or will sell separate.
Southern Teed Co.. &09 S. fVsenth.
TWO-IIORSB s.take agnn. newly painted
nrd In ood repair. 2C3Q Saltbur
WOIUC borves and mules.
nt"lpce. 23(f7 Howard st.
I rum 320 to a
WORLD'S Fair grand prize and gold nvdal:
slnxlQ wacon. team, single and double buggy
harness: greatly reduced prices. Geo. Graas
muck. 1318 X. Broadway.
nAnnCOO Washington fav?. and 21it
ilors blankets, robes and heaters.
1117 Olive
SirOfii -ii m rmif-iiir-i rn-iririo rvr'srff-srrvrrrw"TKi
HORSES wintered; good care; plenty feed;
rates reasonable; send rstal or phone Beau
mont 144. D 64. Uecfa Stock Farm, Bellefon
talne. Io R. n. 24.
HORSES wintered; box stalls; plenty feed;
2S month: taken, returned free; ref. given; Sub
urban car. Kent Sta-: postal. West, 12S0 Isldor.
ALL kinds Welsbach lights and supplies:
good mantles; 10c each: three for 2.C Condon
Bros.. lOIS Market.
ONLY S15 for a good-toned square ptano: oth
ers for IS. J33. J45. JtS and J75 for a Steln
wa; will exchange any time and allow all
that ycu paid on a new piano. Kleekamp
Brcs Piano Co.. 2307 Park ivl.
PIANO, nice square piano; George steck
make: first-class condition, cheap. 4023 Washington.
PIANOS tuned. JLM: flrst-class nlano and or
gan tuner and repairer: 25 Tears" experience.
Send postal to H. Kault. 2330 Qravols ave.
UPRIGHT and square pianos, 7 1-3 octaves;
In perfect order and standard makes; also
pianos for rent. O. Oroteguth. 105 X. Twelfth
YOUR time and money never belter Invested
than looklrt- at those beautiful Straure pianos
before bulng. a A. Boehm & Bro 1KB Frank
lin ave.
J1S3 buys fine mahcrany upright nlano. Schu
bert Moxter. 22 Franklin.
JII0 will buy Decker Bros upright piano,
perfect condition. 3302 S. Jefferson.
125 buys nice Steinway piano; good fcr begin
ner; stool and coTer. 1414 X. Sixteenth.
AauvitiCAX storage and Moving Co. 211;
Olive Moving, packing, shipping; all storage In
separate rooms; both phones. W. H. Langdale.
BOXDED warehouse; Henrr C W. WIeh
Storage and Moving: Co. 1313-15 Franklin ave.;
money advanced when deslr-d: Kinloch C SC3
NEW YORK Storage Co.. Twenty-second and
wash. move. pack, shin or store furniture In
senarato rooms: estimate clven: work guaran.
BABY buggy and go-cart; combination; fine
new willow auto gear, cheap. jiCS2A Morgan.
BILLIARD and pool tables: nw and second
hand: cash or easy payments; cloth, balls, all
.upplles and repairing; both phones. Keversl
ple Billiard Mfg. Co . Zepp and Kosciusko its.
BUT paints, ijrcsl.es. v smashes, white Uxi:
4e to fie (treat Wesiern P.lnt and Colw Co.,
til Manchester. M3 Franklin.
COAL Lowest price del. Southern Coal Co.,
815 8. Fourteenth r C 184: open s p. ra.
COAL Illinois, standard and family: lie;
Dorr's high grade, 12c per bu., delivered. Ed
ward Dorr. 2631 Morgan st.; Kinloch C32.
FIK23 billiard and itool tshle. .nil .mnntle..
A. EL Schmidt. SSS Marlcet rt. Main JTJSM'
FUR for only 112: will sell mr elegant, beau
tiful neck scarf; Australian sable; full length;
Al order; party leaving city. KJ 32. Republic
GEXTLEMAN'S cluster scarfpln. ten blue
white flawless diamonds: pawned for 332; cost
170: soil ticket tor IS. KJ 28. Republic
HAVING purchased all the t-nta of ""Camp
L?Ki.-m wa can oner same 10 sale cneap before
SOUTH Side Stornre nnit MrnHn0- rv isni.s X
Sidney t. Bell Sidney 235; Kinloch Vlcior 607.
From World's Fair Hotels.
lion bed', worth J2 M fcr 51. 0)
woven-vvlre springs, worth J2j for 1 10
cotton-top mattrt.ses. worth J230 for 0"
6ol mattresses, worth for 1 51
Oak washstands. worth JO for 2 23
t-om&lnatlon dressers, worth JI). fcr
Five-piece toilet st. worth J3. fur
Cotton comforts, worth J3, for ,
Sheets, full size, worth 41c, Tor. ,
Pillow slips, worth 13o for
Supported cots, worth J2. for
Bex kers. leather sets worth . r.ft o.-
Sideboards. r.Ttenslen Inl.ta. I.t .-
chairs, tojkcases. vardrobes. folding beds
chiffoniers, Brussels rugs, velvet rrg- xmiu
ster rugs and everything In the fumftu'te line
at equally low trices.
123 Washington ave.
C v)
1 r:
DEL.MAR Iirulev?rd, 4542 Front room for
gentlemen, steam heat, hot lath: private fam-
DKLMAIt Boulevard. 4214 Superb rooms; prl
Wl f?1&V. 'e'erences; furnace heat. Phcne
LIndell li;5M.
Dir-K?OX 2ni-Three cr rour large connect
irg noma: bath anil gas; reasonable
DICKSON 3333- Furnished
rooms for light hour keeolrg
front and other
gas, batli; cheap
DICKSON. -ci-Flrst fl.K)r. one room, fur
nished or unfurnished, for housekeeping; reasonable
DICKSON. J27 Furnished 100:713, two front
rooms 1 for nousekeepicg; gas range, bath, fur
nace htat: no children.
EASTON. 2W9A Fine furnished parlor:
bath: counle or gentlemen
i:hTON. 4!t4 Nl 1 furnished
tv.o men, private fami 1 y.
IjASlON 3i'25-NlreIv- fumlsh'd rooms cfr
light housekeeping, terms reasonable
KAsTON. 443i-N!ceIv fumlshM front room:
bath, hot and coll vater: private family.
rK9 Second-floor frrnt pirlor, all
couple cr two gentlemen, na-i-
MISSIH3IPPI. 1434-One nico room, with
conveniences: opposite Lafavctte Park.
MISSISSIPPI. 1307 Two furr.lshcl rooms.
comnleto for housekeeping; S3 week: bcth and
WASHINGTON. 3143-FumlsheiI rooms.
uui if desired; to nice tecpie only
rof.-n-. single or en suite;
Two housekeeping
no children.
WASHINGTON. BCG-Second-floor front
other nice rooms: furnace heat, hot bath.
fcr hocsekeeplns';
13t9 NIcelv furnished rooma
room for threo men; Jl per-
WVSIHNGTON. 3113-Nlco. comfortable second-story
front, furnace heat; for permanent
"re; private family;
Xlce room, southern eTpc-
good beard; Iwr two xen
MORGX. 3021-Large. comfunable rooms;
lurnace-heated, with rood home beard: terms
reasonable, bath.
MOUGVX. 3KS tcond -story frnnt room;
modm conienlences. excellent taIe; tr-rncnl-
ent to three car lines; one gent'eman. $S: two
tV). private famllr
XEWhTIiD. 120 X. (Near Llndel! Two 3n
rcoia-. Mtn bath; board optional; private fam
llv; reasrnabl-
XIXTH 3717 X Furnished room,
without boarcL
I'AGIl 43IJ Comfortah'e room with good
hoard for Uo gentlemen; JS a Tveek each.
IAGE. 0334 Front room, with board, for gen
tlemn or c.unlr: bath, ca: furna- heat
I'AGB BsUleard. S02. Larse rocm, with
board for two; hot bath. ga.- furnace heat.
rooms fo:
Boulevard. STTSB Two connctlnr
wo or more gentlemen; boanl If
PAGE. $S5 Nicely furrlshed room. lor per
manent gentlemen; every convenience, brtak
fast optional
PAPIX. I04S Xeatly furnished moms; all
conveniences, gii, hot bath; gl.o breakfast iX
PAPIX. 1812 Xlcely furnished front r-xn
with board. tr two gentlmnt gas. u.jts
11 XE. 3i Room", with or without bo--.-
1'IXE. 34JT Xlcelj furnished -w-ms, with c.
without loard.
PIXEL 2SJ-XIcMy furnished heated roomi;
with board. II week
WASHINGTON. 301S Very elegant rooms for
finw permanent people. In private family; very
WASHINGTOX, 2S0 Xlcely furnished rooms;
also roomi for light housekeeping; furnace,
gift and bath
WASinXGTOX. 2C41 Xlce rooms: furnace
hat: cheip rent; also houskeeptnc rooms;
verv ra5onabV
Wi:LI-rCBXII?HEI- rcom for ore gentle
man; private family; West End. JU ?, Republic
WEVTMIXSTER Place. 411-Tfo nicely fur
nished rooms, private family, gentlemen only.
WEST BELLE, B-Two furnished
ilngle or en suite; for winter.
west belli:
roon cmplM
i213 Tv.o or more furnished
for hou-keDlng.
WEST BELLE. 4221 Xeatly furnished room;
tv.o gentVn.cn every convenience; furnace
heat, rates rearo-able.
WICHITA 4122 Xlcely fcrnlhed front room
frr two gentlemen; board near; reasonable.
MORGAX. 3107 Two unfurnished rooms.
vat entranc; heat, light and bath
MCROAX. 2S10 Xcwly furnished. clean
room 3: telephone; all conveniences. 31 Z'i to S3
per week.
MORGAX. 2214 Two connettlnT sunny room,
furnished - houekeeping; gas rang, tele
nhnne. furnace heat
XIXTH. 119 X. (Cor. Pine) Pleasant, warm
front rooms; downtown: J2.S0 per vzeei up, hot
OLIVR 2143A Xlcely furnb-hed roams,
week and up.
OLIVE. 258-V-Well-furnished roams, with tatb,
ga. fumace heat.
OLIVEL 2124 One neat front room; hot bath.
gas furnace heat
OLIVE, 342S Two rooms on pecond floor, fur
nished cr unfurnished
OLIVE. 2240-NlceIy furnished rouen- for llsht
housekeeping; rea-ronable.
OLIVE, l&K Threo or four flrst-flocr r&oma;
furniaaed or unfurnished.
LASTON. J23 1 urnishrd front and other
'gh'-houckeeplng rooms; all convenience1:
chcao rent
EASTOX. 3110 I-irge front hall room, also
Ianro second-lloor front room; gas and bath;
On sale: a large assortment of high-grade .am
ple furniture, carpets, rugs and household
goods, for parjor. dlnlnc-room. library, bedroom
and kitchen, at remarkablv low prlrcs.
Also a big line of new carpets anj room-size
rugs, beautiful velvets. Axmlnsters. Brussels
and Ingrain: also linoleum and matting; theso
are high-grade goods at small prices; bring tlr.
of Roor.
Wo are out of the hlah-rent district
LANGAN .STORAGE CO . llM Morgan st
Do vou wish to have any irattressc renovafJ
this fall? If to. give u- a trial II G. Donigan
upholstering and Bedding Mfg Co., store 4Zi
Olive; factory, h. o. cor. fifteenth and Pine stf.
Phones. LIndell 2-B3; Main 721 and Delnur 21S7.
LASTON. aoriO-Brlcht. clieerful. cozlly fur
nished room; housekeeping; gas stove; refined.
rai-t home
EVSTOX. 2WS Xlcelv furnished second-floor
front room, nlsj back parlor, light housekeep
ing, reasonable
EIGIITI:eXTII. II23 X.-ftngle room for -n-tlgmen.
quiet home; good refghborhood.
EIGHTREXTH, :0i E Xlcely farn'shed room
In private family; for one or two ladles.
EIGHTEENTH. 1127 X.Xeatly furnished
front rooms for light housekeeping or couple.
ELEVENTH. 1SB Furnished rooms;
one or four gent'emen; references.
ELEVENTH. I713A X. Two neatly furnlshM
connecting front rooms for iKujkeeplng.
ETZEL, C1.A Two rooms, furnished complete
for houseke-plng; bath privU-S"; 110 per
month, no children. v
BVAXP, 3732 Iargo furnl0ied front rocm,
second floor: bath: suitable for two or four.
OLIVE. 2S25 Large, w-Il-heated roomj;
up; for gentlemen or cojpIs
OLIVE, 2714 Nicely furnishe-1 front and oth
er rooms for light housckf-ping
OLIVE. 4213A Xlcely furnished stpam-heafnl
connecting rooms: gas and bat...
OLIVE. 3i.7 Xico
ror.mn for woklngmen.
SI wtfk each
OLIVE, 3100 Xlcely furnlih-M. fumace-heatcl
rooms; reasonable to peoplo empl ed.
OLIVE. 2330tA For light hcuiekeeplng; large,
comfortable rooms; gas: h-at; II up.
OLIVE. 2924 Large front room; piano; two or
four gentlemen: other room1, hot bath
OLIVE. 2320A Will furnish room f"r
and wife in exchango for chamber work
OLLVB, 1015 (Upstairs) Rooms by week o;
month: Iot rat?s to parties of two o- more.
OLIVE. 132-XIcely furnished rooms; imble
room: hot bath: room with piano; reasonable
WESTIIIXSTER. 4127 Handsomely furnlshel
room; touthcrn exposure; for permanent sen
tinmen: cvry conven'ence; reasonable.
WESTMIXSTER. 4134 Two connecting sec-cnd-ttory
rooms; large, well furnished; four or
flie gentlemen, private home; no other roomer?
AITBERT. 721 Nicely furnished room; flrst
clasd board; rouple or gentlemen: references.
BARTiJER. 620-Lnvely large furnished room
in Wet End, with board; southern exposure;
priva: family; excellent table: hot bath; for
geptlmn or couple
Br.LL affi
slrable rooms;
Second-floor front and other de
furnaco heat; good table.
CATE3. CS03 Nlc warm rooms fcr perma
nent people, with excellnt board: day beard.
PINE. 34li-Ugb: and neatly furnished rconin
and board. I4.3J per wek.
I'XXE. 352? Elegantly furntsh-d room? s:n
or en. suite, board if desired, modern conven
lerce? I'lXK. 202 Beautiful rcomi; furnac. Mtn:
first-clafs table; rates to parties; Kinloch C
RIDGE. ;22J-FurnI"hd front room; south
ern exposure, with or without board; for gn
tlemen: prtvaxe family.
ROOM and board by young lady employe:
stricIv- private family; permanent If t-ultel;
give particular and terms, references e-charg-l
JR l. Republic.
SPIUXG 323 X. Xicely furnished rooms, -vith
board, half block from Olive st. car I'n
ST AXGE. 1310 Two cornecting furnish-!
rooms, with or without beard: all conveniences.
.ST. CHARLES. 227 Room ard board. l
wek; for gentleman; prlsrate; first floor. eat
ST IXULS. 3?I7 Room, and board for cer.tlo
rmn or ladlet employed: St to 34 Z weeklv
ST VINCENT. SO Furni-hI rooms, one t-'
two gentlemen; bath. gas. furnace heatr beard
optional. t
VERXOX. SCSI Large third-floor roc-n for
gentlemen cr couple; beard optional; reasonable
WASH. 1710 Elegant Hght-touertee pin--roomg;
aI?o rooms with board: reasonable.
WASHINGTON, 47 Rooms for gentlemen or
ladies, breakfast If desired.
WASHINGTOX. 3CC3 Perman-nt room an-I
hoard: terms reasonable, hot lath.
WASHINGTOX. 3721-ChoIce, location;
and services flrst-class: steam heat
WASHINGTOX. 31 2 Desirable rooms
board to married couples and gentlemen.
WASHINGTON. 2314 Nice, warm room, for
couples: rood home board: German cocking
WASHINGTON. 3101 Flrst-cIara rooi-ns;
breakfast If desired: steam heat: ciodrn.
CHILDREN can got room and board and best
of car at Children's Cottage Home and School,
422 North Market st.
, fHOCTEAU ?29 Neatly furnished rooms,
with or vithout board; aUo light hou-Vkeeplng.
WASHINGTOX Boulevard. CUCOXIeely fur
clhjd room', with board: phone LIndell 2314A.
WASHIXGTOX. 2015 Very elegant moms for
fine, permanent people. In private family; ery
res onabIe.
CLVYTOX. CM Rooms, with cr without
beard; south side World's Fair; two blocks
walk to entrance; rcoms heated.
COOK. 3c32 iMrntflhed room with board, for
two or three gentlemen; also single room.
CCTH BRILLIAXTE. 4122 Room and board
for two gentlemen; bath and gas.
DfLMAB, 3SW BeauUfuBy furnished rooms;
modern, with board
DEI-MA R. 4143 Desirable furnished rocms.
with brfiUciast and 6 o'clock, dinner; references
exr hanged
DELMAR. 4247 Second-story cxithern-ex-poviI
room; every convenience; two gentlemen;
LIndell :CA.
DELMAI!. z$l&-rjlte of elegantly furnished
STond-floor front rooms; well heated; break
fast rr aw; nab Ie
OLIVK. 2625 Front, tack parlor, single cr en
suite; reasonable price fcr winter: pas. bntli.
OLIVE. 1812 Xicely furnished frcnt room, for
two or fout; also other n!co rooms; reasonable.
OLIVE, 3S45A Xeatly furnished, roomi; steam
heat; all conveniences; reasonable; gtntlcmcn
4123 Furnished front room for two
a w weexiy eacn; modern con-
I3VAXS, 2rJ7&-HandsomeIy furnished rooms;
two or threp ; en suite; complete for housekeep
ing: modern.
New warehouse. U23 Washington a.ve.;S00 nrl--ato
rooms for storage: mothproof carp-t-rocm:
cheapest Insurance In theciu.-jou have access
to your room at any time: all moving, packing
and shipping guaranteed: money advanced- es
tablished lSSO. Ring up C 741 or Main MM and
get our rates. We have no branches.
uiuiinuL new warehouse. Grand and La
clede, for safekeeping of furniture, piano",
trunks, valuables, boxes, etc. ;strlctly flrst-clau
moving, packing; shipping, etc. Our fire Insur
ance the lowest. Money advanced. Ship goods
our care. Estimates free. Get our rate.. Both
phones, 1E9-S1 Olive. R. "U. Leonorl Auction &
Storage Co.
DIN AMOS and motors, all styles and volt
ores, for ssle or rent: we buy electrical ma
chinery. Rosstter-MacGovem Electrics! Co.,
viraou in miq v isvor law, vompion ana i-apin.
KrtH.iiim.SrSf tP5fnJv,t!KSS,,onl" 0NE Mt stationary boiler: complete
Belting ana Supply Co.. tVB & Fourth at. Wth gtlu:k. heater and. Inspirator: one CxS Ar-
HYDE Coal Co : special lie bushel: good
enough for anybody: try H bushels, 405 X.
eighteenth: Kin. C 2125; send pcitaL
KINDLING wood; send postal; Ji. per load.
' Stt Xatural Bridge.
KNIVES, forks, pocketknlves. spoons and
.hears of evry description: razors. Tic; hones
and strops. Svandard Tool Co . 83 N. Sixth.
LARSON: cheapest ptcre on earth; men's and
ladjes shoes, furnishings, hats, caps, itlo-.es,
trunks, vellses. Chouteau and Manchester.
I)T of fine chickens: cheati. If all taken to
gether. 4PS3 Easton ave.
NEW JERSEY road cottage, llcdel Street.
TVorld'a Fair, to highest bidder. JR IX, Republic.
NEW and. secondhand billiard, end pool ta
bles; easy payments: we rent tsrbles with privi
lege of buying; modern tar fixtures. Eruns-wlck-Balke-Collesder
Co.. 10S S. Fourth it.
POOL labtee. shelving, counters, cloth cue,,
auppUea all kinds. A. T. Taoore. 1111 Cass.
PLUMBING; Mcrlfice prices; complete; U
wyter cloaeta and washbowl outfit: 120-gallon
Wilki water heater, pip, faucet and plumblni-:
(new) three car loads Iron beds, springs and
mattresses. Sell all or Tart. 'Woman'. Miga
tine milldlnc. St. Louis. Mo. CoL Burxacott.
mlngton-Slms automatic engine complete: one
Exl6 slide-valve engine: one 6x10 Relley air
compressor: one S-h. p. boner and engine, com
plete: two uaroner governors, -lnia macnlnery
has been used by us. and is all In flrst-class
condition: having Installed electric plant, have
no further use for' it. Can be. bought at a
bargain. West St. Louis Machine and Tool
Co.. G96 Manchester.
iS.ee.i.M.vwi,vw, is
WANTED Muslo cabinet: will glvo lessons
on piano In exchange. JH UL Republic.
Seven-room residence and sit acres, east Klrk
wood, for rental property In city.
E. W LEE. 4--a llillcrton bldg-.
BUILDING and showcases of Government
Restaurant, World's Fair grounds. Apply on
49 cases of wine: two niAnns? miMiin .(.
turc; one mission mantle: 10 fan nalrns. c.n.
commission, world's IUir.
i:t,ii.-suiij.N. smith. Underwood. Oliver
typewriters- tz to &0: rentals, two months. IS
9t. Louis Typetsrlter Exchange, S10 Oliva st .
BOOKS and magazines bought In any Quan
tity. Address Botk Buyer. P. O. Box. ES7.
I WANT to buy law, medical and other good
boolca: Dan Llnahan. bookseller. E21 Market;
IRVING, IIS N. Several well-furnished rocms;
permanent guests desired: J2 to 55 week
for light housekeeping; resrcnslble people. re
onable -'
1-OUIiTir, 7u0-702 X. Elegantly furnished
roomg. 25c up; special ratcA by the week.
ITtAXKLlX. 3211 Large furnii-hed front room.
TR.VXKLIX. 2Slfi-WeIl-furnl3hd roama;
to S5 week; several vacant.
FRANKLIN. 2114 Hlng'e and
rooma for light housekeeping.
TRANKLTX. 513 Comfortable rooms. J1.23,
il tQ each: for two; single rooms J2 week ut.
niAXKLIX. ii Clean, furnished rooms;
single. iZ wckly; more sober men: warm of nee.
FURNISHED second-r.cr front for couple cr
gentlemen In suburbs; reasonable. JR iof. Republic.
GAMBLE; 232&-TWO furnished rooms;
and back.
OLIVE. 2517 Warm, comfortable rcom3 ; Si
each: small room. tZ month: all conveniences.
OLIVE, 1514 Two connecting rocm. suitable
for four or six gentlemen: hot bath; re-iconable.
OLIVE. S732B Clean, furnished connecting;
rooms; aJao two hall rooms; telephone, reasonable.
OLTV'E. 410-PIeasant furnlsh&i
gentlemen: rostaurants conv enlent;
sc nahle
rooms for
very rra-
OLIVE, 273 Xlcelv fumbhed front and back
parlors, single or en suite; aIo room fur
housekeeping: hot bath: term reasonabl-
OREGON, 1S23 (Corner Geer Two lovely
furnished front roonu; also parlor and kitchen
for housekeeping; furnace heat; porcelain bath.
PAGE, 4455 Large second-story front room,
for two: southern exposure, family of adu'ta.
PAGE Boulevard. 3537 Rocms, furnished or
unfurnished, for light housekeeping; southern
PAGE Boulevard,
room, second floor;
private family.
314 Nicely furn.pr.eU
gas, bath, furnace heat;
PARK. 2351 Xicely furnished second-ncor
room, with board; two gentlemen or couple.
DELMAR Boulevard. 2727 Beautiful large
thlrd-storv frcnt room, with excellent board;
mi' table for two or three gentlemen; separate
beds, electric lights: Llndtll 1541A.
CAD?. 252IA NIcelv furnished front parlor;
board: suitable for two or three gentlemen
TJADS. 2542 Xsw, well fu-nlshed second-story
room, adjolrlng- hot and cold bath: ga, closet,
furnace, running water; superior table.
ETZEL, 555 Second -floor front connecting;
roomt. with board, electric lights, hot bath.
furnace heat. In new. modern house; private
family; reasonable price; telephone Forest
WASHIXGTOX, Boulevard. 4.S3 Definable
room and board; he t-water heating. Bellphcn
Forest 2222 V.
WASHINGTON, 1406 Front rocm, four gen
tlemen: good beard; cheap; other rooms; hot
bath: furnace.
WASHINGTON. 2S2-NIce. warm rooan: furnace-heated;
sentleostn or couples: board op
tional. Kin C 1225.
WASHIXGTOX. 2:-2S-S team-heated room-.
with excellent board : reasonable rates: well
furnished: telephone, etc
WEST BDLLE place. 4453 Large rooms, nice
ly furnished, with flrst-class board..
WEST BELLE, 4C4 Large middle and fron;
rcoms: excellent table: warm house.
WEST BELLE: 4423 Flrst-claf accommoda
tions; excellent board: rates 24.53 up.
WEST BELLE. 4478 Third
gentlemen or ladles employed:
storr. for tvo
cood beard.
WEST BELLE. 4323 Room and board: aI
conveniences; permanent-: $20 and $25 month.
WEST BELLE. 4151 Large frcnt rcom; souths
em exposure: good board; for gentlemen only
WEST BELLE. 333S-XIcely furnished room:
four men or couple; excellent table: first-ciass
WEST BELLE. 420 Furnished rooms, with
board; ladles or gentlemen employed; reason
able. Delmar 970.
EVAXP. 3703 Pleasant rooms, with cr with
out board: oulet home: near Grand and Easton.
X1XXBY. 04I Rooms and board for perma
nent people.
GARRIfcON. 21B X. First-claw beard and
rooms; modern conveniences; reasonable terms.
GARRISON". 512 X. Furnished rooms and
board; modern conveniences; s o' clock; dlnnr;
HAMILTON. 13sl Furnished
brard: small private family.
room, with;
KING'S HIGHWAY. 122S X. Front rooms,
s!ngl or en suite; excellent table.
LACLEDE. 2119 Nicely furnished rooma and
board. XI and 15
I-ACLEDE. 430O Elegantly furdshed rooms;
furnace heat: flrst-class board.
IACLEDE. 3112 Furnished and unfurnished
roorrs: huUek-eplng or boardlnff.
PARK. 1G90 Furnished rocm fcr housekeep
ing or two gentlemen; convenient to car lines.
GAMBLE. 2357 Furni-hed front hall room;
alio room with window facng -n Garrison.
GARRISON. 1015A Unfurnished room;
Kii: nice locality: reasonable.
GARRISON. 1203 N. Furnished and unfur
nijhed rooms for light housekeeping.
GARRISON. 724 X. Xicely furnished rooms;
3 car lires. furnace heat; bath, reasonable.
GARRISON". 1014 N Furnished front room;
alo room for housekeeping; bath, gas; low
WE are always In the market for any kind
of machinery or anything ele In that lice.
ht. Louis Belting and Supply Co.. 599 S. Fourth,
p- i-i-i-ss-i-.-i-i-i-i-ii -i-- -f- iVirwvvwi.
ACME Bteam Carpet Cleaning Co.;
yard. 4060 Eaatcn ave.; both phones.
Jo per
AMERICAN Bteam Carpet Cleaning Co. Car
pets" cleaned and renovated, made over and laid.
Nineteenth and Pine. Beaumont Hi; D 70.
CHICAGO Steam Carpet Cleaning Co Car
pets renovated to look like new: also uphol
stering. Tel. Un. 20M:.KIn. Del. I43L IKS rinney.
EMPIRE gteam Carpet Cleaning Co.. W Wa
terman. Manager Carpets renovated: look like
new. 213 Lucas; let. Beaumont 220: ICin. C 966.
PRACTICALLY new lady, sunhurst: pure
whitebrllllant cut diamonds: cost JIM: Eacrtfleo
for tT5: cood bargain. KJ a. Republic
SEVEN 12-lnch electric fans, t Ore cxtln
rulshers. I electric arc lamps and other elec
trlcal material. M. Maver & Son. KB Chouteau.
SACRIFICE price.; complete four-chair bar.
ber outfit. Woman's Maguln, bulldlse. St.
Louis. Mo. Col, nnzxacott.
.STANDAKD-SIZEBrunswick-Balke pool ta
ble, complete with balls, cues and rack: used
jery little; rood a. new; cost KM; will sell ror
tzy. WM 6. Reaublle
TAILOR-MADE overcoats and suits, hati:
sample shoes. 0c on Jl: lob lots for country
merchants: chean. S. Gordon. S06 aiorran.
TOOLS Carpenter's chest ches with draw
ers: 0 tools; J7; chest cost J15. tia Xorth
VERY cheap, on World's Fair grounds, frame,
building, end content, of flrst-class restau
rant. JO 111. Renubllc.
"WELSBACH mantles: 2 for 25c
dozen. At Condon Bros., 1026 Market at.,
iuis. aio.
Il.M per.
12-cauge shotgun; bargain; L. c Smith ham
meriesi; cost J12C: take JH. tos Spruce.
Have yon a leaky tin. sblngle-. :elt et- Iron
roof T Cover It witU Mastic Rooting. It Is best
for old and new roofs, and -for valley,, gutters.
decks, balconies, etc Majtlc Roof Paint and
lloonng cement will atop small leaks. Writ
for samples and Information. Xatlonal Haitlo
Roofing Co.. Chemical bldg.
ST. LOUIS Steam Carpet Cleaning Co., 437.
Easton; phone Forest SO; Delmar tit.
Hirn-in i i -i-i Piif.-.r.V-ii-ii-i-.r-wse;....
ADAMs. me nifflD man.rS14 N.ctTth t c
Louts, Mo.; rubber stamps, seals, stencils, etc:
goodrcheap. quick. -Writ, for new list.
GOLD, stiver ar.d nickel plntlng In all lis
branches: repairing old silverware a specialty.
Gustav- M. Kraus. C17 Pine St.. second f.ocr.
15YIXG, ci.rj.tn.vc,
lOUJl fall and winter suit, made at Kco
nlg 3. cleaning, dyeing. 221S Chouteau.
SEWING machines, all makes, from J3 to J20
300 to choose from. SIS N. Sixth. '
EXCELSIOR Stencil Wcrke. 311 Ollre. for
steel stamp, stencils, burning brands, rubber
type, seals, brass and alnmlfinm checks.
cust st. and block 11. Liberal Art building.
World's Fair: both phones.
.vi,nri-..-.-if-iii--.-Pi - .-i ii irs-i -. i-ii.i'.nixO-s.
TLAT: 4 rooms: fine neighborhood: furnish
ings brand-new; JXO down, balance monthly.
1243 Euclid ave.
NICELY furnished rooming-house; . rooms;
good location; cheap rent; price tiii. JR 10..
.-.i-s-.i-sr.r.-.i.ii..M. "."'. T.wm.i.i.1., .eie. us... s,
NEW TORK Bird Store Largest assortment
of canaries, parrots and other song bird:
cages, globes, aquariums, froldnsh; all kinds of
seed and food: cheapest and oest place in city.
V Franklin, near Broadway. F. Metzg cr. Mgr.
OFF con.
CIS Ollvp St., Second Floor.
Open dally; evenings till 9; Sundays io to 4.
Gold Crowns. 22-k
Teeth extracted without pain...
XlilUKV ,UIls.
GI.t-fcGOW I'lace, 3023 Two connectinsr fur
nished rooms for housekeeping; bath, gaa; reasonable
GLASGOW P'ace, C023 Two or three furnished
rooms: light housekeeping; all conveniences;
GRAND. 1911 N. Two connecting rurnlshed
rooms for light housekeeping; gas range, bath,
HANDSOME front room; private family; for
one or two gentlemen or buslnera lady. ;cu)
west. JR 103. Republic
PARK. IK2 Nicely furnished room; all mod
ern conveniences and furnaco heat; gentlemen
or couifle.
PARK. 923 On. furnished room; bath; light
PARK, 171J Front rocm: second noor; gentle
men or housekeeping.
PARK, 140S Clean rooms: furnished; gentle
men; for parlor; single rcom; Tower Grovs
PARK. 3845 Two e-.nnectlng rooma. furnished
completo for light houisjkeeplnjr: all conveniences.
PINE. 1833 Basement rooms: reasonable.
furnished rocms; nlso
PINR 2731 Furnished or unfurnished rooms;
fumace heat: reasonable
TINB. SIS Nicety furnished rooms;
heat, electric light: elevator service.
PINK. 2117 Well-furnished rooms for roomers:
some for light housekeeping: Jl 50 up.
iriCKOnv. 1314 Two furnished rooms;
bath: private family.
HICKORY. H02A Furnished rooms; hall and
other rooms: hot bath.
HICKORY, 1523 Two nice large rooms, fur
nlsced for bonsekeeplng: J3 and J3.23 week.
JEFFERSON. 1443 N. Nice, large tront room;
light nousckeeplng; first floor; Jj week.
JEFFERSON. 154S S. Furnished 'room, for
gentlemen or housekeeping: all conveniences.
KENSINGTON, EOO-Larse. front rcom, ele
gantly furnished; private family; furnace; as:
KENNETT" Place. ISSl-Nlcely furnished front
room: cas. bath, steam heat: reasonable.
Will open December S. to sell all roods at a
sacrifice which were on exhibit at World's Fair
grounds. Blackwood furniture, root figures,
curios, embroideries, jewelry, preserved ginger,
dried llche-s. teas. etc. etc Office. 81J Academy
ave.. St. Louis. Mo. Take Suburban car: first
bmis. south of tracks.
Christmas Presents
And wedding presents In Grand Rapid fur
niture, parlor cabinet. Vem.. marten, oak
and mahogany tables, fancy chairs and rockers.
bookcases, bras, and iron beds, ruga, stoves
nd ranges, at prices for cash that cannot be
duplicated; time Riven If tieslred.
BU-SU WaxJi st.
"-".'-'----- --Vlil 'I - II li iji.il
EURLICII BROS . paper rooms S3 each, sou
Easton: Del. 1721: LIndell IBB.
REALTY Wall Paper and Palnt'ng tro.. 3128
Easton; phone D 10; don't be afraid to aire us
a trial; we can surprise you; cash cr time.
"ii ess .seses.
AAAA1 Cheapest place In town for printing.
McGlU i Co.. iH: N. Eleventh. v B
EIBRMANN BROS., printers. 323 Pine, solicit
your business and guarantee satisfaction: fins
commercial work a specialty. Kin. 1U0A.
FINE Jersey cow. 135. 46 .Boston.
FINB Jersey cow: Just- fresh and ble milker;
cash or on time, IKS S. Twelfth at.
eseseevse.seseevese.eve .evevse' esesieveysieveev.isesev,
ncan'put you next to several hundred pw
-on the best-automobile srer made. Boom
V TUco bulldlnx.
LeadlDc Dentists. Established for 42 rears.
;. lv-ir'r- "roadway and
Olive. Entrance wj olive st.
Extracting FREE when teeth
ar ordered. Largeet and old
Jf.,d",t,?1 M,anl,lshment in the
city. We employ tbe jnc.t
skillful men In the Drof.fsicn.
A. ,Lw5Vj5fr"n,ed' Cmisulla.
tlon -FJtfcE Do not look for
cheap dentists, but come to us
and get reliable wcrk at low
est prices. ODen riallw fre.m t-
sm. to f p. m.. nnJ Sunday
from tao to i o m.
KENSIXGTOX. CI02 Two neatly furnished
connecting roomm ringle or en suite: hot. fil
tered bath: p'osonabln.
PIXEL 3212 TVo largo rooms, furnlfced 01
unfurnished: furnished room far gentlemen.
PIXEL 2401 Elegantly furnished rooms, two o:
four gentlemen; come early; lako our cholc.
IfcCLEDC. 3747 Xicely furnished
flrst-clas beard; ror permanent people.
LACLEDE. SS20 Largo room for two or four
aentlrnen gootl board: furnace heal: bath.
I.VCLI7DE, 3547 Xicely fui-nlshed rooma; wll
hatwl; honv cooking; men preferred; hot bat'u
L.VFATETTE. 8518 Xlc-sly furnlahed front
room, with or without beard: every convenience.
WEST BELLE. 414X ElegnnUy- fumishtd
front room: southern exposure; excellent table;
very reasonable. LIndell 26S6.
WEST PIXE BonI-vard. m FIr-t -class;
Bteam heat; reasonable: teL LIndell IS41T.
WE9T PIXE B-ulevard. 42S2-Some flno
rooma and good table for permanent people.
WEST PIXE Boulevard. 354-FlrM-cla3
room with good board and service; 525 per
WEST PIXE Boulevard- 2653 Handsome ry
furnished room, with prlrat bath; first-class
table and genrlce; ratea 112.50 psr Treelc each.
WESTiTIXSTER. 3315 Two connecting rooma;
ptvate family; excellent board; reference ex-
WESTMIXSTER. 4CS3 Two double and en
single, beautifully furnished room, with board;
WEST3IIXSTER, 3:'--FurnIshed second-storr
front and caane-ctlmr rooms; for couple; supe
rior board; rtferencea.
WEST ITXE. 27S1 Flrst-cla: steam heat;
reaaonable; telephone LIndell 5431.
Xicely furnished room!-, with beard; erery
convenience; smoklnjr-rocm. etc 2n25 Park: ave.
IaAWTOX. 2S24 Xicely furnlahed rooma and
board: very rea-onaMe.
L-VWTON. 21i Large, light room, with or
without board: also light housekeeping-.
LAWTOX. 2323 Excellent board and rooxni;
hot bath, heat: own home: $5 per week.
LVWTOX. 342S Xicely furnished parlor and
other rooms; beard optional; furnac heat; all
LINDELL Boulevard. 4SI7 Beautifully fur
clshed room-, with beard; for couple or gea-
LIXBELL BouIard. S314A Private family
can accommodate two or four gentlemen: choice
ronrtf. steam-heated: with or without board.
LOCUST. 3113 I-oard and room.
LOCUST. 2720 First-class rooms and boardr
reaonabl terms.
LOCUST. 233 Warm rooms: excellent board
to party cf gentlemen. Kinloch C 73S.
PIXE. 2720-Large nicely furnlahed room, with
heat; second-floor; suitable for t.o gentlemen.
PIXEL 112$-aood rooms and convenience,;
hot baths; weekly rates. $2 up; central location.
PCVE1. 2703 Nicely furnished frcnt rooms?
heat, gas. hot bath; prroanent gentlemen pre-
PIXEL 30O4 Comfortably furnUhM front
rooms; modem conveniences. Including electrlo
light and telephone.
PIXE. 3425 Clean, warm rooms: hot bath;
filtered water: phone Kinloch C 1672: two di
rect car lines: convenient board near; rea
LOCUST ivv Warm rcoms; excellent board;
hot bath: i p-r week; permanent guests.
A permanent new and modem hotel, ln th9
hopping and theater districts. European plan;
handsomely furnished and equipped with ele
vators; hot and cold water ln every room;
electrlce lights and steam heat. Every room an
outside room.
MARRIED couple, no children, and aa a
permanency, want flv-room modern fiat, all
cnnverlenc: South Side preferred; rent not
rceding J23L Addrces, Immediately. JR 254.
SIXGLB gentleman wishes a permanent rocra
In a refined private family. KJ 35. RepubMc.
TO lease a Itv-rsom house by a lesponslbl
business man with a small family. KD 42.
LOCUST. 3107 Rooms, with board; furnace
hrnt: hot bath: for permanent pople; call.
LOCUST. 1424 Rcom and board; day boarders
accommodated ; house heated. Sirs. M. A.
LOCUST. I7 Xlce hctated rooms, with
board: permanent guests; $tW a week up.
Mrs Runa.
I5CUST. 2142 Handsomely furnished neccnd
storv frcnt: also single room; all ronvenlencxM;
superior table.
LUCAS. 85.
beet location;
I First-class rooms and board;
KENSIXGTOX. CI12A Three connecting,
well-furnished, light rooms, en suite or sep
arately; fumace heat; all conveniences; private
family of two; permanent; gentlemen or couple.
LABADIE. 4311 Fumihcd room for light
housekeeping; prlllere of gaA. bath, etc
LACLEDE. V2A5 Two connecting rooma on
third floor- will rent t Ingle- or double.
LACL.EDE. 2M1 -Three nice banement rooms;
furnlnhefl for houpekwplng; S10 per month.
LACLEDE, 3027 Two nl?. unfurnished
looris. third floor; IZ per month; convenience.
LACLEDE. T3)7 Rocms for light housekeep
ing; also sleeping rooms; hot bath, gas; reasonable.
LACLEDE. 3139 Xeatly furnished connect
In:; room,; hcureKeoping; gas range; also sin
gle room.
LACLEDE. 43K Furnished rooms for perma
nent gentlemen In new prlvata residence: fur-
i..iue ..en i.
RAYMOND. MC5 Two looms on third floor;
Page or Suburban car.
RAYMOND. 501S Xlce room-.: Srst-clasa
board; all conveniences; fine neighborhood; references.
ROOMS; light housekeeping privileges; J2 and
11.50 per week, JR 102. Repbbllc.
SHERIDAN. 2725 Furnished recund-fion:
front and connecting housekeeping rooms; bath:
also front room.
8HERIDAX. 2S01A Two connwrtfrg rooms,
furnished complete for housekeeping; water In
kitchen: reasonable.
SIXTEENTH. 201 S. Large frcnt rooms fnr
housekeeping: cheaper rooms; some for men.
SIXTEENTH. 1433 X. Two connecting or sln
ele rooma; completely furnished for hou,-kcep-lr.g-
cook ove, water, etc; reasonable; re
spectabla couple.
SPRING. 2 X. FurnlEbed rooms; J7.W month
upward: gas. hot bath, furnace.
LACLEDE. 3s Two uafurnb-hed second
story front rooms; heat and gas furnished; prl-
snt-T- tmm.jr unillUK UI1 UUU1C.
Cold Crowns. Hk S3.M TrTTr?t.
Full Set Teeth B.CO I UAS. 25CI
Bridie Work 1...J3.M ' ""' ""l
Brine this ad and jr one Gold Fuune Frwl
015 LOCLST. ,
JIMB. SEWW. crratest fortune teller In the
world, brings separated together, removes evil
Influences, sells lucky charms, lsra Franklin.
I 1 ssssssnaswassnnlisl.s 1,l ,.,,,MMyJ-J
CURE anv disease: ray after cured: consul ta
tlon free. Dr. Crowley, 1543 X. EUhth.
IsADZESt U5eCh:ditefJsEnrihhPccaToya,P.iH
Scat! Baft. Oaly HcIUblc! TaLe do other.
IsrssJitf -MW&trldio? In letter by re4ra mail.
CUckestcr Ckcacdcal Cm 1'UUda rm
LAFAYKITE. 2530 Two moms f cr hous-keep-
I-AFAYETTE. 2S32 Two large furnished
rooms for houekeep!ng; gas range; all con-venlrnee.
I.AWTOX. 2007 Two large furnished rooms
for licht housekeeping; also front parlor.
LA 9ALLU. 1505 Two furnished rooms; suited
for party of gentlemen: hot bath and gaa.
LA SALLE. 921 Two connecting rooms for
housekeeping; partly furnished; bath and gas;
redured rates.
LAWTOX. 2723 Room for light housekeeping,
with gas range.
LAWTOX. 2S14 Two nice, large unfurnished
rooms: bath: housekeeping permitted.
LAWTOX. 3-T2S Large front room for house
Keeplnr or gentlemen; all conveniences; reasonable.
LAWTOX. 8030 Furn!hed 'flirt-floor rooms
for two; housekeeping rooms; gaa range; hot
LAWTOX". 3224 Xicely fuml-hd rooms; heat
and bath: gentlemen or ladles employed: reasonable.
ST. AXGE. 1131 Two connecting front roorrw,
completely furnished for housekeeping: reasn-able.
ST. VINCENT, 312S Furnished room; private
STODDARD, 2713 Xewly furnished hall room
gaa, hot bath; also housekeeping rooma rea
sonable rent.
LUCAS. SOCIO Nice, light, clean roonis for mxi
tlemen or couple: good board.
LUCAS. 3131 Xicely furnished rooms; furnac
heat, hot bathj good home board.
LUCAS. 310&-Xlce rooms, with eood table
bo-ird. H 50 and S3 week: hot bath.
LUCAS. 2217 Two nicely furnished rooma.
with board and heat: 84.73: gentlemen.
BOARD and room by younr man In strictlr
pnvaif ijirn.iy; ezaie lerms; permanent. VVK
12G. Republic
nE3PECTABI.n younit Ialy roommate: sep
arate beds; excellent accommodations. SKS West
WANT furnlahed elzlit-room honse- mmlMi
1S27 N. Taylor.
THREE or four room fun-lined itati no
World's Fair prices. Jit IO. Republic
BELL. 3137 33S: six-room house, ln soM or
der: bath, furnace, chandeliers: private family
LUCAS. 3-T Second-story front with con
ncotlng room, with board: telephone C rsi.
LUCAS. 3111 Clean room with cood board.
In private family of adults; all modem con
veniences: lia per week for two.
LUCAS, 3D6J Business men and employed
lady fhonld .ee our rooms and learn prices be
fore settling for.winter: meals.
LUCKY. :C3i'i-Room with board for twor
strictly private family: J4 per week.
3IAPI.E. tin Nicety furnished room: tood
board for two gentlemen: southern exposure.
MAPLE. 5T41 One or two nicely furnished
connecting rooms, with or without board; In
private family; no other boarders; school next
MARYLAND. 4113 Nicely furnished room,
with txird. steam beat: suitable for two.
STODDARD. 3713 NIcelv furnished front
room: batb. ra-: alt convenience for house
keeping; reasonable rent.
SUNNY, steam-heated rooms: 'free hath- all
modem Improvements. Hotel Lanse. Fifteenth
and Market.
TENTH. JIS N. Nicely furnished rooms for
gentlemen or light housekeeping.
THEODOSIA. tflWA One room for couple or
for two men: bath and ras.
THEODOSIA. SMA Two rooms for licht
housekeeping: .13 per month: bath and gas.
THERESA. 513 N. Neatly furnished rooms
privilege of housekeeping.
THERESA. 90 N. Nicely furnished room.
suitable for two rentlemen; in privato family;
with use of bath; J3 per week.
THERESA- 511..N. Bfrutlyfurni3hedsec--ond-story
front room: suitable .for two ladles or
gentlemen: reasonable rates; other room, ...Si
TWELFTH. IIS N. Furnished rooms for light.
MAP.YLAND, CS1A Ruined rurroundlngs;
excelent table; two large south-front rooms;
privato entrance; private balcony. Phone LIn
dell 1914A.
CATES. 5S0O-Milern ten-room house, with M
foot lot: corner- Hamilton: cpen for Inspection
from 2 to 4. E. G. Crow. 604 Century building.
CLARA. 1317 Detached brick dwelling; eight
rooms and bath: hot and cold water; furnace.
I. E. Rels. 511 N. Sixth.
DILLON. 1113 Nine-room brick dwelling; alt
Improvements; 133. p. H. Elerman. SlSia Chestnut.
EUGENIA. HloNlne-room dwelling; "will put
In flrst-class order; rent 132.30.
FERD- A BENEKE. 630 tValnwrlsht bldg
EUGENIA, 33S-Nlne-room residence: will
put In thorough order; possession given at once;
rent S37.C0: can probably shade to good party.
FERD. A. HENEKEL S3 Walnwiight bldg.
OARRIFON. SIS N. Good elsht-room resi
dence; will make necessary repairs to gnoil.
permanent tenant: possession after Tuesday;
rent only J37.M: probahlr shaJe to ilrht rarty-
FERD A. BENEKB. Walnwright bldg.
McPHERSON. 4:k Second-story front room,
with board, for two; privato family.
McPHERhON. 40C6 Flrst-class rooms;
board: reasonable prices; business men
MCPHERSON, tuo Choice second-floor rooms,
with beard; for couples or gentlemen: modern
MISSISSIPPI. 1430 Nlr-ly furnished front
rccm. with board; two gentlemen: reasonable.
MORGAN'. 4133 Pleasant room, with beard,
for couple": reasonable.
"MORGAN. 31S1 Second-story front and other
room: good board. C 1330 Kin.
MORGAN. 3313 Room and board for four
Young men: flrst-class: reasonable,
MORGAN. 3304 Rooms with board; 33 per
week: hall rooms: party owns house.
MORGAN. 400S Pleasant room, with board,
for cne cr two gentlemen: references.
LACLEDE. 33C3 Eight-room. stone-front
house: In flrst-class order. Charles Green R. E.
Co.. 7M Chestnut st.
LAFAYETTE. 2S4-Ston frrnt; S rocms.
730 Chestnut st.
QCUEN. 3713 (Rear CS30 Old Manchester Rnaa)
Three-room cot'ase; city water; rnty 310.50. -
ZINK & CO.. Agent' 19 N. Seventh st.
SCHOOL. 3133 SIx-rocm hou.se;
for occupany: newly decorated:
sanitary plumbing.
now ready
WALTON. 1432 Four-rocm hous: batb,
curtains, range, etc: rent reasonable.
FLAD. KSl Nlae-rcom resldenc: rear
Shaw's Garden; larse lot; S55.
WM. S. DROZPA. W9 trbouttau are.
4141 OLIVE ST.
Choice 8-room residency- furance: ertry mod
err, convenience: reasonable, rent.
NICHOLLS-RiTTKR. 711 Chesnnt St.
LAWTON. 3010 Fine. location: neatlv e.,.- I T-vvnesrrv.KSTTnvn en s iTHiml.t.. I
nl,he.V rOOmS: all COnVCnlrnrAS? VfrV ee..nn. I CA we.tr lleht hath nnA hm, lln-. . T!f ? I
wiv, kuig .-.Lia.. vM,
tnnrJAV. 4?J3 Flnelv furnished rooms.
-with good board: phcne LIndell 1313M.
reason-1 li.M week: light, bath. and. heat Included; one J coo.
1 room xlvea ln exchasce for suwlne. ' ties
MORGAN. 33i Pleasant second-floor room";
.j boara: rcasosa-sie: two .aaies or two gen-
Choice lft-room residence: every modem cotv
713 Chtstmit ss
myiMhimf. ,, .

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