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r3SJvJI0' : ?.- " t
Former National Committeeman
Has Only Three Votes in
JacksoD County.
1 5"
"While Announcing Neutrality,
He Prefers the Company of
Ncidringhans Headquar
ters to Any Others.
If propinquity slgnflcs. Secretary of
State-elect John E. Stranger favors State
Chairman Thomas IC Niedringhaus for
United States Senator. Ills headquarters
1 at the Laclede Hotel yesterday were ?d-Jolnlng-
those of the State chairman, and
he spnt most of the day there and at the
headquarters of the State Committee In
the Commercial building.
During part of the day he was In con
sultation with Auditor-elect W. W. Wilder
of Ste. Genevieve. -They discussed appoint
ments, looked over their correspondence,
and Anally gavo up In despair. They said
they were taking no part In the senatorial
fight However, when they departed for
Jefferson City last night, the politicians
were busy figuring them lined up for Nled
ringhaus and more than one applicant for
an appointment was taking a reef in his
sails accordingly.
State Senator-elect A. E. I Gardner of
BL Louis County was in chargo of the
Niedringhaus headquarters yesterday and
received numerous visitors. One Democrat
ic member of the present House of Rep
resentatives even managed to follow the
old tracks to the old headquarters of the
Democratic State Committee and discussed
the changes that had taken place. He was
Representative John W. Farley of Platte.
All the oppAicnts of R. C. Kerens were
"taking notlc?" of the announcement of
Major William Warner of Kansas City for
the senatorship. It was remarked as very
slgnlflcant that tho telegram asking him
to announce himself was signed by three
members from Jackson County Senator
Clarke and RepresentaUves-elect Moss
and Lyons-.
Heretofore, the friends of Kerens have
been claiming live votes and "probably"
six votes from Jackson County. The War
ner telegram effectually disposes of this
claim, for. If the Warner candidacy means
anything. It means that three of the Jack
son County members are opposed to Ker
News also leaked out yesterday that
Keren's friends have failed to line up
their men In the Fifteenth District Lost
week Senator llclndoe of Joplln sent out
invitations to the members elect in th
Fifteenth District asking them to hold a
. caucus In his offices last Saturday to dis
cuss the senatorial situation.
Friends of Kerens boasted that when the
caucus would be held a pronunclamento
would bo Issued telling- how solid the Fif
teenth was for the former National Com
mitteeman. Another fatal stop, for when
the caucus was held only llclndoe and
two members elect who live In Jasper
County were on hand. Not a man from
outside of the county appeared.
Naturally no pronunclamento was Is
, sued, apd it is not certain that all of the
Jasper County people will be for Kerens.
It ts certain that aU or the Fifteenth Dis
trict members will not. The Fifteenth
District Republicans are supposed to be
for Roosevelt and they do not care to be
put in tho attitude of favoring the elec
tion of a Senator who Is distasteful to the
' ?$ "chlng" of Dr. James Stewart
of Warren County was discussed freely
anong tho Republicans yesterday. Some
of his old friends claimed that the changs
of heart from Niedringhaus to Kerens on
such short notice was not surprising.
According to them, he had formerly said
that he was for D. Pat Djer first and L,
V. Parker second. A close personal friend
of Kerens said yesterday that undoubted
' ly Stewart would remain fixed this time
and would not Switch any more. Friends
of the other candidates express the same
opinion now.
A friend of Stewart from Warren Coun-
Vi h?Il..tnL s'e?rt 1,ad talked much
about his friendship for noosevelt dur
ing the campaign and had remarked to
him more than once that Roosevelt's ma
jority in this State should put the party
on record ai favoring anything tho Presi
dent wished done. If this is tfic caseTthe
rhange is all the more remarkable.
Campaign for Senatorship to Be
Conducted Prom Kansas City.
heitbuc sfkcial.
Kansas" City, JIo.. Dec. 7.-It was an
nounccd this .evening, that offices are to
be oi-iiW .In the -Century building, from
4 which th,e campaign of Major William
Warner tor the United Stoles senatorship
will lie directed.
Tide .announcement "Was made following
Ihe statement, sent by Major Warner from
JVashingtoii yesterd-iy, in which he said.
JiSpS?5 t0 a tKesram Bent by his
tn. '? K?n3ls. C!tj-thal he would con
sent to, having his name presented to the
Republicans in the General Assembly for
Cockrtff MJn - bC -vacalci b Senator
t"irH&pr,2in!' V- j.31"". Representa
tive elect, will take. chargo of the War.
!,Crw,t?.qTlrtS;8-.H2 wU1 be assisted by
C. W. Clarke,. Stale Senator.
feherlS Elect Will Put Pntrlck Re.
Ran In Jb.tire of Fonr Courts.
It Jvas sald-ampng the4RepubIican politi
cians estcrday th'at.Patrlck Regan of the
Twenty-third Ward would be Chief Deputy-
Bherlff-at the Four Courts under Pat
rick iH., 'Clarke. Ilr. Regan is now a Re
publican , clerk at the office of the Board
of Election Commissioners.
John D.Becker, IS also' said to be slated
for service as Deputy at the Courthouse.
Mr. Becker llvcs-ln the Second Ward, and
was formerly in tho office under Sheriff
Pohlman.-, He, Is onovof the most popular
Republicans of the Second Ward.
William Budde, City Committeeman
from the, Sixteenth Ward, will be Execu-
has - yet been found for cod
liver xnL Thereare so-called
extracts, wines and cordials of
codsliver oil that are said to
contain the active principles
but Tibf-the oil itself. This is
absurd on its face. You might
as well extract the active prin
ciples ;"of whdat ' and. make
bread with' them. The best
form of cod liver oil, that can
be 'digested "and assimilated
most easily, is Scott's Emul
i Wesodjtmatuspltim.
VCOrr SOTO K.4tariri5v Hew Vtck.
tion Deputy, and Joe Kolly will have
charge of the prisoners taken to Jefferson
City. No selection has been made for
Chief Deputy at the Courthouse.
Chief Deputies receive $150 a month, and
tho other appointments named receive JSJ.
Simeon Harris Will Have Charge of
Offices In Odd Fellows Bulldlms.
Headquarters' for the Harry M. Coudrcy
Contest Commltteo will be opened In suite
No. 726 Odd Fellows. building this morning
with Simeon Harris in charge. Notice of
the contest in the Twelfth Congressional
District against E. E. Wood, elected on
the Democratic ticket was filed Tuesday.
The office force will consist of four
clerks at present but will be lncrcnsed a
the contest gets under full way. Harris
Is thoroughly familiar with contest work,
having been associated with John B. Owen
In the William H. Horton case in 1900 and
the George C. It Wagoner contest in 1902.
Both wcro against James J. Butler.
II. S. Cauficld. as has been stated, will
not contest In the Eleventh Congressional
District on account of business reasons.
Election and Watch Sfeetlnjr.
A special general meeting of the Twenty
second Ward Republican Club will bo held
at No. 2721 Pine street to-night at 8
o'clock to make arrangements for the an
nual election of officers, to be held Decem
ber 31. Following the election a watch
meeting will be held.
Graff Fails to ltcturn Package
Given to Secure Beturn.
Thomas Brennan, a newsboy 11 years
old, of No. 1220 St. Louis avenue, J ester
day Identified Joseph Graff, who is In the
holdover In the Four Courts, as tho man
who robbed him of $1.50 and eight news
papers Sunday morning.
Brennan says that Graf asked him to
carry a package to Grallcld and Taylor
avenues but required him to glvo his
money and the papers as security. He
was told to go to a nearby drug store and
get the package, but was informed there
that it had not been left there.
Detectives Cordell and McKenna arrest
ed Graff on the description furnished by
Notes and Check Taken While
Owner Writes a Message.
Three notes, aggregating J13S.10. and a
check for J230, in a wallet, were stolen
from James A. Young of Louisville, Ky.,
in the main waiUng-room in Union Sta
tion yesterday afternoon.
Young was writing a message at the
telegraph window, and laid the wallet on
the window sill. When he finished and
turned around the purse was gone.
One note for 1165.45 and another for $100
were signed by D. W. Meyers, and the
other, for $112.65. was signed by G. T.
KIrkpatrlck. The check was also signed
by Meyers.
"Boro-Formalln" (Elmer & Amend), an
tiseptic dressing for burns, sores, bruises,
cuts or any similar accident or affliction.
Threatened to Shoot Her if She
Made Outcry.
Leveling a big pistol at her head, a
negro held up Miss Lottie Baumann of
No. 1329 South Sixth street Monday night
at Broadway and Papln street and robbed
her of $10. The robbery was reported to
the police last night.
"Keep quiet and give me that pocket
book or I'll shoot you," threatened the
"I was tempted to scream, anyway, but
was too badly frightened." Miss Baumann
told the police. After getting the purse the
negro ran west on Papln street and dis
appeared. Miss Baumann hastened home and told
her mother of the robbery. She was near
ly prostrated, and did not leave the house
to report the robbery until last night
Out of Inlon Station 5 P. 31.
Every day. "The Texas Train" of the Cot
ton Belt Route, fine Pullman sleepers and
Pullman dining cars. A train for first
class travel. 909 Olhe and Union Station.
Mrs. Mary Schmitt Sustains Seri
ous Injury.
Mrs. Mary Schmitt, 72 years old. in fall
ing down sxstalrway from tho first floor
to the bascfnjfc at her home. No. 2323
Michigan avislfc, jesterday, tore oft her
right ear.
Mrs. Schmitt was otherwise severely
bruised, and Doctor Dlt-tz. who attended
her. declares on Recount of her adanced
age that the shock caused by the loss of
her car makes her condition serious.
Holiday Ratea
Via Illinois Central R. R. to Chicago,
Memphis. New Orleans and points South
and Southeast. Write C. C. McCarty. D.
P. A.. St Louis.
Appropriation Not Exhausted in
Entertaining Foreigners.
Washington. Dec 7. Representative Bar
tholdt called upon Secretary Shaw to-day
to Inform him officially of the details of
the Interparliamentary Union's visit, to
the United States and to report that $15,
000 of the $30,000 appropriation made for
entertainment of the foreign parliament
arians remains unused.
ProMcutlmr Attorney Johnnton ynterdov
filed an Information In the Clavton Circuit
Court aa!nt Frederick LehtelK. chanting him
wth wife abandonment Lebtelx was arretted,
Marriage licenses were luued jestfrtay to
Martin Krueger of Fox Creek and Henrietta
MelroM of 8t Iul: Carl n. Marrl of Thayer.
Mo., and Loretto Bluer of St. Ixrala: Frank P.
Rchmldt of St Ix)ul and Katie C. Sieve of
De Hrl!amont: 'William It Corbett nnd Adeline
Mounllor of St loula. and to Froderlclc W.
tchllnnnan. Jr.. and tutu W. Smith of St.
Slate Senator Will Xot Deny Iteport
That He Favor. Keren.
St Joseph, Mo.. Dec. 7. State Senator
Elect J. W. Peck, cashier of the Farm
ers' Bank at Westboro. Mo.. Is here at
tending the convention of bankers. Mr.
Peck was In St Louis recently and a few
days later it was reported that he had de
clared for Kerens for Senator. When
asked to-day regarding this report he
"I saw the mibllshed statement hut nn
one has presented any proof yet that I
have declared for Mr. Kerens."
Inventory of Blake E.tatc.
An Inventory of the estate of Charles
R. Blake, filed In probate yesterday, de
scribes certain real estate and a personal
estato of J133,3.&3. The personalty con
sists of fetocks. J172.6S0; life Insurance, $20,
C00; notes, l,3M.9o; cash, mi, and goods
and chattels 79. Among the stock hold
ings are J175.000 in the SUgo Iron Stoie
Company and J12.500 in the Fcrguson-Mc-Kinney
Dry Goods Company.
Kantian Court Held in St. Loni..
Judge Hook of Kansas held court yester
day In the Circuit Court room in the Fed
eral building for the accommodation of
several lawyers who happen to be at
tending the December term of the Court
of Appeals. As Judge Adams Is out of the
city, arrangements were easily made
whereby the Kansas lawyers could try
their cases here, and Judge Hook con
sented to come to St Louis for this pur-)
. Xevr Deputy Engineer.
W. A. Relss. a well-known civil engi
neer, was yesterday appointed Deputy
County Enguier;by Lee Harper, recently
elected County Engineer. Mr. Kelsa'a of
fice will b In the Courthouse.
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Philippines Mill and Statehood
Question to Be Discussed
Before .Christmas.
Chairmanships of Committees ou
Judiciary and Iuleroccanic
Canals Are to Be
Washington. Dec. 7. The Steering Com
mittee of the Senate to-day framed the or
der of business for the Senate until the
holiday recess. Various matters will be
given attention in this period.
They are the Philippines bI!I,on which
tho Senate to-day agreed to vote Decem
ber 16; Statehood legislation, the nomina
tion of William D. Crum to be Collector
of tho Port of Charleston, 8. C, and the
question of filling the vacancies on Sen
ate committees.
No effort was made to outline a pro
gramme for the session or to prejudice
action on other urgent business which
failed in the last session of Congress or
was advocated by the President in his
message to Congress.
At informal meetings of the Senate lead
ers several of these measures have been
discussed and the tacit understanding
reached that some of them should be kept
In the background until later in the ses
sion. Notably Is this true of the proposed
legislation granting the Interstate Com
merce Commission supervision over rail
road rates.
& 1 expected that several appropriation
bills will be sent over from the House be
fore long, and as usual in short sessions
of Congress nothing of a disputed char
acter will be allowed to Btand in their
It Is believed by Senate leaders that
there will be no substantial action on the
statehood bill in its present form admit
ting Oklahoma and Indian Territory as
one Stato and Arizona and New Mexico
as one State.
The Crum nomination, which failed of
confirmation In threo sessions beoiuso of
the contest led by Senator Tillman, doubt
less will go through at this session. It Is
said Senator Tillman has conceded his
Inability to prcent any longer the con
firmation and will bo content to record
his own ote In the negatUe when the
mater comes up in executive Mission.
Great interest attaches to the commu
tes vancancies. Tho most Important aro
the chairmanship of the committees on
the Judiciary, made vacant by the death
of Senator Hoar, nnd on Intcroceanlc
Canals, which has not been filled since
the dfath of Senator Hann.i.
Senator Piatt of Connecticut Is the
ranking member of the Committee on
Judiciary and Senator Piatt of New York
of the Committee on Intcroceanlc Canals.
Senator Kittrldge. who has been the most
actlvo member of the Canal Commltteo
since tho vacancy, is urged for the chair
manship. When tho committee vacancies
are filled, provision will bo made for
Senators Knov and Crane.
Department Send. Officer. Ilaclc to
Their Route..
Washington, Dec 7. The Post-Ofllcc De
partment has given peremptory orders to
James Keller, president of the National
Association of Letter Carriers, and Presi
dent Cunnirtgham of the Association of
Rural Letter Carriers to return to their
duties at once.
Mr. Keller Is a cltv carrier In ciRvpl.inil
O., and Mr. Cunningham is a rural currier
in umana.
It is asserted that thev have been per
niciously actUe during the campaign in
an effort to force salary legislation. Both
men. It Ih alleged, have been annv (mm
their Government duties for a consider
able time, and It Is stated that they will
be granted no more such large extensions
of leave of absence.
Mr. Keller Is serving Ills second term
as head of the city carriers, and it Is ex
pected he will return to duty as carrier
within a week or a fortnight. Mr. Cun
ningham Is supposed to be at his home in
Omaha, but Ills exact whereabouts arc
not yet known here. The department Is
investigating his movements during the
recent campaign.
President'. Appointment..
Washington, Dec. 7. The President to
day sent to the Senate the following nom
inations: Postmasters:
Illinois Charles H. Hurt, Barry; Hen
ry C. Jones, Marion.
Indian Territory Charles W. Fears, Sul
phur. Kansas Charles E. Green, Etllngnuin;
George B. Hollenbcck, Toganoxlc; Rob
ert D. KIrkpatrlck, Nortonvllle.
Missouri John H. Bryant, Burlington
Junction; Edward R. Williams, Richmond.
Texas Jacob M. Harrell, Manor.
Member of the Mississippi River Com
missionLieutenant Colonel Clinton B.
Sears, Corps of Engineers.
Mi.konrl Po.t Office..
Rnrunuc special.
Washington, Dec. 7. The following nom
inations for Missouri Post Offices were
sent to the Senate by the President to
day: John H. Bryant Burlington Junction;
Edward R. Williams. Richmond.
Typhoid Fever Cau.ed Death.
Miss Josephine Doenges, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Doenges of Jersey
vlllc, died yesterday morning from typhoid
fever. Mlsa Doenges is the second daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Doenges to die with
typhoid, the death of Miss Elizabeth oc
icurrlng a month ago. A third sister. Miss
Emma, la also sick with the fever, but
her condition is, Improved. The funeral
will take place to-morrow morning at 10
o'clock from the Church of the Holy
Ghost Tho Reverend Father F. A. Marks
will officiate.
Mr.. Kllznbeth tlatheTr. A.U. J.-.,HM
I'or Death of Her Son.
The case of Mrs. Elizabeth Mathews
against Policeman Edward Kavanaugh for
53,000 damages for the accidental shooting
of her son, John Mathews, In East St
Loui, on May 2S, 1802, was tried in the
East St Louis City Court jesterday. All
of tho evidence was presented and the ar
guments were laid oer until this morn
ing. Tho shooting occuircd shortly after mid
night, on Broadway, near the Eads
Bridge. Kavanaugh and Policeman Kratz
meyer had arrested a negro, and, while
Kratzmejcr was using the telephone to
call for the patrol wagon, the negro ran
away. Policeman Kavanaugh pursued the
negro and ftred three shots at lilm. One
of the bullets struck Mathews, causing his
death a few hours later at St. Marj's
rrrTsnunG liki: ijhainagii.
Property Owner, of Part, of Win-
.tanlcy Park anil Ccnterillle
to Meet.
Property owners of parts of Wln-'tnn'ey
Park and Center-. We Station, now Inun
dated by Pittsburg Lake, will met the
Drainage Commissioners of Center ille
Station In Horace J. Eggmann's olllce on
Collins. ville aenuc, East St. Louis, at 1
P. m. to-day, to devise ways and means for
the drainage of this lake.
It ia stated by interested parties that the
lake, except In some holes. Is not more
than four feet deep and that a great part
It. on'.y from on to two feet deep.
It Is claimed that at least three feet of
water cm be drained from the lake by
means of a ditch which passes beneath
the Rock road at Lake Bridge and runs
through Lansdowne. This ditch has been
dammed. It Is said, and has also been filled
In so that it. no longer carries off anv
It Is said tlla't if this ditch is opened at
least' three feet of water can be drained
off several thousand acres and render this
ground tillable.
TVegrro Ilnrirlnr Enter. Tlielr llooni
When Detected In Iliin.c.
A negro burglar aved his life by .ceklng
refugo in the children's room at the home
of Thomas Dojle Jr. at No. 7.15 North
Ninth street. East St. Louis, yesterday
The burglar was reaching Do.Ue's trous
ers when Doyle awakened. Seizing a re
volver he Jumped out of bed. The burglar
stHrted when Doylo awakened and dashed
Into the room occupied by the Dovle chil
dren. DoIo was afraid to shoot then, as
he feared that he might accidentally shoot
one of his children, and the negro escaped
through a window. He secured no booty.
Fall. From Vnndalla Tre.tlc.
Adam Healcy, a switchman, employed
hj the Vundnlla Railroad, fell from tho
Vi-ndalla trestle across Cahokla Crook.
East St Touts, early jesterday morning.
He fell feet first In the creek, and tho
soft mud at the bottom caved him from
serious Injur-. Ho was assisted to his
Actrr.fl Sue. Pollcriunii.
Mis Bello Tuttle, a former East St.
Ixiuls actress, jesterday entered f.uit for
$T000 damages against Policeman Michael
Dumphey On a charge of Illegal arrest.
She was arrested on November 2S and was
released several hours afterwards.
Meeting; of 10f),(KM) Clnli.
Manj- representative citizens are expect
ed to attend the first meeting of the pro
posed 100.O0O club which has been called
for this afternoon in the East St. Louis
City Hall. Thomas L. Kekete, who sug
gested the Idea, will call the meeting to
East St. tool. Item..
Mrs. F. I. Huntoon of College nenue will
entertain the Ladles' Literary Circle Thursday.
December 15.
Miss Mary Porman Is Uslllng.ln tho East.
Jllfs Mabel White has returned from St.
Louts. Mo.
Miss Mary Bradford Is lslllne In Alton.
Miss Oertriide Carroll of Marine. 1111 . is
Isltlne Mrs. Clay Coran.
Mrs J. MurpM Is -vleltlne rclathes In
Odin. III.
Mrs W. A. roster departed sesterday for
Loulllle. Ky.
Former State Attorney and ctv
I'ro.ecntor on Opposite Side..
Former St-itc Attorney James A. Farmer
and State Attorney Fred Tecklenburg.
who was recently elected, met on opposite
hides jesterday In Justice of the Peace
Wungelln'a court in Belleville In the cn'e
of Alexander Maule, a coal operator, who
was charged with assault and battery on
August Llndemann, a coal miner.
L'.ndemann had been employed at the
Maule mine, and entered the engine room
while he was off duty. Maule told him
to leavo the place, but Llndemann gut
closer to the machinery. Maule pushed
Llndemann out of the cnKlne-room. nnd
Llndemann secured a State warrant
against Maule. charging him with assault
and battcrv. Mr. Tccklenburg prosecuted
the cape. A verdict In favor of Maule w-aa
Inmates of Belleville Isolation Hos
pital Form Fire llrljrntle.
Smallpox patients In the Belleville Iso
lation Hospital formed a fire brigade yes
terday afternoon, and with blankets and
b-ickets of water extinguished a prairie
fire, which threatened to destroy the tents
which form the hospital shelter.
The Are started some distance from the,
hospital Grounds, and it was not thought
that It would come close to the tents, as
a bip strip of ground had been ploughed
about the property to stop fire in a case
such as this.
Tho Are spread Inside the ploughed area
and the nurses then realized that it would
be necessary for all to work at extinguish
ing tho'blaze or tho hospital tents and con
tents would be destroyed.
All of the available buckets were manned
and blankets and otd brooms were used as
supplementary lire extinguishers. After
half an hours work the fire was extin
guished. Grange Hall Dedicated,
Members of Turkey Hill Grange last
evenlnr dedicated -the Turkey Hill Grange
Hall, which has been built to take the
place of the one destroyed by fire last Jan
uary. The Are occurrt-d while Don Miller,
a school boy, nn cleaning the hall prc
piratorv lo a meeting of the Grange that
night. Don was so badlv burned that he
died a few hours Liter. The building was
tot, illy destroyed.
Approve. Patrolman. Sn.pen.ion.
The Police Committee of the Belle hie
City Council last night approved the sus
Pension of Henry York, a patrolman, be
cau'o of alleged Intemperance. York was
discharged ;-eeraI months ago, and at the
Iieglnnlng of the smallpox scare was the
only person who would take a position as
guard at the lo:.itlon hospital. He was
promltcd a berth In the police service
again as a reward. He was brought into
Jh police station Tuesday night by a
brother ofliccr, and his star was taken
from him.
Ilpllevllle Xew. Note..
Tlie ChoraJ-SimDhonv Society e a con
cert nt I,ldrkmnz Hall !at night which
tiroicrt to Lo ona or the society events of the
Mason. Professor Ludwle Carl whs the di
rector and thn jolol were Miss Emma BIeh
pf. FODrano: Chorion Cease, barvtone: William
Colllni. tenor, and Mrs. Collins, alto. A .trine
orchestra was a!o a feature. After the musical
numcera the tloor was cleared for dan cine,
Mrs. Henry tluhn hai returned from a lslt
with her fon. Henry lluhn. of Frankfort. 111.
-M Clair Indite. A F. 4. A. M.. has elected
officers as follows: Master In chair. Fred B.
Merrills: penlor warden. John Harney: treas
urer. Hdward W. West: secretary. William V.
Ical No. IM. Journemen Tailors' Union,
of nellellle. has elected officers as follows:
Pre'Irtcnt. Victor Junck: -.Ice oresldent Au
Kust Seltz: secretary. Htnrv Hoefken: financial
Becretary and treasurer. Henry J. Hoflflten, Jr.:
Biiard. Carl Schulenbunr: delegates to the
Trades and Labor Assembly, rred Schwank
and L)uls no-In: delegate to national conven
tion, to bo held In Uloomlnxton. Ill , on Febru
ary 6. IXi. Henry Hoefken.
Doctor Pnlllnm Assistant Coroner.
Doctor J. S. Williams of Jerseyvllle, who
waa re-elected Coroner of Jersey County
and who assumed the duties of his new
term on Monday, has announced the ap
pointment of Doctor W. W. Pulliam of
Elsah as his chief deputy.
Jer.eyvllle Note..
Frank Kalal has gone to Kansas City, Mo.
! M. Howden has gone to Aubutti, 111.
JIIss Kmma West has resigned as a teacher
In the Medora. ill . schools, to accept a similar
position In the schools at Granite city.
Tho imlplt of the First Baptist Church In
Jersejill will le occupied on bund.iv- by the
Iteterend D. Hicks of Eaten Rapids, Mich.
Now York. Pec. 7. Flour Rcelr,ts 19.711: ex
ports 2.25: quiet and lower to sell Rjc flour
barely steaoj . fair to Kood it t'StTC. Buck
wheat flour Mead Cotnmeal stead) : fine white
ami jellow Itf4tl 4S: ciwr-e Jl 24SI.S.. Barley
quiet, noat Receipts 4S.IM): spot weak; No. !
red nominal cleatnr; No 2 red S1.1SU f. o. b.
afloat: Xu I Northern Duluth- SI 127. f o. b
alloat: No. 1 hard Manitoba 11. OS t. o. b. afloat.
From start to finish wheat was weak nnd hoavy
to-day. jleldlnR to irsWent selling by somo of
the biff Western holders. Influenced b- betfr
Arsentlno weather news and lower rabies It
closed tic in r net lower. May 1 Ht.fJI.H ;
IC. rlocd JllJS. July OO'.ei Mi., cloed
J1.C1S: Dec $1 H'iOl.lTS. closed J1.H4. Corn
Receipts a.tj). spot tasj: No. Z nominal ele
ator and Mc fob afloat; No. 2 jcllo.r
54V-c: No. 2 white Sic. Option market a3
falrlv stoady all diy. In contrast Ui the wheat
luaxlness Ies farnble (rradlnc at ChlcnTC
Duluth. Minn. Dec. 7. Wheat to arrlio No.
1 Northern Jl.l".1,: No 2 Northern 11.04S: on
trk. No 1 Northern Jl.lO,- No 2 Northern
J1.M.: Dec. Jl V; May J1.12V4. Oats to arrUe
and on trk. IS'sc
was tho feature. Per, closed c ('own, but Ma
was onl ic lower; Ma clow-d 5oi;c: Dec. 54aj
$uV, closed M.c Oats Receipts 64.100. pot
slow mlsi cat". 2Jlfi"12 lbs . smaJS'jc: natunl
white 3B3;c. clipped whlt. Ji4. lbs. S7J
3V- Hay -tead Hops dull Hldfs IcathT.
wool and bf firm. Coal nominal ut meas
Suiet. pickled bellies T'.flSo. Lanl dull: rflnej
ull. l'ork barely steailj , suess ii;gi3.T al-
y " - A
From car-windows
of California Limited
All the Wy
low steady. Cotton-seed oil easy; prime yellow
24U925C. Petroleum steady. Rice steady. Mo
lees, steady.
Cincinnati, O.. Dec 7. Whisky-Distillers' fin
ished goods steady en basis 11.24.
Milwaukee, wis. Dec. 7. Wh'at 2c lower;
No. I Northern JI.141 15; No. S Northern 11.11
81.124; May SLlOHfil.lOJi bid. Rye Vic lower:
No. 1 JlUc. Barley lc lower: No. 2 Sic; sam
ple 376500. Corn lc lower; No. 3 42K8,c:
May 44Vie44Sc
Minneapolis, Minn.. Dec. 7. Wheat Dec.
JL0S; May J1.12H; Julv l 11;: Sept. 52c; No. 1
hard JUOV No. I Northern J1.W4: No. 2
Northern 11.0m.
Minneapolis, Minn.. Dec. 7. Flour First pat
ients JMfS Id; scond patents 13 WSS 30; first
clears Jl 23B4 25; second clears JJ.7532.S5. Bran,
In bulk. Jilt".
Chicaro. Dc. 7. Cash quotations were as fol
lows: Flour Arm. Wheat No 2 spr'nc Jl.Wy
1.15; No. 3 SI 'CS1.12; No. 2 red Jl UUI U.
Corn No. 2 46S4c: No. 2 yellow 47c. Oats
No 2 31c; "o. 2 white 33"-831Hc: No. 3 white
KSJtijc. Rye No. 2 74c. I!arle Good feodlnc
tV; fair to choice maltlne 42849c. Sed Pr'me
timothy J2.72 c!oer (contract grade) J 2.50.
Provisions Mess pork, per bbl.. J11.37'431l-34:
lanl per K0 lbs.. J5.S2H; short rib sides (loose)
5 37Vp V; short clr Jildes (bid S,75f?
t.ivi. Whisky, basis of hlahwlnes, J1.2L
Liverpool. Dec. 7. Whet Spot ncm nal; fu
tures quiet: Dec 7s 2ld. March 73 4Hd: May
7s 4Hd. Com Spot steady: American mixed 4s
Syi; futures steady: Jan. 4s 4J: March 4s td.
reoria. Dec. 7. Corn quotM lower: No. 3 414
t42c; No. 4 4!c; no-grade 36g3c.
N'w York. Dec 7. IJe poultry Receipts 7
cars Western and 1 Southwestern. There was
a continued jrood demand for prime heaty
fowls and market was well sustained, but
llaht stock moved slowly. About 10 or more
cars are due yet for laer In th week, but
If stock jrels hero In time bulk will be worked
out Into consumption. Roosters eteadr. Prime
turkeys firm, flefeso plentv and slow. Ducks
steadr. Plceons unchanged. Quotations un
changed. Dre-sed Poultry Receipts 2.425 pkes. Re
ceipts not so heaw. but considerable Invoiced
for later In the Wfv Transportation companies
are xenerally a day late In delivering stock, and
bulk of the week's receipts art still out. Ship
pers jrenerallv axe freezing their lan;e roastln
and small, plump broiling chickens, and only
forwarding lb relict. conistlnK of small and
larar. framy birds, which nobodr wants, unless
at very low price?.
Choke large Indiana do -picked and Ohio
scalded chicken when averaging 8 to 3 lbs. to
pair, brought I34S14C while 114B12c was about
all other best Western chickens could command,
and tons of medium grades of both chickens ana
fowls wer urged for sale at 10-v-SUc. Choice
heavy dry-picked fow s In no surp us and teajj
at 12c. while HUc was top en the average run
cf drj-P'cked and lie was full high on aver
age bst scalded fowl" Turkejs In moderate
supply with nearly everything coming thin
and frumy. and not gcol enough for most of the
buvers ( holce full-biate.i voung torn wero
scare and sold readily at l'o seme held up
to 2s:. ordlnarv duck and gsc plentv and
siow: fancy wsntcd. Squabs slow.
Good' Wish Gifts
keep the Yule fire burning on the heart's
hearthstone. The most charming gifts for sweet
remembrance which the season shows are the
new Christmas packages of
With holly ribbon dress to charm the eye,
with good-wish card to warm the heart, what
better gift to cheer afriend than sweet Nabisco?
Whatever other gifts you make, give
good-wish gifts to all the young, the old, the
rich, the poor, the good, the bad remember
everyone, and everyone will remember you.
BC!SilamT r T
You See Enchanted Land
Where peaks are miles high
Chasms aie miles deep
And forests have turned to stone
Quaint Indian pueblos too
Secure accommodations well in advance
AppIrGtrTidrtOficeof A.T.& S.F.Ry..
At 108 No. Fourth Street, Sc Louis
If I Fail to Gun lay Otitir ir Tuir
X ireBS DC30T.Ifc
polsopidetfp glands.
S'oKnlfeor Fain
No p7 until cared.
No X-IUy or other
Swindle. A Pactflo
Island plant make
thinm. Anytn
morJnmp or so re oa
the lip, act or any
where six months
1 Eaxty 4w7
1 tO-pan book ofus
ttmnnlalB sent free.
Is nearly always CANCEB and if BecIaO
ed will always poison deep arlsnds la UM
armpit and km quickly.
-iTIBTIT KUlltf." niH UJT UIOTUTS. -tRIces201and203
N IttnSL, StU.bj.lls.
Dry-packed; Turkev s Wostem 7oung torn,
fancy. 19c: do. average 17lSc; mixed, younr
hens and toms, fancy. lSS19c: do. average J76
ISc. Chickens Western dry-picked fancy nc
Iced: Turkj s western dry-Picked prime 17f?
ISc: do. average l&317c: Western scalded prime
1SB19C: do. average l$17c. Other quotations
Hatter and Cheese.
New Tork. Dec. 7. Cutter firm: creamery
hld common to extra 193314c. Cheese un
changed. Philadelphia. Pa.. Dec. 7. Butter firm; good
demand: extra Western creamery 27H: extra
nenr-bv prints 30c. Cheese Firm: good demand.
New York full creams, fancv 12c: do. choice
ll'.fflHtc: do. fair to good 118114c
Karsas City. Dec. 7. Butter Creamery 211
23c: dairy 17c
Chicago. Doc 7. Butter firm: creameries 151?
26'-c; dairies l(S22a Cheese steady, 11312c.
World Fair Director to Heel.
Letters have been sent out byecretarj
Stevetis to the member of the World's
Fair Hoard of Directors, notifying them
thnt the regular monthly meeting of the
board will be held next Tuesdav afternoon
at 3:30 o'clock, at the Xoonday Club. Here
after all meetings of the Executive Com
mittee and Hoard of Director" will b
held downtown, and not on the Kipositli-u
aaaaaaaaV Hj
iz :
f-?Ss- "

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