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TTDT jn nSTmio(iFE
I B-" I ill I v:iitl a hotne for A t'hn,,m',s Jrc"
S I II I A 3 J 1 " t'onsult T!ic Republic- Real B-
. JH J M JM JL. V. I tnte columns fer real bargain' ?
Of all kinds 1 quirk';- secured
through Republic "Want" A Is
AH draggi-is take 'hern
P4 n t. Mints, line Lfni.
T T ri ir J liit-I.lr se. I.onls. Ttt en
IVi-Vjl. I'm Trnlnvllirrr Cm!".
Republican House Leaders
Have Perfected a Scheme
lor Centralization of Pow
er in That Body.
Willi All Appropriations for Car
rying on Government 1'reparcd
by One Committee, Friction
Would Cense.
Manifestly Impossible to Carry
Out Pioposed rhanec at This
Session, but Preliminaries.
Mnv P.e Arranged.
Ti TtepuMic Bureau.
rntt nu'Uinr li'1- and r i-tt.
Washington. Dc K Fa-ins the fact
that the navv con more lhan SlO'cOWM
In thf la't twenty car". and that It will,
COM, at the present ut. the same ?ura
Inlc.xthan tn car K..dfr in fonRrs
re conslderinB a nllc-il plan -nhloh nill
nablt them to coitiol appropriations
morp aliolJtcl.
i: tl'p Jpiico they uculJ in'.rpnch tliem
Rthrs aciii't tli" rrolnlilp revolt of the
rank and flic of linth parties In the
3Iouc, who are unable to st so much as
a hc.inng on District project for pjbllc
hulldlngs or river and harbor improvi
:ncnt. Determined to follow the pohev of heavv
raal expenditure, iho deficit of the
Treaurj- account loom-! ahead, a r"f hard
to cross. It is actual fear of this deficit
which leads then to vjsscnt returning to
the old plan of placing all of the appro
priation bills in the hands of one com
mittee. cEN"rr.Ai.izATio:- or pownn.
This is a matter uf internal organiza
tion unfamiliar to th masses of citizen-".
Hut It mems simply to centralize power,
for In th Appropriations Committee the
power of the Consrcs lies It ! practical
ly so centered now in the Senate, to such
an citcnt that, when i Senator Is not a
member of tho committee, he li practical
ly a zero mark as a potent factor In legis
lation. It was so In the Ilousa until twelia
years aeo. nd in the present emergency
it Is proposed to return to this method
of doing buriness. An aid to manipulation
Is what then would bo accomplished.
Authority to prepare and report appro
priation bills would thus bo taken away
from the committee on Post Offices and
Post Iloads. Military and Naval Affairs,
Indian Affairs, Rivers and Harbors and
the District of Columbia, and placed In
the hands of the Committee on Appropria
They rcallzo that there is no possibility
of making such a change during this ses
sion, but. aa they will also bo the leaders
In the next House, they are thinking of
what they will then have to do to assjra
a very careful allotment of the money.
A new House Is always comparatively
easy to handle, for the reason that It has
such a large percentage of new members
In it. Tho new members follow older ones.
The older ones will follow the Speaker,
who Is the oldest of them all and the most
powerful as a giver of favors.
The Issue previously referred to In throe
dispatcher-, the Navy versus demand for
Internal Improvenunts. becomes larger
and larger In the progress of events at tho
nation's capital.
8t. Louis and the Mississippi Valley
want one big wort begun that of build
ing s. deep-water way from the lakes to
the Gulf. Along thi? Ohio from Pittsburg
down the cry Is for a nine-foot channel
to Cairo. Total flgi-res on the canal from
Chlcapo to the Q'lir havo never been
prepared, but engisecrs say It could be
done for lers than the sum which It Is
proposed to spend this year for the navy
0112 000.000). Estimates on tho Ohio project
call for J40,O0O,Ono.
Republican Congressmen on tho Naval
Affairs Committee of both houses say that
the most rigid economies will not cut the
naval bill below tlVWOfim. The conse
quence. Speaker Cannon already his hint
ed, will be tho necessity of eliminating the
small rlverc and harbors bill, which It has
been proposed to pars end also to get
along without J10.000.000 the minimum
possible for public buildings.
A compilation of amounts spent on the
navy since 18SJ shows that $791,1:7.123.84
was carried In the regular appropriation
bills. Appropriation by deficiency and on
the sundry civil bill aggregated T,-tl2.-004.30.
These totals plus the maount
wked for this year swell the total -bove
tho stagggcrlng sum of a cool billion.
A table showing the total cost of con
structing the American navy follows. Tho
totals Include vessels cither now in com
mission or under construction. The last
entry covers unclasscd craft, most of
which aro out of date. It will be seen
that tbo total Is above COO.000,000. leaving
the enormous sum of nO3.OTO000 In. round
numbers for maintenance:
Battleships, JlSt573.S40.68.
Armored cruisers, 506.453,03 48.
Protected cruisers. $41,802,101 47.
Cruisers, JMSUIiSt
Gunboats, $1.2J7.S16.
Transport U54.38.
Torpedo boats. X1.0$6.30.
All others, 8S.O0O.OOO.
Total, I302JS3 0S7.15.
The following summarizes the naval es
tablishment ships now in commlsr'on con-
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The St. Louis Republic
Tiicm!hj, Drccmlirr -7, l!ll.
iiii; i:viiii:i:.
Th itVrri. imitr w'll likH 1 iVlou f re v
at U lrxk anl will c n nu- on th- ! IIt
a'l (l.iv irMJ'i Iorpir Hmv If To what x
Vnt It will fall !) im dpiil upon b w '
rar i i . th ?xi rjn n w jia(.m; oirr tfn
tin iro. and ;mi i!ie hlfili r'"UI va
to romf In
I- ll.t.ii ihl-lvs thr- ! 1 l.elihocl of ze o
ve'IS i by to-m row morning.
1 -IpiTtVn 'n !if form uf tain cr onotr hns
Jn ffn"::! in tK pas; twfl.f hour frii
'iisc to the Atlantic rai nnl 'mm Ka rn
Txi to . u, ; Uk rcdon At Mntiont in
lu Ohio ..r.J liiAr y$jXprji ellr it nji
.r !.-a.. Mrrih!" anl She rjwvt rjartlnij
more iiin thrw inches
Th maxim m frr-i-ratt:- etHa wa W
and Yr nin'mun 17 l-j,r--
Th un rj. Thl mornlntr at T 1 and
tl I vwiir a: 4 u
Th ir.xn .! ihi nfnlifi at 1) 23
The Republic's Vant Courans
7.11 Be Found oa Pages JO and
1. ( zar Inane I U .-!-.
Tmi. Killed in Trl-Cltlrs Rlnt.
Mane llnnil Nitvrs Hern.
2. t Iiiidvt li-U Requisition Il(ftle(J.
l.cilrr-nfTnII W odilinir.
Trust Invcutcil (.'nrUrlil I'lHn.
n. Deneni Issues Summons.
4. llt'Kliilrj's CIiiKimutf Demi.
.".. Illi'znrd Over AVratcrn MntrH.
T. Dodge Acquitted of Perjur.
K. !portln; "errs.
12. I'nlmnrp on Ionc Trip.
Commissioner Sarcent s-:nd. -i larse
force of acent.s to the Ctnadlan border
to frustrate a consplracv to bring a Iarg
number of Chinamtn Into the United
States In defiance of law. PAGE 3
It develops that Commissioner Gnrfle'd's
plan for Fedral control of interstate cor
porations was proposed bj- the Standard
Oil Company's representative five years
50 PAGE 2
Republican Hoiw leadri plan to cen
tralize power bv placing all appropria
tion in the hand! of on committee, there
by Insuring the ex-.cution of the adminis
tration's policy for a greater navy.
New mobilization of Russian reserves
caused noting in Razona and Rakout. Po
land. PAGH 1.
Wholesale charges of corruption In han
dling Russian Rd Cros funds estrange
the public and cut off Its chief revenues.
United States military attaches who
have been with General Kuropatkln are
returning to Washington. PAGE 3.
I.OCAI. AND "UTTJimn sf.
Three mn were killed, one was siious
lv wounded, a street car was held up and
many petty offenses marked the observ
ance of Christmas in the Tri-Citlest.
Plans have been apprfwl for railroad
terminals in New York City covering an
area of more than nineteen blocks.
PAGE- 4.
S. M. Felton, president of the Chicago
and Alton, analyzes the Increase In rail
road accidents. PAGE 4.
The Reverend Doctor W. B. PaJmore of
St. Louis departed last night on a six
months' trip which will take him to Pan
ama, South America and Great Britain.
PAGE 32.
Nearly 20.000 persons were fed at the
Christmas feast given at the Coliseum.
General William Henry Powell, who was
a schoolmate of President McKInley, died
In his homo in Belleville. PAGE 4.
A. L. Jarretr. hero In the play, was
nearly drowned In diving Into the Imperial
Theater tank and was rescued by a stage
hand. PAGE 1.
Governor-elect Denecn has issued an of
ficial summons, calling a meeting of Re
publican legislators of Illinois to discuss
his Inaugural message and "to talk of
other matters" to-wtt. the speakership.
The case of Charles Fred Gates, arrest
ed In Litchfield, III., Is puzzling tho po
lice of St. Louis and Litchfield. PAGE 2.
Becauso of a technicality, requisition
papers for Doctor Chadwick are refused
Sheriff Barry of Cleveland, O. PAGE 2.
It is reoorted to Washington that the
surveys of the French engineers for the
Panama Canal aro unreliable and that
American engineers will have to do the
work again. PAGB T.
Charles F. Dodge, acquitted on charge of
perjury In celebrated New York divorce
case, suffers nervous collapse. PAGE 7.
A general blizzanl sweeps over all the
Western States and Is rapidly approach
ing Missouri. Unusutl cold accompanies
tho high winds and Northern Texas re
cords a drop in temperature of forty de
grees In seven hours. PAGB $
Miss "Daisy" Lclter and the Earl of
Suffolk are quietly wedded In Washington.
They will sail for England December 2S.
Crimes, casualties, shooting affrays and
murders mark the week In New Orleans
and Louisiana. PAGB 2.
Tlie Emperor of Russia iraues the long
expected Imperial ukase. PAGE 3.
Hyde Park Blues of Chicago were again
defeated by AU-St, Louis team, by a
score of 4 to i. PAGE 8.
Ram's Horn and Trapper, both Derby
candidates, were defeated at New Orleans.
Regan hopes to regain his position In
the bantam pugilist class. PAGE 8.
New Tork. Dec 25. Arrived: Vadnlaad; o
cr II.
Isle of Wlcht. Dec at Paucd: Zeeland.
Qaeeivtowii. Ore. 3. BallM: Ivtrauu
Dotm. IXC H.iM p. m. Arrived: 8tuuaer
Paleroo. Dc. VL Balld: Stessur Carpathls.
Genoa, Dec at 8Ild: 8tM3Jr Republic
London. Dc M. Sailed: Ittamer Utttfca.
is !
1 '
Reputed to be the nclirst Kirl in all Eng
land, who has married FJ Iton Monsell. a
penniless Lieutemnt 'n the navv. Miss
Evres a u brld hrojght her hubinil
a dowrj of JJ'"'H'J In htr own right
and there H mmh more to follow
A. L. Jarrctt. Leading Man at The
Imperial, Nearly Drowned
in Tank.
Spectators Nearly Fanic-Stricken
Wlien They Sec the Actor's
Plight Rescued After
the Curtain FalK
A holiday audience that Jamrr.3 the Im
perial Theater last nlsht watched a brave
hero leap into the swirling current of the
Harl-m River to save little Nellie, who
had ben hurled Into th stream by the vil
lain of the play
Down into the murky dpths h went
head first, and a shiver of excitement ran
through the houe wli'n he failed to rl3e
to the surface with the little one In his
uplifted arm
A half moment lattr, hn his pale face
appeared above tl waters and one hand
groped abev" him, In evident distress, on
audible groan of alarm spread from par
quet to gallery, and when one of the stage
hands dived Into the tank to the rescue
of the player just as the curtain was rung
down, a panic lr the crowded playhouse
was narrowly averted by the appearance
of the stage manager, who waved to the
orchestra to b-gln playing and assuring
the audience that there was no dang'r.
Behind the curtain the stage employe
dragged out the hero unconscious. A phy
sician who was In the audience was hasti
ly taken hack to the stage, wh-re he found
the injured man with a dislocated arm
and unconscious from the shock aid from
the effect of tho water which he had swal
lowed. The play was the typical tank melodra
ma. "Shadows of a Great Cltv" The lead
ing man Is A. L. Jarrett, who pl2s the
part of Tom Cooper, the hero The climax
of the fcond act come3 when he dives
from a high rock Into the tank to the res
cue of th little child
The rock is a rubber-covered piece of
stage property and was wet last night
after the matinee performance Jarrett
leaps into a tank which occupies the en
tire lower half of the stage, but where he
goes Into the water It Is much deeper than
the bolar.ee of th pool
When he sprang from the rork last nichf
his foot slipned and Instead of covering
the distance of fifteen feet, which Is the
ordinary Jump, he missed the well and
struck his right shoulder against one of
the supporting crosspicces of the tank.
Urconsclous from the shock, he sink b
low the water, whl-h at that spot Is five
feet In depth.
Little Nellie who by the time the villain
gets her Into the water Is but a dummy,
wa.s meantime down at the bottom also,
and when neither the hero nor the child
appeared tho audience, which hid been
worked up to a high pitch of excitement,
almost lot control of Itself.
When the Injured min weakly waved his
army above the water, but without the lit
tle one, as his pirt called lor, the specta
tors became almost t-nminageable
John Campbell, a stage hand, who was
standing In the wings, saw tho catastrophe
and with all his clothes on Jumped Into
the tank and brought the Injured man to
the surface Just as the curtain dropped in
response to the hasty call of the stage
Meanwhile the stage manager of the
company, W. A. Paul, had rushed before
the falling curtain, and after signaling
the orchestra to begin playing, quieted
the house full of people, who were rising
from their seats, and motioning them, back
announced that there was nothing to fear.
Jarrett was taken frcm th tank uncon
scious, but was rapidly brought back by
Doctor CroW, who found that his right
arm w:as badly dislocated. For a half
hour he worked over the actor, pulled
the arm Into place and pounded out of him
the water which had been swallowed. Al
though In great pain, Jarrett refused to
permit the audience to be dismissed and
went on for the third act acid the cheers
of the spectators, who had sat through a
half hour's wait while the orchestra
Zcinstvos Are A.shhm1 That Thi'V Shall lift five All rrivilc-i Al
lowed bv. Law Fair and Impartial Administration of Slat
utes and Stability of the f'ouit.s Indued Libeitv of the l'n--
Is Kxtendcd and Prospect of Lo;:al Trial, for All An n.-cd Pri
sons Is Held Out Insurance for Workinjimen.
St. I'etersbuig. Ic 38 -E3ip'(ir Nich
olas's long-extected reform ukase was Is
sued to-night. The document deils under
eight heads, with pradically nil the sub
jects brought to the Emperor's attention
bv the tnemoml of th.- rongref. cf zemst
vos presidents held here last month, and
while not specifically iI'd?lng the Gov
errment to carry "Ut the various reforms
In their entintj. a.s demanded by the me
morial. prom!1.- that each shall be re
ferred to the Council of Mlntsters. with
order- to report promptly on the fullest
measutes of rcl'ef which can bo accorded
on the various subjects.
One question not touched by the ukase
Is ttm of constitutional asemblj Neither
! the Jewish religion specifically men
tioned, though freedom for all creeds or
sects, whthor Christian or otherwise. Is
among the subjects which mil be dealt
The various subjects will be referred to
committc-.- for early report
The ukae HsueJ to-night makes de
cidedly liberal promises under a num
ber of heads It promises full and
equable enforcement of existing laws, as
sures the zemstvos of the fullest possible
measure of self-povernment, and the en
forcement of laws now existing In their
behalf, promulgates a scheme of work
men's Insurance; extends the liberty of
the pres, and promNes a full legal trial
of all persons accused
Which will be dealt with.
In brief the subjects which will be re
ferred to committees of the Council ol
Ministers for early- report are.
"First A Just and equitable enforcement
of existing laws with a view to securing
the harmonious administration of all the
Second Zemsf.os organization, with a
view- to giving the widest latitude and
autonomy to the various zemstvos. calling
additional zemstvo representatives, where
required and creating small zemstvo units
capable of dealing directly with the local
needs of the'peastnts.
Thlrd-Eqjallty of all citizens before
the law, this touching the much-mof.tm
r.vcstJon of peasant equality be-fore the
Fourth Arranging a scheme of work
men's asur-jnc, for the bni fit and par
ticipation of factory Kowers throughout
the Empire.
Fifth To secure citizens against arbi
trary arrest and to accord Immunity from
harsh action of the police, except in the
ca.ses of perrons known to be conspiring
to commit overt acts against the staiiillty
of the State.
Sixth The n llglous freedom of all sub
jects of the Empire, without rwpect of
creed or manner of worship.
Seventh For rescinding all unnecessary
repressive laws, leavins In force only
those designed for the participation of
peasants and for the benefit generally of
subjects of the Empire
Eignth To accord tro fullest possible
measure of liberty to the press and the
removal as far as possible of tho various
restrictive laws.
The ukase was Issued so late that Its
contents wero not generally- known even
In the newspaper offices till long after m'd
nlght. Among those able to express an opinion
It was considered to be a document who-"e
ultimate value depended largely upon the
Interpretation given by the various com
mittees as to the measure of liberty which
It Is possible to grant under the various
heads named. Naturally, It has not met
the fullest wishes of the Llbrals, but, on
the other hand, it Is regarded by the Reac
tionaries as promising entirely too much
In the direction of liberal reforms. It is
complained alo that there Is some am
biguity of expression In tho various sec
tions of the document, which must be left
to interpreation by those to whom the
various reforms are Intrusted.
The Imperial decree, which is entitled.
"A Scheme for the Improvement of the
Administration of the State," is addressed
to the Senate, and is as follows.
"In accordance with the revered will of
our crowned predecessor, and thinking un
ceasingly of the welfare of the r-aim in
trusted to us by God, we regard It as ojt
duty and the Government's duty. In con
Junction with undevlatlng maintenance of
the Immutability of the fundam. ntol lnw
of the Empire, to have untiring care for
the country's need', distinguishing all that
Is really in the interests of the Russian
people from tendencies not seldom mis
taken and Influenced bv transitory cir
cumstances "When the need of this or that change
Is proved ripe, then we consider it neces
sary to meet it, even though the trans
formation to which this leads Involves the
introduction of es-entinl innovations in ex
planation We do not doubt that the reali
zation cf such an undertaking will meet
with the sympathy of the well-disposed
section of our subjects, who see the true
prosperity of the fatherland In the sup
port of civil tranquillity and the uninter
rupted satisfaction of the daily needs of
the people.
placing in the fore front of our care
thought for ihe best ordering of the life
of the mot numerous- of our estates, the
peasant population, we may remark that
this matter is already under examination.
"Simultaneously with a detailed Investi
gation of the initial proposals of the Ministry-
of the Interior, which are being car
ried out locally, conferences are now
being held by Commissioners specially se
lected from amongst the most experi
enced of the highest administrative of
ficials regarding the most Important ques
tions of peasant life, assisted in their In
vestigation cf the general needs of the
agricultural Industry- by- the knowledge
and experience of local committees.
"We command those to labor to bring
the laws regarding peasants Into unity
with the general Imperial legislation.
ii-rfS.'xii!Sr'-SfS'-i,i A .-..--
r . &.
th-rebv facilitating the ti-k .f .Hairing
permanent se. url'y of tins .-state whi!i
bv de-ree of the Czar Llb'rator is re. o
nlzMl us ronsi'tin? of free utlzns i
Fesiin fall rights.
Surw -, in the wide doni 1 r of the peo
ple's uttermost r.e ds. we r ga.d as L-nt
In the Interest of th" leg il strengthe.i.nz;
of civic and public life
riist The adaption of eff.c'ive me is.
ures for sifeguarding the law in Its fml
force as the rne-t Important pillar of the
throne of the autocratic hmpire. In order
that it3 Inviolable fulfill! nt for all alike
shall be regirdcd as the first duty bv all
the authorities, and in .ill places subject
to us. that its nonfulhllm'nt shall Inev
itably bring v. ith It legal responsibility for
every arbltriry art. and that persons who
have sufftred wrong bv- uch acts shul! Le
fi.ibled to sorurfe lgal redress
S-cond That local and municipal Insti
tutions should be given as vide scope as
poc.sible In the administration of various
matter affecting local welfare. anJ that
they should have cunferr'd upon them,
the necessary independ noe, within legal
limitations, and that representatives of ah
sections of th" population Interested in
lecal rratters should be callea ..jon under
equable conditions to take part in tho-!
Institutions, with a view- to the completed
satisfaction possible of their needs. Be
8lds the Government and Zemstvos dis
trict Institutions, hitherto existing there
should be alBo established in close con
nection with them public institutions for
the administration of local affairs in lo
calities of smaller extent.
Third That in order to secure equality
of persons of all classes before the Ian.
steps should be taken to bring about the
necessary unification of Judicial procedi re
through the Empire, and to assure inde
pendence of tho courts.
Fourth That for the further develop
ment of the measures Introduced by us
for the protection of vorkmen In fnctories.
workshops and commercial establishments
attention Is to be given to the question of
the introduction of State Insurance for
"Fifth That there should bo a revision
of the exceptional laws decreed at the
time of an unparalleled outbreak of crim
inal activity on the part of enemies of
public order, and t'ie application of wh'ch
was attended with a grave extension of
the discretionary pontr of the administra
tive authorities: and that at the same time
steps should be taken for circumscribing
their application within the narrowest
possible limits and for assuring that limit
ation of the rights of private persons in
volved In that application, shall only be
permitted in cases wh re the actual safe
ty of the state Is threatened
"Sixth That In conformation of my un
devlatlng heart's desire ns expiesed in
the imperial manifesto of March 3 V.'Jl.
for the protection by the fundamental
laws of the Empire uf tol ranee In mat
ters of faith, the laws dealing with the
rights of communities and persors belong
ing to heterodox and non-Chrlstlsn con
fesslors should be submitted to revision,
and that, independents of this, measures
should be taken for the removal of all
limitations on the exercise of their re
ligions not directly maintained in the ivnr
"Seventh That there should lv such re
vision of existing ordinances limiting the
rights of foreigners and measures In cer
tain territories of the Empire that in fu
ture there shall remain only such of them
as are required by the present Interests
of the Empire and the manifest needs of
the Russian pecpl
E ghth That all unnecessary restrictions
should be removed from the existing pres
laws, nnd that printed speech should b
plared within clearly defined legal limits;
that the native press, in accordance with
the progress of education and the impor
tance thereby- accruing to It. should be
left to the possibility- of worthily fulfilling
its high calling, namely to be the true
interpreters of reasonable strivings fcr
Russia's advantage.
"Acting on the above principles, with a
view- to a series of great Internal changes
Impending In thcTearly future, part where
of, in accordance with instructions pre
viously given by us, are already under
preliminary examination, we deem It well.
In view of the diversity and importance
of these changes, to fix an order of busi
ness for consideration of means and pos
sibly of their early and complete realiza
tion. Closest co-operation Is Incumbent on
vario'ts sections of the administration
throughout the whole series of our state
"With reference to all the abov "-mentioned
subjects, the Council of .Ministers
has to examine the best way of giving
effect tr, our views and to submit to us at
the earliest possible date its decisions as
to the farther shape of the above-mentioned
measures In their prescribed order.
The committee has also to report to us as
to the subsequent progress of the elabora
tion of the matters mentioned.
(Signed) "NICHOLAS."
Brown Shoe Company Celebrates
Increase in Iiiiine.
The employes of the Rrown Shoe Company-
received a pair of shoes made by
that concern a a Christmas present
about 2,&i0 pairs being distributed to the
makers of the footwear.
This was done In celebration of a great
Increase In the pale of the hoes made by
thl3 c-mpany, a gain of more than a mil
lion dollars over last year's sales.
Nitroglycerin Explodes.
Flndlay. O., Dec. 26. The magazine of
the Bradford Glycerine Company, north of
Findlay, which contained abnut I.O09 quirts
Of ritrCglv eH-e -! ir to-'1- H
explosion shaking buildings In thl3 city
and doing considerable damage In the Im
mediate vicinity of the magazine.
Some torn clothing found at the scene
of the explosion caused many- to believe
that some unknown person hao met his
- V?ft -t-."
.- tU -6rv t
. 4 . - r -- - - - 1
I I '
il -- :
A .. .. ... '
Ordna- expert, who wa killed in battle
north of Port Arthur To his ingenuity in
contracting barbed-wir entanglements
water traps jn! electric mines Is lw' the
ability of tne garrison to hold out so long
in its stubborn defence
New Mobili7ation Stirs Polish Ire.
Causinrx Disorders at Ilazon
and P.akhout.
Wholesale Misappropriation of
KusvHnn Funds Ktranpes Pub
lic Sympathy and Cuts
Off Revenues.
5t Petersburg. Dec 25 While the new
mobilization Is proceeding quietly In most
places, disorders are reported to have oc
curred in Poland.
The most ser'ous disturbance was at Ra
zon vesterday. where one Colonel was
killed and a rfndarme wounded.
There has a'so be en considerable rioting
at Bakhout. -there 6 0.0 conscripts pillaged
a few houses nnd fruit stalls None, how-eve--,
was killed
The Emperor has his r'roml al.l de
camp at all of the mobilization centers In
order to see that everv thing possible is
done fo- th" reservists and conscripts and
to obtain Immediate reports at first hand
of any d'stu'barces
Owing to the wholesale misappropria
tion of Red Cross funds and material,
which has entirely estranged public sym
pathy, no one will subscribe to the fund
It is announced officially that a complete
and thorough reorganization will be mad.
At the same time, a loud outcrv- has been
raised against the comm's-arv eVpartment
for having lamentably failed in its i!j-
Since Prince Khllkoff has returned, the
Transsiberian Railroad has been working
most erratically, causing much trouble, as
the accumulated stores have been con
sumed and now the army Is depending up
on what the railroad brings. The cold is
causing intense suffering.
London. Dec J7 Tho Daily- Telegraph's
correspondent at Cliefoo. In a dispatch
dated December 21. say s.
'A mcnger from Port Arthur de
scribes a Japanese attack the evening of
December 22 with a light column of sc
anil many machine guns on the northern
defenses They-dashed along the railway,
carried 'reneh after trenen. and succeeded
in reaching the water beneath Pavuisean
Mountain, whence the Russian artillery
uo.-!-ed terrlMe execution.
"A fierce bayonet flg'it occurred .at mli
nlght A strong Russian force advancin
ea st ward of Payulsean Mountain threat
ened the retreat of the Japarese. who.
lfter a 'lesperate struggle, retired to the
north, leaving several machine gun. 3i)
rnls and eighty prisoners it is esti
mated that they lost it,, killed.
'The J.apinese halted near the cemetery
and. finding that both their flanks had
-arned all the works forming the outly
ing range of the main forts thev in
trenched on sma'l Mils near Kt7e Moun
tain, under a 'nere enfilading fire whl-h
caused them heavy losses.
China's Demand for Sailor Seem
ingly Not Considered.
S-arghaI Dec X The Ruslnn Consul
has made no reply to the demand of the
Taotal for the surr-nder of the sailor be
longing to the Russi-n cruiser Askold.
who. on December 13. murdered a China
man as the result of a dispute of payment
for the hire of a Jlnrlksha
The sailor Is still on board the crti!er,
where he was sent by the Consul, and
where It was understood he would be
tried by court-martial. The Taotal has
applied to the Forrisn Board at Pekln for
further instructions
The Ningpo community Is becoming
The murdered Chinaman was a native
cf Ningpo an important treaty port 3C0
miles south of Shanghai, and the Ningpo
community at Shanghai Is .'flf'O strong.
As told In a dispatch from Shanghai, De
cember 19, the lower clnsses of this com
munity we-e urgirg an attack on ail Rus
sians In Shanghai but th"y were being
restrained bv tne Ningpo guild, wh'ch was
counseling patience pending the action of
the Taotal.
Feui Between Roumanian
Factions Leads to Murder of
Two and Wounding of
One Near Madison.
Police Uelieve From Evidence
Obtainable That Crime Was
ITighwaymen Ilold Up Street Car?
and Rob Conductor at Point of
Revolver Many Petty
Three men killed, another seriously In
Jureel. a street car hold-up and many pett
offenses marked the Christmas "days
in the Trl-Citles. Tne day was a busy or.9
for the police officials, who. ince Sunday
night, have hardlv- closed their eyes In
sleep, in their vigilance to preserve tt
The first to meet death was Albe-t
Thorntcn. a negro, llv.ng in Ne-vport a
negro settlement. Just west of Madison.
TI ornton quarreled with Ike Ferguson, a,
white man. in Courtney's saloon at North;
Venice, early Sunday- morning
After several -hots we-e tired by ths
principals. Thornton fell to the floor. shoS
through the abdomen. He died half an
hour later. Ferguson was arrested and
locked ud In the Jail, charged with tie
kiillpg He will be held pending an in
vestigation and preliminary hearing, with
out bail Ferguson onfeseS to the shoot
ing, but alleges self-defense, the polka
Late Sunday night a Granite City,
Venice and East St. Louis street car,
running between Madison and GramteJ
City, was held up by three negroes. Tha
conductor, at th point of a revolver, was
compelled to hand over the company'
money, and the motorman was relieved
of his go'd watch.
Luckilv no passengers ffcre on th car
at the time or the spoil, probably- would
have amounted to much more.
John Winston. A. Green and S Good
rich were- arrested yesterday by- the Madi
son police, and ipon tnelr identification
bv the motor-nan and conductor as tli
robWs. were pin- 1 H the Madison Jail
without bond, awa i.r a hearin-
The most sensational and exciting of
all th- events was the killing 0 two Rou
manians and the woundlrg of a thirl.
In the EdwardsvlIIe road, west of Madison,
at 1 o'clock yesterday morrlng. The rames
of the dead men had not been learned late
last nleht. owing either to th professej.
ignorance of the Ergli'h langu-age by the
suspects or a desire to keep the affray a
Coroner Streepcr of Alton, assisted T
S"rgeant John Meehan of the Madison
pollee. Patrolman Anderson of Granite
City and a Polish detective, was soon on
the trail of the murderers, and at 3
o'clock yesterday afternoon, after follow
ing several clews, placed ur.de- arre-
Charles Trifu. GeorFe Simla and Joeph
Muncha. two of whom admitted, the po
lice say. that they ttere on the scene cf
the assault. They- were taken to tha
Madison Jail last night.
One of the mfn was shot through the
breast, another stabbed In the back and
the s-trvivor received several bad cuts
about the body and head. He refuses to
A feud has existed between two factions
of the Roumanian since their advent to
the Tri-Cltles From the evidence obtained
yesterday the police believe that th kill
Irg was premeditated ani not the resulS
of a drunken brawl.
For lark of conclusive evidence the
Coroner's inquest was postponed until this
afternoon at 2 o'clock In the meantime
the polic" are Investigating and. with '!
aid of an interpreter, think by that tlm9
they will hold sufficient evidence to con
vict the murderers
Turnkeys Kept Busy Carrying
Oifts to Famous PriMmer.
Louisville Ky . D'c- K Of all the
prisoners in the Jefferson County Jail,
none received half so many presents to
day as Caleb Powers, thrice convicted
of complicity In the assassination of Gov
ernor William Goebel.
The turnkeys were kept busy carrying1
packages to the cell, where Towers Is
confined with a number of other prisoners.
Manr of the donors were men of whom
he had never heard before Among th-
presents wer checks for ruma ranging
from X3 to . a dress-suit case, baskets
of fruit, books, scarf pins, handkerchiefs
neckwear and glove"
Powers does not dlvulg th names of
any of the donors, but he says that somn
of them are prominent men. not only of
Kentucky, but of other States.
riotiag or STTnKVr -0.
London. Dec. 27. A dlrpatch from s
St. Petersburg says the Russian s
V authorities have closed Moscow
University until February 1. owing
to recent student disturbances-
According to the same source of
Information, during the riots at Ra-
zom two railway bridges were
s blown up and at Chenstohovo an
attempt was made to dynamite the s
statue, of AJ-xander II, but only
the steps were Injured.

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