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n kinil of lu-lpr Tin- Kepnli-
"if Mill Kf-t il fur jou Ml-I.lj.;
14 -nnrilii lOc n( :m tlrim -tun-.
X I X E rr Y - S E Y E X rIHI Y E A It .
-r - - - - 1 " " I.oul". One Cent.
P T? T P. T A nlltlr St. I.nnl.. Tito
-- ---W A I in Trnlns. Three Crn
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) rr n.UcrlNciI for rent In 'ine?
S Itt'iinbllo ett-r tiny, Knl the S
) ItoiiniH fur Kent" nlu ?
(jjir llflH I t Hill 1 1 I '' """""" "" nii,i. would l- .lt.-r to
IkllU JUUL. I U UL.IU I !' .r . lKpint ami rriniln tlir .luring th- .
The St. Louis Republic
Wedm-sdn. llrcrnilier l!s. 1JMM.
Presentment of Secret Signers
of Document in Connection
-- With Unfrocking of
Criminal Libel. Immorality ami
Circulation of False Malicious
Reirort.s Among Tliem.
Oil Uf-attHT TPall tmtiKhoui the tt and
's FiirahrK raj,itll urr tlir tZAt
Hi storm In th- Wt and .NWth I mm .n
iral u.r HllnuW anil nnii hus i.n jicnial
In thP iipjwr I.ilp ncl'H I1ij rutn h-t
fdllfti In th South nd M?uthu"t. Thf lieitirvt
!irciintnil(n i I in tic. wji ri"rt.l firm. Mern
rhl Trnn Othfr station in ih- OHo n 1
Lowr Ilssi- ij.pl allt al reiwrt lif-tvy
Th maximum temjra'uie trnJav wis -l
and the minimum 7 d'sr-1" Tti- fall of 1mi
iiJ raow v.js . of 4ii fnrti, .ml the ,in.I -Iocii
tncnt-four mites an hour, from the
At 1 oclwk tljfs mum In tli- tniit.riluru
r.frlt-refj T il'Kmi"
Th win J h-i'l MbiJed and thf M" wr
.Many Stories. Ate Told In the Politician's Concerning the !".- of
nh in tin I'r nt Senatorial i :uip.iiii Oftiteis Elect, Ed
itm.N and Otlici- Aic Ariiiaintc(l Willi she I'txsiliilif i- of tli'
Situation 'a-li Is I'll ntifui.
J e-teki w.s: condition?
The n.allfr w cl il with m.w flu-riM
anI dfr iil2 lron In l :n ruturr Tli maxi
mum trmiifratur- i, 4 i!esrrs and ih- mini,
tnugn 9
ncposed Pi-iost Xot Among the
Presenters; I'pjohn Letter Is
the Basis for All the In
dictments Brought.
w Tork, Dec. IT Follow inc is tlie pre
entmcnt In the care apalnst Bishop Ethd
bert Talbot or tho Protestant Episcopal
Diocese of Central Penn-slyvanla in con
nection with the deposition of Doctor In
trrahara N. W. Irvine of Philadelphia from
the priesthood:
Tho undersigned. In Irtue of tho
canonical authority reposed in them, pre
sent the Right Reverend Ethelbcrt Talbot.
D. D.. L.U D.. Bishop of the Protestant
Episcopal Church In the Diocese of Cen
tral Pennsylvania, as bplng guilty of con
duct unbecoming a Bishop of the Protes
tant Episcopal Church in tho United
States of America in the several specifi
cations hereinafter mora particularly set
forth, to tho end that he may bo tried
upon said charge which if laid within
five years last passed, which trial U de
manded to bo had under tho provisions of
canons 9. title 2, of tho canons of the
General Convention of tho said church in
uch case made and provided.
"Spcdflcatlon 1. That said presenters do
hereby present and alleco that Bishop
Talbot Is guilty of Immorality in havinir
written a false, libelous and untruthful
. letter regarding tho Reverend Ingrjjiam
N. VT. Irvine, D. D.. ir J ajl'i or Vjul
the latter to be mailed, to tne Reverend
Doctor Upjohn, president of the Philadel
phia Catbollo Club. (A copy of the letter
"Specification 2. That Bishop Talbot Is
guilty of lying In having written 'May I
therefore say to you that this man was
deposed nearly two years ago for gross
Immorality and for lowd and lascivious
conduct with women. For reference see
the procecdlzgs of the ecclesiastical court
before which tho Reverend lioctor Irvine
was tried. In which no record will be found
of any such charges.
"Specification 3. That Bishop Talbot II
guilty of lying In having written that Ir
!no for thirty years has been in the min
istry, and that for twenty of those yars
ho ha3 been under ecclesiastical disci
pline." (Here papers from thrco Bishops,
as wrll as letters and other documents,
are given as references.)
"Speciflcatioa 4. That Bishop Talbot Is
guilty of lying In having written 'that he
rtrvlne) has been suspended once, admon
ished once in your diocese, and Inhibited
and made to loavo repeatedly.'
"The charge of lying is set forth In
specifications covering nil but two of the
remaining paragraphs of tho letter. Fol
lowing the paragraph reading:
" That all his Orvine's) talk about a
divorced woman being excommunicated
then restored by mo is baseless.'
"The prcssntment In support of tho
charge of lying sets forth tho following
" 'Dloccso or Central Pennsylvania Bish
opric, South Bethlehem, Feb. C 183J My
Dear Irvine: The woman to whom jou
refer Is by canon excommunicated. I can
not believe stio will have tho presumption
to present herself at the holy communion.
If jou think there Is any danger of her
doing so It will be better for you In soma
Kind and gentle way to Intimate to her
her time condition.
"Of course, you have no discretion in
the matter. If she should present her-
srlf before jou, ou can speak to her, and
If vou thlnic hc docs so In ignorance, then
ou can speat to her afterwards. There
Is no reason in this case to make any row
If the thing !? managed quietly and firm
ly, with a little common sense. I thank
jou for what jou say on this matter of
tho missions. Affectionately,
" rrniEt.itnRT tai.bot
"The cxccptlini to the charge of lyjng
are as follow."-
'Specification That Bishop Talbot
Is gulltj- of conduct unbecoming a Bishop,
hre.ich or his onllnitlon ami consecra
tion ons arrJn't involving other Bish
ops In controversy by writing untruthrul-
The Republic's Want Co'umns
Will Be Found on Pigcs JO and
1. I'rrivcntiitrnt nf ChnrKen .Kalnit
llltlifiii 'Inlliot.
1. Illixjnrtl in Jinny Males.
J. Colorado Democrat C'lmrKe on-
Jo Interstate Commerce I.eKinla-
2. ltomunre of CurlMraa Charity
2. IHInolN Mnt- Tenrhern Meet.
1. M. I.ouls n llf-nlthy City.
r. Acnr, flnrrlson Died nf Jlorplilne
!i, CZniton Akouii to Appear In l'n-
lice Court.
The Russ cf St. Petersburg declares
that Ruwla's policy of secrecj- has cost
her nearlj all her warships and has co
cred the country with shame. PAGE 2.
Holland announces she will obtcne the
strictest neutralltj-. not aliening Baltic
squadron to establish base at Malacca.
St Louis County officers who railed or
election are busy preparing to turn over
their offices to their successors. PAGEli
The Court or Appeals held yesterday
that John E. Franklin was warranted in
draining the water rrom Pemiscot Like
and reersod a Judgment for damages se
cured against him by Alexander Apple
gate. PAGE 5.
St. Iouis Is proven to be a most healthy
city by figures covering sIxt--four jeors,
as compiled by Civil Engineer Robrt
Moore. PAGE 4.
Agnes Garrison died of morphine poison
ing, no doctor having ben called for eight
hours arter she swallowed the drug.
Edward Saftig. who was arrested In con
nection with McKinley's assassination, de
clares love brought him back to St. 1juis
and arrest. PAGE 12.
Barrett, Garrett and Dolan surrender at
Tower Grove Station and were taken to
the Missouri Penitentiary. PAGE 7.
The uvc of money in the Republican sen
atorial campaign in Missouri Is causing
much discussion. PAGE 1
World's Fair employes felt the blizzard,
as thero arc no heating plants in the
buildings. PAGE L
Gaston Akoun, manager of Mysterious
Asia, who was arrested on a charge of
mistreating several wild animals, will ap
appcar In the Police Court. PAGE 3.
Two weeks' romance or the Christmas
charity kettle ended in wedding of two
officers or Volunteers or America jester-da'-
F. W. Crandall, who has Just returned
from "Washington, where he had an inter
view with President Roosevelt, says thero
will be no interstate commerce legisla
tion at this session of Congress. PAGE 2.
I as follows:
" 'That eight Bishops have grave
charges against him (Irino): that thp
- venerable Bishop or Qulncv wrote me
w upon his dcathb.;!. tint Irvine hid out-
feL5S--"0 "' ln J dtv. and Bisrops
TThltaker. Whitehead. Seymour, Scar
borough. Potter. Dome. Adams. Taylor
and the Reverend Doctor Derflngwell and
a host of others will bear out all I have
paid as to ins character'
"Wherefore, the presenters. In view of
the reasons as et forth in the uboe speci
fications, do ack that Bishop Talbot lie
presented for trial before a court of his
Another letter introduced as an exhibit
In support of specification 3 Is as folIon3:
' South Bethlehem. Nov SO, lS3?.-My
Dear Irvine: What a nice time we ill had
at Huntington. I did enjoy It. My dear
Ingraham vou will? before manj years,
take 4 foremost place In mj' diocese. You
have the ability, and no one would rejoice
more than I to have It so. My cordial re
gards, pleaca. to Mrs. In-lne and sister,
and especially to that lovely daughter and
granddaughter. Think of It. verllj-. j-ou
and I are getting old. Affectionately yours,
Attornej- General Moody brings suit ln
St Paul on behalf of the Government to
have the piper- trust enjoined from con
tinuing business. PAGE 5
lllli ols State Teachers' Association con
venes at Springfield. PAGE 2.
The Missouri State Teachers' Association
begins the discussion of proposed reforms
which may be urged upon the new Legis
lature. PAGE 3.
Colorado Democrats charge that Repub
licans ln conspiracy to defeat Adams
stuffed the ballot boxes alter the election
with palpably fraudulent Democratic bal
lots to make political capital against the
Democrats. PAGE 3.
A conference Governor-elect Denecn
holds with twenty-three country members
of the Legislntuie shows ail of them op
pose Cook County man for Speaker and
that Trautmann Is far In the lead.
The most extensive blizzard in fifteen
jcars sweeps over the Northwest, tho
Southwest and the great Middle West.
Rain, sleet and snow, accompanied by ter
rific gales and bitter cold, cause suffering
to nun and beast and greatly crlnnle mil.
road, telegraph, telephone and street rall-
Not the IeiM interesting feature of the
preM-nt snatnr!al nht among the It'.
publican Is the storW that are told of
tin- u"u of inoiicj. So common have the
stones bt-eoine th.it no man vIm um
vkI.t.i liimlf familiar with the titin
tion piofe.s ignorance of tlitm.
Iltiiig polllician. f.-vv nf the mm .lireet-
1 affect.-d tare to endanger lh ir polithal
futures b talking for publl alien "j t
among theni'1 Ivi'm the tub-s are eh,niK-d
as a pait of the (.impugn development"
Thej re-allze tli it thev are df.il ug with
conditions and not lliori.
Fur instance, one man, who announced
himself a candidate for the Senate soon
after the election, wa- calmly asked by
annt!ir candidate. 1 want to engage
jour services for the next two months.
Will j-ou do ltr?
"But I am a candidate mvsclf," he ex
"Will. I know that i ou Just come and
work for me and It will be all right," was
the persistent re(UM.
This was not asked in a joking manner.
According to tho man who was ap
proached, it waw done in the -ecrec' or
a room with only the two men pres
Another prominent Republican who is
known throughout (he State b f-piech,
writing ami pergonal acquaintance novv
ranks as an ollicer elect. There is a cer
tain business) In Southwej-t .Missouri which
ho has wanted to control for j'ar". Ills
ambition Is known to his friends If he
should get this business he would make
It his future work.
It will take monev- lor thi- voung of
ficer elect to get the business more money
than hu has or expects to have for .some
time. Negotiations have failed in the
past, because of the lack of ready money.
"If Jou will work for me I will buv it for
jou, and paying for It lied never worrj
jou," was the. proposition put to this Re
publican. "That is all right. wa& the prompt it
plj. "I want u mor than anj thing, I
tonTess that franklv. but I can't do It."
For half an hour this Republican's am
bition was pitted against It rulilliment by
a man who was in a position to carry out
his promises
"I was certainly on the mountain top,"
said this Republican to a. friend. "Every
thing down below looked mighty good, and
I could have had It all Then I thought
what a mess my conscience would be in
ir I did as ho wished."
More astonishing than thu effort to get
the co-operation or the ofllce-r elect is the
story that Is told by a Congressman fleet
whose opposition to one senatorial candi
date is known to all men. He did not tell
tnfa L.ory Aor'publicatldn. because or a
fear that It might aifect his own political
future. To such lengths has commercial
ism stunted the indignation of the politi
cians. And this Is his .story. "Three weeks ago
last Saturday I was requested to visit a
certain senatorial candidate. I told the
mersenger that it would do no good, as I
was opposed to him. and would be until
the end. Nevertheless, 1 jlelded to per
suasion and did visit the candidate.
"All sorts of arguments were used to
bring me over. I wat, something or a
fighter mj-self, and I stajed with the
game. Alter I had been there half an
hour a roll of bank bills was laid on the
tab! beside me. I was told that there
was il.000 in the bundle.
" "Take this monej' for expenses until
next Wednesdaj.' was the next argument.
"You sa- jou are coming back the middle
of the wick. You think over this matter."
"'But I don't need this monej, and I
don't think it Is right that I should take
It,' I exel ilmed.
" 'Whj-, that's all light,' was the re-I
joinder. 'Vou have not been sworn in as a
member of Congress. I nm going to be
elected Senator, but I have got to have
your assistance in your district. I can
help jou a lot when I get to te Senator
and you can help me a lot now. Don't
think that this 51.000 is all I intend to pay
J'ou. This s foi expenses until next
Wednesday onlj". You needn't let jour
support of me be known for awhile. Just
let me know what jour price is; j-ou can
name It jourself and I will paj- it now or
"Mv ejes nearlj- bulged out or mj- head.
At first I wanted to knock him down. Then
I thought I wculd find out as much as I
could while I vas about It. I suggested
tli.it other Congressmen elect might find
out about sucli a bargain
" 'Whj-, tint is all right,' was thecheerj
answei. 'Ycu won't be the only one doing
It. Other Congressmen elect are working
on the same basis. There Is nothing vvroij;
about It. You have a rl;ht to work tor
candidates, he has spent money lanhlv
He Iijm been actively engaged in trjing to
land a few members of the cloth for his
henef.K tor .Monev Is no obect In provid
ing liusplt.iii for the s-usci ptlble.
Win re did he get his money? Will his
efforts have jity effect on Repre--cntatlvi--clect
with whom he has been laboring'
It Is a great thing to have the labor of
jtai-s wiped away bv a stroke of the pen
One well-known Republican editor, a
Joung man. has had the privilege. Thc
f-.w who know th storj. since he refus-vl
to make the stroke of fortune have
grasped his hand in silent toiigratulation
for his great moral vlctor.v.
This editor probably has as much in
fluence politically as nny other In the
Slate. He is a man who knows how to
reach his fellow -men In a waj that makes
thm follow his lead. Anj' senatorial
candidate is happy with such a helper
Accumpmlcd bj his chum, he responded
to a request to visit one of tli candidates
whom he opposed. The. chum lie, too. Is
well known waited downstairs while th
editor vu-ited the candidate.
He waited about half an hou- Thn
the other came He was trembling. Big
drops of o rsplration stood out on hi'
brow His ejes were drawn He caught
his chum roughly bv the arm
' Great God. get me out of here quick.
I can't, I can't do It. I told him so How
did I ever toierntf him. Krom thii time
on it l a matter of conscience with me.
I will fight him harder than ever"
And th- two left the building What
had happened"" The semtoml candid U-
had offerei! to release a debt of over ?i),
000 It he would use his paper and Influence
to control members elect. It will take tri"
editor vears to pay off this debt, the best
part or his lire. But he was not for sile
Thf-c arc not all of the things that
are talked of among the lenders in the
partv Other stories, similar In their m
ture, are told bj men who have pas'-ed
through the fire. Of course, thee are told
oniv bj- those TCho have refused to sell
their political influence.
In how many eases has Influence ben
secured and paid ror with cash' These
men do not talk. There are others who
tell their friends thit the outcome or the
senatorial fight means much to them. In
some cases, a living. Payment of silanes
a j ear In advance and other Inducements
are talked or freelj-.
If the senatorshlp Is disposed or in this
minner Republican leaders know that the
party will never again In the present gen
eration get back Into power In this State.
The meeting of the General Assembly to
elect a United states Senator to succeed
Francis M. Cockrell may be the occasion
of Interesting exposuts It Is the oppor
tunity presented to an old minority now
made a m ijority that Is Interesting not
only to the Republicans of Missouri, but
to the entire people.
Colorado Democrats Accuse
Opponents of a Gigantic
Conspiracy to Defeat
Alva Adams.
-N"oi'th,vest, Soutlnvit and Ciicat Middle West Kxpcrii-ncc Bitted
I'old. Accompanied ly TVirihV Wind. Heavy Snow or Kaia
Tnrnint: lo Sleet Kaiho.id. Telegraph and Telephone Coinpa
nies Suffer Uleatlv. ,
County Official Wit
nessed Fraud Perpetrated to
Make Political Capital.
Kxpoits Testify That liallots
Folded in Siich a .Manner They
Could Not Lnter Slot. Ait
Taken From the loxe.
Mayor Harrison of Chicago Says
lie IIa Material for Interest
ing Magazine Aiticlc.
waj- lines.
The Imperial ukase of tho Czar Is well
received generally in Russia, only the ex
tremists appearing dissatisfied. PAGE 4
The managemnt of the West End Club
yesterday barred both the Attells and
Johnny Regan from the institution.
Jesse Burkett has been traded to Bos
ton for George Stone. PAGE S
Yestcrdav's bank clcnrlngs weie JlO.Iie m-
balances J6T9.T87 Deal discount rat -. .-
tween l, and 6 per cent. Domestic mhinn.
was ouoted as follow-: J.-(.w york Wc ,,,,.
nm bid. SOc premium asked: Chicago i;c r-e.
mium bid. c nremlum asked; Cincinnati and
?,w Orlean-. par Wd Kc prenilum Mked.
Iiuliville. 25c discount bid, par a-krt
Wheat clo-ed higher at Ji.u a,ktd M
Jl.i:Uj No. 2 red: com clo-ed higher at ,e
",c Mar. ttSO'ic No. 2 mixed; oats clos-d
at 31!iC skfd Maj 31c No. 2 mixed.
Spot cotton was 3-16c lower la the local mar
Movllle, Dec J7. Arrlied: Parisian.
Antwerp, Dec 27. Arrived: Zetland!
Genoa. Dec 27. Arrived: CItta d Napoll
Rotterdam. Dec 27,-Arrlved: Amsterdam '
Pnnta d-1 Gada. Dec 27.-SaIled: Canonic
Liverpool. Dee. 27.-Salled: Lake CtiamphUn.
Yokohama. Dec 27.-Salled: Bropreaa Br
mc. .
"Then he suggested to me the Congress
men elect with whom he claimed to have
lnadc agreements of the sort he wished to
make. I think he lied nbout some of them,
though, of course, I don't know anything
about the matter, excepting what he said.
But I fired up with this;
" "Ye, and I suppose that if I took this
money you would be telling the next fellow-
that jou hail me. I am no fool.'
"Well, to make a long story short, I
didn't take the Jl.Oee). I sai,i i might bo
back the following Wednesday. However,
I didn't go back. Ever since then I have
been wondering whether he told me the
truth about these five Congressmen elect.
I have heard of some tolerably suspicious
things since then Just out of curlosltj-, I
wimld like to know whether anj- of them
took him up on his proposition. He told
me time and again that he had plenty of
monev to run the campaign on."
Opposing candidates and officers elect are
not the only men who have been ap
pronched. It has been jears since so many
prcacners nave iwen ei"cieu to the Gen
eral Assembly-. One Missouri preacher, not
a member himseir. has generallj- been
credited with being a very poor man.
When he visited he stav-ed with the breth
ren. He didn't get away from home very
He even borrowed J13 from a friend to
come to St. Louis shortly after the elec
tion. When he returned he was flush
with cash. He went to his friend, peeled
off a 20 bill from his roll, repaid his debt
and told the creditor to keep the change
and buy lunch with it.
The preacher's neighbors and friends
have been astounded at the prodigality of
nis entertainments. Going to different
nKPi'ni.ic srnciAL.
Chicago. III., Dec 27 JIajor Harrison
announced to-da- that he would not be a
canoidate ror Major or Chicago at the
"spring election anj explained that the ill
health of his son. necessitating removal
to a warmer cllmite. had positively con
firmed him in his previous decision to that
The Mayor hinted he might devote his
time to writing a fewnrtlcleson "Frenzied
Politics" arter his permanent departure
from the City Hall.
"I have no definite plans nt present,"
ho replied, "but I have some good material
for a magazine article in my head that
ought to make mighty Interesting reading,
I saw- somewhere the other day that Mr!
Folk, Tom Lawson and I were placed ni
the same category as far as our respective
attacks upon boodling. traction and cor
porate aggression were concerned, and I
don't think 'Frenzied Politics' would be a
bad title for what I might write.
"I am not going to write a book, how
ever. Ishall not sing my swan song until the
week that Intervenes between the election
of my successor and his assumption of the
office at Mayor. I shall have a few things
to say then that may be Interesting.
"For ten months It has been my Inten
tion to retire at the end of my present
Lciin, usi mt c-uuuiijiun oi mj son s health
settled Ue matter In my mind for all
"The physicians advise mc that my boy
must not spend another winter ror the
next two or three j-ears In Chicago, and I
will not tie myself up so as to be separat
ed from my family three or four months
or the jear."
Denver. Colo.. IXc. 27. Democrats vilio
have been making a quiet investigation
of election frauds announce thit they
have evidence that the ballot boxes were
stuffed long after election and while thy
were in the custodj- of Republican county
Thev are now prepiring their ease to
present to court, ard will ash the Grand
Jury now sitting to take up this feature
of the ease
The experts hired bv the Supreme Court
to examine the ballots in the ten boxes
ope-ned report that bogus ballots In big
batches were found In them, folded in
such a waj- that they rould not have
been put in at the regular ballot slot;
also that these fraudulent ballots In lots
of 1(f) to over 2i) were in nearly all of the
boxes In the same handwriting.
The eWdenr- gathered will al.so be pre-?nt-d
to the SLpreme Court with a peti
tion that everj- ballot box in the city be
in tne contempt ea before the Su
preme Court the Republic in prosecutor
never charged baliot-box stuffing The con
victions and s.nlenccsj were all for allow
ing repeating and refusal of the election
officials to reeogize the Supreme Court
watchers When thes stuffed boxes were
found the Republican prosecutors them
selves seemed astonished, and the Supreme
Court was so shocked at the outrage that
the Republicans' motion to throw out
whole precincts nun reidiiy agreed to
The Democrats now imply bj- the pro
duction or the new evidence and the ac
tion they are preparing that the ballot
stuffing was done after the boxes hid
passed out nf the hands of the elect 'on
officials, and was done In the Interest of
the Republican contestors
The Democrats call for an Immediate
probing, and declare that what appears to
be gros Democratic fraud will turn out
to be a glgmtlc Republican consplracj
concocted before election. ,
The first great blizzard of the winter extends over tlic West, the Soutb.
west, the Northwest and the Mississippi Valley. Oregon, Washington, alon
tana, Wjoming, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakotas, Minnesota, Iowa,
Missouri and Illinois arc covered with a mantle of snow. In Indian Territory,
Oklahoma, Arkansas. Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tenne?oe some snow- has
fallen and the weather is the coldest experienced in a long time Heavy rains
in the Ohio Valley, breaking the five months' diought. have been succeeded
bv unusual cold. The blizzard is "dry" in Texas and reaches to the East Cult
Temperatures ranging from S degrees below- zero to 13 above prevail
through the -rem Middle West, while throughout the South and SouthrresS
freezing weather is reported. Extreme suffering among live stork is reported,
and the Iosse3 on the great ranges of Texa?, Oklahoma, Indian Ttrritorv, Kan
tas and Nebraska mav- be heavy
The snow, which in Missouri and Illinois varies from tv.-o to four inchea
in depth, is six to ten inches deep on the level in Kansas. Nebraska. Iowa and
Minnesota ind is drifting badly, greatly impeding railroad traffic StreeS
car sj stems in many cities are hampered or entltely blocked by the snow and
sleet. All eastbound trains into Topeka are many hours late and few wires
are working west From St. Joseph and Kansas City come reports of belated
trains and crippled telegraph and telephone service, while throughout the
West and Northwest the conditions are similar.
In its extent the storm is the most widespread of any during the last fif
teen years. It stretches from the Rockies to the Great Lakes and from Winni
reg to New Orleans The fact that in many States the blizzard was preceded
bj rain which turned to sleet added to the seriousness of the situation and
breauj increased tne difficulties of the telegraph and telephone companies.
At 10 o'clock last night the storm was reported as subsiding at Kansas
City and at other points on a north and south line from that city, but it will
be- several days before normal conditions are restored throughout that region.
The storm struck St. Louis at T o'clock in the morning and in an hour
the temperature fell ten degrees. Rain began failing at 3 o'clock Ip the morn
ing and continued until 7 o'clock, when it turned to snow.
A heavy windstorm accompanied the snow, and from 7 o'clock until aftee
dark snow flurries prevailed.
During the afternoon the wind attained a high velocity. The only dam
age reported in the city was the breaking of several plate-glass windows by
swinging lamps. '
At 7 o'clock in the morning the temperature was at the freezing point,
but by 8 o'clock it had dropped to 22 degrees. At noon it was 1" degrees!
From that hour it steadily decreased until C o'clock, when it registered S do
grees. After that hour the wind subsided.
Documents Foinially Transfer the
Exposition Ituilding and Pow
er Plant to Citv.
Deeds transferring the Exposition bidd
ing at Thirteenth ami Olive streets and
the power plant at the northeast corner
of Thirteenth and locust streets from the
St. Louis-Fnion Trust Company to the St.
Iyiuis Public Librarj" were filed for record
The property has been held in trust for
some time by the trust company for pub
lic librarj- purposes to be us3d as the site
Tor the new- building to be erected out or
a part or the JI.0)iv) gUen by Andrew
Carnegie for new librarj- buildings.
The building has been rented for moro
than a jear to i local nmusenn nt com
panj of which Frank R Tate is the heart.
The lease Is about to expire. The west
nave of the building has been used for
some time for iirmnrj pun oes bj- the Na
tional Guard of Missrurl. The power plant
was latel- purchased by local parties for
Work of demolition of the Exposition
building will be begun early next year.
RPfni.ir SPKfTAL
St. Joph. Mo., Dec. 27 This city is
threatened with a water famine in the
midst of -tho blizzard which began blow
ing early this morning. Last week an
ice gorge formed In the river a short dis
tance above the water company's intake
pipes, anj hut off the supply. Trenches
were dug through the Ice to let the water
through, but the storm to-day filled them
with sanJ ami "now. and the wind and
cold are to severe that men cannot work
on the river front Superintendent Tav
lor has warned ritror.s to reduce the
consumption of wnt to the minimum.
For the first time In jears the street
rallwaj- company to-day encountered a
storm that they could not conquer. Evcrj
Hre In the city except one was tied up
all da-, and It Is doubtful If manj nf
tl cm will be able to operate to-morrow.
The s'orm. which begxn last night. In
creased in fury to-day. The "now- Is light
linn drj. and drirts badly As soon as a
track was cleared bv a sweeper, the snow
was blown back by the high wind Rail
road companies are seriously handicapped,
and telegraph wires westward on the Rok
island and Santa Fr are not working.
The thermometer steod at zero this even
Kansas Citj-. Jin , D-v. 27. Th's part of
the Southwest was this morning in the
grasp or a severe b'lzzard. and the colden
weather or the winter It extended through
Missouri Into Nebraska and Iowa, over
the whole or Kansis and Indian Tcrritorv-.
Snow- fell to a depth of nearly a foot, and,
driven by a hlph wlnu drifted bndlj!
Street-car traffic In Kansas Cltj was bad
ly demoralized, while railway trains In
every- direction were delayed and some
Horeal Blast" WIiiMle Through
Chinks of Temporary Expo
sition I!uildiiij:.
Removed Fiom Th.-ir Snug Quarter.-
to Flimsy Structiiie.-". Oou
pnnts Fed H. pim-h of
Hitter Cold. l'
Four-Story Structure on Olive
Street Near Sixth
Fire this morning damaged the Colum
bia Candy Company and the Victor Talk
ing Machine Companj-'s store rooms at
No. 517 Olive street, and for a time threat
ened the Carleton building and Judge &
Dolph's drug house adjoining.
The blaze Is supposed to have started In
the basement or the candy establishment.
Little fire wag discovered for several min
utes alter an alarm was turned ln at 2:10,
but great volumes or smoke filled the
three-story structure and poured over the
Carleton building in great waves.
One Killed, Two Fatally Injured
and Twelve Seriously Hurt.
Peru. Ind., Dec. 27. A fast train on the
Wabash Railroad, eif-tbound, came In
collision with a freight train at 9 o'clock
to-night near Fort Wnjne. and It Is be
lieved that one man was killed, while two
persons were fatally Injured and twelve
or fourteen more or less seriously hurt.
The collision occurred on a steep grade.
and both engines and several cars were
demolished. Engineer Ernest of the pas
senger train had both arms broken, his
right leg crushed and received Intern il
injuries. His fireman Is under the engine,
and is believed to be dead.
Engineer Carpenter of the freight train
jumped and was hadlj- hurt Twelve or
more pasrengcrs are reported io nave been
injured, but the storm to-daj lias so crip
pled the wire service that none or the de
tails can be learned.
The fire was under control at 3:13 nvinot
towns ln the interest of , , :" IV ""w io ounuing ana contents Is es
towm in tne interest of one of the I tlmated at several thousand dollara
Drop Dead in Tracks After Ex
changing Ten Shots.
Frankllnton, La., Dec. 27. Abraham Mc
Gchee and Oscar Warden, members or
two or Washington Parish's best families,
shot each other to death In the public road
here this aHernoon.
Whipping out their revolvers both began
shooting at each other, about ten shots
being exchanged In rapid order. Both fn
cieau in tneir tracKS.
At some point0, particularly north of
Kansas Cltv. in Iowa nnd Nebraska, tele
phone and telegraph wires were rendered
useless by sleet and for many hours com
munication north of St. Joseph into those
States was Impossible.
The thermometer was close to the zero
mark, --honing a fall in temperature since
midnight of levcn degrees and a rail with
in twentj--four hours or thlrtv-five d-
grecs. More snow, with a continued fall
In temperature, was predicted
The snowstorm ended to-night, hut the
tt-mperature is expected to go down to
zero or lower before morning. At D o'clock
the thermometer registered 8 -JegrMes
above zero. Cars are running on all or th-street-car
lines to-night. Belated tran3
are arriving at the Union Station trcm
all directions.
Calirornln. Mo.. Dec 27. This communi
ty ror the last eighteen hours has been
bllzzard-sw ept. The wind Is In the north
west, and the thermometer was onlj- 10
above zero. At G o'clock the snow Is not
over four IncTies deep, but I drifting
badij'. There is no abatement in the storm
to-night, and the indications are that the
cold will increase. Trains on the Mis
souri Pailflc are all lat.-.
Mulberrj- Grove, Mo , Dec. 27. The first
blizzard of winter struck here this morn
ing, being preceded by an all-night's
rain. Sleet and snow are driven bj- a
fierce gale, which Impedes traffic. The
temperature tell rapidly to five degrees below-
Centralia, Mo., Doc, 27. A severe bliz
zard prevails here, accompanied by snow,
which Is badly drifting and the mercury
is near zero. Business Is suspended.
Louisiana, Mo.. Dec. 27. A severe bliz
zard has raged here all day, and to-night
the wind is blowing a gale and the ther
mometer Indicates zero. Twenty-rour
hours ago the temperature was fifty. At
daylight It began to blow and snow and
the drop In temperature was very rapid
this afternoon. Following so suddenly
upon the mild weather of the last few
GraduMIv the .I.p.rtm'ntal office.,, f
in- rtlvis.on f exhibits ar- be'ng concen
trated under one roof at the World's Fair
Krounir. The old Press bui'ding at the.
Fair has been given over to the uses of
th general offices of the division, and in
to thl3 building will b- brought eventually
al! that remains of the various depart
ments. The departments of I.P ste-i; Liberal
Arts and Education are alremjj establl-hed
In the building. ,,n,i t , nfl, ,onc
before the other departments To.Iow thcra
Although the Pr-s builolng has been r
modeled inside and ha- ben partioned nfi
Into several offices. It Is still a most un
comfortable structure for winter livingv.
us wans are unplistcred nnd through th-
framework dajllght Is vblWe A ImIC
dozen coal stoves have been set up for
warmth, but tly were unavailing asainst
the fierce blizzard of jest..-daj-. whlctt
blew in through the many chinks
Yestemiy was a trjing day for ths in
mates of this building. In the office of
Director Skiff, in whose ahsence hi- as
sistant. Mr. Hoch. is. i charge, the best
obtainable showing of the thermometer
was 3) degrees A base-burner kept red
hot all day was pretty to look at, hut It
radiated no considerable warmth through
the room. Mr Hcx-h dictated lettei-. n.iir-
Ing up and down tv room, alternately
blowlng upon hi3 lingers and thrusting hla
hantM In hL trousers' pockets for warmth.
In every other buildin? where the rem
nants of the Exrosltlon clerical forces
are housed, except the new Administration,
building, the Inmates suffered the nam
privation. As the biilldlnrs are all tem
porary structures, erected with no thought
of blizzards, thej are not equipped with,
heating plants, and the only arrangements
for warmth are tne many gas and coat
stove.", which, though plentiful and well
supplied with fuel, are comparative! v In
effectual against such winter weather as)
that of yesterdaj-.
The 'hospital building. In which are the
offices of President Franc's, and the secre
tary. Is the exception, as It contains a.
steam-heating plant, which kept the build
ing comfortable.
Sixty-One Divorce Cases Filed for
Next Term of Court.
Continued on I'ngc Two.
Joplln, Mo.. Dec. 27. There are sixty
one divorce cases filed for the January-
term ot tne .District Court at Joplln.
This breaks all former records.
tA-,ecv,in5i--, v. -.f&?n

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