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$100,000 United States of Mexico 4s, 1954.
$ 50,000 Republic of Cuba 5s. 1944.
$100,000 Japanese Government 1st 6s, 1911.
$ 50,000 Hannibal, Mo., School 4s, 1915.
$100,000 Tennessee Central 5 Notes, 1905.
$ 50,000 Alton Granite and St. Louis Traction
Company 5s, 1044.
$100,000 Southern Railway, St. Louis Division,
1st 4s, 1951.
$ 50,000 Laclede Gas Light General and Re
funding 5s, 1934.
$ 50,000 St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern
General 5s, 1931.
$ 50,000 St. Louis and San Francisco Refund
ing 4s, 1931.
$ 50.000 Terminal Association St. Louis Gen
eral 4s, 1953.
i i
STOCKS GRAIZV COTTON". I.nclede Hide.. Fourth and Olive St.., St. Lonl.
Western Correspondent of HAIGHT & FREESE CO.
Will mail, on request. jno-pnge Illustrated "fiUHIE TO INVESTORS" ai
"Determining the chnrnrter and financial reaporn-llilllty of tout Ilroke.
I. a. Important n. the weleetlon of right .lock.
General Tone of Market Is Good
and Investment Interest is
Fairly Good.
local wcurlties wero fairly active and
jrencrally steady in yesterday's market
There was a moderate demand for trac
tions with sales of SOU United Hallways,
common, at $22.25 nnd 7.CO United Rail
ways 4s. at til.y). Missouri-Lincoln Trust
was taken nt J1M.2T and National Dank of
Commerce held firm at OS.
National Candy, common, was the strong
spot of the miscellaneous list with sales,
at $12 und JU.73. -Merchants' Bridge 6s at
J111.62H and J11LC0 and Kinloch Telephone
t"i at H05.25 were the only other actlvo
Closing quotations:
Hid. Asked.
United HHways pfd J O.tV) 1 (3.25
United Hallways com 23.2714 22.31
Unite. Hallways 4 S7.il t;.T5
Jlrnwn Hros. subscriptions IW..-1O 103.30
International Bank zsn.m
National Bank of Commerce... :W4.30 206.0
rotate National Bank 1S2.30 1M.OI
Third National Bank 3W.ZH S17.M
Mercantile Trust 372..M
Mlwurl TrU't :?..) 135.73
Com'inweallh Trust 2!I2.'X) &S.
-t. IxnUs-llnlin Trust 3I7.CI lts.0
National Cindy ccm 1I.C214 12.10
Allen Granite com 35.9)
.Alton (Irani! ntd..-.. 73.tl
Alton Granite 3s icm' M.50
Ontral Coal and Coke com f.4.'l CI. .7)
Central Coal and Coke pfd 72.00 72. 30
Catering com l'l.oi ll.no
Catering pfd 9.70
Simmons Hardware Co. com... 12a. Oi 122.uo
"Unions Hardware Co.. 1st pM. 130.ni i33.)
Simmons Hardware Co., 2d pfd 131.00
i:iy-Walker Irv Goods com... 142on
Hi y-Walker Dry Goods pfd.. . new
linden and St. Louis 5s 103.00
Jlroaiway 5s irc.no per,)
Southern Electric 113.23 114.00
Kinloch Telephone 611 103.23 103.73
Merchants' Terminal Ss 112.00
Merchants' Bridge 6s 111.50 112.50
Hrewlnir Association 6s 33.00 w.30
Granite-Bimetallic 33
1 Joseph Lead 16 00
Consolidated Coal 13.00
200 United Railways com. at i 22.25
7.000 United Railways 4s at , K7.30
1 Ml'sourl-Llncoln Trust at 130.23
3 Missouri-Lincoln Trust at.., 133.73
10 Bank of Commerce at 103.0)
w National Candy com. at 12.00
TwO National Candy com. at 11.73
;. 000 Merchants' Bridge 6 at 1I1.S2H
3,000 Merchants' Bridge e at 111.50
1,000 Kinloch Telephone Cs at. 103.25
Domeslln Exchange.
Reported by Whltaker & Co.. exchange bro
keis. No. 300 North Fourth street.
Bid. Asked.
Now York 40c prem 5"cprem
Chicago 13c prem 2)o prem
Cincinnati par 25c prem
j.outevuie .-cuii par
New Orleans
-sc prem
Bond Quotation, nt Nexr York.
New York. Dec. 27. Sale! of bond, sera made
to-day as follows:
United States refunding 2. registered 1041
United States refunding 2s. coupon loi's.
United States 3s. registered 104U
United States Ss. coupon lOiij
i-n1 tjtntes nnr 4s. registered... lsneT
a kitcnn nA Interment An.
Atlantic Coast LIns 4s
Hallltrore and Ohio 4s
Naltimore and Ohio 3',4i
Centra of Georgia t
Oentral of Georgia 1st Inc..
Chesapeake and Ohio 454s
Chicago and Alton W
C B. & Q. new 4s
"i ai. ol (31. J vii. initiiaiiimi
C M. i: St. !' C.en. s
Chicago and Northwestern conoI. 7s i23"i
ijnuettl otaww um so. ttsifu.... ............ 1.116
United States old 4s, registered 103a;
United States eld 4r, coupon 10514
attlanti reonorrll i-t . in
Chicago. H. I. r. K. n. 4 k2'i
ChlcarpU. I." & P. B, R. col. ts 34;
T,cr; C. St. L. gen. wi4
'Chicago Terminal 4s Kt
Consolidated Tobacco 4s 73
Colorado and Bouthern 4s ik
Colorado Fuel conv. Ss. ecrtiflcates S3H
Denver and lUo Grande 4s. 102
Brie prior Hen 4s 102
yjrle general 4a s:'4
jsort Worth and Denver City lsta losvi
Hocking Valley 4H Ill
Ixm1s1ue and Nashville unified 4s 104
Manhattan conroL gold 4s vK
Mexican Central 4s 75
Mexican Central 1st Inc.. 2214
Minneapolis and St. Louis 4s 97
umourl. Kansas and Texas 4s 1';
Mlmmtrl. Kansas' and Texas 2.1a K.i
National R. K. of Mex. consol. 4s S2
ivewTork Central gen. JHs 101
New JeriJT Central general 6s B
Northern Paclflc ' 'A
Oregon Biort Line 4s and panic 101
ipinwlvnl ' $
y-.tSiJJa saa Francisco fg. 4s m'
IgLSu'iooSSMteni la 5JJ4
4abiart Air Line 4 ::::;:;;;;::;;;;;;;;:;
South'illt Pacific ists I"1!
TTnlted State! Steel za ot. vj
Wabash !!-; ". 6it
Waba deo. ": j. 4t -a
Wheeling "55?..?...
Wlsconaln Osntrti m
Iiuk of Ti;litiiess in Money Mar
kef, Generally Present at End
of Year, Is Encouraging.
New Yoik. Dec 27. The Stock Ex
change resumed bus-intsji to-day after
three day.-.' holiday interval, with only a
languid interest and the day's market
was a nominal affair. Thl3 was in ac
cordance with expectation, and the same
state of nffalrs is expected to endure
through the holiday week.
Interested conjecture center almost en
tirely on the future, beyond the current
The tlshtnesB of the money market,
which is usually a feature of the closing
week of the year, is .-ntirely lackins nt
the. present time, and the nuts for time
money to-day wotked appreciably lower.
This condition in the money market is
without doubt partly due to the extreme
ly quiet .speculation In stocks. There
are, besides, some coming requirements
beyond the end of the vear. which prob
ably have to do with the desire to main
tain quiet conditions in the money mar
ket until they are disposed of
Kor one thlnfr the withdrawal of 510.
),"X of Government deposits from the
National Hank on January 13, has to be
provided for. In foreign money centers
the event of chief Importance seems to
be the forthcoming Russian loun, which
Is expected to bo offered In Hcrlln and
I'aris towards the end of January, which
Is expected to delay the easing effect of
the reflux of funds following the annual
settlements. It Is suspected that some of
the largo capital flotations by American
railroads, which are to be iied in funding
large temporary indebtedness, will then
be not far distant.
Except on the hypothesis of future
known demands of some such character. It
is dlllicult to explain the present phenom
enal quietude of the money market. While
the stock market was but little more ac
tive to-day than during the dull session of
last Friday, the tone) was strong. Tills
was In accordance with tin- tenor of the
news, which vas generally favorable to
values. The voice of traffic oflicials, both
ISast and Wesl. was practically In uidson
on the steady expansion of traffic and the
nro-nlse or rather more business than they
will be able to attend to for the winter.
Present car shortages arc wildly com
plained of and the impression Is given
that any further demand for freight room
will exceed prtront capacity. The elab
orate lermlnil projects ot the New York
Central in New York and the report of
heavy outlay by the Pennsylvania in Chi
cago for the some purpose swnoii to be
Impressive to sentiment as evidence of the
great confidence in the railroad world of
the permanence of prosperous conditions
The rising tendency of steel products was
still perceptible.
The effectual breaking of the drought In
Penn.-.ylvaritt was a helpful ractor. The
crippling of the who service l.v the storm
aggravated the dullness or business. The
day's ndvnnces were held well until the
closing, which uas dull and firm, liondg
were firm. Total -i!es. nar value xt 4tn rvai
United States bonds were unchanged on
Xew York Money Market,
New York. Dec 27. Mor.ey on call steadv: 2it
per cent; closing bid and offered 2. Time loin
eav and dull- 60 days and SI -lavs 3!iSU lfr
cent: 0 months J'iSi!1!. Prime mercantile
paper 4B4H per cent, sterling exehance lirm.
Willi actual business In banker-' Mils nt 4 S7i5rf
4.872.1 for demand nnd nt 4. 84704. M73 for CV
day bills; nosted rates 4.i33 an,l 4.SS; commer
cial bills 4.S4I123. MeVcan dollars 4Siie. Gov
ernment lor.ds steady; railroad bonds lirm.
Ilnr ilver.
Iymdon. Dee. 27. Par silver 2S2-1C1 per ounce
New York. Dec. 27. liar silver Cl'jc.
TrcRnr- Statement.
Washington, Dec. 27. Available cash IjJUao
J141.023.12); gold SSl.S32.103.
New York, Dec. 27. Sugar-Ttaw quiet: re
fined steady.
New Orleans. I.-u, Dec 27. Sugar llmi: whit
clarified 4 13-16V3c; open KMtle aifflijr- open
kettli centrifugal 4i;M;e; centrifugal' lifts
4 13-16fi4c: yeiiowr. c,aiic: seeondi ViiiOlc.
Molassea quiet; orn kettle 13fr2Sc; centrifugal
701SC Sirup steady; 2!l23c. ufcjj
Oil City. Dec. 27. Credit lalances J1.S3; cer
tificates, no bid. Shipments K1.P07. average
7C.221: runs 147.M1. average 67.3M; shipments,
I.ln.3. 134.316, average 36.223; runs, LJina, 131,.
24J. average 5S.067.
Jfrw York Mock Qnotntlon.
New Tork. Dec 27. Following are the high
est, low f st and closing quotations for stocks on
the Stock Uichange to-day. with the amount of
Atrhison 4 4.W0 UK K, f6i;
Do. pfd I.ttt lOlri 101 101 J
llaltlmore and Ohio 23.C0O101 .IOOH.IOuh,
Do. pfd 30) Kilt 53' KU
Canadian Pacific 2.901) 131H 131V- 1.11'i
Central of New Jersey iqi
Chesapeake and Ohio 1,400 4Si 47i 41li
rilr-mwn and Allan 1.000 42 J91? 19Lt
;rr: " ii z.. zzj rr7i
PXO. ...... 9fi Hs sz n
CliUago and Great IVut.. 2.10 224 2214
ChlcaK" anl NonhweiUTii ly) 2ii0 2U3
Clil.. Jill. A- sr.. I' 14,3s) 171s 1CJH
I)o. ptd
Chicago. Term, and Trail.. -1) ll'i 11'.
Do. pfd 1. 22 22
C. O.. C .: Si. Louis 'JlVi )
Colorado Southern 1.701 21 234
Do. 1st pfd .:t 12'. tw
Do. 2.1 ifl :,i.c.) 27; 31'j
Dfl.1u.1rf and lliiilyun 1.2") Wt1.? ISS's
1X1. ljek & WVsi 210 233 333
I'fi.itr and Itio limiide
l"o. pfd 2.3"! Nt Si1
Hrlo II.11H) 37j 2l
I).'. 1st pfd 1.2DJ 74 7 Ha
I'.t. ;.l j.r.l jivi Sl w,
11'1-l.inK Valley O'O I'l i:
D.t. pfd 100 !tt il
Illinois Central tort 1311 151
loua Ontral aw 2U'4 23
IM pf.l
Kan-.iH ilty Snutlieru
Do. pfd
l-ouisiille and Nat.hitlf. . 2-'Jtli1vt I3t,
American 101 lt 2,fcli
Maiihuttan I. 2.S-W ,C. lisu
Mftmisjiitan Seiurltles ... i.i yt .vi
.lftroillt.iii Mrtet 1 7.71 1:1 ',, l.V
Milinealftlls and St. l.uuls
.Minn . St. I' ,i S. Kte. il. on fa1- S'
Do pf.l
Mlsouri i'.iclllc t,.G) .t,'4 ltii.,H
11 . K . T l.Li'l 3', nii3
Do. ptil 7w C3 CL-
National It. It. of .Mcx. pfd
New Vtirk t'enlral 41.K"' 14.1'i 1K
.N'.irfolk and Vfttrn 1.JOJ 7'JS 7's
Do. pfd frr) VI 31
Ontario anil Western l,4j-J 4''; 4li
lfniisyl:tiilii ifi.ll 12SU Ij'i'j
I'ltts . I'. 1;. A: St. I.
Keuding 3S.40 7b3; "i'.j
Hit. l-t iit,i ait .! jfji,
Do 2.1 pltl II'J S2; bl'i
lUck lhlantl Co C3JO 3G- 23
Do. pfd 3.0 il", SI';
St. I. A S. 1. 2.1 pfd
St. I.ouN Soutlmest.'tii 1,2ini 20 2',
Po. pfd 2M 7tf i".7-,
Sixill'i-rli I'a.illi' IO.WVj ,, IT.',
Sou'.licni llailuay 4,2") 3.', 2W
110. pf.l :o) 37 3",
Teas and IMeiflc 21 2Hi SH,
Tolfilo. St. 1.. A- W 2t'l ."J. Mi.
Do. pfd 210 341, 31
Union I'.icilic ls.sin Ill's 1U
Do. ifd 3.1) 37 3CU
Wabash 201 21 21i
Do. pfd 200 43K 41
Wl.-lllis ami l--lke Krl-.. 2W I-", 13'J
Wlsoiwin reiitral -" 22 21
Do. pfd 1't ir 4.".!7
Moxlean Central I.51M 2i'4 133t
Southern l'aellle Hallway. l.IW lis., lls,
i:xi'i:i:s.s coiii-ANins.
American 10) 2j?' 2554
United States
Wells l'uri;o
Amalgamated (upi-r 1.2i) C7'i ti
American Car and Foundry 3,701 31;B 3l'i
L10. pnl 4s) 31 3.1
Ainetiean Cotton Oil 3t) 37 27
Do. pfd
American Ice 10) 4 t'.-
Do pfd Ps 3' 2V2
American Llllft-ed Oil 1W lb 1
Do. pfd
American locomotive 2W 21IS4 21
Du. pltl 2t.) 102s, l.tl',-
Aimrican S. A It 5.3.W s', jl
Do. pfd in) lli 11.14
Ainera.in Sucar Ileilnlng. 4,i"W 113 112'4
Anaconda Mining Co 1 ) ptt 1(12
Uiuokln l'..ipiil Tran-lt.... C,l"l t,l, tou
t o:u.-aili Kuei jui'l Iron... l'.l,p) 4jj 4.V,
'..Iis4lidhtt-tl tiat, 4.IJ .1x14 13t;
tVtrii 1'pluctH
Do. pfd
Pist'lkr1 .Securities 1,34 2b': 37,
tltntral lriectric w 1J' li '
International iMpcr P'o 2-ia, 4i.
Do. Ifd 200 77ii 77
Il.ternaMotial lunll 1W t-4 tit54
Do. pld
National I-.ad 201 2l'i 2P4
Nona American 4-tiijit.jlw
Pacllic Jl.ul
I't Jpii-'.H l las 1.303 lite, Hf.il
I'ressed Steel Car 200 2ItVa 33'3
Do pfd liu 30
Pullman l'alncc Car
Kepubllf stel
Do. pfd
ltuhlter C.00.IS 3) 27 24
LSI. pfd V') 31 31
TtnneNste,. coal and Iron.. ;t,n 71. t 7iij;
I :. it J siatts leather 4.t;m 141- li'
Do. pfd 6.1'sl I'd', Mi's
Inned ht,ues lte.ilty lt) 7S 7S
Unit, si SlntLH l:ubbi-r 4W 33 32'
2tji ;
2s s.
1. -2ii3
2"' 1
Mi -VO'i
Mi .
4 -,
2. 0-4
Do. pfd 1.7DJ 33 SH
1 l. .1 Tatis Sttl 27.0lt 2.tii; 231
Do pfd 23.4'1 3;7, i;
Wtstinshousti Ulectrlo .... VH 1S1 1S4
WfSiirn Union 2ttj .us :y
Total .sales for the day, 4S1.0W) kharts.
I 3I,
Uunton. Dec 27. Clos-ing quotations to-lay on
money. Itonds. stocks and mining shares were
as follow.:
Call loans 3??4 I-r ctnt; time loans 3?if73
per cent
Atihlson adj. 4... SI (Mexican Cent. 4s..
AtrliL-tn 4 K'l'i I
Atchison fVi flttlilillrg pf.l 14)
Ik,, pfd Pit's Tdxlcan Central . '3't
U 'Hon ,i Albany.. 233 IN. V.. N. II H..I37
ll.toii A- Mdine...lt0 lUnlon I'acillc lUh
Uo.ston i:le.lted...l: I
Am Argt
Ist 1 f.
O1e.11.. I"1! -'l-ntTa! Kltctric.ls'i
SC ,il:.FS. i:ieetllc l.'i
Am. lieu. Tube... .",'j
Do. pfd 37-3
irns. Ha. 37li
'idled Trult 1)7
Ur.ltid Shtt .Mach. 3.tii
Do. pfd ll'j
U. s. s;l 23
T. . ,. 1 . 1 st.V .
Am. tt.iir.ir DJ
Do. pfd 135
Am. Ill & Til. ..117',
Am. Woolen UI3
Do. rfd 31
1'om. Iron U Steel 17
Edifjn Klec. I11.1..234
W estlniih'.use com. 3)
.iieniurc ::: uionawK
Allouez IS .'.lont. Coal t Cok.
l!njlrnnntiil ii'-L I '11,1 Itnm'nli.n
5 Arnricfln Zinc ll?i OsecoJa
'. isp,
stiiaiii.ii; ............ tv ' ill iui ............
Ulngliam S-1 'Qutccy
Cill A; Uecla.,GZf(iZ .shannon
Sssnsl .1 nl' IVhttHi-l,
1.1 itkviiiiiiii -"- ' uiiituatn ........
iVj hr lUtntrr. C44Trlnitr
raiy-Vcst n f I. H. .Mining
iimInIon Coal fi- 'U. t. Oil
Frnnklln tou - rth
Orant-y " ; i torfa
llf UnynW 25 J i j Winona
Mi! Mining 4 olierini
Mill Uan 0 I
. 21
. id';
. 41',
. 4',
. ID.
JJiuinir Stock l vr York.
New Yorfc. Dec. 27. Closing quotations to
on mining htocKs wpr as follows:
Atlama Con 21 iljttle Chief
Alice f" Ontario
IJitecc 17 Oi.hir
llrunswUk Con 3 1'nutnix
ComstoiV Tunnel.... i r..to&i
Con. Cal. Va 74', Savage
Horn Silver IVi Sl-Tra Nevada..
Iron SIHrr Jii Small Hopes
Leadvllle Con 2 '.Slanoaia
.. 14
Ileeoiiiiueniliitloiis to (lie l.eulsliiture
Are Atloptecl nnil Mure Will lie
Considered To-l)ny.
TJie annual meetinp; of the State Judges
to consider recommendations to the I.tKi"
I.iture was opened at the Courthouse yes
terday In Judge Fisher's private ofllco.
ThoMi ljisent were: Justice James D.
Fox. of the Supreme Court, Judge c.
C. Hland of the St. Lou's Court of Appeals,
and '.'Ircuit JuriKCHrChcsley A. Jlosman of
St. Joseph, Alexander II. Waller of Jlo
berly. James IX Itaniclt. JlontKomcry
City; Houston W. Johnson. Jonesburu;
Arpus Cox. Iiollvnr; I,?igh . .U'oodrlde,
,,- -J!' .V 'ln Av' hIla'er. areenlicld; John
. Mchlhlnney. Clayton, and Judges- j
U:,.I,vineal''.i,"tt G- "eynohls. James R
Utlirow. Warwick llounh, II. J). Wood.
... ... .uuhun Him it. iJt i.isiier of St.
Justice Foy tiresliletl .-tn.l T.,.lnA I ,..-
acted as serfctan-. fa" """
The law reiiulres that the Judges of tlio
nX C,OUrlr ll' St'. I-,,l,!s "nJ Kansas
City Courts of Appeals and the Circuit
JutlecM shall examine the statutes ns to
omissions, uncertainties and Incongtuitics
nnd malce recoinmentlatioiis to the I.erK
lature for corrections and Improvement"
The 1.V.V does not teuulre thai the Judgei
act as a body, but they decided that such
was the brst.
It was decided yesterday to recommend
that the law relating to certain offenses
which come under the head of man
slaughter in the second desree. the penal
ty for which is light, be changed lo felony,
punishable by two to seven years In the
It was also decided to iccommend the
passage of a law allowing; the Judges of
the same circuli to sit for uno aimthe:-,
without being specially assigned to do so.
Other recommendations adopted were
lhat an appeal In a contempt-nf-court
case unaii noi aci as a supersedeas; mat
the law providing for the life interest id
a person in the estate of a deceased per
son be repealed, and that the right of ap
peal from a ruling' on a motion for a new
triel be abolished.
The law making the rights of a man led
woman the same as teh rights of a single
woman, ns upheld by the Supreme Court,
and the law 1 r.relatlon to taking depo.d-
tlons, wer-j discussed, hut no action was
The Judges td-day will consider the rec
ommendation ot a bill providing lhat the
examination of applicants for ndinllon
to the bar be placed in charge of a com
mission to be appointed by the Supreme
Court, which will also decide what sub
jects are to be embraced in the rumina
tion. The Circuli Judge." now have charge
oftlia matter.
A set of rules for the government of the
proceedings of courts, reported at last
rear's meetinc. will also be considered
.'Arrangements- will be-made for presenting
tne reeommer.cnuons 10 itio Legislature.
Officers .v.HJ be elected and adjournment
will be taken.
The Judges p.ccepted an Invitation of the
St. I-oui" Ua- Association to take lunch
eon at the Southern at 1 o'clock this afternoon.
Coin llcilils 11.5 Own, mid Provi
sions Gain, anil Then Ln.-i-Advance.
Chicago, Dec 27. j)cal wheat traders
felt sure to-day that the dates crowd,
with Us riputeil W ").) bu. holding, was
in for an agsiessive campaign ami this
conviction had much lo tlo with bring
ing alsjut a sharp advance of I'Ue.
A ilecldtil falling off in receipts in the
Northwest, stu-jigth in the MluneapulN
maiket and considerable commission buy
ing here by houses, with Norihue.-dern
euimeelltiix, based in pall on a bullish
Argentine cabin fioiu Inglis. wete other
tacturj in the advance. The Armour
intetcat v.-as nppaieiitly dNposed lo
back a cable of its own li'oni Argen
tina, tslimaliug as large an exportable
surplus as- that of the last crop against
tile bu.l cable, and sold perhaps l.VM.'fO bu.
wheat on .stages of the advance, but llic
maiket only leaded f,c on this selling and
promptly went up 1-sC inure and excited
-May !;c to Tse higher, v.ltli 1.12, the
low pitlnl. The maiket hesitated for a
time aiuund JI.13. tild up to 1.13', re
acted to $1.1314. advanced ag.i!n to 51.1 1
and alter a short stop tliete shot up Very
ta-lly to JI.U. win re It clo.'cd. Theic
tt.is .i very small 1 ratio 111 lite, which
alo gaimd U",e to $1.1". while Julv gained
4c to S9!4e b.tl. The Inglis cabl". Mliich
e.arietl tne lust buie 1111111 Sl.is s.ild.
"Frosts. Wheat ripening prematurely,
yield below expectations. Cooler in the
The Armour cable said:
"New crop will be harvested In a few
day, averaging BO'.i lbs. lo bu. in Santa
IV and CouIoDa. Ilucno.-i Ayres yield
lieltcr ifuallty than lust ear. Surplus, 2.
o'.t'ixo tons (:'::,:2J3.o.d bu.) or nither more."
.'ort:i.vi.sKrn coiiittry inovemLUt was
again said to be very small. .Minneapolis
vas up 2':i- and ijuuiuig .1 good cash
demand. Willi low erodes up Ic. There wat
little cvltlcnco of Important action by the
IVistern bulls, possmly some fair buying,
but knowledge of llulr big holding, re
cent gratultious tips as to their aggressive
disposition, and k:ioletIse aijui of the
small ctinlraci slocks madti other bulls
enlhusiastic .ind bears uneasy.
i lie b.cni cash market was extremely
tluil, milling tlcmauil slow, sales about 21..
IK) bu.; choice wheats follov.mg tlie lu
t tires, but low grades hemy. Tne com
mi'sion buying was led' by liartlt ll-l'ia-z:er,
Hacgeit, Ijanell, Love, Harris-Scot-ten,
l'liiislc-I.'itch-it.inkin. Yuen: was
some local selling mi the early advance by
liankln mi J .Mitcliell, bat Uaukin tumid
buyer on a much l.uger stale ami the lo
cal crowd gtneiallj. after selling some
early, covered and went long ua tlio up
turn. Armour, the largest teller, inlier
wisc tifi'eiings were litlit. Some selling un
Lherpool was claimed.
With some help from the slrengtli in
wheat, the corn market stood up manfully
under the weight of the marketing of
something over 2,.'.i')0 bu. on tne cash
tables, 1 icelpts for four days being esti
mated at l.:ti; cars. The arrivals all
seemed to be wanted by shippers on old
rails, ,-iutl c.isli prices held steady. New
sales, 75,lsj bu. .May sold up i4c at tne
start, to 433,c, but coulu 00 no bettor afterward.-,
ami closed at 4'r'ic sellers, a net
gain of isc. l)tc. gained ;c higher. July
',,c. Theie were ;;;.ftK) bu. Nu. i corn out
of priuue houses. There was a fnir com
uius;nn demand t-aily. led by llaitlett-l'ra-zler;
Armour and Comstock told.
OATS DL'1.1..
Trade in oats was extremely dull, the
maiket barely hoiulng its own. the out
side range ',, the (lose unchanged. Re
ceipts were light; J cars for three tlavs.
There wtie 1W.M.U bu. standard on 18 out'of
store and l!i cats out of private, liouse;-.
Cash prices weie steady; tne shipping de
mand slow, sales, 2.1.01') bu.
Provisions Marted firm, In symp.ilhy
with the grain strength and an advance
of m: in hogs. Rrccipfs only H.tiOi). There
was a lntle outside cmimlosion' buving of
pork and lard, but the bulge brought out
some selling of laid by small packers and
f bs by nulany bioKta-s. Tiade dropped
off and prices euseo back, losing' on small
advance and closing unchangi d.
.viAiiivirrs iiv Tin,i:f;it.vrji.
New Yt,rk, Ji.c. T, Hour Iteceliii v,.i:c;
tline daji- IiKtrts OH. ibrt.. tia,f. : u0ur
?iVv?,,y-i, ,JUl'k,',af "'.'ur ''uu:t- Cunimeal
firm llif 11.-111l11.il. l)a.ley nuiet. Wlic.it
l.rcipt in.i-. (three day.): e.,jrts i, i&
(lhi dajM Siit lirm. No. 1 red nom.i.al
eleiator Ji.Ji-(. t. c. b. all. ai; Xo. 1 Northern
ltuluth Jl.li, f. . b. afloat. No. 1 l.anl Mrfh
Itoba 51. OS f. o. It. alio.it. uptbins were tjulet
all day on account of wire uouolc by ;ss!l
encniB a tn.ng .iiKain-tj i.n vt ry ei.ld w.ul'ier
west, and ftars of rrp damni;.-. tof'li r with
manipulation at chicaKo cetMiii; -H'iiJ',,c net
hUner: ilay J1.13:.iii.lA.-. cl.,-.l Sl.i..?.: July
ll.luUil.t)3S. closi SI tin-,; lin;. ;l.i!,,jl ai.,.
closeil 11. -ir1,. Corn Kttelitts 4iC.tCi (three
dajsj; CApoin 17I.1IC, by. (thiec tli). s;t
mm. No - ;tc eltiutor nnd ..4 ailuit; No 2
jellow Mc, Xt. 2 white Mc. Option maricei
was neglecteil, but r.ttjjy. w-llh wheat cl"
bg parii) 'v higher. .Mai.h ct.iseil .,i-i, jtc
.tf-V-'ic. ilosiil 57c 'Oats llecelpis Sl.vJ
ithr-e day-ti; e.t.irt.s 2.1:11 bu. (thiiu da.it).
Sifit quia, mixta oat.s VC41CJ Hi,.. SB;
natuial white. 3'l'iiJ.' lb.-. Jti'i-Ti:,.'. c; cippul
wane. San lb.-. 3i:v. Ojiiimis ni.iiunnl.
lla dull. Hops quiet: 0I1I3 He. HMe tiulet.
leather firm. U'twjl trm Heel M.,niv cut
ni'.atu .pil't. I.'ird easy: U'catiill Jf.Jt.' rcflntti
flUll. l'Olk lUllt. T-tllOW qlllel. C-t( tx-ll -.-,. Cll
oil weak; .rli-.e ji-llow- iJv-i'.:c. nice mm.
iiolo3K.-s rtta.lt .
Cincinnati. Ilec. :; -Wlri:l.v distillers' fln
Mieil goods lull on basis of 31.il.
Duluili. Jllnn.. Dec. :;. VMicat to arrln N
1 Northern 11.13U. Sv. 2 Xnrt!ini Jl.Ot- m
track No. 1 Northern Jl.JJ'.: So. 2 Nuithern
11.0,1,: lice. 11 13U; May .1U:,. o.its lo ai
rlii" and on trails ul"sr..
Milwaukee, witi.. Dec. 27. Wheat lc blL-hi-r;
No. 1 Nortliirn Sl.lldl.i:,; No. 2 Nulthrrn ILK
"(.1.: :..a 1 li'.'ol.lt .. live r-u-aii; N'o. 1
Ttfcc. I'.tirley steail : No. 2 --c; sample 27G.-,le
Com steady. No. 3 43?iic: May C.ii I .v-.
Mlnnear.ll!i. Ilec. C7. Wheat )lav t, !;-,
July J1.I4,; No. 1 hard ll.lt,; No. 1 Northern
S1.14S: .No. 2 Niirthern nits'., rintir Kirrt
patents Itlitl.lu; M-contl itannts J.-t.l.iKji.ie- first
clears I1.15ii4 25; fceconj clears 52.75'(i2.!!'. Uran
In bulk. Iij.25.
Tolclo. O. I)ec. S7. Cloier ?wl-("a-sh and
Decembir l,'S2: 1'eb t;.1.7".: .March is.1'21-..
Prime timothy 51. in. Prime altke l."5.
Kansas Citv. Ic. 27. Wheat MaJy lo hlch
er; Die. Sl-"Ts: MM 11054,4110",; .lulv :il.,J
;tlHc: ca-h Nu 2 hard II. "W.liTls. No. J l.02t.
4I1.CCU; Nft 4 :i.V1lJl.(.Gt rejecle.1 y)fic; N.)
red l.tisiL09: No. . ll.o'.; No 4 jl i-J. Corn
stludy: Dec. 4!c; .May 125e; July KX,i". catn
No. 2 mixed 4- No. 3 IIV1: N". 2 white 42c;
No. 3 41'tc Oalu Mi-.id . No. 2 white 3-V; No.
2 tuisid 314c. Ila stiemiy; i-hoic tiniotru- jyt
l'."5; clit.lif tiraiilc $. $ Itye steadv at 72c.
Iteeelpts-Wheat 10 W) liu; rorn 2 '.20(1. oals
21.0".). sMpmenti Wheat- 74, 4vliti.; com76.u:
o.it" 2l.(Ji.J.
Cliicaiitt, Dec. 27 Cash -nuotation- were as
follows: Flour steady. Wheat Nu. 2 spring
J1.0"iil.ir.: No 2 !iSt-5Jl 12; No. 2 red I.I4ttr
I.IG-S Corn No. 2 lit' -&47c: No. 2 jelloa- 46tt.jp
47c. Oati No. 2 ZD'-l: No. 2 white HUvllV--;
No. 3 while ao'SlfSIV. 11)9 No. 2 7. Barley
(loud ftstllnic 2.Vi27c; fair 10 .'hoice malting 47
f:4V:. Sctdr i'lime tlmolhy t2 7-',4: cloier, con
tract rrade 112.75. I'rovlrions Mess iKjik (per
l.hl.) 11.Ufill.45: Surd ip'r pi lbs) IC7C4:
flhoit ribs sides tlooe) JS.2-77f1.n7',-.: iliort clear
sides bxd ) J0.C2'-'ilU75. Whitky lbx"ls 01 IiIkIi
wlnes) 11.24.
1'tsjria, D'-c. 27 Corn Eteatly; No. 3 42c; No.
4 41c; no grade WiiZ'J?.
I'll,- Yjcltil Market.
New York, Dec. 27. The ly.mlon tin market
was firm, w-lth ftitare f,ctainn a t-ry goJ
gain, wlillt fj.ot Fhoweil smaller ch-mges, -rh
latter closed at 171 12s t'd nnd futures wero
quoted rtt 12:. Th- l's--il niarkct was quiet,
with nn.t (Uot(d at S.-.t 20?:t.t?l. Cop; er was
firm abroad, with ?pot eliding at C7 fn and fu
tures at C7 10'. Is-ally a better demand was
repertetl. t.artlr.ularlv for eletttit lytic. Iike is
qu'ittsl at SKi.r."-'.i!. 2... t-leetrolytle .it sr..l-."5
aid caii'lnK nt SII .'"5(14 7.".. I-,id t,as nn
ehancetl at 12 lir ! In I.nji,n ami at II uni
4.7 In the local m irkel S'telter wn. firm at
2. Is t.1 111 Iatl"-l. while lot-alt) Ihe qu.rta
tltn foi IK.t .a itJnniH tt, W.tt', U'7. Inn
..loi-eil at 5.1m (tl In (ll.ugiw and nl .Vis 4',i
In M!il.lle.iKirn. lcjilly Iren .vas nm hanged:
No. 1 fotimirv Nortl-ern. No. 1 foundry Southern
and xt 1 foundrv.Sctilhrrn roft are quoted at
J!7.25fil7 7 1. Nu. 2 feimdrv .Northern at tlit'ail
tlntter and Cheese.
New Yuik. Dee 27 Hatter lirm; prnst price,
extra ere-inneri. :7ti27'-;c cfliclal p-lees rrer.ni
ers. common In extra. 17i27e. do. held, cum
mer to extra. 2fl5i25V.-: State dairy, common to
iTtra. Iftf'27e; rrnoxatetl aijtl rrinmon In extra
VAtiZir, Wrslern factor), t Jninmn to choice,
13i 17c. Western Im'tation cream' v. eummon to
ebp'.ce. icj?;i,- llie...e nulel Slrtte full ,.riam,
eclured and while, pnMll fnoc). 12c;t do. flit
lii; io late mad" eoluied white, poor tej
cho'.-e, S'-Ile. du Uirct;. cr.lcrPiI l.-inte. fancy.
12";c: do.'hne lHrll'.e: da lte made, tjolcrtd
and white, t.oer to ihoke. !ilu,e
rltUa('e1l!!iia. I mi. 27.-Kutler firm, (toed de-tn-ind:
estm Wet'rn ereainel) "S'ti2let extra
eejti-by prints t v. Cl"sc Flead) , Nrw Vftrk
full cream-, f.cio. '.2c: do. ilioke HS,&l2e;
do. fnlr lo cnutl IKrll'-c.
ndt-aco, l'is . 27. Butter fitm: cicamerles ic
W27c. -lalrli lr.ii22i Chcete firm at lltallVic.
Kanrrs citv Dec. 27. Butler Creamery 21
i23c: tiairy 17.-
Kom-is nil. Mo. Dec. T.. i;bj ftcatlyi
3dhouti and Kansas, new No. 2 whllewoo.1
ensefi lr.clud-d. 21c per doz.: case count 2u'ij
pir doz. . cacs returned. Uc per doz leys.
Chicago. L'ec. 27.-nrf Mrady; at mark,
caws Includisl, 175f21c. first- 21c. prime first"
:3c. extrar, 25c
I'lllladclritta Die 2,. -Ifera flently, fMv ,o
t.und. r'i by fr ii SOc, at mark; Wrsteru
fret.h VZ c. nt mark.
Corn .Mnikcf Holds Firm in Ex
pectation of DccrcaHiMi
Chicago. Dec. 27. A eclj wave of un
usual radius was the chief cau-e of a
strong wheat maiket to-day. May de
livery advanced 2'.4c and closed at the
highest point reached, c'orn is up '.ilf'ic
O.its and provisions are unchanged.
Inspiied Ii) a good ditnand. wheat
opened strong with May up Vii'.-jC to
tV at $l.l'4 to 51.121,. The weather
map exhiblitd extrernt- cold weather, as
prevailing in the Noithwest and rapidly
apreading across the whole country. The
cold wave made the probability of re
duced deliveries of wheat by faimeis
much mon; certain than bad been pre
viously apparent.
Another factor influential in producing
a. bulge was a cablegram from a Chicago
ciop expert in Argentina. Tim cablegiam
staled that mui h of the win at ciop in
Argentina had been ripened pit-maturely
by frost.
t'rom the first tup of the bell a lively
i'lutind was in evidence from commis
sion houses, but sellers were few. In cou
viucncc, lb- maiket steadily gained la
strength, notwithstanding n-poils Indicat
ing the long drouth ill the wintt r wheat
tcrritoty had been broken by rain or
Demand for cash wheat, both in the
Niirtliwe.t and Sot:thwct. was gieally
Improved ami this helped lo create a
more l.'lll.'sh scntini'nt in i-peculntive fad
ing. Primary icceipts also were mucli
smaller than "for the corre-ponding day u
ytar ago. but owing lo w re trouble theso
sliuistics ivt-r.' Inrcmplcle. During the
latter part of the session a leader of the
bull crowd was a free seller. The in
creased offerings found ready buyers,
however, ami prices continued to mount.
Tlit maiket t-losetl at ihe hlghf.-i point
of the session, linal uolatlons on May be
ing at Jl.lluiI.lcV The amount on pass
age decreased nil.ouo bu. Primary receipts
(:ncompiele were ."iDii'id bu.. compared
with 1.2ti:s.:.io0 bu. a ;.ear ago.
Inlluenccd by the strength of wheat the
coin market held lirm throughout the en
tire sr.-sion. A cold wave, which is ex
pected to decrease the movement from the
farms and also 10 increase the con-sumption
of corn, wtts a factor of perhaps
canal importance in giving firmness to tne
market. May opened unchanged to 'n
higher at l-eUc to 4.1-iC and held within
the opening range, the. close being at AV-'U
K.iC. Local receipts were 1.015 cars (J
days), with 10 of contract grade.
The oats market influenced by strength
in other grains, and by tin- anticipated In
creased consumption thai would result
from y.i;ro wealher. The volume of busi
ness continued very light. May opened
unchanged at 31c sold between 21i2c and
SletiCle and closed at "lc. Ijc"al ro
celpts were 130 cars.
ranch: of KtiTunnp.
Opcnlng. HUh. Iyjw. Cio-e.
Dec ... l.li'4 1.13 1.12'. 1.13
May ..1.121,l.l.i',, . 1.121, I. IP. ii
July .. 9IOi 1'.' S31. Mi illUSS
( 'orn
Iec ... 41 Ct 4s' 1 I3; 40 45Vi
May .. 45 S 4.- . 4?, 13' , 43.ir-,
juiy .. vt t',-a"4 i-.t'aib i1
D;c ...
Jl.iv ..
Julv ..
25'- 2;t-', 23Bii
31'- SIHfr't
3t. .IP,
i, :ii
.ttess I'ork
Jan ... 12.K11- 12.C2'3
May .. 12.1)5 12.55
Jan ... C.S74 W
-Mav .. 7 13 7.171,
Short RIL3
12.37-4 12.57'i
12.S7', l!.i,
CAT'i C.S71,
7. 12' j 7.15
Jan ... 6.(7d S. 6.15 6.47'i
Jlay .. C.TT'.s C.77is (..72Vj C.75
Iter. Ship.
rid'jr. bbl 3J.IW 41,1't.l
Wheat, bu ISt.or) llT.oi.)
Corn, bu 1.131 0..1 3R(oi
Oats bu 231.M 2"2.201
!!:'. bu 2.U0) 17.5JI
llarley, bu 207.Wi) 31,5ii)
Provisions started strong on smaller re
ceipts of hogs, but at the advanco offer
ings were larger than the buying orders
could ab?orb. The result wa 11 loss of all
th early gains. At the cloe the May
products were precisely at Friday's final
quotations, poik being at !I2.S7ti. lard at
7.I2Hli7.15 and ribs at S0.7r;7i6.73.
Estimated receipts for lo-morrow not
U mil.
no-.t.n, Iec. 27. General busine.4A In the wool
market is dull. Lut the tone I firm for prac
tically all grades. The mills hae now taken
In a laruQ amount of wool, ranc having enough
to salltfy demands until the new clip arriies.
A belter call for th fleece wools is noted, al
though the higher prices afkej by st)mo holder.
prevent sale.
lkston. l)-c. 27. Despite th fact that the
wool market rema.ns quiet, the suiply of un
olt mateilal aiallable has seldom been no
n-.nll as at present. Some of the large-it
hottyes j radically are suld out of tom-slIc
woel. wnlle all are carrying motlerate Htocks.
It Is ettmate-.l that the. iirft of the )ear will
see the supply reduced to 23."i.o) lbs. There
is a k"o-1 demand for Territory wools, pulled
wools are ilnn arid quiet, ana foreign grade
are tteadj. Quotations! Kentucky. Indiana,
etc . lliree-eiphths and one-fourth blood. 21QV
22c; Terntei). Idaho line. 1s'1!1:k: heavy fine.
16frl7c; fine medium H'-SWc; medium 2;'i2!c;
low m'tlaim 23i24c. Wyomlnc tine ltirlt'jo;
heavy tine 13TrH'e. line medium 17 (rise: medium
23cr24e. low- medium 23'u-J4c. Ltah and Nevada
line 17tfISe: heavy tine lijiCc; tine medium 17
iflM. medium 22'23c: low medium 23i(21c. Da
It. ta line ISfrllte; tine mtdlum lStdts:; mtdlum
23i24e. low- medium 23121". Montana, fine
choice, 2ii23v-; fine aeeratte 131i2uc. fine me
dtuin choice 21i22c; avciage pe-fioc; staple 22
Si-k'. luedlurn chol.-e 23&25C.
New ) ork. Dec. 27. Coflee steady. The mar
ket for lofT si futures oisned steady at un
changtsl 1 rp-t's to an adiancr- of 1) riolnts. in
spile of ratht r Indifferent Kuropi-an and llni
sillan ( ables and nomewhtit heavier llnizillan
receipts, but Wall stn-et runtlniKsl buyer; hiter.
hi-werer, it did little ts-tu-r anil prices here re
mained pene-rallv steady to firm, showing In
tint mid lit of the afternoon actual sale Ht an
advance of ., lo 15 istlnts. The cloi-e was
ftltad). net ." to 10 points higher. Sap,, were.
reported of 111.7V) bags. Including .Inn at T.ivvfe1
7 7ite. March 7.s0n7.1i"s?. May k.O'dtOv. July
3.30il8.35c. Sept. S.s.?!'! i.."5e- and Noi. S.65c
Dried l-'ruits.
New- York. Dec. 27. The market for evap
orated applts Is uell fuiUalned. although de
mand Is moderate. Common are quoted at 3'i
ffr4'.c. f.rii.ie at tfrlV. chulce at efri'-c and
fancy at tlfatr linim-s arc r.ald to ts In a
healthv tOslllon. with an advance probable It
demand Is ordlnnrlly good. At the moment,
howicr. the market shows little feature, w-ith
quulatlons ranRlrig from 2fr3c, accurdlng to
grade. Apricots are w-itlnut change; cheico
are held at 10c. extra choice at 10Ullc and
fanev liu-irisc. Piaehes aUo are quiet, but
steJdy, thulce are held at o'sc. extra choice
at lO'tftlUV and facrv at ll'ilI2r.
Flaxseed lliiotations.
Chicago. Dec. 27 Flexseed ruled strong, nd
anclng lc to l'c, 'n nympatliy with 'hi;
Noithwest marked. Di-c. cluttes at 11.17 Ud
ami May at 51.25 asked: No. 1 Northwest foUI
.it II. 2s and closed at lhat price bid and
S'tnthwe-Mern nt 31.17 b d. Minneapolis receipts
were 72 cars and Duluth hud 10( cars. Ixxtal
receipts were ii cars.
Turpentine nnil ItoIn.
Savannah. (7.1.. Dec. 27. Turpentine steady;
Ki'.r. Hosln lirm; A. I!. C J2..V); n S2..V,; n
S2.(er!i!.)2';: i' R.2,i4i2.3: $2.7o2.72'i; 11
J2.i.0'd2 2',',: I .35; )I $4.30: N J4.M; w. 1.
S4.V5; V. W. Jj.10.
New Yfrlt. Dec. 27. Rosin dull. Turpentlno
easy. 331l5314C.
I l'um.
Raccoon 0s;sfimi
No. 1 law " No 1 l.irce 4)
No. 1 milium K- No. I medium ... ;'i)
No 1 f.nall ") N". 1 small in
Nu. 2 43iW No. 2 ll
No. 2 ;3 No. 3 5
No. 1 ''I Trashy worthless.
Mlr.k . Red Fox
No I iare 2.1. No 1 Inure 2.o
No 1 medium 1.G.1 No. I medium .... l..ri
No. 1 sirall 1. 10 No- 2 l.i
No. 2 I"' N". 3 3.)
No. 3 " No. 4 13tt23
No 4 1 Is Cray Fox
Texas. Uitilfl.ina and Nu. 1 large o)
extrenie Soilthjrn mink Nu 1 liiidltlm .
ll'trlS per cent Jess. No. 2 in
s'kunk- No. 3 j",
TMack 1 2s NO. 4 15
Short rtrlpt 1 .10 Otter
Narrow stripe 7f(W! No. 1 larne J9BI1
Uroad stripe 25 No. 1 nic.lluin .... 7' ?
(lootl tinprlme 2"fr5) No. 2 "iff t;
Scab.i worthless. No. .1 a,., j.ai
Wild cat IMiAI No. 1 l.V)
Clicl cat I3tj2.. V.olf
Bdcer 21r2a Prairie, round 2C.0'
Mouee tat 5.H' TlmLfr .e:?i!2
Muskrat mr!2 Healer Jly 7
Hrar ll'13
Northern 30 per cent more
Mo. .1- 111.- M7d (lleeees)..27 27'j
Med. i-crnb i 'ed (louse ,...23 U25'3
.Icth. mxd ..2s trT Aik A- South. -
Clothing . ..27 fri.'i Sllsht burry...2l S23
Ixjw k braid. .21 26'.. Hjrd burry--..13 Sl'i
L't.iry i clear lex.. 1. T. A: Ok
mixed . .23 S2T. Med. (12 mo.).23 2
Klaht hurry . 22 023 Coarse ,fc low. IS 2!
Hard burr).. .17 1.'.. I-lght fine 20 W23
I.:nht line.. . 22 62"': llavy sandy..M i(V,
lleavv fine. ...11 il Tuhwahed
North. & West - . No. 2... .... 31 33
It-laht m-d. -- '12. Burry ....21 2H
1'iaifc nail .22 i,-l Angola goal... y 4(2;
I l.ishl liiu . .; W2I liuli) 12 J!
Heavy buck .13 '.rl 1
All condltlonii weie bullish In the fe-rahi m-irkct. The hoavy storm, following so
closely on the ante-holiday liquidation, proved too mm ii of a combination for tha
bears und buying van the order of the day throughout Ua- session. All of those who
had gone short Jr. the last Wero anxious to cover. There was pr.i'tlcally no news be
cause of hampend wire service. While th'- statistics on the visible supply were not
posted, it was estimated that there had been an irureise of about l.MSo,M) bu., but
thia was onset by the prospect that Imd v atln-r would cbe(k tho movement to mar
ket during tlio rtirrent week. Local receipts wero light and the cash market wan very
strong. tijiecuL-tive offerings were small, the tidy selling noted ttlng by longs, who
sold to break tho market, with the hope of getting In at lower figures. Toward the
end of tho session there w-s an especially good demand for the May option. This
came mainly from the sharts. In the last hour buying was very brisk and closing
prices were sharply higher.
Corn also was strong on light receipts and prospects of further interference with
the movement to market. While the volume of tradius was not large, tin re was a
good buying detnaud throughout the session.
.May wheat opened ii"!c up ami closed XtilZ-'na up.
May corn opt tied ihc up and closeil Siy'vc up.
May oats ciosed l-PIc up.
Iteceipts of produce wtre moderate and pr:ies of fruits and vegetables were gen
erally Urn,
Local securities had fair support. Tiaciious and banking issues were most active.
Yesterday's bank dealings were ",:M.S'J. balances ?CT,757. Discount rates were
steady between 4' and C per rent.
Spot cotton was i.isy in the local market.
Luck of Outside Nf-ws mid Light.
IiL'Cfiiit.-s Also Ilclj) the Up
ward Movement.
Grain markets were sharply on the up
turn in yesterday's session.. The storm
threatened lo check the movement to all
receiving point and the little statistical
news received favored the buying sale.
Shorts were anxious to cover and the big
professionals were helping things along by
adding to t'leir lines on every break.
Iit-k of news had more effect than posi
tive bullish Information would have had
under ordinary conditions.
.May wheat opened 14ia4c up. ranged
from J1.14", to $1.17 and closed at $1.17
Light receipts and the generally stormy
wcather were bullish influences in corn.
Wliiie the volume of trading was not near
ly so large as in wheat, there was a
good buying interest and closing values
were higher.
May corn opened i-e up. ranged from
4.7'sC to I3-H543TBc and closeil at A"tH
42Ts0 asked.
Iteceipts of wheat for 1 days were llo.
) bu.. of whicli ".4'yj sks. nnd IK! cars lo
cal and 13 cars through, against I.Clffl
bu.. of which lu sks. and -US cars local and
7 cars through, in IS03.
Receipts of wheat at primary points
since last report (incomplete) K)s,7fii) bit.,
against ."BS.OOo bu. in IMB. and shipments
".tS.fCS bu.. against DB.ofA bu. Northwest
received I'll cars, against "l cars in I''".
Chicago received 1&7.0-) bu. and Kansas
Citv 1S7.7C) bu.
Wheat on ocenn passage afloat for
Ilurope the past week reported at :2!.2Srt.
eoii bu.. against SiCJ.i.'jO bu. a week ago.
Increase 640.O00 bu.
World's shipments of wheat to Europe
for the past week reported at 10.43".f) bu..
against R S41.CO0 bu. a week ago and 7.7S2.00)
bu. In IM.
Hcelnts of corn for 1 days lfS.4K bu.. of
which 2CS sks. and leO cars local and 31 1
ears, through, against 17-VioO bu.. of which
151 cars local ana 44 cars tnrougn. in ii-ju. ;
Iteceipts of corn at primary points for j
- (lavs uncomplete! i.yis.s-. ou.. umhuisi
l.fflioar) Ira. In UW. and shipments 717.10
bu., against M.noo bu. Chicago received 1.
lol.Wo bu. and Kansas City X.K bu.
Corn on ocean passage afloat for Ku
rope the past week rejiorted at lLSlS-fO
bu.. against 14. CM MO bu. a week ago. In
crease I.l!(i00 bu.
Worlds shipments of corn to Europe the
past week rl'ported at l.l'I.Oet) i,u.. against
0.72,0 bu. a weeS-ago and 3.317 CO-bu in
Iteceipts of oatf for 4 days I02.uol hu..
of which "; cars local and 44 0.11-13 through,
as against "37.'W bu . of which 122 cars
local and a-! cars through. In 1903.
Receipts of oats at primary points for 1
d-ivs (incomplete) 47,Y4r.? bu.. against 1.5I
Ort bu. in lya. and shipments -i.M.;20 bu.. as
against 143.ro.) bu.
Cnsli (.rain, rionr. Hie.
Witt-AT Hv -aeiDle. del. : No 2 red at IM'ti
local: No 3 'r-d at II K'iiit.ll: No 4 at Jiff
1 aV: rejeeted at 11: No 2 hard nmirally 1L11
tfjl 12; No 3 hard Jtl.l nt 11 eS-fr' n?i-. Xo. 4
hard 97e-JH 03; No. 2 spring at S1.'U: No. 3
lo. at 11: No 2 white spring at lt'6; No. 1
at 11: NO 2 wnne spring ai 4i.'eo .-,o.
lorado red at 11 04.
OHN Ilv samp'e. del : No 2 at 41341'ic 1-
No. 2 at 31c: No. 3 nt 2t)V,e: No. 2 white at
iHAsc; No 3 do. at 44c; yellow ear at 47(3450.
ATS Ilv sample, del : No. 2 at 13c- No 3
Colorado red at 11 04.
COHN Ilv samp'e. del : No 2 at 41341'ic lo
cal: NO.
(UTS-ISv samnle.
ht saue; Vo l at 2su.e: for noor to 3tV: No.
2 white at 32Uc: No 3 white at 3!iT32c. mainly
31'ic; No. 4 "at 30U03"!sc: cUpited at 22'ic;
cereal at 31c.
IIYR-No 2 752730.
FI-OrH-Pntt winter. In wood: High pitent
l."..20W."t Sil; Fpec'al brands 13. 44". M: seeond pat
ent I3SZS.13: extra fancy JI.'H34.5t: cbar Jl.l't
4 3-t: 1 w and medium grade In sks JU(3i.
Hard winter. In Jute sks.: i'.iten' SI.")-53-straight
il.oTfl.7n: first clear 14171.2": second
cl'ar S3.T0'rt3 r.); low-crade K.tMl? 5 P.ye noar.
in n-ral. 11(14.1.): in late ks. 13.83.31.
COItNMKAI. I2.6): pearl meal, grin an I
homlnv 12.J"
HII.I.rEF7I-Ila?i E trk. and In 1-: Ilran
at MOlkV for hard and SJc for sft wln'er on
direct order: P.. ft winter at ?c: m'icd feed at
57c for hir.1 and S3c for soft: mils at Olfisjc
At mill, bran Jobs nt '-V and shlr at MAX
HAY EflidF K trk : Tlrncthv 112 for croce;
lMlill.3-) for No. 1 and SAfi'J.Co and J3a7 for
low-rrade; clovtr-mlie.1 1351" for No. 1. 17
t 30 for No 2 anil !; rer low-grnd": prairie no
for No. 1. 1S60 for No. 2 and I'M, for low
grade: clover 113.30 for No. 1. 8 for No. 2
and Jii7 for low-srade.
STIlAtv On trk.: Wheat and oat $....oiti: do
FI-XXSKHD ll.lj bid. spot or to arrive,
proirr-t shipment.
f.r7.r j :.:u4 m
SPBUTi:it-5 ) bid.
Stocks of (Jrolu in Store.
Yesterdav. Prl.lcv. I-Tt Yr.
Wheat s.ftW.oi 3.'cr..w"Ji rr.2 .'.'s
Corn' 2.77..-.K l.--.342 -2C14
OUts 1,U..V l.Ort.C) 127 12
Hj,. 11.9t II.' r,i..7t
llarley 2i!.'42 2B.0H 30 t2rt
No. 2 red wheat.... Sfs.fW M7.7II 4.710.217
No. Ihlnl wheat.. 4S.H- (3.771 'yiO.ie)
No. 2 mixed corn... 111.774 1DI.4'1 I3.'(?
Nc. S whlto corn... H'..s14 34.;r,; 3.J1;
No. 2jellow corn.. 2S"31 2S.321
No. 2 mtitsl rat". .. 35.e22 3W.27 ".''13
No. 2 whlto oats .... '.i'l
No. 2 rye S-'W Wa H-K5
f'nrb fSrnln llnrkrt.
Pt lyiuls May wheal 11.17', bid: puts 11 W.
and calls JI.JSU to H.lSVi.
Milwaukee May wheat, puts MniAV, bid
and calls 11.13),. July wheat, put tt?. bid an '
caPs 11 nked. May corn, puts I'tHtltr.c and
call 4;6435;c.
Mlnneartulls )lnr wheat il-li bid; puts
Jl IVi, bid rnd calls 11.15S.
Fruits, and V'Kelalile.
The llepubllc quotations are for lots in first
hand, unle? otherwise Fpecifkd. rimall Iota
en onlers are charged higher. t
illl'i:s Catawba, imny baskets at I3Uc
per basket.
PI.AItS In bbls. : Keifers Jl -301.30 for No.
i to 12.3un2 for choice to fancy round.
APl'l.i:s Northern and Kastern mlxetl va
rieties nt t:y2-t)tj for ordinary to 13 fur choice
fancy King, etc.: Oenctlng at ll.M-u2.ij; Bald
win, etc.. 52'()2.23: Fpy and Spltzenherg 12.2.tt
t.:o; Iten Davis l!.23l.7."t bid : bulk of appks.
hand-picked. 11.23W1.73 lr bbl. measure, or
1151.1)3 ier ICO lbs., aiisirdlng 10 varity.
OIIA.NC.KS-In lobbing way: Flnrlda 2ti2.3.)
ver Imix. ('.ilifornia navals JM0!i3n. and i-ee.1-Mngs
$2 loll.'.) per box.
i.:;i;ki:ini:s u,uiiana 11.231.30 per ij.
bu but.
per box. at J2W2 ro. a-cordiiig to kind, (jrapr
Crni-eror Il.ojft 1.7",.
I.E.MONS New Mcsrma and California. ie
I.acke.1. 114(3.30 tfr IiOx.
i.t.MKS-ii;ii.ro per po.
.M.M.AOA 'Jllll'CS-OUote at J7s per bbl.
(Ji'.AI'K FIU'IT Quote Florida 12'tf3.30 box
for found.
ISANANAF Quctab 11K2.30 a bunch on
"coCOANI'TS-Per LOW. Ii trk. J.17 30: Job
bing way. SI r,er l'e.
CKANHEftUIK.s Quote rho!-. Jersey Jt73s7.
Howes J7.23"i".3u. and later varieties from Howe
I7.77i S per bbl.
POTATOnS Iowa 32?3.V for eummon to fair;
24&2rs- frr eholee. vlseorni ami Minnesota,
skd. Bl 2Mi3')C tn Ilk. and 4(fll2c del. 'or
choice to fancy rural.
ONIONS Ordinary red at 73c for fancy
globes, and bulk., white II. 1 1 del.
CAflKACK -New- Ilolunil eetd 112ffl2.30 rjer
ton. del. Itfd cabbane 1'jc per lb. iter ton tl-I
Ked cabbaati P7C per lb.
SAUUKKllAl'T New city make. per bbl..
J2 10 and i bbl. JI.10. Cak.. .V)-gal.. 14.
CCCDIHllItf-Cholce Nortliem 22.23 ner
crate of 3 to 4 doz. Choice hothouse 1131.23
ner de-z.
HIVKKT POTATOES Quote honi-grown new
1,'ermuda at 4)St4:c per bu. loose. Naosemond
cotsi for eiow end 60fr7yc for red.
HOrtsnilAI)Ii?Il-Quote new JI.3cS4.7J per
bbl. on orders.
CAtlldFLOtVEIt Homc-trnwn .TOlVSOc per b.i.
for looito .oundr Kaetem at J2.30Q3 per bbl. for
choice; California 12(22.13 per crate.
I'.IJTA-BAOAS Quof In bull: at 3233a per
bu del.
s'lCAII Quote Hubbard at 70i73c per po
lbs lo-!
EGUTINT Florida at 13.30 per hamper.
TOMATOES-New I'icrida S3 cer e-biltrt
IIISL'SSI-XS SI'UOL'T.-Qaote at i: per quart.
S'HAI.LOTS guute New uileana at li;S20c
pe-r do
IlAUl.SIIKSi New Orleans S- rer doz.
TCIINII'S IP :ie -grown fiat l.s and Iob
2'!tc bu. for u:i.a-hed; high-r lor wahed
Hllfrrs Horrte.KTi.wn 3ii.l4'c per bu box.
IINI'IVKS New Oiliars 12 i-r l.bl
I.IITTL'Ci: firm: New Orleans head lettuce
I4fr3 per bb' . aeeoriiing to condition. Ilon.Ia
liampeis 1..7o?2 f-.r 5uun.l. hi.me-gruwn 4-'itit0c
MUSTAP.D flltcnNs-New- Orpans li32ec pr
doz. bunches.
yiINACII New Orean-s 'Jjr per dnz. bunches,
home-grown is2(ic rr hu.
HUASS Florida round ureen 12 30fl3 per
hamjier. rTat 11 3) per hamper
CAftllOTS Ilome-sntwn 33i.Vs- i-er bu. loose.
Northern 3c1x21 rer 1A): N.v Orleans, new
2".?23r i.er doz. hunches.
iH'MIin tjui.te new rlurlda and New Orleans
al 5!'3.3o rr f.-htel:et crate-.
I'All.SNII's-!Inme-grown 2T.fi.Tc per bu.
CKI.KItVCal forni.i white i.Iinne. ,-rats (4
doz i 12 :iw3 73: Ka!arnaz.v. (smni iictl3c per
doz.: nil .,!c . -quare ,-rates 11123. home
grown ZSjW'Z- eeterv rut ts 235ifs- i-r doz.
(7AI1I.IC -vunte r-a al e- r.Br lb. ami Im
Isrod at Tft.r r-r 11..
PAKSt.KY New Orleans 23&3ec per doz.
buni hes.
K 'HI. IIAI1I New Orleans 3i33r per dcx.
;ilKi:.V l'i:ri'Ei:S Florida (!s at 1222 25.
GI:i;KN I'EAS Kit rid., hampers 1.'.
.Tliscrllimcfitis llnrkets.
I'KATHllKSi Pilmt- white lic geese in iimalt
al. 33e and in large sks 3tk-: prime gray do.
4!c In small and 4e- In large sk . old whits
39 Fie; X 27'j3Jc: XX 17S2X-: XXX lOfrlic;
NXXX 3c: tare 10 per cert on smiilt ks. and 2
on large Duck white 37ff?Sc; dark 2330c.
Turke illv- drv t- Chlrken- Prime body 4c.
IlOOT.-tonseng tn M t 17 fur average re-ceipt-t
extra laig- mure and stemmy. weedr.
etc . If- lady -Lpper Ifre, sen,sa 35c. rink 14c:
Kulden sejl l 23. black 3-; May apple 31-c;
snake 31'jc: angelica k-: wahr Utrk (if rset
9e b.rk of tre.- 2c: blo-jd 3a6c: bluenag 4c:
sa.Tufnis- bark ef root "i(P-c. wild ginger sc;
Sflkenard 5c.
I!t-:!:FVAX-Quote r.nme at 2Si-c per lb.
Slli:r:i PKI.TS-Cre-t-n wool neits stgi.50:
Iamb (,'Wr: zreen she.irllnss 33fiOc; slips and
dry ll2Te- tlry fallen 13'j)15c iter lb
DEK!:?kin-3 ETC -Prime deerskins 30c per
II- : blat-ktail' 27c: inferior Ies.s; antIope 121
13. . seat 23J03V eaci- damaged outj
citAssi SF')3S ciovr at 3 to 13 Mr trashy
and uedy to IP. fer f.tir and lllill 30 for th
Ite-tr; tlmothv milnlv at 12 0f2.33. with range,
at fr--m 12 to 12.43. re.lt. .p at from 11 to 12.30 In
chair and J2 75 to 13.7) for fancy millet at 3"c
tn 11.1". ales: cp.ver -2 '. very trashv at
t-. Ot; 2 st,.,. a, (.-,. 1 At jS: 4 at js.73; 5 at
13 '': 13 at D.73- at f v.; 3 at 510.23.
NAFFIIl COI'N-I.ateJt sa! at II per 100 lb
PrNFLOWEK FEED-Quotc at 12.30 per 1(0
per lb.
CASTOR BEANS T!ld 11.33 per bu. for prime
In car lots en trk . 11 30 f'.r smaller quintltl-s.
tlP.IED FKI'IT Sun-dried peaches scarce and
wanted at 4:-c to 44c. Apples dull and weak,
save fnr choice to fancy lets these were salable
at uuotatio.-is. Arples Evaporated rings at from
2ftr.l4c for pocr up tn 4e for choice: fancy large
more; do ipjar'ers at 34ft2ne: peelings at Htt
4C: ch.ps a: c t-v Ic sjun-dried quarter ap
ples at 2ic for dark to 3I4C f-r prime bright.
1!H.N AND PEAS? Choice white beans 11.33
from sc-e; sv-.f.-h ;,eas JI.20: split peas 12:
Mackye Jl.4iei.3v. Per lb : Lima sUBilAc;
lentil4 44f5e: red kidney 6ysi;c. Sale 10 sks.
country white beans at Ii.30.
HONEY Quote: Circb No. 1 white clover 11
014-; amber color l!r12c: inferior broken,
dark. et.-.Iess. Extracted or strained; Choice
In b:i. nt 41-e; do. In cans 523'ic; very dark
ard inferr r less
Si ItAI' II'.ON AND METAL Per 10 lbs :
Wrought Iron 3Hc: heavy cast, malleable, teel.
breakage and stove, 4:s;; lizht brass Jj; heavv
brass 110; copper 113: zinc J3: lead 13.30; pewter
UNSEED fyL Qudnbe- in lots a.' from 1 to
3 bbls. at 41c per gal. for raw and 42c for
CoTTON-SEED OILe-Wlnter white 3!c. )el
low 37e: summtr it-Mtc 33c, yellow Sic; salad
2Se : euok'ng. white 34c. ye.Iow 21-.
i'ECANo Western 64c: Texas 7c; lalej 2
cars Texas new and small lots Western on
bals cf quotations.
PEANUTS Quote farmers' itock at 844o
for white and 3c fto- red.
WAIA"lTt-Qni.tabIe at iZc per bu.
HICKOHY NrTS-salab-e at 70c per bu. for
large and 11.23 for shellbark; sale, small lot
ihellbark at SI 23
CHESTNI'TS Imported fltallan) 7iSc per lb.
I'OI' COltN Oa cob. 73c rer 10) lbs. for
mixed to Jil 03 whlte-rlce Jl lo; shelled more.
CTDEIl Good quality at Jl.2035 jer bbl.
MAPI.B Fl'CAit-eJuotable per lb. at Itjo
for Eastern and 1315c for Canada.
IIAZELNUTS-Qjotable at 3ie per lb.
sWI-T-Eajt side: Medium Jl: granulated 3c
per bbl : worth 3c per bbl more this side.
HOI'S Quote I&04 crop: New Tork at 314
4V. Western at 343k- llavarlan at 0B7c
HOflGHCM Quote prime new- at 3ec per iral.
IIHOOM COIIN There ts a fair movement on
a healthy market: demand good and prices
teadv: sales In car lots on trk. range front
JI-) ;er ton for common to J3)60 for fair and
J70fi73 for cholc-. '
HONES Illeahd. In car lots on trk. thlj
side, .it ill per ton; smaller lots JloQlo.
KAflA ETC. Per 10) Irs. : country rags at
73eiill. ld rope. No. I Manila 11.30; No. 2 50c;
rubber, at J3 for old boots and shoes.
Ilt'TTEIt Creamery: I'xtra 27ijQ2Sc; firits
at 23'2: conds 2iTii21c: ladle-rackel. extra
lfic. first 14c. dairy-packed, fancy 22322c; poor
to fair 13SJlSc; country-packed 12'i813c; North
ern roll 17iilc; grease st.-ck 4tt3c.
EGGS Iletelveil 233 cases local and 12 canes
through; shipped 4.4-.1 caies. DemanJ geod and
market sto.ng. Quota current rccctjtts at 20c.
tae tuur.i. . .es relurred. Strictly fresh flrsts.
cuy-tacked. caes Incltidetl. 22c, and extras; 24c.
CHEl.Sl: Northern en orders; Twin 12'Jc:
single 12'ic: dais.e.4 I3';c; )oung American
1-ic; long burns l3'2e: New York twins 12i;c.
IJmbuiger 12SI2i-c for choice; brick 8g)c for
ci nimun anil I3c for cht ice, swe-a 16c for
LIVIJ PI 'LLTnY Quite fowli al 7c: eld
rooeters 4'-c: stagpy )oung roo3ter Jc; sprats;
chickens ?e- for lUht. and hrai) less; lutjieye.
choice dressing, I4c; poor ard thin l?c lei;
ducks SKS- pt r lb. gee-e e; guinea chick-ns
J2.3U p,jr doz. : pigeons 73c doz.
DItl-.-iI-.D POILTKY-Scatled undrawn, with
head and feet on: Fowls Sc: ruoeters 6i-c: tur
ke)s 13c for choice; ducks 10c. geese 99Jcc;
fcprirg chickens 10c
GAME Wootie-ocic quotable at 13 and glass
ploler at II "0 per doz. Wild tl-lcks. per doz.
Mallaids 13 2.'.: bluewing leal r2.73; greenwlsr
J2m: mixed 12. jacksnlpe II 23; deer carcass.
J14. and enisr.n s.i.id: 2k- rer lb. Wild tur
kos 13c. lubblt'sictitl: J irk raUilu Jl.Man.l
squirrels 0c per d' z Pratrle chickens J) fur
l.lrge and J7 fur small or Texis; pheasants J3;
qu.ul 12 23 fur undiawn. or 12 for tl.awn.
Vl7I-Cho:ce to fancy. l'l to 133 lbs.. SSc;
heretics, small and thin s'iSlS'-c
FI117?1I FISH Suntish 2c . cntpple 5c for small
to H- fur laigc; blick liass I24c; dressed cjt
Ilv: spoonbill cat C-jC bullhead-, dressed Kic.
gnss 2c. buffalo. ero.s t,uc and dressed 5'ac;
German carp 2$4e for dressed, gross l3c;
white perch 2'-c; eels , dres.-ed sturseon lc:
striped bass 3Sie: turtle, snapping 3c. and
Boftshell 3c per lb. : terrapin Oic per doz.
POIUC. !" O. IS. New standard mess In a.
JoLLIng way clones! nomtn-illv at J1L&).
I.AUI1 Choice steam f. side nominally at.
liVs:. kettle-rendered ,ic.
GItEEN HAMS. ITTC.-Car lots held f. o. b.
E. side thus: Hams iy-av. at o';c: 12s at 5c:
Us at $i.r. ICs and ISs at SV,c: 2IX at S'ic.
.Skinned hams Ks ana 15i2ns and rS24s. all
at m.wji,, (-aiifurnlas at SHC'.r: New'Y6:lC
shoulders (10til2-av) at 1'ic. IIlies 6ft!-v.
at toe; io-av lc. 12-av. s'ic: 14-av. S',c. From
the block, del.: Hams at 7-et'.jr i i aver
age; bellies at 6"iffS':c. as In ave. Call
furntas 3. New York shoubiers 3..
I. S. MEATS To arriie: lystse curd c'rlba
closed nominallv 40?43-av at &n.7Cs7c an.1
30-av. CV93.C Ti'.e c. I. I llxd lots in a Job
bing wuy ranged thus: Iltlra scot al H'.ie:
c'rlbs- at 7Ut; short dears at 7?c: Itellles at Tx,
4f&lc; plates and fat Itaeks at 3e; standard
backs at 7c. Deaicrs charged higher on ot
'ers. ItACON lixd. s. o. meats In a Jobblnit way
ranged: llreakfast bacon from t'ir tor heajr
te 12'e for t-hoit e llcht: hams at 34341;; Cali
fornia at .frUc; Nw York shoulders at 7c. Plain
smoked bxd. lots n a Jobbing wav ranaed:
Extra nborts nr tc; c'rlbs at Sc; short clear
at e'ac: le-lllej at 3c. plates and fat back at
Vc: stan-Iari backs at V.yC. Dealers charged
higher on orders. .
COENTUY LAUD Quoto new. In palls, at J
ftOlsc: old nt grease price.
OI.BO WTEARINE Nominal at feV.c.
TALI)OW Quot" countrv No 1 at 44c: No.
2 at 2'4c; cake at 4i . lackers prime nomi
nal at I'4i4"nc.
GltEAHE 'juotc. Itrnwn 3iUe; jellow lltM
l'f. unl white t,if4vr latter fir choice.
Packers stock:. Brown s'-s'ic; yellow 34)2Hc;
t-hlte 4',c. nomimilly.
HEEF On nrtierst Bbled. Plat' J7.2J: roll
and Fulton Market tS: mes S7.30: dried p-r
lb. Sets J2'-tc. lnlde 13c: knuckles 13c: out
side? lie; tongues 12Kifll3e
Wet Stuck Dry Stock
Halted; round.. .SUfJJ Texas, heavy 17H
No. I salted... .... 'J'i Texas, fallen lS'i
No. 2 salted 814 Texas, fight 13v.
Fre"h -cpcrlb lea. Katltn and Ark....1'V,
Part failed ic less. 'Drv flint hull 12(5
IkiUs 74Clu HI
Glue' S'tiDry salted 14
k w- .lgs&&
iV:?m gJefjjif,'y?.-3j?--ff -y ;-;-l-jaaig-7-fe If'fiaffi'iM K--.n-iji
-)gsi'..4T'-)-eAA-.4y,iaiS4 ---c-...,Y.as.irR,eiva4i4

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