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Ts-ye? r????!p?55tK
,1,- 7 J. -. - - ,
"ST -V-i j-.-' --rt' -I ji -l v , . n
We bare removed to oar aeir
bafktlag, and hare the moat perfect
ly equipped deanlng; plant ia tba
443638 ULIVC
rra.at SausltatT Dtastleww Sys
teas ward all ta wtarld-
700 PINE ST.
I- Laala Mepawtle liriim osaeo.
. alt Mala Sal a. Klalark 41T3.
bait. .MM 'l.aa. atfe.. fn
I tUIr. fcl.lieT CT
i. m A. vc. Knick HcHttrlc. SM
rto. Ilin-hngtna. K3. I'ooV .1 tlrr-.rl..e
ft fr-e. A. J. xtHlw. Til ; Tlh . ' T.i-.
-... asur.ii vt ci. -. u;w; It. J. 94. JUin
Will Pass in Xew Securities for
' Funds.
State TreaJrer J. l- Gm!lch. who Is
ber at th iejuest of the Ml.is-slppi Vcl
liy Trust Company and the German-American
Bank. Ie i. sues; it the Lirbd. )
11. Til's Institutions :nr.i. i desire, tr.
-hanse tlic cuiit':3 for thu Hlale fundi
jii deposit :hrt. and Mr. GnvlUh v.'iil
;ass jii s- ikv. ones.
TJi; financM if the Stato ar In OC.i
eundltlcn. ui coram,; i- Mi. Gni-iicii. :nor.
:lii C.Ii-O.U'i l-ins n i;.i: ttrtttrn. S.nlf
;piijni:orif & l j it trmlt 1 ."-j '..! tax
ihowE ii i!llns uU . -.ir.a.-Tl ai'li la.t
j.ar. Sit statca. jut th! i. n.-.re than oii
st by the fe-s ... lj in Stjt fron.
the Exdic omiB'-aJoijffr aim til- -oai .l
. nlnR. It .fit; trennnl tlenra
comfort. n.riiSE.-s and s:v:r:;-
Iom till woes 3r.1l msur ;!'- ori.-c
from poverty T-e ease with which you
Jin save, a portion 01 our Income if you
1!I try and "iH- i-: ti '!o-Ira" 1-. 11 1 bj
:i itvi!.it:Jii to
Oni I)oI!ki wi.l stitrt .1 I:.U .".rcount in
"i-.C Saving-, i'c'lilinrnt : th( SIKIM'AX
ll.i: TIM'KT COMPANr. lMh-ntl j
(tt trits wliTe it T.ill If .inir.-; i:i-tcrcr-t
anl ri'lv SncrvMiK.. r-n -ry
Mon.lay rx-n.n; uat.l S i" l.-l;.
Southwestern Mcivnnli.e Asso
:i;iJion Will Consider IM.it.rr.
At n cl1l inr-tlnc of the Fouthwcxtrn
;.!trcnill' .-r'-l'.llon. . for io-ti!(;lit at
Anii liitll mi l'stHl.:zl nii'l J.iTfr'Cin
tii"" Hi" iuctlm or Hip "!Iil" aiul !ti
ttljlim t lu-t".3 mil I-.- t3kn iif ami
thoroughly tll-:is-J
iiniiuiie:ri,nt t, thl. ff'-ct has cn
naiio In i.niir rnt out tiy l'rc.id'nt
U J l!ut ami S--!Mar tti V. K .
"Hi- stat'm'M Is aif tr..i'!; that imir
i.'nt IdirliifMi "f the it..-uri.tiion will come
l.. for illrtusrl'jll
MrriflitiK ItlntC Knlll ;alll.
Klnt lualltl'1 V- to ?2i. 'ltrn.(x. Juc
r.rrj A. Kir.j. ilronilany a nil U0cJ.1l.
;.-n.ral Thoman Fram-is Menslier
Is Honored.
Mflrna Mnnt . July 4 -An heroic "v,e
trl.n rtronxe tatu of Icneral Thomas
Prancis 5tcafhr. the ttailr of the lrlfh
brira'l'; In lli Oul Vr;r. and Inter S.t--rtary
H'l artlnK ttvrnor of the Terri
lorv of Monnna. .. unv-lll In the
rltol ftrotm'if this aftrnojn In th prrff
lic "f ifr?ont rom jll parti f tli
tloiernor Too'- Uruttuant Clovemor
Morrl nn-l o!hr Mont.tnans jMrti-iratcJ
in th; c'rmonlcs
f'hootHT. tiovenior Will Wind l'p
All Trilial Affair?.
tFTt-WU" Fr"t t-
AMmor1 I T . July t Th- ChoctTv
PoupcI! 'h'-h rotiil In srwl.ij ?-
'cn at Tufkalmma I ft Ttcrilsy. ha- -
Because it ccmbtnes delicat
rftedidnil ani emollient properties
derived from Cutscura, the great
Skin Cure, -with the tutcsX of
cleansing ingredients and me?t
refreshing: of tlowcr.cdor.- For
rreservinp, purifying, and feaj
titvtng the skin, scp. hair, and
hards for irritations cf the skin,
heat rashes, tin, sunburn, .bites
and siin insects, lameness
and soreness incidental to summer
-CTt. tor sanative, antiseptic
cieanssna and for all the purposes
oMhe toilet, ath. and nursery
Cuticura Soap- assisted by Cua
enra Ointment. priceless.
lfnaiJ linwrafr iirn .tie -irimn sf in 1
rron 'o hi -hire ft th- wlndirs up'
ef th trlbo' .tfl.iiis of Hie ihoctnw. nftr
'lie rtliolution of 'h" pre? nt tribal riu- j
rnmetit i
National Fraternal Home Asso
ciation Ig Said to Have Bought
Monticello Hotel.
Large Isolation Ward for Conta
gious Diseases Is Planned
Property Under Eiijht
Ycar Lease.
With two lot. adjolnta. she Monticello
Hotel, at KLir's highway and lf Pine
boulevard, has been bought and will be
turned Into a. hospital t,y the National
Fraternal Home and Hospital Association,
accordinc to report saij by ral estate
men to be authentic
touts C. In-lne. roanaser of the Monti
cello, yesterday said thai he had not beard
of thj .: of the hotel, but thnt he knew
it hPd Un for gelt? f.ir several month.
C V. Mrlr'Arland. who built the struc
ture in i:il nnd 1M2, at a eost of S12S.H
iart .-eek tranyfr.rrl ih- pioperty to ll
McFarlar.d Iica! Kstate Company, of
uhich ht is at the he.ol.
AccorUir.'j to Mr. Jrvlnc, the hotel T.-a.
built on tKrron! rnoiiy. for which th
bullilinr st.i Rood. Ho yaid that the
m'-rtgas' bal tit leen llfjuldatecl, and
that if the vie has l-n m.i!o it would !
Al'ls :M object in vle.v.
Tho ill will not he fully consummatl
or i--;bl two monihs taat L hm the
I-roMrty will be tunicil over to Its. nevr
owner-. The pro.riy fronts nearly ltt
f--t a Kirit;'. iil;hwav and S"0 liitndtvd
tp.-t on West I'In- !iule:irl.
A tract of land known a the ttv.-it i)Pi
rty ilanlc the l.otcl on the tr;ra6
snutiieast Tl:. will br j:ircnas-d an I on
1: will be built an i-o!ation ward to tli
hoI tal. wher.- all it-stl-nts uith riiiasi
ct.i I:seas r.ill ! con.im.-I.
The :lx-tory Jtruc: 11 r novr standing
will r-mil.i. Suit the rortitior.i will li
:om ut .111 J v.ch (I1.1.- w.ll 1- divided into
Tn h t I builoln'C and th- atima 1 it"
v'u'-l at Jtnu.tv). Wh.'.i runit'lrti-l th"
ot of :be Iio-.jiitnl .t!n wtll Xi-,e! !i-
Mr. Irvine w!i has of".iiieI the build
til ?!nce it a built. e'1 that it" Mill
holds- .! dsJit-ve.i- Ii-i-. but th.tt ii -ou!
1 l! his lean h ' 1 II a y-.itltco nv s-m
.v:.s titten.il. lie nit-, said (hat .-viTii
hio;u.-:iIj hotl It-en n. id tit him re nlly
but the Natlunil 'n rvil llonr.e. n- d'
tlatfd. had nev r txl'eed a delr !
jmrchare h lt;i..
;rore I.. Mahla Tell-. PIlre Slraaa-
rr (iCrrnl t Take II I m llnme
nimnuad RIbr nad tVatrh ine.
Ci.-ore K Maliln ut No. Z2 North Tay
lor nvrnue reijr:-d to lstectlv' O'lirlcn
last evening that he had been rob!.-! of a
diamond rin? valued at ! and a natch
north JX.
Mahln yr.ys h- as in I'.ossiaiio'K a!oon
at No. :109 C!Ie street until 5 c!ock
yesterday mnrnlns. nr.d was under the In
fluence of liquor !i'a he dt-"rtt;d. lie
.ayi a .-tr.inser offered to ce th.it he got
home saftly.
The ytranuer Rot on an Oliv" utrcet car
with him and they transferred to a Cass
aiciuie car at Seventh street. While tin
the car. M ihin ij. he ftll aIcp. Hi
vji. anak"n.d !y an attempt to x-t into
his hip jacket, where he carried a bottle
of K r.
He ilkcovtrcti that his watcli had ben
taken frcm his j"cket ar.d hi rin had
been removed from hi linr. The traii
ser he ayp. Jiimp-'l from the car and c
raftd. M.ihtn rays he is confident lie had
lioth rins and Hatch when he It ft the
"now Flake la Jaly.
You can now set ;4 h;cts of "Snow
Flake" lond. wdth envelopes to match, in
Gladstone jhap and size, at the very
pecial price of 59 cents.
(Mall orders f.'.Itd.l nroadaay & Locut-
Iioponilcnt Woman Wounds Her
self in Attempted Suieide.
Mary Wetrr.or", jears old. llvin: at
No. 81! South Sixth ;rcet. jesterday noon
mad a second attempt to kill hcr.-elf by
lirinic a bullet from .1 S-caliber revitlver
at h'r heart. The Itill missed ItK mark
and lo'frcd In her lvft houlier.
The nqnian says .-he ipurreletl Monday
nlj:ht Ith her nr"the.irt and on that
tccarlon attempte.1 to nd her life, but
hr sister and others in the house where
th-- Iif took the weapon from her.
They hid It from her twice.
Yeilertlay morning he found the
m-eapon :araln and shot bers-lf She was
tik'n to the city Hospit.nl. where her
condition i pronounce I s-roiis.
Mitrv Wtiniir.- I emidovod at the
Somtheni Mills. No UK South Ninth
tret. She attempt-! "iilc!il" once leffre
b awalloninit rarldlr a Id. but her life
W? irttvd at the City Hospital
Disappeared From Sprintleld,
III.. With Child Week Aj-o.
Je-eph Vorbeck if No 1"T Stuth Eighth
street. Sprlnalield. 111., rrtrrday aftjr
noin v!Ited thj Four Curti and afkcl
the M of dttectlies in Iccatlnc his wlfJ.
Annl- Vorl-eek. rs enr td.l. and thilr
t-year-old child.
Vorbeck toIJ I"tctlve O'Britn that his
jrlf" left home last Thursday At thl
me time, ho snys. John lUfonl. a neisa-K-r.
also dlMjtpearvd. He stated thit
lllfanfs wife d'ed about tTO week" .S'"
and thnt he had collected II.V) insurance
on her life. . .. .
lilfard L ? ATi old ortecK sajs TJ
I cenidnced that h'i wife nd WSani hav.
loptl and belie they cam; to 6t,
P.lix fhnrp Them With Soiling
Without License.
rolleen-en Mear.ey ?nd t'hesii'.ck ye;r
dy nftcmfxsn arrested Josph Orr-Ji.
a! ir'eerr. tvter Mal"ne. bartenier,
ml KranV Ucpto!. turtendsr at No. IZJl
North Third strrt on cirss of ellin3
1 ,-iim- itnM:t j. Ilren-fie.
OntoVs ltc-rse. It 1 charcl. expire I
en July 1. x- t: his :"t been ri.TWM.
Deptol rIled arrrit a?id wa .:uck on
the fceaj iih a ptsto: oy i-stroirain
f3ien!c. It l a!l;ed thAt he tried to
assault the pclic-mnn with a beer class.
Poliee AbktHi to html Hngn
l"Brien and Earl Dnris.
The police yesterday tnorslns were in
formed that Hs;h j-Erle. S y-ar c'A
hxi bens raU4ns frora his hesie at No
3C41 Cottsce avencc since Monday even
ing xt o'clock. He was barefotsl when
fce left home
Tt -"V:& litrict relief retort the dl
aryearxnoe of Karl Dxrl. H yir oM.
frS h herne at No. ?aU North Broad
way. He his been nusMnjr since -X Moa
!ir eTt-iltvr.
vaa Klek Fafal.
nEPMsuc ?rtciu
Ne-p Hiven. Mr.. July .-l-retxo rrl
tic al t hit bca. tat ta!l- cutb ef
ihU air. :-ly. " erei ot behts
tfcxed bT a bars yetrtUj veeto.
Ttcit-z was O yr old.
St Louis Iaflelder Is Traded to
Pittsbnrg for George McBride,
a Promising Youngster May
Not Be a Begular.
PreatteBt F. HaM RobUon of Um
Cardinal announced late last nigat that
he had atransed a deal whereby Dave
Brain of the Cardinals would go to Pitta
bur; In eachanpe for George McBride.
This deal h-ta been talked of for" some
time and Its conaummatlcn is not news to
the local fans.
That th deal will prove satisfactory all
around la th. consensus of opinion held
by local fans.
Not since Itraln has been a member of
the Cardinals, has he seemed atifled
with the prevailing condition.
The RobUons) did every thine tn tbeir
power to placate David, but llrain ap
peared to be dfesatlsaed.
Brain came here 'rum Buffalo three
reasons asc At the outset there was
ttcublc between him and Burke about the
third base portion. Burke ttnally went
to third end Brain to short.
Dave played brilliant ball at time.', but
he was apparently discontented. Ills play
ins at other times Mas lifeless.
When the Robisons secured shay from
San Francisco, Brain was no longer a
"reiralar." but playl :i sort of utility in
flelu role. He j-hotted tiicht-s of brilll nicy.
But at all time inert- s-rm-d to be
trouble between Dave and the club.
The troublu v.as bruusnt t a head
wl'en Iturke was ap;olnled manager of
th- Ciidirnls. There ha lieen little love
b'tAf-n this pair. Brain and Burke, both
tti'rd jafke xrere natural rival., and
when the BoM-on.i rrilewd Iavo of the
oaptnlncy t.!id made Birke hls successor.
Brain lust all Interest In the club's wel
fare. .U Bride wiU lianiiy receive a regular
jilnce with the fitdinal. when he reiHirt.
but he will undoubtedly jrove a ui"ful
utllit . za.n. Geont- is raid to e a rapid
f.re tieldcr. n fair hitter, and Is a youns
and Mtiibltlaus br.ll player.
t'nilei the Roblmn". he would develop
into a fhvt-cl.i!-!i man. McBrldo was an
Ba.itern Ivntsue plajer la-t year, ar.d
vhimrtj to f-seclleut advantase in that r
sa'i!r.:tiSon. Brain lll haidlv :et a regular irrth In
rittsburK. slthnush lie may be promliu.ii
next senatn. Dave can hanlly cxK-ct to
replace I .each. Wanner or Kitchey. Still,
it I I Int'il thai l-ach may retire shortly.
That Brain wl'.l mate a irood b-ill playr
for lit::buri Roes without saying. Dave
ii 1 naturni athlete, and as li" will If bet
ter -.iti.-fbil w'th his- new environments, he
will likely play an improved game.
Illinois Attorney Coneral De
clares Marriage Licenses Must
lie Issued Only at Courthouse
Ruling Affects Alton.
nnrniHC sphciai.
Sprtnlel.I. 111.. July . A county clrk
cannot appoint a deputy aith 11 permanent
oltico at any place olhr than the court
house vf the county, says Attorney Gen
eral Stead In an opinion Just prepated.
This opinion atfects several counties in
the State, where county clerks have ap
pointed deputies to maintain an office In
some city other than the county seat.
SJch an arrantjement has existtd largely
for the convenience of persons desiring
to procure marriage Hcenes. where there
are two larsr; cities In one county.
It: the ca.-e in question Blnard C. I'aul
h?s been serving as deputy martiagc li
cense clerk in Alton, the county seat of
Madison county being Edwanlsvlllc.
cishtevn mile.- away. The new marriage
law. effectU. the llnst of this month, pro
vides that application for a license must
lie mad" bv one of the parlies to the cere
mony octore the county clerk. Mr. I'aul
asked for an opinion tnua the Attorney
Giwral as to hi authority to issue a li
cense citder the nt w law. 1'ndor the At
torney lieiural'" Intcirretatkin ot the law.
Mr. I'aul has no right to Issue a license
in Alton, and never has.
r-'uch a procedure, savs the Attorney
Gtneral. in effect, would be to establish
branch ottice. and If a brancn office
may be established with a dtpuly in
charge for the purpo.-e cf issuing marriage
licenses no ren.-on U perceived why urh
a deputy ink-lit not le authorised to per
form any other duty requited of the
Cojnti- Clerk
Section of charter - of the Illinois
Statutes rttjuires the County Clerk to keep
hi-- cfllce at the courthouse or at sucn
other place as may be provided by the
authontits ot the county.
While it lias lecn held that a deputy
count ebrk may Issue a marriage li
cense, the 'ounty Clerk has no authurity
to appoint a deputy with a ser:nnriit of
fice at place other than the County
Clerk's etnee in the courthouse.
The Ite.l Silver Polish It. Owls.
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nTerasa.B Hestsrt.
Drrtoint cf Asriculture. wtar Burau
Mftsrrv't-rll t-er tUs reclved xt t.
L.iul. Ju'.t i. lyc. at ::3 r m. local time
j-.il t p n fKtemy-nnh rafrWiTi tune. Ob
enattjnn n-.-ti t th" sxo. moment tlrns
.t .11 .t.tlrr.m.
L'lr.w xzx.ifayn Hirr
AWJere. Tx ... .
Anarllle. Tx ..
Atlanta. Ot ..
lUiMtra-r". i!J. ..
tlllnnwrxk. N D.
tuflftl. N Y ...
Cairo. Ill .
CalrxtT. Alterta. .
Cr.ar Cltj. la . .
tCTarlot. N C
thattan4. Ttr.3
Cbjr.r. Wy
i'.ro. IH
Ctnetnraut. O.
Ctev.lap.r!. O ... .
Colutr.bus. O ...
I,er.inrt, !a . .
Itnvr Ctl .
l Molr.f... Ia. .
wtar i. n n,
CK-U Otr- "as-
rutisr-K- is
In!uti1. Ittnn,.
tturanct. Otl.
t:t r9. tx
IvTt rl!h. ArX
..s n n
...tv j n
..nw M
S 7 Kl
.. S'tV U
. NE t: ti
.V 7 U
....8 ) M
...sw i u
.NW i
. ,SW Tl T4
,. .w : k
...SB ) (1
.tfW T i
....w :x rs
. .NW M
... Clou ly
.19 nala
.U Cloutr
. . rt.cio-j5r
.. n.clo-aJr
. Oar
.si c-j'Sr
. Clo-aJj-
.1: Pt.elouSv
. Ol'ar
2 Oar
Vi eloady
.. rt.clouly
. IT-elmidr
.rl Uvtr.
,... -ir
... Cl'ar
,. Clfar
. .N
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tt T4
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. ...NE
vtu W
1 .an efien. cj
tJraa! IU--1on.
M .... Cl'.r
T M ,M tewir
U 2 .8: Pi c4ly
Z U . CUar
ti IV .. rsen-Ir
T: f "er
: t . Itim
r . ttttr
;rmn! IasM. VtlcJ
. NW
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. SW
tHvr. Mint
Hn. Mr.:
Huros. S. D .
lnilr.i-t!. lad ..
Jc."ril. ria
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Uttt rx. Ar .
I,vji:Ce. Kr
4;sec. wu . .
Maniu'tt. Klh. -Merfpr.U.
JtcJ-r.a. t'txS - . -tIon:r3s-.-T
Na6v:le Itr.s ... .
Ni k N T.
0-teao. I.
Na-fotk. V
CM; Pft. Nb
s .. C:ar
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.c: n.cioajr
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ovUrirv. ox.. .- - : ' teuir
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Or-cta. N'. . -W to J ... CtfT
ralta. Tx. - .NW . m .. . C!tr
Parkirr W v ; : .. . rtitar
iTJUJfa. ix E 'i M C"r
lPlt?.lTe. Ps. - J O'1''.1"'
PcM.il CVi -- - - - E f .... Pt.elooir
C-"Arr.tl. At -. NW M dentr
tlltxrtj c:r s. d.. .nw r? - . c:r
1 i.u M:aa - .w e js rtxtt
Salt l-ka Otv. Ct.S. -N .... C""ar
f3 AT-tsaie. Tex SS IV : . . QT
jteera. f. l ... .; J ---tr
!jirrvT'- 1-
.swtr-?. "I
SSStSLSSrli. Ho. .
.vate-itl-i;. N
vc!jcr. Jis.
War"rte. V C.
WJ-Mta. Xx. -Ta;"Ti
tT!r!vie'tris- '
atr lara.
..av" - n Pt-etoi-ly
iv a . . t7sr
.. srw l .tl tAsrtiT
. 51V I 4 OcJr
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.. NW i rt . . T-r
Stf M ? CVir
j-rt.-" r Uia. isin .t ef
tuil rrtxat vXaciat-
Thomas L. Savage Fatally
Woanded in Dark Kitchea by
Joseph IL SweeBey Mistaken
for Thief.
a wochshcd mas esosbSatbs
rmisao who shot him.
. "1018 Is to certify that Joseph H.
Sweeney Is entirely void of guilt In
a the shooting of ma at 1 o'clock this -
a. m.
To the circumstance that he had for
gotten upon retiring to supply himself with
matches Is largely due the perhaps mortal
woundlne of Thomas It. Savage early this
morning by his friend and roomer. Joseph
H. Sweeney, at Savage's residence. No.
1T Green Lea place.
Sweeney mlitook Savage for a burgUr
shortly afttr 1 o'clock yesterday morning.
After calling cut to Savage three time?,
asking who It was. and receivln- no an
swer. Sweeney fired, bitting Savage In the
left breaM. The bjllet struck the elder
nian In the region of the collar bone, ran
ging toward the spine. Savage fell heav
ily to the floor of the kitchen. When
8wetny struck a light he saw that he
had wounded hi friend.
The family was aroused by the shot and
hastened downstairs. Doctor C. A. Mere
dith of No. IStl Ixe avenue was sum
moned and attended the wounded man. He
pronounced the wound probably fatal, nw
entlte left side from the waist down be
ing paralysed. Patrolmen Ball and hydnor
of the Sixth District took Sweeney to the
station, where he wm held pending
result of Savage's Injuries.
To evrryone Savage repeated that Swee
ney sss blamelcw: that the shooting was
un accident, due to his failure to give the
voting man th" signal agrte.1 on in order
that he might know who It was Mlrring hi
the house ut tlit time of the night. Ho
said, ha vine, no matchis In his roota. ha
had netrlectid ta light the kitchen gas or
to Inform Sweeney who It was lu the
kitchen. , . ,.,.
Mr. Saviice slep In a room .n the
sei,,id co-. Sweeney and Parcge son.
Kllhu. occupy the uecmd room ," tJ"
front 011 the second fl.K.r. The kiuhen. In
which Mr. Savage was when he wa
wounded. Is two room Unck of that ovcu
pltd by Sweeney and young ."
faniily have been robb.d several times
recently . m on two of ; the, occasions
Sweeney was the principal loser.
Kucently he liad been sKeplng with a
revolver under Ills pillow for the protec
tion of the. family from thieves
Mr Savage lias been In lliei habit or
ari-Ing Ili the middle of the nlcht for a
smok. on the tear twrcfc until -"n
sleepv Iist night he had arisen and alt
er hi, smoke hud replaced Ms pip-.- and
McoZ the jhclf aVid a V. V
ton lc vallne for a drewlng for his 1 ears,
as he !s troubb-1 with dcatnefw. To thli
fact li attrlbute.1 his failure to hear bw-c-nev's
warning calls
Two little dogs In the house began to
Unrk while the i.Mer man was in the
kitchen, ali.1 tills aroused Swwti'y. vh"
selxeil his weapon and walked towr.ril
the kitchen. H. hean: some.r.e walking
about In th kltehen. but as there was no
light burning liJ..coM see no on.
....... .t .-t t. oll. ,t fl:rrt lime.
and n.i 110 answer came, he said: "SpeaK.
"I ' U IH:- .1 Itt. ht nn nt
random towanl the door. limnetllateij.
after he r.eam tne sounu u. a mmj
and dropped his plM'l to Heht the gas.
?.-VVr ,' tl. tnrm nt hi friend on
nnm lie sw t ...... w. ....
the floor he dropped to his kne-- .nr.d
clasped ms Bnn iuvui in". "' ..
All the family, among whom Sweeney
has lived for twelve years ps a son and
brother, were divided tn their grief for
the wounded man and his unintentional
a-sallant. Sweeney's srlef was pathetic
and no assurance from tlte elder man that
he ditl not hold him blamablc could com
fort him. .... x
When seen bv a repo""" yesterday and
aked for a statement. Savage directed
hi wif- to bring pen. ink and paper, and.
bellev!nr himself lerh:ip on his death
bed, dictated the foregoing 'statement, ex-orei-attng
the young man. whom he re
gards) as a son.
Sweeney bears an excellent reputation.
He Is 71 veara old ar.d a lithographer.
Savage Is 2 years old and a draftsman
In the blu print department of th" Amer
ican Brake Company.
Cannot Understand Why Roose
velt Freed Keiidig and Jaeolis,
Convicted of ftigantic Counter
feiting Operations.
Washington, July . It would be e
prenslng It mildly to say that officials cf
the Treasury Department were astounded
when they read In the newspaper this
morning that the President had r-nrdoned
Wm. L. Kendlg and Wm. M. Jacobs, who
were convicted four or five yar aso of
complicity In on of the mcit gigantic
counterfeiting schemes In the history of
the country.
These two mn. it will be remembered,
were engaged In the tobneco trade In Lan
caster. Pa., and. with the aid of a coip!
of skillful engraver, turned out hutidreds
of thousands of dollars worth of spurious
Internal revenue stamp, which they uie-l
In their buslntss. ThIr arrest created a
profound stir In Pennsylvania and their
trial was replet" with Fnat!ons. The
District Attorney, who wi.s prosccutlnir
the case, was offered bribe.-, and before
th" case was concluded certain Govern
ment officials Warn dteply involved In
th- meshes. . .
Kendlg and Jacolts were sentenced to
twelve years' Imprisonment, which at the
time was r-garded as not at nil txcesslve.
The reason given by the President in par
doning them at this time was that the
penalty was too severe.
Oftlelais ncre are wii-rii.-i. .." u- ...i.-pT.-tl
to come ti thit conclusion, and
what character of representations were
made to him to lead him to reverse th?
Judgment of the court.
, The President hns md It a nil" not
to commute the sentence of rntn ror.victe-1
under tl-" circumit-vnces which .urround
eil this prtlrulnr.cae. Tim- nd again
he has d-:llned to exercls- cl'.T.-Ty
whn bankers appeslel to Mm for pxrdon
amtih" oficne r,f Kendl; and Jeobs w-s
certalilr rious one r.s that ror
which tnany u bank offlclal has b-n s-nt
t0perhxp th" PresWnt may offer om
further explanaUon of his action, but in
ih" meant.m the Treasury offldals wjw
wr ia-.rumental In expodns this famous
counterfeiting conn-'racy wiU continue In
a dazed condition.
-- -. Bxaa the Follotwlag;
t-x... ..-, ? te b!e to read this at an
am'? length. The ctnce are If you can
not th-re !s some troubl- with 7oar "
0r cptitians Drs. trw aa Mo.n.-
cry i will t:i yoa If you n-ed glut's, ou
can get glasses here tor ro "i" x -"
(MaU orders filled.) Broadway & lacuit.
Venezuelan President and FTis
Party Back From Trip.
Caracis. Vr.esutls, July IPresident
Castro and hU party rtcmd to Caracas
Indepecdeace Day will be celebrated to-saorrow.
Adeline Nelson, Aced 12,- Ran
Down and Probably, Fatally
Hurt by Automobile.
Judge's Son in Carriage at Time
Says Accident Was Unavoid
ableChild Taken to Jo
sephine Hospital.
Adelln? Kelson. IS years old. daughter of
Professor Robert Nelson or No. 35W Bell
avenue, piobr.bly was fatally Injured at
Compton avenue and Locust street yes
terday at 1:45 p. m being run over by an
automobile owned by Judso Henry 8.
Priest- of No. 4BM Westminster place, and
operated by Chauffeur Carl Caldwell. One
front wheel of the machino caught the
girl under It. breaking her left thigh and
spraining and otherwise injuring her back.
The Injured child was picked up by the
chauffeur. B. M. Robinson of the Bucking
ham Hotel, und W. B. Priest, son of Judge
Priest, the only other occupants of the
auto at th' tlcin ot the accident. She
was hurriedly taken tn th.. office of Doc
tor William P. Kter. at No. :S0 IJndeII
boulevard, xlven niedtea! attoiWnn and
later removed to the Josephine Hospital.
Grind avenuu ar.d Henrietta street. In an
ambulance. Her condition ia said to bt
Young Priest and his chauffeur were gb
in,t west, and were running acrot-s Comp
ton nvenue on I.nt:ii.t when :ho machine
ran down the little srlit. ih was knocked
down and rolled undtr a f --nt wheel, the
chauffeur bringlrc the innculne to n com
plete i-tnn-lntlll alrnoit lnitmulv. The girl
is said to luvi been unset otupanied.
Mr. I'rlrit tuld last night that the itccl
dent was entirely unavohlable. He sufd
the chauffeur vas not speeding the auto
mobile at the time, but was running under
the limit. He did not see the child after
It fell, he sryt. being In the rear seat of
the car.
Sergeant Dri-coll mid Putrolmen Sara
Ilnrrlsoti and Charles: Taylor, all cf the
Eighth District, arrrcted Cai;veli. the
chauffeur, who gave bond for his, appear
ance and wa reltased.
ITofessor Robert Nelson, father of the
little girl hurt In th? accident, conducts a
conservatory of music at No. ZUO Bell
Opens H. and Closes ."; Points
Highc Than lM-evious Day on
Dullish Reports From United
States Rise Regarded as Re
iiiarkaide. 4 AnvAxtE thri:atis
ft lynilon. July 4. Manchester Is
J demorallzetl by the advance of cut- 4
J ton In the Liverpool market. The
4 prosiiects are serious for the tex-
ft tile Industry-
ncei'nuc pvraxu
New Vork. July I. Tlie sensational rise
In cotton In the New York and New Or
leans markets yesterday brought about a
wild Uverpool market, according to cable
advices from abroad to-day. A great
deal of Interest wa aroused In cotton
circles over the question as to how for
eign optrators would regard the Govern
ment report of 77 and the rise of a cent
:t iound in New Vork.
In order to n-eet the American advance
It m neces.sar for Liverpool prices to
rise i; points. The foreign market opened
t'C points higher, and at 2 o'clock was M
points higher than yesterday. The rise."
thcrelore. uiJed the advance l.e-re by
abttut 10 American polntr. and in the
event of this ri-e leliis maintained until
to-morrov.-, cotton in New York would bo
seeing at lo,r. as against luic at the
cio-e l.ut night.
The rise lit IJverpool to-day Is beyond
precedent, and Is the more remarkable
by reaon of the fact that foreign spin
ners have taken enormous quantities of
cotton at the low figures of the winter.
RvjKirts of cotton from this country so
far tills season have exceeded all previous
records, and umount to more than S.ooj.tAtt
lt.iit-.-i. or about 2.2J).0l bales more than
the exports of last season.
Owing to the large supplies abroad many
cotton men were not Inclined to look for
as sensational a rle In IJverpool as th.-.t
shown this morning. The foreign situa
tion Is normally a balance wheel In ex
tremes of speculative enthusiasm In this
cuuntrv. but from the advices received to
day tlie forelpn apprehension Is fully as
acute as that existing In this country.
This apprehension Is explained by the
enormous business being don In Man
chester. For months reports of trade con
ditions In Lancashire and Manchester
ithow a genuine bom in progress, with
bjislncs le-tter than for twenty or thirty
ars. As a result of the bull speculation
in cotton during the last few years prices
ndvancetl to a :lnt where great distress
in totton manufacturing districts In Ureat
Britntn resulted from the efforts to run
machinery vn high-priced raw mnterlal.
Tht winter, for the first time since 1S!W.
cotton could t- obtained in larg" iunnti
tles at miel-rate price" and consumption
lncre.-.--d rapidly. Por this reaon 10 eents
or II rents for cotton is not rerar.b-d fi
an exc.lve price In foreign trade circles.
1-iter dlpatphe from Liverpoel snid
thut prices had ndvanc-d still further to
38 points above last night's close.
Arkansas Hural Itoute Associa
tion Adjourns at Little Hock.
Uttle Rock. Ark.. July 4. Th" Arknn-a
Rural ltter Carriers' Asvociatlon con
cluded lt annual convention here to-day.
lectins- the following officers:
President. J. W. Bcker. Stutgart: vice
pr'ident. J. M. Bowen. Ru."ellville; sec
retary W A. Uanlner. Dfardanelle. aa
tlstant secretary. J. T. ITyor. Atkins,
tieusurer. E A. Wllliiri'. I oimmervlllc.
Tne member-" of the Excu'v" Cjmmltte
are W, Burrow. I'iummerrllle; E. 8.
It Heyrle. IJttle Rock, and Joseph T.
Smith. Carlisle.
.tsars Valaakte t"srell 1st Vaeatl-av.
Mu-t a woman loss a ten or twenty.
dollar umbrella while a-suramerlng. We
sucrtsi that you buy hre while we are
selling CM umbrellas for ZJ.
iMall orders filled.) Broidway tfc Locust-
Prosecuting Attorney on Way t.
Ottawa, Ka.
William T. Jercaie. th famous Prosecnt
lr.g Attorney of New York City. who. with
othr noted reformers, will attend tii
Chausiua ot Ottawa. Kas Is expctd
w arrive In St. Louie thli mornlrg. f?
will be a ri2rt at the Southern Hotel. He
will "pend the day here, going to Ottawa
t0Ean Jntv of the New York World,
who was at the Sca:hm yesterday aft-r-noon.
wnt to Ottawa last night. AJth
fclm was Mr. Steg-nann. a reptntatlve
cf the Washlngtca Paat,
A Special Offer
Solid Silver Tea Spoons
Fitt2d in beautif nl silk-lined case, as shown in iHs
tration the spoons have onr name stamped on
them a guarantee of quality and of value.
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Our "Watteau Pattern" Special at $5.00
$m (An opportunity to add to your supply A
A lof tea spoons or to purchase for a gif tf 1
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Other pieces io2l. rllrrr spoon and fork ware to match at proportionate
prices: n! forty-two other patterns to select from. We have solid silver
Tea Spoons ut from l3.Su per set or six and up.
Mail Ordtrs FiUed.
gHjgT Our Catalogue Sent free to Any Address Kg
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our UlustrateiJ catalogue, a js-psigt;
wnr. tc
frlrmly. Jin
id tr will pcimI It to them.
Salooiikceer Arrested Charged
With Ilavinji Sold Deer Last
Sunday on Hoard His
To avoid the Sunday closing law. Mi
chael Weber, a raloonkeerer. Is charged
with taking to the river and selling Ixrcr
from hit gasoline launch, the Louisiana.
Weber has a saloon at No. aW Do Kalb
street. On Sunday, according to Police
men Bundle and Miller. Weber stocked up
his launch with bottled beer and the tip''
went out to the wise ones that tile "lid"
was off on board.
The iKjlicemeti leurr.ed of the scheme
ami boarded the launch at th foot or
Carroll street. They say they thought two
bottled of beer as the launch leached
midstream, for which they were charged
P) cents. In uddilton to the dime charged
for th- boat ride.
Lawvcrs say an interesting point prob
ably will be raised In court when the cusc
comes to trial. Weber. It Is unierrtoud.
says he char;:il Si cents tor the ride ana
gave tho bt-sr away. The Supreme Court.
It is said, has decided that the police h:iv
authority to make arrests lor violating
State laws any place In the river up to
ti,. .-.cf l.-ink. and that the Illinois au
thorities have Jurisdiction up to the west
The State will contend that Weber Is
not exempt from prosecution by reason
of wattiurr until the launch was in mid
stream before serving tlie b.er.
Wavtrhea Cleaned, Repalretl
Regulated. The best, promptest service
and only such work ai we can guarantee.
.tnnv a. fine watch has been spotica Dy
an inexperienced watch repairer. There
fore, come to where only tne ues. tmi
most expert service is employed.
Broadway ar.d Locust.
Woman Kills iler Husband and
Then Commits Suicide.
Portland. Ore.. July I. Mrs. Gertrude
ik.itr.im rn-d.ir shot and killed her hus
band. Thomas Hodgson, and then killed
ti,.. trarrdr took place at Twelfth and
Northup streets. Tho coup!" were w-a-k-
i:ig along mo street. " c p""1"
? terJ""'-, .he tro.U North-
em the woman drew a revolver and fired
lit lier husbano. wno leu ueau. one iucu
shot herself.
Jealousy was th" raotiv".
Opeta-AIr Care for Slosuaefc TreaTSIe.
iinet'itiJC si'kial.
t,i-.p-o Julr 4. Aft"r suffering three
rears with stomach trouble, V. L. Steele
of Iivanston. has dettrmlned that this
sumrntr he wtll sleep In a tent In his back
.. ' c. ..... Int. ,ie-m1 tnnert from
air. m- .''" .-' "--" - ;-
SIOrnlrri 'IlPlirU'Jan. nita aam- ujoiji ----
eral ra0!clnc! ronclu !M that not li inn:
ttouM vi h-ni lut op-n-aIr tratniv'nt. A
- . !- . th alj- . a. l.ttTt Vilflli
xranirwiiriw. ? i - i't t.isi oum, .-.
... a 1 tax-l e...r. ?. A4 y. .Via
Will fJ lPTil Vfi.rilli v-nxJ H ui vi.-a
top. This nil! b covrM wilh c!i--t...u
ti,. rutf wilt tinalc of r.invn.1. A
floor 'wilt bo laid on the Inside and cots
arrncg": ior s.eciaiio.
Grand Prlie Hljihest Awartl
n r:e t S-hota' Spl tn trltT. Jft J ad 'rft-
-n..: .... fruina to ka fo. tarr aia. ar", ia r ..
laccrlu... an W-il'atrsarav
Uspcrln... ao a4il
yot. aoo.t. aaa ivr
Gran Em StrtJfktta Witta,
(ONSrLTATIONCrDsBB? rant forCatsrrh and Hay Fever
M. M. Ritter, M.D.
w, jt;.ottjiii4av ...... ....-
Police Arrest Charles E. Parker,
Whose Victims Were Iioard-ing-IIouse
Keepers Worked
Old Game. ' i
neteeilves Kllllan. Cahanne and SohraMt
yestenlay morning arrested Charles E
Parker, who. it Is charged, for some um
haa ben obtiilnlng money from bourdlns
hotise keepers by false pretenses.
Tli iiolice say Parker's scheme wa.i
to eo to a woman who was conducting a
roomlnir or bonrdlna house and represent
to her that ho wan a foreman of con
struction employed by the Western union
nvit.n-.ni. runniiir. Ho would say that
he wanted to easago rooms for his men.
numtrine forty or fifty.
After getting gcqualnte4 with tha wom
an ho wocld adviso her to rent a larger
house, raying hs was not Urge erugt.
to accoininonate all of hL men. Then h
would ebtatn money from them to pa.,
th" rent and disappear. .. ..
"I'm all in." said i-arker to Chl"f T-mor-.L
"and I don't care what you do with
me." Ho is suffering from aa iniral.e
disease, ho says. . .
1'arker admitted, the police say. that h
has swindled many women. He recentl
tricd to obtain IW from Mra. Sexton at
No 1SS Windsor pi""- Another of hi
..L.tim ia a woman llvlnr on Park ave
nue, who gave him & r .
Alanager iMnio o w ..-.-;i u..vt.
ssiys he has complaints from a doxen
... nUiit l'jrtfr TMrtrctlvee Kllllan
atitl Cnbanne have beea searching; for
him lor several cays- . . .
The .clieme is an old one. having been
workid on boardlng-houso keepers In ht.
Ltouls for several years. Parker's arrest
Is th" first In connection with these com
plaints, and Chief Desmond informed tha
prlbouer that ho was glad to catch him.
Most of Population Old and Not a
Child Dora in a Year.
rtnrciiLic si'zx.iaz.
York. Pa.. July . ' With a population
of 2G0 New Salem borough has not bad a
birth for a year, and few children reside
in the town. There are fifty-eight famil
ies and seventeen widows In the town,
and a fourth of the population has pass!
the ago of 0 yaars. film pcraons hav
passed four ecoryeexs and nineteen three
icor. ur.fl ten years.
The oHsr residents sUl talk of the rav
ages of a lung dlseast. which carried off
twenty men about eighteen years ago.
These men worked In a flint mlO and were
unable to stand the dast.
'Boro-Formalin" EImer 4c Amend), usf-1
as tooth and mouth wash In the morning,
leaves mouth sweet and pure all day.
San Diego Fruit Selling at $5 a
ran DlefTo. Cal.. July . San Diego lem
ons are selling from 14 to 6 a box. the
hlsh"st price ever recorded during July.
Owing to the shortag of water last year
the crop this season 1 rather light ana
not enouKh lemons to fill the" orders are
coming In.
Oat of I
OM of rex.rd lor jmi Mnavaeh
f i re
investigate my newtreiit-
- Call or Write tor BWiRLCT.
Call or Write for BOO
rraa hi.-ii.imwo Aa. a ..f.
Tst.r.iait no.it. aa sssVMiaa.
n.iuli. n.sure. isieedisg. IteiilBg. Clceruloo. Conitlrct lra
sad all Kec-1 Iie-" a Rpxri-it-. Core Gaavraateett.
Seed for Josl-t. tK. ItSrv MMrTa. gwaeUMet. 1
rtaVaStt.ST.LOtnfc.MO. ablJah94uSbaVSaHlUISBB.
Or--r j.i care.' CaH fxr tpoc!
l.iv:i;i. Xow located At tne
N, W car. Twalflb aaa OU.a
WlalaLEWii; .&

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