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Federal Judge Names C-yrn Le
I&nd and J. E. Hurley to Take
Charge Hoch Prepares Pro
ceeding Against Kelly.
Topeka. Ku, July T. Cyrus Inland of
Troy. Ka.. and J. E. Hurley, general
manager of the Atchison. Topeka and San
ta Fe system, were to-day appointed tem
porary reeIvcr of the properties of C
T. Devlin, placed In voluntary bankruptcy
en Thursday night. A bond of $30,000 will
is required.
-Ir. Hurler" appointment wu mad at
the request of the Santa Fe Railway Com
pany, throush -their attorneys. They will
1 in charge until the creditor elect
"I named two men." raid Judge Pol
lock, "bcause I felt that there waa mora
work than one could do. I think tho ap
pointment" will be generally considered
is kepubmcax IjEadetr.
Mr. Inland formerly waa Republican
National Committeeman for Kansas City.
From a reliable source it wji given out
to-day that the total value of the proper
ties, turned over by Mr. Dvlln to th
defunct First National Innk Is approxi
mately lUSl.n. on which there la an In
eumhram cf JlOl.tCC. leaving a cleir value
f Sl.lW.Xt.
This Is In Tnpcka real estate. Southern
Xanas oal fHds. Illinois coal Melds and
bonds and ntccka in corporations.
The ei-.ine Informant atatea that the to
tal amount of deposits accepted on Friday
u:d Saturday after the bank knew Its
falling condition was J61.000.
Foon utier he hail been appointed Mr.
Lelaril filed n iuMjt company bond for
VMb and Immediately arranged with a
-local capitalist to borrow S3rt to meet
the piy soil In the various Devlin mines
This action lrurs the payment cf ths
miners and other lvlln emplojes to-morrow,
to that It Is pructicallv rertaja that
tbre will be 1,9 ce5v.1t Ion In earning oa
th" vat levlln buslne.-w
Jmi" 11 Hurly. tlie other receiver. Is
not xje-ctl in Tupekj, until late to-morrow
when it Is exp'cted l.a will imme
diately iiuiliiy.
floernor lloch and Attorney General
Coleman are preparing to bring criminal
prix-ee-linss against State Tra.urr
Thomas T Kelij. unless h! secures a new
tmd to n-plac the old on made Invalid
l.v he failure or C. J. Itevlln.
The Stat has SM7. tld up In the
First National. Coventor Hoch says Kelly
mint furnish a new bond to secure this.
Kelly m h cannot do fo.
The !ov error h.ts not Mt any particular
time for th-? 1-ond to l Hied, other than
that It muil be done at oil' e.
Miss Mary Bovee Refuses lo Pros
ecute Boy Who Threw Mi
pilo Slightly In
jured. M!s Siarj Hoyc. daughter of fo-mer
Councilman Jos Itojr. while on en Ollv
treet car je-sterday affrr.oon was struck
In the tsrr by a "ton, said to have bn
thrown by Alvin Swift. 7 yesra old. living
it No sso Olii tr"t Her Injur- con
sisted of .1 tllcht nlra-don on the chin.
Ml-s liovce had left her home at No.
!7M c,t I'ine houlard or.lv a few min
utes Jx-fore tile accldr.t. She N nrded the
car nt Spring avenue and was seated near
en o;""n wirdow.
When the car reached lonard avenue
the nil"sil 5-d into the car and struck
"' It.-iree-), injuries, although Slight.
we.r ptlnful that she abandoned hr
trip o-nntown and returned to her horn".
The bo ;s not crrested. ae he refjsed
to ;iroeut'V.
Conflnurd I'rom lal On.
e was only :srs old. and had built
up his great fortune principally In St.
2 ouW
I"pon his errlval li this country he
workci for a t!m 00 railroad contrart
work It th- Kas; ji! ilrst Mg contract
U'tdert.ikltn: v.v iig tiie 11 O road, on
whlh. bv a ir.u!ar c!ncid"nre, his death
After r.:i:.lng thl cun-ract h took v)
men to the Isthmus of I'jiunu ar.J cr-stru.-sej
tc railroad frvm Aplnwall to
Chasren Ho lthslil th" terribl- ricors
and ;-stl!er. - of that cl'.mativ although
h ji itriiKen there Jth th" ellm
fever, nrd was rr cf the twenty men
who survivad n:id returned frurn the Ilh
rrt ?
After recus-cratinc darins coup's of
years pent in the Rocky Mountains, he
cuiH 10 rt! IxvJ acd cntase.! !n the trn
eral contractile business.
He enIlMe,i - the fnion army at th
citbreak : the Civil War. and nI
throughout the war He was wacon-ns-trr
in r'i'.l Sheridan's arroj. and Nire n
remvrkable reerill vs to the fmou.s
csvairv te,I. 0-1 trnl OCcaelori be-trg
n-lstaken for him
Tv Mr ShnSder t due develop
nent of the crest rl granite quarries of
Ircn Oacnt Mi"uri. he hiving 'orrrel
a partner'p with Grats ltrcwTi to -f-n
vtp the quarries n thnt e-tic-i. IiVrr ihi
ra"tr.crhip ira d-eolved an! h" became
eo owner ef jje gr-it Ite prrpcrtle there,
which are estimated 'a be wort- -nore
than $t.?.,V at the jre n: tim- He w
presMent of the Schn'iier Granite 0s-
He ia '.e r,t t- Introduce te,I crn!t
ae s favorite buiMI-.r material and !vs
furnihcl the srr.!te for mtny fvms-i
tructures. xmcr.g them Wc the S
Ixruie CUtcm-houe. th- Srriitrftd III
Statehouxe. the tleral butldln: at I.'tt'
tocV. Ark . the Memphis C3urth5u-e and
the St. IJtis City Hall He aj3 fo-.
Rl-ted all the jtone for the Fjcr Court
and tNe granite ued la the ad -
aifrchants bridge.
In :S he carried Mis S-vpMa HCa, who
urvlv-s him. Their rurviTlng chiMren are
tt5. A Blank. Mts Bertha, Schnefde- and
1'fclUp VT. Jr Robert and Cir. W
!chcrsdcr. Mr Schneider was on of the
orsanirers cf the Lafayette JUr.k ac.i bud
been a director of that ir-sututlon tz- Its
orar.liatiJn. He wi vie pridet cf
the bank at th lime cf his death.
He was a member of HasTestfrsbe! Past,
G V. R- and the loyal Xgloa. His body
wiU b laid to rest In a splendid mauso
leum of red gratite. which ta ia bvtlt
ta SB. Ptr and Past' CV-aetery. and
t&& aastaat eeaapistsat It ta said to
n am tat uaitea stataa.
rtJtJOOaJOIJtJIJaTTlnrHsffnffirrl"""" I iiwimiWssss,wwww
To-Day the Globe Offers Free Choice of Hundreds of
ffev )! MEN'S AND YOUNG MEN'S $15, SIS AND S20 WT g
THEREmiKwmMmAKmrHmTmo9T LimetSSr clothing offer or the yea:
These suits are from the very finest in our entire stock, which every man
knows is superior to any in the West Among them are some of the world-
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renOWHCU OCUluas UlW. jLaai.ixua aow. .vsasaw v., . .
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Siiirtvme Court Declares That Maintenance and Operation of riant
Would Ue in Violation of Clause Which Prohibits the Carry
Inp: On of Any Works of Internal Improvement Reviews
Growth of Industry and General Public S'omplaint That Partic
ular Monopoly Was Manipulating Market to Detriment of In
dependent Producers Says I ndictment of Standard Oil Com
pany Is Undoubtedly True.
Topfka. Jul)- ?. The law passe.l by the
Is!s'aturc lat winter appropriating ttlO.
M to build an !ndp nucnt oil reflccry at
Peru wis tonlay declared unconstitutional
by th fetalis Suprrm '"ourt In an opln
ton rendt-r! by Aoclate Justice Greene.
The t.11 rellnry law nas considered one
of the mot direct blows struck at the
Stnndard Oil Company by the la.;t Iir!s
litur. whirh ail:ed se'rai tiwufs
trr.din- to r:rlci that roncm In the
ha:idlinit of th Kans.s product.
iju.1. i'iiovini:i) roi:
liitANCir i-i:nitentiart.
Th oil ro!!r.ry law providd for tha
erection at IVni of a branch of th State
I'-nlti.tiao" to hous s!i:nc;-nt pns-onrs.
il.o. it waa intended, wore to work tiie
oil plant.
Stat- Tra?ar?r T T. Kell'y and VTar.!n
i:. 15. J uett. whose duty it was to l-.suo
th bonds, dtclir.fd to tiirn thm in ordT
to Crt '.-curj a doclslon on the con.tltu
tionallt of the act.
Attort.ey G-r.ra! C. C. Cox.an fild
mandortiui rro.0 ilr.p in the Stat Su-y-tr.';
Court on b-ha!f of fit State to
contp-1 the orllcr to rltzn tiie bonds.
AI.l. .MHMItlHtS UK CuUltT
Ci.NCl'lt IN" orixioN.
Thti orlnicn :o-di. dc!iri.ir the act to
t !!leal and unx,n-titut!onnl. wa con
cirrrd in by all mtuitTs of the ujircnie
C urt.
The court hold tiiat the construction of
tho r-llncr and t!: brir.ch JVnitentUry
in cor.nscilon ith it is in violation of
tl iaio Ccnstltutlcn. wl:tch d'clafs:
Tlie State shall r.r rr If a party in
carrying on cny norks of internal ltn
provemrnt." Tii cor.stn.ction and op'r-itlci; rf such
a nflntrv. it is uil I. v.ould b a work of
irtrnal !mpro"ni,nt
conn- ur.virw? cmpi.mnt
.u;inst stani.i:i oil..
Th ourt. continulnK. rfii"T. th ;!--.or
of Krnt ;i:antlis of oil in the
F;v, :h r.tpk! Imrrovmon: of ti.o in
ii istrr aid the "Bincrat publ!.- iomplaint
thai a particular oorporjtlon was unjut
') tnanipuUUnc t!i mark: of this pnJ
uct o th it th producer was bcins tie-p-i'"l
of hat rlshtfu'.Iy t.:oncel to
h:tn." and that a public drnanl had Ijern
tna-le on the IsM i!ur to enact laws
that pt:ect th jroducer
T!- rourt by lnfere-.-e critic! Clav
errnr 11 W Hoch f:r rai'inc a scare--n-
to f-Intn th oil trut. sor.Ild.
anl thn fnr ir.forminc th truit that the
thin; lie has u?t t:p is a ycarecrot
T inilctnient of th Standard (il
Company." tai th court. 1 no doubt
true, ar.d th provocation was icy xrc.it.
but w trust not rank; a scarecrow of the
Governor Hoch as creatiy dia;ointd
at ir !--ision anl said
"Xtw tbt e haie tart it w want
to so ;n and run our r:'nrry tv could
have cut.! mor than lt cot in th
pric f cur oil in a few nionth
If I had tn th Suprcnte Court I
would hii etrainol 1 point to hat d
clirej tb law consututional
Th points coiderl by th Suprn:e
Court In attainics the decision handed
(jor. to-!ay are etrrcd as follow 1 in
th ylUfcU- of th opinion.
Is ts iitrrtatJ n.'i: iar.itr3.-ra ::
vcii eicsV! esiirn I: tc tS lixat rf ti
h!Vrr Cf itS RJWl-t MM Sc5 by th
ccrti cf ts t-j!iir. t o-c!rr-:rary
t!ty ti ccresacr ssi -.-3itJca cf tt
Pcp2. tft e.-raSc ui s-x-tJccle petlcr ef t
fct. its CrrttitctMa aJ :r.. t-i ail otsr
natt-t cf cctc--a soVi tiM t U!t
cf tij- JartSictx.
7v ctr.ri.--"(c. as'tuts t Tiatrte-aac
r r2 tarT fc tis a-p-w cf s-etTts. J
-....'iatift. storiTC el it42rc crwis sad
ri4 1 aM its -peod.j-1'. aa.1 ti tsarltet
tg cf ts -:. cct!tt a "erk ef Izzt'
1 ir?53t.
Srs.! titi. N!l SB. nl ir ti rr
Ir!Utck i a sr arprcr-tatlR isar tsr
vk. cf Irttreai trr.sfr;t." It cr
Trcra sectioa I cf article st ef Cssstlrs
tea. ar4 cv l wS-RJ-JTER5
XSw M3 sa a r'sa, aavtasj srsratri ta a
popular cVrrand fc ret'ef acstnit a "powerful
rommtrcial cuci.batant." acalnst which the In
dividual waa utisbis ta eer. It m't the harty
and csthu!a.tl9 approal at the Governor, ret
a an arprnpriatlcn ta liulld a branch renitcn
tlary. but aa appropriation, tor ths contrac
tfin an.1 cpration cf an ell retotry: ar.a. In
asmuch h no reference li mils t the branch
Pcnttertiarr. it may said that ths Qrrernnr
did not uuierrtand that there were any pro-
tlsloe.a in tbe bill hteh seriiusly ccnttn
pUtcd th tuli-iira ef a branch ef the BtaW
1 lnltertlary.
Th G-nerrjr ffltcloses his apprehension er
the conitltutlxnallty ef thl biii la Ms co-n-rari2n
of th falhllity cf the many plans
which had U-en urM for the rrricn cf
the c-r'l oi this Tapacicci orroration" with
his own. whlrh nu to apprnpr!t $50.W far
an es;--!ia-c:si reiir.ry st XJir.s'.as'. He said:
"I b:i thjt the escntlture cf that sum
fsr ths etaLl!jha;er.t of sa eiprtmntal re
Cnry at Irj!rjt sroald tare eliminated the
cor.tlttitioral Quejition and sutseried all the
7. .! p-.rj-s t be sutped by larger a
prcrrli'lon. POUCV OP GOVFKNMnNT
It h !n the r-i!rT cf cur Government to
a:t tbs !r.!WJ;il rather than the State, and
tli's hi c rtncute.1 n.o- iart'iy tn our rapid
cat: n! :-rfSniet:t than ary etter Steele
ejr Ccn"ti.tln sia-s frarred and cur laws
nactrd with tie ljea tf pretenl-. nccura-ini.-
ar.l Ji(,s.rt lr..iii!Ju.il er.terp-ts. ar.d
if e r-'i ir.tr.i to reserve this joiicy. snd to
ester th Ftate c a competitor s!rjt the
'.r.JKM-iil in a 1 llr.ts cf tra-! er.d ccrcrrrce,
e miit tairaii cur iVnetitutkin. anl adept an
enlrrl Otfferent rj-iim cf rr.rni;u
1 lajnnsj
cat ef 1
Chanut. Kas . July T.-W. 3. Hyfl.
pr. leut cT th Chanuie and Autin Oil
Iletir.ery Company. s-t!d of the Supreme
Court dNinn.
This action cf th Supreme Court wilt
not ln t- the independent refintr. In
fact it i.s a 'n:lt ovtnc to the re-noal
of s'tate con-petlllon
"ur 5urces (!epnd upon th antl-dis.-nt:i
nation law and upon scuririf un
fair rit i for transportation. - can
flsht th Standard Just as well without
th rcilncrj "
President to Relievo Secretary
Taft of Heavy Work, and Place
w 'al.inct Thief in Charge of
lMhmu Affair.
Ojstcr Cav. 1. 1. July 7 -It is not un
li'c'y that th Mlmlnistratior. of affaire
connected with th cor.'tructlon of tha
Panami Car.il may t tranfcrre.J from
th War to the Stat Dparttnert.
Since Klhu Root Indicat-1 his accpt
tnc of th Ir-ilr.tV :en.Vr of th secr
tary.hip of ftate-. the Prc!dnt has hid ts
natter of th trar.fr ur.dr cridration.
It i known that S-retary Taft would
be c,u!trwir.;r? 11 b- rlicve cf the re
sponsibility attecdant upon the direction
of the canal affairs.
Th appointment cf Juda Maroon to b
Minlrter of the Vnl:d States to Panama,
in connection with hi oSc as Ocvmor
cf th American Zcp on th isthmus
naturally rjfin the desirability of
plactc both offices u.r the direction of
the i-"cretarj- cf State, and foliowln thts
cvorement to Its lexical ccc1u!ctj. the
SUcrfiary of State would b the natural
elector of th aralr cf the canal. Mr.
Roct Is deeply lateretci In the canal
ork and already has deToted cacsiaera
ble thotatht t lt-
Whtle no dSnite decision recardt tha
traasfer yet has bea reach! by the
President. It U rewarded that the direction
cf ail matters pertaialns; ta tbe canal "wUI
b placed ta tha hasAa of SeczwtaiT Bat
Sweeping Decision of Supreme
Court Makes Outlaw of Com
pany Had Spent Several Mil
lions in Laying Pipe Lines.
Topelva. July 7. Tha Stat Suprme
Court to-day rendered a decision declar
lnr that the Kansaa Natural Gas Com
pany, a Delaware corporation, cannot do
business In Kancas.
The decision, which ts weeping' In Its
terms, makes an outlaw cf tha com
pany, which It declares cannot hold prop
erty In Kansas and cannot operate la any
manner within the State.
Tha company already haa spent aareral
million dollars. It la estimated, to laying-
pip lines In Kanaa.
The opinion is rendered la tha
the Slate of Kansas on tha relation of At
torney General C- C Coleman against tha
Kansas Natural Gaa Company. '
It seems that when tha company appOed
to tha Kansaa Charter Board for permis
sion to do business In this Stat th board
denied the application.
However, the company want ahead lay
ing its pipes and contracting; t deltrcr
gas to many cities.
To date, th company haa xpeoded Bil
lions of dollar laying- pip line from th
Southern Kansas Held to tha Missouri Una.
and to a dozen or mor Northern Kansaa
cities much of th work haa practically
been comploted.
After th Charter Board had acted th
Attorney General. In the name of th fltata,
brought this proceeding in quo warranto
against tha company asking that It be re
quired to show Its authority for doing
business In Kansas and that If unabt to
do so It ba ousted from ths State.
The company answered. setUng forth Its
application to tha Charter Board and al
leging that It had don all things required
by the statute and asking that the Chart
er Doard be ordered to grant It a license.
A demurrer to this answer was filed and
It was agreed that a final Judgment should
be entered In accordance with th ruling
of th court oa th demurrer.
Th cuurt Kustained the demurrer and
entered a Judgment of ouster against the
ga company, all of which have a ten
dncy to cm til defendant to quit busi-
r.n very promptly.
The opinion of the court was delivered
by Justice Greene, all of the Justices con
Th barred company owns a majority of
the producing aas wells in Kar.sa. and is
capitalized at $10 0.He. It haa spent als
months in constructing a pije line from
Montgomery County to Kansas City.
The company was Just on the point ef
piping gas into Kansas City. Kas.. I-iw-rer.ee.
Topeka. Ottawa. Olath and many
other Kna towns, but under the terms
of th decioion It mu"t ceafe all work In
Th Court goes fr enough to tctfcnat.
thit the company has exhausted Its re
sources at law and sivs that It cannot
come Into court and ak for a mandatory
order t ccrspel th Plato Charter Hoard
to grant it a charter.
Mrs. Frederick W. Cog to dot
Gold Medal for Saving Mrs.
Charles Rock, Who Was Seir.ed
With Cramp.
As a tribute to th fact that she saved
the life of Mrs. Charles Uock of No. 1T13
South Twelfth street while flshlnjr on the
Osage River last Wednesday, the Kcmme
Osage Club, a local orsanizatlon. Is mak
ing preparations to present to Mrs. Fred
Gob of Xo. ISIS Clarence avenue a gold
According to th statements of Mrs.
Rock she would surely have been drowned
while on the trip had It not been for the
Interposition of Mrs. Cor. who Is an ex
pert swimmer. While struggling !n twen
ty feet of water, but unable to make
progress because of a severe cramp. Mrs.
Rock was rescued by her friend, who held
ccr until John s-'.hultz. a mmber of the
party, ruv.-rd across th river with a boat
and took her aboard.
The accident occurred while th club
was on a fishing trip In St. Charles Coun
ty. Several local members of the organ
ization. Including Messrs. Charles Rock
and Frederick W. Gog. Henry Hchroeder.
George Ehrngehart and James Robinson,
had proceeJcd down th river a short
distance while th two woman were fish
ing further up the stream.
Near the opposite shore was John Shulta
la a rowboai. While stooping over a deep
pool under a shelving bank to Inspect a
baited line that had been left there Mrs.
Rock lost her grasp upon a grapevine to
which she had been holding and plunged
headlong into the river.
Although an expert swimmer, owing to
the unexpected immersion and to the fact
that ah had been overheated when sub
merge, sh was nt once seized r.ith a vio
lent cramp. Unabte ta reach her helpless
friend. Mrs. Cos. who had run to th back
of tho river, also plunged Into th water,
graprea Mrs. Rock as she ro for the
third tlm and held to a. trailing vino
which extended Into the water.
In tiie meantime John Shu'.ts had been
rowing desperately across the river and
soon reached the rpot. taking both wotn
n into 1.1s boat and rowing to ti.o lower
part of th bank, w hern they coi.1 1 l-o
laudcl on account of th tiin required
fur him to rroisi thr t-tream Mir. Ricfe
sas ri would sun-iy have been drovin-l
had it t.ot bn for the prompt rescue ef
fected b Mrs Gog.
As a result of the Incident members of
thn annihilation. r.aie.i by airs. j;o k
are arr.incins to prrseni u
of the occasion a gold trophy,
cf the rescue.
Charles IX I.. Thomas, honorary Cons-U of Cubs, In St. Louis, has mad his lepuit
for the firt two quarters of the year liMGt Tho Cuban Consulate was established
in St. Louis March 1. IMG and tha report of th first quarter consequently is for th
single montli of March.
The value of the exports passing through th Consulate ta that BMBta waa
The total value of the exports to Cuba passing through the Consulat during th
three months of the next quarter, however, amounted to D.SC7.GL Of this amount
the larg-st single Items of exports were flour and grains, and Mr. Thomas points
to this fact as of significant interest to millers and ffratn merchants generally. Indi
cating, us It doe?, what an Important center St. Louis haa become In th matter of
cereal exports to Cuba.
"In spite of the fact that St. Iuls Is on of the great shoe manufacturing cities
of the world." rays the report, "tho exports la this line ar still very low. and
the entire export business represents the taio of but two firms. By merely conforss
lnu their product to the requirements of the Cuban market, th St. Iouls manufac
turers, with the existing advantages over foreign competitors of location and tariff
preferential, could easily control th shoe trade of th Island. This applies also tr
dry goods and machinery, as well as to other articles, for which a ready and pros
perous market awalta th exporter if he wlU but avail himself of th opporttsslry
to seize It."
The table of exports from St. Louis to Cuba for the months ef Mart. April.
May and June, aa given In Mr. Thomas's report. Is as follows:
Jane. Total.
Lies Darlas; Xlcbt la sesteH Twwsn
ad To-Day la o Be Flare the
BrMklysi for Trip Hesse.
Cherbourg. July T The funeral train
hearing tho body ef Admiral Paul Jones
and 500 American esiiors and marines, sr
rtvd her front Paris at Ti a. m.
An enormous crowd surrounded the rall
rcr.d station and witnessed th removal of
th body to a mortuary ehapl erected on
th wharf of the American Steamship Lin.
The chap! was beautifully decorated with
paln-.s. Sags and escutcheon from the
naval arnsl.
The American Onsui. K. J. B Halnne
vill. and many French officer teok part
in the ceremonies.
Th American sailors and marines were
iVnvn up in battalion front, facing th
Tmer.ty-fTfth Retltc-nt of the French In
fantry. Th body was borne btwen the
saluting French and American forces to
a catafalque, where It was covered .with
Sags and flosrers. th band of the United
States flagship Brockjvn playing the na
tional anthem. . . .
Th townpcrV then deSled before th
coffin, respectfcilr uncovering as they did
The ceremony of tranfrrtsa th body
of th Admiral to th Brooklyn win take
place at noon to-morrow and th saaadron
wlil sail at S o'clock In th afternoon for
the United Bute.
TerreX Tes . Julr T TJeeter .
IM .lfl hm mH.
ef S sears. A wife asd on eMM sarrrra,
the heroine
Beds (metal) f S 9 T7i. f O.r0 I Ukg
Beer 1?.TO.S7 J,;V..1J T.0T.I.A4 .113.
Broom corn J."..S5 t,is.93 4.171.77
Drags 1.902.SS 1.X71.S5 :.: Ilia) .
Flour S4.773.0 CI&I.XI .3W.3S lSS.Gs.2t
Ktirnitur . . I13.K 1.377.K M. 1.51.
Grain f.177.74 lS.7Sl.il JB.1M.S3 eliSl.a
llrirdwar ..... ........ ........ ........ . 2,271. 1 2.-71.17
Paper L10O.0 1.X4.71 3.347.ITT ZX.1 ..
Slice l.ZO.S-'i StO.SO T.083.75
Miscellaneous 7.6S 1(0.59 42.77 M0.2t
Totals S.W3.S3 4.S-7 I9K.O1.0I ttOSJKSM CJCf.
Accordinj; to Advices From Jef
ferson City Atlornov General
Iladlev- and His Assistants Will
Not lie in Court.
chance of conttnuad radna; ts
race followers renewed hop 1
shown by th Increasing
play In the handbooks.
Yesterday the penrilers ftatf m 1
lively llvelr day. Th uuwd.
was for the most part a speenlattra mm
and more persons were to be found s ths
betting rins Uum In tha crandstaad
Noted for Daring Meets
Death on a Stairway.
Nw York. July John MoSVit. M
yers old. of Zin. U2 Mulberrj' street. New
ark. X. J . a "steeple Jack" noted for
daring feats In the pursuit of his calling.
fIl down a steep stairway leading from
a Chine le rc-Jtaurant at Mulberry
Mechanic trts. Newark.
skull. He die 1 later in th
and brok his
City Ilo-rltal.
.lOffetl came to Newark from san t-rn-
frlsco a jesr ao. He has a orotner.
Gorr or Edard in the publishing bus.
ness in Manhattan.
Vaaderhllt Makes Fast "asu
Toledo. O.. July 7-In order to mak an
unexpecte-1 railroad connection for New
York. William IC Vanderbllt was driven
over the Itrolt ar.d Toledo electric lln.
a dlstanc of t-nty-flc ml!e. at th rate
of eventy ml!-s an hour. Mr. .rvicrbilt
and vther capitalists were Inspecting the
roa J presumably with -Hea of purchasing.
According to advices from Jefferson
City last r.laht. Attorney General Hart
ley and Assistants Like aM Kennlsh
were In Kansas City ar.d probably would
not appear before the St. IyjcH CVunty
Circuit Court to-day when the pirns for
abatement of the Information aRalnM two
cf th r-Iniar bookmakers wlil t nrgu'd.
Tho. Impression w.ts that General I lad
ley would a.ai;t the county olSclals tn
the cares ami It Is said that th defend
ants were anxious to hsve hira r"s-"t
at the proccdlnss. A.-rIstant ISlak is
the only on connected with General llad-
1 ley's dspartment In Jefferson City and he
statfd la-t night that he had no lnrtruc
tlons to be In Clayton to-day. I'rosi-cut-tng
Attorney KlskbMon. of th county,
will represent the Stat.
It H th hop ef tii track management
end the bookmakers that today's proceed
ings may determine the status of the
bookmakers cases in court, for conditions
hav broiicht racing to a crucial point,
not only for the Ifelmar Jockey Club, but
also for the Western Jockey CIuH.
The pleas ha-. as th!r U-usis the allega
tion that the antlpooNelllng cxt is urvon
Mutl'ina. and. therefore, that thnre can
be no lal procee.Jir.gs aglnst 51ark
Gunipertz. Gorge Khrlich and the others
arrested for operating under the code ys
tm. With th Mmrrs meeting closlrg to
day. It is espect-d that many of th horse
men will ship here the f.rat of r.xt wk.
tlMfKr.,,t rlrr.srth W?tem Jcke' Club
.r. -i ii 1 track In otnitei. ana ri
it is said that horsemen ar keenly watch-
lng th trend of the legal proceedings. j
That th tenacity with wmca inw Ac
inar management has hId on to the al'.m
Topeka. Km., July
Topeka and Eanta Fto Railway will saw
take part In the management of th reel
mine which are involved ta th taOsr
of C. J. Devlin." said Clifford IHated at
torney for IevHn to-day.
The creditors will advaaas ssssssy to.
carry on th mines and th psssssst at
tha minors' wages tn tii9 Boathsns Ksn
aaat coal SIds for a time.
"Th.j Santa Te Is interested nlyBlss
!rg thut coal la furnished thena, as be
fore. The iiim of HOMO wUl be sdvaacer)
4y th crelltf.-s.
Tho Illinois nilnrs hare Just beam fd
off and notnlne will t- due for two weeks
to com, we nop wiin tne appoBBKan
of s receiver that the mines wm
successfully eatawtsnea 1
T.e.r!S-- Jstr 7. Arrised:
Ster.tr-! n.i CJt- vt IIte-r-.Tt
JuIt I. rriTt: (Kaaa
!t'--i. r!a (Jlb'si-sr an NaMa.
IJYertxfl. July 7-5UIei: ao
Bntcr. rta Queerst.iwn. , .
Kevi- rr. Suir T.-Arrtea: Btesmsr Xv I
we. iiii. -. -
i?rv,hirw-- Julr . P mAgwvwwmt
'Hr. . --.rsSan-,
larii CroTa Jiaini-ura-). New Tor, via
'"V."... ..!- s a. m AtTtrad:
K'e-nltSa Im'-. 7.w Tera. and aailed tor
Cn5.burc. J--ir 5. mtdo!ght-ar, ftteaaw
AS?::e,wr juianad: m.
Vew Vc-lC
" jtr-lli. J-jIt S. arrissd: staasa, ICew Torts.
K,tI. j.j'.v n. Arrtrt. 8:aatrs Huosea.
N Pork. firmaUac. iior.Uil and Qubk
ii'rri'i-i J a! 7 Arrire't: Carsethia. Iw
T'rf''.. vj C'"taw7t
N-!'i. J-l fcaUS: steamer Itane. ICew
Ttrl. . . . . .
4y-1ltS, JtliT , T P. TI. AlljIMi; IFIWa"
ITtss All's. J" Tor for Oierbecrg.
aal Jirm-n. . p. ra . Hamtxirs, New Tees,
for ITertjaurc al Haciurg (aad both pro-
QuvBstewn. July 7. 7-' s jau Arrlradi
St-amer Caicr-aria. Nw Tot, far Userpsol
(act sr-'1i!). .
r. Cel
Krtara s.tsaH oetsatt SI.
S38 ft $tH Ukt GHy, HsMMi mmI Mr,

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