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t1. waM'iisyi4? ' -fc'sJsiaiHi . - j jsiss
"i. -'J " " " -"" --'-. J" "--srq.-
Far the First Time Since 1886,
tTniTereitT'8 Mea Will Take Up
lowing Hanlan Likely to Bt
Xnr Tork. Jaly l-lma
lag completion, with tta Iocs stretch of
uaeoth water, makes !t almost inevitable
tht Prmeeton should, return to the Held
't aquatic sport, which vu left In IMS.
Indeed, there haa been more than a Mttla
talk among the prominent graduates who
contribute to the rapport of athletics to
stir tip enthtuUam over the project.
Edward Banian, former coach of Celem
Vla. In rowing, haa been mentioned as a
likely man to take charge cf the Prince
ton crew, which la Tery likely to be a
r:gure In the aport from now on. It la
er.slderd at New Uondon that thre la a
great likelihood that the Tiger crew will
be. an entry In the regatta betwetn Tale
ind Harvard there next June.
It seems almost assured that Princeton
will have a crew. The excellent faclUU.ee
tiow or shsrtly to be at hand are not ex
e!led by those of any other college. TVIth
i stretch of several miles to train ovr.
n an artificial like, conditions should al
aja be favorable. The m3 could get In
lunger practice than almost any other
lollega but Georgetown. The mention of
the name of Hanlan as coach came about
MaturaUy when It was planned first at
ITlnccton to revive rowing. The old Co
lumbia, coach, rated as one of the btst
men In the country at the came, now Is
Jiving on an Island near Toronto, pre
ented to him by the city during the
lieijrhl of his winning career as a tingle
culler. Hanlan allonul his personal hab
its to interfere a little with the coaching
of the Columbia crew, but at that he lurr.c.J
ui the txrst eisnt tiiat olumbia. ever
lias had. Th-it .i the ld boat, which
finished a line second to Cornell, whrn tha
latter broke the record for four miles.
Ifanlsn Is capable inough to d' a great
1. al with pplendli material that can be
Sound at Princeton
Princeton was u factor In intercollegiate
roalr.g a long time ago. but rot by uny
means a prominent one. In 1S74. at Sira
toga. the lrlnctn crew co:n;-te-l with
'olumbia. W-sleynn. Harvard. Williams.
-'oml!. Dartmo-Jh. Trinity and Yale In a
three-mile lace The crs finished in the
order named ahov. Princeton being last
and Tal- withdraw ir.g after fouling one
rrr-n Th- N-w 3rrryv f!n!ehd nearly
i half mile behind the Columbia' crew,
which won. Tli following year Princeton
dropped out .-r the rar- ar ?aratc?a. which
.n:l-lntal!v marked Cornell's tlrst triumph
on the water Thre wr some collrgee
roelng then which liae no crews now,
notably Amf-erst. Piown. Williams. Dart
mouth. Rowdoln. Hamilton. Wieleran and
n!in In P7 Princeton aguln was Hat
at Karatr.ga Cornell. Harv-ird. Columbia,
t'nlon and Vslyan all tini-tlimK m1i-i 1 of
he orang and Muck The final appar
nce of the Princeton!!.- was In IsM at
Faratora. when they finished thlr-1 lehlnd
Pennsylvania and Cornell In a race of a
mil and a half, beilli:? out Columbia
and Ilowdnln.
The entry of the Tieri Into the rowing
same oi.cn more woulJ j-tlmulate interest
In rowing crcatly Tl.e rolMl-il!ty i- that
an invitation to minix li- :it Poiishketjifle
"A'ould t-e derllne.l in favor of one to row
at New Ismdon Vale Is a rnurh 1'rlnce
'on's nr.tura! rlal as she 1 th it of Har
vard There would be one gre.it olJ-ctlon
lo crew work at Prine ton. an-1 t'-at is
that it would erii-jile the bteball l-:iin.
n thing which h it hitherto hn-1 full ron
trol In the jirln. With rowine :is a
-Ival attraction to call men aw iv from
hareball it Is likely that the litter came
vould suffer a little, hut the men who can
w grerallv are a little too heay for
'he hiselxll cime.
Tt beein to look as if the rowing oolony
it PouKhkeejile. too. wojM b much
larger net jear It lies 1-wn I romlce.1
for a couple nf year? that the Cniverslty
of California would read a crew Ka--t to
'ompete at !Nurhke jisl.- Andrew O'P'a.
eoach of th Pnlverelty of Wioon-ln
erewe. xald -1'irir.i; hi recent s'-ay -t
I'oughke-r-fle that he J ad had a long talk
lth PreslJe:)t W'ieT.-r t the lni verslty
if Calif orn!.i abiut row lnc "The K-itne
(s t!U In it infancy at llerkeley" k.1-1
Tn4 "and thev are rowing the-e in
f-juts on! Prel l-nt tVto-!r, a in oil
irnell man kr.ons what cool rowing !.
tnd he is not cning to lt any crew come
Fst that 1 not worthv of repres. ntlns
th" unlverltv There will be an elsht
oe.red rrew vent to the Hudson Ju"t as
-oor a" r wine advance ;.,r enouch "
Out at Ohio tnte t"nierslty S-v(et!anI.
tre eld Cornell inrsm in. rooumii tijer
nnd t-ack athlrte. who had rharee of
rowlr-e at 5irai .-e sut four jears aco.
Is director ef athl-t'ct He ! bt-en try
ing Fom es:rttnents In r- wing, and it !
all hae develope-1 M"e falrl Co-I ma
erlil If 1 indert--".l that as oon .s
tit I p-i-sibi- thl- te i'nl-.irtty
will t- re;ireente-l at I'-iuchkeej.-Ie
It 1 knoan th.it Anrajmlls li oonl ler-I-.ir
the .-etidlni of a crew rest jear
When Walter C l llr.id!e. manner of
the Columbia c-e. as at Ann.ipolli for
th" rece'it racei tetw-t-n th" Columbl-i an!
nnipiill fn-n". the ilea of hiving the
middles oo-nB tn the Hjdonn wis arte.!
The midshipmen we-, ieiiel.tej wlfi -Mea.
and were '-1 'hat n tnvUntinn
o cnuele would t-e ilr to- gUdiv e -t
tl.e:-i The Kmrtt-ol's t" e ' n c
formidsble one lr- .a-e t n!v lerauiie
1 the reror-i md. t is sj.-tnc In t'efea'-t-.g
Columbia Pennsylvania. (Wr!ci
and Va !n mo mile rnrij but from the
essential rro.u"fl'es for ntrn and main
tnnce in the ra-lem Thev ire rraC
ally ilway in S'-o-l f ndi'lon. and mot
nil the mn ha rowej ;efn-e -er 'hey
ntere.1 tl.e yehool Thref. re. !t is ;rac
leallv a "cln. ' rl-"' a new out ..f .
numt-er ' mei at onc of nh'-m ! strong
enoueh m tow wei j ..iily he U heavy
nojcr- to t-e r oirsmsn
Th oitnine of Wri Point Into aiuaties
oilrht follow at once afte- hr nnar'!
-i ! a -Ttrpet!tor en the Hu-Ipt T e
olllers "la" t"ie Hudson Sow' -lht
pt their dior and s-hoyld l- able to Ret
r. s-rk if onl the TT'r tr. entlve were
rf,nt if t nit exar'ly s-- thit it
iculj be r-ib!e f -r th" ,niirli crews
o get rertrir on to crre -i;i to the tl'i!
on o -ontps-e Mt if Wei Point "al a
-re tco It I SlkeTv that the-- -acuII te
tfrscsd"'m -a-es wMrh w . d t-e as
itrrestirc n are !-e ar-ny-navv foo'ball
came .
r.rothcrsj An? Heroet of Hoston
Lif.? Pavini: ",rtw.
tsrfp u cFt'tBc: ai.
Postt-n. July Jas T and flibriel
rarrll Jr. brothers, memhers of th
-..-'ebaiik Votue.tr"r If ."v-ilic ("rut
"'eh perfrmei a reicue on the harles
Kiver wPhin s few hou-s of earn othr
Jarrs Pa-r:i rutted Vr j1J!o Whee
ter Ijrbv cf No n Medfonl t-treet
iar:etow- frcm the water after (
"jtd ie"i it '--ns ec.ouh to u-eutnb enl
-evIr"-l htr -rlth the "fvir,: ap;aratus
it the bolbou If" Ubti trkd to
-jjrnmlt suicide b Jumpier from the rall--c
cf Chrlets-St Park
A few hojre 'ster Oabrtel hranl r-it
'rer. the m'ddle of the river when tt was
jo tlirk from Sltn to see what had hp
tte!. Putting cut in s boit he fou-i! J"-rr-.i-
Warrer cf th" St Jr-frh nowtric v-
iatlon c!nc!rg to th b.ttom of his .-,er.
rrrU radnc :et With the as-.i.u,--r-e
" Joreph r-ewtirg yotnc Karrt:i broucfc
Mm ashore anj reTtil hlrr t the Isfe
arlr.c quarters at thbcatneu-f
Xrlesl t ii rlrw4 llalk t)rst.
MerMen. Corn. Jt.tr -W-Ce t-sir.r to
-" the ft cf ht cc-r.ton. Thircas
T Tpton wras drowre-j tr. th afterrcon
-!ng Uti George J Jones ta Hanoi T
t-;Vr. wfcr Jtcj was rwtmrriz. Jonej
-tr, s. r-arrp, ad eiW! ta Vptjn. w-io
m n shore, for asstsfarxc.
Fcr Iafaats sad Caildrts.
TH KM Yn Han Afiijs BoigM
Zcatt th
After-Season Selling
lUdna Shirt, pleated or plain boma,
attached or detached cuffs, g
fancy atripMand figures; cut to VU
Imported Madras and Oxford Shirts,
coat atj-Ie, attached or detached cuffs;
.?!?.:?. $1.10
Oenulne Scriven's Elastic Seam 3ff
Drawera; price now cut tc-sjf.
Men's Balbrlc?an Underwear, all col
or, all sizes, lone and Qf
short sleeve: cut to Js7L
Fine Ventilated Mercerized Lisle Un
derwear, tolid colors and 4 1 I f
fancy stripep; cut to. ...... tJJIeU
Lisle and Cotton Hose. In fancy stripes
and figures; price now Qa
cut to im.
Fancy Imported Mercerized Lisle and
llk plated Hose cut I8sl--
to JJv
Silk Neckwear four-in-tanu. jf5-
tecks and bows cut to 131
High-grade Silk Tour-In-Hands and
As-ots all the new slutdes- 3t5--
cut to .3JU
Leather Itelts gray, lan or black, brass
or nickel buckSe: cut siRa
Relts Calf ami wairus leather, yf
bhtck and tan; cut to KIHe
See Windows.
Statesmen Who Will Represent Russia and Japan at the Great
Peace Conference to Convene in the renate Reading-Room f
the Congressional LibraryGravity of the Situation Univer
sally Appreciated.
sflsssfeSBsSBs . "JtJtplfjiljSIKKS- SsJaasrisBsBaBSssssssBfa sa sa Masaasa
BBBBaaisU f aBSaj"LBSSSSSMVsTsWil-w-r"r stl-.? i ir & rfESSzSSS&tBi I
BSBSBSBSbTBSSST P'ass1 S m "SdL'7df5B,(l2,'vo1' -- BiBj
SfSj XsvaTBTBTBTBTBTBTsTL's)fA-vm.' ' Jm
BBSBasiBnBSvBBBBSS,s.7Vaw fW fc.'.V
Wahl-iRtn July S. Our dlplorr-icy Is
onl li"' year- oij ami jet next month thi
I en!;otrntliirlts or Bjror and of Asli
nil! HFS'mble in WasW-Rtcs t Ptttl-i-t,;xn
It s t" t- Iff il a irtnanent liasi-
t-. t'.estlnlfs of the far i:.T:. end thu
Hr.-Ia that He rns the 1'ncWc
T-n ears aeo the repreM ntctlv of the
American iDrsmer.t wns a rank OJt
j. ler in th cnsress of nations, to-iny. by
i m-mon coni"nt of all the tre"t Pors.
th situatlm milJ lv the HuesoJ ;
H.,.,. .trucule Is referr-d to the sood
o-r.cn of our ef Maclst-at and the
conf'renre :o which he has j-rd tie nay
Is r-rl.! ft the only t'siblr. yt by no
rieans certain. w.y of J'-apIns fmrn tre
vr:d war that has b-B thr-at-nlri: eer
n- th.- mldr.Iaht nttack of the Japanese
ii.w J'ort Arthur.
Tor el or for woe we are r-w rlrht
In th mldtt of thins;., and 1 behoves sis
? walk rtrrumsx-eetly In the approaeh-s-r
cenrrers of the nati n wh h Is to
t- oonreno-1 In Walilnaton. If e are to
live up to tl.e traditions of our ,1-Flomacy
as e undoubtr-llv sluill max well
r-'ay the l-rt cf'the honc- l.ri.kr.
though r.ot at all In th- .n- lh" trrm
ss arr!lI to "I'.roVer IMi3arck." ho
took cotn-ils'ion- ihd '.nportrtnt v',","nt
ac from sll the dtsp.tsr.ts who -aruj-n'.ri
a th co-.cri r' i:rlln
Whi tiomir.s'ly the oonfe-enr Is con-fli-l
to th prtn--:psls tn the ire-it strur
c!e in Manehurta nnd -n th J;ianev!
ge.i nan) srrrat I'otver. -nUi W- r?
rer,:r-1 and I:ore.-eJ In the lellberatlor.s
!.- the most ItI wy We who look on
a-e bound to neutrality. tju! -; th" ,!";
I AJra'.r.al!o -Ith arm?, or tn th w rd. of
J r--to- lIoln-s. "ho was our fren.i hen
t-r -srarld -sas -ir lee
j TV ASXElUl'AN I'KO.i:E!?!
j To-dy Karoie nd Asia rr.t for a dlc
I lotnstic tffurav oa Arnrican soil and It
an arena made pcssitir by American
brains, jrt iltt! -nore :hn a cnturr aso
a-. Aairm lllnltr. whether 1--redlt!
o Eur3C-e r t Asia, was a m.rcs to be
pitted Individual
Our first dlr-'nt ef record was xlas
I.ar. of the Nntrsc ?ut anJ in his
tntructlan from Conrr-s h -as dt-r-cteil
to assutne the n-me of Timothy
Jce' nd th eharactcr t a merchant la
the fff. India trsde.
TSe sdiantace cf "ar-jnlrtr.c INrtsian
j-rvtveh" t ti:rresi 'Tvc 'li" and
whether he was so tns-ructe-l or not tt 1
c-rtsin that ty cacti s Shas crred
it; hlra u5"- i! en:biy a Urce up
rtr cf l-ivliibie Ink -:th which to -rite
hi ccirientlr! rvort t Conrrtst.
In f. m Mr Deist's d:p'?macv r;ay
hare bi crde. bet he had frosd ides
a-vt he kn that all rrabssl ta o
su-ce or another m-t b atft ts-ancs to
! s-cccessful & he writes h."rr.e to the
C-t!ne-ti! ConsreH shortly after htg ar
r.vi! Is Va?-
Te Queen is fend of jiarade ar.d Is
ear frter-d. ?he Iov nilr.c oa htrshi-k.
Ccud yoa ser-d me a fine Nrra;rett
?"!- cr :o. -ar a f barrels "f ajip'es
Th- nosjr ri5d t-e- weH Uld cut."
O-.r d-r4cmti' te:nntr tn AsS. date
frcs the day ot Ar-drea Jackson an-J they
.r. s hcml-Ie a-d T.lHa&5- as the
eh!-virts of 11- !re t th courts
uf th egst- mGrchIe. ot Kurop-
Cdrssnd Hoterts . "OW Hickory's"
The Success
swbbbbT ik
St. Louis'
Ambassador, and a Utter man we have
r.eter ?ent ncns either ocean to Klve thu
outride world a taste of our quality.
Our growlni.- trade in the Kast was. aa
Jpis...n tntc.f tn his nwrsKige to Con
gres. subject to pecuniary extortions and
vexatlo'i Impositions, and i' s nt out
Mr. Ilolrts to demand the "open door."
So. jou eee. this Is not a very new
Mr Ilobe-rts sallil upon the sloop of wnr
IVaco k In 1C2 for the Kartem seas. H.
ra ifcr'dlt'il to t!i-j'rulrs of ?Iam nnd
Mu- at. tr- lt-ijahs of Malaysia and the
Ecperers of China nnd J.ipan.
A delightful rovlr.K commission, but It
nould ha- b-en fr p'.easanter If these
Asiatic potntu:es had hid a reaUxlii
snr-f) of our crowing poner or iva cf
the f-ilnt'st nutlon of hrro tho country
from which Mr. Kobvrw hailed was "lo
cated "
When th Peacock reached Canton the
Cl.In,- wr immensely In-er.sed at the
nr-j-vara- i of a new kind of forden
devil "lt th. m not cnthor f -ff.'e
d!turlan-'e.s.'- ordered th- lccrny of the
day "Th! ship must return from whence
It came In Annum his experlfr.ee wcr
still nece 1-ltter to quote h!s o-n re.
stralrfl lar-nuc "The Insultlnc formali
ties rep.tred a? prIlmln-r!e to the tre.Uy
by the ministers of the Empf or lelt me,
no altrnatlo save that of terminating a
protra. i-i ,-orrespon-lence s:r.ruarly
mar'el b '.lupllcltv ar.d ; rev-srl"H n n
the part of th ofllclal er"ar.ts I tr- Ijji
peror '
ThOLCh r-sny times reburffd. Mr Rob
erts jec-edM a-5t w :thf t loss of dlR
r.lty. for he refu?f-d to ijipe-ir with bore
feet before the mensrehs of lUrukok. cs
was the oou-t cu-im. and In Mit-h lis
he !crl t-e Srt treaty ever tiecotLite-i
J-tweer the American O'jverr.me.nt and
an Asiatic Tower It can be r-.n t--dar. I
b-tl.e. in the archl-.e. of the Stat- De
partment ar I t-ears on jOn hand th irevil
of 5!tm. th- Jotus Sowr. nd en the
other a seal coitainlnr the '.Kle and tn
stars, which II- KoV--rt4 u-ed In the
cnur" of Ms diplTtle explorations
Howtvr t-fjre the Klrc would consent
to exehar.s'r-ir rattfjeatlo-.. tt was an
nounced th.t re. ac: be cajoled with rich
pr-srits. which wet. named and pec
f ed
" Arr.rac the-n five- pairs of ston statues
of men and women clothed in the costumes
of the 1'nit-d elites were rlulltlor-.
Kaush hewn piece, cf store, falr.t'y sut
frv.i of the ?arb of ur cnuntryms
and women In the days of Andrew Jaek-o-
rtind 'o-d.tv in a courtyard of or
of th royal wats la Hanskok aret thy
a-e.. I d5.bt cot. urer.'rs of Mr Ii.)b
erts" vUlt and evidence" of th paln
star.c war In wh.ch he did his work.
With Muscat Mr. Itoberts was pj'ased
and it seems a pity that such a fine people
should havdi!ippeaied from the face of
th- -arth. Of this delectable ctrart he
writes "Her-: was fv S s-en no ba!r.e,
a-raielUn or crourhi-.it. or knt-kir.s cf
head or bo-xts off. bi-t S was manly and
eve-yorn stoo5 ct h! feei"
On return n: to Cf --a. to have another
o l the 1ceroy !;.- had ordered him
bcr. tn uc"i an u- 'r-monlcs man-ier
Mr Roberts was stricken wr.h the plajrue
and a'.e-d cd a bitie-I In Mzroa. and
nitre yars ara I a Ms huntsle c-ave
tnere and read Ms odt epltsph. which
say tsat "Vsder instructions frcrs SlA
- . i -
Season Selling
It conclusive proof of public
lieve in our announcements, our mercnandise and our values, dot twice a
rear do we hold these grand cleaning-up sales, when our regular prices are
marked down 15 to 40 per cent, in order that all
stocks remaining over from the season past may be
speedily cleared away. We carry no goods over it's a
principle of this big modern store.
Men's and
Look in the windows at the suits offered during our
After-Season Sale at $10.50. There are scores of hand
some-patterns at this price,
ot tne most popular xaorics,
tures, regular and outing styles,
single and double breasted in
all sizes for men and young men,
regulars, stouts and slims and
extra large sizes all reduced
Transfer from say part of the city to
o la front of The
Money's Worth or Money
OoTernment ho neaotlated treaties of
amity and commerce with the kingdoms
ot SUm and of Muscat." Truly he was
tba pioneer of our diplomacy in the far
Bast, and the memory of men like him
should be recnUed. if but for a moment,
before sre enter upon the conference in
Washington, vrnere next month the sreat
nt Power of AMa will nUe the cry of
"Asia for the Asiatics" In a conference
which wilt Kreatty resemble an interna
tional tribunal of Justice.
The ch'je of Washington as the place
of the conference which may result la
peace or In a artater and more extensive
war Is duo to the fact that th-i prlnoivtia
In th strugR'e could net apiv: l-tween
themtehes. ujion ar- other neutral pnint.
' '1 at the first worl of m-liatl(n was
for The Hacue or tne cai-ltnl of nny other
ot the lfer Kuroran ytates. Her chr-lce
wax motived, uf course, by reasons of cua-
venlence. an-i by the hope of ro;Lsln; on
th Kurui-tan Continent hij antl-.sl:itle
frli:.s. which ha ttunnushnut th- i;r-ui
rtrucsl- flar-d up but r.ttull, if at all.
No explanation hat ever 1u-i orferl f
the Japanese choice of Cl.-foo. but to
thoso acquainted with tho recfiil care-r
of the lsind Kmplre it Is not far to se-k.
In 1S5 Chefoo. the little s-aport on the
Oulf of Clilll. was the rcene of Jitvin's
Krratest dlsoom:ltur-. Naturally It was
chosen as the place where r.-.r rniiKnlllcent
uccisses on loth land and ea are to be
tranUtd Into protocols nnd consecrated
by treaty
itcssiA PDiAsnnn a
In April, lsy; when China srai vun
Qished and the lctorinui Japanese
armies were threattnlns I'ckln, r.uy.'a
demnnje-i of jj.t vl-'t'-r the cry-iatKn of
!: ";t:ll!!. and th retrocess.on of nil her
t c nqu rid tetr.iory on the Asiatic main
land l'.ii--:.i s 4:emand was jpfnt-d by
Franco and by (lerinany. nnd Jhpan'a
n-.w -lly. Ka;Lsd. was not ery for
ward at this Junctur with the proif.-- of
any ass:anr- xce;t jrooi adIct; S:.!l
Jaftta h--l:tei5.
I "I we on.y had two lattlcshlps w
J would decline to aco-pt mch d!-r.ttoriaI
terms. arei she statesmen of Toklo.
but they only had one and that was a.
ralh-r unseaworthy capture from tho Chinee-
in the tat'Ie of the YmIu Still Ja:
nn l.eltattd. the cup of hu-nlllatlon was
too tltltr for the lctors of llr.i-Vans t.
uai.ov. and whl'e they h!lated nd of
fered etery Inducement lo HrsLind. th
Island empire nt the other end .f th
world, to co to their Al!."ir.c- one afttr
r.ooa tn Arrtl the prat Itt.-sia:: fleet of
twentj-liirfe ship, wl'h th-r war paint
en. anchored off Ccefo-j ai.d ireure-i f-r
action. In thn days ther was KTeater
enthusiasm fcr th flrht la th Itussian
niv th-sn ha., l-en sflown In tli r-ent
ncjunter- To jouni; mld'i!pm-a who
hail tttn put on shore -ufierlr.p from
rarln? fe-ers swim out from "h- hosnltal
d lnlted upon b-ln a!.owrd to flsht.
Ins-Id the harbor were a rioz-r. Jarsnes
transports and as many ersi-rrs (ri th
fol'.owinir day at noon, the time al.awtd
by njela for eonsaJerat-- I hr hard
trrrcs exp'rtd. and at II tliv k the Jari
es 1c!dd with the charactf rls'ic Japan
ese rmlle whlca lovers -urh a multitude
cf fellns?. The battle was OS. and th
ltussun Admjral. Tyrtoff. hautd down his
fUr;. After turr-Inc over the ccmmaid to
the rt-cently c!ebratel Viceroy f th
llusslan East. Admiral AleieJefU Tjrtcff
wnt hon.- and shortly aied. t,f a broktn
heart, it was said. II had l"n known,
and I b!leve srtth right, aa ths f.tthtr of
th- r.u'an navy.
Of the p enlpotenttarles to the confer
ence In Washington, which will assemble
early In Am-st. in th readlr.s-rocra of
the gnte In the Conf-ess-onil Idbrary.
It l said, th Stat- Department t-ir r.ot
o.Tenrjs a suts- of roerns -f".c!entty is
elous. the Msrquls Its. shca.d he h-ad the
Japaaes mission. Is undouttediy f.e b-t
iiasnuio - U iT as Jfjt T.T
ia BSMK. tufSssBBBs&v
ISsbbHbbe s I
of Our After-
confidence that the people
High-Grade Suits
made up in the latest styles,
sa m
lid colors and fancy mix-
in soua colors ana iancy mix
to. .
Sereath sad WasMagtOB, sad get
Model's doors.
Seventh St.
first TMt of tba Marquis to the United
States, and, despite his advancing years,
let us hops It will not be the last.
With Marquis lto Is associated Mr. Ko
mura, the clever youns Minister of FW
clgn Affalra In Japan, who conducted the
Mnrjchurian negotiations which led up to
the war la a manner so satisfactory to his
nmperor. Mr. Komura Is a Harvard man.
like Mr. Kurlno. who represented Japan
at St. Petersburg up to the outbreak of
the war. and they both speak English with
a strong Boston accent. Mr. Tnkahlra.
the third plenipotentiary, is so well known
aa the efficient guardian of Japanese in
terests In Washington for the last three
reurs aa to require no further mention
The latest news) from Toklo would seem
to Indicate that Marquis lto mar not at
tend, the conference In person, but limit
his activity to Inspiring; the Japanese For
eign Office from his beautiful villa on the
Feu at Oto. that most charming rpot on
the Japanese Rivera, where the now ven
erable Jntianes statesman loves to retire
from the burden of the state affalra which
h hn born so many years.
If th Marquis lto should. not come to
Washington, ns now seems probable, the
lliH.'Ir.ns will be tn a measure to blame la
not iiavlnir appointed a man with whom
h could, nccordlng to the Japanese eti
quett. confer without condescension on
his part. The Russian plenipotentiaries!
are only msa cf the rank which the Mar
quis lto hae created and commissioned
rcores of times) In his life. But should
liussln snd r.n envor of the rank of Witt
to the conference there can be no doubt
that Marquis lto would be there to meet
The fact that th war on tha Russian
side has hen so luckless will probably
discipline the Ru!an Government to
nam n military plenipotentiary, and so.
of cours. in nccordane with th etiquette
which govern uch occasions, the Japan
ese cannot l. represented by Field Mar
shal Yamagtita or any of the other mili
tary men who have len nominated by the
Jnpaftesw pree. for the brilliant but oner
Bs post of envoy.
It Is a pity that our chance of receiving
Vamagata I eo slight, for he Is a won
derful man and In his person Illustrates
th- wonderful story of Japanese military
T velopnvr nt. When h entered the army
Japnne soldiers wore armor nnd "false
fac-s" carried two swords and drilled In
th "Infuriated tliter" or the "enraged el
ephant" formation", but In lSfc. on th
China relief expedition, be commanded
the Jnjnncs contingent, which was re
tarded bv nil th officers of th allied nr
mlet ns th mot modern and up-to-date
military fore which up to that time the
world hid ever sn.
M. Komura. who. In default of th Mar
on!" lto. hi master r.nd rntron. miv head
the Jspnnep mission. Is one of the most
remarkable of the younger mn In Japan.
In nppearanc he Is lnslcnllicance persori
lfed. weigh almt seventy-five pounds
and has Ixen likened by those who Iove.1
him not to a mosquito, one of the bad
kind IVr the last ten yenr Mr. Komura.
hough I should say he l barely 45. has
len th favorlt agent end "man on th
j-pot" of th Japane "great mda! men."
r elder statesmen, such as lto and
The narres of th Russian plenipotentia
ries clo t! le:V guarantee that R'.is.la
ftillv apsr-'Cla'fs th sravlty of th stu
nt'on from which the confr nee in Wcsh
Ington eTers h-r mo3t honorabl deliver
ance M d Nelldoff. th annoucc-d head
of th mission. I. a protce -f th lat M.
d fll'rs. wr.o has rendrd hi" country In
valuable services In Persia and In Turkey
nnd lr rranc. Indeed, wherever the In
terests Russia would .sm to have been
In leopard-. th-r the courtly M. d Nel
ldoff has hn "ent. II t.a. I believe, never
llv-l In th far Knst. and under these clr
eamstanees his selection shows that Rus
fli appreciate" the worldwld lmiortance
of th conference and n disposition not in
torcilli- the dellt rations, which may have
far-reaching con'qunres.
On th othr hand, th second mmhr
o' th Russian mission. Raron d Rosen.
has local knoldre Mth of Am-rlca,
whr h served for eight years at the
Washington Embassv. and as or.u! Oen--al
In Nw Tork. and of Japan, wher ns
urVreta-y of legation and Minister he
llvei many ears
Siclitl'ps, but Knows Flow His
Wife Looks. He Declare.
Corona. 1 I.. July S- Friendship formed
In church work and rlpen-d Into lo
r-jltcd in Frank Irwin, a blind musician
of this village, mnrrjlr.g a former mem
ber of a chrtr tratnd by h'm. Th bride
Wrts Miss Kdith iJing-, an-1 she formerly
resided In Wocdslde. U T.
Vor sev-ral vars the blind musician ha-s
' tietn orcar.lst n-i choirmaster or tn
Woodslde Baptist c"hurch. and it was socn
after he assume-! tne cuti of tr.at posi
tion that h met Miss I.ang. Gne of th
most popular glr Irf th t-lac and an
ardnt worker In the church. They met
often and sympathy for th blind rgar
lt roon grew- to love, and th- wtd.tlr
Is the T-s-jlt.
The cer-mony took plac a few nights
iro. and was attcdd by th ilatlvs of
th cp!e. Th Reierend Frank M.
0ea.!cilH. I. I.. a Baptist rolnlst'r of
fizlated. ejid whil th bridegroom could
not hi' brld- It was evident that he
was ry happy.
When 'he cermny was ovr th blind
m-arlclan passed his hands gtitl.r ovr th
brtde fac and ald that he knew Just
taw- she looked. Mr. Irwin gives mus'c
Ieons an.1 ha many pupil. He has
ben In the habit of traveling alor.
about th city Th couple ar on a hony
moon trip that will lact two weks.
RatlraaS TraSle la Jassasi.
Japan has era miles of railway, of
which no m!!s wer constructed L- Btt
The numfcr of pateners carried oa these
railways in 1M sred.! li ': th
freight trars;3rt4 was H.liiTl -trlc
tons, and th caab rc-ipts amounted to
believe in n be
Beysf Stasis
Btea. 8silor
alar fabrics; all sia
to 18 years of ace;
Cttt Wtoaoosoaoasoai
jnnnj i
Bora Two-Plece Slacle
Boys Blnclo sad DeaMe
Boys Fin
KlXKnbf ssbV
I will give flOOO tf I fail to care say cancer
I treat, before it poisoas tae deep glaads or
attaches to bone.
Ko knife or pain. No jgy natfl cored. No
N-Rar or other swindle. A Pacific Island
shrub or plant makes the cores the most
wondertoi discovery oa csna, loaay. ouu
cancers cared on people yon can see sad talk sjrita.
A tumor, lump or sore oa tba Up, fsca or say
where, six months, is cancer. In 30 years I aavs cored
more cancers than say other doctor living. Iavestigate
my absolute guarantee. Be sore to write today for my
130 page book, sent free, with symptoms, addresses and
testimonials of thousands cured, ana write to there. We
ai strictJy reliable, smd doss we sgree. Address
omen. 20 1 V 203 N. 1 2tn St.. St. Louts. Mo.
Everybody knows that President Rooss
velt Is an all-round athlete, but It Is not.
perhaps, so generally known that ha has
gathered about' himself a Cabinet of saaa
whose tastes are similar to Ma own.
Of the Cabinet officers chosen by Presi
dent Roosevelt. Messrs. Bhaw. Tatt. Slot
ton. Moody. Metcalf and Cortetrou ars
mea who delight in sports, and Moody.
Metcalf and Cortelyou each achieves dis
tinction. Secretary Metcalf Is slbjntly above era
feet In height, straight as an arrow, and
Is fond of almost all outdoor sports. He
Is a Tale graduate, and as a freshman
rowed stroke on his class craw. H
?layed baseball, the old-fashioned type of
ootbail. rode th bicycle and ;
pert swimmer, in later years Mr. MW
hiiK taken principally to shooting, nsbiag
lJtmaster General Cortelyou. who was
born and reared In Nw Vori City, played
basebull until he enter.! Uw andat
Georgetown and Columbia was tha craca
pitcher for th 'varsity team. ,
PNotwltl.standlnK his S lfiftSJ
tnr- Taf fs chief n-rt Is horee '"':
with golf, yachting nnd boxing as diver
Fsj.Se far Sew Taebt laotltatle te
B Kale- Throws Stock CaeT
Farsarst Assama Mesa kera.
New York. July S.-A clubhous for New
York's business women. In which the busi
ness) woman will be tnant. landlord and
housekeeper, and where he offlctaus Jard
tor will be replaced by a I'1"; 'JSs
very different from some Jan'tresees. istosj
of the fond dreams, which th W'";
th National Business ffom-n '"f""'
who irrtVed at th Hotel dlcott for tW
first annual meeting, hope to see come
MrV IsabelU Krt'W.ClmrclfcfmerJy
actlv In the woman's c of New Tork.
n nresent State president oj tnj "w
TorkHch of th siJ. n;
r... Wnmn's League, will submit we
Ptan. for"h"s Idubhous for bu. iness
' 1J which It Is plannM to build in
h'tf wll) J etrictly a business
proposition. .Mm . am t r',"; T.
will be raise 1 through a big c,1.c"m;
pany. forrr.e-1 ameng members, which now
B " WrtihhBflness woman of to-day rt
slrrs "o'get r.dU or-aald Mra. t-hurrt Tea-
rmknyr of th InsUtutton. built to-day for
p'fan. '?- no hlndrhArr- -
nd us Jelll. and dlacarded ruga. ins
menrnWsJdeciar they will accept a loan.
stonal standing of th "i.S1'tn;
leaSi'-. member- a- th- ra..n st, thV
rU-a-dTln" rkeep?;.th "the d.gn.Vy" or
.'n il Ji. n th Trofs!onal world.
itai.7 owrTb-eakfa: over hr own Ut
?i;)Ks .to V- -I "
.JB.:"S V.lS!2&n f new. It I. the Plan
th.r cMIrs mar try It. and the New Tork
S Uereon
of simitar clubhouses.
Financier live Large Holdings
in United Stntcs and Mexio
Washington- July Jt The amunt or
Dutch capital Invested In foreign securl-tt-
la th subject of a report mad by
Consul Central Gueether at Frankfort.
According to the estimates of official
statistical and financial Jf'urcfs. D-iteh
capital to the amount cf .... is in
vested In American bonds and shares, and
tWi m Russian bonds and share
V.ry large sums of Dutch capital are in
vested tn Meslcan Government bonds and
In bonds and shares of Mexican
After-Seasoa Sediag
Boys' Suits
Baits; Meat.
ssedtaai sad
throacaoet;aes3t10; sfcTE
Doabto Breasted
stade of tao
Bnsslsa. Etea Sailor
Paats Salts caertots.
for beys of 3
Suits, made of swell imported worst
eds, cherlots sad oatlac aanaete.
pada or bloomer paats; axes 7 to 16;
also handsome Novelty Salts; S to
Z?..? $5.90
Hand-Tailored Salts, :
ap la the crer-popalar worsteds,
smooth vekror casslmeres, cherlots
and tweeds: double-breasted style: 8
to 16: Novelty Salts, 3 to 12; all getac
la oar after-sesaoa sale aa
at. ... . .... ...esJVo 3
Boys Doable-Breasted sad Norfolk
Bolts: fall bloomer troucem: made of
the very finest fancy worsteds, casafr
meres sad cheviots; thoroughly tai
lored; coat has broad shoulders and
that easy, graceful swacsex effect;
It does aot pala astfl slasast past care,
bat if scglected, it will always prason
deep (laads ia tae srarpit sail kiU
.aaicklv. If von wait until kpotsoas
atons. He leaves the War Department al
most avery afternoon about f o'clock a-
companled by oaa or mora of his bureuu
chiefa and mouated oa a large gray horse.
When Secretary Tatt does not ride Into
the country he slips away from bis desk
about 4 o'clock and Joins Justice Harlan
of tha Supreme Court oa the Chsvr Chase
golf links before dinner.
Tim Murnane. the baseball writer, de
Clares that the profession of baseball lost
a star catcher when. In 1ST, William It.
Moody, the present Attorney Genera',
with a Harvard sheepskin In his band,
turned to the law. Mr. Moody was cap
tain and catcher of the famous Haverhill
club, and when he entered Harvard, in
irn. aa a freshman, was placed behind
the hat on tho 'varsity team.
Secretary Shaw of the Treasury Depart
ment finds that tha horse fulfills all his
deslrts for recreation and sport. In fact,
tho President, on his Wyoming. Is perhaps
th only equestrian who can follow the
Iowa man on his famous mount Prince.
Secretary Morton of the Nary Depart
ment la very fond of shooting, yachting,
golf, horseback riding and danrlng Hc
for the trap be Is a crack shot, plays
better than an average game of golf and
h-ts entertained the President at som.
very close games on the tennis courts,
jtr Morton finds himself unibia to acjiuiro
the baseball or football habit.
railroad and industrial companies; aisr
In the uovemmeni ana nuirasn
bonds Of Auatria-Hungary. Portugal,
and numerous other countries, and
S large amount woraing pruuunsj i
bacco and rubber plantations, the mining
of tin and other metals, petroleum and
well A financial book or reference piaos
the capital or an uuicn joini ". ""
r antes at t:t.V.9. tut this does not etn
raco th numrous Dutch companies
which have their headquarters In the colo
nies and In loreign coumrxr-.
ma feel the eood Uat's done hy Dewt
Pierce's Goldea Medical Dttcovery. It
cleanses, regulstes and Invlgerstes Stora
seh. Llverand Bowels and so purines ths
Wood. And through the blood. It cleanses,
repair, and Invigorates the whole system.
fn recovering from - grippe," or in con
valescence from pneumonia, fevers, or
Other eihaustine; disease, nothing can
equal It sssnsppetuing. restorative itonla
to build up needed flesh and strength. It
rouses every organ Into natural action,
nrosKktes all the bodily functions, and re
stores health and vigor.
For everv disease that comes from foul
ae Weak Stomach, a torpid Liver or im
pure Blood. Dyspepsia. Indigestion. Bili
ousness, and the most stubborn tikfn.
Scalp, or Scrofulous atVctlons. ths " Dis
covery" 1 a sovereign remedy. Don't
he hypnotized, wheedled, or over per
suaded Into accepting a subuitnte only
that MS selfish medicine seller may
make a greater profit on ths Inferior
article. The "DUcovery" has a great
record st nearly forty years with thou
sands of cares behind It.
DsarSsr Ssreral feers eg my bleed be
eante impoverished sad I became ran down la
sealte. I bad no appetite, eould aot sleep,
and was practically anSttad r work. Buf
fered from laauaierable boll, aad was Is bad
aasse. Dr. Plercee Gold iledleelDtocoT
erv relieved me of sjt wretched condition.
The ssedldae ballt as asy sietsm aad re-
Itlon keIth
Baa4s7sai uesoi aa sn v .h h ss -es
can speak aot hlgbly also, of Dr. Trteree's Fa
vorite Prescription, as It baa besa osed la my
family far ean uaraeesov resaaie troaote.
a si
tt Goodrich
The Feeals's Common Sense
.Meoieai Adviser, by k. v.
Pierce. M. D., Chief Cevtsult
Ing Physician to the Inva
lids Hotel and Surgical
Institute, Buffalo, N. Y.
Paper-brmnd razz on re
ceipt of n one-cent stamps
far mailing only; or cloth -booad
for Si cents. Address
ths Autxor. as above.
bbpbt4 aWssasaaBT
. "..
j- ft "- -

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