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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, July 16, 1905, PART IV, Image 39

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sV-v v-'-i -7" rCv'sr v tvl ktvf1- v- -v-xr'tar ;- " - "
This Company ha ate
imMBT has ate amaaasa saf
ag vctoa. every one of thetn of workable alse; tfct-rty-atTa aatr
tea M;hc -s-Ja per top ( pMSS ta caMt twelva
w on the ground, and Mr. "Mttssar arritae that w af tkca arm
itampr no
them to be
aval aaMcrr.
Upontheae condition we advise the purchase of Delta Consolidated
at M ceata per afcare. We believe th! Is the best purchase of gold-mining
stock In HI) as t a County. It carries nothing bet gold. Yaa kasw the condi
tion of Crass Wianw when she was born again her tnlnes carry copper,
silver and gold. We starr la her acrtaa. The Delta.. lies within the shadow
of Great Western, proven ground; abundant water power: tnagnlScent
timber. i
We financed the Asia seat we financed the Great Weatersw and we are
financing the Delta Cepaelldate. TaJa smay be year laat aaaportaaltr ta
taiy Delta Ceaaalldated at I eeats aer share. Far value is $1.00. Our last
arlet letter Is Just out. Write for a copy: it will cost you nothing, and
it will pay yea ta read It and feJJew sear aefrtce.
C6mnnercUI 'Ida-.. t. Hsuta. Me.
9 and 34 per cant per annum. Send f cr cfflcisl
at at stocks Bering sues dlv!4&2a and Met
US ta-m-.ters.
"atllia t-iittlcs. Ean Francisco.
H. H. 8HTNX. Pr-tr.t-an
stack. Sacretary.
THE "SJIXI.XG HEIMLO. Leal'.r.g mining
an4 financial taper. 1v!n valuabis informa
Uon on rr.Ir.1na; aaj oil ln'ustrls. inncpal
companies, beat dividend-paying storks ant
bowing haw zmmns pr'flta nar be mafla
ea abaututa'y safe Ir.vestnwnts. WV.ta for It
a I.. TTTHN-RR A ro. a Wway. New Ye.rK
(artba nmMeejM a Owtrawn li
en Ac r-MTw m Dun
TSaaten. Jclr IV "Tloalna tyjatatloaa tft-4.Br fr
nonar, ones. a:ocas asa mining nana were
as fallows:
call loans IStH Pr ect. Mice leans IXC.',
per cant.
Atrhls'm a4).
Atchison 4 ..
ta... M Mlcan cent. 4a. T
Atehlem MV, i fTclituta pt. ...ta&
I. pM IU Stealcan CVatial... U4
Rostra A Alarr..l N. T.. N. H. A R..390
BVW.on Slalna . .:T tPrre Xtro'jetta... M
tal .n taaralaa.. Itt It'nlTn rr:ie . ...11W4
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ison Eiae.
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Oiaser Raaaa
Un:taa Cnppar..
Tyxntnlnn Cbal tl (''. fc. Mining
rranklln tJ. R. on .
Ormnhy ILIan
Isle Ravala i Vlctsrta
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SCeMsan . .
'nivalin ,
Bid. tAakcL
Mlalag Staeha at Mew Tarfc.
w Tork. July 21 Cloatna q-jnutlona to-dar
m Tork Ji.lv II C
tor mlnlrj stocka ware
aa roiiows
adama Con S
A.'lce IS
llrwfa II
Brunswick Ore....
Jrmstnek Tunnel., t
Con Cat. A Va. 1I
llm i!lvr 1M
Jr S".!vr 1:1
IaiTtl!a r,.n .. .
littla rr.iaf
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wira Nevada ..
lail llctica
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Sew Yartt Boa Market.
New Tork. July 13 fnltad ittatte ovra
tn't bonds contls'jed Srm Tra.ltr In tft
naral ryml murkat u qutat ac9 cir..!u:tel
UMn a rarrow jrlra rar.se
iivj 2 .
l"l J:uw
1 Olftt
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:. rar!str. 1 .
Ss. ooujwn. 1330
J. rlsterl. V!t
la. rnarn. 1V9
Ja. .tuCI Nm'l
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a. tU!x 1.':
rt'.T.t itX'
aa. couitt 1?
Iltrtc OoiumMa Z V,
PMUrflra t
liTO'-K. I:CII AN.n 1X.NI) Tit AN
t I nlta-t Stataa 4a. rrcular ijt; if4
S! f f.-rWTi Joimmr.t t'iJa wrr-:
"v In'j-i!al Jap 5ii
;r 1 n P'( a! 3
Sv .5 j : 'S (.
."! it r ", !... 4
(- o -. ... .Jt
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ctf. : i3.tv.:n
hVa of 4'nrtlc tii4
2 tit Am !. J't.
!. l-. .-ol J- '
tcA. N V i. II
II I. ".4
tr !. JJ
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rr. c'xt" "
2 H.u ,111 I'lS
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um nj
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1 1 o. 4 aa HV
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19. wo Art, rfc aw
44 tr o -tfa f
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Ttat aa IL9! K. aa!r.M U.K.(x rfr
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Cklraga St4rlv arkt.
1 It. Hilur a tra
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O, atv.
National Blacv,:t cetn
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AreaTiean F tvc
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tv. ptt..
We-fk-a Baak Ctearlaa.
Teaterd' !n--e,a !-r: ---.t
rar!xa tT.343.ia. s,tj-e isim. o-tra
fee the wa r ls.r.iO. ertrtuA ,na
aV.K.-a UU4 a
at tW., K7 lat a,-.
la asset Vtasket.
Oaanaw wara in wlsei r.-e a I
4a r. Daw ant ratas fee can an-t ti-a
were sar at 4 : j., jr er.t.
Maw Ter.
Iaa4en. July
:lr fur 4Te We
Si. IVr a.iar t at
: 1-144
Hew Tstefc Heater Hark.
Sa Tk. Julr tJ- ft? r-er-atnUe rrr
avava ni. en.ua- emsiaa aveay -a- IS
Sjctaal Wa:: aa ta tasirrr hi la at 4MS
afgfx fr maxt aed at alawetw fn- autr-
dar aPa: fe4j raiea ta 3. erjaerrtal
aeaanat asaj iwiiraaj tweaa ataoey xr
call Baaxtnal- a kaua. ttav Vwaa ea,
asa s rr cect. M daja J1 ptr c,:.
m ' per east.
that il i ill
hi lasss. '
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MI'a ilV
1M 5 ivtl
iltii ttfetMlm timimmt elartesa
Are thousand feet of tunneling work, proving
r. . imnir, a-ra-aiseai as un-
Hearr Accumulation of Cash Re
vealed by Bank Statement
Much Larger Than Was
Aw York. Jtly 13. Tl;e stock market
fell Into lethargy to-day. and only i.tsiR
nlficant ctar.gs resultcil from th 4jay'
small buflnesF. The h-avy accutnuUllon
of cash rvealod by tlie bank etaftnent
was much laipr than indicated hy tl:e
rrllmlnary et:mat-a. but this wan sun
rosd to l flat- t the rfctincatlon of last
ner-k's unexprcttJly large decrease hy thj
tiorklns oat of the computation by daily
As this bulHInc up of the resr"es Is
for the purpose of froiMina; for the re
payment of the Jll.(4-.fMr) of Government
tlejolts callej for to-lay. th money mar
ket is not eir?ctea to benrf.t from it.
Tti eaj.e of rail money liir!r.sr th past
wetk liad evidently been lue to ths tem
porary cmplojment of thtue funJs. Ilie
contraction !n loans rellei'ej any appre
hcnslon that the subscriptions for the
Japan;) loan had mado uny undue in
roads upon atallable crediu. The ab
sorption of Union I'aclflc afloat renewed
ronjectura as to th comlnir dividend, ac
tion on which ha lieen expected from day
tu day during the week.
The Financial ChronicIVs estimates of
the expansion In railroad srosa enrnii.c
attracted attention, returns from 12 rail
roads, partly estimated, indicatinc an In
crease for th first half of the ear over
the rather unfavoraMo rhon-lni; f the
first half of last year of approximately
Sua.OOD.MO. while the coniiurlson with the
flr?t Ms months of 1JS7. ela;ht yeans ago.
shows an nr.tloii of rome I7 ..
Buylnc "f I'r.lon I'aclt'.c held the mar
ket firm to the close. Total sales of bond,
par viilue. ilO-.V.
The process of dlsestion of prollM which
was manifest last week in the stoik mar
ket culminated early this srek in a, sharp
break In prices, coupled with thi an
nouncement of com In vacation depar
tures or aom of tli accredited leaders of
the rec"rtt speculative campAlgn.
The market for the ret of the week
showed the benefit of some of the favor
able ! loprnents ',1 s flairs. Imt later the
important operctlcns on the pert of klllej
crajnnltej parties which had formed the
KicKboue of tha precedlni; advance ani
which had ben fostered In the confidence
thit. a market would be found for hold
tt.tfs accumulate,! on the advance, ss a re
sult of the reinvestment of the larce s:ms
disbursed aa half-yearly prflta on July 1.
Such M reruns aj the mMrket ihcianl in
the latter part of the week was taken ad
vantage cf constantlr to comnlets the
proflt-taklns on the pr-'eent market fol
lowers of the leadership which was retir
ing. i.viaer.tiy we npprencnslon exlMe.j
that the future facllltl of tbw money
market rnlrht t-ccme narrowe I to the
dicidvantsso of those using bcrrone,
funds for speculation.
The underbills feeling of confidence In
conditions which establlth alues of -ar-ltles
was fostered by a nu:nb.r of Inci
dent?. Of most far-rachlnc effect prob
ably waa th prospect for th" grain crop.
The Government report of condltlun as of
July 1. published Tuesday afternoon, was
regarded aa warranting ev-ry ncouras
rr.ent to the hope, of a prp roua outcome
to the country s ceraf c-ops.
The estimated yield toseij on the coni!!
tloni thr howri of a what crop wa-,
sujiiilementl In Its effect by the more
lmmrdltte new -4 of the , reportlr-!
favorable wither conditions and pood
progreaa In growth and harvesting.
The fact that the tloveninient's csti
mate: were ucootdM th-!r Urual author
ity al. rlivr-i the anxiety lest tli cot
ton I.il; -cand.il HiotiM serve to dl"crsllt
all tl,t iovernine:.:'4 acricultunil statis
tics i.nd U .!ve to !avo the f.ils of
market operation unstable ani uiioert.iin.
lth the threat of reultin ur.?etlernent.
The sto?k-marit vim- of the ..utlook of
the Irvin and ; 1 ti-u! hsi teen one of
growing conflJer Specific as rtlotji of
very heavy vrl-rs fir rtructunil te.-I and
of Intended Increase? lu j-rice la lxen
an lmt9rMnt facio- in f.r!r.!C th! fei
Irc ri.e nt.tt1!', s ,'f y rod: .on and co:i-i-uniruioii
fir Ji ne f.,l!"sl to n fleet aii re
vival In tho tron market, th falling ofT in
production not availing to prrvent nn ac
cumulation of tfolJ in hand
Hut tl.e nt dimetiiin of the i on
Nuniptiou In thin industry lor the half var
iiMde an Imprcriive Ie4,i:: of the pm,jlj-,-u
rejre, for ":ri-:'! n .f the tr:il
or.-I the re-ultinjr t'Ht of tbo-e eTK.iqo,
In It On- of W.iil f.--et s f.ivorlte'.i
maxltrjs ! that th" lrr; irtnnt reliability
of tha oour of the iron market l an
Index of tt.c O'lii'iy'i proaperlty n a
vv !
Dividend j "ipe-t h.i-.e ionlir,u-.I to
rUy an import.irit ;ii-t in the week'- m.T
Xet The conttnretj . xpjnuion fn .'amines
m.'-rted bv the rie.i- railroad -. terr of
tie i-ountrv lair ept alive hoj - tor a
long time past of in'-rea.ed dl.bure:nerjts
of the crow In? profit'
Put the policy of Inrce ou'lav out of
current arr.ira i' let'ern:ent and even
of ac.-umtiUticn of :ryl. to cure Ie-
profltaWe period haio been advanced a
explanations for t-onfrvjtlie vlen on
4!lv-ldrnJ lncra
A dep.rture from this cor..arvatlm i
rcganled aa evidence of confidence in the
ftituro maintenance of properoua condi
tion. The ra!irg of tU ,t!vl!nd rate on
H. V follow big that on Heading ha
had lmrrtant lnflunce on sant!mnt Hat
hope of irni:ar action In othr ,-ae
stimulated Pv tock market rt:nvrs h.
been di.appotntr-! : Jtably In the r-je ,,f
1'nlori Pa 'e . nr.J of xpecteil lATKe . xtta.
lLbureme- -n Northern T'acifl- ani
"!rei.t Northern The failure to aft in
the.e eae ha cautd difarr 'etment ard
ha Inducl cll!c of the Mock
Th !rj Scrlrtlon for t'-e jo-;)j,
of the Jnpane.. loan offere.j in New rk
a n feature of tha wek The ;r"in v
reiiuirrn.en fpr th Aurtimtior were of
moderate efft ,.n t-c - 3Ky rrsarket Hut
the srei'er part of the pavrnent. are
'ii:u-.i ..-i ... i,. 1,1m,, Jil-1 t,lllie;ji. j til
ing due jr. (vtcwr and form an impor
tant additional Stem In th calculations of
th money re;:rctents at that time
Preparation hav been :n'(lr alo fr
lh returr; cf lll.'l of vJoveriirr.e-t ie
Pa):s to the reaurr to-day Hate, for
time mcr.ev rave a.ivascej ur.ler a' a--
tiv demand for th lx month'' prtri.
and the coure of c f.u tnoney market
re ron- Into IccreaIrc conideratlo-.
The Influenoe o? the revive.! d!ua!on
ard further d!clcure in Ihe K-jult-ble
IJf effalr rn r.ot le !jmcr!. .vecona:
14 taVen in the tcck market cf the dis
trust which may be er;gndred In th
rpJnds of tr. ester b the dis.-redi thron
a nar-ea lenr Mcff rrre:;e.l. j upon
!ntItutior. trutM bv t- rablle cr.
fldertce for the wj?e exejTrJ, cf tU-cr'tlon
and integrity In the placement of va.t
oti cf capital tn e-curitv
The ranl: regarding the Govrir.er.t'
4rrtc3'turai ttscs hx tervlej to ag
gravite thl feeling art ceocentrate .t
tetli r. sl mine-e iclirs of Jew
trUrd cf bualnsa morality lth th
affwrt of rredaelp.a an lrrrTlcei cf a
general tesitnev calculated to cass dl
trut anj a diaturhance of that credit
which 1 eo 1-nportant an eierart In tKe
grs4t enterrriae cf the modem world.
fen-i dtfl arJ Irrecnla- fe'-.4
$ta:a re 4.4. registered, iia adranced
- --t tr- eopec per cent en call dar
ing tfc et
rle ftaravsa aad Eiaarts,
Nw- Tcra, J Ct If 7at L.-irra e rr
at ta pert at Nw Tfrv fj tha irwt Tsa?
4.n allvar
aisi. a4.
xaj rae re-i ii pnr; tr je T.rk frr tie
"eeVi aotaig tdajl art STMtU aSiar aij a
Bears In the local wheat market were tut so aura of their around as the? bad
been for several days. During the greater part of the session there was fairly twod
support for the active wheat options, tsat toward the close the usual Saturday liqui
dation cAtued a slight net decline for the day. At the openlnr there was fairly good
buying on reported rain In the spring belt and higher cables. A statement that the
Russian wheat crop waa a failure was taken for more than it was worth by a certain
class of traders on the track of something sensational. Lcter advices indicated that
there was no material change In the conditions In the Northwest. Receipts were u?
to the recent end-of-the-wcek average, and there was little Improvement In the cash
situation. The early covering by shorts did not seem to tarress the rank and file of
traders, and in the late rush to sell there waa mors than enough Impetus to wipe out
the Initial gains. .
Corn was dull and without feature. There was very Httle speculative trading- and
values were at & standstill.
Sept. wheat opcr.ed ?iti;c up and closed He oft
Sept. corn opened unchanged and closed He up.
Sept. cats clottd US'ic off.
Heceipta f produce were m fair volume.
cal securities were dull. United Railways bonds were in best demand.
yesterdays bank clearings Trere n.SO.C& balances K32.U9. Discount rates were
steady between 4 and T- per cent.
Spot cotton was He lower :n the local market.
Corn Is Dull and Without Feat
ure, but Stronger Than
After shomir.g some eartv strength the
ectiv- wheat futures clojed on the down
turn in etcniay local marl:t. Ileports
of rain in the Northt and hlali-r cr.bles
were the main bullish factors at the open
ing. During the first hour there was a
sjo-1 oeal of covering by hori?. but the
ie.td'rs of the lear movement did not .eem
to be BlT'-d'-d. SIil:,g v.es rather brisk
in the last hour.
Sept. whtat opcncl Ji'c up. ranged
frcm )c to 4'iv; and clcsl at M'f5lsc.
Corn v.as practically at a standstill. The
ipt. option hhd fair support, hut there
was little nufeMe lr.lercsl in th" coarse
sraln. . . . ,
Sept. corn evened i: hlgl'-'r and cosed
at ITj: nwked. . ...,.
Heccipts of wheat at Pt. Lntti. lt?-l"
bit., of r.hlch 4.1 ack Mid 111 car. local
and u car thtuugh. against .:! bu.. of
which all were local. In IV.
Primary receipts of wr.iat fcr the part
twent four hour CVv hu.. ag.iin-t 1T
ti bu. in 1H. and sh'pments :' bu..
a-:alnst 3H.".) Iu. Notthweat fec'lvcd M
can. aeain.st 37 car in 1804 fnleago re
ceive! '.015 bu. and Kansas City XAM't bu.
CxportH of whfat at.d flour t" Hurope
for the pht wtek rtportej at .M.t) bu..
agaltft l.'Cl.OCO tu. a week ago and l.lliOO)
bu. in ll.
Autrallan Fiilpments of whtatto Ku
roje the pa.t wefi: reported at l"s..v bu..
against 44'.4i Lu. a vvck ago and rTiW
bu. in 1VM.
Receipts of corn at St. IvkiI SI'w bu..
of which 3 car) local and '- cars through,
against .l' bu.. of which !" car. local
ai'd 7 car.i thrruch. In 1"1.
I'rimarr receipts of cirti for the past
tvnt-f"ur hour?. .! bu.. niriilr'-t 21S.
tv bu. in Kl. Shipments. i"i- bu..
ngaln.t 3.'iO bu 'hIc.ico rcc-!vd Zf&fMl
bu. and K.mrfs City 4" bu
Kxport. of com to Kutope fn the r-"it
wttk reported ut s.V..''" bu.. against XS.'t"
bu. a week air- and t7'." bu. in Vl.
nre'i;- of oar- in St lvul. T.i bu..
of which i' saeka and S ears bieal and
t cars' througll. against 43 bu.. of which
31 eat-, Irl arl ' ear thneih In l!'"'.
Trlmarv receipt of oitj for the past
twentv-feur hours. .." bu . . a com
pared with :1.""' bu In lil. Shipments.
4V1," bu.. agait't 3Ti") bu.
Xew York Carb toelia.
rtetv.rte.1 hv , H.
North yv-urtb tret.
rtepnrte.1 hv 5 II. Walker & i'i . No.
r.M Ak'l.
Ameriran Can e.ra.
! tft.. . .
Arpeficwn 1'1'ht ani
Tnction dim. TI
! i.ft .
Ariertcn Tolirco
Aroerl-an Wilting I"apr ..
Io. pf.l
rtrltLT f"iev!4 Cpje- ..
Il-thl'lie-Ti StfI
?..' pf.l
Oi'ca-o S'll.ay
Clectiie V-'ilcie com
! if.1
ftre-n c.ir.rer
tlreer-e Te-l.I
liarana Tot.ae.'T, com...
! pfd
Tnt-rTfich l:pM Tranait
lnterr-aflensl Jl 11. eie
I--. rM
llaVtv ompar.7 com
Tv rfl
V-infcattin TrJ-.t
JInrt Itwlni
Ne-flr ore,n ILjilt.aj reri .
ro rM -
Northern Vet.rit'et
!.. uli.
V-n Ye-W TmrirtJticn ...
Cm f3-vlor com
iv. nf,
alo.irt! A:r l.!r coin
TV pf!
t.-ir.Icrt :
Terie-ee ,.e.i .r
To-e-ji M'n:n
t'-i'-m rvirx- . .-
fr.Iled (Vjir ..
Irn WrJ'irr I'seer Ifr.;...
'iT--l.!'."! 1'n'o-i !e j-! fc
v f M-ii- ;
S:nc:ii.l Still It S
.. (':
.. 74
... . SV-,
. i--. 41
. :!! ti
T4 .
: ri
. "- 1:1
. :' -
... 4 ..
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lerrne In vb Ilearne
rfil flipeetnllowa.
.e- T 'I . - TI.e ,ft,rre
jive f IJie elearliir-hrx.e tar.-
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f r tf.e tefe h..n- !,. r. i '
.l3S. tllVlf" I"ep-lf. J! V
-r. t Vfl ,n nrru;a'.!-n JI "JT
1S.? tea' l(!'rf. f:i5 7
Jiri'" "e.-l J."f 1 I-
Krerve i$T.'- .nr-a III 741 Tw
Il-vrTi ruli-.l s;s."4 1,-. lr.-Tae. :.'...
Sur;''u. Vi S3 ttlt. ir.T'a-e. ;.:. ir- V.x
rr''e,t ?tat' l:t. lZi.ZZ.Xi. In r-S!-. 111.
'77 T.e rlr.nlr 3 !.! vex.
I: e.i"s .fa al :wrrai rf tr Na
Yrtrh eeTeI ;.,ni. nia- a e t -eiarl.vl!e
h. win tn tliHi :- ln. re? n eaN rerve
f.,r ,t.'Jr.! tfiii vn h ". t!ni.i'"! n tre
ba-i ' the tr., --a!.e - -rr-ct f money
drrl's t!e e Th' rff.ljil.- tl-.I lo.-rea
Wu-i ! H7lt"V' n 4,l. -. n.ei
cf !h. m"! l.'ra. f re.l-rllkij e'tlmjie
5 tr-f r nln in I ex- ,r-t in the
tf--v fij It .L!iil r tl -in lue e
ivm f i ."--v bit'iee fr-'ti tte Irr-rf tr-e-e
wer- larze -.-.-elr-t. -'euitinc fr:o ihe trr..
fer tn'lB Ntnka le- eeur.tr, ier ltne
f t'jhll- a"i f.-r a fu-rer I.- t. Tra-ir-tn
r.tir:t,:len "f th- ra"ur!lv- eri ?Jturl.tr
o: tli- l-t ir;;imnt -f tfc- April 'all fre
rmNle t!erlte th cIa my !- hake en
1je in rrt to 1pe;u In -tSi rfrrp. mirjr
iavm-rit ej ateiriitl-:i f-r th Jreiri- tn-l
bv the -rn!l.'4t ! necritl"f.I that h:J
l,eue iant nek
Tt. I.,n were ee--.ri i'l tvr s t o. t-n-
aSIy -he r'll e he ranrella'lrtn rt' lany
cf ruMI- furel titnch vifr- urrrtvlred to
J-e Trrisv.'
7; .1pe.st h"n.t ir larr-ape n fife
'ticn txneurt a - ' tf1 tbe eafu rz
le rln it Cn ! tXI'elui tn XnAI.
tfcerrfrr tS -laterre-.t
errer.t I '. I i (r"f T1"'
.r.-i.J 1174 73 dMu-tir.
.e In rji.n Wl III W. IS
I-3U.'r I refer
rt- 'rerr tfc
th- l-K-r-me In ,ri u xe, t, tn iZZZ.
I'telf -.- tjr. n fe l of 1 .. ! v e
cf 4 rr kc puVli-1 furdf . .e ';r7.u 14 1.
nre "Th dadj ,wjr f tanV - -ra-i; v.i J..
.v r1. 3 XlC.'vi.) in In t-- pr"iiu
me. wn ite ,''arc r-r trei'y eipnCM
4ue nf eJett:er I"-iOe. t.i t-.e Jul !
tnest4. the r.fir'5c, on Atunfy f-rren'-!rr
rrllv t-iIr r SST 14" Oi ri
cvrifiT. cf lati tv U.etut jai IntltufKn h-
ttiit lr; tar' -ejace.! tb !-. !r J4J.o
r? T- trHtutu34 4trt IHJ1" net ah,
to wMca tnorea. to trA cx.tntctrd t se.-
tw Vork farts Market.
iturrnur rinAi-
N- Tc-X July li '"Url. ae.-tt-t'e. ).
ter.e"? dull ta-Cjv I.ee r trr-CMiariy
'Ir CMrJO ratvjv a rir"-s ti fmcu
TV- t 7i eo Urx prvfrri,val tranacuo-i
Amertca1 lej. -re necevMl. Nrtr.ern ;
rattle ierxe t-c-a 17; '7. rallying at ia
ew t 11 4-ee-e on .la!t vVvrrr a. J
Oree- CcJ.t V e. nc.-J--, IS fe r at
r-v. a-v.t tb latter at v. l-.trr-neech RaMt
7rne!t x a riss'.e a .1'tUn-j f-yn zrz .
ai Jra;e.e r.w v, tf ee-t t-cl, ra
trcr ! - up to Kar.i e:3.: t f.
Dr. II. L. Anthony of Ark:ina
Va- Attemiinj; Haptist Congrres.
KiTiiar f ran-tie
Uttle Rock. Ark July li-I--::or
Hcxtr 1-. Anthony hoe daih hy acci
dent in ta-radon. Eacland, i reported by
cable to-day. .a- a cltf-,- cf Portland.
Ataley County.
He was ahcut 72 jeer eld aru! had only
rec3tly retired from act.ve practice as a
Blinieii- lie derrted a5:t Mv J fr-
Eurcpe. prtmirUr to attend the Rsptlst j
wangtess in jrxion.
He t urrt'ed by nc- lr:nedute re"atlves
-! 1i.'m Cn-"!t !Ie -. ! 11e.4 ! ,-
acvsst-r t!njr ieata
Missouri-Lincoln, the Only Active
Banking Issue, Is on .
the Upturn.
local securities were fairly active.
United Railways 4s led the traction group
with sales at K7.1?.
Missouri-Lincoln Trust was the only
active banking issue at & and tl).
Granlte-Bl-Metelllc was the fe-alur of
the miscellaneous group at 36!c and 3SV
Closing quotations:
j United Rallwaya r"
t Sf7i
11 )..)
Io. 4s
Jeffer.n Itank
Stat National Bank
MUearl-IVr.coin Trurt
Mlrattalr-p! Valley Trast
ht. lo-jls 1'nion Trut ,
C-ntr! iVal u:cl ck com.,
V". pf.l
An-ericaa atral Insurance.
I r.ion imry ,
Ely-Waiae- I,, r.. o
I-elede 4Jaa Ss
Slerarnee s ,
iliifM. a-
"-- e. ................ JIU.C.1
l.art t-t Iula and Stuburban U 1 fj.oi
. 103.M
urcwing Aasociaitns w lt M
Orn:te-ni.MVtar.!o 4
l-eairire Creamery fn ()
tVjoiiJaieJ !
K:n Cliy Tel. ;s S7.i)
!.e rnlfe.1 nailnata 4s at .. .
) Miwcuri-Uncofii at
Mlieoerl-I.'rolii at
1 Oranua-lit-Metallte at
!' (Srar.lto-m.MetaiHe at .'
t .M7',
... !3 ;;
... U"t
at M.oJ
. . .;;
... .:'
Datsaeasle Eirhsa(e.
Iter. So. V) North Fourth street;
Near Tork . .. -ve '.;.,,
4-hlcati, ,"
,r-.,n,.r.sl .HvJ,-.1
Ifulivli:- :5.,dl.
New tirl'ini 19c d'j
? prem
'" I r-n
ir.- .:i
iv .
: -its
Fttrrlwa RrhaaCr
crjr:r.rVinar:t.,,-.Tr,' -:n
Cfck. lvidon J.'.Ii
co d5. iii.icn ;.';; ;.;
:- v.
4 Wlu
ere, u.
I'aria ... .
!iIcluni . .
.ri . .
. e le
. e.iM:
Market uncharged.
Sesr Vork Stn,.k nnntatlon9
l-w Yrttk- lt.1.. e- t-a.
tiie..t i,.ir ', tr .-''. ire are
n .t.c
hxchar.Bt. to-jj,, ,. nTZ:
Sa!ea.Opn HiKh.ir.- -.
Aillir. l:-v;ri
"JI OPI-T ..
Am. iu- . I'ojndty.
IM. -f,;. ...
Am. i,iton Cli!!.'."
'v. ;.f.l. ...
An.. Kjr.
Am. n. a i. .r,i...;;
.Vin. Ic SMurUi--, ..
Am IJn-ed :
l'. I'M
A'n. l.veriullvA
1K I'M
A-n. :.;. A r:r..IK.
1K. :-t
Am SJCa.- Uef.v .
Atn T"h. ..',. c-rii'
M'- M". K-,
m :! iv
... .si
. . . frt
'.- a. zs', o " l
1.1-t 45j 4S'i Ii''
1 5") ll; 117' lii.s v.
;:o 'S:; 'SS
An..-. Mi,.in- . ,.:.., ,;; ;, ,
X-'un.?-".- V., -4 : & ! W,
AtUntl txnit Jr . J- 3
Hn.4.. nai
aniatan i'.ic
ii .T .--
. . 4ll.li.
v'ilinS" A. Altui .
I pf.1 .
Tlleait" : v.
iWeloi .V U-
I'U'f. Sflt A.- : I-
4 4 Zes-i "'. ,
" Iv!, !- " !';
CI.',. Terou i T.'asi.
Iv 2-ft. .. .
. V.'. ,1 .t. H! IkjN
!. K A. !iai .
I VI i. . r'. 'It.-;
I 'J
:.' ri'4
. . :-
. .. i
!. It Pf-! . . .
IVV -.1 1.1,1 . . .
i'- s ay.
iv-li.ite ,;J5
Cor-i IT.-lt.et .
I !
I":: A. l!ai ...
l.l. I. .. WtM . .
j Denver A n:o
,.. J,,-,;; ; ;
) M
S'1 40,
i. vr,
; it; :
II 41
r... :t pf.l
I M pfd
fln iaei-tr'e
H-yk nf air . . .
Ilitnri- Ortra ... .
Inters ot. Taper . ...
le. ;.fi
In:err.a: I"ump .
I' if J
I'-ees. v.v-.tra! .. ..
IV. p'.i
K '. Sutherr.
! ifl ....
fianhttJan I. . .
Mrlro. Secviri'l
Sfelre. Kr . .
ilexlran t'eRtral
Minn A i !!
:! . : ! .'. ft sie jr.
la, :m
M. Pacflc
1! . K A 7 .
I- lfA
NaMer.al I.d
Nt lIL. f Sl-x. p.'J
7. V "ntra!
t . (r.t 4- W .
N.-e-folk A. t"t . . .
f. pfl . .. .
Nnrth Anerlir, .. .
i.i-"i :; ! ivt
i fc ih i'
r 7ii :t :i,
II". I4, T4t uri,
i !-. iv.i. :ci, iv..
: r 4; ,; 2
z.:t izts, izi ix; irst,
ITT, 'j vz; :;
. ll'
:.s sv, t-is
---" s
to j: r. 57 J7
i- J7H ir. sn. i
i k. v;, a.v. n,
.... .
c: o i:s H7i m:v, -4 .
- ;t, ios i"i i'4i
I"Ke!Se Mall
!'en;iN flii
!. -trl"i-r
l Tl, ,V
r.l-.-.'n rat '.!-'
14.J4W 44. i,o, al, ;...
t ! efi
lo il T-M .
Kepublle ,-tel
r f-t . ..
11-eV. Ilr.d
t" tfl- -lliiler
i- rf"
M 1. A. 5 F 71 Pf 1.
tt I- -v-W
rv, rM .
i-'ithem IVirlfii
iv. pft
5exn!l-' H
i rft
Tnn T
-.ii. U IHcifte
T'le-'e. -t. I. A A .
T pf J
fni-n f-iclfc . .. .
lw -.-
I Utrrre .
t- c nltv . .
I" nMr
: pfd i
V S 5:-l
r pfi
Va C- tT-eei . .
rv rft
r- r't . - .
tv.. r.ri- K
Wettnc&u rrettrkr
A-ee l'.'n
"AT-eellse - 1. U. .
.V:-..-TT. lEt.
te pfl
Vjt-lt Pari?' . .. .
Cectral leather ... .
i- f n rM. . .
t 5 c i. r .
?- i1 . J. 1-, 3
-, 7 7V. T Ti.
K-v 741, J, sp. 4,
. . 7
... a
in r
-., : 4i.
vu tt;
tr rr-4
". 7.
J 3a
74 M0t2rS !? ITS', I W-a
. . .
45 44 t Ml,
4 r 41 4r.
r :' i"1 i ; i h
litv. aa'. uv. a. u--i
i4'4v sct :r :'., pn,
. 14
Will K7 1-7 IS
i 17S UTS 1S7
oo r- 3'j
3 I"
.vi a, IMS IAS SS
ToU! aile t i dy ;4. har.
Kills taalna Oat of wlafsft.
rtr.prnuc pitciai.
Neaark. July 77.-A man unidentified,
but bo hilled from Elisabeth port, wsa
riding er. a Dunellen car. At Broad tfreet
ani Clinton aver.ua he atcck his hea.j out
of a window and was etruck hy a car ra
irr in Ike optotlte direction. He, war
iTirult . ijn c.i. . .- ...
Jev -..,
'' :!. i." 7. :
aki.:--I Instantl-r.
Oats Prices Hold Steady in Com
parison, and ProTisions Are
Rated as Firm.
Chicago. July IS. Unconfirmed gossip of a
shortage ln Russian crops had a strength
cnlng influence on the wheat market here
to-day. At the close the Sept, option was
up tiS'.c. Corn shows a gain of 4& Oata
are practically unchanged. Provisions are
SciolSc higher. I
Sentiment ln the wheat pit throughout
the greater part of the session inclined to
bullishness, although no decided strength
was manifested. At the opening Sept
was up ii'io to ?3?a at 4;o to afiic.
From the start, shorts were moderate
buyers, and while commission houses sold,
offerings were not of large volume. One
muse of improved demand was a Lon
don report of the Russian wheat op as
a result of the Industrial and political dis
order. Later in tha day this Locdan report was
practically contradicted by semiofficial
ndvices from R'lsilju A factor that ln
pirca some buying was wet weather In
the Canadian Xorthweat. Weather in the
United States, however, was entremely
fisiora'ph for tlie new crop and tended
to hold buyers In cheek. Decrease In ship
ment from Australia formed a bullish in
fluence, export for the week being only
IHw bu.. against 4V) bu. the week
previous end S2.V tha corresponding
week a year ago.
Movement from the winter-wheat sec
tion of the United States continued on an
extremely liberal scale, causing further
decline in the price of cash wheat at all
itraln centers. The Sept. option here was
confined within lc range the lowest point
tnuciit. shortly after the) opening, being
nt SI"c. while the highest point was at
S-e. The market closed firm with Sept.
at MV.
Primary receipts were 07.000 bu.. enm
mri! with 7i bu. a year ago. Clear
ance f v lie.it nnd Rojr were equal to
72.W) bu. Minneapolis. IKiIuth and Ohlci
r, reported receipts of 178 cars, against
11? cars last week and 123 care a year ago.
In corn the. projiects for lighter re
ceipts started active buying by shorts
ani! resulted In a rtronj market. Firm
cable;, nnd an improved demand for cash
corn helped to stimulate buying. The mar
ket waa Mipporte,! j,y prominent bulls and
cloW strong. s?tpt. opened ,c to c
hlshir at feVSc tj 5l";c. sold up to SS-Ng
5.V-3U und closed at iVtc. Ical receipts
wero Z& cars, irith 71 of contract grade.
Trading- in the oats pit was extremely
light. Strenitth of wheat held prices com
paratively sttcjdy. Sept. opened unchanged
to ive higher at CC-Vi to SWr. sold off to
fe.J:av.. nnd closed at tin, lowest point.
Ivoal receipts wer- 12, cary.
kanou or Kirmins.
0:--nirg. llljiitnt.
I litest. t?lalng.
July . ',fjo, ;i4
rt. . . 'i,fi'4i, n
tA .t
..V. S.V. tim:UXr if.nv.
.tv.4,."!. K',;m4 Hv;
llee. .
i.-i'Jl.'. H'a 4.,v'a
Ju'c- . . 'a
l-ejit. .. Kvfl"J)'l
!. .... Zl
JU" ... -1aa-i
Jlrf l"orh--
ept. ... .7'i
IKI. . . ."
Sej.t ... 15
(W Z.Z'i
l"rt Itits-Ser-
. 7 7i
l t .. 7.K',
C Sf,J?K',
z'z anafiann sot,
:i -tx
, S'3J. &)'rlf3i
: :. tN w.
iiKonirrs and phiiiient.,
J .'.vi
I-our. I'M 1.V)
ATie.,t. IU
"rn. lii...
Oat j. tu...
11 e. rm ...
Harley, l.u
.S 4.T)
I'rovi".on-i were firm because of Fc ad
vance In th" price 4,f live hogs. Several
leading pickers were credited with fair
purchase-, of rib. At the close, Spt. pork
wn up l."-- nt H-.. leird wn.i up .'i7'jO
at $7i.i7..71-. Ribs w;re pic u; lit $7.iC
i:-ti!im;eil "reivlpts tcr Monday: Wheat
"! ,-nr: corn 139 cars; oats HO cars; hogs
jr.f' lii ad.
Farrnor f'laiins !! Csm Fun'ti'II
S-a:-ons hy Ft.
P.17TI rtMi'PClAl-
M.tecr,. Mo.. July : A. T. fllahn. who
operate a TrO-ncre farm northet .f
Macon, la a -renther mid crop record
during Kick to 1M. at which time It was
fturt-il bv h!- father. When th "Id cn
tlttiiin illed. th" son found tin, record and
eo'ilinued it. ! cl.iim that It has dem
ms'ralo! n!mst ! a mathematical cer
tainly that tilt reasons "vary n-guiar-ij.V
to us- a U'racn hat p.irai!'x!c.'il term.
at:d that a firmer on!.! laifelv- operate
with a third ! s capital by recording the
character of the treason, and thu !-
onilr.s lu. o.mi weather prophet.
"Accotdms to this record of jif:-tlve,
vror.-" -an: Tdr tllthn to-ihiy. "Um jears
emmig w.tn - nave, iieen rainy w-ltli but
iim eceptin.. V. l.at vva known as "Ihe
. jeust nai' occurred In ISil. It rained
iraiJ rably in April, but Ihe "vjnimer
nai very dry. Thero raa a damp har
vest In l"-v. but no heavy rains. Thoe
un are me imlj- xcejitionK in thi Iatl-
tu-le. The jfir ito war, cliaracterlze,! jy
exte-:lve floodr. and th' same was tru
f l7ei Tli hrve.j crop record for thli
:v-ct."ii durlpir the half century vva made
in IS!-" Thin present year vvl'l be rt
niarkitble ler itrt f'-rn crop, thougli proba
bly ;,iine -a 1 . t l-e dmvvi.ed cut on :l.c bot
. n
'The rr -erd shows the dry years have.
ijee,, t'.e neiM-aif. the only exoptlun
letiig in the s-vits. nl.'cl, la also ,lry.
The vears ending with 2 hive been th"
best "fjr et.,Iie.. and corn They ar
tvlmt I n,!I i nc 'lazy fa rnierVi years." Na
ture jeein to be at her ktiid'it. and but
littin labor l needed to produe. abundant
cr,j' lhi. -ear-. zulr.x v.lth 4 and r!
h8ve been dliticui". -n nccon-it of a great
denl of rpring rsJns and cold weather.
"'Thi advantage of a crop record is
that If enable or to calculate with a
fair degree, of certainty. For instance, he
will t.if make heavy purchar-s f stock,
'ipeetlng to feej jn r'rji ia!ed In a
year eliding with 4 vr C. l.e viu r.ot risk
great arreig on rlvr bottoms ln the
five h-- w'll e careful to curry over a
Mipplv -if f,-ei for th" aevcr.s. It the
drought euts hlr crop hort
In my time tl.i we-itr.e- diary has
-,ved :e t.tue,ndf f dollnra. and J
,o- 'er tl- t'me pert In keeping It tip
a valjatle. n 4,ny oth-r work about the
Couldn't Ut In or Out of i;.g in
Ku na way.
nEPt nur si'rriAi-
New Tork. July 15. Thos who saw a
Phaeton racing down Itroadway from
Thirtieth street m thn afternoon thought
that Pat 4"row-e. itairjll, or ombody eif
vva kldnap.ng a 5-pound pollce-nan. Th
loner half of the f.-A y-legge. regulator
of trafTlc -va-4 "ticking out of the rear end
of the pha-ton. arid from the upper half
cam weird crle f "Whoa:" uj, the
-tabbllns end of r. sack of bran, the legs
of tl.) policeman roIId -nj twitd as
he tried to rale himself to reach the reins
of the runt ar horse.
'.Vhen ",ray Maile starte,: hr flight
inn Th:rtieth street Policeman Frank
C'onvere-. wh" weigh, 2Vj po-jndi. seii-d
hold of the re r Ail- of the bugsy. H
rougl-.t l.e con. I r'ap the mare, by main
force But t- d.dr.'t She went right on.
setting faster all the time, as recruits
added therr.elvr, to the chasing crowd.
:ira Hroidway she went, turning Into
Twnty-ith atreet. and banging Int, a
Itelievu arnnular.ee at Fourth avenu.
Then t-te tuig rljrzS. and stwel quietly
until Eds. ard TJurna and Jmit McCax
f;er, her driver arid o4ner. came up.
"".Vliat I -as after." said Cor.v-rsa.
was to get up Into the pLaton o that I
could get hold of the Una. I was dragged
aKut a block before I could get info the
thine an.! then I couldn't get up or
-Well don . anyway " said Serseant
McCullou-h cf the Traffic S-uad. who had
aeet tha ra -e Vos dH ii."
The p,i:cTjua was bruised slightly
whi he was being dragge-1 dona liroad-ta-.
Louisville. K).. July U.-A large amy
of witnesses, chiefly grain shippers and
managers of traffic departments of rail
ways, was on hand when the second day's
session of the Interstate commerce hear
ing began.
Frank X. Hartwell. a member of a firm
controlling a large elevator, made a state
ment of shipping conditions in "Louisville,
saying that the large shipments of gnln
were handled promptly ur.d that it was
unfair to single out Louisville ard pro
ceed against the city on the strength of
practices that obtain Just as commonly
la St. Louis and other gateways.
Mr. Hartwell favored the divorcing cf
the expense bills from the equalization of
Louisville. Ky.. July li At the after
noon session of the Interstate Commerce
Commission. C. W. Bullitt of the Hender
son Eevatnr Company of Henderson. Ky..
said tlmt It is a common practice among
local shippers to. buy eapense. bills ln order
to secure the advantage of the 5 cents
r.hrinlo-,e allowance. 4'Seorge S. Powtll. a
grain dealer of St. Ivil. said he had
found it hard to do business ln the south
eastern territory against the LouisviHo
dealers. "Don't you often buy grain out
of the elevator ln St. Louis and insist on
an expense bill going with it?" asked Col
onel Stono of the Iawisvllle atul Nashvlles.
"Ves. sir; regular customers arei allowed
thla privilege." replied Mr. Powell.
"It does not matter In whese name the
experse bill Is made, does it""'
"I think nt."
"And It mikes no difference for whose
grain tlmt expense bill was issued?"
"No. sir."
P-roatotlaaa la Passeaser Departmeat
-Coloael Merry Made f.eeral
liamfsrratlaa Agent.
The general passenger department of
the Illlnota Central llailroad Company has
tsued circular announcing the following
changes atul nppotntmenti. all of which
became effective yesterday:
II. E. Casner. appointed city passenger
and ticket agent. Sioux City. Io.. vice IL
S. Grav. promoted. ,
"ft". II. Hrlli. tllstrlct passenger agent at
Omaha. Neb., transferred tv Chicago, with
headiuarters at No. S9 Adams street.
Samuel North. r.ppolntd district agent
nt lmaha. vice "ft. IL Urlil. transftfrretl
to (7iIcago.
H. J. Phetp. appointed dlvLIon posjen
ger agent. Dubuque. 1.,., n cliargn of
passenger buMm-ss of lines west 4f the
Mississippi Klver.
II. S. Gray, appointed traveling pnssen-tr-r
aqent. Orrmli.i. Neb., vie Samuel
North, promoted.
IL J. Carmlchnol and Joseph Kandolph.
aptdnted city passenger agent and elty
ticket agent. rcpectlvely. with headquar
ters at No. .Viams streei. ihicaso. III.
At his own request. J. V. "Uerry. as
sistant general passenger agent. L re
lieved of till duties in conneetioti with
pajengcr bu.-iue9 si that h may !evte
his entire time to malttrs f wider m'io.
He has been appointed general immigra
tion agent of the initio! Central and the
Ynno and "4II-lsippl Vullev niitro.uL.
CVlnnel Merry will hnve charge f tlie
Important work of Inducing Immigration
to th territory tributary to the T. & M.
V. IL IL nnd the 1. i. It. IL. and will
have headquarters nt Uanehener. In. Me
lias had extensive experience in thl Hue
tT work.
ILEUltrRR4i Vn.I.K K.TC440(.
rw Braaea of 4'klraan aasl Altna
in He Kiana aa "Air Mae.
nteoinlimtnn. III.. July LI. An olllclal
order from tlj general manager. C. A.
Goodnow of tlie I'hicagi, and Alton, fixes
th name for the new Ilcs-Murrayvllle
extension of Unit company as the "Air
Line." This appellation will le use,j here
after In all future cones-pomlence.
It has b?cn decided by the comiiany not
to dispose of the grading ! contractors .'J4
originally planr.etl. Im-tcud. the milnte-luinee-of-way
department will gnide th
thirtv-Ilve-mlle stretch of roadbed and
el. lay tlJ track, put ln lnl!ai. brlls.r.
drainace am, attmd to otlier ,'etni!.
The material is being i-hlpped and much
of It is now on the, ground. Work will
commence actively ,iiirltig the ,-oming
wk. The new branch will shorten the
iitan e t?tween Chicago and Kar.sa'3
iMy live mile, all trains fi-r the West
going via Springfield tnWad f via J.ick
uvll!c, Iavlng thin city n tli- mam lino
for Un- South inlmd of Win.
TI.e construction of the branch maken It
lmp.ratlve that the roid I t ween IHnom
Ir.gtoii and Springfield l- doubled track"!,
a the eongtstiou of tratfic will le- no great
after th xtentcn is In oie-ratlon that a
single traik could not bundle it Tlie ex
tension west of Springfield to Slurr.jvvlle"
nnd the double track Ix-tnecn lii'K-iniliig-ton
niiq Sprinsli' Id will !- j.us!i,d ..iiniil
taiitousli. both r quiring the expen'--ture
ol a vs.t rum of money.
RtllAVAlf WILL I l)Vll.ll.Ti:.
ntherw Par I lie I.lnea mill omplj
tltb l.ellrr f eiv Traas Inn.
Thi Soullieru I'aclfic has rvrrytlilng In
readiness tu unite, undir If eitin i.ian
agenient. the Gulf. Western Tixns and
Pacific, th- New Yuri.. Texas and Mexi
can, the G.iIcton. Hou-dun and Xrtl.rn
and the S.m Anton'iu and Gulf rallwa .
all Texas liner, on I'rlday next.
Thi actt'in v.iil l.e taken i.t.der th-t-rrrs
of what li generally Snnr.ii a t!t
South, rn Pacific cmsolidation bill. There
will bo practically no cli.ingi -. as the
pre--ent forc of the system I regard !
a iimp'e ultlt the addition or Inmsler of
clerk. already lu the employ of the com
panies concerne-i to handle th husdne
From tli.'it date forward mattcro will In
much rluiplil'fd. a thr; uuintenai.c" of
-paratj Iwoks nnd matagenient for lln3
aireauy wnn ay system is not oniy
Uele.s but expensive.
Tho temi." of ihe nii-olMatlori bill are
fully k:!oe.-ii and .III l lornplicd vih
to the Iet:r. OiRcUI. but frmaj. ..n
nouticernent alii be m?d, early in the
ccmi:i week.
'4talda tn Cal4-Ma.
leike "'liarle). I.-i.. July li. Ir-elilnt J
n. Watkins of the St. Iritis. Watkins and
Gulf Ilallnay. In i letter received to-day
confirms the report that th" road has l-eeii
sold to the Gould.-, for 4l.i.V". the. pi.r
clutsers acquiring all tliu rtocU for tlit
sum. It is lieljcvtd here that ii tonneei
Ing link will bo luilt from here t Hous
ton t give tlie Gould line? in lvui!auii
access to deep water et Gahs:on. Il 1
stated that vork will be begun lmmedl-alel-r
en the t.ew terminals here.
Britan Valley Katenalon.
DaKa. Tex.. July Ii M. S"r.y. vlc
prMnt and gen-rai manager of the
Trinity and Prams Valley lb- of tl -s
t"oIird, Sytro, who lixs ehirge -t the
exteri'Ion of that road In It' b-tlldltig f,
th- Gulf, raturred I.,; t.lght f"o:n '1.1-tiu-o.
where h cheied contra' f,r prac
tically ail tr :nierlal thut will 1-, ti-edrd
ln the construction of th" T4arln
slons that ii to t obtained In the North.
rjtnry of Man Who S.its H If:i!
Vision"" of TraRtdT.
nrrrm-ic svnc-iAi-
Troy. ra.. July li. Th l.t detective
fn Northern I'-nnsylvania an I South-m
New Tork are endeavoring to fathom the
mystery surrounding th mu.-d-r if Po
liceman Eiward Kenncr. Tro- borough
has offered t"" end llradford County I7'0
for lnformati,n that will lead to the tp.
prehension of th murderer
A dr-am of & local ser about th- hour
the shooting ea.s cornm'tt-d may yet jlay
a part In unraveling th mystery Com
fcrd Smith of Columbia C'ror.a Hoad cam
to Troy ani told of h!a dram Hft has a
r-jutaloln for dreaming of things whKh
actually bapptn either at the tim he t
drrarr.lr.r or afte-warda He says that
some little while after midnight h- saw in
a vision Tenner fighting In the moonlight
with the men. One man. he says, waa
aound-d in the arm b-for- th officer fell
d-ad. In line with the dr-am la the story
of Mrs. S:e-e-trt. ho live near the scerm
of the shotIng sjhe -aiys she was awak
esed by t".-j croan of c Ttr. M raad
fcer horn and that two men were dragging
or assisting another one.
. fsala Cjp "Weal la Taarleataav.
xccBuc wix-iai.
Charlerton. 111. July i TViiUarn Ber
tram and Miss Anna Sheln--. I:h of St
lauls. were married heri Thuraday even-IS4-
by Judge T. X. Coftr.
T. Leri an.-ieap
Arrivals aa Draartarea of Tralaa at
Caiaav Suulaa.
ftarcpt 9usdar.
UCacapt aatarday.
I.SaturtU 4aly.
taBtnlay only.
xtaawciit a.uuuajr.
r:xit eataruay and
.Saturday and Sunday
.... 44 am
.... -:VU4
ta?2 aia
Ry! Clue Umlted....
lUaie.it:an Kxirtaa.
aww.viif aixpitae
Wat 3lau -j.T)i jia
Onctciiatt Ac-otsaiouatlon... t,v am
lnccx.iiea Accu:nnio.:ation.... J7ana
Catcu C.iy Llxltad tlluaru
inccn&ea Accsnunodatloa.... T.:I ia
laoaiuwa Accuaisii,t.-.Hon.... Jjjjij pal
il.,:4 an
u,a tup
. , LUlC'ACaO AU Al.lt4.
J. Alton lasnitcit. Ca.cago.. w4,bj
"airie but Kx.. v7i.lciia....lS-K: pra
'a- Express, chioisvi MJ pn
Mlaaight fecial. Cr-rj IliJpai
Peorta Pratris state Kij.rrjs.tirl pai
Kacaoa ttty. ju.. sute Ex.. Si-- atn
4-a City JUigp krrs..W:Ii pru
Kaaaaa city. vU Itoodiwua.. ;:Ua-ii
l.uwaiiiu'Gn. U JackMnvllle tl:uar.i
"krtsgaeld specsl 3;uain
a-Z',!:. -- Me--'.
7:t; am
WJi'J ptE
4t - 7,i a4T aaaaaaa a. atrV taM
fprtCBUrla imcsi v-:lSam
I'rflrU f-n-..M. in- ......
ic"nsi:e Aecorr.anjdatloa. t4-i put
riijl Capital City Kler.. MS pta
nr.r.j ma JaiaSonvMle. 7
1'. i..i.
.... c,Tcy i . . .
IU :34 pm
.h.t .. .. ..... l
Laka Shore. Xr York Central aaa
Baaaaaaa, at aa .-
. awasaw.wsai aTt-J-lf-i .aj a -- -aa n-g.
jTrfAV" v.: - i"3aa
lr.41asapolls booil t-fxrreaa.. t7:04 am foUMpsa
f-,i- . :on an.t Cincinnati ia7 am :C pai
i?,nJ" u-a Waailngton
we'i5ui. ncccn sssp-a
Kn.ckerbc-a.e n..ii v-w
r.1.?'11 ni Boton HOOpsi J:Wp3t
la-llanapolta and On. Kap : di
aiattouu and Alfun iliOpni -iiWaus
J;00" and Alton :?pm -
UalI an.l Urr.rs s:l'J pnt 2:an
naciriEati. laton. Cohira'a. "93G pta ::! aia
.f. '"tk nd Ifcwton E....ll:v) pm 7S) aia
!.! '""Ira Irave ijjo a. m . S:i p. ri.
Alton tralua arrlva isij a. m.. J5: a. tnT. l:4J
i,A,C-V-0 HHIA A.l ST. LOUS Ul.
M": .-,luuJru Sluusa anj
iSf"1!,--? I5 - amtHS pas
"''a. bpnsg-wu acd Caau-
aiSS.Ji 3:11am 9t
Ailon and Lhauu.l.iia IS.7S vm . 17 Ii:t
-"? and Chautauqua 1i-pral,ll.l-pr.s
allQITa 4l?l-i;f illt a aa.l
4!r..nT-i .V. v.;:""?"
44-?. nm ia: am
Alton. Chautauuua and
bprmg-eu .;. .;-. pm li):a an
Altun .n.I Chautau.r-ia t;j, pni li)..t ana
.",,fni fsd
Mernph-a PUKrarer a-ul am SJOyra
a "dad -i.-'Zam :) Ka
.nKagj Dally Express ,:j, am :Ppii
riT"".. . Iim -,l:4iui
J.aie oirunleau L.K;a! ;.-! nn I':W mil
Trxas Uiulte! 3::t it, ;:lfani
SURIloner. Umlte.1 4.4l.ai ;r-i.a
hH"t" -N:ht Kj.pre ixs:i"u ;:4iuu
OkUhuma Eapre.. u.. i:i ;:t:ara
Valley Park Accomm-datlcn .leiarts iSJv a.
m.. t.:i a. in.. .!; a. m. Ili p. m.. tJi
l. n:.. .4p. ,.. ji.M p, ut ,izi r m j;n
-" JI P- ! !-:-" l n. Arrivta t.v
? J?" ..V:3".a- - N:', I a. in.. ..
a. rj.. tw:.i) u. m . t3."j p. ru.. i;:i p. ra.. :!:;;.
p. in . x::z l. in.
.A-SiKc Anvamivlall.n dapcrj v-x . pi..
JI. p. m.. W.-7I p. m. Arrives at -S:ll a. tu..
.....T, ... ..... j,..., , . S ' II'.
.he Fast Hail -rDaia JilJ.am
The IjCcal Eapreaa 7.riani eiii-'pnt
TM hej.iom txpre5 -.4.ini ':Upi
Jte .Nw i.rk Umlie.1 -l.-jim I:3i.is
la s fci. and Vlriula fiip...::!", pin I:3 p.i
The New Vera: Kaiir-s.. ....it:a-, ,,m -:tian
Tha 1-lltiSurg ji;e.-ial . v.lipn, SiSo-n
Efringf-jm Aecomim.latlou.... a;aMn .4'a.-i
All lltT. TmW .
(iiic.. a.m i-:vrr:ii. h.i.i.oi-.
U.y l-i,r--s to 'hiiage .... wWan, a.Upn
l'jnvli;. Mall :j...m S.4S pm
loTrux u:i.t koiti:.
. ,i-,. iJiiie b. Ullinrsicrn Ky I
vr-ansaA ani T-iaa Ezstrtn. .-3Ill C.-t pin
Arknn. mil Tea. Klres. 95 r.m :i: ai.i
IW41 S4IS .! .B u..a 'W
"at t,l, e-r-ijm T:I4am
Ilmon I1,wr.s-r :i.)cni 7:1 rm
f.-4-"1 A-g.-a Mall and K s-ljMm naipni
Tinj Max. Mali anI I'x. s:apm
"irii.Mus ec:al : tm
Ue t.tu 1.-1 Jzltftm
Ullaola Dlvial.,,..
4 clton Ilelt Etpres-. Mm
Oillnn Ilelt KlLT.il . .. :-j;,,m
7:3ii put
I4 ani
J:0I nm
S:1S am
"IhebrS KIM em ! V, ,.m -It-?,, a-r.
Iruartla nirrei sail rhuulrau Aaenaa
I- Siln Aeesnine-.t'kttnii.. . .:r rm :Si"
I... II. A ST. L
Ka.t Mall
l-.asKrn Ka-prear
ItV. illenaierana Rnaie
- .l2am 7:0 pru
- .--tvpm 7:41 ana
HtlSOIS 4 r:rTH,l
enhern Itlii.ol. Kpr. .. ;.ii Hm 1:Slpns
h!cz- nuii::it st :.i :t:ism c:Cta
t-rrircfirM Afconim-.lall.in.-. tSiOpni UZ-11 ppa
hlr-au DUmniHl t.rcl.l :li pni 7--'4 an
I'a.t M!I. bVkth ::liani ss-ip."'
Nw ,irl-an-Sp-cUl :- pm i:I"pn
Aetviririudatlcn. Suth ... . -4, pm 11:7! ana
Dlx'e Flier. Muth i.wpra 7:oS am
fit:nsr.i..-ijtfm-M .. .. :! pnv
MM I4VII.I.K An .t 4. tilt 11.1.17.
Fa't Mel! -!:llam 7:p-
I-lariJ.4 Limited ej;-.! pri 1Sj-l
Souiliern Sapt-aa .. . MJpm ""iWiui
MISSOIHI l. iim: KlltWW.
Tast Mall
, .n am aj:a Bm
I.o.-aI IMer--r
r:i5 am ;:J' rm
alif. an.1 M-. J.. pc!al
.. r am l-et pn
Kansas titr fcApre--,.
Vah. Are.rnrr"lticri
'dorado Ii'r-a
hi. J.e IJ.Rllril .
-. - ;: -a:.., pr?a
5TJpn, T:.ar
l:P pm 7:Iana
- m iri -; :2i a-n
Creve 'nur tralr.a I-ave Knl.'n rMifin 1s:lt
r. ru tj.7 a m.. I3 p. in t;:"-. p m. uak
Hill tra'r. I'-it- Vnlin Matlor i:l p. m.
Klrkv.Oo.1 tralra lv- lnr.r, Matlen t: a. m..
t4; a m. t.i ,. in. 17. u. m , TV4ia. m .
til-73 a. in tl'M p. m . rpo p. m . !: p. in-.
H:- p rn . H:Zi p m . t"I t- n-. :Zu p. tr...
Ill .- p in.
.Klllll.r. AM IMIIO.
Nw riean. ".in-.!-. . 7 r. p-i T:
SIiMI ard Nen- r!-n . -1 am
M'lrtJi-f bero Atr-ini Ju'. . '1 trt rm tit
: in
:4 am
ioi.::no. vr. 1.01 1 .m w:i ku
ff la-Tet T.eni ltont4-.
The rletri llpr. Illireja
iMiara. aiiilo fcn.I H-isl-rn
tlni. ft am .
Th- o.n.e--!aI Traveler
ToIe.!rt le-trJ'. t el in'!,
M!Ta! A Nie V -" " Corn
rrarlefnn Aovmnvhtttii ; Opm !''
iTim u 'i-ai.tMt sri:it.
it. 1... k. 1. .1 t . 11. ft. I
l'ari '"if !ieii:.r ej-i;n r
K ilir r -n l"n r- -i11""!, ;
1L.K. A 'l-TlM-T-T'-e K:at"
4-olumMa. t.lilia aal :-" tv ""'am "'
T. Karv f'wr pm 7
M.'iit1 KsR'af an! W ll t ni T
ST.- .,- niinMHi, mii.v
iVIn -aVnlmiT, a
t e-t pre. " 'nf
;ii 111:1: - it v tr. v.. iv.
i-t. i.tji-i.ttv:i:e : jjie.
JViiitr em'- f I- al .-r '1! "! am ! 17 pa
l'rlr'-eicn A r -.-ntItlon t'jupm II' Man
XI Iu' bimlteit . . . !' 15 ,m Tiara
t. i.4ti is 3IKIU-;: .ti' iikiik;-:
r;:iiMiai. cmi.w.ii' stnt;:i:
TH l !4KIVI:7.
T"anttrfur! Iave Tn.n SailAri: TZxr-j-t
?md,. 4 01 i:2. .tft a m S.mJ, enlr J r
am It I p in leav ll'c-itl, ar.) :r tt
-trt fatly ''" rn 17 ' 2 ' I li. -
e, ni llX'-er .-undT a -il. Pi;. 7 31 II VI a.
n. ' in " r Sumi I" 5 34. 1-f. r.
ra 'V'e'r',iT, Ja'ur'fay atul Sunt:)- IIU p
ni. ,Vt. imlr. I-t- tVashltcton arer.-j- four
rln''l- la'r
.vv.tieiund le'av- Cranlt- C" IaIlr-i-
a in 1-15. r" '' V. " IlJ'ert Mirw!
J--o -; 4 73. 11:11 "' S . J" p m Hit
t,rlT mlv U P.. m bJ"-rt SJf Ijr "e-l
Scnta) -IM Sur.Iia-ealr ' a tn.
Wdrelej-, Satunlay ne.! e,ln,5jr 2 p m
Above trains Itaa- Mo.t!-cn rur raln-iiss
WA!IMI Itiaela.
rati-m :.:l '- ' m
CT.UMiO I.-al F.trr- . 4.a-i
Tcle-V. l-i E'i;" i : ""
Jaekwnvl.le !"-: t7i.re... H . jn
.Vrtlnen'al IJei'.teJ L' Zi '-
rjir;-r 1- U-il'e. "hte- am
:W am
.34 pna
t:-i; t
:-i. !.
T).rattlr Aeeol lil.nt allna 4l
T,.l-t" nti'tu'r. ?"-"" Tork
erl licV"" F:e"- ... " -
41 ;-n !1SSani
7 "J am
.ai am
IWrlc-t Umtt-I. -'"'-" !i"-'"
"!l."rV- 'JT..1-.I. I.M.fan.
ltion. -- Tf.fc . :i77tm
Il-ifi T-etrj't a'. 1 To.e.1'.
Mail ..-... ....! "
7..') Jim
.- tea
a. .,,-.;-, ....
PaJi Pirr'- .ISll-ii MJmi
n-.bnah ftabartaaa Trains. Ir'roaa a a
tn Ollsa 4lreel.
firfa-tr-n t!4am JJini
r-raria-n . - ---...- ".
Farrier ... - .-, ' : -V :T
V rrrles. . 'am
P'-j.-on . - - ' Jrn
: , ... -..." 4j pm
a -aTj.',l . - -.. .. ... . . 4. pm
T'-nxm - ' J2 n
Flnl'!a - - 5 Pn
I 45 rm
' 10 pm
F' an I'eT.-Mar-. ar-
J. A. Oii-mll Is ihe Viciiru f .1
Thrilling Ao::Jvnt.
r.nrriuje- pp-nAte
rij-n Krancivro. July Ji Heal b!od wts
split on the stag- of the Ma';st!c Theater
when J. A. Carroll of o. S Hayes street,
tn actor taking tl.- part of Sergeant Kt
tinger in th war dranv S--eret Ser,Ice."
wai aercjentally ftaMx.1 in th- hack by a
bayonet In tb hands of one ovcn-aluus
"super." Srstint ri tmger was ae'isllsg
th- htary villain off the stage In a hurry
-xlt. Tlie pursuing army was clo-- behind-
As th- tnen ruhed acroaa the stag-r
the amateur lungM -u. f,-ir atul Sergeant
Kttlnger gave the audience an opportunlty
to wltne rev-nal ery reallstlo lninp.
At tlie cloa of th- act ha su taken tea
the ICm-rg-ancy Hoplui. where the gasu
was treated by Doctor He rxruf.
M.,h.rW ani Kanra- my Kx. e-t 'I P'-l
van,., ni- i:"" -'"lati f:,irm
yi; .JiV at StI -Jlr-m --an
linlrla- A'nnwlalll" -" Wl III m
"eJnV'I '"- F.vrresa tliam -:!ern
aViLt-is rea volres Btwa lam 4'1pi
Mlm..r-l' " "' ru' -. 7j rra 7Jrra
. ? -JfffTi

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