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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, July 30, 1905, PART II, Image 13

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The Keernd locir It. P. FuHeilon of Lucas Avenue Cmnber
land Presbyterian c:imrli Inaugurates Innovation Which ISids
Well to He Adopted by Othvr Ministers of the City While Ah
-orbing lleligion WoihiMrs Are Enjoying Cool I!reeze
Music a Feature Street Cars and Automobile.- Slightly Interfere.
Tint comfortable surroundings are a
gr-at factor la iffctlrc the attcnd-inco
at rhurch services has lecn demontrated
n the iicces"ful retults attained bx- the
Rrrrn.t rwtor !I I" Fullerton of the
I.u-as Atrnup Cumberland I'rcsbjtcrlan
hurch. who recertlj- Inaugurated u wrt'
'f opn-alr mtlh on Sumlay rxi-nlnc
Uhlt other churchy may comrlaln of
th attrmiance It th hrat-.J trnn. rrol
hlv a many tmii an it?snt t th
mr-rvlc cn(luctd t. Doctor Kullorton. .
a-j th cj'e I-i the lnU-r monthf. -nhrn
th- !incx ar un comfortable ai rould
wixhej for. At !tat Ti'l prsns ink
I'l'tln th fourth of the otn-.iir m. -t
tnc last Fund i.
Inttcad of l-in conuvllfil to !I-trn to
a -Tmcii under t!i tmf.ivoralili condi
tion"" of a hot. tufT 'thurch. the n.r:nlr
of tht I.tica"! avenue consr nation iae
all outdoor a a jdn of Txcr-hll and
the .ky for H ranojj-. While they are :il
orblns rtliclon, th- are al"' nJo!ni;
the cool hrefze
The question of tl:mi'atin tlie ptter.d
ance at cliur h -rrlce In the .ummcr
monthi ha been a x-nio-js .me to the
minister-, of the so-p.-! The matter ha-.
eei Jl-e!:ed Jt length at . .riferenccs
nd I-njjthx pijer ..n the -ubjeet Iia,e
be. n nail .;.'iitr xtlio j rc.n h . mpty
pev.- while the thermometer I at the
izzllnu point li.i rackerl their briln o
brins about a change of thes" condition!-,
but without nall.
Doctor Fi:I!crton has solvel the prchle-n
in .in effectlxe. s-lmple manner. omfort
afforded liv outdoor hfriey i .lr hj1.i
tlon .f the trouble which hae lK-ei jnln
istfrs In the mamr of atteniljnce m .".arm
n rather.
Th word ermrn Is not tne 1 rt ixcnl
for the talk- made by !c:or rullertcn
at !i! open-air "icrvc". They are more
like 1 oart-io-hrart arpral. and thus the
bh-on of Gol h.i been better Incul
cated into the hearts of the p.iri"0inncr.
As .1 methcl of reaching t!.0"-e to x-linii
he I addrt -ins. Poitor Fullertoa ha
fou:..l the ol-ci-.ilr plan of holdiiif; ser
I1 3 most .ffective one
ki:v at .i:nvicES
In th earlx part of the i-um-n r Doctor
ruicrton founl that hi:, co-m-rejrit'iin
xxa- l-einB d-.xlnd!el anax It vxas too hot
for them to nme to church, and h' foun I
i rplrii of r 'tIe'-i-'-s amons tl e fn uho
did come li reallz.l tlut s"m' thine
must 1 doi" ro d f tint re-ource-flil
nature common to nilnlttr. he de
cided ajwi th pHn of conducting lii'
rvieei in th oji n .tir. KesulU. htxc
jjstill.il the innoxatlon
llelns In the t.ature of .in "pcrtme:it,
tl.. n.oxe from the Interior to exterior of
tins church mat b dorr. Doctor Kiill'r
ton nnru.f!. xiith the "tnallevt poi-b!e ex-ptn"-.
Through the penronty or xxlllitis
xxorker anionn th" m mler- of the con
kt Cation no rxr,'" uhate,er i in
curnd U'hor. the Mf-i tit? Tuccejted to a few
of the intimate friend of the minister,
the const ii-Ti' of opinion viai thai It
r.ould 1m- a M:cce. and .vcrxone t.lted
that thex- xxould d.i xxh.it th-j rould to
mal.u it . One of the pnrh.hlor. ra Iti
s tailed the electric IiRht :ieees-iry. Other-!
xolunt.rd to carrj In the chairs
after th" .. rxlcc Kxerjor.e diJ hl
Kron toe -rx outret i markeil Increase
In a'tendu xc- no;Ir 1 Se'.Tal hun
dred pcrsoni wre prfsent at the hr-t
rxlce. and the frxor rxldenced b tho-e
xx ho took part In the Rnk xxas .xtrons
ly perceptible to the mlnhf cr
Tic I.ucan Avenue Cumberl m-1 Tresby
tcrlan Church at ChannlnK and I.u.-.i"
ax-cnues. The ojcn-aIr ric.s arc held
on the Chanmr.K axenue entrance.
The pulpit and choir. tCK'-thtr xxlth tie
churth orchestra, which ha teen raipple
mented for ti.cc occtflon. ?re loc.it.-d
under the arch of the entrance Th
ppcn-alr ineetlnsi haxo ex-n urirl-.i!
nue The chair, occupy all the ypnee of
the street except Just enough to permit of
the p-iagc of vehicles.
Many of the xounc women of the choir
nre se-ucd on the -rtone t p Thx nvm
to njox the hreezc. and IU r Into the
plrlt of the occislon xi ith cotilder.ih!x
mere zet than is -.-.-n In an inti-i-ir
lolt In July and Aucust.
A tire!" of ne.ind.sxent lichls oxer the
.irchx-nx furnIhos the liiht. a-wi'l'd by
hghts from l'w hoii"-" a ros the strtel.
Jtrsic a ki:.ti'i:i:
D'KJtor rulitrton h i. ni.ulr a 'i.ci! fc.i
tur of the inu-tt pirt of the inlif. The
choir has lw . n augm. nteil The or.heatr.
Is made p of xo!untetr. an.l Ls mu h
larger than u"-ual. The mu!c Is or... of
th. .ittractions to make the xttiin.c a
pleasant one.
liinifst attention i ;lxeii to the serx"
lif. Tlr cen.-tai.t moxlni: of fail" Is not
seen or herd here The m(ml'rs of tne
cmiKr cation aie comfortable, ai.d they
listen to rxery orl of the ire-chr 1 he
ronx rsioruJ to the thurch through the
.: n-alrme tlnp? haxeex, I( surprlto-J Dor
tor l'uIUrton, xxho whs r.ptlmltlc us to
the result of his experiment.
The relghbors h-ii" taker considerable
Inttrii't In the tcrxlce". ro-s tl.B street
from the church. mn aTid notnen It out
In hairi on the 5M njlks at I salierlr?.
Their part In the rxn.ei? Is jut as im
portant as that of tho-e x.ited nearer to
the pulpit.
Ia5snj vehicles IntMfere Iictitlv witli
thw service. Sometimes an automobile
horn will be heard as an interruption The
trtet cars on iJicas axrnue are alo a
sourte of slight annoyanie.
S-aking of the moxrnunt for open-air
meeting", which ma be adopted by otlur
ministers. Ioctor I'ullerton -ald-
".My Sunday exrninit nwetincs nre be
ing held out of doors for one reaon. Manx
xvlll not attend churUi during the litutfd
ieaon whn tho me. tings arc held with'u
the church, but are h re when the out
door siylon l held. I suppose there Tee
. person, actiill at the meeting lar.
Sui.dix- night, inclullng tlio-e r.ho tO"l
.n ro-s the Mrnt or r"ar enougli to hear
during the enlire "-rrxlee. ?nd If the ni'et
Ins had b's-:i heM xxithln the church thfre
woiiM not laxe Iten a humlred ther.. On
other reas..n Is that I tan talk ptilner out
in the p. n air. can ax things m a free
and easy siax The weather permitting. T
will rontinu' the me.tiugs until told
.atlir "
Dottor I'ullerton Is a nitlxe of MI.ssot.rt.
II- xxas born near Springfield in 1S.M. The
fir-t tnelxe je-.tra of hl work in th" mln
istrj was ypent In Kansas (lt. where
he was a pastor of til.- r'lrxt "umlirlanl
I'resbjt.rian Chun.h. During his miristrx
a new church building was erected
through his efforts. For the last fifteen
je.irs he has t en at the head of th
I.jras axrnu. congregation, and a near
rhurch va.s again built through his effort.
Pinsicuns Ha- Little Fear That IMmmm- Will I'.e P.ionght to Si.
lx)ui. but They An Heady to r...e With It Will Fm- Same
Methods a Are in L"e in United St.te ;ir E.ptv.s.ious
From Locitl Uoetors.
Th. City Hoard of !!., at Its Iat
reeling di.'cuvsl means of handling any
rae of yeltow fex.r which might ls
troujht. to St. lwuls from New- Origan.
"I do not think we have any caue to
fr that the disease will be broasht to
t. :ui. laid Doctor Sr.O'JgrH.'. Acting
Health Comrolssimirf, a th- prop" of
th Mouth are earfful and taking lnngnt
m?ure to prevent an epidemic of jellow
fexrr However. I think It well for cili
ter. of Sr, Iul to l prepared to handle
th dles tn case it rhould come within
our gste? It l orjy a. twenty-four hoarV
run from Nn Orlnns to M. Loul. anl
w might xts.ibly haTn a Ciiyc.-
"Hi)w will xoa litid: the x.llen fexer
If a case ihould avpear" n akcd.
Th same raethod as t yj-l by the
United: States Navy, and In lUx-xna. Vw
Ortettna nd ohr place, where th die-
(mralcnl wa the answer of Doctor
a?2sr3. 7reer.ir. tho pMtlent to pre
i;t th meqjltce from hitia them and
thus, mprcadlac the iU-ae- Caring for
th patients urrtll they recover ar,d In ca
of tatb using; the arceksary precautioss
ta Infectious tifc.te.
"In ports and other place h"w
tn disease is prevalent th. health au
tlatrittsa. State alii municipal- tzspect all
travelcra. and If tixr Is th Uhtfi
aytnpte-n of difea.se the prcn or persona
at detained for a period of five t. ar.i
in some cases Ionr.
TUow fTrr Is an Infectious di5c-e
snd 1 ccafired to troj-i; and sesltrojptc
,.-tBo Cr Bcttfittfte Investlsratlors s.cw
iatet tkw jlsmi it- cocnr.ed to cis. Uo
tetlsaa Is) rupees! fcle for the &. It
is lnnt Mil ThcUy and only by the tso
qultw. ThSa la the Wf accepted by mtst
pkysiesans std scientists Is rrsarxl to the
InCtctsna f jreUaw fever. AnJ I thick tltat.
tnW theory mas ertabJIahed as a fact t;
cBprijData dunrst th. Jspanlsh-AmerV-ar
var. Two afcrsicsans experimented wlti
"Thej were In a room which hxd bo"n
occu;l"d by x.Jloa fever :itient who .lied
rom the d!sene. slept In the h,. unJtr
the bed clothing, and H1 not contr.ct the
dl$ea-e The then occupied a roem whlrh
had ben thoroughly dlslnf.srte.!. but la
' which Jellow fexer Infected mosfjuitoe
were pLieisj and they allowed the n:o.jul
tcts to bite them Itot.h ph?l. lans con
tracted jellow fexer and one of them died
"A few. howexcr. claim that the disease
Is contagious
rnoTECTio.v raoi jioqlito
Tho who! nmljem of it.f.ntilndflii-
- ...... ... -...-......
i jellow fever Is to protect jellow fever
patients from the mculto This is done
tj- keeptrg th pat.ent In weH-ercenil
rooms. The mcvjultoe cannot beeonie in
fectcl unles tljj bit- arsons aftlicted
with tho diease
rvoctor Henrj Joseph rscferck. Chief Di?
pr.ary Phjsiian who llve,j tn N-ew Or
ltaij fcr a number of J'tr?. and who has
had th- yellow fever. a!J
"WTille the yellow fever eerm has never
been discovered, It Is an established fact
tht the female tnc-nulto of the stegtjra-jta-fascUta
species tf the jellow fever
hoT, that by fcitir-g a yellow fever pa
tient. It will become Infected awl wCl
trnmll the dieae to other tstUent!.
"TMs mosQutto has strlppe-I Jegs. lst
year the clan who had charge of the
Cuban mcsqutto exhibit at the World's
Fair to'd me that he had found a number
cr this species on the VVorld's Fair
sTT-ouad. tut that thy were i-nt Infected
with jellow fever, I do r.et know whether
there are any In thts climate now. The
first frcst kills them.
"A3 the yellaw fvr cases w have
sad in St. Ie?3is were of patients who
contracted the dlsea? In the South and
then came to St. lou's before tht incu
bation took place
I do cot thick there Is any tliyrr of
the dls htuiK brought to St.Uoaw.
and If It shoald t. the dlraatic ccndl
Ucns are unfavorable ta It Heat aztd
reoistsr are favorabCe to the duKru-e.
ANo Uid sanitation and unl.jTienlc con
dition" "The b-st treatment of tfe diea- Is
complete rr-n. careful dirting and nm
Ing to ptotcct the patient from the moa
pjito to axon Infection.
"Tne sjmploms are high fever of ""hort
durition. g istro-lntotlnal diturljanoes.
and a j "Hon tint of the skin. The attack
rotrrs on xxith vvtre thills, or tt tn
cme on more gr.iduallj- with heidarhe
and malarial symptom with Urguor The
ftxer la-ns from three to tixe dajs Tl.re
Is na.usea. pains In Hit- bark, limbs aud
"In -xere cases the vomit Is :!r--t white
Inter It lecoram dark, what Is l.roun
back vomit-' There ! bleeding at the
noe nr-d mouth, dollrtum. ur.confeious-nes-
ami death "
Captain Arreted Whvn Paen
gT EscaiHs in PrieatV Clothe.
nETfllUC SPECl ti
New Vck. July 3 -l-selve-S by tl-e
man's rtie:!j gurb. Crttin Inman -. 3 -by
of the White Star steamship Crc
permitted Andrei ISoursgozzone. a tc-r
age paenger to walk aliore w th th
firt-ctas cabin pavstneers. ind the 4 -.
mlsraUon authorities i.-ued a warrant
fcr the captain's arrest.
Whn the Critic nache.1 here. Captain
Seaiby sarrtnitrcd. and he was re"ea"J.
pending an examination Into te fact cf
the ca.se bj the Keieral Grand Jurj Cap
tiln Stalbx sajs that Boumrozzonc ws
drtscd like a pri-st. and that dlsg-..w
enabled him to walk ashore at the p! r
with the cabin pangers without ques
tion. (Under the law both the captain attd th'
cumpany can be tnoi for prn:lttir-; the
man to land.
Carthage Home Is Near His Stock Farm, a Tract of Land Including
1,000 Acres.
Treasure-Seekers Iii.y in Scond
Cavern at York, Pa.
nnrcBUC srnciAt.
Yorfc Ia July . Workmen digging a
sesver unearthed a econd and larger cave
near the one discovered josh time ago.
snd sign, cf what Is -U to t geld hax-c
also been noticed in the second cavern
Crowds have Tisited the scene, and maa
ar cxrrylCR away rocks contahtlnif the
iupj.c-.ed riches. The cavertji are half
foil of water, and their depth has not jet
bea dttenchjed.
bWbb9S)b9bbbbbbAbI ttSBBH BHbV9bB itLBi bS -bW. 3 . t,MW 4bbB
avM J!vbbbbbbb1 tSBaaBH-' mmmmVmZOMmK. vfl -.S zWSai&MWmm " 7
l ffjIH WlKLammmmmmmmmmmmBmm
bLIbI JbbssssssssssssssssB ' IUbHb1bbbHbbV''ZSbI ,
EErrruc srnci.u
Carthage. Mo July 3 Here In Japr
Conrty every man. woman and child
knows of WU'iam II P-.!ps. Most of
Item call hint "mil Thelps far he has the
f.c-alty of ftlr.g acquainted with his
His house Is 'built of the famou Carth- . street and is somewhat himer On ere
age stone It hae mere around around It j side. n little forwsrd. Is a small lake, wit.n
than any other house In Carthage. Al- a fcun'ain.
though It Is Inside the city limits, there
are live acres in his jard.
The frour.da could hardly ha,'.- a better
slope. The bouse l well back from the
A winding lr v wa leads fro-s one cor
ner of th' grounds to the portc cochere
anl then winds back to the stable. Kaek
of th? house is a aloptnc award, with
Kliade and fruit tree. In front of tl e
b"U"- l a Nautiful lawn. trim, flowered
and sliad'd bj- an aburdanee f trees.
Colonel rii'-ipn built his. house about flxe
years ago. To the popIt of Carthage he
Is !t excr-liospltal.le host. He pend a
grf.it deal of time at his farm, wh.cli
!. In reality, a collection 0f sexeral
small, r firm Into one hlg place of more
thin I."4 acres.
TIiih soring he purrn.ts.-d a fine .ttito-no-
J Hie. He has trade r. cord rnns to his
1 farm, white his son liv.s. and wh're ne
is budding another fine hiun. for the
jounc m.-n. Th latter Is Indu-vtriously
building up the lands for a 3to-k firm.
Win-. Over the Parents of N'iishj'.s
17-Year Old Uride.
New Tprk. JjIj- -There -.-,, rejolcirjr
at ;revioch H-ll. ISajswater. har ItoU-awnj-.
nl.en fj,.- cnert" learn. that Nasht.
tho little Japanese cook, was going to
stur th.- Mi'on out. and tint his pretty.
17-v ear-old wife was to be empiojej JS a
A week ago Nashl and Jnny flrim l. a
daughter of Kdwnrd lirlfT.n nt Hoilvood
avenue, rati away and got marri-d. Thin
Jennj-'s fath-r set 'out to look for Nfhl
with a revolver But before the fathe
found him Patrick, the RrrP brotlie-. v,ho
Is IJ'g mil" DevcryV toachman. n"t tfc
couple. He demanded an explanation, nn.
whn Nashl refu'd to glv It he assajlt
ed the Japanese ard was arrested. No
the family have feriven Jenny fu- run
ning away, and o-. th advice of Dver7
Nashl and his bride were received at the
Griffin's home.
Them Jats Is mighty like us Am-rl-can.
What' the use of fighting 'em In
a war of lover said the ex-Chief wh'n
asked if he was responsible for the happy
turn of affairs.
tafckets r Playsaate.
New Tork. July 9. In a dispute tn
Rldzewood Heights with a strange boy.
with whem he had been play inf. Henry
Ochlf. 5 yean? old. of No. 301 Woodward
avenue. Kldjewood Helfhts. was atabbed
twice In the, back and shoulder, and J
now In a serious condition at the German
Hospital. Wllllsmsburg.
Young Oeehlf does not know the nam
of bis amallant. A Hnry fell hi. nvjtt
er ruthett shrieking to hi. aide and tli
attention she attracted made It possible
for the assailant to make s-ood hit es
cape. i
mi" "rt e ,w

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