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Mrs. Dorothy Biggs, Whose Hus
band Is Alleged to Have De
serted Her, Takes Acid.
Mrs. Dorothy Biggs, a domestic at the
home of former Mayor George D. Locke
of Jerseyvllle. committed suicide early
yesterday morning by taklnr carbolic
add. Mrs. Biggs had been visiting at the
home of her father. John Rusk. In the
eastern part of the city Tuesday evening
and In some manner bad secured a four
ounce bottle of carbolic acid.
"She returned to the Uocke residence
about midnight, and some time between
that hour and daylight she took acid. She
uu found In the kitchen about 6 o'clock
bv Miss Mamie Florida. truest.
Doctor J. W. Knos wa summoned, but
h pronounced life extinct. Doctor J. 8.
Williams. Coronr of Jersey County, was
summoned and held an Inquest In the
forenoon, the jury returning a verdict of
suicide. The funeral probably will take
i place this afternoon.
Mrs. Biggs was 5 years old and had
been married several years. Her husband,
it Is slleged. dserted hr and her daugh
ter a few years ego. His whereabouts Is
unknown. This Is supposed to have caused
her suicide.
Clrtseas Will Give Esearalaa
Sasssser School nasi Take Part
la Special Praarraaiane.
To-4av will be Jacksonville Day at
Piasa Cliautaqua. Tht citizens of Jack
sonville. III.. v.111 give a special excursion
and also present a r-pjclal programme for
the Oiautauquars. The SUyton Jubilee
81r.grs will g'v two concert.
Tlie prlncip.il concerts of the day at the
Plasa Cl-au:-."iua. The citizens of Jack
wero glvtn at :30 and at o'clock by the
Slayton JuHl Singers. Alx; Atkins
Kanilly Band also gave .1 concert at :3p.
" In th morning the Chautauqua schools
held regular sessions. The School of Klo
cutlon meeting was In Kindergarten Hall
and the kindergarten school at a at th
same place. The class in athletic and
physical training met in the Hall of Philos
ophy, and the, School of Art in the) Audi
torium Studio at 11. The chorus class al
so met at the Auditorium at 11 o clock,
and the school of needlework and various
other school irtt at the arlous Audi
torium rooms.
Seal trsncnsen. Who ara He la Re
lated to Oeaeial Joan M. Pal
aser. Kaa Over by Trala.
Neal Stephens. CI years old. was run
over by a freight train on th C. P. &
' Ft I It It. :.t Lnckhaven. III.. Monday
night. and hi tlffhl leg was cut off iielow
the line.-.
Stephenson ..is removal to Jerseyvill.
wl.ere hl leg vr.s :imputnt.l by th" ton
paiis utgrn. Doctor J. S. Williams.
as.sj.sted In Itortor II. K- ildhlll
.uid II. U K Harry. Liter h was taken
to the Jeff, rson Hotel. wliT 111 condi
tion - reported a critic.il
St-;ihemn r.iys that hv lias no home,
but tli.it be n.i- trying to work Ms way
to chit-ago. nbern lie- lias relatives. He
also sas he is a relative f the late Gn-
ml John M Palmer of Illinois.
Vnwnty Medical Jiwrlety Meets.
Tli" August meeting of the Jersey Coun
t JIe.1 ei .ssA-ljt:on was held yester
day at the fourthoiie In Jerseyvllle. IKw
tor I. T. Wr.egoner presided. Doctor A
K Van Home the wcntiry. continued
his jmj-t on "Water." hlch was i-Ktm
at tlie Jniy meeting, Doctor A. A. It.ir
nett of .Ireyville read a p-ij.t on "Sum
mer liea.s.-s or Children. Doctor rlil
;ilerMiii of D-lhl .is admitted to ne-m-lieryhip.
Jeraeysllle 5(tea.
.!'Piy r4 ySrh Thm tV. Frr -tura-!
itrii. from a m'tith' tril t II .t Sprtrs.
' Ai a ni'ttnr ef h Jr-j!H. "itv "TinclI
on Tu-f1y fonlnt th- stre-t n. AH 'n
ir ittre a. In'tructM t,i purchase a rttet
iMr for u" en the r"ed r"lon of 'ht
K-trt AIln f I'urflT.A. cl . i a cu..t f
l'eputv 1r-ut' 1ek S-crc M Hitnn
J hn hhe;bar-l. '.-e pr-l-!rrt 'f the fittt
IUnk e Ji-ii!I lit. ha rlu-n.S fr m a
Ltrntt.. ..n.1 e,i.in rlr Tn I.tld- Okolfl( ll
"ri ut!Tl ' Mr M try K .-no. tl k 1I r ,
Ttfrtiv aftrnr-.,ri ?rm t'e tv inn Kii
Cl4-Hl miren a; 1 I'm-'H, III ne t.-rTjil
Mtnil-I Th-r" iatrr r f.e Hrt M K "Su-rh
of :ta'i III M-)tteit. anl the J urtat w
in th" KirlJcn Vtntery
t. M .-nny h :nur4 to Steubentlln n
uij Kltlt hnii le-urael freni a t-tt !t"i
oi frlh'!i
Mr Jla'IMi All'n th u: jr'ert!)
tl frl-n In !-t- 1 u'
tr anj Mrs S it Itiwman r .ltf
yetrfJy at th- I'la- fTian'aunua
;ir Nll!e "p; a a !ltr etrrtr In
St lyu1
M- nl Mr. J fi i:rm - th 'it of
frlnj fter.!a at the !ta iTjjtiuit.a.
Frralrrlrk fl. Snaplaer. nnwnrwaf by
Herearewest, lllra la llnaar la
Whlrh Hoth Were Married.
Illghlond In the eastern part of Madison
County, had n trani:e coineli!nce of
leHth this w.-e!. :i Mond.i evening
TJnlTrt llr.tTi.iu. r. for tle ear. "ir
ru!t Cleik of the count. .n -.-. I aa
The neit etenlnc his lro!hr-in-n.
l-tejlarlik I" Supplger nho had N-en
greatly doncat ! Mr ll.icnauer"i
tV-nth. on hi. . home front town
mhen he Mldilenl) felt ill He IOpPsl
In at the te-diirnce f Doctor M I Til'
lietts. und hefiire h cvuld explain In
)mptoin )I1 Ills death ! atttlhute.1
to heat- trouble
Ills dentil -oirre,i In the lnue in hleli
Jotli li m'h' llacrriiier were nurrled it
hilfic for-tier teInnBti! to Isvtor Un
d.r father of thlr lir"
Mr jsupplicer .ts ne of Illshland.
foienit eitt2ns He wa. Mavor for
nine eir. .i-i"!ar! of h" Highland DTlrv
Ao-la Ion tnd a director of the IlUnni
Itetalt l.urr.NT DeIris,' A.jociatinn He
as a Itoval An h Maon- i Knlsht
Temp'"'" snemi-cr of th" A o 1' V .m-1
lli htlcht. of Honor HI" lfe and
three c'tlMnn t-urle
Tl- funeral of Mr Hatrnurr took pl.e
.estenluv tnornlns at 1" o'-iock The Itev
treiid J " A Mll'er prearhe.1 the ser-non
nod th til! ircr- FVe.1 StocV-r.
hirle Ttt'nin. Thorax l.lts Allr:
Muelr JCe5 Mentz and l-ui Knehel.
i'iiii:k of rnni:n mior hki.
-.arral Michael MrMatinn In Take
I'Urr tn (irrnlll.a. (
Michael MeMahon Ti jears clj. di-lj
TC.'lar n aht at the home of hi. or.-In-
i.w John Mc;ulre of Jertlle after a
prolonged lllteju TM mernlnc th t-dv
will le taken to Carro!lto;j. ill whr
scrlceii wjll be cndurt-d a to o'clock
at t John Cathoilc Church bv th
ivitor. the Keeren.l rather r.i-UasnU
Ihtria! 1" V tn the Carmlltcn C-retrr
Mr MeMahon wa. th- fath-r of former
JUjcr Wtll-im McMahon of Carndlton
SMsaaralaatlle Mm.
N of tt" arintm-n; ef Ath-n fi Tu.
hont 'f n.tri.t:!- co the Jme.to-n "
trnnial -mBS4 n r Jo-rscr v .- tvws
, reooe.l In H!ar.wt! .-.tcriiv T-J
Ulnirl of M.tt-c l S- ots-r Prixi-ratc
nilnTeir. .el th h t Vtr To.hom ttaj th-ItxScrsrn-r.t
ef C li.v-Kr-ierJt,tn of KJ-.m-"il'e.
ct..lrmaa. ai4 !: J H.x.n eecr-tarv
if the rvtcorrailc tat tsje-.-un,,. ;jr ;,.
"".T; -.tin- .-r,r. ?-.tr tn ta rv1rr-n"n
ef US- t.I3 HCte! e.ylode
er to lite ro.n. T"- xam.
A "' .T ....J ...,.f r...... .M.t K.t
ce ma. nu!l
r. na'.u .lean fe.! tire from th- bolJ-r.
,v lur-T Oar WV crtJ je.Urla
rttTJvt 0v JSlttUtf. rtr tfte M'.re MJ
SloVn hr wV To on- mat !r. tra IrrraMiale
SSchhcthoct at trr tr It -a. ne.sar t
trm am tlie wor. t-r t?ie day.
'cZinZ fairk Glwar-I rt fT-ari-d ht.
-rJt- fi- ttct rr.th ,4 JuV ti JV- cM-f rarre
Tmrden """ . fur:!,lc.,K,tD"t.t!51,.S fcaau
jna Uot "r lu"l t lilarlalll.
m4my trlrs Hrtsseea East
Laatfa aaw Ufcsssa Prayed.
a round, trip between Stt St. LcuU aa-i
-Slno?. St. CUtr Count-, a .tancc of
r toenty tnlKr. w made e,:cnia by
airt" "f ccbl of the Bust St, ijjuts
iwJisLliurUin Kcctrtc lUtlway. hraicl ty
tc I-'aynes, the aer.erat macasrr. Scv-
UI of th officials btvucht their wives
witn tbtm- ?d - rturn of the party
sVcrTwM t.J at tbe Kajal Hotel.
7Thelwnty-milV trie Utween fcatt St.
TJwils end Utinsn was rciwc m enc hcur
iad twelve mlnuKs. and the rrtura wi
s --i- J tuat xsinutra less. It a stated
by Mr. Havnes yesterday afternosa that
a car which win ma between Urbanon
and Eart St. leuis in an hoar will he pat
on Sundays, and the week-day service wHi
be one hour and fifteen minutes.
lectJT la Oat Mr Seara.
John Fancy, a railroad detective, was
cut oft the head last evening while attempting-
to stop & fight between several
negroes oa the levee front. East St.
feouis. He was assisted to his home at
No VK North Eighteen th street, where
he was attended by Doctor Little, who
pronounced bis Injuries not serious.
Woaads Hlsaself TeaeMas Sask
While showina; his son. Edgar. IS years
old. how to use a cat rifle. William Wil
son. 3 years old. of No. VXt Frederick
street. East St. Louts, accidentally
shot himself in the left lea. The ball
ranged downward and lodged In the fleshy
part of the leg. Doctor Culbertson was
called and dressed the Injury, pronoundnr
it not serious unless complications set In.
Paya Sta a Foot for Proaerty.
Stephen D. Sexton of the Sexton Real
Estate Company of East St. Louis, acting
for the Citizens' Trust and Savings Bank,
trustee, yesterday purchased the block of
ground between Seventh and Eighth
streets, on the south side of Missouri
avenue. The property has a frontage of
304 feet on Missouri avenue and ISO feet
on Seventh and Eighth streets. It Is un
improved, and the price of HOT a foot Is
considered very reasonable. The property
was owned by Doctor Francis flteuver.
who is living In Europe at present.
Cast St. Loalaltessa.
Friends of Andrew X. Burdlck and Mhn
Edith M. Jones of Ekt St. loula were sur
t1d to learn yesterday that the couple hd
ten married In Clayton on Tu!ay. The
couple will make their home la East St. louia.
. F. Hall of No. It)") aiontroee avenue. St.
louts, uttered a slight stroke cf paralysis
while walttcg at the Relay Station yesterday
for a train, lie was takrn to St. Stan's Hoa
pl'al. II. r. Hill, roanaser of tbe Broadway Thea
ter, was esterday autnmoned to Toronto. Can
ada, whre his fatht-r la critically IIL
J. I liurley of Flrewrj-ka. Station, East St.
Louis. MtTJar reiirted to ths pollea that
a aneak thief had entered his hu Tues-lay
anJ Iiad roUed him of about ISO worth of
Mother of Boy Blttea. Teirhea hy
Walla, laterrewew far Beaat.
At Fli;ht of their pet dog being dragged
away bv an officer for having bitten a
boy. a negro family nanvd Mosby. living
In Illuft street. Alton, net up such a wall
Ink as to arouse the whole neighborhood.
That raved the dog.
The brute attacked Elmer, the C-year-old
son of J. T Miller, who lives in Bluff
stre.-t. knocked him down and bit him tn
the lip. Officer Fahrlg was detailed to
collar the animal, which he succeeded tn
When Fahrlg started to lead the beast
anav Mrs. Moby and six or seven little
Mosbys lamented so loudly the whole
n li;hlorhood thought some dire thing had
befallen them.
Finally Mrs. Miller Interceded with Fah
rlg. having tliat if the death of the dog
was Kolng to cause the death of the Mos
bys. big and little, she would not be a
party to It. The officer granted her re-JU'-M
and the .log e.-icaled.
Woasaa Dies at asae Hoar. Day aad
As Her Brother DM.
Jut before The died veterday. Mr.
Caroline K. Mather of North Alton routed
from un'-onsciousnos. partly lifted l.er
liatiil" and Martled the watchers b ex-
laiiniiK.- loyfully. "Oh. mother. mher."
At the same hour and ilnv six years ago
her brother h id died of the same disease
at the same age.
Mr. Mather was born In Lebanon.
Tenn.. sixty-nine ears aco. and remavei
to Alton when he was l." vear old. Her
hushani (ei six years ngo. Seven chil
dren survli-e her. They are: Alderman
It. 11. Malher. former Alderman H. G.
Mather. S. I. Mather, the Misses Belie
and Alice Mather of North Alton. Mr".
Ixuls Kortkamp of Hill'boro. HI., and R.
11 Mather of CJodfrey.
Six ear aito. at the same hour and
daw Mrs. Mather's brother. Thomas Har
ri a well-known farmer of Delhi, died
after suffering from the same disease.
The funeral will take place at S o'clock
to-morrow afterncon.
Alton Xotew oad Personals,
Th" annual plrnle of . Marv. r4thMe
"hcrch will !. hld Auirjat 1 In Itnrk Sprtnc
The s-yrar-old cn of Mr. and Mrs Ge.irs
.eil5j 1 .llci cf tironehit!" yesterJar tnomtng
at the Nnie on nzza .?re-t.
Th- M!'e. "tIla TVrleht. Ma-m Cameron.
Klia Hamr an-l t-nr.ie Cole il-part-d eterdar
fr a trip to Alatxn-.a
Th- N-rh Md- .t-f-ated th- ."-jth SMei
-;-riIv aftrn'ii !n S;.rtsman I'ark hv m
.ore t f ?i to 12 Th-r- wa. a larae cr-nrl. nl
rr.in of -he ltulnef houe of Alton wer
cl'-tl In tif-rier of the cam- The rec-lpte will
h slxen t" th- T M A. hull line fan.l
iwvtrr It McKinn-v retum-1 etrrdar
from l'ri!i. h-r- he spent th lat month
CT sit nek"
Jcr.h Weal d'pir'-'l ln.t -venire fir Swan
ton Vt . uhre h- -will 2lt frr a f-w meekf
Mr. an'l S!r II H Kercu."n d'lartM -terJar
for a trip through T-!l.n- T'ark
Mr- H-ttle Sniit,i rteiMrfeil --ter.li for hr
hnni In JUpil rit . t. aft-r tlxlttnr her
parent. Mr an.! Mr Italph Iion. of Rluff
Th- Mo.l-rn -!m'n of Amrlca. Oakod
'atnp anI th- IEnal Ne!cHr of A-n-rlca.
I'amathn Cir.i', will civ- a Jlnt picnic and
!rre u .lav an.l -t-ntre Auut li tn Ov-r-aih's
Mr onI Mr. K!arl U-lc-. departed vc
erla fr an etlenl-I trip throush th AV-t
Tli- ulll n-nI .--m! wrfL. on the Pacific
Jhn I! Mlll-r s pronlr-nt Alton eroc-r and
Mr Ina - ltu.lc- tier- mirrie.1 .etrlAv
mmlr.r at th "iths!r.l Th- hri-i- 1. a al"-t-r
of Millar first wife, who wa. lttirne.1 to
tlrath In n ;asIine eiplclcn s-veral v-ars ago.
lltlle-llle Pnllrrman Ilropa Weaaoa
After Hrlns Shasfd.
Jocph Hux. :i Itel!. UIe policeman,
drupi il his revolver 3ut after l.e nad
leii t:asl In tSeotce Neuharth's liarler
h-ip vestenlay mornlnc A cartridge was
t pMe-l and the bulb t ent red his leg at
tin thleh
The wound riv him Intense pain, ind
It w s found nece.yarv to remote hlir to
St Kiiz-ibetb'- Hospital It was Mated
ltt eieninc tint hi wound will not rrove
s.-riou unles'" cctnpllcatlon develop.
East side Hralt- Transfers.
Na"hanll Mrtan to Mlrha-1 Xohta. ar
rar.tr !. 1 t I t II f ti- sit-lnllLn .f I t
4; .no 111 IIIInelK rtt. rvn'M-ratltn
no til iiiii,ii t ii. cim-i'.raio:i "f
r n O.rk t. ul. C Wl.a. warranty
lot. . 31. ti and 3s, l.l.vk 11. .lta
kUe-aticn ti.'"'
i; -rr
be.! to 1.
it crfcU
Krd w K-iH m 1 U- to I rot w
rjft-e. quit iMlm d-j 1 t lot 4. blsck
hr.. r.trtB.a-e h i Jr .f l..t 13 bl-k :
trjft-e. quit lalm .!( I t lot 4. Mick i. Ivns-
-r. r.trtn.a-e hir f l..t U blrck ?. Win-
t.nl-v Par. utht half of lot 4. hhek C
-V'-tirlt aJltu r lit. S an3 C. tKck 173. lUt
: 1- ul. .tithe. half . f lot ti all cf let. IS
la l tn-Ufcl M . K .. IVnt.rll. .cuth-sl
1" ft ef ht It a',1 of I t IS and r.crth. t I
fo-t ..f bit IS bUy-k u lta l'. con.UIers
ti..n II
Pre.! Kiaft ar.J itts- A.Jo!phln. to .dol
phin Kraft oaitrlaln d-f-l to lot 1 cf 1 Ins
ti n . Ad.tlM'-n crr.lj-tatlcn. SI
t nl n Ttuft and rir. lurk to H. J. anl
J-.IU ictlrtan d1 rv i't r. M 4s. Mcs .
rTnuu-ll- i nlrtl ti. tfJ
It ll.rrl. Jr anl wif. to W II Hrris
r .rram iced ti. notthiet O f t cf Ht f.
fc--k :. HUbv r.r.u!-rat n t
W II 11 fin ttui- an.! 'f- to Mrs. Wil
liam J Ui-y viamntv !! f lota JU S. J5
and r block 2. .!'- lta. oaaiieratloa. !
Belles Hie f 5Ile.
Th- 1aill.' cU.-
tafel SVch'J- ce an
: the Krcnthabljeter-n'-rtalanifat
lat even-
I'trtre th- -ncnth f Juljr 1tv Cl-rk I-ln-k
o Pele'll" lo fet-n,-n tbdlrs p-rtn't
I II Wrre-lln and fami!) haV -n, to ei.
hatt iJti-r for a tll
Wal-cr K---t h bn arpolntd! IKler In-,--r-r
It th- Il.llevHle Set. 1 IVunl
A-Wnt Mate Attorr-y V II Kttac-r has
t.tBtn-J from a visit mith frl-si" ant rrtatlv-s
J.VME5- II McIlfrviTT
Ciarlto- III Auc i -Jam-. H Mct-ltt.
-.Mrce cf "c". - Ccc-j.j. 1. JaiS II- mas
tl tmk otl. rl hat rri.!c: la Ahnn- Tcwn
Sip f-r fottr j-tr-
V.ib-Ok lt. AU i-Mr.. Starr C-iton. M
T.a t !l-d t tr fcora- ts thu citjr Tues
iaj afimv.15. T
rtSovtr, T Ace I.-itr Sarah A!la
PU.ir.tc. . f H-vr's--Utle W U Bainton.
1I-.J at hr ht tc this city this tncra!e
after a .hart r,ir.
til-.Stcn. Ma Al r tft.wart fti3is!r.
aS ft -ar. 4!e4 Uii ruht aftr a llRSTrtna
U!nr. .
jrrnrifCN o. cox.
ainti: tert!r. lit. Acs. I. Mceh,- D. Cos.
(4 rear. !. dieij wir !r lat rnxht after a
ttrarrtlsc l!I-. H- hrtft-r cflLIL
Cvi tl the KS.WaIker lT- Good. Oretsar.
I-aaa. HU Ant :. Mr.. Lm Vo.t
v-ar . "tied autJeEty t-lar of S-att troa
iU. SS f a native tt tiertsasy.
rowtal Cora Baste for Baamaaeo.
M. IV t.nlhrie JKei suit la the Circuit
Court terday acalnst Kelly R. Chand
ler for GUN damases on accoant of a
pcstal card aUesrd to have been written
hy Cfiosita- to aaoUvar tetrsea..
Railroad Mea, PoHtidaas and Two
Former Goreraora Will Partic
ipate ia Test of Wind and Wit
at Haadlaa's Park.
Politicians, railway officials, business
men and two former Governors will par
ticipate in a contest of a ind and wit.
while forty-elxht fiddlers of the old school
are striving (or mastery of their art at
the Jefferson Club's Carnival at Grand
and Laclede avenues this afternoon and
The occasion is nominally Railroad
Men's Day. but the hours will belong to
no one In particular, according to an
nouncements made by Ben J. Selkirk. Di
rector General, and Ford Combs of the
Jefferson Club.
The two contests, aside from the at
tractions of the Pike, are expected to
draw the largest crowd of the festal
While the four dozen ancients are "saw
ing" olden melodies In a mad strife for
the cauh prise and the more enviable
honors which It implies, the notables who
have contracted to "spiel" for the event,
will gather i on the outsid and demon
strate their powers of persuasion.
In the list of amateur, but enthusiastic,
"spielers" are former Governor Ion V.
Stephens, former Governor Hob Taylor, of
Tennessee, Norman J. Colman. former
Secretary of Agriculture. Ben J. Selkirk.
Joseph Plnnlgan. Thomas F. Kcane. M. J.
B. Hartmann. chief deputy in the Excise
Comml.loners office. Clarence D. Boyd,
passenger and ticket agent of the Iron
Mountain. Barney Frauenthal. Frank Gll
derfleeve. assistant general passenger
agent of the B. & O.. Jew Hunt, of the C
at A.. George Munson and Price Taylor,
of the Southern Railway.
Governor Taylor. Governor Stephens and
Norman J. Colman are to judge the con
test among the old tiddlers. Governor
Taylor is a fiddler of national fame, and
the members of the club alii ask him to
dlsplav hi skill with the fiddle and bow
after he has helped to award the prize.
The contest among the "spielers" will
end In the awarding of an order for a
co.tlv hat. Clarence D. Bovd. one of the
contestants. Is the possessor of a prize
won on Railroad Men's Day at the
World's Fair last year.
In the event of rain the contests will
take place in the Amusement Palace,
where the contestants and their audience
will tie safe from the elements.
The contests will beln at 3 o'clock this
afternoon and continue until the final I-t-ue.
The fiddlers will pUv In pairs, and
the winner of the duet mill be reserved
t n ct other competitors. This will le
repeated until only two fiddlers arc left
tn the struggle.
The crowd at the Carnival last r.lsht
was reduced bv the threatening weather.
but there was no dampening of enthu
siasm. Toward 10 o'clock, when the signs
of a storm had passed, many of the early
visitors returned
Two bars at which liquor was sold were
In operation list nlsht under a license
which vras transferred to the club by a
snloonkiepor in North St. Iuls. Fori
Comls secretarv of the club, obtained the
signatures of three-fourths of the owners
f propertv In the neighborhood, and on
that showing the Excise Commissioners
office consented to the transfer.
Flnaacler Made Frleoas With Maay
Pasaeaaers oa Trla Watteraoa
Saya Titles of .oblllty Are Better
Tfcaa Those of Pork ana OH.
itnrunLic srnciAL.
New York. Aug. 5.-J. Pieppont Morgan,
after beia fcu-u by the Kings of Europe,
returned home on the White Star liner
Xtatuc to-day. as demociatlc as ever.
Tin; great tmaticier cemid to be friends
with everyone on board, and hade several
score of liis f How-pa fsengrrs a cordial
farewell before having the ship.
Mr. Morgan seemed aver to an Inter
ien. "Is the Canton-Hankow Railroad to be
told li the Clitii.se Government?" he was
a.-keJ. It has been rumored that China
was at-rse to American ownership, more
partiouLirlv hince the action of Chinese
merchants In bojcottlng American goods.
Mr. Morgan Is the chlet owner In the n-terprlM-.
"No. I don't know." replied Mr. Mor
gan. "What arc your plans now?"
"I haven't any." said the financier, brief
ly, turning on his hc-l. "Now. If you
want to ar-k :in more questions you must
come tu my ofitce. I can't be Interviewed
on tin- ship"
A Joyful surprise was ready on the dock
for ttie financier when his favorite grand
daughter, a small. laughing wisp of a
rhlta. ran out from the crowd and seized
hi. hand. The two the bin. wurn man.
whom a King cro..sed the English Chan
r.U In a tempest tu see, and the child
wtnt all our the d'k. hand In hand, chat
tlr.rf an.! laughing together, as Mr. Mor
gan guthervu bh pieces of lugMKe to
gether. Grge T. Perkins of the J. P. Morgan
Company was also down to mtet Mr. Mor
gan. Among the other passengers on the lmat
was Colonel Henry Watterron of lu!s
v.I. Ky.. his wife and daughter. Colonel
WattiT.-M.in ..tld that he had not come back
to attack society or Newport, and did not
propose to
"I think the aristocracy abroad Is slight
ly better than it Is here." he said. Judicial
ly. "They have something to fall tuck
on th re blooded Misrk and iiedlgree.
Titles of the sort that th-y hold are bet
ter than iwrk and oil. Hut I shall not
li.iv much to say about society. I am not
u crusa.br
"As a Southerner. I think the cotton
scandal is very lamentable. It apparently
goes to show- that the collegian is not a
success In i"l!t!o.."
"Mr Hosevet Ik a college man." he wa
rcmind-il "Ah, ms. 1 did not mean him."
responded Colon I Watt ron. "I mean
the scientific nun who sell their knowl
edge for money and then make their re
j.irts. which belong the Government, a.
matter for barter and sale."
Mate. Hofrr to Aaaawoa Caateea ana
With Her Million Prunes K-
labltan Fine llane.
sriVTAi. hy anu:
Paris. Aug Z Copyright. V"" )-Mra.
Hofer, cantlni-re of the Twenty-eighth
Regiment at Sedan, who won the I.ioi.vO
fnino lottery ;riie. has decided to adopt
the two orphan who drew the numbers
from th- wheel when the lots wre drawn.
The children are ltorge Chertoux and
Ren- Asasse nnd hae been reared in .
Pari foundling Institution.
Mire. Hofer is said to hate a fortune
of .') in addition to the i.m.i.C francs
b ha Jurt won. She. will abandon hir
canteen Aupti-t SS and .tabltsh her resi
dence at Vlliemomble. near Part?.
Mme Hofer Is yesr old. is n widow
and ha no children. Ij-t nlsht she of
fered a "punch" to the entire regiment.
The second prixe of :'.) francs .-
was won by Edmon ouin. an em
ploye in the cloth work" of Arm-ntieres.
The third prize of fiV"' wa wen by Mmc.
Iomlr.ijue. a candy d'aler at Hlarriix.
Mme. Hofer l-iught three tickets. Nns.
11 Zl2 tnd I3T4. She would not acctpt
No'r.TS because the word "trleze- occur
red" In It and took instead 3T4 which was
the good one instead of the "thirteen."
Close Mlaaeola Wnrlnae Meetlaa.
nmTuc i-rsxiAi-
New I-norence. Mo- Aug. -- The fortieth
annual Sunday-school Convention ciosej
this iftrrr.oon at Mlnreola Springs. More
than SI'" was sulwcnb-.! for Sunday
school. Kroer E. I.icey. State secretary
of St. Iy)uls. delivered an addres. as did
the Reverend J. E. Tuchoff. Officers for
the comlrc year were elected as follows:
Howard Ellis, president: Jame. Rcdztrs.
ic prrslJ-nt; Joseph Niedergerke. s-cr-tary:
H. E. Scanland. treasurtr.
t. Loata Toarlats la Parts.
Pari". Aug i Among th Amerlcaas
registered at the Herald Paris office are
the following St. Lioutsians:
Mr A. JsJ Barnett. W. H. Barnett. A.
S Phillips. G. J. O'Connor. William F.
Woerr.er and Sally C Meagher.
Trala Kills Two laMoarttsas) ntea-
Utchfield. nU Aug. t-Two unidentified
men were killed by a C- B. Q. train.
one etlle north of Sorento thai saornlna.
The bcsilca were ssasskM beyoba recogsi-
Womea ia Cabaaa District 8ar
Tbej Eatered Hoase of J. H.
Leek Polioeataa Paacaoa la
jured ia Straggle.
The usually quiet residence district of
cbS w tarown into excitement by
!? ,J,-,.t,?, !wo Toes. who it Is
?: . HasaUton avenue, at noon yester
f11Thejr were captured after a chase ef
JJ llf ta which waaoas and
fkWwtJ c5. Jere Pd into service by
t!?SS? " S5. Motainal District.
Policeman Eugene Punshon of tks
rtehn,iJdJ:l,lttk5 J" ?I,n laoeratid
right band which he sustained In a hand-to-hand
struggle with the aegroea.
!l0.ut a. tT na5roes were seen
comlnt; out of the lVeek bone by Mra
Jasaes A. DorrUI. of No. UU Hamilton
v?fa.Ba J?1- ' MeAuMffe. of
No. 1 Hamilton avenue. They knew
that the Leek family were absent and
asked the negroes to explain their pres
ence on the premises..
The negroes claimed that they had
been sent there to beat some carpets, but
this explanation did not disarm their
suspicion. Accordingly the women sent
word to the Mounted District Police Sta
tion and Policeman James Harrison, who
was only a short distance away, was dis
patched to the scene.
Harrison took up the chase, being direct
ed to the route taken by the negroes. He
Jumped Into a wagon and was driven to
Page boulevard, where he Jumped oft and
pursued them on foot. He did not fire any
shots, but the fact that the driver waa
beating his horse and urging it on at
tracted a crowd Into the chase.
Policeman Punshon of the Mounted Dis
trict waa standing on the front platform
of a Page avenue car and was attracted
by the mob following the negroes. He
urged the motorman to throw on the pow
er and chased the fugitives for several
Hiding behind the motorman. Punshon
was able to overtake them before they
were aware that he was near. At Clara
avenue he Jumped from the car and
stopped the negroes. Both showed fight
and a hand-to-hand struggle ensued.
One of the negroes, who gave his name
as Robert Brown of No. 3S Montrose
avenue, picked up a stone, while his com-
E anion. Ike Soddrldge. of No. 22 South
Iwlng avenue, engaged the policeman.
Punshon drew his revolver and attempt
ed to shoot Brown, but as the weapon
was discharged Soddrldge struck it with
his hand, and that bullet wont wild- Be
fore Punshon was able tn Are again Sod
drldge had hut linger behind the trigger
of the weapon and was struggling for pos
session ot tne revolver.
Soddrldge burled his teeth tn Punshon 'a
right hand, but the policeman held to
his weanon. Soddrldge then fell to the
ground and said be had been shot.
Itellevtng that he natl mortally wounaeti
Soddrldge. Punshon turned his attention
to Brown, who was standing In the cutter.
After grappling with him for a short
time. Punshon brought the weapon down
on Brown's head, inflicting a scalp wound.
While Punshon and Brown were strug
gling In the gutter Soddrldge ran away.
The policeman held to his prisoner.
About tnat time I'oucemen urown ana
Ilntrlsnn arrived and took up the pur
suit after Soddrldge. They chased Win
about two blocks and caught him hiding
under a porch Just east of Belt avenue
on Page boulevard. Mj. .
He was taken to the Mounted District
Police Station. Brown waa taken to the
City Hospital.
Two pairs of trousers, a hat and two
banks containing IS each were found in
the negroes' possession.
AH Attendants at Double Wed
ding arc Relatives.
nnpunuc speciau
Mnrshnll (. Aur X double Wed
ding took place to-day In the Catholic
Church at Shackelford, near here. The
couples were Mr. Illcnara E. atocaman
and Miss Mary Deckard. nnd Mr. Joshua
Hlllebrand and Miss Myra Deckard.
The brides are twin sisters and the
bridegrooms first cousins. The brides
ma bis. Misses Knte and Clara Stockman.
are sisters of Mr. Stockman. The best
men were Arch uecgara ana co it. time
brnnd. the former a brother of the two
brides and the latter a brother of Mr.
Lightning Destroys Result of
Years of Hard Work.
Tarrytown. N. T.. Aug. t During a
thunderstorm this afternoon a flash of
lightning did a peculiar freak. Iuls De
ItUrto. an Italian, was sitting under his
piazza in Tallev street, counting out his
tnonev nrenaratorv to a trio to Italy. A
terrific flash of lightning nearly blinded
htm and when he recovered his sight nts
pocket t ook nnd money were missing. The
lightning had struck the pocket book and
burned up the money, and yet De Blazto's
hands were not even scorched.
There was nliout S900 In the pocketbook.
representing many years hard labor. De
Itlasto was dazed for the balance of th
Clubhouse for Sailors Considered
at San Diego.
8nn Diego. Cal.. Aug. i Funds raised
hy popular subscription for the purpose
of erecting a shaft In the military ceme
tery to commemorate the Bennington ills
aster exceeds n.Mft. The Government. It
Is announced, will erect a tine shaft In
memory of the dend seamen.
In tlew of this It has been decided to
enlarge the scope of the popular memo
rial and n-leavor to secure S30 000 to build
and cijulp a el'ibhouse for sailers.
Goveraaaeat Weather Renort.
I-i-atmnt of Aarleu'ture. Westh.r Iiureau
M-teon'Clcal ctej-rt atluns r?li-l at tft.
I.iU'... Augun 2. !;. at t- p. n local tlma
ant S p. m. eMenty-flfih mrMiaa lira-, obs-r-t
altera satd at the same tr.unoent of time at all
Dlr.Tp Ms K!n.Vea:her.
...N 714 .wit cloudy
ALIIrne. Tes .
Antarlil). T-x.
jr. cj vi
Atlanta. I. ,MJ
lialtlm-te. M4 K
HlFRiarcK. N 1
lliffalo. X. V U
Clni 111 X
K .
... Clear
.nl iluii-ty
... Clear
.. Clfsr
. It cloudy
.: floudv
,.. It tlou-tr
.. 't clou-ly
. I"t c'.'-wly
.. Cloudy
.. Cleuly
.. Clear
.. it cicudr
,.. 'Tear
It ci3!r
...It clcilty
.1 Cloudy
.. Pt clcudy
,. Cl-ar
., It clcudy
It Pt cloudr
... It c!ody
.. Clesr
-.. It cl'aidy
,.. O-ar
,.. Clear
... Cloodv
Calcary. Alb-rto SK :
t.utl.. C.tv. la Sti tj
s.arlo:t-. N. " S V)
Chattim. ca. T.r.n. sn M
h.,.nr.e Wy. rf T l
Chlcaco. HI PE "S "
Cincinnati. O NE T r
1eln.l. V T
-oluml-us. O NK TS T
I'oncordla. Kas. N ) 2
lakenprt. Ia S S
I-n-r. CX!o SK t M
X-a Molr.e.. Ia SK T2 71
Ic-sirs Mke. x. D....SW U T
ls. City. Kas.
Iruhuiic-. la. ..
nulatn. Minn. . ..
lirror. Colo
a I'aeo. Tes. ..,
Kirt Smltn. Ark.
llattMtnR. TVs. .
S t
.xtv :t
tlranil Jt-r.ctlcn. Col...N"K
Ifatt. Mcnt
ttlc'-na. Mc-r.t. ..
Hari. S I
Inltanapelta Int.
Jackw-ntll!'. ru.
.Kansas City. Mo.
Iair.!er Wr, .
U:tl Rock Ark.
I.iu'.sniie. Kr . .
tMsenn. Wis. ...
Msrqutt. Ml'h. .
MirrS.. T.nn ..
Moetzomerr, Ala.
Xashvble. Tw .
X.w Tcek. '. T..
Nw rlaRa. b..
...jnv t u
....s- ts a
....SB t M
4 n 1.1 Rain
U .04 Rain
. n elcawx
..X M as .... rt-ar
...NE I K .
Ft cl-ejly
S T4 T .... Cl'Vtr
.. E
.. X
l 'A .... Clear
M .... i.-ar
K ...
T4 SI ...
4 M ...
Tt M ....
Xerfolk. v. . .
s.-ms ss.t. v.h ..SR Ts M rSear
Oklahoma. Ok f E M tn .. Pt eiowly
Oirah.. Xeo- E t m .tc Vriir
ISjIesttne. Tes . -N M .... Cloudy
1'srker.burs. W". Va..-.- T .... Pt eiowly
PhilaaelpSlJ. Pa. JJ JJ K .... Clear
Plttsrurs P. " 2 2 2
IsaeMo. COex. -J 2 5 SJ"0,T
tu-ld City. . O. E TS T ...Clear
. .!. Mo- 55 I J; .... Clcudy
St. paL XWa vS H S "" H-
ta" Lake ctty. Utah E U . Clear
tsnnta I- X- M -N" J ; -Kg
."hrcTetmrl. lav. js s ... Jjam
.gle!d. 't- TE 2 -!J?
v.ler.ila-. N4k ......Tr. is t .... t lear
wasMsatoa. P. C J S .. Clear
tWWhlt. Kaa - 2 JS 225
TaOesrxBooa Pars, ......a J o .... nsar
rnoaostsursb "Tiaes cr less tssn as of aa
at m Xat
at M to IS
New Tark Ass. i-The cottoa market
was aet mm than moderately active, bat
ntled. steadier oa coverlsc ef shorts la
preaaratlon for the Government crop coa
altauffi report tteajBorrow.
The close was at a aet advance of 1 and
IS points. The opening waa steady at aa
advance of 1 uotnt on afar, hat aeaerallr
1 to S points lower, with near months
leaaine tne oeciine anaer near snsnir,
and Licittldatlon Inspired by lower cables
and favorable weather reports from the
There was active covering by shorts at
the decline which carried October to IMS.
or about 47 points less than the high point
of Monday, and while there wa consid
erable cottoa for sale on the way up, pro
moting frequent reactions, the market
showed an advancing tendency In the mala
during the afternoon.
A report that a Southern ginning asso
ciation had estimated the condition of the
crop at n per cent, and claiming a re
duction la the acreage of 2.7 per cent In
cluding 5.1 per cent for abandoned lands,
helped the market toward the close, which
was steady and within a point or two of
the top.
Sales' were estimated at X0.6 bales.
There was some further talk of high tem-
Kratures in Texas, but. generally speak
r. cUmatlc conditions were considered
good and Southern spot markets were un
changed to M lower, according to official
New Orleans. Aug. i-In Its summary
of the cotton situation the Times-Democrat
will say to-morrow:
"Yesterday's cotton market responded
to an Increase in bullish sentiment In the
face of a poor Liverpool, and a somewhat
general belief that the trade as a whole
should not acct.pt the bureau report this
morning without Important reservations,
no matter what the showing should pan
cut to be. The day'a most encouraging
feature from the viewpoint of the high
price man was the rather unexpected but
effective opposition that developed in the
ranks of spot holders to a further decline
in the value of the actual stuff. With
spots again on the upgrade, renewed ac
tivity in the long side of the account
should be due In short order, unless, of
course, a bearish showing by the bureau
should be taken seriously.
-Just now. however, the talent is pin
ning faith to private crop reports to a
greater extent than for a long while, and
the burden of the bulletins has been pessi
mistic throughout the season thus far.
The big question before the talent is
how much of the old surplus of American
cotton will be left at the end or next sea
son, rather than how short will the cur
rent crop prove. On the answer depends
absolutely the ability of the bears to hold
in check a runaway 'market should one
develop. In the fsce of short crop proba
bilities, the threat from the spinner to
delay purchases of the actual stuff for
three months, and the premature demon
stration of the likelihood or a big strike
at Lancashiro should not strike terror to
the hearts or the farmer, for the latter
now knows, or should know. Just what
sort of a preposition he Is up against.
Clearw the advantage this season favors
the tiller of the soil, who lias learned
through actual experiences the value or
Intelligent methods or marketing his crop,
practical demonstration being far less
easily forgotten than U theoretical advice.
"Hut the spinner Is by no means de
fenseless, for the farmer, under the spur
of the speculator, may yet overplay his
Sart and lose much of the good he might
ave gained.
"Bullish leadership was lacking vester
day. though there as evidence or buying
for the account of some New York's lead
ing bulls on the theory that the bureau
report would confirm pessimistic crop
views to a very large extent: that while a
slight improvement may possibly bo in
dicated the previous condition of the crop
was so low that such Improvement can
hardly have been sufficient to have
brought about bearish conditions In the
"On the other hand, bears appeared to
bank most strongly on .the neutral effect
the Iiureau to expected to have on the
distrustful talent. Meanwhile, 'shorts-
who feared a bolt from the blue evened
up their accounts to a more liberal extent
than did 'longs' and the result waa a 10
polnt gain on the active options. Ilusi
necw was not on a big scale, for there
was very little Initial buving and selling
In evidence, professionals and outsiders
alike nreferrlng to await to-day's develop
ffatlve saanly Good Beef Cattle Easy
Sheep Hold Strnn.
NATIVE CATTLE Bef Steers-There sras a
good moderate run of 4.0O) cattle on sale.
calnst . last Wednesday. There was a sd
run cf natives Included. Total receipts f-ir thres
days this sreek stand 1C.SM. sgaln.t lXMO last
ste-k. The supply of native cattle for three
days this week. (.EM. sn Increase ot nearly 1.M0
with the previous week.
There was a fairly lares run cr native steers
Included, and the market was veiy slnw and
(tracer, buyers appeared to want but few cat
tle, and operated in a very ln.tlff-r.nt manner.
The heavy steers pre.lomir.au d. and. naturally,
meeting with week demand the past few days,
old lery slow, and sfalle the market could
hardly ts quoted any lower, sal's here and th-r
did .Ihtblt a I0-- weakness. Very few handy
good cattle were here, an J the few sold fully
as high as yesterday.
The market was ruled very uneven each day
this week, and while some ssles today lwa
cheaper than yesterday, the dwllne reported
yesterday for the two days will onrr all losses.
the scsl to choice handy welsht cattle not be
ing over We b-wer. while gomt to choice heavy
cattle and nmmnn st-ers ar- S-vdM; lower.
A few heavy, thick, fat st-ers sold at IS-ii.
with on. choice rolled bit at till, with chils
rattle weighing around l. lbs. at i.0iti..
and a good grade of lighter weights from W St
84.73. ljtiie decent and medium steers weigh
ing 1.1"0 lo I 200 lbs. soM at Hl44 . with
one string of fairly good Westerns at KLta.
No. Av. Pr. N At. Pr. No. Av. Fr.
3...144T...Kt.S I7...UK...SS tt...l9T...tS.'S
4...IIU... 4.7i If.. .IS... 4.TJ II.. .UK... 4.7S
1...K 4.si C..1ST... .:; 7...WU... .4
9...PMS. . 4.? S...tJ... 4.7) I...US5... 4.T0
12... K. 4.45 S...W9I... 4.4S S5...PC0... 4.50
II.. .11... 4 1... '... 4.40 S3...HU... 4.U
22...ISM... 4. W...1EI... 4.S ... ... 4.10
i;...i:... 4.1 1...UW... . I... 494... 2.3
3... K0... 3.K
fttcrs nd heifers:
24... MI... 1.15 C. T... 4.
...::... J.40 14... sM... j.c
Ilutrher Cattle The number cf butcher h-tf-ers
to-.Uv was eompaiaiti-ly small, but th
d-nanl waj no bett-r. and In places exhibited
cor.sld-rtMe weakre... lea cf bo.1 to rholce
l,t were mad- at'xind steady with etr!ay.
sill medium and fairly good lots and ommen
grades wnt steady to bV: Viwer. The decline
str.ee th tM of the week was fully liirSc
vhlih Is pf-ttv general. A rhtlce load of
leers and belfeis weighing lbs. brught
tJ.15 anl sen e eod to clime 14 S. but salts
below these figures were few at t2.Mt4.4S. for
a common to prMty ! lot.
The tow market waa i.n a firmer basis. e-r-ctally
i for tt-e b-ttr gra-. and g"od to
ch-ilce cows around K 10. or better were fully
I"e higher. atM 3IUi- ran.r liwn la.l fit,.
r.e ntinlnr ara
r grais-s cr piwp mi . -a.-. -
cuttts and tneaium ne.i n
show-1 rnmparamely llttls change,
trcng-r than last week.
12112. .
Av. IV
Ml.. K.
774 .. 4 0
7... 4 21
71. . 4.'
... .
w... a t;
74... J.
No. Ar. Pr.
J... i. .M s0
.. :... 4 s
... ... 4.S
J-'... 47S. . 4.
2... ".... 4
... WI .. J.i
1 .. TV).. 3 40
2... Mo... 3.2J
1. ..... i'O
i... :t. :.
t... TI",.. 2.S
2... VS... ZJft
No. Ar.
II si
14... 7M... 4.2".
I... ."... J.s
13. . TO)..
... :;.
... tjt.
3 It
I. . k:
3... 74..
3. . S'l..
J... K..
T. . TJX..
2 H
1 .
1 .
. 2...
. 2.
. 333
1... 40..
I... 440..
i... 4. . :.
Ste-r. and belfers
.. MS .. 4
Ooi and fclfrs:
II... 71... 2.B
1...14M... 4.
1 .1279... ZM
l...:03O. 3.X7
2.. !... 2 25
1...1U0 .. 4 SI
1...1230... 3.
1...I4C1... 3 &
S...y4... 3.40
1... )... 3.SS
1. ..!!... 3.IJ
1...IV.3... I'O
3. -.1040... J. CO
J. .vm
1 A','. .
. J.
. 3 !
. 3.
1. ..:..
1 . SM.
I ..:1M... 4
I...I3v... !.'
1...147V.. 2.
1... 410 . 2.7i
1... ... i.t:
1...ITSS... 3 4i
3...UT:... 3.VJ
I... tr .. Srt
I...1T4)... 2.W
1...1030. 2.M
I...14W... 3.3
Z...teC. 2.'a
4 .ii... r.o
2. .1140... ;.3
, 1st .. .;s i... js.. t.s
, Ul... . I... 179... 4
I... i 2... Hi... 4 M
. 141... to 2 .. 7 .. 4.m
. 17. . 4. 4 . 212... 4.7S
, l'.l. . S.7I 2... 11... .7i
, li... S.7J ... Ii .. .Tt
, ITV . S.T5 I... 1S.. .TS
, 110... S.Tt T... 1M . J.TJ
I . lt... .2S
2... V .. .'
V... 1S... ."
l... 140... .
I... 1... .TI
I... 140 t.
2... IM... 5.T
I .. 1"... S.7S
3... 1I... S.7S
. ITS... I.T.
2...13K... 2.JS
t ..It."0
2 T M
3 W.""
it... an... z-m
2... .
.23 jn
t ;
l 25 at
?... ... ..tT.JS
a - an
JwitTTHERX CATTLI-TSa. qaarantln trade
sn tstt active and by t-ie Tn. were
wll efared. Th WeT4rwaTTy "rj"?.
ashfseloaai rn iJLSjJ-. L 72?
tor tnw days tats wk aawregat isst .
anlntTt is same ttme last wa. Th
market eoaM w b -jwed Waber In aar rs
SetT ttasatw waa on a rood, sbsadr ta mrrmm
fair awmbsr of stsers were tnc'-JJ
vers- swai si wai " " r-.
or ratr t sranv sms rst
t to boa m. at m.
oal asM at . with a tew
a ha Kara srssw tsalansd at
w.-oaw. sh or a nrrtty nssa rot. on staakt
cow IiiiSI fa. wttfe a aood eJaas arooad tt.3
arTTa. wtth most sales ot csaarrs al fair
Thw emit maiksi to fsHv as hbrh aa aa
ttau tats sreek. Sssss good to choice vcalers
soM at S4.-K4M atr cwt, and good sssdhan
wricks calves at atJasMJt. and fair to good
heavy grades at .Mil.
No. Av. FT. No. Av. Pr. Xa. Av. PK
i...tas...e its.. .IMS 2.S ss...iotT..Ji.w
S...MIS... I.St 1...11S0... 3S 4...M7... J.7S
4s...Mw... S.S J4...KC7... 3.7S t.!0et... 3.7S
2J...IOI4... 3.S t... IK... 3.a t... an... 3.49
W... S2... J. S... SIT... JJ 3.. .132... X.i
sn... ssi... x.e is... wa... x.w 3... ss... a.v
37... (07... ).C 24... Stt... 3.3) 2... no... 3.30
S... tut... 3.13 i...ir... S.r. 1... St... 3.75
1... SB)... 3.S 34... sot... 3.IS 13... 732... 3.00
14... T41... Z. 1... fdO... i.n 27... 727... 2.70
1... 7... 2.S
I... 7t... 3.S MS... 7C... 3.0S f... 717... 2.75
CXws and heifers:
Vt... 710... 2.7 14... 717... 2.75
1...ISM... 3 t 11... Ml... it. a... 7... S.7S
T... m... t-43 7... S... 5.43 lit... ... 2-
to... an... 3.K s... ts... 2.s . t... s.so
x... (45... z.ss a... :e... s.s s... m... 2.40
27... an... 2.30 ... tin... Z. 1... TO)... 2.3
... 730... 2.00 1... ... l.0
1 ..1130... J.JS 1... 7... 2.13 l...H7 .. 2-
HOtJ-Anothr good moderate run of hogs
wis on sale, the receipts being tn th neigh
borhood of 8.0T) head, whk-h Is 2.VO more than
WedaeMlay of last week, and nearly J.ifJ more
than this day a year ago. The quality was
quite good, there not being a great many
lights from Southern territory among the ar
rivals. The market opened with a good demand from
shippers for the strictly good corn-fed light.
130 to KS lbs., and all such foond ready rile
at an advance nf toe over early Tuesday price,
the best selling up to S4.25. the first time this
price has been reached for ten months, but tne
balf-fa: lights showed very llttl Improvement.
Best butcher and reavy bogs were also around
10c higher than the general Tuesday trad, th
best heavlM selliiut at M.I0. Plain packing
grades and mixed hoga sold 5c higher, packer
buyers lighting .tutbornly any advance, sad
purchased very fw hogs tor an hour ar so after
the opening, their bids early being only ateadv.
wMch sell-rs rfued to accept.
Th tat trad was qut.t. and while but few
sales were made, there was no material change
to th market. The top was M.r. for IS-lh.
pigs, and S.3 for bogs above i: lha. avtrage.
and th bulk of them !d at 3tii.i:V . ,
8HFEP Onlv a small run of sheep armed
and the quality was not null as good as on
Tuesday. However, the arrivals Included some
good sheep and lamb. Th market ahowed no
material rhanrs from yesterday, all good fat
sheep and lambs elllnc readllr at rood steady
prices, the best lambs bringing 17.25 and "tie
best mutton sheep selling ot 34 40. The offer
ings were soon cleaned up. and buvrs nc-ne-aa
many mure to fill their orders, tlood breed
ing we continue tn good demand from coun
try buvers. and are selling aa high as any time
recently, the bst going from !4U 25.
HOIWE9 Th sciorir In the auction Wednes
day was a prettv fIr en- for the seajon.
though not a large on. Th-re was about S
bead available, but the nualltr of the offerinc
was not of a a-ood kind. This an-1 the fact
that th demaikl was not as Urgs as last week
combined to plat th market on a lee att.
factorv bests than bist we-k. The mnv-mrnt
was not as lvt.k. neither was the bidding as
competitive, or prlce aa strung. Kor a few
good to choice chunks and harness horses that
were Included In the suprlv. th trade wa
uutte active, and faltlv ateadv. but other sabs
were on a weaker to bwr level.
aiCUat About is head were added to th
week's rerelpu Wednemtar. making a supoly
for the first three daw of about 470 head. The
condltiorai of the market, which opened alranr
Men lav n.I which aci-ounted for a decline of
33.S0U5 a bead being auoted Tuenlav. w.rc
worse We.Ine.slar. and sellers g.nsraltr reocrt
rd that values were 3587.10 eft from last week.
The sttuaalon In th South with regard t
fever conultlons. and the possltltltv of the
stirtad of th disease. nl the restrictions It
might r-ut upon trad. has causel deal-rs to
car erv little for th offerlnaw. and th-v at
onlv buTlr.r such as thr have orders or an
openlns fur. '-r those that are '?! at such
roacsstoas that It la worth while taking ths
chanc of holding them In the facs or the on
crtaln situation confronting the market. Ilut
the conditions of th market ars slow, dull
and draaarr. and It ts hard work getting rid
ef the offerings, especially the ptatn ones.
y Telegrranh.
Chicago. Aug. t-Cattle-Becelcts ll.OOO. In
cluding CM Tezans) and l'O Wesiarna: market
steady to e lower; gcod to prime sreers K.Sf
S.so; poor to medium 1.751i&.liJ: stockera s.nd
feeders 12.2504: cows ti.I04.: h-Ifers
4.35: cannera il.tt3.v: bulls C504M: Texas
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Subscribers to The KrptAlIc who have received the $7.50 'Cylinder
Graphophone through tho arramccment hls Pa"r w be "
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a A. Ji- a. with crtiflcate entitling them wilhoHt farther
Mrrst to this new f 1SJVO Disc Graphoplioae in exchange for the
"' SMI ... Jltin. tat ha .aaat?awaawaawaawaaw
cylinder macnine. ine odd cuuuinuu s"
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nMlr. Daily and Sunday, 'or another year.
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will be accepted as 10 cents cash toward
ih cavment of seven-inch Disc Ilecorda
after the subscriber nas pur
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nltsly understood that you r art narefcs- nny sMHImmI
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the year, the machine beoms your exclusive property forever.
THE REPUBLIC. Otit-e ami Seventh Street:
FUate tend olicitor to my mddreu to exftai FREE GRAPHO
item ststrs et.lafl.Ja,
nogs Keceipts jam: io-awrw. .?t-j .. ?
1jc hlgser: mixed and butchers f.Mf.l:aoed
to choice heavy Slr.l: ronga aeavy fS.SM
..B: light gi.tMJ5: balk ot satoa B
-ossp-llecelpts a.is: sheep Mc havlwrjjanibs
15c higher: good to caosre w.tkwrs 34.MC4.3V:
fair to choice mixed M04.M: Western sheep M
V4.7I: native Iambs lisy7.4: Weatera lambs
Sooth a. JoeeDB. ato.. Aug. S. CatHe Re-
.: to-Bsorrow (; njarket
cetnes 1.194: steers active, sreaws-;
mm laat'lTi Siteher? MStrea
0 at. 1
snd betfers n.Sstj4.75: stockers and fasjssrs .tCTt
-. Hogs-Kecetpts .: SglOc Mgaor: cioeed
weak: fight 35.w: medium and heavy -a
AS.to: balk 3.oajS.. Sheep-Recilsts CwB:
strong t 15c higher: Iamb 3.5.
New York. Aug. 2. Beeves-Receipts 3.23:
good to choice steers slow to 10c lower: others
lOSSOc lower: bulls and cows slow to aada
lower: steers (485.5: bulls 32.5w4: cows 34
(y3.45: exports .4 cattle. i sheep and- 2.740
quarters of beef. Calves Receipts 3L27T; veals
opened strady: closed aflc lower; buttsrmllks
sttady to a shad lower: veals S53JS.M: fw
easlv sales at allahtlv hlaher tirlces: SI to Price
at close: throw outs (4t5: grasarrs and butter
milks B.25: dressed calves about steady: cy
drcsred veaU l2tc: country dressed MTUc.
Sheep and Iambs Receipts .3ik; sheep steady:
lambs Sr5c loner: market closed fan Mead):
shetp 3284.90: culls t2t2.W: lambs MT.7S: 1
car I7.SS: culto M-ari-25- IIoa-s-Recelpts .-
il- marfce. Si mer: Hat hors a.1
Kansas City. Mo.. Aug. i-Catt! Receipts
SCO Including 2,ts Southerns: market steady
to 10c lower: choice export and disssal beef
steers KfL'-O: fair to good S: Western
steers t3.75fi3: stockers and feeders tX7VS4J5:
Southern steers 37CS4 50: S."jthern cows
2.5ft: native cows 32Q4.I5: native heuers ip
4 50; tull fIiCTJ..: cairn ai-. ";w
Recelots 7.: market strocis: top : bulk of
sales iiJSe;.: heavy ..; f-fkers 3-
?oiV-" W' "Sias- cuSsed
heep M.1104.eu: stocktrs and feeders X5l.s.
St. Loata Cottoa Starksc.
Spot market steady, unchanged. Qootet '
Oood ordlnsty -vj
Low middling .
Gooit middling -"Jr.
Middling fair - w
Tinges NS"c off from whit.
ftolveston-Spot market quiet: raldoTrag .Wo-
N-w Orlan-Spot market steady: mlddllrsj
ltc; sale 7fo bales.
Memphis Spot market quiet; middling lOHc
Receipts at principal pcrts:
lilxestcn. -7Jba'.e.
New Orleans. 4.044 bales.
Mobile. 2W tales.
Savannah, l.-'i bales.
Charl-Mtoe. Ml b.lea
Norfolk. 175hle
Houston. it2 bales.
Memphis. 770 bales
Net receipt, at all United States parts for
ttve dan were 44.2&.S bales, ata'.n-t 74.134 bales
last week and .2- bales In I': exports 4&a7l
tiales. aaalnst 7.227 bales In 1S4; ttcck 3T7.SS':
bate-, ar-i'-nrt 10b? In 11- ,... ..
Total receipts from i-ept. 1. 1904. to dat.
9 T. S4 bales. aKatn.t 7.12&M4 bales too corte-s'pond'-rg
period th year prljr.
bt. Locit warehouse statement:
Stocks on hand Sept. 1 .
Net receipts .TS;
Net receipts tr.c Sept. 1 . 23
Net shlpmer.ts. m .?!
Nt shipments since Sept. 1 i--p
Stacks en hand -7ji
Oros receliits . . !
r.n-s recelrts since Sept 1 427.SST
ni)i shipments 15
Gross shipments sine Sept. I...10.tw3
Cottoa Ctaotatloaa.
New Tork. Aug. St cotton dosd qul-t.
10 points higher: middling upl.tn.I IO.Jjc. ibv
ilulf 11.30c: sales J bales. KUtures clos-l
steady: Auc I0.5c: Sept. 10 43c: 4ct. !.77c;
Nor. 10 52c; lec. lJe: Jan. 10.fc: Keb. l9.c:
March 1102c: April 11 4c: May ll.i7c.
IJvert.iol. Aiur. 3. Cbtton Spot la tncreas-l
demand, prices tdnts lower; American mil
i;ir.g fair 1: gonl middling i.0ii: middling
3.92.1: tow middling i.Zf.1: aood ordinary 5.K.I.
ordinary 5.l2d. The sales ef the day were .iiM
bales of which o were for spenla.il-in and a
rivt " and Includcl . American- Ravelpta
0" bnles. no American. Futures opened caw-rand
dosed steady: American middling a o c:
Aug 6.SV1: Aug.-Sept. 5.7M: Sept.-Oct. i.(.
art -Nor. S-SId: Nio-.-Dee. S.42.1: Dec.-Jan.
5.32J- Jar-Keb. 5..l: Feb -March i.I: Man n
April S.5d: April-May 5-d: Mr-June 5.W;
June-Julr &.F&1. . . .
Sew Cirleans. Aug. 2.c.tton FUtnres qul-t
and steadr: Aug. W.MOIO tic: Sept. 1 iS-jO 71c;
iw RiWimiBf: Ic. ns53b-.
Jan 10.tlc: Feb 10-9110 92-: March ll.f3
lto4c. Spot steady; sales M0; ordinarr
7 12-lc: gis-l ordinary c: low rrlridltng 9'-.
middling lose; good middlings 10 IS-liejmtiZ-dllng
fair U'Tc: Receipts 4.0J4: stocks 66.575.
CO., HI5 Mm St.
fed steers tLltgSl
1??:S. "Mnsii
"'y- -2.
, je -"-J--

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