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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, August 06, 1905, PART IV, Image 29

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". Z?Tn?r A if'
TVan" -jpr. ua
.aV ""'V-!'''"""'
1" ,1f'sp
ei iOk&
ergius de Witte
i V-W..?5V, J.C-5?.-i,vr-
now the Head of the Tsar s
Peace Commission Rose from
a Humble Occupation To &
Russia s Great Statesmai
and Diplomat
At last, willingly er unwillingly, the
powers that be In Ilussia. which to not
on man power whatever lse It may be.
hava selected Berg Jullcvleh Wme. the
maker of modern Uussla. as the chief
plenipotentiary to the peace conference !n
Tha patriotic duty devolves on
Witts to save what he can from tha
wreckage of an unsuccessful war. tha in
centien of which he combated with a
vigor and a lldn-n which d tha St.
Petersburg courtiers to rub their hands
wjth srlee. and say. "Wltte ha killed
himself; the house of Romanoff can never
foriclvc auch unruly exposition; he Is fin
ished." Ami o. courtler-llkr. they passed him
by with averted faces or with supercil
ious smile.
Whether they haveforslven him or not
Is another matter and remain- to be seen.
lut tl.cy fit at li! feet to-lay and no
other ,ni man counts for so tn'Jch In the
empire aa he.
He has f'icht Ms flqht clone, aa did
Vladimir Monomsch. the "stalwart alone
standing." Duk f lo,cow, how r.ame
ake. a great cruller, went down In the
dea of Japan the othr day with h'-r col
ors flying aril her orders to fight to the
last nailed to the flghtiti-; topn.
A great m.iny wise men believe that
Kttssla Is ruled by tho;- who are twtrn to
the purple of various hue-; and decree
of richness, of course-hut born to the
turple ha muit be If ho would rise In
On the other hand, a great many Hur.
aiana believe that there U no other coun
try In the world wh-r the administratis e
career Is o widely open to the talented
of whatever solal category as Is Itus'Io.
Tha truth probably lie-, somewhere be
tween tha two contention. At all events.
t la quite certain that there Is net a
4!ngla member of ITesldint Roosevelt's
aMnet who began life upon such a lowly
tung of the ladder as did Prlnca Khllkoff.
the Railway Minister of the great em
pire, and i! de Wltte. the former Chan
cellor, who Is summoned from disgrace to
bear the bmnt ef the peice negotiations
with Japan, which will shortly open for
mally In Washington and actually in
Portsmouth. N. H.. where reoler breeies
blow thin In the national capital on the
Khllkoff. the Prince, to-Aty and. better
than that, the man who will live In hl
tory aa the -t organiser of transporfi
llon. the ruler of th Tran-tdberlati Rail
way, the one man on the Ituwiin rid"
who comes out of the war with his repu
tation not only intact but elescrvcdly In
creased, beyan life a-, a navvy
Manr American who have had the jro1
fortune to meet Mm he has delighted with
tha stories of M -idv.-nture while a ec
llon hand on the I'cnTisvlvanla system anl
machinist In the htps of the New York
He rose to ! . contractor on a small
rale In Venezuela, win re he helped build
'ha wonderful rallwav for which the Her
man bankers hav never been paid
Th-n I e rciurs'd to Kuhi and began
it the tittom. t about the ban.o time
wine ThouKh he had .njojed a fairly
Iviii 'niir, T. aiKl Utw Half y,.ani oj , --ow Kecovorin'
Knini Ki-mnrkiiltl.' Snri,;il Fimi His L'C Had eu Cut OfT by
llintlrr, the Horn? Iuiitf oniilM trl v KHWI Throiigli 0iti'a
iin Fiw Hour After Injurv Orrurrttl.
After the 1 of I-jear-oUl boy had I
bean sriercd by a r.eld blnd.r. the lr-
helrg comptetelv cut thrvush nl the '
limb left hanging by a t-nden. a surgical
teraton has reunite,! tl.e rarts. irl t
la believed that the child will again hae
Tsnm use oi ni menjer
TUSg ftat of surgerv fcs recently been '
Aftlishe,! tty Doctor H M Jui4ti nf
Ma. TTJ3 irgmu avenue Tfce pittent
Olels) Casper, r-, years old. if well and on
a Iklr way to reeoerr.
Tlat boy l fat recuperating at the
of his uncle. No. T3 Vermont
and when --en yeMerti a he
lay sw his cot he appeared a. merry a
any irear-old In the bei cf hrith. Th?
left ". which was almot ievrfr.1. S t'.il;
IB tsplsBts, but OMn i-iiKi himself w1tt
tlss SJtacr foot und takes great pleasure
in lt9Wsf to bite hU tree.
TwS SjoeMsnt tbt almost iprtved httU
Ohrtw f os
Of I.ls legs ri hl lif 00- '
. -. .-----
cwrC on his father's firm. aNjut seven
galsts) fraan Oiki: Tbat was en July
C Otvfea and Ms mother. Mrs. Carrie CaJ
prr, fss4 been out m the fields cutting
ptafEs)a WttlUm Casper, the fjthr. was
ewtgslaf aau with a binder i:arbv. Oi
vtsl gMsmted to watch tt father, and h
ass gga mother w ilkrd over to th- Hadr.
TfttP sfetber stopped the asscf.me to speek
tg) ass wife, and Oivln approached roe
sm tha: way tlnstlng himself di
ss tbe path of the tinder.
. .i- .1 .... . i
""?: '" "" ""
---- -.-"" -f-
r, playfully struck at one cf
with a stick. carUt-Blag.
let my Otnn aJoaer
tMk fright at the gtlem sn4 '
nearug 4osn oa the I
stepped to one taVat U eU I
sssMsaw vstrtswrd.
I good education, ha found that for want of
influence Be coma not enter roe cini aery
Ice. which waa his dream, aa It Is that of
most Russians, but needs must enter the
employ of a little private railway In the
Province, of Odessa, where he began that
career which has carried him so far. as a
freight clerk, and Indeed at times as a
baggageman. Ills opportunity soon came.
however, fortunately long before his spirit
was crushed and hut Initiative dulled by
thi hopeless routine of his monotonous
He averted a grave disaster by pre seats
of mind In a crisis, and be was Immediate
ly promoted to be station master. He had
saved his company money and safeguard
ed their credit with the traveling public.
and so won for himself the bent of cre
dentials. Then the Husso-Turklsh war came and
the railways proved more Inadequate than
they have done In the great struggle with
Japan, and. of course, there was net the
excu-o of transcontinental distances to be
Wltte by this time had risen to be the
traffic manager of a large section or the
private railway, and It began to be
noticed that on this Una things got
through, while on others they did not.
Commanders of army corps at the front
got into the habit of appending to their
rtquiidtlona for supplies the urgent re
quest that they be sent via Wltte's road.
His efficiency might hsve received no fur
ther attention but for a controrersy In
which the rising young railroad man be
came engaged. Indeed. It has been said
of Wltte that every step In advance he
has made Is the result or a personal
controversy fought out to a successful
Whether this be true or not. It la certain
that the man who holds the destinies of
Russia In his liands to-day Is a fighter,
and not a colorless compromiser, who has
attained powers by making concessions to
those who could hasten or retard his ad
vancement. HOW HE nNTKRED
The story of how at last he entered the
Government serxlee and "got in the run
ning." as It were. Is Illustrative of the
man and of the adverse conditions againt
which ho has successfully contended. It
chanced that during the critical days be
fore Plevna, when Osman Pacha had
fought the Russians to a standstill and
apparently checkmated their march upon
thn Bosphorus. two trains claimed the
right of way over that vital section of
the railway where Wltte was In control
one train carried provisions and munitions
of war for the front, where they were
xrcatly needed. th other a certain mag
nificent hut useless personage, who was
anxious to gft aa near to the front aa he
could without endangering his precious
lerron. Wltte never hesitated for a mo
er.t. He gave the provision train tha
rtKht of way and sidetracked the train
carr ing the illustrious personage In a
swampy siding, which was unfortunately
infested by mosquitoes.
Wltte's official head was Immediately
demanded and readily given. The direc
tors of the private railway were thunder
struck st th!r subordinate's audacity anl
gnve him a curt dismissal, but Wltte was
not a man to be dismayed or to Ina4
-oj:rire In the face of highly placed ent
mto. He determined to carry the matte
th - hores and came directly in front of
the knle or sickle bar ef the binder,
Th- father, horrified at the peril of r.!
little son, attempted lo step the horaes,
tut It was too late Oltla fell to the
eround with both legs seemingly cut off.
Mrs csper ran to where OUln lay nnd.
picking him up In her arms, she ran with
him to the house, about half a mile from
i where the aedd-nt occurred. The boy
as losing tlood ta.t'y and the mother
saw trt he was b!dlr. to death. !he-(,.
' held her fcanJs th-htly over the wound sr.d i
crid to fcer husbnnd to get a doctor Mr,
Ctfper sotijht a physician but of the nine
he tried to reach nor.e were at home.
Mr Casper was in despair when one of
ih- neighbors sarges'rd that a dsctor b
called from SU laiuls.
Doctor Julian was called .13 the tele
phone and at once drove to the Casper '
I!.... ,Mt ..
'. wcera aw a;ii-v uw txrurs Jli'r
ir.e accident naa lasrn piace. t mower the .eat or trurxrry mat ai wn j ut
w s til; holding her hands over the fully i-erformed by Doctor Julian. "1 tvn
weunds on her b.ty's legs snd had. la this 'go o-.t nnd play with the little bcyi. and
niin.-.ir. saved fcim from Metdiag ti my n." leg 'il! -e ' rlM- It burted
death. nve awfully at fl.t. but 't no hurt mu-h
Doctor Julian said yesterday tbat when
he had takes a look at the boy's Injuries
he told his aas'stact to go la the rig ana
set the amputating case, beretsSa be saw
that it was hopskee to save th left leg.
which was cut complete: v throug tbe
bones and tra-si bv a teeJo-j at the rear
of the swIkUl tw ft-Atie MeM mi.
r - .-- --
tlvely to altow Doctor Jai-aa to awpu-
taie aw 1001, and then tbe father added
w protest. ZMctar J alien saw that he 1 being performed, it wss not fc-snd nrces
wvu'id bate to nuke the tsost of Us situs- snry to edminisler y rort ff icaeittrlc
ttOO. mmA tfe lltU r!n tar o?i .1 aS! ti.4i-ie
That docts. he
mtdti - w rerry-tiva sutrhee In ail. That
ccaspletssj kU wtsrH on Um left tag.
gj f ' gsawSVsRsgsW .waaawaffBsgwaW O gV '
geVsWsfw iSr fW gf-aiy,e,PBrirtssaggsaw- -i-. asgasV
f (JSl rfSfiSTVgf V&2&WVtt$M VtfBls2s flstxl
sstwtslssrssBwtwtwgBBSBlwtwlwysWm iJaL" a.v TJr.,eVi .. JsW- W-Tsjg eTTaJSM-asga rfse.jt eT -s. VI -- - ,t . JfaaBwasaTwLal
gssm0srauaf5"J(KCgsBVtBsBft.' .- - -.V-i- - i"'i-5li TwgssWSXf'n8H-'"' fTtv-TSr-
'7llsljr ITCJI" -t xJ-JagSM gSE9E ..gSBgSBgMswBgSBgSBgSsKilBgSBgSBgsVoTagSBg
riT ITri llfltlT U iwMs3BwgsT 9sBBwawrpBBwawgtS - 'Vigss VPsmBBBaaayi , r'tii t Ai?ar.:
niKWCuinAXvur1 asagssgBssKVe V8tgsagsag-;-jagf-3Ev V-gsgMgsWHaams rsA.-? ?ic S'tiiM'Ssee
mWS&VKSKx&iiSmmBKiUSBfi-Jm "' J-awKaBEtsgstsf Tri "slf-fSMimUlP.
mBf3Sw9rXWSlSt' - ?J-l vTli't TsV'TlSHEljgSBgSBgSBgSBgUuiagSBgSBgSBgSBgsm
Iggwgwgwgwgwgwgsigwgwgwgwg 1
gr7CMABawawgsV swai VaswawaBsBgsswawswai 1lUBS5SBgsBwasBBwawawawgt A wagssVv gsswawawawawawawawawawawawawawB .'.' f?-'blM wawl
JwJtlsBslsSgl wasCffisTOwHsW I
I tgHPMi hm WmmmWm I
ISg-Ktim Mrmmwl
I gHBw-gH-g i-5 twwr1 -? I
: "Uwv slvi)sMIiRawgsBm eirtv Au
nS7 faB"gMKJKfaar k W V gsswawawawaKSsV 'eaawKw!HTi"BBl
miiisJi '
befcre the Czar. and. uo
lcrful to rc-
late, he succeeded In .loins
Fortunately for the young
the Csar AleaanJer had
railroad mar.
b- n In the
wa thn most eerei- injun u ne
started ojH-ratlcnt. on tho rirfht U?. whlcli
was badly cut In front. vv'eial arteries
In the risht Us had been cut. nnd tii e
had to le tied and the wound -rwed up,
taking flft.en stltchm In all.
A rude splint was made for the left
leg by Doctor Julian and he ordrred th
parents to bring tbe chbd to the c!t.
that It might lie mote j.roterIy cared fur
That r.lsht William Cai-ver tiroujrht I.Ij
little son to town and :nce then he has
ben rapidly improving. So much so.
In fact, that Doctor Julian sals the boy
will be on his feet within ihr- we.ks.
Mrt Cssrer was 'e,' jestorday what
she ihouKht of the cav.
"I never txpeclt'S ti see my little Oivln
all again after that accident." h re
plied. "Whn I carried fclrn Into the
house I tho'JKhl he would die in a short
time and when 1 mw th- Mood coming
out of the woun.1t 1 tried to stop it a
much as I could, so that my little ly
mould like as lonu as he ccU."
Uttls QJvin did no: arpear to mind hl
v. , ... n ...ini H
j,- oa a' c'0t near an er;n wlrslow or.l
was talking anl 'augfcmc with several
ehlMrer. who live In the nughborhool. At
times he would rueh down and get hold
of Ms right foot ar.d try to bite hi toes
His mother said he per-.:rd In iloir.g
this, although the had toM hi tt was not
nice for Mm to do It
I got nice, new les now that Doc put
an Tor rae, was mt """" a-v .
cow. except wnen I-o eome to lock at It-
Dor bad; he hurt me,'
Olvls ha J teen aa exceptionally gol
pat.cnt, his mother and father y. He
stars en hu cot, and does not mind the
oiin p:its on tU leg In the least.
Doctor Julian remarked tha: he hod hid
r&gnr a nervy patient suriag this many
rtts cf practice but sca that cculJ
brat Olvla. While the cperallons were
kst mother's harnl without a wori or pro-
i test and with scarce'- a groan.
"Tha mast rsanarkat'le case I tier bad
BH5 awPSwawaT
trenches be'ore Plevna himself. He knew
that provisions . re nevilt d there and
n.: gaudily un'.formrd personages. U
summoned Wltte to his prtser.cr and at
during my years of practice." oaM Doctor
Julian e..ten!ay. "I revir expected to
see the boy recover until si-out a week
ago. when l.e was dotn- jo nicely. Had
he r.ot Utn a russcil, healthy child he
would never have survive! the o;-.'r.ition.
"Almost all tin- arteries in the lex wcru
cut. uiid hud it not It-en that the boy had
abnormal arter'cv runnlmc nlonctldc the
tendon oi the back of hi ankle I would
never hnte beir. able to se tiie leg.
After I ind performed thu oprratkn and
luul orderid the parents to btlng the boy
to the city. 1 made up my mind that I
would have to cut the leg ,ff week
later. That- ahr.ormal artery, however,
mved the day and the foot will foon te
a rood n vcr.
'The artery supplies the foot with th"
neclsy hlooi. without which the foot
would soon decay ar.J amputation would
have to 1 reported to at once. The tibia
and fibula Nsrcs were both cut. but havo
now r-jecessfully knitted. The vessels
above the uoaad will rooa e: up a col
lateral circulation and when thst in ea-tablljhe-d
there -all: be enough blood to
-irply the foot. I wilt be at!e to Mtc lha
io.: out of Its tpllnt In a few !as Anl
within three weeks the boy will le able
:c nulk."
'Oivln uili walk with dbTiCil:-- at first.
The -enions having all been srvered with
the ricrption of the one in the rear will
ca-Je Mm to walk oa his toes. ofl oc.
conn; of the drawics; of that tendon and
there belna no resistance from tendon
la front or on tl.e rides of the ankle. !
do no: think that hr will be crippled In
thi way for any Itncth of tin. ard. with
in m few -ninths, he will walk with only
a slish: limp. The le will no: le much
rjt of tha& and. to :he casual siahce.
no;hinz wrong wilt te nutfceatie except
th- caf ."
The Uz vnm cut through to the tendon,
a short durance above Ihe ankle. Tho
two Ur. In the leg. the tiMa and the
r.tuU. were elear.lv cut ni so wre all
the arterlea ttiat supply the feot with
blcoO. IVictor Julian first tied up ths ar
tenii acd eia and then. I.av1r.k' stepj-ed
cxccts'.tc flow- of tlood. he kr.itte- the
bine toeij.r sve well a lirfltJlr.
The eplmte In wh'ch tbe boy's leg fca
fcr. cor.aned since the accident hove bc-n
pecUUy constructed urder she direction
cf Doctor Julian. The first p:in: of bos
Uit 1 was made tn such a way that th?
rout was held aim on Is tbe shape that U
weuld be in the act of applcg
the end of the an.tl.tire h.ir.iied him his
commission aa a high official in the Rail-
war Ministry.
From that red-IetUr day to this Wltte's
Prisoner Who Confessed to Jlany Burglaries and Implicated Cra
ianion Soaked ilatdies in Water aad Draak Miitare Uoeon-Btiout-
When Found, but Ik Pumped Out Condition Not Coa
sired rWiofni.
Fear or his companbms in their r.lleged
crimes. Is believed to have promptel Ed
ward Burthardt to attrmpt to end his
life In his cell t the city Jail, yesterday
afternoon, by swallowins water In which
he had saturated m itches.
Edward Green, "climate of Burthardt.
found him unconsciou and summoned
Chief Guard Charles Hockley. Burthardt
was unconscious when Gockly reaches
his cell.
A call was sent to the City Dispensary
and Doctor Ernst and a r.urto were tskea
to the Jail in an ambulance aa fast as
the horfes could carry them.
The stomach syphon was brought into
use. Doctcr Ernst said the prisoner's
condition was not serious. Burthardt
wrc: the following Mfr to kts parents
before taking the poison:
Dr sU'-her ana Fsr. sister sod Ir.tter--
1 -es yoa. aivt all kaiw about m -Ig sr
rested, msvi rr.r tn:t l Irckf n. it all la the
mot list I co&fewtd cf th teaHcs. bet I
U ca- I Wi them that I soU 3e of the
ellhs. tnt 1 4U Sot ! ttim. Wsat I toW
tte Caot.o l ike'trath. WelL I will try t
rd kit life, end 1 lc't wsnt to ijgrsee
fthr er reottMr. arr t!U or CSafle.
Hut toT H .:i tr t tbe :n, scd
rau all t'-l tie S:sTSc'i. Thn ont t4ke It
fcara. far I ssi sll ttgtt. I to t-oti. sat
will tkr..ST Ufe. far !' eeasGasr ttt I set
acQaalnteil trttb. n
I win rear tae tcs Jeeas- Christ btfctw I
die. I win te peaven. He will :orgve
,ts fee what I am fittg to da. tar he kr.cwg I
cm lcoceE Ttc tellcws mads threats to (
ebofcs me Oder la tae e:t, sad Xo'A res ttwy
wcu4 ktlt tee. so t wetrt gls thtsa tt caaacs.
I trcsU rather kill tnysl(. I ass saSrtig to) .
xd to Uts. I wast to tell all ti tar frisaas
tvA4.j. asd ttll iamb I aa scrry I ete get ,
in V4 cooisany. sad Uu Umss u sees away j
frrai saeti tecp;.
Wtll. a-asstaa aa
career has not been plain sailing. In real
We It probably never la. It fa) certain
that he has been buffeted by many storms
and survived many m. cunningly laid plan
to wreck kts ship of state. He has often
been defeated, but he has never despaired.
Wltte Is a rugged, many-cornered person
ality. He has not a supple tact nor does
he command any or the arts and graces
which help to carry dlplomata of the
older hereditary school over rough places.
His offenses against Russian conserva
tism have been many, but the greatest
and tU moat unpardonable of these is
one for which he should In so wise be
held responsible.
The anti-German reeling which has
grown so strong In Russia during the lat
generation would seem t. have centered
Hpoa his devoted head.
The Justification is that Wltte's fathtr
was a Dutchman and a storekeeper of
Tifiis. In Transcaucasia, where the boy
erge was born In law), the heir to no
very brilliant prospects. 8upcrs?rlceaW
friends have traced the great statesman's
family tree back to the Wlt??s of nor
land, who were tflsilngstshed in the wars
?nd the statecra't of the Iow Coun:t!.-s
la the days of Charles V and Philip II.
bnt this pedigree, whether spurious or au
thentic, was of little use to Willi In his
eariv day.
He wsa the son of a man who was con
sidered a Oerman end was undoubtedly a
storekeeper and not a rich one. In eol:
or these handicaps te became. In :.
head of the Railway Department, shortly
afterward Minister or Railways, then in
succession t-hairmsw of the Tariff Com
mission, which tried to bul'd a. protective
wall around ths infant Industrie of the
great agricultural empire; then Minister
cf France, and at lest the btahtst rung
of the ladder Imperial Chancellor.
From first to last, from porter to Prime
Minister, to never received a prcmotion
because people liked him and wanted to
pu?h him. tut simply because he made
himself IndlspennaHe and there waa no
help for it. He had to be advanced, though
a "ilerman" and the son of a shopkeeper,
though a rouch. plain-spoken and. to be
strictly truthful, a somewhat uncouth
man even for a member of the middle
class In Russia.
And to-day tfcH Dutchman, born In Asia
and In the service of Russia, ccme to
America to take part In the conference
upon the result of which the world's peace
depends, not by favor of Princes or the
vote of masse, but simply because It Is
recognised that be In the most avallablo
roan of sll the millions of Rursto, far thn
onerous, thankless tssk which lies Were
If "Who's Who" were In vogue in Rus
sia Wltte would have to confess to Ms
amusements, or rather his recreation. He
loves 4 locomotive, and when Minister of
Railways he traveled all over tho Empire
on an engine with a simple caboose at
tached. When he takes a l'ulf hcliday he spends
It. as llklr as not. upon a locomotive cab.
talking over railway nutters with the
grizzled engineer and shoring Ma black
bread, cheese and vedka. When the gr?ct
financier went to Parts and interviewed
the bankers there they were shocked at
Ms clothes, which were rusty and lit fash
ioned. Soon, however, the overpowering
lag genius of Ihe man showed llrelf, and
such matters as clothes snd manners were
Some of Wltte's scheme have vavured f
state socialism, and he has nevwr shrunk
front exposing the corruption or the bu
reaucratic system whenever be was Justi
fied In so doing. His work on tho great
committee appointed in IMC to Investigate
the agricultural and industrial depression
of Russia was denounced fa revolutionary
by his enemies, but It wss not Wltte l-
not a revolutionist. It was antin volu
tions ry. In the eerae that Wltte wished to
rob the "reds" of their just grcutid f.r
It is probably his opinion that If a so?ial
cataclysm shculd bring underground Hur
sts Into power the revolutionaries woul'l
make as great a mess of It as did the
mutineers cf the Black Sea on the blood
stained dck of the battleship Potemklne.
Indeed, while the former Chancellor hfcs
liberal leanings and wishes to have the
pecple of Russia enjoy some measure of
self-government sfter they have been edu
cated up to the responsibilities cf their
new position, he la the greatest enemy of
the revolutionary movement. In that l.e
shows by his life and his achievements
Alleged bwrgUr. who attsmpted
as sassftile. sod dea't werty at all- I twee
peps sad gulla are ". I cod act sleep aer
rat. I was always staring Uat pas sad
Stella weald get welt bef-ee t wrete this let
ter, and twse ow an will fosatve ate fsr waat
I aw. datsg. WtO. I save aa faces te say. to
teid-Br fsr tse last tatae. Prasa yoor wafer
twsate sea ssd krettier. BD BTCBTHAIIiyr.
I base I win tasks a sK jvk. Wesi. goes
r ta aa Usl mslisa street.
On the back of Um
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attngwHgggaHP "
, agigHggg'giggBggiK' - "
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sows) s e si s 10
that the bureaucratic system under an
autocrat Is not entirely rotten.
Many reasons are assigned for the fre
quent changes which have been made H
tho personnel of the Russian peace em
bassy. As chief of the mission M.
Nelidoff gave place t M. Mouravieft and
the latter has given way to the disgraced
and despised M. de Witte. who. it wat
confidently anncunced less than a mont.t
ago from St. Petersburg, and upon t!
best authority, would neer again hold
office r enjoy In the slightest measure th
confidence of 1 1 sovereign. For. after all.
Imperial nature is very like human na
ture, snd It must be very unpleasant i
have around and come In contact dallv
w'lh the iUliamn who two. and even
three, years ago sounded the alarm and
prophesied the dancers, which menaced
Russia from tho Manchurkin adventur.
M. de NelUoff. who was in the flrst In
stance designated as envoy, tweuty-slx
years ac;o slcx.r.l on behalf of the Csar
the treaty cf San Stefano. which wsa o
glorious for Russian arms, although after
wards at Berlin most of its important
provlsioni w$ro nulliflr.I. Naturally !:
has no wish to end his long nnd on th-t
whole successful career by signing such
a treaty os r.ow must b? concluded be
tween the two belligerent Powers ir peeco
is to be sttuir.'d.
Old age ami Its consequent Infrmltl.s
waa an excuse offered by or for M. r!.
Nelidoff. and then the ungrateful role of
chief plenipotentiary of a defeated natio.t
waa offered to M. Mouravieff. who Is nov.
ti:e Ru,slati Ambafscdor at Rome, end
who at various times has, been Minister
of Justice and of Foreign Affairs, anl
rrfco fc frequently spoken of as a prohabij
successor to Ccunt I.itiisdorfr.
A score of ltasons have been announced
explanatory of Mouraxlrfr? removal froi.i
the unenviable post t.. which he was ay
signed, but probably thu true one Ji. not
been made public. Japan mny liaie ob
jected to his arrointmeut lec&use. of pub
lic utterance! which 3Iouraleff is repor'
ed to hj nude since the war brgan. far
from lonir.llrnertnry to the- yellow Antag
onists of i:u:sid. Yet from the ery l-ginning-
of the peace niover.ient the Japa
nese hate mrde no concealment of theh
hope that SI. Witte would i- their antag
onist Irl the nltdomiitic ioiirncr which
opens in Porttmouth l:i n fer,- days.
Not that T.ikli, r.fprd: him a a wal:
man who will icsdlly succumb, but !
cunse in the J.-tpnnrso capital he re
cardetl as a sliong man. w!n ofTcrs great
er guaraute-s tl nn any other living iCUf
stin pe.s'ihly eo'il.l th::t the treaty t..
w.Me.'i hstSles h'n sicnature will be c:
rlc.I cot In all !tt: det.ii!.c.
But to my mind the mo.it powerful fac
tor in the withdrawal or Moiirailfff -gas
sentimental rca.i.111 -eistimi-nt being f.
potent in tho c uncil of rations as i i
humbler affairs. That of Motimvieff Is
great nam., throueliout R::---.'a, but In tii
Amoor provinces and In Tr.ipts-i:clfcall i
JI'MiravlcST Is a name to conjure tiltr.
In the forties aril the fir;U of the- ts
century. when Itiurla begah to c?nw)li lat
her far Eastern pos"e..'f,ns for oppin
sions, it all ilejirnds utiii your ix.lnt o
v!en a Count Mouruvh ff. the father o
the uncle nf the jire.ent Amba-sidor. .i
!evernor General of Siberia. There to-d.i
hie name lives and niic.ils to i:ie..-,i.t:i
pride s ioe that of Che ir. lirltlsh It -Va.
Mouratieff oh a mishty empi.
Itillder: If he did not want tii- e.-trth h
wanted all the za Xante thn: adjcir.l
the territcrles rf the Tsar, aid most n"
them ho secum!.
lie lives In Hus.-lnn hL'tory os the crea.
Siberian expanIon!st. "llourotielf of tin
Amoor." the man vrho logged out tin
great lonely step;:i with mil- i.i3t.s. .ill
pointing to the Pacific ar.i" all burins th
legend. "This i the uy to the n-aa
Alas: for ISti--!an hopes that it hnM a's
have been the e.-.iy to t- S-. of J iic-t
and to Toko's S'enilnsiy Iiimi:1 lli'.e rr
There may have brrn other ressons f r
the withdrawal of M. Mouravieft from tho
jvacc ri:i.iit.r. but Its view of Ms ante
eptirr.tr. tii important part ablch hi
family have taken in tl. expansion c
Asiatic Itinil.-.. It is caey to understand
why he should be reluctant to n'gn h'
name to a treaty which must sanction
least a partial curtailment of the samr
and fit the beau rote and the fYfnciilt lis -devolves
upon the formr fiHglit clerk n
trj'InP. even as this lite d.y, to save h''
country frc.m tiir fate whl.'h with jIiiuIj
presclnce he foresaw 'mil In otitsiv.k .i
beat warned his countrymen agaluM.
"I'lease let my mother know shout thl: in
-oon a.t it happens." The letter is lid
dressed to Mrs. Emma I'.urthardl. .'. ir.
Madison Mrert.
I'oliceman McIermott hihI Special OB.
cere I.iwler nnd Smyth of th- r'ourth
District arreste.1 Ilurthnrdt. Kduurit
liraun. F.-aok ISutler and John Caey
TTBtirtday iilcht and recovered several
hundred dollars" worth of rrooertv. which
f llurthardt j&M they had stolen.
Iturtharilt tH Chief Ie?mr.) VrUiny
that he feared llraun. Cay and Huller
would' kill him. Jailer Daws. 11 was In
formed and he pljcrd Kurthardt In a ct;:t
far from these occupied by the other pris
H:ilvaiion Army I-'nrer'ains ''rowii
on Ihe Iliver.
JJore than one thousnd person? attend
ed the Kalvatlon Army river exeitrstoi
and picnic yestenlay l-nnc l-efore tho
hour of r.tartlng the beit wi-a crowde1
with mothers and children walttnr for tht
Urjt to start up the river.
The Corwin Hpencer left the foot of
O.ive street yesterday mornlna- at
o'clock, r.d the passensers were drpppl
at the Vorth St. touls Hunting and Fish
ins Club. Hbnut two mllei b!or the Mis
souri Hlver. on the Illinois shore. Her
Adjutint Hawkes. who haI cliarsrtt of th
tilcnlc, prepared a luncheon. After four
hours or romping and purine over th-
era. th -orwln Fpenrer picked thm
up again and landeil them at th etartlmc
point at 5:10 Ir. the evening-.
"It was the merriest picnic party
have had thU sejsoii." said Captain Hecr
"Brolaskl "In fact. I have never in alt
my life eeej- people enjoy the river at
those little fellows did to-day. sad I hv
been a river tramp fer fifty-one years.
nitnwte Tenwata tsassn Clwseo.
Repunuc ni-nt-jAJ-.
Alto rass. 111., Aus. f. With o-day i
shipments, the tomato season In rout hern
Illinois practically closed. The crop lta-t
paid unusually large profits, as hare all
fruits and Teatabee In "Egypt" this
year. Near BsIitsss. la this county. on-
awa essgeed Mbb on cucumbers skin's
and taw aw-srptsan" saowejalewders are ds
tas; IKtM
..-TtftSt.ri?-.-figf f 5; -
" . .W-?r-s
wi!i- - -

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