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F!.V-?; SJR. h.3Mj.'t,V tKJSgs
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- ---. 451f." V-'iv y wif A--l
I " 'l H3
Eureka Springs Water
BeflUJ rignt at die Spnagv.
tsitoM .lasera. 5 falloM. ifeUovj.
qvartt, fiats ami pslits. Plata or
carWaated. At ysar froetr
uraiJics wat
i Pprlags. Ark.
Warrant Berred on Assistant Rec
tor of Cathedral for Alleged
Severe Chastisement of
Orphanage Inmate.
Tbs Reverend. Father Thomas Fennes
sey. assistant rctor of the Cathedral at
Alton, was arreMed yesterdav afternoon
on a warrant charKliiK him with having
severely whipped an inmate of the Catb
edlc. orphan-ice in 1'ros-iie-ct street.
The warrant was Issued !iv a police
msglt-trate on a chare- preferred by
.laron Calvev. th- grandfather of th- boy
whom It Is alleged the clergyman
whipped. Mr. C.ilvfy brought the Wile,
fallow to the i!ee station, where he
stripped Mm. and lily leely showed signs,
ll Is all-Kl of ill treatment.
Harry leaver, uk- ?. Ii the little M!iw
raid to liate li-en whipped by th- priest.
Onr-tabl- Thomas 'Ieary served the
warrant and rrytJ the ci-rrymasi, who
Mie torid.
Th- It-vcr-nd Father Fnn ley. tt t
sjid. admitted In conversation that he hal
t.unKli'.l tli hoy. Imt claimed that he
had done so la moderation, and that it
was necessary for him to administer cor
rection to tiie child.
Man Who Trw-cl7o"Fiirt With flirl
MWts Muscular Younjr Woman.
l.oui Trthoiit. iiReil its year, of ll-IIe-tille.
was fined $Ji and cot by Justice.
"annady jvtenl.iv afternoon on a charge
of il-tiirbitig the" lMre of Mls Mlntif
Ib-sidi linc fined. Trlbout a'.1"" lnd
1.1 f.ice .!aj-l ami wax pummHwl bv tlio
voung IhiIv who reented his adv.ni'""
Triloit Walked Jip to the young lady
while he ras standing ti-.r the orr.
of Itidil.ui.l and Main streets, and
feetloiMtIv t.Jui-erf IiW arm on ner snotii-
ier. ai!die4iu: hx In a familiar way. It
. .i!...i
. V. i t, i.
l riiHHli rii et uryir-."! i i .--
llowli ylap;e.l ami ritt him that ne .in
not re.-oer until id idntMnc had lon
.idly dis.irrnic'il. TritMint said he knew
lothlnir of t ri m.i-h!ns Inlde'it. but Tf-ertliile-s
pall hi fine nnd co.t
wiFK-m: ti: Fir.n aioo.
Man Wtia Strark Ilia Wife Wea
Kama With Aaotaer Hoaaa i
to Jail.
"I lime no ajmratliv for a wlfe-beater.
and then for" I rill f.n" vnu J1W and
ot." ui) Ji 't!re Wuncelln tn Je
ItUle of llelleltlle jeterilay. hen the lat
ter was trlel on a oharce of lieatitiB his
rtule was unahle to ray th" fine nnd
I'.ast it. I.aala.
Two tramp", "tirffrinir fnm an overdose
ef whi-Kv -au-.e.l a ndlotv fever xeare in
ttelle-. It;.- for .e'ral hours yesterday
fn ortiinc
Tln men wr llnc tinder a tre on
North Ilntiois trr,.t near th Ivilvil!e
end NasbHIe Ftillnnd Ijride. when a
lalrtiMn uho nr tiiem. thought one
Hi-t.-d a if lie u-ere,i from an attack of
fever H- H..11I1-.1 pofeenian J.ITtles Cot
wln. who .-i-t (Mtv lietltli 0:!li-.-r lEeu-V
to the rd.ir. to make nti itiietlpatiott.
IVietor Kuvs found tli- r-sid-nts of the
r.elhberhiH.I j.-re.-it. xrite.1. an, I It was
only after -i c-e.it !( il of talk that he
eucceeded in .-oTiviti.-itr thtn that the
nieti were onTv liitnic:itd
They were ordered out of the city by
th- jllce
BR AHEM tlKs.:i:il BY TR l.
Jeraaaa Salt lalareil After Fall Frata
In attempttnc to Jio-i-I i re!r.ht train
Xfsttiv svnmavi f sr sir mA afl.
arrvoti and diseouraeed. h ' .ufTrrsj
finta neaaacne. oai-K.sctie ani otr.cr l!i.
boa wants to be well, but all -he
I to hul Vr
eyes atnl ojn
her month 'or
medicine .ii..l
trt:t to luck for
results, sho
-l.ctors- mouth
after notith.
often jear after
tilir.d. hap haz
ard fmhion. and
rrcejve -jo rer
taanrnt Srnr lit.
Wcraen take,
Dr. r:erre' Fa
vorite rscrin
tion with tbeir
ores open to th
fact th: It cures
f. 111.
Im ttaia.li ill-.
' It cures Irrrjn-
axltr. U !"' dot I.t-it.'r. drains. " I:
beat intlatcrastlati and ulceration and
cures female weaV !. Tber "?s n
trut'.inf t Iqck lv Uio-e who ua
Fatonui iTocrlptioa.
"la the year !3 et hci!:b was rd--r.
write Mr. J. Hs-k. cf ttz Hnudsir. Uaf
falo. N. V. " 1 u;rei fnrx f iJS'r.? ct or tv
a IdlsMieeabte illchrce. pMBfal n-nlbly
nirksls. headache, bai-iirbe ad pta In
thellaib- Krry month -sovsSeei t.-t-d
for two or three Oas. uk weak, ners ma
and hysterical: life wa a harden to rordf i
tod I fnade every on" ii the fxsii) unhsRiy
tssranae I was o irrtMe Vy bu-'.-irw crt
. .irhfttiescr Ir Ilerrv's Pavcrtte i'rr- !
craptkst. and before 1 had ts'.rn the Sr-t
hpttle I feelliur s.csc rela-t Tiie n.ll
rima sade me well and inrx. free from arrr
4sastaa acbsM aud patn. and I felt like a
vpsasaa. Before 1 useit the 'Parrtte Pre
arftpUoa I bad been ta&tnc another r'cjl
cSJsVs faedu-tne fjr neerlf thr-? norths. Hit
B1-t receleed eo brneflt. Vocr ceUlclaa is
ccrtately tfca best In the acrid.
ri A wian or snnata abo r,c1ei:s
(BastdAaUisa suffrr frcnslow jwi
aoalcs. Pr. Prce- Ileaear.t Ivi
Jets cara cotuttpattoa. tne little.
rVUet! a avntSe laaative. aaU
h m. mlM n.iharuc tvsil let a
BtT seller orer-perssssje yoa iu
a-ref: a abUtute for Uec OrlaV
art LMs User Mt. trt pc: u
fcroldlrr. K.V IVrreoserWiaasa
i cat
low a prisoner in !1,A St h.iiV C,llntv ent" ha" 'JSTl ouHnotwV to 'chIm"r,,xT-J-.II
where he 1I1 remain f. the next I J?f' " Jt,v t,?il?-b on? th? i?tJhI?WTfS
tnen.v dav, Mr, l:le stated that her ,i l ' r h- M ."alSit
husbend do-s j.t work but always np- ,, ritv for .V matins which wHplheM
T V ''"T";:" meal time. , H, ntv ., Auj.Jjvt r , dlJciit, tio
Hh" fotm.I l.im nt the tnerrv-Ko-round prooe,l lev. plan and aIo to tJ-rmit
on c.. It .tn.t Monday nicht. paying , pn.te.tant; to fiKu-L.0 T Tmlt
for amdlur ni.niairs rides Mr Utile tip- 1 The item of levio nmnact .,- -v,..-
Itule eppe., p and Mruck hi, wife in th- , ,' p Mlrr u' ?&&' ZVX rnThcnlank'trlJJ'cT.y
r .eertam sections of th- lower part of th- limits of the citv of Alton. y
latars rtrsr mrs riar I ty are MJbJ-ct to orcrfliiw. Mavor C,ik The comptnv started their permanent
1R" ' FHER MTARK. and the n-emlK-rs. of ih; city r-0iincil .-.IIIe.1 Mirey of the line a week ;i(, and an-
T. I.efcrl.t,. 4l.r. Rlll. - r:,l,.lhl!.n.,lr.tl,'A,:'raa. P'ln lIh they . ,,unce,l that they expe,-t to betrtn the ac-
iUw. fl
rcaJy for faa-
on tba Illinois Central Railroad near Til
den. 11!., yesterday afternoon. Jerome
Belt, a brakeman. slipped and fell. Ill
clothing lerame caught in the wheel and
he was. dragged for more than fifty feet.
When picked up by other members of
the crew It was found that his right ear
hod nearly been torn from hi head an-!
that he had sustained seven other very
bail wounds about the face and he.id.
Ho was placed on board a passenger
train and taken to Ilellevill. where he Is
now a patient !n the Si. Elizabeth Hoplt
el. HI condition Is conidered nerlous.
aiixeai caicht rsocai coai-
Jkta Coamaiwe May Have !
latertMil lajarlea.
John Con:adlne. a machine operator
employed at the mine of the Greer. Mount
Coal Company, at I'vllevllle. was cnusht
undr a fill of coal, while at work yn
tenlay afternoon, and sustained piinfi!
nnd serious Injuries about the back and
It rwjulrd nearly fen minutes to !!c
tli" nan from under the eoal. He was
removed to St. Vincrnt'? Ilcypltal. On
sadlne is a marrlfd mm, and resldss with
his family tn tlilbert street.
Wllllaaa Blab- Katuaafee) Win Dllrk
Catra la.
William ISlxby. 1 years old. rerMinK at
N'o. .112 Iliirn a-eniie. was !ltonl m
a ditch yesterday for several minutes. He
was rercu-il by fillotv-workir.cn afiir
mui-li dtlliculty. but the physicians claim
that he has sustained Injuiies nhioh may
pro.- fatal.
Tli man aa ensared In dl-inr a
treneh far llow the surface of the ground,
when tlii. 'xurd.-d t-ldlnu cave iv.iv and
rerTiiIite.l the earth to oa in. Birhr was
bi:rnil In the dirt up to the neck, and th
i-harji edit'-s of the plank used for rtdinc
plerci-d htm in tite bnayt.
Bellerllle rna .otes.
Fre5 riTrtLahn ! .T:ff-Hn- will. v.fM
l-!--,l ricln hsrtJ a. a teu!t of cuttinr hini-
r-cn "mi- riiijt:iT;r a I'llltner KTllIe.
John Jjmln .t r.z' . I.ui. .-. hf! -ji.r
J-r.l to iar f.ir tiial l-f.ir- Jutl' Vans
lln n'iiTi! . n .-i chain,- .f wife-alanion-rnent
Tl:e n I i. t'l.
j 'icnr er;i n. j-Mrn i-"rr!n r;iel iii in
tre St "Ir.tr nrctr.t O.Ain venrr'av , a
;"i" oi" . air. Jirrtra IVrrtn.
?!" A.""1'1 .V.'"'." M. and SHeJ
.ra-iwr will vru .1. ii
incife .irne
Till fljlt-1 SlttA M nmm .-
riL. nJ ! Sn tll n . i-hars" of twitln
rrax ! month, aco. J r fca.l fl-.t from tli
cltj on th rlcht a vanla-liour. ira. ial.lc-1
ar.d flul not rinn until tTtl3y. !en th
lrire Imm-dUtelv atr-.te.l !.!m.
The lx.tuj S'v-nl Ooli of St t-;! hal tn
cut(nc Jt ITlMt.r". Tart; last nlsht.
Jl!r s. it rhiip.it ha. riitn-1 his position
at the s-t. 0lr i-otir.tr Jal!
Praperts- Owners Iarlted tn File Ob-
Jettloaa ar A paras al of Projerlea
.t'liij-iroiier ri. -i bKrasnn. wlio Is also
nieius at a minimum cot
All who may wish to oppose the eehame.
how..er. will ha- an nppurtunltv to dii
eo at the propoe.l meetir.c Tb dike
project will eot In th- neichh.irho.-sl of
...v'. out ii win ie paia in reven annual
rarpeater Hart ay Fall.
Ed Proser. a carpenter, felt from s. scar.
fold at the Josephine bulldinir vesterdar
and s.j.taine.i a fracture of the rii;ht
shoulder It Is belle-ed that he is lnter
nallv injure.! The man was taken to his
home. No ZZl North Twenty-fourth trcet.
Mr. .ola Faarral To-Day.
Tiie funeral of Mrs. J05eph Nol. who
"as formerlv Mi.s Clementine Dltrenbrre,
will take place this afternoon frcm the
familv re.;,, ure on Ilschance aentl.
Mrs Noel was sjrk but a short tlin-. She
was C yi.ir. of ace.
Faaeral ttf A. E. Warren.
The funeral of A. E. Warren, who died
ct hi. home on llond Bienue. Monday, will
le li.-M to-tlay under the auspices nf the
G A II Mr V.'aireti was C vears oM
and ha. lien a r"?ident of East 'St. Louis
for h?lf n renturv
lasler aehmeider. I'romlnent Odd
Fellow. I.nlrf t Ite.j.
Tl e fui.irat of Xavie- Schneider, a wcj:.
k-mn re.!In oj .Tfrs-'v I'ourtv trtrlr
t a -. -e..terii afterti. -in fr in the
S. tin d. r !mm. nr l"I.i!i The (-r.
t w.-re u'-.'ler the au'iiic. ,' the IC;.th
lexlce of the Inde; -dent t)rder of l.!d
K'Ilo. Tli- Ieirend Al'-recht !.
tor of the Pirt M K fhtirrh at EN-ih
ortl ui.. end the l.iirial m. in the Elsah
Ci r-.i teej .
M- hnelde d!rd Fundav a? the sqr of
r: ears" He leaves a wide and un'
' Mr S. hr.ei!e--si .;. ath re.ill ore of h
fimus critni-al trials in the h story "f
Jer.v Count ne eenir.; -Abate -.nr-
I lrc hi heme H Elth In 1?S .Mr Sehr.el-
r was a'saulte,! x, two men. who
ter-jl out from unoer a ce.iar tn - an 1
roW-tl him of Jose Ji..). , was e;j for
d.-vd. and fir many w-ei-k hi. :ife hunr
In the !uUn.-e Mr j-.-bn.Ide- nrter re
entered from tl.e efert of the a-yault.
al.lrh produted a f-irra of xrairl widen
brvjKltt on h's death
Two well-known vounc men -f Elrali.
Thomas lltrott end Henry Miftanl were
I arresn-d on t'a- c"i.r:e cf aul" an1
i -obrery ! Sheriff J c Cadwalladcr of
, Jrej icunt and were ctextf.., l-r
:a the Jeri-cy Ciunlr Cln-a't C-uit and
ent-r.ci t- tee ou;nern iiiimoi. iv-::.n.
t.ry for ten years. The -n-d nln
3 ears of their sentence ard were reles.!
and returned to Alti-t. where thev wr-
estr,i on a criminal chart'
at.d arila
sentenced to the I"enl:-nt.ary
lel'siscil a few year ItttT
Thv were
Cbaataaaaa Caewta Fall ta Appreci
ate ike Naaar aad Eject
tUa-.day evening trasalect visitor
on the Chautauqua grounds, who was ac
ciirapatiled bv a Nry. sal.J to be hi son.
eaose-I corijlderab:- alarn ai tie pata
tac tsvl tv throwing the toy Into the pool
with an Ms-clothes on. to t-ach the boy to
rwirn. The bov oalerctl arour.d. ak
a few ttraes atvl was then rec-je.I.
A few- minutes later the same mas. "fo
a Joke." thr.-w a young woman.. . gcest
at the cottace of Mrs, A. M. Meirsts of
.tfMRs- aBis
or 'ZB&ApM
. -..nun m iii-T-i me n-.T-sj.arj- require- tive ..rk of contrurtlon with n the
St. Loeta. frMB the hatalaw aoal
vptrlacboard Into deep water. The yoaac
ladr could not swtaa either, aad ake tras
reacned als by byMaadetm. The maa
pioved tu.be intoxicated and waa ejected
from the trotmds.
Yeeterday l'octor J. Q. Adams lectured
on "Au in t'.e tV of Thliigv." The lec
ture w.u a plea for artistic use of thins
in oroinary an sir of lire.
To-day will be 11 vie Improvement Day.
fife Ir ArlaitM aril! I'rtllr.. nn -tlinVtrat
Improvement and GouI Citlxenrhlp." I.at
tVfulaK WiUL-.t.i 1 Um-aHer ave a
reridl-;c of "i:-ch Ard-n."
with dramitlc
nlu:cl i-mnC
claiu mohpitai. w, rain.
Xadiaoa Sapervfawr Ultruvera That
Cunat-r Uarraata lar- Ualdatei.
A depute lietwceu the Hoard cf S-;?r-viKor!.
cf Mal!jn Caunty and the au
th'.ritlT' of St. JoephN Hospital over
the icyssent f SIT, .wb'ch thretn(l to
end in a laa.-L-It. v.-a rcttleil vfrdav
by the ill-car ry bv Ai!-tint SapiTV.-or
t.l.arlei Trebi:- of Ailori that the warr-RUl
for the aT-Joi'Tt: rnr.!l(in-d -A-re cJ".l In
fthru.ir-. l-l. bv t.- a11..u Savli'a. Bank
to one.f ii lM.r- of th.- lniit'Jt:otu
whi I.iuoiM-i! tLe narre St. Juc'dr Hs
i:tal :ir-on :ii" virrant.
Tiie warrai.f were e-,t to the Kar.'ji cf
rMwar.!vilIi for f..!et:ti)n bv the Alton
Savinjr.t i:i-k anil n'm-d ur ta tl.e
outity Tit-asurer. uli.t -.aid thi-ra. Tlier
the warjjnt wire iV-itroved. end laten
tly h.i'-rll-il autlic.rllV.. claimed the con
ey. iienie,i .-ver hrtvii:K -tecejvel It and
threatened suit.
Jeraey-j file aaa U'Falloa Caaale t
Married Tata Mara la-.
.T1? Geranll of Jrr.-eyvi!!e and MI-
t S:r!M.-ia H-st of OFalh.n. 1U.. will be
raarried this mornlnR In U'Fallon. The
re-inijiny will icta- rlsce at St C-"ariJ-Catholic
Church. and th Reverend
Father Emlle i.-rardl cf San FrancL-co.
Cal.. a brother of the RToom. will offirHte.
J-.e:h Gerardi and lliri Kate -rardl
of Jcr?i-y-,i:i.-. brotlier and a!Iit of tin?
Broom, will be th attendant.'. V briJe
Ko-An will be of whit rillc. Kuliowlr-r the
reremonv u reception will be fiiven in
ho-ior of the coup at the horn.- of the
bridi - unci-. Williara Hu!Ier. After the
rtcej.tion Mr. and Mrs. Gerardl will di-pixt
or the Pacific --lope on an extended m.,.
dir.K tour.
Mr. and Mrs Gerardl am return to Jer
Pcyvlllo in Senti-mt "n,i -iii ..i.i. ....
the farm of the bridegroom suutb of the
Blooaalarrlaa Flras Uwnt Bidder far
Straetare Over Maraaala Creek.
The Hirhwar Commissioners of Klch
woods Tnar?sl f n ,rw". r..nni..
Vw-Kly Townfhlp. Greene" Coiinty. and the
i-flti u.iu uni.zp rnmmiiiaaa .r ai,.
Ierds of :'itrvLvors of Iwth counties met
at l' i-.ci.K-k yutenlay In the J-rsevvUle
( r,urtlioes to award the contract for the
rerair of Sankey bridge across Macoupin
i .. ." " rry na iireene eoun
tie.i. Ieli county and township will bear
om-fourth f the expense
Representatives of seven different brl.ire
rornpanlea were present. The contact
for the Iron work was ;iven to Burnh.tm
& n-is of Itloomtnrton. III., for $r. they
lielnif the lowtst bidders.
Jrraejrsrllle Xatea.
releraFr:a, f u:,rn. a visitor
" ' 'S? p',., J1" re3 from rhieaao
II? VeS? u.7toS""an, urt,!onTf il.'5Sie.
of'rtI.nds0nl' f pImJ,T x" "
Mr. i-hoetm CMmmlnaa wer.t to Virten. 111.
yf-st'ntir tu ilstt !..r .r. Mrs S. O. liljon!
I j'm e5".'1 ," .!orw VanTHcriM. went w
Tl,Voh'l,J.',7"nl", -"nent flmppel nl
?orl!Sr?,tienlet.r.V n; '" Ji"' "
Fhafer-llanler Hall In Htste tret anj will nt
It t.r a., clntroori nnt !.lee quarter
John K-rtman was M. !.! l.itor.
V.llllm Mat-.hewa waa the miet ct Alton
rriertils i-.trrdar
S!i Jta.lj s Kenruin of Wankeaan. III. ta a
STJet r h-r si.trr. Mr. II. W Rirft
Sir. an 1 Sirs C-ont- Senior sen the resta
of St. I.ui friend. rtf rJav. "
w!C-!X!"i,,,c'n,JtM,r:J 'Mr,r tsr ia
Vlrhael rirtm was an Alton visitor ymterdav.
TSnmns searui of Kld-ltty. Ii:.. waa th ruen
of rlatlvcs.
I,'re'l Itomton returned yeatorOar from
jlaclMn. is.
MSn Ullle SchefrVr was th attest cf St.
lyuis friends jenterdar.
C! arlea Gllham of Dow. III., was a visitor.
Saarka-Wada Wesfdlaaj.
County Clerk John C. McGrath of Jer
eyvi!!e. Hi., Irsreil a mnrrlaeo license
ye.rijav to Alfn-d Fpirks. a. and Ilo
etta E. Wade. IS. both of Chesterfield.
Macoupin County. III. They were married
in the courthouse. County Judge Charles
S. White ofr.clatlnc.
laterarbaa Mar ta l.lak Vlllaaja ta
JaekaaaTllle aad Prarla.
The Boarrl of Trustees of tha VClaca
Counrll of North Alton, at Its regular
Autrust nieetlnic Monday eer.lnir. granted
n lifty-ye.ir franchise tn the Alton .r.ii-ir-
, aonvitle and IVorla Hallway Company to
ixl days. The new lnterurban line will
extend from Alton to Jacksonville and to
I'eona. nttu one nrancn runnliur Into Cal
houn vmnty at Hardin. Th" new Interur
Km line will be the only railroad In that
Altaa Xatea aad Feraai
Tl-e Rerer.d T. II. Marsh, fcrmerly of tfp
jr Alton, anj Mlsa .. M. Aalerton of Jaekaon
llie ir mrn-l last e'alrr Th Keverrnl
1 N ilii.h. the limet'iuta' fatar. serfortn-4
the ceieniony
Ml-, surf Isr. iaich!"r ef promhMKt
huilnx. n-tn cf Altcn. waa taken audenljr til
ye.;rlny at hr haire. and br condltloa la
The itever-nj ant Mr TT. E. Raifetjr har
Rer.e to Whitehall t.. Hill.
Ii ' . ltu-e (f Aitr.n. Henry T!Trar.n "of
"".ifr-r. I"rank VeitMrtnn ri o.lm-er.
lt.nrv J. Johncn r.f Jlci. Charles K.-rca.! of
. li'ii.ii. an.l Kirliarl Ta:.r ef Foater. hate
ler reit-i from th!r arlmis trvwo'ilp. ta
.n i. criTi lurtt ilurtrc th t-p"en;tr
tttm cj iie All. n Olt irt
llunt-e.:. .f .iion eiie west t" Portaa
iles M u jre..r.tar to attm.1 an all ar an-I
rlct.l Utrtvue Icnlc end dance clt--n by tfca
oi-i.reatl'a ef M IZllraleth's i.lnir-h.
ileis- WV-o.1. na. arr.tte.1 wstrnlay after-r.c-.i:
for atirotttr to dliriritn his wlf tr
ti.au ei.Ii e-h-n li- r-turii-l ! an f.iucd
rer "car.nlrr" -er lie ,!.! i. trtJ In tL
I'oi'pe Coin th!s rnfralrc.
A m.tlnir cf tr. jrtce rI .Valr r cf Alt
ha. r--i calleti fr- iiiijiT tn i.raantt an a-
latlcn. rle- rrtnrlf tl cl)-t t which tt Is
said Is to adat.rr Uie jrlee of n 1 rroia s
rents to !' Cent, .t bi.le5 S.re cf th" tteftfrrsi
t-fu.e to ra Into the eo-nb!ne act a eut'i'il-
nar l rreictfd
.secnrdlnr to a 'rsvh recte T-'t-rlar
r--nlrr l John Hrt frwi J J. Mullen at
Atls"Ulr i-itj: N J the ac- cor.fe.nre t".
ten c!' m-intiOitmcr. and th Wat,- i-r
tnltle- .' -he c!t'i.e.ei trtlt Up Wlttl-lt
cit ssment lielrc narhl The riin-ifjctur-er"
dir arJe.1 a i:t -f U i--r ce-.t o zh- mm
fale. i-hlch th" claUoets uu! not eoa-
cm e
1" Sott.r-.. fMia-rtT acmt at At-.i t.
l.i e in .iicen, n-i i a ;l
1- Mle. i'lin!- n-id f-hr'.tuna Winters
d.-a- 1 .e.i.r-las. fr eh lla-n Mi-h
ratty - i-stlrc '. v.tin- -abipi Jnu
III rr.- Jn'lA V'jtr I. sn.sn M- .r.l .. i.
ani l!-o-r yt'. jj V.tUUi nu ti-i-!
k Artl jr Hrtma-;n arJ Jatre. Oh'II -rt-l
.-t--Jt? tin lvr trt-v tn Umiph:.
T- -.-. r A YnnH an: l..rir 'jir.trg
dtrt-i Inn r!St tl ek . Ju a: Xtar
in Palls
V- fairr-rs arourS lfvr art the surrr
ererat-r-i tn Alton er- j .nr: cf hlp Mi-.y
m- ai an'-.l
It I. Insnr f". a-tr ur Vt.-Je. ef
.ce"i('i " tht th- "-arefj- of rhe-t '..tcr..
ers that iKi n-i In lla-lln-r. Cot-it fee re
time ha ri.-d r I that h- ; r"-!iirr -jor
r:acv as .'- r-alleaf as a .5r :r ps-l-tleei-
lie think- -M. ..:' :--j -n 1- a
eeitnt tee-h-r dur rr tb- r.: nh-el Tra-
5 II .r m. Tti-viti.1 ct !.. .wji ltor
PaM1- Sv-h"'.!. ?ias -vn- t. He."',.! i..s
a. t-ieuctM- at tt. JUnd-U County leach-r'
!::; 'uf-
rblld lllttea by Raftleaaake.
irexlee.. Ho. uc Marr MrOrv ;;.
jeirM daughter of A. B. MeCofv cf
Audrain County, was b'jteti fcr a f.f.
sn-ike at er r-.m n-ar this cltv to-lay.
A w and a dec we-,. ,:, titt'n Th
snake was about 4 feet tr.chea long an-I
had twe!v- tattles. The cr.iH will so: dle-
Mlaar Appalarsaeata.
p.Ern.TK.'c PPKi Ai.
Vi'ashincfoa. Aug. t TVvjtp- g. jt Ortf
fia ha been arrcintei: a pension examtn
inc sttrre.'n at Co" Ir Mo r.sd Doctor M
1 Stickton at Hurllr.gton. Kas.
Miss Lctti I" Walton of Wavrly. JIov.
has been appelated a stecographer In tta
Agricultural Ppsirtrr.ent.
Th Utt Ad pay Vse u-e Republic's
TCant tares and l convince,! Any drug
glrf win take yrrr ad.
ti. ..--I.-.-, ef ". i.i.-jiil it..." n.M . .
V -ie- vl'f-rat". W "it ?w ,.i,.i . . I Wash'nston -!!": wh'V. Is rl:--;ln rarMiy
t-rdl-V'"'".' ,V tT.iS'NKb " -1 b-cnS rth.r irjur," fram !.t wlnj
i j
Vittorio EcUtzi aad Olaf Jmwe, Readnag St. Loaia the 8aae
Day, Hare Covered Aggregate of 14,000 Miles is Their Travels
-Jeaasoa la 65 Years Old. Yet Still Actire Schiul Walked
From Soath America to Maplewood aad Was Then Struck by
ajaajaaaj a f sYJSm saJHr
aaaMMiaaB .dBr w 'AasaNuBa.
avTTr m'W I aaVaV
vGaBaHaraBaBaKW aa f Jl lf -aBaiaW." 1
.aVaVaTauaWaWaTaVfs. H I Jkx vAWaBafar " v--l H
aWaVaTaWaWaWaWafavafSk. H I . ML- aWavadVa' , rv-i7,f 'B
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. aa - - aaa.- .saaaiaevjk -, cbBT
aaaaaaaaaaaaKaaKaaaB a a KtVaavarJ' .aW- -. M ai
aaWJaWaWaWaiaWaTaWar vAa avaiair'" vCaVA aaw
aaWaWaWaWalBlBl waa MaHSuBmcM
aajaaaaaaaarvsaaa aa a. "bIHbbbbSHbt
aaaaaaaaaaaaar va. EJJ
BaaaaaaaBaaHBaavsaBBaaaaaaaal t
oiaAF joKaaoif.
AffM m. MtM tea a tMsVaala waBt ta tna
After a retcarluiMe tramp of mora thaa
.( mll. tha final "Up" ef fire mite be
Injr made on a railway train. Vittorio
Schlwl. an Italian laker. reach'tl St.
Louis, Ms oriclnal destination, yesterday,
bilnjc fourteen months on the way.
While within five nill-s tf the city, at
Maplewood. Hchlzzi stifferrd the first e.ccl
dent of the ntire Journ"v. He was struck
by a speeding Missouri lVclfic train, was
thrown forty ftet Into the ulr. liut e-s-raped
with only u slight cut on his right
Ills escape Is due to a larjre pack of
clothlttR nnd l.iMinn wlilch he bore on Ms
back, nnd which he ha-s carried front the
time he left a point In South America, his
starting place.
SchlzzI is now a patient nt the City Hos
pital, hut he is able to N tip and alxiut.
His Iniury 1 of an Inyisnitirant nature.
Sclilril was hroucht to the city on the
train that nrrivd at Union Station yes
terday at 7:1") n. rn. Ho was senselest
when placed nlioanl. but regained con
seiousness on 1W wny lo the cltr. Con
ductor Mark IfctvIihToti Induced hhn to .-
tn he Cily Hespltnl to have bis arm
dresred. nnd I'atrolman A. J. McClelland
took the elobe-trotti r there.
The pnssencer and tniln erew assert
that I lie man ii-ul a mot remarkable e.
cape. I! ntti-mptnl to cros th- railroad
track In front of the ensine a f(-w minutes
afler the train left Majdewoo,!. When
the engine strtic!: him it was Koinr fullv
thirtv miles an lionr. Srhlzzl. ncoordini?
to eyewitnesses), was thrown thirtv feet
Into the air rnd Ml into a field fifty feet
from th- tmefc
8-!Vzzl was found ly:re: tjpcin his pack
of clothlnr an beddlnji. He was not Mem.
Inir. except from tti- ripht arm. nnd was
npparcrtiy more stunned than hurt. He
was placed on the train and broueht to St.
I-ouls. Ills Immediate removal to the hos
pital folIoweiV Sehixzl was able to walk
To tho hospital, and no ambulance was
When tha doctors displayed a raror with
which to shave the man's arm. that tho
sround be more sntisfa-torllv dressed.
Kchizzt veiled pitifully. He thought thnt
his arm was to be amputated, nnd It re
quired the doctors fitllv half an hour to
convince him tint no such operation was
to lie performed.
Schlzxl speaks very lltti Bnr:llh. Ha
speaks Spanl.il. French nnA Italian fluent
ly, and is apparently hiKhlv educated.
Accordinc to Schlzzi's own story, hi
made the entire trip to Mantewood from
South America afoot. He declares that h
am rot nue cno mn
in a train or Imst.
lie says lie is a native or Cremona. T.om
hardla. Italr. and that be lived in South
America many years. He Is a baker by
trade, anrt says h" has always had a de
sire to come to St. Loul. where h has
son.e boyhood friend.
In his iournev. Schiszl ravs. he cam
through Panama. Costa Rle, Xlcarngua.
Central America: various state in Mexico.
incitKiinr the citr of Mexico nnd other
places of Interest In that country: Texas.
Reports Fraaa Few Fields of HprlasT
Wheat. Oats Crop la F.arararapx
ad Catfasi la Isaprave!.
TVsshlr.gtnn. Aug. The weekly bul
letin of the Weather Bureau summarizes
crop conditions a foltons: ,
Teas and Oklahoma exrerten-el . warm
weather, -ehlle it waa to coot e.ter th northern
pottlcn cf th- lake rei:l-n an.1 en the Callfer
nta cMSt. tC-rt:e. th t-tnperaturecer..lit!ens
durir.c the we-s ernjlng Ausuat ' rrtr f-enra"r
Too ir.ueh rain rmvad d-triTrer.tal In p-iriteri
e.f Nelira.Ha. Kansas and Missouri, ar.1 aim
In Fl-rld r.d j.-nler.. of Mt.-rrt. but in
Ncrth-ra Atatama. iJerTta and the -ro!!n.-ts
and over a eiildraM ptt ef the M!i..! At
lantic States. Ohio Vailej an,I T-aie... rtln
is much r.-e.:.!. t.e eff-r's ef ilniuifht teeo-n-tr.e
aeric-is over the creifr ran of Je.ii:ls.
ltiin Is lo nested on the North Partrtc t,iat.
Our the central trd -etrn prtle.na ef the
corn rlt and th- area-ir t-art ef th- Midi
A'lartle p-atrs nrn eotitlr.us tn scilr.t eon
tlttoti. ard wMIe r.e.:lrr rata in the ohl
V!Vr, th- ccrdltten of t'.e eiop In that dU
trt't t. fen-rnllT rremlflr.B :
Thrashlrr of winter nl.iat ts Isrcrty eert
tlte.l In the rttr.elral hat t;.tes. This
wnrU li. h".weer. t-n lnterTur-t-.i tre raina
tn Kan.a. anl ecntr'nln's ot Injury frem tnot
tare ent!r.u from portlers cf T-n-ies n1
tie Mli!.lle ttntlc Mat-. lTotrisr r.i- fall
efjlr.ic r ta rr"-pris in th .-.uthrn portlea
vf the e-ntral a!l...
SU'KIXtt WIin.T.
r'U!e rift !n rrlni: wh-at t rvr er r
rresnient In tke luVo as aad It a alight 3?r.t
ft Netrastt. Iowa and M1ne.ita. the rP"rts
rir.er!ly Indicate t-at th crop U net aaa-talr.-d
ft.rious InJ-i-y.
llaitesi j, runrlr rlr.I'hM !-i lona ard is
t- jrrres tn Nehra.Va and the sjthm parts
rt Sutfc I)'''! nt Mlnn'sntn. b'i- ni not t
l.jn In North Imkoti. wheie tt crep c-n-
rallr Is In exceurni reiuaicn. witn le.nc h-o.:
See.rl all report Isdti-ate that a -v ercp
ef cat. h 1-ei s-cur-l Harritir.r la now
en!-l ei-r:-t In .trrr.s north-nr i:s:rt.t.
hre tt ta wetl adtaiced
;.-n :w satrt in-.rrove .nt in T-.ne- WVathir litir-iu. Putted States l-part-iteitern
North far Una. Northern Alt- j mnt of Agriculture.
bama. tl:'.ii, Arkan.t. .:iorEa and tn.
tun T'ltrii. Ncrihe.ti-m Teaa. nl ij
tUr. cf I.iulsUina. t.ut eia.wh.r- ct.- the i-it-
ton telt the erop hat ctr.raTii The pr-v-al-nc-
cf rut Is t.ry ir-nerallv r-port.. font
t i;.trn districts awl at tttm r-ertl-n
of th- e-r.tfI nd -.iein iL.tr1-?.. ikii
ww: an.1 lell wj-ms ar- dolrr e rs!Jerthl
ilastre !r. T'tas ar.d U"eie-1 Iiuilana. tut la
. tlrtt name.! tate t.i.t ai- e-i.-nuro-rus
11-;r. Is i--erl (n 'itheta Ttat and tn
rre e.ntral routitlea of that 5-tate an.1 ha
errp-n.neei ot-r th- sjttera isiittcn i.f ;h
lij:rn district..
Tittcco has ;-.- welt -:'r.':r. tiut a4
rstn ard cuttltattsa tn l.erturky an: ua
Mr tn Virrtrl.
K-po-ts cofccrnlrg arn'e ee t!rsd usfator-at-.
frcm r.irly all 41'trlcts.
tr untuaifec ratin ra rr
r r.er.'lr fatrl.!e ctniltlcaa-
Columbia. Mo.. Ag. . Th Irr:tS
Stat Ipartment of Agrlrulture climate
sn-1 report bulletin of the Weather Bu
reau. Missouri section. Issued to-day. says-:
Th at-arag tenp-ratar ef th wk hi
ten about neetaaL Inra cad nicht were -
osaMe. There was ;- rioalcea. hut th
iweittia ef ausaftia waa aV-u: rrvrmaL
BalrtaU rs exelt- !n th erna-sj d'atrlet
and heavy rain occurred tn the "atrem soutR
eailero ssd atwthet.rn c-3-;i. tut- aa a
wX. tsaetesty dutnbut.t Tlm-lT
noartri otral-ed over th oorttera Jlstrtcta en
ts Stb aai r.h. a
Cora ts iwr.rg out wn Is all dtatrlera. th
early bring I1 strase tcsrsrd SMtsrlty.
Wha walked from Soath America ta St. J
Oklahoma ard the Indian Terrltorr. Nw
Mexico. Colorado, a part of Kansas and
ScNzzi says he did not work on day
during the inp. He bested his meals, ha
claims. He had wnt-u ha reached heie.
He as he will .ck tmp.oym'iit here.
An old man. rtratRht :i a w-voiid enlist
ment soldier, and covered from head to
foot with dJst. r.r.lkcd Into St. IaiuIs yer
terdav. Ulaf Jonsson, us he cava his
name, has CflCo miles of walking .to his
Yi.-iterday he arrived at Valley Park
nltli his pony and hucsy. for he has aban
doned MalkliiK now, utid. after leaving tne
outlit to the care of a farmer, he walked
into the titr to r-e old friends. This
luomlns he will walk back to Valley Farm
and will then turn his pony's bead south
xur a trip to r loriu.i.
"I lived in St. 1ouis for fourteen years."
said Mr. Jonssou yesterday, "ard worked
at my trad- of watchmaking. Then my
har.thi In-can to sucat. and It was no us
for me to attempt line watch work. So I
started out from door to door, mending
clocks and dolus other odd Job.
"Ahput that time the pisip;.- were both
ered with crooks who would get into
houses on some pretext or another and
would steal. That nmllr mi- luxini-sa n
peopl wre afraid to trut"me. 8.J I de
cided to lea vo the cltv for New Orleans.
"The walk from S;:. IiUs to New Or
leans Kavo me a likinc for a wandering
life, and when I found business was had
in t!io Southern city I set out once more
wltli my tool kit. I walked across Louis
iana to Texas and through Texas to
Klnurland. I had started from St. Iiouis
on Decemlier li i:4. ar.tl bv the time I
had left New Orleans behind, mv money
had given out. It wis a case of walk,
whether I wanted to or not.
"When I rot Into Texas it was nr In
tention of wnlklti? to California, but I
found tltat T would have to pns through
Mexico. I had a cood look at the Mex
icans at San Antonio. Tex., and I made
up mv mind that I wanted no more to Io
with them.
"From San Antonio. I went to Fort
Worth and then continued back to St.
Louis, passing: through lite new strip of
Oklahoma. I went throurh the old strip
and landed in Oklahoma City, workine at
mv trtile anil doing odd Jobs cf all kinds
alone th war.
Trnm Oklahoma Citv I h-aded east
through the Indian Territory. Into Arkan
sas, nr.i! then through Missouri, and ar
rival in St. Iritis June S, 19u4. In line time
for the Exposition.
"They imii h eleck In the Austrian build
ing that no one could make co. but the
old tramp started the cluck going. While
In thU city I met people frcm Tias nnd
nil over the country that I had done work
foe while on mv tour.
"I sihir cot tired of worklnr around St.
Louis, and then the old wandering fever
got tnto me nain. nnd Julv 8 I ret out
once mom for Klnisdniid. Tex., where I
arrlv-d on Christmas Uav. It had teen
almost a year since the first tirre I had
left St. Louii. nnd In that time I had
watki-d more than 3.5C0 trlles. and every
step of It. at that. It was a long "hike.'
but a merry one. Somewhat touch on the
Elioes. hut saving on railroad faresi
"When I arrived In Kingsland I bad
saved up C-. so I decided to buy a horse
and rlir. I got a ponv nnd burgy at a
lnrsaln and set cut for St. Louis again,
following the rame route aa when I had
walked II. I left my home nut In the
country, because he was afraid ct the
cars, but to-morrow I will hitch him up
1 and start for Florida, where I expect to
stend the winter.
Mr. Jonsson said It had all been a great
trip for an old man who had no cne to
worrv airftut.
"Many men have to take constitutionals
bv doetors orders." said Mr. Jonsson.
"hut few take them by hundreds of
I miler.
Ir.dlrattone nw point to a yield equal to that
T li-Z. Alnnr some ef the vtnall t reams In
southern districts kII rr.r-i en lands -ibct tn
eierfier late len de.froTxl. Althcuch th
darnsK 1 exce.tte. tiw-allv. It I Insignificant
whn eoneMrecl In cennertion with th whole
eroi of th- State. ii the iiatraae.1 territory h
1'Ut a rmiii ircentaee of th- total area.
Thni!.hiiii of Kraln mad- g.l pnigre. wher
not l.ln-bred by rain. In southern district
wh-at and eats tn shock hare hen 4ainaae.
and terv little thrashing has l-en (tine, owln
to earn-tve ini.ttt:r. In the e"nTal snd
north-r.i iiltrlet, fco-rrrrr. thrashing la nesr
eotaI-tion. yields and qu.tlitv of grata eon
tlnuis atrfI and u. to ntsetattn.
iv.ttnn enrtinu- to do well and ta bnlltnr.
M.. lining arl equorliic. A tTr Iin alltle raport
tro fas; rrrwth and ' flei.: har haj too
tuueh rain and lae of rultltatlon.
I.at? i-otatce-s are making- r"i growth. Early
poiatms ar gitlr.g fair returns i.tilv.
Tl.- hay rrup Is very k1. thoish a pertton
has I n .'amuel ,y wet weather, rpeelallv
In southern IItrlet. Millet 1 very soo-1. snd
TghiiT. covrx-a and all minor er.yps sr
rrr.rtl!hr. Jtls are ripenics; and ar of
roe-t osallty.
At:a eonttnue 'n derltn and tb octlook I
ter ;ir Son far eotintte reiinrt aoug.i
for homo t;e.
Pl'jnlci; for fall erns I tregies-iBg.
'0nmoV l ARKAT9A.
nnrt'nt.TC spismal.
I.ltt! Il-k. Art.. .ug. . Crop ecrdltlon
tn Atkanrui fir the ut week wre .f!eiai:y
r-port'd tj-da at f.Kotte- With rhewers
th- fl:t of th- w-s ar.'l warm. trv ireather
the Ittle- rati. ti.cd tlons wer f.noral.le fcr
frm work ar.t f-r mi.trc ero;ei- huu-v-r. rain
wi.uM Is- tr.intlitl In r-.m .ertti : p fur cum
an4 cotton. lAitton ihws In.pmt-m.nt. iut
t sail and n t frulilsc w-II "iratly. and
ther- Is e.,miJelr.t I In ets In'urt'g tli- .-r-p
tn f-im- localltl-. lrty re.iri It or.rra ly
ilolnc trll. and In si-me e-tl-ns Is matur.ng
r.lt-ly. th- tat- teii u r.o-l In em tle.r
ar.o t'O'r In othr. n-A r-netaliv oull -
tritttett La ratrs. Ittth id r.e.t .itato-i
ur.d i ar- a tl c.-c;i. Mine tr.h j)-f
hti lien "r.nieJ an.l tcrnlrs ewn. T-ere
! !-. ec-nt'Ia'nt if n.jil-s and tache n?
j.trc. and i-acfts will t a ffclr .rep. ant
c!cs nld tr- !i;h: I'att'ire ato s'n. rally
K'.i-i ard "tc-ck te tial'S aid d-tlng -s-II.
Spnncfi. M. 111.. A tc ' Th- following
cltmate and cn.ii
huiieiin. covrlng condt-
ttoni existing in Illinois th- last week
was. Is-U'd to-dav tv WlUUrn U. Hurna.
llrs tor of Ihe Illintds e-t'en of th
The rrt half ef th- t was e.l. the tn
1erature atiraarlnr aliut four d-g:-. l-lww
normal, ituch hih-r ternj mfuii i-re-aii.!,
duttrs the latt thr-o .lar.. It lyltatli-n was
v.rr e"-al In ehrctr; Ut tr.e-tMM .if th
e. rreiiK.-.lir-. tn the nwith-m anl e.atrat
dlr-.rl-. reTt-l heatv ra!i alxur or. tfclrU
rerortel i.-ea.V nal .H tt-.:. -ahlle the remaln
dir r-t- rte.l r ia!-,fall. In the enf,rn 01
tr t tt.- lalnfall tuht ao.1 n-attet..
The i-r.tral r'.r51tlrej Cf Pi eotn : t-ry
IfaWrc It la ins-Hat la t: rr-.h-rn j
. ,u ... t r.e; m the entjal. an.J ra
rer.t the rotlr.r-ar aiar In tiie rutl.--c.
la c.t- loeaiti whe- ;her sr uttl- ,,
rain It ! ts-a-inntnc to f.r. V.orria are la
Jury'rc th- r.t n om- :vr nf the r.-hem
"IstrleL ar.S mrae tfatr.r- has aat-jej from
Cdlrr th I -arUcd" f t-.e o-jt-.ra dlatrttt-
l-i-s th-a.hlr ccs'linI d-irln th w-sk.
rrd. e. rt frctn a few l&ratlllea In tl ;Ui
ern dlrtrlet whre th'y war" .!amrd In
ah"k a r"d vteld .f are nualltr !a rerart1
tVat Ihtaihlag cr.tl.-.t:'S with but 'itll
taternirtlon. an.1 l r.o nearlns c:nn:tlen
T. da-nar rrittlr.- f.-c-i th- b-avr rain
wLH- th- rop as in sivk 1 net srsat a
tra. antl-lnatel ar.t r.je-ta. aa m ra. mat-cat-
a f!r Tt.ld of rvA cutttr. Hr ar.il
tarley ar- rl.Mlr.r t--ll Pasture - s-et-lr
ts:rrnTe. wher- rala felt, but r grrtlrg
t-j- abort ;si;srhre.
conditions .!:!r.g In tf sontkem dls
trictr of the :t are reported by corre-spo-dnts
a foliows- ,
Pranl c En--r '.- srarm sr4 etr: eeea
dttsg r-ce'y an-J t tn roattrgar stag: enw
tes te. Crs.Jirc aJrjt eir.: tmU fs!r:
nferi erep c srt'r e.ry heart- pa?ha an
l-wr win - rl-ntlfat. arfl- nirlr aa dressed
IT. cr;-. fair ercr M. N- Wefch. "
Oaltatln. Salln- Stlnas Weak warm: eera
Us-xzrj will, trrathlor net dca yt: lata po
uues eclr.t well, reach abandaat: aspMs asc
orr half a crcp Hiram Dolph.
Jackson. Vrseas Waather bat aad dry:
sa a trv
warn meaiwj; paaowa I
wKata-J. R. cnua.
ct fcr
Jchaena. Orsatsbara Ftea wetk for t
k for fanatae:
cera aa MM by and amalaa raray
buiwtepf rslsi miaa-J. W. BarB-tt.
PulaakL VUla Raasje Week drv and fatorabte
far wheal tamtslas. whlcli t crcar-astcal alc
ly; wheat badly dafaaal T wtt weatbar: torn
ptowkat about ctaapleted aad prcsptet fr the
rros w aoodt saaaai pwataaT eotniDca iin
art and In at eondltlca: spidea roatlnae to
drvp: srapta ripe aad la sjosd ciaJltlua W. R.
Randolph, tarta iL- weatbrr all weak: coa
sMeratie ;aat thrashed, bat ciup cuuaaaed by
wet weatner: cara sjzowlsa rapidly: saelena
rtpenlec. with fair yield: fall pluwiaa cum
saeareit. II. F.-lsalxd.
Haltoe. osrrlets- Mills Own looktn fa:
ssark bay spelled by hlh water: sturk ana
wU; pastutea aoul: wheat about all thrashed.
with fair rlelJ: rata badly daaaaceJ; appka
fair rtwp. 1. u. Allen.
t'nlon. IJk "reek-An atcn.Unc of ran:
eata Usarllca: ra tn aood conditWa: tbraahlcc
la Broaira: pasture Mid: stock delas U- -V.
Wash'tcrtcn. f no Church-FIB weather for
craps: tn vn l:la lan.t reed, oa luw land
diuaatd oot- thran!r.a tn ptrgrea: oat yleld
ha well: wheat. Biul aaalltv. but small yield;
antes, few. II. Jaaper.
EteTea-Year-Old Boy Gives Police
Mew to Thieves.
Lawrence Schettter. It Tears old. or No.
3714 Mills street, was arrested yesterday
Mr Policemen Peters and Hunt of the
Fourth District, and will be sent to the
Jarenlte rvurt to answer a charge of
petit larrtnv.
Schettler Implicated several other boy,
for whom the police are looking. He said
they sneaked tnto Mrs. R. Goldman's
store, at No. MR Franklin avenue. Mon
day, while she was In a bark room, and
stole M and a quantity of cigars and
azrcBLie raciAi.
Tsvlorvllle. ID.. Ana. S Was Orlska
Kent, daughter of 8. ft Keat. disappeared
from her noma last Tharaday. and a
search by her father ta toeats bar baa
been In van.
Rtsa aaal sTaR ff Aa RJrara
For ft boars atng at 7 a. bv:
m. JJMta. Ma. Aug. a IMC
Stations, Pansst. Oaaga. Cnaag.
Ptttsbcrg M. Ct .S
larkrburg M. 7.1 -o.l
tliu-tnnatt . n.S -I-f
lyiulsrlll . K.f a.:
Nashville . .X .!
luttsnoatm t5. S.t -A.3
Florence M.a 1.4 -.
Joaiuonvtue tt.a Ji ".t
ISransYtlla M. . .
8t. l-aol It.d 7.0 -O.S.
Dnbuqii IS.n 1.1 -.!
navenport 1S.0 . -.
Keokuk IS." T. -0.4
Hannlbat ll.s .... ....
Hanstotm ........,... jZ .... ....
Orartoo U. .T -0.4
n-naha l. '. -".s
Kanaaa City. a. Il.s -4.3
Olasgnw is. .... ....
PjonTlli M.r-
Hermann 24.A 11.4 -.S
"I. Is S3.0 Jf. .
Tiester ! M.I --T
Cairo 4S. tl.S -.
Vernpht .o ,, .o.j
uttt ttork n. .J -i.t
Vlckabanr 4S.S M. -0.4
8hrveoort , jss -.
New Oriesn H U.I -.l
Kls. -Fan
Th rivrrs tn th R. Louis district wifl fan
during th B-st 41 boars.
Ts-Bwy's Weatker
rah tn-fjvr: Uttht chang ta
Ith: variable winds.
Raid Baste
5rrei Raale ,
Pl!e of raihoun
"ltv of Pn.vli.nre...
Cotwtn II. Spencer...
. .. e-ertfla
tt ration
Missouri Rlrer
.Plssa Chautauoua
.Plaa Chautauqua
Strread Ragt ,
Sit ner
Staeker Le
IVI1- nf rlnun
Cltv of ProTldenre..
Corwin II. gBearrr.,
, Alton
St. Paul
.. .Cap Olranleau
.Plaaa ChantatKina
.nasa Cbaiitauaua
ArrlsaJa T
S-arad BUR
ier of Proviaeiic..
Corartn IL aoeacrr..
i TTsn
Monteiano Park
..Plaaa Chantawiaa
ivaa Ta-Bay.
tr) Earl
Raid Eacle
tttv ef naltillo
Corwta H. seBcr..
Cltr uf lrorliJeBce..
....... ..Orafton
.................... rsna
, Mr"onrl Rtvr
.Tllll' RHer
Ilta Chsotanoiia
.Mosteraao Park
Blrar aad
The gsucw at the harbor office tTJas at
s a. m. reglsteiwd Tf.t. ladlcstlng a fall of .
In :t houra. The water continues to reced st
thl iiBt.
Huslnes in the IiSvi Tstida was brisk
througbo-jt that oay. A noticeably tars ship
ment of aPole and other fruit was bandied.
tosthr with mneh live stock, wheat and ml
rellanero frrlgbt. faun lara ennatsaments
of poultrr and sgs were also received.
Riser Rlatta BrarlMes.
Rtarker fe desarted for Menu
The Stacker ! departed for Memphis yea-
terdav aftemo-'D at I with a Mg trip of fiU
nemo,n at . wiin a Dig mp it xr-wnt
nd passengers. In addition a large manl-
feet which tb steamer brought on th tip-trip
he hat anoara a roiai oi aw picsnina rir tz.
Iute. The Tmr arrived tat Murda ntxht.
It was IVanled below the city by health offl
errs, who Inspected all persons and their health
eartlSeates. None ef them wet found to b
from th lafee'ed dtatrlct. and all wr per
mitted to Move th boat her.
Captain K. J. Howard, the veteran ateant
hcit liulldrr. from JlfrsontllI. Ind . spent
yesterday In th city ss th guest of f.taln
Hear Ivh of th Eagle I-arket fotrjsinv.
II I figuring tt build a steamer for the l.a
le Rarkat Cr.mBanr that will b on ef th
handsomest and must mxlem w!i en th I
atTaaastippi. it witi um m -r .-imii i-t, i.u
will eot tn the neighboxheod of r1).').
The City of rtaltlllo departs to-day f.-r th
Tnnsr" River. Her paasrnger flat Is "full up"
an-I her freight ht;.menta are targe. The Sal
tlllo ts frre from quarantine. She vs net n-uch
ant- totnt within a thouaand mile rf the in
fec'teil yellow fever dtetrtcts ard there ned 1
no fear, th management asser'. of say lntr
tentloa on tb part of tb health officer of any
Alt paasnars reIMI for th eat trip
vesterdav. on th- steamer Starker !. which
drrarted for Meteit-ht. were mad to procure
health certMVate tif for sMmr at.stnl 'h best.
me Larlv of vmang perw.n were greatlv ur-t-r:--l
upon arrltlpg at th wharf to lerin that
thev had to so taiek ft th eltv and acur
isrtifloavres st the lleallh II ar J r.e; ila-iarter.
Th steamer I-ra. for th Missouri Rlter.
fierart.s Peday ace wtli take out a big trip. h
grt tn jeterday. after l!nc delayed in hr
mantf'st were .' sacks ef wheat and a larg
htrmnt cf mlneellaneoua freight. Th boat
teparis at 4 p. m. t'e.lay and goes up th Mla
aourl Utter as far as leipu.
Th P-elT of slhoon ram tn yxtrrday
mnmlng on t!a Irrni llamtnrg. She brousht
down !. sack of rrh'St. lib tatrels if p-
fles. 71 eabtn passengers and m-ieh ether
re'ght. The a'mm.r departed st 4 p. m. fer
the reium ftp and had a Mg upM:aui trip cf
fi.rar.t el i. jairii.
The steamer P-rd llarol will arrive Thurs
itiv fruit Mempht with . h'g lltt ef peoil
from M'm;lits ant war laedlnaa Hr mani
fest .f freight la a'so raported to L larg.
Tli etraraer eonrerts at fatto with th Pe
tri l.e frcm Onrtnpatl !- daparts agaia
th fullowtrg ITtlay at S p. iu. ,
- rtptain nid" Fpahr I making tmperiT-mn-
on th- rt.smer McPhercn. a ijotrnmnt
rKt.at. prepatto-y to p'aelrg her In th
Mleveirt Rltr Tli" beat fa niw In th Ong
l:lvr. whet- ah ts bring oterhaulrd.
Tt ieutton rteamrt i'tty cf Ifr.ildeBe
ar.d rwtn It r-encer tixk ma it to plaaa
Cha-itauqua ve.t-raay Th reeurelon huslnea
,.n the river at thta a-as-m ef th tear Is lrar
than t: ha len for trz months.
Th I'-aH Hacle was late tn arrttlng etr-
da). owl-.r to bar larg- cargo. Tha iaa-igtrs
hi tr- stammer T !- nunur.ui. Th- Uald
lC ctna ror th rrtuin tnp t-Cajr at
4 p rr
The ypraal East" .iji hr i.eaal trip fa
Alt'"-, r-aeerday. wltn a b'g trip or TtrtgM
ar.l laai.raer Th lxat os to Graftcn :
iay. dartlm at 3 p. ro.
The Ch.s-er Cparted ye- st p m.
for Ca;. G'.rarleau. taking out a t'g manifest
ef fn!st nd many iaisrr-ra.
- Jack I-ota-d has rstsnl hi f-ttl3n as a
p-at- fail the ciieater ana is uccdd Ly Tom
By Telesrrapb.
Pa jeal. Kt . Aug. t.asa9 r4 t fat
anl fvllir.r w.ather warm Th rjtra; Fowler
ft i.'tn ar a- m. Th ftotalr. cta!rd he
fs arrltl t t t. r anj itt at 4 r m f,r
Erar.avll - Tie tlttfe In fr-an ti Tennaa
Ute- -iSis J.i- II. WilUaais. frraai- stut
Itereer re all t!d up tetwees b". arKt Kr
aratill rco-r.t low water. Five peat r-r-ji.,1
at Caevvi:' gnd Plater Mouth of th
c-u-nl r"nd r'Zm'tri fall sunken rafts and
rarlrattcn harartleua Th Peters I and
He I botn reweea br iM Etsnevtll.
It- w. IR. low water has sat tn brtsrraa kero
nl JinvS.U.
Ol-o. l:l - A'-g. Rtvsr saug read S.l.
a.o-a-ir.g a fail of .: dating the law : hoatra
Wrstlier fa- anJ warri Th Cateie jt.
Si.-.el f- th t'PTr Ohto at a m. Th
'ck rtwr tea la sa cut oa time. Tt
Wa-h Itonahal! drrtl iiwn tb rtrr at J
ii m- Tb Pwtlffe Ne. 3 arelved frem th t.r
MtasiaslcT;! at I a. nt. with Isrrbw and logw
T C!y s(-3a tissaaii from thTcasts
Rlv.r to gt. Leu! st 4 J a. m.
WhaellsaT. W-. Vs.. Aug. t Riser 4 ft
Inch, fmTilRg: CToodr and warm. Drpartad
H. at. Badford. PsrKrbargr JwI. Nrsrport:
Kersuia Put. Clnrisaatl: Oatecy. Pittsburg.
fUtabUfS. Pa. Aug t Rtver at Oavl a-
oaaa 4 ft: Hstleaarr.
".nr ana wwisx.
bsw kt- aag-
mm Am wlamkm
nmmxs numvt anai
y MiH.
Dr. ITIImn' Sm.Rixtt bs. .."..
kidney reasedj.. fuimis ery wtsl In
proaiBtly rarlna; Udaey. bladder aad arlc
cmurooie. rnetrmatisBi aad wmta ta ta
hark. It comets taaktUty to aaid wate.
aoa scaiamc pal
la la pain lag
enecis rouewukg se or nauor. saw or
beer, asd OTtn ism that lannb i ne
.. T" r " ..
cessity of being compelled to go often
during the day and to get up maay time
daring the nteht. The mild and taa ex-
ranrainary enrect or SWamp-Koot la soon
realised. It aland the fclarfceat fop It wan.
derful cures of the most dtsti using
Swamp-Root Is not recommsilsd for
every thiiig. but it you have kidaay. ttrrr.
bjiiilr r uric acid trouble voo will aad
it lust the remedy you need.
If you need a medicine you should have
tlte bet. Sold by druggists In Sfty-caBt
and one-Uilhir sixes. You may aava a
sample bottle of this great kidaay I ami
dy. Swamp-Root, and a book that tells
all about it and its great cure, both sent
absolutely free by mall. Address) Dr. K1I
tar ft Co.. IHnghamton. X. T. Whan
wilting, to sure to mdntion that you read
this generor onVr In The St. Look Daily
Kt public. Don't make any mistake, but
remember the name. 8w.tnp-Root. Dr.
Kilmer's Swanrp-Root. -and the address.
lltnghamton. X. T.. on every bottla.
costs tumt m. dallar
lass than Pennsylvania
Anthracite. Users say It's
worth a dollar mora.
Order At Once.
eanal I.t: falls S I: below tacks n.T.
Mamphva. T-oa.. Aug. .-MtsBSdi .1 Hlnr
Is now jj fet ea th tteraohla saaast a tall
or .x ef a f.att in the last f4 hours. Wsstb
cool and rartlv i-Iot.Iv. lrartura were the
J. N. llarbtn fe.r Pine Ittnff and th CM of
St. Joseph f.ir Randolph. Th towhoat J. B.
Flnlay rser-il up with a tow of empties.
Cape tiirardeau. Mo.. Aue. . The t(pbta
Ne. 3 down at noon. The tarn Girardeau ar
rtted liowa at I P. nt and !epne,t for Cotn
merre at 3:J p. m. The Cltv of MeranMs up
at td P. nt. River falling. Wtath-r clear
and hof.
Grand Tower. III.. Aug. . Th Louisiana
mad a ttin to Muddv Klter am return to
day. Th lvilrhin No. 1 donrn at 10 a m. The
t.wp tllranleu down ct M:J a. m. The gaus
read U.7 fret aaj falling. Weather clear and
Burlliurton. I.. Aug. . Th rlrer ts ft
Iu inrhea nhnve low-water mark, a fall of 3
Inches. Weather clear and ewlr. Tb Xf.
in l-Jt. The Elolre In and out. Th Hin
Irafr down from I"a-nt'it.
Clnrlnnatt. O.. Aug. S. Rtrer falling: 1X1
Five departure. ln.-lui!inr th Virginia ffcr
Ptttaturx. Cloudy an-I warm.
Yicksturg. Mis.. Aug. . The Cordlll ts 4u
The Ktk cleared The Stella Gulna cleared.
Th" pell- f the Iter.iis ts due.
Warsaw. 111.. A"B. - :aug reavls t.1 ff.
a fall nf .: tn last : hours. Clear and sans,
filter Cre.-ent In an.1 out.
v;vanillt. ie.... Auir. . River rising: 7.1.
n-ar and wr
T AHss aasl Graftal
Ta Iksa aast 4:haataaas
Taesday. Mfedaeaday. Tha
Jay aad Friday.
Iare t . m . iti:ra m m.
ROt iU TRIP. SB CsfsjTP.
The cnlr boat siting frre admission tlebsts tt
Chautauqua Arvrb'y grauads.
eveiim rnnwn m myer
Leate at !. m.. return st It p. m.
Eeek for.t of Ivtist t Phone. Mala S.
New Steem Teht "trARTAGNAN" far char
ter to rrlrafe prrtt.
IJIpCURSION season now on
Claw Wm?$7
Tickets good for thirty days frem dst ef aal.
.Veal and rrth ineiurlest. Cheap frsagtit
rati to Chrs-er. Grand Tower. Can Glrs--
deau. fxl-o. Uc-npbls. Helena. Vtcksbarg an.1
Pine Blutr.
HTAfKr.K LeTR leaves every Twssay. St m
Fntl lir.KOU Irate every Friday. a. m
CtnnetlRg at tro with company ataoaatrs
for all tsilnta .n uh'o lllvrr.
Offle en teVarftp'at. foot Olre stmt.
Phones: Pell, ituln lfoS; Ktnloch, A7SL
W. IX AlLltz. Coin'l Art. t. M. ConTtOfB. O. A.
Health aast Ptcaaasw
Only SI2.0O Round Trip).
Including nsI sad be-th. r. "C3ty f Pat-tlllo-
will leave wharf Dost, foot Pin St..
Wedneadar. Auausr :. 5 p. m . ror case Uln-
iImil Padn-mh and all landtsas is Tenr
Hirer to the Fh'.loh ftaltkefleld Karlosal Para.
Phon Main or Klnlch A IU.
St. Luis, ttifir. Caps fiHv-
wW aVHPa slWslPawJsjaajs
Will ! wfcrfraff. fact ihT PIji a.
gars' Thnradavs and satui ima i at a o'clock n
sb. for Oi Gtranteau and the principal way
iaadliis: .i-i:ul..n rat oaiy tt mand fnp.
Maturdavs ti. Verv pteauat outing. Prion Mats
44. er A Hi JOHN K. M.MKW5AI.R. Asat
For et. Geeevie.-r. Cheater. Grand Tower
Cap Glrard-nu. Coramerr and sll ladtsga.
Blur Mondav and Prti'ar, 1p.m.
For Kampatlll. Peoria and all lanata
Crery ndnsdr and Safiirtae. s
Rfsmrrs from tl'.-rg. rw.t r Via St.
Main r Klnlori, IJR4C II. W. LKTai. Apt.
ippca Mtwaiasiprr.
Wm II Thorwren. Mastef.
I)elaie. ty r. !. atemhoat Inspsetor
S-n.ral to 1 Th roet tlwrooghly iUlp
pe4 rl t-ejt awratan steams h had vr
et foit upon '"
Tt Alton. iT-autauijua end Illtnofs River
Tn-elRte and Th'sd
To Sluiieuco Park WedaeeSsy sad
Iit- a r . m. R.turn at t p. m-
To sjontra-.o ParL I.ear rry Knags
a. m. and i.V p- m. Return 1:30 SR4
:i p. m.
Mv.r.i'rli Kse'i-sicn rave ! (Sam
Cata eicp'edi ":W p. m Return 11 p. m.
Round trip tie Chttdrrn. ICe Nt gam-
bli-.r aliow.d on n .itv or i-rvr:wev.
. -. ...ii ..-t .e.. ei.ih a 1
liwn-l-o-ii. jmmtta i-.. .......j. ...
The Sew Pt. lewal Ac rashsawa PwC. Cm.
Will l.at wharfbfstt. foot cf Market St.. Tus
rtay Thurs-lay and .titurdar a: 4 p. m.. for
fnaufau-'i'.- Wt P'.lnt. llar.ihurg. Mostee
antl all way laadlua Slualc and 'Ian: log.
eia u T (. MJt, c.nra Agt.
tlL'NTEi: KIZS JKNXI.SV. Cmn-erclat Agt.
Phone- Klnloeh. r 5t. H1U Main M47A.
EXCLr..roN RATtai
ttEaSCa BtB4FC
liSBves for atrtrt. ta.. atery Tssosy. P
aa.: rtrattg. an:. ft. Lsul aatsrsary. fa.
at. Far foe eaatlBucua rouasl tng. Isjeludtsat
nn. an.1 berth. sjS.
Lain far Kaekuk. la. every Pa'ardsy. 4p-sa-:
ratunlaar. arrttes la. tools TWSOSS. 7 a.
sa. par for coattanous rowag trip. taesdrag
treats aed brtth. H.
Tar St. p. 1 ard lalanuaowls fasaatst
W. PT. PAUL. Puadar. Aug. U. p. ts.
St". MDNET. Thuradsy. Aug. IT. p. ta.
s wharfbaat. fsot ef waaS'egtaa aSSS
atsin .. a. a-, la-iwv. wssatjia.
Muaacaui atfl
WTJJ Issss srearfooat. foot of
wvaatasasr, P- m.. ror wa
aaa at. T hum aauf all Wsw
P. O. PJLalCK. i
PPsaas Elslstp c BK
Ilg 'gall
Clear aad
p av

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