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fe THE :. ST. M BHTOUG Sll
price 55iSS,?M,
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St. Louis Republic
at. tCawla aael VerialtT.
Partlr dosdy ssd Ieshly
sbswets Friday, with algbertasa-
aeeature. . .
For suasouri Partly elondr Fri
day: afcoirerB and cooler weather
at algst sad Saturday.
aa.eswa-w Ca4ltsaa.
Weather: Partly eloadr. Teav
peratnc: Maximum. M tiiwu at
4 p. m.: minimum. 0 degrees,
from 4 to a. m. Wind: Dlrtctlon.
east Id fcrenouo. southeast ta aft
ersooc; maximum velocity. latit
mile an hour at 7 p. m. Preclpl
tatlim. None. Humidity; At -I a.
m . V; at p. m.. 4. Barometer:
At 7 a. m.. .: at 7 p. as.. 9 M.
Stage I the nvr. VU at 7 a. m.
Am riaea SOS: aaa s-te il:
length of day. II. Bocki rises
:M; last quarter. August a: new
iroon. Ausuet M; Brat auarter,
September t; (ail saooa. gepum
feer IX
Tihlle there was mm each suddea crop fa
tnntmtan yesterday aa occurred Weooeaday.
nor area the wind each a prominent factor at
any etage of the aftersccn. the day waa cue
r.r tolerable corafcrt and the fctat waa net
opproaalTC to any stnse.
Aa ccnttaat to the fcrty-eisht fallen per
hour reached by the lnd la the saddea 'tlow
up" ef Wednesday, the highest veladty attained
ymtty was eight miles aa hour. Through
out the day. however, a steady breeze af six
or wtra miles aa hear area blowing, the low--it
p-lnt twins; that cf three mllea aa hcur.
niched at 7 o'clock yesterday Bcrnlng. wbaa
tic temperature had already dnpptd to
i!i:i and when the day su cool enoagb
without the breexe.
Xo rain fell yesterday, although a aoeatctca
cf Icwllom bcverel about the hartxm for a
lirn. "Pes lie" showers are threatened for
On Pages 12 aael IX Birth. Xxarrtaajo
aael Ma rial Beewrda aael Saw 7ae
BMtrallsMaB eta Page) IX Death Satire
em Pae T. Vessel veaacata aa
rasa x
1. Wear 2aa Paetary.
Mar Dae llaetar falsBarp.
Kaslaaal aael Urraaay ear Haa
I'esre cJafrrrarc Blarhel.
X c-lal Meaa at !keOTraatte.
X lrrraalloa Aatalaat Fever Be?re.
t'anda fur Paaaata Raatal.
I awlr !aa Mara -Late- Caaay."
Iarh Calaa Malal AM.
4.1-llar Peril a "(.
rt bairo mt tlatah.
r riaral far Bltlaa; filrl'a Chrvftt.
XUar a taae1-rat Tariff.
T. rwa af the? Ballraaala.
mm m &. .
'-mw-m ivm w I.H ..a.W VtirT. i
taaatri iiirra sieaa la xeir.
iarlache'a rar Laaea Urease.
Brathera Art laaae Bejath.
IX Twlre AM raaate ta Ead Ufr.
aMal Cattaa Crap la Tetaa.
14 laae-atlBatlaa: H'relrrlrh Case.
'aaaty l.lcht Fraarhlaa Said.
arrew Karapr la Baaavtar.
Fifth Krclsarat laaarrtrd.
Tli IVac; Crtnforencn dUcus-sea three
niT' arti!'4 aithout rrachinc an asree-
tnMt. r-?!miim Is auin the note at
IVrlfciuutith PAOE L
Mry Hunt. 1! year oM. hal a narrow
c.ir from death whrn horse she was
drivinc ran anay. PAQKli.
insurances ha-- tw?n given that the
.l at tin- WorM's Fair ground arltl not
Iv irrnoiM until tVjit. mbrr I. PAOE It.
lltallii romml-vioner Hncilcran Inotitutm
lritsti.itiin into cav; of woman alio al-Jt-
!ij.vnvir !i!lclati rlus--J to treat
r- PAOE 14
Paul l. C.iMe purchai.s the llahting
frnch!. f..r St. L.iul. Countjr. PACE It
Mefiirt- from Txa. retort that cot
ton crop will 1h liraiy I'AOB 11
As . further prvciititlon acalnst yellow
frier in St l.ouN erons from Ir.frcteJ
llsltlct- HIJIe Uiiilti-.!. PAGES.
U'otnati In Eat St. l.nuN twice attempts
rulcld thtwura ilrr.xl'i.t k.-iiig hrr star
lx:nr.Kr 1 " PAGE 11
Itmlur U-Tii hast eng igrd an elert
accountant to n xer the looka of the
I-wU hank. PAOE 1.
Wlillatn E. llrtiatiKh was fined Ri for
iwtlnc Maud Parker on the cheek at Jef
fcrxin Cluli cartiiral PACE 4.
Ncrtfc American Comjmny plans SI.9.a
fuctory for "outh ft. Uul. PAOE 1.
Sin Schmidt of the Oerman-Americnn
Alttancv may su Dr palmare PAOE 1
The St. lml County Court reokcd
licnse for MorUche's Orote. PAOE .
Artltie unJr Instructions from Wihlnc
tun. PoMtmtotrr Wymau has wtthhell all
mall adilrrsanl ;o the Home Supply Com
ln. PAOE f.
A Proxo. Utah, man draws the prUl!ee
.f aeloctlr.c the first claim in the Uintah
!lesralion. PAOE t
John lUrrett declares to the Transsils
sUalppl Cocress that the yellow peril,
instead cf luinc a bocle. la rather apt to
lroa a blexain. PAGE 4.
Oorernor leceen lnpects Fifth Rerl
taent at Camp Uncoln. l'AOE It.
Dsctar Leach, the arsenic expert, suc
ceed In securin official support from
Oovaraer VUncbard to putssc his expert.
ShonU declares that work on
tha Paaama Canal was not stopped be
casew ut tke lack of funds. PAGE X
Two jrcuths who were selUcc "lote c,.
dy war arrested ty pcatal authorities at
Detroit. Mich. PACK 1
CUtseti of Paris. 'Tex., avert the lynch
ing of m aesro hy an appeal to the mob
wMca haB atreadr placed the rope around
the nesro'a aeck. PAGE a.
j. A- Thompeon of l"rttshurc kills him.
ajf la Philadelphia, claiming that he waa
ahanaseted ta rovrrty by 'als brother, waa
la wealthy. ' PAGE A
awwavr acat.
PhUCee) defeat the Cardinals ta fan
ca - scare of 4 to 1. PAOE A
Xatltsal Gotr Champion it. Chandler
gaa. is beaten by E. E. Giles af PUtr
arc AOE -
JCstaa Strauss defeats Laceeda la S.-S4
.atrssaiinHii antat, rooca.
New Otieaju. Ac 17. At 19 'dock to-Bickt Terr 4iacorasUs reports
were reoatTeA by wire froa cereral Lemleiaaa, aeimtx
More tkaa 100 am of yellow I erer tare bees aawarthei at the aoatk et
Bto LafoBrese, anoac tke laklac caiafa aad trackera ef the lower eectloa.
Tke dBnererj waa aude by Doctor BUrk. Parita HeaKa Ofleer ef La
foBreae. Tbe aitaaUea la regarded aa alanalas, aad iaaaMtaata ef the eattre
aecttoa are ieelag; aaalretrkkex
The Xariae Hospital Sertice dtepatchei Doctor Derrea, wHa a coraa ef aa
atBtaata.aad all the Banes he coald aaaiaMM, oa a aaccJal traia erer the fleata
era Facile late to-alsnt. They will arrire la the etridna sectlea early bmbot
row, after going dowa the Lafoarcbe oa a small steajaec.
Two aew cases are reported f torn Terre Baete phuitatJoa te-aJfat by Doctor
Cerpat, bow la coaiBMiad ef the 8t Joha aad St Charles parishes.
Fire aew cases developed at Pattereoa, La to-day. Fear aew cases are re
ported froai Mississippi City late tealsht. Tbe aHaattoa there ta grewlag asore
alanBlac This briags the toUl aasaber ef cases la the Bute, oatsMe of New
Orleaas, to aboat 300.
Mrs. Schmidt of the Gennaa
Americaa Alliance Diacasaes
Legal ActiOB.
Ladies' Auxiliary to Meet Satur
day to Take Action Regarding
"Lid" Protest To Have
National Backing.
Who threatens to sue Doctor Palmore for
criminal libel.
Failure on the part of the Reverend
Toctor Palroore. editor of the St. Louis
Christian Advocate, to retract or formally
deny the titcmcnt allesed to have been
trade by him in a temperance lecture
Sunibiy nlgat. IrterpreUi! as a reflection
on the IdicV Auxiliary of the National
German-American Alliance, may rvsult In
lerai action bting brought asainst him.
A srcla! iiKftlng of the auxiliary is to
be heM Saturday afternoon nt t o'clock
at the iwldence of Mrs. J. Valentino
S:hmldt. No SJl I.ifaxette avenue, alien
tN- matter will be fully discussed.
Mr Schmidt stated last nlsht that she
Kid ben .iihisd that the utterances al
leeed to hatrt been raad by Ioctrtf Pal
trore are sutlicient cause t. proceed
aaint him.
Th only reann that I have so far re
frained from taking action." she said.
waa l-ecaue .t the notoriety. I realize
I o. however, that -he' matter has al
ta.!y b-'en cxpbiitol t uch an extent
that a llttli moro will only add "pice to
the battle, and no harm can possibly come
o! it."
Mr. Schmidt stated that she will issue
the call for the meetlr to-day. through
Mrs. Kichter. the aecretary.
She said lat nlsht that nMther she nor
any of the Udle of the committee cared
to criticise Governcr Folk. lnce he ! cn
deavorlnc to enforce ih- lid laws as he
eee them.
The protrt. she stated, was merely a
preliminary stp to pave t! way for prop
er action when the Losnlature again con
vene.. "I hae always deeetneti It the pri1lege
of any citizen of a State to formally protest
a sains t Taws which are conaideredi to in
frlrige o.i peroral liberty." she said. Ttls
same view is hold by the members of the
auxiliary. We hco present d cur arsu
ments in the matter and hac requetei
ladies of like views to ubscribe their
names to the dscutnnt. There certainly
can be nothing wrong in ttis. Why. then.
.nouM we be made the victims of an at
tack? Why should our honor be ques
tioned? '
-Doctor Palmare is entitled) to hit opin
ions, and he may express them, bat when,
as a public man and a moralist. Ik mour.te
the platform ta criticise women wlacee
only crlaae la that they differ In opinion
with felni. then I say he ought to be pre
pared to take the conxquenca.
"InceraoII says sreU: Argumewts cannet
be asawered with insult." Klndr.eea U
atrength. anger blow out the lamp of the
mad. la the examination of a great and
important question everyone ifccuii be se
rene, slow-pulsed and calm. Intelligence
is rot the foundation of arrogance. Inae
leare la not lccfe. epithets are the arga
ments of aaal' re.
"The thimi w great enough to engage
the highest faculty ef the mind, and Xa
the Investigation of each a subject ra-
xwraUoa 1a at&glrt)f out of place-"
W - j -- . . . . W
a KaT sC' v"?
aBBBBBaBkaBaa-sBR -,k1 J",-r3B
" - aam - - - - A
BBBa"SirCt!U-isst '."X
m e i e 4 e a e e a
iBtatease Plant, Capitalised at
More Than f 1,000,000, Plaaaea
for North Aaeericaa Co.
Concern Is Said to Be Capable of
Furnishing Power for All
Street Cars Throaghont
the City.
In the transfer of more than one hun
dred lots along both sides) of the River
ilea Peres, east of Broadway, ia Cironda
let. yesterday by Virgil M. Harris and bis
wife to the Southern Improvement and
Manufacturing Company, the first step to
ward the erection ef a gas works and gen
eral fuel aupply yards to cost Sl.0tt.OO was
According to a statement made lat
night by an official in the improvement
company, the gas plant ia to be one of the
of the most gigantic concerns of its kind
in the United States.
The plant is to be built for the North
American Company, which controls the
Laclede Gas ?.lgb United Railways and
Union EVetrlc Light and Power com
panies. The executive officers In the
Southern Improvement and Manufacturing
Craipany. which are to engineer the erec
tion of the mammoth plant, are C. II. Mc
Millan and J. B. Moberly. according to
information which Is considered authentic
The cost of the gas plant alone is esti
mated at nearly $1.0W.009. and work on
the structure is expected to begin the
coming autumn. It may not be completed
until about the middle of next summer.
A large barge is to be maintained to oper
ate between the coal fields owned by the
North American Company in Kentucky
and the fuel yards along the river, in the
extreme southern part of the city and in
the country.
It is quite likely that when the new gas
plant haa been completed tke United Rail
ways win depend on the concern to fur
nish power enough to run all street cars
In operation by the United Railway. The
erection of the gas plant and fuel-supply
yards will Insure a saving to the North
American Company over the cost of rail
service, besides avoiding dangers from
congestion of freight traffic. The Union
EU-cttic plant, at the foot of Riddle street,
will be supplied with fuel by barges direct
from the mines. -
A syndicate organlrk the Mercantile
Trust Company ha l-"4fr buying up prop
erty, in the vicinity of Use River des Peres
and Broadway, in the name of Virgil M.
Harris, for nearly a year, and it has suc
ceeded in securing more than S acres.
About one-half of thN amount was trans
ferred to the Southtrn Improvement and
Manufacturing Company yesterday, and
it is said that the balance will change
hands in a short time. The Improvement
and Manufacturing Company gave a deed
of trust on the property to Jacob Klein,
trustee for C H. McMillan, for r.00.wu.
due in three years with l per cent in
teret. Both C. II. McMillan and J. B. Moberly.
who are to head the concern, are also
connected with the Mercantile Trust Com
Woman Is Awakrncd and Follows
Men Into the Street, bnt the In
vaders CJft Away Hafely With
Mrs. Mary Doyle of No. 1 North Elev
enth street was awakened shortly after
mlinlgfct this morning by footstrps in tbe
room adjoining that In which she was
sleeping", and aa she arcse from her bed.
she saw two men leaving.
She called for help, but the burglars
escaped. Upon investigating she discov
ered that the thieves had stolen Ssi In
currency. ralr of diamond earrings.
valued at fM. a diamond stud worth S,
a diamond ring worthSTS and three other
geld rtega. rained at TM each.
The firn floor of the building i being re
modeled, and the burglars experienced lit
tle dimcslty in effecting an entrance to
the lower floor. From the first floor tbe
thieves climbed up a stairway and en
tered the kitchen.
From there they went from one room to
another, ransacking drawers and scatter-
teg clothing over the hooae. They had
Just completed their work when
De-ie was awakened. She fallowed the
pair down uie stairs ana into ine street,
ao at lists wexc
the Knovlci
a. aasa, .. ZtZ
ttht riassB.C.f.
England Is Convinced (Hat the
Kaiser Ia Seeking ta Fora. a
Earopeaa CeabiMtioa.
Against Her.
Chancellor Voa Baelaw aad Un
der Secretary Voa Mpehlberg
SanuMaed to CasHle of
BerUa. Aag. 0. Accords ta several
high aa.ctt.Bi et tha Ooruamuit Prince
Vaa Baalsw. the Isaperial OkuceUar. who
yastaraay left Norderney. where he was
speadlag his vacation, for BerKn. went
to-day to tha castl of Wnhelmsbohe. to
see Eatperor William.
Doctor Von Muebtberg. Under SecreUrr
f the Foreign Ofllce. was suddenly re
called to join the Chancellor at Wilbelsas
hobe. -N
The reason for these movsswnti to. so
far. aaly the sabject of conjsstwre. hut H
Is known that the. retaUsaai betweea
Great Britala aad Gsrminy have recent
ly been on the point ef oreakhig to sa
extent heyoad tha knowledge ef the pub-
Predselr what happened has not been
lesmed. but a serious situation existed:
Indeed, It Is understood it has not yet
been dlaaipited.
The British Government appears to hold
the conviction that the German Emperor
is seeking to form a European combina
tion against Great Britain.
C1 relation between Great Britain
and Germany are of rather long stand
ing, dating more particularly from the
early days of the South African troubles,
when the Kaiser's telegram to President
Kruger on tbe Jameian raid was much re
sented in England. After the' visit of Em
peror William to England at tbe time of
Oleen VfcrorlVs Heath f tile feetlrta- wrntiM
have subsided but for the hostile tone!
shown In a section of the German press,
which provoked recrimination from the
The clash of commercial Interests In
various parts of the world, has further
Increased the tension, and the recent
course of events connected with Anglo
French "rapprochement" Is shown In the
Moroccan question and the interchange of
visits by the fleets of the two countries
have not tended to smooth matters. The
cruise of the channel fleet In the Baltic,
though arranged some time ago. aroused
considerable excitement In Germany, in
spite of the fact that the Emperor, as an
Admiral' of the British fleet, and Prince
Henry are making arrangements to re
ceive them with festivities la German
The establishment of a new naval base
In Scotland to defend the Firth of Forth
is regarded, moreover, as due to the in
creasing strength of the German Navy.
necessitating a shifting of tbe distribu
tion of Britain's naval forces.
Receiver Esaea Reduces Force in
Lewis Institation to Six
Fred Essen, receiver of the People's
United States Bank, yesterday put an ex
pert accountant at work on the bocks f
the Institution. He hopes to bi able to
file his first Inventory with Judge McEI
hlnney In the Clayton Circuit Court with
in a few days.
Een also reduced the working force
In the bank to about 'Sir clerks, claiming
that that was all be would nred for the
present. There were some twenty other
clerks, all of whom were retained by
President E. G. Lewis, who is buy corre
vponding with the stockholders.
That Blsea
aael Slay
As a result of being thrown from their
seats and rolling to the platform of an
Olive street car. last night. Miss Josephine
Brern. M vears old. of No. 4SI Vernon
avenue and her friend. Miss Mary Count,
were bruised about the body.
The young women occupied a seat near
the rear of the car. When rounding the
curve at E-iclid and Maryland avenues
they were thrown from their s-ata to the
Both rolled to the platform. After rid
ing to Eighteenth street, they had their
injuries dreed in a corner drug store and
returned home.
At a result cf a fight with a conductor
over the payment of has fare. Hobert Ran
dall of No. 2111 Chouteau avenue lecked
cp. charged with disturbing the peace.
RandaH boarded a Market street car.
When at Eighteenth street the conductor
I askrd for his fare. Randall claimed that
j he had paid, bat the conductor declared
I he had not.
i The mm
i agatmg. Randall recerv
I "g Pw on the w. Patrolman Cot-
I tine bearded the ear and arrested RasslaU.
MillMJNaay the
rt ""BB
Photograph of Baron Rosen on his war to the Hotel Wentworth. The Rus
sian Ambassador to the United States, while not as genial a man as Wltte. Is
qulto unarfectei and simple in his habits and manners. He spends several hours
dally scanning the dally newspapers, rvadlnc with keen Interest the editorial
comments on the peace conference, and. no doubt, keeping his chief. Mr. Wltte.
Informed as to the trend of public sentiment In the United States. - - -
Japan Adheres to Her Demand for Indemnity and
Russia to Her Refusal "No Foot of
Common Ground," Declares London
Times Correspondent
London. AtiR. 18. The London Times this moraine; prints the followiag:
"Portsmouth. N. H.. Aar. 17. Sach reports as come haltingly la froa.
tbe conference indicate that this morning's session was stormy. Or, If not
stormy, it was of eril omea for peace. No siagle step ia advance appears
to have been takea. The aatagoaists parted as they met. divided by aa
impassable gulf. Implacable and Irreconcilable.
"In plain words, Japan adhered to her demand for reimbursement of her
war expense, the amount to be determined hereafter. Russia adhered to
her refubal, firmly stated in her original answer.
"But there is more thaa that. What is thought ominous Is that, after
three hours discussion, they discovered no foot of common ground oa which
tc stand or stop. They appear to have coBvlaced each other or each to
have convinced himself that discussion is useless. Of compromise there is
as yet no hint. If any such proposal or suggestion has been made by either
It may lie disclosed later. I offer ou impressions which. It not from the
highest authority, appear to have a basis.
"It is too soon to say the resources of diplomacy are exhausted, but It
may be doubted whether they havo beca need very freely. If both parties
to a conference begin by announcing ultimatums the probability of anal
agreement is not great.
"I am quoting what was said to me before to-day. but said with reference
to indemnity or the cession of Sakhalin. What has happcaed to-day is
In similar spirit. The Russians seem to expect that public opinion will
justify their refusal. If that refusal be refusal ef all reimbursement. Amer
ican opinion will not Justify It. AH opinions here are expressed prudently
while the conference still sits, but there Is to doubt that this people heartily
approve of Japan's demands, so far as known.
"This morning's discussion oa article lx. the reimbursement of Japaa 'a
war expenses, was, if not embittered, susldeatly earnest to show that both
sides are Imaovable! Wltte took for bis part what may seem aa almost
humorous view.
-We will pay job.' he saM. at. yew have expewded to do as awed, at,
roar owtlays for Ue aaaiateaaare eg piasMam. aay eaprwse? m isms i
whkh yoa wiM deaae torn. We wM pay H . laterally. wMhaea
tlea. Bat fee what yea have spewt ta do as era. set a kopec.
"And the whole Is summed up ia this sentence:
lt la ealy toe evMeat that aa an eta at la smpowsttlr.
"As to article x. coacernlag the sarreader of the Interned ships, the Rus
sians held it to be contrary to lateraatloaal law aad no agreemeat was
possible. Article xi is for tbe limitation of Russian aavai power ia the far
East, and aa agreement is hardly possible oa this. Wltte declared that
Russia has no present intention of lacreaaiag her feet Ia far Eastera water,
and offered to make that declaration foraully. Beyoad that he dedlaed
to go this afternoon. The Japaaese declined to accept, aad the sabject
stands over.
"All articles will be passed oa by to-morrow afteraooa, aad there is
every prospect that the four will he rejected. Then ceases the protocols to
be drawa aad signed, aad the preparaUea of the documeata for pahllca
tion. All this Is expected to take three or fear days.
"The purpose oa both sides seems to he the eame. Both appareatly wish
that the conference should accoaiplish aa mach aa possible, aad agree ea aa
Baggy poiats aa possible. Both aides say this. Beth scess te suppose that
there meet preoeaUy be aaether ccafereace. aad. while the acta ef this
coafereace cannot be binding aa the next. R t thought aallkery that a latere
cxaureaceshoaJdacfJeeter reverse the detislaas et this, if aUU aHeahlo."
Gas, ia the Nttptiattaa. at
Articles Kelatiag to IadeaiBitv,
Warships aad limitation of
Rassia s Naval Power Are
While Witte Seem to Have Con
ceded All He Means to Give,
Hope of Peace Is Not
Eatirelj Gone.
Portssaoath, N. rL, An. IT. Tbe
crista la the Peace Conference has
haa been reached aad pessimism ia
agala the Bote.
Bat the darkest hoar Is Just before
the dawa, and there la still hope. l"re
dlctiona ef a flaal rupture to-momvr
certaialy will sot be Jastlaed ualess
Baroa Koarara Bgaratlvely picks up
his hat aad announces that it la use
less to proceed farther. Sir. Witte. at
least will not lie precipitate.
At to-morrow's session, after article
xl (the MmitatioB of Russia's sea
power la the far East) aad artk'le xit
(ashing rights on tbe Russian littoral)
are disposed of be will favor aa ad
journment aatil Monday to bear tbe
last word from St. Petersburg.
a lack ar ramiarss.
The pessimism to-night Is based on tha
fact that no s ogress was made to-day.
The exchange of views at the morning
session oa article lx (remuneration for tha
cost of the war) showed at once the plen
ipotentiaries were as far apart as tha
poles, and it was passed over. r
Article k (the surrender or tho-'latcrnetl
Russian warships) was aim passed, in tha
optaioa of aa of tha plenipotentiaries,
when the Associated Press correspondent
saw bum to-night, not because It could not
have been arranged, bat because, with th-
shadow ef tbe two main poiats ia dispute
hanging over the conference, both aides
were cautious and preferred to postpone It
to the end.
Article xl (UmKatloa of sea power) u al
so adjustable after modification. Article
xjl wttl present no difficulty. So that to
night the situation was practically whera
It was when Mr. Wltte last Saturday pre
sented the Russian reply, with its nn
possumus to articles v and is (indemnity
and Sakhalin).
eixr bmpb saw ta
fob, a caarMatSat.
The only chance now is for a com
promiseRussia to yield Sakhalin anl
Japan indemnity. Neither will yield bnt It.
and perhaps at tha anal show of hands
win yield neither.
Mr. Wltte. under the Imperial Instruc
tions given htm before he left St. Peters
burg, can agree neither to pay war trib
ute nor rede a foot of Russian soil. St.
Petersburg, therefore. In the test resort,
remains to be heard from.
Doubtless this Is reason why he favors
a postponement to-morrow over Sunday.
Baroa Koraura will welcome an adjourn
ment of two days In order that he also
may lay the situation, befors his Govern
ment for Its nasi decistoa.
The sudden revival of deep peeafmtsm tax
night was Induced by the report given out
when the plenipotentiaries returned to the
hotel, that no progress had been made
to-day. But to those in the tastd that
was not surprising. There has been al
ways the glint of cold steel la tha ajav
farence chamber.
And the few words Mr. Wltte saM te the
foreign newspaper correspondents wara.
as usual, not encouraging. He looked tired
and tnM notsJag had been accowmaasaA,
To-morrow," he said, "wt win aatah
articles xl and xH."
"What tbear he was asked.
Then we will go to dinner." he replied.
Pjmjmb esssa'S BssasWEVBaVP
wiu. rauevE-iT kcptcbc.
No very great hope was vouchsafe hi
the Japanese camp. "We are not btaSurs.'
said Mr. Sato, and from sn authoritative
source the Associated Press cociespoadeat
received a distinctively had hnpresstoa re
garding the outlook.
It was coupled, however, with sn ex
pression of the hope that If It developed
that the conference was going to pieces
President Roosevelt might again step In.
We have heart that tha President.
having bro-Jght us together, haa washed
his hands of further responsibility. But
ho Is resojrcefuL lis might do some
thing." -What
That I cannot say.-
The Japaaese view was explataed.
-We came asking only what we wasted.
Our terms were moderate. The aorld
thinks so. It looks had. I say so. I be
lieve so. Bat the conference may yet
ho saved from" alUpwreck. Mr. Witte has
been gracious. He has dona what he can.
bet be has a future at beaW to consider.
A very Important con firs nee au.mied
In Mr. Witters rooms shortly before mid
night. It Is the flrst tlsao a fuB meeting
of the Russian rJenipearoarlat and dele
gwtes had area aetat
The ptiSsalatrr ittnn of tha Japa
nese ceasatlaaa ts already Tirtaally ended.
It Is not ImarobaMe that tha :
aad nitotnwrnratlTst of the
was pasawa sssasi assa
ta Baawt. to ass asBBBcror as
fsS" -4 !

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