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Dread of Losing -Star Boarder"
Casses Mm. Vorkovic to T-y
to End Life Is Not lladlv
Fear of 'osing her star boarder caused
Mrs. Kate Yorfcovic f Bast St. Louis to
twice attempt Juldde yesterday, the wom
an first swallowing the bead? of a hand
ful of matches, and then attempting to
thoot herself id the stomach.
Owing to the- fact tint the man In
quetijn. Jc-e-.h Tovieick. grasped her
hand at the irl.icnl moment mid deflected
the weapon, the billet merely inflicted a
fkfh wound and Mr.. Vorkovic is not
though, to bo in a v.ry serious condition.
According to her ktory. told to the po
lice of Eu-t fit. I.ui.. Mr?. Yorkovic
ciirr.e to that city about eight months ago
from IniAUjniii. hre. she savs. .he
hj a husband and a --.cnr-old son. Hh
etartcd a boardniR-h-uc at No. 117
Nathalie awnue and Tovieick. who came
litre from lY-nnsvIvanla with her. was ln-(-t..il:tj
as prize boatdir.
U arpears that Tovl.ick became rest
lesi a f w tiv ago and announci-d his,
intention of chmgi-ig his quarters. Mrs.
Yorkovic protest c-d and. finally, to em-ph.i.-tz-
hr cii.otioiis. w.illoa-ed th-i
lit-.id of a bunch of inatci.es". They mere
ly ""aO-; her -.Ick, how ck r.
Liter sttrdiy alicmoun. in the pres
ace .r T-ivIcirk. sin.- seized a 4l-callber
revolver and trlnl to -lio..t horslf. Tov
'ick grarpid her bv tiie hind and the
bullet vnt wide, men ly cutting a su-pcrlir-ial
wound throuch the flesh.
She aa lurried to St. Mary's Hospital,
wh.re -be told her story. In the mean
time. Tovinrk diaa-ipiared. It is thought
thai ilrs. Yoikovic will recover shortly.
flre Mauley and Rrrlba Price, af
(.rrcwvllle. ! Mm I March
Cirar-dna Party.
ciev Lindley. z. and 1'frtha Price.
jeirs old. both ot Greenville. III., "found"'
a nl-ilitr jestutday in E.-.st St. Louis
throuRh th.- tni-lium of the marriiKe
ll.ne ortl and Jutlc of the Peace
IJrt'-coll, ho m.iriif.1 tin m.
I.lndl and his bride arc the ran and
"JtSntT of v.:i-i.)-(J., firmr of ;recn
ill". III., .n.i ire in a jisrty of eacur
MonistH who nt to St lul testcrday
n.i.iiiins. Thev had lm sv.eetl "arts for
a I'JUS tltii.- and d-riiid .svtr.il dajs ago
to marry rn the trip to t Iui-".
Whtti tb .-xcur5ior.iit! arri-.l in St.
I.oui thev deoijfj tiiut tno.. uouj, not
fteiwratu for the iljv, and IJtidl. v and hi
. ,. "I""1" f,3r"'' tint theJr jrt.inK would
Tail ll.uj- finally m.itiased to sll;i away
from all but two cojj.1-, to whom the
UKK-.tion was made that th.y so to E.at
t. IjiiIv.
TIkv rent somo time lool.lm; for the
tn irii c- jU .nv,. .."ic.. Afltr .ii,,nf.r Lina
ly and JlNi ITU told their fronds that
! nokld sfnd th- iixt liour "flndlnc
a rlativ.. it. ,t St Iwut-. and in this
IV excUS-ii th-mxlles.
Half an hour .itr thev se,-ure the II
cjii ii,l were mirri. d b Justice of the
;..'""! "le ,n,I r.!ritl the new
r tliilr nnrri.ise Iiotne to Greenville and
ni imc-k to .t. IpiiK where thev will
it iii mi ior -(Vin .liv Th.. .,..,. ..e
iiuiiiaKu was not known to thi
n. rrdierv. of the excursion pirty until the
Iu!t.-r r.-.u!.cd tln-entill- last nIBht.
Fdnard Klaaanla .ecepis Tala Altvr-
wallte Wlica Flard for Vagraarr.
IMn.ird Kimmln. 2T. M.lr oil. eh.irge.1
with netlnc as n irofirsloiial lurjtn in.
W.-s fine.1 Jlf., nn, c,,,. VLStirdlV by Po-
, ,X. uy1" Thomas Stan:..:, n a tech
uuLl i'rKCe'?r " e had the
lfttt.1 'eating town, and chose the
The precutl..n of Kimmln is the result
f.t i ruKade a-Mint r.rof. s".,.,i jarj-men
..ti : . .. " aiHirnv isixter.
It is
r!'1"' " ' " l-en Jiunne about
wl?.? Jer.r "Te ""t '-'r"l I'V th. ma
jority of the nttorn.js f i,.t st imI.
rn-i.f.r7hU"i.lv..hc I" :,r,",J,t h"n'- :
I??qe" " "f "-' !xa'"l"r "t -htl-
i-atiii:r kk:k ivi n.
tnr riarl DIsapseaM After Lewv
"t Teaaa la llellevllle.
aid In fimliig lf.-,ry Hurl, living on the
lblT-v ?S5 ," '.,-"J, four m" fro
riiirl s nr old. a bachelor, and
P.1I ri" -rK "?t!'-r',- '"". II- drove ,
ii n k K"",?1 's -.aft r",M,n "n,i Mopped
stti.t l-.-Wnger'a yud. on West Main
Since then .U whereabouts is unknown.
. . " .V! J n,,t t-turn to his home vcs.
T,"dy lit. falhir wint to ltilleville "and
rii.mut sh team and .i,-..n. which were
till at KrlliiKt rs.
lrl IdenilNcs eKro Aaawllaat.
"J j.lse ri-her. a rer. arrested in St
Ijouls .e-l:-es,!,j ivetiinc Lv llelectlves
lliicirty and liurlej was nosUivd Iden
tlttt 1 vstenlav bv C.irrle. the lear-old
daughter of IMwar.I M inning r No X
nrud av.nue i ;!- ma un atta. ke,l
her ut lur home Tuesluj evening Kisch
r lived in the vlclnltv of the Manning
home Mi. set. atrusl uhtn she was at
ta ke.l ,n,i trightenisl Fischer. He ,!e.
lcs that he tried to injure the glri
I".tsI t. taala llarriaare Llrewaea.
S'antase II -erne. i'sj-J H IZxnt st Lnu'a
t.tda cre to Mr.itli i-rk. 7J latft si
1 N. l.ijl- t. .:n-tl i jji.t . IMii.
OI- UaJlj- n. ltth I7ce. ?! bvih.
lr-iillle . r. OralKfi. jz tsisiap.j i.v
C 'ifV"- '. 5V" -, ,-a'- .N"ll"
West. Jlarj ilaiJ'n. ji. trttll ur iiri,,,.
Cast !t. Iaala Iteana.
Wls'Jr-.!, lira-ce) l. ticttinc t sjWk
IsS-'-'th1 " ,V,rr,, h"v ""
"fr?m tf V I'-uISi8 yul ,2"-,h,'r " -
ilr !).! Mri Jo-n Marh ail -. Iil
ej'ilis. ar .inrultrc a rr.r.lh m s!thet
'iti tMlinc i.s:u
Sli Jcrnid .sul.n.ti 1 vi.ittnK n tarritt::.
,.yl" .J .J .w,' and children ar vWting In
iBvi.r!;ct1V''Iuush - r':uraM
vvTcni. ShrrrJ iti:lrd fneni Uat
niir' t
Mis. J!. til i;j"r). ,
gvtt cf Mr. J Murray
Olrtoc, la. , the
two ik m::k nitottf-c.
Oar bnrse. Ilaabawd Willi t'raelty.
the Oilier Ultra lataalratlwa.
Two unit, 'or divorce were tiled in -he
ircult I'outt at l-'.levllle voterdav '-J-Rlnc
that bcr husband struck her and
r-ke hr rtvie. jir J.ej hlne vjuertcr
morr 0 j;,t sj. i(Uj, n;j ,uit ,)t. x 1J
trce trorn Sapnitrtn Quertertnore Th
courl hs united in rnarTijse m Flora.
III. on s-rtcmiwr ?, jsm. The a"ult
i- which the wfe's nisso was fractar-d
W4 corstnlttJ on November 1. l?c On
k.'ifJ",'!.!: Vs Jhr "ifp . ir h"..
Srt.-.fV'Vta "SM ""y Ut Wl
tlje.1 a iUvottv and a'.umrsit uit. SR
,to rre c Lvrla he v-omrrrcno-d the cx-
2.. '"v-01 lloicant. They 'were
awrned on NovcnN" :j. :ji .-.j ii,i -.
Aether until Arril . lV sh- askl the
'VV'"".0 trr tb m-o- of Ivrr fo
f UVS??1- Ja The assump-it ,
Is fcr fTO for Bdjfr all-et (, fc.e etii
tprrowcj on March . t
nsWDtBttTiirow mitt cewriwrcB.
Isldera Teatlfy 'aVta Valae .f the
Ahair iUteR reorders were umc..ne,i Jo
rppear in the Cocnty Ce-rt in HelTevilu
jrstcniay at the trial f th- eTdlZ
Use: cae of the Fren St. Ivi-. i.i a. ..
rban ra-stris- Railway Cosirny against
Mrs. TheresU Sli9aaa arl s. .1
sadetetl Unl oa the Caseyvtu nvt4
sxhera the company desires to build a vta-
Tae rase wa postr-ioed cstn sie.--,.
m. The auMders had ten stiaunoned ta
ttw tbehr opinion of the value of rer
$ata propertv on which there ta a mlae
C Csk molding sard. When the Siek-
cae is trit :r tscrterabcr tha
aie ox tae same
FeMx DaTlarer aad athen
) zw mil at law I
Baal tata tianato ated Car tteatd la BeOe-
S'THrr at a folkms:
. , : Freemca to Hlraat Frenaaa. lot H.
bloek 13 DeacrMe: warraBtr ed. . , .
lfanr Lair aad hatband t at. bftra of Dartd
C. Uadc. Ottrmt. tn Herbert O. Bradborr. lot
t. b'oek 1. eecnritr Park sobdiTUSaa. pentbtaat
S feet lot IS aad aortbat S feet lot 19. Cen
tral Place )fe. 2. aba BOrtbcaat 3ttM feet tot
CoU Oatrat claee: warramr deed. L
Newtoa C Daucbertr to WltMara B innbif
Iota I to tnclodre. black i aad Iota 1. H,
acd aortbwen feet lot 4. Mock X annex to
ujxr second addition: warranty deed. :.
prcpertr am aen above: warrantv dd. lie.
Anna Jane Doncon to Victor Hacen. lot 3
and northeast 1 feet lot 4. block It. Edsemcat;
aarranty deed. CSn.
ateUevtll Seat Xadca.
A marrlase Heenne waa lamed at Itellevlll
yrsterdar to Henry Cbrtce. S. and Cauna
Rrrk. 24. both of Lebanon.
Mr. and Jlr. William nittman ha returned
home, from a month' visit throtnrh Foutaern
Alfred Kern, a aoa of Mr. aad Kn. Oeoaa
Krrn. bad bl rnrht foot maihd yete-da. m
the reaolt of a beavr piece ot Iron fallinc on
Tbe but will of Valentine runnel, wbo died
In FYeefcunr. wa Bled In the Probate O-urt
'?r5.!,T' H leave all bla propertv to hU
wlfr. Mr Stlftma DIlo-I.
Mr Scohle Betneke of Glenn avenue yeirer
dav entenained the aewina circle of the Ger
man U. E. Churrb at her home.
The Cat Ins of North Illinr.U imi Kill Im
coninleted aa far aa Lebaaoa aenae br next
A double weddinc. In which WUUam J.
Jauer ard Ml Hertha Dietrich and Cha-lea
Satitr and Mls Lena Klano were the prinrf
rals. which to. otae- la Edarardnllle on
Tucsdar afternoon. cauad anite a Dprie
amonx their friendii whea the marrlase wa
made knowa yesterday. It waa ceneraUv known
that the couples would tuarrr. but It waa
tt-oocht the weddlnxs would take Mace h-r.
The eeremonler were performed bv JuiRice
iIUkFtter. The Sauera. who are brothera.
are well-known buiners mea.
Taaaar mwasaai Eihaasiei Van
Tralai LemTCw Alt'aau
Jesye J. Oiler and Miss Matilda Weln
rlch. lioth of Alton, were married eater
day miirnlnc in St. ilary'a Church by the
pastor, the Reverend Josenh Meckel. At
noon the couple left for the North, after
trying experiences suffered by the bride.
The weddinc party, consiatituj of the
bride and bridegroom acd the attendant.
Mr. Frank Welnrtch and Miss Annie
Ursch. droe to tne station In a carriage
which had been lavb-hly decorated by
friends awaiting them an4 from the time
of their arrival until the train departed
the couple had an -exciting time, particu
lar attention being given to harassing the
For fully fifteen minutes she was chased
around the depot and was pelted with rice.
She was completely exhausted when the
train finally arrived and the was placed
Woaaasi Settles DMIcaltr Betweea
Her Kelatlaea.
The feud between the Hal.'ter brothers
and their ancles, the Tobias brothers, all
prominent Madison County farmers. Iiv
Inr in the vicinity of Bethatol which re
sulted in a blocdy battle In a clover fb-M
recently, has been ended through the ef
forts of Mrs Richard Balster. mother of
the Roister brothers and sister of the
Tobias brothers.
The warrants Issued will probably I
withdrawn. Mrs. Balster has paid fcT
brothers not only for the clover In the
field, which caused the shooting, but pal I.
also, for the clover seed sown, and the
ground has been turned over peaceably
to its owners, the Bolsters.
Ta Caaap aa llllaala Hirer.
Editor J. J Melnernev nr tho ninn a.-
tlnel-Democrat. and Captain King of the
yacht Illlos departed yesterday with a
parJ.Y.',f 'rtpnds for Kampsvllle and oth
er Illinois Hiver points on a fishing and
hunting trip. Tho party will return early
In the week. Editor Mclnerney will also
take a large number of photographs of
points of Interest on the Illinois.
MaeaUsaaw Mate Attltadle.
Marry Mackraw of Alton, vice presl
d tit of the International Association of
t.nin IJottlo Blowers, says a misappre-hen-ion
has arisen concerning his state
ment yesterday regarding the condition
"'the glassware trade. What lie reallv
said was that a cut In the price of glass
ware is unnecessary and that a cut in
I. wage scale U equally unnecessary.
He wishes t. b set right so that his
position in the wage-reduction agltat'on
.... vr. uirjcrsieofli perxcctiy.
Saya atora Twolc Chlrkeaa.
J-. -,. dt,-n. a leading merchant of
. ,0!J- ?'.,T out warrants yesterday
chnrglng dl Kmne.lv and George Sims,
two young men of the town, with stealing
forty chickens from tha h.-n ."
!S"s.TVaii,r-i Ch:rn ts that tfie young
ai. n took ths chickens, not to sell, but lS
fun .. ,-t . .i". :V"V "" " "' "u "I
-n.tn? e -..Ii " s- ..4TT i.r.
...... ....i , iii.i i n..... .. ... ..
eirapie or miles distant, where they had
n chicken fry. After eating all they could
'.'f "T T. the boy", it . Jllged
,urn": .thc remaining fowls loose. Che.1
w-diaJ'"t t7x,,,r -iny of them, he al-
uriiaVflernTn9 '" tae ring-
'fee aaa Peraawala.
of llrt,l'rfi riflb .,nn!V,yrT of ,fc marriaga
..r 5Pd ?fr ,Joet-h Toole was c-l-Lrat'l
Maln'trS?'"0" tan WrJB !n XMr h
..li I-a,, arrv.te.1 yesterday en a war-
lact rtra cut ty Gil) tltra. .r..pn-to of a
rxtaurant on Iljsa .tnet. who all-i-a ttt
an.nu- took five clear, from the e7 cS.
tV. ." .,kai" r,r ' a Joke.
Tratnmas'er G. M. Frenrh . tt. i.ii 1-.-.-
STT'wS'TnK"'; -2551 "? "
...fc'?".l'S!an,0"JKTr. h" rJ a rcanlt
Janie. Ilmklnvn. ajre.J si
A.t - - - .
s n n'jTie 01
hi niece. Mrs. Samuel h m
lie l.aves no other relaiives
rbn irnaJ . a .
Yacrr I"ark
AT fr-at ssT-- .
a -. - .. .. . --
n t?,t,! -T r7 eharlty will t. plad
Tfl'rj itrti bu,n" men of .necond and
Tl .ttrn ktnrerrh'or la rehearstna; the pro-
tramme that will t alvn by that BairnaI
Th annual picnic of -he ntimnV.. c
he crirrrsatirn cf St.
SUit' ratftolic .eiurc i yterdiy n n.K-k
M-rlrs l'orn. was atl-n d bv ruadred. of per-
J n. Crewkk of Ur t Alton departed ye-
Tr-oms. M. rfot mtti- .i hws .
.... i. -. ." . " ...'t " "ir ""
.tus .i-. ..iii.li w.o irrcaia ia tie
lTTfewr K. T to.sr
w'Jh tha Temwla Or-
cri:ra. armed hcn.e
rwnUr from Pltaa
lT.au:i.1t.a. whre
piaeti a aeverat
returred from a vtstt
ra from a visit
lsrth arrtve.5 hum.
je:j-tay frvrn a t&ire nombr vwt In Ger
many. Mr- HMc-.a OLTonI ant wn. lln-y. rturnd
trrdav- fmai Macara Kali, where tJ st-Bt
evi-ral aa.
Mrs. . K. Klrby Bariew.
The funeral of Mrs. Margaret E. Klrby
tows, plice at Jersevvllle esterday after
noen at 3 o'clock, from the Kirt Iliptlst
C hUTch. Her death .eetirT-st t rnt.
HI.. Tue.!r.y. and the bod was rroucht
l" Jersevi:ie jestcnlay morning. The
lteverr.d I-. Hicks officiated and thc
burial was in Oak Grove Cemetery. The
iMlIN-arers were John K-cd. 1 P gquler.
Rplvrt Xcwton. Wharton Kncl!h. John
Cory ami Captain It. C- GJedhiii.
Oarar roaa stead Kea
The bori cf Osi-ar Lmg of JerseyvrK
who has been held In the Jersey County
Jail under a bond of 3iw on the charge
of cutting Gvorxe KouesAan Monday
venlne at the Jerseyville jiioe Factor-.
wa reduced V.Vdscs-iay evening ty Ja
tice A II. Qulr.n to ST'eX A b-nd In that
sum was furrushed with Atmv Dixoo and
James I.onc as surrtiis. and viiung laecg
was relei-cd. The cooditlon" cf young
Hoc.eman was Improved yesterday.
Jereeyvllle Satew.
Earl I Rrfli. ,th rf. of Mr as J Jtra. Wll
tUm KefivnM Aed jreet-rdiT raerrot at tbe
hew . hi. auad Jtli Erely-n K'TBkK after
, hraiee ::ism. TS4 fcrrai i.I t-k prte
at I e'eks-a t.vcrriw 4fterBics freev the Ry
BeU restdrsce The Bescntsa j . j. o
Un. rawer cf tha Geraiaa Eranc'Bral Cturrh.
win ntCrvat act tts itanal wtrt be ta Oak
Urate CVJCterr
Jaie. Bu issraed -Wepiar from raer.
TweBTere-t Tfrrrwii r atarasaJI. jasrer of
tha First FraabstWoiai CtsX-fc. baa latwrned
X. O
Kitneji ha sea to Modesto.
W". A Thoieaa ot lonra!
ra. iu.
Sir. aad If rx. Chart Uinaaat
weta ta gseats or n-VaO-
Do. ItL.
?T.!l gjsea saareraay ey rh esaate
auea at t- Maxys Caarcft aaar Pleksaa. Sev-
" -- - .-- ., KIe ni nam, was
aft -i lonar fllKht anJ a flcht I.r m rfuJ i.
in th- naroal anli at that f-ijir-
v. rrcaserpent I
mim Mine Jor-tirr hi.
. .... . v. .
v i. .. .ti n.lir.. l.f, J.
Mr? Thcras i;l!oxt i. he
In K.tner.vtile. ill I
St. and Mr. Kruno Ma'
K faaag "" '""'' Hj T .
" TTi attaf-i?lEL1ni ?" taanral
A apedal mialai wM be raj ft ijnmf
villa To the OM Saleai CbaaUaSpa to-day. the
aeab W.
BYtfe.a Ml hi l
wcac ta tarawvusa. ta, jiksi
fkosBaa W. BatKr waa tha aarst a( Meada
ta a. Loots. i
Oeonje DekoR at CarroHtoa. DL. waa a la-
AMi i aad Xia. WHHaai K Faher
eroaedi a askiag party ta tl
MraTjoaa X. Steae aad
wera eMtora la St. Loola.
Lacy Locke
Tha aMnibHa
TCrart BalldlaB. Mth aad P Street.
Washington. Aug. 17.-K Is ikaowa here
to-night that the President contemplates
appointing E. H. Conger. Ambassador to
Mexico, special commissioner i to China to
adjust the ccB-merclal differences be
tween the United States and China. His
experience In China, and his close rela
tions with the powers now administering
the Celestial Kmnlre. have : commended.
him to the PieskJcnt to undertake anoth
er mission In the Orient
Ambassador Coneer was hastUr bmib-
moned from hL post In Mexico and spent
yesterday In conference with Assistant
becrctary of state Adee. To-uay ne was
at Oyster Bay. It Is well understood that
jur. eronger- poMiion in .Mexico is not a
permanent one. but his friends have pro-
tt Med against his absolute dismissal from
the diplomatic service. The commercial
troubles that ensue from the Chlneso
boyeott on American goods present an
emergency In which Mr. Conger can be
u?rul. The service also will afford the
means for the administration to drop Mr.
Conger gracefully.
Mr. Bristow. the former Fourth Assist
ant Postinastee General, who turned up
the postal frauds, concluded his Govern
ment service ns a special commissioner to
Panama and It is very probable that Mr.
Conger will go tack to private life, hon
ored in a similar manner.
Priocipal Eloped
Girl of 13.
Clinton. Mo.. Aug. 17. Professor Jesse
A. Oakes. principal of the public schools
at Lnch. Ilcnrv Countv. Is la tall at l-o
a...P.klA t .....I 1.. ! WTm... . .a
... s. .m.. .A..U s.i niuiit; i i4-;mr
old scl'.oolgtrl. Is dct.-iini-d by the pollee
there awaiting an officer who will sttrt
from here with requisition papers at once.
Oakes is a married man. 33 years old. and
liad Just beet, re-elected principal for the
coming term.
On July 19 he accompanied his wife to
Clinton. 8hj went on to St. Clair County
and next day the Knaus girl met him
here. She made a pretext of visiting In
a n-ighboring town. .
Oakes an I Mls Knaus; departed on a
Missouri. Kansas and Texas train that
nlfiht and two days later Mrs. Knaus re
ceived a letter from her daughter telling
how Oakes had won her affection, or
their frequent meetings and of his prom
ises of support and protection. She added
they were going to Mexico.
Citlxens of Crich Immediately sub
scribed $20 reward for Oakes's arrest and
photographs of the pair were sent broad
east, leading to tbe capture tn Los An
Advanccn $1.50 a Hale in Xew
New York. Aug. 17. The newly formed
bull pool in cotton, of which 'William T.
Brown Is sa'd to be the leader. Inaug
urated Its campaign to-day. and prices ad
vanced 24 to 34 points, or SIM a bale.
M. II. Thomas, said to be a member of
the party, was perronally an active buy
er. The October option sold at W.ST cents,
against 10.2" cents last year, and January
at 10 75 cents, compared with W.4i cents
yesterday. i
It was salJ that the bull crowd la work
ing on tbe theory that the continued dry
and hot weather In Texas would damage
tne plant, aim on expectations that plant
ers would not market their holdings until
ratlsfactory prices could be obtained.
Chairman Board of Pension Ap
peals in Serioos Condition.
Washington. Aug. 17. Itarriscn I
Bruce, chairman of the Board of Pension
Appeals, who was appointed from the Sev
enteenth Illinois Congresional District.
was strick-n to-day at his desk in the
Interior Department.
He Is in a serious condition, the doctors
so far not having been able to diagnose
his case exactly. Mr. Bruce was acting
Asitint Secretary of the Interior In the
alaence of Assistant Secretary Miller.
(verasseat Weather epart.
TsTartment of Arrleuttnre. Weather Bnrean
Meteorological oberratls received at St.
Iv.nK Aucut 17. IS, at .- t. m local time
and S p m. acventv-ntth meridian time Obser
vations made at th same rocnvr.t of time at
all itaticns.
AMln. Tex
Arearillo. Tex
StUnta. Ga
I:t:l:r...rr. Md
I.IT.arck. N. D....
ISiffilo. Jf T
iilro. 11!
Calearr. Alberta ....
"hArlott. N. C...
tn-vttanoeri. Term
Cr-.-v .n-. Wy
rTiUaso. Ill
Jflaelr.natl. O
"lvlaii.!. o
O.luial.. fl
for.mniii. Kas.
raen..rt la
Iv-m.r 'oli
!- totn-s l.i
tr-vlls l.vk X. t
Io.!f.- ntj-. Kas....
Huluiur. la
luiiuth. Minn
Ihintnco. O'l
tKI I'i-o. Tex
Kott Smith. Ark....
DlrTP Six Rain. Weather.
.V.V s
.... st
... ,S
... .s
... Pt-elondy
... in.ctoudv
,.. Clear
.. n.-
... PLclcady
,.. iTlouly
Clou ly
,.. iir
... iar
... Clear
.. rinr
.. Clar
,.. It eloudv
... elar
... near
,.. 1-u-lr
.11 iouly
Si s;
: near
i". .... Pt.elouJv
1 02 iloudr
... enar
... Cloudy
... near
... nr
... Clar
... near
... It-clon-dr
M Pteloudr
... nar
... tnar
... ar
... tnrar
.'4 It cliudy
... Ofr
... ClnWr
ti.au ton. Tex S
Grand Junction. V5o..SW
Graaj TtatiMs. J!ch....n
Hsvre. Mor.t NV
llelesji Mint W
Huron, j- I JCtv
lnlianvr-'.ls. Ind NK
TI 74
St M
TS 7
Jacs.nvllle. Fla StV
Kansas, oty. Mo
uinsVr. vv v......
tuttl. ttx-k Ark....
1ju!v111-. Kv..i
Ma.:iin Vi
Mamo.tte Mich
Memrni. Tnn
Mrdena. I'tvh
Mortc-vT.er Ala ,
Xahll!. Ter.n I
Xw oi. X Y
Xew fr-l-anv lot
Xorth Platte. Xb
Oklahoma. Ok..
Omvka. Xet.
. K
... CSojiIt
... P- etoudr
... Ctear
21 i-e-u.lv
.SK s it
k sj . !; riouir
.. CVsr
. CJr
.... Cloudy
.... near
.... Clear
... near
.... near
,... rt.ci.radr
.... "ltU'iv
... Pt-doudv
M Itsln
,... Clear
... c.rar
, .. tner
,... nr
,... near
... n-ar
... nar
.1 rioudv
... licloady
.... near
i than 41 Ae
iwi-tlr.-. Tik.
PatV.r-burc. VV Va.
PWU 1-Iihu Pa.
rtttnburr l"a....,
I1:j.s t'olo
lB " 77
. Xr
t .
RaMl Cltr. .! I) .
Rosw.lL X M ..
r-t. Iu. Mn..
t Iaut. Mtnn...
2 4 .
Tl 7
7! TV .
X ? .
IC M .
74 ; ,
K l .
Tl 7 .
TV kt
44 T
X 47
5alt laike Oly. Utah .. W
isan Antoniv Tea -iz
Santa le. X St XW
Shret.txt. ls
NnrrflM. Ill n
lTlnfMJ. Mo !K
Valn-.lr. Xet. ...X
nckbux. Ml K
Wa.hineton. t C-...XE
Wichita. Ka SB
Telkmeton I'arh XW
tThutvierstorm. rrare.
e I-
LoeaJ Forecarter.
LsJcn. nm IT A 'e or h"p i
held la Mincirg Lane t-dr. The offTlna.
arr-uri-l utUfsn 7er w, an tcnur
atteclance Cornrtitlert waa nrnahat alow
Arsncana NvisM rcetco and tin. ei m-i.,.fr
frlr at rle uehc te a.'gMIy above
t!s Jcr- average Medium crco-ed were In
pcee- r-ne. FWlowirat are the aal an!
rttce. rthtansi ffr dothlnr ad rorablrr- Xesr
fea-h Wal-s. :T bale, at rt. -lctor1.
lit tale, at 4ueHd e;s Aarrall.. rs hale
at -'ils.d- tvt Aunralla. :: bi.-s st J
J'ojd. Ta ia!a. C rw'es at fj5J. Xw.Z-
iaoi. .. race, at iiuie4. i.. Arr.
ta a: 4--07d: Pur.ta Arena.. Kale
atla aaS stasia.
W. U.15.
Ftaaaa Sjaatattaaa.
REPutruc frrciAU
Cbleaaa. Ei. Asa. T7-F2aaee4 waa owlrt
and aersaxced. X I StmiUmtuera rloaad aoo-
iaa.ir at .. aaa xcruwesterB at K.14. Jtca
Beapslta rerrrrta were 4 ears; Dwlath tad 1
car aad Catcaae cars.
rf mm m atlai tb aaaaaiaace aC qamaai ja-
rcadt asilf Caaiaa r Cltw
aTera Ojpatfltr talVtettow
Aiaaiaaaiar fit-wefWlr.
SaTacsah. Ga Aag 17. Tulle bub enthlBr
iib. tV- Rc!b errs: A. ft. C SJ SMR.a
d i ii i- e k 4i.: r p.n-. n (4 eso
:-. h m i44 :rv: i u: K m m 4.s. m
M SSI &. X t4.iIJ4. W. G. M.Bi ' W
MerdwatB From Lose Star 8tate
Say Bell Weevil Did ot Catwe
Amj Daauge This Year Con
ia Fair Skapo.
According to tha reports of Texas aser
chaats the cottoa crop of that State Is
larger than It has keen for tea years. Tae
boU weevli. which has been so eajmagmg
for the last few years, is not found u
the cottoa aelds this year. The cotton
growers are unable ta state the cans of
Its disappearance
"The only thing the Western and South
era merchants talk about this year is pros
perity." said V. O. Saunders, superintend
ent of the Interstate Merchants Associa-
jwn. yezteraay. -every saercnant who an
been here this season reports that his sec.
tlon of the country is overflowing with
"The boll weevil has done but little dasa
8o the cotton of Central Texas." said
C. Ls Robinson of Reagan. Tex., yester
day. "The acreage waa reduced S per cea.t
on account of the wet weather during
May. The same amount of cottoa was
planted, but. owing to the rain, the grow
ers were unable to work. The cottoa that
a worked hi better than ever before,
and will yield from one-ball to three
fourths of a bale per acre. The price at
present is M cents per pound.
"We have also a good corn crop tn our
action, not quite as good as but year.
I S' wMLBave,ff,"11 ror, nome CJn-
I ;i:r:e-" -- -.. v"t " i
I wl i Tn ? ii!" barvested four
r WM. ..s UMW.MS. vu HT.U.C UV
season is over. Our section of tbe country
Is in a prosperous condition.
Ue will have a One trade this season
If the cottoa keeps up. If the price goes
down the growers will hold back until
Pnng. or until tbe market advances."
. TTie cotton crop of Southwestern Texas
Is the best we have had la ten years."
said J. Lyons of Yoakum.. Tex, Thta
year we were not troubled with the boll
weevIL The growers an- unable to account
for this, unl jus the Intense beat of June
and July killed tbe weevil. Some of my
customers have told me that their cot
ton has suffered a little from rust, out
this to only slight.
The cotton in our section Is moving
now. I have been advised that our arm
has received LW bales of cotton during
the last seven days. We expect to recelva
3.090 bales during the month of August.
"The growers can't get enough cotton
pickers. They are going to the towns and
taking wagonloads of people out to the
cotton fields. The housewives are com
plaining because they cannot get servants,
as all the help has gone to the cotton
"The cotton In Southwestern Texas aver
ages a, bole per acre, .something that has
never been heard of before, and It is bring
ing 10!. cents per pound."
The following mercliants have regis
tered at the interstato Merchants Asso
Texas-is. K. Loner. BrewnwooJ: TV. IL Da
ylscn. Havre: T. P. Tuik. Illonming Urcve; R.
L. Avr. Lnrkney; R. U Avant. Dil: J. X.
Ku.h. Kreckrnvll.e; J. H. Wrteht. MansneM;
n. C Gorman. Gorman: C I Robertson. Rea
gan: V. J. Niece. Hubbard e.1t)r: A. P 'iVrr-II.
Navaanta: Roy Simmons. Worthan: W. G. Mc
IVcald. Jnraih: It. S. fipkln. Canyon ftty:
ullilam Hi.rmann. Ma.-fl: T. W. Hunger. La
trance: j.nn purlin, iiamiitcn: A. u. tmnn.
Cnhman: Mrs. A. 1. Dunn. Coleman: J. M.
Olm-n. Matank: Mr. T. p. Turk. Blooming
urine; aim. vera vreiiain. HKminr tirora;
S. W. Brollea. Blum: Mia Alice Hlrklla. IIIco;
11 M. Jube. Ta'pa: Mrs. U laiwi nateln. De
lano. Arkansas-Harry Phillips. Port Smith; B.
Glishner. Arcenta.
Kani-J. II Cnhn. Iawrenee: M. B. Wat
Bon. Marti. M: Mrs I If. F!rll.lir flinxi!
Joe Ican. HoMnston: M. U. John. Ottawa:
jtiM at. u. Caldwell. Auburn.
Mlasnurl-U Urix. lUlIlnea: Miss Anna
Duff. Chllllmthe: JII- Mav Oliver. Sprinaneld:
W. T. Maui'la. Columbia: Mrs. W. T. Maupln.
Columlda: Mrs. U D. Wright. Columbia.
Cavalrynaaa at. JesTeraasa arraeka
aaa Tirra or uviiiaa ur aaa
Kejalaa OM Traap.
Unnble to resist the fascination of mili
tary life. Albert Peters, a cavalryman
at Jefferson Barracks, yesterday re-enlisted
after having purchased his discharge
from tbe service Wednesday.
Peters was a member of Tioop K. Ninth
Cavalry, and grew tired of the discipline.
lie had still several months of his enlist
ment" to serve, and decided to buy his
With money he had saved from hLs pay
Peti rs masi.ie.ed to defray the costs of his
discharge. He remained about the bar
racks all day Wednesday a free man. but
was not content with tbe taste of ci
vilian life.
The notes of the trumpet calling his
former messmates to drill, the sucht of
the prancing cbaners and the Jollity of
a soldier's life contrasted strongly with
hut new station, and he determined to
become a trooper once more.
Drellaea at fa Opealag. bat Sl
a saaa tnrereame aaa aiaia at ;
ta aa Palata
New Tork. Aug. 17. The cotton market
was more active and. after an Initial de
cline, advanced sharply, with last prices
S&36 points net higher. Hales were esti
mated at about 4W.W bales.
The opening was weak at a decline of
ST'lt points in response to easier cables
and continued pressure from local bears.
Bt fhere was a big denitnd. with the
decline form leading Southern interests,
r miller shorts and commission house.
bcIK and the market soon showed a net
gain of IZltn points. During the m'dd!-.
resslon prices, became rather narrow, but
later became firm.
Bullish private crop reports. There was
active realising toward the close, and
some of the local bear operator sold on
blocks of idtsj bales, but the market ab
orled offerings very well and lost only
about 4 or 5 Doints from the best.
Th final tor.e was steady.
Liverpool rallied soon after the local
epering. acd private cables were of a
more bullish average, predicting a renewal
of trade demand.
The weather m-ip showed further rains
at practically all points except Texas,
which continues" dry and hot. and a pri
vate crop report Issued after the close
reprerente.1 nii average condition of 71.4.
agalr.st 76.C last month.
New Orlinr.s. La.. Aug. 17. In It sum
mary of the cotton situation the Times
Democrat will say to-morrow:
"When thc fc.lent got wise to the fact
that the bears were lolng weight with
every point decline and could net hit
heavily enough eon the lid )etcrday. the
bulls began to take notice of thin:? In
genera!.. and several potentiul factors in
particular, and tne result was a radical
change In ring sentiment, and a sharp
net adv-ince on the daj's trad In it. Uver-
feiol .inelled a mode and bo-ight cotton
irstecd of selling It.
"The American mills reported renewed
activity among buyers. The Lancashire
strike situation was dismissed as being
rnworthv of further scrims n.n-!den-tlon.
The Pcac- Conference made favor
able progress. The absence of buving or
ders riecompanjlng most of the pcssiml
:'; crop report from the Interior was ex
lalnc.l awav tc the satisfaction of chron
ic h!ch-pr!c mea. Flnnlly. the rcent
attitude of New Tork'. chief opinlon
mrdder. who las talked of deadlocks am.
market equipoise for several days, was
!nterpretr! to mean that h- had turned
bull again and was quietly taking on new
'long' lines it the decline, on top of all
tl.Is Southern orerafors now In New
Trrk let the world belleva they were buy
lar for a turn anl the trick was done
"Cor.ervatlve opinion cannot yet find a
flear road for renewed bullish success ot
rhe big scnle. but there Is no logical rea
son why the daily doc-eat-dog programme
should not b turart to account by the
bulls for a time Just as the bears turned
It to account during the past week ot
"Meanwhile, in the broader aspect of
."he market thc contending factions are
b:r.c brought closer to th day of tig
endeavor and are cleartr.g for action.
'The fact that the farmer, while re
porting crop damage continuously, la
keerlng cut of the speculative market,
may be genuinely significant. This was
th- coarse he pursued during last spring.
when, through judicious marketing of a
monter crop, he gradually rorced the
price up several cents a oound.
"Yesterday's professional opinion was
concerned over. the possible ultimate ef
fect of the ahcorraal atmospheric condi
tions which have beset the crop from
Its Inception, to a greater extent than for
some time. The climatic effect of the
eclipses of the sun and sooon was dis
cussed and questioned as to Rs pos
sible bearing on tbe date of frost. It waa
pointed oat that tbe peculiar climatic and
crop cottattlens combination which last
year raised Ok Bcoaartloa of list ta area
(M0Nyeif m MIN
-ai".awSBBaBP aasrWBBWsaaSPSkaaV-aaw. aaaaaaawwaaaLav
the Nasssspatffj afcsfsftsf the
GettiiMi Ready for School Days"-tTr'a, f:
to Outfit Boys asd Girls. Illustrated in color in the Woman's Section.
"The Prima Donna's Dianiooifs" '1::
other Trie Detectire Story of Fascinatina; Interest
"rii-nV MstMay D-fM-r,,B' Frauik G- Carpenter. a Notable
VUUa l? HCW rUIX Trarel Article Abont American Enter
prises on That Island.
"A Summer Trip to Atlin,,-ic.ffia 1S23S5
Out-of-the-War Corner of the North.
"Eight Million Hebrews Long for Zron" 7.!
pects of the Movement to Tranplant the Jews to the Land of Abraham.
"Regaining a Wngdom,tSlortstoryby
"A Coirespofrdence and a Ctimax"-Fo' V.7
to the Land of Heart's Desire.
"A Royal Maraoder-VhVa"e"ee'bT
HVy i Mli IWsP4wlsaBQssCsmaTy
smsMMa-s9C sUMHsSsH nfm9KW9 WR m
Smi mi the Kttwmmmr Boys W AJm
cotton to the highest on record can hardly
t ..1st during the growth period of the cur
rent crop. The fact that this latter fac
tor was responsible for a goodly portion
of the excess yield last year should not be
"In tno last anaylsla. however, conserva
tive opinion within a S-polat range up
and down is neutral rather than partial
to either side. Professionals are In con
trol of the market, and yesterday's buyers
uvty lie to-day's sellers for a quick turn.
"The bull pool may pan out or it may
not. The day's news may be Interpreted
either way. or both, but Liverpool will
hardly run counter to America's strength
unless tbe South' offerings overnight
should discourage price optimism."
St. losala Cattsai Market.
Ppot market tna: uarasaais. tales. X7
bain. Uvuta:
Orllnarv ........................................ wc
Goud ordittsrv ................................ Jo
i'w miMUDg .................................. se
al.ddlliaT .......................................ivTiir
Gissl nvlddllag ........... ..................luwe
allddllng fair Ilc
Tin. .- aSf white.
New York-Soot market owlet: wntats high
er. Middling 4.a)c. Futures ooenea 11 to IC
points lower, aad closed 34 to 3 points Maker.
Open. High. Law. Close.
Ausust M ie.34 S.ft W 33
SeDtiabtr W.4S M.S MM W.34
October P. 14.37 , 34.33 . 34.S3
Xjvenvber teat ra.Ct 134 10.2
ls-oemtwr 10 37 14 MS W.43
Januanr .4 H.JS m.4; laej
February 14.4t 1.7S 10.41 34.73
Uverpool-tailes. 3.44 bale, of which &SS
were American. Upland S.4M. S-MM lower.
Futur closed: Aug. SSM: Aug. aad DwL
a.l: Sect, and Dec. a.ttd: Oct. aad Nov. 3.44.1:
Nov. and Dec. 3.43d: Dec. aad Jaa. .4td: Jaa.
an-1 Feb. .7d.
(Mvestoa tfpot market ataady. Mlddaag
New Olesna-arxw aaarket gatet. Mtddllag
1V.C. galea. 34 bale.
Memphls-Soot market easr. tndvniag Itsae.
Receipts at principal port:
Galvwtoa. 3.134 bales, agannt Ual balsa
iit year.
Xew orleaaa MM bales, aaalast m bales
lat year.
Mobil, m bales, aaalast 1 bal last rear. .
Mvaaaah. (4 bales, agalan 143 balaa last
ewarlest9a. kales, aaatsst salea Ust
Norfolk. 3 bale, against 111 balaa hat
Hoostoa, 3.B balaa. sjalast L7SJ bales last
Memphis. S bales, against IS bales tost
Xet receipts at all United States ports for
alv day were 42LSS bale, aaalast S3.413 bales
Ian week, and .3 bales la rM4. Exports.
!.: bal". agalnf 3.114 halea ta 14. Stocks.
ICK bal-a. axalnst TIKI In ISH.
Total receipt from 8eot,.-l to date. s.t4C.-
3)1 lades, aaatnat 7.HZ.C tales tn
STondtne period th vear prior.
St. Louis warehouse atatemeat:
Stocks ea hand Sept. 1 aJSt L7C
X-t receipt tn-dav W
Xet receipt sin" rVpt. 1 41.43 77.441
Xet snlisnenl to-day
X-t hlpments alnr apt. 1...... H.747 34.444
&t-k an hand tiday 13.424 7.r
GrnMi receipt to-dav. 1 III
Uroea receipts ioce Swst. 1 tSLtW UL4n
Growi shlpmenw to-dav 1 lit
Gro- shipments staor Kept. l....SBXICt CM.4
Catta i
New Tork. Aug. 17 Spot cotton elo4 gvtet.
1) print, higher: middling uplands t).)c: d.
Pilf 10.Ce: salea 215 bales. Fa'nres rlesl
ftead- Aug. lO.afc: Mpt. l).3Cc: O-t. U.Br:
X.iv. li. Ic. 14 41c: Jan. 4V: Fib.
la.Tlc: Match W.7e: April Itf.Sac: May t 3c.
Urerpool. Aug. IT. Spot cttnn qul't; price
rltts lower: American middling fair 4.434:
ayod mldd.ln S.TTd: mbldltng t.SId; low mid
dling 5.4V1: good ordinary t.ZM: ordinary 3.114
The rales of the day weie 3. bale, of which
;) wr- for pecu alien and export, and te
iI.idM Z.M1 American: receipt 1.344 bxlea. all
Anvrican. Futurea opened easier aad closed
nrm: An-erlcan mMdllng. g o. e.: Aug.. Aug
st. ;:l: Sent.-tict. itld; vt.-Xov. Stil:
Nov.-Dec. .5 4VI: Dee. -Jar. J ed: Jan.-Feh
4 CTd: Feb.-Xvrch S.Od: March-April. April
Mjt .1: May-June. June-July l.Tl.
New Orleans. Aug 17 Cotton futures very
at-l: Aug 10 c bid. Sept. iH:v.: frv.
l' 4Mpr i-. Xov. trilgm.itc: D?. l0 5iar4.ECc;
Jan T.Cla WJc: Feb 14.CK14C:: March lwlt
UMMo. Spot steatiy: sale 3S hale: ordi
nary 7 11-ltc. gnwl ordinary tr; low middling
M.e- middling lSe; go-d mld-llng l ll-Me:
middling fair lie. ReceisU 2.444 balra. Stock
7H bales.
Satlv "apply Maaraf
Artlve llaaa Nell Slaw.
NATIVE CATTLB-Beef Sieers-The market
waa nm active for th amall rapply la the
ten, ard sales wera easier read. It waa
rot as dlfncult a matter to get Uiyers Inter
ested a vesttrday. aad aalea were !? abos
yet.rd.vva t.l.r.
The f.rrerlng. censWd prlnirally ef Kanaa
an I Wrtrn ste-rs that were carried over frnca
-st.r'la. when reliera founl 11 very hard to
-'t anythlna like attfartnry bid Th class
ea. rretty rtrA n eomd tleatems brtnr
Inr M.S. snd soma fair to good atJB.sV.lS.
anl all of prrtty good weight. Thar wera
a!r evral ether bunch, of fat Kansas aa
tlve. that so'et at 34 lap XL.
FrR arrival ware few. about a load of
iridium wehrht ter ..lng at 34 IS. being
iractl-ally all that were ofTerM otatalda of a
frw sratterlng h1 which sold to batchers.
The number ef sale wa mmtvle to mt tt
r.u!tan:ent. and fmm the arent coadltlea
ef the trad it waa fortunate that the supply
a not Mcrlve. j!wi hy th eloatng hour,
practt'-ally everything wa c!nM up.
Xa. Av Pr Xoi Av. Pr No. A. Fr.
S 1II4...I4 I... B ..XI M 4... 41... rt r.
1... ... 3 U 3... ... 1.1J 2... 744... J m
1 ..I'M... 2.77 1...H-... 3 44 1... 3(4... 1 44
IS ..ira... 1 15 34...1SS... 4-tt S...IOI... 4.13
:v i: . 2 t...!rJ7... 3 ts
34. ire;. . 4.5 34...rH3... 4 34
Botrher eattla Thar ware pleaty la -ha
r of thl c!as to meet the reaaliiawt
cf the trade. Whn the trade wa small, th
pre wee. pretty wt fill with hoWkners
. altecrthrr trade wa of a ry Ufelea tarn.
K.1 tellers effertcga wr vary bard to dis
!- sf.
Ilayer order atarMly war Rarnwd. asd
th-y ameed to car for no Mrttewlar Wed.
ruklrg p-wrtlcallv but little dni-m hatw-.e
th- eomavoe aad pretty good si all. Very
lnw ttd wer rerelTCd all araaal- atm the
were net materially dUfeient rasa -ra4sra-r's
cioar. -hit in iwi easriewKy
mrt baser for th Muff, i
siiawl t have no artractlea r
Ar. Pr.
Ke. Av.
3.S4 14..
XM ...
334... a.3
3... 7l... S.SS ... E... X.X ... 4S... 3ja
U... 4S2... J.S 7... Ml... . 1... a)... a.
I... (... S.M 3... 738... 3.S a... ... 3.4B
1... 44... 3.3 S... 7... 3.e
Cfcws aad heifers:
K... 7... tC
I...XM... 3.JS 4...HI7... 3.N 3...I34S... .
I...1SW 3. 1...1SM... j u 1...I1W... 3.M
7... SM... &M 4... SB... t.li 1...13M... 3.4.
1...H4S... 3.43 1...13M... 3.M a... SB... 3.4ft
I. ..1114... 3.W S...IM4... 3.W 4... 77... 3.10
17... K4... 3.4 7... 74... l.k 1... 7S... l.tS
1... an... M t. 570... M 3... 743... 1.3S
1... H... .TS .. 43t... J.I3 1...1134... 3.44
l.aaWsW... aLM !. ie. a.a . S.Ba
laaalsMrft.ea S.9S C. 9s... X.T&V Saaa 9t3.a. .
1...XS4... 3.4 K... ... S.4S 34... 144... 3.SS
... MS... 3.4S 13... tl... 3.13 3...MS4... 7.13
Saae awVa a.. !, swS. aaBy law SJBB1VSs XaVV
! Pa... li Wap.a I.pV dVa nB,M I.A9
1... 344... 1.34 1... Stt... 1J
1...3IS9... 3.31 1...144S... 3.31 S..t3s... 3.75
1...13S... 3.4S 3.. .1944... 7.5 3... T3... 3.3
1...1470... 3.1 1...13M... 3.75 1...IX1... 3.7S
3...H34... 3A5 1...1144... 1M L.. 4H... M
9... TH... 3M3
3... MS... S.35 1... Md... 4.4 f... lis... 3.11
I... M0... 4.75 3... 134... 4J 7... 3W... 4.4
at... CI... . ... aa... .w J... go... 3.4
z... I.... i.m s... laj... ca i..
4... 147... .Ti L.. 134... 5.54 J..
aVMr..k 4.94) 9aa dwBa. 3m at
aasVawa avassV
. awtaaiw) awJwJV
laaaaaaaaa awl.an) ! Z.vJ9 ft
1. -. a. aM.sWR 3. aa 44 Xa
1...13W... 3.73 2.. ...7... 31. 1..
1...IS4... 3.75
, 14.4
of quaraaUa cattle, th market had a better
ton the any day thla week. Thl was the
eaa: oa an classes of stock, aad wall there
was not an actual advaac oa either steer or
he stuff, aele were sumiger.
Receipts were U ears and 3.13 bead, aacaa
verv eoad te.t war- IncluriAj. aten mmhI
car of goo.1 cows, but nauat of lb arrtvala
wnw us prniy guoa aiasi. td eaUT
wa also freer.
Receipt for four days fat week were 33.lt.
agaJast 1S.444 last week, and 13.34 two wars
ago. The market has been la decidedly mesa
cvndltloa throughoat tbe entire time, aad awlta
a few cattle hav oetn carried over from day
to day. The condition of all market baa not
been rr satisfactory under th liberal roa of
Texaa and Western Mug. aad this has sertowsly
bun trading on the run here this week. Tbe
Ma-point tola! for four days wa 17LMS bead.
which ia anooi i.ea larger xaaa last wsea.
S4.e heavier thaa two weeks ago. aad 33.44
ex.'es ef three weeks am.
The cbnlre heavy we.l-fatted ateera dellad
but 2Sc during tbe wreSc but alt sale of the
common to good lots which leaded wader 333
are 344j4te lower.
The cow trade broke bat taaylSs this week,
though while there ha been a fairly liberal
number here, the demand baa been fairly good.
and oaTetlBtra hav moved aulte readily. Bull
show but little chang tn any respect.
Tbe ran f calvea has been soaae aaaanar
thi week, and thl has matertalhr tragth
enad th market, and during the last few days
tha strength baa accumulated la a tw75e ad
vance, and salea are now around 33 lower thaa
tbe klah time, roar dan arrival ar 3.442
bead, against XX last week.
Tha ftkllowlna1 tMwtA hwaaa tw .
dUloas of the taarkat oa the. vaitoue ctassaa
of qaaranune cattle
ea sale during
the week:
eewaeeeaae .
X.aspFJ 4X
.aeeeaa aJ "ffitWl
J !). JS
iirttttt aT.aSjTPJesta
99m9mm aat.adTal
BBafr- aa
a .w-r--a
miiMiiit 1 jr.y
aaaaa X amBBJ, (3
aaaeaee M3m m a4
flood to choir ttata
Iwlr to asl steer
iBferlor lleht gashed ti
flood to cb.de betfera...
Fair to good heifer
o-mmon to fair hHfer..
flvl to eholc cows
Fair to sood cows.
Fair canarr
Oansaon ranners
Ooog to chole bulla
Fair to gnod bails
(tnmmoa bulla
ood t elmlra hry eahre. per bead 3 sivgla
Fair f.. good calve., per head .3.S
Chole veal calves .75S.
Kn. Ar.
... 724.
34... as.
l... ..
.ft 44
. 3.15
Av. Pr. Ke. Av. Pr.
WJ3...34.4S HJ... tat.. .33.43
174... 3 SS ... tea... ill
. 443... 1.1 ... 3(4... 3.S
szs... z.m n... ax... z.
... 3 44
... 3.4
414... 2 CJ
4S... 2.43
13... K37... 2.m ... J9I... 2.M
IS... TT... 3.75 7... 454... J.4S
34... 727... 3.45 3... 73... 3.4.
1... 49... 3.49
4... 42... 2.T5
34... S43... 3 35
35... wsj... 3 43
4... JIT... :
11... 114... 3(4
42... TSS... 2 Ii
2t... 775 3.5
ll"! z'.'.'. 3.13
21... IK .. 2.11
:... trc... 3.n
i... cm... i.ee
2... tS... 3.2S
1...1I44... 3.35
74... -LS
7... 411
. 1..
Sat... S.K
C5... 7.S
CM... 2
71 S5
M'.'.'. 5'.5
W... 2.15
... 2.1
tej... ;
. 4gf...
, 45...
11... 72.. .
it... r...,
27... 717...
41... TIT...
IS... 474...
42 ,
1... tn... 1.4
3t... 4(1... ITS
i... s:... l.a
Bter and em
11... 47S... 2.15
Str and hulls:
3... 370... 3 44
fPr Head.!
fi 4.75 C... 750... 4 3
C2-. ....... 4.M 54.. . 143... (.4
21... 231... 4 4 1... 133... 4 54
. sf ( . i -ia
a... r... i s
SV... a... "JU
i... m... ; j
. tf.VV V.aaeaaaaae 1 Wss
HOR3V-A tsoderate rua of bog waa ea sale
In fact, th receipts, which wr around .
bead, were not mora than hair aura-lest to
mtt the requlrerreat of the trad. About 3
more hags war on al Thurrd c.f t track
thn t'day. and th rc-tct ya-eerday wr
twice as large and tha quality waa also much
totter, there briag a g-nd many Sta. gtaary
bogs oa sale fron- Southern Mnanurt.
A tetter demand srerxll-d aad tie market
open-d wrlth a Rttl mot Ufa ta It than en
Thursday, ln-leas ware tmt i-wouhly hlgner.
but run tna real goad hog ot all '
mop readily aad bayera inam
luuia wmt
to B
for ata-cllea. (Vwid b-rt-tt-e bogs.
packer. wr a troahie sell, the
ruins at aeilerta'. cts ,
at S4.SS.. which at 7-e 4lgtir taaa aay haavy
BesT W4 OB rt-mwai.
It waa an troubl to gt etaady te atroag
Kcee for the bet Bah from ahlp-nr. aad
T reat-y waated twic ta Bumb-r oa sal.
bat the egiiiss- et-iWd a so-l taatrr ltta
that were sot aastaa by aaitodi at aag pries.
and It took a lot or herd work to ere r a
eo tbste. aad mly la a tw eaaa td sen
ra anna two was oa
th aair
ac klgh-r taaa ta awas
. a load of -antra !-.
Swae srst at SkSgat. tae top. ef the
watch waa the ana ttate basvy W
--- T-k mm tras was a saaa Better
aa the aar-.r wavft-at. satae eales brT-e ta
ctea bstse tatarty
i la iBIai Bi.natt
Near Seeiaf the Kafl" the
AajMseiathe friar f tmit SfttHrft.
34C4.CS. the
I of I
th aaajoritT
arltr of them
aad aoma of them. aaweeTiil-
ly the lam, dhl not have a much flesh aa
taey aid to make them denrahle. tlooa
aativ ahep aad lambs were very -care. Th
set om aax snow any matenai enaaga. rsiy-
all the dereat .hep i
aad la
oaVred at fail atady price, and ther aseawd
ta ha a. HttM aaace Ufa to th trad than sv
assay oa taeeesi inasay ainow. The aa
eomlaese atroaa from eoontnr baicia fhe
guad Btnchers aad th bet young breeding
waa wera ready sale, the vary Oat saUmg up
to 34.35, or almost aa good aa th best ansm
Some few sheep were held over, bat taey
wvra asaaiiT naii-iai isasoa ana osaas a aner
aona. The hast lmb sold from tsag7.
medium at CTiSs a. fair at 3S1.Ml cullsi at
S.SB04.15: mutton sheep mostly at 34.73: stock-
i at ... ami ducbs at ax.
lORaSw. Th bora baalaia. thha weak
ped ahoaether a aatlve ofl
as ther
went en western harm racalved. it
the oaate which eeafmet tha trades -
at. th market waa better thaw had aw ex
pected. There wera a good many bayera from,
tha Swath, asd) they bought readily at all th
good to choice efTertnir hi their class, which.
aowevar. were very few. This demand sa
aated from aaetloaa of the Booth, which era
act affected by tha fever. Riant bow tha
Suutaera trade sboaM Iwalu to show aaav.
igaa at Itf. aad the fart that the feres aeara
ha not takea all ef the 'coaAdeac oat t th
trade 4 aa iiiiniwagtaa atga.
Tbe Eastera trada datma the week waa not
buge. hat there wa socn demaad of a pretty
active nature, for auod to choice heavy horses,
aad tha price ware comparatively strong, but
vner wvrw no naar avnimoiau nanny aar
demaad manifested for platn kinds. It b a
llttla aarlr for much actltUv on Eastera aft
count, exeept for th best, amooth. heavy of-
The sasphr daring the week baa ha com
paratively llrht, total eTeringa aaaovnMIng to
Ira. thaw 4at head. Meat week's rwn will I
thaw ba baad. Maat werk'a ran will In
eluda a larar aupplr of Western hone, which
will be sold at auction Tu-sday.
MULES Tbe mum market ha dragged along
tfcwMMfcnu fW w.tc . a . aloar haala. Th
k dealers have shown a disposition to bay a Bin-
1111 MMl cw Dia biwmv pi xirw qvausT-. BJI'l
aMo a few ehnlea cotton mules. 141 to 13.1
baad. hot thes kinds have beaa scare, ths
nilnclaal uart of the run bebur made m of
eonuaoa aad atedlua oaVrlpg.
ia view or taa wnernain iiiimiiiuai jxrn-c
ta the aaarket at the premt time, dealer dt 1
not ear to take bold of thla class, sad Beli
ef tuand It hard work to Merest buyers.
Th tone ef the lasrkil wa not as good aa It
waa last week, aad th restriction of tha Itm
If.a' .a.ii tit th jmc .rajtea af ?.iiig
lasiad th taarket for other classea anratlsfac-
Caacagn. Atag. 17.-Cnl-Rcetpt. 44. tn
ctudlraT S4 Tvaans: market strong to Me hunt
er: rood to nrlm ter 35.S4).: poor to me
dium 344W35: storkars aad feeder aaM.r-:
etnra 32 ": hetfer- te.10wa.75: raann 31 5
r25: bulla tiS-cN- calve f-art-73: Tesaa-fe.1
Starrs S3.5fi4.(: W-etara steer 31.544rl7v.
H'W Raept. tt.aw: to-awtrrow. 14.44: mar
ket strong: mixed acd butchers ta,75fl.X: awd
to chole heaw satrtS: ro-urb heavy SS.44-
35: light t5s-4.5: balk of aalea losses. P.
SheeD-Recrlptm MC: market ataady: gnnl
to choir wether 344tt4.5: fair to eholc
mixed RS4-M44- Wastra atstep t.av45a:
aaUve la-aba V3?a: Waatarn la-nbe Str7 3.
Maw Tork. Aug. 1?. Be-ree Rvpu. j-:
aearlr all held for Frldajr's trad. Few buU
Bold at timmo: thla c.ww at St.aKtt.sl: ex
Bnrts to-mm low. 3.3 Quarter of br. fJalvea
Recwttrta. 114. IsarlMt falrlr eteady. Com
mon to gnad vab S5T7S: a-aaaar and but
terwdlkw Start: orta- baan 3115: dtissad
ealvea nrm: cltv-dretaf-d. vah (4112c war lb.:
eontrtrr-dwa-d TtTIlc. with poor stork setMne
t StMr. Sbeaa aad tamha-Ra-atpta ItttS.
Itheep active: sood shaeb huther: lambs IMTOn
h'gtMr: aheap SMH: Iamb 3"-24: .genaral
market SMM: calM 33.34. lVejte-Iw-rl-a-I.-71:
taarket aomlaallv steady: ne sales ra-
X. JoevBh. 3to.. Aaa. IT -Cattl-lt cll Sl
l-a- ta.r eoar aaThrtfera St 7S4M.SI:
ow tun n-
tears S41'914: atocker and feara 33M
35. H.gw-Recetpt 5.215: strong to (eklfhsr;
t-eltP; bulk tJ4244. 8hep-Rectafi71J(:
"Ctassaa at Aug n.-Cani-RtlBa tfat:
melanin IS Southerns: market .aiaady ta
ehrJca eaport and dnwwn Bear areata
fair tn good .'". sajwiawi.
I- atnrker an4 f-dT atStwHT:
ralnen trra 314. Houth-tn eowm 34 74g:
oathre eowa S1TIVI: nt heifer te4:
toll stffkS: ele STMaiC- noaw-Relats
3.440; market strong to 5c htefc-r: top SLITS:
bulk f sale S5.fSO4.10: heaw f. IK: aa. klw
w?K!.nnM light 35.164 12V Ki-S-Racetpta
S.Sn: market t"w- hlher "atlvw
lamb S5.7-.a7.32: vretrtern lambs F ."7 35: we
and vearllttaw S4.44W5-T5: Tesaa -Il,rd -m
3.3(4)375: Texaa ellfned .beep K"g-"5: Mock
r and feeder 3il43.
Jfew Tork. Aug r.-Sutrar Raw tawady: tatr
reflnlBg 4vc: rentrtfuea. test. 3"4e: aaa-aata
rurar Isir: reCn-d '' . . . .
XewOrlaasa Ag IT -Sugar TJlt: oaa-kt-tle
eentr-fuaa! 4sjBlV: centrlfitgal white
i 4 15-144-5 l-14e: y.!low 4H4-e: .eeond IHtWV-.
JfeUsse-i oominai: f-H'ni uiar; ceniniu
gal ffl4r. Sirup nominal at 33c
i want ads
Ma? l-wtaa-.
" ?J --s".

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