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VpiwiTrSkWuST 18 1005.
Itefcral AsthMitiea Detemtae
Draatia Acttea t Preremt
f Deatka.
ftet-eatr-Se-ea New
Foarteea Mora Diaeaae Spots
ia City Spread Ceatiaacs
Tfaroasfc 8tatc
ccifca naccc KCpnajTCn
New Orleans. Aug. IT. OBsentf
record of fever a to a. aa. to-day
t was as roiiowa:
New cases. CT; tatai caaaj ta tats.
Deaths. 4: total aeaOa. to wate.
New lod. II: total foet to date.
Nnr Orleans, lav. Aug. 17. "A ahort
term in Jail seems to be the only fneana
at convincing a few Btnrsfciana in thta city
that It ia absolutely necessary to report
every ease or -yeiiow lever, ia onaer tnai
w- may ataiBD fever out of this cltv. de-
rUred Surgeon J. II. White, chief of the
Murine Hospital Service, to-night. He
"For the ill not part tha local -aoyaieians
nave rn-operaiea wita as Boost aamiraoiy.
hut there are a few that It aeetas neces
aarr to teach a easels lesson
This declaration of Doctor White waa
made after a conference aeM at the fit.
Charles Hotel with f-w local doctors,
whom he bad telephoned to saect him
He tflacovered that eases bad feeea held
hark, on blm and that two deaths were
not reported, yesterday, as they smbm
rarrstciAaa t jmmu.
The Federal authorities aay they wtll
take drastic sseasures to bava all eaaea
reported, and f rurmiMry. asasa doctors
win ne sent to jau.
Thin has been a day of aneaateess ia the
a hoi.- yellow fever belt. The viol eat out-
tar, an t .Mississippi oty. with eleven
rases, tne aueasa nanng
Julv :. was a thunderbolt.
With Mistusaippi having contracted tt,
and with tho plague having penetrated
to no many points In Louisiana, baa
aroused Texas to draw tne lines tighter.
nl thn people oa tho west ara Uvtac la
,r.-.t;r rngm wan ever.
The city's record la not
an was expected. The number of cases
It wm htp-4 would not again go to sev
en! -seven nor the new foci of infection to
fourt'f ii. but the authorities explain this
l.y saving ll Is duo to the dragnet process
-.in J ii btiinc inaugurateq again to ferret
ojt tvery case of fever. Practically all
the uew fori are downtown.
.rintaiioe is being rush to points In
the flute that are crying for help. Doc
tor A. J. Slontz and two stale nurses who
t-ak Italian were hurried up to Sarpy
I'nttitation. wnerw in- ouioreaK is naa.
Th hospital at Patterson la doing a
grr-at work. Doctor Corput of the Marine
Hospital Service returned to St. John and
.st Charles parishes this morning to an
tunto absotuta charge of the situation
idrrr. which as has pronounced very Sert
oli, owing to tho fact that the houses of
th poor people are wholly InSssted by
fcomila monqultoea.
The detention catnps along the railroads
r racked with tersotis who are willing
to spmd tea day la them to get to points
runp Wrntra baa oeventy-ftvo persons.
Cuip Slldell has twenty and Camp Avon
lair haa seventv-flve. There are on tho
waiting Ilsta 3U for Camp Wyman. IS? for
I'.-unp Slldell and SS for Camp Avondale.
i:np aidell In the only pay camp, a
charge of O per day being required. Thers
ere no fees or charges at the other deten
tion camps.
nii: TBibPccai sTATav
FVvrr ehowed gradual spread tn the
Kt-to to-day. Cp to o'clock there had
Ih-ch a total of U3 cases reported outside
r .Ww Orleans all told, with twenty sight
Yesterday's tlgsrea from tho State. 9ed
last night, were changed at o'clock to-
nlcht a fniiows:
I iair.oi:d Plantation. St. Chartsa Parish.
trnt-!x canet; threo deaths.
Alexandria drtentloa camp, three eases.
TatterMm. St. Mary Pariah, fifty-two
curt: one deain.
Tallulnh. aUdisos
n .Ith.
Volnf Ctlete.
cas . one deatlt.
jifyett-. two raaea.
rtatnr. two cane.
lIUce. twenty-ono eaaaa.
T-rr- Haute PlantaUaa, foa eaaaa.
lturhtown. one cai.
wiiNwood PlanUitloa. 8v aaaaa; two
r.mrlre Plantation, no caaa.
Sunrise. Plaqurmtno parish, ana caaa.
rtani Cook, on case; one death.
mher sporadic eutbreaks where deathe
have occurred were not mentioned in the
rrport. th-r haa been no change at
tho placaa to-day.
Jackwin. Miv. AU. 17. Ore nw case
f eJluw fer at Iln!lrrl 1ty to
day 7n the ofnclal announcement to the
MTat- Hoard cf Health Office to-night.
ThN m-tke a total of twelve ca !nre
th- lnltion first appeared, on Julr :.
only four cases are now under treat
mnt A ilotihle cordon of State ml'ltla sur
round th- Infecteil district to-nlcbt. The
ritwafw waa first treated hy local ph-l-cians
ii a mild typo of malaria.
New York. Aug IT. A eHow fever e-are
ma t-R'.i-ed veMerday in Ktr? cnue.
ltrookljTi. when a doctor summoned to a
tenenw-nt found John O. Murphy, a la
Nrr. lolntIy lit.
In a lucid moment he said be cam from
Panama a tew weeks ago. At the Nor
wegian tloepttal. the physicians acr'-d
that Mcrphy had a mild case of jellow
The Health Department wan notified and
HS ager.t reported that he found certain
symptoms of tyrbotd malaria and had
grave suspicions that ht fellow phwlcians
were right tn their opinion that Murphy
has yellow fever.
He atdered Murphy lac1 In an Isolated
ward. As effort was raa!e to fmtl out
what steamer brought th- man here.
Tour opportunity to make x fortune may
te hidden among the Want Ada In to
itaya aapttblic Read them over.
Passtsper Train Co!liK With
Bex Cars Xo One llurr.
n rpfRMC SW-CC1 A U
EwnnJbV. Mc- Aug. tt-Th- St. LouU
,..-v inland MJv'ctrr train. No. II.
.mm n" nvtr twi. wiui ....tf - .-...
. vjtli TWO tmx caw anKii r-a.i in
iHled m "5S:" ;"I.r'
p mam iit -j .- ...i - .
overturned acd the line i
n a7a
sour?. -o one i
naefx Mend krala No. IK. due in St.
.JiTat T Testeruay morning. ariU
f'cssck last night, more than
twelve haara late.
Blaacaard Iastracta Healtk Beard
Preaiieat to AM ia Erperi
- Meats Witk Arseaic.
New Orleaas Doctors Ceaapireto
Expel St. Paal Pajsieiaa Froam ;
dry bat Fail to Get State
KswOrtaaaa. L. Aug. U.-Doctor
aald B. Iaca. tha arsenfanRioa exDert
ftom at. paal. haa created s sttaatloa la
New oneana which threatens a araal
with tha State Baarl aad tha aty pa
He refuses to set out. as tha aactan
want. Ho has quietly presented a letter
from Governor Johnson of Minnesota te
Governor Blanchard of Lniiltrlina, aad to
day received a reply from Governor
Blanchard ia which was extended a moot
cordial welcome from tha Stat of Xoa
Islana. " '
The radv. stated that the Governor of
bonMana would bo at Doctor xach'g
nervlce to render every aid poiwHs m tha
experiments aowreo.
Governor Blanchard Inclosed aa oflcku
letter of. Introduction to Doctor 'Baamad
Souchon. president of tho State Board of
Health, who haa thus far remained la tha
'Doctor Lach eresented Governor
ehard's letter to Souchon this afternoon.
The president of the bnubuaaa State
Hoard of Health to a gubernatorial ap
Doctor Souchon received Doctor lach
roast cordially. Tho latter asked for a let
ter to Doctor Juan Glutens, tha world
famous yellow fever expert.
Ilortor Koncbon save him m. letter to
Doctor Gulteraa. which wholly fiOa his
wishes, and it will be presented In tho
morning, it suggests wax an nem.pei
M tn. . I..M to the Ht. Pan! nhrsieian.
While all this was going on a quiet
conference of local physicians waa held to
devise waya and means for getting Doctor
Laeach and bis pDls out of town.
A committee called at Doctor Souchon 'a
offlce at the State Board of Health and
laid the situation before him. arguing that
Doctor beach threatened to create another
foci of yellow lever iraecuon ax tne an.
Charles Hotel, tn tha heart of tha city.
fiumt amiad that tt u a matter with
in the Jurisdiction of tha State Board of
Health and urged that some action ho
taken to quietly act Xaeh out of tews.
seccHex ca.
Decreas is
Doctor Souchon had only am hour before
receUed the letter from his duet. Gov
ernor lllanchard.
Doctor Souchon was unable to give the
rommlttee any satisfaction. Doctor Lfach
lias now succeeded in getting the local
doctors and tho State authorities Into
a tansle which, may take them a long
time to unravel.
Meanwhile. Doctor lach haa started
Ms campaign among the people. He ad
dressed a business men's meeting at the
St. Charles Hotel at which, however.
the attendance waa email.
At this meeting he answered the charge
of local phjslcians that he was already
an immune xo yruow icvcr.
lie declared that he wag not aa fcn
reuii'. and that he would take oath te
that effect. He aald ha had mini aa a
ship's fUTgeen between Havana and Vera,
tus twenty-ana years agew eat aaa sever
had the fever.
Two more persona vohmteered te lay to
submit themselves aa subjects far Doctor
Iyach's experiments. Hue aaaksa eight
who are willing to endcrgo arsealcauaa
and the stings of the stegomyia.
The "I'tall f jt the dar la Ueut-raa T. B.
Kutv. ?:inth Cvalnr orflrer r.r f!i Omw Sfw
r-ant ll.x. Troop U Ninth Cavalry, sergeant
IJrutcnact Panl-1 t. Qieaiai. stna rtevnl.
rr. fa rrimrwt bis duties with Recruit Com
pany A. h-. :-c letaiiml from rondtKtlng a
ixtx a-tacmcrRt or rccnuia to Fort Telle
tin-. tvro.
lolrh laubl. Cbmsany A. has beta !
tailM as a blatant mttarr at the general
Ill Ktrrcs. a Cetertlr T Bast St. Xnds
arrrehmjm AJtrt II. Roeklano. a easert-r
tftn 'om.iv l. Thirtieth Infantry, aad de
llrtrd him at the poet.
Recruit ft-orre Ellbert. Company B. has
f uiuitu n- m oihiii i. axivr tv oar
mbrncr. lie enlmcd at Chicago. Jtuy SL
-R'crult Krarklin K. GUUuun. Cbmroay B.
was tird fcr t!?-rtlon and fcfiA m H.ntfui
f ili-honoralile discharge and nftcea mcaitj
( nan laoor
Tin- follow Ite rcn:lt hare rrrtd at the
Umtki fcr duo: prtnre A. hrllr. Ctarla
iiirkiaihi mni J. irai. Hirnuncsam. AU..
Tltumaa J. Mullen IUhrtr.-. N Y ; flcrt
"itt t. I-ul. Mo : Charlra C FWm. lm
ton. C : r.,!rr II ivterann. Farc N I :
rtn'.-s- Hora-r. ritutu-r. IM : Ford T. TarU
arJ. hlcro 111.? l:ctr Andr Plm.t
!J. Jo-jn F Adaira Itro!t. Sikh.: -har!-
jrf-cK-y. rin&-ti t nnn. i ilea. Y .
Jatr.. A :rM. Uttl- Kock. Ark.. Harry A.
Atiace. Blrmliehani Alt . Harry Bruwn. -t.
Iou:. Mi . Il.inl ln:c-hw-llr Fot;iiU
!-. Cl'Ulrs ir Cvlllna. Mcwi. O.; Franca
N Yenmr. Wiliiam 1? Kir. Chica
. Ill . John It. Koettrr. Atlauta.
: : s-itrxi Uji:.-- invuiinm cit. o .
TJ.rl-r- Ilu.k. JcJ-n Yntcr. MllTauk.rr. Wtc.
lir" U FllMn. s-prirslrlj. Ul.
-riTr Frncr ai I Vli:!a-n O VTatta
ccwranv li. ha- ln -lcwi aa lacce cor
poral In t!.r!r -n::n.
William Itaunr. Cc-nranr A. whi formerly
r-l In :t- TM-:-rth Catalrr hxa ma
artilrtin f- :rT.m:nt tn tro'9 A. llfth
l.'Uiilr at lrt lluacliura. Artx.
CVa-:iIr sam'Jtl UinMon -f Wert Frark
fort. Ill, .tf-:irl Will' l McCollom. a d--rtr
trjn tb" S-itnth Cp Artllirtr. t
tbr poi )rtnt. anl cUlnd the mari of
" I
Mb-. 8orrfr of Trtfljt K. 'NiEth Cavalry.
lw a. tl tif Itntrt Al. a fcr-ier n?l
!ir tn tr- uw tnT. lat Sattu.lay nlatt at
!! t-racli.. 1 lmrrctlrs thoush radly
ikounOrtl In tt tr-?t and ttomach.
Receiver Epger K'ceives Property
in Fortit Park Heights.
Tn the RrconlrT iiSlc at iTavtcn vet
trdav a quiirlalm drsl a filed hr Har
" W. Salmon, transferrins; to John B.
Kccrr hl lntcr-t In a lot in Fort Park
l!isli:n for a pnee of tl.
Mr Kspt 1 the rccrHcr of the Salmon
A Salmon llar.k at Clinton. Mo., that
rec-itly f.illr.1.
AccorJinT t dlrpatcfc from Clinton.
Mc, thr UrcJ to the Fbreat Park Helght
lot In arrli,- one to add force to the
V.ankt avlgnmnf mad" hy Major
Salmon. bn the hank failed, this as
aienrrnt co-.errl alt his propfrty.
Th lot In question la No. 17. block C of
FVrcst Park Height.
Russia Thought. to Dave Reduced
1 hi ties on American Mnchinerv.
St. rterburs. Aug. IT Th Associated
Pre In lnfotmJ that M Wltte mn will
rraVo an ofllctsl anrounement in AroT
ica of a reduction by Husau in the duttea
of Atrrriean n-a'-hii-rj". tcot. cte M:h
have Nn otxratl" lnce JK1.
r.iSiaAor 3Ieier ncurnl thfi corce
lon after, catend.-d negotlatto.is with ti
Ministers of rtssree and Foreign AfTalrv
Thrwugh Amha.atlor Meyer th1 1 nlle-i
States pr.o.eO to Rus-1 a commercial
arransem'-tt t-twren the two cou-.trle
under Section S of the tirlff act of 1.
Th! wo.1 agree,! to. an.1 Ii anticipatl-j
or j."h an arrargmcnt Rusola ueci-wd.
ujon the nsJJCllon.
Mrs. R. P. HaMlaalei
Notice of te de.tth of Mr, fc- P. H-1
lcxu rlr at No. tl Fountain aenui.
In Toronto. Canada. Wednesday night, has
heen received tn tht city. Colonel Bcln
con i i.n hi way t. fc luia with the
hudr aivS. until ht arrival, no anecunce
reent cf the funeral arrangemeaC9 will he
djs,QiSiO)S s so s ade as s a a 0111
'bbbbbbbbbbbK9kKb9bbbbbbbbbbbb t
assavrs' ivPamfc? s:rM"!3PaTl
BBsPBJ?r'SaSfcv , i.w ? Fr
aaa2ife3i?iSii" IF
Portuondo belonged to one of
He was at his home In Hanaia whn he ras informed, by t!ep:ionc that one of the
companies of artillery of the Cuban fortress and vr.i- ni:c-mon weru ficliiing hi
the streets. He left hl home and ran to the ncene of th onftict. No nooner had
he arrived than he received a bullet wound. He died a f-tv hours I iter. He w.13
oaiySI years old and had distitigutelicd himself as an older of the Cuban Army
COriag the revolution.
Buenos Ayres. Argetittn.i. Aug. 17. (Copyright. IPC) The ITensa. commenting on
President Rooseelts speech. sas:
"South American diplomats are !n duty bound to rtudy Prortdent Roosevelt's
utterances and resolve at th'-lr convenience to declare tiiclr attitude or remain silent.
The speech is the more rtmarkablo as Mr. !:ooee!t has rrpeatedly rxpoeil his
views 0.1 the Montoe Doctrine, anil no fre.-.j iVeI pmnt Ju-tifits his insistence.
There Is not tho nlishtost danscr of lluroi-can interfen-nce hi Ainerita.
Tretldent Rooseelt's statements ar nti cxiti-sI-mi of hi nini lo cement the
position of the United States anions world l'onr?. Th ol'--t of hli policy Is not
to protect South Aimrica. hut to i:icnae the l:illun-e of tho I'nitdl States. This
Is not blamahle. but It undenl.ihiy contains a thnat to South .Mnrio:i.
"President Monroe only Mated that Hie I'tiited Sl.it- woul.l not tolerate i:uro
pean territorial conquests. liilf Mr. Koo:e(it asun-.-.s it to !- a duly to compel
South American nation to fulfill their r.Mljrati'.ii S.mth Amcr!a never recogalzeil
the doctrine nor conferred on the United tate. any 1I3I1I whatever. Mr. Rooce!ts
laterpretation. therefore, is humiliating f-r South Aniei.'r;i."
A second article In the I'rena sas tlt extension clen to the Monroe Doctrine,
without the adherence of South America, would -lv a pclicy of !! nc and an un
frlendly act.
Persons From Inftjctvd Fint to
Be Detained If From Any
Place in Hotith Will He Held
Five Days.
All perso.is arriving in St. !.ouL from
points in which caaes f -llow feer ex
ist, will be detained hv In-ie-ctors work
ing under int ructions of !icior II. J.
Scnreck. Chief li nv.ir- I'hjriciaii. and
all those .imitig fiom .-my pi ic- tn th
South wit ho it o-rtiticatts oZ health will
he held five days.
The addition il precaution takn at
tint Instance of fl.alth Coamil"iner
Charlen A. Snolcra. who llit"i that
already uccsful effort hive I en m.nl.:
to eadt tha r-.trictio-ii pal oa iir.tui
gratlon t St. Iyui
Thoe who art aM- to product certifl
cate of health will 1 j-eitnitt- ft con
tinue on tl'iir wav at tilt discretion of
th lni"",'tot'. Th-t date of thi rtitl
rate will 1-; tho factor ;oiernl:.c the .IU
lwilion of each t:-- If t!w l.'ll l".in
a dato oil .1 fetr Ia- oil. tl.- holder
will bt forc-I to rem iiu under n-.iJlc.il
otMeratIo:i uitil the HV lili"wl f co'i
tagion Is f't If tli-.lit i !" leccnt
the tnnel-r will not le- Inco'iv. nl-nc d.
Tho- who om from inf-cu-U points
and sbow any mptom of ft-er will be
quartern! at ajuarantiSiv until they arc be
ond the danger "' (.om.ision.
Ioetor Sr.ilni" ha et,t inular let
ter to many point in tho South, ndvls
lrs the authoritlei that fil. IxtiN h. reader
will recognize onlv iorl!lcat-.i L 'iie.1 by
th. Federal. State. .ojtit or municipal
oRlciaU. lVroti who alfnipt to enter the
cit-v with nnv other l.l!l -Mill 1- detained.
Ufflcnl' cf tl e I'uieau of Informalioti at
l'nlttii Jui '11 n .!on fh ttement made hv
J. A. lowland, who all. k- that he ni- lu-
Mructel to purcna a e ninc.-i o: in. t:ia
fro-n a physician In the kir.lt of the ta
tion. I.ewland complainfd to the ll?alth De
partment, it i raid, that when he inquired
at tho Bureau of Information nardins
the procedure Rtc.Miy to obtain a hl!l
of health b wa dlr.-t til to a ph irtan In
the t,eighlrhoo.l. He .illee that he was
forced to pav for the titiflcate
Kmpio'es at th? Hur in of !tiforrat!on
anaert tfiat lyaUrd ileclared that It was
too far to the dlpenary- when directed to
that institution In rtp"nc to an Inquirv.
and requested that he be toll wheje- he
rocld find a phyiclan riv to the rtatlon.
tarwland was then In'tnicted to co to the
oflce of Doctor Harlan In the KicelMor
Hotel, according to tho-e in the bureau.
Th Vnlte.1 Tauebter of the t'o.ifcd
eracy ani the il mortal Society, who fcae
o;ene,t headquarter for t.ie reception of
tefucees from the eiio fer district.
hfU their weeklv tetlp eteri!y morn
las at 13 o'clock In the I'Jtltlturst -apart-:ntr.
No. rs North TajWr anue Com
mittees were arpo.ntcI to visit the arious
Th women wo acted I.c;ec at
the headquarter rev- rtl t"- call they
had received tr. H It .r tb said tlvat
hi!r h w acting hct Thurvliy
a Mr. I Ver-.e who cilmctl to b" a
mtil reader. kol prcl'to to elvorc.-id-lua
The ubect wa Iiruught It fore the
meetlns. The rrerit-TS lharV,e,I Mr Le
Verre for her offer, but declined.
Mr. Houton T Force reported that h
bail eat notices to Southern nwpar-r
advirinc them of the aetlcn of the St.
!:! Daushter of tl-. "o-.f edTary. and
asked that they -tsdli puWlh th fact.
Committees were arr-ditcd to Lit the
hotel to locate any Southern visitor and
to eateud to them the courtesies acd hc
rlUlUy of the Dauithters.
Mrs. Kdwani Poey and Mr. H. A.
alar.afteld of Atkauaa wrie preent acd
offered their aatlSEcr.
The hotel cotamltiee aret
Ttad. Mr. H. S. 0Banr.on and Urs.
Teaw-lV Cannon: I'lantei. Sirs. Jaccn
Jatmaoa and Mr. Jlateeri Southern. Mrs.
jb. aamasa aau aaua. as. av
, k - -
the most distinguished famtllea of Cutn.
J fferon. Xlr C W MeKarland and Mrs.
J'wp'i II. Klni: Hamilton. Jlr?. 11. I:.
l.ruMx. 1.11.I ?lr-. .1. V Wllllnmr: Terml-isl.
JlK W. . M.)ie. .Mrs. Kiiwani Tavlor
ainpbll. AJiv. Houston Font. Sir.
i-orKf TvUr ami lr.. Frank tSaieimie:
Washington. Mr I. !. RoUrt an i
!aulitr: Wet Hi..!. J!n. W. ;. M.ero
and Mr. K. T. fainphcll: llu.'nitmham.
Jlrs .! ph A Cralinni and Mr. W. I".
.iidtroiit Itoer?. Jin. I.ecrse IS.-ss an.l
Mr. Kdwan! S. Ileolier: Mcntloello. Ir.
Kduar.l 1:. oev nn.l Mr. H. A. Man
flM: r-otia. Ycunc I.idlcs Aii3Liliar:
W.-tm..rla:nl. litrlln at.d Rosier. Slc-m-irl.il
Mrr. II. It. tlrubl' and Mm. llouton T.
F.-n were selected n members of th"
I'ni 4mniittt-e.
Mry. Hut:-tun T. Force wa appoint' .1 to
Invite the Vounc ji'l'f' Auxiliary to unite
with the Hauttiitcrs lii the wrk tf rc
t ivirg ref us e.
Tli; lKK-teei for the following week
Mondav Mr William Van Slke anl
PfMtor Kate Ileal); Tue-Ity. Mr. J.e-ep'i
A. OvJorn- and Mrs. Hlwanl S. Ue.-vlwr;
We.lr.e-;a-. Mr. W. :. Moor-. Mrs. K5
ward Taylor 'ampliMI and Air O-ear
Jhnotft Thtnxlav. Mr. M. Jolrirou an i
Mr. M. Wml-: Kridav. Mr. J A. rj
ham ar.d Mr W. It At.deron; Saturtla
Mr II. S. Alkin.
nn-riiMc si'kci u
Cairo. III.; At;c. IT. The eltixen cf
Cairo are ceman ling more trlrsi nt qu'-t-antlne
regulation, and niiiiv pr.iiu:i':it
n nn iall.il iiji-iii seen tarv IZaan to
day at.d askc.1 lit 1.1 ! cfea Cairo to the
wi.r'd. He now ha the matter undir ad-i--ment.
IVictor Esan ha Irf-en In telocraphlc
romniutiicam n with t!i .South to-dav.
trviu? to find all the inl'-ctci iniinti'. and
h? l unabb to li. in, but !.-sn frn on
vate s.u-c that fever 3lti- in pliccn 111
l.imi'Ja;:: :!).! Mlriipi.l. nhie. have -jot
cii reporte).
A a r-vjlt of thi information iHK-tor
Kir-tii ls-.j: an order to-nlsht nujrai-ti-tng
aclnt lit:liini :i"..' Mi"!.).,!!
and nil Inf'-cti-I ix.lnti In ithrS:it- an!
eioiti5 Cairo to jasitsr Iroin all di
rect!" n not provldiil tviili Ii iltli enir.
tatf. siriied by n national. Stai: or
municipal l.eiith oJ!l r
Doctor Ksan v!lt. d WtrkllfTe. Ky.. thlv
afternoor. Kindins :ibilutc!v no quaran
tine there acalnrt tin Snilh. lie may Ls.ie
in uriUr to-morrow quanintmlrs; against
the Slate cf Kentucky
KKPfKI-lC wbciaU
Jackson. MIs.. Aug IT. Kailroad erv
Ice In the State ! ulaln almost paral)zed
a a result of the new quarantine, anl
th" nituallon 1 growing wore every dav.
Not a rallroij In the s-talc : running Its
ujual qnc:. of frtlsht or i.asciiser train-.,
ar.d with each succeeding day the service
Is blrc c-jrt&He-J.
Commencing to-day. the la 100 ard Ml
l!ppl Valley road aliatidored tli after
noon train on the Greer.wojd branch and
the afternoon train en the Utile J. dl
vllon. The Ou.r ad Ship l!6rd schflv.le have
been .c-.c.ral!:ci b the puttlr.c oa of
qaarant.ne atrair.ji the Gulf cca. but
an cttemt-t will t- made to maintain a
erv'lce of mc 3rt A pariser train
will ijepart at the tijal heer In the morn
and ami return at niiht. runalng only be
taken Jjck'nn Bn-i'Hettitebura.
It h been fourel r.eceary ta abar.doa
the afternoon trair. snd tlcy are prac
Icallv ueles-s 0:1 acccunt of th" lack cf
travel. Tr Lulraie anl Nahvil!e road
l not allowed 10 to; its train in Ml
i.!rri city. an. several -. l;s paysenger
tralT hive been abardoned.
Th. te-up on th.e Gulf anJ Ship Island
will l a J-.ravv Wow to the limber In
dustry. The road has tn delivrrlr.s P
m?nt fcr .lomnuc pert ta the HHno's
Central in Jackson at the rate of from J
to ; ran dally, and It 1 feared that this
service will be grtatly cartaUVd.
Jud'-ioulr written real etafe ad la
The Republic always bring results.
Measy Hala at
Rr.rciia-ic si-hci au
MCan. Vn. Aug. 1T-A heavy nia. the
first la three weeks, fen hr last night
The crn had begun 10 "fire" from the in
tern beat, but a full crop la now as
aaraJL .' - r r - . -a.t-.je.a a... - . .
STOCK Unresefvect
for 10 DAYS pr
Aug. 14th to 24th Inclusive
From Regular Prices in Plain Figures.
Cliaimi.iu 8houts Enipliatirally
Iienks That Work Has iSeen
tltiied llceanse There I Not
Moiii-v to Carry It Forward.
New Vork. Aug. IT. Replying to the re
port thit the Mipen.-lon of !!eina ojHra
tlns "n th laiiaiui Canal has been
caud hv tho exl.aution of the congres
tnl rpproprlatioii fur conmuctiiiK tho
itliniia:i watcrwuy. Theolore 1. Ononis,
chitirnun of the ilnaina Canal Conimia
:'!. to-lay said:
"it is not true that there ha. Iwen any
shortage, or that eur plan for forwarding
the work on the canal were curtailed for
lack of money recently, when an order
was issued that the budding of terminals,
of houses for the employes and of a bet
ter coroiniary rhoulJ precede any fur
ther work in the actual excavating of tho
"The question of funds has not Inter
fered with cur plans at Panama In any
way. When Ltl the comml"ion met to
protect work on the t-anal there was slill
:i s-rplu.-. of almut 1)MX whieh would
h.ivf iKtn left over from lite 1: ff :iext
January, out of the fund then available.
Sine., tliat time this Mirplu has UHn -landed
in tl-.e uunhato and equipment of
two tearihiK
"No :lu-ii.cial dlffltviItS. that I know of
have nrt-ii. Tin re I, moreover. t.cant
1) any povibillty that th work would
I lmreIrtl for lack of funds, iwau-o
the nininil'l'in hay the rlicht. at nil tim-.
to contract .1 train? t the appropriation of
i:Aii.it.is imi-i:i:ativk.
"The order ltid by the comm'!on
luring Ith r-eiit visit to It ih.ima. to cease
'Vavatioti on th" raiml. wa clue to the
fact that lirf.ir.- th? mi 11 could dlK with
hIajt.1 ttj.if..2 thwv fniwf ti.il rul!riiil
I-fid to firry away tbe dirt. It was fur-
if.er Nuei idealise me empiojr nau !
have a place to Iiv In. )Kfore they toutd
l" exevt.) ! r.t.rk. and becaure a. goo.1
commissary waa Isniterativc.
"And tlnallv :li. r way a lick of mfn
cient trmiual. N'lli for the railroa.U and
for the o.van tJt'pi'iiiK. 5. ttinK of which
lav pilot up with !! in-in of handling it
Till N all pr lin-.ln.irv v.ork. wnleh
0111-ht to )iav: 1ks.ii i.m- ut tile oiltet of
prrathiit on the I'an.tin 1 "".tin), a. Iia
l-u tat..i. thai till pieparatorv work
will otvitpy an .niirc .tr lf..rf tlif
aeltnl c-ii.tniellii n tlif a:.j "an h-
ti-Mimd. J tni'it prfdiet tliotxact l:ictli
of tlnif in wl.ieli tl.- tuellmtnaries will :
jlilit-lied. but it r. Ill prlstbly 1-e in the ,
n-iclilhtrh.xNl of thre or four moi.tli.
".Ml tl-- ilifftit m lit. - of pr. Umta.iry 1
worK are i.ini: carri-ti on r.i:auuantouMy;
iiii'l not -ii.' at a l!:ii"."
Waliittaton. Auc IT. One of tin most
J IraMirt:iut tifk" nuaitin Mr. ho.it.
I .!.. I... n..in..it 111.. rii.!iT..i. t ft...
1-thniliu Caral Comnitloi vt.t. th o.'i
rvation of tht! l.alaiHf r mailing if tli
appropriation of Jl.'.Ct so :t to gu.irl
aitaln't a M.i laK'" of ill- uork of canal
b ill. line.
Callit.s t his nld wvetal cx; rj :io-eo-.liil.-illt.
til" ettaet .-t:.te of tne tinan-"
of the I'onml'slon was .-eertalril. and It
:-. fou-d tint tli" work ciuM lo stead
ily pio-x-titd until Conpi-. at t net
rccular i'e;(,5i- fhoub! have Ttt.lc opvo'
tunlS. to ptovid' inor" fund?. Therefore,
the bilar.o- on hand 1 dlvMed into
iimntlilv- in'tallirent. whiih hive .o far
heeq cloaely adlitrtd to. mr- In one ca-"-.
where r.n utifS! ttd 1liDiar.1l are for
i-.!.!itiin.it transportation fa. Hit le".
Tliii.i. tb- ."omini-ion li". it believe,
avo'.i.-.! th- IleleItv of availing itself of
Hie privibire cranled by Conrei3 of Unu
lt:g tioinl-. to meet expi ndllure.
aiousalngloai Ihaalaaejaa Open.
iiK'rni.if.-i'ira'. 1
Itloo.xinston. 111. Aug. IT. Th annn-.l
i:).Kiii'iitrin c!:-iut:i.qua opened tn-cLiv. .
1 ... . ... ..... .t.. Tk. .
1 .III I HI O-'i I.U- I- II .....J". J"-- .. (
Krammc I le'rs civvn at Ho-jIttoVa 1
I I.1M . ! I1- ....If'' . ... - ..i - ... ....
.iti.-ntl.im-e 'it the openimr numoer in
dr.y wete ali-a.I of all prvlou jean. An
lnterestir.ir fat:irf of the eiiautnuqna, will
1 bo a civic unci. ". onductfl da'lv by
Ml Marie c, r.rel-.m or Chlcano. Ktate
pre-id-.U of tht- V. C. T. I". Some trong
atlrm t'Tiim have Im--ii arrange.1. The
features of the prn.tr.tmm- t-.Iay wcr
th.e Albn Family and a lecture by V. J.
Aavlrart wpaoy laeoraarateat.
Iloti'lcn. Mo.. Aug. IT. The laimar Ab
tract Cctnpai.y of thl plaie has been In
corporated. Th.e I'.ard of IMreetor ron
sl.t of former Conre-nlati Rolrt Iji
mar. Attorrer Klrby Lamar, and Ab
Ktractor Talbot Taj lor.
. ...- j- - .---. ,.
4 mi St Castries Ste.
Two Youths Who Were Takinp; in
Coin Rapidly From Unrequited
Lovers Are Arrested at Ie
troit. Mich.
Washington. Aug. IT. Mot unique of all
money making scheme which havo l-en
excluded recently from the u" of tlo
mails I the "love-eati.! enterprise of
the Arm of Raker Smith t.f lvtrolt.
Mieh.. against which a fraud orler wa
ii-ue.I by the Piwt-Ofilee Itcpartment t
day. l..-o I n.-.ker at:-l Henry G. Smith, who
are Si and 1 eat-t old. respf'tively. bac-i-eeded
i-a working up .1 eor.sid. rabl clien
tele of vouth Wbo lovel but were not
loved a return. It wero that this letter.
whh.ii fell Int.t l- hand.- of th ledal
auth.irltlt. eaasted a bnk demand for
Do ir eonfectlorery: . .
"We are not prephr t or son of proph
et. Neither ar- tt mind-readers. We d
tot know how Mrorg Jon are with tr
clrls nor how strong toil want ti le-. Itut
if von are really a "live one' it i ilo'lar.
to 'tint joii tvo:.Ii Ilk" ! gai.i mote
favor with some of vntir lady frl.n.N. If
:vt. li.-.ve JtKt what veil want, 'la-iv.'
eati.n' is tin- article, ami it I m ol" from
r. sia-ciil formula. All It cot ou a
dollar a bo." ...
Tin- letttr fitntalnefl -om.- furlli' r detain
of the -iioteiiev of lV" cpmlv. .-t-CMhei
In;ie-tor Hlrih-eve was ordereil 10 inv -ti-
gai'j tn lativ-ainiii sn.-i-. -- .i..-. .'
Interview- wltli th- y iitliful m-mUr .r
tl.- Iietfoit firm. lie .ut th-in tlirotiuh th
"third !esr--." and during tl.e ord.-al
they atVii'tte.1 that mtsial fonnula wa
retiuirtil for the matiuf ietur- of "l-tve
-atniv." It wa nn onllniry loiifeetion.
eiwtirc little more than IS rents a i-ound.
The Inspector pteeI tl'eni lander arret
and tne Gran 1 Jury will consider their
cae i:i tlif fall. .
VI ear a DlaaMa.
Wear a lijamond and .ay for it at your
convenience. Dimmd win ht.irt and
jdv-e you prti" I.oftl I5rc. 5. Co . 2d
floor. Sixth and Olive.
Chicago Police Svaroh for Mes
senv.fr and $ 1MMNMH
nnpenwc "-pixtau
hloaiio. 111.. Aug. 17. Gus H.bbs. tZ
ver ..Id. a meenger for Charle A.
Steven k llnW dry qoo.1 house. I mK
inir. Shortly tfoi-e S oVloek he ia sent
to the bank o .IeiHstt about $lrt.V In cur
rency an.l check., which he carried In a
ruit cji.
IVtcctlves who were detailed to the ense
are ild to lnve trae?.! IJobb to the rall-ro.-.tl
station. Telegram have len sent to
Ixtrolt IMlTaI and other cities, request
ing hit arrest. J
Itobh-t. who was a bookkeeper In the j
torc. wa acting i we- i".n-e 01 me .-k"-lar
mejent:'r. who l away on a vacation.
More worthy people secure situation
thrcueh KcpuMIc Want Ad than through
any other St. Louis new "paper.
U'l.:.. Mn anal Xf rn Killitl hv
lllte Jian anil epro IVIIHII ov
. - . wa-.
t.;.l..t.ttl I'niuft With Wire I of the Flrt Irsbvterlan Church has re
Aceiuelliai l.oniaci nn "in.. 1 . , -,. -o. ,,, lo Greenville for
Cairo. III.. Aug. lT.-John P. Moekler. a
young grocerman of this city, and Oscar
Try thm Nw Burlinffttm Line. Its Train
Arris N TIMK.
IUHl Trip, JUg. 28tl3l, pW.
Of AatoTtbia la The RraaMlc's
Raaaaa far Kraft Cnlaiai far a few
4ajn wwl mat afl jraar TacaaC wini
All DrancMs Take Was A for The IpMic.
I'tain. Turklah. Jledleated Vap.r. Sta
tic on.l rar.-i.lt-- K-'ttlc Kaiha and ataa
race. bl-ert attrtitt.int ultiras at hand.
lrll-hiruilr I ted. thady alk: Bah
Ira. (vatlmr, Uih Inc. ten-t. etc.
rlenj.l orvhetri. late. J to H4
1-r x.-ek Wilt- r r lllutratetl tseofclet 10
t:ia:N:iV!.B UOTKU Srl-r Srlna.IH.
rUr!rien rat- en It X S.-W. and
eorne. ting ro.or.
Thl crrat rrt ercn the year round: enta
il r.e rest, healtii and t'easute fr ur Taea
IWiu lan'e a fer li.-ur rtde trm t. Iaut;
near Atllra. In.l . on VVK.:i Itallmual. N-tur-'
aT-atest cuie f.r Itheuniatlsm. iiut. KM
. Mcln ll!.U-. S-t. marli and Nerteua ail-a-arr.
Kor l.utltii!lv Hlu-trated maraalne a-. 1
all lif"intatlot aiUr II. I.. Ktaniex. Otn
eral Man-icer. Kramer. Iiwt. 47Z
sum im, awi.
t'nder a new ard more liberal manag-iaeat.
atanr ln:ruenea'e: amoeg tlae Is an a 1
rarte r:anrrrt anal enUrvoui. Opaaas J'ine
t. Ilwst an.l m.' hathtng beach on Lake
SllcMiar.. Serd for Utoklet.
J. E. STRONG, ManaKcr.
III.V Vt.Wtehlgna. .itr.snr atestrk.
ttlaaitte 'lls. . J. EvrrMeal table.
VIA tat a-J lall. ? to SIS! Weekly.
'. . W.tRBl Bl .
In a to 13 Ha
fasMKIw Mai
Kiynol. a negro, were accidental!
elt tr.M-tite.1 1I1U afternoon.
MiKkler went t a she.1 In the rear ef
his stc-e an I. reaching up to turn on .1
iiitht. recived a lit aw charfa,. of lea-trieitv-
tlirush hi lody. hilling him ir
;t:.titly. Tl:e negro eaupht hold o' Moekler and
atterrpte.1 to nail blm loo-e ftom tha
wire, lie wa also killed.
It i thotiaht th hcarr attorm of !t
nishl ali-arranaed tfcf wire so they le-r-ime
cro-.;d or connected with a tredley
Fialak Telesiboae lossBtaay taore.
ItKl'fHI.Ii Sl'l"IAI
liuqU'iin. III.. Aug. IT. A etmmtttee eom-rMi-.l
..f h J. RaldrMge of tltl cltv. J. It.
Ituttdv- and h SL ItarMnron of "arbo,idar
nnd Ivietor Wlllard of Anna repres-nting
the local Independent telephone o.mpe
n'en of Southern Illlno!. have complete.!
th" sn.rk of invotrlng tv stock of th.e
ompan.e-a and have arranged other de
tail pertaining to the proposer, merger of
the local companle Into a telephone .om
blne. St. Iaul btilnes men commit th "Sit
uations Wanted" column of Tho Re
public when in search of employes.
- T1.
at Teraata. III.
1 Mount Vernon. Ill . Aug. IT. The R
I J(J ijougi,,. for ten yeara pa
I tl. rieat ItVaar.vfsvrlan sTttK ltal.Bl
wrSBiaBl asastA
sviifi SB. aa sr ' LSaw r -f a -- it.ni ""-'-
I the purpos- of engaging In erangelistla
I work. Fv.r the la-t teryw; he ba been
clrk of the Cairo ITesoyterT.
YTa t
it-- j5'AVMgf &&3&&i?zr&i&W!
yj vttzes-

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