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TUf ST-MVW :Wmm& V9WkT' pg-psrst. i?05.
BSE" -;." VT4S3 rsarstg-s-wi
IS -
Charier. W. Knapp. PrMMent anal MMrai'liaaaar.
Gcwce U Allen. Vic PmMeaL
W. B. Oirr. Secretary.
Office: Corner Seventh and Olive Streets.
Br Mail-In Advance Postage Prepaid.
Three months l.SB
Any'three days except Sunday one yemr M
Sunday, with Magazine S.S
T Specl.j Mail Edition. Surday 1.TS
sunday Magazine ; .
I -r week, daily only cents
rer week, daily and Sunday It cent
tvh:e-a-week issue.
i-t:XIslied S!otida an-l Thursday one year 35c
nit by bank draft. express money order or Vests-
i.cd letter. '
St. Louis. Ma
sir Rejected communications cannot be returned under
any ciicumtatices.
Entered In the Post Office at St. Louis. Mo., ai second
class m.ltter
fasht. tot and twelve pases I cent
Siitccn. eighteen and twenty pise"
2"cents for one or 3 cent for two copies
Tr.enty.tw,, or twenty-eight pages n. 2 cents
"iliirty pases .3 cents
The Republic Is on n! at the following places:
LONDON Trar.ila.ir building. Northumberland
.venue, room 7
PARIS 10 -vnouIev"iiildcsCapucInes; corner Place
ii- T Opera, ami ZZ Rno Carnb-an.
RRRLIN laiuitahle Gcbaud. S Friedricbstrassa.
Boll. Klnloch.
Counting-Room Main Ml? A GTS
Klitorial Reception-Room Main 3C A 7
o ---
of Mere iSaaaalan K01"-
momuv, .r:rsr ii. ic.
i ii.
aet txiect the
8ucit!( to coMoItatire liberty ia Imk, Liberrj
ererywlien rejoice witk the hitbetto leBg-naTeriaff
Sfaiv. Let WdriBk deep wltfc'the reurie of Todkil
wlMMie Jolly Eaperor plays bcb pteasaat little
prsBkis in tlie way of prodamatioBS. """ "'
m -
Iun'8 weekly review of trade for last week be
gin with tbene words: A8urance'of prosperity on
the farms generates confidenee in all departments
of trade and industry. Contracts aw placed for
distant deliver, and tlie couiuiercial payments are
more prompt."
It I the old. familiar Mory- When tl:e great
aniculttiral interests of the I.'niu-d States are In
good sliajN all othr interests prosiier. Th owner
of 'railroad stocks and lionds is in better humor Imv
cause Ids leomotives have more to haul to and
from the farms; the manufacturer Is happy because
fie fs lots'of sturdy fellows with money in their
jwx-kvts who want his wares and sre ready fo pay
for them: the hanker and :he mortgage leuder know
that they are going to get their money hack: the
wholesale johlnr aud the retail merchant tind sale
easy and payment prompt. Kverythlng lioom wlien
the farmer has good crops and is Celling them for
Siod prli-es.
And that is the condition tf the American farmer
in this M.M-.1 yi-ar. the Hflli of tlie Twentieth
Century. In the WW he ha harvotfd a great
whea't crop and has laid by corn that promises to
'tti:il or excieil the record crop of 1!C which was
more than 'Z.7.. btihel: he has grass and
e(ovT and alfalfa, he has fat cattle, hrtgs aud shrep.
turkeys aud chickens a-plenty. In the South he lias
cotton and oru aud wheat atM aue. .iwpea. wiHt
MtatH-s and fx'iiuuts.
There u: no lack of mouths. Null iti llie human
and lirnte enalioiis. to consume our fMMl produets.
and they will le paiil for. unt at famine prict. liut
on a --:ile that will put money into the farmer's
breeches Htel;ets and bank ai-c-nmt. while bringing
aliiiiKlaut sustenance within tlie reach of the mot
inMlenite income. The cotton crop is jut small
enoiigli to put tlie world's spinuers into keen com
petition for it. aud just big enough to spread pros
iK'rity' through the South when it is sold ou the
farms at 10 and 12 cents a pound.
Why shouldn't the country he ahuudantly pro--H-rous?
Ittit the fanner wants his full share, ami
he does not Intend that his interests shall be sacri
ficed to auy other Interest. Having dug abundance
out of the ground he wants the widest market and
the !ot prices that wide and wide-open markets
will give. He is coming to know the truth that his
abundant crops and the :;! prices obtained there
for are the main sources of the much-lxjasted pros
perity of thf past eight j ears, and he has the wer
to make -(m1 his demand that if there is to le
icsrMation for e-ial inteiot liK shall not lie for
gotten. He oalil this much in the Reciprocity Con
eiitiou tlie oilier da. and he means it.
Standpatter- may -nccr at that gathering a. "the
toclprociiy farce" and pile tip tlgures to show what
iiiautities or other a,Msds ho have xdd at lower
prices tli'iu the American consumer has to pay: the
WcMcrti fanner tii! Iu-i.-t. iiihui aiv to foreign
market, in which he can sell for more than he gets
at home. It i a matter of dollars and cents with
him: a plain business prohibition. If the niontrous
Iiitigley tariff makes him pay more for everything
he buys, he iiuMMs tliat it shall, at least, not make
him take le- for hat he ells. If it M ncc-sary
fr the lioiiciiciarics, of tariff ptotection to sacrirtc
somethiiig in order to ocii foreign markets wider
to American food product-, the Vetru fanner in--i-ts
that the -acriii, e ! made; it is nothing more
than fair.
Tlie real 'cadet and m. es of the Republican
paity will make a pptcu-c f ui-ctiug tiii- demand
with a m.ike-hift. i"oiigie in the coming session
will appoint a tariff commi ion and In the elections
of ue.t j ear Republican spellbinder" will was elo-
iti jirtu-ing the cute all merits of "uiaxi-
tc-ult will 1h-taken iimier advi-emeiit b the -..i , mum and minimum" tariff reform. The fanners
...No. XI
G -s-jLla-blon 3D-a.rina- -Tialy.
U" n. r.-irr. Rulnen Slnnagrr of The Pt LnuW
I' publ'if. h.-ins duly sworn. .ivs that the actual
inihT "t full mid comploto roplon of The Dally
p-il Suml-.y Rojiutiiic primed durln-r tlie month of
Jul-. lS'O. all In regular editions, u-ji as per sched
ule behinr
Dat. fopo
i lo-t.oTo
2 MMrtn 121 ..'.
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It............. . tOI.'CO
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Si,n,ln-ri IStrgo
io tog. i no
ii.............. o i.e. so
- ios.ito
1-1 I HI .goo
l iom;7o
is togt-to
IO lnn.1n, g.',.i:to
loi-.l tor tho imeith . .
!." nil oipi,s spoil-j in
r tll.il
N-i , t,or de-trlhii'.od 3J-jrT
Aor-ice d.tiiv distribution UtOetlt
And said W I! Carr furttior ..! that the nutnbor
of copiet roiurntil and reported unld durltor the
inmiMi er J jly nij 1; l t-er rtnt. V. It. CARR.
5"iorii lo .triil aubscrlbtd before nio thii 31t day
ef Ju.y W. O SOMMKItflELD.
Jly tcrtn ev;.iic July Z'. :503.
i'.si i.tativi:" i.n:i:i:rY
in Kit -ia. by the grace of "ichol.i-. the pi-ople
ne lew t' enjoy "cou?ltlt.iliie" plivilegie. Tiiey
ill lu. iTie right, .in all -ae a few proviiico. to
'it allied tepre-ent.iiie-. who in tuin will have
'he ugh' Io -tiiily and di-eil-s legi-Iative prtiiMi-i-iion-
'I lip -unly and di-cit ion of -u.-li propo-i-tmiio
- ln primary object of the "A embly" which
I lie ' ir " pMM LiiiikhI Sattiril.l o .lll-oillle I.iu-
a:e to be cii.ti-ti-d by It. but it will ! allone,! to go
thriiiigii 'he motion- of Icgi-iuiioii. jfter which the i",-n
tlafo. Copley
. ............. lOl.Tgl
l lOl.TMl
t! IMlXtl
si . . .ft ioi.irr
22 It2.l
2:t nnd.i .. . . . . I27.-1TO
2 HU.sjOO
1" ! HP
gr. lHi.ni
2T llTw
2si lOl.TSO
:.o sUniln I Igll.gso
ttinttn. It-ft over
1 of iti,. Iliiipiie." hugely c..:nit..-.l of :i iln.iil.ir
--laivsiii ii weating monocle-, ducal i-oroiiei- ami
- gnci i .tig- and -looking clg.iieltc-. who. if they
apple c uill hjtu.l it up to the .VeM)tal Nick, who i
folid of r,-ailnig -omeliiiie- ill hit- SeJ-llte hour- when
he -n t Mknig iiiri' of the baby. Should he for
get him-iir and K. one of the bill- tliu- pa sl
up it would In-come a law for the time licing Thu-
pojitc ,i g. t,-r;iliicut maf he -aiil !o lie 1ell!.ltle
I he w. 11 iiic.uiiug moiKirch l- caicful in coiii cd
i;ig so n .. -i t make ii plain that autoctajic rub' I
ii.it 'o t ,1 -.ttirliod, but rather ri-eUforosl by the
itti'.i' g -ii-l.tr-tvemiai.i ihaiui:) I'he "lepre-enta
I .e- b int. mate-, will be pcrmilfiil io oiigge-t
uat iiien.ir. lit i-.right and toadit-e that it go tight
l oi iluiig ui-t a- it ha- 1 u doing. It will
itoitiiti.iilt . a ptitrilege of mi d crittn-ui In tion-
c tit ml UMtters. but will lu no ca-e touch upon
M'nduirciit.il law- of admiui-ttatloii Nti'hol.is
iild '!!' -otiie nshtv if you plea.-e. Popul.ir
g 11111111.11' mustn't Ik' univfl-onal.lc. l..-t the j-
e iciio-! " that thctr privilege i- "coii-ult.itie"
.iml icib- i'ia: lie i- there by divine right
!.,' il'i iisi(ile not ret too gjjy I.ct them lxar
in nta "'t " mind tliat hi- Xepolal .Nib-; and ihe
ttt: ii -tr Xilvi-f rs r. making the? genenMt-
3ri ,,i u- uw- they "are ovliic,l that tlio--
t io -!: i'I l..ie Ims;i ebs-Til b t!l isintidenre of
'''le nliV ttipe. aud who will thus be called upon
j-.liti i.ie In the lrglsJutiw work of the "ov-
iitui'ii w I' -how tlwm-cv. In the eye- of all
"Rr-Mi to i- wot thy of :U Imi'ritil tni-i in tue
rtue of win h they life liven itnlfd to -pt-rate
i til gr"" u-rk. jttid that, in j-etfect harmony
w'iIi ot'ie ii -titutioti- and autliorftles of iho -tatc
iUH 'i 1 't us. tJtey will cnntribifte protltaldy
attd MTtlott j t our hilsr- ftir the f.oll-t'eiiig f our
K t tci -u tr th r. Rtts-ta. and for t'ie strengthening
o the mutt Tcurliy and the treat of the
ricpre" nd tmn alb the-e rhree. Rut the
gtcatc-t of it-, iv -iM-urtty. There' tun-t Is 'he ut-ui-t
gil will and harniouy nits-ti thi- gi-iHl.irst.
E;icitir4i d m a and tb' Incunilvn:.- by divipe right-
will be green enough to ne.il kiln-drying if they
pay imii li attention to thi- talk. The only effective
leuicily io, in tan IT revi-ion. the cutting down of
Idllgley -ehiillllc- until they ccaoe to l ilohiIilie
and Imoine only re.i-oiiably JHOlectite.
1'ARM I.Al'.yR AMI TIIK l'i: V.K.
In it- -pie.-oi to the plantations near New rleattn
the yellow feter ha- taken for it- victim- nluto-t
wilely the newly imxir:ed am! unacchniated Italian
w ho hate -o largely -iipplalitcd negroes in the labor
of cane and cotton pi. lining therealhttu-. Mere is a
purlers. Few Ttpy eiipmaUrely;
DAetiMTusI Sektter ffartlwir mm wMek tre
Iginrel fW tsHr'pmw'iutai'aMua'ewdspasiiioK
Byroa was tke race yanvajn. ?fea botbers aboae
Byroa aowaoays? Befeejr Bans Is aot'aiacB of a.
preseat Jcat. D ear yoaas; ladies aael geatlemea
iay Vaat&iriteBttda bow,' as they did rormeriy. to
Lord Alfmr Teaayaba. er whatever bis name was V '
A'ad if 'these poets" are ayiBc ia faase. what hope
is there'fo'r ibe 'aM-deriis? What hope is there for
the 'magazlaester? What hope la there for the
able gentlemen who' write state poems? What
hope is there for the hundred and fourteen Missouri
poets? each coaaty bas'ber weet singer.' 'No. we
say. in the ftvurds of Robert Chambers, that sort of
art Is "on the Wiuk."
Will the Ea sever learn auytblng from the
West? la spite of the Kansas failure to suppnss
the bray of a donkey by court injunction, here we
have an pffefe suburb of Xew York City trying to
suppress the crowing of roosters aud Ihe barking
of dogs in the tuwn lietween the hours of in o'clock
at night and S in the moroiug. It cannot be done
tiuless they send the chickeia ami the dogs 'out of
town overnight. Some iieoplu do not like Ihvsc
noises, and iioImmI.v blames them. But Ihe vast ma
jority still hold to the belief that this country 'hoilld
not be worth living in if cocks cottldu't crow and
dogs couldn't bark.
Texas has had liarreV of advice more than she
iiecdeil about what to do with her lauds, but iu
spite of ir all he Is going ahead to s.-U a few mil
lion more acres in the same old way iu addition to
the I million anes already offered. Texas knows
her land liotter than anyliody outside the Stale
knows it. and Texas is convinced by experiem-e that,
in the loug run she gets more money out of it by
taxation than by leasing.
Illinois may take note of the act just ia-sed by
the Georgia Legislature doing away 'with negro
militia in that State. The foul condition in which
the negro soldiers from Chicago left Camp Lincoln
r.i-ciitly and their unpleasant collisions with the
white troops do not speak well for their efficiency
a- a part of the Slate's military force.
This Is certainly a great wiintry.' said an Eng
lish manufacturer passing through St. Louts on
Tiic-day. We don't ne.il an Kuglishman .nine
over here to tell us that, though we are very glad
to hate him recognize the fact and say so. This
t-ertniiily i a great country, the very greatest that
ever hapIM-Ued.
I'urielyoii i- now mentioned for promotion to the
Hi-t of Secretary of the Treasury after Shaw iiits.
Verily, for a young man with the right capacity to
learn things, the Job of private secretary to a man
of large affairs is the lost sort of road to prefer
ment. The new field of oil gu-hcrs resirteil from Texas
is another iimtirmation of the hitherto existing no
tion that if the lme Star State lacks anything she
wants she has only to hunt around a bit iu order to
tind it right at home.
l.uNe Tuasae.
Hari-i'- Weekly.
E.iKaer:ite,l .hrae 1- becciiilny etiMeliiic. The lre.!
lietit liltn-lf to-caii It liv otllcially proiiotiacini; an of
fviullui: mrmtrT of the Government various kin.l of a
"ooiiudrel. and callhic uMn Attorney General Moody to
punish hi in In accord-nice with his presumed d.vertn.
The cautious Attorney Co :er.l replicl that lie would se
about it. If after such trial a- our remnant of a Con
stitution puanintee. to cltlz.11" under acvu-ijtion the
man should bo declared Ki:I!iy. t'lie punishment would
t- duly adniinltereil. Th"ii Goternor I J Hollette haj to
stand i.p in a ciowded railway car ami publicly ex
pret an earnest desire to partUipat In a lyncbtiis
teo at which President Stuyv..int Fi.sh of tho rari
uav enmKiny should be the eentr.ll tlcure. Kaser li
trlet Attorney WilH.iui Ti.crs Jerome followed with .t
tlel'iu. liHrmii-so.irum ntia'k niton everybody uithin
r.ine of his ln-iit.il tiiou. Pinal! v at I,-at so let u.
i:oi the Rover nd Doctor Krunk V t!iin.ini.i!t of Chi--iso
,1-clares In an ltiiKisslono,l addr's that "the me
man of the world who matches Joiiw Christ in s-rious-no-i
f purpo-e. in jiurlty of life. !- TleHnloie RiH-e-ett
" High pr.il-e. tli.it! So hisli. indenl. that an "--pl.iu.itioii"
.11-11. d to th- ffrct that "tho whole matter
ib I-ml- tiMiu nlieihr or not Christ was perfi-ct." Ac
(.pttsl tnehtlon notild have made the tthole matter de
tnd m)ii tth-tber Mr. Roos.-eIt i t-crf.-ct. It I- -urely
a curious rvers.il of -tandard tliat Induces a. minister
of the gosHl id match the S-ivior with a human b inir
of the pjc.-ciit day. sti.-clally tf tin- app.irent diy.nl-
' alalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaSas "
: LBBBBaB V ::
11 bIbIbIbIbIbIbIbIbIbIbIbIbIbIbIbIbIbIbIbIbIbIbIbV' 'aslataH
' ' paHaSfi1"7 latataH ' '
BtatalBlBlBaHMBlaL' H..-. - vH
atalBlBlBlBlBMHlBrvU 'bsbIbIbIbIbIbV
, , BBBW-s' "-- aTsasBsBsBBBBBBBsBBBT H " I
PPPP-K'-v?' bbIbIbIbIbIbIbIbIbW ' ' st'l
PBW'tH-rcVPPPPPPV. i-r-- - -!. -..-C-iHr
, KJasat' - . -; aaaaaaaaaaT .. -5r :.--. .-v.-, I
The picture was taken -liortly b, fore the divorce trial Ikju'ii at Wooster. O.
It has attract) d national attention because of the seu-aliou.il Muries connecting
prominent annv t!Ic rs.
SHTiiil Kciiie.sfiiiaiixes Fiihii K.-ich llrniirli Will tie Sein tut'ap
ilals uf ilu !'rimii;il t'oiiiiirics of the Wmiil lo St inly Their
Sysl'ins Itclicvi'il Tli.il t'huiiye Will 1 Jesuit in Open-Hum' I'ol
icv :t ml .(.'loser IJflttl ions Willi tin; 1V.ts.
oo for hiat bJs
Washington. Ave ?). China's Govern
ment, villi soon be lemiriilr.ed .i!onu l.i-:
lilies; f .ill tint Is l-st hi t!l .idiehllstlj
the s.M,lll of Ucelleiit.il il.llt rii s.
Sir "! nu.: IJaug I'lu-n. !. i"h !
.M!rr-ttr to ihe 1'niti.l S:at- . ha o-'n
mlvl-ed bt ab. ot tin- .ipi!iiim- ..t at
1'el.iii of sjr-iiil iepr-s-ntal.V s of the
various bra-ich, s .f tie- Gueriiii)-nt h
will v 1 -It i tie I'ulttil St it"? and Knrup"
to m.tl.e a clo-e lud of iJiiu mtn-'iil s
tems. .Mieit firetmne ii of ;ill tln--e i!!. ui'-s !
Tune; lo:!. ii-ero) of lltm.iii. lu uur-
taxation Is conlierl the thins most nir
to thoruiich ciimmercial development la
t il.ui. Til. re Is i.u doubt liut the Hi
cl lis s.-elvliii; a truce "111 btvtold In W.ish
inglon that if thet will do avtat uitli t!e
I. kin, they will make a lonu step forwaid.
Till- done, t'tet will have lilddc si Ijegln
nhiir of tin.;re.ss a.iin.-t the y-tem f
Ki.ift or '-iiiene" whiih Is ion ami
ariel ef the Chinese sy.-l.lu of govern
ment. At preent each oii7eI.il Is paid a meaner
t:il.ir. which he Mlppl.'liienn In biildln
out part of ill.- levemies he eolbvls. lie
pase- the r iii'ihilng part "hi-iher tip."
where the iit!ilin' oi.t is repeated :md
, Icrfr.atr. walck Is to the Rock
Iataad-Mercw-HflodcTson MomtorUI dis
trict. stroar for James McKtoiaey. for
bmt caalimn of tbo Executive ComaUttea
of the Republican State Committee ami
former member of tke Railway and Ware
house Commission. McKinney broke
openly with Yates, in the early days of
tke Tates administration, and resirne.1 hl.i
1 1 4 Job as a. Ralraay Commissiter. His Mt-
iwiicts to iiiv lannrr uovvrnor is Till
known in tbo territory adjacent to hi.-
Henderson, the smallest and pivotal
county, has a candidate, in the person of
Clarence GlttiriKS- As to Henderson w.n
handed the menibor of the Board of
Equalization, at the last Congressional
Convention, at the wish of the Sherman
senatorial district, it U understood that
the Glttlr.s candidacy 1s only to rave th-?
car for seme jockey Inir by the county's
delesatlon of nine In the Bushnell ton
ention. Five votis (rom Itcmlrrsttn wrt settle
the congressional nomination as retween
the Sherman and the ICoeK Island sena
torial, districts. If a ileal nthich as put
throuah at the convention List sprmc
holds good. Henderson will stick niti tin
lower countUs anil either Rankin or
Cliandler -.v!H nomlnatetl. dependent
l.irselv upon the wb4ien of Stinnun.
Otlieri"e McKiuney may be the man.
It is the understanding that Sh'-rai m
tvill show Ins cards lit the Rubnell ilomss
anil it is for such a rtts.ui the t iillom.
Y U - prr.i ii. lj.len. Hamlin and les" r
lljtlit- in thu party have tat ir eyes on the
proce. dines. It would not be at a.H
strai- v -bould Sherman tale so Mvorab.o
an opportuuUv to unnounco his own can
dld.tu for the Senate.
Mr aid I!r. 15 3t t-tewers nf Xew Yerk
Cl:y are SuBthern ret'. "
Jrthn i. Jtorry ot liti.n H r-clerrd at tin
-I V.,S!-an of Ootconla. II!.. i amnnc tht
Southern arrival?.
II. VV. Kneun of S(norr. In.!.. Is a. cuest at
tfte Souther.!.
Iw VV I!hrlalitl-m of ti.Mln. Tet . U
anxnc ttie piimt t th- Southern.
tVbtiatu Muore of Kana Oty Is at th
B. 11. Sl'anal of New Orleans l nt th
-Mr. ami Xtr. O ". Ilalrr.es or lMrMn.
Kai-.. are l';.tn'er? euejt.
Mr. ami Mrs. William Price Jr. of Sturt
cart. Art.. re am.im; tie- arrivals at ihe
-l!r. ar..I Mr. T. J. Collin of Arkansas ant
at tlie l'lantern.
Mr. r.d Mrs It. It. rjeorpe of Inisil.
Ky arrive.! e-urd.it- at the lptantr.
-Mr. ar.d Mrs T .1 Ujfon of New Orle.iuc
rame t' the PLsnters )e-rn!.iv.
J I fihlpp of Chattan.ss Tenn.. sr.ei.ff
of Itanilltn C.unl. H rest"tt r .1 at tn
J. K. Uencttt of TaIorvll!-. III., t n Li
c!e.!e rca--st
M t. (Irant of Om.ih.i is at the 1ac!.l-
- Harry H Alexander of Cape flirur.iedu. Mo.
!s at in tjirl.Je.
! i. IJr.d-ny of ter.ver reslstere.! yrsVr-d:t-
at ll'e Hotel Jelfersou.
- l- J. iielarev of Kan-sis City !s a rrJet at
the Hotel JrftVr-OI.
W VV. i:rk!ieM of (."eteland is a Baett
ut tha Hotel JtfTrrt.'n.
Inif the !- r ojtir..ik Ii I'' lce :i ,:)),r- u ,,.,, u tllrIi j,,,,. ni(. Trea.-urv
I.iyimnei.i part im ii.e p oic .on cs ine or ,,.,. Kmili, .. ,,i.,,. .-...n,,,, r ....,,
inis-ionarie-. Another ollicia! b it: atisl
for the same dut;. Is Chu Chi Chans'. As
sistant Minliter of War who was i-ecetill
made a niemlier of th..- Chlte-M Ciblnei.
A third I- thu assistant AUiiUl.r of
Klnanve. T.i! Iluatii; Chi. and a fourth Is
a Prince who Is a prominent olhclal of tho
.ri-tinallk colli etl The -tudt of
iAfiiieiit.it st-lerus i f ta'vailiin tvill doiibf
Icss 1- the duty of Ti.i iiii.inic Chi. the
As.-j.st.,nt .Minister of l-'itiain-e
The fact tint the A-stst:ml Minister of
War is coiniiiK leads to the belief that
China s.ek- better know I, due for tie- de-
Chinesu Foieliru Otllie. but vvhuso mime j v lupment f I., r miiltaiv blremtth. Yuah
us transmittrM bv cable is yd fjart.iod that
Sir Cheiitune Is not certain of his hkntiu.
Tonir I-'ouc i'as a son. Toko, who Is le-IrK
ducatrd lu WashltiKtoii. and bus iitot
smashed Ills third aulotnoLlle
s'lGN ok prugri:-;.
On the part of all dote observers tif
Chlne-e aftaira. tneluiliiii, 1- H. ",ncer.
now- American Aml.audor to China, this
is re(-atdt-dT as a most sii-iiiticuic s'S"
.roeret!. Iluhtrto. Cbintse ollicials havu
vi-lted fcrelpn countries and have inado
Inquiries ah to metlii-ls of civil adminis
tration. They have not been mti I of s.i.
ficient inlluent-e to tntiohtco Imiiiove.i
methods at home. Tins men who are no.-,
to chcle the eii In cearch of tho bt
ld.a for application to tho P. kin t.'v?.rii
metit. lominand th- -ar of tho his eil
w-irrs hi China. They represent the pro-
...... -t. !... rf-.- .... .l 1..- !.... I tujI. !.. flie!-
fora,.ti..ti lactor in the lal.r i.roblom at the South. Wfcj ,c hp Inatj.r ,Ih s)(. KitN.r? ,VrIl.lp, tt W)IlI,,
le-tter asimi" tli.it txrr.'-lve heat le;ar too heavily
tivvat The b'a-t shvv-of a Hcrr Most -tiirit vvouM
1 fatal. The nvnliaeJ;aiiil-iti,.onn aemb!y
K, trust 1-' careful to suppr--. u Ib-u TiUutatis an.l
R. Jot Ihiilys
t'or ?: thitt-r. however, thi- lilu-triou- and his
tory tuakluc tloutua sh.-.ul.l Is-- tii-cfally srrasr.ul.
ami that N the tar"s oti-hterateni- in protWIusr
that mt'itilxT -halt hot It rosj.itt-lb'tt ti their -ou-
tlliirr.it. Hit riueijie i-a ru- jtic ta itemiTatii
tlltf 'rt U sivttts, ; Ih? eutiMy l.ejiral atnl
Tlie ino-i tniilili live latltl- of tile I.ower JUB-ie..
sljipi. tlie Ya7iM.. the Rrazo-. tlie IJitl. the Arkatis.i-.
the Alabama ami the Savannah River lll'.ins are
iiialaiioiis. ami the ip'-zro is the only I.-iUiier vvh.
h:: jirovitl iiiimiilie to till- intliieiice lie i- im
mune even to the deadly "country fever" of the
South Carolina ri s.a-t.' Can the iali:iu r any
other Kur.in-in laborer ever siii'iI.iiii linn in ijcli
Prvibablv not. unless thee fat lainN aie fnvil of
iiiiasin.i :iK. it is -a M. th newly ilr:iit;.-. land- if
Southca-t Mi uiri have Ik-oii. In the early .-eltle-up-nt
of Souiii 'arohiia -turly In-h atnl Scotch enii-"Tatit-.
brouh over to n:ltivat rice ami imiiuo on
the -:i-t. ilieil ;u.e Uiiv-- fr it i the emanations of th"
in.ii-hie The tie-iro tlouri-lieil aiuaziti-zly.-auil Iro-cuu-e
tioN-ilv i !- fottlil ilo their work the Carolina
I'l.tiiter-. alone ..r all the Atnericau colonist-, iila-lly
nts-ivis', .nin. i:i- them the -a vase itijuive- from
Afr'n-i. All tho oth r ilutiles foiisht tin slave
trade whiih lreat Rritaiii iniixi-'-il uisn tlu'tit.
The tiosro ha- a tuoimiMily of lalior .u the most
jir.luciive lauds iti the worlil If he will only make
i "ji-oil by -teailine in work. If not. the owners
of the-e lain!- tiuist tit thorn for white lalior by
pikti:y fi;ri:i:iM; 'it
Several eijrreint!etits ijuote j,.oerry to nvV
The Hctmbllr iu the vvrons when it tniMIy uitiinate-
otherwi-t the t ashaiit jtrlvtlt-st- will lie ;ak,u j that ver-,' t- th-tt-riti'; out. Amient ioeiry is not in
jljjt. As for nio!t'rn. It may Is ailmittisl that
! .srT,e:. etilorful ami hlsbly -eaiitneutal vorsc
i- N-in-r cotuj-o-rtl ami e..-vahmal!y jirinteil. It !.,
!caint. l-erhaii-. actsinlius as jour ta-e !!-. but
Is It jvetry? af the Ievll would have aW when he
b-sfatitctl upja art
Mr Iliei-ovfit -!, ts:l as the le-1 evhb.'nvv of
jHftryV rvhabllltatitiii a jtiett of blank ver-e lie
script! of a Northern woil throttsh which a wet.
f;-ty wlral wa- his-iuc aatl ilrivius. Yon fouti-l
iin-tK-r in th Ku?-iatt rav. Ynj ran't s,-rt etl f r.iuillar siibjivJ- liatnlbil in a tiHm tua-terly nun
s' atvl lainimii. ami joit can't ioiJeruitiJivtne rislit) br a lialf-t-utury ao; The i,'tn- of a o-ntury
it autl Nst-t a Cxar on tb one haitl ami strive, for j aco. tw cvnturie-. thtx- wnturiv- asu. four n-
J ivpular ri-ih:s on the othrr hanl. it i- , ;o I turtc- aso imprvve as they reoxsb into th pat: tlar
4 m-rc not.kv ou the pti,lv " Kus-ta risti' at th, t- :r s-y. sv-nomlly -jeakln-r. their iHiahty i. In the
-Ivuts-et that it i lotw. of their t)is.ines wliat tic- j ilinvt ratio to their renTOteness. and aiany ill asree
fe CovvaytvackaBCwtitotvaskts Su. In thi- alnfaee of that the rule applies clear lick to the time of
jjtch a tinw-ly ltotiK fjf iwmm raisbt want to or-j iiuturr
if caaTse Teuth Wanl Ittsivrovetrent moieties and hausi. lst Homer is le-so i.r.pular tolay than ever !e-
-t15r putative rt? present-lives with !ieu:i reix. , fore Ihtate i almc-tt arsilut4-lj- unread. Shaksv
tvbieh viu.M be eiulrrasitic to say the li Xo. pear tho dramatist remain, but not Shake;eare
5li'lliiorahlv yK'helas truki- it pJafu thai V -m- the utiteteer Milton mivm only to ihrn iiotaler-
fcw- . . - -v v -... t ...
fdiaaitm j vuny it
artlioetits have ituthias lo ilu vrllh tbc caret ',
TT"- ? Z V
xte cvHU
iih.:i highly setiitiz.-d minds. yn,i vi t e at that.
Car erf.
New York Tiiii"
"W,-i.- vou ever In all voiir life 5lum and dl.cnn
tnielr a-k.-l on.
yes; orjee I wius plum down in the mouth." owned
I'nelc lb rift, with nil air of candor. "Rut I col cured
ri3ht on, and 1 ain't evr had an attack of the blues
since then
"Do tell us almiit it."
"Wll. Ii was vthcii t was a jotins man. I had jit-t
tot a Job vtorkin" on the die Canal. It was scttln" late
in th" fall, and I hadn't any shoes to my name, ami 1
li.ul to send home evert- red cent, except what would
teed me I dfln't how I was to jret a pilr of shoes
before winter set In "
"Well, that was hard lln- "
'S I thoiiKhl " said t'neje Henry, smllins. "until one
lay I Riw a fell.-r on the street that hadn't any feet 1
can't rtahtly say as I've ever bt-n di-srvatented sincj
I lerlliMtlota aatl Polille.
Harfr's Bazar.
Well do 1 remember arrlvlnz one summer In the coun
try In New- Jersey, and while th Iwtby Te.im-d for
fivl I vtn patiently mnkinc a t'rfectly scientitlc in
v estl-wtfon of the only milk to had In the place
rut have the e l'ii nclsleriMT" I thought to
ask Just as the Ktby whs alrout to b'rln. stiatchlnir away
the Irf'ttle N'fore. it was everla-llasly too late
'Recite-reil?' Oh. thmiderr croaneil the mere father.
'.who would feeil his chM any kind of unverified milk
ju-t to stop u crj-Inr. "Ret-lstered? What next?"
Wht rearon the ympathetlc man farmer put In: "Re-,
i.trreil Why, bless yo'i. mlseti. every one of them
cows old t-nouzh to vote; and II vine so near Phila
delphia, of coare. they fcave been registered la half a,
dozen precincts."
. irAvernnii'iH v tin ii
n'eTworke'd . ulew UnrV 1 in !e
if eclbm of cultlvatlnr ?" ?"
and i-diUcal relations v.itli --""''' '' '!
T.t. -.. -if III. SUIIM' " -
2JS.KT:, aw ikeuf-ieliance .. the ,rl
f th chln.se ptuple.
r-i.lilll ertelisioo in tie
At'i.ii ,ii. ir
"iiiH-a-dtior" poh.y hi China, with the J -m
test parts of the Rmplre j-li. tr.U-d l
ra lioa.Is l.ullt bv rorelsn .-.piinl vv ItU the
Gnveriunenl at IVlslii " ak.iied to area -lr
it "i tli.it It "ui-t restrain bursts of
fmtlci-ii asamst th "foreie,, .hvils."
fanatici in a-ai i i china: and
.Sli.il Kai Command, r ia Chief of the
Chm.se Army and one of rl.o stroiiRest
lien I i II Kmplie I as orsanl.-t .1
sjib. nihil. thuUKU co-uparatlvely small.
liKhlhie- force. Two Chlmse 1- have
been admitted to U.-I Point to learn tne
arts of vvjr under Am-ricm ausjiices. Jap
anese othters are enuaed in trahil'u
chiio -v triHjjis Imriii"; th openittoris in
Manehu'la the fi.rrs miib r General y-tan
Shal Kai vv.restror.K eiiuimh todtswiiniKf
iiiv.c-ion of Chin -e teerltorv -oiilh of
Jlaiichuria. even tlioiish Clilnese ueii
Cality w is- lepcalidly violat.d weat of
the IJao River.
I'l'l'I.Ii .' SKNT1.M i:.N'T.
The Clilm-se te.veninwnl. ! spite Km
M.lposeil abs.i.ii: turner, responds iiiiek-
Iv to p.iblic senl'inent. Mr. i.mi:er. when
Mb ist-r at !. km. found lb - Korelcn Uf-
ti favoralile to m:uiv of his simutMioii-.
bill fearful to put tn in into effect Ij.--
iu.e of a.Ivees ,.i.u.ir seiitlir.ent In va
rious Provinces. The thln v. hull mak-s
It s0 dt!lul U stop tin antl-Ani. rlc-.ui
Ihivci.m Is tb fact tb.it t is m, iMpukir.
The i'.jv r-mieiit dishk.s to aiitaKonUe a
popular idea. , ,
I'or this rca-on President i:ooeveit Is
evpeeteil to make a special elfort to lin
press the hlnrse of bi"h di sree who :,ie
.rm to vlsU the I'tiited Stales with !h.
Id.. i not alono of Am rb-a's fritnd-h p. but
of the dtslre here felt of tn-atlns that
country riilly on a iiU'ines'S u.iris.
MlMonriarii it .New York.
New York. Ainr. 3. hioiik the arrivala
at th hotels l.re to-day were the fol
KinuiK from Missouri:
si liaj. t. Yeiuiir. 1. K. Vainbrerlft. Mr
It. i:iK-rt. I'alk Avenue: ;. K. lUlT. Mrs. VV.
. Watrrtsn. Manhitt.in. Mrs. H S httari. At.
-k-hwutz. iaiitrrlanJ: !. I- Harris. HcniM
.-luarr. II slilele. Holland: V T J.u-o's.
sato . I:. W. Culllns. Murray IIIII: A -I'lanke
nI Mrs. Plank-. Hotel Ator: J Vv.
liaker ami Mrs. It-iker. Navarre- J. II. Smith
r mi Mr., smtih. .il--ev; II. J Merrick and llri.
M.rrl.-k. spalllnc. M. U Glass. Albert; C. K.
l:u:l. r llr.wlwiit iMitral
Kiin-u- 1l ll!s H. Jt. Clark. Mrs. c. A.
And et.s Iarih...ii; J Miwre. Hofrmnn: c R
VVliiimaii snd Mra. Whitman. Vn.!onic: tt. II
MiCi.r.l and Mrs. MtCord. VV ooila anl : Mrs 1
Mwsl. llrrall s.iuate. Jc. K t:illelt and Mrs
,-.. ..II.lt. M.UllelttaU, T II. l:eno!J. H'Sel
St. JuMes.b K. If S4 hnrlJer. Herald Square.
At 4'lalratzw llottrla.
RKivr.uc .-nscriAi.
nd.-aei,. HI., Aug. 'Ji St. Iuiis persons;
rKl-tned at hotels hi Chicago 10-day are:
Auditorium T. U. Iiub. U. 1". Grant. II. -Hajubr.:.
VV 1. Ketiiiiit.
sr.ermtn Iloue 1. C- Watyon
Morrli.n b. 1". liiuanne or.d wife. U. X
Ki.l't:hof S. ?. Oliver.
Great. ,.r:m.ro A. tf- Itoefl and wift. Mrs.
it. II LlttKit. U II Tlt.Ieir.rtn.
Uilsea-H J. Mti'ller. J. M. SSiarkey. fk
Paini.r Hon Mrs. G. V". Klershelm. Ik It.
M.-lunr and wile.
Italian Seriously hurt
in battle royal over beer.
er-c-it chans are commi: over i.niu.i. eouniry runy on .1 uu-ium i;...-.;-.
U,e GovirnmViit at Pekln. ".'''M'-V It is now rea'lzed th.c th.re Is need of
with Ihe row t. m1111ercl.1l spirit. Inds 11 rlixinc to ruin.i throiich olh. r than
-elf oblii:.-.! 10 ndoot modern m-thods .r mre (J,vjoma:.. channels, ass-irames that
dolus liu-lne In-teail of clmeim: to the Jhi. ,-Illltll state will inmlerat- lis e
......... .. iii.-i. 'or centuries baa er.t.ii ., .,., .... . r..0-ii,.,t.. th.; entrance of
.....ii. ....... .11
Vt.ll til-
-uccessiv.j dvnasiies.
. s .1 1..I-- ..I.. ... ... .... flm.lK.Ii
. ri i.it. 4ii i'r-sir:iiiH' i-ii" ?". v-ti -.., ii
It vvill iiot It down the Kirs for ludis-
Abi.I.th.1. r ihe ,.rescmJe1Meniof I.lkln I trlminatc admi.--ooii.
if I'ltile se la! ir 1 '-
I.i,'.,.,,:,t ttvvn.oi-s 1'ositio,. in i:,.,,uli!i.:.i,'o,,.'.-si...,.'.l 3I...I
I io for Hi.- Koiiri.-.-l!i IIlii"-''s IMMrirt Will Uv Sirun-: l--tr
' i,r,. iioiiiiii;ili..ii-H- Has a I-irji" iVrn..:l F..ll..iuji
Thn.iplinr ilu- Siatv. t'!i:u:lk'i Can.li.lalu fr Hi- Oumiy.
Tl.e ey-.s of p-ditichuis In Illinois nr-
... .j . i...ji,.i. 11 where.
dirixted thW vt.,.k t Ibuhnjll. -he:
la Thur.-.liy n- t. ,lb.,;rM,,feVh."
nublicm ."onctes.-ion.il Convintlon for tie
rVmrteenth l)L-t...;t. which wil -':
Drlaar NMr Eaay.
Harper's Weekly
One of the moJcm schemes of phv steal development
tjiat have won favor . a ytemitic method of breathlas:.
A certain Inquirer who was Int-rr-ted In the prlnclplei
of this system recently wrrote to of of Its profesrn
fer a deis?rlptlve pamphlet. One of the rules on the ant
pice rend as follows;
-After the numin; bath take a de-p br,vth, retain
it as lone as possible-, then slowly riptre."
He deddM ri to try th" system.
A Svot Mtker-la-Law Jake.
Smart Set.
Prisoner: "Yes. Ill admit I killed my mother-in-law
but I'ra sorry 1 done RT"
His lawyer: "Teifare? Then, perhaps' I can get you
oS on the: ground of Insanity.'
Smart Set-
He -Then yoJwil! er th roe. driinr
Srie: -Y-r. riarrr-Tjt. oh. Geort -couldn't me ur.
m auatc oa-faiuoaci uaz&-1 iat rjt cat aatiaaaciria taatr
. . . ......u.m..n C1L1
a jiior to 1 lie iao; iisiv-ii'i v.-,.-net
H. K. .Marsh.
The conc-essiinal seat 1 not the only
itrti at staki. Otclltloi.s wt.Ieh bat
ari'en In the ; euunt... of the .l.-.rw
havo bioiisht the Republleah Lull"!
States setmorlal llsht into the oiiBr 1--r,n.tl
disturbance, and the vi. of tw-n
Senators .inl at least four Repreeenta-tiv-
In the ne.xt ly-si'lnture may rtepn
liruely upon the result of Thurtday eon.
itntlo'n. , . , ,,
The inr.n important emanation wilt 11
mat- come from tl.e IM.u ell eo-ifab -evill
le the definite announeenH-nt o: tne in
teiitlons or I.itttence . 911'iiran. w n
a resid.:it f the district. H also Ihe
the Lieutenant Governor of th Stale ano
1...... -uition. us between the hederal
crowd and the State administration, hat
nut le-en cle.r or late.
Sherman ,ns iKn in Cote ..I., fo.
montlK. ard IltUe has x.n heard of th"
.MclJonouch County stitesman. Jn tli'r
"dope" which has teen- flylnc aim-;
SprinsSel I an J In Ohe-aieo and In variout
other p-rts of :hr Stale, where the te-j-atorlal
situation W dis-iise,. Shorman n
mine. ha not lCn sirorutly to the fore.
ll the same, both Shelby aL Cullom atj-l
Richard Yates Mvould tes bverjoyttl tfl It
they but kr.ow what Sherman had In hi!
mind as his prosramme for anion In th-i
ccmlnc senatorial eoste-tU The Joy totoII
naturally ccrr.e frora the assurance tht
Srerrrin and hl sapjortere thmncr.Ml
the Stat were to take a definite srlarnl Itt
tbe cue or the other
The lavorcu one wuuhi inr i-hj" ut
f.em Western Hhpols The candidate from
his own coilnty is tormer State Senator
c. V Ch.,ndler. nno of th" staid- Iiiiam lers
of the county, and a uronjr shcrtnao man.
He won bis county In a primary ti-at by
a subst.inti.ai victory over Jouir Krank
lin. who has P-on known as yontthin?' o.
a Yates man.
Han.-f -k "ount is In Snerm-vn b rna
,.r ii iti.iru-: ami has the Slat Senato
ti the n- ion of Senator Orvhb- I Rerr.
who plaoa a Itun. iuukj 10 10- hjm-..-:ion
of the ennte boit session ard one or
th field rrunasers .f the Senate "Cum
Urc " IUih-h'K Is the only county In ties
eonKTest..iMl district which has no can
didate f-r Consn s atul "ends n delept
tkin to the convention uni'iBtructed but
directed to vote as a unit-
Wiirrri County Is the t. ltd county In
the Sierman inator1aI d'etrh t. Gtors'
C Rankm. one or the most ;iiiular men
in ttv uolit.iry tract, received the unani
mous ndorsment of the county. He wajt
Jn the lcbiture for four yearn and ws?
the cnatrrnan of the Kepibh-an eau us
whel iHtminatei! Cullom ohm Tanner He
refus:l to rrmit a secret l.vtSot on sena
torial preferences which . deinan led hf
ihe TatHter men ami W iriven thi r edit
prartltaliy for the election or Cuilomthe
bi-)t time. ....
In return, be nis tueti r.n.iir? ."
Ale Is trmurw l Knurked Uowra Wit
Club for reJtiir .'miMialasi ttf
ItrinlJlsiK Tun Much.
In a I '.it (!.- royal amomr three Italians
over a bucket of beer about inidnish't Sat
urday, in the rear of No. -WC: Clatou av
iiiie. Nick S.-innne. IX years oM. was struiK
over the bead with a club by either Pelro
or IVIereaa Arc insnelo. brotlrerH. j.,mone
was knoi-k,-.! unconscious.
Jjoclor i:. M. Sli-ets of No. 4.Vi rhoiilt.au
avenuo was summoned and advls.-d the ri -moval
if the Injured man to St. .Mary's
Iniiriuary at Fifteenth and Itipiti str-ets
s'.moue sustahitd a sevore salt tvouml
and a fracture of the kull. Ills condition
Is considered preeailoiis.
Pelro Arclietielo and live other Italians,
who w.-n- wiltif.sct to th, bKht. but who
refii'tsl to make a statemti.t. were hi
rented. Th- witnesoes were: Joe Nicholas.
John S ir.one. Nlchol Galia. Ifcn Polmero
and IMrtn-ru Archenelo.
The Archenel brothers and Semone, wt re
drtiikiiiir a bucket of b,er. and th.- tlsiit
vtus ti, outcome of a auarrel caus.il bv
Setmuie's charsinc his ,-omp'inious with
drlnUliicr more than their share.
I.11111 Wj.lkcr Coiiviutt'ii of Kill
ino liny T. ll;inistiii.
West, plains. JIo.. Aug. - In the Ozark
County Circuit Court at Gainesville laim
Walker was convicttd of murder hi th"
seitmil dejrtee for kililricr Guy T. lIarriMn
List month, mid his punishment tlxed at
ten years in the Penitentiary.
narrlson was a p'omlnent Republican
tolitlelau lie and Walker (!i.-irrcl.l and
Walker -hot him. Walker claimel lf
I'.irksi; of CJrains Contains lust
Worth -.'i,.
Mrs Henry Tltr.mermcir. who lives a
No. ZZ Wtjt Seventeenth street. AI1011 e
cently purchased a sack of "packa-""
con",,.-' from ler srocer artl after takes;
it home found therein mited tii'Jt t
coffeo sralns a hrir-ht-Iookltur snbstiirtr
alHiut the tize f a jw.-i. which sh save I.
S.itur!ay she went to St Louis arid 1 i
her tind Invest I'cated nnd nsjrsl, r I
sas It la cold worth about .
T Kroni The Re-iuMle. of Anc 2. 1"
Hee'ric llchtiriic wast ttatcl at the
Jlerchants" Kxrhaes:.-. but dltl not
. prov satisfaetory to the- .ird In
cnarse. ir w.is ihtiuwi io nave a
p.Hi..ii at 'Wsrhinslon In the .Tie of .he birse, paa chandelier instaliarl. in
Comnlrnllrr of tfc- Currency. He has al-I Stead
wy tar-n a strone Snerma-i suptsarter.it t oionei t narics 1. Hunt. own-T
persoiiaHv- -md rolltical.v. UN piifssur of thft barr-el rink and armory
in the- jsrlslature. Kvetltt C Harlln. w.t- j bulldlnr-. st-urd that tho Ire could
em tif in- Shem.'in1 "Zf and has alwuys I not have starte,! from a rrrit-oil
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trie siill'UW lyWsl BUI iieiTl.
-'Trnw-ar-at- TwSST Yic after a term of Jril-i. "" taMt.ht n'UU an lnnt..
kSi of prnmimae la the state- His ha!1 a vote .ach. The . striernw , lwiw' . e la tta-IBtweM 01 Texas immi- a
SaTSsans are aa-wed from Uauk.ssa W. cro lked out and searles whe head- .C?' , ,H. nMP ,.h. ,. 1
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primar'. he-e-a plunlitv riw-t w-.uH , wfe df),,,e, ,-
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posl to play oat of the cani which fc
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Julse Slaerman wilt return from foloradfi
rWore Thnrrday. arrf he will r- al thi
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roll call of c-viTitJs hod been eorapleteef
ajejk.courn a 'err narnea a,-na"ie H
IVere. tb" rJcw smtialr. and the head
of it-af Ktderat crawd j.-j Northwestern 1
ri1.sva V-bBsr-A woa nntnltul .--.ka !..
a trarteti cttentlotL, and It wsj estl-
a malts J that the bulldini: alone would a
t txast n.o. tf
w j Vincent ojuaKtrer or tne Tiur
0 teenth Ward was announced as a
canelitlato for the la-istnre.
:The Gundeker-5vbeU Wectlon enn
troverzy attract.-! rrreat attention
in political circles.
n'j-e. Irere was nominated over AIJn. J jsticWtary Lrwts Clarlt of the Jock
ws rs vej but the half of hiss-ountv's . rh.K .t.,. ,--r- i. Vr,a t.
C'ifialiC-, ' X krlrtr both Uaud SL and St. Jallen
ey rtnb stated thar he hoped to
a a brlrtr both aiaim . ana sr, juuen
Trt tht freest ctap all of the okl Sher- l St. IjuI Irr the fall. tr appear
r.vji-tst'--i!i eritwd came in and lieJsierf A at the Cm Urilllacte traek."- tf
AUea aj acahut Searlc ana probably aj; aV
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