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The St. Louis Republic
M. lVeese Vsrlest.
Pair and sttgbtlr cooler, with
variable wliwli. light t freak.
For Missouri Fair FrlSar. cool
er In eootliem portion with Bst
wrday fair but nnn'r. Vartabl.
sriada Uirousbout Bath days.
Tclertar,i Ceadltleaa.
Woother Tlouir In the morn
ing. eiar thmuehout aftenione.
Temperature, tutlmum 0 degree
t 5 o'clock p m: minimum. 71
at t a. o Vlnd. direction, north
mt In (oraans. ret In after
noon: mulmum IoHty. 3 miles
rr hour at 7 a. rn. Precipitation.
.11. Humidity, masimum. S3 per
test it ". m. Uarnnler. at
a. rn DM: at J p m. 3 at.
Sue of the river. II feet.
Run Tin. 122- eun te. It:
length of dr. U:S. Moon re.
1:11. New mem. August JO: lint
ewarter. 8er.ttirbr I: full mvat.
Septemter B: lat ijuarttr. ap
ternber ZL
Rnaots TSfr Friday, warmer la
snath rrrflon: (wiurday fair, wanner In north
east portion; fresh northeast wind, becoming
Indiana Thtuar showers ana cooler Friday
Is aouth ana central, fair In north portion:
Fatorday fair, wanner, fresh north to cut
Arkansas, mrishnma. Indian Territory. Je
braaka Fair Friday and Batursar.
Xlsaourl-Falr Frltey. cooler In south sr
tlrn: Saturday fair, wamv-r.
Iowa ralr. warmer Friday: Saturday fair,
warmer In east prrtUm. ,
Kantcp Fair Fri-lay. wanrcr In north per
tine: haturday fair.
Western Tea'ia Fair TWay. .scent show
ers and cooIt In the rar.hani!!-. Saturday fair.
Eastern 7xs eneral!y Fair Friday and
Saturday. llcM muth wind on the coast.
Oa ID mm II. Birth. Xarrlavo
aid Barlal RreaNi an Ner Caraar
aflaaa aa Paara S. Ileatk Xatleva mm
lae 7. Veaacl MeTeaeaii aa rasa 3.
1. Rrfacrr Raat Kladra Vallcw.
Trleaaaie- Told Her Uaaaaaa.
I.lllle Ilaae for Tearv.
i rare far Caaaaaaatlaa.
Fraaee la Mare Asalaat Xararea.
Maa Klllrw Befare Creaa.
X. Wltto Adaalta War la Dark.
i:iaat llaaorcd Feirr Caara.
3. i.H Follatea Hrfaaal la Wed.
Fall ta Mvrlai liajlUh Caaaarl.
4. Bla; Crowd at Me lalr.
R.-alldrra f'aa lalt Motkrr.
Booatlaa; Aklaa for AmkatMlar.
N.faaper llrnnard la Meraaaeo.
Irrla;allta Aid aa;aelrd.
2. erdlrt of Arvideatal DrawnalaaT
Hrlrnmr to Bishop Jaanea.
Iaeltie Caachl ay Poaac.
'- naMagei fcy Moraaa.
Vark Twala Waata Ilia Feat.
Barton aad l.)04 Fre.
Doctor i-Mrkt Healataa roallloa.
V" Braafcllraa Ink a Faetar.
kti:h war.
Jnpan urc" Hi Kruffis in Iiurry up her
onle- fur Jll.".) worth of Runs anil ar
mor I.'mtlicJi trporta auccease? In Man-
i:urla. " TAGB i.
I-miorlT tvurs an offlcial atatttifnt
th-it ltuaxla will rt-rtty Jaj an anyi..nK.
Thl-i 1 regarded at 1'iirtrmoiith as th
Otar'n wlyto noo-evelt. It ! feared that
end of conference. Is no.-ir. PAGE 1.
Ml-, Al!r Iloo-ev-!l ard a few otfcr
rrn. will lav th Taft rartr to visit
the Kmpre- IKiwaKer of China. PAGE 3.
Asiatic chol-ra np-ear In th. wentcrn
ran of ITu1a. and two ma nr dead
from It I'AOU 3.
Thr-e nil and a woman make lnrffectu
J attempt to awlm acr th Enallnh
Channel. PAGE 3.
Franf decide, to make a military m
er.MratJon nKnlnt Morocco If an Algerian
l"reni citizen rcntjy arrented 1 not re
leased PAG EI.
Interior P-p-irtment officials oav there I
la Tin record of former Semtor Burton's
uppcariiKf ixfor. Ipartment for Chlcka
" though h drew fUS-y from the
tt- l'AGE II.
KM'tl, M MntRRIV
Io-ti- r-nz hpechl etell3 tender!
h! rlt;'iat!oT ns ph!c!n et the North
S! I':niry l'AGE II.
T- rew ItrpuMtran Club recently or
ciilied l rapidly tecomlrg u factor In
loeil politics PAGE II.
lWn'ls of 1Totrs AUlr... Subtresurer.
hs.- -Mrt! iv lioom for him to be Am
Imai'or o V-Iro tn euccn.1 ".in-"-
fa ho!' s Ilell-!J! welcomed llisliop
Ji'i'n home lut r.'.Kht by cfleb'itlon
" ni':V nml procession. l'AGE II
'in Jones s fucllhe. . cartu'vl at
tt, jevrniiy. ::er -:u.siti(f on'.cers for j
f" -'a"' PAGE l: I
a hr- Jirk rt'Conno- formerly of the
l!roin flied suit for dlvcrce. chari;lic
Ms wife with mljconJuc:. PAGE
Washington Slncl-vlr. nf:r twenty-four
liours Iehltl btrs. d'-cldr to obey court
order an I lt his dlvorc""! wife ee thflr
children PAGE Z.
Officvr cf the Inminu'! Chutrh ha
!ued stntement rcsrl!ng trouble n cn
S''catt"n PAGE 0
A terdle; of acclder.fti d-owrr.Irc ws r
turned bj- the Coroner Jury In the
l.nurrh.1! and McMullln nv. PAGEIi
Mrs Ix-afsreen. who Is u'nc for htlf
of Mowstd r-ttr. .ys th telephone toil
er h wa br I.ubnd PAGE 1.
Man -ar-. rmaa for Ireirh of promt'
uiin her rffujal to ic! hl:n PAGE i
.i:m:ri. iHim:sTi.
Mr E Grerp ,. j. H ctfT. tr
reW at ri:i f Jon tic udJn dMt?
cf W K Green, who t MU to hte b-en
ILon"t'- PAGE 11
Emm.;Ijttle tSe Taerartv nurje. tells
on Major Ticori In the ditvrre eultV Jr
ti.C at Woter. O PAGE .
TorV It-Gndjst- llc;ltal
Claims to hae,.ured ejet-n cae of cn
sumptlon Uh ".ctetaMe 'sice Page 1.
It 1 estimated tht v case. c cow
feer eit tn LouL-an.! outside of Ntw
Orleaa. and tho Tedepil rarceoas turn
their attention to the Slate. PAGE Z.
Attendance iccrdt at th State Fair
am broken: .-3 p.-rons entered the
grounds at Seda'.U jc:crday. PAGE 4.
Ja-jxw SlcKInney i comlaicd Jo fttl the
sacancy I Cocgrc. frora the Fourte-ath
lUlcois District: State facttoa downs Fed
eral crowd- PAGE 4.
roRr s,i:tA.
No maort take plac- In the daj's r-lay
f tha Natioral Tecslj Touraairent at
Newport. K. U PAGE .
BrosrBjfTlt even la a drcfcie-headtr
With Sew "Vork American. l'AGE .
v The Carwnals continue their wlnnlne
B- aereaUri UrscUj-B, r AGE a
Launch Towing a Buft If
norcs Sifuk to Stop, an -kSoulOficiftk
of Two Stales.
Oae Haadred aad Fifteea Falice-
mea and Bheriffa Patrol Leree
oa Bath 8idea.
Caroadelet Patrolmea Reported,
to Hare Sighted Craft oa East
fide Identity of Cargo and
Home Port Xot Known.
Patralaaaa .! af the rtrat Dta
tHet, reported that at 2tlS a'eJoek
aria- m boat was aeea
iat aa tke eaat aide mt the river aa.
walte Klwaad atreet. Caraadelet.
after aaloadlaa; aaate ra-rrra
". It taraed
aad waat d
Tfe toadlaaj waa auid aa Saaall-
. The Eaat at. Laala pa
Mee were aotlded aad they arraased
"a ta the aeeae.
w l earte at the Cheat-
mreei ntatloa at ZiS aVIark
' aaaralBK tkat aaotker haat
"- t Mark larda l.laad. appa.
alle Clark areaae.
Iet-Soiwwh. between t. TouJa and
JFIfWZSr T- "'""S?"1 JW'T-the Jtei".
IHe? rriSKr1"." bV" 'J'n wh "
thJutlt f"er mu" 'n
Tli. poll. and Fhrlet-alty of two clUw
and a county In two State rroured the
river front nnd tht rlier ltmlf nil it
nlKht In aln for a diminutive little, iptf,.
liiw launch, or tug. which Lrn nlBht
fWcd pat the Quarantine station on the
MisMiurl niJe. ignored tli. hall of the
hlth auth'iritica ajd. plunln Into the
dkrkncaav steamed up th. riror. eludina
Tho launch was th. Alva Leva, from a
port unknown, and towin a covered barge
upon which wcro many persona, who It Is
presumed ar refugees from yellow fever
districts in the South.
In all. us police and rtjeriffs were de
tailed to the quest for the Alva Leva. Of
this number, several went aboard a tug
alilch cruised up and down the river be-
.- Du noma ana wuaranttne. In search
ui im errant vessel.
It was about 7 o'clock last night that
the lookout at Quarantine described the
Alva Leva approaching- up stream. As
she drew nearly opposite the atatlou she
wet hailed -d fJd to show her clear
ance papers. The little launch paid no at
tention to th. hail, nor slackened her
Aa!n and again she was hailed, but her
captain paid ao attention to the challenge
acd continued on upstream.
The quarantine authorities Immediately
telephoned to police headquarters In St.
Louis, warning; them to b on the look
out for the boat In case it should at
tempt to land up the stream. Chief Klely
instructed the Captains of the several dis
tricts alone; which the river front Ilea to
detail as many men a might be necessary
to patrol the river front en the watch
for the boat.
The authorities of East St. Lout and
St. Clair County were communicated with.
Chief lurdy detail-.! twenty patrolmen to
ltch th" East Side mer Sheriff
rnompson or hi. ciair County put seven
teen of h!a 0pu:le on duty below East
St louls in St. Clair County.
Sheriff Thompson alo communicated
with Superintendent Hannauer of the
WlKRln Ferry Company, who agreed to
furnth a tuu to patrol the rlier In search
of t!. recalcitrant Alma Leva.
Sheriff Thcmiwon. Chief Deputy Cashell
nnd nriecn of his deputies bxarJed the
tun Itt nlRht at II 20 o'clock and steamed
down the titer in search cf the launch
n I IS-i barge.
Thei- instructions were to mike the best
turn alnjut and accompany It bejord ta
oulhtrn State lln of Illinois. They had
not four. I it up ti tnllr.lght.
The in:ructhr.s of1 the St. Iuta and
Eat St Iula police were not to allow the
loit or the tutrg- to land on their re
Vetlxe slJe. no mstter what rlurann
pap.rs thy had to sho
Iiter In the evening
the nolliM of East
St Ie-uls obtalnej a fcrrjbiat. In which
they cruied alorg the rUnr for a sight
of the Alva I'-ia.
ddltloaal sellos Fever iea
I'aca S.I
'inof Kx.''uti.'e Keturns Home,
r.ron-n as .1 Berry, and Will
Take T Duties at City Hail
TVllh Iiand and fc as brown as a
berrj MAycr Well, returned to St. Iula
on the Illinois C'ntral lat eteclng from
Weqsetoning. Mich . where he ' spent
three wek
Mayor tVel'a wa asked what Change.
wTu!d be made, in tarious dpartment at
the city Hall.
"I am in total !r.orace cf the condi
tion there." said th. Ma or. "ftoald
any changes be made in the Street Depart
mnt. they would of course be made at
the ucgesticn of Street Coamlastoner
Frank VaKUct. I cannot dlscuas what
charge, will be made, or whst 1 eclrc
to te don-, until I reach th hall to
morrow." While Major Well, srculd not say that
the Kutler eVrent woalj soon become es
tisct at thevOty IUH. aettber wfluM he
esphatb-aSy deny ti. report. Tfcer. baa
been a report current for several week
that the adherents of Bailer at the City
Kail are to be ousted, and poUdans con
sider the report authentic
The Mayor was accesspanled borne by
1 acrw sseira. rot ctceg-i bussbts of his
I family rtoiataed at Wasjaetcsjataat. 1
Newspaper Pictare Ala Hdaetl lira, Leafgreea te Beach the Con
chwiwa That Wealthy Haaafactarer'a Fertaae 8haaM Be
Hra TaUaaTDeaaaitiaBa Bring Oat a Qaeer Story of
Haw a Wife Feast Her Loag Loat Spaaae aa a Babarbaa Car
Letters XeeaX aa Evideace
i Jtaaf "ft8a
ta aVaWI aaWaaasBaWaWaWaWal
l-baBrEr k&JmWmmmEatt illllll! I
mBKKmWKmX' '
Who claims half of the personal estate
the most prominent manufacturers in St. Louis.
Before Special Commissioner TC. Scott
Hancock yesterday ilrs. Mary Alameda
Leafgreen told the story by which she
expects to prove that she was the wife of
Laclede J. Howard, a wealthy St. Lout
flre-briek manufacturer, who died in IMS.
Though vis!'" nervous, she went
through the ordeal of Ave hours of sharp
questioning by Attorney George- R. John
son, at whose, office tn the Carleton butH
tac the hearing was bad. Mr. John-on was
assMcd by Attorney Edward C. Kehr and
Mrs. Leafcreen was represented by Attor
ney John J. O'Connor.
The woman's suit Is against the estat.
of the late Laclede J. Howard. She claims
one-half of the pergonal property, ahlcia
Is valued at more tran $.. her cause
of action being- that she believe that he
was the same man to whom, she was mar
ried In ISO at Decatur. 111.
Mr. Leafgreen Is an attractive looking
woman, who appears younger than the 42
years which she acknowledges. She has
dark hair and brown eyes and drese
In excellent taste. She saya she hss Ihed
In St. Louis about three years. According
to her statements she has had a most re
markable and romantic career.
That she married a man named Howard
more than twenty jears ago la conceded,
but the heirs of the late Laclede J. How
ard scout tho Idea that this man and the
St. Louis capltallt who made thousands
of dollars In the manufacture of brick were
the same.
A most Important point not jet brought
out Is the whereabouts of taclede J. How
ard in iva.
In her testimony jesterday Mr. Leaf
green fali that she was living at Palmer.
Ill . when she f!rt met a man who was
Introduced to her as Charles Howard.
She was a schoolgirl at that time. She
met Howard at the Post Ofllce. He was
presented to ber by Charles Randall, who
has since died. Howard remained .1
Ialmer only a short time, but during his
stay he frequently vtitel her. A yi-tr
later he again appeared at Palmer. She
heard that he was a cigar maker and that
l.e worked at his trade while In the town,
but she did nut knew this of her own
This point Is regarded by the defense h
or., of the strong cards which will ba
played against Mr. Leafrreen. Through
out the day Attorney Johnson, represent
ing P-jbllc Xdmlnltrator Garrard Strode,
persisted In referring to Howard as "this
cigar maker." with the apparent purpose
"of making the Identification as Laclede
J. Howard seem rldlcsrfou.
"Mr. Howard cam to Palmer for the
second time !n the late fsll of ISM. Al
most from the first he paid coutt to .ne.
He propofe-J tn me first by mail, but the
letter has he-n either lost or destroyed.
Later he called on me almost every day
and early In January. IJCS, he a'ed me to
become his wife. I was then teaching
school at Talmer. On the night rf Jan
uary It we left Falnvr without telling any
one where we were golrg.
-We took a train to Decatur. III. anl
stopr-d at a hotel there until morning,
when Mr. Howard obtained a license.
About noon on January IS we went to the
home of the Reve-end W H. Musgrote. a
Methodist ra'olstcr. and were married.
Mr. Muscrove was the onlv witness. I
bad alwats known Howard as Charley.
but h. told the minister his name was
Hearv Howard, that be was a clgarmakrr
and that be lived at Litchfield. o far as
I know he had. never lived there. I gave
wiy nam. as Mary A. Moore and my age
That night we returned to Palmer. I
went to my home and he went to his
bcardlng-house. We necr kept house.
hut we tock a trip to Litchfield, where we
spent two days at . private boarding
house. When we returned to Palmer I
went home to ray mother because How
ard told me that cur marriage was not
legal. He left tows a few " later.
This waw Mrs. Leafgreea'a story cf her
union with lb. man whom sh. now be- 1
M fnatfe rive.
of L clede J. Howard, who was one of
Prisoner at Chestnut St.-eet Sta
tion Is Imagined to Hare Yel
low Fever Attachea Give
Place to Him.
A stampede followed the arrival at the
Chestnut Street Station last night of Hol
brook Schuler. a refusee from the yellow
fevr district, a patrolman and a tel
ephone operator were at the station when
tlw refugee arrived and complained of be
ing III. When he finished the statement
that he was sick they leaped from their
seats and left the room to him.
Sergeant Woodlock. who Is In charge of
the station at night; became cautious and
refused to permit Schuler to sit down,
fearing that mdm of the fever germs
would ding to the chair and cause an epi
demic. Within a moment the station cm tft
in charge of Serceant Wcndhvir n.i r
rtrolman I.ane. who brought Schuler t
the station. The) report was soon circu
lated that the prisoner was suffering from
el low feer and the occupants of the
Jail became uneasy.
Instead of bIng locked up, Schuler waa
removed to the City Dispensary and later
to the City Hospital, where hi Illness was
diagnosed as malarial fever.
He was found at Fourth and Pine
strctts In n daxed stage, an J 1ut before
he stepped In front of a moving ear Pa
trolman Lane of the Central District
caught Mm and Immediately took him to
the Chestnut Street Station.
rtaashter af J. F. Traaasalller Waa
i-.agased ta Hotel Maa la Colorado
aprlagaBolh To Tttag.
unrt'urjc srrciu.
Colorado Springs. Colo . Aug. "I -Love's
ourg dream wa marred and a pretty
summer romance nipped In the bud
through the firm stand taken by the re
specthe parents of Miss Adele Traunmi:
ler of St Lou's an I Frank Stevens of this
city, who were refused permlss'on t mar
ry after an ard'nt courtship bating two
It culminated in a pmoal of marriage
last week, but this was timed down by
iut; parents.
Mls Traur.ralller Is tne pretty lT-yar-cld
daughter of J. F. Traunmiller. a
wealthy brewer ,f St. Lul. and ha been
stepping at the Alta Vista Hotel this
summer, with hr mother, a noted !nger
or ice aiasocri clly.
Frank Stevens, iged 3 years. I. th.
youngest sen or H. h. Steven, proprietor
or tr. hotti. and for nearly thirty-flve
j ears a resident of Colorado Springs.
Frank is a clerk at his father fashion
able estabtisl menu Th rceetlrac of Ihe
young coup! developed Into love nt first
sight. Opposition on the rt of Mr. and
Mr. Stevens, because of tha youth of the
couple, waa r-enforcd by that of Mr.
Trsur.mlller. -"tho arrlied hre oosthaste
from St Louia this week.
The Traunmlilera departed to-day far
Denver, and from there will return to St.
alagtow M the Hot.
Valle'o. Cat. Aug. 24. The gunboat Ben
ningtcn went into the dry dock yesterday
and was lslted by many persons.
The boiler and englne-rcom still present
a frightful spectacle, only th. debris hav
ing been removed.
The gunboat waa taken out of dock to
day, and. as no otaortty has been re
ceived to make repairs, she wilt go out of
New York Port-Graduate Hos
pital Believes ft Has Discov
ered Proper Treatment
of Disease.
Eleven Currs Are Said to Have
Been Effected ia Five Months
liy New Method of Fight
ing thft Plague.
Claim That Patients Diwhargt-d
Are Good Life Insaranre Kisks
Xow Theory of the New
Remedy Explained.
"Equal parts by weight of raw
Vegetables are crubbt.d with a
brush tn frtsh water, thenmixed
and rhop.wd until the particles are
small enough to go Into the receiv
er of a grinding machine, where the
mass Is rtduced to a puip. The
pulp Is collected and the Juices
squtesed oit through coarse muslin
cloth. , k
"The vegetables first used were
potato, onion, beet, turnip, cabbage
and celery. Iviter were added sweet
potato, apple, pin-apple, carrot,
parsnip, and later still rhubarb (pic
ptarit. summer squash, tomato,
srlnach. raoifhes. string beans and
green peas with the pods."
The Juice should be kept on tee
and two ounces given twice a day.
d after meal, lo each patient.
nnruuMc special.
New Tork. Aug. It -In a circular Just
sent to all 'he prominent physicians of
New York, under the seal of professional
secrecy, the announcement Is made by
the New Tork Post-Graduate Hospital.
Manhattan, of the dlcoery of a vege
table fluid, which has been accepted as a
positive cure for consumption, even In Its
most advanced stages.
Results covering many months of ex
haustive and costly experiments show
complet. cures In every Instance. Eleven
patients, who on beginning the treatment
were sufferers from the disease, have been
discharged as at subjects for a life In
surance risk, and fifty ethers Mill under
observatioa in the hospital are on the
high road to recovery.
The discovery I this: That a com
pound of raw vegetable Juices Is the long-aought-for
element of diet needed to cure
obstinate case, where the lesions In the
lungs persisted after the ravages of the
disease had been apparently checked and
the general health of the body restored,
as testified by an Increase In weight.
The use of the new compound has over
come this difficulty to the complete satis
faction of a disinterested Hoard of Doc
It Is believed, moreover, that this may
lead to a means by which everybody may
be rendered Immune from the deadly tu
berculosis bacilli. Just aa vaccination safe
guards from smallpox. It Is expected that
the Post-GraJuate Hospital will advocate
that the fluid eventually hi bottled and
placed "on lap" at station throughout
tlte city and in drug store and soda water
Vegetable juice has leen In use at the
Post-Graduate Hospital's annex for the
treatment of consumption since January
T of this year, and at the basement of the
hospital building since March 7. between
January 7 and June 30 the record show
eleven patients were discharged as cured,
after being examined by a specially select
ed board of specialists, none of whom was
Interested In the experiments.
That tht splendid achievement was'
mainly due to the admlnlstratloa of the
new fluid Is demonstrated by the fact
that th. greatest number of cures ever
effected by the hospital In a year was
thirteen. This was the record of im. In
other words, almost a many cures have
been made la a little more than five
months under tha vegetable Juice treat
ment as under the old method were made
In a year. Thut represents a leap of 1
per rent tn Ihe proportion of successful
Th. principle upon which treatment of
consumption hi based Is that this dread
disease is primarily due to mal-nutrltlon.
which Is to say that the consumptive's
body dors not absorb the elements of fool
It needs to create normal blood: for If his
blood were normal It would contain prop
erties destructive of poisons such at
the tubercle bacillus. Therefore "the di
rection of food, hygiene and saanntr of
excreta, has displaced the old rule of the
administration of drugs and the search
for specific medicines."
Lighted Match Causes Liquid to
Explode, Burning Boy.
In drawing alcohol from a large vessel
In th. basement of; P. H. Swiff drug
tore at Var.deventer avenue and Olive
street, yesterday .venirg. Townsend Ray.
U years oM. held a lighted match too
close to the bottle, causing the liquid to
explode. Th burning fluid was scattered
all over the cellar and set are te th
An alarm of Are was aoonded. aad the
Mase was extinguished attar It had ntijsefl
a daasag. of KV The Ray hay waa
snghtty burned on th. !eft knee. tU In
juries being dressed by Mr. Swift. The
teas U covered fey
LansdoriTs Official Statement That Russia Will
Pay No Contribution to Japan In Any Form
Is Believed to Be Czar's Final Reply to
Roosevelt-Japanese Regard It As
Signifying End Is At Hand.
St. Petersburg;. Aug. 24. The correspondeat of Heater's Telegram
Company was to-day aatborixed by Count Lansdorff. the Foreign Mia-
later, to state oScially aad in the most formal auuiaer that Rvnla
will pay the Japanese no coatribatloB, direct or indirect, nor will it
make any cession of territory whatever. d
Portaasosilh. i. rL. Aa. ae-t te
II Vteek to-ataat ala eahlesrraasa
had heesi reeelvrd hr Mr. Witt tree
St. Feteraharg. All ease frees Ceamt
IdsmadorB. aad all were oesieaed te
the Jaaaaese eo as proa Ue ptapaalllee
aa preaeated at yesterday, saeetlaa.
However. It la pealtlvely stated that
the eehlem-rasaa aaaeaaee that direct
poerperlera are saw la
taetsseea eaaprrer Xlehelaa ai
Meat Reeaevelt.
St. relerahertT. Aaar. Sa Sits a. sa.
With reward te a dtopeteh that waa
reeelvrd here easiest M. Witt waa
awaltlajt laetrwetteae. the Feretsna
OaVc eajra It la dally to eeeetaat
resBSBaalratlea with M. Witt, aad
that he will he tally ahte te at
ahead eta Setarday.
Th latest devetoBaaeata elearts- le-
dlrate that th Aaaeetated Freao dte-
patehea deetaria that Raoata will
aever eeaaeat te th pajrsaeat mt aa
ladeaaalty la aay terse, reprraeat
Raaata'a last word, with referee r
th prleelple of aaoeetary eesapeaaa-
tle. aad the eapeaaes o the war.
London. Auf. M. Th London Times
this morning; prints the following:
rortsmoiiili. X. H, Mis. 24. Dis
patch n-aclied IVvtsmouth to-day say-
Inc: 't'onnt ljindorff. speaking for
the Russian Foreign Office, says:
It is abaolntcly final that Rusvia will
pay no contribution in any shape or
form. It la not a question of amount,
but of principal.'
If Count Lainsdorff extiresses not
merely the real mind of the Caar to
day, but bis final mind, the end seems
"I have read IiniwlorfTs statement
to a high Japanese authority. His an
swer na: Then the sooner we wind
up our affairs and get away the bet
ter.' "It Is plain he expects Saturday to
be the last session of the. conference,
and it is plain that he has bo hope of
IHtice. He said: 'We have done what
we could and all that we could. I
think the world will do us justice.'
"He care no hint that Japan had or
could have any further proposal in re
serve. I tokl Him that one or his coi-
leaguc had d-larvl this last proposal
to be Japan's ultimatum. He did not
dissent. I said: 'Unless yon wars me
to the contrary. I shall suppose you re
gard this as the end.
"He jrave no swb warning.
"If the President still desires lo ad
ilrtni himself to Tkio, there may 1m
awdher adjournment. Anything; Is
MsIbIe when Mr. Roosevelt puts his
heart into a cause, as he lias Into the
cause of peace. He will never despair
until on lioth sldos. and not on one side
only, the la.t word has been said.
"It I lielieved here that IjunsdorfTs
statement Is really a reply to the Presi
dent's r-prci'ntntlnns to the Czar.
"Japau is k-e likely to lie yielding
than Russia, but that, with Mr. Roose
velt, would lie no reason for not trying.
Anything he might say here would
only be pased on to Tokio. If ever I
saw inflexible resolution on any man's
face It was this afternoon la a talk I
have Just had with my Japanese
friend. But I repeat what I said to
him. that only in the change in heart of
the Czar or In a new proposal of con
ciliation could any of us here see any
chance of pva. It was then he said.
Hi a voice like the voice of fate, that
the world would Judge Justly between
these two Powers.
"That America will Is beyond ques
tion. And It is beyond question that
America, though eagerly deslroas of
peace, desires bo peace which Japan
thinks te sot for ber interest. There
la goodwill to Russia, bat as anchaag
Ing conviction that Japaa has been la
the right from the beginning and I
In the right bow.
racsiBcrtT ij csmstavt
"One fact of Interest becameJtaowa
this evening. I give It oa good au
thority, but no flm band. The Presi
dent, though ia direct commt-akatloB
with the Caar. has for aease days
been eendlsff letters to Wltte. Two at
least bare brea received. The coatesta
are aa yet aaknows. nor does anybody
osdertake to expiala why the I-resi-deat
should thlak It worth while t ad
dress himself to the pieadfMseatktriea
whose powers are exhatssted. who bo
longer negotiate, aad who can give
him ao aaswer aeat ayoa ntfereae
Military Demonstration to
Made if Algerian Is Not
Kaiser Theoretically Approves
Demand for Prisoner, but SnI-
tan May Refuse. Hoping for
Emperor's Aid.
Pari. Aug. St-As the result of a spe
cial meeting of the Council of aliniten
to-day It waa announced that a militarv
demonstration will be made against 31.
rocco; unle-, the sultan promptly jun
to the French demands for the rrljse of
the French Algerian citizen, a merchant
named Bouzlan. who was unJustiflnMr ar
rested at Gharh, a Moroccan town on tlie
Algerian frontier.
Instructions were sent lo Ihe Frcm li
Minister at Fea. St. Reno Talltindler. t..
make a final and Imperative demand .n
the Sultan.
The Minister was Informed that If tliLs
demand should be refuse.! the entire pei
sonnel of the Legation was to depart t n.in
Morocco, and a military movement would
simultaneously begin along the Algerian
It !. the intent'on of the military au
thorities to occupy a Moroccan border
tosrn. probably Oudjda. owing to Its
strategic command of the route to th
Moroccan capital. However, the ofliclal-i
are confident that the Sultan will jield
before the threat of using military frce.
The demonstration as planned Is some
what similar to that which nn Am-rican
squadron mad. at Tangier to compel tho
release of Ion Perdlcnrl. who was cap
tuied by the Bandit RaisulL
The French authorities dtcmed a naval
demonstration Inexpedient, owing to pos
sible international complications resulting
from countries sending warships to ob
serve the demonstration, while a military
movement agatxud Morncen woul t m
largely a police measure, not involving'th.
general political question of Fnnch au
thority In Morocco.
The persistent refusal of the Sultan t
yield, however, might compel th- French
to advance further than a border town.
Germany has thus far approved tl
French demands for redress, but fears ar
expressed In some quarter that the Sul
tan Will refuse to yield. In the hope of
securing aid of Uermanj-. Irnctlcally all
the leading Powers have approved the de
termination of the French (jovernnent to
adopt a firm courre. '
The propoeti course cannot be put Into
execution before another week, owing t
the time necessary to communicate tho
final demands to the Sultan.
Itarton Clinse Meets His iNath
by (irasping Live Wire 'n View
of Hundreds of Persons Wel
coming Belleville Itishop.
In lowering an ar? light that outsh n
Japanese lantern hung In front of his
home a pa't of the decorations arranged
by cltittna of HellerlUc to welcome il!s!ir:
Janssen on his return last night. Itartliel
Chue. J. years old. touched a wlr and
met bis death.
Th jcurrnt of several hundred olt
passed through th. young man's bodj
and knocked him senseless. John it. An
sJlngsr. a companion, disengaged him from
the wrlre and carried Chuae Into his home.
Doctors Kohl and Re.nner were called, but
pronounced Cause dead oa their arrival.
Doctor E. O. Schmltt. Coroner, fcld an
Inquest and returned a verdict of acci
dental death.
Peter Chure. father of the young man.
Is a prominent member of the Catholic
Church la Belleville, and decided to II
lumiaate his house and yard, at No. 3l
Richmond street, along which the pro
cession of Catholic societies and m-mlclpul
nmrlals waa to pas.
Toaag Cfctse noted that the arc light
was so bright that the effect of his Jap
anese lanterns was spoiled. In attempting
to extinguish the electric light h- ak-4
the aid of Anatinger. bat th latter was
unable to explain Just how the young
man came fat reatact with tn wire.
Chose was a machinist's apprentice, and
ag at Mattoon. TIL He had
la Belleville en a visit. Another
brother recently completed his theological
was to have bee ordained '
jgss3s? la9Egreagz3.-feg f.T,

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