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hn tanas h wfeMt ara
vaa.laapttBal ilMiinti of which the Mw
MM. OA ban aa hfala. tha UM4
at the kanu body am
I WIt WblcJa UK bun ha I
If IK aaa atrenjtth are ta
lMMBt !! OM eJ?
xaaae saarveieaa atraagtb asul tissue bulM
laa foal aualitles of the best white wheat
m nana in iuia-vui. -nu r-
i W CM whole or the wheat, tbor
aaaaad and cooked in absolute
' and aslaed with the finest malt cx-
taet that caa ba acaaa.
xan taimrifsiiil. of course, that to
S and mMTnf of the wheat geia-
Ita starch, and then the malt ex-
a aowarfni digestive agent, quickly
w mm atarcu into maltose malt
Halloa la great food, and toe
It Stnsnirll AlMmm And assimilates
It nllbaul effort. Physicians recommend
. Itpd Malta-Vita ts rich In it.
Tha malted wheat having been rolled la
ta Utile Bakea U baked under ruch latent
haat that when It comes from the great
ovens every Rake is rrbp. brown Jlaltj
Vlta tha most delicious food in the world.
"Far anany years." write Mrs. Valley C.
Rayjaa of No. 317 N. Jhurch street. Rock
fora. 111., "my husband ban suffered from
Indigestion and extreme nervousness. We,
have been to great expense sendin; him to
resorts where he might have the desired
quiet: for the time being he would improve,
bat after a feibdays, on returning to busi
ness, his sickness would become: inure
troublesome, than ever.
"Through a friend I bought the first
package of Malta-ViU. It lias been in
our home ever since, and will remain uit
aa long as it continue to !o the good
work. My husband I now lu perfect
health, his rtomacli jescis strong, and his
nights prove a. source of rent Instead of
torture. He eats but Utile meat and paa
try. and ctal:n that the 'Vlu takes, tho
luare of both, t j-rw M In many different
ways. ani it alv.ays is tempting; tar bet
ter, it leaves on- feeling that he has had
a plenty aid still not overloaded. With
fruit It makes delicious: deeserts."
A irs-cl br-.kft Ik !nio-lbIc without
.Mana-viia. and u s guud threo tlin.s a.
lay. All grocers sell lu Now 10 cents icr
Is Yaor Roil Leaking?
MICA-SOID ready rooting; XKVKRIol':
!sra f,r tam, arninlel, oH r.rfr re-cnerei
end roarfe as ct as new Write or calt t
!ay AtlnUrr. Ufa ar.,1 Rnu&i.g Co. SH 31
-arr M . -t. I.uln. ln.
Hoodwink the Oculist
ik M.tut:K kvi: si:iiicik.
toea ot Mara Ike i:e.
Slstb Market Ms.
for rheiim.itlMit and stiff joints ar
taaltgbt baths aad dry beat Ireatateata.
Till; JYCK MAMTAKIL'U. 44it Oln
Or Ilocs hour: Uct!l It m m. acd rrr.ra 4
o p tr. Itota i.)im
ar asabalaaee la far bire .it regular
at or gratis n htTf natir nt N d'rtitute.
l-HKl WlTliliUT
iba kn'.f. buinlas.
r 1 a t r vr oilk
.. .iiuiiw in vaia-r sna Fs:n Dtae
ill cr write f-r fr bonklet aBit tntlmon.a'.a
A J siiuor. M. U 1 Vor-.h r-,ll .trrat
a! ;
l t- l.uLi ull icH aa-
t1.ty at 21: a in
Arrives at Oarlnnatl S5) p. zn.
B. & O. S-W.
Cnt-r Watlbul.! Kxpitr Train
Irara M. UiUK tlailr SHIS a. aw..
:S a. tt, llt2i . m. tNTI.V
Cold-Wat.r Paint
in jmmjrrrd forrn. r.ilv for u lv
aiiiii; -Il - UI r, n.
erack "rai ttscnlnr tlrrii- Trarfi
fzvn;: rTr:npr' l.1il. .i-l-tary
iT.i- --ai J.n trw nerlc 'f t
x i..;- p.iiu: ii ct-ip c vhitr
mai. KKRIMI1 MIC. f !..
ilae. 'it.ilrr faint. Clr-.,
t. l-oala. Ma.
fli(rcMiti :ind Kvi'iiin IJiv.r V.x
oiirsitriis. Aii Arranged.
The St IiuU Kites w!l Piv n rive- X
lOion or ttir ,i.-aiiicr t ll r innti ..
Stcrita rii rt-mlier : Ti-otf ivi.i I -n ,
t'l-i. K.i i. ur.f Inrtnt: the fit x OH--'rrt
I ai .n in . rolurntrij at I r :n . th'
lhr I'-ailpi; th" li.rf ul th- .rni ila .
: i m and irturnlnir at 11 .i tio. lj ut
Th excursion ts til en for Hie lieivflt f
": i.lks charily f'jnj , i-.inl j.n-irr-in.n
l ! pUnne.1 and amonc th"
eattirrg will I a-. old-Cme IVt 9---i.ll
Tb riaee tor rrlmtog.
Any dracrlpilou. Utliefc-ratilitns. nlr.disg
ct;LKi.t:Y r:u.Ts::i v sr. i.ouia
it. J. llri-uli. rrnl.lnl
uiiImku ,tt
Ix-a! to
Charles M IlerkJe t3n3-r arnt
r tlie Oi'umMa Ki-ursioti t"oiii.inv v.-s-terdy
ini out a warrant rltrsicg
L.aJ Kio.-. yt-u-. oll of N AT Market
.treet. cith petit Urc.ny
e ui,iii-.-.r.inc of if.f date u-jk f
he Cilv .if I'mvldi-n- Irt to KI-Vm ar
ret. Vfi" 'X "iKe ro tut of the rival
ry Iwt .--' n the s;urjcn t---am-- itty
of ITnvid-nc J.J..1 Ccr-aln II tw-ncrr.
JUt dcnite the ci.rpa mruin: h.ni.
An Inur of hear.nlir bU.r. TVe a rv
f-esfelr.g mS lmlt--xtlnc lw-icher Soipho
Turkish Itith at Kourth str-e ar.d Uuoai
anue, Open d--.y and nlsfet
5fi.rHiurian Honortrtl liv Aooia
tinn of K:tihv:tj romiiii&tioncrs.
ma'cuue f i"TAir
redwil. S I. Acsr -0.r lriee.
rria.lrniju of th Jl.uo-jrl i:;nv I ard
W,relKtj-e "tri!mis-nr. i Ie !!
vie prl"Vr cr tS- Vatloryal .ocitl-a
vt Tlalla-nv 0nciiKners at t& cooven
tJon recentl. concludrd here
te Cowaons.
VmmtNa BeMrta fr CUMm
Ctowd Yesterday at tke Hat
boldt. Pertaloxxi aai Attack
terday. Tola la tha fifth season of the aa-
aodatkm. ajal the work abewa a rapat la.
creaaa over nan yeara.
Througb the efforta of tba saorlatlw
hundreds of tittle children are taken oat
of the street, away from dirt and danger,
and receive breathing spots la which to
play, besides physical comforts, such aa
cool, refreshing; bath. Tftey are taaght
wholesome games and handicrafts, which
are the foundation for higher physical and
mental development.
The Instructors or the nlaygrounds are
selected by the Board of Directors, and
are persons who have made a sertoua
stuly of child 111".
The clcsing exercises of the Humboldt.
IVstaloxxi and Attuclcs schools were held
yesterday morning.
Many parents of the children attended
the exercises. The youngsters sang song
and play-d games, demonstrating the
work of the playgrounds. There Was abo
an exhibition of sewing, basket-weaving
and various handicraft!., the work of the
oliler girls ami beys.
The girls of the Humboldt playground
preientHl to Mis Genevieve Burey. the
afternoon director, a bouquet of flowers.
In appreciation of her work.
Miss Kcotc. one of the Instructors, who
has been a tui-nt of Pratt's Institute.
will depart for .Ww York at the end of
the week, at.d will continue her studies
at that institution. Other instructors. raot
of whom are kindersarten teachers of the
St. Louis school.", will soon take up their
Am.mi tbCF present at the exercises
y-v:.-uiay were Mrs. De Wolly. president
of the association: Mrs. Robert Noonan.
Mrs. A. G. Fish. i!i Mary Belle Hill.
Mrs. Hattie Levy. Mrs. Her.rv Wollner.
Mrn. Charles K. Siddy. Mrs. Dwight
Ttedway. Mrs. Kcnney and Miss Mary
ArriaJs Frwa Sew erlewma. What
Wen Held far lavestlgatlaw by
Health Board. Atlowew t
Prores-nrs 1 Bauer and Patrick Rlcan.
T.lio.e failure to have certificates of
health on their jtrriv.il in it. louia from
N-w Orleans yesterday caused their de
tention li-re for several hours, departed
yesterday afternoon for Portland. Ore.
Tli-y rhowe.1 no symptoms of fever, and
Doctor Snorigras decided to permit them
to continue their journey wewara.
I"mfe-)r Bauvr an.! l'rofesr Illcan
ar-? mcnilrs of the faculty of Holy Cross
Unlv.r?lty. New Orleans, on leaving tno
Cr-:nt f'ity. thev say. tliey wire In
formed tlut iillls of tt-allh were not nec
ejisary for jersons bound for the Wet.
Thev T passenger on a train of the
Illinois Central ltallmad. and. on r-aoh-Int;
St. Iui. were detained by rictr
11. E. Owen, of the CUy Dlpensary. They
wore conveyed lu an ambulant to the
old City Hail and held there until a medi
cal examination had been made.
Th" Incident will be made th liaJis
for a further notice to the authorities of
New Orleans "that person coining from
that citv without U'lls of health will bo
detained. anl. If 111, quarantined.
I (to t'lae Rasrraved Cards, TSr.
Prom your own plate, or ! card with
engraved plato (script letterlnr;) for J1.W.
Spvcial for balance of this month.
(Mail orders filled.) Broadwaj-. cor. Locust.
.1. T. Ini Annoytil liv Man's At
tachment for llis Sim.
Henry I I.ii.I was !"inf-l nciin yester
dav In the lir.!t PWtrlct I'olic- Court on
corhpiaint of J. T. Ing f Xo. 3n3 Wuh
liiton boiiL-vard, mho charged I'"" Willi
dlMurblng th-i Innce.
One wrek ac. Udvl paid a fine of $1
mid c!': on th" same chirue. Mr. Ini;
ate--s that Uriel ha forme-l an attach
ment lr hl I3-y.'ar-Id ron. and com
plains tliat ins family has b-ii annoyed
:rM tly by Uilcl action.
Im has apial-i t Clil-f of Detectives
Itcsiuund ar.d .El.t.Ilt lros-cutlng At
(unify Ialten. wh" have adii-"-.! linn to
coutlntit; ptoxKi.tlons in the loltce court.
It'a the Maw Has Saved Maaey
And has it in the Savins- I Muniment of
Kichih and Locust, who will make a suc-c-si
in Ilf' lHve ou any money saved
to taki; advantage of an opportunity
when .t come" to ou. a It may never
com" again? You cukIu tn have, and you
tll have if you open a Saving- Ac-ount
and add to It ttculatlx wli-r.- It will te
carnlni; interest week days and Sundays
ami all th time.
Try it hv opening a Savins Account
next Motiilay exenlng.
Woman Iutn1, Man Overt'Oiiu
in Apartnit'Ut House IMazo.
Tour families were burnNl out of their
homes jeMerday morning wh-n th
Iilvion f a K-iol!ne stove wt tire to
tin- ntkirtmut hou.-e at Not. 2JS and 233
IrT.-ois avenue.
The litszv started In the apartment f
.Toi n OrtN at s.li .clxk. Mry. Ottis n.
I t.tl eii liiims on th liatnl and arm In
. trlnc to estiiiTJlti the Maze. John Mey.
lets II!n; upstairs, nas overcome by
i smoke and wn carried out by Lelchlwr!'.
The rti- huseh?M coi were !amagd
! ! ail thoe of th M vrr.s f.imi!v SP.
The t'.anit-n kpr.-ad to the room of air.
Apti- oillr where the damage wtis
riS.tit $: and then to lien Sinner' apart
menis. where t.u darruiae was IT.J.
Siiwriiit'iMlrit anil ll-r Asist
:ims Koassurio sknriMl Iiimatcs.
Klre musixl -cllcn-.eflt for half n:i hour
vctrn!oe mnrntr ut ithe l!-thjla Jtd
J. i.Ilts' Home, at No. ;a Iifayelte ae
mv I
SrnrU from a cliImHr-y set fire to the
ro.-f A peles:rl.in stw the blaxe nnd
turn.-.! lu an rUrm Mrs. Martha Iirson.
.fStlnti-ndcnt of th Institution, and her
3F!tnts iiulliI the ntnate- and none
w , hurt
r Kevin's rhvrch ons the huildipg.
T''e damage Is tinatrd at til.
. I". V. Limited.
T.-- cor.unirtion of O. I C Whiskey
H -o llnii.e-1 only h the numler of
drinkers of fine high-grade. pur liquors.
Vou cait Jli.d it everywhere.
.lirls L;ive Kjiiscornil Home Aft
t Short rMijourn.
.rnl Kllr. II ear old. ard Oertrude
Koiev. years oM. cou-lns, hse horn re
iyr;elt rrlsir.s from the Episcopal Or
jrhRns Home, at OranJ and Iifayitta
a ennes.
icth were Uirhendci and wor blue
d-te arnl UacV ?l.o-s ard stockings.
Tliey ha.l ten Iniiate of the Institution
tS-rre wek. Their mother live at No.
4; 0t-e av.nue. The girls lett the
hcr:e afcout 10 o'clock yesterday morning.
7tuta CoaohuUi
in 25c-50c-S1.OO
Handsome Boxes.
Article ia The Bepablic Leada t
Ueatiieatieai ef Woawa Wka
Waa Detaiaed for Oaauiatiea
at the City HeaaHaL
Taraagh aa artlcJa which appeared in
ha Ha tillr materdar C Jerome Jr. and
Qtorfc Bmaaa. af rural ro-Jte Xo. 1. near
OK r. iaat, teamen ox ssary acrotae a
detentloa hi the City HeepitaJ. where she
waa taken the night before tor observa
tion. Jerome la a brother of th unfortunate
young; woataa and Renola Is her brother-in-law.
The two awn called at the City Hospital
yesterday at i p. re. and secured the re
lease of the patient. They tpok her to
their hone across the river.
Mary Jerome was taken to the hospital
from Union Station Mondav tdght. after
she arrived from Lincoln. III., on a Chi
cago and Alton train. After her arrival
she acted strangely In the waitln-rooia
and declared that "Sophia." her lister,
was to meet her.
Her actions created suspicion and caused
no little excitement among travelers.
Ca!!r Newman took the woman In charge
and turned her over to Patrolman Combs,
who conveyed her to the City Hospital.
She was placed in the cbsrvat!on ward
until something could be learned of li.-r
C Jerome Jr.. her brother, stated yes
trday that IN sifter had been n inmate
of a home for I he feeble-minded at Lin
coln and that he was allotted to come
home on a visit. She wa? placed on the
train at Lincoln, but failed to alight at
the Relay Station in East fe':. Loci--, where
Mrs. Sophia Renois, her sister, awaited
Mrs. Renols had been informed of lier
renting. She says sh attempted to get
on the train at ths Rtlay Station and see
If her sister was aboard, hut the con
ductor of the train gave the signal and
culled his train cut before she had time
to get onthe rtcps.
Mary Jerome wa taken to St. Lou!3.
and after arriving at Union ft itinn was
unable to glva an account of herself or
ti-II fcer destination.
Pretty ataaee Caatea to Light at
Weddlaa at Haaor Klaaaley aad
Xbs Sbale at Deaver.
Chillicuthe. Mo.. Auc 29. Cards announ
cing tiie marriige of Miss Pearl Shale of
Lexlnrrnn to Mr. Honor Klne-lv of V.ne-
!ar.d were received In Chilliiollro Mondav.
Tim wi-ddlng was cehlirated lu Denver
August S and Mr. nnd Mrs. Kingsky tail.tl
aiunuay tor i-aiztanj. wnere itiey will
iiuk tne'r heme.
A delightful romance Is told of the. court
ship which (ertrinated at the altar.
Miss Hhale. who formerly taught at the
pirls reminar.' in Ixmcton. Mo., was
spending the- simmer at Colorado Springs.
wnere she met the wealthy Kncjifhmnn.
On the foreigner's sloe It was love at lln-t
s-ight. nnd he -xpr-3ed his devtition to
he Missouri girl in a thousand ways com
mon to fervent admirers. He besieged
her with attentions am!, as the story runs,
receii-f.1 but little encouragement.
One day toward the last of Miss Shale'
visit the two were criilslm; in a launch
ami the boat capltvd. throwing the young
woman and the man Into the water. Mr.
Klngsley was unable to swim nnd Mi's
Shale saved his life.
In the accident the Englishman wis
dangerously hurt and his life was de
spaired of. As a last truest he Implored
Mis Shale to become hN wife. She con
sented ar.d they were married. The un.-x-r"t"l
occurred. He recovered anil tiic
weWlnr nnnnut.cement fnllowtil.
Mrs. Klngslev Is a tall, beautiful blonde.
Waat a Callforala Roatet
The Han Joaquin Valley of California Is
aparsely settled. The land Is rich, produ
cing grapes, tigs, oraanges. alfalfa, and all
sorts of grains and fruits, a ureit dairy
ing country. You can go there with small
capital and make a comfortable, paving
home. Read about it In the Illustrated
book. The San Jcaiuln Valley." sent for
10 cent to any address bv the Southern
Pacific. Dept. IK Kan Francisco. Low
colonist rates to California from Septem
ber 15 to October 31. !.
fortieth Seasloa Attracts Leasers
s-'raas All Over Mate Three
Haaarest Delegate.
Ionrtlle. Mo., Aug. 29. The fortieth an
nual contention of th Missouri State
Funday-Sfhool Association convened were
this morning at 9 o'clock In the Presby
terian Church. There are ."X delrcjte-t In
attendance. The svvvntv St. Iuis dele
gates arrived In a sjeelal car last night.
In th absence of I 'resident Prank P.
Il.ies of St. UouK Vice President H. O.
i:l;cs of CnlUo. Mo., presidetl. 'i'h l:e
etviHl J. V. McKan of Ij-lntmn mn.
ducted the d'votionnl exercl.f. Tlir',
s-.sMi.nn wer- hld to-day moraln?, after
noon and evening.
The lleverend Koliert G. Freeman of th
Pre'liyterlan Church of Kdinbursli. S-ot-lainl.
drlierei an address) on "The I'os
sibilitlea of Youth."
Jlrs. Setllali Foter Pievens of peor'a,
III., talked on "ITiniarr Work und Mtth-o-li
of Teaching the Sunday School Iw
ITnnilr.ent ?unlay-sch'I workers pres
ent are: Marlon Iwience. Toledo, O.;
ctiertl secretary of Intimations! Sunday
Schoid A.oc!.-ttlon: Kliner i: l.icey. j-n-eral
-ecitary ot th a.sociatlon: Doctor
W r. "i:ro-. S- luii?: Hector Claude
K.dl. Kansas City; the Kcvcreml Colum
bus folk tloodson. St. Iouls: tli Rev
erend A. O. ISrowne, Texas; Mrs. .T.
A!m"o,l. ft. IjiuiN. n-oirding secrtarv,
ar.d illn Mabel lUIIey. lUch 1I11I.
aeeial laeltatloa.
TO I.IOUOIt tEALJ:ns-CalI and see
us, li:i-li:i Locust st. Hour from ?j
a. m. tu C.Of o. m. WM. IL LBS Ca
SnIioiikMjK!r. Awakfned by Ilojrs,
Itt'titcs Ipiorant of Iturlary.
Chris INrrer.ou. a ral"nkeeper at No.
iro Spruce rtrte
. yssterdav morning re
ilce that Cn had lecn
torteit to the tv
stolen from an tr locked safe nnd S7T from
the cash registc
tn his saloon Monday
Pcrrepoud said bis dogs harked about 2
o'clock In the mtSrnir.g aad he'tot up to
look nut th: window. He returned to bed
ard did not d!coer the burst-try until i
o'clock In the mornir.; IetecJie Michael
0llrl-n i working o-'i the case.
Rlnas et With Aaaaat Blrthaloae.
Solid gold rings set with genuine taoos
stones. liwJ1. i3 and ui.
(Catalogue free) Proajjaray. cor. Locust.
Iees Family Claima It Was Old
ct in Illinois.
Huquoin. IIL, Aug.. 3. A mule, con
ceded br scores f veterinarians to have
attained the oldest ace of anv animal of
that f.-unltr In the Sizl- cf Illinois, has
died on the farm of m Pec. sou:h cf
thl city, at the ago of S jeers.
The mule ha teen .In the possession of
the Dees famlor rlnce It &s foale-1. In
1M. and tv urd on t!i farm up until a
few weeks before It death. wr retaining
ll-s activity. TJie longevity of the mule is
considered remarkable by State veterlca-
Srgreat Cbarwrst Wltb Tbft.
Delia McNatr. a negre-ss. of No. 11 I
cJle avenuo. was arrotrd vesterday by
Patrolman Movruhan on complaint of
Mr. Catlie rine Braxier of No. 221 L.idede
avercr. Mrs. ltrasr charged tt n.-res
with stealing two chickens from her yani.
The police- claim to have aevaral wltcmtj
to the theft.
Mae latarr Aaaa'alt Cbarae.
Judge Eitop Tn the Cwurt of Criminal
Ccrrectlsn yesterday boimd David W.
Stenhena over to the Grand Jary. fixing
hi twvnd at Ci. It 1 -haral that
SScph-rs crtmlr.ally ascUsl Hrlleo Inl-
. 9 veara tci. at .-o. -zm t'ir.s irs.i.
Sc three weks ago.
T We bay diamonds aad
other ' precious stoaes
from the cnttera; we bay
ia large qaaatities; we
boy for cash; we import
them, direct.
J" We have our own
shops, where we employ
a corps of designers,
goldsmiths and diamond
setters. We make our
own mountings and do
our own diamond set
ting. f Our ability to buy and
our facilities to produce,
as told in the abore par
agraphs, enable ns to
offer not only the best
at lowest prices, but. to
offer original and exclu
sive designs.
T We most cordially in
vite you to call and see
the largest collection of
the finest diamond jew
elry ever shown.
MAIL ostiums.
If oa live wit ef
town order bv mall.
We will tak- beck
an thing tliat's rot
taUfartiry and re
turn eur nwrey.
Half or Fonts Will Work Dmililo
Tinio to Allow Fellows to Kn
joy Out ill"; at Crcve I'tieur
One of the largest picnics ever held in
the neighborhood of St. Inui will le
the flr.-t outing of the t-mpliyes of the
L'tiiltd Itailways Company at Crevc Coeur
Lnhe tit-duy and to-murrow. The men
who have taken hundreds of pleasure-r-cektrs
on outings will have a. great good
tiinn for two ilays.
Tliat everj- conductor and motorman
miKlit have a good time it was made a
progressive picnic, one set of men run
ning douole time, taking out the regular
cais on the regular runs, besides the ex
tra cars that wlil convey the picnickers
to Cn-vo Coiir Iike. where tho big out
ing will take place.
ihe next day tho pleasure-seekers wlU
cl'.atiK places with the men who were on
duty, and will handle the controllers and
the bell cords.
All day yesterday the street-car men
rrore reporting at the various divisions,
arranging to i-ervc double time and to
get otf for tlie big event. The committee
was out at the grounds, making final ar
rangements for the entertainment of the
Tiie picnic will lat to-day and to-morrow.
The United Hallways Coniiiaiiy bus
tnade arrangements to glv transportation
to the car men and tlieir families, and
has ato-Isti il in every possible way to make
the picnic a succes-s.
Tlie ii..n will tecelve Kid?es wiiicli 'gill
entitle them tu traiisportattini. and picnic
riiviieso. Thi white badge will be n cog
nized Wrdnouay and the jellow badge
ThurIay. . . .
Thirty vents have licen nrransed for
during the two d.iys' carnival. Many
luudsomv prises will be awarded to the
winners. T2mI will he a fat men's race.
Uan men's ntco. fat women's race, mar-rif-l
women's rare, egg race, potato race,
rack nice, putting the shot, high Jump
ing, hrvad jumping and other athletic
Captain Robert MrCi-Uoch will provlJe
an ox for an oM-foslilonvd barlwcue each
iaj- .f the dcnl& There will be boating
and d-incing day and nipht lor the young
folk, and for the old folfc who may want
to Join in the siort.
Proa CaaatUatlaa Saw Belas;
Fraaiesl rr video far 1'aUeraltr
aa4 Jlaraaal Schoala,
KKI't'l'LIt- i-riXIAK
Miifkogte. I. T., Aux. 3. There will be
no mltd hools In the new Jl.ile If It
mBiii In under the lonstltiiti'm now being
frr.in.il. The first provision lit the se.-tlon
on education stales tint th-re cliall he
Joint schools for uhlto and Irfllan chil
dren, but there shall be separate Mhools
for the negrces.
The provision further I. that the school
fund (hall conlt of all public lands
granted to the State by the United 8tats
government, nil effects that may accruo
to the State by eyche.it. or from the sale
of estrayt. or from fines, penalties an-i
forfeitures. Theie Kliall be an annual poll
tax of S2 cer hcnl on all mal ctli-tis be-twci-n
the uges of 21 and 5 ears. The
State ri-hord tax is fixed nut to exceed
two mills on the rlollar.
I-u-ti co-inty Is cinpowereil to vnte a
school levy not to exceed five mills. There
shall be a State University for the higher
branches of learning, and the flute has
the power to estfeMlr-h normal, agricultural
ar.d mechanical college-". Tlie Hoard of
Nine Regents l to be appointed by the
Governor and nffirmed br tre Senate.
The conrtitutloa for the new State will
j not I lncurntiered with unnecessary
1 words. Ilrctns and explicit expressioa
will dominate. The preamble will contain
Jut thirty-four w-jn!s, but It gets to tne
IHiint. It Is: "Invtiking the Westing of tVj
' Almlchtv tied, nnd tro.ing faith in the
Constitution and treaty obturations ef the
United States, we. the people of the Mtate
of teiuovah. do onliin auj estaLHh this
Fiaa Watrb. WewalHag. law
Frompt service ar.d all work guarantee!.
Urorvdway. ccr.
Flral Besjree Rabberr Cbarae.
TVlHUm. alias "Hutch." Itegge le
charged, in a warrant issue.1 yaeterilay
monitng, with rt'blry in the Urit dcrce.
It t- alleged that liegge on August X. at
Sis-th aid Cerre streets, held up ar.4
robbed Steve Krawicj of No. J Tlum.
rtreet. Prawley was knocked dowa with
a rlstel and nnd a railroad time check
for JJT.i wvre taken from him. rvtctlve
Crercln. 1nn. Callahin and McKarland
arrested llegge.
"Boro Fonralisj" tBtmer & Amenf). used
as tooth and mcuth wash in toe morning,
leaves mouth tweet and pure aU day.
.table FraetarSNg ta Fatl.
Will's A. Mcf.urg. a painter, of N S2
line street, yesterday, morning sustained
fit t frcm a scaffoU at Na Iia Iatwton I open an eight-day carnival at Kandlaa'a
avenue. He was temporarily treated by I rark. (Irsnd and lcJede avenues, begln
Ioctor A. O. Tourof of No. X14I letwton t njng Saturday. September 2. for the ben-
sverue ana rtmirivi iv uuki mi- rrA 01 IP cenencary nmo
taL ti.ins have Urn secured.
Diamond Rings
SUM ta 3.Mv.M
Tata beautiful
diamond rlas. a
clear wfilte gem
la fancy gold
Price. STfcaa
A fine diamond.
very brilliant aad
white, la plain
cold mounting; aa
shown by cut.
A magnificent
Sect. large, white,
brilliant diamond
tn plain gold
mounting, aa il
lustrated. Price, am-
Two-stone ring,
ax shown by Illus
tration, beautiful
diamonds In gold
Price, ant-aa
three stone
diamond rlag.as U- Ufvfr
lustrated. uperbftrtaJjMtal
gems la gald(
Price. I
Influx of Visiting Buyers Attend
ing Interstate Mercliants Asso
ciation Is Establishing New
Trade Kecord.
The second fall meeting of the Interstate
Merchants' Association ts making the ex
pected showing, and the buyer. troui near
and far are arriving In larse numbers with
every train.
It was predicted that this meeting
would lei the most successful of all the
meetings, and up to the present tinn the
hhowiug ts such that the prediction will be
right. The next meeting wilt begin on
Texas and Missouri still hold tlm lead In
point of numbers of those attending, and
every day sees the merchants from the
l.one Star Slate constantly arriving. Mis
tour! ts cot far behind, however, and It
will be a ra-e - to which of tho two
States will send the larger lumber.
' The n-portj of the arriving merchants
yesterday correspond to thie, given by
the riorchams of the previous meeting
and the early days of the present one. All
are confident that business will las good
for the fall, anil one and all sav tlie crops
give promise of a rich harvest.
Charles II. Richards of Urcveton. Tex.,
can! yesterday:
. "Everything points to a first-class har
vest, and that, of course, means busi
ness, and ijh'iitv of It. for us merchant.
Shculd we be wrong in our exrr.-Mtiotr It
will be a bitter dlsapi.ulntm.-n!. for the
reason that the showing thus for has been
u bright as we could nsk or eyject.
Kdwatd (Irluer of Grant Cily. Mo., raid:
"It will be all right, and when the fann
ers get in the crop tliat Is new out U will
be a moner-raaker. Business will be good
this fall, for the simple reason that the
signs; read that way. and we merchants
must abide hv the signs."
Tuus-E. J. Ward. Urerklnrlds: Terrell Cl
ltna. Aivard: A. B. CUrly Jr.. llrMgepim: A.
J. Itlch. Kouhe: J. J. Il-rxins. iwitor: M-s.
J. J Isjrtius. Ieeatur: AV. X. enfe. CMetann:
lila Parker. lUrri'ln: J. It. ItrvrnMI.-. Iy
rile: Ml-s Ota! Xcll. Ifrort: J. I). s"nlnon.
Is-tsrt; M:.s Anna U:gMinii.en. i:urllle: IMlia
M. l:tht-in. WMtenrlght: Ml-. Msisl Wnr
tilngton. Jefferson: A. J. Kinranucn. nidy;
11 r. A. J. Klncanr.nn. IM-iy; Mrs. IU Sllee.
Ilrureton: MI"J faille Mlgce. Umetvn: J. U.
I;rvu. flranbury: Mrs. J. p. l:n,n. irj.:i-t-urj"
Ive Ituthloa.!. A.innvrre: M. ". Alssa.
ToUr: Sirs. Kate Turner, rrJi.n:e: It. lllil
IWatun. ("oraanelie: A. oMln. Tenalia: Mr.
11. J. Md:tl. lUraball: at. ". Siuiily IK- !a.n:
;rs. IMoa Uir.r. ttr'enn-M: . X. liml-r.
Carnage; Mm. . lluturo, Jarbs.inllle: Mrs.
W. l Bell. JarLmnvtlU: Uillle Xy. Jart
sbtirltle: Kallte l-;tl. tlnrcl: :'.-iU ta-ltl.
Il3lc: Orua i. Itm. Pilut Point; J. It.
51e. Min.rtelJ: Mrs. U'. -V. TJnes. O-oter;
W. A. Tvn. '-on?t: W. A. Tj-nn. Ifciaham:
lvrt H. rsj'iV. ISunnam: it. C Siln-. Jloniiara:
A. f. iKst-sin. ifoder: P. T. 1'. Kots-rts.
t;va!(!: 1". J. Iiray. Sf.emian: Mrs. n. lurnttl.
(-aiie-r: K. T. Williams, sieiihilivllle; c. V.
WaUlr. Qiionah: A. A. WonnaeK. Ingi;
C II Trnrnton. U-onli-r.
Mtsmun-:. J. :eke. JM'r; r. f Ree.
ITl-a: K. Iw-k. Klina: Utnle SVhaumriurT.
lUvinMH': Mrs. ilav I-Uk. r. llannlbil: Mrs. Al-r-a
Vlllen. Jlnrrli Hie: . W. Iiwrj-. lnt
1tr: K. It. MrI).iaM. Semr: Wilt II. Wllaht,
V.:1 C:tv: If- W. Oark. I-l-an.m; Mrs.
Ti.ir:s r. Wr-t Plains; Mrs. O. tV. Camp
111. llartflrti!: Il!an.-h- Cod v. Mansft'el: Hra
IUXr. lIc!Jr.: Su Wltterrpooii. UUmstown;
Mrs. Nettie latlersa. snelMna: Chsrles Mark.
SnrlcaSelt:: W. It. llo41lr.xjvi.rth. Mberat: 31 r.
1,U rurfonl, IlnrthflM; Mrs. M. P. lenr.
llartliitotl: Ikmc Cchn. J-av-ti: J. II. Alalr.
Itntler: Mrs. Kate lt M.ia; Mrs. E. U.
Mal-lr. Nw lewlon: Mr A. Ij. 0:lrlt. Nw
U.nim: Mis3 Alia Xlcrolt. Kw UjiJoo. J.
N. Sear. GIspzuw.
ArLan'is Mr. J-.rr IJcnnt. Prairie Orore:
W. SI. I,4t!s.n. Usn'isllo. M. J. Matrer. Van
tturen: U K. ivwn'ir. C".irV-s.Il: Mt la
fajnor. t-.irkstll1; J. M. OnnsMck. fnlon
Tr.trn, A. fi fmirr. F-rlnnlal; I. Kuehbautn.
Hot SbtIces. M!.s I I. Ilal. Van Hu-en: J.
M. rrtur. Mulbrrr: Mrs. . II. BUcaisan.
,gMbrMt-T. O. Inbark, t'tlra: Mrs. lr
reira Itarrey. Aurora: T. l. Kafler. It.ri-sm
Kanaas K. A. V!4raaa. stialooa: Mrs. Km
ma WtUits. Weir CJty: Uila Iltialer. Wlr
city: It- A. Mar.urJBiTy. Oswesn; o. v. wriskt.
Junction Oty: J. K. Joiiaseo. Miaatapolls; Mrs.
a K. lute'!. f.orr.yviii.
InU'aa Ttrrilorr B. It. rst.. Itewe; Vln'
TUc-n. Po!au; Mr. Oiar Wh!Nxt;n. WII-burt'jn-
J. S. r:rii:ii.lt. MnVose; O. K Oarrl-
n. t:ran- Mrs. V. A. AlMvn-Jer. Ada.
IlI:no-Mi. J'r.r.Ia Oacaa. I'atrrtburg: Mt
St.l'a Trrr. Astoria.
I--Mr. nt EUvtch. Mcravla: Tbosaa
IL Wi'A Aualr.
Cor.'t wait for opportunity to knock at
your door. Read Republic Want Ads. Hun
dreds of opportunities offered there evsry
Arkansnn Police Chief in Charj?c
of Alleged Bnrglar.
CWef of Police Hawslns of Llttlo Rock.
Ark., arrived In the ,.ty lat night, and
will tAke Walter Kelly, a r.rgro. back to
thst city to answer charges of burglary.
Detectives Oaffney and Ftyrin arrested
Kelly Monday after following- a negress
from a Franklin avenue p.iwn.ihcp Chief
Ilawktc' says severs! burglaries were com
mitted recently In IVttle' Rock, hut he has
no knowledge that Kelly waa la the city
at that time.
Kelly admits breaking Into tha heme of
John folk in tittle Hock, and says he
stole a watch. lorgnette ami chatelaine
bag, which were found la his room, froas
Mrs. rolk.
Bartraaara fa Has Carats,
The Usrt.ndcrs Union of St. lasala will
Maay attrac-
Brooch aet
with 2 clear
waltt. brmunt
geata, beautiful
dlaawaaa, "Ta
gold mounting.
Crown of Diamonds
Thla grand piece of Jewelry,
mounting of hand-wrought gold,
set with $ clear white diamonds.
Price. 9VM
Other diamond broochea from
S2S.M to Slv.ODv..
HUrlAffM It AM
Driver Dragged, Policeman and
Kick Man Jump and Tiro Vehi
cles Are Upset Pattern s Con
dition Ik Serionv
For thrilling features, the RIghih li
trtct polb.-e ay. the runaway of a team
of horses attached to an ur.ibu'ani-e with
a sick man on JefTerson avenue vetordtiy
afternoon provided unuiu.U txcitcnuut.
Resides the sick tnasi. Policeman Ober
miller, Ambukuice iirlver Frank I l
laney. a chauffeur, the driver of a Luksv
and the driver or a wali-p.tpr uagoii.
purtlcipatetl to the thrills caused by the
dashing team.
The amtmlaniv w-s railed at 2 o'clock
to No. a7 Soutlt Jeffirson aver.uo to eon-
T"r.,rY. Ik,lv' w y-'1T IJ. bUtk
sinllh of Miidt-on. HI., to the Cltv llos-
pIiJ; ,,t V Oeri"f from inalarU.
Driver IH-lanry was ent out to answer
the enll. He .ut lh we.'glit on on of
the horse, unit. axslt.- i,v INiliivmau
Obeniilller. plans! tuilv ln the .-imbulance.
latrotman Oiiermiller rliintwd into tho
juiii.imnie ie-i,t., tMiy. nntl tiwt as I-
Jey m.i.-. iii-ioi; me door yactcr J I.
Brooks s au:omoM!i tame along.
Tho horses took fright at the auto, and
The ORI;i.AI. remedy that
KVKwiuunir. lunaKwUSiRiT. tmuierb
mut haie pretty bnlr. t:auttrl loks tiav.
a subtle chann. fur th r-t . ''fair
treais niar.'a Imperial rare ennnare." Thun
iioerte ait lnciIv ral dandrrff microbe
Mtkea Ihe hair ilulL brittle Anrl tuvterleHI
lth Ut-r daniln'ff.. ttehlcg scalp and falilngl
mattmSi.M. im'fc.vmii.itwxHBK.Vk.im.M. . tvai
The consideration in printing is re
sultsthe results YOU jet out of it
The printer who worries about this is
the man to tie to.
When you look at it
are the cheapest printers in St Louis.
Let us save you money.
S. J. Harbau, PresMeit,
Greeley BuiMing , 618-620-622 N.
BH . malm 03 r Mrta
Klrtwh ttliplnaM. B 11J8 t P
lM. Ma t
CONSULTATION VBrr aajtfarfltartdai
rviuiiATiiN nfcii. Oaai aa ff i aael
Rltter, M.P,
TThe ale of a 4am.
moad does aot 4t
color or brilHaacy , hwt
apoa a comhinari
these qualities. Ittahta
years of ezperieace aad
study to JKcpaae caaipe
teat to determiae, with
any degree of accuracy,
diamoad Talaes.
The Ckxastoaal
Puixhsaer Is
Not an Expert
And is, therefore, ia
the haads of tha'
dealer. Thus it is im
portant that yoa deal
with a coacera with a
reputation, and one that
guarantees what it
sarware aaa Art
dragging the altchina; adaat. atartai to
run youth
IX-lanev -nanagai ta catch tka kaea. auc
wa.s pulled from ate fret aaa aTaaay-J.
feeing the danger Patrohaaa OaerasMer
managed to kick open th door aaa h-
climbed to the top of the aaibahiaca aal
crawled over it to tha aeat. Ba caaat
the linra from Delaney'a baada. tha aa
bulance driver rolling In tha street.
The harder OeerBttHer palled, tha teater
tho team ran. la front t Km At aWath.
Jeffenetn avenoe the aaihahian
against Bernard Cbok'a waU-paper 1
inrowing ejooa io ino aowex.
The team then daahed an ta tha Jef
ferson avenue bridge. Ia tha center a tha
bridge tha ambulanc collated with a 1- .
elede Gas Company boggy driven by WH1- '
tarn Murphy of No. 33V Ohk avaaar.
Murphy was hurled froai tha vehicle, mar
row ly mUaiBS helnc thrawa aver tka nul
tng. Aa the horses stacked up. Daly, tha atclc
man. jumped from tho ambalaBce. Ha fell
with great force, bis head strtklaa; th
street-car trackw Patrolman Obttratller
alx Jumpel from the vehicle, aad ba and,
Benjamin SchudbUt Jerked Daly traai tha
ri'.tu just as a car was about ta alt bias.
The team continue.! oa to Cboataaa ave
nue, whira a cltiasn mansjjail ta ato It.
I'ollccman Oaenalllar. who waa act bat;.
c.illisl another ambolanc Ha tbaa taalc
Duly to the City Hospital, where It wa-s
said that In addition ta ata all kn sag ba
Is in a dangerous condMlaa from lnjarte
t. his head sustained whaa ha Juaaaed
from the ambulaace.
Doctor llohannon of No. 4W Booth Jeaer-
sou avenue treated waiy lemparaniy.
Tx-ndlnc the arrival ar tne area
Iirlver Delanenr waa brulaed by
dragged, but waa able ta taka ata
back to the dlspenaary. Tha aai
was damaged aboat P.
! tba
hair. Nevbro'a HapliHe
nur of tieauiv sad aaahlsa
Ha natural barter aad
marraloue naatta fallow
etaa, Ao eaai
arssstre oltu
and giirry. No
from that point we
ti&SVBS t.
tbTbatTta taaaaa
r.tbe.aas jt ltaiga
WwWwWb)T saPrsisillsiW
M. l um LI 1
- ' B
cynpp wi rtwOtiTTHp nmwpi;
Vhaala Fbaas. asaaaal0, abraaaa.aajaaaajaaaaaaaaaaaaag; A .
aaa alt aweta! waaassa a asMalalbi sWaajasWMawaMiaa':
aaai tar waaksia ataaVlWaflHrsnLBpaHRMB;" S.
-v 'h'
"5 v -
. -TflM,
..-. ad.
r- vtAjV.
P-Vf &&r&-jeL3ZxS-i'2&:. n
fj-y'-iCy vt-v nbsJr.y--

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