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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, September 03, 1905, PART IV, Image 36

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BWHa-'v! 4
'Vi -V
s ;v
Kewpott. Aug. a. The seeosd Newport a
,M the Casino will be held a I
wtarr tea iecerred a large list or entries, I
a 'It U expected Uiat th! will be the I
haanei Show of the season here. !
.. ria-ncr or Ht. Loul. I a late ar-
roj s. the united States Hotel. New-
"f. O. Brandt Jr. cf St. Loui. has antred
at Jaart"wn and lias taken rooms at the
Bur Mew.
Douglas Turner if St. Louts tax also
'fffstered at the Bay View, Jamestown,
ihre wek.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walsh of Dcn-T.-
Colo., had arranged to give two very
Jarre dinners, and i t!i- close of the sa
i here tay had expected to tke a trio
'. Colorado in the Ill-fated ear which
"tob1k.iI their son'to hi ttr.timelr end. It
e now their intention to .Impart for Wash
UjCton ax soon as Mis-s Walsh Is able to
V; ::roand. and later go to Colorado to
islt Mr. Walsh's .mother, who is an In
valid. Expression of .ympathy have
bem u:iiviai. .ind i-eany everyone of
oromhie-ce in Ir summer colony has left
. st'cartf.
Accordi:: to the !ree:t. oi'llook. Sep
tember is to be v;? say at Newport.
Tb annu.il horn hw- always rindr. the
plae fall cf virltors. and air th proml
"eni.itngers have ln.e in which to n
1 'attain lljcm. Mr. Reginald Vap.derbllt
will gif a dnr.ee Monday, an J the Astor
Otip will o? run t:i seeord weels of the
aonth. The advent of Mr. George Von
T.. MyT. tiifc of th Ainljador to St.
Peterso'jri;. sitl hr two .l3iisht-r a
amest. friit of JIr.. VandrMIt at the
Breaker-!, anr! thn th I5ron and Baron
$9 ! Tuyll. made a v. id interest, and
. tiumber of -ntr:ainjri-ntn e Slven
lot the mother and your. airif.
The w.itr i-rts at the vnji.lcut Yacht
CIb Wdrerd.iy afternoon attracted a
liraje number of i-itnr fr'm th aummer
colony. Haird'om" nrla' ne ajlrn.
In ta- l.tdle- diuble-rnains rac-e. Mlm
Woodward afd Mlc Tdutia; of'St. Louis
carnr: in tlilrd.
In the nnnV doitWo-ronlnir race Messrs.
CjUHii and Taussig of ?:. loulsi came In
In the eighth sri.i! rac. by the Conar.1
cat Yncbt "lul. in the iventy-flve-foot
vlas-. KjihrtHj '"itlln's " ;ra.-" came In
seeotfl: rnrrwmi tim-. t-Jr.li.
Mrs. m Hnrtman of S.irdTich. 111., is
vis.'tlna; friends at I'ortino-Jth. H. I.
3Ir. and Ilia. Justin lewitt IV.weroc.
Miw fc3!zr.etlj Koaersoi k ai.d Mrs. atH
tlne l(x-tt ,f Kan--us "lty. Mo., are
-.t tlws .f;n Pur t-ot:e at Browninrs
Omc!i. AUtimuck. I:. I.
Jotin K'f.mlM of St. I.'mis. who has
--ii at Sllwr Sprins-. II. I.. h" returned
to his Western hn c.
It hasi len a ay wck at Xv.iMirt. the
3-u thns far this ason. "Pineapp!
TWw" lias bf'n tii wr.f of the rnost
fshio:ial!'- KthTlrKt-. informal rtcep
tln. le!t!a; heM tlir- ejeh nirmn. sind
nMrj i'-n:s of a fooI.iI nature haxe lxxn
.irTriiS'd at th?e yjtlieriis.
...(.r-.K. .-JpriiiR-. "olo. Aus. St.-Xot--wKhMardincj
the fat that hundretls of
-uriiin- r tltirs nfcw' .hlld:'ti iiiut l-in
h-lr iM.-hool attendani-r: in sVpt'-nilr have
. comilld to hurry bad. lioin the
l-t nek. Colorado 8prln- and vicinity
Are -till crod-d with rtsltors. for
.i-rlals ar- c!nlnx in s fast as the old
ones di--rt. Mow to :iutke room fr th
.at i-et'rai-e. -iho v.-tll -ome hei" tliii
-reel, fr.m ever- pirt of the rniu-1 .lt s
tr the i.atln.l enfamiinres at !ner.
Is a tiie'l,ii tliat now confronts the --i-uer.ts
of the Sprlns;-.
f'fiy Tca ulrls. who liave b-cn enjoy
ns t:ie!r sutnn:er vaivtlim in the j:tiijr.
liave i'tren oc-:jpyliiK H' lys" dormitory
..f "fi1onido 'ltte. this place havins
lieen vac.nt for th,- holMaysi
Mr and Mr. J. i:. MItchil! of.I'.trt
Worth. Tfx.. are kpendliifr a ft-w weeks
in .,lr-j! Springs and from here aie
taaklns; exrjrloas to different llnts of
tntret in tl. Ilk-'s ivak texion.
Amoiix th- re,-nt arrival frvm Texas
are: Alls Geneva IJttle f Ilotistoa, ?.lr.
nd Mis. :. W. Gtlm of 'irpu 'hrlNtl.
Guy IliRtch of la!la-s. .1 II. Swop, and
v-'fe. I.H-ti.r 1. f. Kltlo'ivh. Houston:
Mtfii Ij.i-. i. Iratik Uuuaiierty. Jt-ti-.-111".
Ju II Grnett. lintsworth, W.
II. ,Neill. Mr u:id Mrs. Watvon. M!s
liate Mcrrm. Pun W.trth: I: A Pol
liac and wife, !ul.i: JII Mamie XjI-oii.
'Jr Point
Ms.klr.ic up a ho-i-e party that ha-e Nn
vlfltdiS Ml I'llza r-k of "oiorado ity
for th- past ne-k aw the tnllowli.a: fiotn
K?ti(n- !:- Mr. !). Vr. Wait. Mr.
nl Mr. ". i'jH-ck and diuehter. and MIf
!"lit-n'-si lavl.
5IN- i:i I -It on of Kankilty has re
turned iKime nfier o.'niin of some tlm"
In t'ohiralu 'llj. nh"re ': has len Is
itins: friend".
Jr- 1 II. I'atter'i of Kan-asCity. ac--omtanle
1 by h"r to dmixhter-. ha- been
k liti!i: frlr-iid- In olorado "ttv for l-x -ral
-i-k anil rtu-nt-d home last week
M- ! ili. I'ertv Miller of Sulpiiiir
prliix". Tk. ate Bi-ndlns their honey
rnocTi t 'mil- IVM.-r. -tear Manttoii.
Ml ' Huston r 8: J". -Mo., who is
fpe'dtn -njnie time in Manitn'i, sa one
4 ih sne.t- nt,rtalr,e'l at n dinner siveti
the otoer Uav at the K,e-e ,-..tta; in
Alliums '.4iiii. Minium.
ttM Mann and if" of St. !ul aio
.ttii;us the recent arrtvals in Mamtoti.
M- and Mrs " I- Stafford of Hlllst-oro.
T"a .! iltiti,- tb-li ptrMits in t'olo
ado Spilng. and their 3-year-old sirti.
hrrje. i j-.il.; to he th .x'Ktijft tourist
who has .nr .I1nild to IV top of St
I'ctet's Iiime.
ilrx John Kctn and her '.ai,sht"r, MI-
!mit K,;ati f St Ieuls hate, ltn mak
ii;. their head-juarter at Mimltou for
-oni; time, while l-ltlr. various ilnt
of ititisl In the icinitj They have
made th- trip to Tike's IVitk t eee the
-k4,, fr.,t, sr t.ftiiis siho droe
Hircun Arrrs.uie th" tur tlav on tn tr !
- .'"J --.M - ... . -- -
wa tuiout;! :li ; m:n m tin' i-w. cun-
i'-l t,f Mr isu Mis. S. N Ufdford.
yi- i:-ojdfurd al I-ali liroa lion:
Th' ar, su't "t !' ' 'Hf H"". Man!
tm fnn nhlch -,!ni thej hate mad. tl.e
:rli ,J l'lk-s P-ak b na) -if the cos
Ml and Mis I:. A ChaJmlek -f H.iu
toa. Ttv. nho hate ln .-landing the last
month Pi Colorado riprlugs. p.iNaot
tiriuh Aronsdale lat wek n th ir stay
itiri'tiiClt tl;e .,.rden of th-- 'lf.1"
tjh"r who bait- made this trip during
lilt li't ek -rr. Mr and Mis W T.
t:iton of l'-ntoti. Mo i! II M')ir Jr.
vt M Jc-ph. Mo . Pocioi ! S Ktllouuli
mi li r KilioUKh 'i iii'ii.-iom. jex.
trtlns Sslter-tetn 4t Piir. I'ririce
Jmifs loyd Buck of Marcellne. Mo.
ratne tkrough the ;.,rje.i of Ihr vis the
.thT d a did likes ft Mr and Mrs,
IV. 1 teauld of Cllftua. Te.
Mt' Pauline Barrett tnd Mr Porth "f
fonlphan. Mo. iIki bate leen spendtng
orva time Jn thl teglon iTt rntertalti'.l
- dinner by tJ.e Bet-trend anl Mrs ITanl:
tt HulltiaT of the Klrt C"ngr-xatlonjl
CHurch of Cidurado Cit
Mr Krmtn I. Marr ai.i ife. h. have
tii r!.lent. of Joplln. Mo retrntly.
hate returned to Colorado irlr.gs. here
th w!ll retnaia for an ind'hatt :rio.l
Mls Jraii !juwr of St I.Mits h tea
sTJt at numnou" soc'al funclloi. in
the Spring Ihe last week, and i en
ttllalnl l dinner recently b Mr Jo
aisV'i Ady, ever being laid for a e;ect
1(i.s Ann t;nt.- Skiunrr of St IjuIs
haa been the guett rei-erttly at several o
,lal !olng. ar.d iUt:rr was git en ia
111; Uklr.n-r bono- lst wee by Mr
nd Mn. Clrrr.c Clark Hamlin of tbo
tprttur1. at srwi fcoma Mt Sk!n:-r u
a gurs'
.Mrs. istns J Wade of St 1kj! gav- a
tinner to a fartj of all friend recently
t one of th4 rrlvate dlnms-ren of iho
After be'.nx er.tert-JrjT-i at a r'-nd cf
0.-UI functlac list week, the fj'dowmg
trtv of torn-Mis departed fcr a trip to
Tvrftiar.J. lMi. and Honolulu Mrs Theo
dore Sleiton of St. Lmt. Mr Mark U
Kab'jlns of Houston. Te.. Mrs Harry H.
luk of Kansas City an! MUs Anna
lieatrr Skinner of St. Uiuis.
M-sst. Thorr.toa and Hajnbiin of
3 toaster, Tex., were gutx at a dinner
attven r-.-entiy to a lirge -umber of
fuekts y Mr and Mrs. Harclls of th
rngs. . . ...
Alias Elua tieraey tiz iansu tiiy s
cuet tha o:hr dat at a receptl' gin
xy ?Ir-T Svott of North Nevada ater.uc
Mrs. 3tobtt Ie.l.e of Kar.saa Ci:y Is
-bdircT friends la the Spncgs.
Mrs, T. lttacc of S Lost fcai bn
visiting hr daughter. Mrs. Char! IVlta
of itie stprtne and id depart t! eck.
Max iri-1 lre Peltajon. who ha.Te alsvi
bevn erjoywg a tt:t tr.is summer wi:a
tbxir reUtires. retarse-i to St. I.eais last
MU. Alice FAjnn. Mis Parry asd Mis
i-la Mt.;r cf St- J.pfe. Mol. arr ruesta
tilt month of ntesds tn the Spring.
In ehren days. eslU:g Aarut iV S:
Southerners fco deirvl rrtnm letme'
after a o3Crn ta tat" region. .Last t- - sroaouttced j soI a asy In the ooaa-t-rdy
nione. ci;tity-so crtt- were trj. and ti-e rcer aki tried R Mr tb.it
a'.l.d fcr . It -will mis. aut- racier one o the al-
diarle H i -VI tf the "a"--- State - ersKtlens or the riri j . futtrr. Th
lank oi Ulnstac M.v, t enjoying .lcf- t .enol csrd l " l: rxs o!f Monday,
stlth hS wife and oa Kt Cr p Jvrter. to $ Wecliir ctt5r-s ta Cp Mar jT
tne ticinrty of Manitou. leasrd lb wciil) eoiUc-rv htre to a
U . Klnatscrtar "t ItalSv. Tcx it I baU ffrae for chanty, and IB etfteit wi31
ape.-tdms ht i.trviion v Mjjrdrvsr e i,kl JJoaday The to debs will rcjv-
V. T. i,'sscr cf Iecatur, T nia rsaetst raaay saillicca la mvac?.
'.V --- ' ---
e--w i
to vi4Cln-. . his aen. G. I Waae,aer ef
Cist... OkjIam fa mmtA n ka li4 bfMCt
cattle owner In Texas.
Mrs.- C. C Littleton aai Mise Heater
the recent arrivals in th flprinss. at are
likewise B. Oentrd and Miss Gladys Rtuii
of San Antonio. -Tex.
Mrs. fleorw L.
;-nd Ceorare T.
Slorse of Hoi'Mon.
arc saendinc
JKMne time In this redon.
George H. leader and wife, of Karoos
City, are aucsti at the Alts Vists. In Colo
rvdo Sprinsa.
Amonx other Tcxass who. after rpend
Inc nje time In this rcxlon. have re
turned hon-.c the past wt. i.roFerir
-nan! In tic way of health certlflcates.
aro the foOewins;:
i.'rr. John Flnne-a and wauxhter, 3IUs
Anna Hsrrison: Jlrb. T. B. noyd. airs.
1 1. I Gray Ana sun. V. Uennctt. A. A.
Ml IaulirH! Sonlowici!. Mm Fannie
TaKafeno. ilisa m.as ZidiK. Harry
X. Uhe-at. ail of Dallas: S. ii. Sloberly
and wife, of l.-jnvlew: J. x -ook. wife
aj:d Uo children, of Kort Worth: Mrs-9.
P. lUizli. Mrs. I W. Bush and Miss
Pricev Kuh. al! of .Miia: Mr.. Iin:r.a
Perso3 of Z'cni?. Tex.
ya'.i. Colo.. Au-f. II. If Mamtoti h3
any intention of pultlnj- ai!d th fest:
Ities of the lummvr season for the za!y
huel 2rarb of autumn. th r.lr.o cltr.a- ,i..
vld:ce of the fjt-t. The incoming iri.in-
nmM '.?. ki ... t.n..fl.. I.,, i .... m .
----- ..-- -.-. .-., i.4ia.- it.t-,i tin !;-
the Utt week, and the railroads are cal!
Inc into service a the pa-erger cr.snio.'
ai:d roaches Jit their command to handl-In-:
va.n throi.;s who Will Mslt ifce 11 i
t.'onal :. ,. I;, encampment at Iy::ver
next week.
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Ehriel of St. lavjls
will spend the month enjoylnj Manitou.
A pleasant party from Oklahoma City,
who are registered at th Cliff, lsi com
posed or Mr. II. M. Jon-. Mr. C. H.
Jones. Mis Jones and Mi-s Mullen.
Memphis is represented !. a partv com
pose.! of Mrs. 8.-M. Wllliamtwn. ilrr-. K.
M. Lindsay and Miss Kllzabrth .Sug-.
accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Hubert I.
Mr. I,. C. Xordmeycr f St. Iauls is a
prominent truest at the Cliff. ,
Mesrs. Cyrus II Clark nd II. IJ. Alex
ander nnd Mr. IMw.ud J. Schutter. are a
party of ft. Ixuis ni"n who registered at
the Cliff Thursdd.
Mr. Thomas IlillMi.un of Memj-his. Mi's
Gardner. Mr. W. K. nhr an I Mr. Pllnt
Uoudurar.t of Cairo. 111., are m-nib-r f
an Indianapoll- party. l;o arc in Man
ito: en route t lencr.
Mr J. I. Saini'it.- of Tort Worth.
Mrs. T C. Kelly. Mrs. Iwothv Kell.
Jlr.. H. A. Ckaiabets and Mr. M. K.
XorveJl of Clebnrii". Tex., are recent ad
ditions to the ltejuge,. Colony, as they
facetiouslr style thenuelvcs.
Mr and Jlrs. J. Ross and Mis BiHIe
Itos of St Ixuis are n-gistered at the
Mr. David M&nn and f.itn'.lv of St. Iyuis
will s-jieml eeral eek. In Manitou.
Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Utcrn and Miss Myra
Rtmi of W.l-.ll!e. Mi's,. 'aul Klir. of
tvjlslana at.d Mrs. M tirry f 3Iarr.a!!.
Tex., are at the Mansions and nc comers
in the "ltefnj-ee Colon -.
MI l.lllie Lotine of Pine Bluff, ArJr..
has jolne.j friem! at the Mansions. ,
Mt. J. II. HaiTis cf MadlH. 1. T.. l4
registered at the Navajo.
Mr. Harry Phillips of Odessa and Mr.
! J. Rewart of Brunswick are prosper
ous Missouri men rcelstered at the pitts-bura-.
Mi" Bmrra Ijymon of St. Uoui I at
the Ilttbbursr with a partv of Chivrajo
Me'rs. V B Kttibuni and T. M. San
lurn ot l'.?irla. 111., are xuest at tlie i:ux
ton. Mr. M J3. Nelson of St. liuis i- rC5-i-tereI
at she ItuUwi. in his Hinv are'
Mr. J. M. 'ai.dia of Kansas t:itr. n. K.
ChKlland. K.i-t St. Iy:l-: Mr-. K. JI.
Kick.-on. Butler. Mo.; Ml-s Anna H. Mor
row. 1-j.yett.-. jio.: William J. lyinati.
Oliver I.nican. iirs. W. F. Muc.-aUn. v and
Mr. Xeliie Jc.ni.-r. also of St. lava!'.
..Mr; ,,,.,:i. Isewellyn and mother of-BrooKtiel-l.
Mo., arc guests at the S'irny
The Grard VI. w is cnt.j-taini,,- j;i.s
N1I1- M. Mrrle-ey. All X.-lIie c. Kuhl
man and di.irlotte Kuhhiiun of Si I.'iois:
Mr. ainl Mrs. H. H. Muyer of Wam-ns-l.urpr.
Mo. ur.d Mr W W. Powell of
Pari. Mo.
MUs C. lUaton of St.. Joseph will bo at
the l!e,.i Cottage for.tlic remalniier of
th s,a"Kn.
Watiktsha Wi.. Am:. 51. The uMt at
the l'oant.iln I toil-" were entertained at a
sheet-and'tOllow-csfc rtartv last r.lfhi-
Tlie .guest at the different hotels and 1
uo.iroinK-nou!-- are Krafjii..ii- retiirtilns
home. tnTit tho.-e living In the extreme
:!:. 1: will remain till late In the
Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Mook ar.d Ioctor
anil Mrs. Mat of St. Iouls are stopping-
at t!l SehlitX Hotel.
lVn Her-hfcld of St. I.5!i! i at tiie Na
tional Hotel.
tSeorg A. Xeal. l-viipluin. SIo.. tlie Iev
erend Geo-ge w Galller and -oirs and
Mir.s Ina Uallier of Beaumont. Tex., arc
at the Park Hotel.
Mr. and Mis . J I.eter. Otto E. Wel
el. Mr ar.d Mr. I.e Sale, loom's J.
XtehoUiM. St. Iitiis; Miss Mart- Beall
Baker. Kansas ;itj : Mrs. II. Victor and
1. V. Victor. ISoonvlIlc. Mo., are at the
I'luntain I!oue
Harry C BagKut: of St. Iouls made n
italf-dat trip to Wauke.ha with rri,.
j f-om -Milwaukee. t hcte lie 1 visiting dur-
lltK lil UHTIK.
Mr. and Mrs. J. iZ. Able of St. Iuis
rtturn-l to their iiume Tuesdav.
Mr. and Mr.. Will! im Patey and Mr.
and Mr A. B-ksvU of St. !u!s returne-t
home on Tuesday
MIsj I-iura I.arr.t of t. Iiuis i m i;et
of friends in l'eauk .
Mr. J. I. Vtillibrink of St laiuis is a
at the Satoy Hotel, p.-uaiik-e.
1 Rutin rfti'il .f S: Uiui and
Mr ami Sirs. McKinui- .if Alt
at !tuderdi!e I,nk. lekhorr..
III , are
Mr and Mrw Maruaril Forster. tif St.
I.ul. will le.ite for t!;eir home ,.u Mon-dat-
Mr c S !Chrth)CT and ilauchter.
G, rtnt.le. of .Monro- "itv. Mo., and VIct-r
Held of Sh'dKna. .Mi) . are tl-ltlng ftl-nos
In this plac-
lvctr Henrv Wlcainton of St. Ivji
U ttMtlnc friend j in thV place.
Mr and Jlr V. 1. Xebs.ii and crsjid
1a.cliter. Ml! M.irthr fl. vf Heb-na.
s-k.. Mr and Mr- V If flier. I liINIx.ro.
t, ar,
at th- Spring Citv Ib.te
lWiotor r
I Ml M C Mar-hall. St
M- Kennah .tt:d John v Jlnr
Cltj . are at t5:e Terra.e H-
GnirP.naer. pig-jjott Ark.. lea
Pit mouth Koek Hotel.
Ij'JX.l'. i-i
tin. Kjiiv.1-
Mt i: v.
Slie.t at tl.l
Mli Mali
Ke.uney nn, M.irj' ntzger
!TtiI. ate at the Beta Cot-
tld. Iitt S6
Ilia Sow.jr retel at tho Fountain Io:i.e
S.itunl.i) t.-nlnrl Auctip ;. na a grand
affair Amine tlio-.i nre'nt were; Mr
G Sehto-trtn itr Caroline Stdtx. Mis
Ia.ura S!tz. I-o-jti J Nlcolaus. Mr and
Sir A IJrcr o-.irM w BIl. .Mr.
and Mr c M. FVrt.-r. the Ml -we Fore
ter. M. Forster Ml Oin.t I.etl.. Mr. U
tv. of St Iaul. Mr and Ir. Ridenour
of Kansas citv. Mo . Thomas Condle. Mrs.
J c Cook. Mh Conk. SnrlmrRelj. hl.
Mr and Mrs. I Cerf. Miss Gertrude ',x.
M'.s Sadie Fot. Cr.rV.-ans. Tex., the
M!es Foerster M Foerster.
Mls I.WT3 Cowaa of St Iiul mg at
a cmctt aiten at t!:e Catholic Church la
tl.i citv
Mr II I MesieTfM and d.-oisriter. cf
Ktia City. Mrs. T A lU-e. Ethel Rice.
J A. PJce Oiga Sllvrthorn. Mrs. S. I.
Whltrield. Bonner Mll!r. St I awl, tnd
Mrs Guy II. Iil. El Iao. T'x.. ar
at Iraper Hall. V'ncmAsie.
J M. linad. A M. .Mtim ar.l fam
ily. William A Stlr.e and lamilv St. I7ui.
J 'I liow'and Kana.s "Jty. Jlo are t
Iarvr Hall. tcoRoniowoc
Cstrace Mst-n snd S'daer GreU-r! of
fa , ... .. ... . -..... .. .- .-w ..
Sl Is;' Ir a:
.-.. ,..Vii,4- ill WmV..1U-
yt; :e.. Smith of :. Ia! ! v!.:ttg
: Milwrkee
Mr rrd V.r. Rol--rt !- Jehrjtone an-l
djurr.tir MU-s Matl and Ruth, who
hrte leir visJticir in MliwauVe. have rt
turred t St Iwuls.
G!'!r. i'Alhison of G'.fforJ. Ark.. t
vlstc'rie: fra.:t's in North Ml'-s-aukee.
Miss Ida Ferrv of Kanssa City. Ma. is
tisttin- tn Milwaukee
Mrr A KIhbck c! rsallis. Tex., is
vltltUs (HrnJi In Miiwaukt-r.
Mr anj Mr J T Kearney cf St.
lnt it- rtsitlng friends In Ml.wak.c,
Atlantic Citj. Scp Ir-The retort tc
iar tn absorbed la race between acto
moftCe. Cbrtstl and hi blue flyer.
Carcpbel! In his tic and fait Barracri and
rbr.l ia hi new machine, that eeV. ,t
l reccrd. were aS Ui the Sld. and rAv ame
an exi-.untJonr iro-e tn contests alecg
hxtlC with its feats. The course rp. ,
,. .; -
to aa
wtstow c travel to grsater ttow the to
atosr. HAwever. there to a Ms aatroaa
warn cssaai actw ai BwassaaMr saat aaea
aa4 its uiniinlyiilHi i tar n-
Tea KreUea. who
te stsaaser bere.'
leave nest week far tbekr aeaw la Ger-
iStatcne ZiauaeraMn. whose fllagtrgtlaai
crater the title of -aTJea tn a lmeaarous
Pltcatlon ia New Tork. has woa btm
fame, at here with bis tasally for reerea
tivn, and la also studying; the points of the
suauaer girl and the surf maM with a
view of a cartoon.
John M. Beall of St. lauis was one of
the Bembers of the South Eastern Pas
fceager Agents Assoetatlon. which held a
session' here for-eeveral das in Pie St.
Charles llotet Joscch Richardson of At
lanta. Ga.. was chairman.
Late arrhra'.s from St. Iaouls at Fright
on are Mrs I. B. M. Kehlor. James XV.
Is und Mr. T. B. Semple.
MzrlborouEh J. M. Gamble. Mr. and
Mrs. Herrrek J. Gray. Mr. and Mrs. W. M.
Whitton. Mrs. Join D. Lucas. J. C.
Upherd. C J. JliUron. Miss Alice Judge.
K. M. Drew ar.d H. H. Hess.
Wir.d.-3r-C C Hattensall. Mr. and Mrs.
C. H. Forsyth
Lorame Mr. and Mr .V. C. Hilton.
Sbe.bumc-Ko:ert J. Williams. Mis a.
C. WOliams and U. T. Xolcund.
Chalfcnte H. X. Piednor Jr.
Rudolf-Mrs. C M. tSrt-eru Mrs. E. A.
Warren. EL K. Scheie and Mrs. A. M.
I"irrepotit Mr. and Mrs. C. Blar.ehe.
Nlestvortl. 1 A. Kbrson.
IX-e.n: It. X. Collins.
!:jjmore-Mfe G. M. Shafer and 3f. B.
i-i VHIsG. D HarrX
Garden Hotel Mrs. S. B. Hennessey.
Kar.-as iltv anivaLs are;
. Al the l-rk!ey. Mr. L. B. Dlehl: Holm
burst, m-a k. b. curl: bsnnls. JI'. ar.d
Mrs. If. S. lyiwry.
Visitors a: the Travrr.ora are; V. I.
9elm!t.r. Mis Magsle gohneider. IUrrftt
J. Toidru;r 2I1.j clarence D. Clary of St-
Juveyli. MO.
Mr. Philip Medart of the Medart Pullely
Company .f St. lauais Is a prominent
gueit at the Windsor.
Captain E. Haltensaur of St. Louis ar
rivtd Monday for a stay of several weeks
ai tl.e Wlud-or. He Is the reneral aaeiit
of the Anhoiser-Buseh Brewing Comoany.
Mr. and Mr-. W. If. Mason. Master
Waller Mason and Mis Abbey Walker ar
am'.nc th" recent St. latui: arrivals ct th"
Holmhurt. Mr. Ma son is largely inter
ested tn a newlv Invented comtumeter. or
adding machine, which has received the
approval of banking I-istltutior.s of the
Mrs. Joseph P. Lucas, prominent in the
xc!uite sedal eircles of St. Louis, is
niakins an exicniieri sojourn at the Ms.rl
lorough. WAIPAC..
Wauiaci. Wis.. Aug. SL The weather
at tho nrtvnt writing i tiie warmest of
any this season, althoucht It is cool and
comfortable at th" Chain o Lakes. Tiie
GranJ VMs- Hotel is still fliied with
tuests, and Stptember bids fair to Jw. one
of the bvlet months of the a?on. The
regular dancing partl". Iiaud eoiieeris.
ball games, tc. will contlnti" throughout
the mouth, and. with the healing and
'athlnt. thfre will be rienty of attractions
in the way rf amusement.
The Wednesday et.iilug part- in the
Grand View Amusement Hall was a pleas
ant affair and well atteml.d The Satur
day evenlnc danelng party was alio large
ly attendvl und very td-aant. Allen's
Orchestra furnished the mu!li
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Merer of An-
pleton. who are guests at Grand View. :i-
lertaineo ;
dinner at
party of Antii.-ioii friends at
the Grand View Hotel last
MeMW. Harold B. Mnllelte. RoLf rt KlnR
and IJ. K. Towneend. or niictfo. Ttho r.r
speniilr.ir the uiiiuit at "Fern Terrac-!."
on the Chain i.' like.v. . nt. rtain.d a party
of j-oung pecple ut a dancirc parfV Fri
day etttung. "Fern Ternice" is or.e of
the m.st beautiful location ...n tl.e lakes.
I'd the .rjound- were attraelltvlv deco
rate.! Tvllli Chinese lanteui". et," Tlios-e
In the iity wne Mi.--s Hope Miller.
Betker, Blackmer. St. Iy"iils; I.unett..
Keith. Chicago: Vista P'-ni.ev. Margaret
Robert. Helen Roberts. Waupaca- M-!r..
Ry Brittoii. Henrv Schutler, iN-rev
Blacktn. r. IUkr Fullerteu. Roli-ri Fuller
ton. David M-:calf. St. Louis: Calvin Fa
vorito. Chicago: Harrt- Guidon. Rulx-rt
Hoberts. AVaurijca. with Mr. X. A. Wai
droa of Pine Bluff. Ark., ami Mrs. Robert
Brltlon of St. Ia.uis. u chaM-rns.
Mr. nncl Mrs. Edward E. Browne mid
m. Edward, of Waupsea. with several
frleiidu from Gran.1 View, made a trip up
the Chain " Lukes ust Monday. The day
was spent in fishing, und Mime excellent
catches were mad, after tthlch an ap
iwtlzhig flsh dinner was servej. Tlioe la
the party were: Doctor and Mrs. O. S.
Holll.lay. Texarkana. Tex.: Mavor IS. G.
c. and wire. Fulton. Ark.: Judge J. K.
PaiMi and n.n. KimlI!. Ashland. Wis.:
Mls Estelie Whe,-ler. Wiiupaca. Wis.
A iart of vouag people calling
them"!res the "BIziv rzn." c.imnmg
on the Soldier- Home island, entertained
a part) of friend- at a ban-met Turday
etenlug. The grounds ?ri made very at
tracfte with c.iinee lanterns, bonfire,
etc.. nnd a jollt time had. Among
tr neinlr wre etera Grand View
Tne ba'l-ail srame Sjiel.i;. afterno.in la
twicn the Stevens Point " Club and the
WauiMca Club was a vert- excitine gatne.
eulting in a s.'ore of I to S in favor
if Wauistea in a telie-inning game.
The military en-3mpnnt of the Eighth
Wi-eN.nsiti R. ginient. 5'niformed Rank. K.
. T M is in -aIon at Camp Weston,
chain l-ike. There is a large attend
ance, and mant- more are e-jwted befot;
they break camp. Fpon thir arrival Sat
urday aftrtiof.n they w.-ie met at tic
train lit- the K . T. M.- of Waupaca
and the Wautmca Band, who escorted
them to their camping ground, where an
addrei-s of welcome was deliveted by Mr.
II. E. Browne of Waupaca. anJ repsonded
to bv Colonel F. II. Wton
Mr?. 1. U Blacamer and Mrs. c M.
Skinner. loth of St. lewis trv pleasantly
entert-ilnnl a partv of friends at dinner
S.itur.Ia- evening at the Grind View Ho
tel in honor of Mis Sto:... of Indianapolis
and Ml Elel.'e McDonald or St. Louis.
Tho.- in the partt were; Mtse Julia
Skinner. Gladys RIsicknvT nnd Messers.
Robert rullerton. Baker Fnllertoii. Rob
ert K. W.xvls ami Sidney jj. Skinner, all
of St. Iuii.
Amors the guests registered at Grand
View ihl n.-k are: Mis Mi-Ioiiald. II.
X. Remett and wife. C li I'stick and W.
P ScKti-rnian, St. Iiu'..
Mr I-iunia E. L(wi. l:otes of the
iMmp" siirtni-ed her daughter, Charlie
Mat-el Ijeis. with a ut'tnti ii.amry
partti, it beir.c her twelfih Idrth.lav Th
sihi -.t.rr robl-s of their l-eautlful will
flow'fcs an 1 ferns to decorate with, and
homemade rak'-s and Jims loade.1 down
the tab fr th- little one, who were as
happy as 'the dat wns lorg
Mr sn.l Mr Harrt- I 'hilar Carroll will
sj-end'rt: I-ilir Day at th- l.odei
At nt a.s
Elkliatt Iatk.
weeK of
,tember 2. from St.
At l'ln rolnt Resort Mr. M. F. Trepp.
At ntiw
fTs Resort The MPes Thekla
r and .Ttnide ileintz:
!: A
Mr. A "
VZ. Garland. W. C Witter and
Klif 1'iKC.
TI;e Gnra Clubhouse, on th Rurllr.s
ton Route, entertained during the last
week St. lout tisltor: M and Mrs C
D Morlev Mr and Mrs. Charles B. Get
hart and fTc!!. Mr. and Mrs Henry
Wol'aorr. an.l faiailv. Mr. and Mrs. I. It.
Arreranl Ktn.iMr. and 3!r. C F. Mul
Vey a-id son. .rr. ana Mrs. H. C. S.-otf.
Mr and Mr Vil'.i.ni F Wnny and farn
11;. Mr ar.d Mr. Lowell Putnam. Mr ard
Irs ;f.re W AllKirt Mtrs Julit
Hughe. H H H'bo:n. l-a Stafford.
Enll t;rhxrt. Florence Holborn. Enrrrie
Vurrelm-tn. R-Jth llarey. Messrs. Pat Id
KreIinr John tyitonrke. William Wood.
Stme W.i:um. George . Malt's. W. R.
Ponder. V- E. S.merme!er. !. A. Fischer.
Ilermsn Schwarer. E. C Pendleton. It.
J: Judv. F. P AT:eatIev. Ktwar.1 Xic
icejtr. Fred Varrelman Sr, P. O. Urban.
John M Marre. A. H. Curtis. E.lard
B.I:. H S.-hoftr. V O Ilckeriiig.
Thomas Phillips. Samuel . Hla1n and
sen. Fr.I Varrelman Jr., S. M Bruigge
laff. 11. B Crole William Costello. V. M.
Stranr. Andy Frets. W. F. Truckenratil
Itr .loii rns.
Gler.dsle is hatin one of the gayest sea
sons in Its nitery. and SpteraPer sliows
iki etlince of tte close of th season.
Of he many social events this semmer
none na-e n-t. more enjoyabts than the
entertainment git en on Monday evening
bt Mr. S. C Mockerman of St- L-juI. in
Poror of the eighteenth alrtsdav i; he;
nts-e. ilL'
Idj. Slockvr Euchre w.i I
tIaed tht first rrt of the evening, and .
prise -ter wen by Mr. Iaule Offer-!
rst ttrt of the evenlra. and ,
wen bv Mr, Iaul o-ter-1
srH-ter of St. laMJi Misa H-ln Kraek of 1
'.JrK-nn-s. Smi.: Mr E. I R-b of r-u
tm. a-d Otto F Kramr of Vlr.c-nne. i
IrJ. A o ky partv fjIIoTTl the eu-
M. a-d Mrs IJ. I Reeus and fam-lr
aad Mrs- C !.cts of St. laju.s arnved
Mooiay for their annual ojtlro. other
S. Iacl tTlralr of tie week ar: Mis
laicise strcieyer, Mrs. M- Jenne. Mtss
Barbara Jens and Mr. W. P. ScrdegeJ.
Scrsraei-i. ItL. is represeatej tato week
Pi ran and mrnmss
bare been if dinar tl
f (mt Kim.-ar. as
Mra. B. Dl
Mr. Carl Oraescb aad
aw. rraac t. necs. m M .
taua arrhrato are: Mr. aad Mra. X at
Eataa, oT Oeraaaoa. 1U: Mra. P. rrsat,af
Cbiiaaatoa. DL: Mr. Jeba Jeaalae ct Her
riek. taf Mr. jaba T. Meter .ef Beverly.
Me.: Miss Bette Harnrlefr of Ixajofaond.
nL: Mr. John XeJasH of Ksdratond. IU.:
Mr. aad Mrs. Joba Kracer. of HarreL
ia: Mr. and Mrs. C W.haka. of Vln
cennea. Ind.: Mr. Hewry HeUrech Jr. ef
Arsastt-oas-. lad.: Mr. Thomas A. Grirao of
Lafayette. lad-: Mr. Charles Fotts. F.
M. Wddetaer aad Mr. LeBoy Stanley, of
Mount Vernon. UL: Mr. and. Mrs. C. J. Al
cork and Mr. aad Mrs. D. X Coleman, of
Efflnghatn. in.: Mr. 9haon K'llenaan and
MrTjames Fahxtestoek. of Jil wards vile.
ID.: Mr. Henry Hclfrech. of Evanerille.
lad.: Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Wedley. of Cb
lumbus. Oa.. and Doctor W. A. Maeklaglc.
of Sparta, III.
Boston. Mass.. Aug. IX-The germen
Saturday night, in the Oceattskie Casino
for the benefit of the tennis club, was the
most brilliant dance of Magnolia s i season.
Th bis; hall was a blaze of Wlht. ar.d
gvrgeously decorated. There were boughs
of greeie and autumn leaves, holding fet
toon of tellow chiffon. All about the
walls and ce'Ilrs; were streamers raaiatlng
from aP Irr.Bicr.se Japanese tirtlbrclM. frcm
which i were suspended floral lanterr?.
Xearlv al of the St. Louis colony on the
North Shore were in attendance.
The favor table" at either end of the
hall were banked high with fancy hut
tlecoeks aad battledore racquets: Japaneso
umbrellas, crepe paper muffs and count
less other article, much of it imported.
Among the matrons were: Mrs. John
Hohson ot Xetr Orleans. Ii white silk
giuzs and lace: Mrs. William McMillan of
t, Louis, white crepe de Chine, bice and
p-arU. end Mrs. C. I. Ullla of New Or
leans, who was very attractive In white
chiffon and lace, with dIttT.or.ds and pearls
and a picture but of black lace
Little "Walker Eilis of New Orleam. who
was page at the spielkartenfest. had
charge of the favors, ami assisting him
in the distribution were Arthur Foraker.
the little son of Senator Foraker. and M'sw
Ruth Hobson of New Orleans, who were
a chic little frock of white silk, embroid
ered In Dresden effect, with pink roeebuds.
Misw Haxel Ellia of New orkans. a
typical Southern girl, had one of the
elaborate gowns of the etenlng, an Im
ported chiS"i robe, heavily embroldeie.
with clusters of pink grafts and dellcat
trailing vines.
Among the distinguished guest were
Baron Sclillppenbacb. Ruian Consul to
Chicago, who Is a guest of Baron and
Baroness de Roaan at the Russian Em
bassy. Another diplomat was Senor Zaralia of
the Argentine Republic LesTatlon.
Mrs. E. M. Houeo or Austin. Tex., was
present in a creation f Dresden broeade.
cerise velvet, point lac and diamonds
Mfcw House was chaperoning her daughter.
Sllss Mona. who waa there with her
fiance. Randolph Tucker of Boston.
Mtts Eleanor Gray of St. Louis Is maK
Irg an extended xlslt tA her parents. Mr
and Mrs. C. P. Gray, at Hinsilale. t.
N. I Chamls-rltin of New Orleans i al
Wnttle Cora. Vt. .
.Mi. and Mrs. Thomas M. Scrlggs and
children, of Memphis. Tenn.. are late ar
llval ut the t..an View. Wi'ilbrop. Mae:.
Mrs. It. C. cliapp'" a'"" J,r'- -"- '
Crcla- or Galei-hurs. III., nre at Cret Hall
Wlnthriir. Mass.. for the season
Mr. and Mrs Perle;.- Hill or Texas nra
at I.Ini-oln. Vt.
!. c. Squires of Council Bluffs. Ia., Is
visiting old fne;.d at Middlebury. VL
The Reverend William Ktinlr. pastor ol
ti-.e Unitarian Church al Ka-g.. N. !..
suppl!e.l the pi-.Ipit at th- Congregational
Church at Erring. Vt.. last Suntlay.
Mrs. D. I. Greene of St. Louts, who H
itteuptlnK "Wilyk-t" eottagr at Nausett
liluff. CM C.sl. li entrtalnlng a num
ber of Ma.sst.'l.nsett' friend.
Mis. Wolfe, uoeompanie.1 .y hr stn.
Mi. HudMin Wolfe. ..f Nee Orleans. Is a
cue.-t nt tho Aliisworth cottage. Yar
mouthport. Mess.
Miss Feuella Dana of Tt.peka. Kr.s.. Is
vhltir.K her brother. Wallace Dana, at
Mechanlesvfile. Vt.
Herls-rt Flanders of New- Orleans, with
his wife and two clnldf n. are visiting at
Westen. Vt.
Mr. and Mrs. Coy of Little Rock. Ark..
are standing the e.io!i at Spafford. N. II.
Mr. I- W. Coy of Liltl Rock. Ark., is
at the .summer Imtne of the late Mr.
Thayer at Chesterfield. Vt.
Homer Cray of Kankakee. III.. Is spend
ing Ids taxation at Brattltboru. Vt.
Mr. and Mrs. Gsirg Newoian ar.d
UushtM. Nellie, of Empotla. Ka and
Mrs. Albert Nerroan and sou. Earl, of
Arkansas City. Ka.. sre sjM-n.llng tne
summer at the Weld cottage. Weld. Me.
Th Reverend and Mrs. "A. II. Ramsey
of Iaiulsville. Ky., are In camp at Lake
Webb. Well. Me.
Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Lovett of Knoxvffle.
Tenn.. are visiting friends at Attawaugan.
J-ph is Pray of Kansas Is the guest of
Ms brother. William Pray, at East Kll-
all".s Vera Griffith and Miss Neva Holton
of Irighton. Ka are nt the Bookslde.
HeaMvllle. Vt.
Charles W. 8. Cobb of St. lyiui- is In
Rockland. Me., en his annual summer
Tone Tllgen, a lawyer, ef Slmix Fall.
S. D.. is xlltlng Doctor J. M. Harlow at
Woburn. Mae.
Mrs. George V. Btts or Lincoln. Nli..
i visiting Iwr aunt. Mrs. W. G. Shair. at
North Bennington, Vt.
Chester Trace- of Blie Plain, la., is a
guest of E. S. Miller r.t Westflcld. Vt.
Mrs. S. P. Graham of le.uistille. Ky.. Is
at the Upper Iam House. Fnper Dam. M.
F. T. Townsend of Clay. la.. Is a meat
of M. I Wood at Oxford. N. II.
In th great Cakewalk al Young's Hotel.
Wlnthrop. Monday night. Mts Dorothy
Htisttd and Frrrill Burton of Louisville.
Kv.. carrie.1 off the Immense, cak".
Mr. i. H. Newton of Arkansas City.
Kas.. a:id his family are enjoving the sea
son at UN tottagc at Brant Rock. Muss.
Mrs. I. S. Brown or St. Lculs Is visiting
friends at Cohasset. Mas.
Mrs. R. G. Chappell an! Mrs. C. G. Craig
of 'la'.esl.urg. III., hi among the notable
guests at Cret Hall. Wlnthrop. Mn...
Amei.sT th prominent p-opie at East
Gloucester. Mi.sc, are the Rotans of
Texas, who have made Gloucester' thejr
summer horrnj for twenty-five years past,
and have now built a charming horn right
on th edge or the cliff.
Mr. ard Mrs. E. G. Tllton. Miss Ttlton
and St.-. uard Ttlton of St. Lou's, hate
joined the Western colony a the Hes
perus. Mrs. Tilton is a daughter of ex
Governor Statiard of Missouri.
The arrivals at the H-spenu.. Jtagnf.ll-i.
Ma.'s.. this week Include: Mr. and Mrs.
lorge D. Fearer of Kansas City. Mo..
and Mr. John K. James aid Master
James. Itnnntbal. Mo.
Amor.e the arrivals at the Magnolia.
Magnolia. Mrs.. this week are; Mr. ar.d
Mrs. James j. !rd!gh. Kana City. Mo.:
Mr. Elliot Whippt. Whraton. III.: Mr.
ar.d Mrs. A. A. Wilkinson. Indianapolis.
Rudolph Lyons of New Orleans 5s at the
Oveanside. Magnolia. Mass.
Mrs. O.iude Kilpatrick was one of the
promm-nt St. laiuls women at the North
Shore, who was a guest at luncheon at the
North Shore Horticultural Socletv eshlMt
Wednesdav at Maticbeater-br-the-rVa.
Th banroom of the Manecnomo. at Man
chester, waa gay Wednesday night, when
the hotel gave, a dance for the midda. to
which an the coachmen, chauffeurs and
valets along th North Shore were bidden.
Hotel gusts thronged the piazza, and
many cottagers were among the onlook
ers. Major Wright of Lojisrllle. Ky.. to a
gallant Southerner spending; hi fourth
season at th Mountain View House.
Bethlehem. N. II.
Mrs. M. K. Spencer of Ds i!o!.is. Ta
ts at Wareiend Villa. Xastaske: Beach.
A funciton which attracted a large num
ber f society persons at Bar Harbor.
51-.. MonXiy as the reception riv-n at
the I'ot and Kttl Club by Captain Bush,
in honor of th Ml.; HisvJ ..f New- Or
leans. Tl.e Misses Hooil are the dauah
frs of the late Oonfe-lerato Gr.eral. John
It. Hi)yL Tlier was a large number of
military mea present.
Sir Mortimer Durani. his sf.2. Captain
Henry Durund. and his daughter. 5Iiss Jo
sephine Durand. of the l:nt.h Embay.
are taklnc a prominent part in out-of-door
life at Iyr.j. Ma-ts. The Ambassador
tn-i his son are playing with th 1-nox
cricket teem and in the Lenox golf handi
caps. Miss Durand is ths best woman
golfer in Lr.ox ar.l a clever tennis
Mrs. Joh.i E. Urett of St. lajuti will
spend the t-alance of the frnmn nt 57an-cheter-by-tte-Sa
with hr daughter.
Mr. Oas-ls Kilpatrick.
On pretty gol authority 1: is reported
that Ilesklent Rrsrsevelt will leave Oyster
Bay for Wasnington about October 1. Most
cf th- east and west end summer colnnlst
will dejart the latur part of Sept-mte-r.
Mrs. J. N Coo "f rJbutue. I., Is
spending the season a: the Mapwood.
Plttsfield. Mass.
and vj'S. te.tox xvj.ipp:. of thea-
ton. III., are ax in .w aiagnoi-a. Mag-
nolla. Was ...,, w ...
Mr r.nj Mrs Jace W. Il-ilh. of Kan-
Kt CllJ. ho., are among ir.c new arrivals
at t.V -; M!,'?-.m ,t.. .
Ml" r,ther Tllton. has amtd ct
H-;terus. 'agnol!a. fcr tr.e paune of tne
Mr and Mrs. A- A. Wilkinson cf Indi
apoli. In.!-, arc at the Xv Magnolta.
5tr. 'i L. Pales of Unite. Mont.. Is
visiting her mother, Mr. D. R. Harcoert.
at Faulkner. Mass-
W. C e!-ri-Tr . LarJt aaa beaa at
a,... .
.- -
.-... jt -.-' pi
the. Mai vera.. Bar
ec Mr.
to eatoytoaT the lal
i-ord. Oarsrd.iMe.
assavas xaar
weefc are:
El Paae. Tex.-Otto Harteratetater.
JoBisksto. Ark.-R. K. BMesaa,
St. Lotts-J. H. Roblee of Btwwa
Lute arrival at tae N-w Ocean IrJoaae,
Baaaipetott, Him., uscrade C. P. Wal
bildge. M. P. Walbitdce. Mr. aad Mra,
W. J. Holbrook. St. Louie: Mtos May
Sehtaltz, Kansas City. Me.- Mr. and Mra.
WUlUm R. X. Silvester. Mrs. Sarah M.
Barrett. Mlsa Barrett. IitriUnaaKdla, lad.:
The Rerereml CBarles S. Mills of St.
Louis Is enjoying; the saeon at tae
Waambek. JesTersoa. N. H.
Louis N. Ferguson of Evanston, TOL. baa
joined his famliy at the Meant Pleaaaat
House. White Mountains, for as extended
"iVs. William E. Toung and Mrs. Charles
F. Atltri oi Clinton. Ix. are at the Moaat
Pleasant House. White Mountains.
Tiie arrival at Breton hotcia this week
Ir.cl'jde: . .
Esses Hcue M. Thotnas. Sulphur
Springs. Tex.: A. Treshny. Austin. Tea,;
A. M. Morse. Kansas Cty. Mo.
The Toaivine Mrs, W. Wbyte. Kansas
Clly. Mo.: J. M., Stickney. lndtanaaotls.
Ind.: Mr. and Mrs. 8. E. Barber. Topeka.
Kas.; Mrs. and Mrs. E. B. Sterenson.
Indianapolis. Ind.
- Brunswick-L T. Kehew, C. T. Kebew.
St. Louie.
YoutiR'a Ilotvl-C. M. KendaU. In
d'anapidls. Ind.
Parker House Mr. ard Sirs. O. tV. Bia
sell. Air., la.: C Bejocr. Si. lyab:
and Mrs. W. G. Xicncls. IndiamxpoHe.
Hotil Lexington -O. P. S'.epbeaa. Oma
ha. Neb. . ,
Aaamo Hourt-8. L?ay. Enrds. Tes.
ThorndiKe Hotel Mr. and Mrs. T. 8.
Wiilttier. Denver. Cfflo.
goatr!.(.t-S. T. lMlard. Memphis. Tenn.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Iewls of St.
Louis arrived at the Poland Spring House.
Poland Spring. Me.. Monday in their
automobile. .. ..
Mrr. A. P. Ghto and Mlsa Theres Ohio
ot fit. Louis were among the Poland
Spring arrivals Monday.
Other arrivals at the Poland Spring
llouee tbU week include: Mr. aixi Mrs.
S. T. Allen. J. 11. MagranM. New Orleans;
John Breraond. Austin. Tex.. Mra. J. R.
Welst. lnwtor and Mrs. Henry H. Wetet.
lilcbmond. Ind. ... . a.
The Right Reverend Mousignor Edward
R. Chase of Laredo. Tex-.-ctlebrated Tajaaa
at the Polard Spring House last Sunday.
Southern visitors, to the Tip Top Hoes.
Mount Waslilugtou. Wldte Mountatoa.
this week, include: Master Juhus. OjAd
ier. 5lr. and Mrs. H. S. Chamberlain. Chat
tanooga. Tetnu: Miss LalUh R. Block.
Mt. Giw Lewey. II. M. la-wey. Galveston.
Terc: John B- Worrall. Kansas City. Mo.:
Goeftrey Konta, Robert Kerr. St. Iamls;
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Di-Merett. Houston.
Tex.; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. Gay. Howard
W. Gay. Clifford W. Gsy. Mr. and Mrs.
J E. Scott. Indianapolis. Ind-; J; P.
Clough. Jlemphi. Tenn.: Wbj. H. ood
ruff, Mrs. Jjtne W.-Jdruff. Qulncy, I1L:
Lnverno A. Morris. I at Porte. Tex.; Marie
K. Wertemeistcr. Evanston. UL
Beriini fnrinss; Mich.. Aus;. M. one of
the i.i.t not. I features of the snmnier-re-soit
s,..isoii .rv is to be brought off la
this count v. One of the members) of the
t..t..V houso cfthe State Ieg1sktiurr. Sam
II. K.llv. i. to give a peach festival, aad
h has in vi led every member tf the
branch of tawniakr.-i to which he belongs.
The afflr will I held in the open or
chards 'and tl.j WrisUtors will receive aa
i.t.Jeot l-so:i as t the output of the
Wolrerin Stnt in trult.
Hundreds of St. Lul "persons aie still
ii- the eountr Sr.m of then: are In quaint
orchard pia.-e on the St. Joseph River.
nhil.i liig:u.i:i Park, overlooking Lake
Mi-hixi:i. iin.i with one of the finest golf
eourees In the loner ptninsula. is still at
trnctiiig any tn-wd.
Tl xti.rsion biisir.-jsa to this locality
has 1-e.n in:n-r.se. ami still continues.
The Michigan i.vi.tril. whit.li now has its
or.n line to tie county, lias been bringing;
big crowils. --ti.d the two lines of the Fere
Manjuette and the Graham d: Morton
lsi.it hjte b:n bringing in the largest
load of hii-nanlty that lint been han
Iliii for years. A large percentage are
I rem St. lye:.. Ml.-ourI and the Soutb
uest. the i-ttl coMiectlons with which are
now est exdlii'tly close.
I.iko Geneva, Wi... Aug. 31. Autorao
blilns at th-; resortB has never been wore
njo;cd than during the present stason.
which promls to b- extended beyon-l
any other rear. Lake Geneva. Lake Dela
van and oc(nnmowoc. are all connected
with one of the "neat road systems in tae
Batlger State. At Oecnomowoc. around the
shores of laic La Bell. Fowler and Ocon
oinowoc lakes', are located many St. Louis
families. Most of theiw own fine cam and
in the present delightful weather they are
seen on the roads going from one lake to
another at top speed. There are more
colit- cars owned In this section of Wal
worlii and Waukesha County than in any
other, outsi I- of Milwaukee, in th- State-
At all of tluse places is a well-organ-lu-d
golf and enentrt- club, and the injer-plat-lnr
has prevail;-.! alnit the whole of
the sejv.n. Tiiere are still s-veral 'rents
to le- brought off. ami Invariably the
distsnoe bctwen the plaeesj I eotere-1
br touring and other cars." Th resorts
are all hated the Clilcago. Milwaukee
and St. Paul road.
Grand Haven. Mlcht. Sept. 1. The re
sort keeper In 5li.-!ilgan are preparing for
vn s-xtrtislon of the -aon her. They
claim that the prevalence f jellow fever
in the South will ke-p n large number
ut persons who in other years have been
returning home by September 1.
Summer visitors from other localities are
showing no disposition to get back to tr
city. Many arc waiting for the Anal
vacht races that a I way take place on
Labor Day. At Spring Lake, near this
Prt. there ar preparations for one of the
mo-t exciting raeei of the season. The
each eas..n is on. nnd there are many
other features that causo cltr people to
linger in and about the orchards.
The Pere Maniuelte trains and tho
Graham Morton line of steamers ate
still carrying big one-day crowds) to the
w RH..SftKTT.
Xarr-ar..etr pr. R. I., Aug. CL-Ae-enrtilns
to most of th cabM's. tht week
au s.n more suests at the hotel than
ettr heioie known, although toward the
end of IS tvif th-r" hat Ttrn some
brta'i. It is riJrl..-d th Casino will
close. Monday, lait th rottage-s n!I re
main some week, and the hceli trill keep
o:en imtll Septemlier li
Mr. Arthur Men Se of New Orleans is a
sruet at the Mathewson or a conpls of
The "Honorable C. Claflin. former United
States District Attorney of Missouri, has
bi"i spndlr.r tho wek r.t th Pier, and
was one of the not hies nt the meeting
of th American Bar Association.
There hate been miny tX-Jrslor to
the PIr the last week, bringing ihou
iMids of. excursionists, a plan In the Pier's
Ilf not keenly appreciated by th rrem
hers of the smart set and bid;" cotiserta
five element among the resldeut taxpay
er, nhii fear trat tco much of the ftittiog
visitors may. br their number, have a
tendency to make old Narraganett leee
attractive to cottagers and those who
make thslr home at tho Pier In the heated
term. Unlike Newport, where the exeur
sionists and cottagers have each their
riosen hunting around. Including separate
katfclr2 loaches, at Xarragansett ly
are force.1 to meet at the beach at least,
tht re being no other, and prUy much
evrysrher L. owing to tho concentra
tion of hotel. Cilno and villas In a corc
tainitlfelv limited compa that dot-c not
at all nrivail at the city on the other side
of the lay
Owinx mainly to th comfortable lard
inc facilities afforded to tatrhsmn b
the Caslio mar.ittemnt. Narragatitt hag
lieen inw a sort of resting phfe for
tacht on their passage to and from Bae
HarNir ar.d New tort to New Yors and
other pons en the sound, and what is
mate aratlfvirg is that. aftr stcprdrur
here once. th""r come again Throughout
th week there have been msr.y lying off
Claimants Wish Krx-d A. Fotkle to
B--' Ieclared Ilankrnpt.
Thre applicants were named In a pe
Utlon filed In tie United states District
Court jesterday to have Fred A. Fodde
adjudged bankrupt. The claims of the
Grand Laundry, one of the three petition
ers, are said to rt on a judgment ren
dered against the defendant In !. Th
amount claimed is SM.T
The latclede latundry Company and
Otto Etsenhardt. who names appear la
the. petition, hold claims agslnm F.sJd
acsrreatlnc tJ.W. The Laclede Iante.1
dry Company, allege that Its claim con-
s!st or a rrotesierj cn-cg. wiin interest
from December. liJ. The total amount
of the cLflm is a.". Zleenhardt al
lege he holds a note for MK.. da.
Mrc!i JO. 1
Th- 'hr p-tiiloner all-a that Fodde
I tnimlrent. ard that he committed aa
act of bankruptcy August li UtS. The
petition alleges that he traaeferred bis
satsaerty to aaofaer aarry. wlseee rsaaii to
aot (tvefs,
aUittaav --M. .fuse caaat
d ef Kaaeaa Cky. Mex.
barera ia aWUtas tbto
New York lgiftltite CoMMiwioB Dvs Kel Vitifwt tt Ctwf ue lU
lB-Vtia.tieMtotat f FtUoBcV-'
! HeMiag f Itwersre -Gilt Wa r.r.lieH Art Kmnorii
w Utlwr CoBccrsTts Matter ef Vfswtow tw.FartsritcH t IV ('!
jtrt of mm Iatairr. -
Near Tork. aea. X-Oae of thearst aab
Jccts which wilfbe taken a by the leato
iattve Insuraaee Iavestloatkm Ceaatatttee
will be the securities held 'by the, three
great uwiipenUa
D"ring the areliatiaan' work ef th ceaa
mlttee it has been disrorered that taaay
of these securities warraat a carefai
analysts by experts la finance. Eaosarh
has, been learned to Indicate that ether
life Insurance otaaataaUorai besides the
Equitable have been careless ia their In
vestments, and that asllUoaa of dollars
worth of securities held In the slroag
boxes of th- coaipanleo are subject to
fluctuations In value, which puts thesa
outride the c'asslflcaUon "gilt-edged."
To make certain that the fsoUcybolders
of these comaaalej are protected a search
inrr mejuiry will be made Into the anaactal
holdings of all the bis concerns. Aa a
preliminary to thbrfeature of the investi
gation, the committee on Friday notified
the New Tork Life, the Metropolitan Life,
the Mutual aad Mutual Reserve com
panies to furnish the committee's counsel
with a cotaatete Ust or all the bonds which
hare been purchased by them during the
last ten years, together with the price
paid for them, the names of the mass
from which they were purchased, and the
record of fluctuations tn auurket valaea
covering the same period.
It Is admitted by tbe committee that
there Is no question of th soundness of a
majority of the investments, bat In the
HeThl of revelatlo.ie made in the great in
vestigation of the Eo.ultable's affairs It Is
considered reasonable to suppose that
faulty finance baa crept Into tbe bueliKSS
saethods of the companies.
There was much discussion over this
phase of the coining Investigation, and
the danger of causing distrust among- the
policy holders of other companies was the
cause of some delay in coraing to a deci
It waa decided, however, that the Im-
portance of absolute security to taose wno
put their savings into Insprance warranted
action In thto direction. The financial de
partments of tbe New Tork Lite, the Mu
tual Life and tho Metropolitan Ufe coat
panls. Immediately placed a force of ex
pert at work on their books, and when
the committee meets for Its first session
on Wednesday, all the data requested by
It will be in the hands of its counsel.
It was learned that the Eu.ul.abl Iafe
will, on Monday. Ale a deaiurrer fat the suit
of Wilcox Brown of Baltimore, who lias
asked the United States courts tn appoint
laHtns Btrksmeyer and wire to Michael Bara
ml ami wife. Ms is aad 3. block C of Bja
marek Heights edditlen. a resubdirlston or lot
J of Gr.-ei Eaktaea estat In lot M of -rjyi-oelet
CooiaoasL south of fnvvr ds Iers;
trnatea sl. fB.
Chrlstiaa P. ffcreMer and wife to Thomas A.
narrey. i acre la lot V of Jsae CruuBber'a
sahtllflsXan at Ferguson. In section I. township
4 tvirta. targe e east: t"i.
Hauler Hwad Realty Ctsaaany to Oeorge W.
Maawttt. lead on south atoVst. Chaiiea road,
cvntalame 1 acres: ..
Same to Kanna U. Rodey, land ca soathatde
or ta. Chsrls road, cbataltung acres: M.ejs.
Willuun II. Pittaisitn and wife to Prank ISb
baler and rife, let U and west S feet a inches
let 81. Keek . or Greeafs lesnUwIslpa t
Banmers subdivision, batlag a front or 3 fen
i Inch, tcuth ete Subtirbaa avenue: qwttcle'm
Frank' El-beler and wife to Eupbsrala OIUII
huid, same prnpert-: g..
II? A. Doerltip' Fred Brke. lots t and ; of
II. A. Dorrtng's aubJltisam of natct-Iason
Helghis. Ir. suotbeost qaarter of ssemant
quarter section t. towasblp I nortfi. range 4
cast: MHO.
Pran'-ls Kuhn to Ilermaa H. Baciunano. can
of nurtlwart quarter of sovtheast quarter ate
Iton c. township 4a tango east., caatalalag
4.X acres: tare
Mare . ttem.r to Ifearv C. XoTacb sua
wife, "lat te Lks-k 4. of Wei Bemlaton: rC . a
Johanna Mnrkkanlt et at. to Ueutge ItapMl I
and tlfe. land ta United Mates rurrer 15. I
tomrat!il- 'Z. rortii. iwng 4 eaai. cmmmsw
1-H.ZS erts. tneludiag Oflre mrett ree4 and
right ef ra-- ef St. laHila Kansas City aivl
Col-aaUj Railwa: . . . ., ,
Joseph I. Pudlows-il and wife to Martin
Murawsal anu wife, let . blork rf. cf Gresn
weo.1. rruntlrat feet on north H of Man
hattan avenue: 4.
MlnnH W. Mu-phr and hnsbaod to Pnre
Investment CVmpany. let S. Mock . cr wo
lard Vt. frentuig l feet en Norton avenue;
Albert A. Decker and srife to George ' W.
gtedtman. lot T. tdk i er tlotdkuid H
subdtvlstov.. In no-that part of l.J IX
fjrpy tract, in Unit! Mates surrey 1SSS. town
ship 44 north, range east, said lot fronting
t't feet en acuth ltr ft Landscape svenuejll.
icre tV. St i ud; man and wife tn Aloert A.
TtMs-ker and wife, aa-ne lajpeny: ta.
Whsaton Realty i.'oir.rsinv to tOSwar.! Gocke.
lots 3 anJ T. Mork t. or Whealon salnUtlsion.
an-l fronting feet m MUh line f St.
Charles Ro,k nd: . . . ....
Same tn rSlxabetb XeCool et al. tots 1, i 1 .
.". and of Wheatoo subdivision, and frontirig
-t feet en. res, line of Vbcaton avenue: K.
Cwme to Carry WrtMsH Wi S?L "T
Whsaton aabdlvtslun. and frmttlag X feet ew
aouth line of s,th avenue-$. ., w .
Same to Edith Miller, lot 4. Meek K of
tVheatoa aabslvtslon. and fronting SO feet oa
south line of South atns: .
Marfan InteaunMit Coeapany to Sehoot Dsj
tnot of Webster Grove, lots li. 14 and west r
feet. S. inetes ta Lit 14. block t. snbdltlslon
of Tnxsdo Park, and fronting IS ft t Inches
on north line of Atlanta avenue: a..
John - Anderais)i en.1 wife to aame. lot 77.
blork t of Tus Park subdivision, and mist
ing JO t en north line of Atlanta avenue: fsO.
.harlotte UfHs-lntann et al. to Vlllllam K.
Curhran, r. feet ermth Me of Webstr place.
In town of Klrawovd. ia aeanhwest oaMwarter.
sretton U township 44. .range Seauj T1S.
laly A. Twettsr to JoeephlC. B.vaa. . lot. of
plt-tRuuth subdivision and partly hLey, t
ra. an.1 ftontUki 4 feet on ncrlb Bne of
Klymoutb avenue fB. "--,. ,
James P. Jor and wife to Mra Mary A.
pSkrVsath ailf lot .IT. Moek . rflMOlj
rhard Park, fronting J fert on west line of
""sarn-ro"l"r3"Mi:8"ret Mbr. north hair 1st
IT. Nk . of old Orv:uir.l Paik. frootlyg W
tet i.n tst line or Kalrlawn avnne- rf
ted rts,:ib:t and wife to Herman KutzeJ-er
and wife. Iota M and S. b'ock . ot Blmark
Heights a14it:on. frenthig f-t in lair.nrt
Wot'AliW and wlftto Jcln aTtjsr ard
wife; lot . block U Roes Cottage Heights,
a auMlvislen f parts cf blocks ST an J S3 of
Caros'lelet ..tnetis. aottth or Wvr kta rer
havtog a n-cnt r at feet a west Pn of
Ninth street: te.
Jib to lred W. Konts arvl wife. lot fs.
Mock -'. of aarr.e anMhraSo.-, froating H feet
en rest f.ne of Xtnth street; .
Stlrhsel Hanuusl ar.d wife to AnVet Fre! and
wife, lota 4 end 44, block 4t of Btsmarek
Ifeiah's. fitmtlxg test oa Baramert ateaoe:
John Oedm and wife te.Le Naert and wife,
k.-s c and T. Mock ft of Karisaklnors sokl
Tllon ef bteeka t ssd ? or Twine's saMI
slalon of Mark 1 of Carcngslst Commoae,
euath of wjter 4a Parse, fronting fa fet oa
sat lice of JtffsiMii Bailee as road: p. .
Michael Hammel end sraTe to drl L. ardsw
Sr. and wtfe. krta S. Jt, a. J. SI and tt. Meek
II ef iraaiarek Heights addition, fronting IM
feet on Erskin avenue: fata.
ir.ltal.eth RleM t toward Keller, pert ef fca
4 aaa S '- ta-iea. a soneirkuon in Vntted
States anrvev TMS. eaatainlag H orrse; ffi.
Jeawphlne R. Hangotnet and hueaand to.sril
llartt Forregt and wife, east on-ha!f of tot I.
Muek i of Pag Avenuo Heights, fronttng s
feat n north line of Lenox even: ft.Tse.
atoera Oreenwald and wlfs te CocTtne Ta.
petchaft. Iota -X.TT.-a ard j. bJcek St ef
aWa'rts- to triliuun MetMrawh. Wt
3 end . bkKk f Watsm'a Fruit Hill ab
dltlslos. frantlag (0 feet on north line of Page
Joha'Cratg and wir to Honora E. Butts. Tot
1. block l of Greenwood, havleg a front of a
feet on sooth Its of oaf ard etsnee: .. . .
Bnlnk Bros. RMltr'Conpanr to Henrr Lsd-
wlaT ana wire, auinin ioi i. pne aa nr wne
fnatuie et feet k Inches on north Mae
cf oxforo Bas: sf . ......
Taapi laism fauxt Cbtnpany. Ne. Z. tn TC3
srard HlUtar and wife, lot 14. eel seat oae-balf
of lot 11. block C f Mats Lawn, aavtsar a
front of fi feet en south lire of Haul oveaee:
J. It frcbsratg aad wife tn Thoraae J Wfssoa
and alf. lots r. and 4 of Baaaael Rocaefe
snbdWtsKn o Crere iar Task Place, tn taws
Blr 4 srta. rsegs -. containing exeS
acrse s.sW
Saas'i is. Denlap ar3 satfe t Bchool Mtet
ofwrebm-er Orovea. let a Mork 1. eTTmp
r"erk sahdlviston. ironUsg V feet oa rranaPa
"joseeh H rresBbr an wn tBTlrtj la-
nu jr.'s subcfuiSMWi of Saxpr Tract, tn Ui
State tnr JUt aw. w -t
iia mi wi:.. fijn vi mi . w rrwii-- v-e-"
.s -i rx...... .a srir ,. i raiiM
sad wife, lots li U aad 14. block C4 or Nana
Cktausce: sTJT . ,,lu .ki
TA-Leaton Realty Crpeer to ainjaai arMel-
Muck of wrneeton oeadlT-.swri. frowirna; Is
rest on trut!. line of ftsstrj avswse: taa
Anrde Wristit to James JI. Jsaaaja assl Jtfe.
east part of W Jh..TK" fla?
wtr Orrtea eetar--na I arre. .
John C Ktrat and srtfe to fUekare Jiiliaann
ard Sir! ? ? J. sao.riTital plat
VEs" awt9 ctTUMya-rjaaabe and wife.
to-aSi anil Mock I. "TfclwrBvars auasB
lm. e leaw-a-r Hfta.Jtt blork lg of
ofrrUrlet .'ciaa a-arta of Rlr.r da pseta,
rrncilaat : feet ca soeta It of lasokss atsane:
.-. .T. . . - - r f ' ....... r,..'
Caafcte uajtlasaa a ajta Taajawe
saw, to.fetojejah aM.eiia.'flsaa!sai
asaal6-m H , tl
-,..-Q-Jr-.-. .J.. .. -rjifr - Mm,V,t f' iTaaJaafl
s , ... 1
""TFT ' ... ., a e, - w ?i;-i? ' -
a receiver for the ceaiaaay in tbe int
eate ef Ma aa-ary paioer. j
Tsssrtk arri rlar-T antoned work!
tats deiaurrtr. te-day. and it cit. nui
asanas why suet, receivership should "
be erdered. aweear thesa that the .tHai
ef the coBfaar ander the new adml.iisttj
tlon are ia a, Taroaetrow. conditio".
Another ntatter which the conmittri
wan InTssttoati to the avaetlre amona tbn
laraer comasmles of graatlns; pensiona to1,
roncer emaseyce or resaiives oi oincrrw
high in tbe oamaany. It is said tb
EsjalUble to not alone In this practice, and
that annecesaaray huge annuities are now
Tsetng received bv relatlvee of New Tork
Life aad Mutual officers, and that thK
win be Mogsasd If the cotamUtee baa th
power to k it.
Experts la life iasairaace to-day dls-rt-ssed
with interest the present statas of
the FculUMe Ufe under the (aeonac
law-. Many declared Its position waa not
at all rtesr. If the stocaholdera have last
an their rf-hts, then the society Is a aau
tual coatpany. hat If. as baa been ctohaesl
by the stockholders, their bold aaoa the
securities has aot been broken. .It tea
mill ismmiii aatll asara and slssnli Mis
argned ttettheasere traaefer of atoekftoaa
one saan to anotaer. asa-a
when TMaxjaaw'. Ryaa farrehased thi
tnrttr linlMiisai of Jaases F. Hyde.
not cbaace the law. aor the rights aer
taintac to the gock.
Nor does this tiaasfer abollsl. tbe stock
and bring late are a nut-eel company.
This subject has been before the courts
of anaji.t aad the beat lesal minde of
England have decided that tho KeJttahle
Life to a stock company, oaaed aad eaa
trolled br the stockholders. IttoaowaaM
this condition ia detrimental to the Inter
ests of tbe policy Iwlders.
In the Beentaticn of thee cases to the
Erigttsh coarts. the charter of the com-
asaies aaeaafj Otwaw, Inanra aa rial lfaieaaaa aT sfaassa
Tork State were place.1 la evidence "and
the method of conduct inar tbe bisaatssl
. H0 iiwiiiisiw vt loius.aaia. ..V wsswiwa
I were set forth. The Crown contended that!
tho coaraaaay aad its asasta were aot th?
uiupeiU of the aollcy holders: that they .
rights, except each aa the atealHleaTaw by
their det-awoa chose to glvo thesa: that th
TeoUcy heldtrs were not aitaabm of tho
coaxaany. but were to be c nn steer
atarply aa persona who bold contracts
with the coaapaay.
Thin clatos tacluded also the acuaialatil
BsaateaB isn uiwr swaaaatj. wfaa. BseaTwwexa.B BswaaBBrasaaraLW wfs a
fund of tho Baultable. and th Crown held
that each faads were not tho ropsrti of
tho noser holders, bat accumulated prollis
The court enwdded in favor of th Crown,
two Jaetlcrs concurring with the PrekHng
Justice. Mr. ItorllDg.
. 9 aad to. block Ti of Meacham Park ad.
Cltlen: qultrlahn deed. ft.
Soloiaon L OewMiat and wife to Catenae M
Schweack. pert of lot S f sabdirlslon of tract
In United States aarver 4U. tewashh 4S aenh.
rane 4 east, containing S acres; SM.
Ttilllam J. McGovera aa.1 wire to ttarta B.
Harrison, lot J. Mock A. of WowtsMe Par-,
frcathnr Kf feet en south line of Bsalta at
cue: TAS.
dsrsksll X. Bufotd and wife to Wlll!a:.i
Oroth. lot 1 vf euBcUvtsJcn ef Joan BtnorJ- es
tate tn sutseys lie and 4ti stctlons Tl ami ri
towwehlp 4 nortn, rings 4 east, eoa'aini'ic
rtT aerea- alee land ta same iwasblp uno
range, caatalatag JS acres: SH.KB-)-
Aaaa rVroerr et al. te Herman -hrue4et.
lots 14 at IS Inelaehre. blork X of Fr4 Bar
fold's addltl-si. also tract of land ssUotauui
vtlJeae of'atancheeter. ositalnlna 3 aeree; al
aboat 1 acre la ssctioa to. piwaebtp 4T. aenA,
range 4 east: qaBrlatoi deed.
Pas Atetue Betgbta Realty Cbmsany :
James Walsh. lot 14. Mock X vf Page Avenue
fdesjkts: STK.
Reary C Drellaur and wife to Henry It
Baehaate: lot i Mock IS. of iachntoad Heights
susetiuaow. frontrag tse fet en seuth Hue of
MeKam atenus: tLeia. . .
tVIIIU-n J. atlfJsr and wife to Charles Pau
seUas. aU latneet In lot 11. n ual east l"
festrlot IX. bleek 94. of Wauon's Fruit Hill
safasltrhnon: also east feet C tnebes. ka 4. and
west IS feet lot tl Murk S. of Wats, n's Fruit
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