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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, September 10, 1905, PART I, Image 13

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Jal'.. 1.
" Sr .'.53 c
Day and Night School
. Now Open at
B S5. 'i-X vvamwMBSBB BBBBBBBBBBB''"'"''''4--f'-
BW M r-'ifs - -t aTUHHUBw- amw. lfisssssssssssssssssssak'1i'.i tvv
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fciHBHESswBw, - ,'rMmBW' k;L ; v'Bi ' -rtM
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Mjy "jfMfflfQjBf rfJflBff ir -i H3KUtBrvBBBBMafe- vfli C iBBBK ' C '-vBB.I
BBbt&flrNBCL9n:'SBc $--!29icEKaC9IB2fi.iS.' ' - BftflBBBB"c9
BKnBVSvSfcffiiBnBwjUBKKijy BBBBBBBBBBBMHy :.-J c -ifN--;. j ''BSV v jBB1
Lffr an hsfnr of Pil YearJH M5" '-ther and mother tc-td both !n th
jIier an -VDstnci- 01 . ls. n.irs ,,rof, -.,,. anJ i ,av- rlasl ever Mnce
Prima Donna Comes Back With ' ww v't ,J J,S r'V1
Iviav Micbetb. or rather I appears in
Two Maltese Tetriers and Ad- ; i 'V21 r1"1'"'1 t! ..Bn"-t ''"ll
i Ilk to talk about mv aeilnit that part.
XIWS Girls to Shun FoOtllCUt. 4nn't r how the r-.o:o too for tae.
would b RTv.it ti) I'liy parf. b-it the
lianl aork hat takn ajl tli ambition
out iif inc. It is now how much III I re
ceive from tlii or that nai;ini-nt.
"I lm lot of younjr c!r! come to me
and ant my adt1-i aNmt Mi";; nn the
tacc. TS.cr.- la no us !n AiUMn? th"m
iC3int it. b"cau? th? thln. it jirofe--I'loti.tl
j'tloiisv And v.h.'n a clri Ijas her
mind m.i'l- U to pn on Ui t-u;i tlio tt
w.iy Jo curt her iiwr i to put !it on
thp tat;' ?,- I .Ii-f stc-k work. If
thcx Mick it out for a &ion or to then
thrr ar- l.or" of th-m aznountirjr tu
m.fth!ns. ti.cv are at tajt .rto'i.
workers, but I'D ryr m! of the state-fever
C4e are curd iy a rii nmntln' course
of to k treatment.
"Another reason hv toek i cojd for
'rir.iiHrv. ! thit thy hav a chance la
".ev oj tndlviiluilltv. if a company It
kois-c out on th- roid th. n--n!r rc
tlriilod i ?h stntre rjiw-nr PS-- tm- a
tlie J nusst lo said arcordms to l.! inte"preta-
nun. x.ci c-.-ry si-p must lie taken sc-
I would Tx th lnrr'-"t wnman in the
world If I knriv I a null r.er bo into .1
thfafr .u.ain."r.iM.Mi-'5j--"allr- HciIcth.
who has icuriod to St I-ouK .ft-r in
mbst-nre of sx jc:trv, to fJI, a four ttrfk's
nc4Kcin 'it at the Odot
"To it.-J the -stapi- i a cold busln-ii
projmtiiioti.' -h; cont'nu'd. " m-r mat-t-T
of :nIUi-M nd nnb I am i th
t-tneo lv aun- I hav f mike my I nine
If 1 had th m.n to siv up m ;irfe.
n!i-n 1 would Rlndi do -o to-da The
work lia no f.ssciia'ioM for ra". It it a
oontintiil srtrd Th fame old thin-; vr
mix! ot ajMiu.
"Cf rourf. a lonx a. I hv It to do,
I try to do th- lfs l cu- i tri to l
honet to th nian.ii;er. tJ' p'-b'le and
ni-i-elf. Jut the sane -ts if I j em
plojM to k-.p a kiti-hrn clean, nhrte I
mould do m x"t 'n V.e-p ee-ytlii:. in
order and to k.-ep th pof and iun- -lean
n 1 nr cni, vii i -ouid not loi
I have Iieen on the .stare o.l rr.y life. I cordine to hi idea.
"la stock tbrr have no thn toe M
inc. for r.r pets fjr rehcannls at bent,
then the r!aj itoes on before the audience,
and the Tint few nishts it keeps one tusy
rcmembcrlnir the lines.
"I have a (food study. I never tody at
nleht. When I set home from the thea
ter I eat a bit of lunch and then go to
lied. I cet tin a: S o'c.ock and take my
1 lwth and studv an ho-ir before brcakfo'-t:
my ml'i. I lri"-Ii and 1 am not urcu
Ihsically or mentally. After breakfast
1 take a lonr wjlk. usually Tralkinr to
the thatr for rehearsal. I Fludy : I
nalk. When I hue played a pnrt I for
iret it. and if I ever play the part arUn
i have to study again
T am Rlad :. be In St. Iui apaln. al
though I do i ot believe I will be rement
lieretl by many. The public for-ets all
about a player in to or three sears, and
it has been six jears since I appeared -fc.ru
a Sc IxjiI'- audter.ee. St. I-uis v
ple are apprrciative ard tliat 1 on of
the pl-aurc!i of the stage: nee of th
thtnss which com;enati-s for th kprd
"I had ruch a dre.v!ful tirre cemtejr to
St. Louis. I have two Malt-e tfrrlers. 1
did have three but Iau Kill died, and
I !..yJ to carrv the-n in baskets, because
of the car regulations relative to doirr I
looked like an emisrant Jut over. Lut
I -vould rot leave Mideau and Canltola in
I New York."
Corner Vandeventer and Delmar Avenues
Students Received at Aay Ttae i
Our Special and Liberal Offer Is
Books and Supplies Free
To Students Enrolling in Day or Night School
Monday, Sept, II
Why not call and investigate this unusual oofiortumty, inspect
our beautiful new rooms and learn about our Modern methods?
Brown's Booklet Free. Call or Write Monday. Visitors Welcome.
"The ilnn h&m a nedtrrcA. but BI r.Ot
valuable ns far aa dollars no that la. the
are not worth hundreds of dollar. I have
crown very fond of them, and when Beau.
Bill wa lut a little pap be was 111 nnd
I nursed him for six weeks. He was et-
tlnc better when the nous, caugni iu
and he was overcome with stnoice.
I buried him hi Hartsvilla Dor Cems-
tcrr. and 1 waa consoled bjr tn tact
that I was not the only fool about does.
ltartadnie ! outte a rood-sized cemetery.
and some of the dors have handsome nwn- .
li-Acrlptions tell the history ot tbelr lives.
When I have finished my ensasesient her.
I will ko back to Sew TorkV
Miss Rodsers has grrown a trifle stouter
since she. was last here.
Stomach ' Bitters.
When the stomach gets "out of order" the
ltrer and bowels are Immediately affected, and un
less remedied at once sickness results. Severe
Headaches. Coated Tongue. Bad Com
plexion. Poor Appetite and Sleepless
N ightS are warnings that should be heeded. Get
a bottle of the Bitters to-day and take a dose before
meals and at bedtime, and good health is soon re
gained. A 50 Years' Record is back of it
it always cures Sour stomach, Bloating.
Heartburn. Dyspepsia. Indigestion. In- K
nmnifi. livr niiri KMnm III. MswAti- c-i
aches, or Malaria. Fever and Ague.
Here's convincing proof:
s - - - - t Mm Rruwk. V. S
-I -MsTewJ for year with ladterstiosi ami
moom sbv. it H mmm oar lassuy aBesuctae.
IbbskM FlewiBC. DaMim. O ser:
"Vow UJtt cwed sne- of IndicMtSoii. PjsytfU
awd I wOUssjIv iposjubcmI tC"
AwHrmttasa a Artlele. C Jmtmr-
.rati. SCsmI. y Stew r-eer-
saaa Vrtwla ta Clrcmtt Cst.
Application was made to the Circuit
Court terday for a pro forma decree of
Incorporation for the Pan-German Society,
also to be known as Der AU-UeuteChar
Vereln .
The purpose, of the society are to ex
tend assistance to strantrerS comlnit to St.
Louis from German lands, and to aid them
in stcur.njc remuntratlve positions and to
uid the families of such stramters arrlr
lnr hem without husbands, fathers or
.ither adult male members able to provide
for thcr.t.
Also. i. cultivate and promote amotiff
t!ie memliers of the society German litera
ture. mu.!c and culture: to practice and
promote the German system of athletics
and physical and mental dlsclpltre for the
even development of body and mind. a.
conducted by the Turners: to practice the
art of- shooting and institute contests la
csirkmnnshlp: to preserve German social
and cth'cal customs so far as Is compati
ble with American Institutions and con
ditions. . .
Moreover. It Is planned to hold feasts
and exhibitions In order to H'.utrate and
dieplav meaare and secomplishraent f
objects;- to cultivate social relations be
tween iiemliers of the society ar.rt to
provide a common ground for their com
irg tcirether with their families undr
hnalthful and ethical conditions.
The Board f Curators Is composed of
WUhelm Seerer of No. 1381 South Jeffer
ann avenue. Frederick lieckmann of No.
St'i Osae street. Nicholas Becker of No.
3CT Illlnol. avenue. John Bucher of No.
lit? Koran street. John Oewianer of Nik
311 wth EleventH street. J. Schwelokert
of No. StU South Broadway, and Acton
saunJer of No. a Warren street.
meavrt Say. te Tale la
Aaal. Klsjle.va. Xrsul De-
S-dft Vessels Have Brought to
Our Shores Xearlj Every Im
portant Trophy Extant Vic
tory of Ehnina II for Kins Ed
ward's Cup.
The poUee yesterday learned tte cans,
cf the ir.ntal derangement of Annie Klbl
cava. who disrobed and climbed to the
rvof of her plare of employment at No.
ir Swuth Etchth street Thurs-Iay.
IMltcrman William E. Bundle in re
port r-ivs that it was disappointment In
luve which unbalancd the jnrl's mind.
Annie Klblcova was bom in lMen- Bo
hemia. There she mst Frank Proxok.
When h come to the United States In
January. 1M. she foUowed him. arrtvins
la the city in May.
They had beea keeptnr company up to
about July X cf this year, but on August
1 I'rszck married another rtrl. with whom
he is now Uvir.it at Xo lr.v South Seventh
Yellow Fcrer Is Feared Will Be
Held on October 28.
nxrtnsuc rrEciAie
Dallas. Tex.. Sept. . Vpon telecraphlc
reo,uet from S"-te Health Officer Tabor
and Governor LAnham. the dtrer-Urs of
the State Pair of Texas this afternoon
toscpene.: the openlsf of the fair at Qal
las from September 4 to October 2S.
Tabor asd Lar.haxn state that the draw
Ire of Unre crowls before the eotnlsr
of frost might cause yellow fever to ap
pear In Texas.
On this representation the fair directors
postponed the fair for thirty days, the
races of the fifteen dties of the Texas
race circuit will also have to be postponed
ftceee IH.SB.aa. Wert sa,
Rnxcuc srnciAt-
Boston. Sept. . Meyer SIotpl5ty. a
diamond dealer of Hanover street, this
etty, has notified the local notice that he
lost SI9a worth of unset diamonds. He
said he had the rents ta a purse when he
srtnt ta make a hank deposit, hut that
when fee returned t a
maq.ui.Tc srncrAi.
New York. Aus 3. By the vlctorr of F.
F. Brewstrs tine nca schooner. Elmlna
II. in the race at Haliftx for the cuo
i elvn bv Ktna Edwani VII. sihen Prine
or waies. American vacnts nave swepi
the boards It international competition
this vcar. They hate brought io -ur
shores ever- important yacht lnr trophy
extant. With a ct.p jtiven by KInit Ed
ward VII and a t".' srold cup presented
by Emiieror William, reetinr besldt the
historic America's Cup in the archives of
the Now York CI oh. America may well
feel proud of l.er yachtsmen.
Add to thee the Cantda's Cup reposlnr
for two more venrs at least in tlj B'Krhes1.
ter Yacht Clubhouse. tn Scascanhiaka ln
temitlonal Challenge Cup won after ten
jears unstjccesful effort by the Man
chester Yacht Iub. and tlj fl'O tc.Jd
challense cup won by tho motor boat V-h'P
from Amenran and Canadian power
boats, and the claims of America to su
premacy in all Pel is of yachtlnr competi
tion are unanswerable.
Nor Is this alL The lists represent every
possible Hn of contest, excepting; only
steam yachts: for Wilson Marshall's At
lantic Is an auxlllirv "choor.er fitted for
ocean raclnir: F. F. Brewster's ESmlna is
a typical raeinr schooner: the Lcfecder
Is the ileal l!ir cutttr. th acme of d
slctiinir skill It prodi:"in r.icInK m
chln s; the Ipvpiols faitlv txtdiies the
f nail, r dc.ubV ht id-risittnl 5i-f"ot r: the
Manchester is tli.- rt irr pi.ir of tre twentj -five
ratrr. anil th Chlpnnmnir auto loats
rejireents thv tjtc tr.o&t Ker.enlly ac
c pted t 1h- the fastest nll-nrouini rtcer
of the extl0"lv motor elaw. In no nld
of -.all these can a fore'ftn country boast
an equal rhowlnr.
Most plctureijue of all the victories wa
that of th Atlantic and most to be treas.
ured aa well, as it answered u criticism
that has been leveled at American yacht
lnr with each suceeedinr unsuccessful ef
fort to lift the America's Cup. Europe has
always said that oar skill In bulldtnr
machines to race oft shore waa un
bounded and unquestionable, but were we
compelled to con.pete in an ocean race
that deminded stability aa well as speed
we would ! outclassed mort sadly. Yet
when the proposal Is made that we cress
tht ocean In our f.ist-J cruisers and
match our best against competitors from
Enelir.d nn.! Germany we lead them both
to the finish.
That stability pyd a rreat part In
th lctcry Is shown by the experience
ef. nearly frery boat competir.it. All
weathered storms that taxl then most
reer-ly. i:ven little Fur de I.ys. of
only K-foot waterllne, maile the passzce
trouch the three !" ale with enly
minor accidents, while the Atla. ad-mltte-r.'.-
unfitted for tbM kind of raeirjf.
came tbrouKh with scarcely a mishap.
We proved stability and we proved
speed. All oeean records fll before At
lantic's rmjnlScent r-sare. gae fceat
Er.dm!on's oil record by osr a da v. nnd
made the trip In twelve days and four
hours, in spite of the handicap of fory
e!ht hor:r" of calms. To th;s shcwir.r
anv ship n.iht hae pointed with prld.
an 1 for a vacht of Atlantic's character
It was a splendid achleenvnt
It meant more than speed and more
than tab"lttv. hoer. it meint iLtrlrr
to ilrlie a boat In the face of weather
such as Atlantic had at th xtart of the
second week of the race It meant ur.tlr
Ir.jr vlcil to sek an.l find breex front
whatevir quarter at all tlm-s. it meant
skillful natrt-n more thin all else, to
find the shortest cour ari h"M to it
dfspite the vasaries of the tnar.r.nr wind.
In .11 of lh-s Atlantic waa suj.-eme. nj
each contributed Its share toward the
whale result. So all hail Atlantic la the
rlorv of her rreat victory.
Elmina. sore ess was only ! strtkins;
Vcause she met smaller boats, most of
then of a different tvpe Yet these smaller
lats all hid handicap suScnt to equal
ize the contest, tjt her kind the lncrp
Ulona. the lore .-r.es t of the Canailm fleet.
as as fine a sample of the rat-ins? sinrle
sticker as one wii .meet In a lonr mari
time jwirner. Owned In Cace Krenton b-:t
deslrsM bv the sreat Flf an-I leillt In
EnziarwI. h had every rriMa to be re-s-arded
as the ;ual of any in her diss.
With the Density Imposed upon Ehntna.
Gloria had an excellent chance to wm
were she as rsod a boat In ter cUss
Bmlna was In hers. Sailed hr O Hcrrick
Iusran she had the beet of feaadilnr. but
sat .ae whit heUer thaa the Dssusa Kk
Captains Dennis and Miller aboard her.
Bo In beatlnr Gloria, tho Brewster schoon
er performed no mean achievement.
Hut this victory oft shore was not all
Ehnina did. Three days before she sailed
Into Halifax Harbor In the lead of a fleet
of American racers that hail run 380
miles from Marblehead through a dense
fog bank that enshrouded them all the
way. And thev raced every Inch of the
distance, as the time of her passare wUl
re-idily attest. She won because she laid
her course unfaitlr.cly. havinr hut one
or two sirhts durtnr the trip to chfck
her reckoslntr. Not once did her skippers
falter, but drove her throush with the
confidence that Is bom of power, and the
results proved them to have been rlrht.
eatr-lae Caea ef TyalMsM Fever
Meaartesl la SI. Levis Las Week
With Three Deaths.
tsrsntAitv or vrrAi. s
sr Total deaths in St. Iejuis. lii 3
s le's than previous week.
a Plrths reported. J7S. C3 more than
s precedmr wee.
Twenty-nine cases of typhoid fe-
ver rerorted. 3 deaths.
s No deaths front smallpox, no s
cat-es rej--ted.
s Deaths from eonsuraptten. 27.
: Deaths by violence. IS. s
Deaths from heart-stroke. H. a
:I'itli! from apoplexy. IS. s
Deaths front pneumonia. S.
Death3 frrm lirlehfs disease. & s
Deaths from senllltr. S. s
a Two suicides and 3 homicides. s
m i
The total number of deaths ta St, Irols
last week was ISS. 3 less than the week
before. Two hundred and seventy-six
births were reported at the Health De
partment. : more than tho previous week.
Twenty-nlre cases of typhoid fever were
reported, with 3 deaths.: No deaths oc
curred from smalliK-x. and no casej. were
Of the deaths as were from I"eal dl-es.-?.
K ronstltutltrul. 13 developmental.
II svm'dle and K by iol-nee.
Tli" s.pecl!'c caus'-SL besides typbid fever,
were: i
IteinStteftt fe-er. 1: dtarrfcosal dtssafs. 3:
nraemia ar.d seatica'miii. ; career act ma
iUtnsnt tunor. f: tr.rtmu. tabes raese-teriea
an! v-roro:. II: hrdncephaSua. tubercular mn
tEKttlr. t: ether constitutional atsease. 1; roB
ehitl& 2: pneuinenis. t: otrer dtsrase respira
tory rrcnaw 1: inentnattts acl enrerhatltt. 1:
ctnva!wn.s asd trismus, s: heart sticke. is;
asp!exr. : other :ireaes ft the braia snd
rerroce arsfm. 7; cirrhosis of liver sn-1 hpa
title 3; ntrtti. sstrontrritls. peri'jnttls ar.d
sastritia U: Brtsht's ! and n.phntis. s:
other distaste uricary oiDW : lnanttln. :
nrtmttcre Mrtti, 2: senility, t; rjicUie. 3:
ho'nl'.'de. : aecidit; U.
Th!rt7-siv eases if conssnnptton.were re
porte.J. with 27 deaths: diphtheria, 13
cases.. 2 deaths: croup. 1 ease, no deaths;
scarlatina. 2 cases, no deaths, and whoop
ing cough. 1 case, no deaths.
Warrell Capae. JTew-Wy Attache ta
A.stla Braaeb a Xaaeheeter Ave-
aae. aearasl la Dlvhlea Ceateat.
Ily Koine from hoiu to house la his
neighborhood, and taklnr ordnrs for The
tiur.day Itepuslic. Wardell Capps. who
(et his papers at the Austin Branch. No.
jeii Mancr.-sir avenue, won the prim
offer-l by Mrs. Austin for the newsboy
who sold the most ItepuMlca
Wardell is renerUly known as "Cotton
by his fellow-newtfioys Hi Is a hustllnr
ytranastcr. and Is one of the twenty-seven
bo attached to the branch. The prise
contest was arrar.red by Mrs- Austin to
reward the boys for their rood work re
otntly. and to see which could dispose of
the greatest number of papers.
Demonstration Arranged for East
St- Louis This Afternoon.
Member, of the Socialist party of St.
Ir""' will rive a demonstration and pic
nic at Central Park. East St. louls. to
day, the rates betar announced to open
at noon. Mr. Ben Hanford of New Tork.
who wa the i:e p:eiu-nt'al candidate
on the SocUlist ticket in 1H. will be the
chief speaker of the day.
Other speaker will include J. W. Slay
ton of Newcastle pa crranuter of the
Socialist party; Frederick Strickland of
Indiana and John Zach. president of the
Arbeiter-Zeltunr Association of St. Louis.
Wnrkipemen'a sicclsr sdOtiee of St.
I TjouIs. Belleville. Granite City. Glen Car
i bon and Mount Olive ail) uke part, wh.le
Socialist iscais or an m:na:s ctties ana
tnwne in the nelrhborhood have stated
that they will attend In a body.
Beat a hoas. ar Sat tataasfe BiiasMi
WamtAas. AJhvi
War-Ridden Coantrj Only Wait
ing for Opportanity to Prosper
All Indications Point to an
Extensive Business Develop-
menC .1.-1
Wcshlnrton. Sept. 9 Consul General
Sammonr. of Nlu-Chwanr. whos report o'i
the commercial, ayricultural and mining
prospect of Manchuria was printi d a few
days am, furnlsh-s further information rc
rardinjr the trade outlook In th.it coun
try. As the attention of Western nation-
Is directed to Mnnccuria with a view of
extendinr commeron In the Orient, the. In
formation furnished by Consul General
Summons Is timely. The annexe I rep. I-;
is ta continuation of that previously madt
by Mr. gammons:
"Very little American farm mtehlnery
or waron. or. in fact, modern machinery
f any kind, aside from that usd In cc:i
nectiin with the railroad building. h.i.t
been broiucht into this part of Ctina. A.
a nile. interested parties who have been,
approached. Including Chinese n. rchanls.
who may be able to Introduce and market
American farm machinery later on. favo?
the sending of samples, or at least prion
lists combined with pictures of the roods
t be sold. Tho threadbare scrrcstloti
that American houses send trave ins rep
resentatlves or drummers Is made here al
It Is elsewhere In the far East. The era
ployment of special agents by sea era! lum
ber dealer. ha been attended with rooj
"If mining proves; Inviting to capital bi
Manchuria. larRc quantltieH of mining ma
chinery will ! rfiuired. if It Is possibM
t Introduce American acrirultu-al metli
'l3. furm ImpleriK nts will b In il'niani
But. as lmUcatei at the outlet, th futurs
Is pr.tt4e.-Eatit.-al AH Indications, however.
poJnttu ext"nsie business fleilopmen:
following peace? and a strong GovexnmenS
control anil tlie continuance of the ope.
door Bolley. In this connection It Is no
tlceaA here, as It Is elsewhere In China,
that at American policy of the unques
tioned Integrity of the Chinese Emplra
has a beneficial and Important effect upon
commercial relation. In that It rive, a
feeling of security and promises safe::,'
and protection for the legitimate Inveatoa,
"For ten years Manchuria has been suf
fering from sallltary convulsions, couplet
with a season or two of plague and art
occasional flood, and yet It chief seaport.
lu-sjawang. naa oeen steadily increase
lnr Ita business. Or urinal! r. as far bacM
as 1. the Shaahalkwma Taotal. residing
in the extreme southwestern corner S
Manchuria, where the great wall meet,
the sea, came to Nlu-Chwaar to restore
rder ami drive out pirate, and highway
robbers and his followers to this 4a-
are engaged In the same effort. No latrs
than on Friday. June . Wii two Chlnn
nen were beheaded in Nlu-Chw.mg en
for hfshwav robbery and the other for
piracy, it is a fct. however, that NIu
Chwang is to-day a well-regulated dt;-,
as Chinese cities go. and that the Japi
nese control effeetively without the usual
degree of opposition that frequently tx
falls those Kovernlnr in a foreign land.
While, in effert. the native city may be
said to be under martial law. business la
practically uninterrupted, ftuslne! wlt.U
the interior, of course. Is suffering aa or.,
of the consequences of the war.
"L'ntil the wars o recent e-ira Ian:
numbers of Chinese were steadily migrat
ing to Manchuria, and. In fact, a few ara
now arrivtar from the Hackau section,
on the Tanrtse River, bound for Mule
den. In farmer year, this movement of
the native, to Manchuria wan follower
by large tracts of rich agricultural !ar!a
being thrown open to settlement on fa
vorabla terms. In natural process, there
fore, the Chinese, numerically speaktsj
'took Manchuria.' In the first lr.star.'-.
the Manehu. took China.' and In tuna
the Chinese hTve taken Manchujar.O.
The Manchus are not aumerous in Xane
ehurta. They and tketr deseendinta hara
been scattered throaghout China la varie
ous ways, principally ta asrtsocs.
Or and after September 1. Tony :
worid.faaou. restaurant wis no
New York. 9t. . A
waiter fe'l on Iav!d N. Cohea la a lanne
dry at No. 47 West Oae Handrea aos).
Twenty-nfth street, and he was ptanefl ax
the bottom of the shaft and fatalist
or women mtatai. .
sr -V

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