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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, September 10, 1905, PART IV, Image 32

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Prominent YtiMfWMao Spends Vacation
With Her Cook's Family at Chain off Rocks
and Tells of "Visit to the Lakes."
Rao Coat of Tan and Ii
Her Fiction Interesting to
Are Hnmorontly Deceived.
1 . . ft .-i. t J
I ' I . - - . - Vj'
aire. George McGrew Recalls aa Ontiag Twelve Year Ago. Whea
JwOfe W. Folk, Then a Bashful, Obscnre Lawyer, Aaaonaced
That He Would Remove From Tennessee to St. Louis aad Be
come Governor of Missouri Miss Stella Wade's Wedding
Piano Society Note and Happenings.
This I a true story.
You wouldn't lxlieie It, however, if I
toll! jou the cirl's r.anw. She doeui't
happen to be the kind -f giri tint you
would naturally acrlat with such a
Itu: hart- it !
"Ella's home." said tj.- Klrst girl aa
they sat fn tin- eaaJy .shon
"I she?" rernjrkcJ thu Second Irl.
without much interest In her mj'c-.
J'Yes: go- home eteriJ.-; . " went on the
irst. "and she sajH she had the loyllept
wmm'r she ever an- nt look"! -Imply lire.
too; a brown as a !e-rry -nd has gained
trn pounds. o she fold me. It's awfully
rornln;;. I never jv h-r locking so
'veil. Shi" ha'l on a n-w linn suit, coat
and yklrt. an I it didn't appear tr be. a.
Wt iroTi, li-Jt she saM file to;k It with her,
K't it In Chicago on h-r ijar North "
'0hT way where?" iircki; In the Sec-ox.-l.
rather t-l.arj.lv. ,
'Oh. up North; that's kIhtp she went.
jo-i know; rorre of th" Xortfctm Jai-s;
I don't resnproljr hieh or.c"
'Did h t U you h- had len to th
Northi rn lak'".'" 3-tionnI Second.
chrflntr h-r words rath'-r tr-fully.
"Why. .-, I think mi. .it l-l li said
il c had the tnn t h-r !if- and tliat sh
was 'n th- at-r t.n.ity m-ar all ih
whll". and I'm .sur- sli" ;Kk-d that uav
Mifh a coat of sunburn I -v-r saw b
for -and ?h raid there tr ,o many
iiif m'n. that I: ! all a mli.nk :ilcjt
tlirr not h'-lnj: nn at th- r--ort' thin
jvar. f'ir hh'- lMid an sctrt f.r f !
thlnp. ttVn t that H-ii" do ihink i:i!.
J popular and I il'h -vTyliody liked
in' ih'- .iy thi- do her"
"Xiiw. ki'.r. did Klla hono-tly till
yen all I hat"' iild c(0!id I-:titiK hT
hotoliitf iurda k.i Its ain Rait nlill sh
i' l3tk jr. hir chair ai.d .d Flryt c-
V ijj- c-rt!nly. do jou think I'm rn.il:
lr it all upT' Inquired tlr.t r-thr In
!rlaull " (if course not. hut I cannot ! llcvr my
ir" VWII. v . II. v.hi would h.ic thought
rt of Klla. hut I tr.ui s.iy .h" Is a snart
f can if and ll -rtainly i a jrood rai
Tu t .1 ch-'ap acation." nd ti'ji think
.' "'-.' fun in dcit-lvlni! -rh'Mj
" V. ti--.fr At- mm talkliitr alxuf"
j i.lat-il Kirt with .rld- en .!.
Well. If you'll inorn!-" lie nevr. nvT
ttf :!! I'll let jou l:.to . little p-cret
. i-ure joa wont tcir Well. Bll i
up North i all In jour ye She
Xorth. ih. je "he did, u- fa- as
1 hj'.n of Itotks wliere .in old cuolc of
. who Is .married. 11ns on a small
at n nd l.r liUili.iml rio'S ve-talues
fu th. tnirket. "tn the waterT Why
v or iir--in a -iow ilic Kanienvr
lb to piddle ahout the rlur '(alitl
te iHnin.ls" Who v.ouldn't sain that
i? i -.ith frei milk ml all the vKtt
.il at. d ncthlns do hut .it and -0"ep
'I. la of mi a"" Will I ku.ss she Just
ifn I ah nit t!i in. hut tlnre'a no ilouht
1 sne hud a irood viiriiloii The Chl
cai i cjoth.s I can't maijiu. for I kno
. I I.llu m and I eipect 5hc had rt
P-ol deil of -ihii' time and I remimtxT
th i name fc.jok u-'d to run the machine
u n vhe llw-d with HIlVs mother and
tli. i-ldidreii T.e-o I!itl
't e,ir. I nifb w all knew- cook who
matri-d in niarUe' siropn. r. and
tli . v. niltcht iM-nd our acitions with
tin m if tve could hrlni; h.i U her sun-kl-.
' 1 c.n.im nance anil her . tra weight
l)u' ih it Northern lake htor no. no It
w .n't do Ho fiire that jou doVt Tell a
rou! thouKh. fi r it would he a perf-t
Jiatr-- to -p"il lllli't lii 'Ion and It's
n lel"s l,uin"s, ?nj.aj." whir-it
IlN and Second llnl'lud tin Ir sundjs mid
r.niL-h.-d In a dihrute llejr of It:ls
and orrih.
IIltc's another Hue -ti'rv of a different
s-ot Jlrs i.;ori:eji Mtn.iew is i-ipim-i-!.!
.' It
'Twej... -.car- eo this n.T.mer. " slid
llr llii.rew. t.rrirc hr cotfi and he
i.1i nni: to a tend.r remlMNc-ut look
'ii I i prittr Iioun ... . "J!- 3Vlri w
dp 1 I wet- rp ndinK tl ii.t citnr s.a--o-i
i.u'aii on the Jerfoj coit nur Ahury
Pari. I .iis a iu!ct little. pla e and wo
ha i i lillslitfll time, unit a few tiple
.if . l.ilx.rat.. dn rlr vrvthluK "U
. ts md njoyali'e AIj- m Mi
li .k Hsti.3 . a!oi n afur .-iwhile. .ml
w l thcui was :i very hy otimr man.
w joliid oar lit tlu put' and wmel
- e.i!Ie noJch. thouKh he d.!om lia-1
rou h p 'ay One d.iv after we had all
lia 1 our mnmui' din ind were Muriiui-
ii ."i." in me
tr 111 over tr ulare I had . tmconceil
ik"lf with t l-oclc an'l s'rtchi hi'n-elf
it at mv -id.- Much to mi urpri-.. he
I.irtn to filk and a lie talked he -rn w
Ct'iit'denti il and pirsonJl
. ni hmiip ! i-i Tenn e
Urn' "lrit I an now Koine o St 1 i
JU I am a lTC".r and I exj-ct to irac
tl m t at cit '
T er urev ouch to 1 plenty of rcom
'Or 'jl it ' I lemurkcd. fijiiiK tu put en-ctK-ii.'ement
in m vok. hut. Koodneys
me. he illtln't evn notice my effort.
-.h rawt i-n isisinf .
" 'And wh-n I have worked hard for rev.
eml ean at ny practice I propose to en-t-
poUtlcn to onw extent.' he sjld. 'and
will then probably jt lectd to khw lm
porWJit oJHce. ?ometbms that the city Ins
to offer a ri'inar liwer."
"Here I besan to et Intereiited." said
Mr. JlcGrew, "for the vouna; man's calm
confidence .n his own abilities amased ma
well as a-toalihej me.
'"And vrheii I have finished that ptl
tion and made m)If thoroashlv known
In the cotiimurlty and the State I p.-..pcs..-to
lie elected fjovernor. From the uover
norsnlp I will no to the fnlted Stap-?
Senate and that is a far a 1 have
deemed it wise to plan. flnNhed th.- -retina
man with a skim rm!!e that belied hi
"Von are indeed a moltt vouth. 1
couldn't h!r ii.i-ir. 'and hot-, oon do i-ou
prono-e to reach the tT-ivn-ncr's ciiair?'
.' You niav ;Ive mo ah3u: ten ar for
Uiat.' wat. the youth's jepli..
"It j Just one more ear than ten
from that summer that JV--pli W Folk
"as lected Governor of 3?i-st,utl. nald
lire, ilcsirew ltnprvsively. a sbr Rnl?"nel
cotTe... aad her rtory. "an 1 Joseph w.
I olic ua. the vounr man with me on the
beach that njOa!.-jt."
Mr. John H. Carroll of No. 34SS Delmar
boulevard --ailed from Xew York jerterday
for Southampton. lie -rill 'nil Ms l.milr
in ly.ndon. retnraine- earlr In October. Mr-t.
Carroll Mlf Frances Carroll and John
Carroll Jr.. have been abroad for several
v eka.
Sir. and Mrs. Daniel c. Xuwnt and their
family, including Ml Xuqcnt and their
two ons. danirted thts lust ni v.- n
of tlw ioncert journeys that they have
ever planned. It Is to be a tour of the
world, and they expect that It will tike
about a year end fix month to complete
the Itinerary that thev have mapped out.
The will make a nhoit visit or two to
relatives before KailintT for for-lcn lands,
and have gone first to St. Paul to tstav a
W'tk. thfnce to the Te'low --tone and then
on to Portland l-Yum San Kranci-s-o they
will oan for Australia and then do the
Ailatle t'onticent. Mrs. Xutffnt is an ar
dent traviltr and a verv Rood nr.e. She
thares honors In this respect with Mrs.
Hanfoid rrawford, whom soim-nne o-ce
di-siirnated in my hearlnir as the -nost per
fect woman trav-ler he had eer se,-n
and the speaker was a :!ot-e-trotto- of no
tr.tan experience himself. Hl knowleiIi;e
or .Mrs. Crawfonl's abilities in this way
were derived from a perlol of travel which
K- -.-H-nt with the lady and her husband
in I-.uro-e.
Ml-.- Stella Wade Is preTin-ins her wed
ilins plans, she and Mr. Charles S;ullin
have set October for their tnatin-r month,
and the date probably will tie cither the
lMh or els- the Wtdnewlav following,
that is. the Sth. Mi'i Wide will htve a
chinch weddlra-. and quite an laborate
Hr sister Miss Mtrle. who Is now In
the Eaj-t at Sprintr 1-ike. X. J., but ex-Is-ts
soon to go to !ssrtetown Convtnt
to -chied. will come home for the we-1-di'iR
and 1 to l-e the m lid of honor. Ml-
Julie Wilson and Ml-s Marie Idtkewell
will lie the other maid'-, with probah'v a
cirl o- two from out of town. Arb'shop
Ulinron will perform the ceremony and
the -(e-Idlni; ! ite will t set JU-"t as non
as he completes hi Kurupean trip and
reaches home.
Th- Wade ftimllv Is still rather FCtt
ttre Mr W:ile i in Kurojw Mrs. Wade
and the y.iunirer mem!e" came home last
we.-- irotn a sta .it "oIoraili Sprirs.
and Ml- St'lla arrlve.1 yester-liv after
".'sitinir hr flance' familv at their l-au-i
If ul sum-ner home ..p tl-e St. I.iwrerce
Illier. lxtv mites f'om Montreal. Miss
Mirle Wade Is n the Bist.
To-morrow afte-T.H)n JI's. Tetrr Wilson
ml Miss Julia Wll-on are to t"ive a Itt
i'' Isiatips l.irty on the river for M'-s
Wnde and h- r hridesmild It will be en
tirely Informal, with luncheon served on
l.i-d the WUfon Iiunch n::d a trip up
(he rlvr until the early ev nine;
ind tli s. voun-r man 1 art K-ileroorn
While vou are in Xw York call at 4"0
rifth Ave. (Bet. 3i;th and 37th). Mermod.
Jaccard & K inn's Uautlfu! Jewelry and
You will be cordially wel-
Ore of the eirlv fill bride will be Mies
I"!ora M.'ry Schllholz. dauirhter of Mr.
he j and Mr- C A M. SehlUholz. of Xo. 41C
.o : Marvlind avnue. who will marrv I'ro-
fes-or Jvcob WlliHm Hevd of theKirks
vllle. lln. State Xnrni.il College. Miss
Sehl'sho!-: and Mr Hejd are both irnidu--tcs
of the Un'rsl:j- or Mi-ouri. Mr.
IKyd has recently completed a post-
.. ', . .;- i'J.'v'. T .-. 1. -: -.V '; --j? , ,
e -. - . ---.. ?. ..s ,... -- . -,.- . - ' r. -,- -, i. -
. V - t iinnnnnnnnnnlBsi-" , - '' ---1 1 -.- - i
' ' --v.ssnnnnnnnnHnnnnm
' li';'V'llsnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.nn
' '''nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnntnnni- '
-v:44--- .-hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnm &-?
. innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnw ?h& -"- "
. nnnnnnnnnnnnnKi!nnnnnnnnnnnnrn'ai.
- . ;-ssnnWiCi' . rnnnnnnnnnnnnl '- .:-' ;,:; ;
..''rriT - A . hnnnsS-t- , --nnnnnnnnnnnnl
,. VnBfiter' nnnnnnnnnn! .'- . ? "
, vnnnnnnnnjr-!5ivv'i-'- . ? ;snnnnnnnnnnf
. . JnnnnnnnnB.'i-j' l-T'-nnnnnnKaf -t- ' ir- -
. , V!nnnnl:nnnnnnniinnns3nnV:i .,-
,. 7:-ii,v . a4ir9r.f!Pnrnnnnnnnnnnsnnw --'- .
v?- - - w-tffil-&?nlSnnBinnnnnnV W -i. '
" -rU."1 -v nnnnm1nms :"narr v-feV' . "
- hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnFviv e1 j x t J-nnnnnW 9 . .-' -v-
I x snnnnnnnnnnnnSi-, Y- rt &
i -. . nnnnnnnnnnT v s ..-,- a--, , i-,..'
I .'-.- , fjnnnnnnK-' . . -.
T ,--'-, t aatjnnnfs5?- - ' s-"- ,
m -rJa--nnnnl'" w ,. . -- '- -a '
i,? innnnnnjr.f?k-tr r "-.- "I t j" -'- ;
.IN. f . cTiRk ' v -'sv. - w xi-
A . "M f. -SHtr . y-t ' i ' ' t?v i ri I
:: all:''' fC"'"K-K.',,.-S-i --':'. ' ":;?-' -?if ::
WarTv ' ' i. ? .tel! - ... ' --S- .'x---- .-"iv ' W-- s
'Mv:- .' h.;: ::;, '-';,-;;: :;;; .:.;,ft:r
iXeMhAillv.; ' n ---?-,' ,--. i' X'r". :v , -s "?.. , A..
i ; w ' ti ' ' is . a
Pfcoto-rraph bjr Conkling.
- r.- v. MISS niHAM COSTE. i
Who is to iu nrry Uoi-tor 1'eor-fc Towner St-tiseiiy I n October.
with the bride's . Colorado flbtrlncs. Denver and adjoining
territory, not to return home until October.
Mr. and Mrs. Ixui Mahler and family
have returned from Elkhart Lake. Wis.,
and are now located at Xo. CI? North Kw
Ins avenue.
aoaMwara Journey tkey apeat several days
at New York; Coney bland. Pklladelphta.
Baltimore and Washiactca. aad are mow
at kosae to recetre tketr frteada.
Uk Kathrya DtJfgtr. a -sat-t-rlMer of Mr.
aad lira. W. W. Daa-aer of Ellendale. re-
turaed last week from Atlanta, aa.. hav-
tax spent the summer with her aunt. Slra.
T. B. Ferris. While there. Miss Duj-fer
waa the guest of a party of friends, who
visited Cumberland aad at. Slmoads Island
down on the coast, aad later spending a
few days In Fernandina. Fla.
3fre. D. Hutchiascn aad sob win return
ft ota Chicago on September 10.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex. H. Lewis and chil
dren have returned from a month's) stay
at Asbury lark and other Eastern resorts.
They have soil their home on Clemens
avenue, and with their parents. Mr. and
Mm. John Lewis, are located, at Xo. HU
Caber.ne avenue.
I a -rammer trfat
visited Dearer.
aaa tae
Caatate aad Sin. W. X.
tamed from XaatiHkm
at homo at
Mrs. Max tnera and her niece. Miss Anna
Marie Sohnt. aie at home, having spent a
fortnight In Chicago and South Haven.
Mr. Thomas Doty of Chamberlain ave
nue, who baa been spending the past two
month in Canada and Xew York, has
Just returned home.
Mrs. C. II. Pasmoreof Xo. "" Kensing
ton and little son have returned from an
extended lslt In Xew York City and the
mountain resorts.
Mrr. Lavmla Crow Itellly and Master
John Gir RelUr have returned from a
pleasant trip to Atl-.n'.le City. Ocean Grove
and Old Point Comfort.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond O. Tasche re
turned last week from Canada, to open
their home on Forest Park boulevard for
the winter season.
Miss Bdhh Minnie Schott. who spent the
summer at Lake Minnetonka. has re
turned. Mr. J.-n W. DonaMson and daughter.
Mrs. Alby Donaldson McCarthy, will move
from Webster Groves this week to thelr
own home. Xo. 3HC Westmmster place.
Mr T. II. WhltchU! of West Morgan
stnet has returned to the city after a
summer-.- sojourn at South Haven. Mich.
Miss Virginia Lurle ha returned from
Bote! Malta,
Artaar Hawa aarra
Tark rta Vaats.
Mr. aad atra. day
letmatd from their
at their place at ItUWi
tu St. Leass to lii
Stopo-rerat Washtngtoa
Mrs. Charles F.
badle. who
taonths. ictai aed
i F. Walsk aflCa. fllta-
jhaVn vami sarnnjal nojavnfnl
Baar aad -"-
. Taey spent sevar-ii
tsnoaa imob aaa aa sm
waa gtvsa to
I sail Iran
L lamia
Mr. 8lsmand
turned from Borope.
mom ns la in
Mr. W. J. Holbrook and Mm. :
arrived last nlcht at the BacJ
They have made the entire dhtaace froaa
tfo-don to w. iam-n m inesr atnasaaaHa,
Big Four trataa, St Urm to Xow Tartt.
leave morning, noon and night.
A bay ride aad rscsptlaa
the masabera of the Snaa
Club last Saturday Bight ay Mr.
Thomas Flttgcrald 8r. off
Members of the crab gatherad at Det
trar Garden, hoarded a moonlight Crava
Coeur car and were met at tba "Tee Fee
mad by wagons. A delightful rtdo off avo
miles was tatewpeijed with the aaoato
and songs of Old Mexico, aa waU as those
or this country.
The lawn was
with JinanMa lawlsi aad 1
An address off wetcoasa waa aaasa by
Secretary Henry Goeata.
A card party waa green ay Seaatar and
Mr. Gardener off 5Upwood.uMo, in
honor of Mm Trias c JopllB. Ma. who
has been their guest for the past two
weeks. Among the guests presintwere:
The Misses Marie Trtaa. Mamie pfeaTrr.
Mhrie Fleming. Anna remtaa. Msad Go
buor. Blanch Gubuor. Ada Uubaor. Josto
rviri Rhw Townsend- C!aherlnO
rringtaeyer; Mmes. Gat-dener sad Ttrtaar:
emmg. t mi .
Mnm Bernard TPTemina.
Hamr Snita. tiewer 0Kane.
send. Jerome Owens. John
irraduate cnnre In French and German nt
the University of Chicago.
At Gray Summit. Ma. on Wednesday,
at home of Mr. and Mrs. August Hri-n.
Jray Summit. Mo., their younucM daush
ter. Alvena C. w.is united In maxrlnye to
Mr. Thenm D. Row.ui of Meta. Mo., the
Reverend Mu-ch of tha Brush Creel
Church ofOciatkig. Mr. and Mrs. Rowan
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Everv One is in Slumber Land but You
and Me (the popular waltz song Grare
Van Studdi ford's great hit).
TOAST (Stein Sons). P. J- Brown.
The Latest and Best Drinking Song.
Sung with Tremendous Success by
Eugene CtmJes
fvjiAtz v a Cxi -w
IH'Mj (lh laths' and crcatest of all
popular mail! sonc-
In the Sbailti of the o!d AppJ Tree
MiMirtinc tfce famou r.-vlt raoon onq ..
Sep a Cozy v'ortier ia Your Heart for Mo. . .
Would "OU Care''
lie 3 M"- i Al ... . .. . ............
MaU-I (th rial S;eac--i-in hltli
i:vt'ry Little lilt Kelps
That .mM- tr (r. treat cooa foag)
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NiItl You Itat Know (t Sm love onc) . . .
Int-rrvctla la brHail without a peer).. .
Seven little Vie taa cj:c a ncr l-ruytone
sclol ... .......
I like Yoa ifrom "Miyor of Toklo")
. I.V
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Hearts aad Flowers 27c
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Aftrrnoua Frulir-t (a cttehy two-step)...... ISc
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C'aptaia Isah (a ilashirfr two-sten) ..I.V
Masiral Zla-xag (a ragtin-.e novelty) I.V
Robardiaa Kag (a slow drat;) ....'. ....I.V
raladia (two-top ...........ISc
Aroma (intermezzo) .....ISc
Piano Instructor.
KohIer lastrtartor. Part 1 ISc
And DO other numbers, the best gad aoat popalar
hits of to-lay. st cut price.
Add 1 cent per copy for postage ftf m - k-j aaafl
will make, their home
Iian-nts at present.
Mrs. F. Feltason. Xo. CS Laclede ave
nue, annojneev the cngitsement of her
iauehter. Helm, to Mr. Samuel F. llirsch
of I'oston. Mass. She will be at home
Suntl-iy afternoon and evening. Septem
ber 10.
Our Monthly Bulletin and a copy of Thielin
Two-Step sent to any music buyer
WOULD yon be interested in the most attractive PIANO proposition
of to-day 7 Send for our catalogue of
SOCIAL txtaw.
Madam Pnwnlng-Macklin has returned
from Purls and resumes lessons Monday,
fctudio and the Odeon Sbrlglia method of
voice building.
The Jolly Sixteen cava an outing at
C.iromlelet Park. Monday. The day was
l-m in piayirur basetiaii. rootoan. row
tin; and other enjoyabl-i amusements.
Those in the party were:
E!incr IHIrer. Ruraie Web..
Irene Ahwrrinr. lTunpes Wood.
Ml Krickn. V1U tlllssr.
Kate lUlxn-l!l. MarU Wirtord.
Arthur iScntMi. Hey Il!iiion,
I'.-rt Martinez. Alvtn Heath.
I'rc rr.lu:l. limner K).e.
-car:i;erhart. Victor.
v. p. c ounxo.
One cf the enjoyable events of the sea
son was a basket picnic given Sunday.
SepUmlsr 3. at Krd leu-J. UL. by the Vio
let Measure Club. Cameras were takn
ut.d a number of good pictures developed.
The .hlef features of the day were dan-
Ir.c and games. Musical selections were
nndertd by the V. I. C. Quartet, Lunch
eon wns Mtvfd in picnic style, and all
arrant- ment made for their pleasure.
Those pret-ent were:
tee Wolfe.
tJrneit lieilblg.
Jsrac Olme.i.
IJzale Klac.a
ur.nn trTankllB.
ltJll Walt.
atiiu1 Hlmon.
Kitsnn! Krcrer.
Niraurl AltU.
J.Trfi Sest&n,
Me.lanv. -lil.nrh
KirJIj II. or.
liuli MUisicxI.
IJUIs Jvt.ler.
The Cellars, emnposed of th. following
named young men. will give their Brat In
formal dance of the seaun at the Louisi
ana Hall Wednesday evenlr.-r. October S:
O. A. Mcsr.er. o. W. llennerlch. A. F.
Grab. A. J. Benner and A. V. Schopp.
One of th- most enjoyable events of tun
dvy. September 3. was a basket picnic
given by the Jolly Ten at Ramona Iark.
at which th following guests were present:
An-ui lAuth.
Ma. ltith.
t-hl itehr-wa.
M'tri UfttTB.
"hail. Kes:r.
Ou mr-le..
H.rrr Krati.
tlany Cortiera,
Ba We4.tn.ytr.
little itsetier.
Arts Harttng.
AT-trar UMr.
W imam Paax.
The Rhamro-k gave their annual out
ing at l'lack Jack. Mo . September 3. The
day was srnt by games and dancing.
Those present were:
IUrji ffiv!
VAra-.t l""w!:rc
l.t-.ii scaciip.
I- r.r.tt !lBn.
Will otB.
Usirl OUVrs.
Ijola scatra.
Rterett Slrtl.
I'aul 'aunch.
The Navajo Social Club was entertained
Sit unlay evening. September X by Mr.
lister U'Urien with a hay ride to Klrk
wood. where it was received and en
tertained by Mr. and Mrs. J. C Fraacls
with music, dancing and games.
The celebration was In honor of Mr.
O'Brien's twenty-Urn birthday. TTose who
were present were as follows:
J Kerkman.
F Herkrsaa.
J 1' t-agaa.
R. Eaa-m-n.
a-15!in iTCrtra.
u ritrii.
G btt--B.
T Mist.
R. ...
R rarrve!.
P. Hma.
M Btrniss,
R. Bamtt.
x. Hvul-lua.
at. Coaroy.
Waart-a. frrasaa.
Krac Yc-aag.
t . . .MV
-r-k - Rio a Sim - -
Jus ssa Strew, an speaaaraT a panatl
The service on the "Knickerbocker Spe
cial." St. Louis to Xew York. Is just what
vou want. Tickets at Big Four dike.
Broadway and Chestnut street.
Two drawing-room and stateroom sleep
ers to "Knickerbocker Special." St. Louis
to Xew York, via "Big Four."
Miss Xeille Hltchlngs of Xo. 4117 Cook
avenue has gone to Memphis for a vllt
of several weeks.
Miss Roseiia ITice of Xo. a5 Whlttior
ntrt-et has returned from a month's trip in
the Kast.
Miss Lena, Byers is visiting her friend.
Mts. J. J. Wahl of San Antonio. Tex., who
fot inert) waa Miss Virginia O'Brien of St.
IXx-tor and Mrs. K. C. Gehrung have
Just returned from Colorado on their way
to New York. They are stopping for a few
days at Hotel Beers.
Slis. Abbey Morgan of dates avenue is
the Kueet of Mr. Joseph J. Itockwell In
Cliicago this week.
D. Walker Wear returned yesterday
from Xew York, having landed there on
his return from Kurojwj on Monday last.
Mrs. Herbert I. Risdon of Xo. 2
Page boulevard has rttum.il to the city,
after spending the last four week-i with
friends in Kansas City. St. Joseph and
other Western cities. Her mother. Mrs.
JudBC Daniel O'C. Trary. who a"cm
panl.il her. ias also returned, and in good
The Reverend William and Mrs. F3mer
have returned from Wequetonsing and are
at home at their residence. Xo. a332 Cab
anne place.
Diamond and pearl necklaces aaa
brooches at Mermoii. Jaccard King's
Mrs. M. Kauffman and daughter. Cor
delia, departed last week for Asherille.
X. C. and will visit various iastera
point before rt turning.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Phlpps 0f Xo. 3M
Westminster place returnett home Septem
ber 5. after spending a month traveling
through Xew York State and Canada, in
cluding Montreal. Toronto. Thousand
Islands. Alexandria Bay and Niagara
Mrs. W. Kl'lnhem of Xo. 3BT Chouteau
avenue is visiting her uncle and aunt.
Mr. and Mrs. Karop of Ksmpsvllle. III.
Miss MauSe M. Woodson of Xo. M4 Ne
braska avenue returned Tuesday from an
extended visit with friends In Lincoln
County While absent she attended the
I.'r.coln County Fair, which waa held the
nrst week in September at Troy. Mo.
Miss Mrrtle Carter of East t- touls i
the guest of Mrs. Lewis P. Morgeneler of
Xo. Alaska avenue.
Doctor and Mrs. James Imi of Xo. Oat
Man land avenue have returned from a
two months visit of Lake Michigan.
Mr. and Mts. H. A. Mendell have re
turned from a delightful fortnight visit to
Mrs. Kuss Morrison and others In Clarks
burg. W. Vs.
Mr. and MrA Meyer Baunun aad MS
Florence Bauman have returned after aa
absence of Ave months in Ejrope. Mrs.
Iauman remalnel in Cleveland vtslUcs
her daughter. Mrs. Flater. before her re
turn borne.
Mr. and Mrs. Leopold Levy off No. 1WJ
Dolman street have returned from a
month's vacation st Eureka ferias. Ark
Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Kaltenhach sad Miss
Lermtlne Kaltenbach have rtaatt from
the Xorth sad will be hams to tastr
frlends on Friday .
Mr. sad afra Frea Berllch off Xerth .
Louis have rttumsd tsaate after a fear
I ian j
V a T
HBweaaaaaaaaa. .
Clothes Excellence
, Attainfd at $5.00.
The deep intercut we manifest in the creation of bejar
clothea lies not in vague fancies, hot in the usiatakable
luidenitaBdiBi; of how to master the higher artistic de
tails so as to minimize vonr expense.
This we have accomplished in oar $3.00 Baits far beys.
We feel the same keen interest in obtaining excellent
that yon yourself do there's no deviation from oar rate
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ed ideas for the best, we have mastered the details, cea
qnered extravagant waste, and present these boys' gar
ments that show every mark of a f7.50 qaality, bat
which we sell at $5.00.
The RtfuMie Building,
On Olive Strttt at Seventh.
Our stock of new and
elegant styles of PIANOS
for fall trade is now com
ing in. We have in stock
a number of excellent
Pianos of various makes,
but little used, that we will
close out during the next
few days at LARGE RE
DUCTIONS in price and
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desired. Call early for
choice. .
j.Sr 'L ?.!t.2.f
-- c- ? - r -.a.. l1

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