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XHESE-dmiaty little Watches are more ia vore this
seasoa thai ever before.
all the aewest designs- our own direct importation from
the best known European mannfactnrers.
Entt Sin
Watch 14-karat solid
gold open-face case
thin mod! plain back
for elaborate mono
gramfancy dial and
gold hand tif aas
m . SI5.UU
movement. . .st""-
Watch 14-karat, solid
gold case open face
and el-gsntly hand en
graved fancy dial and
cold hands &f A
Jeweled X1J.9U
Corner Sixth and Locust Streets.
The other train
tirnl H9feV':ynflmSHammmm5
Smm! LmmclnmmwnmmmmBmmmaH
nmrnmrv'-'-l KnmammmmmBgnsV I
TSmi mn LnpcaMiBHi
of it
one track and
1 "v
direction en the Other track. This prevents
delays and avoids collisions. Over 180 miles el the
Frisco Road to Chicago
(nearly three-fifths of the way) is already doable track.
It's the modem way of building and operating a railroad,
hence its name:
Ike Mtien. lite tt CUeaft1
intn Calea Stalls,
6. Loots.
9:30 . M
llu r. m.
Hey trains carry handsome 3rasker. Free Reclining Chslr Car.
Club Oar. Library Caf Car. and Observation Parlor Car: eleetrie
fens ia car. Night trams rSrry handsome Srsor. Free
Ksclialag Casir Cars and Pali-nan :leepsrs with berth lights.
Tickets at 900
ff. X
1 2d Anniversary Sale
J) S
Efit EmmImI Frat by
,r o r many
ears t n
charr of the Optical Ivpartmen:
of (be E. Jacoard Jrelry Co.
619 Locust St.
ihMMiri Ito:irl of lloakh
at nrn'ii?lr.
rit rij-r&iAi.
W irrn.buT. Mo. P'rt.
l f -
rd of Health convrr-d In
;V. rltjf --
i "os-tor D T Iow .
r r J T Thatr.ir a
of Thi- i-l
c but IV-;cr Htmt'n
f li- j i
' r Tt inrw or trBC Jd
t .- j j rvrrinx on jc ,a-
J -rcn'.il crilt .-n of the rai rsi
1 r
te 2-t rn"t:re ci th Sa-d -.
" -itv !?. tite hrdisirtrr wr-
taSr.111 h-.
Qrrlne mattrrs I" .Iirrr-t pa"a r
th S:a anj the re--rai a .tar cor 1
tlor.i thiouah-mt te 5:at t''lv! t .
ttcntlon of boiini It ! fottah;
snTI onJr I be rr.ide Its-k r.c so t'
"r saastarj ccndi.lr tss the varioui ,
ttwn aJ ctl ., :
T" board mill rv!- ih T5UTs:tt!e t
pajvrs of cardM4t 'cr th rraf-ic n!
m,ltclrve Kt M.o-n irto r recert y I
examined ty the : -rd a: St. Lals.
Secretary A.Scwk tjr. thut th t?iTd
wtU b In eslcr bw We-i2-iar mtea ,
a report w-.u o- cr ta tie p-jiClc
A OI'e-Ora r Tea ammm.
This grafU .-vtu cas t -o-n Tsr
s "at trvtr" tr. th- Mtirr'.OBTi or r
lar lattwe. It t :ir ccturnrrtTi. bis- 1
;. .vci kj rroa iace S a ftatrlr
For ImfamU a&l CkiUrea.
Ill CM Yh fan Alwirt liit
Bears tte
Our assortment comprises
LilltC Chatetasa
Watek 14-karat sol
id sold open face
heavy can richly
nana engraved mm
model: la-
is on the
track enables a
nu.roaa' to operate all
trains in Me airectioa
all ml those ia the opposite
Arrive La Salle Street
5:3 r.
Olive Street.
Taktas of Easlga Wade Is Deferrew
I mil Witness Hhall Regal a
Ills i'hsiral Strragrlh.
Mre I-land. CM.. Sept. 19 WTien the
Y :?: court-nnrtl.il cnneno.l toi.iy u
T li"t a - r-. a.1 vrsa Irtllnn ILtF. a
! 'vniniii a r.a 4 ' Li.a c. 1,1 ;ia rw-v. IUI j
01 th Navy D.irliti?. akitii; that lie !
proi-LM vitti the Ia;ly ;ricicd.nssi of th
ouit and aIv that a cojiy of the bini,"
N- fumi.hel to Commander You-.s. The
-urt thrn .idjurned. and procccIel t , thr;
. Mire Tlanii H-jitI to taku the lejtl
mor .f Kicisn a.I-.
hi: tl -jrt r-"onvenel Judse Gear
obje.-t.v' t.i the t.''imohy of Waile beins
, t.ikii at this tla.e. n the nb nee of a
rej.. t on the Teit.il ua j j.h s".cj! con.li-
ti ? t' u't. '-.
1 hire o sli', p.i-l assistant rur-
1 coi of l ! ll.ipl:al Service. .is all'-d
I,. ,.. ,.irt t '.f) rtc.inlirig Wade's
rd'twn .. Mate 1 thit W'ade ha.l ln
- .fer.ng from sat .sret ou .irr"'nll'tl
"il tit ,ir trr it-Hi wa jytl'irmei! He
1 .1 thit W... .m m weik Hii .-onli-
ti-i .i f... .(.! ;. r reeuji-rati.in. mit
-'. r-. nt h .i ti-t able to stan.l any
Ti:n me-tailv lie Mid thit Wade was
at.e in K'.y,, :-ttmotiy. but said that a'
c ca air.atton ai.ii crofs-eTnmlnation '
w-iiid hir Hi -rre.-ti Til- doctor said '
'm n tn or i'.riv di- W'ade might be I
ii !v for .imlr itjon I
''tr delitientlon. Jui!u Oears rbjrc-
fm to tlie telmcrv of Wade t"-inc taken 1
' -' th' time t . -t ili"il liv the rourt !
T"1- Juie- AiU-nc-ite sod that Wade's
r itlrue nttr-jur. ii '..-jt th isiiir sail!
"11: chr vitnee couM be cald in the
m '"-t'nre
The Julc .dtecate rjuf:d :h
t i.l: the Ilenntr.eten nd le h
he court 1
her lmll- I
slid thit
" m nierrt-r of tti cnurt
"J h an lnpectl-jn na not n.n The
Ji. !e Advocate .ihl 'hat It wou'l b see n
"f " court oa cm- on jne Itenn --Ktoi .
' it "ie Ikiiter nhtch nrio.UI si nml I
f -iirt n fr-t. ard the coilapsxi f'i-nace
nu. also be -en
CimmaivJer Yacn: -titrj that IJwjtfs-
! ar.t Y"e -.o in Mmrrar 1 of the II 1
j nSrst.i" had rommuct- af-l hm that
I hi? i r'ajs to be mpecte.l ty the
" Th . iurt then all .ried to naki
I an :-.;i-- en of the vevL
City Nail aa Hatha? Orala Cota-
pan.'a Rnlldlaa Ire Raraed
( liy Reeird Last.
nrr r.M- srE-T u
Mexicc 51" Sept. !-The ritx Mall
wa iriil dercvd tr. Mar.da r'rht s
ft-- Tt Hatha-sf G-sin C-rtr-ny i
be Wi-.s as a dtmTej
HathTT s antoc-.tj t :.C IJe
c l-J Ktj t-. raice The Ctrs- Ha
wis mu-ej f:r CiVH
lili r--t tv f.-j a heavy showe- dtl
5: the 1-e th fhoer fctrsis, re-on
cf th e-T srocatiy wculi hive te'n
ficer: tsat
The s; it :h Hathaway CVntr-'-'' -s
rciverrd today aid Its cor.tetts j-' In
ni- : tr.n.-c! Th citv recni i'-r r
rair. I-tart ai rv-itilr.? cf value -. ;v?
line of valuable p-rer dettr"e :
.trratea Ilia ort af Forgery.
Virge Hrow . J-. jt years el.", r No
Vs rv KaJb .freer ra arre t-i erer-
taT oa coraria.r: cf his father. Tore
V.r .rn r v cjjarxe taat iu mra
sien-d hi MC. tc a note on wh-ch- he
r-e.-. ed C f-ei-s J -s- Sartnr.eji a gro
cer at Xo rs. 5.1- xi-.j; .trrer. Ut
Will Oafa 1. M. It. A. staarter.
Tbe Vosnc lire Hbr- .V-sAarJos
will dti-rat' It jraoril Into its r.ew
guartc rs at Taylor ara J and Olive reet
re-iight A tabUr recrtkvn arxl cnter
taTan? .t ha. ie-3 arrinel President
ttt Xtt a?l IlahM Lecn Harrl! aia
t-r the addrtxrra cf it ---,-
. 1
Million Population Club Urged to
Unite Interests of City and
I Territory.
General Passenger Agent Hilton
Tenders Courtesies of Road for
Extensive Trip Opinions
as to Relations.
'Ide Anltted to the St. Louis Million
Population Club bear mostly upon the ln:-
Eirtance of establishing mere intimate re
Monsbetween St. Uouls and the South
west. Financiers, manufacturers and busi
5ff ? are unanimous In the opinion
that the interests of St. Ijouls and the
Southwest are identical, and that both this
dty and Its surroundicg territory should
exploit and work for each other
St. Louis, as the metrotx.:' of the South
west, stands to the rest of tl country as
"JSP" o Southwestern develop-"f?-.
T" Southwest, deriving substan
tial advantages from the prominence and
5?ene.of - -"ls. U looked upon as an
fcUye ally in promoting the welfare of its
ftrest cfty. This view is expr.sec! daily
oy progressive men of St. Louis and the
Scuthwest. and a policy for earning It out
systematically and mora energetically is
now being defined.
The advisability of understanding the
relation which exists between St. Ixuls
and the Southwest was suggested to the
Million Population Club yesterday In a
letter from General I'assfnstr Agent Hil-
Iivn vi me i nsco -system.
A suggestion that all :haj of this re
lationship should be stud!'.! was accom
panicd bv a t.ttiler of s-ieclal privileges
Mr iiiitonvEt.er -mm,
totofff wil.1! "Pi,lMT
SSh2J?m,Jrr,,5SBjS; lJ1 .'-!
ne.e .TI .1... .. . " w
subcommittee of the Executive Commit
JL&sLrsi TiSL 52?!i 'Hrrff. ."'?'?" p
Uitirra'e 1rr of adranrlnr the i.uUtion ta Pkew wre enthusiastic in their pre
IMla therrtt pri-fni tirilp um!on to dictions that Senator Cullom would .e
On rry ia-rtar.t !r.t I a jvanrd. viz.: cure the solid tuthern drtrgation, stat
l!f 'S?.,".'0 haic "- mi'lion re't!e in . J ing that the feeling in the varum coun
o tTT J?;rorn4.Ci ,.,:1,,. "",n''1 ties represented er In favor of his re
25rtt,st:'i;r.,0J.T.:r" "I? ,.T"2iTL,r: turn t-. the Senate because of his record
In aJunre of tb t-fu!at!on of th"'ctir thkt
-r ." ii ..-aj 111 iiriiiiimni.
The So3the5tern !!n hae for -rral
yari. been actt'!v en:a:M In wnmottn their
temtery by Juillcinu. -xJi.Ttif.lnff. an-l th
r2TUTT of ? attnlr.ed op to thi tlm- maw
falrty be takn. I think. a an err-ctive trs
aorseiTjent of the plan proposed.
I firnily believe there i rnthirr that trill
bring a nalllcn poru'stirn to St. I-ul ju!-ker
than aa Snte:iient and elective eiploi'atina cf
Ita Mrrttory.
As a representative of en ef the South
western lines. I desire ti !nJor?e the plan, and
pledge our hearty rorpnrt.
In this cnnneetlcn. alone with the l!n suc
geatd. "that In alvertiBlng. one shtuM
acquainte-I vlth the subject or artlele to t- pro
ncte4." I i!e.ire to eaten, the c.urtev i our
entire srstem lines to a ecinmltte of the Mil
lion Club to make a cmnrrhenlv- 'car of th
Bocthwest. in rnler tht it may le thoroushlv
eiulppej to esp'rlt th aJvar.uu- of the South
t in connection ith thise of St. toui.
The prraiiJcnt of a national bank, speak
ing yeterday of the progress of St. Louis
and the Southaest. said:
'The welfare of this city sad of the
Southwest cannot be di-connected. Th.5
citv ant: the territory must grow tosether.
Tha they may mage the best progrew
they shuid exploit each other.
"Uusints men of the 5uthtst realize
more li!! the beneflu coming from thi
comnurty or Interest than thev have In
the 1 a-:, and I am glad to nay that the
busaner.s men of St. luls are actitiir im-
rt. ... r.m..A. .. 1.- ... ..
oa tre ame ronclulon.
Gleat e"orts ought to be made to bring
abnut a jraetic.il understanding St. Iynns
and the Stiithnest nuRht to fix a common
basis tf 1 xj .oitatlon. and vh:orouly ad
vance each cther'a good."
tea.' Bailie Bridges Declare Kpoase
Camnellea Her t Work Par
Basra BUI In Illvaree 9alf.
John E. Bridges, accordlrg to the alle
gations of his wife. lialhe. In her suit
for divorce, tiled In the Circuit Court ves
terday. lid u proclivity for hiring her" out
asa serv.-int In tioardlng-houscs.
They were married August S. IT-?, ir.
Bon ling ;rcen. JIo. Ti:y came to St.
Ieiuis and nent to a boarding-houe at
Ninth ar.d Morgan strc.-ss. where he owca
C3 for board, j-he nates. He wanted to
hire her a a s'ran: In the p!ace to pay
the bill, she lies-. She had to go out
and do washing, she alleges.
He went to I!xon. HI. in July. 1VC
and rot- for I.cr to come t him and
bring their chi.d SIi. obtained money
from relativi.s alth which to l.tiv a rall
rod tu-ket and went to her husband.
He hired htr a a erx-ant in a boarding-hou.-e.
he alicue. She x'crKed until she
earneii money e:.ough to p.y her fare to
Shlliiilc Mo., whore hr mther livcl.
and went there. -h- ate-. t?hu give the
date of her stratum from her husband
a- Julj r. ls-a Her liiitsind lives, she
tttr-, iii ISSuemound. III.
IJo-- Shatpe a!!ces that her huand.
Oeorse. faii-M to Miivrt her and that t-he
had to pawn h. r jenclrv and other val
uable to c-i funds to ::n has-e tin- nee
sari of life for her-. If ami child She
also worked t-i -u,jrt hei-Wf. and was
compclied to walk frum where he worked
down town for want of car far. Hh
t.tate She. i'as eor. hungry on nanv
vaslnn. Mf allege ,r husband
abu-e.l and t-oMn! her she state
While Sivy were Iimi.j; at No. ";'" Iji
cas avenue !e . -ir.i home In n l'rui.eI
1 omiition. the r-u:t of a iiuanvl and
,h Ind to I-nte er employment und
take care of him. sie state H. r hti
bind. -he statt. will inherit cr.if!er
alle proiwrtv hi ask for the custixly
of their child. Kr leri. k. month" old.
Chatie I. Thutiij-' .il!ges that his
111'e, Sarah. niKCel -m and provikeil
Mm. The we-e married at Fall City.
Nh. O. t iter I Islsi While he was ab
sent froit home thrc-hing wheat for
farmer with h' thr.-hlnir michine his
wife sold the lini)!.oal cool and went to
Irdtani. !. al!ets rilie wrote to h!m
after a tim Imp'orlng him to let her
return and to forirne her he state. He
took hr bi-k. hit she N-came tjUHrrel
Minie and .'It htm April s. he alleges.
Sh i no-r in N"eli-ask.i he tates.
Ma ly II 'r' wa- it t-r'-sl Mav 4 las; an.l
she and h r bu in!. Walter. epnrated
Julv I. She ai.'t s thit he refuel
I proIIe for bet ?.e ai-ks for the
' atlon of her miM-n nam. Smith.
ivill'lK'll lieMsiii r.liori to
-? .1 v. . - r. .. -
Tl... ii.. ... .t... I... r-.,.,-.-
4.1IS1' llll II. Ill I I'UI 1IIJII7. ' f
Policeman Sheeri-i was cctr-.Ts-Iled to 1
cirry Minnie Kitchen.
or th" war to "n- F
Self-Sivletl Savior Predicts De
struction of Webt?r Groves.
Claiming that h ,. -he Savior Thos
Newman Holw-orth caued a sensation 1
Vet-trr Otrsvss at z&si yesterday bv
dlvsr.g hlm. f of all his clothing anJ
rurlr.c through rs pr'r.cipal streets pre
dserir.g that it wcuM be Mown up with
Marhal Nace ad h: asrat carrurel
Iloirwcrth aft'r a ehas Thy took hln:
to the ofSre of Ictor Marshal BaX'r.
mho saii ihr h w s3ricr from
hallnct-varions Jctjce Barrcc wear to
CJaitca d t a con;m:::et for hlns
ro th Sr. Zjcu.s i-s-.c A1unr.
rieatb nt illlaai Krate r.
'VK"i.i:am Kruj ?r far many rear nicht
jperw:tJn: of 5iarln II, I jcleije Oa.
Ihr istpy die-i yesteriay at hi
home No 1712 5hervdn nsn He
s-untveit by a wife -on and a daughter
Mr Krse was tll and faTrab-y know-n
is. hl taSLei.
Baja Wa.aaaa Is Mtoalac.
Sirs. Robert IX Wagnr of No. r5S Mont
gory rrer jeterday u(x the police
to Crtd her husba. 1. wfco has trs siss
ies trca Zza ix.Ke for xvcrol days.
M uc-i Alii nnrt : i.-Jnoii n.irii.
in Kiri wa arrete,i t,n coT.piain: or v . .. ". .U . " 7 1 ' . ' r'raililnrlc hni m,i ni.i i i . .-urt-
h'r' rrnther p-c it Vo 1CTS :v.!!-- th la: fle ars In the stu ly of classics t JJHV 5 .,"? l ?" kl.''1 hl" brother. AI-stree-
"t 1. -arg. 1 thit ih- . in'ccr- and MiK-pliv Mr Urrt MumiI I ' fw fliv Montgomery fountr.
riclbe aj nx-i"ay froni home I at St. Iu' rr.U.r8ty and then er.t-r'd . ' '" The two mn were p-,rtnVA:
Th. r.Vws ?'l in ii.hT.ni-Binn ' K'arlrk Sc.-nlny for his phlIos..phica! , " the ,,, an,l .mercantile tajrlne, an 1
a patrol wacon 'e, a iour.g girl. aM Mudle. "r'rl radio k was a Justice of the
ivvn, - nr . sidewalk aAe. The y&urg m.n were conldere,l among s '""'
uej -Zip as-' ".A r fiil ?r m f brighter In th. cl- and their t-lp f.-prce rra.JdKk telenhonnl to Sheriff
;u. rUjrr? -l-aTlv a Mork T-5 ah-oa.l i -n the -.ature cf a rear.l for fcr? a '"V"-''3 " hd len com!
;h; ;5.T,V.1T0 wka; wi. tsV- to t-'e'' S1'ncy They will .-er :he Amer- , l ! ' Mil hi. brother Re refuse, ,
th- d'ten'-sn-rrrVrimg Iwilv Vnoueh ' in '''" in 'k Etfrn?' Cf: r a e any furtke- staterr-nt. an-1 as ,hre
o be heard all ever the buying. " "h War years' course in theckgy . r'.r'-ron.00'LJt'bn"" shc ,u" P-"eulars
Judge Creighton in Appellate Court Reverses Judge Burroughs of
Edwardsrille and Holds That Common Laws in Restraint of
Trade Were Violated Action Affects One Hundred and Ten
Insurance Companies Operating in Southern Illinois.
SprfegneM. I1L. Sept. 1.-Judge James
.Srnton handed down a far-reaching
opinion in the Appellate Court at Mount
ernon tO-dv In the cases fltert .v 'nrmw
Attorney General Hamlin against 110 In- J
SfIVIS .M..M.kA.K ..la. W...1 . I
-.- wmv i.vuimuj viuiik uiuinns in Illi
nois, which were alleged to have entered
into an agreement to control the insurance
business of Southern Illinois. In reversng
the decision of Judge Burroughs of Ed
wardsviile. the Aopcllate Court sustains
the contention of JuJse Hamlin and holds
that the common laws were vi.V.atd in re.
str.iint of trade.
The orlsinal bill for injunction wa filed
In the Circuit Court of St. Clair County
two years ato and the restraining order
was directed against a large nutr.ler '
companies. The defendant companies
East St. Louis Admirers Tell Him
That They Think He Should lte
Returned to the Senate Love
Feast Held.
Senator Ehelbv
M. Cullom was re-
ceivt-d in- Kast St.
I.OULS ve?trd.iy utter-
.noon by evcral hundred i-romlm-nt lt.
publlc.ir.s froni thirty-four counties in the
i - MHithcrn.part.of Illinois. The meeting..
calUl rrlmarilv to further the lnterr.-t- of
Stnator Cullom In his d-lre to be returned
to the United States Senate in l'.'J.. The
arl' experience.
The mefttine was one of five called by
friends of Senator Cullom In various parts
of the State. The Senator will meet the
Itepublicans In the Danville district to
day and to-morrow he will be in Chicago.
The counties represent! d yesterday Here
embraced in the cungti-selona! districts of
Congressmen W. A. Ilodenbcrs of Ka&t
St. IouK I. T. Chapman of Vienna.
George Dickson of Ilamsey. and Ueorge
W. Smith of Murphy.sboro. Charles I.
Hitch of Danville, the master of cere
monies, arrived In Bast St. Iuls early
in the mornliig. As the other Itepublicans
arrived In town they were .directed to tho
Federal Court room in the Metropolitan
bulMlng. hsre they were met by Mr.
Hitch. Congressman Hodenlerg of East
St. Ijjuis. United Statej. Attorney tt". K.
Trautman of Kat St. Louis, and other
prominent St. Clair County Republicans.
Kacii of the representatives from the va
rious counties was called on for a talk
on the feeling of the Repuhiicans of his
count' with nfertnee to the return of
Senator Cullom to the Senate In Vf. The
outlook for the re-election of Senator iU
lom. according to the speaker, was very
briKlit. Boch predicted that the rt-p!f--sentatlvis
to be elected In their districts
would Iw unqualUU-dly for the rtturn of
Senator Cullom.
At IJ o'clock the meeting was adjourned
for dinner. A committee, consisting of
Consresman ISocietittrg and F. G Kur
ru of liist St. Louis and Jtidtte iietisou
WM1 of Kflingham, was s. lei ltd to es
cort Senator Cullom from the Hei.iv Sta
tion to the Roval Hotel, where he ate
dare-r. After the ineil the Itepublicans
agoii: gathered in the Federal Court room.
Congrasaman Ro lenberg of K.it St IuuU
Intrmliicfd Senator Cullom. who made a
short talk on the proM for Republic
an victory In Illinois a: the next tlc-'tlon
and urged that the orgarnuiiou in the
counties represented at the nnctings be
The Senator was highly complimented In
the talks which followed and was assured
of tlie henrtv suppirt of the Itepublicans
of the southern part nf th- State.
At 4 n. tn. Senator Cjllntn. o:iuresman
Rodeniiere; of K-i-t St. Iuis anJ C W.
Thomas of Billet III departed for fct.
Peter Dooly a ail Jofca P. Lynch Will
Coallaar Their Coarse far
Priest hooa In Roaar.
Photcgrarb by Martllo.
Former student of Kenrlck Seminary, who
will continue his studies In Rcme.
.Teter Dooly and John P. I.vr.ch. former
rtu-ient of Kennck Sen-.iniry. ileparu-d
last nicht for Rome, wh-re they will con
tlr,.. their sludles for th priestho-W.
H"th r.re rslient of St Ijius .md after
their orillnation '.ill " niini-lerl.u work
i- th" archdi-e.s,.
1 .. ..... . ... .. ...
-''ir ikxmv. r.o is -1 js oi.. recci-j
Is rrimarv education at the Rl,nr S huol
r.d atr att-:idi-d the llign Schis-J. Arch-
who at the tlin- wa pas-
FE2!R3Js - S2HJJ.S.iSs!S.,
iu runrcii uunurau ourau.
City Alleaea That the Kera Caaspaay
Fatlea ta Carry Oat Its
A tnr.script from tfce circuit Court in
the cate of the city zslr.il the Kern In
candescent Gas tiehl Company and the
National Sretv Ccmpicy, ask-ng bntf
damages for an alleged trich cf ccr.tract
was sled in the united states Circuit
Ccur: e:erdsy
Th sir Ls to recover darr.ases far al
leced breach of contract mid; with th
Xem lncir.decnv Ois Light fompasy
bv the ty. ar..J whicX Ir 1 alleged, the
gss-licht ceneem fallcJ to keep
In the frirIon rhe city all res that an
ord.nance wa passed dlrr "'.'z the r"rd
cf Iub!lc lmproer'Sts t-i Uxti certain
srrecr. alleys and t.uau srou-.-'s. rd
that a ccntract was raaie with ty Kem
canrrn ta hall for ten yirs. Tl-.e gi
Pcht con-.par.v ine bond for KJ'J.C
sisnd &y the Natior.iil Surety Cnipiay
Th cirv allegej that the, defendant
waa comi
trc Co;
ccntract which was made by the.K.rn
Icatidss,nt cju Ught Company. The
dty alleges that, bv the action of the
Kern Incandescent Gas IJcht Company,
it last CHsRUs. It asks Judgment to the
axottst cf the cencem's feosd.
. '
. "
Qi a a a it
.-,.,-.. 1... (,. ' tor of St. Ico I'nurcn. en;erej him In
asked for an amended bill which had been
ordered by Judge Schaefer at Belleville,
and which was Bled by the former Attor
ney General in Judse Burroughs' court at
Edwardsviiie. a demurrer was filed by
the defense which was liter sustained and
fonatr Attorney Genera: Hamlin ecerted
and prayed an appeal to the Apnellate
Court at Mount Vernon, which was grant
ed. The case has been pending for nine
months. .
In passing on the case Judge Creighton
of the Appellate Court reeies the de
cision of Judge Burroughs and holds that
the defendant eompan.es wore violating
the common Ijw In restraint of trade and
the decMon of the court Is far reaching.
It not only lays down a new law for cor
porations but also for professional men.
Cullom Declares Question Is Like
ly to Be Greatest Before Gon
.'tess Favors Stringent Immi
gration Laws.
"The question of tarifr revision is art
to r: the greatest question to be taken
up nt the ;ommg Congress." said Senator
SMieIb- 21 cullom of Springfield. III., when
Men at the i'lantrr Hotel vc.-.telday. He
Jwd lvn attending a RepubliCHn meeting
in hist St. Louis and came across the
riv.r to meet friends. The Senator wns
incline, to view the great Indus of for
eigners with a pessimistic ej-r.
IJNcusring th.- coming Congress. Senator
Cullom said: "The question of a tariff re
ylicn Is apt to he- the greatest question
to e taken up at tin? coming Congress,
ir the rtiislou question comes tin it will
! done as a party and unanimously.
T7iere will not be a fight, as many of our
-mocratic brethren hope, of course.
!i:,r.?..ar,'! ";"" in th' Partv who have more
trnvlined vlws thin others, but confer
ences will be held and we will accom
modate ourselves to each other, and then
5 al.l- If J1 ' fcest to keep still and
. "ct'1,Is. then we will keep still.
If then- Is any moilllication of the tariff
that seem necessary we will take it up
as a party, and there will t no 'scran"
among ourwlves In the l'clsLative ses
sions. What we want Is absolute protec
!!! ? An'sTiean labor and n-asonable
protection to American Industry."
The question of absolute orotectlon to
American labor brought un the Immigra
tion aueM Ion .and Senator Cullom ex-
2.u?,ll!lll'n.,.,f.as, ,"',n' n "niMthy
with all legislation lhat will restrict the
Immigration, even more than at the pres-
I bel eve that the Immigration ques
tion is a vital one." continued the gona-
1 !' JPnt a IWy measure, but one
on which the pirti-s should b un'te.L
America s not to b.; the dumping ground
of the nations, and something should lie
done. When the last immigration bill
was passed I was in favor of making It
ewn more stringent than It . and I con
sider that the nre-ent one is hardly bet
ter than none at nil. As long ns we were
getting the hardv Northern Immigrants
it was all right, but now the greater per
cent hv far of the Immigrants nre from
Southern Kttrojw. and they do not know
wlnt pood government I.
"The t'me was when labor was scare
In this country r,nd the. large corpora
tions needed laborers badlr. but weare
getting on to a better level now. and the
horde of Immigrants from the southern
coui.tries miist H. stopperl. 1 think both
riU''" "J i"? .thn i mln " h's ques
tion, and sit It would not be a party light
before .He 1SSJS f "" h
Representative Rodenburg of East St.
'I" ."i" ."" s'rt"i" Cullom. and he
tlnk?.!Zirilon "rning
Senator Cullom denied" thnt there was
dldateK0m f"" hlm as a PWtntlaI can-
b!.8I'in ,,llnK", !i:,' the Senator. "I
ft '.' t00m- "n:! ":vr wH. '"1 even
Jnl 'llTi,.naYp a-P'rationw I nm too old
-J,"1" ls 5 lX2Ul Poliiical year with
me anyhow- Kverythlng Is quiet In !j.
way." "
'.. "-- TAitia il it mmiin
Average of sum Per Cent Bla far
DeiMMilts, -hlle x Is
nrred far Savleateatary.
Mayor WVIK Comptroller Player and
Treasurer IVanctycu esterday awarded
th" contracts ror city d-jios.to'rj,.,, ,'h
following-namd St Iritis banks:
R'sulir Iieeitj. -r-r.an-.m'rlciin Hark S
t-r jem. ijif.u.,,0 n,nte 3 . .?" jiJJir
Jtark. 3 r.r een'. l!oatni-n" innk V '2.h'iB
M'ehani.f-An).riean N.it:..n.il VanH.z- int
ibrrhantf It. I-:- ..,..! jar.C - ,Vr ITS.
W?p .fir? S.'ffiU'JV .liSs:!
aierase. I W ir cxt ' r'".
Itl.0.'."- !:-r?Mr.-."iir..r!c.in lKink. .1 ii? ?.-,.
r,'"1 iMrs. ::i t-r rnt. Mate Natirr-il
ii?r.k" J.,1r rrrit- n',T'1 -"'itlon.l Itank " Si
cr.t. Merf.ar.'rs.Am.rican National Itink'
r-r irr.t: te,rhar..r tjrI,, SMtural link s
pr nt K..t.rth .V;l. nal Inn ' tJr ;"
Harrison .Tones Killed bv Robert
Long Xenr If.izon, Ark.
.Utile Roek. Ark.
Sept. I.-Harrrsor.
Vein '
..iTEf t ' ls n'1 .'J'sart'eled Sunday
nicht J.me. nr. u'lng U,r.e of telllrg un
truths ilKiut him. Th... .uirrr was re-siin-e.i
Int nicht with the fatal result
ir-lfff I1'?' iVu: w:" ,fau're,l thlsmorn
Irg in a badly wounde,! condition.
Oorce Craddovk Say FTe Was
Clbliued to Defend Himself.
RrTPrilUf M-iyiAt.
IJttle Roefe Ark .
Sarins Dies af Wtaal.
r.Krrpuc -pfoai.
I.'ttl Rock Ark crt !. Jc Sir'cs
a !oer.kpr of th: c'ty. di. d"o-ds.y -.
th rult of a p!to'-hot wotird InSI-t-d
br R P Iaushrry ltt midnight ia Ser
ies's saloon Th triKdy was th rult
of a b'n!ns dls-green;fnt. Th Coro
ner's ii-y d'e'arei th killlrg uniustlai
b. Datghrry ls In Jail. -a
Oa Ta-rtlcht Tatll 1 trrtaek-
Com rtuy a Diamond on Credit. Small
rT--i dewn J.-..' stan- conv-.l-. .0
yMrIf. I-,f:lr Rros. 4k Co.. 3d Floor
Carleton blrtg.. th and Ollxe ts.
Prlaier Appreatleea Meet.
Ptarj were lnr.ueurate.1 for a re-. 0;
winter e-tertalnment at a regular meet
ing th Printer Apprentice,' 8-vi.tr i...
i n'.xht at isers Hall. Th soc-My I. a-i I
aajuni;; ui cs ir.. . jesisrapiiicai union.
Ni . and several journeymen drrd
addts at the rce:lng.
laseatlsallas Casts af Death.
Th Corontr began an inquest yesterday
In th cae of the man known only as
"He-alv." who was found dead In a hall
way at Second and Latml streets Sunday
morning. Th witness esarcind threw
no light oa th cs aj eonUneaaee
Vfitil to-day a as taken.
, -', .' Kllle, ,j. nobe.-t
IS Ve.irs olil n -.... ..;
ItZ asnM .11
. ten miles north of'lii'..., i.l."
wl.l.Xnlfc4'1 J"r-'S -U"-'r
Always in the Lremd, '
The Pre-Eminence
of the
Is doe to its exquisite tone quali
ty and the artistic symmetry, of
its case, flattering recognition of
which reaches ns daily.
Sixty-Five Years
of this tone quality and its mar
relous durability have kept the
ranks of high-grade pianos.
Over 120,000
in the homes of music-loving and
appreciative owners, who are en
thusiastic in its praise.
Our Charge Account
System of monthly payments will
enable you to purchase a Fischer
without feeling the expense.
New Pianos for Rent
At $3.50 per month and up. One year's
rent allowed if purchased.
1120 V 1122 0tta.5fet
Lave Car 1 Twelfth Strt.
Collector Westbns Is Instructed
to Collect Tax From rharma
cists Who r?ell Intoxicating
On and after December 1 the merchants
and druggist) In St. Louis must cither rid
their establishments of tonics, bitter,
leverages and all medicines that contain
fpirits. or ay Internal Revenue Collector
Hen W.-sthus t-". a year tu secure a retail
liquor li.i.ir's liciie.
The action t John W. Terke Internal
Revenue Commit-loner at WashlnKtotu In
revoking the statute permitting druggists
and merchants .selling a, combination of
herlis'. drug. ro.,ts and alcoholic cpirltsj
as meilielne, without paying retail liquor
di-al. r's license, has caused a bitter pro
tst on the part of tho incrti" effected.
Ren Westhus. Internul Rev. jitje i.'clleetor.
said vast, nlay that thv dniegists and
m rchatila all nvr the city had t-.n no
tifid of the action of Commissioner
Yctkes. and that on and after Iwcemher
I all would In- r.iulred to i-iiy sp'cial
taxes or cciue ki ping patent medicines
which contain alcohol or other spirit1.
TherL. are sevral thuand drustJst"
and merchants In St. Iot;U who wilt b
eff.ctel by (."ommissloni r VerUes's action.
It is sild that many druirgists hae rg
isterol a protcsr with th Oovtrnra-ni
Tin hiRtMin ttrhli!. e-i revnkeil fe.i1 In i
pait: "Irugist and merchants are per- 1
mittiHl to keep spirits and wln.-r. and 110 J
them In combination with drugs In th
preparation of medicines thit are not
tieverKs. ami to sell mien mdlcin
without paying special tax .. liquor d-.il-.r;'.
uiuler the internal riviw.e .iw- of
the t'nttei! Stairs
"As to compounds callei bitter and
tonics. r:c. If th v are c.mipoeI of
spirits In combination with drugs, herb,
rooti. etc Jiid are he'd out a rent'-dl-
f.-.r di-aresi ntnt.d in labels on th" bot
tle, they nr t be regarded ns medicine 1
,nd druEgl't or merchant) will not let
called uron to pay .pec!.il t.iTes
A chemical analysis wl I ! m.ide of all
ratent m'diclr.es to determine whether
alcohol form a iarr of the medicine.. Tl.!
'xarr.lnatlon of various tonics haw been
Mr "Vethus said that th collections of
hi offlc would b Increased many thou
sand' of dollar each ear ss th result of
Commissioner Yerks's action.
Claim State Attornev' Attitude
MakfH Convictions Impossible.
nnri"uu fpkciau
Jackoni:ie. Hi. Pop.. 13 The County
Court ha bn occup ed for seteral days
hearing cases aglr.t gamblers and siloon
mn and crttln citv om-lils. Something
of a sensation wa caused this afternoon
when Attorneys J. A Rellatta. O.
Vnuht and J. .Marshall MII!r wI'Mrew
from the care, stating that the fitate At
torney's attitude mvle it irapcs.ib: for
convi-Tlon l "'" "" '
'vS-T V.V-S5:.- v. v n ,..t.M.. ts
. . .( ... ..LU- . atV I
bn assisting th
Cf&eK Attomev. thouch not bv hi. re-
I quest, and he made no opposition to their
The cases are the rsu!t of Indictments
fr.a-ie last ssrtng by a sceclsl Grand Jurv
wh'eh sn summoned largely through the
efforts of the. attorney mentioned.
Army Oraera.
Rsrirruc EPO-TAI.
rvusitgttn. sft : la t !ael j Oe
tetr I!. I. granted Flrsr IJeotecaat Alfrd
t" ArIi. Twestr-fats 2-fastrr.
I tsr na mneth tj stt ears !. I
rwrl-J ta;.iam aortu v. iiam.ii. .vrailery
Ijettar Coleti! Jarr.es II. Pttlr. Ctchfh
Isf.stry. aew tn lhl city n-. lat : tai:.l
f r iTaty lta tr e-stnii-S tsU.tla if tl
rnsrnct ef ccoaiu,
Cartala mr. W. rr:rsn. parn-jrr. bav.
! ri-Ttt HI. tni: st Kaa raseUe, .rill
rejatr ta ts;. etry iu rfrr: fy th paymaster
tjrserii of tt army ror -aty.
Lt fur os ranth I granted Captaia
Oarlea W. Fstoi. l"aymaarr.
Le. f;r two scrub ant tea day, to taks
Sect oa or stoat h"hIki M. with perm!
tea tn 7-"vl th a. Is granted Oasuia
Unrellya P. WlUUaiaBa aBtaet aurgsea.
aveavs i eaa awsia. is taas sasct
in Daily Use
Mart it I
$3.50 mn us.
602 N. SIXTH ST.
Veins- rlieTe, frem doty at Fit Riley. Ka..
Is granted Second I.l.utenant taunul Vtsaken-
Artlllerr C-erna.
Senieant Majir William H. ShsnVr. Artillery
fCori. Junior ra.l,
timin comDletlon of dutv
wun tne econt 1011911.1)31 Ki-cunenf. rii-i
Artillery. I'urt Sill. ok., will t sent to his
trcisr nation, fort lrtly. Kaa
Reception and Dance To-Night at
Marshall for 100 Delegates.
Marshnll. Mo.. Sept. 1 The first ses
sion of the Bt.ite roiventlon of the Daugh
ters of the Confederacy will begin at 9
o'clock to-morrow morning tn the parlors
of the Mistletoe Club.
Klabortte preparations hare been msde
by the RoIert E. I.ee, Chapter of this clty
for the entertainment of the hundred dele
gate, alio will attend from all over thw
State. Confederate flags and pictures f
the noted Confederate tienerals adorn th
wells of th Mistletoe Club dance hali.
when- a reception and dante will be given
Wednlay night by thi local chapter to
the icterans. sons of veterans and vis
itors. A pirad will take place on Thursday In
which the veterans will participate with
the I aughtrs of the Confederacy. Tho
State officers of the association are ar
riving to-night. Mrs. J. 11. Campbell of
lyxlnston. president, and others will be
Ta las
Members of th Hoard of Public Im
provements will depart to-night for Cltl
rago to examine the svstem of grade
crossings in Hint city. The trip Is mada
In view of the problem prse-nted by tho
crossings ovr ar.d under the ruilrosd lines
entering St Iiuis. It ls exteted that dell-nit.-
action will lie taken In regard to tho
Ioc:il 'onilltion whn the members of the
board return from Chicago.
Katflaer Xlaalatr Praaa ;
William Miller of No. 21 Bouth Broad
war. formr ei gineer at the Marine Hos
pital. Is report! missing to the polios. Ar
thur Hayn of No. 13ti J5outh Thirteenth
trrt r. ported tho disappearance. Miller
Is Is years old.
Warka With Hlanaelff Plrst.
It Is a mt'take to assume that physi
cians ar always skpt!cal as to the cura
tive prcprtles of anything els than
Ir.d.ed. the frt doctors are those who
fk to hal with as little use of drugs aa
possible and by the use of correct food
and drink. A physician writes from Cal
ifornia to tell how h msde a well man of
hlm-elf with Nature's remedy.
"Rcfore I came from Kuropo. where I
was lorn." he says. "It was mr custom
,lJ lSa- V.J
to take coffee with milk feafe, an lalt with
my morr.irg meal, s small cup fcafe no-r
" " 4-nner and two or three ad-ll-
tlonal small cups at my club during th
"In time nervosa symptoms derelopei.
with pains In the cardiac rsgton. and ao
cempanled by great depression of spirits,
despondency in brief, "the bCsee. i at
first tried medldr.es. but got no relief, and
at last realised that all my troubles wera
caused by coffee. I thereupon quit Its us
forthwith, substutstiast English Breakfast
"Th tea seenvM to help tee at first, but
In time the Md distressing symptoms re
turned, and I quit it slso. and tried to tiso g
milk for my table beverage. This I wsa
compelled, however, to abandon speedily
for. whll It r!esred the nervousness)
somewhat. It brought on constipation.
Then, by a happy Inspiration. I waa led to
try the return Food ColTee. This waa
some months ago. and I still use It. I asm
no longer nervous, nor do I suffer from the)
pains about the heart, while my "blues
have left m and life la bright to ns oa-
more. I know that tearing oft eowee and)
using Posfara healest the. and I ahaha tt
a rule to a ill tss asy patients to tas it
Name given hp Peatua Ca attla Crntfe.
Mich. .
Titsffa mo - 4 ",.
11 "M

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