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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, September 21, 1905, Image 13

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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15;.y4S; ?-.i .ZT!prT7:?7?Fc5 r--:'Nf- .,,
?Jift-. "Tfl- - St- c-
I IwV-xTWMf lv-aM
Mechanics-AmericaR NaUtMl Bank
Bills Dtseounted (Urce)....
UvauTaTts ............
U. B. Bonds and Premium and
Redemption Fuel..
Other Stocks and Band.
With Banks 4.373.S3--.44
Demand Loans..... OS4.02.W 1I.W.2W.K
n. M. hi:rrard
r u. hitxvhinson.
a a knox.
cror.GF. d. ntr.NAtin
WALKER HII.U P -!Irt J. 8 CALTEE. A.t Quhltr.
H I'. HIU.JAHI. We.pr-tl"ent. J. A. EERNIXCJIIAL'S. wt Cashier.
W. J. KINM:iJJA Vic-Pr-1-J."t. a. M. TRCMBO. AtWt Cashier.
KPHPON f-ATLIN. Vice-President. C L. ALLEN. Aat raahlr.
U A. BATTAIL.E. Cashier. F. U. GARDNER. Ass't CStMer.
l E ssasasasaH
ansseuat-TaasT auiLSwe
., K. . T. RY. CO.'S
H. W. POOR & CO.
New York Boston
314 Security Building
St. Louis, Mo.
rrmi- i-f nu- ftrm r: nlr:r T'itT
.-! 'a;t "t- in- . -Ui-'n. .rr -
tt ,t t ti ml ti--ii' rr lt 'it luitl-- .
r ip.1 i- !c . . Jr.ry ClIJ. N 3
.'n rt. t1 Oo:n Qy-jt' r t5-0i f"r
r a- t ii -fii.. .nl n.mtnc .itf. "-
r f 1
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r. IU 1
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f"" ' 'Htchbuia r:o. 114
"- yi '.' ' li- mm vVr.iml . Ii-
n A Vam j- NY N It A 11 I.I',
i ; !'r :f Pr- Miiriiuett
J . I I t m-n 1a. lfl. 11T.
mi.'i:i.i-n;:h.- 'h
- A e . .T,,.Mu" l:i-ctric. . . IS',
r-fj T4t i!.t'!tj. tt. ; &.
--i-i.tr :;. ',trTl frrlt . TJ'
l '1 IJl- i;l nitt - M.ch t
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fn i , t v -.T- . .T
r' . M I tv ifJ b-'.
, n .! l r! r. rMir&... .era. m
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1j . iktij
I .rrvi
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H I K .Mlrillli
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Ss ". lit
" UtBofL.
1', W. M'-rtri
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tilt. d:v-5fo$
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7H .T I.- n-t. -3V41M H
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-iaixt'ji .it-J prf--tj. w.T f-nr
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r - t I , j.4a.- . ( p-- J
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. .rf --.-tivt f-rrT tir- t,!
. . t t v.,1 flr tftr 4S; n oi
"klnhuma V-iltitaal llanU..
i irt-.IAt.
' tt i-rt W -T5'f v.tr ,-". '
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e. lurk Wowe. Market.
N-e t . - - -- 4ien.r en eall trr.' '
T"-r -'-t: - na -J .e?M t P. T
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M1 l"IW ". I'.ltlM'fll
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ejMri""lii'r l ici5 o-r-i-eei .
j MB. 4 :. tr U.iti.t, A-J.r. 47. .
..--.i- tv.e.1. -.... ..... w.. . . .
t. I.oola Woae. Market.
Te .Sa-l cr h--rtr--. -it ti !. I.-ea. t?"k.
d tr-il K-T"t-.e. -1. v.., A j.! 4 :
4i it lor -1 itrit. f Icat.v Rale.
fm-4e tn te e.T-.-e. Iram 4 TL. 4 Tr ceEt.
I yer ent tltx -re ai-ra. .1
ia s-s-t i
cf tie w-. a.'
sar wii.ee.
Ne T.--rV. rr V - Par "Hirer CPfce
Icon. Sp4 ! Par .ilrer tay a: zi
r urxe
T-reory 'lalrtaeai.
1-4 ai!-.r. : ..a;a-. c. -a!-5-
er if.ct.. B-. I
... - . r. . - ..
Trwtrotlo.r- ao4 Roalo.
a-8t-.-v r- I Ttt-y-il-e Sir. t Ie
r-wtt r-t. a. - c t: zz,. n j c ti-. r
! -i O It 14 4j 1 14 - V l Ji. M ti.45..
N 14.7. w .1 tx.tt w w-. li.
New V"sr-. -et-. ;.' n?s Te.i Tcrea
tea Srra. C4JC',c
Capital Stock. .C.aH.N.W
Surplus and Profit 2.W7.7M.7S
Circulation LM.M.Q
Individual II0.flW.13tM
Banks ixn3.su.?D n3is.ra
3. B. C. tt'CAS.
f. R. RICK.
51. SHOENftERr:.
Trust Company
Capital: $3,000,000
Surplus: $1,000,000
Financial accounts of Bankers,
Firms, Corporations and Individuals
High grade Bonds bought and
OftVe mi Scvmk Strettt
Xer Tark Baafl Varket. t
Nw Totk. Snt. t.'nlt.a SUM Ot.rr
nr.t tiTi-l. t:'--1 i lor tM tit th tf ltet
I" Ti:rjc Sn tlio cwl bt.ui nnrttt m
-jul't r.l nuctaattoss narrow.
oum ci'Winr
To-Ptv. Tfnl.
....1M iri-n'i Aii9fH'i
....imviu imic
...1-4 9'IHj IH (tlH'i
...J41 a ... KB
...Ij4-il". lM'ivtllW,
...:u.irics ei9i-H
...1 t4S 114 iims
...1:4 Qiui iu ar.ir,
:. vupKi, i
2: i-!tr-l isf..
a. rui-n. I ....
. .rniri;! bor.?
4. r-lf!nt. I-7....
4. roujion. irr
4. rclMrc-l. li....
. rfij.ui. 19!;.....
I. f" J.
1'til.lrptn- 4 ..
...117 w 117 m... .
-.-l8!'.0'i l-V.'tfll-
3m v.. i)M . uTn Rr. it c.i ct liH
Si:- of fniijm ten! er. fa follow.
I'V-c) ltrpTt.l J.
lt ir 1M '
JAM .lo. .. .!
4" lntTrUl Jai ,
-.1 r s. . 1C1
ImrrlAl Jap
t iwr 4.
it:. . ..
ZfV Oo. . ..
ib' lo. ......
i' di
.. do
. J.t. . .
1 '.m.
! !, !
.1 IJl I
lir.trlAl Jp I
1.1 -i i'.". I
K t. ll O.
c::. .
: r.ii 1
J. -M
:.-3 .
A -.
Jl -1 !
'JO Mrxl.an .... S.
i . . .!;,
i!j. . ........ 91
5.!-. if !ctni-tlf jli w.f a. follow.;
y-t Oil
4-.. . . i:t
IJ.t'W Am !I11 .
!atlr t
; '
i.i d(t . . 15
.. att. ; iti
4iC"" ASl Ttl. . r..'
is w Am Toll 4...
"UNttl'i. ..... . . Tfc1.
;!. ti.. '
'..! do. . . . "
!. flu ",
.. .!.. ',
W.rfl A T Si -4 1
tn 4. -. .1C'
" ss
do . . ;i'i
"i til ... 1 "
j (... Jo ic. .. U1V:
1 '- A T S I"
.ij ..... Jj'
!" A T - ! 1
.,) 4. : .v..
:x do . ...-:
, iv.f Cfj .. !'.
V-.l"! A T ." I-"
t 4. SI in.
ju txt rd :!;-
l.oax Atl C-at 1.
4 :A5'
. flrtrt (it l!1,
1 ! H ' 1.1 P I.
K t W Vlt
.... .. ii
Irtrt II o sw
d: iv s;"
:: ; it n t c
l.ftk. I N M
4. . . .
I.i'V li c Ft S t
Al 4. . V.
!.-.. d.. i
2..W k o tfa ;.. ;;',
iw do . ... si.
i..-i I. S M H
Wt l-S
;.r-J0 1-d V B
Cil est t3
4',. 102
l.tv-0 Li.Ncol tr
. ... 1H
i.-H I. a N antr
4a . 1H
li.S Mi!tan Ota
r-n 43
!.) dt :-,
l."jr? uu. ..... s u
S ') M K a Olw "
i. 1S
S.''9 d. :(
;. do. . . . !.
4..") 31 K it T M
1r do M.T'
4.l do. ... tS
s- :.T
lif) M A o .
Mont div .. ::;
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RliR col tr
.. :
S.'"1 Nt.r Pac lt
4. . .. !
!S.0 Nrr Pac n
t.ivw ,": '':.!' n
S. "-w .r .-an Llr.
t: 4 . . .
a'tfiti . . ,c.
.'.i tin. ."
4,w p, c,t ji, lf;.
ii.i .o :c.i
.cfipe iti.. i;v
i.irt- jo:
1 1 ..t9 l. c,
!.-.- 4. TJ
. i0 l:ad!nc an
?r".i d. . . ;
. '" do . 1C.
i."4l Ita-Adla: N J
ii tr 4. :::
3 " f. I. IM
f-"! ur.lf a.
tf 4 J4',
II do !',
Ii ' .. I. r" p
r.'a- 4Jt
', : I. u
; f ) fa
.i.i tvr
t"S, . en
' ;' it
Jl flV fen
? I rt - - .
iw.- dn ii
Snc ...
I ft do .
j -- i'n I.t.ir
. . ri
1 rt ,n . 101".
cl ,.( I"I
J Tfti t ti rf N J
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4. ir:
5 v. O con
. I"1.
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: ii v r.i
div 1.
; .tl rUU Nb
rn 4.
4 ' d
t I
f It A. i 4
JMnt r.n!' 1W
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l& ! do
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tr 4.
!i t i lf;
i -.. .1 . :
1 .A t"A N W K
n i- i::v,
1 t. , u l a. par
: o I P. I t Pa.
rfc I" 3
; fr t" It I A. P.r
i i"to o-t a.",
hi p .ft
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0 -vu Hr l't
ccn : in
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:; . Tot .: i.
w tri-ir 1-c
J5-. :,
: vV. J n la :,t
li ''4
1 d. ISiT.
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n ft do iu
' S' ll'l .4. la.
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1 r.. xit ft,
a n- do fcl.
I4J.O" do 4
i . c r t m
I. - !'4
t .. ,-! r . :
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-oS r II "1
V ff tp.
f. tft.i j. 71.
i. :s
1 rr.l J Jl,
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- MS
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'tl tr
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i v At s IV
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a - "-, j
: wi n i I i . '" " t-' h
".t. tlJw i . ah lltt.
lt-v "3 P 4 IV 7-l !! h ,
teh P 71 v w , i M .m
5 ir 3'. : .i V . .- ,-s
... - .
' I -
-; II t a it.t .rt I. .i . je.
wlaitag ttek at TorW.
N-1" Verx ert 4-v'-.r qx-tt.-i. o-.r
f - -- ". t-e-. - . --IT. .-
.r,. i. ,v, .-
i.. a; klr yH
M-3-.V. COT- t. piJr'. 1
4, VT Viel CeT-V.
i-Ji .,1 . . ts m.i'-. s.t.t. m
..-Ji. .Z ?1T .." 2
! irsr i-tlir
; JLe.ivrJte t"V
r " T t- "
2" tasd.t--!
--. tiark Vatrko.
Ray-'"-' br 1 1L TTanur Co,
Nr-. Feirti trJwi-
N-a SK
Ar - k - " T Caa ce-
I&d. a "A
P. 11,
( P" H-5
Natjrsai ia--iat cci.
i- -i.t
" -".rV-.a F Stoirf cera ...
Ix Pfi
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4oela Ksrkaaso.
. .. w ... M .-: r--..t --.
j - s,. ...I,-! . . . c-i
CTte-K L.-.-a
tr 4ta-a. l&!--
rteca. Part.
... J-IU
.... ... .:evv
... t -is
. ... . -a a
. .... . , .. .r jx
Oeea, Stattre.--aa.t
iVeck. ltr-.ar-i . .
Cierk. axatra ..
0k. Hi-eUaf ...
tta.-kt Sns.
Transactions Are Rather Irregu
lar, and an Impression of
Narrowness Is Given.
New York. Sept. SD.-Nothlnr tn the
news which became public to-Jar would
aoctmnt adequately ipr the revrral of
speculative sc3tinvm from j-eaieril-tvs
depression. But the rebound In prices as
an effective demonstratlun of the resilles:-?
or the market from orrssure.
It proves the aasertion heard cer.?raily
in the ueicbbori.ood of the Stock Ex
change that the floating supply cf stock:)
is scarcr.
CoiutidrabIe tines of .horts were nut tut
yesterday, and the buying to get back
tlteae stocks was ro&inly r-xrvonlb!e for
to-day's advance, posslblv. The market
continue? narrow and proresslonal.
The spectucular adiant.i4 In a llmitcl
number of stocks are net convincing of a
widespread demand in the market In gen
eral, and comrnUslon hnus-n continue to
cwmplaln that the outside l i-canty. JfoM
ei cllug to their Mocks. iiotRver. fi-r
nothing 't-ras efiiive to dlIod.. thim
exipt the actual withdrawal of cr-dit.
The immediate irv..Tari on !iomer
has hocoint relaxed, and th :eiiril ut
!ock continues w favorable that furthrr
selling of .lock scents not to b ctr-"Cteil
unle.'. th hardfnlnr tndi-n.'y f lh-
money market shall bi renewed.
Thf cours-e of the currency niovem-'nt
thus far this werk raak-! it unlli:oiy ,i;at
the coming bank statement will '.: any
notable rhrinkage n the cah r.vrvj.
nd trust companies are roileril for th"
rntment from the call to take oit loan
ft-it:i the banks in order ti mlli ti.
latter to scale deposit liablllt ' to keep
pac with inroad., upon their nh.
Th Subtreasurys continue li ivy db!t
halanci at the cIearing-houe liave left a
small balance to the advantage ci the
banks on the week thus far.
I'ayment .it the assay o!TU for the first
parcel f gold bars on the !:np..rt move,
ment whirh arrlvsl yesterday figured In
to-day's Sabtreasury debit b.t.lanci. Next
week will f tin further arrivals of gold,
which will ierve to relieve, if not entire
ly to offset, a renewed drain oa banking
The rie In Interior exilange on N.w
Totk Indicate, the lejrened demand of the
Interior on this renter for the time bIng.
Foreign stock markets seemed to con
clude toilav that the expected rle to
morraw in Rank af Etiplaml dlcount rale
has IVctt adeqtrjiteiy provided ugaint.
Iteamtring official Btatements regarding
the Moroeenn i)uetIon relluvcd apprehen
sion on that point.
The New iVrk market wst In cr.ne
quence fried from the pre.ur of forcicn
stltlng. nd thl contributed materially to.
ward allowing the recovery In price
The mot notable tnovementi ol tin, day
weje traceable to individual influence..
Iteport of important development) in the
Northern Securities settlement were re
vived effectively in connection with the
approacning annual meeting of the Ureal
Northern and Northern Pacific
Th rie in tl-at aroup of stocks stimu
lated some sympathetic strength in
other high-priced railroad stock. The
xlktente of an netive ii'uU:ii.. pool in
Reading was given mot of the credit for
th lenened spurt in that stock. Organs
cf the anthracite trade, however, spoke
In a very chorful i-traln of the demand
li that industry. The annual report of
the Oentral Rallrcad of New j.re" wai a
Ielp t that group. In the vinte way
Ni York Central wa nM.sl by Its .state
ment of quarti !l. earnings.
The revived strength of Canadian Pa
cltio .i due to teporti of nro.;"erot con
illttotii which Iir.ve setveii t-tfoti to lift
tl.it stock. Hates for foreian exc!iar.::e
ro..' derldel!y anar from the t.old import
j.otnt. Time money rate, were called
sonieuhat :isir. hut call lon rates were
hld firmly at above 3 per cent. Tlondi
aeie firm. Total ale.-i. par value. SM7".
(. I'riUod Stale. :. rerit.rid declined
' on tall.
Slork aotilaas at rn York.
N Yo:U. Sein. Fnkn!nr rje cfienlrg.
l:Iih.. lowei .nJ tl.ir.i fjuitattrnt. for Tttfci.
ua Stock k.ac.anf '.j'ii. A.th thc oitant vi
sa:?' o-n.ine.i inr.i:id.
.-v.t .,. i.i, ;i, j,-.
Si l-t l..t l tt v'4
Alan. Jo-e-
A:r.il. O-ppi . . I
Am. a- a. Kooiuhv.
lv rM
American Cotton o.l.
U.. id.l ,
Atr.etiran nir. , . .
Am II. I. t.M
Atr.rlcan Ice
Ai.--Iim I.!nd Oil .
U-t n:.I
Am. lAomotlie ... .
Io. :i.l
Am. Smelt. A- p..f... :
Do rM
ii-i r . vt
,:; -t
n -'i :i
i".i v. - a.'- r
ii ii. ii :ji. ret.
.i IU", I!."', ZU'i Hi
: --ti vr. v.: i.t rr
j i.it; uts l.".'. up.
Ant. Su,r l:f.r.l"j .
Am ?tl roundn
1 ifl
An TV4-. t fd ctf .
Ar"Mi 5Il:itr.e ' .
I) ill
turtle foa-t Ur.c.
ni'tlmore h!o .
Itkn. papid Tiiclt .
i"an.!jl.n Pa.-lic
nt. rf New Je,rv,.
Oit:al leather .
Io rfj
f .-esar-a'-ie g. Ohi.t
f I.!cago Att in
ro Pf. . .
flilei Gt tVe.'.ern
c a n v . .
' M t P
CM Terrr i. Tr,r. .
r rM . . .
c r. c a i. .
Col Fn.I A lr .
C to-a2o A Vu:hrn
rv ! rM
D- M rM . . . .
i-or.i.t!daTd Oa.
Cftn Product
ro r-M .
Ma-ar K IPilnon
i u w .
W-.rer HI. a:ir.i
IV t.M
Iitl!r ?urltl.
Io l. r.f.1 . .
l-o rd ef.l
Her'-at 'ire'trte
l'.-.V'.na Vilur
I ;:-.' Ce-.trat . ..
Ir-? .-Clonal Tapr ..
rwi Pfi
iT'ittatliral Pump
I". PP
1 a ritrat
TVi J.fd
Kir.t- i"ii MMjlhet-i
I. rif.t
l.mlirtT'e A Nt.l'l'to
Mnt.- I.
l?. !UT.-.
I-tTori! tan H- H
M,lctn Or.trel
' I.
: -t p a . st- m
:.-. im
"!iocri P.clf.
X! K ' T
iv- tN
l.t":: i.ii 1.
C-t 1 c. ! V- ;.r
f.i tot, :,!, ic. w. .
i."" :it. iir-, pi hi. I
5i '"7-. S-7. "It. 17?. 1
. ...I ..... ... . .. -l
it-.. 1 i-.l t--i - tz
.v.i j ; -t- j
4.-.1 ,. i- . "
" j,:
frt") 3-. .r. Vt '."
' - '
-,.i -.t' -tri" -t -:
II !'
17. Mi.
, lf
. I"
-' :8 ; " '.
-:t : vi .
.:" ". is, -; t.
-lo ic j-i-i -tt ;-,
;.i k-i; .: ji. !
.-.v r- 11 us a
I--, : --, i-, ir",
;i.i it -.! r ."
-. Iilj l.'i'j jit.- :it,
. ;
-v. !; :?'; s
" jr. .'- j:. 4 i.
il . i-i. -; Hi. -,-s
1 " 7l.
" "". :;-. i7u j.
"" ; n it t'.i.
! 7 : 7 7'.
t -.
'4 :-'-
A 1
i.i -4; v 4 .
t-e t-.i t.p. m :i.
!.'' iw; i:, I-"; ;
11 H. i" C.l
sT-.i j.-. i:i. 1:--, ir.
:. si, IP.. k;c. itc,
t 7-"". 71 7it. 7'-,
:i7'-. n tip- ii:c
it '. tc !-4 : '
14 tm ;.- p-i., :.t- j.:
;...! fv. fit; , .,
... iv li'. 44 li
V,tl"! !. '
v.t f; t: r.' v ri!
Vr V ?V Pe-trjl .
N. V O A tv
N-frtl"! A 'Vrvtr
te rn
V.rth . .car
f.rlSe Mai! .
PeCT-l- i7t
i 1- 1- X t I.
pr..e.J :! "Ur
I.- r.M
Tnll"-vi P.re 11
t I.- z!Z
P" U et
n-rejt". -.eel
T r?l
II-rV I-T .-1 f
p r'4
n-hiT -..:.
P' -
c: v p -.1 p'3
ji.- pi r-p. t.-t
l.T'n -;.. -- ;i
i ;t.
i 7.1 ". J".
' Mt l. iiT.. U"
; e. -Ip, Il-V, IW
. !' let i -i
lit St T S
t.-. p. 4 j.
14 .U.,Xi.
V Ml.
' Ti In
;. '..
4.1 "IT.
4Vl VI.
i4-t' "UT.
i'll ft.
1 .!.
r-H s-.v;
., V.
! '.
74 rv.
11 ti
cci "
5' ?
i i-i.
J .v,'
J4 - .C,,,
j 7"r
J .,
il-l e;
-. psn.
--' v.;
1 4..-i,t-ti,
II 4T4,
1!". IV
K-S. f.
PI P",
P" r'l
".-iTre IU
"-.' 4 t-03
tl-i IJV, t-l.
.... P.i-lre
I .-.I i-. -yti, ;tv
-t t a w
t--t P-clS
P p-d
"Tllttl -"lTe T7r-
r"ri" .atc r-."
it 1-
vc. ir.
iii ::
T-i..j utatf. K.K- 'x :-i. ; tr
Tf -M . ;ti ; ;: -t"-
P-ltM !.. ei i"2 vi, jrt, .-i. ir
! rM 11 - :". ;avi it, jt
. 1
rs tfl "- '-. i . i"
r- ,
V- -Cir'Ti CS-rs i 11 Ij
J-t- -J
-"" Pxr. J7-"-..
tvtl-5-e R-
IVe.e I PsJcC
v i i. r.
WT-e.--e.i- Cetttrxl
ri zti
N--th Pxriae
Hx iflr 0'-
. .e
I "en
y- cs aw
swsi r.i
T-tal ae. ;-- it. tjy
-4a.ti ,.,-,
Boaasstlr Espkaaco.
Here-tet by w-xpkr A Ctx. eirtxtr.
ttrie-a Sx Sf NcrtS ri-srt street.
Bet A'k-1.
New Trek Vi. ;.r
rMiri . Jedl. jar
Gtv-i-atl 5c J". r-
tJfUe St- ttt. p.-
N.w o?"ar. zZc in jar
riaaaoet oototloos.
serrsuc .-rxctAU
CSW-as-r. - "3f. Tax"-; w. tjcJiaal.
et Na. I dwc-I at Sc Md .! No. t Ncrt-
terr.- at ie til. M"arejbs rttce"jt
,."'?,. ,.',,. r'- Kiii-a -1t). tp. -nas tlztn. Mlwo.-rl
U X; v.; 'ii.; l, ' :;i:,;,M- 1l' l ' cca ,:--- "" rctutnea .sc
Material Gains Scored in High
Priced Bank and Trust Com
pany Stock.
TesicrJay's session of the St. Lcuis
Stock Lxcbang was the most satisfactory
In several weeks. Stocks and bonds In
nearly all lists were active and in exceed
ingly good demand. Th character of the
trading indicated a good cutsldc Interest,
both speculative and investment.
After many days of quiet veetcrday's
busliss came as an agreeable surprise.
The scsslcn Bives promise of better condi
tions from now on. The public appears
to ! interest d in local securities and
rta'izing that there arc many bargains tn
prt-Mrr.: pricee.
The banking list was the most active
and gocdly autvatices ic made by v
ral stocks. State National sold at ting.
a gain of It cvir the lat previous trans
fer. Thinl Ncttcnal wild several points
higher at (3: Commonwealth -Trust sold
up to C(i a gain uf 9 points over tlte
1m ale: ML ourl Uncolu Trust made a
Might i-a:n at S:U: Vourth National Hank
and Mis.lf.lppl Valley Trust Comtauy
were ali-j higher.
National Cundv conmen was again ac
tive and firm. zS ahares changing hands
ti Kr. The traction list was not so ac
tive, but prices wen; a Utile higher. United
Kalltaays preferrel selling at )!. and the
4-j-tr-cenf icnds at SST.S.
C.'ctirj Quctatiocs:
I H Ti
Ur.ltel Kallnaja rU U.M
fcv com 2.Ti
19 ST.-j
ItJ-onn l:rte. auta -j.tei
IJatK-.r:-.. iunlc rss.ts
Kojrti National luak 3.ts
National Par.u er Corunerce... 3i.w
Coiiai. nnealtl Trett Sas.ni
Mat National Bank lM.v
Thtnl Nattcnal link zSt.:v
Ml-df .!; Valley Trtut ZK."t
M!k.nrf.L:r.cjln IC-ia
Title uuarantr Tr-nt M.w
National Candy l.t pfd .... ti.it
I rd pM
National liu-ii.) com UM
Simmons Hard are l. com... 1M.7S
i::y-'.'.lk-r Iirv Uouda com... Isi.CO
lo. 'fd
M-r-tn.-c m.TI
Kin.ii TeIrt!:oce ; 14S..&
liivmir.g AK:latlcn it
St Jo-rii Irfad 1S.
"ili-ao Itall-rav. KiUiPnnt. .!
KAr.M. City Tcl-yhi.na J.. . M
!. stoco TT.r-
Alton Gittnl'e lr y v!i
VVectlnahou .i
O.ttnn C- rsrte .
Atr-rlt-an td!t InJtr.nt:y.... ia.j
hul:z Ueltle: j.iM
- ).
7 0
7 1'nlte.i IU!1TIT pfj. at
T.'.V) I'r.ltr.l lui:raj -: at
Stftinunnrwealth Tr.i': at
1 r.-imnpFuralth Tre.t :
riMlviurI.Uneo!n Tru.t at
.Ml.dtril Vallev Trun at
r-Third National Hank at
s.'. State Nallnnl llar.k at
1". Kirtirth National Hank at ,
22i National Cin.1-. ecu., ut
..I n.zn
... 7.-S
.. 4.tM
.. ;.
.. MH.10
.. 3).l
-. !..
.. :.
.. 1IV.C-U
.. 17I.0
i Atr.-rlcan Credit Inle.-nnttr at ,
Jw Kar.tai .-t Hotne Te!eplcae it at. K.i)
Nta Votk. Sept. S' lire p'tiltrv nere.td. J
cur Wfv.ei-i. I .uthtn iml i Siuttiwe'tctn.
tt- Use ut ij cars r tar tMa ok. The East
Sl.le da'?r tw.1: buld n-oie fteel, ar.d ahlle
ir-iikt naj ta !y to firm n fowla. tbere ai
a ut.lii. cf chic)tn. ar.l a cl'urance tot
ic.".I icr tlit. vv l;..t.r and ttiik'jra
ftrady Ini.-.. and unrncngeil: iittoti
tlon. unoh.iri. lir-Mst xaUn ltrc.lj.t. l.el
l"k" AiTttal. re very light tbi morning
an I a!l the trdt:iurtatlon cumpar.'es rrrte I
Mn.1 Hate. .. na. l.-n lie- ca.-"! all witlr.
th-te . j a Miridt. ol mc!tuni --rulded and
tlrv ldrke.1 i.'ilikfll. u.-.il iri:k-t !w otl ..u.
eltli -AvIlVifoett f.atk. fuely ifTir-a at ZH
K'j. MIe tl.i-ie thut arrived erst of the .k
utte urse.1 ti -alo at from lye to lie rtr.ey
latg'. l.n.tt rcirtiri; catrken. axeraalns "r
I lie. tiA A-e-e not tn .urp'.u. iinj erf Jel!
u to ll'.sjl-' loirl. tA.r itearre and rhflc
tlj Kit I.. ::. fit thct.i ere eo tA Irclu.l-1
In t!ie r-ce'.t: tha- ttier arho tock h falr-!-l
I.n if 'hlsin a. re not cUnr-retl our
I';c nM ri-tex. m"-ij". MUk!--tl i.lit.i.en-i.
unit" inm- and t.t:r..!. not ant-I at any
l.rlce. Turk-?. lc "3jl.. a-nrk-.! nut a
trltS tr.Cte fteelv Hjlse fottl." UnchlUlgL
Stilrp c!.lclcn. U't-t.in ilrj rl;krt. meillum.
llti V.i.'irn crli!il ilo tllice. iio. per tu
f-tr Silv; ittjt-r quct jt!..-i lur.crioiitf J.
itKPt'tii.irt sriyiAL. "
New Y. rl:. s'.i.t r. i:jv-l.li : ii":;
fite The weite-r tri .ii unfavotaMe. lelra
oi.riaet enj Iriri.M. trrlth tetnwratute Tit .l--
i uree. at toon, but r-cejpts ran mvlnte. a-iJ.
.iiti iiaae cemen.1 aimi'M ar.ue fcr J:-
?"t-l t.rice n u:h as ejn.litii .,wt for l"-t
I'.-Jl tr.i.! hcaiil a wry linn tone. ivttl'S
.-111 1 rht-il.s er xtcjiiy under light o!tetlr.ir.
V.ertetn graJr.t ;! . viiai-e best 3x. Oih. r
rjot.itlf e iu Ijtnv'il.
Philail. :?M. S-i t : i:-;i ne.tr. r'ar-by
frii. !-. ..IT, ;ii- iie-ir-br frei. at mirk, sic;
V-t.rn tre-ts rjyo at niarH.
t.i'.i-.iir .. -:.t. rj 13. -teal), at niarlc.
I.-ind-in. F;t ! rrnr.fa a: ";e i: aales
io-imv .-i"n..jr.-f. 11. ii.-.j Lai.s. Includlnz a "n
a .ti.
.... .Tu ... . e en ....... A.t .. t
. . . . .-..-. ..!.. ... .... ..i.i.i. en. n'n.-i.
t-..l. ...lit.f rj...i..tlt ...n .... n.lw.il
I cre.-1-y
1 ll.n- buje-. ti. r nctl-.e. tahlne ovrs'Meii.
J r.--'i xnierlcan. tc-.k etrr.il pMi-ele .; ci..i
! urejfv t mM'.e' tMi.i.rvi? tAtr- In larire sup -
j J " - ....... .. .tit..M.tv.t
I v rf,r,i .1 et-en i-imn-l l.r ir. 1 .. fitment
I lnt"-.r aian.. w.ert lr.--inIy liucl.t In. em-
I ins t ts-Mca 11-r.::. Af Mll-rst Pipe of C-.1.I
I H"ie an.I NHat tlr.i i la liLIs ilenn.:. l-u:
Ir.ferl. r tp-'i.v s iMIl. P..:i-:rjr are the
i;- m .fail .vi sJth al. ii Ml.
' ";r?"l 1'i-luts. r-.n- ,fl'ul Tr Mu--n!ar.l
T ! 1 ilf- t-rnt.rel 1 Il'f 11J. a;t-a "tsj
IM Vlftrrll. l.l l.a.. tceurel : J.PuI. pi.
srn ;.Iil- IJ. ;-ut!i Au.tral'a. l"1 bile.,
"-iiif-l !:. M. sraj all'-i. New 5i
lanl. .! lsl: ix-i. irei l.lflle IP, I. grea-v
7u.'i-: 41. tii- r f (iwil ll.n-e ant NutnT. 5.jj
t.-iies. ..ure l? Hjl. gna.y issll".!.
The 1rlal Xarkeia.
N't-- V-iSc. ?rt I Tr I.-.n!rn tin r.nr
"..t wai h.cir t t'lr.i-; a; HC I-.r er-t vA
ill! 7 It 'Jtu-". teieal'r the maraet a
iju 't T.th it 'iu.-t-l at tilTUr.:! V.-r
ti. a:i hUher in I r..on. cpoi.-i,, at id f
t e (, .t sni tttu.e.. tclly the matkrt a
?u!.t ii.tl ir!i a-e n--ia"t.l tn.tie er lc?
nurlnal Itl;e ati'J el-ctroljtie ara ntutte.1 at
ilialC nn-1 ratlrr at 311721. Inl a.
ui. hr.. .."M at 11 "ii 1 M In the l.-al rnar'.e;. lo:t
n 1. t.aer a!. il. l"-".n-r at HI i; Ui I nl-'n
fi Iter ." ..chr it tH !' In Ij r.--a. bst
r-rat-ej unchir-aid at r?liI Ifwallv. lrni
nn uniha-.K.ii t.. a il.a. Mchr al-rra.I. nttlj
ita..itiTj :..i".-v iju -.l at i-ji : an.1 Mt.I
t'N i. at . ; I allv tn- riaiX-t t firm
ami u: hirir 1 N 1 i t-tr-Iry - 'r 1
- tet ,-t t,r.!7; Ne I f--.r.:rr N' libera
-it il.-..".". . 1 I3ur."lry Sutie-n at
I i'.tt"' 7 asl N - foumli-. S-utvrn at
! U" 7:nlt.
linen ran.
N""iv Vtt. -i" ? Th rnaikt-t 'r ea--r-tM
n.l h.. n. S.-"-"h f. jiur a ilt'nt
iin;eit..re .--trc afjMttr.t In th" iii.-iT!it fir
f.tcre. -alille the ! .llilitl n I nu.et. e."Tl
TTtTl T.t Cfs-l a" CU' teI Kt 4.Jr prime .It 7'r
7-,- thine at 7jc iin.l fane, m e l"rire ate
. little ,-..1t ti fir -;; .'ti :!!- it tre t.
I-;, .re . . v ri. an-i i;a-T-iti' n. rarre.t from
... 'n. i.. n i. " THe fnr --t. trad- tJt
U1.rii:i Airii-i -re QUt. ebe fuc.
eiti it t-e tij5i . Tam-v "HytrlV ptarll"
trntiln le "rl" luipiv. lth fjn.v ijuiteil at
lli.'lr- t iii.t. titb t."i- "tin 111
eialtlrc trnlrc r.:lf. frn tlw ".. whl.-i
are ".;-. iini .l.ttTi the t:rt cf the rn'ntb a-,.l
.-e t.s;..-te,i ., t. til!r. ..t.lnr tn t! re"rt
t m ft-"rt cr. p. I- Mil .11 are ijuite.1 at
;uij-... .-..t.j ralln. at ',r anC I.-..l.n
lai-r. at 515"
NT V--i. Sef.! ? 4Tr"fee -e' Ro ij;ji
tnt'1 -t.lrll. 4".td'ie. jejlV 7h" rrJirket f"r
ctr. e futur. c.;r.e.l .i.ade un--hi.nc".l
;- m ,r. ?-;.Tn-e to .te.ir rltr. ar.i pr.
aie siliti-t.. r-int hasti t' ntlna t-i a ft.;
, '11 1 11
I"- elt"
iir-Tit . r.-;t ef ntuict I"1 "tt tar I-itrtor
Tt-re MTfnha: h"..! hn.er ar. I
-tti The eman.1 .rt lleht. the in.rk-r .
l..r . durtrr -he n.lld:- of the ee-
1 ! n !'. ' 1 itre? n-t .:ih.rl t .
It. tr.t. eee "ile- "rre pr.rte cf Hi..
f M-. ir-iujtnc -rt V I--T - Nov
j and Ma : :&
Ilry 4j4Maa. I
Nv V -'-i crt y-lpr, 'f ei"i! mi: '
tt-t --. t- ii f - --.. t- te.- ..u. .......
to .." ret-r-l th.t it . lewv.rini :tc-. ,
1 . i-e -e- I urtr" TiTe " i.i-n"T 1
! !,".- 'n tie dry cwd .-tjh" p .-t-i-
'I ri-.lv h-jt -..t. or.: .- tak -. at th h!- .
Klcc. te-.- Tre.lll-4r J'M"i ctlil xrtlie
... T.w..y rri-yr--;i' .11. -car &v reta
... -.1.1. -.1" t.- ... ... ..,
i. r .-ilk manu'ACT'irer. ha.e r..;.... .prt-c
ehedule. at ". tr est to 7"- per c a lean--hut
""---if - -c- ccn"-t.r rtt.rc lvtett!-..
tt tke -t Z?-
Hotter aa4 rhee.
c-t"t re-
I'-!M".f-brl.-."sly 33
1M"2. Oeei .tr . ;y cr..
cf..r-i ".tn;
l-Mlaoetr'-.ta. Pa "i-r-t. M -lot r ."e-lll
extrt .t t rf-xt-err. ":- -xtrx j.-tr-by
;rtn . ZZ- fiece -a!r Nc-e T rk f jt! c-a.r. ,
..tr '-! tic CT-Cl-e lT.r -. i. ...
....1 :".i!t'
rhlciTv -? n lhttte- "teair; c-i-;e-ie.
5';H' .it.. ie lV,ts;iV C5.ee tt-.ly j.e
N T"k. f7t 10 S'xr ri-r ;4. j..
r-rjlrr J l-:-8rt'-: cer.trfurl y t.; I 11
POlSc .V:x"-. r34jxr I U-!KV rrSn-d
Nr. Orl-ST. I- pep. M 5aa- quiet e;e-t
kttle Ci:-ir'-al I-.8I'.'. eer.lrtf5--xl vhpl.
4 U-l'fll t-i." Tela.. 494" eerODl, .!,(,
It.- lfra". n-mlex: tvn k"I I3ff-Xc t.n-
infcgal Blc Mt-ur tonll 2SCJ-
M ca tMlctS til ar. ar4 itlco J ear
Wet nwi- I Lry r... .
S.ltlVt. reuad. lI.Te.x, t.try
No. t ultrd i:x,lT.xar fallen
Ne I :ixi UWTx.. Ilst
Pre.! J" : ItL MS.Nall.e a a-v
part ".tc4 '-: l--- 'rw-T 2trt ball
j pr .Clue
; . IITT ullel
- 1j:
A.l hl-S ir.te&I fcr rcarket .-mid he r;..
tec-ted e.tr.et ditr-xae the sreen ..t4ta!4 Ta
trcrws'iSr esred wtis atlt. whi tsa err ibcatl
' . I "tee. lricIU-te-l. 1.1-. nrt. !.-- nil"!!. f.:.t.
Trading in Oats Is Active. Witk
Strong Undertone, and Pro
visions Are Bearish. ,
' Chicago. Sept. . Ruylng of Americas
wheat by Franc Itelped to create flrraness
to-day in the wheat market. At the close,
wheat for Dec delivery was up -ic. Cora
also Is up 4c. Oats show a gain of f 'jc
I-Tovteions are oft SHc to 5c.
Strength in wheat developed during the
first hour of trading. At the start, how
ever, the market was barely sdeady. clear
skies in Northwest having a depressing ef
fect on values. Opening quotations n
Dec. were a shado lower to a shade high
er at tSVc to He.
Pit traders were disposed to sell. and.
with the little apparent support, the mar
ket eased off. Dec. selling at RViKKfcc.
Later a leading bull became an Active
buyer, and there was a quick change in
wntlment generally. OfTcrlnps dwindled,
would-be sellers being raoro or less held
In check by the attitude of the principal
longs. News of a bullish character tended
to bring out demand from shorts.
Mlcn-mpolis reportej excrcllent inquiry
for flour, and added that farmerj deliver
ies of wheat were beginning to fall off.
Af Karuus City the record - breaking
shipment, of breadstuffs were reached, the
claim being made that li" cars of flour
ano cars or wneat naa ren wiieu tiifre
to-dav for exnort. As a climax a message
from Near Ycrk stated that Franc was
buying American wheat. During tne last
half hour of tha session. lec. reached
highest point of tha day. MV-
The close, though showing some recea
rlon. was Ann with Die. at K-VjSItic.
Clearances of wheat and flour were equal
to ltluOO bu. Primary receipts were 1.1S4.-
a bu.. compared with l.OiiOw) bu. a year
ago. Minneapolis. Duluth and Chicago re
ported receipts of 758 cars agulmt 71S
cars last week and KB cars a year ago.
Sentiment In the corn pit waa bullish
throughout the entire session. Commission
houses and shorts were active buyer.
Smaller recelnts and a good export de
mand were Influential factors. A report
from Nortwest stated that the crop in
that section had deterloiated S per cent
in the tn.t month, aslsc to wetness. The
market closed firm with prices Hlmost at
the highest point. Dec. opened e to '.c
higher at "MV: to 4V. sold up to 4c and
closed at CHc. Ical receipts were CSI
cars with Kt of contract grade.
Tn.lln. tn Tne o-1 1 nit "MS aCtlV and
the market has n strong undertone. The
chief basis of strength was a report of
nn Increased movement from exporters.
Shorts and commission houses wer ac
tive buyer Vtc. openeo a snaue numer
al StfrS.c. sold uf to 2fui'tc and
closed at :5";-3!c Local receipts were
;s cat.
Opening. Highest. Loweit. Closlrg.
Fepi, loM....:7MVa
5!.t. ir.ew)... ST.
::, K' ;:i
"T H". !
.I. 4-.1. ,
if-a "CiM "UU
lie.-. (0M1 Wii1-.
D-v. men 1 UVVU't
hr 4!-t"5ll
55pt- ....
le. ....
May ....
w;Vi t s' :-".'
. .'p-.aa --i -aja. -flfc.'S.
wr a) av-,n
cv-t. . .
t Jr
Oct. .. .
Nov. ....
J;n. . .
Vt. ...
a.ii". a.w t. .j
l!In:iPTS AND iHIPti:NTa.
Floj- t.tlt
Wheat, tj.
-a V"
iarn. l't. .
Ojt.. l,ts. .
Rye. bu. ..
Uar'ey. tu.
Notwithstanding higher prices, for llv
hoits. sentiment In tho provisions market
was a trifie bearish. Demand was very
lack. At the elm" Jan. was off Cc at
J'.i.-.Ti. l.tnl was off i at Si.77--. Itib
wire 'I'-ZjZf lower at t4?j.
K.llmateii receipts for to-jnorrow:
Wheat KL corn 3SI. oats 2S cars; hogl
rtt bead.
Ni Totk. Ferf ?. PIo-iT Recei-.t r.".
ti-t. H.IIJ. uti.et ami haielv .tea.lr; Mlrr
e4. trnt H tlI.U live flour Stead-. Itiik
liat ttoar qit-t. tVrnmeal steaSy. live dull.
Harly vtor.. Wltat Iteeelrts W; rp't
fitr.t. So. I r'l elevatT anil S'"
f. it b. iXut; No. I N"rt!iem Ixilnth Sl'ie t.i
arrt. f. o h. aflfut. No. t Northern Mani
toba y.'-e tn arrHre r. o. b. sSreit. Praetlea'.ly
all day tt was under hull cntrol or. h'jri
er. with tne c!re firm at -e to Sc net !-
t ..:;.r ..r.i.... fl.qi .... u...
vanrr. IIds H:r-n.. tlie Luring "aas ny rot-
I . t.... .h.1 .K Va.1.... I.. .. r.W n
v-iEii ii- i-w- eu. 11. ..-.i 1. .... ti. . . ..
I .l....1 t... .n. AM..t.t .!.. t".frtht....
. ni;.iru-u i.i ts tii-" -... ... w- ..
j rlo-ie.1 a-Sc. eer U'iS-'V clv-d Wc; Ivc
j uaoi,,-. cpfe.t jijir. O rn-Itecelpt. "n.773;
j ftpor;. 15T.SH. s-; steady; No. I 5'.c la-
I tn
I v
1 ,
' nf
tor and mc f. o. b afl.tt. No. 5 Tell.er r.lc
No. z -a bite I')e: ertlocs market was fairly
active and itrnnaer with 'ha Wirt, atyt on talk
of liberal tecelyt.. .Itlcg rartly 'je net hlcr.er;
jijv etoseij i rjv s.-. i"c. ;.a-"ae.
clce.I 2- Oatr.ccelpts :."". esrrt. r.l1:
sret .ttra.lr mix.. osis. it to c IM.. ji',";t-3c:
nafiral "ahtte. - to K p.. . a'k3'c: cllrpI
white. to 41 lbs. "KSire llir qqiet. Hep.
rilt ll'.tr quiet. Istb'r firm, w'ool stea.lr.
i""f Sib. -at mat. quiet. L.rd birclr te.i.ly.
W'ejtern steaine.! J7.: rellned quiet. Pcz'i
.ea.Jr; ire's tWH'.:?. Tallow .tea.lr CV:ton-i-fe-1
oil essr; prime -rellow :S'.3--r."c. IViro
enm firm. Itice Srra. M.iliws ttea.1v.
Kar. City. f-pt. ?. Uht-se;it. W,
fec. 7-.e. Mar 7m-v cai-b N i hanl TJ'.W
If . N-t. S I'Vi-aT-"-- No. Z rej KHaMr; N". 3
4lU!Ue O-n JJet Vsc; Iec 3VM". Mae
xi-4ii'.c. eol :. 1 tr.l.a-l -: white Jir
HKc N n cy Oat. N. I whit U.'is-.
N"X 3 tnUt IMiHr llav atrong; cholre nm
thv r .: cbolie pmlrle tTai.y. Hie .-ea.tr:
Co iteeeipi-WTtMit .: corn !.0: !
i;..is s-itptr.er.t. Wheat UV: nn 'S.'!.
ililcagi. Sept. M riah quotations were a.
fiv'i.iw. I"mr firm. Wlw.V No I spring VJ
-r No S nujc No I ret DStlilV Potn
-No I :i,-jlITi . No. 1 J.lli.vr KVlSSe Vt
No I '.f No 3 white I7.iri"-- liye No I
'..i"j;.,r rjirv-ieKt fetlnr IC0J70: filr to
rhoire rrailtinaT lla7c - 4-inrer-4-it-ct
arn.l-111.71 proIne..n. Mew . ik.t- lb..: M Si
Jili. lard, per l'" II- J7 0. .hnt rll 11"
il.e I? .vijk y, !"h-.rt clear l.. iha-l ;. 7-
Or.c!r.:atl . " V.-hlkv-In.tllier- tln
sp" Ahi.l.r HaM. of Mahe-1-.e. tl zf.
il.i.t tf-rf-Is le. aitlre in Ut. of II 13.
Tl.t-ttlT. . i -O WTfc.itf Tl. nt-rlit.- Vi f
N. rthin :.'. No I No't-eni tS". 'in trk
N. 1 No-"hern 1.e No I Northern Si,e
.?t .M '"V sett new e pee. 7V. lav
I ;."e iM..T.
i vt
i arrne T.mr. c-n tik ar..I
!.r-..t-..f f.e 14l.3(!.e Wit
Mlnii.ll .-s-rt ?i Wht-at "r 'It.'
I-c It.fiAl'.r- M.-.V i-e. No. I hart '.'..
N 1 Northern M No 2 Nort-iem ti.-Pl-i'ir
-Plrf ratrnt Jf.f.l ".-.nl tut-nts
if.t4i.-. tt-.f ey.f. c infra v.- c..n' ci-.rs
CVMC Prat- In bulk !i: s
Iji.rrwv.l ti... jft--v.. ehat "leadr: No
1 I r"! .tTn !r.tT & 41 fu:j- iteadv.
, w 4. iv.; M.re.l ' 7Vd "o-n qult.
Ttl") mle.j . tod future, itul-t; D"e
.!. Ja- I. '.d ,M-i-h 4. 3VI-
C..a III en" "ft -'Vrn rt-. Ij-- No 1
vl'o-4r X"r No 3 -. No I "Ii- 4Mt. n-
h.nre.1 No I KM:- T.V . V. 4 vhite
ICfiI7V V.hbk. 11 1 bi-1. f.r r.nMi-t
. e"--l
j T. 'e.-. O "rt 7 1t "" Ch t7 V,
I it 17 IS Pee r Jai r -, I-lT.e Hmolhy
1 II A'ilke--ah V
3PTTn7-Cuc!. Cramr-i:atra 23c :: .
liUA- )as. I.rii't" II!e-racki-S-Pirt
ltvi-l.e aeconl. l.i.ff?.c Italrr-a-keii fn-r 1
liV fir tu fa'r l.&17c country choice U.c.
I.ir I4'-e. r-ae .lr.-. extra crar.erj- i.r ;-r I
It tr.i-re in sn.:i ar ,
Citi.-B - x" a. -i- .j: .inai-s
llv,' d.l-le. I"'r" . 1. A l.y ling horn.
?-i. ??--i!i i:vf iiT.cn-aT" rr-i: iiitttiai.
No I MTle hwl. ch.ce oil, Ur, tfcol
arw at i-OH- No. 2 at ilttllc hrtcl.. ttv.l;..
:i'j-jl" -eectrf quality i;v
He;.-- P-ell 1 ile. -.. Iv-xl 4-trlu.
thre-iar, "Mpred 1.1.7 rr": ma.-ie, frn, ..
tfrar.t r I o!rrlr.ta Pst.t. t.sder the nil..
-i-.rr.ir trxdlr.a. Mwr ia.i" .-arl n v-..
ol orr era d 1" th "" Oim-nt re.ipts
- Netr-H rT rerarre- at H-.e Vouth"r-n
1 Inf'-tor iivk .--. SSrrt.. tsi-s l-rlude;.
;v. tftrx Ce
IV: 1-OPI-TnT Old c:"-;Vr. fowl. ;.A,e
r- - . - . : ... .. --t-t-
r.-.ii v f'i tutk'j-" y old e i- .-i-is
, ehlcket 2 Iha a" U-..V- lie. rrl-c cfclfl-
r... heanr ".fiani. n-i .-. -e- .pnrji
.je K .rrlnir turiT. Ie chin and -.
I.., eld fia'.nt. chicken.. :r Cc.. K.ZZ. rou--.
Cs:liea cMckena HJ1. Hi 5t". 7V-
ItpJ?5:ri ITIt-Z.TnT-i'Mfa.:.. fala lie;
r-e-tir. li. awter thleif-r.a :".uil'V. lx tar
tMi ; rts ttirliey. lie dock. .- Pnr..
xr.tnr prlc fr .wt ehlre etirk esly; calla
aaU.u. tt '.-
VKAll-T!ct-- fit 4; rer Ih. for he. try jo
V-y tar I'lM he-lc-. -.Vt ami w-ajt rtv
f-S-p at - l c re-th-. trex nd C1 ewe
.. r-ey Ih taun t?2-4e rr Pv
" niJ-ell n-JK-H'ack ha. IV: ter lb. tv rr
Uer .lie lr fcr Urs. crarrie ir tor .-tls-,
to : f-T la-se ,'retete.l cat-c:Ur .. 6-js-
cellar trer c-n V, .pncnhia cat 7c. bun-
fce..--dte: V. huffl--gr-wa It. I.,
..v-i v vnall dre.d jr. evan sr:t. 2v
rerraan rarp-U.-se dr.4aj v trsia C--i-I
?- t.rs- rf IV- "rs't sreaa :c. a-aiKan
r. white rertt Ic- !?-! r.-rrjr-cn. orale. tri
-. rnM t-o-w Tt for nKiia Baa s pr
rj-e e" c-
Vra-ray-a Bisk Ctvaataao.
Teaterrlat . Te-.rTTte.Kx. ftateeie a"iete4
I Oan-egs. IXtM-i.-U. tBUccc. 7k.b.
.... . c-. i it-k... ..- t. . No -. unite corn
Northern iS7- No I Nom'rn HSiCe: T- '-"". ""? "V"
4l?tl'.e but Pre hler No 1 m. !ar!v I-."- m,,"s c',,-
l-te-t !l Nf. . -V -.ifll.Ie ZMi-ic Corn -I i" i '""
Grain Tallies were sonwwhat hither In yesterday local atarket, bet traitor M
narrow and dull and there developed no feature to tatase life or laUresi tat taa att-
oatlon. 'Fbreigti newa-was scarce, and what there was of It carried Mttla wetikjt
to Inlnenee the domestic, market. There wer reports from Batata. KaaaaftafaV'
Hung-rr and Bnlicaria tathicthat hot. dry weather prevsiled. whJea woald ha tt-;
rimental to crop. The Liverpool market strengthened after Ha opswlaa; ant ra-
ports of small offerings from Central Frnnce. All news here, ho wart r. coaatad far
little, as the local situation was almost entirely dominated by CMcaca. As prleaa
lluctnated there, the dial' here mor-al cor-respondir.glj-. Armour waa reported par-
chasing again, wh'ch fact served to move values upward somewhat. Valentin was
also said to be accumul.itlng wheat on an increase In the flour deauad. MllimapoMa'
claims that the dirnar.d for Us output has grown considerably withte the last faw-
days. Kansas City reports tlie movement from there of IS cars of floar and a cars)
of wheat for export. Weather conditions throughout th country are ideal and aa-j
cetlcnt resnlts are being shown by thrashing results In the Northwest. Caafer
wheat was flrni in the local market.
Corn was firmer on a strong demand throughout the country, a COO-Sw part flffj
which Is for export. German bouses are
four months' time. Receipts at the primary points are light, and the country
mem at this time !s unusually smalt. The last of the Sept. deal has been about1 .
rifted. Weather conditions in the corn belt yesterday were generally ideal. A few
days more of clear, warm weather will vastly aid in maturing the crop. Cask cofs),
was in good demand, with prices Arm. . , ,"
Dec. wheat opened ic higher and clo-eU he higher. ;
Pec. corn opened 3-lc htglp.-r and cbwed Uc to ic higher. 4
lec. oats c bid higher. j ?
Receipts of produce were In fair volume. Trices of fruits and vegetables wer
generally steady. ' , .
Local securities were actlva. Banking issues received the best support, -i .
Yesterday's bank clearings were IMO.""5. balances JS.Pj. Discount rates ranged
in the extremes between 44 and 6 per cent.
Spot cotton was quiet in the local markit.
Pratt ieally No Foreign or Domes
tic News to Stimulate
Trading. ,
The local t.ii.k't for wheat yefterday ,
trmlrd along alur thtt ol 'jnicasa ni
other doaicMic centers, and lalies ad
vanced 5llnt'y. Tr.-iii'ng was ilyht and
nothing "tcv-lopHl to n-.R-vc Hie dt.llr.s.
Armour was again a buyer and the pit ele
ment followi-d his moves closely. Valen
tine also accumulated a 11: uX wheat on
better demand for flour.
Foreign news was very limited and not
of a character to have much influence on
the local situation. Weather throughout
the spring-wheat btlt was ideal and
thrashing returns aro shoeing up remark
ablv W4li. Tills n-ws was ofT-.-u however,
by the profirt-slcnal nature oi the Chicago
market. Receipts in St. louts were ery
Hunt und cash values were steady to
higher. ,
Dee. wheat '.pei-Jd c liig:i:r. ranged
from SCc to KV and cl"-l ;c higher.
An enormous geniral denn-id tor torn,
coupled with light receipts and Insignifi
cant country movement, cau-nd that c--rcal
to advance rtlghtlv in vestcnlay s
market. The Ilnr.ness was notc-1 In fr
elgn titles as well as In Am --i-n. I)'
si'ltt? thi tremendous cr("P. milch .s now
practically aseureil. higher prices, are
!okid for. The export l"jslness. it i
clnlmed. will absorb eveo" bushel ever
what is require,! for horn.- .-"onitimptlKn.
Dec. corn op--ed S-li: hiKher. ransed
from -Ci: to -KTVi-Cisc and closi.I '.c f
ii higher. . . M
Heoelpts of wheat at prlmar:: points for
14 hours ending Weilnesday wcie l.itClS
bu.. again.'t VSSASf bu. a year ago. r"hii
mer.ts were ".7T.4W Im.. nsalnst ZMAQ bu.
a yur ago. Norihwet-tern receipt! were
751 cars, against S7 cars last week. "
ears a. year ago and 3K cars two years
Chicago received 1I.M bu.. and Kansas
City !M.t bu. ,
Ilecrlpts of wheat at St. Iuls TVednc
dav were CAi bu.. or which l.CS sks.
ar.d 4X1 can were local and 1 car through,
again't 7.Ut bu.. or which (K5 sk-i. and
SI cars were local und - cars through, tn
Kecelpts of corn at St. Irfiuls 'W.WO bu..
of which M e-.irs wers local rnd 1 cars
through, atialn-n Ift.SW bu.. of v.hich T curs
were local and li cars through, a year
I"rlmary receipts of corn for 3 hours
were TXili bu.. agalnt 7ii." bu. a yejr
ago. S'lipmeiits erc W.J bti.. ngaim-t
W.T" bu. a year ago. Chicago received
iTifi.iiii bu. and K-ina. City recivsl a).-
iroeelnta of mti at St TIIlls '7 ."ll bit..
..-.i!.i. .- .. A.. t...t un.i i ...ir.
thmugh.ngaitm sya." Mi 'of which
Fks. and S cars were local ar.d 1 car
through, a ye;ir ag.
I'rimary r.""ipti of oat. for CI hours
wro a..tl9 MI.. :iguinFt .:h." nil. a year
-i"rt Khinmenrs -&- r.- la-; im.. njr.iinsi
r3.w bu. a year ago. Chicago received
m2.T!0 bu.
Cask Grata. Ftoar. Kle.
WIIB.T-No r re.1 sold St "Pie ;.- .'. No
; red IJ'tc to J7c; No TV to "ilc. No. 1 rat"!
iild at fc'-j3 '.-': No. S I.ard at Sic t S--; and
No 4 hanl at 7e ;., wv-.
COItN- No. 5 corn "M at 5c: No- V -l:C.
No. 3 h!te had ii- bid: No. 3 e!:e -o,i as
iV: No. 2 y.Ilow rold at - and No Z jei!o
at V.
OA1V No. : cots MM st 'i; No. 1 oils at
Ite: No. z white fata at -: to 3le; N.. 3
white at " to 31'sC an! No. 4 wriv at Ic
to Se.
RVC-Ne. 5 at Tc: Ne. I at 'Hi.
FIjC1H Dull and Blew. Quote: New soft
w.ntar Sour I'atenta $4.14: .traljht U.JC'7
".. extra fiutor 17.7''jl.: f.vegnlng In .1.
tow to medium a-rsl. at ftli to J! v. m Jute.
Hard tin Jute .k.l Paten: at K'3i; straisht
rn.KtiZ.foi. first clear fLl'eUT.Ji; a.cind clear
t.3l-70. low trade, at :L;S?3.4- t-prlng pat
ert at M r'V4 K In bull:.
Kti; rtXiPK l-ure nw CS In Jute ak.
and n : In wix-d
cor.NMn.iu irrc.-city ni r o. t
grit., homlnv and pearl m.al ..
liIt.N--tri3y: quiet. Qucte. bais E. trt.:
Ilr.n. per !i It" .7:c;,.-. l.uU -. mined feed
7a7l"-. lal'Mlltsa" TIte Till. eMi fro-u mill:
Hr"i ! T-iH1llrit". ;tif
84'KI.TBK Htm lit r 714.
I.KAP .".ta-lj at !!.:.
IIATf E. aid tai:.: Ntw Timothy: Clioice
fl-4l;: No. i fi.t.il l.S, N". 3 I: No 3
VIZ pralrle-No. l pi iMr. No I r. . N.i.
t ki7 1.iTr-iT.clce til No 1 l'ifl.y No
2 VW. Iiw l8. clover-ntlxed. No. 1 at i.U
". No 3 fl.y.J' lew W
J-nT.AW-Paeklnc prilrle K J0(j'. rrhat traw
144 . r.e Traa- 4 "-TJ
wilIisKT Quote at I! 33 en tas! .pill's, as
reptl-d l.v the Merchant. Kachnnte. .
of tirtaJa Its Store.
To-flai Ve.teril-i Ii"H lr
. '.;; 1 :.7i i.;ijn
3.J74 Mt I.t4.4'i
. 11 W.1 I Kl J.1I7I.!
. II .I'. -3.511 2,:l
Kill 7.1i7 ll."'.
77.t ?t.u; 7ti.:"7:
t 711 :i tn a tyi
tn 47 O.KI
1 S77 4 7. i:,"l
1 414 14i
.. r..i. -i.i; m.3?i
K't .H t Ji.l4
IS.711 i .11 i.:u
j If"; - -
'"'r1'.- ' - .
I -."" - '. " " '
- - ' " t.-i.
rork tirala Markata.
F" Tett-:-Ic -ahoat CSaSTi
H-. . ar.d call. W.
I-Jt. SI'.!
Mll".auke.w:s-r- .&.-: Pat. IV- Md aivl
ra!! MV May wheat Put. .it-".',c. cjII.
.'.c. Mar cirn-lllte ll'.ti.P.e. call. 44Se.
Minneaitil-Dei mm iit.e t,fl lat l"e
ar.d call- I'-c bid
l. Itala Fotwre Prlrea.
rorV. !r an7 loo Crll loeer. htd m.ata
;i)i:K- w-"' " o T-j.-.airi -... m a
f b
JoMd-a -ay at l'.4j
JXi.ll "loiee J.;t-t4 zi 1, 1.
Jlle clo.ed
,2c vtiiren.:.rei .-,..,t-
tl'KE.N 4nATi ITIC W- car
1 !
K .;- Hro l"-ar t '-1 11 at ".e. ji.
' : a" c 1 at I c, t t :"c .nie.
har-. :t. an.1 P33-. arwl Srii.. .11 at Jc
Pal Pnl at ''. N V n-ould- ipel2-ar 1
it V Pelll's. -. at 12e. "-ar at lie,
II-.t- a- ia'.e- I4. 'at P- Pre- the Mr.
d-I I1(S. at X'.ta'V ftr rut-nf-hna-e. ...
-- t- Sic acfcrtit. t a.rse. i-al'forn!a at
uat.c. N V hculdet at O'.":
t S MH.T." To .'rtl. I .r .j frit.
c:-td noraPu ly tfci Car at ""ix.jv and V
r. at4JJt""C C a. f t..Td lot. - .-1 na'l
-a - - - - .
;v6blr rfiel lJ.t -Vrt. at ".e. crp
".c rt ". -".''. -"TV i,v: tta'e.
-r lat tac.. .'.e. tasda.-.I ti(t .t u.- ,
a.r. T-ie:-."
BACON-Hxt- c mejt. In a Jf-fetlr-g way
rard Il-afa.t haeon freni lie t-rr bary to
14c for cbclce nht M-o. at lie to IZr. CbII.
fomla. at T-;l.Se New Vork .h-wlde-. ,t
ac f-ain wz caa vy.w in a .t-uix ;-t&m
i N-. I mixed crn
; rje .
41o.tl n.l-rl i"p.J
Titlay Vet.--tiy Te-.tertl.il,
Whe-lt ."ept. ""n 3 HP, t
I-e k "1 Sl.; t..-.
Mav . . t:a i.fj.-"a -.',
C-rr-P-pt I'--, f SPj
I-c . '. 4.-.ll.l , ;i. a
May 4I' b ..!.iIP, r.
4t-e-?-. .'. tl -S h
Iter 17 WiSJSli IT-. I
Mt ! -tt'kOr-'. b ?, 1,
wy rxraed Kw'ia hwt. it crlt. at Vr. 1 XV. . N. ArVc. Ctc Ualtt floe .m i
aScrt clxr .c tei, :, to lP;r. plat ;,c. I Med. corah- , aadr..lt 1
;.t t.-k. t c ejt-.3-i bti V I4erai, cHh. rals-tJ. 5'-j North, a WsL
tharc-d h'aher cr. .-.. I iv.tkl'r . 3'" Rrtilll Ba....a I
iAw'o-i.' '.. ...-- -r.,r Hb - 5 .tie:
i -etnte-S- I'k-r p-!-r.e y.4-;-rI.J--T:ix!:INC-Jite
a- CPr
r Cur-.n; make ..lis at
n -
OnnACK-ia-Jcte IlttwB 5c yrtiow PiOlW-
.t 4;e fsr o-tln.xr- to -e for choice, patk
r." .t. Hrowr I';7..r. yelloa- 2J-,c.
we;te iSc r-lrally
PBET-fn or-era P-i'd-PlT. X TJ. rll
ssa Pn'Ten Mxrk-t r -)r tJW l-ted. ;-r
Ih. fet Ilr- S-! 1PV ksnrklea 1. cut
,V Ne toejrue. t ir." 14-i
m"nso mi-s-fitisje pec e.
fRfuS TLrr; -ij-nt - No- t U-ae.-if t f"
re dor.. No. 2 &ivr. XI ti O. No 2 at Ti:.
No 4 st ZU-
rniyit virjr rrr?-'rtp."-. pr t.: no. i
at 13c. Nov I at lie. No- 2 at 2c Urtx.-Prr lb.
lis. 1 at lie. No- 1 at lie; No. 3 at s-sc
buying heavily for delivery oa thraa
Chucks-Per lb.:
Nil. I at Viet X- 9 at Slai
o. ; at I'-.
Kounila-Per lb.: No. 1 at fc:
No. 2 at -V: N.v. at lr. Plat, a ! IT. r
1 a: S':c; No. ; at S4c; Nc. 3 at & ,
Frrslta T4jataMaa. !
Re-ut!lc- quotations are for car tola ta
bands cnlesa otherwise ipeclfled. tlsisTI eideta
ate .-hancI higher. ,
NI2.V APPlj--Cnrsfgaed tn bb". lots at
- for wln-lfalls. common, tweet sad ortbBary
:.-ok. t. Ji.W'ii., for choice, to S3.S3 foe
?anc.r. l.rlaht an.I hluah. acconhng tn vartaty.
P-AMS-Mlrhlgan Hamaoes 7icd: P !
quart case. Immagea less.
l'I-.CI!i:.4-tVagtn rectrtrts glfle-c vr W-Ml
l-akts: MK-hlaan l-J-bu.-3c: bu. tBt S for
fair t-t r.-a-mc for pmr: fancy Kbartons ILM9
l." t-rr l-u.
u.iKl:MRiN?-lema-ad light. Xaa-bMaa
wav. a-ic rr 1ji lbs. dtL
-ant.lopi-ks c-olotaJo Rockyrsnt. ta
friae.ntor stuck. 11.71 per pony erst aad tta
per standard crate. Ilome-gmim U96o per ba.
cnAPk- ll-tr.ie.4crown. i-Dncerdai WffTtle Mr
"-i-tu. basket: Vlrsinla seedlings at Se per lb.;
Mlihlsan climax baekets. tie fnr iViieonta:
Werilena anil Moore's early l"rltc: Delawaiva
Hi. IV- for .mall ba-ket.
I'MXIb Nrar-by 1f- per H bo.: Soutnsra
L iltnte. r-T hamper. 10c: bb!.. S.3XM frr
mull anl fctjj.i.1 for sugar bbls.: Ketfer .7
iii'ti tr hami"r; dwheM ISe and sickle Sc per
i-tfi. iMi.ket; Mlchlian Uartirtts Sl.rl.Sper bu.
Vli i:m.es tc per 'i-du. cos; Illinois i.-
IHr bu.
ciwr. APrixp-Bbis..
C.-3I.:-. acceedb-s
to nil.t.
OKAN:t:? In Icbblaa way.
per bos. Quats
CklK.irnU ar.t! late Valencia at '..
;i:--: riti it srawa.
I.K.MnXS-CallMrnU 1737.;- and New Xts-
sin.t S7.7" icr bos la Jobbing war. Linus ft
I.r; ;r i--.
.'ALIFoItNIA FRCITft-Bartl.tt pears SXTa
3. IVich"wsalway SKctll. ar-: cVlncs U.UW
LIT.. Malira ant; tl S1.;. VT-ublngtota
Itartl.-tt i-eir Ciji.; rlnitn Rnaote tl Ti
I. Cilcra-ln PartUtta t-'tfil. Italian plums
llftuLS) ir Ik.x.
'i)AM TS-per LCD. E. tr-. 131: Jobbing'
iv "T.I. iir J'W.
HANANAS- Irl.Mra at tl-Tia:. ier buaeb.
CI:.NHKItl;n:H-Pally tiack. H.75 per bbl.
In a JiM.Ing way.
li TA Tii:.-4 Market sleadr an.I nn hanssil
Jirlr i !.!,. -.M mainly at .ittv; N.mhem
M.-ck k.i.i rr. ci 4-bu nn trk.. and ss high as
Ke ilelllltt-l
Ni:V UNIONS-North Missouri choice re
Kli.l-. X'titi-. jkw flat KtT3V per bu. .M.; Ioasa
V'..-: Tnhlte -UIc
'Ai:li.i:K .juiier: loose, from wacona.
S i r bM.: ie7.i. per 10 !!.: Northern. 7
e ir l-t lt..: Mollan.1 seed glf( IS per tots;
Aim-" "tie tlliill per ton.
CtVPMHKI;s-lli'tne-Krown SaflWe for green;
frlli.w 30ti-c .fr bu. x loiisr. Dill pickles
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i,-I.M'. tCii: :a v: casks t.
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crate Si. irlrry root. -Ot2lc a tlos.
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T4MAT4ih'j At Oli7 pr bu. for choice.
w"Wi t.t in fur catui stih; green tomatoes
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'.VI:Tr P0TAT0IS Home-grown Ilcimua
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per V
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lbs. es
i-Ai-TOR rlQANS-Salable at SI 3 fr bu. fbr
car lets and SI 21 for smaller quantities.
1I1!BI FftPITc Kritporated apples Wt
st trom Ji.taKo frr the poorer qualities ti
tcr chi.ice. in.1 7c fcr fancy; quarters at ftwen
ilie: ch't at lc to Pc: pealing" st Vlo
latter f.r bl.ach.d: tun-rled apples at from
2-:""I4. New pen. hes 4944c
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re.1 kidney i-.i.. ;5c; whlta beans In car lata
onK. trk. held at L.I.a: countrr at c to
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extra Mack ne. Inf-rl.T lss.
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2v. .ix-hoi..! lime 2Se. four-hi.ip tfo We.
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;-. siiniTi..r white 3e: yellow SJe; 4alad
-7c. re ktnir while n y.Ilow 22e
iA.-T.nt Oll.-ln Iota nf ": gals, or over at
l"""'.' t-r Ih I',r No. 1 and 'e for No. S In
tl.1. . .mailer quantities V: rr lb. mofk
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sk Sir. ami m .rj. k. tie; prims gnajr do.
3s In small and 37c In large sks.: '.1 whlta St
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ka-White 3V: dark MOSIr
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cleur. 32e; tall and aklrta ar.
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Imt.tir. and Inferior In
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tall do at 24e. i-.f.rlcr le... antel"p IS1
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fr..ni "? to y. each f..r current taka-oS 4rr
ib. from li to . and cllrped at 1. rjcr
fali.n 17-ul-- r-r Ih. for Vary shrtaaaas to
.V for llsht "
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7",r fo- We.t.rn and at 707 y for Teaaa
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pop i.i'l:.-.'- lt-t .ale was at tl.J Bar
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tri frei-i H." for ordinary to
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tha. art
alcohol ar.l rjrpernne R.'a: wins
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P. whl.ky
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A. MM 3C -7-. tlar ined
in-rr-r clear ybt ffa 21
m'.e-l ... 22 eit'i Itea.r IS
Rlxhtlr burry.-a I4i 'isrtlr barry.a
Hard burrr . I.-.llarl fcurTr....l5
I.'ah- fine , 14 m Iwk u
1-a.y tl"- ..: tU Tuwahil
laimK JiM . SJ No. 1
Qnte k.ary ..I V74 No. 2 SS
T-ojihrji aiuthtly burry.it
Jfd iJteei 2iVy Herd burry....St
3t-l (im-i JPei7-j I Antptra Ooat
lah"lr bnrryJJ 2J 'Ter lo-rtrotiai.
il.rd bort-c 12 SI" ) Short c-a-.ra...S
le. t. r as. w. .ttuiM .. . .....
Me-. il2 me ..--? Hard borry.
u ii.niM.l-l iS'i
Berry Hat from lc ta ie par - Has 1

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