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EVv v
Rosenheim announces as beginning' in the new
Skirt Department
Splendid Values
in winter-weight Panamas black and blue pleated
from knee down fancy trimmed, also
plain kilted all welted seams
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For Friday and Saturday
$5.00 hilars $S.OO
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We always carry these sizes: 21 ! it waist 37 to 44 leagth
Oyster Bay. 3. T.. Sept. 2L-8ec-
retary of State EUhu Root. Senator
Henrr Cabot Lodjre of Masaachu-
sett." and Jotph H. Choate. former
American Ambassador to Great
Itrltain. who sieat last night at
SiRiiiore Hii: as rucsis of Presl-
dent Rocse-vclt. departed for New
York tliii mcrnlriK.
One of the tirfnclpal tcp!c of dl-
cusslon wis the recent dlr-cloyurs
in (lie investigation of the conduct
of the life insurance companies of
Jw York Itir.ff made by a com-
mltt-e of tle New York !?la-
ture. Tli? 1'ie.MJcnt has in course
of priinttion 111 annual message
to the. Const cf. and a? he proposes
to discus- the inwrniw question in
that nyyvfcv. with "c!al refer-
e-nc to Ftdiral !Bi5latlon for the
regulation of Insurance. h natural-
ly deslrifl to confer with ills tlose
friends a-s to tli manner in which
he should treat the subject.
It I krie-.wn that l-.e Irc..lnt
Ims V"-n uiccd strongly to n-com-
mend to tlw Consrws tiio enuct-
ment of such legislation as will give
the Kcthral Government snpervls-
ory control if Insurance compan'es.
Moved by Revelations That National Republican Committee Held
Up Great Life Insurance Companies for Contributions to His
Election, President Orders Bill Prepared to Make It a Crimi
nal Act, for Corporation to Give Money for Electiom Purposes
When Its Interests May Be Affected Directly by Congressional
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v hat's, correct for Fall can
' ow j.atify their thirst for
Tf i i u t...'V too tlie ry latent
'lie. irv n.-iw t riil-Mc in our'Gro ik-
. e I I) ! w r l-ll -"n't" SUliati
.-a- 'J1 j-att.-i ji; to fW
of the New York Life, was calU-1. He
itfentlll'-d extract from the book of the
.. w. York Ufe. .rnwiti. that in the Win.:
A Co. account the N w trk 1-lfe Iiisiir-iin--
C m-u'iy uM out JI.Tj-'.iv. Soni
bonds . re w'ltluimwii liy the nuran
cutnpanv. i.-aIn-- $l.'V-"i Und.- in the
Joint :u vomit.
Mr Irl.in .m rtcille.1 and said:
, went into ihts ti.tnaetion to k-'X.
thej... Ih.ikU as ihe.ijiU .is jkisis... I f..r,
.-lr. tint Jon ur-1 iitiJer tne imnre-io:i
tint e uiiit into thl-. Ini'-lncFs io J to ;
It t othT :n.ik tntiy out of tlio action,
but ih.it ! not fo "
"W will s-Uiv the motive." interrupt-"!
Mr Ilimhe-. "!t u set at the fact- I
lo not wlh io JKcu.-.. the niat'e- at all
.villi yon. It us have the fact-V
"AH risht. sir"
lil the New York and Stcuritv Trat
niij.ir.j- liuv th h -ti'ls for jour cotn-ji-iiij
akiil Mr lliisho.
"I i.innot s.iy. for that wt four cars
lieforv i took oh.UK of the rtnance tlejiart
m it of the company "
.ir. i-erKln ai"l that in isss tr.e mi
Mr. Iluchis unearthed a loan of SXTjyo to
K.tn-haa. & Co.. January 3. V?JZ. lint Mr.
ivrk'ii? t!.ail. .! h u.i" not a liookkx'per
ami aouM have to lok into this further.
rKKKI .NOT IM-'lKMi:il
.i:oit KAM!Wi; 1IU.US.
lie nas aske-1.
"WJ ou on Lec-mb'r 21. 1. -vll thee
lonln to P.itih.iu; A.- Til., anil then en
January 2 loan them thl- money as;aint
the l.oml.s''"
That I 11 have t lock up." replied Mr.
IV rkfns.
"Well." .il,j sir. HutrhiA "I should like
to m if thtre .i any acrment Trith
iiiih.iui h hlih he .- to take the
Uicils In IKvrtiilxr. ct a loan on lli-m
art-r the XiW y, r anl l en illsro-e of
Jhem. Who carried on the a-saeiatioif
v.ith him? Did vour
"Uani'olph and 'I had charre of the a'!o
ciatioi. but 1 hn-t rein-mle r the palnl
I re member our obj.c'lve point."
"Ve. to iret the curlties out of your
!oofcs at the en 1 of ll.e oar. I should
llkr jou to Mudv that." .--uJ Jlr. Hohe..
hinim? Mr. ivrkin- a Mat'tnrnt iha en
I).hv ml-r SI. llvl. the Xt .i York Ufe held
!!li;Ss of .-eur;t'es that J. I. Mnrsan
it Co.. had floated.
Mr. 1'erkinx protested that thli wouM
" m to at-ruu- him a a niemlK-r of tho
tirm of nnklnc montj fnm t!.' New York
I-.f- In-timni'e Comi in v. srherras many
ef tnr-.- s.i urit!e. ti-nuuh Ho.-ted by J.
1 Mor.-iin & Co. h.ol l.en mM to the
New Yerk Life ! other person-.
?dr I Inches a"url him th-n- wao no
int liriflnn f.if. n.l.ut Tin. tt.i. It i. -ij m...
j nd(rvtoM Foil" of tli-c ev.irities liati
i n S.-M to the New Y -rk Ufe bv jr-
n- not connected ilh Moritau & Co.
V!'n -s al-o prevented i ta! ment of hio
I" r-ona! prr.:n. in pu-eha-s of the New
orK i.ti" insurance ii.ni.unv trom Mr.
MonraiiV tlrm -Inc.- Ir IVrkini h.i.l len
i invtnler This in-iinte.l to j:-VUi
ril.H!MT MfltfiN iikii.im;4
I Ml MIO Z!ICll.lt7r..
At the rwpicvt of Mr. Hi:ehe. Mr. Per
krw furni-!ni! : JNt of the dea:ini; of
the X n York I.lf. Ini'irano" Company In
-.-uritie i:li Morgan A- Co. linif 'Mr.
I'rklii- iMM-an1 a tin ni'T t th Jlrain
firm. .Mareh lr I'mI Thi-i .l.nnI a total
-f partlcipatior t.i i!m amount of .r3.r'
"7.".. and a total urniit for the insurance
conn, my of J7H.7." 1.
"Xu tli-- irolii tl cempanv mntle."
Rilil Mr. HiiK-ioJ. on Hi.. - lc of .".."".
haies of the vr York S-curitv and
Tru-,: Comiriiiy and other hares In IWI
.va JjjlS.tVi. to ttliiih niu-t be. acided a
fu'ther protlt f $i:.t.n... m.-ikins approxi
tnately fT. .'."
"Now. did ion clnrse nil these profit
in jour annnil rep.irt. or did vou rh iriM
ci'rt it f I.rK? '- fcr adiMne to acent.
tj.frl for xpt n--e and Scii3 for loe.s
on :.al -i-T tt- buviuir a nt protlt of n
little otr $;.o....,7
"I can't tell j u off hand, hut I irlll
lonk into it."
Mr. iVrk!n -Tid that the Xcw York
Ufe Iiinrance Ctimihitit- had loaned to K.
II II irriman. January 1?. !$'. the sum of
O'V'fl. and that the note vva renei-u
The Rerutille Iturrau.
Wyatt nallJlrr. lth nni F S:rew.
W.iF!lncton. Sept. 21. Tardy rrccimltlon
l to be Kiven bv the administration to
th ropular ilcmand for reform in th
exltms methods of financing national
political campaigns.
It wis definitely made known hw to
day that one of the Bret blllr to N Intro
troduccj in the next Conerenn will tie an
administration meagre resnlatinR the
manner In which contribution h-.li tie
made to campaign committees. Thl. MIL
Jh way for which will be pared in thi
rrejIdenC annn.il meace to Consress.
Jiill be viKorously pushed by the Chief
The principle' Involved will he made nn
administration lu. a much and mor
p than the regulation of milnid rate by
S,.Int''rs::u, Commerce Commllon.
The determination to take uch n dran
tfo step is the outcome of the conference
nt Oyster IUy In which the President.
g--cretarv Hoot. ienator Uxlce ar.I Oorce
It. Cprtelyo-j partfcipatnL The President.
In hi mM:aRe to the M Conirrc". re
ferre.1 to the subject and advorated lcsi
ntlon r-o,u!rlns the full publicity of all
financial transactions by national political
Committed to reform, he wa rreatlv
s.lrre.1 hv the revelation made bv John
A. McCiII Iieforo the Insurnnce Invest I-K-itlnjr
Committee m Xw Ycrk. Thee
placed the campalcn of lat fall, which
wa. manr.ce hv Cortelyou and which re-Jiilte-l
In nm;velt' overwhelming elec
tion. In a decidedly hml odor. Aecordin-
i. me i-reiiicnt called hi clovent ad-
H!'",r',.Jou';th'r. to formulate plans to
meet the .-ituatlon.
nif !. '""'r1"01 ,hn ,h Purpose In the
Nil to U- introduced 1 to make the con
trlbutlcn of fund to a camr-alim commit-
rectal directly :y cor.creo.iai ..ict
Hi?nt ;. t'1'1111" art- Fu-lher. the meas
ure win nejulre that the r-cord of con
tributions rnide shall w tiWl for public
Ipspectior Pro'Mblv the amount tiliM.
m i Ije Riven by any one donor will be
If I 111 of the Tecr!ntIon now rlanneil
sha.I bo throush. It nill mark a momen
tous rlnnse In American toIHIc.
1 1 uicii)urt or the insurance hearing.
n-e tli- funlamin:al entire of th reopen-
Ins of ihli subject. The coun-e of the
o' i.'ri ,Jfc- in ""'"ft the money of It
J iioHicr in corrupt tlie ..-otonte In
favor of one cnndidite. has c-eat.-d Mich
u national ".-nndal that the Pr-ddent has
taken hold of the matter in earnest.
York lfe Itvuram-e Cominny tocl: ?j.ln--i ttvie-. ind will ..pire Jamnrv 6. 1M.
(i of chie-iiw ind Northi-t. in ..'r iwr . The II irrim.ni 1 ia.i and the H'jfmai
c-Tt iKindk 'ii Joint ai -ount iih iloldm i-i. I.nn ,f JVn-o tn.-ire en the compiny'
t linaril I'rom I'nce line.
rlJ out the ;ur h..si ur.d thfl
Saths A: Co a pin of vhich was tM.
i with a pr. tit for the life Insurance com
1 pany of C.".
UlTII F1IIM F ll.Ki:itS.
Iinkkc. ir Maul-on was rrallcd and
testltl-d tint the protits .tre har.d !i
i'u life ins-urance tvunihiny and llolilm-tn.
Sachs X Co. and that if t':ere hoi Wn a
I s 1: would hale tic n equally hhareil.
Mr prki:i iiciin took th- .t ui.t aid
f-a..I that in another joint account -.Mlh
llni.ii. clw & o. the Litter c :n
!iry Loji-nt the tiond? amounting to Jl.
4'"rt. and that th. X- Yotk Life It --Jianoe
Comi anv irne-i them until th -
wer- told Th- prolll wtr- dlvid-d. each
rte,-njna JliS-l
lt shown that the profits of the
N-'n- York l.lfe Insurance Com; any froia
!''. to l:vl lncluslte In Joint nccountu vwre
A numlier of other Joint accounts were
cone o.-r. in. then Mr ivrkln a'k.d
i .ml na crantcd p. rrnStlon to mike a
' Matoni-nt.
I "In ths. Joint accounts." he -.nd. "we
' tin-r 1. 1- mijf a io-,-. lur proii
I fp m l-'C to .lite iv Nen on the..
Joint .it count VZ3.VZ: and wh.n t!. ilue
of th" Iwr. ! withlrav.n i- cot-M. rtd
the jirotlt- of ee-v li-enrtlon run up to
j.t.X4 Theie i, one oth.r p-r.-"ii. how-
et.r. c.ir.n.tt'd with th. contract 1 would
ai;incy manage-
ni:norntTsi roMHinrn
IVmocrats are alre-idy commltt.-.! to the
enactm.nt of forcible ledlation on th4
mbl.-ct. The minority in Concres Nith
In the llous.- nnd the Senate, made every
fTort to secure a conM.H ration of Mils
and resolutions on the .subject at the list
msivi of ..r:res but thi-v were giii.tlv
pluc-onholeil by KepuMican commltw.
and the whole aKltation amounted only
to a UW IHclie.
Thi ux.iti. however, that Iemo.Tat
can be ri li-il on to support any adminis
tration bill that ntTequatelv promNis to
cure th- vl of money domination of pol
ities. l.'epreFentattie Hourke Coekran of
X w York fathers! a bill l:ut session,
which had ! n proo-ill by a resolution
recltlnc envltlor.ilI i-:itnp:ilKn charge. ap
t'lyltip to Kri and lft. II.- calle. for an
i:iv-stii;atioii of the l'oj camiaisn. A
similar incident developed n the Senate
nhn Senator Ptone of Missouri made a
presentation of the charse. mode by
tJudce Parker, an aked for congres
sional Inquiry. The Republican side at in
Mknce during speeches by Itcpresenta
tivc Coekran and Senator Stone. It la
only now that they are forced to a recog
nition of thrse Democratic chaises.
One of Mr. Ccckran's bills made It a
misdemeanor, punishable by not less than
one year ami not more than three year"
imprisonment, for contributions to b
made to campaigns, escept under certain
condition. The bill provlJcd that when
ever any sum exceeding S shall be con
tributed to any political party or expend
ed by or In behalf of any candidate for
Congress or Presidential Elector, the per
son or corporation makinic the contribu
tion shall file a statement In the oalce
of the Clerk of the Court of District of
Columbia srcelfylnR the name and resi
dence of the contributor, and also the
nam.- of the oCcer to whom the contribu
tion Is made.
The discovery that insurance corpora
tionswhich means that the packing
houes. railroad. and other bljt corpora
tions did the sr.mc thing were held up
by the Republican National Committee
List fall Is cor-ddered In Washington to
N- inconsistent with the declaration of the
Iresidonf rrtrsaice of Last December.
Whlcll follow .Hi directly In the rak. of
the campaign. The President then said:
"Tho power of the Government to pro
tect the integrity of edectlonn of its own
oflteial Is Inherent nnd nan ben recog
nlzeil and aillrnied by repealed declara
tions of the Supreme Court. There Is no
enemy to free Kovimmtnt more danger
ou and none so !nldlou. as the corrup
tion of the electorate. No one defends or
excusis corruption, and it would seem to
follow that none would oppose vigorous
measures to eradicate it. I recommend
the enaction if a Law directed against
bribery and corruption in Federal elec
tions. It should go as far aa under the
Constitution it U possiNV to go and It
should Include severe penalties analnst
him who give or receives a briho Intend
tl to Influence hi act or opinion an an
elector: ami provisions for the publica
tion not only of the expenditure for
nominations ana election or all candi
dates, tut also of all contributions re
ceived and expenditures made by political
This recommendation of the president
followed clo'cly hi famous reply to Judge
Parker In 'vhich the IT. .-Wont admitted
tliat it has Ikm-ii the custom of large cor
poration to contribute to loth political
p:irtie-. in e!a ly contested crimpaign.
Contribution of large sums of money by
wu;iiy corpunmon ! no new thing.
IToKiMy it was in tin- campaign of UK
that most money received from such
tourers was si-nt. though lurge sums
were given In lvJ. 1.H and lC
In 1S01 Senator Chaudhr introduced a
bill in the Senate to prohibit corpora
tions from making money contributions.
The bill tirovM.il that it would be unlaw
ful for any national Lank or anv corpora
tion fii&ua;e.i in mu istiti- ur soreicn com
merce, or anv corporation orgai.Tzed by
authorlty of the laws of Congress, to give
money toward the election of any man or
party to office. This bill waj the only one
of its kind that ever got out of commit
tee. It wa nrortnl favorably by tho
Committee on ITiyileges and "Election.
The session wa then drawing to a close,
however, and the measure wns easily
throttled on the floor. The subject was
not revived In direct legislative form un
til Democrat took the Inltintiv- tn.
, JL
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In order to pain the exceptional value at this price we
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th-'ir ! "h" -o m. mm t in or-i r to n ie n- n tnie
1 -
t I
i e
i-i itui nitiM.s ii: i:iti:-s
n ii: ivni j in; ui: mtn.
i . : t . in. t.i . session l!r
' H. vpt .n i j.. no .,ti :Um onimitt.-e
: . - a .dn ..i.e
n j nr.e nan e. ' h-' announced.
i is i. 't .i.;it.ir. 1 in these contracts.
i t II j. .ii who the man I-'
t a . ii" t ! ar.t'.l !. r ir.l In
ii... to dts.ok.r t.. i.f.niln o! the n the re.or-1-Mr. Much- htm-If II
ti partner .Mr r. -kin dmui.iticiUjy '- a im.h - r n. r in me tu to-k I.lf.
J tliat th indlvtilual had brn. tlt.-d ""fai:c.- iramni. .111.1 a- sucti : 11
i ilir il.ilt !) to .111 in.- .i.ntra.-ui"
ISr llUKh. 1 hltn'tlf ' " lie .x-i otiMUerinc mi t : ' irteres. in there
4...IH.;-.. im ..ir ii'icn.-s -j mt. r.l at
a ! it-ire dale to yrU erj ful. :nio
th. m "
M(Hl: (i:;s ioMH
ACer t.t. -.s Mr ! rkir.s re-i.mnl Hie
tar.t aid p-.Hl-.ced a t. ink U"k of the
New York If. Ieui-ii."-jmpnj. "how-t
t we . n. s tor J.'. in.: a deposit slip
luwlr Hi- .h.,k laid lie- N". a Vortt
life Insuran. Cotnpin for the N'ailca
tlon bt;.!9 n Iefvj-ibi 31. J.-B 1 . J
I MoiKan .i Cu Th fh-,k for IJCj'Mr
l. -Itltt. ...1..j1 n. .. . . .. .
! ii ret at C pT cent, v ht.-h th- N" x
I York Ufe pold J. V Morgan & Co. on
j the t..li
I Mr liughe Tied jo brine out that tlw
JttonCO received from Morsan vC Co y.s
atn with ihe exl-c'titK-i tht tt wouM
II" paM b.-fe. ha' Mr I. rkins woui'i
; not fickn.w UiiRe It a. ? loan
Mr 1 1 lithe then tn.-eI to rse list or
ro! know whether Mr ll.mi.Mo-; transaction of th- New To-X !. Inmsr
i.f,r lKiUtn ctBnitttc. nor Bnct" .' ompany. lth J V Monrun ,v Co
k- m antt.i-ic atwnit hia .tncliv- !" i"eror s c'i. iiom j..oi..
.1 1 in ttv- ev votk state -."a
1 . ur tt tttonliihmrnt irrcttJ IM.
s; iKr did not Miihr. but sol. RiniV
1 at thr Lturr. ubm fai tn
1 in ki moloa f be wilil ( raient
iMntlnue.! Mr. iVrhln. Mr
-l man He Is n polio hoi ! r.
i-i hl.r ttrouned hi U-e Aft. r
i. .-.- the adjoarnm. nt for luu 11-
. i, -..luni. -i. he a.tl.1 that all l
..!. r should txr elnJ tjj the ;.rof-
' rtui;h joint a. rount
vim io i;iiri ut 1:
. 11 r hi 1 1 1 1 : u.
r -: w ttora tt ta has J.hn K
.. 1 r iit v, ht is .Mr.; 1..-J hy
x H. ni !'..r. The . he. k for
' (ii.i ') thr N"-w Y.rk L-fe In-
n'Mi"ir t. t itats.ltoii bote
k s ti-txa as iniPHf-. tut the
1 -.u.t he km-w nothing about th
. pt vi hat he hid lead In the
l...oKs. and wore In the annual rep.irt of
1 sin coini any.
I The Harnmin loan. Mr. Perkins ex-
jl.iliitd. was M-cur. .1 i.y cI1i-.-.1-.h1 curl
j lies in railroad bond- ami the rate of In
terest on the. loan wis 5t per cent.
Now. it i-ame out in our evidence that
the presid. nt of our eomp-iny has put
into th- hand of a lawyer TJC"" which
Is una. count.-d for. Im ou Know any
thing about thatT'
N'- "
Af.l.M'V tittur.Mi:T
iiititiiii:i) iiv ri:uui..
1 -l lli. iiiit.si (i .ur. HUKlze.c. .-iir. I er-
' kins th?i .1 fc.-rlil lb
tiuiit. II ald.
"Pie ori.iu.il mrtho'l of Kettinc busi
ness ,i" through j,"en ml ai;enci s, cr
tiln territories wire farm. 1 out to certain
men, who in.i.lf suloniraeis with th-.-actual
soliciting nvtiu-. There wns no
contnet 1 :ntn tlie latter at.d the com
;any. and the -ollcitiin; ac nt had merely
a i:ln-iiitra t with the Kner"tl accnt.
Th-y nfrv paid b t preiirtioi on tlrt
lire niiurn and on the 1 reiniiinis for tnc
filljwintr ..ir This ..j-t. m was fol
!wel t. r i.e.-irlj thlrtv jcar-. but nlx.ut
1j". I w.-.s allowol to try a new" system
oui V..-t
'The compiny 'U. to rnt an otllce ar.d
piaeo .1 c.is'ii.T in chars.-. The iioHcy
hol.lers paid th-ir f-o to the ea-hb-r. who
aa the conip.t!. " r pr.- ntniirt Auency
dii.tors w r- nlssi ii.;sint-sl. and ach
ilicltor ac-"it hid li 1 own dir ct con
tract with tin N-w York Ufe Insurance
Ciimp.iny This system his now ! on in
tr.luc. ' a here. Hy hayim; tn.-n
worklnc for tlary we in! rr.en work not
only for the o!um. of lun-9. but
qu.ility an I uie :i ;rniar..-.it htaff
There ar- about tn n. n- j" ui-.-ctot in
this .".mn.r w!u .ir ":i chaii;. of di
rrctoiT. Th. re .r- two !"-p-cior. nt
larRe. wht. fay. 1 all o r the country,
whi re'-e 11 -oiaiT of Jl ' .1 month
"In the donr.i ""tie tit 'd th-t total s ilarles
of h ac-ii-y i-is;etirN .imouits to
about ?'.'" 1. a a io.ir Tt.e ac r.e" diri
..rs s a Imnus. Us I. . 1 f !: a th:-s-.rd
. "i ill ti . bu-.n -s dono by the
new xk' '." 1 v hi h t'.i .!l,'e-t'r y-curv."
(ii.M t iiiiii:i-iiih- vi:iti;i: i
:'u.m. i m i, s.!.itn. c.n'r
Thina- A itucUner. ylce p-eslcr.t of the I I-mr
Mr. Il.iches read front the company's re
ports, t-houltis that In th- tlr-t year, un
der the new plan, commissions nald to
acents imoiintid to $TTiW-3. and" stateil
that that sum was In exec-s by at lea
t).UiO of '1 pr cent ayenises. The lurs--st
?um a smart nsent could earn wns
nbout JS.ti a year. He had never paid
money to Ket acents away from other
Mr. Himhej pointed out that the com
pany paid J-VOi) for bonuses. 1.;.4TX In
s-ilirles to minacers. etc.. nnd I23.7S on
oc;ter:sws of conventions.
a;kt mvincu ivro
Mr Uuckr.t r said the acents were dl
vld.sl Into 4l'tf. nnd ?. clubs. Tne
man who wrot- Sl'.') Insurance N-Ionscd
to tho $l''.C'i club, and the man who
wrot" insurance to th" other club.
The .. men m-t In July: the lUO.ftw)
men met bv States, as convenient.
In 1C. ("UC&tO vx:en-es liail to be
charcl aptir.M the rremlums. besides
J'VMi for rtuular commissions: that Is.
total txi-ncs were $I.Tls'.j;73 and llrst
:ir 1 r. mlutns w re 112 ;.t.
In IMI l!e total expenses n..re fll.HS.s."4
and tirt e-ir's prt niliims n.-re $14.'0.:,7.
f the JlI.Iifl.SC expen-ui KflT.llCS were
cemmlssion.s on tlr-t car's premiums, and
S'M's.'.?-''. were tonus-., and other general
ixjwns. f.
Mr. Ili'uhes ake.l for returns of the
business f .r tr'Yi-ol. and tht cost of recur
Ins the i-olici.-e.
Mr. I'eiklns was recalled to th and
and aked about th-- wonl "Xllc" If is
the nair.e of an reanlz"itlon of the x. w
York Life Insurance Company, and Is
form-d by the company's InitliK
Mr 1'erkins was asfced to prepare a
sjtatemt nt on the organization for to-tnor-row.
k of A'tianj tl did at knui. , Jp""""
bondo tor. bViutht b th New . rb U
Compnnr from
red In
J. 1". Morcaii jv
nnual rejurt !
Itrt- 'tlTf 1
r.rca" . t't. t 1
xplai- tl is t-ie
... .... d.... .w ftf .x...a....n v w
kt.t tMw m u a...A . ai The Appeared In t
r. llin. r lorn aov .h... tr- Nw Vo-k Ufe IrmJ-
1 and on Frruar I Cj
. . .. . . vrr rc'a hai k to J I J
.t-mV book wr. nor .oeU be Mr IVrkins csuM not
r io lir.ii an f hl itve. vr;s w-rml l"rik it no
hecioi. Sir McCalaMlft anM fur- 1 N'o minutes of the Frnaro ,-, m... .
11.. fc-ww BothUifT wtsMever about J or, te subject eou.j (sr fotird
iui t Hamilts3. and cnoc.ni- , In t rvOU;rrl toa-s -, t-r v
1 Mr M'a!l prl.t of ihe 00 ca. n to John II Ilcr-ijr ;- ..
Ijte Insurant l-wpan). aa . thr Jr-.rfil-an Uf Ir.-.ra .- c r .-tc-CU
it it in li:er-t it , - ,
t i:- 1111 i;s S ,J bWn rJ-ail The '.tr xr.A i- Ji i
O i. .""'" ". - Mil ruor.nc
Mr P.rVsn. did n.t kr whetl.- th
matte- ran-e b-'ir" the F.r-n '"onsi
te- t i oa'il lkr t -ok w r
rcitis Js l-KKOMt. S'ltiil'tTs
itirn iii:ii to mi.
The ffiit-rr ef th
New 1 . k ijf" Itisurat 1 n-nfiny. wa
ciH-.1 t.. th, st ..id lie stat.-d that th
salarles of tlie ac ncv lirect.ir- avi-n; '1
1Sv a - ir Th.y mosm! from fl.- to V
1 u mnin iner. wer' arsu: a iiozert at in,.
tflitrr alarj Witnesw sia'cd that It th-
t vear 1"" the aency dir.s-tor.s rcrit in
Unuio ii out Jii-. Th'r- w ts but one
form "f t PT With .1i.e-s. n-d ;o ...
', rt .rr 1 r-tr'erts ! ft 'h ti .. nt
.:. - 'a., -s an 1 .ir h-- wiiM - .t
. nni sion 1 11 1
t- r r. a It' h
New York. fer-t II Chalrmin Ttcsirt
of the I), in... rati- N'attonal Conimitt'.- ar
rived In N"-w Y.irk to-l..y from Indi.inap-
11" He il.-nl,M the s;.itrn nt made bv
IT. slil- nt MrCal' of th New York Ufe
b-f..'e th- !. (Ts-litlve Insurance lnstl-
t"imaii;(i on v. 'vjr.st5.iy that the
o- r i tl N 1tton.1l C imii'tttee h id s.iic.
It'sl moiey for the cjnii'-iin fund for that
to testify before th Insurance InvcaU
icatlnK Committee.
Formation of riaha ! Crattrai .
ola -Mill Follow Vate Ala
llolda Saaall aTt.
JlrrH; ln- -Tt. a Senator Cullom
met with rcprcs.-ntatle of fifteen coun
ties tiw;,v and the rerult will be the
form itloi of Cullom clubs tbrouehout the
o ntral part of Illinois.
The enntar sil.l -iff ,m m,m.-
that he naa hlshly viewed with the re
sults and he tlmucht his chances were
p?e!ed favorab,e lhan ,,e ha"' t up
Slxtv members 0f the Republican partv.
all Maneh Cullom supporters, attended
the conference unl p!edKed to the &-nator
their loyal support.
An-itor Cullom came In from Sprtne
Ileld in the momlnic accompanied br r
A. Northcott and I A. Convert Asl
fitant Oistrict Attorney. "". as-
Headquarters w-.rc- eMaMlshed nt th
National Hot, I and the meeting w"s hlld
In m-cW. Inside the .-ff.n.iin .!.
' otitsld,. rountle ther.- wem ...-.- ....J.5
mn In attendance. Senator Cullnm ,!.
parte,l thS evenlmr. but will probably re
turn In a hort time f.,r another roeetine
;.v.ernr,r atcs was in IVorta for a .short
time early In the day. but did not Ko
near tlie hotel where the Cullom mcetlnjr
wa In propre,sw. He held a private ses
sion with a few of his Ileuteniints but
they denied It was of sp.-clal Importance
tstylnir Yates was merely passinir throusth
I'ortr-XInera Oncaatac at Vileaa. III.
UKI'l lll.K" fVWtAU
5-.i!em. 111. S. pt a. At a meeting .W
Association of I orty-Niners wan or-hr-
this aft-rnoon the Marion County
l-aniz. d A Jieciillir coincident l.s that
Just forty-nine. p rsons were found ln the
county who were torn In that v-ar. Only
two of forelcn Urth w.-r In thw ntiinbe'r
and nor... of th" nutntor wer In.rn ln
ithT th tnonths of i-tober or Novcm
er A pnn-ir.nt oreanization was ef.
f. cted bv the ihctlnn of the foltowine of.
Stale Superintendent anil Attor
ner General to Make Investiga
tions of Western Indemnity
Life Company.
No'VieniWr of the National Committee I i""'?' J'J'' ,rt-JJ,: ' ',i,I1:" ''FTn.
cotnmltte.. cy. r a-kt-1
N-w- York Ufe for a
w i.
t ..;.t.ts
i.- ert l
er anv n- nt of tl.
Mr Mcc.il! of th
dollar" h" -..id
Mr. Tnvrart adde.1:
N"elth the iMnornitlc Natlnml Cm-fltte.-.
n r any authorlz--.! rpr.entatlve
of the corimltte... in r asked a dollir's
contrlliutlor frern th- campaign fund from
an other insurance company "
He a'.I he did not come to New York
s.ert.-iry. J. J. I Ml. Salem: vlro t-i.
dent. U II. Icl. Ccntr.tlla: tr.-asurer.
I. V.. Hol-tliw. lf.ic.-i.
Fire In a Rratnnraat.
yv In the.r.-surnnt of . K. Hone,
will, at No KHfi Vlrdnla avenue at 5
o'clock list nlirht. oricinatliiu from "in
orhated stov.-. did damuRe aiiioiintlns
to f.
Chicago. Sept. 21. An Invcstipitlon of
the business methoils of the Western In
demnity Ufe. an ays.ossmwit Insurance a
oclatlon for which an nppllcatlon for a
receivership has been tpade bv policy
holders, l.s to be made by tho State t?Upt:r-Intend.-nt
of Insurance.
Attorney General William II. Stead of
Illinois hat already b'K'in an investiga
tion of the affiirs of the insuranx- cii
I.ny and ofliclaU. In the course of a
few days the State Superintendent of In
surance will summon office-m of the com
Iny before him nml comjiel them to nn-i-wcr
all ipiestlontj concernlnu charges, of
fraudulent votlni: of contracts and alleged
lllexnl votlnjr of proxies, and an iittciupt
to transfer tho entire company to another
ct.rpo ration.
This Information was announced In open
court this afternoon by Attorney Walter
Hawk, count-! for a claimant of an un
paid heneiH of J4.. while an attempt was
le-ln-r made to secure an order trom Ju.ls.-Itethe-a
of the United States District Court
for a reference to a Ma'ter in Chancery
of the m.'.tter.s In trontroven-y In th.i suit
nKainsi ine- company 11 nn its omciais.
The alT.ilra of tho W-strrn Indemnity
I'fo are raid to be In a deplorable condi
tion, and. r-ccnrdlne to Attorney Hawk, the
State Superintendent or lusuranci will
rmko a strict Investigation so tliat th
I.rsons responsible for tho trouble can be
Durina the hearttie before Judro Bethea
various cjuestlons of law and fact were
argued by a number of prominent lawyers
cltlnS whr the whole matter should be r-ferre-.!
to "a Master ln Chancery, but the
Judfio declared that he elid not wish to
er.ter Into the ca.se. tnasniuch as JudKA
Kohlsaat of the Unlt.d States Circuit
Court la to ta&e up tho cas- next Tti'S
ilay. wlxn the question of whethtr a pre
liminary Injunction shall b.- Isued pre
vcntlre the transfer of the Western In
demnity IJfe to another company, will bo
deIdeJ by tne court.
Sidney .1. flates of llijj Four to
Marry Miss Mattie Austin.
iinrrnijc srrn.i.
lulav!il-. Ky. Sept 3. Sidney j.
Gate.s. Kneral nitent of the lllii Four
Hallroail. I- to ! married In October to
Mb"s Mattie Moore Austin, a nure who
attecde-l him durlmc a recent confine
ment at the Norton Intlrm-iry.
Mr Gates was in the hospital for the
purpose of having an oieratSon r rfomi-sl
on one of tils" ees Miss) Austin w
placed In charre of the railroad man. anl
h-fori- his recovrry i" nearly completed
Cupid enme alonK and three .k ao.
whn Mr Gates left the hospital, tho
nurse had promised to N-come his wife
M!s Austin comes from a prominent
Iywlsburc. Va.. family, and during h-r
r sldence ln Iiulavllle hna been underco
Irc nn apprenticeship at the Norton In
firmary. Gates Is on of the most widtly
known railroad men In thla country.
Results rrompt and satisfactory from
republic Want Ad.
14a llbmSMMI
wmmih v
S3a50 and up.
502 N. SIXTH T.
Earthquake Miseries Are
Dor-bled in Italy.
Rome. Sept. a. The. autumn rains hatre
bosun In Calabria, the scene of the recent
earthquake., ii.ldinj; new miseries to th
already lone lls-t c-anscil by typhoid, ma
laria. huin-.T and cold.
The field? which until now hare been
iix-d as camping -rrounds by the earth
quake sufferers an- rendered perfect death,
traps by the rains, causing fever and pneu
monia. The suffering all over Calabrbta. Im
Intense. h
RKri.T.i jc sphciau
Cincinnati. C. Sept. S. Thre mora
cases of yellow fever were found In th
city to-day. brlnclns; the total at the d
tcntlon hospital up to nine.
Thomas Sloyan and Annie Sloyan. hus
band and wife, from MemphLs. were taken
from th- Illinois Central this noon by
health offlclals. and N. II. Natien of Vlck
lurit was taken from a prominent hotel
to the ptthou.
Nauen has been In tha dty for twn days'.
All three patients exhibit every symptom,
of the dread ilisease. but Doctor Irle his
not been able to make a poattrve dtac
no-Is. He wilt do so to-day.
Severe Shock Is Felt, but No
p-imajre Is Done.
Caracas. .tneiuela. Sept. a. A aarcnt
enrthiu.ike shock was felt at X o'clo'lc
yestt rdiy morning at Turmero. Xo dam
aKo nxi done.
Caa Toa Itefaa Rert
Clin you refuse her a Diamond when yea
can obtain a Diamend from us on our easy
Credit Sstem? I.ftn Uros. A Co., ii
Floor Carluton bhut.. (th and Oltva sta.
NVtt Vork. sct, a - Arr!d: Cltta fle Palafw
rio. tfeno-u SitlrJ. Itouralftr. Hair. ftutsr'i
lanf! inyrnouth. hert-urir atvl llamtunr.
IJ.riM-rl St 21 - ArrUM: haje.iiia. Il.trnv
ila QuenntoMii, VVeioemland. l"liiladl"4ila
!h Oun.town
t,nierjtoien. .-ept. tl Hailed: rrlealaad (frert
Utril.nl, Itil'a.l-I-i'ili.. 12J0 . m.: Ocnat!
Ifrcm Uterpoelk Nw Yorlt.
;itrltar. sp: :i -Arrived: Kntmrio LmiUs,
N't- York fur Nanl't aa.1 ;Doa (and pe-
erni. Bert, rt t-"alle4 15th: ftlratner Clttt Jl
N'ai.ile. New York. Mil. I'rlm Oakar. New
U.nf.tr. Hent . falledt Mera mom Hart.
tr. h jt:l-
Nw y.iru S"r.t S. ArrtTJ: Graf WaI4.r
e (fern lltnil ur
Iir.V)-i. t-'vt IL Ar1r4: Finance Bona
(lfiw. Mnntr-al and Ju(c.
Ktlej iVit. i Mailed: Steamer Car.orto.
from ;n.. ete . Iloeton. vta Pc.r.ta dl lla.u.
IPry.Ker.ir. Hept y l"a!l(J: Ht.amer K-n--r.t
or Jaion. Vanr'UT-r. via hhaBghal. N
liS,t, Knb" nnd Te.kD'iama.
Antwerr. Kept, tl -iatlT.a: Ft.imer Star-.
i;ntte. (j'ienton an" lM!aelph!a
IJtT)o,. S.t.t. 2t Salltl: Statner Harartan.
Mmtrrat. via ititlll-; Kaoalncton. atnatraaL
Ifce lB0i!lectiM if Qiafitri
Iwg ifNr tk mat b In.
luftl mtuut
u. iii" i.it.s. wiiti tiii;;.. j
Iri;ln a the r. t .t-
. wis 3kd to r'oOace tne .-hcV ,
j.s c.vin : J t MorikSB ..-!
v.-w "k ,.rl Life lrara-. s "Sna-
f --V ' ,f -lKfc. af t r Nrl- 4
- k" e tMi re tt.ji
Aore of That Quadruple-Plated
N w o-k ijf- 1-waratt.s . ,
J lr; e Mnrjin A o at tte
. ' 'h- --l--dr year Iee3:tsir n.
i t.-jht U.-is n the next te.:res
-.rj . 1.-C Th' cImpcIl mi . f-
t id5K- .n aor-Japoyiiii;; enssric
Mr IVrkin. saal. He U u
a' ut. hut WOBfcf kMIs H
. ' J X .MKTtan C C. far sw-
(jtmeat for Ute t-acad a!f -.-a
1 f r
cX'-fK was taen up m ir -. ' -,
li. "tarrant .i-urn ; - tne i nm-t
ls''-59S was psJd it it i iY
aca'stirt trwurer Tve ,t- r.
. hrrd to mterrsr renir.t Ts .;.-.
ataKTt -tt the pore! - c -v . ,
Y-Jrk lWfe llxaurasire CttBsmi fr. n
op. Tbe I Marcan Co elrwv Mr Ivr. . r ..I tv
a re-nljr of tfeat Bras. ;.-, . ! . j,
p-rwijl jrar.". aa ate-fi-" .' . M -can
llns ta e-siUac3 a.th t-e N- "t
U I-swra")c' OsTipany r l"':!
Tre prrJlls STa. Ir!.rs t.t-e - ,,
FrttT rstarr-eil ly r-Tsomil .-. ; .
New Tori Life l3s-"an--r - -
Tbe cnattf of te Nw -"ea . T.--t. i
sr-rlleate aa4 trj SUSTo U -.j. .j.. ,. -parchaisHi
fmss tfce N Y-i " .-t-
tu 1" "utis thea rrtsenteI a JIteseBt
n n--h VocS: l."te X-tsura-i-e v
f. . ti aceM;j. far Iv: : 1& Mr
-K -s .o nw-entI a nurstxt of v.cr"
- : 3!'iBnu that had bn r-
' t
tm -- lb lin aegOMllls Mr ItturtlM
' - a earth. mUob af the Xe V tk I
.'- lo'siere Cmruiay -aHt. e T wine ani Tr!t Corapany was -rivae mto T e
A. CJ t- ntcc. on the porcliae f rati- j New TorV IJf- lurn Cvrap&r; -
iai? i -: . ia ai a .. . trr - tauMsl a Kiel or taas traraa .. -a J r -
IivuniK-e Coajpany rr- I : ni'H Sir rrK sa.j s-. r: t
t3."TS ! a s4(. tnv:rns. lit v Jerj, - . ,
The l!nm siM net k.ew hat prtftt tondi Trerr Ps,7enaes hi tu N w Y" fc
nrrc of C T "lac A. -iK la tre ; jf, ltveuras-r e'omrsisi fr r 'V. New
rv t T
teo a rr-nt
roc: tivis arre-uat tt lotA. as if ta
NTt." Yirlc Ufe CaatpaiiT put r 0 th
caafi " safcl Mr llcihes. IVi yu sm
whether t:it l trw or a-!
I d rot t am ot tie Kvoakejxr but
tr"irc. Cie aces -tnl are c:r.t
XT lrraie a tri-s -crar- y -
isJ-k js-nty s"M Tru; i vtrya-y to rr
tect tSe latter cwapitT jjy lU"-l-"r
the trranurer ta Ir--sfr -etna. r.t
tSre aery natd ( Kir.fc ft C-l a 1
tftat th- a- la a . S55t -R 1 b a-i
acrrrnVBt ta prB-t th purw"ir
Mr HusSct ro 'a C-.S s. 5 ---c t-
riei.-i i - I . t. w
At ft Value.
The response to
our announcement a
few .lays ajoof this
i-pecial offer was
wry gratifying.
Wo have anumherof
xarn""' offer holds j;ooi. This
l-i.-t.es. 1
is frx(.. s;.;vtar.tial jualrupK' -liver platetl
ware. C'lri-i.-tinj:: Tea and Cojleo Pot-. Creasn
arI Sutrars. Ilreatl Tray. Cups and Saucers,
Salad Hov.ls. Cake Ba-ket, ilutter DiVho.
Candlestick.-, etc..
At ft Less Than Regular Price.
Call and make vour selection to-dav.
Kayser Zinn
At & Price.
15'cond Joor.)
This is the beautiful
ware which has become
so -popular for wedding
and annix-ersary gifts.
Its rich appearance and
quaint patterns make it
vert attractive.
Our assortment is so
large and varied that a
detailed description is al
most impossible.
Suffice it to say that we
now offer this ware at
50 Oif Regular
Oil Heaters.
Tho Ec-yon of cool nights
nnd morninpt Is at hand,
and rou want just enough
heat to take the chill oft tho
mom. An Oil Heater will
f-rve this purpose admira
bly Our line Is very com
plete. Oil Heater, full aluminum
trimmed, nickel - plated top.
flttcel with latest saft-tr" ap
pliances: in 28 inches high
and 12 Inches in diameter:
has 10-ln. double thick cir
cular wick; capacity 4 qta.
Mr. f.00
Table Oilcloth
In whit or pattern, g"
1-4 jarda wide, tw-r Td. ItH.
Horse Comfort.
The care of a
horse does not alone
consist of feeding
and grooming.
Warmth is also es
sential. Exposure on
a cold day, particu
larly after a drive,
often results serious
ly. A good blanket
will overcome this.
Wc are showing an exceptionally fine assortment of
Horse Blanket?. They are warm and substantial! j made.
A variety of patterns at $L5f to $5.fff.
The Approaching Horse Show
makes it imperative that your horse appointments be coi
rect. We have all that is needed, our prices are the lowest.
We trhtvs
she zreather io-jay
zril! be Jtr.
The Simmons Company
Broadway and
St. Charles.
a-.J ilUtsa Mcsrcr lUiiacs. a U.-X.tx?tr crri-tri Tit test lat&lttd a iXlJA
it ,'

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