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-j 'wsv-'-Trae- ',- -- - '-? f VTrJ&Pjr'TTrxr'jv -"- ''-' --w-ir jr--.- 'KrT--7t 7tyT?
. JM(U . ?S"-aFTCT S ' .- P-.ir aVa Tr, r ' T -il 'Z T I I III I I III " i I I 1 1 I
Gave her 40 centi chance.
Sha occupied a seat well toward the
rear of a westbound Suburban car. Hhe
was accompanied by what Keemed to txa
rasll-sixed school picnic There, were few
p.t9r.K--rs on the car. but she economised
what room ."he cousd by holding two of
th. vouniotcrs !n her lap Three of the
larger ones also held email wriggling bur
dens. Two more were crowded between
the rents !n front of their mother, and
anotln r hunt; -with arms claied around
Ler neck t-he tendered the conductor a
dollar bill, and he handed luck cents
In change, fche looked at the money and
.he lookrd at him. Her Indicnatton
seemed to be beyond all possibility of
fyff'tion He. came to her rescue with.
"Itcles of tho company, mum. Over 4
hhe aussvercd not a word, tut the con
KPtl croup slowly n funded One seat
uus cjuickly Riled, and th. next, with an
ov.rrlow Into another. "Now. take all
t'ie room you want." the encouraged
t'.-:n. "and don't sit too clone together.
Arid th'-y didn't. The conductor looked on
in ujr.-mouth-d astonishment. H knew
ili"' It want, and he became tnor fully
eonvinred. ,v the time t-o-ne twenty-five
t tl lrty would-be smokers rot on th.
'-tr ami TaKinc in tne situation, asquick
IV Kot or aKiln.
H onlv collected four mainline fares
-ill the n-.ir out. He is convinced she went
fur lieond her original destination Just
to C--1 vin with him.
m:w kecipgs.
Take sorn- s.juare' Holl fine. Urge.
of bread wih the VX d
i iniv nut ,,tr nnd, w Ml yet warm, cut
i' thm In butter It from the bone into
1 1 i Ilrht Kold-n; small pieces. a for
olor Free some chicken salad, put
ar. hoi lis from the it i a Kt'-w ian
1- m i and clean with on. gill of boll
t.'i.rn will, then tako. lnu water; then stir
half of them, mince, together until per-lln-
(ind pais them' fectly smooth one
through a sieve with quarter of a pound
the o ks of four of butter, one tea
li trd bolt il f(!s. npoonful of flour
aiu Into a thick and the yolk of on.
pirte with uite but- eg. which add to
it and oil AdJ the chicken, half at
mmtirl. iTPer.a time, stirring ull
ih'li(x-d p irtl y ,j w-ell together: then
-hive-. cp i. a lit-, Mason with i-pper
tl tarragon and and salt. After
plain vinegar It ttimt it simmer for
rfjir id on the toast atout ten minute
whllu It Is ery hot, add half a gill of
! I lay on each Madeira, or hherry
jiio e tho T m Under and enj to the ta
u! the anchovies ble hot.
.r-irr an anything be wor?e than a
an vii'i i il le v.'n in sj ite of all
i ciin do'
l:.i, 'ivi wno won't"
Ii.-lee f..r t'uttlog Oread.
flic 1)1 e. I !. is eer b en a fill to
v li'ius wives It Is too easv tn ir-t
'1 s t,o tfclk or too thin, t elides '
ti. dancer f uttina; one-If lnstea i of)
tt. trrui i'ut i w v person Ins cirre(
forward with an rranjstment tint Iikjks i
v.r mu. h n ti'ouh it will do uway with I
ttie old tnuM.s lt. a wis.ien bnanl '
nt-MJt te" in lies icr.i: and els ir hes wide I
' atttclird a met 1 1 frame, isjnaps an j
I i h trom .ne ii !
In this is u 'it throueh ! th sides. I
wide .tiouth t.i hold a bread ki.tfe The j
tl s !lt to reeeive the knife when cnt
t r the lir o.l Net to th irnn Is th"
little j ir. L; jn - t-nt ind arrar.md
'1st ( an be sij.i tack and f rth nd
r-v-viltite :h.- thi r f tie n-e The
erd of th lTf r :s acal: t this. a:.d l
kept tn iU bv it
tirlti 4 otitlctisaf loaa.
Uirplt'e l belni Ir.tr'sitaeJ In'o
Krtttth Nav
Th ftrt Ilfo In-uran-e ? !' wjssttrt
' In I-indon tn :. and another tn l'"i
Neither a successful
te. Anne's, an asvium !" t" ! sine In
he suburb" of Pari, has a theater, rhe
ther ntsht the tvjen l-i P.ile d- Mme
ncot" was civen Many f lh I'nntes
kik Ani"nc the verformcrs
Urttlsh flsMnc 1ts sweep -v eas Jr. m
thK ntjorrs of I clan J to tne c at of Ir
tt.cal At the prert tlm there r .x
I'm! J?(ii vfssets, mAnned bT cvr iV"a
1hermn. nKace3 In f.h!nc from the
; rts . t the t , ,i Kt-Kicn
1 as.er-m What, tvjgtg Wiy des't
ysa work
Mettnce.-ir Mo-'-lns "AS. :r. It's
'.h rtr tera' from fcJks
ou " Chfcraro Sewn
v I'lrifr !;.
A utile time co a deg wtlfh hjd
trave,! away 'real It taitr.,. wtsrs
taken oat for -s!k si
Lcnioo wliei
thef d!2:cvilty of 'umring latj
n. YS... .... . . .
. s m
dre, .-rim the co?at. at oxlro,. h-ra
home t- his asilous mi.tr-. a-J w. ?
.. Mv ...,-t.i s. I!.-. -,. i
lSa-sT .""i J .L A..- . .
aparj .rat otw-e cr twice .. ftr a
lene wal te
. rjs-et i-f - , w4.s
rTU- i.rfri ri?-
Clt XT1 With T3CTT trC
fcts cr' tn
ordlrvarv nUn surarf, aicpted th. . .
Kr"Ml '" Jeav.l CV.r
Il.w Cleas U.M.
Make x ri lather of tca; arad iir.
bsvil the article ta tt. tha lav them ra
fsiwdrrcd CJtioii which, haw beta eat-
1 '--m
ed before a fir. When dry. rub them
with a leather, using a small toothbrush
for any elaborate work there may be up
on them.
Instead of majmesis, the ornaments may
be shaken for a few minutes In a bag
of dry. clean b-an. This method of. clean
Ins; sold does not app.y to such articles
as are set with xems. as many of these
would not endure the wap and water.
Such ornaments should be cleaned with
a little dry pUte powder and rubbed with
a leather.
Sasae Health Mats.
Blcp fussing. It will make ou crew old
and ccxvou. crochcty and disagreeable.
Air Is to the body what coal is to the
fumac. The decpe- the breathing the
more drafts are turned on and the brighter
life burns.
The fait rub is prepared by allowing a
large bath towel to He all night in a strong
salt rotation. One should stand on a rug
or in th. tub while taking It. to save
trouble In cleaning up afterward.
When the eyes have a burning sensation
bathe them In hot water to which a little
witch hase has been added. If the whites
of the eyes are yellow and the pupils dull
it shows that the general health needs attention.
Skaalsl Drtak Marc Water.
Not one woman in a hundred drinks
enojsh water to keep her eytem in a
he-iithy condition. A slusslth clr.u!a
tlon and torpiditv of the liver will bring
the disfiguring blentl-hei Uark. sbJdowy.
uffy places under the eye make one look
:aggard. tired and wtary of life. Mas
saK and tltctric treatments are pood, but
the main part of the woik of brautlfy
Ing must be accomplUhrd by ono-elf.
Any ellght kidney disorder brings th.
puffy lovlc and for this dt'ordT drinking
plcntr of water la one of the tlnet rome
dks known. Sip the water idowlv and
do not hive It too cold- Three rlntw a
day u not a drop too rauch. A good way
1 to tip a big tumblerful half an hour
before ea-h meal, to take another big
tumblerful about two hour after each
meal, another 1ut before retiring, and an
other Immediately after rling.
The Ola Kargrss Passes! Hiss.
A bright, stalwart oung man. who had
Ju graduated from a mtuical college, ap
Tlled for examlr. ttion to enter the United
States JCavy. He was directed to appear
before a medical beard compo&ed of old
naval surgions.
After a careful and lenethy examina
tion. Colonel V. C Gorpa. the rresl
dent of the board, asked, rattier abruptly:
"Doctor, suppose ou were tailed to See
a man who had been blown up. what is
tue nrsi tmng ou would ao7"
With eni.ha!ii he replied. "Walt till he
came down, sir."
Colonel (rorgaa lookrd at him keenly
ana continued feLppo--e. for our 1m
pirthient nn.swtr. I -liould kick yu. what
tmuclts wouli I brit.g into play?
"The flexorors an 1 ext nors of my arm.
fo- I hou!d knock ou donn."
"You'll pars." hald the Colonel, with a
jt st run Ft x.
GOOD PUVCH: Tpi writing a board-!ng-hou;e
i-tory: woull your boardlng
houe he a k-ood place in which to absotb
atmosphere 7'
"It certainly would: we absorb more at
mophere than anything else thor-."
Houston Post.
don't live in Germany right now. " said
the man who wa trjlng to occupv thtee
(teatn nt once In the street car. "1 m afraid
of cholera
"No doubt oii are." ai J hU neightior.
sivagelv. "I know- a former who had a
whole drove die of it th other day."
tin eland leader.
MI.-ED HIS CAUSING: "My huband
mould hue mule a great acrobat." tb
served Mr. TislitlWt
"Why oT" said ljrr friend
"Ilecnti he !; up in the air every
time a bill conns U." Detroit Free 1'reis.
Hick to the old accJtomed grind
Prom -i or n-hjn nook1.
Tna thre we f t our r-ires behind:
IJk'wle our pock'tltcnks.
Wahlr.gton Star.
Mll.ll KBVnNOB. Mi- Kldfrlelgh:
"Wh i! he tiropo!-ed I kept him In fus-jcii-se
all of ten minutes"
Mi-i Votingtud "i'-ha-V And after hU
keej.in: oii In suspense all tl.ee cars7"
Chtc:ico Ncw
The ctlel.rated M-ittha Ien f.tFhion
P itt. rn w 111 b- ftirnNh.il to readers of
The Kepubilc at I" cnt each.
These p itt rn- w ill ensily 1 recccnlzel
as c.rrt and up to date in every par
tii ular An Important fe-iture uixmt them
I- that TlIo-.ance i mulp for e.in:.. Thev
ar. perf t In !eicn. conforming to all
tho rfjuirement of iiilvanr.il stvle. and
et are untuu illy !mj le atnl easy of ex
ecution. Order will 1 filled bv mall cnlv. Al
low about tour dajs. therefore, for il-
cu- ivr IE.S- ?u:nvri-
Tfte exoijiicn of the ev this) saon.
In -e i 1 the st-iJuai Slftjrc f
'h.e i-. e- lire i. -u. ir.terv.:lr.g eJt-
ict ar-d cis or"h c-irsidertns; well.
m'-i-r. .- te prrpe- make ef the leve
crrds in ereat iieasre he stle of
tfce drr Th chargts m t,ev h.a.e
N" -" less rvarVe.; thas the of -he
a : asd -nirt ad -s,e sreat width thlt
'erm droor'eel vr tn irT has r.o-x
rj.! to th hoi. itr In both bio e
aal h:rt--vlst 'y e The fu.'-ess a; -.
r". cr ci n i. --e is -rautton
: i Is r-ii tte r-tuai attri.Ar.t cf tne
rj.l Vtrt f ir tt se-vr-. to keep bodi-. ari
lcirt tn tett-r prcp.3 ior The sleeve s
ucb deccratlve f ture of th.e cow a that
It l o'tec a :mp!e -ne-T: tn renew the
;srlo.i of vowh tir siVJtsg -e Treves to
s ow- Jt ! for Jt tt's jurrssse we
ar h.owtri4 'the t"i fees fvslay Or.e
t the nesrest ehtrt-TsIst tv'. J5de tn
ere rlee and wn cuM and facir.c Th.e
J other Is In cae ricxe a'v., tat ssitabl for
s ;e-- . -its-i ijj- h
9. tsr '.". ?rf
5 lZJ U t . ,7. .s "',';;
IsMct t-sr5i cj t wa. dos wonder
a I'-hisg an OeJ.ie- .houlde- sl3i.
,,. .. . -. .s. e,., . . -ti
- 1 .-.-. ..-. ... i. v-.
r -i d r- bjt th-
J- ,-.-. ,!t s. 4.s. - .-
.uTn an Tddltlit -
C,-,T ,re t3 ll CCrTeses-,-,ii-
S tn C tec, ckss; c-uc
mis ra-ttera 13
In cctt.ts be t.r ra sr. bt ci
sre and carah-r cf jatte Jesir-.!.
AJilree letters Cs-fartmast. The Ke-rat-ac
Si Iaa-. Ma.
I A. 1
fa wrl
BssssssssssssssssBSsrmsw?. 4s SHHHHHHHHfl
bbbbbbbbbbPv " IssssV I ''' s'SMbbbbbbbsI
e' - :lt& . i 1'"
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:; s
epPsssssssssssssssssssssssssR:sl9V -
y;-- 1 . sasssssPsssassssfl'T ssssl lsT:ar,.'SsssmssssssHBsssssssssssssssWlssssssssssl. k. S. TmJT.
"'riv'r! SBslBSSBW:-BSBsltvdf''(ssBra'SSBSBSSSBSBsHSeSSBa sV SBswivr
'.51 ''- -'ssssMBals3lriSgssssssssaBs HlHaVsf Ik -Wssfcl
-y -eli.-!B '- a - SI US. .. SSf. Ei ..lL.agryiSSSailSSSSgwllSgSiBlsssssssssssssssss iMMtg JTujtl as KSSSSC
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-i mm t 1 Sssssl saSKsBsassBssH .' VjsCljsssssvsssstf EjBsasssssssaa3ssjassasW" JLStkmc
'''ULaisSBisasHlSM S'lii
VJbSSbT4V I Bsf asftf flssBK Bl BSBSBSBSBsVSSBSBSBBsl 2'VaVlw'' ZS 5f '
fWh-1 1 HE I "I HMJw2SBsis.lslHr s!mWmm4mttK m Wt
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jBBaBBBBBafJBC5'5!"faFjm'mr"a,flBSaTjssWcu '"iX SisBBmlBs4BBEsBBBBBBBBBKla3BVKaa
y BVi-'T..mW . '"i -aaBBsfcjllBlliiBB8BfcfllBMBBSjsVljCi!B
BsBBBSBBSBas,,,7' ,- mfSf?(Kf!!&5l
St. Nicholas Ilutel. which is bciiiR
Around tin Kile of the Koof a
IMatfonn lias Iten IJuilt to
Prevent Debris From Falling
Into Strt-ct Work Will Not l.e
Completed Keforc First of the
Transforming the St. Nicholas Hotel In
to an oillo- building has lieoes!tat cd the
removal of Its "lid." and tln spectacle
which It presents cauwsi hundreds of pre
destriaris to top and gaze on the
Approaching the building from either
direction, the most noticeable feature Is
tho roof. Around the top of the editice a
platform projects resembling u porch. It
is not a porch, however, but merely a
staging which prevents rock', planks and
debris falling to tho str-et.
Plucky Girl Who Rescued Dozen
Fersons From Fire to Ite Hon
ond "Didn't Know I Was
l.ravo," She Declares Blaze's
Origin Remains Mystenr.
South St. Ixmls residents n"ir the scene
cf th" tire nt .n l.cv, and IT7 Wlthn. 'I
vn:c at mlifnight Welnesiaj are en-j
thus istica'lv viun line the praLv of Jlis
Iln'tle Neul in whom the .nifrgcia ,
found a veritable laroine.
A plan is on f .ot to raise money for a
medil which r. .'ibors f the plaikv
j..ung clrl will pr. sent ti her. oninii mo
rat lie of the oseirng event In which v
era! nirrowly es-ij.l los'ng tin ir lives
Miss Neulie vesterdav was visited b .1
deiec itlnn of prHot living In tl.e viclnltv
of I. rr.p's lvr a:il ap; risid of the forth
omlt 4 honor
"Whv it wasn't anythlrg." -ild e
di-cusslrg t! fire ard Its results. I
nwi: t kiio- I was brave until thy told
me I w is arurwirds Honcstlv. 1 v.a
scare!, but I thought fir the time being
onlv "f mv f .Ik ar.d the It.ddlng." The
Undines live taxt d.mr to l.er. it biirg
a double house.
The fcirl rescuer Is sllqht. with blick
eves nn 1 hair to match She is vry n.rv
oiis f-r:n the reaction of t'r btrcnuons
haur.ing.s cf early Thu-sday morr.lrg.
but 's betttr off th.w the rest of ..r
famllv Her brother can hard'y walk. hi
fe.-t .re m liadly hurled, end one of her
wormn relative j has her had bound In
band-ft- s
. i so- it was th.M way. expl itrjf
M'ss Veulte. "I was at the I.emp Carni
va.. ir! tj.ere met IMward lllohtman. who
a. 'otnj ir.Ied me hor.i- We had ben
talki: s" en the po-rh an i I noticed a
l'cnt r the ntt'a window. I did not think
of a tire tut he did. and JMUJ off to
turn an alarm
"I rushed In ard upstairs nnd found the
enrret in a b'aze M 1 -other was t"eep
Inc in "ic t.t rcm to where tl.e tire
w..s I ; .inc. nr.d I had the I.arde-t kind
of a time w ikirc hira. I Ji.t g t him out
In the : i k of Urn", too nnd ills fet t.re
Isidh burred n-s It Is No I didn't carry
him d wnstalre h-w could 1
The b'other Kdwar! Neulie. is a hnlf
h-ad t-i!'r and many ;unda fceaiitr than
his itr ,
"Th.. second flvr" contl'f.ed she. "wis
flle-I wl'h "moke wh.er I -r. djw-ri acain.
rd I was almost stiffM-i; i fc- I man
agis! to cet father yird mother up Th.ey
w. -o s.eeplnc .i.r3Iv 'ii n 2 mothr
on hvs'erlcal wheti she go outdcs.rs A 'I
Vie tinv I was vftlng ail that awnk"
th" Ite.!!nr.s Tht ve-s ver Kun'ee
prd NIr.a. the Ile-i,Hnc ct"! wh. were
s'.eep'rc tn th- attic In a rr"rn fena-ate.!
from b-other"s by onl a thin t.a-tltton.
wre on tire when the ctrl wr-e nroue.l
aed thev ard Mr ar! Mrs Holding had
as r-rw- escapes as t-v folks."
?Y '-.i:ies nf C.jt Arrwun a i ucut
no'-'T.ever Uvi-r 'n t1" 'vildi-c. ao
o.. -'- lives to 'he a'arm .-.rJeiI by
Mis Neulie Ins-j nre slJU'te'1 -vho
vte-! vilte.i he place, say th loss
vbcT.; !:.
The .rl:'.-' cf the fire e,,.V3 , r.
terv In all a dcxe;i re-sens p-bihly
ewe their Jives to Mi Neulle's bravevry.
Singer (Suffer From Severe
Strain! of Vocal rhords.
iw 1 -i-V ?ert S ?ehjraa-r Hrtsi
arr'ved in New y - from yrar-ise jto
o-day rxH-t-r Z Mccnt H.eve- fcer phy
slrtsn aJJ to-mcht that the nger w-as
t:2rr!rr Jmrs a severe (train to br
vtsrai chords whi;h would r.e-esjta:e
treat ent ar.d a complete rest far two
or ihre weeks
He and Shubert Secure a Flay
lioue in Washington.
WjLhS-.rtor S-rt
r-ra-hOLje forrruUlr
tn. fr ..i
control of Xx ! ad the .Usi 3
Shv.trt Asus..c, Company t-day.
I: la to te ksews as ti UelaKO Theater.
I""' v uusier ?-
rccuustructftl Into an office litiildins at a
On top of th rcaffoldlrg i row of rafters,
built In the sdnpe of a fork, also r.dd ln
tiret. Tlus-e an holsters, and are ued
to carry brick m.l lumber tu thi roof.
The Interior of ho structiiro U almost
as intert sting as the roof Th" partition.:
on t..icli Hoor. which but n fe months
ago Mpaniteii le-irooniF. hao bem torn
away. The building fiom top to liottom
if one inai f d-Lri.-" Ilnnilr.sls of work
n.vnt are :n:loved .n removing It from
the various tlo'its. v. liil.i o;li-rs me lo.iil
ln It into wagons and carting it away
lo dunipin ; grounds.
Wh'-n th- bu'lllng has been completed
there will not be another oiilce building In
the city like it i sides this it will bo
the onlv stricture In St. Ioiils which his
Non Ixilli a hotel of prominence and then
chnnceil into mi othc bulliling While a
hotel It laoui-rd ma.iy famous guets.
r pr Mutative. fro"i evcv Sfito irj the
I'nlon. n.s U as nntiy foreigners.
Tiie transformation or tne hotel tvlll
cost its owners several hundred thousand
The transformation of the hotel tvlll
Who did hcrcic work In a lire.
Sons of Veterans to Meet in Illi
nois City.
Gettysburg. T.i . Sept. "1. Th.e lat rs
slon of the et.cimpnunt of the Nition.il
Association of th. Sons of Veterans was
held to-day. Colo:il II V. Speo'.rmn "t
Cincinnati was chosen commander in
chUf and 1'corta 111 was selected as the
r.ext p.ace of mcetirg.
This aftrnoun th- parade of ins of
Vtteians was. xlvin. and tho marchers
were mplaudcd by thousands cf dic
tators. WEDDINGS.
Metro. Mo. Pert. :: -llr. I. J
v.-r.iriia. it's fcin - Isr. iiiattn.r m
marrlrd tn t.l. clt to-sUr
Nw rrar-Xlin. Mo . tept- 11 Mr J T. AIn
ar J xui Mwu'I- II. IViier if A-nnt-tr.e. jt .
were rcirrnd &t tn CT.rl:!.i cTarch sri.n-ac-
:a :h. e-ir sesterJur wveniaj. ire llrr
cr l a N Ur.Jsay cfnr'.itlrr
liuAi:-: ewiuss
T' t'-aij. Id Stt a Tt Kevererel Slla
Ilu4r f. Jjfcnwi Oty uad Mt-s N'ii'e i)tt:i
if i2J raJo sr niir.-.l a; ra.n 1 vl.ij- at the
hn-ns uf the trlt s ;suii.t in this citr tj tt
li'Ver.J E. T Carro.!.
IiMrSstrwu M . Se :: -Marrlei tr ts.e
nv.-nt Ka'ter I-.-.tre it.. f!rtrote
b;c n-.i itr "arl vsizl They dearie!
r a vUi: ts Irtnver
CKi'.a. II'. S;t a -Mr niilo.s r ;.l3r f
S-'t V, a. ar.d ill Nell e c" li.rry or this
cty -r. nurrlM tre yestrrsUy at th toice
et tfc tr:Jt' r-ere't. tj tie llTra.2 Mr
fti:t3 c; Ti. nil
Viare- -tr Jl S;t rt-Mr f!n-r osa
ao-1 yt Ma-y lt.es. b"is tt lijt'a- "Je
TrM. .- ntmed r.r thl merrJrc mt
s-t etft.n Owna ty ta Itx'3i4 1". lief
r.r Tb- cron fili.-srei ty a
trex.:ut al tae ar. c: the trca.
MXOX- BtwMisWnM)I2t.
U' !t!. Iir Pet- S3 Ml' Grar. r'ae--
Oics-ster ot it- awl It Jofr. Ilaiic
ur. ari Mr Elri 1)1 1 -.n wr. lumei
it t. N a cf tfc br.ts -.r.at is v. u as
. . I
jy J
od.k ! caUt ty tt llrl Mr JU
6rs. ;ailcr 01 tie M.ts&J.it caurca l Irvtss
uuxx kl" fja uit- a Kniii
IJtfhS-y. 111. -?: It - Mil MN1 fk'-j
ef this city &.-.1 Xr Kurt F Jlikrvir.r. a
tcs.-c lea-e ran ot ll'ljjro. re riarnes!
at ! c32-y fat Ut r!Rt
CitV-, III Sert r: -M Ifry tr-. ef Ob-Cr-
-l M! Aleet IV ctfc n Ot A5S e
rrrt : niitt at ta- ta-e f tt ftrife a
jaresie tn AE-.A. .
rjrr"tn nt. st-.ii.m.- ciri' a p.h-
-- na.-iv t t mos ci It- tn4e la.it
a-.j,- tt, i:eer.ra jj. i. Ia.rca craciaus.
. .
' T ' aBBBBlB'
. '''-"HfssJawK
bPtbbW fc F " ",
I- v -jBfes4 .f;.-A -J. I
I ; I' C 3-e.lBf- -.sJ $ I i
Ke "? ." "r I
rrrnt--sstr4 S ."'s i
Is-ts' ; I" " "'' t
Re9uM!s VTat AU srtU t-U acytalcg.
cost of several hundred thousand dollars,
dollars and will not b completed until
thf ilrst of tlu jar. It w.u purihaM-U
eral months auo
When the building was Hold the hotel
was closnl and ptepamtlona wcro begun
at once to remodel It. Work was com-nittii-isl
K-v.ril v..-ks ngo. rtr.i! the first
ihango noticd was the removal of tho
roof. When work was first lei-un It was
not supposed that the roof would lie re
moel. ;.tid when It disappear!, there
was surprise-. One reison for its removil
was with a Ievv to making the structure
lire proof.
When the building s completed It will
bo rock, brick and marble, and It will
bo almost imHis.bie for th. structure to
burn. The building will be up to date nnd
will be equipped with every com cnlenco.
owing to tne. number of windows, u will
hae iiiillv as much. If not more light
thn any other building of its kind In St.
I.'J'.I wording to the proprietors of the
buliding there have teen many offices nl-re-idv
rntil nnd bv the time Is Is con-
1 nUt.sl iviw rm.m .Vwi ; v.
cttple.1. txpccte-1 to b. oc
C. A. Takes Oir Hourly Trains
I Jet ween Sprinjjfield and Car-
i:i:prm.ir srEciAi.
.ee.,nj-',lfIiV uk. I'1' ae-Ititcrurhan
service on the Chlcico and Alton Rall
r.'i?fcl'tftt'?,.'0 ,Prl"-'-ld nnd rarllnviile
will he 'ilmlisht-d on otobir I. AnncMiC"
nient to nils eff.ct is niad" bv the joa.I
odiiius v.p jtdniit thnt this br.inr;, of
111" .servic. Ins i,n; jjf,,.., a jk,vi;i venture.
As no Minoiinccm.n: I. ni..de relitlvv to
til- in., ru ban m.'vs l.etueen SprlnsfleM
Jia1. Vi1;-.?" t!'.,.B:,"',: JA .!' Peciea
fcprlncJ..-d ami G'rinJ won- i!is-t.-i...-t!.irlv
In tn- "umii.T. jo. within a frW wtn-ks
In' S T !i u.i a fYttfni!Vt t ait..iifA
"T"I -.. . . " " ,- "..illlU
k it
not take klndy to the t..im Int. iurb..ns
...... me s..rlI1... n, ,.r aM pal(, expinses.
I Zft fll "Vi C.a..r.f..Tl a r. ..
V" '""""'J ami iani)in. Iioa-
v.lih-h is now- openlnc up. will nece'sstat
ii;. nu..ntio!i or s.ve-al trains dilly and
this is ,.iwn :ii one of the n-.-sons for the
nband.-nin of the- Interurbati ltrvlee al
ntamnnds! tllnmoads!
Inspect the Finest Stock of W-irr.or.ds I
the i:y nt our liiimmrl store. We wlli
five ou credit leifils Iiros - Co 2J
Tloor Carl"ton WC.it.. h and Olive sts.
:i"V SHAW.
I.'.rrln. Ill . S-pt ; fluy fr,t B, ,,
Tar train calier far the R, t at tvs
Krark' r.l. north of this city. wa- killed early
this mo .mc I y a tmln
gcoi'.gi: KiinrAitn
No ts i"lty. 111 FeM. :i -;., rye ch-rrl
a t.f.ll War veteran. 7i jar .M. llvlnc near
here, diej last rJsf.t.
fviro. HI . svpt. a Sair.wl Hatlnt. rr.,i-
rent or tr Cal-n Itoatd of Trate. ard er. of
the 1'it'rr; rsVloiiririted clllin. of Cfclro.
tlei in-t t.icm a: o:s !sjtt. :a this il'y. Hi
B9U 3e;Lr3 o:
IVs-nvlI'.. Irl. ?. a - I) f "in-r-enran.
Ci ;ests cM. a KeiuM'ran ntraey cf Ur.n
v.l'e. this coar.ij illd to day
AUitKn ii nurpHY
Duia'ln. til . l-ept r -AI.-.J It shirr.y ,!,,;
ot Ht Josn' r-ta cf tM niy lie. nlrht ef
ajejply .hlrrr was a r-.ent-- cf a walthy
!.-..!- cf J-nI llav-n Mich, where rte
Nsjv taken fir intern-ent. lie died la
I v.rty
iiAtvxcr nn;-5 at nnnijnjiT. c.ti
Il'-V.eiy. rat. Bpt 21 Hcrv.v W llawler.
x weii kn-exn rerarr i-t!!"ler aai -striker,
rrh , hit t-en r nr.ec'el with tte M'naap
! N -t-w.m M !- th Ir.ve p.i arj
the Uifir l:s -J Ilera'l art th Sin Kiui
Cisco Ksu-rlre-. dieit tolay. 4 years c I
K'Ji-s Mo "-ett. tt-JI. . Miry F Kjrv'
e Aui-a'n Ci-cr.ty !! at r Mm- r-a- this
city lo-2a Ml. was the wife cf T. i iijstfa.
a wtii'keevs stoeman.
I"otrtli-l"ls I'ostsnaster.
r.fTi'i'ij.-sJ'ic ia:
V.'ashinston. Sept T. The follnn.'r.r
ehanr'-s of fo .rth-etas I'OuiaiaJter. were
a: snun'ol ' day
A'ow GstHel. Pop- Coarty Asx. ?
fi vice W II Aday. 0-ceas4
'w aa t ltriny. ..!n.d Ccuctr. Gay
A Me.-- le. tk- X H DaXer rettsrcej. li-r-.ail
I.n Cixty. A. M. Clrerlco. v!c S
T It-c. les'ies".
llearlas; on Sesltek mil.
A ritbltc hirir: will bs r;lvn In the
Ooundl Chambers it the "City na:i this
afternoon at t " oocW rc.ardfni: the
House til! p'ov.dini; for i swltei of the
Tw.n . Caiu IV.. .. Srt . r... . . u
. ......... tfrr .....u.. ..f ..W..1. .SSI.S a t-
cue. l--twea Taeni) -second and Twr.ty-
cmr'z fo" w
pslnt r.arliasice lleleseafea.
I'resident Telranara has it-pcinte.1 Cap
tain Isaac Jl Mason and Mr KIward n.
sicharrr as diJeeates from the Merchant
KT'tar.re to tb- m-etlrs of the Urpr
Mlfjl'.lrPl Ili'.er Improvement Aeso-u-tlon.
to be fce!,J at Ui Cro-fie. VTls. Octo
ber 10 and it.
roswraesirla taarsil Fire Depart Bsetst.
Cat tila O'Nell of the Cincinnati Fire f
partment was in St. Inuls jeterdr and
called en lire Chief Swlrsley at the City
Hall, rptsla CNtll eapre..eej his admi
ration for th St. Iaouls i'irc Department
la ail x Its bracchem.
- siihi n,ui 10 comjste with the elec
c line of the 1'Ilnols Traction Svstetn.
:Ich p-mille.s the Alton road lrm tUs
V to I'arilllVill". l'ntrnns I,.,,.... -. .11. 1
ei.'Lr' ' . r" is K" cmirftinir electric line.
nl.ho'K, . pe is it, r..urse of construction,
nnd tl A ton his .'! i lMenil ntron-
Drawings fy E. Benson Knife, refrodmcrd in Color.
VUsKVaSTOfc TtLlEI OF THE FAR EAST-.. AUitaatr Umm Fat.
Drauings by Edwin fi. Child.
THE RECKONING. A Serial Stcry, Chaffers VIII. IX
aftts .1 ... RmpCII W. CbUBBOfa
Drawing by Henry Iiutt, reproduced in Color.
PatTi!trtS tv
Willard L. .Melcatf.
refrcduceJ m Color,
X'zth at appreciation cf
the artist ty
tt.jral Cortisioi.
Three Poerrf an.i a Scnr.tt.
Mr. Edward S. Martin has ku regular department,
entitled 'Current Rfjlect:?n." and there art several additional
Jeatures, :r.ci:td:r a echred frMtispiece to the first story.
25 eentf a cjpy- $5.00 a year.
O. Apple ton & Corapiar. Publishers. 'sw York.
Itegardles of Opposition From
Doctor Efsin, St. Louis Health
Officials Will Continue to In
sjiect Yellow Fever SuiK-ets.
At a mectlr.it of tlie Cltr Itoard of
Health je.sterdnv afternoon It was de
cided by the members to disregard the de
mands of rwtcr Kpan of the Illinois
State Itoard of Health, that tho vltU'l lis
of the St. Ixul.s il.iard of Health discon
tinue the Irj-ection of pnssencers arrlv
Ine In Itist !t. I.mls from i-oint-s in the
fiver districts.
If matters reirh nn untenable point for
the St. leuiis health oIScts. It developed
dtirim; the mi 1 ti.-.ir. It is jo-nlble tint ar
ransements can be made by which the
health ollicUIs ran cirry on Inspections
with the authority of the different rail
roads entenr.K the city through Illinois
ur.e or me strongest arguments of the 1 mnro ton thnn -ill nt fir toa
st, iuis health ofiiccn. for the con-, mt,rc wi man an ocner tea-
tiiiLanco of the Inspection within Illinois
territory Is that thoe pis, ns.rs front
Infected potr.ts rot properly supplied with
health certlflcatrs come as far as
K.ist St. !uls and then walk or take a
ear over the? bridge, or cross the river by
ferry, without molestation and without
the knowledge of the authorities.
This feature 1 well illustrated bv tho
entrance Into the cltv of Poctor William
Krone of Chlento. who refuseil to state
to Teootor Peiterleirn. who was inspecting
tl.e isijsenK'Ts on a Mobile and tlhlo train
tu Illinois Tues.inr. vrhence he hid come
before boardiiiR the train nt Cairo. Ho
stated that he eould not see what busn '
it was cf Doctor Keuerborn's. I-iter. ho
showed hU l.iiilir.. of authority as a mem
lr of the Illinois Stite Roan! of Health,
ard Informed Poetor Ftruerhorn that he
mi'M discontinue th lnsjction of pas
enrjers on trains while in Illinois, threat-
nir.it arrest if the practice w;i3 continued,
it Is claimed.
Later Tuesday Doctor Krone rnteeefl
St. Iiul rresumnbly by crossing the
bridce on a str.t cnr. dcmonatmtinir the
Inofliclency of nnv iuaratitlne reirulatlons
which do not include a thorough Inspec
tion of all trains liound for St. Imls or
Ilast St. Iiuis. If the arbitrary notion
of the Illinois authorities were Insisted
upon nnd c.irrli-d out. St Louis would b
practically at the mercy of drifting yellow
fevi r cases
If no other method car be followed. In
th.- evert tho authorities of Illinois insist
tint trains shall lei not inspected In that
t rntorv. It will be recesrary fur the St.
Ie.uls authorities to bold all trains enter
ing St. 1iui.s from th east on finds
brIJie while an ln-i-ectlon is carried on
This would entail much Way to tho
rallroals and to th. trnv.ilns public, and
would ! InrlTecti.al without a system of
lierrnndlnR health eertllcates from all
trldco passencers. be thev foot, brlds
car or railway, and also from ferry pa-
SlAt the meeting of the Ronrd of Henlth
yesterday It wns decided to continue the
mnranttne resulationi indeSlnltely Ti.e
mattir was brouKht to the attention of
he members of the boird by u letter
fr..m Poctor Adro.k. secretary of the
-late lt..ar.I of He ,lh. who wrote to
D.s.tor Snodnras askitiK for his opn Inn
as to the Uncth of time the riunrantliie
should rontinu.s1
It was -tat.d at the meetSriK that f"'?"
f.vr.r.s!-tsatamurhlater date HanlK
pre-ent In this climate, eyn f; far Into
th fall as November, m any ld-.v or an
enriy discontinuance of ;h nuirantlne
will not be- considered at thH time.
William K. Newell of rhicaci rrlll ron
iluct a popular Ulble clis :t the too
Ai-nue M K Clmreh Fouth. fck and
cprinc avenues comirenclr.s this ev-nitii:
at S o'elock. with a les.on on tj. nrst aU
ehatiters of the Oo?;l of ht MirK.
Mr Newell hi- had Itibb- ejasets. nil n
lrtns tl.cuinds. In feyeril l.,rj:e rltle.
In the last :W enre He receiltlv clcssed
a 'lass at the Moodv Church Chlcaco
which lncl.lde.1 rejrr.er.tatlve, ot M
churches ar..l fottv dcccmlnatlons TU
classes are open to everjl-odv The les
sen to-nlcM will be rrece-leii by a nong
s. rvice at 7.10
Frank S. I'.essn of Il'lsoI. who is travel-In-
un Itrr tne ai.plc3 cf the MiourI An.
tlsalcon l-eiir-e is drawlns larre crowds
dally and r.lchtly and has hi pruararnroe
mapped out for the r.xt few nlchts
To-r.tirht he IJ i.peak at the Water
Tower It-vptist Chnreh. ar.d to-morrow hs
win ai5dres the I.nfeyeUe I'ark M K.
fhs,rch. South. Sunday afternoon nt 2
o'clock he will be the chief raker at
the mas meetlns to fcs held at the Foun
tain Park ccrcrecatlenal Church.
"Ills subjects S1I t "The llulM'nff of
a Great City" and "fader the tat'houe
; en-,e " He wU touch on the local rltJ
ctlos. I irtlr flatly i refers to the con--ot
u' brewer" In politics, ar.d will lllus
trste Ms lectures with cartoons drawn by
t. lasal laaker ass 5stlsval Cos
sestlB Prosrra sasae.
1're.id-r.t Walker Hill of th- Mechanics
American National lunk will deliver an
tddre before tho annual convention of
tre American Hackers' AeWlutlon in
VMr.cton en "Tre Practical Ilenents of
Membership In the Aroertcan Ifctnkrrs" As
aoctatton. The convention will last three
t3v. bKlnnic on October '.b.
ther spemkers will U Secretary of lh
Adachi Eiaaank
Aiaart liftUw Paiaa
Gccd Short Stories
CHsmadk Ortaaan.
Florence Kllkiaaaa.
C W. OiUm.
R.asrt AJgtr Bawam.
Nabsl Icrbsrt Vnwr.
Green or Black
These countries export
I I'r'"t.ll' COUnirit.! lOgCin3T,
viz: some 350,000,000 ponnda.
There are 200 cups to the
Sold by all grocers, loose or A
in following reliable fackttst
Blanke's Grant Cabin
Lipton's Maravilla
Quaker Brand
Tetlev's Tissera's.
Treasury Shaw. Comptroller of th Ctar
rencyKidirely. Vice President P. A. Vaa
dcrlip of the National City Hank of Narw
York, rieneral Msnatter Robert IUyta ot
the Union Hank of Scotlanc!. Harrey J.
tiouliler of CI" veland. and lrofesnor j. .
Johnson. d an of the New York Uni
versity School of Commerce and Accounts,
H. F. Swlnney of Kacsaa City la presi
dent of tho association.
Hottcleanlns;? Consult Republic WaBt
Ads for carpet cleaners, paper aaasttas
Roy frsselc y Car.
Henry Ue.ne. nrcd 7 years, of No. 4t
Tennessee avenue, was seriously Injured
yesterday aft moon while crosalns; tha
street at Mertirec street and VirEinIa
avenue, lieln etruck br a southbotta4
HIIefontalne car. Ho waa picked up and
carried to the car cl.eds at Vlratata ava
nue and Walsh street, where) his tnturiaa
wro dressed by Poctor A. Row of Xo.
ti'2 Washington boulevard, after which,
re was tnken heme.
A nch man d'edtb other day. ITatTtett
ta tha Tery midsummer of life, ass) be left
Bis family $I,j0,ja The doctor's certifi
cate slowed that
death rata I ted
fross tyakold
fever. The doctor
himself nld to a
friend: "That
He had a splendid
constitution. I
could have pulled
him through If his
stomach had been
sound. But ho
ruined hlsatomach
by hasty strata,
snatched In Inter
val of business and by neglect of rap
toms which have ben warnlns; hfat a
year past, that his stomach waa faUlag
In It duties.
The s.) mptoms of a disordered stntaach
are. among others, variable aprtite,sour
risings, heartburn, undue) fullness after
eating, dull headache, dingy corsplnloB.
dl-coioreU eye. fluctuations In phyilcal
strength, nervousness sleepleaanwa de
poi.dency. No person will have all these
symptoms at once.
The restoration of the stomach to sound
hMlth. begins with the first dose or Ir.
Pierce's llolden Medical Discovery. Tho
cure progresses until the functions of tho
stomach are In h'althy operation. Thea
the nerves are quiet and strong, tho ap-ta-tlte
healthful, the sleep restful, the eye
bright, the completion clear.
'Please accept my thanks for the besets
which my child re-eired from your medl
rlne," writes Mrs. W. A. Morgan, of Wllca.
aiu, - est ren troubled for nearly a
year with liter complaint, lndletestlon and
constipation. I gave blm your 'tioldea
Mecliesl Ui-oiTery and 'Pleasant Pellets.
and they did blm great gotsl. I gave him
the 'PlvoTery about eight room, and
serersi vial of the Pellets. Ha seems to
be perfertly well now.'
If yon want a cure accept no snbstltato
for 'GoWea Medical Dltreovery."
These OMQINAL Urfss User
Usts. irst put up by old Pr.
R. V. Pierce orer rears ago.
bave been ssack sssHatal but
Tmiis made or ntivelv veg
etable, euncentratej and refined medicinal
principles, street's fross native America
nirts ad plants. They speedily felleve and
cor" fouL torpid and d-ranged Stomachs.
Llsen and Bowels and tbelr attendant ttJa
trrssful allraenta. One or two o laaattvav
thraa r twr o caUarUc.
- , ?r.
.i-S - ..
. t. -. w V

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