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An enthusiastic West Bid automobilK
mho repairs his own machine In a horn
garage has mlcd :i lot of touls hi th.
last few day". Saturday afternoon !.
chanced to li a csiu: in the tool shea
and upon returning an hour later "hat
too had disappeared. Then he del laid a
scheme to catch the thief.
lie doctored up an old umbrella, with an
invisible wire and a powerful battery and
placed It Jsst out'ide the door Just be-
xore aaiK.
"So.;" he chuckled, -if that chap re
jat chap
he will
turns around tela urach
all that Is coming to hl:n.
Fer two hours he onceaM hlme!f Le-
hind a door and watch. i the Ioad-i um
trella. At la?t he w.itr rewarded. A man
Stole the umbrella.
tiptoed up til" hallway like a eludotv.
.jj;htim; the umbrella and 11-tenltis tor a,
laotnmt to in-ike sure there was no
in thn vicinity, hi cautiously crept ov;r
and cramped the handle.
To the nftonlhmcnt of the man behind
the door the thief picked up the umbrella.
;ii if nothing was nrong with it and
dirted mu). The owner djyhed from tils
hMing tlace and peered out.
"ill. IhjsV bantered the thief, "thought
vou was going to electrocute me with the
lcaJ-d umbrella, eh That' old. Thank
for the battery" -
And before the owner could catch up
.ith him the thief with rubber glole had
"To! wcuIJ be a S"0d time to
n- paw
Sy Win
K itl ".iu-e li.. g1t n re foo "
aku Hi:ciri:.
s i. 1.1: iKi:
Take two pO'-ild'j
f s p o n g c ike!
ltked in a future
Iaii. pl.ice It in a
leep dlr Thi n tuke.
tr.. ilnt f oreufii
r In ' m'llv. tie
.lll f .1! 1U- I' l Ullie
: il s w t ten to
-' wtrii .h i h
-aturatf ttie nout,
ike cumpietri)
Have re,tj an
stand made js fol
(ows itf.- tin irt tif
lllllk, e'ttiej. he
Thre pounds of
sugar, one ouni of
butter, three ggf.
half . gill of roe
water, one. nutmeg,
one tea-'poonful .,
ciunainon, me tWe
Ii2iful it salera
tu. ll.-at the butter
and sugar to n.
crtam, then wh!k
th.. ,ggs ery light,
and t,Ur ihvui Into
the butter ai.d
sugar, after which
ailj the pice. lu?
all the flour In t
""i". then the Jf,.e
water. la-tlv the
caleratu J!g the
whole into u dough:
ion it out thin and
cut It Into any form
whites of six e5KS
wme to taste Ihitf
. ihiutkI of pul.-r
le,j f-ugar :.ir the
lIand. it lltt'- cur
rant Jrlty. Iie.tj the
egg an.l the naif
pound of mg.tr by
degrees and as much
rurrant Jelly ax will
make it a line pink;
nnd with a table,
poon pi ice It on thei
l"p of the ctke. not
allowing the spootlt
ful to touch If In
trawberry season
Jut heforn going S
the table, place Sill
or eight large straw-
berries on each,
.-Pn'ul. Sift white,
ugar oer nd rit,
out of saucer with
tho re in a I n i n k",
ream '
" may fitnev.
Hake them on tins
in a Quick orn.
Salcratu Is rarelv
u-ed la xnodtrh
ookliic. It pre-t-arel
in the follow
lug manner.
Take one o,uarter
of a jwjuinl of salera
tus. pm it into a
pint l-ttle. which
nil with water.
sliaVe It well, r.nd
after remaining :t
sufficient time to et
tte It wl!l be ready.
Tfct Cleatlr I'aln He.Wtles Mollnw.
Tet fair rlns fd.
lVrfevtty clean e0 1 bclatrv esjer
tUI to the health fif a bird Ivj nM trust
to the appranve cf le seiyi alone. bt
thrut jnur hand into the midst f a
quantity, and if tbe-e is a dusty feeftrc
after you hae wlthdrswri tt. tSe -1
t net utT!rlenlr clean, say-s Itatne ("hat.
t-ansry ed. it of good Quality. 1 very
rrtsht and riurap in apiv-arance jj !
baT tn tfte hsrid.
OOO.I mce is orange yellow aod trans
parent Inferior mace Is dr.-rel ekT
arel ta rry little taste.
Jellv bag for stralslsg th cocked fruit
rsut alwav be scrtrruVoosly cltn. wits
absolutely no Savor of s5arod rrSMiclag
ta theci.
A coating of thick cate-r etl aypLed with
a oft ftaar.el clota to exagseratd colcrrd
tan tti.o'f wilt tone their TiJlaes coo--..demkir
To Uia C9rt-r kttle. etc, rsb lfc
artlcka t- b- ctcl all orrr with a cut
tem-civ dlrvej tn salt, ttcn ria Jfiee
oushtf wi-'h clear water atei -ctisb ns
a uft cfcts.
To prevent dajnp and nut catcticr the
Ttlres of a r'X tack a sctall tag of Vn
sUcksd Cm tatiSt tt lust underneath IS
cor. aa tkte sittt absorb all tfes wrm-tuts.
jgstttt iLhsl
-r " fcaV . JL!rTsf."fi
New hanging are shown In a pon- A
t material, silk embroidered la
IJXht -weight broadcloth, silks
tand tieiirietta are all shown for the
full suit.
A novel and lovely locket Is In the
:dJgn of t beautifully tinted metal
Pongee :ik. with a vcIJe- border
of drawn work. i among the novel
and exi:iic materials. In the
Black n&tmt leather Mlppors with
a narrow run of scarlet around the
top and a little red bow In front are i
fetching. g
All-over err.bru!derle for making d
the modish shirt -ssrait are now to
b round it: inmiim length for at
I'asi a ti.lril le than their rlglnal
China e.-k'al ..-. conflating r.f the
X eulad dih and six small plate are 4
of thin hlt- china with roe dec-
oratKns and sold edgts.
X .Th!c,k w'-'t'x kid glove with heaw 4
stitching and Jut .1 tiny e.ge of a
lor sliowu where the gantlet turn
v iticg are n In the shops and ate
b-Ing worn with tailor gowns.
Th toy di rartiuents are lia1ng A
clearance salej, jut now In order to X
rrake iookj lor the new goods, and
p.aythlngs to be had. Doll.s can be Z
had now for hjf the price that will Z
be charged for them ight weeks
S hence. X
Tfce RrsMrhl Woaaaa.'
fhe ! tlie cleverest woman of my ac
quaintance. ' was the verdict of one neigh
i r "n,",n,1r. "loause he i- not in tlie
least dull, and yet manage to be retful.
ii 1W so """V bright women bright In
all. sorts of diffeient way, but all alike
In one thing. They are nevr repoeful.
he are strung up to concert pitch. Thev
arruse jou. charm you. stimulate v.ni.
dazzle you but thev tievr. never rest " "it
by any chance."
- later Moelrtjr.
In the present fashion of wearing qtian
ptltlts of lace, an opportunity for fo-stering
the production of fine, handm-ule laces
-ized by a Miciety in France, which calls
Itself La Ix-n telle de France, and I under
the patronage of the wife of the iresi
dent of the Republic. Mme. Loubet. A
yearly "salon d dentelle-' will be held,
aid a great feature will e competitions
for new designs in lace.
Rotes oC Dlstlaptiaa.
Tile world of women may be dliidej into
two halves, the half that di esses and the
half that merely wears clothes. Vanity
TI1K OXK TIIIX:.-CitIman: "IHdn't
Jou miburhunlte grow anytliliig in your
gardens this ear?"
Hubbub: "Well, there was one thing
that we all grew, but that via early hi
the tea son.
Oilman: "What was that?"
Subbubs: "Tired." Philadelphia Press.
want to talk to anv agent to-day!"
mapped the lady. ".My nerve, are ccm
pletilv uustrung!"
"I can f-trlng you Into shap in five
mlnutts." all the man. "I'm a piano
tune." Detroit Free Pres.
A ItLOOU KELATIVB-For the first
time In his life little XVI heard the ex
pression "btooil relation." It kept bux
zing through hi head, and finally he was
compelled to ask hi mother for an -X-Planttlon.
She told him the meaning of
blood relation ami. after a brief moment
of thought, the oungter exclaimed:
"Gee, ma. you're the bloodiest relation
I hare, ain't your Urooklyn Life.
A PROTEST.-"! t'n an outrage.- said
the man who as ho talked hammered his
l"ft hand with his rljiht list. "A down
right public outrage. That's what it Is!"
"WIi.it are vou talking about?" asked
the auditor, who had just woke up.
"This time and trouble and espen
that the Government Is going to to prop
rgiite jouug lebsters."
"Hut unless, something is done, the lob
ster will become eitlnct."
'Weil, the lobster ain't a national
necessity, is It And I fail to see why we
taxpjyers thould put our hands Into our
pocket to minister to the avarice of
restaurant-keepers and the luxuriant ap
petit? of chorus oung wemen." Wash
ington Star.
D18SBMBLINO. "That man In there Is
a hypocrite,"' said Jackson as he left the
drug store.
"You man the druggist"
"Ye. When I went in I interrupted him
in the mlift of compounding a Prescrip
tion: I told him a wanted a -cent stamp,
and he smiled as sweetlv as if he was glad
to see me" Philadelphia ledger
Tiw celebrated Martha Pean fashion
pattern will lx furnished to tenders of
The ItrpuMic at W r nts each.
Th'-se patterns will easily t recognized
a e-irrect nnd up to ditte In every par
ticular. An Important feature about them
i tint allowance is made for seam. Thev
are perfect in design, conforming to all
the requirements of adtancsl ste. and
t arc unusual! simple and eav of ex
ecution Order will be tilled be mall onlv Allow
about four day therefore, for delivery.
NO H -Cini.5 1U SsIAN DKESS.'
Schtwl clothe and how to make tneai
are all tirjvtrtant ;uet!ein Jut r"r and
the simp) raoJe h're dep1ctcd-uj;e:ir.g
toth ootsfort and style ssoald N A wel
come suggestion. The Ruslan drrss tt
one that, t-ecaa of Its exrelimt feature.
retain tt plicr season iftrr ea.-i a
the IlttVe wortia' warJrobe It Is tyco:n
tg tu tnet trcatng etils and that a5Id
be tie; first coil'eratica tn sej-tlna; a
Tb front, wish Its MJe-ceing. ha jus
a little fullce t tb neck. Thi over
cornet tbe fltKtejted fck o often seen
ti tais style garment The back I Uid la
broaj bnx-i4eats. waich star- to the wiMt
tee. A pretty trSmnig for tate dr-
is rnilgarUa entno'drry or c-os-ara
wtirt T4l rssy t wmrked on the n-jt-terUS.
er It nvy be boceht by the jnrJ
"a t! width rI coJar Ac-tre- atira--t!e
trtminlac ts of bias plaid fadnff.
The. give a dark-colored dress a wesder-fulls-
brleM. rsart ay;tracre rse.
cotton, silks, Itaea or l-ihl.wciM wol
ees are sgetrd for cukirt.
Stirs, i . ?. S, J. 1. 12 ard 14 rears.
I"attrr. KT2 Is In six sixes. 1 to i years.
In nrdertng be siue to give ags aad
cumber of pattern destred.
AMrra Pattern TVparussrs.1. Tt Re-r-uMif.
St. Lccls, Ho.
i l Sl I H l i S SI
TBTararararararBlBMu-"-'' 9jBBTJkfBwaBraraFaaraTMBrarararBrarararaBrl
rsTBESkkTSiSsBTaVv v -A -zuvBTjBaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaV
IIIVm' LIalLsteSBB a 7l.-J rJsilKrJSBillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllS
IHOffilHn v?r f -jK- ! V TaTaTjKBTaTSaYaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTI
sfaTaTaTfllBBTaTaM . c'-ii. .-ff V VtaaEIBaYYYYYaal
; t;iviK. 'iiasssa!
TaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTavaV'' -"i XrJaHlkB9lBTBaaTaTaTaTaTaTaTal
A they appear toward the close of the third act of The Woman In the Case.'
at the Olympic.
From the appalling mound of words
luaptd up in "The Woman In the Case."
Mr. Clyde Fitch has evolved a melodrama
of the fim class, topped with one strong
And in this scene Ulanclie Walsh does
the i.-m.irkible thing of exploiting the
cleverness of another actress. Dorothy
lorr. wlu is not only the woman In tlie
ca.M? but the o:ie strong character in tiie
whole drama. The oilier. are magnill
cently improballe. They Include :i lead
ing man who plays hium-lf. a criminal
lawjer who poses In the proper melo
drama manner, a jailer who chews sum.
u butler, a noisy man-about-lown and
Claire Foster.
It nasi bvn a long time since anything
comparable tn this perfotmance has been
seen at th Olympic There Is no doubt
about the "novelty" of the piece at Mr.
Knurl's famous playhouse. There Is no
doubt about the Interest of the: third net.
The fall of the proverbial pin could have
been hoard all over the big auditorium
during Its action.
This Is the situation: Monfhs liefore. a
man has taken his life for love of Claire
Foster, "the woman in the case." A
friend of this man is about to be trisd for
the murder.
The Foster woman hate Julian llotfe.
tit dead man frkiid. because he came
let we. n her and the only man she ever
truly loved. ;iaire saw the unfortunate
kill himself, but out of revenge she re
fuges to clear un the mvsterv. nretendmr
Ignorance. Mrs. ItoIf-tlSI.inche Walsh), aft
er plating a part and becoming Intimate
with the Koter woman, plies her with
wine and -uest!ons and finally gets the
toveted confession.
lorothy IXirr. as Claire Foster, took the
situation by the forelock and shook tt.
fhe played this hljck-waejied role with
line discretion and never a suggestion of
Her walk, that bunch of violets, her
hysterical effort to conceal her own vn
happlness ftom herself, and Just the sug
gestion of a good woman's soul when she
referred to her sincere love for a dead
man." went to build up a character that
rang true in almost every detail.
In spite of oLrself you watched her. d
liKlitet. wh?i ycur gase should, by the
rule, be riveted on.RIanche Walsh, the
star. We neer heard of the talented
acttess We are very likely tn. however,
and quickly If she plavs another part like
till unhappy, Li.1 not all bad woman in
the case.
Miss Wath exhibited wonderful force'In
wliat she did. For n few moments her
rage grippcsl the audience as she held tlie
unfortunate Oaire Foster but " this w;s
ufter the confession.
"The nojal Cher' laughs at the ther
mometer at the Oarrick In the beginning
of his) s"euml week of his .te'iit stay
nnd seventh wek In St Louis. Yester
day's matim-e is well attended, although
the day did not lend ltef readily to in
door amusement, and there was plenty of
outdoor diversion to tempt the amuse-ment-se
king pabllc everywhere. Hnrry
Ilerm-en was Jut as funny ns heretofore
and in a happy humor, for temperament
ally he Is Inclined t" rejoice over the ex
pressions of good will he hn received
since he I -can hi stellar career In this
city. ULs audience get the bemtlt of his
peace of mind. The en'ire eompanv en
tered Into this spirit nt 'he night perform
cnee. and "The Itovi Chef." with all its
nonsen-e and diversion, moved nmoothly.
Odcon the lit ' of his lone stay in
St. Loui- with a presentation cf "Fedora"
This Sardou play is cast in u somewhat
yn. I'iiarli's O'Dt'll UriroK H-r
Fist ThroiiiJi :iaH an luto
tin I'juv f un Atwiiiiilrtl In
trmlfr. Mrs rh-irte 0'lell cut her right l.jnd
severely liy driving it through a window
al her home In nTooaiaeld street. Alton,
al tlie face of a supposed burglar, whose
black feature were pre.stj agn!nl the
p.ine on the outside.
Mr. O'IMI uro-ei from her bd Satur
d.y night and r.lnt low imtairsj to the
kitchen m faiten some windows she had
forsottin to. attend -ist lefor reti-mg.
After doinc thi. h xmx upstair. Thi
exertion fatigued her. and she ei in a
rocker near a window which opened on a
She had ten eate,j but a moment, when
she saw mlhinc drk lm up against
the window and then the face cf a black
man was prjs-,i agalni the glass, his
eyes peering Into the rooaS.
Almost Involuntaritv fcnd with an Im
pulse tf;e could net relst. she struck at
the face her band going clear through the
glass and drittng broken slass r.t the
face and prot-ably into the eves of the
intruder The man crearr.e with pain and
fright, and Mr 0'Icll screamed In cnl
on The man Jumped from tte porch and
scared before neighbors, who were
aroused br 'he r.olse, came to the house.
Mr O IVirs hand b badly lacerated.
Mnturssasj mt Tar Dra fiaarti '
lie ee Wart la gaser Traeks.
Pasataa Hlsa AMr I serateae!.
After Vein- knocked la front of a car
bv a pony Mtrtlr. naur. of No. T Hall's
IVrrr- trad. wa pushed ftom the track by
th lender without receiving a scratch.
Rur was standing at Grattan and Car
toll street, r-altlfeg to get a southbound
Hellefor.talrv tar As the ear approached
av pony belonging to the 11-year-old son
or Dc-tor Jcha Tour.g nrown. superla
tecdent ef the City Horttal. and ridden
br Charles Houbecfc. I years on, of No.
19 Carroll street, run aga.'nt Bauer asd
kcke.l him to the groand directly ta
fntnt of tb car.
The rpotorman. M J. If. Cerpnat of ?fo.
C2tt Vleg-nLt .vrre eejeg that the ran
kcuM be run down bfcre he could arise
from, the groscd. drc-pped the fender,
wbl.-h r-ased Factr to the side of tb
iracit a-hrrt He refusexl to pros. cute
tt- boy far carelesa riding, and r.t arrest
wws nv1e. The play's left ankle was
slightly cut by the car.
Hcuseelear.tr.g? Coogott HeaaMe Waat
Acs rcr carfet cwaaara. aaatr
lighter mood than the others Mr. Mac
Dowell la wont to offer, and Mlsa Louise
Carter and WUIard Blackmore got many a
laugh In the last act during the delivery of
a dialogue that has many happily arranged
situations. Jessallne Kodgers played the
title part like a veteran. Indeed, the Sar
dou repertoire seems as if specially writ
ten for her. At the end cf rhe second act
Melbourne MacDowell received a triple
curtain call. The MacDowell engagement
ends on next Saturday night.
"The Prince of Pilsen." with Jess Dandy
as Hans Wagner, was cleverly revived at
tlie Century. In the cast. too. was Ruth
Feeble of Kansas City, the original Vas
sar UlrL who starred last season In "Hie
Seminary Girl." Miss Peebles has the
voice of note In the cosspany. She Is easi
ly the moat attractive Vassar miss ever
seen on the comic opera stage. Jess Dan
dv. one-time funnv Jew Impersonator of
Vaudeville. Is tip to all requirement as the
whole-souled Cincinnati brewer. Louise
Willis sings the rule or the American
Al. H. Wilion appeared at the Grand
Oira-house in his new play. "The Ger
man Gypsy." The piece gives him ample
i,i;iorttinlty to Impersonate a genial Ger
man and to sing. His songs never went
better. He tendered "Xo Love Like
Thine." .The Girl for Me." "Under the
Harvest Moon." "Gretchen." "Tlie Love
Trust" and "My German Rose." In his
thin, yet sj mrnthellc voice. As eacli was
so pleasingly alxcn as to hae to be re-p-atca
hl singing took un a good deal
of time. "The German Gypsy" Is a neat
little comedy, with p'enty of action ami
the sort of a part that Mr. Wilson's ad
mirers like to see lilm assume.
"Iter Wedding Day." a diverting pastor
al, with Jesle Lansing; In the chief part,
was the attraction at llavlin's. Not In
weeks has a nlay moved so smoothly and
quietly over the Havlln boanls. where ex
citement Is wont to predominate. There
are thrills In this new play, but not a hint
of senathnalism. The special tv hit of
the perform.im-c was the "luKin pickanin
nies, who sang in'il.e last act.
George Kllmt received a eordlnl wel
come at the Imperial, lie returns In a
new plav called "Big Hearted Jim." a
comede drama of Western life bv W. la.
I'oU-ms. the title role of which give Mr.
Klimt uniple opportunttv to display his
abilities as a melodramatic actor of ster
ling qualities.
The play is, not a trashy. Western melo
drama, but an interesting ln-.irl-interest
piece witli a good story and pleutv of ex
cit ir.ent. Mr. Klimt appears as Jim
S-ixon. Sheriff of Medicire Ilce. Mon
tana, u bluff, honest, feailess Westerner,
an admirable Impersonation. The sup
porting com;a:iy Is well bakinced.
The Colonial llellcs came to the Stand
ard. The opening eomcdv is a lively trav-e-tv
styleil "The Iliby Farm." The vaude
ville a made up of acts hy Hose Car
l!n. singing comeiileiine: Nelson and M1II
ege. In a ktch: the Farretl-Taylor Trio
In a fare-. -Th it .Minstrel Man": Cook
tnd Kartell and C:arl Falk. a clever
..ng illustrator. "Cohen, the fount," Is the
closing farce.
"Tiie trnlval at Monte Carlo." a;i up-to-thi-mlnute
extntvaganza. whs ti.e pro
gramme at the Gnyety. In addition, the
Parisian Widow Hurlequers off rat a new
vaudeville hill. The olio Included spclal
ti. s by Hen Welch, the Valirore Slter.
llonnn slid Kearney. All and IVystcr and
tlie Thiee Musical Keltons.
Two Cases Brought Into City
From Conntr I)ist':ise Shows
Xo Sign of Abatement at Pat
tiTson ami Kenner. La.
TWO DllXtfl AND if4 J
N w- Oi leans. Sept. 2. Iterort to
i p. m :
Xec cas's. :i; total to date. 2.VI1.
1m:Iis. r, total. c.
New fficl. S: under treatment. JiS:
dlsrl.ar3fl .!
New Orlctrj. Sept. "1 The low Sunday
record I almost a duplicate of that of
la: Sunday. Two new cases were brought
Into the city, one from Ab'.ta Kprlngs and
one from Grand Lake, in the Ksrratarla
The Ablta Springs rn" egrited some in
terest because that is one of the resorts
tn St. Tammanv Parish whither many of
the people of New Orleans, wr.t when the
coast resort were closed to them by quar
antine. Doctor Whit- returned this afternoon I
from Ms trip to trie Quarantine station,
whence he went to formally take nr the
business of frmlgatlng the steamships
bound for Arr.ftlcan ports and I'orto Itlco.
Country reports from Louisiana were:
Patterson, eight r.ew cases: Kennr. eight
new rates, ere death: La Fourche 7ro
Ing. cr.e new rase: Baton Ilouge. two new
easesi Tallulah. four r.w cases; Alexan
dria, two new cases.
Vlekshurr. Wlsa. Sept. 91. Foar uew
cases of jellow fever sters reported to
day. Two.nf then are business men of
sorce prominence.
Believed to Dare Been Caused bv
Children Plajiai; With Matcben.
Responding to tae eiVs ef ts?rens la the
home of Albert H. Collins ef No. SVT Pag
avenue. last eveatas;. Patrotassa Jack of
the Tenth Wstrlet raa Inside and. unaid
ed, extinguished a flr that ts said to cave
ben caused by children pUyrsg with
Wben Srenie.n reacheI Mr. Colllns's
bom tea patroltaan had checked the
blase. mh eeily ssaail daunag to the ooa
trnts of on raota. Tk 4aaag Is H
scated at fM.
Wsjat Ai fll atJl aajtskaT-
M' --V ' .
K gZMBB ' "
BassssssssssssssssKsgr V aaf f I JaBsPvVjl
. r.wsj.ar
By tlie "Square Deal"
DR. LYMAN ABBOTT, from an inti
mate viewpoint, tells what the President ,
stands for in the "square deal," what are
the three great elements of his strength, etc.
In the October
Ladies' Home Journal
15 Cents at All News-Stands
So Savs JlisH M. E. Nolan, Who Is Hero to Attend Dressmakers'
Convention, Which Assembles To-Night She Declares That
Narrow Waists and High Dusts Will Once More Be Popu
larLetter "S" Figure Is to Be Abandoned on Account of Its
Effect on Contour of Frame.
1. i 1.1 i . s s s s s-
tsseiisiss ssssssassss.f
Who will derr.onstrat the new stj-Iea In corsets at tha annual convention of the
National Dressmakers' Association at the Odeon this week.
If rnu want to e In stylo this season. When seen last n!gbt at Hotel Beers
your flrure must, a nearly as poaaioie. re-
semble a flattened funnel, rerr. T ttr-
row in the waist and huh in tne dui.
accordlnr to the latest styles from cay
The letter R effect, which was so posular
here lat season, has been passed by the
wayside and raux so oown in niory
on of tha most corrular styles erer Im
ported to this country,
vim M. E Nolan, who represent n
Eastern concern. Jtrlre-l In the city yester
day to attend xne convention or tr.e ?
tlonil Iren-.alcrs' Asoclatlon. .which
operj at the orfsnn to-nicht. She has with
her slity-ave different styles of cr-rset.
but all are made accordlnc to tha flat
tened fotice! Idea.
T greater part cf yesterday afternoon
was consumed by Miss Nolan In trylcc the
funnel-hpsl corset on about three !osen
r,ret:r St. Irals rtrls. five of whom wilt
serve as models throughout the conven
tion" .. . .., .. .
T''T snipeimea. anii cemaiy. nmm .-.otsn
ays the St. Uoals girls have tb world
taten. In fact. It was with considerable
difficulty that she made a chcW yester
day. Sh said sfce would have llkad very
much to have atlsctsd all of thm be
cause there rer long girl and short
girl, fat girls and lean girls, blende anj
brunettes, but all of them r.ry pretty.
For the purpoae of deTnosatratlcn tn tha
convention, however, p.ve will serve her
purpose admirably, she says.
Mlrs Nolan has Just returned to this
country after an estended vtsit abroad,
and she declares that abo aa nevar so
isacrtssel srtU ta assuirjr said Igtsr. ef
aar ef tb farskfw girls as aha vcaa wttk
BO M taaasnns
Vssaafjaswv jBjasji.
What He Means
jtwm aoian saia:
"The shao la entlrelr out of date.
The latest style la the tight waist and
high bust that give that nipped-ln ap
pearance. "W must return to the style of years
ago. The tight waist 1. tn again, and. I
think, this time to stay. The women of to
day took toatnucli to the 8 shape and per
mitted thealselves to become too large
around the waist. We must now take
ter to preserve the womanlv figure.
"Aecottllr.rf to the latest style In corsets
a siorcan vlth a forty-Inch bust measure
ment ehuld not be more than eighteen or
twenty inches around the wIk.
Maaae Baker, president of the Na
tional Dressmakers Association, will ar
rive from the East this morning to at
tend the conenUon. She will brTrg with
her a great number of costly gowns, which
h wtil fit .n n half dozen models, who
will accomr-any her.
The first setsion of the convention will
be he'd at the OJeon fjlMlng. Grand and
Finney avenue, to-night.
Fensacola. FI.. Sept. 2J. Sven nw
cares ef vllow fever were .officially re
ported br the State Board of Health to
night. Thirty are now under treatment.
Greeley Printery
of St. Louis.
9. j. iiarbaigh. mn.
Mala sMas. .
618-20-22 N. Secoad St.
Brakomcu May Die as Result of
Injuries Receh'ed When Work
Train Crashes Into Freight Ca
boose Near Paris, III.
Paris. III.. Pcjit. :.. An extra work trata
on the Cairn division of tile Ilia; Four
Railroad ran Into the rear end of an extra
freight train at SsratiRo Hill, flra mllsa
south of here, this afternoon.
Four mn were Injured, on. fatally. Th
ciiftoe of the work train was demolish!
aod the caboose an.1 ten cars of tha
frehjht train vrrs reduced to scrap Iron
and kindllnv wool. The Injured:
fVUILim Itean. l.yfor.l. III., frslajht
brakem:in: okull fractured; Its broksrt;
will die.
Bert Knight. Mount Channel. 111. eai
nrer; head .ir.d shoulders Injured.
James Ilenl. DanTllIe. III., fireman, back
and head bruised: Internal Injuries.
Heroic Tuun?. I-aiis. III.: head and todr
Thj freight train hud stopped to put out
a Mrs on a brldue and had Just called up
the fiagiaau
an. when tha work tsrtn crasaea
into it.
AH druggists tako Kepublle Want Ate.
Thomas W. Kosa KcoreH in Bios
om'M New .Comwlj.
itrrunuc upeciak
Trenton. N. J.. ept. . "A Fair Eg
"change." Hrr.ry Illoom's r.w cometly of
American fashionable life, waa presented
for the first tlm on any stage In Taylor
Opera-house here last night by Charles
Dillingham's company, with Thomas TV.
Rosa In the leading role. The Initial per
formance tras) remarkably smooth and
strong, delighting a large audience of
Trenton's bet people, keeping them In
almost mr.tlnual laughter.
Mr. lion as '.'liff Austin, a wealthy
Westerner, played with the same ea and
grace that marsid his work In "Checkers.-
while John F. Flood waa equally
as good a Walter Iyinghorne, tn the ,
"heavy- rrt. MUi Claire Kuh a TYen
ton girl, scored a big hit with the audi-
ence. Her love seenes were partlctiUfly
pleaalng. Others doing wII Included tus
sle Hudson collier. lUi Femandes,
Percy Ames and O-orge Persons.
"A Fair exchange" I a story of a
"smart" club's effort to help Austin pen.l
hi money. The jiaicue Is bright and up
to dit. The scenic effects are good, par
ticularly the night scene on the river. A
realtMle vker game made a Mg hit.
The Trenton unday Advertiser says ef
the pisy to-day:
- 'A Fair Exchange wee a wires, por-travlns-
Its chaxactera true to Ufa and writs
fkeen Insight Into the way of the modem
smart set.
Republic Want Ads win sen anything.
Natehes. Miss. Sept. J. Te-day'a !
!o- fevtr, report shows five new caaeav of.
which three are whites. Total eases, as:
total des.bs to date. 2; total cases aadeg
treatment. S.
v yfXTZl,M
mmwm &zom
f :3
- t-l
i -
f -vri
r.T '-'iH'!ilrf'iT'i&.
e nv-
miiwi .ir 11
1 VixatVlljki.'XMVil(lJmm'''
. ?r, j-,!
. . if.

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