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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, September 30, 1905, PART II, Image 10

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SVSiS .Hri'jtf-""
i r-
zrr-i -e.jsa?.'!
-. . . eee 9a l' Vbn. -
Tj A CI TIT) AT T Athletics Agaia Defeat
nAhrirSAIlll WMteaxNiGetCke.
JM 1 a to Championaliip.
-Not Oae Fararite Fiaiahea
Fint in the Grand Circait
Races at Cincinnati.
a s . a b a b a. m b a ! naaiaanaBi ! bbbbt :ir ;
in if mill a a a " -- .. , t,"k,
v- rill II r.M I ill Caacel Scteiale Gte WM-
-- xr ...-- Boae, Polytecaakal
To prick ta rlta of my atuat.
niie. raultlac aaiaWaa. vUck
. And faUa ea CotlMr
ii imi i in i i 'i i i I i i ii ii i ippi pi lit ii iii i ii i i
Counii Slack's Players T-and on
Pitcher Altrock in Two Inninps
and Cinch the Game Score Is
11 to 1.
r.iTrBU'- -pnAte
Philadelphia. Pa.. Sept. r.-Th- -sror.d
day of tlis Lattl- of Philadelphia in the
nar bet a on tb- !.-.. and West for the
American I.-iue pennant ended r.lth the
arm' of Chicago in full retreat b-for- the
It we" a lerltabl- olauch'T -or the
White fox. and v.hen the casualties wr
untM up It va founi that Philadelphia
1 fl cutfoach?. outnutce- uvercd ami jout-
it-neraled tl.e fn'aiy b tl; fi:' of IS !
10 'or an hour bv th- home Uitsmen a?!
' " of the Invaders' pi'chlnK .orjn v. re
.Irii-n into retirement Tor three ir.ninss
h- J-tltlr waged fierciy Mark'. rat-i
-pIJ..! a jruiof th-ir op;.oti-n:s In the
e-ex);-.l roun'i
It was a. cae of dram Ire :'rt bl'od. but
re W-Mcrocrs were ti;i full of HkIu Th-n
cam th fourth rkrn.!li. aid with it
hlc-icf. cave (.'round rap! !I me- tart-d
in tii tctreaj moie-m-nt the wr.it- ele.
phantei nier ;ravc the ii-rra any iu.ir--r
Try v.e-re ur."'. fi ;. b" th
ehout of IS.teT wit', fx-s of the onileat
Ir, the Ffnd InnirK th lioit." t-.tm i
iawj'"i on .ln-rK .a:.i Jv ih :ln-l Kina
.f flf-ii!irc I.rrt them Jrom -t . iti-r inor
ati one n.n At Tj.aJ thouah a niti
'oktl tr-tfr itwI jf -.i.i h an .irl tJK-.
r- -bold "'ruck out. M .n'' "' J''s crou::i-r
oifi Z'-l for trj, ln.".-' IxvtohL" 'ii.iii
i ..a-h ai.l i.!ocK-t :!. lull nlth on- h n'l.
Ji tT. r '"o. rt d liimst I in a bar! T
' tumt-4 hai-Jc to th hall ami Jl.r'
' A.trk in t tr. to i-tirp Murphy.
ii r... ia;! to nt r fl' 1 1 vn
' H. Ii .1 I . JnnM cnI M ".! k'-pt on to
-! Srlirik tromptl -mi JI"nl--.-
! itli .t.oTnr Kncl to oni'T. Ait-
-k ir.ti rr. pt-l Jrr4 ": ilir w to a' li
M i.i" .i t jo trial-- .i: i! !i . qUi'k
'tr. . JUrit S-lir-k orT .tt f.rt ba-.
Tw !l'f..ik5 ..rfl Pi tli- ii. t- H.
I ,iis aii'l I "ro-. ..;.ti-! !h- ! nbar-l-ui:.t
o. :Clrk Altf.'k with r z.zU: ;o f-n-
ri-M. and S-jt)!J i.. '. fl ' t h-m up s.
.ip -.T-b r.lth . .-a.-rl:!!-- Murphy l''t
.r twt la!- anil Iavii a"I I "ro-
'r-.! M 'r.- folP.vxNl uit with jn-
!r !oubl- and Murphy ro-, 1 ll:
I a'- S-hrc'k - dnv took I .'. but
I i... . nia!" aiM'i-r Hn- -top mil rt-
.rj -- h'I- i!-i.I-r strurk out
T) tlfth InnliiK ytirt'i! with t'i- t'rlti
r ;rji.!. l.-adlnt: i- to llolm-s bjtn-1
' ,r Apr.K-k an.l fanm !. Jluni'i, tl.r-w
I . ii' IIhII Murtid a riliv for tin-
t-"-i-Tfi niti a. inij-l.icR'T t "'a;(r
i- . k-1 li 'in " " lr v-
i ". m. ?!. t rv.uil fur Moihi-r dfiubl
ih i- I'n.'ifl on tn- ball han! bu; It i
v"- j-tnich: 'it lijrt- II fi'.cajto ji.ij to
1. n-n: without-run
T. '"i h" f r tv.o b.i" a-id l-opl
',1 i. I .in 1 lull' i hld .it t'lir.l 1ns
'i'vlr 11 fo-l.ii to M-I-VrLni'l 1 ui -i vxil-i
, IM r-onv- I tin- Mu-pli",
. V ...t ; I.ii tuintibit it i'ru s .
. i r an-1 l Cr'-. nmt ov r th
! utr- nl- - inl .in 1 H-hri'ck
'. I tin m.irc lv -fikmc iiut
- ii i. mi "orilfiv" in th- slrtli Iti
c r thf- v.bjt' lr;t!i.ni pirr-.i,,-I
r ' 1 P thr-- ccunt r ltintiT !'"il
..t v ! a ir:I-. t'S sx-onil on 11 iity"!'.-
. ' - 1 sfHir'-il a Lord tv.o-basr-r
u ' ff. Id 1": I.ivis m-I' i 'r...ln-.'
l I -iii. on II I nls :.: Ird t iilil
r I l.-li ihri-w I. "i-w- -ut S-vloIl
I ! i I in ricbt ai.l II Ii.u: r-rl-:-r-l
i.l it Mrr hi acjln iru-k out
T'i c? f 1 tli- --irin
Til- "IT
rin.T 'rMa
All I! o
ar 11 ft n 1
a r.
I 1
In! rt 4 11
a. s
I 0
1 0 lUflK-l If J i I
I 1
Z II Iiaiii tti i 3
0 ii
: J
D :
I. ( n- 1
: 1
1 :
--t- lit if Z
Hurrhv. I
M IV,.. , 3
s-hwk. c I
ll-a.5rT J... 1
ft "
2 O
3 ft
I fl
9 o
0 0
: s
0 1
9 9
0 0
I St
-1- r
retail j ;: r: it :
t .
31 : ;i 1
H 1 f r A'troek In Sflh
r. -iii W!h li eva"-ii-
' '-Mil 1 1 0 2 1 1 0 rt
I ' r ba' '"i!i-iisii . I'i"iiiirii-i
' -- M o. 1 T-n Li-, f-3T- Ii.
' I l"n'-'tt; 1 I.-d 1 II "n!
! ifrln' ! 1 i'unhv 1 11 i t -
' ! rnn iiiu- 1 'Stld 1 ilir".!
I'm 'I I ' N fii l-r. Mt
. -r -, v. .c I lh i4 t.j j4 . .3-ru
"n Ii" I . A.-. ; 3 ii iti.v
, . i
1. .." A -
C V . - -. '- . ci
i .
v rn n
f-v ( rtr a
a 4 i--nrt t c .f-
a - fl. f 1 -,I-j
t II .trnr
m ai"ii
Hi- . II" T'T '
, l.i i
tti riJ' r!t
- - 1 I e ,
. pc 1, Ie ir ;
.Hio t licdiiit tri'.. t. !..tul. ;(i.
ie III l.lt'il I llll'lllll'l
e.. I ,
. .i ee.M. U
'"."- 'i- - "SfST J&4
IT !
I 1 "R
s t a
(.(-.re- r-i iie
C. "-" 1st
S. Nsl e3 e- .4.
n .'.it.c!'.ivi.'.. oui
HVil'lJC.-TS.ltT-.r.l.t.lNU'.- kX 4,x
IHMStM'"'"'''- -ijt.a.
ealiref er-iae. Ir- .ewe. Cex M - .-
fit09i.lE T. KOCH 10 J. SUiTE SI LSlit
sag BV ail arutpg
Tys tuT'ertre; rxr5 ".eaajeeaee. (
..hart) eap Ue. eieeure. 2 tr.
$r la.e 'ilea 1" i. t-ie tere.
eeetl tell a t-i t r-rtai -. 1
wit T34 3-ieeiee j escc re '
J. P.
'.teellltc .t..iTti t.-r aas Ml c.e- fceea V
CrV.At iet ? n..r"3 'J
e. St. 4Na.e. . are fSei" SX 4 02 . g
Cw l ' T tcir-.tcrv C 1 lts A Ca. j
trst-ctti'. i!r sstsarevtua. I-esrri Kaaa. J
I) r eaahM' cases cf Gioar-
iLjjYj-jjj-. rh.1, asd Gee
""'aSaBBaBaW' no err treat- i
!,, xacct rcjcirttl
Takes Eleven Inning to Decide
Fim Contest With McGraw's
Champions Taylor Das No
Trouble in Winning.
ntlonal LraBa
'-uh W. U Itt 1 ""u. W. !. Pet.
.n Tork- 101 T"ljfinlcn.-.t!.. T "1 .!U
Pltfbcrc . W J: tllT I-fJP. it .ZH
N-ir . n .'in.:nr. . . . ' l .JI
l-Mlnciflrnu r C4 -Xll I!rln : 1M .Stt
W brrr Tltej- Play- To-Dar
X-n. York t fct. Ubuis. , PliIU J at Claclcrt!
!iii--k!vn kt I-hij'juu: I lioion at Chlcaico.
Tealrrlar Reaalts.
To-k . si Iyls I i CJncinratJ T. PtIJa. J.
r rk i ht. lii! 1 I .
Joj.nny Mcflraw tonk two frames from
th- t.irIIr.--iN yrtcrdiy. It took eleven
innltiTi to lld- the flriit encounter.
hl-li tho lo-alt yhouM liiie ann-fd til
tii- ninth Jnninc. afttr Sh iy' triple hai
M.m tlirfi- cti'linaln vr tli" plate and
ti'i! tho iir A coujlo of lucky hits off
'Ihlilman In 'h Ieinlh clinch''! tho
k-ac- and "Matty" Malh'-nson has priu-
Ijfcilli' luck f1 1 lam for bi Iat Et. Iiuls
lictory Tli- -ccr- w.i fi to 3.
The 'rornl fnOir vras a walk.-. way for
:h vivitor-". "l:-ddj" McXour.U. the
Sera nt on importation. a not tri'.itoi!
with 'h- d-ftrfC" n Fitmler youagstr
rl Tl:c i Iiamplon ivadfj Into the
.I'n illicit'- Jlncn and won tr-- en !n the
S'.'st lnnins n McIxniRtirR -Alldnia. an
i rn r and a. t- i T' f t'mIv hits. The
-uie niH . to l. ailt-r th- i-lrth innlr.z.
v Ii-n tli- zum
d.nkr.i .
was callnl on acco'int of i
Shav ororcd t!io first run of thr caini
on hi i s.inc!o to Ift. a Moln b.i. Smoot's
out nd lt-OKl-y'- bunt X'-iv Vork eivn.1
th- vnn In lb- i-i-nth on hits by iIrtM
a:id l!l-rt. ami went nh-ad In tli p!i:h;n
oi IJri-:i ihin pas and Ii:il!n'F .iiik!c.
They - onii to (wvc th- K.mi- clinch-d it
'i.- nirt'i viii D-vlln's (iar. Matl.ewnon'a
slnsle and Ilror.ne's trip!-, s-orin(t two
Th- con:--t nt Into th !vcnth.
Willi OUt .-nd "Many" iiin Ilnn.a
h.in uin.-J-'l. Jlror.n- v.alk-d and on Don
tin"! d:mlt lioih soiri-il. Shay's poor
throw to ;r-I..- viv!np Hrowne. who vm
out by yirds lnd tho fsiJI l--n up Shaj's
sit.Kl'' nnl l!fk!i' rfnirle add-d one.
but th- rfi-dinjli could go no nior.
Til- i-coro;
ST IfiS.
Ail R
Flv. c;i:I Im . .1
liurl-t.j. left -:d ... J )
i-mo.it -nt-r f.-l-i 0
' "ley r--5T U. .. . i 0
I - :r..ff. r!;h'. :v'S . . &
ilrfcil". .-I'chr ... 5 '
Iilktter. tl.lrl ba . J 1
lirll-l.l- hO'"tiip . S 1
Jli-l-nrlanl. 1 .ti-Jitr ... . J 0
Arr.lt . . ..1 1
Th inn. p i-I.t ... 1 0
lilitr- I O
T..m! 5
rrnaT:n. rmirl r C Z
rnwi. list.t li'-!.! .... I 1
li-nl.n. center r!l.. .. 0
JMlim, :lrt .a.-e 1
l!'l- Pfi fi-M I 1
H-ihIn. ifK.rif.i 0
! in. third ba- ... 4 1
:dtr: -c.n! lnw.. .1 0
MjilKe ni. titrlier ... 4 1
Total. .. .. e a 3 0
Iljit.-: for Vi-Far'and in Nlrth
tlai'nl for X- I'nff In eleventh
S: l.Jiit . . .0010000039 1-t
Netr York .. 0 ) 0 0 0 0 1 1 : 0 3-
Hrd n:n "t Ia!n S. .Nnt Tiiici Three-!.-
t.ifr li-.e J. r-lrt.- : MicrtCr- h't
Il-'ikftur! ill ln 1 r)ruM p! Mrll-lde.
slia .in 5 Ii kj 1. Thl man to Hw'k!ter 1.
Irn.nc ; I.. 1 !:- M.-Pirlan! . be Taiel
in.ia i. l'a-evsj 11!. Itririralian 1. lrrd 1
! ,'.r l-ve 'ni 1. l!re. 3. Brown- 1. Hit
I i-'i el lll lir Ti!irn, liaSlen. by
Mel'arlard l-n Wild peh'r--lfitli
in I IU rn t.r of Mi-I'a'anl S -t!
1! tth' si-! 4. off Th"-ran 2. yfuck it- Hr
V-ru'lna : bi lilewi-i T I-ft i !.- 1
M Ie.-.' 1:. N'r 1 rk 10 IIl: "f' McKir-la-..I
T i- TM-iiicn 2 T!m- Z irat Tm
I - ui a-d tnen'y reli.u' L'ropiri.- I'-irs una
Thi I-kmI pent. their bolt In the first
Ko. H'tni-i lir-l up in I flrofTi place.
th- ltutK" dolne th- heavy coachlnir and
furnlilu.ic atnux m nt when McUraw's
c metW w.i." not blowing hit brninii out.
Arndt wen! ti. t.i-o:nl In p'ac- of Shay
i'i! le'ihy w-nt N'Mnd the ivit In place
of ilri-'i 1'ins went In Gi!!rt's place
fo ti.- rii.uif
Immn-.i" Tailor, who has won every
tr.iii h- -ver piti-hed npalntt thi C.ir
d uls bu one. repeated in eisy fashion.
I. ili. r'. win l'ic moiment wa. text much
r II ni-1 aid th- lounssfer whiffed
iw.k Tb onlv r. in to do anythlr.s:
with Taylor w 11 Ix-ih Tommr sm-ih-d
1 trip!" in the Hfth tn-.ln which s.tvcd
tl-e U i' from a shat-iut His other
:.n-.o protliic-d a r.ii-- s-Inlo to right.
Tr- jif-o'-
mjvsii n.vitn
T lei: 'IS
Ait it. ir. o a. r.
I-!' i-nr le .3-0131
I p fin f 1 1! . ' e n n ii e
v. r-lt er ?1' U 3 li 1 H fl 0
I k -- It- 31001
II . rl.- O-li 3 0 0 1 u
I. .' rt . -' I 1 I 3 S '
j -.etl.r liilrd lee 7 0 1 1 "'
1 -( ie io't-oi . 2 0 8 0 0
:.' ! jkbI. i!:rfi-T 2 rt 1 0 C
t ui r 1 s : 1 2
NEW iilltK
All it 11. o. A. I".
Ii-ri'iir estrhee . 0 2 ) 1 ir h
'r inL1-.' 1 n e 0 1
II -. tie 1 S-M 2 2 2 -l
v- J I! . 2. 1 I . fi l
II 1..1 1 "I-"! I IW ..I ' 0 I'
. " r.M . . 1 v 1 e 0 '
i ' j"- t ... 2 1 A ) 4
1 i rl !- 3 O 1 S i
-- 1. c nil La . 3 1 1 3 1 e
T41 - j. 'cler . 2 0 t t
tii-. . . 2.1 s s : 10 0
1 , ., 0 c e 0 1 -i
s 1 1 1 0 A-l
' irrri nn- l IaiuI 1. 2ec Ite-k 1 T'rt----
-, 'l rkle I TMt !- Mt t-l-r t
' llr-i- 1 Iinm :. Tsyor "
. rw m ; I l!e te 1 Ii.f .n liil!"
- 11 I- ..j: 1 T TuVir" Stnj.-k ..jt-ll
i! a 2 he Ta' I-'t ..r lue yt
, 4 . V 'rf l Tirie ni- li nr an! tio
i-e - , 'e- I -ar etui Jolia.-o1
Hinl-rliiir t'r-sllse Mini.
pare , r 1 K i lut,! U" Vrettire.
1 r '-. I - ' err i. H at tli. Vi
t tJ-kT - r lAr
It lA'JUTTT t ' 2-1
73 TsNilLR . - W. 'i
2:-lt.-l.ll!:N 5 1 Wn
;: tini'it- 4 l ;ni
U 'Siu TAHITI. M-l. ljy
: it ilUnltAM X. 2r!
:" MltViORV '-i. 1V3-S
U ! UI.Hir.H - V.O-1
. ItAIe V.flJ.AH !l1
14-e.AI.-l!N 4 ! Tnl
li- W 1UTNKV Kit - 2rvl
:i-L17:E or IJKK Sc-a;rh
X-iltTlN isti. i.
w -.
K! UIFMH J 2 l n
Mv -THlKN - 2. -nl
-.its JH.HlK 2. tei:
kiun!i :i
i'v.ii. n is
i n.:r r
k r ". !
i H"i-r.u .
i ii i
" .. t a
SI. Utm
T- le'lt
. M in
i r. -i rn
3 ). :-".
!- u'xr.uiv. . I-: it
4-niTTI.Ki.M: :-i. '.re-.
i iini.if4Vi.-K it : iwen
7-J1ERANU M 2 1 A-n
I .iMt-l.li J-I "Aan
-nonAi-ii: j-l Le-t
J-1 1 Nl 'Fl.li i- t-t. tr.1
: it.innt. p. s.-ra5rei
:-thk niGHTr -:. z?i
Ja i
s:-itrKfioi: srP.K tve-
2e- TUB -. "TH R i-2. lt
r- II 11-t.OTTA. 4 i 1V3
:-Mur imcij. : -. rtu
2jr hkvoih 7; -.'-
leHAD N-Jtll-.-. 11 J .lt-l
Zt- rp.ONTKN C 1M Vlo
t:- n pp.ivct: 25-t tvor
SK-THK VlrtllTT 1 I t'i
'J Pr;rTEs.--iON 1- 1 ia-t
: the ssj-riinn i l xvt
- Se-t . tie -eC3ri Cf c3- 03-
: v.-iTi tt-iKVs, t uvkCa
mt.iin'! " . rr-l
v. s- Frp ::niy :-."a-i
: i ntN5 n v "-
. . 1 ile1SlAl.il ! :. "A -1
It r.NCt. ND . U -a
" Vl 1 I-'
- v iMnfNii b :; j
-wjnsji-.ca "s A-e-i
'i --.irf.p. : v .ii
. .1 K H0T ' t set
: TAiKsr i . a i
! 1 l iilAt. : 1,-e-
i t
'. n:.iri- i "sri
-r. V.I A ATER 134. W --
r T.Krr it -i
: M ' MB! 111 n "-i W o
4 I TU.E tu Ie--t
it i ft. a; a?r i a v -
FiUWr-W. In).
lefarf flilit
lien fa.
TTti. r-s-v--- ates ar
eT 1 Ite TTl." t
T ccnarsra Tlt5 ' Cto Xt Bet laT -rle. a. e eA'l fe1
f --rs Jt-sni-efe cf et.ert all a- li ectiR'rr tu t-c-- ti2e-eeiieri!r
rct la tie rt t2 t-siti. vt ta .ixa. s'a:at c r--J2t oc ti tret--3r,
-ac5i tls t-ij. of tt Jd2er la c-,y a rsatter cf ccr.sitency ja
cs.tr t tett.rg epe-itlof.
6th Floor. 119 Dearborn St., Chicago.
TsOTlCC Oar ad aagisr daily la the Catrag Raetas Fwrav
ftlfaj tanai ten at
tfSaaaaWwT'viv.-- - '-fr ; Wixi.v.-S
i.HHaVa'i " " 1 . tV'" '-' -I L Mzkizm " 2
fsaBaBaBBakf'''v i aHHkai "5 wstt.fl
-IJr :-BBBBBBBBBBBmiL- XH - "'- ' i i -' vS 1
-'v"'i' LBaBCSlBbSBBBBBTBBBBVBrm. 'ivW fcj JO X
IHbbV! iPL tL- SaaaaaBBBBMBm,ai jaBBBBaljr 'l?f'P:iiiBV T-'- 7
'"?'x'-N.':'t"-ji-.. .. bbbV - BarMWLa'LaBBBBBBaiaiMBTaBBBBBiHBBBBnCRFH-iSiaK 7
"IVivW' 'V.S bbi 7t7. lyiRX "aVl jT V PaV': - 'f 'i
0 ' ... ..
An excellent type
(l yeani oM
Pre.5uor.t Max Orthwein of the St. Tsmla
Horn Show Focicty said jHt-rday tLat if
rn-ny as trn entriiT could be yecurcd.
I ne wouia mcK a Fp-ciai cii. ior retail
urnierj wason". Mnsi" ana iiouuic. wi.i-n
nou'.l snut out all wholesale d-lin-ry vans.
transfer comcanies. itc The let.iil deal- 1
era rave in-en compiairunir tnat tney win
i oonj-ea 10 compete wnn u noiea;ers.
breweries. trar-fr and livery wagons, 'es
pecially in the double claies.
ITi-sid-nt Orthweiu appnclates the va
Tdlty of their objections and will. If they
manifest a ileslre to exhibit by entenr.ir
to th numlier of ten. make a class for
r-tall delivery wasons. lxtli sinttle and
dauble. Into wMch not any but bun, tide
retail merchants can enter.
"VVo made a mistake in condlUor.lnfr lli
cla.s for double dollv-ry naijons." said
Mr. Orthwtln. "The conditions let In all
th'! b!ir heavy haullna; co:nian!es airalnst
the light vracor." at.J !iorsis of the f
tajler Of course, th- bill wasons and tho
bijr horses look best and prolmblv will win.
W have d-cidf-I to ad a s-.-lal class for
the lUht delivery wacons."
While on the subject of condltlonlnc of
clanes St may be rilntM out liit the
tanutm and walk, trot and cant-r class.-s i
t . t 1 .L.-1- 11. - . ... ..... -I.. .!..
lull'- iioi ii'i in 11 in...-:' .iiij iiii Lii-tioi
draTin. In the tandun -vents the s-imo
hors-s can l.-ln lmth classes, a r-tult not
to b ilenlrecl. Clas." "so "3 calls for a
whs ler under 15i Class Xo 21 demand
that the Talti-el-r b 01 er 13s!. Xow a
chiiijr- in the thickness of the front shoes
will enabl- n horse to no under or 01 er
15:2 If lie measures anithlnn ti-ar tl.e ..
act requireil height. ThK puts It In the
power of the mnie tandm to win lfith
clay-e-s. It would have len i-er If thi
smill clas was made 13-2. A full hand's
difference is not loo much In this ca"-.
In walk, trot nnd canter clasoj the
hdivr wtluht carrier can win both Heavy
Many Entries for Events on the
Meramec Kiver This Afternoon
Eight Itarks in Contest for
Men ami Women.
The reeor.d nnnual reKtvtta cf th Mra
meH.' Canoe Club will it- 5111 this Hficr
noon on the Merair.ec ltiv.r at Vail-y
Park The first of Hie six events will
start at 3 o " Icck. Th Itnce Comtr.!t:-e
announced lestcrdii that entries for til
ojicn eitnts. Includlns the tiltlne toart.a
nient and r-iuv rat-. uojI-J b-i received
up lo the tine of th- startlnit of tho cn-tc-et.
Th- firrt event Is a half mile champion
ship. npn to members of the club onl.'.
A siller cup will b awardt'l to th" win
ners whil- sreaters will tro to the s en-1.
Sim Ste-tn. Owvin- Kvans. Krink Hall iml 1
Ulllv Shields appear to be the fa.orltes
In the war ccr.o- ei.nt Tli- ipnrl't of
piiddlers 1-av- been practicing for homo
time and -xj ct to make a ;o xl vhowl.-iji.
Th- Tj-irtir inll reiav iace ;hir.:!l
priii e an mt-rcsilns cont-st. as tn '
puldlers of the Meramec have ntcr-il
nie i t-:ait"- w il start i'i on-" i ml
ch.ir.ee Uiats twice during the rnce. Many
spil! will le looked for In th- 11 tin
lee awarded to the winner-, while a pair
of car.o- c-ishions v. Ill ira to the run-
n, 5 u
nri i.v
Th Cartoemc Commltt'
that a. rnsco train will :
lion a! 1 S ? ri and
Park in time for the first
1 il.'f miv rlui ehl-nVtors-ilp. t. r-e- fa e- rfimb:. fumbVd and trl..p"-l. i ..it of
nive-'.v w lnd Jr anJ c 1. lMr;. J.ires r.-t.o Tli Mirs ihan. !i- f.il down on 1H-.
A At. ard l-il. ri-rt W I t-a.il3' an! J l"ontrasii-d wii'i V. aslnr.Kton's roor pny
1 II hare V. i: OsemiiJitl J a i'or- li. ;h- lirown lein 'pirkllni:. ile.i"n
!"i I r'd'-inl mi -i l.alf ilnzm wirk.il drlv-s In
Pal? rr'.Ie. war rn'e-tViniHra '... j ,,r ptioiial s!i ." and dlviditl tl-lililin hor.- !.t ri'ne i11. ! n ii-'ma-ller) .. 3 r.
lYetik IUII iiaysr. Uimi ir! m 5tn J rs v.,t!l liibSy Walla-n Hobby turtiM , llr.ri h c G r.rlrriert.i.r. 3 3 1
lv"Cle.- s'-ra,,B "55."lS;?Vs,'r, '. " 5' A. -J cou',1- f g- m.ns!, tepoasiue oi.n I -rs TC.-., ::! e? .J, V.Pae,', ... .,,:
ocrbitt v. r Ii-r.oUt. W B. O-e. n! ar.! into out', ard at but he droi- home tli- jJ'";r-.,V i" ,., j.Ti!7s, J ,
J H -or. fiist two runs with a two-biitRcr ""'VC?., k h nM 7 -e.
V-our-n!- eten riee-nwyn ITiaes i"! k.-.-M tl.. Ihlnl tally hltn." If. . 4 42tPi I II'J?..
Kranu Ha. WU.U- W 5?' J-stn i.e!c. A Ul on .., , S:nfcI a,.,j his aS'tl '
,,'...i.I-n.vr"5rt a CeelrTrjv.;,r- pL-trlf '- "W- Sf-r's hish thro-v and
.nT.-r.ir""1 ' " ' ' '' " n r.-it seor,. W.i;S:irRt..n-a SM nin. A rirvelnnd I. Sew Vork O.
T!.::r. totirrau-en' -ran, Fl-l.e! r..l J A I '"&. a bav on b..s two outs nd an- -The Ne,- Yo-k tein -ran
Abl.e ( J l.T.iti ii.d '.Wbr- in-.ee. I oth'T sla.il.t spired two more for Uaj..- .-'7r rLi.U kV ni. .-..I,;. J,.. i..
17 Pure inJ 1". w It l Jr cVonc. "ns
unl l--trnk HalL l 1 le .... will II
KZ&MitXZSZ?? J A "",-
ysrr.- rr-- ref l"ir .-Mel 1. an! Sara
P-.ln 'a-r. . A lie., in.l V n
he' p 3.
Ijime-l e aril Welel 3I!"rre 1 K
Imtc nr.l
W ik i Jr 'imine 1 an. anl frart
Ha! V F Iier.ilet a-. I ; Ii -vir-. v. k.
Cre.r.1 o 1 tr.d J I orbit:
Jail- '
I" itlli"-!!:. O -i. We-1
iv io -rit s i-s. W"i
ii a i it an i :, ;m
:j-TitAi'tnov i. -n
::- ili:m a okt -i, iet
n -rn.::r 5 u i
le-TAXKKK 1 '
v. iiijimi-vl. i ; i -n i
7-fJlel.VlAI. II 2 5 Aon
s inumr i. uei I
ER -! w-n
r'k'w i-.
Ir- HI 7. ills 17
i l--3
-t Wi-n
7 Z. A'oa
'-. 11 rt
rtiiiti ii
. ;. e-e.i'1 M.ui .is, Men . liiteitaiin. :;" aw..
! -J3 HluM " ;e .v imhl - !,. ... 1
. 2-I7 ITKJPT J--S Wr-i ,t I third ha 4
i 7J--.i. WIJTWEE7. 2 1 Win s.,n,. rttH 1M... . 4
.' 77-H''T 5-1. Man i e.n. ea'e.s-r . .-
2io:T. SirrnR : IrllAar. pltr .er 0
A-nnp UTAF . : tra.Miiiei pt'-b'r .- '
1 li-THE i-i-K 1,5 ivr- Ui-ir s.t--ST 2
r-r.nr. i.rr r i v5r, i encti-ieb i
. S L-Ul- l TlT. -. It .
i-e-Kii-rnni-iJi .,in
:..s.T. II iRr-H 1.1.V.OS
.- . . .....v. e-.. u
i2-iiki.tsi.vk ,:
5 ''Te-I! IRI5H 7.2. "Ace
t.ef.T(,e...ri.. re. .'-ee J--e
ea -1, , nor oTTW T i- jp-tie !t ee
a el .Wat. . leeen iWf tnetl-o.1
1 cf 6- .-c visl
-. sura -aj. ir it?T ut & r-v u zz.' ts -.i.t i:;n-.t.rt r.ir
ti artier:? "aeet'ei Ntt- en e nnaccl.l -re-k-t eoni. any-er
of the ji!s nul runabout horw. Ownl ly F. J. F'-t?r, 3S70 Ddmar ave.
and middle welsht cla.--J. r"!a? Xo. Xi
1 for hor up to inrryinr ! pourds.
a.i Xo. 3! ii for lioiwn up to I". f-ound-i.
Surely :i hor- up to ii pounds is :ilo
U' to lTi 0!li" "A'i'h l.rt reIrii-l!on- n.
I to Iitdpht. or -ntrv. t!i -imr liore prub-
bly will win both clave-
AiJc-juate precautions Pave ben taken
In the huntlnj; and tiimpir.fr cLt'h to pr
v.nt one horse cleaning out ihc prlic list.
The heavy-nclghl winner is barrel! from
mldille-nelcht ani Huht c!.isev. and lce
versa. This Is a wi"e provisicii. In the
,1.1st the Ii-ai y-weiiil't wler.-r Pas cs'.iall
cle.on-J up the mid-lie nnd l'uht clasts
It Is rather riiroriilrie that th tandem
and walk, trot and canter cla:iM should
li.t-- len so Ioo4-Ir cor.dl".on-tl hn
uch an tsnert l.orro-jboiv man is John
S. Hratton was one of the O'liinlttee on
Ire.ldent Orthwcln said yesterday thit
he was confident tliat .Mr. Alfred J.
Gwynn- not Itvslnald Vand-rbilt would
cuire to St Lonls with his sreat stable
If Mr Vandrjilt Sends his horcs !:
TillI com- hlnV'lf. Ills mhM" inanacer
bu- w-lttn 10 ilr. OrtIiw.i!i. afltlnjr for
infornsation .i'.H.:it cLi"s. siabilns. etc.
Mr. Orthweln. Mr. A. A. I!u.-ch ant Tom
J. leitiidrun: will zn to leitiUiIllM next
( week to meet Mr. Vr.nderbllt. ArraiiKO-
ments will Uicn be made for the at'twar-
anri' of his FtnM- at St. I.ouis.
The ncfjulsltlrn of the Tic'icndr stable
means a treat deal. Tichennr 's a dealer
who carrl-s 11 very Kr.e line of harness
liorees. His foi.rs will be tsp-eelallv valu
Hhle r.djuncts to th? tiimr Mr. ftr.it ton
ais :tat St I.oiiIi5 nil! show as many
fours as Xew Yor;. Tnat means that the
local ejient alii be moft ilicce-iful Fot.rs
so farther to nit? lire the .pe-ctnru!ar
lurt of a show than any olher k'.i.d of ex
Costly Errors by Ftahl's Men,
Conpkfl With Timely Hitting
ly Sr. F.-onisi. Jiesult in Easy
Victory for 5lcA!eers Trilie.
A me Men a l.eaome.
;uli U U IVt -.ub W I. Prt
roi'ude'phla (7 51 f2l ri--tca 71 73 .)
(l.!ras- . '7 i7 .CH V. rr Vcfc V1 71 4j
::-. i
Teisii. TJ r '. e .cV.. - 1 4"
i-siJi" ': 72 z.7 rr ij'irta oi tt .va
Where Thee Play To-Oay.
S Ieu!s at Waeirton. (Cl-velar. I at Nw Trr
!lca- at IVfjiltl I !-!' at !l''nn.
Yesteralai'a Reanlla.
S: Uisls 11. We . l-e'r t llat m
I i.,'inl 21 itiiJirel. i1-eljr.d I 7 Y-
R-- u'.'le Tij-i au.
:i:.- in ' -" .-trei te
W-.-at liii'ldir.:
Washington. S p:.
li. A knock-doin-
rowns this ,,ii.riioun Th-j aii..nals
I ? V,",,; "". ' ' If-', .",ot
j iho local pitch rs -er- kr.iv-l.ed "til b
conleit wa3 half
fl.. re-
nlKton Ii ,v.e ttird InnlUeT.
Manuel siicee-el'! Ad mn In the rrco-.l
innlns ,nd m. . his flnl-h in the foiirtP
1 T Jor-. opined vilh a ta on br.l.s.
' Glen" i iiv s.ife en Manuel error, iso-r.-
1 jer incled Spet -er irnt hit. Ilu-li.ii .n
tr.irliV Stone iti' ife oti Hickman s
errs- r-n.l Van Zr-.!l was lint out on 1
! foul to i-t-ihl. Pr'sk fii'd to --n!T Tl.'n
. !.m .. n .if., on snott-r error t'V
i llb-krr.nn a.d T. Jor.es got slrsl- for hii
. 9Mim tun- ni list in mis inuinex au
' e-roi i iaidv In firldlmr Jon'sV hit 1"
I Wa.'i. h m- irfth the vr.th tilly of
i i 11 e re-if v
j wo ir-i e erroi' o ....e. ...... -e.-i---. .
steal ai.d an out In th- seventh s-ore-I t i-
f.mn- in run in .ijniini-nnn o-i"
K'nel-s Iv -tar!e a- I HeyJ n and Jon-s i
fip'e si-cre I tti.-i ta J'S as. 11 .l
ar. i I'1-kiT.an'. double sc-re-l ainth-r .li
th- elehtb tnnlni: This ire- m.tini: r-
ilte.! l'--ii:e Ibichanan !! up In his
- ... ..e-..... ..? ih cam had fcc-n
I -llwehed t- an eiverwhtlralns score
J Tl.- secre:
. V..1MU..I..U.I
ah R-
c Jer. o-r't !
' ,,r, j- v.r .-r . .. 4
. ULrkT-.s eerivr bast.. 4
' r
...II 4
t 27
( ;-..,. ,.-' se'.l . .. ... S
- 7j-.t- certer JSeli! f.
2 1
H-llL ricbl fleU 4
i Wa lare. .te-nnoii . fc
Z 1
2 I
T .'a-.. nri na .. .
14 "
IhlnS bia.. .. 4
t a
eoiaJ be i
rrencer. csutber
Bs-cju-un. ;cbe-r t
a j
Teta:. . . e. .
it 1
IlitteJ tr Ha.-ily is nla'.B '
Waste-set- lJ'7.Jl-
SI !. ... J0e-191 s-K
T-iee-tase ai'r-incknian 1. WalU'e 3. T7r
bs hlteC J6 1. Van Zattt 1 S(T:3-e SUt.
BiK-vinat 1 baae - I. s-i. M I.
rt'i L T Jore-S 3 C'eiUJ 2. t-eutele pUje C
t Jisee. t 1'ae'e;-. I !!.-. tlC Hm In cn
lar'rc C77 ll.sa'l I lo ttuee; is-: bj-j ef liar fr
- 53 nee jleitci l.l ejea wii "' -
St, J.r;l ytt tM isi Mite orr Itacce- 1.
lUrtr 2. iS ItetCanas 2. Flrtt leaea -
Irtre fi le.nle 4. Hit T-T rittlre-l Ml nr
axi t. br ItAuaei j stejek vnVr Hartr
& . .. ..b.. "T'i in. fl . kI e-,
rfsstta. t;---l atrO.tt7. Atttlaac.
. lore, ir.-
.L.I..-III.I .! uiim : rrfe-ll of vilfill-iv form
aie lr.M3 S:t ...n e... ,-i.. ......." ni., ,n r....i lis- I J-.a"tli'- i. m. ill J.ra 5 4 4 3 2'
hrrtie at Valley ,,,.... "r:;.. V. .,. ...: i.i ' i."..-f J'ciiKer. be o. .... & 7 2 i
eiert The en- . '"'- " " "i'. l '""".."',, ,- . . .-r-err. c a u lirsavi s . s 4 4 1
'- " l-Jrdli net .mt of Ins own r:ir lie slipped m;,. p.. vii r iS Ile.'lncl . s K s .:
Liicil ontrSes nr more numerous) tlnn '
fJity have lvn In previous shows. Cast
St. Iiuis lais sent 'n ivi rnonncas entry '
lift. lnrKr by 3d per cont than It ever I
made !n a S. IV.uh show. 1
Arrannemc nts were ninde vesterday to I
use the Fourteenth street enlrance to tne
Co:ieum A new cane way l.js bcn laid
down which carries 3uectalors from the
Jeer to the promenade, thence to thtir
sents. Thus ct erven- who comes will see
nnd lie fee 11. which Is a. 1-irr.o part of the.
fun at a home show. Th Thirteenth
street entrance miy not h used this year,
as ihOM! most Isneilteil bv It have not
thown anv npprec ation of its uses.
Mr. Orlhwein addisl that the entries for 1
the. burleiuo ciassis nrt also comir.jr in
I rapl !v. Tne hurlirsue will be what the
ti.nne Imnlles. lokea on tl.e finest -mhlblts.
one will ome after the irrcat p.irk rlr
cliss. usually the Hnt exliibit of a .how.
Several of the besl-kn-jwn yosiu: n.cn
about town will come Into tho ring
rldlrir donkevn. mules. oM Karhace waso-i
ho'M-s and drlvln rlck-tv rl-rs of all
sorts. Thee feature relieve the tirc
inamme nnd P'lt the spice of humor Into
th li-avv value of slim? Judem-nt.
ilembei-sMrs In the Hit and Ilrldlc Club,
which enabl- tl.tlr hollers to secure tick
ets at a ili.count of about tier cent, are
sellinir rar.Mly. Mr. drthweln regards
this as a happy omen or a largo attend-
I ar.ee.
The capital stock or tr society win iv 1
lncf-ased from ?;) to $l"..w lo-dar. Tho J
latler was the ilirur- set. but In the haste I
of iniorrHiration tt was deemed exredl-nt I
lo Imsirporatn for C0) anu to increase
Tntil to-dar I was cot quite, at ease
r.biiut tin- final result of lie show." siM
Mr Orthv.eln. "Xow I feel confident that
It will le the larKst Jhow ne iiave ever
alien In point of exhibits and attendance.
In 2:12 Trot at Cincinnati She
Has Fierce Duel With Main
land Ilazelpatch and Boroea
relle Finished First.
Cincinnati. Sept. 3 Xot n favorlt won
at the Grand 1rcii!t mn-tlnj: at Oakley
Iark to-day. In the 5-1.". trot, the first
eit-nt on the. card, itoroi asclU. the second
choice, won th- last tlire heats and the
In the C.'K; pace ITaielnntch won the
' r?i
nkinc the Tist tuns beats.
I J th- first heat of the 2:13 trot Gold '
IU'! Mall won by a head from Kuly
Itiullnc C". and took the recond heat by
a :io- from Mainland.
Gold Hut MiUd won the layt heat and
ran- in a f. rco drlv- from Mainland.
- 15 tl.v. t.-otiin tl-e. In tli-. is SUOW:
esniFiK or n liv Iiral -laite;
.ltr C e. r J S Ii;rVr-"n) ...
V.j- acher. b c 'X 3!c'".-u-jl ..,
AnU. b m ile. Turr.eri
Itslin ii ni V Narlo'sl
TCar. - ll.l!ru--!. Ik m. K Itallt . .
ItrirlI lliirur. b h " K.islri
Pri-irei- Xenl-i. V rn ilt-vtl-i . ...
'Ijl TaineV. I. C lit" s.jrti
Ne-l'e live. Hk e, , IlrKUelTl.
. 2 Z
. t S 5
. K 4 4
. 7 7 3
.7 -
4 4 .!r
... Ala
lime-;-ii. ; in; 2-I1S r-li, I
2 11 el tiK-'n.-. three In file, purr H.':
llnich 1-ateh. blk. h by Hard
l-airb-N.il IJ nicM 1111
Mill! Kee.Trlrr. b m lit Jsfr.eal.. 1 I "t C K
Ij-j-i i-.irr blk c iT iark 1 2 S 7 1
l'ui:- i"urd Mk in (J Itiaiiri
Tl- e t f..i. 2".-N. T' Z -si- ;-i7.
2 2 -1m. trfi'.t.rur. Uifte !n nte rurve ILimO:
C- 1 I ius? Ma -I tier i.-i Iv Sl!iertk.irn
JJjrTe C. iK nrsi ..111
.lair.sni. 6 ti. IA TiK.rran s J
nut te-ilar
the erre i.f i t 0 TSe ilr.niaa lalll was nyvle
in tli te.entn lrr.Irr on Tu'r.er. sire!- avl
j Ustlieaifs i'-i.Uit' syrr
Vcw Terk
Aill! II A 13
All II R
Par rt 4
1 3
If .
ti."tfr. rf 4
St.. .-u'. lb 4
I-ai'ey ib i
Tl . r a 3
1 1
1 II
1 4
I 4
I 1
0 Kr-'er
0 , Kll-r:'.!. s 4 1 4
',11la. lb ! 4
1 Iil T'.e 23 3
9 rcl'i 'i 3 0 1
0 .nnor e. 3 0 7
"s-km'n.a. 1 '
C-Ie'irr.3t. 1 0 0
I (aiaevr p 2 0 0
i TMAl. 7 2 27
ISl'&eeil. It 2
I ji... i
I'V-l' .
Tetal .
-ie'pl fl o I 1 ft
X'w Tfs-k o e o o o
Ie-fl n aeeei.'. Tj. Tork 2. l-evelanii 2 IU
cn , ... .,,.. ,.,,., , strik tUt , ,iari
r. n , t lt-wie 2 TTiree lu- ht i:r.-a
; I "JSro-haee hit nbff-M 1 Ftnle-i be
a i
ilay 1 I.ab!e plii.-I.-.Isi-tr l-J!e-.'t.l arl
ilifte 1 Time On- haur a! terinty rnlrute
melt's Cenner tm'i F-ierldna Atttnilir.e
rinrlnnatf 7. Philadelphia S.
". . I'.-Winiali -ett 2J -Iitadelpe-l, , ,;,.
1 fea:e.t In th euper' - h'.f.lrc ef tt-e Clnerla
I ; rsa:i ni had n nu-nber ej rnen left en Lie-
Atte-.lr. - iyr, car;
rf.:ui.-s v
Alii: O A 17
ArtH O A 17
lltirrr-i. Zi ;
fer-j- 'b 2
Klwell. If 2
Tin .ixr ef 2
i-er-tinn 7.
-tteiirdl 2 4
II rtin.lflba
"(iter rf 3
wi: c 2
Cfcer. - .
l l
" Tlc-a. cf 2
: 4
0 1
1 x
1 2
2 1
1 1
t 1
2 4
(e 0
e -: fsweon sb 2
C - U-tflf- lb 4
0 Marre. If . 2
4 tf 2
e rr.-iew. is 4
e IXeI.n. 4
4 ilu- r.. r 4
0 l"ttlriffr. p 3
T-'a-'t . 21
24 II 2
30 S4 27 14
Cllfl-J-a'l 1 n -J
I'Me.t'ielrU 9 9
2 1 1 2 -7
3 a ft 0 0-2
StAte-i te.
Tl-.ree-Sjeet -lt.-TltU.
I Oiri'Uiejr L terfl!t 2. ?eT-rwi.r 1 IfjuK'
rJ".r ntt'rrer re- -n iej llra-.t!! Tu y.
0 tne-nr aa-I falel 1 Harry tzz .--.hl l P;r.t
r. on r.i im livea J. e.T i-.nirfer 4.
Pe.-r!fC- b'tl-CillV.S I. lelrle 2. SCA''I 1.
una i. ii:t ctt i:-.itT e ii. s-.er i etneta
I TV -it i-.ttijr i. or aiee i zi-jt
cour as 2 n.i7--- raiKa.e- uro-u-e tiers.
Tart Wacaslra ta West TaartMlay.
le-dieTf:.- l- TS-eTelttVel M. J WIS",
fr-4et o7 tie Anercaa TatT slj
t!U aft7Xft- Jtaea i a cal! ftr tt- toeml-e-a
ta -re-t relt Tajr-Uy ererjir 'a Iv.-ITrf.I-.
It ! etD-srt; tfcat 11- City I'lrn tratk ni New
re-lee. tlltt tnke .rt.n-atle.tl f-J dlte. Il 1.
ntele 'esl that ttln 'Stl -'tl tr :'ra-
U-. ., 4-pea Nfl eCl - at. tie- iae t.' te -- ,
It.m it tie Cietrtr.t Cltr track Th- luestlem i
tt a-arrl-r tt ennt-act fur f-ersUMea- rartar I
nisr. tU c.t-- uj. and a tfeei.iwp, ., t cse- I
r.z the Lamia ceacsg ta csi-ected ta be !
Xearlj- All the Bijr Colleges and
Universitiea Will "Try-Onf
Their Klerens to Get Line on
Playing Material.
CVIumMa v. Union. New York.
Prir.ctors v. Washington anl
Jefferson. Princeton. X. J.
Harvard ts. WilHari. Cambrhl?.
Mr. .-.
ivnnylvnla t. Iehigh. Phlla
ilpipnia. Pa.
Carl'.!e v. Villa Nova. Carlisle.
Syracuipi v. Rochester. Syracuse.
X. Y.
Coniel! vs. Colgate. Ithaca. X. T.
ATlfcutMln vs. Xcrthwestcrn.
M.'.IIon. Wis.
Mlchlean vs. Ohio WXeyan. Ann
Arbor. Mich.
Pur-lu vs Belolt. Ifayette. Ind.
, N York. Sept. 3. With the pre.lm-Ina.-T
cunali'-niisers n tile shape of scat
tered gamer here and th-rn out of the
vay. tne Mr.-it act In the football drama
of lx. v-jii l-ejrin to-merrow. when almvst.
very colli eleven m the country will
due up against onnoeiner teams. Several
Kair-ni and Western combinations haie
already made their ilebuta. but the last i!ay
of September has been selected In a ma
jority of cases; as a most auspicious coca-Ion
m which to start the two months'
tour al!"ttn! lo the collegiate grlllron
For nearly a month now the candMat-
for place? o:i tlv teams have bieii prac
ticliiK under the watchful eyes of coach
es, one- plaj-ri thcmselv-s Train na:
table etiucth liaio been seUi-ied and Ll
ready those wno dire-cl tile pipskln cam
;uisr.s are fisurlnt on the pf-slblllties of
f rtaln players and places In th- final and
decisive contests of the year. The open
l:iir line-up. to-raorrow. in almost every
case, will contain a majority of the avail
able veterans of last season, and it Is
equally certain tltut thev wi:i rjlie. way
to the new eandidatea unless the game is
unurually c!cr
Iri!iccton and Cornell are the only mem
bers of the "HIg Six" whose elevens will
not appear for the r.rst time this season
to-morrow. The Tigers, ilifeatcd Villa
Xova. )l to 0. Wcdnesulay In their cpen
inic game, and Corn.-!! won from Itamll
teti. i to 0. under similar couditlon.
Pennslvanla. Ilnrvanl and Columbia
will make their first public appearance
and Yale Intended to until Trinity, which
was to act as the opposing team, can
cel d the game.
In the MiddU . Chicago. Michigan.
Illinois. Wlafonsln, Oberlln nr.d. In fact,
almost alt the big and tlltt- university
teems will figure on the f-ridlnm.
In this city there wi:i be football anil
baseball on the sani- Held with pracMcally
n intermission. Columbia will open tho
Pigskin season with a game atfanist I'nlon.
Is-Klniilntj at 1 o'clock in the afternoon,
aid at 2 o'clock the Brst part of a double
hader between the Illshlandera and
Cleveland is scheduled. The Union team
this season is report-.l to be stronger than
that of last year, and Is expected to glio
the local eleven a hard game for to early
In the season.
In the other tramc of Importance In the
Ktvst. West Point meets Tufts at West
Point: Princet-wi will t.iay Washington
and Jefferson at Princeton: Pinnrylvanla
meets Le-hieVti at Philadelphia, and Har
vard faces Williams at Cnnibridgn.
Ralph McXittriek and Joe Wear. State
tennis champ'ons In doutles. veerdav
won tie city doubles championship on iha
Triple A courts bv defeating It. M-'X.
Jd.es and Walter ileKittrlck In the rcml
finals. and Arthur Wear" and C!ar-nce
Gcmhld In the final round.
They won both matches with ease. ta
lntr the first from McK. Jones and Walter
McKlttrlck In two stramht sets. Tho Imal
was won Ir. ihtce straight sets, three out
of five wlnn'ng.
The scores were .5 ana 61 ana n
e-S nnd 6 The winners covered much
ground, and with their serves soon had
their oppon-inti worn down.
Warreukarg "Uiaea narti.Foaht
Fnolball Game ar Scare af 4 I.
nEPlllUrsrKCIl'e. Tn, .,.
V. nrren-ourK. -. -- e- -v . , ,
Vormal football team wan defeatisl here
to-dav by tho Warrensburg IUsh Sch-ol
team In a hnrd-fought game by a score
of 4 to 1.
first game on the low!
It was in
rhvekerboard this season. Tli- Ilinh school
put up n fast article of ball. althouh '
tiutwelgheil tentv pounds to th.. ,an.
Tl-t-e was no s-oro In th first half.
t the tlrst of thi last half John Mlltr
for the HIrIi School kick-d a field soil
from thi ttdrlv-Ilve-yard line, the only
score made during the game.
n. trait 4. Ilnaloa 1. '
roser. Spt. 7 -A L.ttirat rnilr in the rlnth
win tb-d-er'a same fr Iietrult by tha sre
f 4 to 1 Si.r.-
Iiel-r.lt i Boston
.Illl.O.An all!! a
A R .
ITrintiralf 4 3, e n rset. . s 2 1
l.!t e.ir Ui S 2 0 0 Etahl. rf .. 4 &
S-rhaefer. lie 1 1 4 2 1 Urejie-ub. Il 1 2
1.itrfce!.rf I I I n. 'l If 4 1 I
'ab, rf . . ft 0 O rreenia'i.lle 2 nn
ounV.lln.Sb 4 0 3 a e S'lS.-icli. rf 2 o
CeTn-. 4 0 2 4 I nls. J'.. 4 2 2
7Jul!en. p.. 4 1 n.is-.ser. c .4 3 4
Warner, c. 2 1 S 0 c:i. p.. 4 ft ft
2 0
a 3i
o a I
0 'e 1
1 0
U 0
Tfala 2S 27 11 2 Tt-tala . s 27 14 4 .
Ii-t-olt 0 3 0 I 'l 0 0 ( 2 -4
lie-ion . ) 1 1 0 ) 0 C ft -I I
Tetai bj- Mcir.tjr- 1, IJiUmr 1. lr!er
I Three taeej hits Crawftril 1 t-jorlflre hit.
farlau'. 1 Moler. baeCTh:er 1 Ioul e
plajs lVrt! and Freenvin !. Hatrs en balle- '
OfT Uullei 3. i-ff nifeon 2. ftri-!t out-Ity
Mullen 4 t'i fell-n 4 Ttnve Tito l."ir nl
etc.'tn rrlr.-a'ea Urr.plr .'osr-olly. Atten-1- I
re-, 2.441 I
Rhramatism does more thaa any other dis- ms'
eae to rob life of pleasure end comfort. It is so painful and far-rcKluaf; ta
its eCccts on the system that those afflicted with it find themselves ttttcrly
unable to enjoy bodily comfort or any of the pleasures o! life. Scawara.
bound hand and foot and suffer constantly with excruciating paias, iwhIIm.
stlaT Z .Iaaw eisael sttaassiaas.f aaa awsWlrl
oil J juiBUduu auiaaucs, -.
often distorted, crooked
limbs, while others have
intervals of freedom, during
which they live in constant
fear and dread of the next
attack, when, at the least ex
posure to damp weather, or
slight irregularity of any
kind, the disease will return.
The cause of Rheumatism is a sour,
bv food lvinr aadieested ia the atoraach. poor bowel action, weak kidaeva
aad a general sluggish condition of the system. External applicttiwaa; aack
as aiaiaeaU, oils, plasters, etc., do not resell the cause and can only Heteai-
: ept. . 1 . t. -. 1 .
tes, of all foreiga matter. It cures
because it coataws no narmiui minerals to oerange tse sromaca aao si
tioa. Book on liaieaautism and any advice you wish, without caarga.
tsrVkst 7lS Lint Strmu . tmCeimg. AssaM M. M U. At aUaswl Mm
Mia- a. at e ..
- - a- , i a ' - j- a. i.j -J " lie s saaaiw,
5KUOi liKHIIetr.. mr NAHUei,
esl-t fjr bcalEs. e- fiirr.at- rrau't :f wrwr. tt
ert'-'a.x k.j.a, rtr. pr,
ii.ssfiff rui-i,
-a w m )r-i ni4iuii4t c. r-s-rii" "jsTa'..y "urf-o.
1 r.elieri et tlfeseete L'
AKIl4CKf.K ta
Toi aee OR. Will
ubstl'.etes. pnaeK
crate charges, tall
" . eaej i. eeeeyee eee.i.e fceeeee. eaejeeeeeeyeeev
bitlon Is at the root of a area J
tho athletic trouble some St. ieawmfmm
find themselves plagned with. BfffVSU of
the local institution of leai-nfctc waBt to
be classed as college when Umt WfeTaUIr
preparatory schools. They atxtftat: pa
edacati boys rroia the tender sa of a
years to that of 21 or 22. InaatetKkina
wh.ch entertain children can seMCS lay
claim to university class as that sFs
understood in America.- la other -wsJta.
they arj not universities. bi.Las .;
versllles accept only young BMTav aWlaWjT
from U to 23. as students.
On this basis. Waahlnstoa lj "
clatti-d as the only anlTersity J"".
Lejuis. When other local ediocatlesal -stltutlons
take It upon themselvai to as-
ffeilllitC ItSJlUie,! ie7iii i.awvi e, . .. '
tne team Washington should stars
ere assuming an iniui-rauia- our
wt.lcn tney canuui iaij a
In all good faith and candor, thy"
cannot see now sciiuou. wn;u
.i..i..nie eiiii- vwa of whom are
-...-.... ..., -r----,---.- -,,-f.
age or i, can iranmu " 'Trrrr
to themselves) compete against nnW4waaT-B
which contain e young meo. the JfSlr
of them older than the oldest !
an.bitloui academies which woaH a"Jr
football with them. -
In order to acquire and matntam ea
!n tne univeraiiy riassuiBTie.
in 1KB IWIItlWiJ e.0 ..w ."
tory schools are cbllged to resort -slon
ami subterfuge, which iaSS
e..e ..-..I eehl..li fee the encl was aa
found unprofitable. It is a ileuam
taken policy and one which fH "
brine sorrow to those who purras H-
it i. enM that tX a month, and arol at
the union wage for the average cood J
by rootnau player aoiunn o- ewee
w'liat a farm hand Is worth.
in me liuieni iwriee gieecee wiii.n.g-
! la the name of Vl:uu-hti "uuilljeaiaiaii
bo;tfootem. Chicago Saturday BtsaSag la-
M. . .
Tliat Is nothing, comparoa wiut tam
iumi occupants of baseball
hurl at the pUyara.
-Rritrsh athletes bare not yet
r. Yiei.4 ttKee nreenlnl hlnarea of fl
to mere money." said Captain Mlsaoa of
tho 11Irrlms. discussing the wlatlra jtftl
tude of English and American atMatea
toward the almighty dollar. Tha .
men must be rheumatics.
llr Sammte firennstetaiu
TWeei wrm m TIAltaher nldeaar IIIWIIHM
Who was ferry y-unik tsvit ad rr
Sua ite siuuigea nie awe i
alt Cbben raaktt Kane.
Tjnd lelajrdt Ilgka be at ptaks i
Oh. Itaba XrMtiL
Yen sure raised, 'aa
With Cbnnl Mack,
Now ean you tell.
Oh. Rube TVadfletV
How snaaj bratas
Ton laekr
a fteaee. liaierleatt fieae JoTm
la gjr'i4r Ore; fas th equina hes-tuv
ivi-.en r.e mans uenaia awca
He'll crt florped on Ma back.
And Baa Johnson -a III dance oa tua
It la said that tho Sultaa of
ft riereee.- rAilises hltn tA offer
rlage to every white woman who siaMa
Ms realm. Ivt tn hope that th ckavrsv
Plon female pugilist, the lady pltcnar aad;
the woman Jockey visit th Island aad
accept ttn offer.
"Why Is Andy Coakley Ilka aa als
phantr asked It. Stuart Muckenfass of
M. Stanl-y Kob'.son. These baseball an
split their nenies like tjolfcrs.
(eive li ur. suiti i. ce;.inie7.
-cnie he I.lt Kube Wadden WttB Jhta
I case. Hew). lice. haw. haw. hal
si.it ense.
laughed Mr. Muck.
Where Is the 1oke or riddle?
Mr. Kobtson. "An elephant has not sat a
suit case."
"That's right, that's right.- rsfltad
Muckenfuss. "I meant a trunk, but tt
was not a trunk Coakley hit Hubs with.
eaaai it"
"Xo." said Brother Blsn. "but X
they were all porters that nlgnt.
"How sh dotr put hi Hewaiaa,
rrciindt-Kiseper." a relic of the gfa
ru-tonisir. w men grew, nounsoan aaai aa
cayesl with one Chrlj Von der Aha.
"They probably were carrying their
loads." nadi Mr. Roblson with aa air Of
finality which forbade further psychical
Tim cincAOo T9. 91 unim r,
TAVII play tana half said Jerry H'lat.
"We'll Mt anil ntn. slug ratch aaaV .
Them i"htea:o plucs will nut be In tt
With us .-. tVeukwas for una mJmrta.
Golfers are beginning to get busy aaowt
St. le.ii's. G.nral Mi-Grew. Mr. Glltlam
and otlur net ve m-n ar- enthusiastic In
promotion of the Missouri Stall chasaploa
ihlp This event will 'take place at Wor-m&r.di-
Park n-it week. That It will
answer any purpo not already served
by the city and Transmtsslsaippt chaun
pior.sh'p Is doubtful. That It wlU orga
r.lzc the Ht.ito Into a golfing unit la cer
tain, and that will lie a. most dealrabl
The no'nen's tournament will eMaws
it'onic nl-out the stm- days. It la to ha
sinct-relv hop-d that the gentlamea who
play Kolf in St. Ie'Jis will, for a day or
two. fori'KO their hacking and dlvoUag.
bunkeriiiet. ticjplnj und swearing lotuj
eiioueth to f!l In behind the ladles ni
enciiurage them to p.'ay soir. Ho Tar tae
women of St. leiuls have had scant cour
tesy In th-ir .-fforts to learn the cam.
TJiy have !- n le-rmltted to play when
th-y shculd do so without getting In th
wai .f thee men
There Is or. tho tapis for fill dissuasion
a mle.i fotirsr.me. at leart auch aa errant
has N-en sirfK"ii of (w power In golf
said it was nil rlclit. but wanted It played
rf. medal scor-: In one aft-rnoon during
the f"tate champ'onshlp S-emeil as If aa
aant'il tl.- eint. wtiirh should b tho
on- i f the e.ison. playe-l off aa fast aa
possible It ! a wonder to the writer.
now that hi tomes to think of It. that
he did not proi-ose. thit the competlng
coupies photild n.fs a coin or draw straws
for th- cure aid I-t It ko at lhat.
!-"or all-round cl--in-xra,nd auto-aaars-
ciatlon an iinro-con.-mpiuoi.eneTijj .eji
niei.d ir.e the man golfer of St. IeOuls.
j t-ranTnteel wnth Hfcern-aaltaaa Urn Owat.
years, bad been under the treatment of jfcjaV
cians, and tried eixryibiao; rcrantaKami to
e, but all to no avail. My kaee aad elbow jab
were so ttiff that I could not ate tlieau. I
able to do my bousebold work, aad was traty ia
pitiable condition. S. S. S. cared arte after tMiag
it for awhile, and I amlatatatitigly fire it th
credit it so much deserves.
Stk A...UiTfpool.O. Mas.M.A.
acid coaditioa of the blood.
puiais- a.tict. i ue utui-, iuuh uc vit.a9SAiauBlsaBjri-
fied before a care can be had. S. S. S. attacka the
disease ia the right way it neutralizes the poisaa
and filters out every particle of it frota the Haai,
stimulates the slagzish organs aad dears tht -ra
the disease permanently aad aately
-. C.-a-ta. 0a & tr aa.
teVrVOO sflstaBaMAaflaM A
rj. MaadTili. ""
- r rf?cr,t.j m r-ttlical cnr.
vu;. r-j rcr ar-. .- m rcaaitL
d- raiafoL tufaM...
natt i aafesja.
- i - e r tiHrll uen.n.
.' flLt.:- ac4 HKtT At. A
eeia aqviavr ia saa
rt -t eau., - . .
n IKK In person aa gipart aaaaaaWaV at
co.-.r-jitatioa aaa asaaaiaattoa.
or writ.
.a atatata. i
".. te,V - ...
, iiagat?i"-TJlei,"-"

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