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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, September 30, 1905, PART I, Image 3

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1 -Lai w -
Fifth Floor.
Objects of Art for Home
Decoration and High-
Grade Furniture.
THE artistic merchandise,
purch ?! by J. KE.V
XAKO & SONS for tiilr
fall onanin;- is now upon dis
play, and the public is invited
to study the objects of interest
with the sa.rr,e freedom as in a.
Waaala-rtaa A-, at Foarth .St.
Tickets on Sale Daily Until
October 31. 1505.
Leave St. Louis
9:00 A. M. AND 10:10 P. M.
City Ticket OQc
Sixth ani Olivt Streets
iirm. !. anal llrkrt Aaeat.
ST. I.OI !.
M loala ItsTatl 1b Ilrawa la
Hrswlatlnaa 'irlln !
lion if President Srlph.
i i nv-etltit; of th- AUIiry ltourd of
t . S; liut" I-:n'"rat. 1ut' hrld lt
j ctvt at the cibi-ue. reo:utiin "
.trawti roniiiiridit. the uitlon of Presi
d ti ?rlph in c-illiHC a .nprtiMn puh
It v J'ir" r.-'iln at in- clubboue ! r
i.t ler 17 slid l-o for bis efforts to pro
n -e iiarmonv in the JVmocritle ;.ar:
- . the dee-aterway t th" i'.'f ha-
lv, tiiken up b the vrlou.s niereaniil
s. .'iois of tt' cit. Mr Selph hi dls-
, 1 the m itter araotic tne ni.-mi-r-.
t. t and tfi- imrt'ia-nl h
i i:a
t ae..n -us uppr".i
1 v stton win t nt 'eevtv b
' vU oritunt ''n J.i the ,fv .ti
a 'i
ef i vi'l ! Iiuj- t V t a r.
Ii rrtion ....
re mutters ' I" !'- ' ---e-1 "n t
r. t nf thM i- in; tt- tuuniioi.
be- V the .lr5 t.i-rs- the O 'T
n 1 the bond !" " " ', I' '
i 4 t ,-etn-"i-S n '- d'-usi.M
T. n Thoti:iii'l Homes Kiiim-il b
ICerent Kartlnpiakes in Italy.
srii.-jt.tiY wis.
riir niti ' i'J''
Nr". S'P '
pjrleht. :.t.li!-
rate tsfornialloti rr-.ie.i trcm . nirri
- -. - ...L-..
hows thst the d!t'er sreuint i tr
earthquakes far jiteatrr tn -.'at
than : r.tst sinpros-d
Althouch thr li hae elsp.e.1 .ir.ee
the hc-- oci-urrni e amocnt of darn
ace done ti.s rot T be- n a -ee-t ,ilne.i
It !m t r-" ' 'nn 'hat th runt
K.- ef heo.es re.lu.ei c rwtrs cr r-Tt.l-rl
tjnl-.trtM table ara i to m T th.n b"
Mr more than IV"'1 re.rue at h.im-
1" i
t rj--t f"- i crril report, tha i
T'al million li- tav- teetl .- " te-t
If' hs; the ni'a-u . .r-ais Jsken to
a evte tle dl'Jres -a..! by tb eartb-
Q-ilVes are quite fVCieqUAte
Tfle easj
Want Ad
irtun RersiMif
tare Rrattlls
t lentra'la.
Ka-vtiui srn : vt-
O-.trs Is. f j.;-t r TtJ' I---
t'fc-iT- ie ti f l--inc BtniT.e
Ktist rm.-e . -t. fR-s!
SM- 1U1
lrnr sond W n4 ii-l
t ersn.1 rsee f(.St ..
1IU4V... first l II IthT tecocJ
T-o.r-1 t-ic '- -! ta- la '
erst finesse. ,-t ie-t. 1 r-t
-.-!. rsee wx.s.j- -nil It -4
erst SMstalT. e S Nits Wici s
J' JLt .B
A Natural Bracer
.asialsaalllaaaBasm 4
; ar 3
IW MdHlMt. ttat ie tn-e
utstfilaix ciVtsvrau.
Desired That Senior Senator
Might Have Tempting Plam
Available for Campaign.
Doubt f. 1 1 Whether Callom CohM
Deliver Appointment to Ex-
Governor Because of
Kimsevrlt's Attitude.
Tl-e Republic nuRU.
Wyatt RilMIng. llih and F 9treta.
Washington. Pi r Joseph W. Ftfef a
fn'.n-lslj'ti Tor Senator Cuilom hastened
hi? t!rii!i n n retire irom the Interstate
Cmrr.er.e O.mmiFs.ou. in order that the
M-ni'jr P-iaTi.r from Illinois might have
this plum aveil-ible for 'z-e in his catn
(aign f .r t--e o -Hon. Whilp it is not be-iiev-d
hre that Governor HfT's retlre
mnt !! nded in any way upon the 'de-veiopm-nts
in Hi" tight in .Illinois over the
ti.vorrhip. his great friendship for Sir.
I'ul'om. ' whom h- was Indented for the
appointment at Itit-rrtate 4Vmmerce Com
m!(..olO!iT six v-eara rro. t thought to ha n
Mirsf-vn-ii the Ii-n f placing the Job at
his I'isjoral when it aoul'i do him the most
It will b recalled that I'overnor FT
w s prcmliently mentioned for iii4Vni
si ear.s ago whin jv-nator ""ull"m was
.p fyx r-- leeMon at that time. ard that
hiv opportun- removal from the 1I-J1
he w.t id cl'.ir i.p th" ritu-itlon tr Mr.
'Ibrn Th" 'lUTtion is helne asked here
v j this lami' maneti, cr would not be
fi-eili st this tin.".
Whether J'v.rr.o.r Vales U to le- wiicM
ftv th- ar-:ia ly th t:nptatin f a
ll.'" ! h in shi:igt.ti r n-'i remain; to
! t) It if esesnIinBlv doubtful that,
I'ullom -r.tl, .i.-iu. r the "od Vw
'f h choo-. for th": P.esi'e Ill's ulsllke of
Vrft-'S l U()I kno-aii
Krin!s T Senator '"ulinm lir .Jo nnt
-r-.Iit th Ftrv ffnn Illin'm that any
l il hrif l--n s cs'-tl with Mr. Vat-
ai !i tli" ii !"". lut tli"j' no ra-!on.
ui'-lni;. tf rours. that Illinois i to
r-' tin l-i r'pr'-"nfa'fiii on th Intr?tat
"MPi"rr. 'iiiinl.',l"n. why S tiato' ul
io.ii h il.l not Iriv this "nninitmiti.in In
i-r rf" for !: at t!i- pIr im It 1
MiKR'--t.xl that Ii" may --.ait until h-
ipjwitinit for- lnv li-en iV"Iopil nl
1'r.ffl up l-for" hoi'lia out Iho halt to
tli- rniiIiUte. --.hum ho conM'Wt- rr.oit
lik'v to ace-pt. and -l:o strrnth.
-.- nhlihM with hi; on. -Brill h sufUclcnt
to aviir- Ins t-turn to tli Senate.
Onitnwr VifT hai m.rl no ?or-t of his)
lslr" to r'tlr" from mihlic llf Jn Wash-
, (nston f-r inr hl -vrloua Illness Jast
hi iif r nut n" toii tv i"w inai a iuq
llnallv ina-io tip his miml to no I'aelc to
lliinoi January I Amonij; theo. ho-ver.
na Senator f 'utloni. a-iil It wa-i from th
ul!oin follow) r- at Sp-!n--flIi that th
rrjMirt of hL rltir"inii,t firtt -ame. and
proved a mrprim to Jo-ernor Flfer him
i'If Whll It rhar-rin1 him a little, he reeo
tilzd th" tolltra valuo of th announce
ment for Ms fri--nl. Senator Oullom. and
promptly -rind th refort. The natural
roursw would have teen for Mr. Flfer to
jt.I hit. reMitnalion to th President,
and It Is known that h" intended to d
ii hooii hi Mr Koo-teveit returned to
Wa-hlnaten. He wan f.iretalled. however.
ty Senator rullom's friends at Springfield.
MJMM Dallara Watrtk af rtatklraK.
rrvereoats. suits, coats, pants, suit cases
at bed-rock prices. Dunn. Sit Franklin.
Tea Hatered la Skaw CI vea I'ader
Ulreetlaa of St. Laala Payalral
t'nltarc Society.
!Ti-n eontcted for mzes last nlsbt at the
Ilenury Show at Concordia t Hall. Xo. lltl
I'boutwiu avenue, given by the St. IjouU
I Physical Culture) Society The affair Is
very select and only members of the eo
cicty in C(hm Manil'.iiK are allowed to par-
Iticlpste. Judges uf th contest found It
a more difficult affair than they had
imagined to jucKa of the beauty of the
Xo prir winners wre announced. The
l Judsci will have until to-nlsht to ponder
tov-r the wii;iity probIns and arrive at
I a dcc!!(n In th meantime .veral feml
' nine hearts Wat hlKti witli hnr. for It has
ten ttat"l that the wlr.ntr will be .).
I Ione,i to enter the National llcautv Show
j to be held at New York. In which the
t prize amounts to Sl.("
I Each candiilito lor the honor posed ly
herIf In drapery the irl took rjcr
tand b'hiud a curtain and at a Riven
word the curtain would be withdrawn.
hil murmurs ot admiration ran through
th" spectator The fair ones were en
tered bv minders This was done because
of th estrfme modesty of several of the
It was state.1 last nlpht that a beauty
snow, in wnicn men win iio tne lysine.
I w-.ll b heM m th- hall to-night Facial
neauty aion wm not count, and tne win-
r.'r must be an Aj-Dl.o The Judces of the
- -i:et are John 1" Kendab. It Reirb.-
arl IXvtor J. K Nortrcwtt and ljuls
1'orn.er Mrasenger. Mho Knagat ta
ar With Julia Kaa. to Itr Arreat-
eil If lie arhi nras.a.
mi.uur. Ill S-pt 3 Following a visit
otn Si-lil .'vnt Ir!. of th Pacific Ex-pt-
im;vtn Jo'jn Ityaa. the i-;inf
m i.. . woit i--i m a iui m an -pmsi.i
.dnI. -i-e out . i warrant
to-.laj f. r IMarJ It iJre.n. charging a s
i a'iii with !.ii- u: t Kill.
I h" warrant . In tr.e har.ds e tl.e
sl wr'lT ilr. - s-ill in the lios-pital III
nidltlon l -1 .uui. with chitices of rc
nrv Htsiut ii-i
Pactilc Eprei itficm! declins t make
a statement but -m to think Ryan had
up!cions by tie tlm" Itmcnt wa.s
racl,ed thnt ilreen contcmjatiil robbr
tn the car
T'lev have offlcer looking up flreen's i
r.-ent re.-rd nt iln-aco ani Mtmmond. ,
Pielr artlon toward i;ren is I.k"Iy to le :
d'lermlneii n w rrit t iliium.
The tMle that i5r.en r-'.e all the way
tn the c-ir is crowlr.s. but it Is not be
lt. ed thit either tnan was undr the In-
Suenc nf liq'jijr
The f-trt that ilr-en liad a loaded
vlier Is r.-iari'-d as :r!l lot R-an
,-or.tltsues in the n-p!;l, b'j; Is recov-
Wi-iiitielin IJineker of South St.
Imis to lie IIurit.il Iler
X ell- !-r-rt 1 1.T 1A-.I xcstrrxlav
amour- r-l -h- de.itb of e:r I'li-i Unick-r
of N- 2C iuppew.i sr-et -'He if th- .
t .vnown men harts ii So-:th : le)ui
tr -s
' It!" --
-. a
eie i
: ihm, -f; tea"' :or
"1 t? ln. l::e!':-.b.
. in 1x4.. an.1 cae w I
Mr IlrieVr
; liadrt. (i-nra
! r.M.t - tsTt V e- months im h.
j xv-Slt ti xflt Ms relltlxes It the old horne
I II death a a- du hart disease
' ,r anr"' 't are -s'trc made to irtr.T
, is- r-i t. ss L. aj and th funeral
.;i take ! ice here Ir ib-ut two weefcs.
Mr Pmck . rmtr of several or-
i.-isIkie' H' -s s-j-me.1 by a wsfe and
1 .- -h.kSree Mrs Es-t I. Xittvh Jr
std t-e liwfi A -a 1 U and AJe
1 ir.-i r
Death nf Inn .eaill( Op'rsten. Oae
I'resialesii sif ibe idlralr. Is
Per x S-T,' r "5 J-3re s anUSJC;
c USl La vass.-le art VU11-:. i-a-llrg
ojw-at r i- te vi- t-rc.t.
lis :- je t prefSieat cf he juiar .jm-tlK-ste.
T -!'" deata o' Maarvre H-'uclls-,
fcJ cf the 1-jrxptUa re2r.r;es.
s nj- -Tvel
ts alo !
nf.-wlB tne ruiuTe n Jtltr-t i
tfc- death of f-ronier -r:s;y de- I
53jar -r-arset.
lUslaslstpt Has SS ew fa
Jayk-oavte. MS.s -Vs. " Tie susn
mary 'f r oses, ja the -:ate for t5
txt t tTty-tnr hars ts as fallows;
v.-strg. Is. Xatcher. 4. Hasdtbcro. J:
Guif-r. J.
1 .BatV J
I afF ' -mk
t Br'a m ' -BfP5
I IVMr a f , . &KllaK:ass-ak
I LsssPtv' f? . J " . BB-Bf-
T ft-' S " aBBsssssaVTjgHj'-tt-iNt.- ZlaWSaW
i sssssssC-r A faBKaf-tjilf
I Mss---- s" -" BBSSWSSSJ'ijf
i:ui:i-:in s niTi.Kyir ; ii. Tit.vtu.
Attom"ys la. the Miller .murdrr trial at NVtr Madrid, which came to a close
yesterday. Mr liu'I'-dc-- Ii I'rmertitlnjr Atturney of Xtw Madrid County. G.
II. Ttajl-r a.-.stst-d in the dfrn ot MlIK-r.
RCr!BIJ 51'KflAU
X;w ll-:r!.l. Mo.. Sepf Z: - Tl: tril f
Arthur MilTer n a cart;e of murd-rinic
Kirhitrd Ij I'Lmt in th- H.irm-s Hide"
mlhlirhrtoI n .Iaiiur 2T!. rCi. cam- to
a clos" her- to-ia-. anl th- cjs-! wm.h
:i-Ti to th" Jury
l'it" tM. aft"ti)oi th" Jurv Ind bren
urml to nsTci- on a urdtrt The jurymen
were brouRht ir.to court by tli" is.;e:fT
and tl;e for"inan announcrd that no vT
diet h.id iM-en atn-l at.
It is tind.rMPod trt they stir.d four for
acquittal and 'isht for convicilnn.
The trial bepn on W-1neday mrnlrs.
Forty witnesses nen- t xa mined duiin?
th" tlire- days tI-I
prns'-utm Attorney t!ut!ei!s w.i as
sistel in the ieinec-itln l Attorney J
V. V.r.ran Fo: h" ' fen". I II Tray-
Timely Arrival of Detective Dan
aher Spoils Mrs. Mary tiilliert's
rians for Suicide iu Presence of
The prompt arrival of Detective Tim-
;! nananer. yest.-rdav afternoon, was
all that prevented Mr?. Mar- i!illert. the
mother of four children, from cmlin h -r
life by tbrow-im; herwlf into the .,u.trrv
at Spring avenue and Forest ljrk boule
vard. She declared that it was her In
tention to commit j-uiclde.
Dttectlie lJ.in.ihcr was on his way
home, when he was attracted bv a crowd
of excited min. women and children pntli
ern1 around the quarry. They wre
watching the peculiar actions if a woman,
who was Mantling on the s!?e of the
quarry, apparently preparing to cast h r
?"lf to the bottom. The spectator teemed
in fear of the woman and none inter
fered with her.
Detective Danaher cautiously motcd up
teMnd the worn. in and irnihlx-d her Ju't as
she wvs ahout to Juirp. She fouoht furi
ously, liut iwcale'r succeeded in t.-iklnK her
to a tek phone box. where lie called n
patru. wagon from the Eighth District Po
lice Station. The woman was taken to the
City Dispensary, and later was rent to the
City lle.-pi:.il for ob-vrv.itlon
She gave iMvr.il names, b-jt r.ns identi
fied as Mr. Mary tliibcrt. of No. :"-. O't"
Itrllll.int" avenue. Iter maiden name. sl:
says, was Jcutit Qui ne. She n she is
repar.ii-il from htr husband.
as tntrimut Means s,or,.r f
Wli Krr . aail Solution f All
Problems nt Life.
KKI'flllJi FMIi'IAI.
Cleveland. O. S.pt. "i.-John D. Rocke
feller, in his addn-s l prater tnixtlug
at thv Euc.Il Avinue Church, to-night,
told hU heariT.s what to do to le saI.
He mode a firvent appeal when dicu-lng
the promise of the cuen.int
"It means the s.ucee.:5 of all who keep
It." he said. "I ls-liee the solution of
many of the trouMs-ome truh.em which
iittsfnmt t:s toilay the nff.iir- of busi
ness, labor, finance, and cwn life lt.df
will be easy tor i: In the covenant which
wo keep.
"As we come ngctlier hire, prompt-.!
and control!! d bj she ypirit of love whi-h
Is in Jtsus. i anno: but Ulb-vi that th
tlwtj Is ne:ir when th'ie on the outs de of
the church will -- tfclo A criat w.ne of
relgtn 1 sw.i-plr.ir over the lountry.
We SC" It evirwvhere Rellclou. Joy o
pe.irs whercier .o turn. We nh'i'haie
-xperlenc.-d this life have t.o ilotibt but
tha thse iwn we :r- tru- .ten
"There is no line drawn by Jol. Tie
doors .ne open to tn- rich. "rRr. hiih.
low. !at,orir. emplov r -'her. i t-o dif
i fcrer.c God c ills fni lit-, -hndreti The
day 1 cvini.ic whiti the K-eat. i ir .Ibt
j of hope that whi'h i our w- life. hjll
I be is.iiummited In 'Kril't Ijet u. r
! Joi.-e ir th- ,-Cht of thti hope
IVare (JolilliliS'tiiIier to Kei"eive
Honor From Kniju-ror.
St Pi;erburs. S.pt :?-M Witte left
St Ivtcrsburs o-djv ty lioat to m-et
Empttor Nieholjs. h. with his family.
Is prolonging on yai htl g trip in th" Fin
nish Oulf.
The meeting will take ila. e at nji-rhe.
i -he tn '-equ' ot.-l Ij"!e tish'ti;; rrt wh re
! th t-ent Interview 1-tnctn Emj--ror
.mi noii aiju r.n;j"ror iiiiam iook x ac
Just I.-fore the ivaco r-or.lerrncc. ,aid
where the lmrcttsl yacht Polar Stat a
now 1 Inc. 1
It is leen reporte.1 that he will t
made a fount and r th. o-dr i
St Andrew, w th uhirn Prrsiients Fiure
n.t t'r"Vw.t -. '".-ifl IHtl .." I
sii'stintlsl honor raav l hij nn-r.!r..i:ton '
to tne poet r: i niff t!-- i"atin. !
... . ... t - .r -j- 1.
Mlfliael Hnitly Mllfels eriiHIS III
ji:ri.- in 'rosin-r Track.
Mihael Rradv 3 . oil. Ilvlfg at
4IK North Itrosdwav. was struck bv
n -outN-ticd Prnadwav ear last raght and
iiJTe-e.1 irjur.'-e that tfxx c.tu.e his -leash
ll is at 'he "It. !lopi'..' with 1 broken
arm. -vcral bail sca! w .urrf ard lanrj
ticr cf the nan Is ar.d budv His rari'
tlon . sasj -5 N sr-iots
A e.n!ir.c to the prlfe rs-ady mad; n
efcrt sc rros she tracks ,ri fre.nt cf No
r"l Nor'. Ilrosdway when a e-ir jn
charre nf Motormar. Wh:.i K Iarker of
No -J 4saze avc-i- ran him down.
He w ss tV't to the North End IM?n
rxry li Patrolman We-.nau.-ht f th
Miitsr.tM I i'trii t and then to th hespitaL
Will ! Miter Adtlres on Sterlinjr
Morton at Nebraska ritv.
p.rrrnur srDf- vi
Ntbmski. lty Neb. Spt Z- Grovr
Ov-larrd It Is ar.-XKtvd to-day. will
delii-. r the a.'Jrrj e: t:e ur.vflllcc of the
Ktatne to . forrc-r seerr-arv- of Arrt-
cnltare. J Sterllca? Morton, whlrh Is now
I pt.c crectei In Morton Park, tals city
TT. tst3 arTSve-i irora i-iru srvrai
eiis arn ari i. now rirs errctexj un-
J dr tf.e suptrvtstos cf the sxrclr.tor. Ra
dolpt. Ev-ans. wbo is a rsscst of Miss Ann
jiorts at Ars-or iere
TS-- itate ot tne c-rviung a-' rs tjeen
deftritel-r rived, bnt tt 1 Int'n-ied that the
crtsstnr sha take plare. en October 14.
pris-i4o pad Morten, eon of the late
Secratarx-. can eax-e the troubles of the
i Equitable at that tizee.
lor of thl i:v. as.vi.-tfd bv Jcdje If. C.
O'iSri-!. ..f ri:irlr-tto:i. U V. I'ij-her of
X'-7- M-idrid niid fvter Stay of Man.-M.
Ky.. wire the attrrneys.
parham T!::ai. ijeofx.
The trUtS of Mo:it IMrhani l-r the kil!-ln-f
of Jicniv X"Scn at a lUncif in l".r:
Township l.tt Ju:i2 .is iall-l di-xctiy
aft-r thti Milit-r cae lUi Kiv n ; th?
Tho le.t!ninv thus far offered l cen-filoiIi.K-
The frlend of tu-h ii'in '
that the vtr.er nun Jlrd the nr.-ii fhct.
Thf ! f- si.v Is F-ttbtK up a p!c of .!f
dfen .
Th" attorneys are Robert S. Rtitlolse
and II. Tr.ilor for the state and
Moore & Parsons of Sikrstuu for thf tic-fcnM.-.
If Governor Herriek Wore Hir
sute Adornment. Case of
Woman Will Take Different
Ri:pi'iu.:t: j-pkoiau
Cleveland. t. Sept. . Whetb.er Gov
ernor Hcrrick had u m:ista-h; i.i-t
Wcilncisiay anJ whctlnr. if h" had iliis
facial adornment, lie was in Columbus on
that d.ito will largely decide the f.ite of
Mrs. Sophia I-ev.
If the Govcrr.ur was In Columbus and
Lad a mustache it is prolable Mrs. Is-v
will be reiurnfsl to St. LauLs to ."taud trial
on the charge of taking mortgag-d go.ns
from the tlty. If tfie contniry I- MoV"i
she will pbably ifinnln In Cleveland.
City detective arrested Mrs. Iev Mon
day, and held her for th- St. Iyuls au-thoritl-v.
Her hubtiiI asked for a writ of habeas
rurpus. but Jde Philiipii rofu.-e.l the ai-plli-ation
and rtmaiuied her m the jM'Ice
station. Tliiirxlsv morning l"tecfivi
John Fiuau ot SI." Louis arrived in ill",
city with a warrant for fmia.il of tin
woman to St. l-ouls.
Mrs. Lev Is tightlm: her extradition The
case came to the Common Pleas Court
again to-day. and Jude Neif l trjin to
deride .vhnlfr or not she kIiouM' t.e i. -
I turned to St. UjiiN.
After !.'-"etiv Fmati liad toM on tint
witnex tajni i!tu- je lud c:ii:.si .it ti'e
Oovtrnor's o!!Ui in Colnnibus and pre
sentiil hl lapus. .s-uriiis a warrant of
removal In return. Judse Uim.-ou. caun-s-'l
for Mr. !.". wxtteil to let s-:re the
Uovernor slsnni th warrant.
Finan wii :l!:etl t,, descrlb' the -nan
wl.i gave him the papets in tli" Oov
ernor'u nKlce. Hr p,-.. . description that
eio-!y fitted llnurnnr H-trlck. but he
win not sure of th" mtu-tat-lie.
Judge I.im-ou li:ist.s the Governor
wears surlj an ornament.
"A little bit larger than mine." he ex
plained. Finan still was i.ot sure.
The attorney s.-:d that the Govirnor wa
not In Columbus Wednesd-iy. and cons
quently could not hae Ined the war
rant. In order to assist In the Identification
of the Govrnor. Jude- N"ff ordered the
bailiff to tli.d a i Icture of the chlf --
lle;ipl.ird with a lithograph tint had.
at on- time In its lonj life, graced a
tore window With all .ol-mnitv th"
llthogrtph was unrolled Is-fore tiie'dep-.-tive,
when h" was uncirrtalii of the lleu
. Attempt. So Par na lllsrovereil s
Made by Thief lai Dispose nf Val
uable Paaers.
N-.v Vert:. Sept ; -So far as coul.j !...
ni-. rtiln-l to-:ay :.o nf"nit !..i- . t
in en made bj she th!-f who g .i jwe.'on
of pi!i worth of ecuritll bv pre..nt
lnc a foried check for tfci-m n't t!i- .i
tanil ft Hank yeterJav to di:'. ,t
The detectives nnJ the financial rne-i In
terested in the l"s arc malting vrv . f
fort to prevent the negotiation or sje cf
the sicurttlci. and to Xlnd th anting man
who prti'iited the bank n fo"ri;.d Cli !;
liaring what ptir;trtl to be the sig
nature of Petri & Co.. the own-rs of the
Albert I!oiili:un lJeixirts Thoft of
M. His Entire Capital.
The affliction of Altert Ronlnm. a blind
man. was the golden opporP.nitx for a
pickroch't who r'lel his nefarious avoci-
i tlon on a trnln yesterday
'"" "-. '" ' was remove., Ir0m ins
isonn-im pur'
" '
I the rot-tents, amnti-tine to sa
were s t-leri Ronham was unable to tell
'u: wnen tne men was c mm'.tte; 1 u;
he s sure that I.e had the nuTo-v in his
I-.-r.--.on when he Lnardel th trairi at
l. h-inojn ICas
Th mom v rcp-eser te. the ,n- j mil's
only raplt.il and ho was unn!e -. e".
tinue h . jourrey to '."ntiton Hi tie -e-r-rt-l
she ro-b.-v j-. Srga"r 1;,.. -,t
the Fmon Stat, Vt ! has ask-d f-r a-istan-c
from Att
s. j, sv 1
Mionri Lincoln Trust to Hold
Lewis Fund.
INr.e of she irJutct.'on t-ri-iif-d : n.
05 I-i. cf theil'ntid Stmt's Penple-,
Rack and th I-wl Punishing o:n
I firy was served estrdy 0-1 the oSlrers
I of the j:i.urt-Llr.coIn Tnist Company
I Ix-vtor Pinckn FSfnch. vice preside-:
or tne i-usi enmpanj. sia in: the tniy
conrs to pursce is ont of compliance.
cn.e?s xh" Cnis-i! Stales pot fi!ice ;v.
pirtment should tae action whlrh wouM
"-quire some othr rncedure.
t-atiajfard and Jaekassa Dram.
lUItSta--". i-tpl fem I.ssrf n! of Hes.
tei and Yvr-r r-tr Jsr-on cili.'ttis
rnrr ta a ftfiiec-roaaS t.t e-r.!rt Tt-'-rtrr
tte e!als.-i r.n.". t-.lrt. r.'r
o liar Ci rtt ie J isen !.r-t a ejt
-tnii-it kioas. nd r--ate.-- fct'iita ana
str!M M'-!". amir -est.:i)r j-L-ri- act
rtsvrarr-- aftr l-elrj ctfiTe-I t, r-ak. Attrr
XAff-rl sstt" rscsJed arksar s -t .. n M
put? r.l ta-s-r.rel Sita 1tt at-airht s,n
Mc. als- s wul ircuihcMt tts crstea
rx.i t? xff-s rsKul tt a 4r-
.Irkasasa nefraesatatlva Dlea.
RnrHUc srEci.M-
I Jttl'e R.-k. Ark.. Srt S -Representative
J. F Mantle of Columbia County
dle-i at h'.s home Ir Mrao!.a Iat r.Irt
aft,. an lllnesvs of several weeks. He
mas rrtrfjd.jct of the ColoraLla County
Mrs. Leah Allen Arrested on
Complaint of Minister, WBb
Charges She Took Garment
Daring Revival Services.
The Reverend J. II. Flower of X. !
Olive street, who Is i-onducting a revival
mt-etlne In a tent at Twenty-second asd
Ixcust ftreetr. laai nUht caused the ar
rest of Mrs. I.?ah Alien. 42 years old.
whom he chat?.- ultli -neallnr a cloak
from his place of worship Thursday nignt.
The arrest wa made br Patrolman dul-
dlhee of the ntral District. The cloak
, b-longetl to Miss Ada Raita of Xo. atU
North Taylor nvonn-.-. Mls Ra2 left the
rurment on a rna'r. and v.nen she looaeu
for It later it had dl-appcircd.
Mrs. AlK-n. it is stated, by the police,
went to the tint aiuln last night, wear
in? th? cloak. It wait In h?r poMesaton
when she na- arrestMl. She said she had
no place of a!ode. ghc was locked up.
Five of Sis Br'Bhfaa Beaeh Kaees 43
to Other Thaa Fasroritea.
Xcw Ycrlc. Sept. 2. Martin Doyte was
tho only winnint; favorite at Brighton
I!ach to-ilay. the edtcr events falllcg to
played second ciiolccs and a lore shot.
First race, six furloncs-Rusk IL (Reman
ellll. S t 1. won: ianntncy. Vi IB. Stalthl.
4 ! 1. hreonl: Just S. 1 iHewell). IS to X.
thhd. Tin-e. 1:1- l-S. llertir. Jewup. Pan-cseatl-.
Alijiw. Klarn-uLi. Suffice. Ladir Hn
rttta. I.iin-tta. PouMe S'x. InvinclW. llan-ritt-.it
Ilr DjrPle CulI. plntoon anJ Master
Itlm alf r.ti.
Scon.l race, rix furlnn- Cfcarler. 110 Mar
t!r.i. 4 t I. vr-.n. Itnnx Nrmplu lt ibynsi. 4
to S. i tvnl; rice i"l-th. HI iltcnvuielll). S to
!. third Tune. t;t3 ;..v Sir li-ii. -ak Znike.
Herc:.tar and lisrlv .-nd tfn also ran.
Tl.lr.l rare, n-.t!- "ani ene-Utent!t Martin
''"r'.-. SM iVV Kn.ii.;.. 4 to f. sron: Sailor laif.
1:1 (Oi.nnor). U to I. "eronS: Nott'urr, II
l.r.-i. '. ti t. third Time. 1:47 l-S. Kittle
I'lait. ri3i-r:.ti1 Maclteth aa.t i)rl also ran.
Kuurth rr.e.-.'tnll.. an.1 a i'iartr Muthem-T.
1 1 V Kr.apr). 3 to 1. woa; Maxnar. Iu4 iMe
lntvr. 11 to J. secrmL Cncle t'righ. 1
iSiwt.'t. i to 1. third. Tine. IrtS 5-S. Don't
A': Sle. FiPidtrs. Catorul. Ocean T'de ani
iVt tr nbo ran-
Pif'ii rae. mil and one-ttxteenth Tarttiar.
:S ilurrsi. 13 to i. won: J-nn!e McObe. ti
illri.v n. it o I. ecn-.l: ft. nreeie. 1 Mc
Ir.urei. till, thirj. Time. 1:K 4-S. K-MimiahL
T.l-pjfn- Not-r.a. Jack ilcjvwn ana itoDne
ai-. ria
Su'lt ri-e tl sn tis!f furlnnfs II.asIlD.
HI iV. ::rii.pi. 3 to l. won: neiistileker.llt
ilijirtlr.l 1 til ccril. I.rti'umn. :; tNot
t.ir. 'o 1. tHrd Time. IrtT 4-S. Diamond
-!aln. Illlly ItanMar. ileMen F'ro. Itlue M-n-.l-.
iM iVoard. ll'tnlnxtisi ani SlJllle tKmahu
also tn.
Rrlgblna Beach Eatrlea.
I"irt rare. Ue ar.-l ene-half f at long! :
lni.l--t.t .
iM i: lard .
!! Ik hint
U'aMcr?-. .
..-.Ii: iSentUn . .
....lt:i I'antoafle .
.. .in 1st frsula
... Ijeljjvtle 1...
.a sW
.. . w
race, itiaatllly Sttejlechase. aloat
i:xi ar.d ri-tity..
j lliwtrr
Il!e!c llu-so
I!ck l:..l-rt- . .
. .11 1 1'ann Ij- .. ..
..i:-si:uth's 'sat-lsr..
. l, Put ot
...Ii'I.cji I'bCsn
..ll:ussell Sas ....
. Its! i;tnc rot II. .
Tlilnl tare, hsruilmt'. six furlongs:
Iturltli;)! KIlNew Moan Ilay....lS
o-fL.:: . ...ittl 11.4s f Dawn !
li'r la . . . injliarr..im S7
iS'o.-ae Her.n-tt...ll2kk.lua-l lluppert j
::.aU 10J1
the Ilr!sh:n csx. two miles and
mtca. . . .
ririh n.-e. han.Ile.n.. one ana one-eighth mile:
Kn.s.-.t Krrsnt . .. K I Miss i"ratfoM L"S
llunio Lil'ncas M
Pel Ne-re . .. Ili'imi J
xltit u-ifeor .. .II" niber retnwell
TA.i;..ti .: lis cr..niM Itclld SS
srrinB lis Otisr 0
l!-rt Jjirt. Ilv Amii..r'k it
Slith iai-e. tlie and one-lJlf furlongs:
A-uta . .'. llT Ala HU5i-ll -."t
Im.-her I"nin" 1-". .ii-to
l!i r.tlare 1S Water Tang T
llimwn J ihr.son.. . PC iqtlitan
I.Imili.s'-jm H Stsln "
Itlun I'trat. . . .tz l.!-il-s S
sucrtti rare. aad ir.e-half furlongs:
V. -ort IT -rnt Turn f
llai'el Tr.uilt . - .-1" IMntouSe
I'jtt.la ! Ies.ti.1. . H
StuK.ii: to Wes K
l t. r i-ir.e 11 f-kite M
li".iljnsite ... . S' l:a:nr. H
l-i.-i':li I" ... -narss
ki:pl"ih.' sii:iiau
Nw V.-rl: S-Et r. sVleptlers:
Kint i:jie-unoI-at. U!d ll-inr'. Water-
Se,-.r. I Rare Gjoi ir.l Plenty. Nitrate.
11) Ins.
T.llr-1 Its-e-IIsrle(h. l:'g Ilr. Oeorge C.
Pourtn Rare- Csginawis. Oalrrgom. Oat-
Fifth lla.-e TiAalon. Alwln. ILi.1 .
Sixth l:i-e .--ta. Ala UussWl. Olenclarr.
S'X'tuft iia.e -Wukford. liarM Trsn-tt. M'er-
I.KT 111 I'FV
1'lajera of baalavlll Have a
;mmI Day.
Iulsvlli-. s-pt. . lta Duffy, the
oiM.iin.fanriie. beat Prlnrlpla and a
g.e,d fiId of r-year-old fillies this after
noon b:fore a big crowd. Thren favorites
wuti. and players of firm had u good day.
as Depends, wlnnr of the fourth rate.
was i.iavilv barked. tTear; track fast.
Firrt nt- file furIn(s-K:it;krrLurLrr. I'M
iTreail. i.. tc 1. won. Anna Smith. Ml iTay
Sori j to 1. ,:..'. T.-crs. 131 illalli. U to
I. third T1ti. lau Hitter !!rmn. V.nl!
I.xoj. Taniscin Hint Hoe. Nun's Veiling.
urm M- IViiMkIi Iti.i rotor Olrl. Eclepttc.
.': ut.fr: vl'i-"hr and Hull ho ran.
Se.nl zs . . !-: turlonas SM Silver, til
Ten .p 3 i- . on. Jo- -e. Ill (Halil.
C So 1. t- . il. tore '.of. lvl iFI'berv. S to
1. Cilr-l T-re. 1. 1- r-s. l.Totrn fill. Atein
nii'r ,lr i vot sstr. Iforful Mlsn,
Mt.K. jv-r iSfcfful. Tna.tssise. utxrty
X! i! l.l.y Itl-: al-o -an
T--. -a-" x-. n fur ni-s -Knrev. M; il
li... ir.i.' rii r t K it" IVntin. it ilti-k.l,
. t. . . .v rd J I Slajt'trr. 1 illft-f-
r. 1 third Time. la -5 11 lrel.
u.-i :.i II .-re a . rl IV x- T.mrlrton al-- rsa
V urti ts ' en- toll' lie; en Is. ll.m-
'.: 4 1 1 1 n -r .srjn. 1C4 (Halil 1 to S.
r.d Tira. is (ll.fT'nr.anl. 7 to 1. thlrl
'i m-. 1 41 ; S i: S.-s Tarrr. mlo Oits.
..r-oi-s! Itlii i.tfs illrl. iSreen c-ra.
Jo .ti I.aeei ur. I S. A. It also ran
fifth ra.e r.xe furlorss lta DuTr. 103
IUIIi. 11 so 13. wca. ITirvtMa. j.ij lAustln).
to ;, --or.d. Ilea J-ati. US ":ti-hlM.
t 1. thtr Tl-ne i-jc ;.s niu Bint. An-e-licx.
r.illo-e sfc F"5g. Maglnla ana Vic Kin
ney alo nn
eixia ir. -j - i- . ..it- i.-vtr. 9- tiiirasi.
s to :. won l!-rn.akis 103 illrfrerrnaiii. t to
j .. ! l.ilr.'ta. fS l'rxinsi. t t. thirl
Tlr - JUS Ft-ir.k RSII. '! Nannie u.
;rv ! Ia:u. ant I'arl Ilor-lc:as also ran.
l.onl-lllc Entries
r.it n.-e. win farlore:
M.l. ..! tun
WrtJl II .
t .'leht .
: iv r. .
Th. Ceils Vjl-as... ii
lCrl Hol-rn- Choice.. .
t''Iti:rr.!nr Star ... .
I'lU-ulonei Jim Iog!aal5
IT -1 Stiver . :s
11 . 1.;. jnsr llttntr-. !
s er.tl mc. sis forlc-r:
Klx ! HiSt-J Iax1l x
Iirrr Hivarrj s
lfc-vunr l:i'U Kojal Iarr.J . ... m
1 las. ., T Nev.tmcrs . . -
Sx- .' Fafe 1 :iihtcale . . -oj
- ;-a .re. 1
T-.-l rar-. .ve urd ex.- half fjrlc:
K !ioCaw M l.atrtelle . ... I0
I-.-.uis tte rlag !, Vl5 , .. .. .. !1t
I! t Tuidy . lt;intsrt?ghi tJ
is Haxr. . I'JlNlfi . .
""uJi ra-, rns ana oty-q-arter rail.
Frar.k Fir Rantlcap:
rrr.K rir ii
"i 1 uit: takm
SI HarSlar.-
rites rare.
aS...chase. short course.. han.j.
1. ..andra lJl:'oui lilf . .ty
;wU' i-:i!s. m Dr. . s-
J.n Ilf--naa ialinr II lis
."V "rrrei iZZ N.j. Arr"rilam .1-4
I -iun's 14; ; ;iB ian 11s
Sma rr. rr. t-!'- and 10 Tard:
lai: KiXia . Xsiis-jla . ... .
lutt-r fi-a. . . 41 i.lt.t.n (3
Vim wleh T artt!e m
"ettrti -saitti. . yd
iyr-iviu; inixc-70s.
nnn pi.tc srKtTAi-
I,'J.. '.le Kr . .Vert 29 -Se!rtk)3:
Kirt tUr- sir.t-.t RasMng Star. Ma'.c
tler se-ond rU.--Echf-ia, Ntraire. tarsal
T-.tr Jtr-Ir.trlit. Nlfo. CSIf Haras)
Fetlh JVa-e ll-aa-a. JiavIUnt. ilco-rJi
Fiftss Ua. - illia Mae Dar. Ioorla.-v4. fjoldm
itith rsc - Dsr-iala. 51ittc. N--va WeiaiJt.
Ite.aiiis at Raalaaaa Fair.
nattc-m, IK. .-.-PS. ? At tie aerrmd -tas'a
rirsar at Sjie .xencaltsr: Fair n-ore tisaa H.ssx
xrfea wc In ass.ndaace. v.itrter flaa aita
tr.rk ji- fsj-r rr.ns:
3 Ju tr X. p-jre SS. bn tare Is fire, ttek
exen tec-- t d-s.1.-. r--st ttat. itSV. tst!ag
read, by J-rtrx' Aat'it Red n.xt4i. rt. Llt-
tl. Ktf, lieftl, Itlrire AISClI. tfclr. I
SCi sacs, feci: urea la Sis. para rS K. B. I
An expenditure of $2.50 would be nec
essary elsewhere for a hat with
the same merits.'
Its popularity is based on the quality,
the style, the permanency of shape.
A surprising value; highly fashioned.
77ie KrfHblic Building,
On Olive Street at Seventh.
Norton, flrst: Fartle. rrconS: Dura, S.. third.
i:M time. 2V
One-half intle. runulnc. best two la thre-.
county race, purse : llatit. in Jr.. flrst. Ml
KoTster.se. aecosj; Tom i;skr. third. Ist
time. :'J.
. Cm TEAM IHl-RnVlM..
Ccllege Player Will Oaea the Sesssa
Seat Satarday.
The Christian Brothers College team
will open It season neat Saturday after
noon on th campus ac?intt the Dattery
A team. Cntll then the regular routine
tractice will be conducted bv C.uch WIl
ur. who Is pleased with his squad, al
though it Is a trifle light.
Washington refuses to ulav collegians.
but as both teams play the i-Uterv boys
the relative stringtb of each an ic tio
talned from the risult. Rv.m. who was
injurcl last week la scrimmage work, was
out ye-ii-rday. but did not' use his arm
Wilbur will work his boys In hard scrim,
make this afternoon .u-alnst the Phy-sk-tans
and Surgeons, wlio are now tiain
Ing on the campus. Th0 latt.r team Is
grtUtur along nlcily anil promises to !
th- strongest that hav r-prcsentel the
Jefferson avrnu" Institution in years.
Trclley Leaga flaaa Heel ta Post-
ssaetl Affair Tata Afteraooa at
Kalace Park.
Tiie Ibn Millet?, who nre m iking a i'e
tirmlnnt fiaht for the iecond ?dnc" In the
Trolley agtH-. and the D.-il5. will meet
this afternoon In a postponed game at
Kulage Park. If the Millers win thi aft
crncon they will be but one enme b low
the Wagners. They esiiect to Ih In .vcoiiI
idace after tojrurtov.-'s gam- with the
The clubs will line up as foltuwr:
lien Millets. rmdtloc. Die's
Allred Pitcher r.n2rpirlnk
McDowell e.iteher Mnwka
M-iers First ! IMnkei
Krman ...S.-tiii taje . . Kirwln
Viarry .ort.:.it ...SeitnUi I:
Il"ith Thtnl Irtse s-.lu.lter
WIIcos: lt; f,M SMne
llhr Center nM KrltM-lie
atitun Klsht flU Kunk'1
('wing to t'midr i'ears having accente.1
temporary tinos with President Pniliaiii.
another umpire will be appointed to th?
Trolley Ijeogue.
Travis. T ravers. Ijilrd a ad Lard
Fight It tint at limit.
New York. S-pt. i?. At th" conclusion
of the .s-eotid il'iy's p.av in th" anntnl
tournament of the Niuj.-au Country Golf
i-luh. near tileti 4,oe. U. I., four well
known fiilft-tj. were left In for th" premlT
This quartet Is made up of Waller J
Travis of Garden Ity. former rational
and Rrltlsli champion; J.-rotnn D. Traver.s
ff the local 1I11U forrmr Interscholastlc
champion: I-iugui' latin!, n CinadLni
player, who Is a -tudent at Princeton I'nl
terrlty. and Alien lird of Washington.
D. .
To-day's two rounds consisted of match
play at eighteen holes each. The sem'tlnal
and final rotm'Ls will Ia plaved to-morrov-.
and the pairs In the semifinals will ler
Travers vs. lailrd and Travis vs. IjanL
Defeats Harry Caatea ta Cloas Gasae
at Broadway Toaraasaeal.
Sam PersolT won an uphill content from
HHrry "oa,tesj in th Frecch pool tourna
ment at the 'roadway last nlciit. the
satire ladng 3 to 2. l'ersoff won the first
two matches), but lost the next two. H-i-am
strong In the last, and won by th
score of II to -i
The scores were- Perniff. fl to Ier
solf. l to u2: Coatis. ill to Pi. I'o.ite-. ill
to M: Persoff. CI to tr W. I. Ely ant
E. 4. Mack will play to-ulght.
I. W. Waidcck. r ai.d E. I. Mark lead
the players at the end of the second week
in llenson's tourmtnent, with two games
won out of us many played. J'ersoff has
plnxed three garnets and won two. Tl.u
sfar.iling is nn follows:
Wen Li 1 Woo IV
I. W WaMercker 2 0 IV I. KIv 1 t
II ' Mar . : 6ISiirc- Kn!lsi 1 1
Sam rrsr.rr J 1 ' it I; r.yio:.- .1 ;
J U Itcs.r- . 1 llVtllte-n i:.n.r b
ileorc Mever 1 II llitry i'-s- i Z
-HESint3tTS Ct P AT 1.I.KS ECHO.
Tsreaty-faar Pairs Will Caaaaeta la
BtaT Aaaaal Tnaraaaneat.
P'av for the Presldsnt'a Cun will bearln
on uien v-co gou iinas) mis arternoon.
The pairings are a. follows: KH.s 1).
Michael vs . K. Mc;rew. VL W. Iinslng
vs. I. I. Per.dl'ton. J. I i.'arleton vs. j.
J. Howard. E. H Polla.-K ,. R c ej
munds. It- P. Von Wedelsta.-dt vs. A.
Johnson. E. A. l.lmhurg vs. E. A. Manny,
A. K lister v. J. C. Roberts. W. i.
James vs. J. Johnston. II it. Nansen vs.
J. T. Watson T J Itarbaugh vs T. o.
Ilallard. 1 I: Newberry vs. J II. Ko-hler.
E W. Campbell vs. . F. Powell, if. ,;.
Van I-yi-er vs. W. DelarVld. J. W pemls
vs. A. II. I'imliert. Ed I-sls vs. W. Rerg
rr. A I laithrop vx M. P llrire. j. p.
IJncoln vs. II. O Wagnr. II Conner vs.
J ; ilrar.t and 3. J. Edgar Jr vs W. E.
t'rtas-eala f St. Loala Defeat Raalal
Roller ol'Kaaasa City.
Pushball en roller skat-s was inaugural
Homeseekers' Excursions
AsaCaaCnsalatsCas A
A-T-atS-r r Ca.RVlaadl
BY special methods of
construction all the
objectionable features of
the ordinary, inexpen
sive hat are eliminated
in oars at $1.
1 2d Aimiws.m Sale 1
Efts ExaaiMwi Fret ki
Mm fliWIai 'or many
DTa INMSi MniJ years la
charge of the Optical Department
ot the E. Jaccard Jewelry Co.
619 Locust St, j
Be card vl
Don't go wrong
Ask for
0. F. C.
at tin Crescent rink. In Olive street. Li.-t
night. Ie-fore a large crowd. Two liltis-n-ioltitlle
halves were pljycd le-tweell tin
I'rescents. under Hie direetioti of Manager
Manning, and tli'- Rapid Rollers of Kan
ms City, headed by 4'llll.trn. a fast in
door rarer. The scoie was Z to o in favor
of tile Crescents.
Judging from the recrptlon tendered til"
couies-tan's. tiie gam-: promi-.s to te a
winner In St. Louis-. Two goals were
rcored by lhn Cri-scents hi the first half
und one in the n-e. 1 I'ulhurt for the
4'rescents playe,! a a. atilic game. The
locals. outv."lghed me visitor".
The ilrst giMl wan mad"in si; mlniiti-..
tiie M-eotid In seven und the last goil
itfter twelve nilnut-s of play, whin Cap
tain Gilliam and a guard were rolled over
the liall Into their own goal. A game has
been arranged with a Clitcago club in tie
near future.
Forts- Playprs) Win start Tkla After-
saos la Coaaaa-tlaaj for 4 a as.
The Normandle Park golf totirtiumcnt.
open tj in-mbT.s of thu club only, -.xill
le;rltt in th; Normandle linhs t'lN ufl".
noon. Forty playi rs will lalti: part and
there V.-111 l'-ven cups dlstrttllte.l
among tli in as prizes Tne t.Iav.Ts; ind
tune of starting follow-
Itor-e ImnLar Fisher v". 31 p. M.-Apll-.
liSf p in.. John S. IVnrr rs i-is-jr II. DivK
'At . tn . I. S Ullllama s itiiilta 1 Ai
len. 1CCJ p. m . I W liaiterslv -.e. Walter
lilllum. l-' p. tn : I-tiT II IV I. -I, rs.
Ixs-tor SI - Marshall. If i m . neo Ir.
m-i'l.eii-. n vs IX'irar SI Wtm'v. 1 t: i in .
Juili;- it M I'ost-r t. Wallare lUt!oni. 1.1s
p la.. I. W IJaeo'n ts Ikctur II ' .lhri
ern, I IX p. 10 . lltot-e f UiS'r. v- J mx
ot WalkT. 111 p 10 . llarr v IU'eia-u x
l"allli V So'ithwhrii. Ial p m . iHirto- WMI.s
Urtli v. l: t.iil-:li. l.-T i. in . H1ss .-
1-iUli x II l Ktt..r. 3 j. m . .1 K
iartwitvM is J P. I'helan. S -iS i m. I.
U PattiT.cn va. Wnltr l Mlti-nr. '-i-t i.
n . W 1; Mckey vs. i- II Sl-yr. ;." p.
m . II ' Nwl ii. W P Sxiind'ta ;:i; p. m..
St Iails va. I-nctor l"-toher. i:is p. na.
tiarlis Siu-r vs. William I. lartley. r:n
p m.: P B If Camp to, Doetor J. II N-w-liT.
lai j.. m : A. W. Duugla-s va J. A. j(
woud. r 5t p. tn.
Mis G4lltam rs Mm. P. B. Hattaralv, i:is
a. in . Mrs. Isvitor Stiat!tgh vs. Mia Mra.
13Jrt m. m . Mtaa Shaplelsh sa. Mrs. IXJCtnr
If. Stei. Johnann. Siii a. m.; Mrs. E. a.
Wllttatua vs. Mia Waltar U Mtcheeer. It
av m.
There will also be a Indies putting con
test, a ladles long-dlvlrc contaat, a gen
tlemen's putting contest and a gentle
men's long-dtvlug content.
Rearat Far Millard Flayer.
A b-n-fit wsa tiv:rr-I to Francis Stssctnlt.
tie vtran siwrt-stnp MUtard plajT. at tos
liaus.r Hall Ir.xt nlcht. ln which Chart's T'tar
aun i-fi.t-1 tank Day at lllwti t.ajk Ur.a
br tl. ente f Wt to IV Day 'H tho lUa"h-St
run. eeoring r!nta. to I'et.rsoa'a . Al
fr!'i I Dro ilrfsafd Jxms Lann'tb- at thxs
nishlfahs by ths tcoi of 3i to IS -J'aa-s Ion
rfi txrm John Ilorrxn at tha Preneh ctrnse
rams br the acjrs ot I ii t Aftr the eon-te-ts
th- tJayers sts fanry-ahot eahlLttiona.
Marshall Wlao CTaraa Game.
Nur-mliura: i"rmariy. Sit. 2 Slarstvatl.
8b- Arr.'rtrjn t-Uycr, wen his Srt same tn
his eh's roasrh with Tarra-h. x-ha ba won
the ninth game of the aeries tiedsr.
Down Go the Rates f
OctoiW3B-k. 17.Netrct4cr 7aui 21.
Da-C4-saWr5 aaJ 19. via t Saata Fe.
Tl SMay MtatS tt rat M BHKB less
tksa u arc (r tlve rettad trip.
Viaft the araiairoas Saathaist.watra
a Maa-Nat-Afraii-ot--Wrk taw
' asai eajay Lis.

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