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Charles W. Knapp. President and General Huuir.
George I Allen. Vice President.
W. B. Cmt. SeeratUT-
Oflc-itCorner Seventh and Olive Streets,
By Mail In Advance-Postage Prepaid.
unt y4p ..-.9.iw
witbfa tbe past few yean, America's strongest mo- my raaranteed by tke treaties, aow that their
tire is honesty. Surface condition In the era of tribal Governments are In the peacem of Ksel
Industrialism may hare belied the essential moving tion.
principle, bat tbe first pause and introspection raiso i The natural and inevitable corollary from these
and vindicate it. Just cow we are witnessing a conditions is the view expressed by Senator Clapp
moral revolt' against dishonesty which has every to- the effect that there should be two States cre
ovldoace of being' real, thorough and profound. The atcd out of the two Territories, and Immediately
principle of honesty in every department of life ha admitted to the Union. If Congress cannot be
len for long month, and even years, the first topic brought to this view, he favors lmmeduHe admis
uith.thc American people. Like leaven it Is nt work ' sion of tbe two as one State. This Is n logical con
tipon the whole substance of affairs, with a power elusion from the situation, for since these treaty
which cannot le denied. I Indians cannot well be brought under the direct
Iu occupying themselves with an abstraction, a j control of Congress in a territorial form of govern-
"j "ft res rnoftt h'xatim !
Any three day- except Sunday one year. s.o rule or principle of conduct, the American people menr. statehood is the only alternative on the ex
Sunday, with Magazine
Special Mall Edition. Sunday..
Duniay iaKJzin. . ............................. ! ... , f , . ... . ..
BY carrier ST. 13CIS and SUBURB?. I of government, and revolutions have been worked j regard treaty obligations and annex the tribes to
Per week, daily only t centa in iience which had to do with political abstractions: Oklahoma against their will.
but no nation t-efore ha devoted nseir t a con-1 rueii action would ne as distasteful and Irksome
7?ni . t i.j -. -sjlJ (,viuu.i 1MV . .aa t-'j-- t ....- .hx. "-.- mw iur JMJ mi.amb ? ms Mart; tb-
2j are doing what no other people has done in history. ! piration of their tribal Governments In March next.
'L , Nations have occupies! themselves with principles ' But it does not seem likely that Congress will dis-
Per week, dally and S-.i-.aav U cents
PiMll.l Monday and Thursday on year. ..
Remit by hank draft, express money order or regis
tered letter.
Address: TUB nnPURLIC.
St tu!. Mo.
CTRejccJM rommunlcatior.s cannot he returned under
rnv circumstance.
ntred In the pnt Offce at St. Iml. Mo . as scoond--Ijs
ZSKhU ten and tK pi;c t et
Sivicer. eighteen and twenty pace
2 cer.ts for one or 2 cents for two copies
Twenty-two or twcnty-elsht pages C"nu
Thirty pages. .... ..................... ...3 cenat
The Ttep'jMIc I' is f!! at the follcwirg places:
LONDON Trafalgar building. Northumberland
avenue, room 7
PARIS P) Boulevard d Csph'Sbm: comer Place
3 ropera ami 13 Rue Carnbm.
RERUN Eijultabi Ocbau'le. :& rrletlrlchstras".
B"U. Klnloca.
ountIng-Roo-n Mm "111 A C75
Editor!.-!' Rerertlon-Reom Main SCC A CT
hideration of ethics: m nation has ever net itelf ' to the one as to the other. Apart from the Tact
? .
t reform its everyday life prompted o!c!y by eta-. that Sequoyah does not desire to be absorbed. Is
leal consideration1--. As The Republic lm lefore ob- j the fact that Oklahoma does not wish to take her
served, morals are po?seing an a!mcst'-sen.stlonal I In. Tha objection will not be lessened by the Sen
intcrot for the public: and the keen zest anil at tb t ate Committee's stand that the rights of the In-
::m time 'olt-r ami thorouirh imrposv v.-ith which
dfocu-Mio!i i" cutting down to the qiK:!un f ia
t'grity. trmhfuliics- and fair dealing warrant th
highest hopes for future cftiiluct which will reflect
the true mettl- of America.
sninxr; Till: BOOKS.
Th iiult of Fe'inz the !"oks hits bun a ccs-
s-.-itloii of slander by tile IJcpuM.'-Jia party and It j
organs. We have had nine ia(.:iilis of silence sinee
a I4-i:iKTatic default Inducleil the Republicans into
(U.iiis should remain paramount In all that part of
the single State now known as Sequoyah. Okla
homa desires immediate statehood on any terms.
but prefers It separate from Sequoyah, and her
ceighlwr is of the same mind. Separate statehood
for the two seems by far the most probable outcome.
Bonne Terre Banker Married to Former Professor of Modem lan
guages in Liberty College Garden-Webb Wedding at Chicago
Interesting to St. Louis Society Folk Notes of Coming
Events in the Social World.
Muskogee has formed a Fifty-thousand Club and
will begin hustling to till np Its census rolls to the
point called for by the title. The city which had
the honor of entertaining the Sequoyah Convention I
...it i....-... -!. ti, t.,...t.v.,..t. i...-,. i -":" " a-."iiuB ai uie winn wine oequoynn von-I
shown: the Honorable 31. V. ;.tin has crawlrd in '"" in ita progress to great-
h!s hole somewhere: the Ananias orpan which " . "'ww ana inaustnai auvantages
htnvPd lir.-i.ancy for thirty yawl ha- taken t a,"u" ",p ,c ,no ml "nu easily in nve or
i en 4i-jr.
TlII'ItSnAY. OCTOBER .'.. IftttK.
.ii rj
.No. f7
I-" I Itk.otntlel.;. Auditor ' Thf .t. T.ouls
' -fn.VIr !' nj; dulv muni, rav that th nrtual
im!r of full .-iinl conijilPtf- ropi'S of TIio Dally and
:t ij.i- Hii:lillr printed luri t. month of Pfp.
il.'r l!n". rill in rs"Iir editions, was as jt
-Iu!'' li low
i mi.o;o is. .. iic.'kki
1 Ilit.IZO IT4SunlT I'JTtTK
a iinii ..i:j70 i" ioz,3io
I 1 412.(1 D HI 1C2.4MIO
int.ti:4) 2 mi.iia
IIII.2.-.0 SI ....i 1JT2.C-II
IH3.IOA 22 1AI.440
1411 -) 2S 1412.47'!
lfll.lio 21 aadar) ....... 12U.4KKI
nsUa1iir ISH.41IO ST. 14I2.HKI
I 14ll." 341 4.-i;vji
12 102.020 27 tOI.SSlI
S 101. ISO 2S l4.t.IO
II Iftl.miA 2! lOI.KIO
5. initio 30 I4I2JV30
1 f'ir :h- montli 3,llM.3!i'
' :iil niil.-i j-iioll'.! In ;rlnlinp. 1 ft mtr
fil'-d 73J3KI
v. ' i 'jmtir d!tfrlhut'-d
- f il.iilv distribution
V it i,il 41o. ! U!oonin-1 fiittiirr s ivn thru !li
i ill-r r.ps rntiirm-d nnil n'l-ortcil unsold dur
jt i ' month of Spt"itiar as 10 0; jkt cent
i:i:0 I. IH.'JO.MFIi:i.I. Auditor
-! t and "iibTiIl-'-d li-for- nje tills 50th diy
i ' - 'u.ir. i 'or.
w o 4.m.mi:rfii:i.i.
'ni ip'r- Jilv r. 1;9. Xotary I'mMIc.
bowlir-g alwut something !; and i!Nsuri !. grateful.
T!it' I a nunn-ation for otkT los-es wnen j
th" State 4-:m put a quietus on the r-hutdorerA by icr
miitiiig thJr party i hold tin reins f4r a i'ttle
ixlnle. The e.Ment t. which Mi.'.-ourl has hU"T4THl
by the MT:t"nt 'barges f "e!"v'u niilHoa"dKcrei-aiicii-.o.
"lodtii" fiiU4ls. ami embezzlements." eou
jiletl with a clamor ! '-e t!ie ItoolvS." on never
lie cidiiiiiitetl. but all men niut agree that it is con
iderable. Nw that the Republican ofl:r-Ial have the Im1;..
which they have examined and four4l straight, a
duty is Incumln-ut upon them t. t:iy S4i. Tite Re
pi:bh':tn party, its oilieers and 4irgans owe It .4
the State of .Missouri : 4lrt-!are what condition Ti:Ls
In" i: fo-.md. Silenei i eloipi' tit enough, a confes
sion that lit" p..rty Ihm hrf.i reckb-.-ly lying ior
thirty years; l.ut silence is not a sutlieient apology
t tl" Mate and its people. Ati express ndmi-.-Ion
that Republican jnilltlis and Rtmbiienn Joumalisiti
haw been a lie f4r a generation wmihl Im' a highly
iTaivfu! adtalsj-h.ji .n ti;(. part 4f thost who have
seen the Iooks and cniiM speak authoritatively. It
wouhl not tell .inybodj- an; thing new. but it would
be :i decided s;it:sf:irti4in to tbe ("iinni4nwe.:l!h and
its reputable inhabitants. Ii-c4-pt and fair-iuimleil
Republicans would apprt elate it a well as lc;ao-
a.i !,: i
iox; j 4 nits.
The Republicans have seen the lKfks let them
-pe.ik up. What haw they found; Let the Honor
able Swanger am! the Honorable ihulley nnd nil
the n-t of them answer, l-et the :ioi publish
:! realt. I.'-t the Ibmorable SI. W. iln-nu ef.m.
out of hiding and pipe up. "tit with it; all of
; them: Sileme j rot enough. Smite the luirpsi-
MISS4HKI .'KNowM:rx':i:s Tin: ri:N
In addition to Editor Painter's storv of the ear !
f "ti whieli fi-II aeri-ss tl- railr4ads right of
ay and -topped a tram of i-ars in Carroll County.
ii .uitle n!ic:i:-d ittstanre of itoine County's pre-
t . ii.-rjt in the 4-orn way is attnieting si:i-ideraiI"
i rotu Ittoelvilll. N. Y.. -olilts til" new.-: of a eltl-
-i who ame out f the World'- Pair last .war
and returned to his homi bearing an ear of e4;ir!i
rom i'.oone County'; prire-u-.tiuiug 4'hi!ii;. A few
h- rnels dropi'4l off th- ear as it 4iried. ami a nelgh
'n.r w io eii:iti4isl in one fvniug gathered up a
ti-7eii of these anI t4Mk them with him. I.a-t spring
pl.iattsl them in hi- Kick yard, and in the i.at
.rnl course of ent.s the ivrn sprouteti and began
'.TliW igonusy.
i this roiiu the N-w York 4;iobe bt.ame jiter-
-'nl in the corn. That papr .-as:
sjo!t!jr In a"l South HrooKlvn evrr f.i-v
i'th!nc cni-v th war thU sirn tlUI.
! as liirlirr than the Kirk fTis In no
' '-ii and u:t It crvn in it div.
4 t ri.'i;hl.r .-al1. h ".j'd m- th
: iiV" tTjfin In height !' lz:ie Som-
f thi- j i Je In thp vlrin.tv ha 1 hearl
.f th- is rorn f th- !iMie V.'i.t. t-ut
it of thorn Il 1 r"irir.!rtl uch ator)
us trs.-!-rs' tdl-- 4intII th-y had tnM
pillar evulncw tfore tnrni. iu-t. -T'-trroly
nia.l- a to Jhs tielcht th- ----
ouId r-4-h nnd visitor- -Ani from
1 vk ks around to It. A f . da J ace
sir that had form-d on the Ktalh-
n.nr r1; or J th .tifr hsrrntrtl h!
nir. Ib-fiire i..' cot tli.- sUli.i .!.in.
irvr. ti". 'ba.! thrn Taia:si ar.ii-t-c1)
In- n ?emrattte of truthful 4tl
r"n. ml -vral it Sound t- tv more
ttun -U;tins-n fts-t mil li.fi: or th M;
.-! i ! 1 nm-r th on a pint of i'lxt
T .!': thi- totil -rop from ..n afttn
alk- w mere ttui! a luhl
In t!ii -iuiitrj' MO should have t..s.n surjtrl4ss!
'-.it i doen crams produc.il but siffs-n staik-. j XacX
'oso dozen grains fallen in home r..h j0..v would
!ie iloae lttir 5a Miouri. -'mmiUt-. of tnith
f i" t t-ieu- wouldn't p.ij any attention $ vnm
w't' wn but eighteen fit high. 4.m rvrn'i 4oal
t in Missouri until It is twenty-seven fert Wgll.
IT ... a. -i .Ilia ctirn alt.t fi(-!l . .ill jm-l.lMa... ...
I -...., ...i ... ..... ..... ...... ... mn iUk .Mat . I
j chord, twang the luu. sound tile licwgag. winil the
I bas-ooii. wh'sili- tile wentletrap. pipe 1 1t p.imleail
rHsis-. Mow tiie l:autl"iy. lttat the tympanies and
4-aii the world to witness; Rla-t t!:e anienici'ment
to tie- four winds that it may go out and combat
the slamii'rs of ttr.. Slake a noise about it. The
Rcpiiblicni'.s have s,.t.i the lok- for nine mouths
and found them straight, ever;.' tigure corm-t. -vory
dollar iu its p!.i4i. it is high time for them to
make the iong due apology ! the j-ople of Missouri
and to the eoutitrj at large.
And while they are about it let them add that
in th ye.iis of lvmnet.itle ase ndi'aoy the iargit
cisli 4-.ipit:ii school fuml has liven aceumulatil. the
institutions "f tiie State multiplied and strengthen!
and slw ititerests r labor and cap. ml pnunrted; that
forty miliious ptlneipnl and iiiten--' of tic public
b bt leiue::theil t" Democracy by the preevding Re
pub.icau :i4!m!iiisinition of graft and e.tnivagan"e
has been wiped out. that the mortgage- of -,h" State
have 1m n inn tied, and the tax rate brought below
the Iewl of other Stat-s anil all aeeomphsbetl dur
ing thi j oars that tin Rcpuhli-an party and Its
pro- ilii noti.ing but 4-!amor to s.-o the books and
-laadi'r the Sta'- by 4-harges of ii;l-i:iatiasemcnt and
-ornipt!on. 4l!.scr;ncle ami graft.
The public is grateful that the generation of Re
publican lying about State admm.stratptn terml-mite-
with silem-c att'r the otli-ers haw had nine
tnontli.s 4if seeing tin- bM.ks; but. allieit grateful, it
will i.t !- wholly sati.stittl with less tliau the ex
pro a knowbsjgtneut of :ckb' crimes 4if slan
der .nmmitt'd against ho:ie-t goverunien:.
Ami the ro-j tab! Republicans of M!-;otiri an-entitb-tl.
e-iia!l with the Ivmoi-rats. to liav the
IH.liticians anil the pre make the noknowl'ilc
sn nt. It is tlue citizenship of every class, u is
due the i-op!e who have homes In ti:i- State and
th- jeople wiio haw their bia-in--s in thi- State.
Such an open nekuowletigment of tntth might l'
1 made, and Is likely t4 ti-ira.. an issue in tiie
If President Roosevelt's intentions are correctly
stilted. Senator I'ire Alarm Foraker will have to
meet Mr. Secretary Taft on the Ohio Mump before
the autuiuu l-iilots Ugin to fall la November. Mr.
J'oir.ker has exprosui much concern at statements
to the clT'-t that there bas been a split lietween
him and the I'nsident. but the President seems de-tennin-d
to ilrive in tho wedge.
Engineer Runau-Varilla propose to substitute
tin- strait f I'anntna for the Pumima Canal by dlg
ginc a 4liti-!i r.00 feet wide at the water line, 500
feet wide at the. bottom and forty-five feet deep at
low tide. His amenament will surely tie accepted
if he can .show. :is he chilmn. tliat the work can be
completed in live ye.trs aiul at leM than bankrupting
M Milk tmmrrtton m Farref
-Mary !Inm:ui Abel In The IMInratcr.
Whittaier. in fcis report on tho mllic ?upply of Nw
Basland cities. .JS that thcr is "no special naaltarj
iaspectlon of mill: and Its sourest In any New England
town or city. Jn-rcetfon rtUten to commercial frauds
r.ithtr than health mattr?. "VVe Und that wherever milk
it:pcct.n i r- poK'M ks elllclemlr performed. an In
Boston, the sttfin-nt rrcn chiefly to the prevention
of "stlliag 1--h fJ than the purchaser suppo5cs he Is
n--eiias. .-n the j?eoBrapliy class rajrj. 'Trom Xaine'
: .ilifornln." It Is .all the rame. To beKln with Maine:
A -coitlai:? to Ptarscirs report. ".Mlik inspectors shall
I.e a-ippo'nt'-d In towns of raom than 3.000 Inl.abltanta.
and may k ap'iolnlt-d in Finallr-r towr-V And yet Port
land, lis cnlef city, with &). inial)llant!. reports: "Xo
mi:i: ordin-itien and no lra-rctlon" to the Oovernaient
In'iuiry. In .""allforr.l.i. to make the regular geojrntphlca!
t.ii, w" find In the taw the f-hrawi "it Is thn duty."
"It Is prdilMt. d." "o!!lct rs :tr rfnaired." with many
'shal's" ai.d "iniins" cuvering aprarcntly all thatousbt
to I..- cvcr.d. ami Its chief city. Ran FVancIsco, re
Itfrates th.. "shalls" and musts." ven adding the nalvo
oi.ler that "oun'-rs if dairies mast roiwrt conditions
that misiit render milk Impure." And yet. it 1 not
s-it-si 1ow an ignorant dilryman Is to ho Instrerted as
to tl.o conditions or wliat rrissu Is tn m hn,,.,.
to l'.-tr to nbliico him to mak a report ns to Ids own
p.jury. We icirn that "none of the city dairies or dairy
farmers tf-ndlnB milk into th city have been Inspected":
not Strang', certainly, -lnci there Is "no appropriation
for the supervision of tho milk supply." and we may be
excused frcn IMi-vla thai thU rcmarkablo order Is
carried out: "Swill, pirbaj or milk diluent mut not
! earri-sl la delivery w!(Bons" Detroit. Grand Itapitls
md I'rnililenco have found It necessary to make the
r.i:r.o provision .is to garbage. For obrloius reasons some
ritlos forbid the .t.Io of spring water by the m!Ik redder.
I li44ll,,.t)0
BaaaaaaaaA aakaaaM. i tW-....H.H.......................V V
Wfi ' -sssssssBl
H abbBHbbbbbbbbbTKv-?
" bbbbDbbbbbbI
BHH -. Sv-il
ama johx j. bowmax.
Formerly Misa Betty Hill of ITeston place.
Sajs He Will Go Home With Of-
fleer, but Otherwise Will
Fight Extradition. i
Teste: day evenlrg at 6C o'clwk, at the
home ot the lirldH failu-r. Mr. Uior-'
V. Hill of Xo. 1T I'reston rlnce. .Mr. John
J. Ho"Ain:tn of llonne Terr. Mw.. und Ml
Hettv lull were in.irr.ctl. me ln!-i:ro.n ,i
father, the Itrt-crend T. A. Iluwiicn. en-
ttir of the r"rei!erickto!vn Tril.uce. terfoim-
IiiB 'he i-rr.:ony. The bri ie Is the eii
ist tUutthter of Mr. Utorps W. Mill i.il
Is a r prettv and lik'Uly nivompdjfevd
youn lad. I.:tvir.tc b-en audi nuite re
cently itucher of modern laneu'itca m the
LJUrty l-'iillcs' 4ilIfKe :il Uberty. Mo.
Mr. Runiun !.- th? ot.!e-,t nn of the
It-vcriiel T. A. Itow.nu:: of Kiel-rlckt4i n.
Mo. He was graduated fiom the William
J.-well Collide. Uin-rty. Mo., in 1S7. a-id
ukuk! in editorial v.orl. at Saltm and
lul.-irtiiri. Mo. till four vears aiio. The
eiup.e lelt the s,ime 'vnin:r for letrott.
Nlacara. Hii.T.iIo. and Washington, there
thej will itt-nd the Naitsnol HankiTV
Association, itfivr whieli they will return
to ll.ilr homo in llcmie Tcrro. Mo.
Ccnls were reeeK-efl !n St. I-oi.I vester-
daj- announcing the ntairMge of Jtr.-s
IJHth Wett. of f"iiicact and Mr. KdwartI
(laruen of St. ljuis. nhieli took .l.c- in
Chlei.40 Ijh ?JtllrllJy e emits. tt-t.-inb-T
21. nt 0 o'clock at tie- IIotd Metrelic.
Tin: w'iding. though unall. n.19 a wr?
smart affair. Tl.e br:dt. who is an isivru.
Innlv preltv and iiuere-tmir ii'is woman.
T.as.' .-iitcudsl liv h- r uM'r, llrs. Oilve
Cross, al.so t.f Ca:e:ik-o. utiilo Mr. Cantri'T
McKtdgl.t of S-'U Iiiu.s na the last man
for Mr Uatdeu.
After tho ceremony, uhlrh took place In
thu M-tropole reef pt!o3-r4vin. whe.h
lieautlfudv dccomitil with creva and
roRcis. it dinner followed with twenty
Rve yueits. Jitr Mr. and Mr-, ijarilfn
departed for th L2i-t. tolnir to Washing
ton an.l tho Vlrginl-i liot prlns--. where
thv will spend a fortnight.
In thflr return to St. IvjjN they will r"
side at Mr. Garden's h"me. No 3IS North
Spring uvenue. Th bride is im'-novia to
i?t. l.uuU society, but Mr Garden, who
canvj to tho elty several y-ars :w from
Chicago, is r"po!ar and a member of th
fr.lvt.rdtv. Hit St. Jxiuis and the St.
liOuls tl-U clubs-
perform-d It the Tter'rena Father Cms.
Ijltr isime a reception from 5 to 19
o'clock at tin- rt-sidctiie of the bride'
mothvr. No. S2 Ilcntcn street. The brido
wtre white i-oint iPesprlt. and carrlsl a
hhower cf roses nnd lilies tf the i-alloy.
2H& Tcia Wuffy aa bridtstmld and
wore n white silk mull and lace gown.
Mr. Itert Parsons whs the t-st man. Th
lion-:.- wis elbora.teIy trimmed with whito
ui-ters and roes.
I-tt last night Mr. and Mr. MoKer depart-
tl f.ir an Ilasiern trip, which will ex
tend ciirr a month, and on their rtttirn
will Ile at tho Ilentoa s:rct adilress. be
ing at home to th-lr friends after Novem
ber 1.
Mr.s. Orthwcln Sr. has returned from
Mrs. Ilyrd Caldwell. Miss Ann Iiii
Citdwell and Miss Mabel Itieicr. who
ha: t;.cnt the summer In Kuroie. will
reach St. lymis Saturday, having landed
in New- Vork yesterday.
MJ's rorece Leaver poo.s tr h!eago
th" litter part of this week ns tho guest
of Mrs, Alice Illslsdrce Young. No. iZ3
Grand ljoul-vard. Mls leaver will nlro
vl it friends in their summer cottago at
Iti:o G : -.i l.-efore returning home.
YoDBg Mas Declares He Was Iu-
nocent Victim of Kidnaping
Father Al Jssues
Osiafia. Oct. 4. Sheriff Power t.rtay mJ.
civeU a tolegram from Pal Crow him
self, in which Crowe asks the Sheriff to
Ko to Montana to hrlr.R him to Omiha.
In his telegram trowe smjs that he will
make no effort to no!d extradition la
case the Sheriff goes, afier Mm. but that
unless he does so he will make every f
f4rt to present his biins brought to Ne
braska. The Sheriff has taken no action In tr.i
matter, and will co-operate with the Uma
ha police authorities.
The nlicgtd confession of Crowe to th
kidnaping of IMoi.- Cudahy Sve year ago.
In which CriiRf inip'.iiraies the l-oy in .i
conplracy to wrli.K S."'.i" frtim the to'
father. IMward A. Cu.Iahv. timH :w l.o
Hever in Omaha. Th boy irad- this
'Tilt-re Is not a single word '-f ulh In
the iatfmnt that I had an. th.ng to t...
either with the planning or the carrvinc
out of the r.-heni'-. other tl.-.tu that 1 ws
the viotim cf tiie vlot.
"IDEA I'ra:iECTl.Y ABSSfltD."
"Tiie itl.-a that 1 wou'd do anything
whieli sihilil ause my mother tl'e fe.ti
nnd anxiety whl-h Mie s.iiTer. d whde I
was in the ham's if Cr we and hlj com
panions Is Jierf- t al-Tid
"Again. I V7as o:i! 1". years old at
that time, ami if 1 i-m'd plan like that
I must hae b-ni a i rfect wonder And
lieliar S" your.g. Iw on eartii coult I
have gotten rid of JsVvj without my j-eti-ple
know! .g ef it.
"Of course. I tlrny the .ntire tor: "
BlTi.ir.l A. Ctidahy. fith of the jour.?
man. g:ie out th tell T.tng seni.,i :ale
mert to-day r-Itti- to the r.lige. state
ment ! I"at Crowe" that joung i"uiiihy
was implicated in tit? kMaapiioc I'lot
"As tt the a'.b-grd statement of Crowo
that my t:i w is a party to the plit. It
is so aUnird. iiarli-i!ar'i tn the light ef
his previous statements, that I can h trdiv
beiieve that lie made It. It ctrtaiuly is
"For seirral enrs 1 live made no ef
fort ttiward sirriiiK t!l" ar-'':-t " Crowe.
although hnitng had two iciters sem. to
me. siirivd bv idin. admlttttic. that lei
alone was guilty of he kidnaping, an I
begging clemenc-. stating mm lie wjimea
to stait life a lew.
"In one of tl.fe btters he sivs: I am
guilty of the Cadahy alT.ilr. I am tbI.in-
for the whole crime. After It was tr.-er I
r-irrcittd my a-'tion ami eflfereil to retur-i
SI.OOC' to Mr. 1.d.iliy. but he refusttl t.
take It. O'ld then I went tt S-iuth Afrl'-a.
whero I ilned the rebel army and was
lat!lv wounded, being shot twice.
"Then I returned to Amerl.-a and !..iv
ret-eateJly trwt! to make jsac4 with tho
man 1 wrong"d."
"I hai f It In diitr N'ind to rfratn
fr-"ii agre Ing i ot to prosecute htm. be
l.ning that this was a matter entirely
within thu iroilnce if th State authori
ties. "I deplore th eonilniiet! publlelty sehlch
l.as lieea given this entire matter, for I;
lias been a constant source of anxiety and
anneance to me a':d to all the member
of my family. Fl A. cUnAllV."
J.oct-r nnd Mrr. James Ito.s Clemens,
of V. cr Pine street, have returned from
th"'.r i-ummrr outlnc.
Mr. ai.d Mrs. tvill ltiedermm. tho lat
ter formerly Miss Nttt.i ltuscbhorn. have
Just returned from an extended trip to
in" roii:u ar.ii are ii nonie at o. tsii
Thirty-frcond street. Kxsx. St. lou's. III.
Mrs. Cal Hammtntree of Chicago Is vis
iting 1:. r pa.i-nm. Mr. ami Mrs. C K.
Wl!7. at No. T2I Curptnter jdac-. this
wtek. Slie will remain iu the city a week.
-XV J ! of Aivaii'.x. Jto. tare.l at tli
Southern yr-:enlar.
A. Putin ef Ioms. Kaa . was a u at thi
lfi.JIm Tsttlj-.
Unu- S'nfvril tr jacWe. Mo. tayrl at
th ljIte ytr-U-
W. J. McKre ef ijan j,,.. rrcls!4lt4 at
tho Southern i-stfnlajr
W. II Kanier Jr of MIltrauhMi. Vl'l.. s'arrt
at thA Jrtf.rson vstciday.
i a: the S-t. Ja'nrs tr'it-r.Ui
IV IL Marfkt-lt t I'nlmTrii. Mo . wta a
KuM at the lclI st.r!a
IVllliiun li. Kchntrth tf San Artoala. Tei..
:aj-el at the Jrfft rsoi jfsrfnlav
4;eirf P. Votruch of 4Tt!-.tg. III., wa a
avt at the 51. JaiTtrs ytrrtlar
.Mr. ar..t Mr. TV. E. Moore of Oklahoma City
rt-ril nt tlis 1'larttrs yestenLiv
Sir. an.l Mrs. John V. Kempt of P 9tf.
3t. rcf ltfreit at the Madton TfnTtlaT
Mr anil Sirs. 4. C 4;hr!tan of K.-iim
City. Slo . resistrrefi at the Planters 3 st-Jay.
: 'ot Orrnrnrk hs Itear.
Doctor J. IL Ty-men of St. toms University Medical
Faculty. In Journal of .Missouri Mcllcal Association.
Wo know that a largo part of the heart power is
la-cd tj d.Lite the vessels. nnj j; tfc,.re j, foT y rea.
on a continuous contraction of the vessels in the an
tral circulation, the h'art follow thn well-known law
u hereby all hollow muscle Increase In strength in pro
lie moil to nny obstacle offered to the exercise of their
fjr.etlon. jinivldfd their metabolism remains perfect.
It this we havo tho ky to the condition, for so long
as the m tabolism 1 js rfect the heart will continue
to grow, ro ns to care for tli increased wrlgl.t in the
Mood vesreU: but hn the pressure is high continu
ously It is very plain that the metabolism of the heart
w.!l rvcntuilly ! lrterfre5 with, as well as the nutri
tion of other jnrts of the body; und us a conssjuer.c we
l.aie the myocardium ur-ible to tak care of circulation
property. a::l we have resulting dilation and povslMy
suJiieti cl'ittli from l.ert failure.
Th Olrt- t cause of the hypertrophy la thso cwa
1j th extra work of the liart to overcome Incriajted
We met vmemlier tl.it the vessels are not only li
tlc. but are nl.-o enIow 1 with "r.ervous governance "
We met also consider that nature, when In harmony.
t....nn!,ll.r.., nnrtv: nn.! l,v Insislin- ,.,, It tl,.. re-i. ' ver- rcoio.cai; uiat on- mr.ctlon Is exprcte.1 to rest
' '- -.--.. - - -. --- -- whll.1 r
utnlde inters etiti stmiwl Jhe party leaders, atnl of.
tlceIders tt mtiKe it.
s!:r.u:ATi: '.vtehm)I sc.ti:i:s r..ix
Senator Clapi ' alinticMda. eha'.rmau or th
was away iroiu uome. ami .'iHscnr w.mw .,-., c.mtnltteo mi Imliau AlTalrs. sets forward
..l .-iiV.nivI.ii.s it as Its oivn crti ', a -oo,l maay toints- for thcc:iu-e..f sepnratcand in-
s- - J dependeat stateb')il 'iir Oklahoma ajnl Stsjuoyali. in
AMKKICAN MinTI.t:' ,a remark 2:trllutei to him l-y :i inTsijadon: at
Wait l the mettle .if the Auwieax. a eU a iiueinsep. Mr. Clar I rc;ortl as Indicatlni: Its
tuieitst iu -uc of he ruos; mnable Auierteao bols , t-oaicrsation that thc.natc Cmtultt-e on Indian
' nst-nt jours. Ua the AmprWa developed any . affairs places, the Ijolaiico of ;wnr In ttc richts
tew-i irtuc or carriit! any old virtue forward to caar- of ;ho ludgxa" in sjaoyaii. In other wortl. the
neteristtt tlovelopntoBtr Has he added to tbe rivtl- ( tsMnmittev bolds that In disjtosiag tjjo fttture of that
atlon of Kurci the .spectacle of a Mask- i-frtu tsmntry tie luterw.t and welfare of the Tive Xa-
ean.'fudcatly oxcrciil? We are &t. tlevhsro the j:iaa sal the treaty obligations t-ntercd Into ivlth J than romam--. Uusian t-rritona was rsrt:tiona tr
tovci t. Itravcr thaa ollwr brave ;-op?e. e aru theia ly the l'a!:l SMtcs .shall be tbe paramount aeden an.1 Poland a century tsfore t turn ef PoUnd
,w,t teetrc Polite, we -ro not more ,.. or man- asldti.B. J x? ? ??? f JtJ'?1Z72E o
, . .,,,.. . I -a thron. Fs d!srciried hr tr-ity obiitntions.
sith'ttl or more i3re rz ntsi Tbn liu elvo This oorTeepoaa substantially ivith arcumeats I Th ilB9Ur, wrr, trKittd with tarba-itr . m
on-" other Is w-ori!g. Thus tho man who is dl
resting a lieaiy meal Is not expected to give us his best
thoughts during that time, sin's, the claK'c teasels, by
contrai'Ing ami d Iitir. will app!y lncrje Mood to
et.e pirt nnd titmlnh-h It In anothr When th- s.ml
Illitiuni Is maJr.tair.'-d w do not fln.l th general blood
I-reesore greatly l-.crrase! in health by the nctliity cf
the various functions; but 01turb th -i':IIibrium ty
grat functional itctivltv In th stcmich and mucl
at the same time. r,nd th tloo.5 prearur will b trt
raesdously increased -vith ronHiunt etra strain on
the ie!. th hert getting its full Q-iota.
A straggle of Oafartea.
Oae count aga'.r-J-t Kussla is often drawn defectively.
Sh Is f--!''t f treating Poland clumsily n-nd barbarous
ly ot preetit. but th ordinary t.il of a wak country
!nes.c5iaMy v.-allo-d by u strong on Is fs hlitory
.-ipres.s!oa to this seatiatat "I ui-a :o t:tnl that Usi In the Xluskjceo Ci-iivcHikia to th- .Ccc: that i.istcrian puts I. Va Hiusia took her a'.ic of Poind.
s.tuc xtrtue. aj The virtue of trutaTdlnvss. couk! la the lat Cons.- one of the troaest ivAnifi i i' " !l li:l" tmttle in th lor.g campaign which
lnonu tUrwajrhou: the- wvrtd as the uafalllnr ud by metaUTs 3-.-atat the application fc- the hf'' '. -w-l!TiS-'s .sJ!?. T V COB"
. clcde.! Th rroi.r.scs which CA!r.Tin took she reeon-
tiark of the Ann-rxaa the mettle of his pasrare. adml-sion of OSLihoma aatl s;uoJah as a single Q3er.J p0U.i having taitn them from n-i.sU when
vot t lie In tuncs. aot :o lie in rclicioa to ls ' State -ra that tin? Indfeir of tli !"!- Nutloas hail hr iur w.ts In the ucr.dant Moreoir. whn Polxnd
f. dauahter of Mr. and
Mrs. Peter MeNltf. an 1 niece of Mr. an.l
Mtr. Patrick Fitrg titltl. was married ve--i
inlay afternoon at 4 o'etoil: to Mr. Joint
The ceremony was performed in the pi
rochlal psrlors of St. Theresa's p.nrtsh.
Keierenl Father Connolly. V. tl.. otf.cl
atlng. Th hrlde'K only attenilar.t v.a;' her
ssster. MIks Ini McNifT. and Mr. John
Murpliy s'rvttl the brtilegrot.m a3 bst
Mrs. !.. p. Mcltrld ami Mrs 4'lnrlc
f-'adrlng. sisters of th ItrMegrtaini. were
of th" bridal party. The brMe. v. ho is a
beautiful brunette, was married from the
same house. No. KTi (.lasgoiv avtnue.
from which her metier was tmrrled
twenty-six years ago from tl.e l.orao cf
her parents.
She was ttlrd In nn exjuM:e robe of
Imiwrtd lacr; over taffeta sKk. and ear
ried a larg bo-ifjuet of bride's roses.
Ml.t.s McNIfTs goun wo of Frnch or
gindle. eliborately trimin,! with wtiln
ribbo'n nr.d ori'iHal lire A wed ling "up
per was sent-d at 9 o'rlock at tn hum
of the brides parents. Mr and Mrs.
Mtnke will go to hous. keeping at No.
r14 Slattrry stret and wdl I- at home
to th!r friends after 4ctole-r ?).
Miss Mnrgat't McConfe'i. .laughter of
Mrs. Marcir McJor.nel, and Mr Wll
Ilir, A JliJIT wro m ir-Ied csterdir
fcfterr.oon at hilf after 4 o'el -v'x at th
Rtcreil Heart 4,hurch. the er tnotv being
Mr- Matilda Kerlh. tlaughtrr rf Juilgo
Fr.Hi I Kertli of Clayton, was suri'rlsed
by a patt of lir friends Monday night,
the oce.'-ion Ik-!ii the eeleeratien of her
i Iglitt-nth birthday. Miss Kcrth recclvetl
eieral har.dsomn I resents from her
gutsls A reception and dance followed.
:.ii3"i:uNBors Kvr.sTs.
Tl.e Hamilton Hotel opening ball on Frl
diy eit-nlng promises to te on of tho
gay.t eitma of th opening season. I)an
ein;; will liegin that evening at o'cloik
r.nd th decoratlcti'i and floral favor aro
a!d to bo unusually unique this jear.
Mi's ICathryno Mci'ormack entertained
a ft. w of her friends last Friday evening
In honor of her eighteenth birthday, at
her home. No. UiS North Klghteeath
strit. Among tho?e iretent were:
Kt: shrr.
.Mir. 11 im.
I-Ktcur-t I?I.
Ki.te lnirn.
ItUS Koe'th.
tun lixtnKiren.
ATir-.u pkalt-.o.
I-u!s Itninrtt.
Mr 1.I.
tlia Mclrtr.
Ksthrvne McCor-
Tlrr Sohubrt.
Jiirir i:nnlunn.
J.-ul. lltliliar.
At 4CklK4S Hotels.
Rjjrcnuc SFECTA!.
Chicago. Oct. 41 St- I.ent irors rttetel
at hotels liere to-tlar are folluws
treat N-rthrn- Iwiemr li J. Bill. W. I.
Ilorce. C l- M-irrtwtiian. A. P. Slirpson. J. 1.
llrls Sltss K. lllwar'ia.
Palmer Jluu-U S. PanAerger. Ti t
H!smrpfc-G T. Trtniai.
AU'lltcrluTi M. PViir.e, It. I. Prer. t. lim
rar, Mrs l T. Har. J. H. Hannecwa. O. K.
Mur-ay. W. F. Utieoa. A. H. 1'enIeton. Z. In.
h't-rrman ltouee-H 4J Ottesbaccrr.
Morrlsn-I. VC IValker.
Kulfttft-T. A Itttrls-r. R, A )!".
Olace IV. a. Vtieal. .
Mrs lyjul?a A. Uaker has !ssul cards
arttounctng the; marrlpge of her daughter.
:i!abth. to Mr. John McKntght Scuth
gite. Monday uetoh.-r 1 At horn after
O-tober is at Springnld. Mo.
The M. P C's nlll tr.tertaln this evesi
Ir.g. ilcioler .". at No. I'll North Vande
l tiler ainu
tsrnml Money, for Wlilrh Mif Mmle
Chance. Tarns ot f II a
Halted Illll.
Mrs i:Tthi Otnltsky. wh candu'-ts a
rn)tnln2-hiue t No L'2B V.'asit sttet.
Police Follow lew Furalake fcy
Sulr nt .son. bat sai Las All
Trure of Ike Thief.
A wsgon. a team and a larr oii.-ir.tllv
of roup wre stolen list night from in
. . . ... - J .- - .&. w. a . .
wasj swtt oletx tiut lit t 4Tieria uy irti . .iv;u tt ..w - .iniir. fconu sire;. Dy
iho. t!. pouc bcllei. isr "con ; a nnn w:.o aau i-en leixnenu
ouc-st with. ae fU.n-aon.wl;a Gtvj,U5,;se the- uot Joiacl la tie application. The "nitpd Sj,.,, j,: her c.Is-n..T.c sh was m a tat an far from
. ef a,aaad M .ncr.v lh.: th'. vlrta coa- wa r-Mat . bocasl ley aa trn ;-that of zfT,
stltutcd the cfiaractcrt'tic cf thf Acrtcaa: Tha: , fornilnc part of the supreme law- of tbe tind. not -hv ut.Kb a trallej a coverr.mr.V The lbLi-
nouM K fame for arcs" ( to aaa-v thtr eouatry to nay otbrr junydlctioa wiOi- wer wave Tour Up ovrSow with freedom.- wrota
l- tot the motive nf prtssec; Araericta life o-t their coas.au and that .o Iocs as tah coascat Jlodrxtwskl la ?. -a-at thero is o-at anjoa you
Ut , mca-sur,. .r the Quest.oa. Waa: is lt . withheld .,!. ! not well N, tidralttci 'TJIStiS:
Atacricaa mottioT auu aot taat aicttje tae rua-1 to ta:cis-s-. as a pan oi oiuuusk.
latucatal truthfulness of .Va:cr1c3a!ra', IlVery ari- Th! tscseat of tbo trtts. I- ti:i tvltaheid aa.I Karsely a daTerae between serfs aad beajfs. Bu
tatKa f the times marks :h priac-ple naderlyJac
A.nericaa Icetltutioas. Iriuis aad aipliasijo it-tin-
principle of trathfutacss. lutcsrity. fair ptay.
Juiljcsl frox tla? carifotatloa of its public lift.
I: was a King of Polar. 1 wha said that his noble mad
Kar?ely a daTerae between serfs aad beajfs. But,
tb-y hra'.fy tbe.r latfatioa never to irraut It by e.s ::rd sUIlbury ha well mU. -aa th facts which
iraUar apjCcatfca f-r adiaL-KMi to the I nloa x IcaK- ln '"" "' l ,"? " 'r TX . r"
. ... v . . fore -ast the Haitla of to-day-" If th formr Stat-
a M.para:e Ja:. ralch is the oa.y CKalltlos la r. Vtiaai , M tad. what a, Goeramat It la that
wha' !i tiey can coaUac to enjy tls .prate aatoc- causes tvea that rift asarckle sla-vry t bs refrtttcd!
mn" and counterfeiters.
not le-;ii caught.
Aceorilng to Mrs. Onlasky. a wtll
dreucd man. app-Te.ntly a jear o!1. with
bU.Jc hilr and m'n:alie. called at hr
hem at neon, ard asked to on of
her rooms H carrld a rnall vails
and "lid b wished to rent a room H
objeetci to th rer.t of C ;r wk. awi
f..ii.::y departisL
An hesr l t" another nan Mr Onun
tKV aid beOLlr-S tniusb l.ke tier flrsr
caller to fc Ms brother cam tn sr
hm.e a.nd made tn same rtit H
waa nhown a room. eji.rensed hitr.e'f ss.t
lsi!t! with it and said h would tsV "
was to go after hl trunk, fc a1!.
but gave Mrs. Orr.ir.nky a r.O bill to pay
for his room In adinnce. Sc gav him
T7 a chare- li- left Mating that h
would return with his trunk at P tn
H nier cam Kirk an.l Mr Omlr.ky
becivn to worfjfr ib jcrur.tinieii hsr
rcney To hr e:rpri h found that
th tit bill was only a 11 bill, our which
haJ l-n pasted trzrra to give It the ap-t-earaocs
of a JV MIL
Sfarvlantl IIopiubIiran Finish
Statp Convention.
nalt!--.r. Kd.. f:t. . An a.l;ot:r3e.l
n't!n- of th Ilepubllcan ?tat Conven
tion was hU to-r.Utht for th purpo of
n.aklr.g a mmilaatk.n for State Cnmp
Iroller. Hnry M. McCuIiogh of Ocil
4otmty rcelvtr.f tb nomination onani
mousl". SecretAry nf ths Navy CJiart J. Iloa
parte presided, and t aad rft fc
ilaltfcr. prntldent of the second branch
of tfc- City CJKrartL wero tho prlacipal
ed br tho
Tl..- men have ;'!rtir Th hores and wagon ar tho
proptr'y ot . llliani It. l-7lth. an express
man at No Ir North Sitieenth street.
Tn joheo triretl th man and thi toI
n proj-erty to No. n skHjtj, tvcf.nd
street, where part of th ottp was dls-
pvised of and n. Iitll due Frltn was col-
Jtcttd At that place tc police lort th
c!w in3 op rr h lato hour lat night
rothing ha'l ben seen or heard of th
man. in tram, th warnn or the soap.
Th driver says he mit a man half an
hour lerfor thi theft who asked him
to let 1.1m tH'. He accommodated bin
ax.d Gt"vi to No T North isco,.,,! ,tret.
where h got out and took some soap
Into a store. Wr.Il th driver was Inatd
th atracger drove away.
Ilalf Million Dollar Fire Lous at
Rhinelander, Wis.
&h:stlndr. Wis . 4t. 4 FV aUrtinr
In ih lumtr jard cf th Brown fixota
r LansUr Company In this city to-day
burned th entire yards of that company.
cr.-.:alr.!t itrtut ten ailUet. feet of, lum
ber Th yard of tbe Robbtrta Lumber Com
pany. cor.talr.lnr abemt tb s anoost
of luralesr. la atlU burciac mad will b a
tlrely detrtroyed.
It Is doubtful if tke Robin Lumber
Compasy saw aad plaalnc mllal csai b
Aboct seveaty.flve dwelHng boasea wer
t-irned. on? church, three stored ar.d two
rea-aolbotues. Th total Ws ax p. sa.
Is riearly bait a aaliaon dollars.
Tk fire la stia i" "tis; la lbs) !
tea; dlsfa
Mlaaafsrlana la Hew Task.
p.iavjuue Kiux'iAU
New York. Vt. t. Among th nrrlval
nt th hotels here to-day were the follow
In from Mtt.t.rt
fit. I'U-A. A Koctan. SUss Knel-in. Mrs.
fit. Mlet lelr.-:C. J llnhaw a&'l itrs ller
Slatw. Ircjertsl. t.' Flsrt-rlcks ali.J lire tl-sjer
Uks. A T. eti-kne. iirreiln. Mr, itersnjn.
Of. Stsinraut. if. K. U Walt!, and Jr
Malia. It F. Knlsht. IV. II. ittth. W.-J.1-orf:
J. 11. W.llhrlacs. F. P. St7r. I-lftn
Arenu. T J. Weber. IV ST IMner. XsUTe-
'ollf&n J tjrjeneii-. s. ei.. ."- ...r-n..
';. s. Ctunjr ana SJr Justj-. Il3t Aiii; 4!.
li. 'lV.l"n. C R. JuJr. lleraH iuare: f.
rtC.:niler W l!otlan.!-r. A u I'cttsr aiel
Jtrs letter. 5eraM: Mrs. ll.Uraan. Mtm t
llelloisn. Sasor. l' li. Hunr. T llunt. w'ol-cott-
IL M. rc!i. Holland: re-lr V J Iit.
llorrroao- II. a Wheeler Naarr IS. Ifirun.
lljutr. TVaahlrgtin. II JVrtuno an.1 atra. For
tues. Nw Anwterdam. U II Hwmor and
itrr 1-araiteT. rlll: 3 Morton r.-l Mr.
Morin. Verelotns. V- t f'tesr Vtmlnaitr.
? K. OjmJll. Allunil. E. Ilatttwaaur.
i:?:iSSai"-.t-r a larth. r vr. Khot-.ti.
cailllac- Mia St'-rk.. W IL tjiean aivl Ji.
Sea illw --- f J'""., B rKJst.
VVoK-tt. Mr. H. 4i Ranay. llerala Jur.
fivtyrtte statba-ssa Ml !
Th pollco Imit been renuest4 to fnd
Cerorge Mathews. 11 years, oH, who ha
lrn mlselng from his home at No. l
Gravols avenue ilnt Monday aftemoMi.
Prom The It. public f CKt.. 1W. '
reworks at th St Ixuls Club.
!n tli course of the Veiled Proph
et's tarade. were more elaborate
than had ever bea witne-vrd In
1 'Tr-'er-ln In th- testlle bulIdlnK '
at the Kt. Iui Fair 4;rkd spas-
moitically. causing great Ja,f r-Jnt-
mnt orr the Innovation of using
t'lectrlc lights for llliirulautlon.
I A Pthey presided over th eat- .
.t-lierLirtment at th Pair, and hart
a. large claJ of all reUe to
Svnten Pitr" of St. Mtrk took
tows ofprofessl&n at St. Joph-B
Ilom. rather Vincent and Father
arbr officiated.
..- a tvttt Unnrfiirnan dun
held its Fair ck shoot nt Grand
Avnu Park. Herhey and Stc
Mnntis were th chief w!nnrs
The brake got out of order on a
stret car of th Oravot Un. an;
the cir ran down upon Its hcr--shov-d
thm from th- track and
ruhd to tfc- bottom of an Incline
at high iped. Miss -. ng.
man. IT rears old. fell from th-step
and was fatally Injured.
Or-at spa- was riven to th co-
tamtnw at the Veli'd Prophet balL
8tsciaJ attention was calld to th
fnm of SSr. J. I . D . Mwrttoa.
MIm IVxM cf Nw Tork. Mrs. T.
P. Rowland. Mlsw liaseltiae. Mrs.
James McDonouwii. Miss Carrt
Ferrasocu afra. August Frank. Mrs
Doctor BOanescheln. Mrs. J. W
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