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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, January 02, 1906, Image 3

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-tt?5- 'S:--iip!
Immense Throng Stands in Line at White Honse From ft Until
Nearly 3 O'clock Feature of Day Is Large Number of Chil
dren in Receiving Line Sir Mortimer Durand Attracts 3Iuch
Attention as Most Gorgeously Arrayed Man at Function.
3 YeyJsc
I ""
aWaWaV .aaaaWaWaa-aY -saw X aWa. WaWaaaf aaWaWaWaWaWaWatSBVEf--HaaaH ...aaaWaWaWaaah.LaBBsW aWTLaTaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWfaff 1 T i1Ha " " aWaWaWaWaWaW Jk jWlVVa. J aaaP1 BBai
wma rAsa-C-warjs WmBEErZTW fs&snX&m. I
a9LldaWawCiieaaWaWaWaWa W
bW- KrrBmtUSK0 m- ataa. aSBBWaWaWaWawJaWaWaWaWaWaPBBBBBSFVBBB -hk7 7s " aWal aa.SBBBaWaBBaBa ft Sa!aV aWal
-aaB&ssVll a9' !r Vbbb aBBBsKaWaBWrLBBBBlllC-lawKS -ksw BlaW-SPaWaVaw5---isaf I H
ryRra-KLs-lwl aBi . .wlllHCHBiX HB'waW LWI
aWaWaWal aa aW" aWaaWaWaWaWal bbbbbbbW bbbbbbbbT bbbbbbbb. al aWaWaWaT BWaWaWaWaWaWaWasssa-T ''BBBBBtaBBBB bbbbW ataVW aWaWassatr aaWSaatTaT-m aWa.
re3riK'..If7aVriBBBBBVaBVlBlwI ( ,3wa---VJ-f-V59Hl IttB 'Ikh.aWlttVX BBSs! TO-1
i been given 4o regular prices
on Croak Suits and Overcoats.
These stylish ready-to-wear
clothes are cow so low in price
tkat anj man may replenish his
wardrobe without a second
thought as to cost.
Stl.73 for Butts and Overcoat for
merly IIS
14.73 for Suits ul Overcoats for
merly 12'.'
CIT- for Suits and Overcoats for
merly S2S
19.73 for Hulls and Oiercoata for
merly J3!i
SS&.73 for Sulta and Overcoats for-
rn.rly $10
MJM for Hulta and Overcoats for
raerly $3S.
The Republic Bureau.
Wyait BclMIrar. 1S-.5 fc.nl K Streets.
Washington. Jai:. l. All the world
paid Its reap-cts to President Roosevelt to.
cay. As head of the xreatest nation on
earth lie r-ceivi congratulations ca the)
accomplishments of the jear th.it i- past
and Kocl wlih-s for th esr la Its ln
fancy. It wis at the, New Year's recursion nt
the Whit- House, that he accepted the
congratulatiors and irood wlrie of tho
Igiity nlJlloti- of Americans for whom
I l'.' stand- in tfc- I rt-nc of Kinyj and ' sent p.-rso;
Imfrors. the ;--.r of the hiso-st ivA A nw i
the superior of tr.iny of the h-ads of e
It araa
itself to
diplomatic caixr. Aflcr the Austro
liungarian Amr-a-sadcr ard Mine. II ncel-mull-r
had Lowed leifore the President
an-! Mr. Kocs-vtlt and shoo, truir ban-is.
Mr. H-r.-elraul.tr !-rjd tack a pace.
He the;. prtj-entl. a did the other Am-L-ai.adors.
th- n e-nbers of his staff per
sonally to the pre.i.Jetit. This was an
Hov.iticn ct the V.'hit- House, vugzi-sted
fcy !orJ BrornwtU. nnd which has been
pprc.ed by ritcrvtsry Kcjt. It has always
i.e-n the cunuci nt othr caplt-il for the
!.r.jI of th- nsfcaasy or legation to pr-
r.allv tnc rr.cmfc. r. of h's st-iftT.
railor: r.i2; :t i.:warar.- at
in- w rite mo--.o to-cay. tnni or 7.crway.
which tiu rLrirefa-nre.1 hi the Chare
brilliant sr.r:. that r)r-nt-d 1 Affair-:?, il . lu- an I fur the rirst
the eie. of tho tortUT ie I Iit- Mr. Iri: xinn tw-liv anp.ouneJ
'.nou(th to t- tli Kuets of t!i "ri'ient. ' :ner--:y h-
an- a.piorna::c r-pr-ntaiiv- of th.- t.a- r.fiLANiys GOKGEUS r
that fltlfc f.-.lti. r, lt n. Klr.l i.r.t 't-.fV . "p .1W BirHjUJiV aiTajV-J
wn. .-..... ... ., .. ... it,. Hr vra j.r l:nr Mortlnur r-
" - - a i li Lll'll i.b 111' t uuic hw . . . . - . .
l.i- illr::t-r from :5T;lrn.
urJtnJ. who.
rttecti'jn. ,"- "" " ,:" "ii rilwerd. typir.ed
THOl HANDS Kr.EI ED. ,'ur or the IS.-itih Empire. Tfc- o!d traji
The Irel:--nt an'l Ht IloovJt r- -s Sld ohp.lr. airl cthr !n!p!m-nt3 of
c-lvoJ the iiD'.n .jf tn wond. thjt--r li.u oineial uniform, not to m.-ntlon the
' th!r rao- or t1. of .atlon l.Uh nn'l tru- lov-tV ro-) c,( whjtg jaitln ribboa
Iovu. who fil-d i.rtst till th-.r nii-s:l.-.-r on his i.o.i!iici. nust !ive bftn a bur
I re-ich'.l u;i into Ji.- thcu---r.d. .u-h of 'I-n tt-- )'- sironi; lmul -r.
i U.cm ldiiKin a "l.apw :.eu j:.ir" """ FVeSht rr Von St.-rsli'-nr. ptt rp-
) ISy iictul -ur.t, $:Z2 tnr, -s:-coic the ,! mat U of 1 XTjerlal Vrtnan!c
, I'rtsWeafs h.ind Itn j-ar 7.115 were r- i ' ,f! cosnji!et.I- tlcrked out in tn
1 fHfd Mrs !;-.-Vvlt r-:na:n-J until the j "hitof tu of a i.us-.ar cf the I'ntTial
r..I of th r-r.;iin A f-atur- if the I li-.r.!-. end th" jt-r'nnal frl--:d of tin.
;-t..illc reception .- tho Urn- !iumlrr of ' nsii.anr. nstrr-;., ij., nttntio'i th.m
sw IIBrt Shows That Many j children who -u--d thn r-c--'Hi::K line ;'' M.nifituoasiy bedlzin-d iirltUh An:
ChiMrva Hare- area riareS la J;' ' "- -- ' -" f rUlst-i" j ";ar-,,r
1-,..-. , . 1 who wr- to t tr-l'.l afs-r tho re;re- 1, - r 'h- .r;tatiTdor cim th o:n-
S"t ' " l4rj haV 'a IT' TS. . -' .- m. u-.x....1- t I'keAb
u- otltciiN of th-- Atr.:i.-n ', ' " ai-l J.'if fuller .e of tft.
Taa sOBaan s Mumanr j'-!c.ty
n. i. u onMorK Is
fnd the variou-
verr.nifnt hud i.tifii flown tl
lnif !ln. Us.i.i forir'n-f tn frnt if tie
White aluui)- KJtrs. .iaii b II o't )--lt. ill"
hour for th? reoptlon to l:in, th-
coljrnr. rt-ieh"! ici-; tile front of tr-
St-tt-. nr anu N.n- huiiillt.-j nd
jra-." i
ptio.ii ,
of whl.h
irMent- Iiri
Its annual :i-iort. .-!it.-h -
that th work of :!.. rfocloty has l-- n
much greater than tint ft iornr.vi --.in
Twentr-jrht rh!ldrn under ir j.iis
nav. !n provide with hunt.
'" clil'dren hs.- -en U-k.-n from
Oe-praTetS ;-);!. ,) j.I icr.l n li'irr.:
two alria 'M ff-u-l from fo-callr.
orrtnhoit-i, the Ikjuk. wan cl-i-l. the
Clrla warn provide -alth rwl homr. or.e
atap-muther u nm-l ir. In th- "nnil;-il
Oourt for tiNstli.ir h-i ll-ear-nd 6t-ir-Ohlld:
who was e-nt o ;!.itiva.
Th foUowlntj complaint fi.- lr..-tl-
" "T omc-T J II RiihII, In b-!uilf lr--i.i u.1 litv
Issatlnc or whlppiajr. 3ti; overl-i.'Ir:. :!'KI
tS ihI;,TV J.m!U "rorkltu. SK. drl-.- Fhoflv I "l.r. i' .,V k. the I're-d-r.t
?.V" 'V."""1.- -"' "nU tru-Ity. jtar, . .. ,. Al.u , , ,. i'r.--.id--nt and
a i !i '""!' ' !nuli for -i-. ;),.. , ,,....,- v. hit. II.je u..!.-. al! la sj-
Mfi; CMlWa rer-irte,' nt otllo-. 121. nut Ul- . ,. ... I.. !-.. -. , ... v. ..H 11r.,r Rnler.
" .. . m. . . . 1 ....... A ...... .. . --- -.---
t"ok tip tr..-:r
'! ' ii ..viae
!".!! Tjiur't"!".
tfh t- .-.I
ii5! jUin ..-i j r--!-i;i r. v ir-!"!-'OM-.I
bv Sp-p'-.'r t-iij.-o rind th.- n.f-ni-l-".-"
of onr-.-. botn -" n--or.s .tn.l lp-
'--r-iti- Hlrl.ort r-fr.I to nh-:hr
Jr.t;. wire in-Rl,vra f one ciasnitr or th-
promise .jf .me of ill. ian.:t"t r--i-eptKJ.ii J ., ...... ... . .
Kl.v-. .-M .k via-, the haur -t for h- . ;iV,?ul;,V ' ',Vh" "J1"51?". of f.n!I ,''aM
ICe I-r.-W-.t th- ine:n..Ji of !.-. -Nbi- :l,?'!, !T;?"iy, r-il'hitrj.l- Adrr..r.il !-.-
r.rt r.d th.lr l.i-.llle... Tor th nr-.t tin.- 'l,-,"a, "?" "-i". '.- v.-r ..on a vlo rj
tie ..o.I w :T .i - i-re.ld.-r.t o-, . f" --- I-,I"1 " for..ii ir . ri I the r,.t
New ie.ri .li tt.. tote Sirr-lt A Ho I "! ' f-".'"!"1 "'1 fhaff.- j.-r
bait hailn-i b-e th-- t.-t Mr.- ITe-lo-nt . "n;.;'.;' !'? f :tvV:.f"r thc v -atK.
While Jlo-f- on in.: oc.-a- , ... ," ,,- -,:" ,7' " V. ... ..
! -T--
i- o't-'o- k. the Pre
affatitf f .T -. 1. .
- .- ' -. . iHuij i. .. iirre-Mi-i. ,.,
rote-f-tited. IB. -onvlcted, 4:: .c.-ultt'-...
I; anltna! tak-n fio-n work. ttfc. anirnt
killed. betr.a uitlt f.-r MrMier uy tit
romj-Ialnta rerardlrur rhlo'ren. 315. num
ber of children Involved, ZV.7.
Ul' V it " i. tin- I'i
K-pr - mative Xl-hol.- 1- arv.n'th an I
.!.- 'i e Itrf- t n-r r.uly in- v
eal hsrure 't it T1 pv came ,',-.n Sr "
II . Ii.nc-tor.fni. !n.n"--ll.itei.- ah.-ol of tjj.
iV-x-ident and V- !:? -ewlt. .ML-. !:.".
yel: .-.to,.: belilr-d tha line, a did also Mr
Af: r the. arny tr.d ny ofii-rs ad
p- 'p.: tlir':j-h th- r-celin--r rom the
nent out into t!i a-t roo-n. aiier.. thej
i ear ; 'lrlo-T...:s an! m.Hv... Ji-j Ail.e v..
r,.! ruo Jrf-S'.. xj
t nay !-. llrrf fr- in t'j-
inn tli.- ill je I loom, tin's
(.-illi.ii t" ti.e r.-..t of the djor leai'ntf
fioni ii.- II i liiui.t.
The I'.rnt to ia'-Ii th'm a harpy N";
.t-i- the ice l-r-Mdent aril Mrs rair- 1 'r-il In a ftn-ffy pawn n'jit had bw
laril: who p.ii ed li-hln,l the roc-tiiS I slven th name o' "Vl.-e hlu-" with
iiii- und mmkI to the rUht of Mrs Iloo-i - ' '? co--.iife ti-ufat of rftre o-oMI-i Sit
.e.t ;; xt c.i rne :.- r t.ir j and Mr. Ib-oi. I i-or.i:i-.,rtii -a i!ri'ol In -ol-.r juke''
who. nli I not ait.tuln: tl.-ir nsi: X-w ! jtr.iy. -i:-h hi he -mars at th- - lor.s of
V.r. r.- t"..n as n .-inU-rs ol th- "- ii'ii-e.
TTriJrv YMinm.tr Tf.-f.rn.l.. . ' W-nfa oSMiii fan.ll to-ly for the tir-r. , Ao'-e- flsure that wa !. --i'f- n
i minrj I uunM m H-JroJirO tlmf. h,u ,.,, rl,.kir.s ,.,3ition. a axo-ie w. that .r ?.-cr.tar T.Ut. who
In the (--i'.r rarat 1 thire fo'.Iowe-i th- ,v', trie inisiost of men. H.- on-UTated
v-vretrv of the Trai:rj .t:,d Mr.. Shi. ! '""' Ihr "l ro :n. v.here th.- l,-efjd. nt
'Ik- Sect"'. ir". of War and Mrs raft. At- rt-ie. r.:i ni t no trr e-t r.o-T.
.'!- .;.--ierai Miaxs".. the l'.i.t:nis:er
(Jnrnl anl Mti. "ortelr.-j. the j!er
tary or the Nn.y and Mr-, ltonaptrte.
aliwl tV. tr.e-S .It lh Wh'te Hol-e !,
Nrw "k.r. the Serii-t.try cf the Interior
ard Mr- Ililcheoi k.' the Secretary of A-rUu.tui-
und the .j-cr-tarj of "onime.te
:.d l-i!oi unl Jit" .Mil i.f
II - iml Incoming Stock 9 I
viVf-ly Compels us to make a clearing sale of desirable garments hb I
-4-mif r&Af a season. Everything on sale being up to date and in feb 1
jSSfi perfect condition, as good to-day as a month ago, nothing is iv, I
jiS mussed up or smiled, even the daintiest white linings of gar -OkI
Compels us to make a clearing sale of desirable garments
right in season. Everything on sale being up to date and in
perfect condition, as good to-day as a month ago, nothing is
mussed up or smiled, even the daintiest white linings of gar
ments being unsoiled. Barf aits of a yienneaal uiMre will bestow.
-y s
Radical Reductions
To One-Half Price Prevail Throughout
l.-";''iid Wilh rMTimm IC.sultH.
fSKi'i ni.ic-Pi-iv-iAi.
-.J'i'' I.."1, Jh." ' 5Unti r)'" "- n
kind t" liter Winter- w eitl- cM and
Kdlle rroy. 3J . t .,ld To V! ,-r I'
anie n. pvtun 1-ook. with the .t..-.- ,,r
William T-ll. ami ,t i,w .) arlr'
ThU was t'je , jih. of murh tro lh'.
nl M itrr Hldl- ! lnjureil -h. that I,.
will hue a s. it tor llf-
Tfiet ted Ihe p'rture., ij.it an rj, e
and v : to t'i Imiii. -her the. -ttfir in
rpr !, -.!. on" V. in. - nit'-.-d the p- ;..
and --irt.rk lidi- In the hand with th
h.ir; arrow p.. r--lnit th- in. mo-r th. ouuh
and Tinklnt: a uirful and licly nouml
The l-o -a pu.kel. tn U.i.k hurne.t
an 1 th. l.--i and r.rr.v. p.jt a . wl'h ts-
c;nm iti'i trie tniiin r-.. i Th
x-urr-d rundj at the. home
i:i:kiixi usiJ
All took up their roi!t!-n In th re
reiiitr( line to the rtKhl of the rr.-'de-it
and Mr. K.io-t-e't At the l-reM.iii 1
lf; wis hl mlll'ar.- aid. Char.v, -;
lltostue 1, Supe-h "endent f I'uli.li-
Ilu'.dtni-s and jiour.d-. who m.i.1- th
":' ferjnoj; met -v.rilo-Iv el-a-. an-:
had th- vvi:in--t Krreinas fr eyinl-odv
At 1 oviock t!:e re.--ptitii of vltizi-n-
took place.
wi-h t. Ilu .dtni;-. aii'l jiour.'.-. who
- -c--lJe::t I T,t.--nt.itlon to t-e 1' .-M.-t
of W. T j Nearby wax th- P.-eyid-nf
s r.tval t. d.
he lnJtir-! U't't father. ij, nien.nit AlV-rl U Kes
j i-pp.--.t-. Mr-. Itto-i. .-rlt wa- Major
I I'har.ei I. Mi'asi-). I'liste.! State- ja
W Rriarrl 're.llr. . rit.e- -no m..d- :h- nree-ntarlon- to lie".
t-. ,-.--,- ,... . , ... .. i.i a I In -im:!e line. fa---n-r the I're-iient ntnl '
JV it P'-Rfrfl or n.
Illcn '.raj- -.-.atrii riy monthly or
we-kl) t-rirs liltl" Hr. i- -o. Id floor
Carl-t.jn 11!k . Sixth and -live ::.-..
Pin-rtor Cimried Kcfus.
K'cnii tlit? l"iinn.
th- reeelilns party, -it- rr.-:nl.r-- of l -
1'ie.Menf staff. j"um .riio-r- of te
trm nay an-! marine corps. Tl;e tin'
f.irm fir th- d.iy v.m- p---li fall dr-s..
w -l.-h k!.i a r bv !! -n uhn a
r tt'Un IIoue The ..!.: w-re ;-
tain A Ii Mar lie jr. t pit. .I 'a-e. .m
r'-e. Cantain Pin T M-wirc cf the a:
t l!rv. "a;fln t" fjihuah I.e of the ei
nrr-'T.Mf fpi:.-i.m.
Spr'ncll-ld. Ill . J.in l.-anfflre-s of th'
illlnol. Na.tlo'ial iJair.J mol- th-lr anr.u i)
call to the Kvecu'lve Mansion at 11
clock rhii tin ri h ir and wee sre'ed
by ;o.ciiu.r and M i C-iar!e4 S. I-nee
Tn ."-U was rimpy a .social one aI
no a.ldr-'-e were ilellve-ed .lth. r by Go.
rror Denr. or repr-.ser.tat wa of the
tlli-er. were en'e-tained at Ii:r.r!-enn at
!! l-iard by Colonel Ilen-v D.ivli. a'U
t.ov-rnor I-nee.; n-iS th- ru t of hiwr
s:eer of th- ' ard from v rl jv-t
of tie State l-ja:i to arrive j- Spr-nKtli
on -ttili tram' nml at l"- o"cl -k th-1
i"m!,!e.! Ir. th- o-!-e of AJjutar.t t;-n-r-i!
src tt in tl.- ?tat lion-'
The rrprertation tro-n the nrlou
Mr.aiir.ii5 a latvrr than lis- i.r .nt
r- ! J" , " .".""-'"' " a IO "' '--
.-m.it .....s.u i jiere iri-v wire tn--l
..':! .-n.
S York. Jin. I d-I-entlon from
txtl.e Metr t-ll'-n i.n I .- ch- ri
fecalle. on Inr. tor "ii.l t..-d. un i
h made a d-maii I tor jt linm-dlal In
Cfe.i..- of the ... i . T !- CI .-fil
f Mr t onrt'-d rc'u.-.I i in iij-- ro--'
IWI" of til. ehotm .. t . -i.;i": t. m.)
union ana ni'e,t tha" tr tr. Iund
hv InrtHu! -Al ..u.tai. n a !- with tl
liiauarineni H- t.'-l th. m how.v.r
that I 'hey pi.-d theill.elie. tO ke-p
their contract- h- n.i' I .'ii 1-r nhit
coul 1 b- done to Inipro.- th.'r i... tl
lie announce," thil m-jj it e.nber t th
ch.jru. who I roke 1. -ir l.r o-i.ra i
w u'd no le r"'t.Hfcl Tt I .ent -i
annotnuej tint It u.-i.J tf.jf.-t .rJ t
a m etintr -f t'i I e (tl mlon to n.trnv
an'l ahlde in It. .e. ilon
-. t.i .a;. .aa i m i ii'ni iti
al U-uten.nt IS'b'rt I- ..er-y of tne A i.mi Jnlf hour lol ow-i ;n ,....,.,
mil. U. lit. !,.-. i!-e s 'T,nt : " I "on. it.l the m-in!r.i n.,s (,, , ;.
:Mr.. ..f the eetne. r c-ps. I.le-.ter.in,. ! to tn- -irr.man.iir offlcr, Tr.e d--o-.
I'M 'P II fliTI-lati of tl- "-avail ami , anu wre n k--.r! i', t-e ho .' i
Kr.-Jrn A lolphi:-" idri -if the aavi. l-.eayon.co sK-'n of Kl!i -,,.,! ' ..."
i?Ms-l!i,," Wor'l Mixture Suit.; Fhort coit.
Ji, :in lined, i-atcli jocket-a phe- C? OS
oomeual cut. from J3.73 :o. el-ar. at 7a5.c
if f c-Ie'di' i- All-Wool Sree Hulls; lone coat.
-u,la lain Unf-d-qulte :Iih yar- tJT Off
n"!t-'i ?..:. leducc! to OI-O
C;-'-"1'1-''' 8tiit of fancy cray rolatarei;
abulia ;,aln half-llnvlxtra IoncrrKt; fjff QB
a IVf'f (rmr.er.t reduced for clearing Xn....'famJO
sf.yo-I.id!. Umpire S'r.ort-Coat Su!l. of nlt
""" wool cnvIot; c--.ri brown. Mac!:, blue;
w?s eoid at frfroa-Cl.'arlr.s Sale Itlco C 7S
-n!y jtil.tiJ
,fllV-!1l,'f,' lainjt-t-oat Suit. if fine broad
- una cloth: satin Ii-e.1; color iljtn Cf 9 Cl
only price n.i.- ST.: Tu-day Clctr'.r. niU
itii c I-a'fei ery Irindome Uroadcloth Suite;
,fi So-lnch c.ir. r'rl.elly talio:e.; l.i.ih-eii-.
Iri rvry way; noil at j.'). Clearing Sal C3J KQ
t iZvt'aaa a a . ... a a aaaa
C..o I-t!l!r Iltr.plr- Ct Slif: broailclolli
una n i.pular col. t?i n-rv rich carme-it; f.
Ineli coat; real alu- V.; rieant.s S2T SO
I a a 1 aa a a a a aa-aaaea4a
Wfitrc-T-dl-- vrr handsome, fine Taffeta Slllc
araia wshta; I.-.liorat-Iv trinunul C2UB
und made, wortu up to Jacin tldvsal-....
V ' nister'"" liand--OT.- Kabrlr WaWts; well made
W.CIJ .,e, t-ininii d; a larK- anety i.r Q!tg.
style. and color., r-ol 1 iip to 3 "; in this t aie... '
C: much letter and hnr.ili.m-:r: ndd tip C 470
to :.. In this vi- .n t.J'
W'nicie--" l-'dlfH- Taff-M Rilk Walsta-lnflnit
- Uia x,,ri, .v f .styles and coh rt; (iff
worth up to t-:i. In tt.t .ile tPM.nM
y hantlsomo pliid Taffeta Silk Wulsts; C Qjt
worth Jp to 7-". In IhS alf VA.V
iC " iu; irp -.iw; 01 wro AstraK-
w Illf Il-'a T T.t'.T a-.-feaiat lftf. T . U.
fur. wire K.': In th!. Mle.
Cnnte W ry hnn.l-on.- S-aletle Pluh I'areii:
ffca !i:ml-imelv Lraidr.l wilh lit Uimmlns:
pr;c- wr.s 51-Ur; tn T7 Off
e.'ceil wilh Thlbft fur
l!.I rale,
fnmt- I" I-adles' Tourist Coats, of wool
"- j mixtures: body lined; very neat;
price was SC.oO; Clearing
rtmts Tourist 60-inch Coats; new Rox
"a,a bury woolen mlsturea, patch
pocket, velvet collar: r -uiar tT f O
alue $12.-0; CIcarinR Price. .. V) U zfO
2nmt l-idies' Handsome Empire Coats.
WINIIA f jne Kprsy: thoroughly tai
lored, satin lined: 915.00 coats; - Af
price redured to clear. ., & m jrfj
l-adie.-.' very elegant Tiulit-Fittins
Coats; satin lined, popular colore:
values $2f.0.t Clearing tfO QJ$
Cgirrr 1-adie.V Tailored Coats of fine
& Kersev! flttid tn the- form; half-
satin lined: former price 127.50;
Clearing f rie only
vaat t.idies' very handsome Broadcloth
.UVrf a TiKht-FitMng Coats; velvtt collar
and cuffs: were sold at S30.UO;. f QE
Clearing Price &iJJ7J
CnrttK ladl0" Tight-Fitting Coats of im
",,a ported cheviot; very elegant gar
ment; sold at $50.00; Clearing G0A AT
Price pv awatl
Cnntc. I-sfllM full-cut long Fur-Lined
VW3 IVnla- ah awl ecllai- cf rirar mltak-
.--..-". w.".. . ...... w. .... .....a...
sold always at f-u.OO; Clearins
Clraerc-I-sdlc- o-t Walkinc Skirts; pleataS
"" ,a ieorei: made of new union mixtures. QflLf.
ray ami brwn; a K skirt: In thia sale at. ..
cir ;.-i-T-ie" m.ick
wnaa so ((r(.
Hits rale at.
Korcs plut il;
Itroaddath Skins: feB
St skirt; In $0$
irC?.r-I.adirs hnnd.ome.
'wfiTid f-cioy tnUtarei; In Cray, browns, blues
well-made Skirts of
ns. blues
-fwfta ,ri.,.,tlv
ful irarment: value; J(0O; In this sal at..
arid Osfor.l effect.: multi-pleat.!; some
circultr: V sklrt.o; In this sale at..
tin- AH-Wsot Worsted Skirts:
t-illored and It-auti- ( QST
aTaVeiz IMlles tine All-Wool Bhepherd-Ch-ck
Miiria skirts: clrcnVir style: very tt 7C
drey rarment: sold at 113: tn this sal Bf
. fc-Vc.-l,ilteV I'rlncease Hklrts; or finest Import
- ed Pan-ma.lolh:S wide folds CIO M
at l-.ttom: sold at ti : In this sale at iw.wir
Closing Hour Sow S P. Al.
49 Mart Bn4wy.
tt O Neck Scarfs. Clearing Sato 4Mf
-WaaeW ,tC e......V
C- JO Neck Pieces and Scarfs; In Cf Qft
VaWV ths gllI: aa-Ol
A -fl Nck Plc-es and Scarfs of River C? QJt
vW'Uli'jHni; n, Australian iqulrrel aSil
Cf? M Genuine Slbetlin 8Ulrrel C7 Off
?-'' Ijirr Flat MuB ..3p1
$55.00$?' Krna $35.00
aVil. t.aaaaaaaaaaa a aa a
C3VI fM S-Jirf. of Genuine Slink.
JW. W Slb4 rj, SiiulrrsI und itx..
leirge Klat Muffs to
IllAl L (l.aaaaaa.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a
War on Oil Trust to lb Carried to
Company's Ilt'iulqunrUTH in
X' York 13- Missouri's Attor
ni'v tt'iiiral.
. .o.-n a the l're er; hi! cith'-ed
ih ,. b in lits o; ml farrllv the 1 cr. of
the !! d Ih .'T-i nr .uiiii wtir. jei pnd
in lar - V- f" io-ie itr- 't m. 11 .in"o -ri' 1
the ii -' t c dem of ihe l"!porntic i .iriH
lh AmlMS.ido- fro-t A'.''ri.i-!I Jiimri t erno
ird Mme ll-r..-lini.i:er For tn rr-:
j e i- r.ie it-ar 'he fir-l.ur Satire '.
i".. i-.jM-!. 1! i".-".ir. -n-i-1 'or
a n!w. iri - tl- ! ei. , .f Iti'. m
Miii' -i T" . --- !.. I al.tn Vnl'KW
'.-- who -.. rt.Vil I- - d' l ' tp th
- e - f t ! r nt - t 1 i V cc,rp.
w i in . ' ' I!' "' moller. wn
...' 1' r ri ar : w. -e th. :mi".)
j 'mnt'o'" .- '-rr. 1 ti h.ni dur'n lui
an! cit f! 'Wom
At I. o c I. t' e cu-rd-m-n mive,l
. :!. Ilnrd m ci-npa-.y wl'h ;.ivn..r
Iern v'l.re lu-i h-ot m i !
war i ..r tn. o"l r r. rnln .1
In S;c
ft. d t a'ter.i ji,e ,rM-i! t'- p-1 it'cli i.
Ii ;o erno- a: M-v l -, -i ; f
.-.. ji j.; W-- 11 11 .' j-e o:!ic
n-.atiy rlTj--., were :.el.-d.
T. n-uMtc n-jsa.
W va'.t PulMlnc :-.!. an! P Mr-ts.
Ohio Governor Tells Legislature
Corrupt Practice Must Stop
Primary Law Favored, and
"ISoKsiMi." Is Kcbuked.
Best Month
Best Place
10 BtY lOlR
A New Year's f reeling to .ill old and tew customers.
aSaTMaaamlVa W til
h .
ma-i i i.p-ri m m
Ab.l.ll. . i.i Jai 1 -Th. IVV-." re-e...
:u -id .ni..! ;:.. Veir". b.l'
" wr.- th-) sr.at -oclal eLn's
-h... f..e .-. n-.tnl Tn. Th- Ur.
Uai t !ri i! f.f ftin .eta.T K.l ..
I . ... . ..--.-" ""'-li'l Hie
.:cV;U. V "f tl - W ' -T" ',!J"'K,-t '
or Co mi ted j- courlra pre-
on. -half ,.f whon uer- o-it-of towi
su-m. and the ,,-.,., ,, tJ. ', .
rt.i ... . . t. . . . -a . ..
.... ... ..j-- -...- ii, ii-er-i in- ..-.
th lull! n.r- the most -Jut,.
t.-lde;tak-n 'a the l!.!!..e.
o.untry "
.-k-fl Ill J . l Goirr-.or sr.d
a. th- Ki.c.m- .Manl,,r. to y !.-i.-n
th- hr.ur, r j a-,, tt r,.,,' . ,
I'frncn th- S-.-e oS-.c-r. and ;..-ir
.. .-. ...! in r.--ejnc at j
Mr. I.r
'.i. ', r. n ;i, wi a-n.-ert In seeclv
th- Ii.lv call. - bi n larK- fumi.; ,,'
aptm;rlat to rr cci-voi cor!ti-:- o
t.bc.rte fe.tcr. er ri.fTlr xrl ,.oI,
"he Stat
,.1 . . " ..u..
. .-. : r i . ..e .... ..
l:ed in rfctiitnc uresis lui-r't the ..-!
You have f.-ire! ;retty wcil.
:i a re
lets vou havp much :o be "thankful for
vou? Doubt-
We irar.t to tei! vou th.it there i no better month
in the year to bur rour I'u
Well, one reason, we have .r.a
of piano that we d-..:re to clear o
are wilhr.c to accerit t:r.cIer--cot nn.-
. - -.-..-
hn Ja-.uary. Why?
y tves o: manv makes
once, ar.ci we
or them. This
av- vou a considerable as. Another reason.
tneoiu rear i past. ou know how vou h.ire "come
out. You haxe "checked up and know where vou
stand financially, and a to your position for another
year. etc. etc.
You'll be agreeably surprised with the splendid
Piano bargains we have to of cr you this week in the
Scleral New $423 Several Sew $430
It-vHet . 0is PiMos KsmbdN Pmnos
Vdisced to $325. Reduced to $340.
f-n-.-r 1-5-
Ji Z fir I ..?- - ...e. --
.. a .- ;. . .. . 1" - - v. - we.
.e; .n-ijaj- iv ii;nr teep-ril r irbln na
.. .e Tl'lT-.uj- iU .,;e IJ-Jan
Abulia a-J nanr oShr
ursent c-tlc-r at-end-.!
i edn-.! Mr l!raa i;j d.rart roth-
S.-..ket-1 I.Ll-.d. Cjip-a'- Mo
G--n.I t irfcta'i as if will se-i rnrsr.v M-
i far as P rneo
TV.s!.lnjlon J.in I.-M..-Lrt K. Hadlcv.
M-(ri.e C'rer.l of Ml-ijun, will wai
h" Mi-ouii war on the Stan lard nil
'n.-l at he'i.!;uarter. and on Krid'ty will
ile tl - d-p '..oii-i of the principal oil
axons- lu Ni w York.
H- is h r- to arpu th- rhlrap-o Praln-
it "in.i. .T i". re s-i.preme "ourt 10-
orr .-.. t w'U-h tin . o:.:-n:.on thst the
'hiiaco .-w is- j jl i.tc-s t.te St. Ieii..s wa--r
u;pl in Inn Un!
H- .;--t to l- throush with this cie
n T hur-d iv and nhi -o one- to ;ew
ork. wli-re th. Standard :! Inquiry ii to
-Bin in th.- .ne., if llt-nry Woolman. at
v-1 Ti ilr 2-iwa
Ji.ha l IS' kf-il'r lilrn.e'f Iism v.id--l
.bp .rj. h-.t !i II I: ". Wail- Himp
n k i.. ri autilt. r ot tl..- com;winj . V"
' l:.ford. John : Annlbild und oth r
r th- :-:.inlard dii- tors did not aucvJ
-j. ap.r.iT -ummoiiH
Th- will hi.ie to arpeir nnd will be
; ded wiin rf.iiciiir.? u-etlom is to the
r"rm.z.ition of the rtami.-id Oi: t'otn-
u.. ai to lt re.at.ons with :it-ird!nate
ir jir..e-. ar.d a to rrlr.:.or.s with tt.e
1 r- .!.: c mpatil-n , ratlr In Mn-
jrl. the V. ileri-i'lerc- 1..1I oinp-'n.
-. !I;ulllc nil i-tirnany nd th- stu:i-
.jrd t; "omponi of I.tJLih.i.
1" '.in- niradi !-"ti anl- to ortiln
fuch i-aluat.:.- 'niormatio' -oncernlnx the
;- rain n of tl o Slant' .1 .1 In Mlvjuri.
nl. I M. ll.'ln. finl.l.l
nti.- "l-..iuiri I.i. .!. ie:oi--.l fact, vhl-n ! l-dl.'ilr.li:iilii.i
e- think lne an lm;rtait lf;'rln,r on
- ci nenil .ci-.tlcitli t. of :h- Stsndird
ill Cuiniai) . w Ich li r.owr la-lr.tl eon-
i.ir!i-d ! tie K.'eral ilni.rssi nt.
tt H too ii.-l to y J'-s" lastly what
: r.v-lt- wi ! !e -j Mi.Bi.r. ltut '.n
iubtd w. are In a tiln n 'o reii.r
i th- Ftacd T'l ofl.i iais intorrn..t.oi
wh'ch. if slien. w:il proie of a I.Vhly U-
.r..ni na'ure."
Mr Ila'l.i will call upon
1ir:le:d. tne "crr.rnlslrer of orjKira
o-e. to-morrow Mr Hi'.lv ilil to
1 Eht that the call "ill l-e purly of a
' rmal nature but ur.'te:lonat tl - two
w.ll .!!cu. the Stacdird O.I !tua:lon at
AcVr.ts of Mr Girfi'M. who I d'rcc.lnr
th- F d-ral Ime.tlcatlon of the S:-ndni.
"a-.e kr;t In c'r--- :ou.-h !:!. :hc arlou
taic.s of At--rre Gr.cnl Hcdliv In
i j n In ML'i uri.
It I. und-ficd that Mr 'iarfc-M his
: !rnpre-d w'tb the lain- of '.i- f.ict
Columbus. O.. Jan. 1. The Serenty-sev-enth
ii.iier.il AsitaiUy of ohtu cwiiimed
io-d.:. the liouix- beini; organised oy ihe
Klp-bliCal. WHO hale &Ut-tWo lot?-.
us-.i.!.t l.fiy-nii,.- iir tn- i. nuKrat.-. .ml
the t-itut.. b-ii.K otuntz. d b the Im-iuo-i.rat.
who hale ntn. ! 11 iule.-countlr-K
ox.- lii'l-peii'i.iit i.-eiialur liuib f l.uoa.
I'ouiuii. whii loud with tl.vin. aKaiiml
e.j-'iitet:, ttr tl- Itepubilcatia.
l.kut. n .nt Ooii rnor lianltnc presided
In lh S-ml. lie wid In- ulV'h.iJ u
l'rldent i.f ll.i S-n.ite hv Aluliear 1
J HariH il,- Ketubllctu Ieuteuatit ijov-
Ail Mm ivtr.o-rmlc caui-u. nominations
In lb- hen..!- and all the HepuhlKan tionit
nation. in the ilouis- wire ratnlel without
S-ieia-i attm.pt. were made to orcanlze
bo.t!.. but all fa.lvl.
Cainiia lnii.vvn of liwrence Cuunt)
vas elected Spfak-r of the iJ. and 111
acciptliiK tl.. honor di.clar.il tliat eco:io:n
lu te the watc.iwor.t.
In the nftimoun tli- farewell mes.ii;e of
Coiernor lierrtck wan i.uU. it wa a
loli.niinoi.j docuuieiit am: notable for Hi
altotig dciut.i:.on uka.nst iit in all its
iu:i:i:ifKs mesa.;h
Th" ti.i-.sia- of Ouicrnor llerrlck to the
Iv ijl.'l.uu.'e a. In part. ! follou,.
I ii.Uat -.,n,es:iy recommend the. abol
Istiinent of lut,b in IJIno. It 1. neither
pu-idlM- r.jr de.jr.iL e to 1 late n.eitil.fi.i
Kansas City
tJTake night train at 10:02 p.m.
Q Lands you at K. C. bright and
early for business next morning.
3 A confortable ride over a new roadbed.
Q Another tnin. aJorckng daj-tght ride, leaves
at 6:32 to.
Ohs St. r
man should h employed In tha
the legislature to watch the .,t-nin f I Hjn why a ;
thiiateiie-l attack, on tin Ir private In-I Wale; works 1 ! Mm. nt or the llealt'a
tert-'t. bv thoso who"- ,- motile 1 to t I-partment or the Street-CIe.-inlna- Ie-aroii--
this anxiety. j partment or tn any other place in lh
"No I'kUI itl'.n will reach this ..tuition, i ...iintry because ha la a Heroocrat or a.
Th- olc r me:i fr it II. a In tb whoa i l: rriLllcnn.
i eotne contempt which all membirs of th ! "He onirht to be chosn strnplv be-au'a
lie is honest, solar, iiiaiustrtous anl cap.i-
Ij rl-ilntur.- shouM fie! and how toward
the.e v la dii- to niiJiKi- In this
ri.lcintM pnictlce. ! .;nk of thl mil
e'-nil. It is ur.d un an escuie fur the
lobbj-. sm! there onicht not to L- any
escuxe for the lobb).
of the Ori.i ral Am tiibiv Iron ti.e i-.jple. I
It : rijiii: an 1 proj--r that ' a:ne n.i i "Tli
n.t-ri of the State, win.
are the eTvai.ti. ol tie pi-opi, siiutiM
k.-ep In do touch with the xnemir. of
the LKlsliture. In crier to .is-rt.iin and
ariv out ilulr wl-h.- It I !.ii.ry nd
desirable that th publle ul l.r-e r any
ituen. who ar pc li lv l.-.ere., e,i in
Vl!.- Ubjett of 1. p..atr.-l ahould Lai-
ru 1 o;.;rtunlty luaipar le-fure the prop-
r cjininltt... in ett.. r hou.-. to he put,.
llcl h'-ir.l Sn ar.i matter nff-ctlr.a the
jtirr.'s it. hu.lr.e'-i or cla if people
' Ilut b-yor.d thr-e Umiiatlor.s all contact
betwi-n ieirlJator and ou'uM-m In the
work of l'Kls...tl':: hou(d b- rlopj.J in!
all m an. of t-oll-ltlnc. Importunlna- or
J-maiidlnij th- enactment or repeal of
"" or th- nllow.ince cf apprcprlatlor.s
hou.d be jr-ierted h the m.t ricld
maure. at the comm-md of th- i;er.ral
"There Is a rre-iture. bowel e- who
mere richly d-.e-i. ?r.e a r-. ae.a ,-.
men ! an the lot.h)!..
rop'a i.f nhlo have conie to r-
jrari! as their Ptat- rollcv n marem of
tisatlon which r-lleie.. real and personal
proj- rty from the entire burd ri i.f the
State's eft'etniiture. other thn for e.!u-c-itlonal
purj. ThU lijley to relleie
th- homes and farm, of the people from
taxation for State p'irje-a. nnd to jilai
tl - burd'n on thos- who enjiy special
rrlilleR.. from th- State. . j,oth wl
and lut snl .boiibj not Ik- ill.tur!-.! It
.hmi'd l carried still farther so tbil
ultlmit-y no tax wlnt".er I- lmjox.il on
r.l or j-txo-ial property for any Slate
"I sm earnestly In faior of tha nomi
nation of all countr. niunlcljail and o'her
Itecal oH.-ra by a primary ilertlun I he
tl'v- that cor.i-n:Ioni for uch purj-ia
l.ould 1- t-l!red and that ah ii'plrants
for office ahltlM hive ,n eUlI opportur.l!)
to he nominated by s dtreet lote cf th
peop.e Thr- la no subject .n which t1!-P-op:-
ar more ilta'l lrtertel thin
.is- drr-v: roiernrr.er.t or their munlclral
It It h corpiniicea
hie. .Hid h- ouxht n't to la dlscharseit
ui lew. t.e coen to l- .,r,e of these things.
Ht ojcht not t be re-julrd t support
any .ilt;i.I is-aiiizatluii ..r.d be ought
r.rt to b- permitted to contribute to any.
Nothing would make boTlsm so unpopu
lar and -ir.attraitlie in our inunli Ipulltb s
as th- r:i.oval of tli- 1I. of irne."
CIcorge I'l-vrniann lh-IarfH Tw
.Mcii Ni-Ip.il Wiiiiiau in Tkeft.
While In a negio .-iloon at N. lJOO Un
deii atr"-t sterdiy mornlns. Ileorg
l.erti.aiiTi of Ni 1117 Salisbury street su
rol.l-w f a purse oiain!r.g a . Mil Th
iektbook. he, ..,.. wa grable-d from
tils hand t.y latru tVllllamv regrssa.
who. iiermtin !.. riis avl.t-! by twa
The wotnai ivj;i: but was arre.teil
altenrard by I'atrr Inmn Thomas Jlc
ferrr.o't. of the V-urrh fristrlef. at
Twelfth nr. I Mortrm treta Two negrnea.
one of who'll It. enpiol aa a liartnd-r
In the salvon we rn ted at the aama
ti"e. but v wre relemirf! fir want 'f
evii'anee to bold thm. The Wllllarr.s wom-
I an I. t-lu-r .il'I wA a warrai.t will I at
I pile.! fi.r tbi. nor-ln She l. J years 014
1-coitr.c in i!ouri. ar. i-iut .nt) win , i rn-.cnIMe for th so cill. ! -mlla- That thr- should he a healthy polltl- nr..J III' n: N 125 Morgan tret
..- - ... .... . .. -- .- .... . j-------- ......-.-c i j... w.- purpo-e or cai iiwnn'i; ana rerv'm in our -it-
sen-ral pro'-cution. rr the itandard . extortlcs mr.n-i . ni r-clI infr-.'s !-. and ill ia-s Is a matt-r o g-ne-al
W1IH1I li ." a.- a .VI " J. k-- a a-- a
fsrefMs t4Wc1 ts SI45 m1 5175.
Ve4 lpriBHv Vris . 575. S93 smi l)
Kieselhorst Piano Co. I &&$" $&s
PaHrsaataia Agastaa
1007 OLIVE ST.
! aw JtXaUia lUra,
-re cpn.
Jim E. Todi ulto-vr fer tha "tin!-'
tiry Dt:rl-t of ChJc-o. w'lj rtp y The
5-dT 'r. wr.Irh th- Illir.oij .ii- .nail r;..
vnt their ;- Ints of law or lus of fact,
w li de'ertnin- the dl.postti-.a to b- made
f t'i- r-r Vr-J. r of 'V t .t.- to i- al-
Mr Hidlcy r.! 5!r lUt-s will
r-ldrt th- court Mai" ca-s r- t f.ir
to-r.rrnjir bt the dralntge-can-U cafe
his the f.rt c-ll
A lxrje part of th- day rrooaoly will
b- takrn c? by t coart li renderlr.it d-
- w tat a Ut- 'tart en th- ars-J-rr.er.t
Is x?r-il, an" :ey win ;t.n Mi.
up th crrater part of A"edr.!y and
v.l-o here. Mr IladJ'y will tak steps
to MTf th- payrsr.t of about IV 90 ja
Spanish V'ar clil-r... Te clams' J-e )
tei'ed cr. the -rvtce cf i-o r.t-ers Jrom
ill-crurl for -h- tl-ae they were la camp
b-fore th-y wr- mi.tre,! i- a., rrculars.
11--.. ...e. r, I . est A. I M. 111..... k..
TO LOYAL LEGION MEMBERS. :-' ? .- .z: of :
I cbfvsan":. -d Vr Hiey w cocjit I
:e J- jr j Ne,1r. r-t.r I " at "' '' J8''--
Ilnldea Qwlts giKk t.tan.
-C - '. XJtl e Hell Art Jl- 1 -J r H'dier
IK : e tiv. '1 j.4 -,, Vr.ri 'r frel-bt .raff-r !-irajro' the Rk lJti.1
- r ir .Tii I- t .-..y- J in .x Jc-:- 5it- arrj. h.atjuarte- iri c--co. hi.,
s tor. ;-ii li i.re-tr ir - U Kar . feljce-l t Accept - i c- pre-decry fcf
I Ainlrai Miaot -Jte O-s.ri! KlC-' tfc MblUsd VaKce Ral'.roid. wtia ttaa-Itccre-U
Oarabwldt. aii Crar-ss &. Fx,t. 3ar:cra at Ten Ssltb. Ara.
rcpesharen. Jaa l -At the New Tei--.
r-v-eptlor., rCf-' ("-sun ke-i the Ara-r-!c.e
Mln.:er. T-rma J o Htlrr. to cos
ier h! V.r ! -' '-:3t. to IV-.td-r
Kcwl' -e. c.-xs Prlrc- rr-itrtck
a. i.1.1 r" .f -1...-.. - ft . VI. -e
m.'-z'r - r.- t!. P.-v-....-. - .... .-. I l"wr-J
crient. " ' " S?
Berlin, Ja !. Our e-sjy:- Towrr the
Aroertcar; ,-;ai.iJ'r cj t-e d.rU, m.tlc
T-rrse-tatties cf cth- r.iilosi cil-d at
tS ria; tce-ay tt txteaj xw Iwri
re-tX-. 9 ir-ror Wtxia.
xe-t a persMixj e-.a'e to
Ihrot-ca Mr Tewrr.
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- 4$tp You cannot uxt thc brain whhout breaking
T down small particles every day and you cannot
AO rebuild unless food furnishes thc rifht kind of butidrnt
SP material, and that is Albumen and Phosehatc of Potash, not
such as you fet from drufftsts. but such as Nature stores in certain
kinds of food. The crisp, nutty
contain these particles. Keep a packacc on your desk within easy reach, when you feci
exhausted, nibble one or more. Then you can "do things.''
Made by POSTUH CEREAL CO- LIY BalsW Craslw Niek
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