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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, January 02, 1906, Image 7

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Rtgular ! evsry Uttarsar at ware!
ret srostwl offc. aH-ia-e cfcsanaa as
Sales in rcsld.aces a specialty, rkoce Kl
Kaisers Foreiga Secretary Says
the ApprefaemioBR Are Wholly
Without a Cause.
Make Demonstratien at lastalla-
tion of New City Government
of Near York.
Green or Black
Directions. One teaspoon
u! for two cups. Add abso
lutely Boiling Water. Steep
five minutes. Do not Boil
tlier-c teas.
Sold by .ill Grocers loose, or in
following Reliable Packets:
Blankc's Grant Cabin,
Liptoxs. Maravilla,
Quaker Brand,
Tetley's and Tissera's.
HarrUff rJ !lh Nclrii tmrtM !J
Tr fjilMl'- il.i IX! f'rar1'1 t.y tl
u-;!i ttik j! cf nit i.Z th- 5i-p
is'Tl tclow. for lmuitar-u ittIcttc.
Hhoui xfr rhaf tt a rnur-t t" !
to jiecoKtjin' h c I Notice re-.r!l
t:r faJnlht ranji t frjrie4. lo
ir. until tr.e nt n!r
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tlM St- A.tl: JtVG.
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rhaa. I. tbrrle, ereeiary.
ie. J. Kteerle. Jallaa llawek. Saata.
tale Krx A Marahall Mraa.
Well Mala :tX Klalaca C TW.
;ra4 aatf 1'arW Aveaae.
iei..r I7SI. Uraaa 14a.
on Current
l IJ- -Oi so nU. tenx- 3i lv.
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ill Mv V.u,t. at if tf PiW Ar .
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ta t.Ivar "meier
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Join n OutM! I nl.vit : tl. Ut il-r-rsr. t
rr a- I1srw st tl fanll r-iiSf!Ke,
No Ntfti J-f?rrn s-ru-
llu. 1UIJ (4 fUllTU1 Milt-. 4.lvn
i"lj.)at t5..rej int.) -..t Manlir Ian.
rj :. at " ,i j iii nt n OilI- t.-i.rl
lnut-:vl c J.-tijt Pi h o l.r ' ilr.-ut yrt
.l-r 'n . ..r n't r J' Jnt-mrn.t Mat
-ia Jtul 'Ir fttr Ir ! vr ittT
tair fw i.tii-t ami KTrit.Tlfa'hr vf i.n
v!ee iJr a. i '
r "irrt 'l.lrt. J i'.urv 2 :. t t
I' r from ?mlls- iUer.i'e. V.i iT-ll :)r
ir-u; w sis. Ptrr jnJ lul CrutvU tfcm
tu ivtrr atit I'uul Yirifry
.MJIKI: "H Min-ar !- nJ-r U l-.v nt
2!oeIkK . in. Nion ;i-rujc t .m.
Irt lUustte-" or inn vmer in. oq.
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Usrtj i-err .! .f r
Th. rjfcifro ei'l titl. ttUv. U.lnl, Jan
iiy &: Ju o c. n fnri fAtiil rei.
tl"'i j . i I'M' aurw to -t X .
i iiurh, iLrn - t' 1'Uary Omtfry Kr'-r.J
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i- jwu o. sal I'.rtun4 n pjr. '
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la.M.l s vt.n.I.j J.outi. I i... .t
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M.lfr uf IU I Ur.r .n.1 l!r n.j-.
eftr. 1. rsu ltie IWIalie)!
JV t i ,i)i t.X- n, W,:r--!ar ;uniar .
- i - ! m rrsm famtli r-.Unr. ?a '
C v- e-oih .trt. t .-t I' - trerV.,
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llril V a'-'AU
K'.T.t H , sxr.ir lw.fM H fVC. Vrs.
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XlcU et n. ftttitoii tatitrO. t attieut
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.ivri k n-. r miim - astvi Aia i.r
taUrr t Mill kn-t-f l-i.v-1 ..vl f Ttie
HWt I l-jr Vr-it f 0-ttit. T1n EA
Ols s-i t r XK aj-I ir 4r tesao-e
t"-Ja t?r a asasftri I l. at I- ill
t 3 J. 1 sVlt
rwx.al -a- ra-. frtw ! fan.it -si
rV N !" rt 21rt.lv. a T- ir-ltl
r-viarjr t, s. u T a s- t ital Tr -
t:r-- laine it i -ar? r irr HiIiIit-.
.l -..&i its intaiX t jii-oA
. Vl.V-ratTl b rt -w enirlaa l
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'- t, l--.trlE- s. WAtier tr. "., -r
nr is;m tata-r-ua-las lit.r .- Nr-seTs,
V - and a j-tn J !Jtft a-sl ; aj,
rttwra .n tal IMS'- trs rr iia... N'v ;
Ztt N,r Ttrsats-SRa aif-t. -Vl-fia U. at
tki at tsjx v-a-i.'3ts t Ci a-rxiv. tisCN-. la
Ott.irs ttMun
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t'sji-rat frts-t tv--e . an xtirsit r.
s T. -Ii J.,nr j, i st : r . atary
te SI Varirs i CSarecV tc-s t Caraarr
t f ,
, aa Cravav fra ensawt, ajfea
France Fears Alleged to Be In
spired by Fact That Germany
Will Oppose Her Position at
Moroccan Conference.
Berlin. Jan. 1. The Oman r"urelgn
Office bait bten aware for onu lint that
iiTvouRness existed In Franc, both anting
in- wwMt Ministers and peop.-. . to
ww possibilities of a renewid controversy
with (.erniany.
" ratamuy.
Karon ou Richtliofen. the Foreign Stc -
retarv. u Inform.. I ii fortnUfht un lh
I he French thiret hail serious fear uf
is-rmauy's intentions. Th- Secretary e
olied ti his informant, who was frtsft
from Far!, that ruch apprtrher.sic&s were
wholly without cause, ad line:
"What could '.ermanv- Ruin br a war?"
Inquiries were mad- h-i- bv the French
financial interests last week a; to the po"-j-lhilitla
of Germany provoking a war w ith
runv ann tjnnsn oanacrs. wno ar- ex
tremely well inform-d pomp-all, tep'ii-d
that there was not tli.. lihtrt lani-a-
tion that the iO"iiuin Govvrnm'nt enntem-
riat'st ager'-slve action toward Franc.
1 was point-d out hv or.- imwerftil !:-
fT- that "a thousand woi exist-d.
ajuM war. ware. on- rxiif-j ir ii.
XOTIllXr. TO UK gaim?:.
Or.lv pnfumntton nivl a'niloir" it
was atMol. "wotld cica":t war. wli-:l
j nolhliift moral or matrUl could l aalii'fl
i by It. while nil the ilii conrlileratlou- .sf
' crmm-rc' and airderly mtor'iHl d-elr,i.
j mentM. trf--lIer the thiruiishly pa-i1c Pi"
lry of tli I?mierr. are iniraotnhlv in the
j way c,f MehtiriQ f.ir Hniii.tlon alone. The
iMierfteiy Hlju'tei itm of production
1 ind 'xi lianij.- would b. phattenl by a
war to jch an xt;jt that tin lnd'nrilty
or territory could fjrnNh anv co-n j. n-a-ticn"
The a;jr.t.eniors In France at .ear to
b' .tit- to .i ia'onihl e-it.ilnt stilt ;r
m.my will oj) FrancV jKi-ltlnti ut tlio
.Moroi-cuii eoni-re-.ce. now i.ly i fortnHsht
off and I'. ! Hie feellna thtt Krantt"
.'low lxok un Motocco went r.itlir too ! Aim rtra-i .Morris if the llron made a
t r In culi.g Soriain of nyimiin:: .t motl.i.i that the trseaiit-at-arm be ii-nrfii-utlie
attitude and rlwtisir.e li r "ttuitid to t lr th- inUltri. T. was
with b.id f.ilth
TtJ" new Kronen r.meninir.t. It i n-
"rted bre. i aware thai the- rhrK-
hao placed Germany In ati mila-iir.t.
iieht: ttmt fhe il.rnian ISovrrtim. nt w-
j tiits them, and will reply to them film-
iv. inn rcpiv may leaii to csntinuxi ir.iiiats out. lie put tt:e monon or Jti
liscuilon In the nte.--. .unl ttetwe-n theid. rman IXiwllng. ard ll was defeated by
I'Ubll'- men of t!; two countries . the . omiilned ot-s of the Renubllcan
m-e, !.-..-. -.--.-..-
...w...n. ...n.uwi.t. . iujorv inee.tgc olBcially pets no fartlfr
I!ritlh influence. It Is stated In llerllp.. than th" aldermar.io (.fcjmU-r.
K known to b adding to the reeling of I An Important dtp in the contest be
tiiUtrurt of Germany existing in Pnn-f, j twen Mr. Heam and Maor McClelUin
vix ially In the cise of r.onofficlal in- i was the filing of a prote-t bv J. G. Phelpa
fluei.i-,.. siu. h n reecnt utt r.ince. f Sir 1 S'okes ncaln.-t the atir.g 'of Patrick F.
I'haile liilka and tha miiitnry correftwnd
i)"1 or tne iniun Times ust tts.
Uraben Deetare Tfcejr Has- lau
Fiae Orgaalsallaa asi l.ltr I
a the last.
The .- of the Ancient firil'r of III-b.-niirH
I'lub. lli.nev .ivenue. i ir i:i.ih!
! avenue, which Was one oJHie rluh ral'ie.
by th pulii-. Sunday.
mw-cmt". r
:. win
Vu?1-.. -'W. A !.. tt .J, tirR iTte
'"onrt. th- charge b-lr.K that of .selling
ni.jr wiinout a license
At the clubho-isn la-t night It wa sjid
that no mltt:vtugs are nt-rtnineil At- to
the outcome of the trial. n the club ! a
bona fldn orgsulratlors. ownltg H nwn
clubbo.ie om ratltit under a h.irt.ranl
tiling up to the liw a itrlctlf us any
vtl.r l-tia SI le sooia! organization
Tlie club 's hou-il n the bull'iing tui
l,M.l by II last F' bruurr front the . om-
ir-qiiuii o. iii.' r -ri nk;un nurr n.
wni-n . r'ie.i ine rnurrn uiu. iiriz inre
I hn thn-o S'ate hirt.ars -one tb
iiitr. the -fond for a g:iinaIiin). and
the third J -r lh buffet which Is main
tained in the club ijuartcr
Th.. p-! l! g x of the buffet ar- can
lined rr str.ctly to the member f
th-A (i I! ttwa-stitd The member-
hip of th- l o II Inliti!-" iran tneit!-
ti. r of tnt.t:-ateitlnei e -iepti. and tre .
ittniuient i mad- bv the official. .f tio
v II thu if it wet- tn-r.ly a sul.ter-
fug- to evide tho llnacr liw- th-y would
hanl'v consent to 1-- partl-s to this r- j
ransetent I
wlssayw Br laartaal.
Un. a Mah-gra le Watih tint w-1 ke p
corr. t t,ltii- !iks irrtllt trr:M ai'at'iii.i
r.i Mint tour e.iiivelil. nr.- I.oftl Itr. a.
10 .'! (if r iirl ton bldg Clh and H!e
tinati n tn-iil? t tl. ant? u,
,tts.ji Tt
Aiasral-. t
Vl',lU' ''I. .
.turs M.t
Illmrc N . t
I Uit.o. ..
I tlir XU
fUs-y tiUit.
t arl '"?. Ifc
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tarwe. tt
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t: 3i ti
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tv u z
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tlit.-. xa
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tt-ir,,tl la
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in -Kji:j
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..lt? ttta Ivi
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tml.i v It rn
la l"a T
Van smiin At
aie-ua. r
tWsM Jtn &t tu
t.ntr.l It.li t. ilh
liaitr. .nt
H'iena Mra
;r-a.natia1. mt
Jaij,tttt. I
Vsr- Ot.
tJtt ir-. v. ah.
l-atittm Kt
ttallv.- tt
Vaiua-tt itS
v:-. t'-si
Vsitr srie-j t a
N- .-rat
N-si t't N T
Ne. IT t
s. i k t.
NT Ptstt- Nl
.tlai-xrj .
.tat. N'l
fa'ntir Tii
l-a.art9is tt a
IbRaJi.-f.jU I -Ittte-irt,
l-a-el- aia
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it 1UZ-
w xf .
S trt-T- sai-J
iutj t, : -r tt a
km... n m t: c i
-t t.X. XI . -K t4 st
1 ma iltea 13 t tl
.-a t.;r i-ty tia.- Oarrt rt Z
tisr 1
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- aoita . V : -1 U
- rr.i.t Jjj it it ;
r,s- -or-VM. I -K . at
jts's4. t tl: IS 31
Vitt-ji, NiV ,n" 1! Jt
x'"t,,1r v' it "
nMra'K"! - 11 -.. . 'V; s ti
1 .Is- r- tnii"" s--t "i it
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l - -at.!-s car w
-as rriit-v. taj.
t - - !. On
awr-nrt. Cal
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rwtM) u Botrrn.
t.swl WT-ti:t-r..
St, JaoS. Ma-. Jsru t J H
a hcrx :x, ra rr-ied at h: lrc-
In :M crl trlav ctarc i wttjj rjtfraaa
In the FlrjstXatMKal Rack cf (ttewarta-1
.K- ct ztrais aiOT ra a taraji fsesrrtirt
fonwerty cnrtiH a crw-ery .fere ti tMs t
a- rT .a- "" j -s- ti .
-. . t . - .v. r-
Uiit in e.ry we.l-puttl turfr hr. t fur t? fflre on the Hearst ti-k. utid roa.J rece!verhii ha- bee,, t.raeti.-rilv
diplomatlc. flnanciul and military, the ran away behind the iaud..lat for Major ,:i,Pinated froin the 41nan?Lil sltuat'V.n it
st.-.trment i,. mad- that war Utween Ger-, Ald.rman MeeW pre-ntetl the Hearst h iTmaln "irgelv. " rsTtakrn I Uai -
man .u.d Finnc- K Incre-ilb'e unless ' pn.t. -t PreMdmt MciJowan refi:-.,l to t.ie ., Vva few rt.itltred rajll i! tli"-
Franoe has d..!., which, e., far. I.ave i trceU" it. An a-M from th-decWnn of lv ,lttiate.l nUInJ"ii which h?tve 'imi roim.I
not be.,, dlslo. , theeholr was taken ThdecS.onwa- , ltJ fSmfionSl
' t.t-t.f-m ... C1M--T kl ! i,,,9 s 11111.11. auiie t l; IT! liirr, ia-
.-...... n.-. J I- : , , v, . 'aan.-.a .ltd Vstein; Jai.uary 1. lSG.
Las eransewt Report. New Yor. .Ian I Th. re wrr- no tj.intl Canadian Parzrle, S-iulli-ni Inteilie. Ciiion
;r.'irrrt -f Asrteultur-. w.st.i.r i:an. f off.rlivss. no ptditiclans In utiendance. w!.n pacirlv r.gon fliort I.li.e. Oreguii Ruil-
-Jtete.i.kil cMeut- felvrd at .-1 " ,7,!c,t.-,.t?rD,'..i'rOI-"K "I " "'.Vt'? ""! ai.. Navigation: Kebru.tr I. "l. Al-
lrtllfc janii-v 1 .' , a. 1.-0 . m I 11 Jt u.l -ltni.l a b-:-ir.er proposition I.t. kitwmilni Iir.t A e-t. rn esleml.-t It,
'"''": "'-5- Sltth in-Misa tl--s Altlousl.Mr J.-ir.. 1 ...ll-i ! .sworn In it-tem 4ZI "tuZl -i.t n ,1 . .,.. T.T
tr aai u. a.ct.i f titce I prevlou'lt bv Ju.!e 1-ven'rit'. o; ti-e Su- ..tnt li.hcd a lln.iti.I isusi.'u tilan'in iisl I hlRh su-.d is ror-ly hu lmirt itil i-iulre- BEkT .Oi.F fMIHK 1 tHU Mil Hi
I ,-retr.e Court h- ac-..ln to .k tl.., o.lli of , "d:VlK i:! lb chest. r ira P:t"-biirl,: M"t in the cUs of .rtlc for which .Jr&ZJ.-f'fiVi: &?&i
nrT M Rajaiveatcr ofil.-e with th- n.em!-r- ..r hU sUir and othtr lines nl" f"te HtPllV.l the ," motor . .: are udaptcO &?.&?' - J-vXCr.t w H Le-Tsliw.
si : i-.u.ij- . John J llurkle a notarj iH.blic. ad- ,tl ,i.,a ..,n.e form to a ion ion r ' "Light utiaht. e.i- riding, easy hirs- ;,,., f r ws-ne- r-i.. n srl.n s. C.
K tz r Ittin I ministered the oath Tlien Mr .I-tf-tne i ,ne h0e 0f the!- s-tice 'ling n I reiiHbili: foi ttguli.- uttlco .
K : i-Lekti U look his a l-tcnt it.to 1 Is priv.it- ot'l - . . ,. ,t. -r,tr.. .,,.,,. i wc-k after week, t-lth a minimum of at-
S ? .'?' .Iifl-'clitirgmlf, JJt ir.VVVt.rTpr J' ;-,-1:-. -1: aaa A , BftMT-
i I ?T ' ' ,si5? rrtm. . H'Sis F ; DUN'S REPORT OF ROADtV I o.A2rES J. '
. . . . - . - I a.f a. t. nrsri ve rittml a t?rr -t -.
A aejnawBtr Wsat Ai t!l brtsj a &et-e.
gtrt t J oar tfjtw.
Motion to Priut Mayor M.-Clel-Ian"
Mexsage I lof-ated
Manhattan's Voir .Mat
He Rerountiil.
Nw York. Jan. !. WiUUm R. Hear-:
played an important port i:i ike Installa
tion of the new city government .at the
rcitv- Hall to-dav. He made trw first
! slon of the Hoar.! tt AMermra for IS
, Tion Of
! a iccIP-rous proci i!rc. with the aid of
the sallrry. that might hae been bvllly
transferrtd from one of his mssa meetiegs.
Clarence K. Shearn of Mr. Hearit to-jn-
Jel. nx on hand ear!) to etabllrh y&i
tor 1-al proceeditzt later o:t. He served
notices of proteet agalnt seating the May
or, the President of ttie Koird f Alder
men Harmob-fegei. Rnltaoitd. llurke and
Weill. Thrtie iroceedlug created no ea
ch" nrnt.
Ti.e hurrah bcan In the ahlerrcnslc
chamber wLea CJeriw lr;.!:k Martin had
.nncli:d.l the reading of lite Mali's rues-
a.. The Ra'.b-rt's wre pc!i--.l fresl -
IS! rf;"u" ""keU r.hit !.osld i be rton"
a Ith thv meaai:- an-1 Aliirrnun Dowlius.
from William S. lecy!' dl-tnct. uol
tl"t the met.s ! printed hi the flty
rr-enpi j'tid l.Mrih'itS in pamphUt form
:t a-i otIUIal 'Jocumint.
, Then up roso Aldrntan Pf trr.-t of Brnok-
;i,V acn tl rtr. Hf I a ounc nan
' nith .i Mnnoth fac. wlia luir. a lartp"
ocaluIan- artl ronld-rabi olc. Al
rtfrntaii Ivttr- aid thit hr prt-t"! o.i
lhalr of the Municipal Ownrxhip
I.tagu'- WUluim It Hcar-t and hundrifci
of thousands tif voters wh'j belcve that
Jlr. llfart : eI-ottl.
"VV" not only b-li"f," a.-sitel Alder
man ivtpff. 'that Mr. Hant trjn lam
I fully ebxtnl. but we lliee that he will
1 lnK tii-j Mayor chair In a ftw mo-tn
At the mention of the name of Hearst
th allTlt- Sot ba. The ih:lns wii
h'irrt in It railway and lar Row. Pri-s-
loer.t McGuwau rappcil in vjiu for or.Kr.
, tlrf t-intul for an cutbam of htsse. fol- j
towej t.y three roti'lnc che-rn Tor Hearst,
U'hen President Mctluwan tould be
he.ird he r-j.roed the chc"i-:p "spectator
in the r.illn- but TiIImX to orrfer the r-
Keant-at-artus to throw tho Hatt en-
nt Municipal Owneth!;i men. The I
M.iSvwitii a lreidcnt of the Hojri of
took th- chair and formillv entertained
tits protest. It was referred to the Com
mittee on I'rlvIUges snd Kl"c:lon.
Th4 thsjimun of this committee will to
i llars: man. and anti-Tammany inrlu
' ene-s will dominate It. Th- .xpectation
of the lle.irst ej. Is tint the oinmii
I :t will su-tai:i the irote ar.d order the
ballot Imixc- of Manhattan "ired This
would t;H- thent a chance to ln?I-.-ct. r.ot
tmy tie oto for President of the lioatd
.f Aldermtn. but the ot- for Mayor in
this burouich and save them the great rs
Ptie of auo wurmnto proceeding.
Amir.g. inen!-i already hae l.ttn made
to have :i majority of th- rcemUrs of
tlie Cunuuiiteo on PrinIfBfS and Eler
tions compod of Mnnlclpal ownership
mm. with .l'Urm:i:i Kur.jie i iiairmaii.
1'ris.sstdlr.g under the deils.on of th-
"ourt of Apl-eaL In th- Krulfli-iliani
l-.r. case, till- rotnuiittee will leport In
tamr of -tmtlns J ii Itielji-. .1- !'rri-
Int of tr.e uoanl and It is -xit-Jeii tlio
rex.oit of the rsmmittee will Ik ,iduld
In the KrtU.u-fl ambers .i"e. KiulWi
iu tie (andld.ite uf tlx Ri iubiic.i:i and
Inattr New York organizations In th'-Twtnty-ejghTh
Ii-:r!it In l! He main
tain. l that he wu- eiottcl and made a
tot.test In the 1-o.ml. Tauin an. in the
tseiuuhtlt'. c.iturtd n majorit;. of the
liotnl and -eatt-l h-imt-rj Kruilsh. who 1
is in the bo-inl this veir. too th- matter'
to the Court of Atieal .i.rh held that
the lw.arJ .a- th- Judao a- 10 the iiitl!rl- 1
eatlons of its iit-mls-r- and tx.iuteJ out.
that, in rate a contestant wa.- deprived 1
r liir ., nj n- m cht -ini.lv 1.. the . onrta
f0r a writ of certiorari to Lave the tntlre
rase nxk-wej
Will ItV";iii liiMstiniu"; Kvi
inrt HI Lift llllll':illi'- lllililirt. ,
iniur Inve-ticitlns oinmltt.- i
e La- a cops of thi- .tldence. and for ,
i ,h- n-Tt few .-k- will .I-vot.- hi- entire '
atl-Mlo-i to n .-talrlr. if nnv of th-
frtcw r. vsl-il will irr-int Hm in brit s-
Irc criminal t.t. .!!- !-uM he de-
-Iie that su. h Is tv,e fart ie vtlll auk for .
ttie itnt.ini un" ot -ii-ciai snuui nnv in :
Pel nnrv I
tt hit 'ti il durintc th- itr.t tiit:
trst .Mr Jerome's art: -i-t in this nnnee.
tl.n nould !- it. a-k ciirle j; Ilunh
-T.Icr coun-rl for the Ie..l-Iativt t.tn-iil- ,
tee to aceept the poitfon of .-r-cml IlJ-
trVt Attornet to lonluct the iniucuili
of any tn-n '.-ern! smltt ..f rritnli-al of
ter.-. and wou .1 as-st Mr Hughe him-
elf rd git- him til th- as-lstsn" te-de.l
to do th- work
At tht tlni.- Mr Hutl'n d lard b-
cnuM nn trnderStV- thU t -'k. Mr Jeror
hs d lin-il stfaillly to !lnu th- ttimr-.
are-e mnitrr at nil. but it Is d ts-d j mb-I
iWi thnt now. witt tn- sirs or th- corn-
juttie i-ntten I., wi.i m-tke tr ort'-tal
J i; a. m. until : p m et:-nlat it was
Ith- first New Y-ar s ree-pHon aiiven t,y
I t alluate In M lnla and w-aji w-15 tt-
i t-r.ded. rroir.j of th- th-atrt-al pro.'ruljn
i attending
-"" ? ORiscc-. ir. the rapiclu-
a-si.:si rrr Jtr. Terr U Cannon,
and r-n4'rJ s-l-ct'ni aiiut refresh
Rardm 3il ot.-rs
An orchestra ttatiotej la tbe hall '
I ni-r.ti fj .-rusk
TSi- il!la.v l rams-ctaraVJ. and ri
forrc-i fr th- M.rt- of tnnglnr the
, rrrate-s of th- theatrbral trvnT-asion g-n-raily
Into cV-r r-UiIoniilp wtth tas
rcernb-rs of tt- etait-r Tb- alllarr wss
ersnrJt-l Ir. ?t 1Ls t- s Jwa. h rt
Rr-r3-I rtftor r-n'ly of N-w York. lz
. STt. Wr.rAH.1 - SI T... TV. . . .
l.-htr-h catheilral. 1. rr-hl-nt pi. nS-? i
-rt-artt- r tNe Otfcrsc a-m C-rtrf i-e- I
i rrsfeat are !UtbJ I.svn Karrlsori of tfc
Te3ir't- lra-l srvl tn R-r-rrrJ Ducfe
liayof Sh-CHinh Cf the M.Uh ,
K p? R' J"154 J" r":
v.." .t j. ..., . . .-
"." . .
jjj, ivat.:teTi ihiLg&t.V)
"He an an- ,
tao- i
Urs. Weo'bt Rtttr I knew, s- Is mine,
Fat I a what es-s Ke ,- fry asTaxT" 2
vatsciic sU9turu ai nan.
i-i n:. . .-11'a.ea v n siiv uii'i' iiinniiuiTi r-,1 ciiikin r.iVMu.iii .. .. -..ti
--.-..-... ...... .. :: -"--.-1 n'f as u coneiuent meant .r i.-.ir'n
,.-,7- many huldrt. th.t -houM hi Oo n.',ra!l5,( vi-J, ha- tnfortt .-'- ! ?S?, Ua "" ,t .!. mt"o"r I :lr'1 ,lr- h , Lad t-.i , carefallt-
Prrijjj- th-off.r .11! 1; s-epttd .frv.c.- h.ie at-rarfM Jl'rt n. m .nl. for Ci-' tiVlfit?sVert'nir w.k l-sr W-J w-r-n-d In a napkin for con--a'ntr.t ar.d '
-cejr laws. J- l.n .rs h- wl.l hit- i life t-r..,n tL,. 'i " intral Ta 'hi anir-e.!'- oal th'n f'ff"" " ''" dlnin-ro-.m of the,
t"-f' of ! a m nh The exprim-nt uri-ars t..J',f."3T '!?. , e.ln ., wi ,ii .JiV aids Houe. le-l Vj the tonfe-.-in of a
n.alr arTAR PKIIRPH Al I IA!UrC ti. nai. w -.',! -II v.ith :l . .rr.pan - VL'ui. .!T'n' , 3.J4, ,ln .'. U.vpcr ':' ' -cit taarrlsg- Inwhlsh Ml Marie
ortuvtsiiir.n to itr llutr.i IT?., rtre rv. km ii r.4nr ..im Tm. . 1 - -"-J- - . . -.. - .-.. ' t . .. klu. r..ieM Ts. .iwe.sr or at W.'.- I
SBL Ths Actors' Ch-uTTsIlU.,- h-M , r..' S ;fi - I
...1."- riHian ? th- New St Jam., lire.! 'enrrv I Notmb-. 1!4 TJl-r il Co cbarg- In t Tk. l..l.- ....ntl ... .l.lm it,. r(,. .. I
r w. .Sj-e es-aa elS a--.'. nn tw ,-e-es, .a T Iii IT .it a.i Usmg I aj ua kl. llJiillH V . n Titilt-
fkvjr and e-corte-l ih-ra t. Hi- irIor. ' lar ot th7 t-ara raLrow-fs In btcal p-s-
t-r- he ri-rs-p-iua wa h-Il. Hb- was 'ner ano rr-igr.t nam. in raar.v in-
Ten Koad. Reprewutiug fl7T.
im,:m of Securitie. (So Into
Court Kxcept for C, II. & D.
Record Is Good.
New Ycrk. Jan. 1 The Rail! cad Catetie
offers the following tnterectics iiiforrna
tiua about the railroad recHrershlp rec
ord tor V&:
The ILt of railroad recelvcrfhlps l'ir
1ns the car IKS Is on 1U face a remark
able one. in that during the most pros
perous y-ar In the hitiory of railroad
in this country, ten roaus have confes.'ed
thtlr inability to meet charge a larger
number than in any of the previous four
-ii. The? tea bankrupt companies rrp-re-ent
S.TSC mllei of line anil u'.er KTaWH
n1 of total mpltal. which l more mile
ege and rap!tal than has come under the
Jui:d!ctkn of the courts in utiy of the
.rtct'dlng nine -ar.
It 1 nnceiikir tu go back to ISO. the
Ian j.ar tlch in receitershlM uf the dl
astro ii-t lS-j perioJ. nlxu er Sam mile
of r.iilroad. with a tuial oiiltallz.ition
of oer CT:.Uj,(X.. failed, to fl'id what
"wtBi to be a more dbatrou. year for
Arntrlcin rallr-n3. ThW re.-ult. wldr-
tv- rT inrl.irifA tlfli ! it tt ml 1 . I
f f co:ti-... due tolely to th t'tn'-tiii'iatii
Hamilton i. U.tMoa and Ivre Matiiuette
' iereivrhljj; there the result, not of
i I. art; time". I.ut or lilgli llnan.e, whlcli
i lotdetl the properties Involved with rune
I Vv.fW "f new debt.
I-nln tliee two cnmnlr nut of th"
aicfiiuu tiie other eiaht tallt.4l how
i total mileage of .. miles am! total
Mpit.illiatlon llock and bond of .
T.TiO. iigulRrt rcid' with a mlleatce ct
TH miles, retno-ntlng a lapIUilizatiou v
..ly.ut KW .. that failed la 1S. Ther
fore. i!ltgardlrg the two exceptional r9
relvershlpa of the jear. the rerorJ is a
tl.oroushly satl.-factor' one.
The Iit of rui'roari retelirr5UIp dnr
ing the current calendar ear 1 a fol
io w:
Ohio River Wteni. Ill mile. IJOfc-
bonH. V3tv0 storks; Phillips A
Rat.s-1. ;. mll-s. t?.' bonds. !.
M-k: W.uren r.irslrana Parlfie. :
tnil.-.. e-ls. fit.(o, Mocks: pontUc.
Oxford rttaem. 1(1 mile-. l.0.W
bonJi. j stH k; Port Angeles Pwcir.c.
mle v. -W lionds. Rl.0)i htotk; Pltts
butg. Sl-.av.mut Northern, a nitles,
:.. bm.l. tll..w nock; Wlscts
set. WattrIIle . Farmlngton. mlies.
a.V0i liotids. :i.'J,w stock: Toltu-a. M-ir-juette
Northern. S7 miles. K;i.
homli. GC't stock: Cincinnati. Itamlllon
ffcijtcn. 1ir miles. Pere Marauttte.
ilX. Ui.M0.:,i) boiuis tll-ii.7.1 slock.
Tot-tl. ten roads. 3.TW: $!!!. 1 1m..t1-i.
liS.iJS'.fcrt stt-ck. Total bon-is and stock.
Since th dirk days of 1SK. w hen 74 rail
roads with a 'otal ., neariv ant mll-.s
of lino eame i 'r th jurisdiction of th
courts foilowA y reeeiiershlp-. of ovr
! roadh. aggre. atlng 18.M0 miles r lln-.
In the sucreediag three tears. It has come
aluiUt In li. than a decade that Brett
bankrupt t-tems have len brought to a
ir t ?
i. ..i.ii'.iei ieKHi siiuanons.
During the four ears prexiou to &
only 2s railroads, with art av-iag- mtlease
of about EO r.i - ach. t-affered r-.ier-lllp
T!trUKh. '. first seven iitnuth
of the current jo re-Mrd of fj.piris
sshow- little eh.iug. from this satisfactory
result fle inllroa.N. with .in average ..f
lss thhii m ml!e nirh, toli.g Into receh -er-'
It ! th- lit five months the mot .rv-Iierou-s
of the ear-which have blacken-!
the r et.nl. On Aukui 1 a reler was
appointed for the piitl.urg. Shnwt.it.t A
Northern, a son -co.il rcid tn X'rthwesi
orn Pennsvlvanla. o-nti:ig over rrll-s
t..k t'ta A . iLI. Ba r- .sm &
i. mie. i j. 10 in:- oaie it initial n M
' tliat n. railroad of more th.ui IS miles
' under the juri'dictiun of the courts
Early In December .ante the climax of the
i I'lni innatl. Hamilton A leitt.m lia-eo.
followed by a r-ceh. rMp for thi itnrtual-
'" 1 ro.i rous ptopitv. -ind for itji lit
ivcqulsltloit. th Pere Maniu-tte. Tog'tii--.
ne two rauni.104 lil-luJ.- ei.nie ilw
mile of line, a total In its. If iare-r !nn
ti.e mileage ..t i.illruads which went into
i-eelver- hainl In anv of th lii-L 111: e
wars. ThU In it If hows ho.v far the
pi't "ai's r-'-ii erIii. totiil com fiorn
rrpre-entlng the pi.-'-nt pro-j-erltv of the
ntiit'iads of the i-mntry
IVr.sIons for ruts rjfr.ua tn' ar.d d'sabb.l
empl.tt - evi'l-iitly .ue to Iausip a gentra!
.1' 1 omputiitnetit of Ain-rlcan rullwuv cr
Ice. aat. the Kiliwav- Age. .-in"ve the
Pennsxlvati!.! luilrnad Cumpiuv put in
ojierai.i'n It- r-tlrtm-nt nna i-t:-lon!ng
plan sin Jiint.tr 1. VffS. -imilai -v-feiiis
i.ave ba e-t-btihod by oli.er l'll-irtatit
lon.rinl. s. as fol!nw. Jam: in 1 !!
I I'. iiii-vlvanla IJneii Y.-t and I'hfcttio and
Northwest, tn Kullwuv. julv I. x;i. lili-
.. 1. .... .1 t.. . .11.. ... . ....
....... je...... ''- --... .-.o u-io-u
lrln "". ?',?'., urk.. ' -r'"'. Jhe l.-ik
nore and Michigan ao4Ihern. the Mi.hl-
-n entral aii-l tht l-Iaii., I Incii.natl.
,-n'r- '"' ' iauis.
This will add -irr.e U.nsi miles to the h-t
.ml rn&k- a total of perhaps .....it. miles ,f
.m-rican roam, isvinc titer .' im-
plv-. upon wl.ict. ear-fully .btlKirate i
inrtialoning systen:- ar- In ot-etailon. sup.,
frt-t! eritir-lv b annual iiJIro'.iriHta n '
rrom :'io compiny s tt-ssury. without von-
trlbut'-n In any form, from .nspiov'-.
The Mc',ton ans! Maine Is now- rormuHt-
t,j a i-t.iou plan. ar.-l th mot-nh.nl
eTns llk.ly to t-.cr.i g-r.-ral wil. all
enrnpor.le Hf!i r.tid t.er-Ites ;n Rnan-
clal condlticn to in.i'rt.ike the reiporsl-
bill) nf ti.ur-e. th-r- ar- mnll ard un-
pr.titai:- roeds nli, h c-.imiot r. afrord
to tnjiija.- In tft. sento'l:
Th- usual plan Ii tint of nn allowance
to n-r m . r st th- nge of '. of 1
rr cnt for t-tch -or of 'rt!c. bv--l
uiior the aterage monthly raj r-cltd
Intcrurtan icsrlc r!IAy ar dcr
ar-i.-etTits to ST.it. i rn m.-iti o-t eel.tlv-slr
I fvhot: Unci
In oristr ta ho:d tteir Wns. the riii'
roada will l- otilSg-l ti us motor rf
whtcb ma a- i-aaili and cbeapu handlil
The crtol"r- mot r car urt Ly th- I'slt.n
Pacin lndlcit.s thr; tj-p- of ear that Is
n VJ. .
This car It scirc-stfi.!. In a r-asur. but
It ei- not Impt-ss rallroid officials as
i-ir -ntarru autCTnry in- tnv-ntor
t wui jut out a i-irer car win nun
'tTlys.-. Crn the sublet of motor can
lIr -?-rr,c-''. N s-vy
XVh'l- tb- railway m tor c- l makl:
ttrnin lit ts-1. a?lA!iv Ii im rei-h
..... ... ---. -.-
VTI' -Vli???,. V' 'IT ?.7iT!
. wouks be peculiarly app'JcabV arI avan
I tag-ou.s
"As we bsve rsMnt-d erst In forrn-r at'
tk-l-s ,vn thi. matter ths- ears are adapt.
.'.! In IA .llSfreweif ef.s.tf'. a! tn-fMi
vt. for braavca lines as a substitute ftr
jt. osiiinarv Vcotaotltes a-vt trairs en
.jcr Urwa. s-eorat. for local srvlce l-
is-s ortln relets en ssaln Sits-, ver.
j pl-m-nOcg the res-jliar ualass aa4 aisaTfU-1
A laa. t .It . Sl-as ,. .... a a. . . . -as
u.. iuim" llie un .! tii ..ajzi rai.iva'in
H veri" rapii rnaxr-ss m rsirop- it. -ri-
immrttrnrnnrlFrriii M
liaf e5twi liiMHIimil i i
aaaasHaSsfsaiisVAaSjBaBBmBBBM H
ChmmOfutfliiv awMaaaL
Aperfecl Remedy forCoasfipa- B
ftsjn.SourSUmKh.Diarrlioen H
WonssAonvubttns.reveTislt- 13
ncssandL0S90PSUCP. U
I ; wm
FaeStmiig Stgnafartof wM
I exact cgpv or WRAPPER.
- tlMjMMTfKi ItTtmCIUI
Hmkmnfm munKiiat
- n ipn tmi ma
ISimCHTIL ASMS: iMtl. fig,. (pM MRS tW
tse aimiL laaai iMuat
Rei.erailon of rooms, railway llcketa,
v.nion- o-i ia:i:-ts to Nassau UUharr.a
secured be adOc'sIng or cal.tng at
Kans for uouom omm
CGIeV 'ttlifaBsSrj; Jri iiiriiiiii
L- r.p.j.R.Bt.aiNe, I
WjirC itl-J-fi LmtmslM. ft laalt.
S - Basse Trealaseat far Tat
for uouom omiNKMm, imommiiMe
hie for Intermediate -tos nut niade by
the latter.
"In England, st.-.im cars ore by far tl.-mo-t
um-rallv fav.jied. th"jc!i nil-nclne
cars hiivo also issiu trie.1. In viriot:
other Kviri.rx-Tn eritxitries. xteniii and gas.
olitii- or oil t.nKir.i .ire c- ,l. tlu- Lit; r
sotr-tltuts In cor.rneII :t with electric
Koiiiators and mcton-
"Stem "irs an: apparentlv not r'gird
eil tvith ti.uch f.iv-or it: t'll- o.ntry. but
tH-veral deslsns of un lltlif Ul'.d S ifolllli -el-ctrle
motor .ar? hv lKn evil's!.
om- t which bat- in built an I trli I 1
exjiriniciitallv. We bt!!t.-r. ho.vov.er.!
that not mire than two or three are hi
ti-e 1
"In a former article we pointed out thit
In lurope ri.im if not mot. of the motor J
tars ar- uVilsi.cd by the oltl'-cr- of thu !
mcthanici.l il. ;ar:ni. rn.n of t': railwaj-.
t.lCitr than y man-ifacturer. aii.l that
inanv o: lln m are built a the rilhuiv
xoi. l"nljr Hi e tM'idl'lous ti.e- 1l
slgntr Is att to erv much more fa
tnlit.ir v.Ith the ttiitilreirent- to be met
with linj'.h fro'n a m ohanl.-al mid a traf
fic font of view 1. and the service- is likely
to !; givn better atlmtiou thin wncn t
tno ofJielil- have mii.-iv a casual itittr- ;
est in the m:i blue
"In this coitntiy most of the oais -. far
tried ha.-- been the work of m.tnufa. tur
irs. and nie probUm La" li-s-a 10 int-rst
riffikiie .iltt..lw eeen ti. :l-.. evf.ol uf ill.
owing' the cars to be tried on thiir wi.1. t
vviiruti tr.e it-x iew ixioi.tiia ne nav- ii.s.i
numerous tepoit- that crLiln tllw-s
w.-to to lntr-liic- motor cats. lut in
neatly ev r case Inv.st.'gatlo't La- ekowii
It.r.t tb- tsilwa;-a hu- tab-11 little hc
tlvn Interest In tho matter, but. have
simply agreed to 11 v c-rlaiu nits wlita
ti.e luvei.tor or tlesigner is imtly to mii-plt-
tiietn. It is lor this les.in that tho
i rk of tie I'l.lou l'aoiao Is of rr.or li.an
rilinary Ir.ttr tt.
"In the iiur.'f.iim prtst- accounts of th
I'tiioii I'lttiii- tan gr-ai -tre I- usual
I lei 1 uin the h'gh -jM.e-1.- uUil:j, id
we ..re ..BicLilIy informed t!...t a sl)v..( of
ov-r rivty miles an 'lour has actually
le.c-. tfi-lieii This m-itpr Is neturally
txploit-il bv ths pres. owing to Its sp-e-
tai'Jir i'.t.ttst, i.ut .' .t 1111111. r 01 i.ici
ill.. -arninas of all tnllro-dt In tb-
Cmted Ht.il. a r-port.d for li'ir.n'Kr to
date ar- !-.T?J.;:i. t-it ii.crtase of 6.3 I er
jeai The inctea. shows firrtl.. r Improte-
m.l.t over tn- .-.itsier teturrj--.
In th- fo'iowlug tall- .er-ilngs of r'l'di
reporte.1 for u-cniler to dal- sr.d of the
snm- road' for !.: cott-T
in Novi :i ber ar- ts:mnaret
aiM earnmes ox ;csu:r.tr . -iii.s rex riiiitf
..r v.-..,.e -,i .t- .... ,.,L-.;inu
Urtas llimirsa 1 -r
itcrtii. J-4 .aln evil.
.N.n-lltr (2 -uro.t; s-I'aX X V1-1 l.l
.N,ff:itr t.tu 1 -t--t:,T Kl
"i-ot'r r '.!,: '
t.nsn a.- rt - ! t gp - . I
' Karnir.-t for Nov-rn'oer il.iw furh.r Im-
protment as th- rcpon Is mad- ini'e
corr.pi-'e A r umr-r or luuio-al t.etu
. ... .t - . .
:c us n- ctr.-r cisiras of rau. t
t. .ml. fn j.lh.iau l ......
. .. .s a . liTl .. "TC' a -,( wr.o irst-ctl IBs ring inane . car-rul in-
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Uttl- 1lc. Ark.. Js- I At a meet
ing of the i-latt ru:ia, .V;. staq-nt
a.ar-1. rn th- Seer-linr of Ntata's taffl-s
this et-ning. with Goiemor Isavl. Avil
tor 5I ni F-cr-tary of Stat- fyidwlg.
the follawlsg rtfrlg-rator-car llnsa. r.peT
atlng In Arkansas were asstl on the
basts of W pr ear- Arrnivir car llc-s.
cars: American Rsfrtgerawr Trassll
Comtany. C cars. Swift m C9. V, mt:
ContlrentAl Irait Egpress. ll cars-; Colon
RrJriirjt-r T'.r-s:t, Cotsinr 21 car
jtrt' Wesrtt?rn Sltable Car Company. 3
ears, ft Iyttls Rfrtg-ratrxr Car t om-
pa-tv rs cars
The cae of tb Watrra IVrce Oil
Tli KM Yd HavB
Always loight
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
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parlor and sleeping enr ypuce am? eer
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far Takatea Mi sjaasvaasaaa
Hotel Kupper
Kiev. nth and JMl.r t-f .
Nw tentrally Jiw-atl and !h not
in.i-i-in ojl!V-J hct-l in ti.e city. :
t.HJios. IW with private bath: riint.lrg
hot mid o!d water In all loom.
J:roe an p'aii 1 ' to S4 f rer diy.
wsiivists' trftststsiisfse mm
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sow opkx.
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.rain ties. Inr't aitralbn wstfr. 13i ciitt
Alway Oacii.
C'omjany. th- Cudahy Packing Ci.mj.any
and th- N'eisf.n Morria Packlnr t"omran
.," , ""';,"l p.uej until furth-r liifortr.atlon
Vt..! . .'" '". c,'!, b- - -ir-. onccrr.ln? their mileage
l wi h last test. ,n th4. Stntw TJ. .,rJ ajiltourn-a to
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n''t l-truar
Nrla. Has! ta asalt l tlkri
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-An J.ur.iat
s if ki r-- .... . .im.m .Mr . ...m
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ir.-n iri- ir.iuai" wire tnos- r iius
Urout. Clrrumstanttal evl1en.s. ri-ctun
embarr-ssinc for the young sroman. who
tb-reupon pout I an-5 tdmitt-d h-r guilt
of lc Iving -t-rjwr; by answering to f.-r
mali-n r.am-
Ths. knot, si- said had b-n tl-t by
tb- R-r-rnd HarnVnfcrootc Tcms-n4 of
lh. cl'3- ttistcr of the ti-Jurtpai ' hurch
of tc AnC-nasu. Tb- bride Jiad b-en t--gu
t f'-r soro- w-eks of Mr. C A
Tt brough of SWg'r-tw. atal srbH- llv
Icr In-the botl enjoyed tfte attention of
th- clerk. Tfc- eci.,!- lift for New Fork.
where ti.-y will b-corr- the gu-sts of ih
t-.l-"s brother, and from that distant
point will aik tr. brid-'s parent! fi bless
ings aitd an Inrtut'on o a famiiy t
union to Introduce th- fortunate clrk.
BUataatto aast aleke Ar AH.
frur rti s are ise lowest and cr cieJlt
t-rms th- rai'fsl Call at r.r.e. Ifc.r't
flay Loftls liros. A Co il Txnx 'trl
tea bi !.. h assl Ullve its.
saa at Hiita la Ba SssM.
rum.'FL''.' wociai
MloVjistowa, X. T Jan. V Th faiu-ua
Marsb-Moyi-r rraraKn. at No r Bslon
aeeRtr- this eitr- whsr th- Isle tjtffK.e
I R. Matsh. the tiottd jurist and lairitaal-
tl,.nt .. l-Ift - 1
la THE ttM.UrKI. cm."
Oah Other Mattiws- fatanUy. '
5RT 1"B1-sKlTs TUT '.
KLW 4b KllUXv:n 1-re-ent
"Mtbsr Qac-' last Yrat
la Prill la Tasaataajr HaH."
U JJi.n J. MeXll .
"Bud" Mantz BntH
is "THE PIT"
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lOnU Tlm-i
In flj.le It? ! SnarMIng
Iti-reuiiJo o n.suy.
t:elag at MilX Krgalar rrieew.
i.rth. Kalich I 311 actr.-sa "f
-trotv. cctmell!i-- i-ersoiulit. f
terllrck's Molina Vauna i .1 careful
elalmralicii of a inK!e theme .melting
the tr. atl of human motions.
ITR1.IC Tu-mLiJ moraine. January -
"MeakiiiR of Bortha Kahth- he l in
a tlaV- by Lvt.lf.--PUST-IWP.TCH.
Next Jhintia. January ".
Evenings S3, la SI.M. rt:IV
ain. Sim . U'ol and i!at.-3r all
ver the bore. F.ftv ITetiv Glrls.
m MAimii curs cnceit
fiarr Hi su-plr-s ef the Oraell Al-in.rl
AMtai!.a of t. lvuls.
Taraaay. Jaaaarjr 3. at Mis a. as
PHICrS 734- 0 t.M.
yea's nn sale at lt tlaoia fcrns.' M.le .
10 t i'.M 1'ii'r-
llc.B -Ha'il i f , f,",Jr.Jt. 'ly L'jr
OaiUvrl ptt-Mitfl , ll-v-id -1 N' rtb
Tone wi'r 1 .'. It-iol 'it.' . t-!ti
'or .ii.. I! . 1- -!'' ,
JuOa !av..-r.Li "!-.!! iii
1- S Jr. or testis limits lten.l. "
Mat. KeJ.
alartta .
SSr aatl .Ve.
AU hi rler SSe. :t3r. 3lr. ?Se aatt HI.
7 Me U'orM'.i If CI I AD
Onmttst Magklam IX C ffasaWaBil
Xi'sf The I'-'jr Moilons. Ur.al.lrg In- g.:M
jaataxQiaM liWrMita iaw
mrcninL 1ac.29c.3sc.s9c
, mm. I 1HB Hll Mrtun x
timyIa rinaway iiy
N tt Sun -' Marching Throng h ;eorgl "
Tlie Thutr Wl -t-
t 'i :- ti- i''
Mi - :..- Ir -Slvi't.
1- ti -
MAT. w
Nut -IM-s-ll Km In ttr.st !-! ilr.ui
CAYETY wiwaiKittstt.
SPECIAL- rtns"iwrrwcTaat:
T Bsat f rll -law Iralej sH
Nest. Week-1'ARISIAN RHIJW:?.
7u i-.--iua u.njr. imli-heaiifMi skatrw Vts
trtr?tl'r.s l laiiics. 3ul musta ami sraclai
J ia.t-wTAWT ATgava 4
w Ttoastt T9 Asian atntum
True Southern Route t
El Push and California.
D mimg Cars. sTsats a to tr:
Wrlia fcr saw book en Taias-Fres.
t:. 1'. Ttrtttim. .. Paaa. mm-
ai.a.w. leaAa.
staXUaas ii. aioalasB,
at.s iiii
as. 4. iaaoigt -
CatiSua.uiua.aatA ssaw
Mlessai afam MlTlAl. fll
CrAss. N ft: otaataat atrast. at. uaala
Til n-ti Halo PI. TsL Klalash A It:
ratitrtaa Ir sarlttaa aa
easek mm ataa rlM
Kasrj f. T'ssntKB. J H ' lawtas.
M. It Orthstta, n. P Ws'tt-r.
wn. V. fTc-raw (s W SMC.
1st. spent the last years of hia Ufa. aast
wh-re h- dr-tl. U about to be aaid. It
was In this man ilon that Mars reca-Usst
what he taWtosed tu be resrtktakina frsaa
tke ptrlt land.
A Republic: Want Ad Will SreJ Xii Iwaa
jrou want to buy.
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Do You Everfd
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wm mmftn ik'yWTAX'a I
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