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Praper DefMto Lrtfa &?
-" 'V&i,
I tfeeBeetai
Foot U0 Weight, Latest
aa Gregsr K. A FHm
ttflor Health.
State Featae,
His Two-Year-Old, Glem Roy and
fHmr, Well Handled by O'Neill
Ik-feat First Lot of Jareailes
to Appear.
New- Orleans. Jan. 1. Twenty 2-jear-olds
started their racing careers at the Fklr
'grounds racM to-day. The race filled so
well that it was divide, ten youngsters
i-tarting in .irh hrilf. Newton Benning
ton un the first half. with Glen Roy. and
also won the sr-cond with Deor. Both colta
re ridden hy O'Neill and acre well sup
ported in the tatting.
-flight and falnt-heartedness defeated
Hen Hodd-r. th- favorite In th New
Yeatr- Hut.diap for S-v. ar-ol'ls at a. mile
-ml TO vartis. au-1 worth fl.!-) to the win
ii' r. All of tl.e starters an- Derby candi
dates an-l at the wlghia. Hello ma, who
M sonn; support at 12 to 1. proved best,
xxlnnlnc easllx- bv three r.ztlu. Glen Itoy
and I'hll Fm:hwire the only winning,
a ... - .- ..i...i.. . t... '
laionii-a j lie rMmr was uji-u;. i;t
ttai-fc geI and th-.- attendance large.
J-'ufiiniari- .
riru rir six furiosi:. -11IK5- SVbotar!-. 11
ill-li-rr. r.i 1' :-. I not )lar..-il.S liey. Ill
Ch-rrvi :iul orM Fa-at -!ff.-r. Ill ileen
Meor.l. 13 t' -. th-Va Tin--. 1 It. UMvrlU.
TiDiiin ;iiiniii. siu-pn-1: J. v.- fjxi:L
ikrtl.-ool. Kir.l' r arne and Manx
Thank also ran
"-wind rac. flie fu'lorge--1-lorer Hill. jo.
i'cNiIIi, -rrl. -.)t.J. IlLtt-rcuii. Ml Mol-l.
Si U. I hlrrt Tltr 1 ': 3-J. Bii-l !!-Ii J
i-;-.n. TJ.lnl AUnn. l;;tt'.r lih.t-.-l tLUi I!Uk
SariT- : ran,
Thlrt ra--. tlir Jtrl'-ns. 'i'.tn lMy. Ill
.f'N--ili. : to 1. -.,n. Muim K :ii UV Ual
tJ:ii i tr. 1 -c-ji!. l!tt Mrfit. Ill ! Smith,
f b I. third Tim-. ." -i. 0-l 'Jlrl. Jcl
iljtlj M-v llj:.-. lj.'y Jlri- liiackt-urn.
JluklrK !!- j.1 K!rg IjMipnl-i Jv rn.
I'oirlli li"- N-k 'r Uinllr;., 1. Klil
1, -r.- rr.ll- mh1 ?T--nty -r-l tl-lloviiiias. 2
..-..:!, ii t., i ,n vn J.3Jr 2S illfk-
ni Jl' i c-.n'l. IJ-tr. ! Mils-rv.n). 4
i- 1. ti.lrd Tim--. 1 ; I H-Y-3. iUnJlcw.
M-icm-ri r.-l Jt.ttr lt wr. 1 ina
fiftH rn--. .r. mil r.ill llnrli, li: (Purln).
t- U f-n. llonni-lli.h. 37 -IVrklnMi, t' 1.
-r.'l St Vlniir.-. ii; Iirkm. to u
'tilrl Tim-. 2 U Ttirct.-llo anl Mw.Itli alu
rstli rr. ttr f ur!cr.c U Oro. IIS
Kf.VMlli; li - t. 'ii, Krr.k SKttam. it:
S-l!t. ill, k-nl. lll-'lc llanil. 11 !::
n) to 1. thlr.l TSsw. .34-1 rrrl:. l'hll-irtilr-
'ilrl. ;!! I'lrl- lvrr.r U-ln lUiram
l-jr).r. .f Momrlollu un 1 Kt-lU II ! ran.
vrnth r. - -rfie roll- -tn-l an -lrith-1T.-l!--nt.
!' MfSvilli. 1 t' 8. won. I-vctur Hart.
1 M"hrrj. e to 1. .t.-3. Aurnmaatar. l't
-ikiiTi-rtii. lit'-:, tlilnt Tlin. IS! Zl. !
,n'li i Malniflnr. la.-d Halo. Sloofrity
15 U-. lin-vkt-t-in an-l Mr Ja-Jc -1 ran.
Crmfil trity tlatrle.
I'int rar. fl an-l a lulf furlanga;
11-JuVt . : Ar-lnt Witra 11
MirUn 1A1 oriftaninw 101
l"TJr Iiiiun ... 11 uualnt 1'iT
13rk f-t 11 l Ajlllvan V
Jjljr llo , V--rtrf!tv . .....1
Klnc !! Taunf Hett .. . HI
t'a-inr ... I-J I'ark ISonr 17
King'- tti v Hmqtn L: IjS
iTi-l t'. m'. fafl-rp:
i-io '.J.r :MI..ii t Vou liar.. .. lwS
Jir-11- .... W Kr.ii--'r 1t
Mrtrl 1' W-Kr.J tl-n 1 B
JUlntiir !-v-i : ' Hi.rTilir i!i- . 11
l;r'.n 2-cjn,'l'"i-'l .I'j!
!tlx-l li . 1CJ Irt (J'titrj li'J
l-lwnllh . IlllTWii IViT- . Uft
T'-lr.l rr. fr ml:;
Kln-r l
iJllrfli-ky niarni
. t'lair-lia
. W
l-turih fjc--. Iir-lli-ai. V.ir fur!fmx:
lirk. I . :':ii aULaft! .. . .til
tfl.4 li .... Vj.ti. -i:iihu:a . II
mii Kai- . . l'-f !lt-r !')
tm-V . . . l'l.ly .! ... 1"0
V.. . -rtn . . !) vinr Ik-k-r C
- . pn -, m iiilJ-:
- r n . :"Sjrrrr I.yncfi lit
'V.-ly-u -- 1 O. Vl-p-rttir . .... P7
Mir i-i N-a! . . 1 lla.r-.'i J
llr ' !! K nm.nl- rrln.'w
Mikiuw " fTarlrv Ill
1ta V . . -l lt..lwuy -
M-l .earn: '!
-iti r - "n- .!-;
M w ii l"7iKth-n:i I. ... l
! Amm n lllMvljfta . .. 4
illr f. v- . .. V4iArt-- 1M
Jl'i II l.n !Sl.i.! Krr Kn!tt. !
l"ilrt- ... Kj'j!nn1t .. . ..... 10.
K kiitiMir . . .. l-i; !-.!. n-I Pre-l-l ... 101
1 "' . l'Allitnllv.ir ....
I -r-lT 1'C
n:tAi:.T nn sbi.wtioxsj.
' Ila '-l-antmri Klrr' t--m. Tt-kafe.
1 1
- m4 i;n --.1,1-ulth. K-J llat-n. JJart
- - t Ilr Xai- m- ihjrw I;r-ttaL Nor-na
I "- Har- Iv-ir a-atl. Van .'. Arch
it'ih iiai I'alr tV!i-si. Il.ir.nl lTlr-a Ckar-
- -IaJnt-1-
-liih lui - ''.m Am-rtmn. Co!onl PYtoa.
X.rf M- Knight
fi'HKIi: nnltHI.It o TRtIV
'Ullit He lat niaanoad ass
S:a( Ihrrk In IMttafcarg.
t - Uf,.l KIT U
l"ittl-urc l".i ,'Jan 1 According tn Jack
-ijl-t n ih- tn- pugtlLMIc ch.implti. h
i T-.tiNI h-re of a -Ilamoriil -.tuj and
tii ,'e-, k while on hl wa Kast. The
wiiT -!i---Iar" that ll- Io-t them wll-n he
i.. off te train h-r iTldav r.tght fo
I'llt) inlnutei
S- fir tir- t-aoe of tbe mls!nij articl--?
a l-i tound. nlili"iih the lhlla-ll-
l-iir iie ilia- ii- i,Hl thern both Jut
1 ' i- reached this clt
fi.-r the -l-pirto- if the train from
' 11 aliurt: the (w i a ? -lciHrr-H ;u,,J
- . a ,nme-l!:tel nm-Ie tn th- draw
on; r Him ---ut'le-l b ) Urlen and In all
re--it.i of ill- car
Forty-eight years
ago the first Guqken
heimcr Pennsylvania
Rye was made. It
won distinction for
its fine flavor and ab
solute purity and ever
"Since 1857'
it has been the whis
key of quality. It's
the same
Good Old
Pure Rye Whis-l
key, protected
by the United
States govern
ment "Bottled
in Bond" stamp
over the cork.
Ask for it.
nTssSaW aasPa!SnnnnSBBaBaaBaaBanw
Ceater Half Back ef Lscal AMMiatlM Football Elerea Beads Ball
Tkrcmfr Goal Ptotaaa4 WW ch Defeats Team Fro. Cmicago
br Score of 1 to .
Johnny Finnrsmn. the crack center bait
bock ot we St. louiB ASBodsTJoa root
ball Uemfam. dropped tna ball through the
soai posta xrotrn tne lony-yara ime ye
terdar and wo the acon4 caaM frost the
All-Cnlcaax tram. Finncaas ahot from
thia. point probably wax tne best and
tongrst that has been aeen In St. Iouls in
ymr. xims accre ttu i to .
While the nine as fast and wll
playeil aa the one Sunday, the mn
rouche.1 it more. Bath were out to win
and devoted more time in playing the men
than the ball, with the rreult that hard
falla were frequent.
Changen were m-le in both llne-up. O.
Hurd flayed centvr half buck, raplaclng
James on the Chicago team. whll W.
Saurbrun and Ilckemeyer mipplanted
Reel and Campbell on the league team.
The lattor did -better in the forward Iin
than their predecessor, althongh team
work was seldom noticeable on the local
The playing was about rrn In the first
half. In which I-lnnegan Kcor-d his goal
The 1-all abiftd from on ;n'i to the other
ft-n. with nMther bavins any grat lead.
After about rlftxn minute of play. Kln
negan stopped the ball about fifty yards
from the goal. He dribbled a-vTal jatds
and then lifte.1 it high in tbv air.
It sailed directly for the renter of the
?;oal. It was a pretty shot, but appear 1
rult!-J9. and iioalk'vpr IJndley was
atar.-Hcg waiting fur the ball. It was high
and h- jumped to wanl it off. but wa f
s'Hin. anl the ball .-ailed through as !i
lowered his hanJ".
Tcls Was the only goal scored during the
gatnr. and from the playing of th- "ht
ago team In th iwiwl half. th lfn-a!s
an eu?Ider themselves lucky in nlnnir.g.
Condition itemed to b with the visitors
In th second half. They kept the ball
moling In Hi. I-uls territory most of the
tlni. and it wait only due to the grvat
work of Lynch and Rump at full back and
SlWhan at goal tliat the Illinois City
pl-ayrn did not tally often.
Cautflaala Xesr lamSer SM Have
MrtateS ! w CaMtraet
Baseball Caaala.
"John J. Jli'CIoskey dictated his own
ar-ntract when he signed with the iieatTf.
IloMeon for 11W." said a lutseball fan yes
terday. "McCskey drew up a contract
tliat gives him complete control of the
team on and off the field. He is to havo
the power to sign and release whom he
pl-asrs. and the owners of the St. Iuls
National Iaeague haw verbally agreed to
furnish him with a liberal supply of cash,
with which to purchase new material. Mc
Closkev la hardly expected to -lvt!o. .
champion-drip team In St. lauils his flrst
MMali-iv The owners of the club and
the puMic will t: sattsfled If he lan-is the
Capllnal- in the first division. McOos-k--y
has accomplished wonders In the
minor leagues.
"it would not surprise me in th" I?.''t
t : him land the Cardinals In tti ' l
four of the National league. HI 1 "
n hardly hope to l,eat iut New .
Chicago anil I'itthburg. Cincinnati
1-i.kt pretty good, with Hanlun i'l -a-trol.
Ilrmiklyn and lloston are tb .t-y
marks. MrClotkf-y should boost hui tea.ii
ahead of th--m sure. I look fur Iiitu to
.iid tiie Cardinals tn front of 1'liiIaJeI
j'liia. and IH-Ibly Cincinnati."
teon:e T-lif-au Is sta-nding mtn.h time
tln-sc days i-'archtng for talent for I-uN-vllle
ur.-l lenver. but. as uiu.il. he i-ti-gltvllliK
Kanas City: In fact. It Is e
tremcly doubtful whether the lumuui mul-tl-m.ucu.ito
knows whether Kjta.s City i
on the map. Utght now th- in.iiiKrs
of the other tatns in the American A--s-Jclatioti
are bucy c-IN ctimr material f-ir
n-'Xt season, and the i-ai-r:? aroui.il the
circuit are alrcadi "doiiini; out the teams
fur the nrft ilivNlon. Hut Kansi- City.
the ! st cltv In the American .'m'!:i
tlon circuit. Is m.in-ig-r!e i. There is no
m-i h-r to tell what tna 1- X-ctcd
next heat-on. Secretary Shrln-r i- hi lam.
IsvlUv. Arthur Irwin l:a- m:i-I his liual
"skMoo" and IVank ltnnti-r. cipi-iln of
the JlUtS. i.l!-l W.1MIII. Is dead The
latter, who is iir.U-r contract for n-it
s"a.-ori. Is of tl.e opinion that Jlr. Tla-au
has slgneil a tew of la.-t r-af'a ilutfr. but
he is not rswitlte as to who they ale.
As matters now stand. It would nut be
surprising to her at hii- time that Ilonnr r
hus been .selected to man te the Hu!i
next sc-tsoii. Homier Is h--r- on the ground.
and it would have Mr. Tebcau th" eij'Ctw
of pairj for transsrtatIon to bt-i-d a n-'
man li-re. and Telieau l slway louklng
after the nickel and dlmc. a. far a-
KaiisAt Cltv is concerned. Kin. Cisy
on lanuary 9 In Clilcr.go the -skills will
! placed utiil-r George Telieau. and he
will slide to the bottom of the baseball I IjI-d-r
That la. If the plan of -I." Shivcly
nrd oihe magnates ic.i throug! a jwr
schedule at tr.e National Association of
Minor la-agues meeting,
was arrance-1 in New
mis-tlng Ie--ml-r 13. i
i-l ..all,. i,. I
Tl-e ofllclal slate j
lorn at a sp-tiai t
no ine namei. oi i
Tetieau ar.d Griffiths ore missing, and in
hs 1 a snemlier
Aceonllng to Shivelv. the slate which
will go through witlta ru.-h I. .-. follows
IUt fow.rs. ptel.!eat. J H K.irrell. scc
rrtary anl ex-offlclo ch.Urman. m.mber
nf tht Hoard of Arbitration. J mice K-iva-
naugh. Josaph O'ltrlen. Knc-nt l-rt, Tlra
Murnan- and I M. Shlvoly
u: i uo t 10 10 i.
Beas-Mharat Aaa .. her arerafal
la hol at 'll Park.
N-i orl-ns. Jsn 1 - Theii- wexc pe-n
races on :h- rrd a: On l'.irk tj-day.
and lt.i!!i 1. who won tn flrst I-year-.Jil
rice of th- rar. was the onl wlnnlni; fa-A-.rlte
The winning lone -hots -f th
ifa net- llensonhurst. at :; to 1. and An-l.i-
Ilts t j to 1
The New 1-j.rii liundleap. at a ial!e ami
a fiaif a won bl Harrv Str:.a-.-il. who
ent to the j. t it to Z. btattns Att.lla.
I 'be fax-orit-. In s h-o-l
i Tl-ere were jour falls in the st-i-l-cbufe.
in.l Slai-V who fll with Se-t J.lne. was
erlou.Ij- injured His fat., was dly
brul-isl and hi? 1 suffering from ior.cn
slou of th- brain. Ills eund!t:-..i is crtt-!-
tirt ri ml!- it5 ihr- lt-niii .,lirz -
li lm
iWalV ft..; r. TarluU Kl
.Uorrti- l: to i
-r.l. utt - titr :n iiv.
Tl-a - 1 l-.,v,a
sij : t-i i tMf
H:-e l-s,.ti. lni it -;u:n. H-rn
1- -4 IUli 1.
He-O"!.! r--- t. .-jrlf.-- : -.r .11 fUle-l-l.
Il N1 i : u son t.rtl- crai
Hi tstieah.ai :7 ? : s-c "ti iteexrt n i-tlltl
- : "Bi-t Ttn- li I.-tn. ti.5 Varrr
It T-s- iT-.niMt. l--k -.ahr Ito!- li.
Ka-art Vintcn. lr!r i'apri-- aa-t itclm'je
tai ran "
ttJ-i rse- trrr-lM 1-apa. borv cear N-v
s.:sr-U-n I'-l ij -Ji x ti t urn. Iirt
a. ... I ,111 1., ........ tb.- l-I, .ul.. .....1 I . - -- '- -.,.-
--..I.. -ii. it-- ivu.--. ii- f-ii-ii-ii an. , linrsnii-ri nil! ir.lr.i m. i.a . inn.
Jo-eiih O'Brien Ti-N-au is chairman of i ..' ., '...' ....
.,. I!,-r.i . ia.ll nll.a 't .h- V..I. .I -".-.1HI.1P.- ail- lil-1 - i 'i " "I HO
xUli.V,:;" ' V, V V , ... ,.. i r ."ai? aB" ll "" h "torlc track Mana
As-KIatlon of Minor l.eau-s and irli- I .,..!. i. . .- ., ...
' i7 rv:.rt u t, ttint ti-v jj7-s u.c.
Jsk. Mr. -irn M l:e.'.As4 --t Jr. and
i tailn lira '.. run.
I llsirtlx rs-.. ' Tr lUrJL -a- ft ; 4i
-i iv inn an-t r . -ii-riy s- t;i .Hi
illrns.s, t"i i. ai am rt, tit jHMi tl
t S. aai-iad Via IlU.ta 2 - af--TI tl I
tilM. Tl-ea s jt j .-a"j,ir Iti r t-!rr.r
l 1a-j-t. ! rn
Jtrih rtfe. haalKir. t a:l a ja'f f;r-ei
xsrls rail 3 iats - : ti l won.
larergsrcr tw il -.-aJl6 S3 t, ;. ir,!
i.-i t i iixswrr" I !j I. xilr. T5rr.
l-t:-i Staa. rxaijv lajr-r Tavirc A:-
ti,Vf;5n isacr m mic; t ! riw
iib rc c- as' ralj iarl- i !ws-.
icrst. :ft iMctaiiStJlsi. U l-i m-ce J-r It
Nas, ! iWjri!? - lj :. xo.1 xvtre.ij.
xr.-, irti. J L titri 75B--. t-. S-J.
Vcrst. lasx-wxis. Ot-a Taxixa. Vr4it. Alra&ta-v
v - ia. rtaai-K Tarpa. rv aal Fraa-U 7Uti
ao raa.
saisrrtit rai-. ece tsM --d esr?r j aria
--- y? lN;-.ti lot m. .Vls3
a xfl-XJU, IKU -e-i-n-I tetlnJesa. J tCflfSli),
tl t i. tUeS Tn-. 1-sx Brasta. Iair-.
k:ian T-.lr, Jiaai Trar&cr Cl)itra
atvl sua tWxUs alao rr
fit, rart. Katriesv.
TTTSt --.. a. mai a ltar f-;rt-fai
KUt lasssi. , it rxtM a
ana m:i: . : rvtiuc . k
JasaaMa MaU tr Ma-.m. u
Taat , t-iTto.&Vi rs
arsoastte a'Lsmm . l?i
Kara . - 77.
S-CW41 ra-s. a jst a fruie
Ma'aarn Aag-U-
Bbaas i
A Bktauea.
Mri-r Marr Asa
t:3-rre-rt rtrat
itiAaa. Mc-as a
TaJTl Tr ec firtreca
K swsf Ittjr.. . jj '
a "a!' MS
rar , . , a
HX ttM.Veai. ,, m
-is: (Aatt t,.u
ott suss-. -
-bViikr .
r4BT atasx.
Was -. -
This trio of backs, easily played the star
part of the local side. They were kept
moving much In the second half, aa the
Chicago forwards, especially Gorier and
Watts, who edged the ball dose to the
goal But the back prevented them from
sending it through.
Kt fvuils t-.srt nn ih.ini in the second
half. The forwards seemed to lose thelri
sp-ed and judgment In this pertca. as tney
only bad the bail In Chicago territory after
some full or half back had booted it there
and then lost it.
KInnegan ar.4 his side partners. SI Ike
and Dan Dvaney. again played good
Dan Devaa?y especially pUjrd a good
game ot his wing, and besides doing some
nice defftute work, was alo a great help
to the forwards In i-dvancir.g the ball.
Mike was kicked in the leg In the second
Hair, which slowed htm down seme.
Keed play-d a better game than he did
the day previous, but Kavanaugh. Oeorge
and W. Sauerbrun. together with Hecke
meytr. had no t-am work. George Sauer
brun ila-d better than he !M Sunday,
but tfi-' Chicago full back?. Dixon and
Archibald, were in btt-r form than Pun
day and took the ball away from the ad
vance men.
In all driarUnents with the exception of
the half back line. Chicago plaved better
In thefecond half Jhan did St. Louts.
Tb line-up
St. L.iul'.
ivtlxns. Cblcaco.
...Oumm. !-ft forward ..A. Wait
.In-dile ln foranl....B. Givir
..tmr fox-sard J. Watt
..lni'l- rlsl.t forwanl..Shanori-
.(fitni- rlsht fortrd..TKaiooa
-. Saurtrun..
W Saa-rl.rua.
M. I-any...
! rt-aay. ..
ft half fcaca-
. ...ntr l.air tack.
....Hleht half tark...
ta-f: fill Lock .
....RiKht full Lv-li..
11 son
Itump. .
RrVrse. t-awrenca RUr. Reals. Firs-ran.
Sim end flrt half. St tanla 1. CMcago .
Final scure. same. Thus of tialic. turty-nrs
A ad tlll Ike Daaesler- Will Tell
Taa That Ike Haclag Gaaae Is
BeatableTart Xrwa.
That the past season on Eastern tracks
was profitable to s-v(ral Western book
makers Is iartly proved by advices re
ceived here from J. M. Murphy, a prom
inent rt. lamls laser who operated on the
tvolltan track.-- last season. Murphy
Is at present "ioing" Ireland and has
already vi-ited Trance. Kngland and Ger
many. He Is HCcomp-inied by Charley Kog.
a wclt-knan figure on Kastern trucks,
and by John Howard, who was attached
to th-.- stable of !?. C. Ilildrelh for -eral
seasons prior to tilosiiming forth as
a bookn-aker.
Charley Klltson. the Western plunge-,
who admits to having experienced I' is
most successful turf season In the paM
Mimmcr. is anxlou.s to tind a home f-r
udue Ilimes. th big son of Imp. Ksher--iml
I.'illabv. The old roaue. as hi- 1
known alsiut the KlINnn stable, wilt cele
brate his sixth birthday on New Ve-ir's
!:. Ho ha won more than $.'" f-ir
Kill-on and althoach having Ik-ii precetltd
l-y Harry New. who won the laitonia
Derby for Kllison m 1.C. Judse Himes
was the tirtl to carry tiie Klitson talks
to iciory In a stake which Kll'son nict
ilelri to land. KUisun's i'!-.i Is to re
tire Juilicu Hlm-s to the r.inii of rest,
where lie may &;s-nd hi- remaining time
on earth In comfortable luxury. No
amount of money, declared Cllison recent
ly mi iiii to hls stable, would induce
him to part with Ji:il;t ilimrs.
Iicus;.ion ai to th- nest G.-iplIfh Derby
winner is a Irille i.rematur-. peih-iri-. but
there Is :i atie-d deal of it. ncK-rtliele-s.
!tlly a.i prolablj- the Is.t r-yeiir-oid of
Itst wiimis, uiimlng u-irii out of ten
?iari. one of which was the KIchmolM
Stak-f. at Gcejdwooil. He is by Amphlon.
l."-i son. Dlrndotine. Is now -loing .stud
luty in the t.it-s. There Is a question
-ilsnit lailly sticking out the IktIiv dls-t.tn.-e.
but l.e tlnishe.l nut r-vear-old dis
tances in splendid :Ue.
KoIIowint- him. ih- i'aol.itlor. will like
Iv eoin- in this onler. Fair, .ilniimlile
richton. the biot!:-r to I'r.-tty l'oIIv:sar-e-II-.
C-ilonM. winner of tiie ;imrrack
Stak.-s; Ah.inzor and I'lcfon The New
market hor-.-m-n hav-i a sr--at ibal .f
faith in Nulli Setindu. the King'- colt,
but as he h:i- rrter raeeil. he is not apt
to attract much attention in the early
Since th death ..r Captain P. S. Hrown
tnanv of the Western hors-tnn hav Ix-en
wondering v.nat Is t.i lifwra of the hJs
tnr.c le-xinston track, which was pur
chasl sum-- tim- ago b the Pittsburg
turfman an-l turned into an up-to-date
nic- track it a bis cost.
Several day-, ago Max Sami;eson. tho
general ni.ina.jv of the Krnttickv Inter
ests of Cajtaln Hr-iw-n. went to rittsburg
fltl.V f.. 1.1. V.ltt. n ....... ..n...l . 1. , n m ....
--', ' -i-J-.. -v- iiai a a-n-;
rn....tii,1; WOul I 1- held at the Lexington
track ne.-ct sj.rinc. Now that It has been
....,.,.. j lh... ,i... i.i... ,, .'an.ln
dredn of
to take
to IPC
ger Sam-
i- fam-ius
S-'iiorit b'-e-lin.; ,.tr.tilsliment no'il.1 be
.ontlnuod n the -anie llr.-t laid out by
t'.ipl-iln l'-r wii icf.ire his d-alh.
Several ilays aco It .n reported tht
' tiie Kj-.-; Hark track, at II t Sprlnrs
would o;m n for a nic- ine-tliii; on January
in. ,,it thN bus le n -en!i--l bv one of th-
ofriclals of the track. He slid that It
might ha- ben li-iseil on th- fact that
tiie Km- i'ark people I ave ui--iid r.eco
ilatlnnr w.th tin- owners of th- Oa!:I.iwn
trick li-Kini; to -tn agre"ii:-ni n datrs.
RisYignizlng that a race war at that place
would tnen tho e:i. ol rnclr.g tn Hot
Spring " pr-js ltion s to alt-rn.ti
with Oaklatm everj" two wieks on and
-if.er F-hruary I', oxkl-iwn to hive ths
pr-'fcreiii- of the lir.st two w.-ejes.
There Is some :alk of rilsinc I he scaM
of w-IkI.is at f'lij- l'.irk -it New o:Ians.
At th- i-r- nt time then- ir-- fi-rnl ti-ii-I
rllers wh . hive f-w- -hancis to s-t into
the F.i.lll-'. u-eaus- they are ox-r th
weichls trat prevail In misf of the sell
It.g nn.l -jir.dltl-n n"--. ar-l nn rffort N
Peine mad- to o arrange miliii) that all
the raci- will not k-lve char.ee i-nly to
apprentices i: Morrison. Frank Jain-lrj'-W
Hicl-s. J I'alr. I Hall. Young. Trox-1-r
and Jo- r- and olh-r Nys who are o-xd
rl.I-rs i-re ea.,.i in In the sa-I-Ile tha;
he are i, but krt rlRtt of b' the pub
lic an. I li r-m-n
I ltrou.il Will li r-.M.-ll..f I.--..
I .- -r-i-1 i.-tr .ii-iii..ui.veii li.Ji ill'
F-mtth l Are and a half TurL-g
Vary M trta STtliadur lr-
T-i-pnthj " :-T--Ji:nx:ri :v7
lhae-1 :I Dnra- I--7
nal-li-t Wll'rc- xViais-r Iff-
CV4J Cliin ! Oiarairi 11
Flfib rc tir failcrcs
.sunt TIIH
II- la r' lha IXar
Wal Francs
llajtai.!x ili!s
ItilFrench rJrxpr
.:u'.t-r-i t-
--lh rrnce. 'w isu- an-t irty rant
l:thar lb-sal
.-si' a-l I'-rp-r
I J ttaiha
taWrti lt-x
H-nrr Art
m A.I.J-S-1 u
- I'-en Hix(wl
P JTrmn
C VCS '-tr -!
11 T'n bt-
J VarrrAs
narth r- ee- rait- ar-l xshtt rrii
i-r cTaln
Th- Trl-"ir
Harj-r Jk
M I Jt'.Jrw!
First TUc Uti"s. Itsrwett. aa-tss
s-e4 IU.-a-Mr"r Matt A-ji. MaaraJ.
rra.-vSJ--. f-a-
TilrJ lu-re- Carrl-ss. FaTle-t Trasexan.
Fjrx4 'la.--Gr. tti;r. IlsVs'. ticiS
I-.ri Ra.-cx,r -f tt rr Merry law;.
Oct MaU.
ar"ft Ue -3-ta. Mt'trsd !a. T.-ea Cratfe.
-rrsta n- - Vasseci: lal. Ast-rnia
Caadldete tmr 9tate Bearesseatattv.
Nasbtie. IlL. Jan. l,-srhar. O.
fkice-Jer cf tMs city has armoar-oe-j as
Retabiaraa candidats for .th n-mleatlon
a at- Repr-s-xtAtI e. asd th first of
ill year w CI raugxa:e t: mclixr- canvass
n tfce dlstrK. I-; the lntcet nf his can
dMary TSe et!;-r aspirast i Reyreer.t
atrre jtyixeatc- y jjrx; ,if j-jwrta. Mr
ScbaeMer i the rreacnt t"Vanty Treasurer
and served sarxeraJ terns a Stertff and
l-poty SterUT-
Majoritj of Football Captains for
Tbk Tear, as la the Past, Will
Plaj Behiad the Use.
Nearly an the Iradtag Instltntions In this
country have already elected captains for
their football teams for next year. For
yeara back Oeld men have had the call.
and In tbe cbooslng of leaders for UK
there has been no deviation from that rule.
Of the forty men named so far fifteen
are half backs. Bine are quarter backs and
two are full backs. Captains named to
date are:
Washlngtca-Iaehman. half back.
St, laouls Cnlvemty-Kenney. half back.
Central High Sherry, quarter back.
C. B. C.-RaUcan. quarter back-Yale-Morse,
half bgck.
Princeton Dillon, guard.
West Point-Hill, half back.
Dartmouth Glaze, quarter hack.
Pennsylvania-Stevenson, quarter back.
Amherst-Hubbards. half back.
Williams Waters, quarter back.
Dickinson Davis, tackle.
AnnapolisSpencer, half back.
Holy Cross Connor, end.
Brown Schwartz, quarter back.
laeblgh Bachman. guard.
Bucknell Frank, quarter back.
8yracue Stlnson. half back.
Howdoin Drummond. half back.
Carlisle Indians Davis, halt back.
Oallaudet-Horton. half back.
Hanover Gore, half back.
. L. f. Miller, tackle.
W. and J. James, tackle.
Chicago Eckersall. quarter back.
Mlchlgan-Curtls. tackle.
Minnesota Current, full back.
Wisconsin Melzner. quarter back.
Indiana Hare, quarter back.
Purdue King, guard.
Wabash Sutherland, guard.
Iowa Sen wlnn. tackle.
Northwestcrn-GIlbratth. tackle.
Depauw Jewett. half back.
North Dakota Burtness. tackle.
llllnols-Carruthtrs. half back.
Case Bradford, guard.
Obertln Waters, end.
Ohio Wesleyan-Rlke. half back.
Denlson Pamment, half back.
Wtttenbers-Swinebart. half back.
Wooster Hattleld. full back.
Ohio Medics Cann, end.
Kenyon Rising, quarter back.
Heidelberg-Zechiel. end.
Babel MaltaaSer at 1M ta 1 Catared
the Baby Bash at Aaral.
law Angeles. Cat. Jan. I. New Tear's
Day at Ascot furnished several startling
surprises to the large crowd of spectators.
The three-furlong dash for baby 4-year-old
miles brought nut many youngsters, and
the winner turned up In the longest chance
in the race. Mabel Hollander, at I to 1.
which won by a length from Blanche C.
at 13 to 1.
Red Damsel, at S to L took the first
race; Don Homo, at to b, the third; Ru
bric, at 2 to l. the fourth: The Huguenot,
at la to 1. the fifth, and Oudon. at S to 1.
the sixth.
The Rose Selling Stakes, worth S.S to
the winner, was won by Rubric, The win
ner was run up to Cms), which was tl.fiiM
above the nterei price, and went to II. 1-Jone-a
at the advance.
Weather cle:-r. track fast, summaries:
First race, mile and a sixteenth Red Dam-
srl. Ii; isulltvam. Si to 1. win: Krr-ala". !;
iMlll-n T t- J. second: Cat-able, i-aj litem.
J t i. ili.rd. Time. IA 11- mtsteail, l:rtt-
II.. i:tsi.-r. Tom luley. Pyrrbo, Klnaman and
Tell i, l,l n!s- ran.
s.-.- - - wo. thrte furlonas. 3-ynar-oId fillies
Mils I H-ilunilrr. 113 (ll-reli. ii to i w,,n:
llian-lie .. lit iPrior). 13 to J. secon.l: Esther
U. lir iMcDanieh. c to 1. third. Tim. :X.
Iati All-s.-e. i:l-llluiu Susan, haij's Kearny.
CuTajH-u. aleraka. Cuco. slylian IIXoa and
Mtram also ran.
Thitd race. lmnJlcap. tx furlong Don Iioron.
113 lrrston. t- b. wen, Xlot-rnon. st illc
liarJrli. 3 tJ 1. -ei.l: Kustlan. IM Vai-ti-llt.
3 to I. third. Time, l:5Ji.. Val-rcla.
i'rinr- rillvraing and Kir troth-r alo ran.
r-iurth ra--e. the Hose svillng Stak-s. lull
ar.-l a sSxte-r-tli. K.VW al--l-i:unr!e. St tilc
liarlelt. 3 to t. wen: Vari-U.s. M N"ott-r. 7
t. - M-ci.n-l. Marshal .Wj. Is tJacka-m). Id to 1.
thlrJ. Tinie. !:-:.. Hippocrates. Hanker.
1-ruli. haicny, (irchaiu Cl)0ii o . t-'als and Hans
Wagner a-it ran.
Fifth race, one mil Tliai HiignenoC. M VaI
kr). t3 t- 1. won. Petrero ;ranle. 104 (Xft
tr. T to :. s-eond: Th- :a-Ht. MS llook-ri.
s to .1. third. Tim.-. !:. Secr. MiHSrathtana
i'rlr.ce, Arrah Gowan. Nuptial ar.d IHUsful al-o
Sixth rare, six furl; raw Oudon. lift iltullman).
T to 1, w.?n: Dollle Welthoff. 1W iMcllanlel).
tn !. se--cii.i; Annna. 1"J i.-'ulllvam. 12 to 1.
t-.lnl. Time. l:K4. Pario. Vtuna. OMfn
lljrlc. Tramotnr. I-arh-ca. Hell Klcney. Hua
U.uca and Ar.ara also ran.
Aarat Katrlea.
First race, haiull.-ap si-plei-l.s. short coarse:
Tll-ll ....
Min lora
S-cir..l race. ;-vear-nlds thres furireigs:
Tim Gllro)
T-v Faust
Kl iaaul.-r.
Uav lasan ,
i.T-arl-s niffnl..
..lt:.Hf-rt Men...
.112' Wu lu.ttls.
jpta!n Jarrels..
Imke of Orleans.
l.ac Nick
name Hint.. . ..
l,.nl Rnsulnston
ThlrJ nr. neren rurlonR:
lmtlful IU Vassaio PA
lA.clin I's I'l-frxttor la
sutir-iiie Court 1 Wf!eM IM
Jlrsl-r p ItubUna K"X
laistlg li-f- St. XAinnirrM IM
lien Arthur 103 li-lima I'M
i-tiolk Il.ini-k 1-C Patsy Hmam 7
Fourth race, en mile:
171 otms 1-4 ititt-r a
Rmbarraasnitr.t ..pit W. 11. 'arey
Ittlph Vuuig .Wl sliirr Sue fsi
isfceptir- IN online
Minrav . . :-u
llftti rave. ItnaAa ci urse:
llKanb.n .
-ntl liar
Fll'e d''
Sixth race, fixe r..t a half furli-ngs:
J. F. U'liohu- .. .. 113 IVa Fowl 1ST
ll-ctor . ! i-bplaa K
i'n,wn ssiaw .l.s iliarl-s lteene . ..t'
ClJin 11-ir XV.il. Hut-ln-i . .. ... lia
wirth te 11 l-o
Kl-aateia r ii7 Itzla I
Breaks Foar ftsvlsaailaa: Reearda.
."blcairo. Jan. 1. II J llanlr. of tha Chicago
CVmrsi V. M. (1 A., in an op-n satmiuing
i.xc-t hr. tier.lcat Hoke four American rec
ar.U. Th- r.ret r-c-rl broken ty Ilkn-lr u at
l- !iM 11- cox-rd the dlinanc. In 7-S.
Th- oil roar was -. I.M l.r ft.-n-lf Tl -
U. iar! -a mJ.- lx Handy In ; ';.-. tl
ell tim- t.lnt s:3i 1 S. lei pj- Jo, sja-nc-r, cf
the s.-w oik Atblctle Cluh Fnr th- jrr4s
H.inlv coxrr1 lb- dl'tanc la .J 1-5. th- cM
rnxrk b-l-e tl. whlcr. wu yM t- H. y
Iir-wer. of tl.a Oljrmtt- Clul -f s-ux l'ni&'lsio.
For th- 77? 3 sr.t- HaMr ma-l- th- fait ll-n- of
i: 11 S. If :.-.c ih rr.aik of z. M Daniels.
nt tie Nca li-rv. A:btic Club, if HIS ;.
rer.imlelet Traat Vtlaa.
T O V c .l'f-at' t tr- t Ik- team In
a i-Ur gall.- at tha II i rasiru )es:r
itar by a .-. of I to 0 Th n, t c.' sr
ids In tr- 1-a.l In th- cartT..l-lt itw. with
I,- Xc-Iss 4con:
IMr.MT.Vr KKsTfl
Annual conference of Class A
minor I-as-tsill lragues la Chicago
Jan.arv ,
National Association of MIr.or
L-acuca meets in Chicago Janu
ary J
Oakland. Cal . Indx-anltely.
Ascot I'ark. l Angeles. Cal . ln
dtliiltely. Cresc-nt rity Club. New Orleans,
lai. Indeflr.It-ly.
City laik Jockey Club. New Or
leirj. La, ir.dr finitely.
WIU I..wl vs. WBIle Pltlgrr
al 5. Colma. Cal . January !.
Joe Gans and Mike 8-jIllvan.
twenty round. 1C pound. San
Krascico. Jancary 1.
Al Kaufman vs. Jack Wills. Ran
Francisco. February i
January li-t. ITM-Madison fiqoare
Garden. A- t- A. M.'a Sixth Nation
al Show
Jaauiry O-Js-A. C. A-s Sixth An
nual Scow. Sixty-Ninth Regiment
Armory. New Torb.
January 7JT - Onaosd-Daytosa
jo:iaa neacn raca-a.
wmie Hbtpe vs. Maurice Vlg
nasx. Ill haik-1'r.e champioBshlp.
Parts. France. Jasiaary le-
Amatear lo-lnch balk-ttne teuna
rr.ent eosucenc at the Hasser
Jas-ary -
Claude White rs, AX. Nagst
pool champtsnehlp toarnameat at
trroasway to-nigni-
GraTofs sa. Gascoea!ea. Mers
tr.ers va Rontlgs. on Royal aSeys.
Hank taxug vs. WestSAlasters. oa
CnaDt alleys, to-aagat.
St. Louis Horse Coald Xot Have
Lost New Year's Haalicap at
Oaklaad Had He Bees Properl y
San Francisco. Cat. Jan. L-In tbe pres
ence of a record-breaking crowd. Proper
won the New Tear's Handicap to-day at
Oakland. Grcgor K. was second and Ia
bin third. Twenty-nine bookmakers had
all they could do to handle the money.
Proper Picked the beat going and handily
disposed or Oregor K. at the wire.
Oregor K. set the pace, followed by Cat
lagnan. As the leaders swung Into the
stretch there was a general closing up and
only a length and a half separated the
last horse.
Lauliln. with any kind of a ride, could not
haie lost. He was kept too far out and
wan bungUsgly handled in the run through
the stretch, inciting with serious Interfer
Doctor lggo did not arem to fee him
self and finished absolutely last. Proper
was favorite at all staares of the betting.
dosing at 7 to 5. Oregor K. was quoted at
jwi and Lubir. it U to 2. The value of
tne handicap to the winner was CO.
Weathir gtod: track slow, summaries:
First rac. ein fur:..ras slltn- IjH'iwa.
9? Hayes. IS to 1. w-n. Kountlful. 10? (lUllktl.
S'i to I. Mwl; VIsoKsHi. (Klt). li to 1.
third. Ttoa. 131. Hon. I.. lanida. Sacredus.
Mr. Farr.um. Albemarle. Btrdls P.. Esca-tna-io
and Tiak-r alio ran.
(second race, thre furi.sit. S-rar-o!aa Ho
aiada, le iKaJtkel. 3 to I. won; Clrraents. 1S
McBr1ie. i to I. second: Marion Rose. 1'?
(C-larkt. 3 to U thlr-l. Time. I.XM. XaMta
Son. Grace C. Acatha P.. Maid of tbe Mill.
Dor (Vale. Tank and Hermit's Cress also ran.
Thirl rare. Futurltr ourre. atllinx Plnksr-J
tax: 1 Utadtke). 4 to won: Instructor, l-w
tFour.ialn). to I. second: Iviag-aa. 10 W11
ItanaK 3 to 1. third. Tims. 1:11 H- " An
derson. 1'lialanx and Rtliel Barryrovre also ran.
Kiwrtli race, one anl oce-t-lsh.h mile. New
Tears Handicap Proper. K3 iKnapp). even.
won; Gn-cor K.. 11 (RoMnnom. i to f, -or..!;
laibln. 117 iTruebe'.l. to 1. third. Time.
1:54. lir. larggo. Calagmuv and Slaasa sso
Finn race, on and ose-stxteeath rati, sen
ir Durtisnrtn. 9 iSW-ha-leb S ti 1. -man- Ittxl
riixn Taf-n. nnm anu vnv-viTivruxn rau, ipii-
Land. 1C iRoNnennt. n, to t. second. Bd Sher-
wan. iw. Kmith). 4U to l. telrd. Time.
l:Oi. Hll-e. Dustv Miller. Water Core and
Ethel Ablsitt aim ran.
Sixth race. Futurity course Tom Menrath.
let Kadtke. S to J. won; Pasta Rey. 13 Foon
talr.J. U to 1. seron-t: Rev del Manda. 1T
iM-.-nrI.ls. a t.i . third. Tim. 1:11. BaUU
Chief Wtttnian and Rey :arlo also ran.
Oaklaad Eatriea.
Pint race. ren furlongs:
Tom Roberts.,
Ar.nle Belts.
via .
tt Tbonr..
laiy Marr
Urm 1
Second race, fit furlongs:
Oscar Tolls ,
Tming Pilgrim.,
Mischief ,
MaeFl-canea ...
..114 Iiavll Rcland. 1
..110 J-t. Dennis 1W
..lltjliearhunter 101
..107 Sunrtae 101
..K Marie It 101
..17 Bonnie Rag. M
..VA Pontotoc M
..WS'Analeta M
Classic ,
Third race. t furlongs:
1--i:al Form.,
i-iaj-acutter ,
! iliiU ...,
Ihisy n-e
Promtnence ...
Miss Hrs.kane..
K-mith raie. bsn.llcap. six furlongs:
Ttncs Tltst.la.,
Albert Fir.
tiargln ........
I'nnccsa W heeler....
Fifth tuce. it.- mile:
The laeutrnant..
Major Tsnoy..
Spring Ban
llel-n s ,
.... H
.... 1
Sixth rse-. one mile and a sixteenth:
Warte NVht
Melsterslrgcr ...,
Hush MHJowan.,
Ill '..; 'ap
I-rank Wuu-1
Montsna Peeress..
I'o-sart ............
Our Sallle
First Race ly.x-j- Mary. Mits Ttfisy. CMspa
tt-cond Itaca Soanilix. Alisleta. Funtotoc.
Third Race Urasicutter. Iiusy Ifcss. Proml-nenc-.
Fourth HxO-IwnK-r. mncess Tltaala. Al
beit Fir.
Fifth lUce-Ocrrohe. Tha Ueutenaat. IIooU
tan. t-lxth Race Watercure. Ililre. Oar Sa-'Ua.
Arraagesaeats Betas Made far Bis-
seat Measoa la Htatstrs- mt
Columbia. Mo.. Jan. I. The athletic
management of the University of Missouri
is already hard at work on arrangements
for the greatest spring athletic season In
the liKtory of the school. The Indoor meet
at Kansas city In March will be the first
event of the stasun; then will follow
meets with Washington. Grtnnell and
probably Iowa or Illinois, aa outdoor meet
with Kansas at Columbia, and then tha
Hig Nine meet at Chicago. This will be
far th- most extensive programme In
track nlliletlcs ever carried out by any
Institution In the West, The baseball team.
which ha claimed the Missouri Valley
college rliamplunship for two years, prob
ably will bo given a schedule which will
take It through Illinois. Indiana. Wiscon
sin and low a. Manager Caldwell baa re-celvi-d
rep!!- from many of the Institu
tions) In these States offering sufficient
guarantees, and he thinks that the. trio i
Of last year's team the following men
will be In training: Anderson, weights and
hlgli jump; Will Ellis, quarter and half
mil-: Jackson, two-mil-; Halisbury. pole
x-itult and hurdles; Dance, sprints: Jen.
kins, mile: Parker, hurdle; Heimbucker.
hurdles; Kurtz, weights; Horner, weights.
and i "much, hurdle. The two Kansas
'Hy boys, Wayman ar.d Welsh, and Hol
land Six. Wilson. Dewey and Nancr-dc.
members of last year's team, in not tn
school. To f.II tl.eir places will be a num
ber of promising men. Tldd. u Columbia
lKy. who won first place In the Interscho
lastlc meet last sprlrg in the broad Jump,
will try for the rrlnta and the Jumps. His
record lost year In the broad Jump was
3i fr Inch, but under the Instruction
pf Mclan he ! exi--cted to make a big
increase over thl mark. January, the St.
Iiula bov. win. w-a a .b end on thw foot
ImII team, will rrohahlv bo the star hur
dler. He Is raid to have a record of 12-3
Friui.ui in mi; i.v-yarii mgn nurales.
Parnaas Ball Player Kaeeaaibe ta
HlomtpalManlag la Kaaaaa City.
Kansas City. Mo.. Jan. 1. Frank Hon
ncr. tl-e famous baseball plater, dlei at a
hospital In this city Ut- last night of
lilo-j-I Isonlrg that resulted from quinsy,
at the at- of 1 y-ars
He had h-n a professional baseball
p'ayxr for twenty year, anl played with
the old I-iltlmore orioles when that team
won the pennant three years In succes
sion. He plajed for lyialsvllle before being
tnin-fitT-d to Kansas city, and last sea
son was comlij'r-d one if tbe bept sec
ond baroen In the American Assoclatlon.
III nearest relative ta a brother la
Worce-te-. Mi?.
Kaaaaa to Play Xebraaka.
! win. Nb. Jan. 1 Ac arTe-ment t re-s-.ae-
aihl-tlc relatiorai was eVe-ed uj.n to-!ar
br raTasa3txtlr of Natrajwa anl Kar.aaa
onlverslsy athletic tnarJa. A rotapiets unler
taiil'rc xraa arrived at, and thvre wfil ba a
iTiek-t-tsCl sir-.- te-tas-n tr two u-i!x-en'ts
thla wlr:er is-i tsiaarall and fothall next rar,
IteUUor.a -rs bnk-n oC two I ears ago.
wwot Anrnmnm ww.
I at Mnl Ml
If ym eaaaot
guarantee si
New' York Has a Light Weight
Who Staads 6 Feet 2 Inches
Pat Beanj Taager Oat With a
Rnba" lf-srsarf. fa l.a lataar S-aW
bOSer c th tu-iJh Wna --Hutu." tn-l
feet 3 Inches without even a sock on.
and fights at 13 pounds. He is quite a
scrapper, too. He met Benny Ynnger In
ew York several nights ago and bett'si
the Chicago boxer square In the Jaw in
the first round. The blow sent vanger
through the ropes and he landed three
rows out In the crowd. Benjuniin was
game, however, and came bick strong,
evening up matters somewhat in the re
maining two round.
Three rounds are the limit In New York
now. After his splendid showing with
1 anger. M.-Carthy wns matched with "Ki
no McFadden. and he gave the Utter
a. rattling go. A return bout was) then
nrranged. and thu time McFadden all but
finished "His Slats." as McCarthy I called.
McCarthy Is one Inch taller than Jeffries-.
and h would tower over Fits like the
Cornlshman did ovtr Jack Dempey when
he whipped him In New Orleans.
McCarthy Is touted as another Fits bv
the Gotham pugilistic critics. Thev sav
he has reach and can hand oat an awful
punch when he turns himself !ooe. Mc
Carthy comes from Harlem. He made his
debut In the prise ring last fall. He I
green as grass and knows very little alout
boxing. Several crack handlers are after
him. He may yet shine as a champion.
Al Kaufmann. the b'g Fr!co r.nvlc.
who gave Jack O'Hricn a stiff argument
for seventeen rounds and was comi-l!t-d
O SUCCUmo IO Fit z puriil'MTlr In t!i-
eighteenth, nas been matche-l to f.ht
Jack Wille. the hard-hitting Chicago
nvy weight, on February 2. Tiie Is.ut
wUI take place In San Francisco. Hilly
till think It tntiTi nf rtfni nm rn ft.9 Ul
fon Kaufmann went Uwz Nfrt 0'lirin.
KaufmMnn !s a. Prirn h!itt-ksn.1tfi h..
tnttmK tea iKi, -.,.;.. . .- 1 t
-- - " ..---.--;---. MB3 1.1.-11 l-lll. Hl
tS a hefty, plucky lad and should develop
into a rattling good man under the man
agement of Ielaney. who formerly han
dled Jim CorUtt.
"KM" Hiibrrt wilt alve an amateur box
ing tournament in Kansas City January
15 and Is. "Kid" Monroe, who won a
championship at the recent Kansas City
show, will be matched with Tcung OTooIe.
of St. Liuls. in one of the feature bouts
of the programme.
A two nights athletic carnival will be
given by the Missouri Athletic Club In
Kansas City January 2 and 3. Wrestling
and boxing will bo the features of the
show, and some of the best professional
wrestlers and the leading local boxers will
be the nrlnrlrml The first nluht KVmiar
I Bums, who recently defeated Albert Carl-
sen nere. will meet Charles Hacken
schmhlt. Th? winner of this bout will be
matched on the second night with either
Frank Gotch. the champion of America,
or with Fred Heels. Hums nnd Hackcn
schmldt have already met twice before,
and tach one has a bout, so tho meeting
here for the third time should bo nn Inter
esting affair. The boxing matches will
have the added Interest of deciding the
representatives of Kansas Cltv In the trl
clty tournament which the Missouri Ath
letic Club proposes to give the hitter part
of February. At this time the winners of
tho amateur bouts tn both St. laouls and
Chicago will be matched against the best
boxers of Kansas City.
Mike Sehreek Is In S-in Francisco, tn tow
of Johnny Reld. Rehreck wants to meet
Al Kaufman. RIllv Roche, the match
maker for the Colma Club, announces that
he Is willing to make this match.
The one tiling needed I lh- consent of
Hilly Delaney. who Is guiding the d.-
ttnies or Kauiman.
Schreck ha kndoncd the idea, of re
ducing to thesBjlddle-welght Jitnlt. "I
realized la my last tight with Jjockr Sulli
van in una Anseles." be said. List night
"that I was ton bis to flitht under !
pounds. I can account for mv not settlnir
the best of It with the tldcr'cf the twins
when I jeii you that I took ofT twenty
seven pounds In one week and ten In the
last twenty-four hours. I spent th last
few. hours in a steam hath, so I was not
my.-self. I would like to get a teturn
match with O'ltrien. but suppose that tint
I an Impossibllitv now. I gave him tlio
hardest fight of his career In St. lainls.
The bout went for fifteen rounds and be
received a hairbreadth decision. In tho
second round I had him nearly out. and
many thought that a draw
been fair all round."
would have
In all probability Jo Gans will lie th
favorite over Mike "Twin- Sullivan when
the two meet thl month In Frisco, un
der the auspices of th Hayes Valley Ath
letic dub.
Gans has already started tn to work,
and. like Fltxsimmons. has demonstrated
to the full satisfaction of those who have
visited him at his training quartern that
ne is rar irota a -nas-neen.- The news
paper reports of the last encounter be
tween the two men give Sullivan th? 1-est
of the encounter, but the chocolate drop
from Baltimore explain this by saving
that he was net In condition nt that time,
anil was also in bad mental frame of mind.
because of dcraestlo trouble.
The men ar to fight at 1C pounds at
4 o'clock In the afternoon.
SOTMBtfl riahssaa Has aa Excel
leat Ikaaew ta Wla the State
Pass! t'haatplaasbla.
XT. J. Scott and Maurlc BaUhei.er are
running a close raco for first place In the
State championship jeo! tournament at
the Broadway. Itnlxheiser. who Is the
manager of the billiard and pool depart
ment of the Mercantile Club, was set-rrly
burred aliout the hand two wek ago In
a fir-?, and will not reume playing In the
the tournament until next Friday. Scott
and Halxhelser havo won all tinlr gm-
So far. Kcott lieat Klumpp, Green and
Hagrl. while Jialzhelser won from Hagel
ami Green.
Some fast pool Is expected wh-n Scott
and Halzhel.s-r -I.iii. on- of tin- most in
teresting game of the toiirrum'-nt t-.ok
place Sunday t.ight. xvhen !st-r Gllninre.
the Kansas) City t'h.itnplcn. ti'-it J-org
Aleln. of Sutli Su Iaxuts. bj a wore of
Jf'i to 57. AbelnV, friends Ins, constldeiable
money on Mm In this game.
hTana i-umonx. man -air or tne uiinnr-i
and pool dri-artment of the Missouri Ath
letic Club, defeated t'lttnore in tt-i only
game the latt-r has lost In the tourna
ment. After beating Jilmore. Dumont'B
frler-d flgurtd on him winning the tour
nament, but he failed to keep up Ms good
work, losing his list two g.tm-s, and 1
now practically out of th- running
Claude White will meet Alex Nag-I to
night. The standing of the players
Ilaye- V. la I I1yr .r la
TV. J lVtt.. . . X Ojfhvade XAtlt ... 3 :
M Ealxhsisar ... J 0 Frank Ii-rra-nt. . I 3
Ocrse Atln .... 1 l'Atai Itaz-I
laettr (t:in.re... 3 1 Frank Klumpp. 1
M S Mr . 3 1'B.lOnen -i t
Barker Caaea at f. B. '.
Tb picked team of the Juf.lor Axaorfatlon
For-tlia-1 leagt. jesfenlii ,3reared th il
rnar.s f n the ChrtatlaJi l.'rvtfceie l.lles ratnpu
ly the srere if I u I The B- xi Jtin:r
f-atJ the t. Res- JurJcrs br tr- erfill
to 0. while th F. f' win from the -It,
Rva Ragslars by th score cf 1 P t It ! pr-l-aMe
that ts- C B. Inm -f the raturlar
Aflernocaj Iasx. mar n-.-et th 8:. Is. 1J
era of tb '.Test find lagx.9.
to HMtti KttMt lrsrf httr telrtva.
i aot too complicated treated at home.
call, write for Inforraatloa regardlng
I DM asrsss. BBsn. f If saV Is HsBnTaansi Ml IsTWMK
Heme Treatment,
Hours. a, m. to t a. m. Sundays, t a. ra. to ! p. m.
FREE. Investigation Invited as to Dr. King's
I methods. Dr. Klnc wll! accept our case on hla
OT tAlQ twtlTHi CHHb.
Lasrie P. Dodge Compellei to
tire From Cinder Path hj
Health Has Great Record
Rrrtnruc stociau
Boston. Jan. 1 Tjtori x rwiAaai
who ran second string to farmer Captain
ii . a. ociuca ot the Harvard track aaia
last year. wUI be unable to ma for Har
vard this spnng on account of his kealtk
Dodge has been out of college for gesso
time, spending most of It in the Suata.
and he will not return to Harvard ibk
tJreat things were expectefd of him tfcha
year. for he gave promise last eaaaa K
uei wring into one or tne best SprHlte
Harvard ha ever had. He Is a tall, aa
uo.icr. viiui an exceptional burst or. I
-l ,'ar "' starting was a bit fsMlltr
and h had not yet mustered aB has
strength. et ho was good for close t N
a: aimosi any oay.
In the dual meet with Tale last aaffeMf
he took third place in the KM aad see
ond in the 3.
IotUe loss will be a serious one ta
the cnance of "raldle" Dives's teaat, aa
Harvard ha not a great many of last
season! point winner back this year.
With Do-Iic-.- out of the running. PhB
lavkwood. xi ho won his "H" a a gubntl
ttite fun b.uk on the 'varsity eleven
tr. fail. lir-vine the most likely aaaa -a
the to sprints, in which he ran last year.
It I also very likely that, with Detaga
out. t oach Gatcelon and Trainer IaxtHro
will decide to run "Jim" Doyle ta tha
fiat races, instead of the hurdle, whera
b rn last year. As a "prep- m hnnl
runner, at Worcester Academy. Dtfii
made quite a reputation as a sprinter.
Castera tana Wla Fraea atavaaaa
riayers B ta at Chaaata.
RiaTiiuc errxi.Ua.
Clianufn. K.is.. Jan. 1 I. Haraa de
feate.1 Chanute to-day to 0 In what wu
probably the hardest-fought grkliroa eoa
test Kun-as has seen this yrar before a
crowd of se.-eral thousand.
The team wero evenly matched, aad tha
lit Harre victory wns due mainly to tack.
the one touchdown being made three sec-
onus lie lore me clean or the first half t
was made possible by two furabtea br i
Chanute team. In one of which Iooler. I
aaUa EJBheaA I.,. UaltH aa. .BX. . fc
.i .ani-a. uiioriMij iuavrivrtMICaXa
now n-u in bis tracas wnue trying to I
al a-u-lW
The la Harpe team contained five 1
or n stars, two of whom have beet at.
x.amps --xii-Amcrican Team," while tha
Ct-anute te-im was composed entirely of
Kansas plajers.
Jim RoKeisi. captain of Tale's vlctottoaa
team in 1C. was captain and right tacfcla
for lax Han. Campl-dl. captain of Har
vard In ld. when the crimson defeated
Yale to . and on the All-Amerlcait
team for three years, played left end for
1-1 Harpe. De Stiulles. quarter back, frora
Yale. Uil. and on the All-American teas.
was the l.t Harpe quarter, and Johnson
of Trinity College, or Hartford. Cona.
played rljtht guard, nnd Rawson. renter
for Chicago I'nlversity In !. ptayed
center. In addition to these players with
national reputations, lax Hurpa had Cap
tain Donald of Kansas city. Kaa.. as left
Chanute hid the Peterson brother and
Ia"uther of tin: famous Bethany teaat of
1!C. and I'ci.I-r. the star quarter back of
the State I'nlversity. on left half.
Twecty-miniii- halves were played.
lattbnut aad Whlta Win.
New Yura. Jan. 1. At tba RaOotMt and Ian
nis club lo-daY ivter taiiluun. the werMTa
ihamplin at c-n-rt t--r.nl. unit AL Whlta, a lo
cal pr'fe-si"nal. -1-frste.i i! rr fstandtag aad
J. '.X lilt-, both 1"- al i.rotraatiinala The aaarasi
Iaxth.i.ii nnd A. Whiie-v. 4. &.- 7. Standing and
J. W.MIe-3. . . 5.
Sfaaalatj Pe-ate His
Frank Manning has Iat-.l V that Al
son. th Ersl!M altarer.. wan is r
1is- mlfe-1 a mile arunn-1 tna Itolrxa
:!i rannut ilui-licat tba perfarsjaace as USS
on th- x-ris-iT.t link. Th- Crescent flak tn
elsht'-en lai i : the n.l.e. while the KOUaa
la ttlrien lap to inn mile.
l.asg Defeata
larng defeat-d K. Tra-lr In a reol match at tba
Ariii-ny nm In North St. leiuls last atght by
i, ar.r- nt X to :. I listen and llogaa WUI
I'lav in tb- Aca-lemy tnuniament to-nlgbt, T.
lir.uty 1-kdsi th's b-aroainent.
a traal
aad a8 SmsW
etSee Ha
T. I-Olim Mflk
it Street, ftt.
The MaXIABLI. tgirlsllit
Curia all Ulseisea of men.
chronlo ill-eaie-i. N-fa. I---Ullty.
Weaknesses f Men.
E-rl Uerav. IVact .t AmDI
t.cn at-d all d:aae of kU-ra-n
and HlaiK'r. and m-ad
P-ins ef exery une ant
ratu . all ta-a. s'tltiy
iiisj. Pktn IHeeaSaa. bore
Mnmr- an-l Thus. Rupture.
e!ij Sor-s ard t'lers. n:s.
Flitcl. Iteetal llejeea and
all fi-lier ehrcn'e dlS-aie. t.9
tnn spaad ly cu-s!,
Out-of-town patle-ts treated r
Tou can b-ir so tetter f.,r flo i
Ckhai-.tat un frei- (al! or write. Hoar. a.
n. to 2 p. m. Kundax. 19 a a. iaa,a
SBeelallat Ifior. ta a. Mannas- im taa,
715 a.M.-lT STBeaST.
Kaken Blda Beeasaa Six, 31. an.
sum mmm n.sei Treats
ars ajscsM,.
aa-d by the
cur.slls aisl imaklTlat
pbiatdar consult Dr.
xe. !. wniniar aa
cell the canH4 sals
Ira cf a ahtstttaa ar I
khean fyt esreetecce
skill and integrity.
m Pian
That fi
tlal-ia. Us cttargss.
esvTJe anWaTnsOjPBBanaj
rawaaCsrasMsrlslDbaMas. rassa
f. m . - e aesa' x.arauav -mmmwwrf rai
IsleasHw.sssinaaasaa. Is
wsa I laie y
ffa--t la caru
a is mis seae see aOTseses yeses. (stt
u-i la carfig u Wen Cassa. tVkav riss
'fi tii 1 1 in a inaiaitiiRaa,-
all taat leatiimsH a.afsaPsyaa.C.a.
s all taat ie 4aita.af saly by I ia. C a.
a. a. . . 4 airesa nai, a, a snSk SIS.
if aawaav si-'
mtmiM. itaie r t-rrnn-n Zasom sat. as.
njy -aest tJ"1'" esrsd T i ! aTistnTJ
a.H,a.a -rv vairsail TBOHa)
-etas. Jr nH-se (sSss witK
-a ntar tjiMis.sl, -Ss!! latarasa
Ut vat. mm trss at data an
DL00D Pfllftata.
W0 CtJtO KIyOLm7Tmmmmm1mmmmmmmt 5
arian, flft laWaftJaW. I'laaaWWa - - ' s.
-BBaBaSW, WnaBb ' rl
BastwVtJsXTaaV, i
fJ? .sC
. T t-,Ttr -"JH
'-f -ft " - -"-- - je.r-xgfc.8-rt3
-fr.a,.-.. ..va-...s-a.
a,.a -" '
S i'sB."3 " ea.
Vt.T-c'i'.-s'et s. a

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