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- 4
Wells, Farpo tt Co.'slmlHon ship
ments lnring Dii?emlier ore as fol
lows: To tho East, 110 bars, valued
atS13S,5S7 31; to San Fram-isco, 9
Imrs, valtifHl at Sl'J.WJ 'M; total,
ciW.OfJG 70.
. J.1 LlM.l
fo.tl IlF.lt 31.
1 w
!0 SL
,r 1 r
, 'il a-;
or nor
i is
or liv
liNc have
tlrtUl-- of the
Tiit TiiH an.l
iii-ii the I : it 1 1) :-:i 11
iv ilesire t l.e nitii' x
;i iirl of the "ni i"!
!!!( territories tiicrooi:
in ion Willi respect to
int ir its I erniories
jnis,i,nu-;-s shall
iT.mi! with rcf-
riit'.rtxr:i:ioii of
Mil K -l.ai.llr Into I he
:s one of its Territories
ktl lit. it forMicr rcolvixl
r - - -.
-it I Commissioners shall, as
fnvpn:entlv iiitiv lif. report
:-esi,lciit of the I Stares.
f ill 1 ; y their rcjiort lc !'.re Con-
And Iw it f::rt!.r resolve. 1.
1 1 " said Cotntnt ;sioners hall
e wrim'it wiipi'ii ; i hi, except
till IKV,-ii: ll" CXIK'ilVS, nil"! til"
iiiiipiix:r ion ofiho s.'i-iv;:iry shall le
iletcrtir.nel lv i!h Secretary oT N;a'.e.
with the a;jMial of tln President.
.-enator Stunner If 1 ml" in a fierce
if ........ ti... t i .... i ' ... i
V'lllu tit-"ll lic A itveii-ilt, w;'ill-i;il
luu-ivi;. me o:U-er who ncir : l.ltr-1
he treaty which was rejee-.cl some
iiin' ;,', j-rovMitij for the annexation
r li-i!i'n;i-n, an.l it-ra'tist the entire
policy of the AI minis; ration connoctol
with Us it'-ijiiioitiua n.-hcmcs in the
West 1 ii'lI-.-s. Senator Mirt':i nuniivl
thcriiuiivi'MisIii;! of his rc-olntioti. in
Whifll li!" 41 fll'IOOtfe! llV Senators
Nye, Sherman, Cotiklni, lCliiiiiiuls,
Chan l'.er, Yidi:uiis, an.l o-.hers. Sum
nor wis liaci i,v s;lllrZt Tipton,
Thttrnuti, Stockton. lat!crson, ,..
serh-y. llorrUl of Vermont, an.l sev
eral of til-Democrat'..- Senator-". The
mutest piiv.-ins more Liner an.l jvr-
"!.! is i i ro-ressc i, ,-on
ist ra
ti tho
Lind a-
tfirz an 1
i-auiO ol
ire. lie
civil war
that Wi
ly lawsuit,"
'aiu in former
the Limd, finally
nl'lcr exjiijiJing forty
:trs, and sai-iiaciny: lii.ooti
t troops. In rvjily to Mr
nr. ho sail;
t'.iinir in it w f lJtantiailv
tic. an. I that was tho infoniiutioii (ti-
iveI from an ouiecr of the Saw. that
ill eriliintr ulxiut tho bav of Sauiana
lie sa'.v loll inarke I with " r..iez."
lalMtx-k," "fazneau," ruhciif.
aiul "i;r:ii;.
Such t'4e in forma
tion, mill I merit i--k'1 it a a fact.
never siii.;Ml that I Jencral tirant
knew of .my sucii thiiijr. inr 1
ev r siiizi tliat ho knew of it, as I
never Mij'jNise l it; nn nny eharior
unit in n.ai, r jx.it or; mn w;uii - e
that I ever ili.l m.ike any sweii. i'iiin
tUiioii is an a!solu;o faieho" !. Tiiis
U my ii:i-.wcr to tin. jnle.l-mi a"ii of
iiio senator iroi.i .New iirTi.
Tiiv? r i'i.s ol" Morton an J I'diauiuls
won e- .H.i.-.a;Iv hitter. Tiir latter sai-1
Now, sh; 1 .-ay, iniiliT s'jeii eireiiiii
sianees loai any 'iia;iir of anv j:irty
who lielieves m ttiis !.e rnultiU it
Ihe States an.l the retire.", nt. e.ive .Xtlie
wiiolij j .-opli-. the I'le.-nli'iU , resiwi
in,' our i.i.-ein rela'ioiw iin-ler the
(.'oiistitiuioii, lias no rilit to uv stieh
laMnae toward tiie Ciii.-f M:e.:N;ra.o
irre.-jH.-etiM' f any i-iriv eoiisjil -ra
lion-; i.ifv stiail .tiik o;i; ol'sili; as
t!te Sena. or from Ma-":ieh iiM-its has
t-ie.l to-ihiy. flTrtlJ h;iv ii. '.vi;h irriei'
iie lias h i i;.:!:t to ilo it nti.lt'is he
prepare. I to e-irry out his no eusatioit
tor it is i'.:lnii - less v. uli ttie iihi
wnn-a s.i.iil ei;i.l"iiui tin- er-on ai
eitst.it. .o in in, no repres. m a ive o
a state, in my ju lvm.-nt, i s iu..iiie i
in ii;ii'Utiiir to a hraii"h ol I he liov
ernmeiil relate 1 to us ns thi. l'ieili-n
i unyi liin-t w liii'U siiali teiu I to lira
him itito eniitempt i rreproa e!i, mile
.KMluesit i:i p:irsii:i!ii-; ofa J tijr.i l:i y
wiiie.i Miatl Im' f.i'.i .vc l oy, liie jiro.
i;ia. ia! m:a i:i in.i:;ii) - si:. 'a as
.sor;i-.n. t
Mi. l':ninii:t:i. ?.!r. Tresit lent
Mr. Vice Presi'lonl. lte;iie Sena
tor Irom ermoiit yiclil to l its .'iiat
fiom : r " t
Mr. K lair.n Is
Mr. 'limn im 1 1. Was
slleh Ian
-;a.re Ue.l tow;
when In' was 1'
on i his iloor?
Mr. li lmtin
1 am verv
sue.'i laimita
tue siv to I
Ohio (li lt !
that tn:
Mr. '
Li! 'J
Ioiojeavx, Dev. 30.
ray nnu osoni were
the French ln-fore tho
russian tulvaueo. lh I rench are
nniler orders of Generals I'ressoler,
Urenns and CiAriUalU front lior-
eaux. This artuv is to march th-
h-eet upon I'a'.is.
Iho sm.ilior towns now res.st as in
the ease of Tours.
I'runiUnt I'.pnlrl.
At Ardent and Cov the Prussians
were repulsed oy the itihaliitauts.
J!H.t ( (i, Dec. 2'..
Tho rrussian-t assaulted Uelforl
iaki lut were repuised with loss.
In the a ;aiiU on tin- Jlst t!t.-y ha I
fifty wu.ons of wouniled, wiio, upon
their arrival at C'hutciiois, w ere near
ly ell frozen dead.
Versailles authorities accuse the
French of pay in 3 T.V.I francs fore.e.-h
oilioer escapiu. an.l breaking parole.
To He AllackcJ.
CvitLsitvHi:, Dee, P.O.
An attack will Ik made immediate
ly ly the Prussians w ith shot and
shell. uiHn Jiellvule, llette ana M
r.tone. otnin will lie iloue iiv
Xlut armv of the Loire for a fort-
ilc-iiiforoe'r.eat to the nuiulj-r of
l.Vt,fMJ men are arriving to join tin:
armv of the Loire.
A Paris correspondent of the 2.-th
sins shells jiave ieen thrown into
the north portion of the city from St.
ns, at a range of 1 .(too yards.
WAStnsiiTix, Ih'eeiiibrr 31.
In nn interview, wsterd.iV, Min-
istcr Si-iietti'k esprcs ;e,i an opinion
m regard I 1 tin- i; suing tue tion
H- siii.l: "My iiiij-n-ssion is, tliat
Jhitain is nof iiulf m dit'icnlt to deal
with rv-!.itive to tii 1 lishei ;-s as tl
Canadians tho:i!:vIvos. The hit
ter's c;:idnct is not stimulated by
in.st rue'. ions from England: on the
contrary it cause; tif.i.-h c e.iei-rn to
(treat Jiiiiain herself." lie thinks
the;-i wiii be sotitelhilig mo;v than
dollars and cents roi paired in the set
tling of t!ie Alabataa claims such
as the reopening f th.- S:. Lawrence
and the same rights for American
rishermeu as for Canadians.
President Grant expresses conli
d 'liec in the passage of the S:lti Do
ming rcsflut ion by t'.ie House. It
is s.ul that the President has already
de.-id .l upoa the nurai-s of commis
sioners, bttt. declines to make them
E'iiO.H S.lli t'iUVf'ISt O.
siy. Dee. .".1.
Poi-.tlasd, Dec. 31.
Over S32,0(K) has alreudv been
snbscribe.1 of the SHH,(X) 'for the
starting of the Wet Side Kail road.
It is exie-tcd that the w hole amount
will bo raised within the time speci
TcrcKKE, Dec. 31.
building owned bv Kobt. Dell,
was to'iallr dcstrovinl bv lire at 0
o'clock last nicrht, together with a
barn and about "2,'I0 worth ot
clothing, jewelry and furniture. Xj
insurance. A I m tiding adjoimng,
o-.vne.l bv J. C Mcl arnahaLi, vas
ilso totally destroyed.
iOsri-11 Itsr:NsTM'K has moved Into
Ills new utori- in t!i' Coii!i;y iiiiililli?. It
Is ttie hours; sinjiie room oceupl'"! s a
stor-, in lli.-Sta'c, 11111I tlie Iiaiiil-'inn-st.
It isli-htcil l.y six larifc, i-h-iaiit .aiis.Mii!;
lamps or rliain.-llfrs. Tt.e dUplay of
clt hi 1117 anil famish in-; ?kk1s ai I Ley are
ojM-ncil mt, Is very line linh-il. From
the Kast ami from San Fni''ico, Mr.
Kosonstock has n-eeivo.l, iiJ Is con
stantly n-ccivinjr, ilns nfl business
suits, ma,!., to his orl-T otpressly for
this inarket ; umt-.-r clothiii. Hue Khirts,
li. c an. I U-reiri-.il ni-'-k-ti"', he finest of
liiankets, extr:-. ane liootsiiiJ shoes made
toonl. r, ki.l mill lan k Koves, a very e.-tiu-lve
mid varied nsortuie; a! of the
latest style of l.ats r.ml -.iis. iK-ddin-; of
all descriptions cxtr.i!''ie lioise l.l.oi
k ts, 1:1 spi.-tiio.l :ir ic.i J-'wetry, an.l In
fact a full assortmcii 01 the most d. ;ira
!.ie winter sou:'... Tt I the l-iraest 101. 1
lu st s.iM-k ever l.r'S-ht to tliis nuirket,
and i; will In- sold prices fir l. Pnv any
ilraivs that unyo'e-'r dealer i-:;n iillord
to ti X u;oil his K"H Is. ' Koseiis!oek".s
and s'-c what a aaaith-eni display he
makes. dlT-lm
noil V.
In tliis e-iv l.'cei!i".i. r :il. JsTii, to the
wite 01 l"or:i i"Vi arr.-ii, a .lacihter.
l AlUII K It.
Ill thiscY. I . !-0 ! Ju Viel7,
Thomas Ititii.iuti to Mrs. r.itli.-nnc
i.xr or i.irrrr.rs
i;. 1:1 .1 i -ti h tin- L'arion f'ity i'ostonce
Jam1 msv 1, ISTI.
IVrs.icilIin:; f'
th.-i.-l. tiers will please
T.A Ml-:-" LIST.
. y. Mrs.i:hrine I:li-r. ?Try J
inline Miss Ann snyd'-r. Mrs It
s;-:ntlk mevs list.
-f :;!".r.t. t'has W
l.-ii, t-eur
. ei 1 ; h
i a': r . Win n
-ro I'-y, A J
I '. 1 s. ! 11 . Jllllll
l. i v. si K
M arrav, X II
I'aal. A It .V 'o
Siolllers, j J
Mon-li -ad. .l is T
Koj'Ts. A n; in.ii v
Vm, li l ;ar
fi:i:i i). Tcn.NF.it, r. r.
1 ; :.
iri.T.. fat;... r-o.-s offick
will Ik close. I :t 1! o'l-I.M-k . 111.011
iii-ley. II. P. ItlCl-., Air. ill.
.irxni, i !... ::i, IS711. jt
.r.Afic s-HKi-iii-itn im;. wxm
1 irt tail, while mi i he hack of liie
i u .lit.- 011 t lie nose, -id nut- ye-ir oi.l.
ttiriltll I lie S:i. to Inc M.I liarles
I, tie- lin.l-r will be lit-raiiv re-
1 -I. jal-tr
nt. J. F r.i:TF.i:. of viih;inia
will he In 1 'arson 011
Snnlj, .sio-Mlay, anal Inoili,
toilress Indies linlr for tile In:m-'liriitioii
Iii!l. l:e trusts that In r la.inv friends
will si ve ncr a call 0:1 I In- h- as.oti.
Name of jdacc Will ui.M--ar lu next
issue. jal-'t
1 Carson street, next door to Cotton's Irus
St-re, Cnrson I it v, .t-v.i
crs, an I friends In u. neral, that
they can set at t.ie iiIkivc sal.Hiii
n.-nse call and sim for yourselves.
Oli:X SY 4I 2GIIT.
Carson City, Dec. 1ST). ile:;!-tf
.i:r, ai"ti!o::i7.ft to a
'ice (he name 01 J. .M. TIIOM r
piisSy isiuiit v, ns 11 ctiudidiite
ol s.-rsea:it-al-.riiis 01 tiv
lean til
The Citizens ot Xcvada
At Moore & Parker's Hall,
On llonday Evenitg, Jan. 9, 1871,
Commlltrt of ArttnftmtBIt,
Janus M. Ttiomninn,
m, Owrc i Gil 1
J Jin Kirk, I
It. E. Krlll. I J
lnrllallon Coiuraltta.
f nx-ti orsTT.
It .n. It. 0. I'.Uwlel, It o. J. S. PlincotUn.
A.C. KI!:h, II,.:,. ju. f. Uwi,.
J. M. Il. :it .11. lion. It. C. Whitman,
C"l. A. Curry, II n. J. N-ljr Juhmoa
Iiu'ir..Crbtt. II 1. K. II. IIiIItw.
It n J. A. liuiiingsmft, 11-hi. M. R. Ellar,
Oen. It. Cl.irke, J.m-.h K.rot..k,
Jului K. CIh-ht, W.n. Patti-rn,
J.wpli II. Cowiuj, Jn.l-c S. It. Wright.
M. II. Dew, lion. C. N. Nutrwarv..
J. C. IVr-y. Virl.rt- A. Muller,
jl. II. tUy, ii V. O. Ferris
Ji.hnO.Fnx, K l. 5irni.T.
M. C. O.ir.liwT. Hun. Thunus Welti..
IVti-rCvnuch, Dan'iQ. Kllzsneycr,.
J..IinQ. Mors E. Walker, ... ,
Jsmeafraser, II. in. A.D Trefcdwar,
I. . P. Fri.l l, X. M. Cellermn,
J. Martin iteese, Fftmuol II.slt;kinKa,
W. Ii. Kejjer, GeirceO. Lyon,
T. B. Wiaston, P. Abrnhvns
II. 8. Mwl, Iri,l McGown.
P. T. S .ft. 1muc MrConnell,
H -n. B. II. Ah-der, 8. A.NeTer,
It. R. Mish.l, II. P. liilll.
I m. A. Msndlctianm, John Rower,
II. F. I'd'-, M. Y. Ftert,
J..li Klein. Hon. T. I Kdwri5,
J r..l. T.JirUer, W. !. T.wrejitoii,
0orp Tufl;, F. 1). Turner,
T. J. K.lw4.. Oe'.rii- W. Chedir,
II ju, II. II. Ueare, John II. Buckle.
Dr. J. D. Th-'nm, Pr. Waters,
ir. Cotton, lieoice Ii. Frjer,
Cyrus A.Uins J. P. Winnie,
O P. Wl.11.. A. I.ewi,
J.ihn Iricl.ch, l)r. George MuncklonK
C. B. M.-Clellau, W. J. Medg.,
Pm. Hyatt.
'T trnxtT COCSTT.
II.si. F. A. Trills Hon. The. II. Williams
Judite It II. Tivt -, C. C. t'enilerC,
II. P. MH.-1..-H, (Jen. Julia B. Wisierm,
J . T. jjliuan, J.miui Seeley,
Majr Fjrron, ft m. J. C. Cunie,
Ju lgrU. 9. Meoick, Gen. C. C. Batteraaa
II. 'iua Sunderland,
n:T pit coi-rxi
Jailire Frank Tilt J, Johu Wattr,
II .n. Tiiomai J. Ten', Willimn B.vhorntMrg,
Miij.c O'Kevfe.
CBiarnxi tocttt.
WiUi im Hill, H-jn. William C. Grim,
Han. Frank Proctor. 8. B. Wyman,
Cel. Jamet C. Duw.
Ltnnta oriTT.
Din Palteracn 11m E. 8. Dnvla, I
Charles Spieva, Henry W. Butler.
nrnnoiBt ccstt.
Got. John C. Fall, Hun. O. K. StampleyJ
George S. Sawyer, II Ji.ry Itires
rsnrmtLM COCMTT.
JudcoWllliam M Boring Jude Wm. M. Imi
Hon. LewiiDocMn, John Wheeler,
ITos corsTT .
RaUert Wit, Jnbn Powell, Jr.'
Oram eocstr.
Ir. Black, P. n. CI a y toe.
Warren Waeaon, John William.
hotnaa E. Hajdon, Jamea. Robert!..
Reception Cammlttee.
M. Th.snpeon, O. A. F. Gllt-ert,
".aif(e, P. B. Magee,
ay, Theo. A. Ha'e,
J. E. Dealey,
II, Harry Pelera,
It. ". Maajn,
Oeorf e I. Laminea
. Guirardo.
i w m w i

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